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Usha losing Cherry to elder brother Rakesh - I

I am Usha, a female from Delhi and I have just passed my mid twenties, standing 5’5” bit dusky in color, not extremely beautiful, rather average looking but with sharp features and sexy figure. Since my brother was not here I was a girl with lot of moral values, my parents were already looking for my match and I was proud of this fact that even after being a Delhi girl with a big friend circle I am still a Virgin.

Though there were many guys in my friend circle but I never had any boyfriend, although I wanted to have but I never dared to trust anyone. Many guys of my different friend circles approached me in different ways, some of them proposed me in conventional way for a love affair and few straight away gave hint that they want to get on bed with me but ultimately it was my own brother who took my virginity.

While talking about my brother Rakesh, I will say he is around 5’10 in height with good built, he is nearly five years elder then me, and I address him Bhaiya. After doing some diploma overseas Bhaiya decided to work there only and this incident occurred when he came to India after around 5 years. I was happy to see him after a long time and he too was happy to see me but with a different perspective.

Anyway time was around 9 when he reached home and we all were waiting for him for the meal. Bhaiya, mom and dad all settled down in the living room and chit chatted for a while and wearing bodyline jeans and cut sleeve t-shirt I moved around to serve water and all, and to prepare the dining table for the meal.

Apparently everything was normal, except after sometime of his reaching home once I felt as if Bhaiya is staring at my body but that instant I did not bothered about that. Chit chatting between we all four family members continued even after dinner and now over the period of two hours I was somewhat sure that Bhaiya is looking at my body with altogether a different perspective but I took that casually.

Next as usual my parents followed their daily routine and went to sleep around 11 and now it was just me and Bhaiya chit chatting in the living room. I was still in the same outfit jeans and cut sleeve top and now after our parent’s exit I could clearly see that Bhaiya’s way to look at has entirely changed.

His eyes were getting stuck at my milks again and again and as such I could not see any impact in his gesture by getting caught by me. As far as my body was concerned in last five years, since Bhaiya saw me live in front of his eyes things were changed drastically, because of overall gain in weight my ass mounds were gone plump and heavy,

my milks were now almost double the size and my thighs were also much fleshier than before, in short in last five years I was fully ripe and ready to get a manly treatment on the bed and I believe that’s what Bhaiya was looking forward to do from the moment he was here.

As I came back to the living room after winding up the kitchen he called me and showed me a picture of a non-Indian girl and asked me “kaisi hai…?” I smiled in rapture while looking at the girl and replied “achhi hai….girl friend hai aapki? Ya shaadi karli wahan pe” “hmmm….girl friend hai” Bhaiya hummed to say yes, “shaadi kab kar rahe ho iss se…”

I asked him again “Shaadi….? Come on This is just time pass…” Bhaiya replied and after a pause spoke again “we live together in XYZ” (name of the city) “you mean without marriage?” I asked him in surprising tone, and he replied by saying “yes…and I have done everything with her”. For a moment moving my sight from the face of the girl I looked up into his eyes and saw him smiling.

“Don’t you have any boy-friend?” Bhaiya asked me back “No…. maine maar nahi khani mummy papa se” I replied back and gave his mobile back, “arre yaar just grow up..aaj kal ye sab chalta hai” Bhaiya replied back casually and once again I spoke out in denying tone “Na baba mujhe bahut darr lagta hai”.

“Go to hell…” Bhaiya spoke back in ignorance while looking at the screen of the mobile and spoke again “main to roz raat ko sone se pahle iske oopar chadta hun… aur kabhi kabhi subah oothte hi chadd jaata hun”. Although it was first time we were having such chit chat and up to an extent I was ok with whatever Bhaiya spoke since then but his last translated statement

“I climb over her every night and sometimes in the morning too” really shocked me for a moment and I looked at him with the shocking expressions and he smiled a bit and I too failed to resist smiling and he asked me “what happened?”….. “Nothing” with a single word in reply for a moment I took leave to change.

While being alone for some time I failed to take out this fact from my mind that Bhaiya is fucking a girl and that is without marrying her and for a fraction a scene that he is fucking a girl floated in front of my eyes, and I felt strange sensation passing through my body.

I can say that moment onwards my mind set started getting weird, but still that instant I could not imagine myself fucking with my own brother; I just wanted to know more about Bhaiya’s personal life or to be precise sex life. After changing jeans into a casual pajama with a thin casual t-shirt on the top I came back,

by now after switching off the entire living room Bhaiya was gone to his room and I reached there, Bhaiya was somewhat waiting for me with a gift he bought and I took that gladly. While opening the wrapper once I looked at Bhaiya and caught him staring at the place between my thighs, exactly at my fuckhole.

Actually t-shirt I was wearing was little short in length and it was ending around my waist because of which my pleasure zone was visible. Bhaiya noticed that I have caught him and there was no sign of disappointment in him, rather when I stared into his eyes he looked at me, into my eyes shamelessly and spoke out “Usha tu bahut sexy ho gayi hai….kaise tera koi boy friend nahi hai?”

Once again it was totally unexpected for me and I reacted with bit of anger “shut up…I am your sister” “I know…I am just telling you ki…you should look for a boy friend” Bhaiya replied back while looking at me without any hesitation and after a tiny pause continued “nahi to teri ye saari Jawani bekar ho jaayegi”.

That was another shock for me and before I would have thought about replying him Bhaiya spoke again “teri shaadi ho jaayegi …aur tera patti tujhe ek saal mein Mummy banna dega”….” “aur ye sab kuch waist ho jaayega”. Hearing that for a moment I could not decide what to say “what do you mean ye sab waist ho jaayega…”

I asked him in bit rude tone but my tone hardly changed Bhaiya’s expressions and he spoke out “teri ye sexy figure aur kya…” Once again I was speechless and could not see any end of it and saying “I think you should sleep now” I moved a bit to the door but Bhaiya stopped me by saying “kahan jaa rahi hai…?” “apne room mein…you just sleep now” I replied back

“please yaar… stay for some time…what will I do…mujhe bahut der tak neend nahi aane wali…” “I know…I will stay but you just stop this crap now” “Ok…Ok” Bhaiya replied back and I stayed and sat down on the edge of the bed with a pillow over my legs. Deep inside I wanted to more about the girl he was fucking and I asked him to show the pic again and Bhaiya showed me,

“hmmm….sexy to hai…” this time I spoke out that after looking at the girl and it provoked Bhaiya and saying “lekin tujhse jayada sexy nahi hai…” he looked into my eyes with a smile. “You’ve started again…” I somewhat warned him, “this time you’ve started and I am just giving you compliment…” he replied back and for a instant I ignored getting into the debate and asked him,

“So what else you do there?.. I mean job ke alawa?” and I must say that Bhaiya was somewhat unstoppable that moment and he replied with “jab se girl friend bani hai tab se to sirf sex hi kar raha hun…raat ko sone se pahle subah oothne ke baad” and once again I was speechless and could not control my giggle but I pointed a finger to him as if I am warning him but trying

continuing the conversation Bhaiya spoke again “and I must say ki… she is very hot….”. By now within few hours of his arrival I was clearly realizing that Bhaiya has changed a lot, his attitude, his language, when we were together there was unsaid distance which he always maintained with me but now he was trying breaking all the bars.

At my end I won’t say I disliked all that, although I was little uneasy but still I don’t know why deep inside I wanted all that to continue but up to certain limit and to continue that denying believing over whatever he spoke about his personal life, I spoke out “I know you are lying….so stop it now…bahut ho gaya” and in response initially Bhaiya just smiled a bit and then asked

“so you don’t believe me….?” and I spoke “probably she is just your friend…ho sakta hai girl-friend ho…but I am sure ki aapne isske saath sex nahi kiya hoga….”. Since then Bhaiya’s mobile was in my hand but as I said that Bhaiya asked me his mobile and showed me another picture which proved me that whatever he has said is true.

It was self clicked picture of two; Bhaiya and that girl, they were on bed but covered up to their neck. Although now I didn’t have any doubt but still I disbelieved him by saying “it hardly proves anything” and he replied with “fine…! tu aise nahi maangi…” and while saying “see this is our kitchen” Bhaiya showed me another picture of the same girl,

which was clicked from her behind and she was wearing just bra and panty. Picture was crystal clear and I must say that girl was having a marvelous figure. “She is almost of your age…” Bhaiya added a note, “figure to bahut mast hai” unintentionally I too commented over her physical structure and once again Bhaiya commented over my body “arre nahin yaar….you are much better…”

and before I would have thought about saying anything over the comment he passed on my body Bhaiya spoke again “I really like the flesh you have on your thighs…” “Shut up…I am your sister…main Rakhi baandhti hun aapko” Rakhi is one of the Hindi festival in which girl ties a holy thread on the wrist of her brother and it has a lot of moral values for most of us and that’s what I could think of saying that moment,

unintentionally to make him realize that we are brother and sister but in a way Bhaiya was gone above that line of believe and giving a lousy statement he instantly spoke back “ Last 4 saal se to nahi baandhi na” “so?” I asked him in sarcastic tone “So I can flirt” “shut up….”

Once again I spoke out same two words which I was speaking since long again and again but Bhaiya was not ready to shut his mouth and this time he crossed his limits bit more “truly speaking agar har mein mummy papa nahi hote to aaj tera fuck ho jaata” for a fraction I was shocked up to my soul and I instantly got up by saying “I think I should go now” “just joking yaar…”

Bhaiya tried to stop me but I got up to go and looked at his face and he spoke again “sit down…I will not do anything forcibly…” he spoke that in significant voice and then in continuation spoke in lower tone, “jo kuch bhi karunga, tere consent se karunga” that was too much but still I failed to control my laugh and spoke “don’t even think about touching me”,

As I said that Bhaiya moved a bit and touched me on my hand as if he is teasing me by doing what I said not to do and I replied with “itna chalega…” next Bhaiya held my wrist and tried to pull me over the bed “what?” I asked him by pulling myself away and he spoke “give me a kiss”

I somehow released my hand and before I would have thought of saying anything he spoke again with a shameless smile “main apni girl friend ko bahut miss kar raha hun” “to fir usko saath lekar aate” I spoke out in bit anger and tried to get away and Bhaiya replied back with “why? Tu hai to sahi yahan pe”.

Things were going really unbelievable between we two and I slapped him hard on his shoulder and he cried in pain and spoke “Ok…at least now give me a kiss…” and hearing that I started beating him with pillow. “Ok Ok enough…Ok get me a coffee” Bhaiya spoke out in surrendering way and I went to kitchen and started preparing coffee.

I really don’t know while making coffee exactly what I was thinking, everything spoken out in the room was very weird but also very arousing. I can say from last six months or bit more, my parents were looking for my match and a continues awareness of this fact that sooner or later my sex life is going to start was making me little hornier in the nights and I use to finger myself

while watching porn regularly and in addition to that Bhaiya’s such behavior added up fuel to my aroused mind state and I started recalling whatever Rakesh Bhaiya spoke out about my body that he likes the flesh I have over my thighs and also he is intended to fuck me.

I was moved from deep inside and could feel significant wetness over my fuckhole and no need to say that I was enjoying that slow leakage in my panties and now after giving him coffee I was thinking about going to my room to finger myself.

That’s what all was happening deep inside me, in the outer world milk was about to boil and totally unaware of what all is going to happen in a moment I was looking at the mug in which I was about to pour the milk when suddenly Bhaiya came behind and wrapped his arms around my waist “kya kar rahe ho…what are you doing”

I spoke out in low voice but in screaming fashion and tried to untie myself, but Bhaiya tried to grip me harder and spoke out “Usha life ko enjoy kar yaar…. kya bhai-bahen ka gaana ga rahi hai”. I was still in shock and just then milk started rising on the fire and to prevent it spitting out of the container unintentionally moved to turn the gas off and in this Bhaiya got sufficient time,

he gripped my fully ripe body better and touched or somewhat crushed his crotch over my ass mounds. “Ahh…hmmmm…” I hummed a bit and shivered strangely may be because I was also bit aroused; also it was first time I was touched by a male that way, no matter it was my own brother.

But next instant I tried to get away more desperately but Bhaiya touched my ass mounds with his crotch again, rather he rubbed his hardness over my buns nicely and his hands reached to my breasts and he somewhat succeeded in squeezing them. I removed his hands from my breasts and tried to get away from his grip while saying same words again, “Bhaiya kya kar rahe ho?”

and this time Bhaiya replied to my statement in even more slang “hmmm…Bhaiya sun kar to aur mann kar raha hai tujhe chodne ka”. Just then I succeeded in releasing myself, turned and looked into his eyes “what are you saying…?” I was shocked to hear the Hindi word Chodna from him and Bhaiya acknowledged his intentions even more shamelessly

“haan…I want to fuck you…mera mann kar raha hai tujhe Chodne ka” and with that once again he wrapped his hands around my waist, “have you gone crazy?” I stopped him by keeping his hands away but next instant holding my wrist Bhaiya pulled me over him powerfully and I somewhat collide with him and for a fraction my milk got bumped into his broad chest.

“Yes I am crazy about you…let’s go to the bedroom” and before I would have reacted to the collision, Bhaiya grabbed my waist and this time we were face to face. Bhaiya held my waist and tried to bring his lips closer to mine to kiss me. I could not believe whatever Bhaiya was trying to do and I tried to stop him in requesting fashion

“Please Bhaiya kya kar rahe ho….mummy papa ko pata chal gaya to mujhe jaan se maar denge” and Bhaiya replied by saying “kisi ko kuch patta nahi chega…ye hamesha hum dono ke beech rahega…I promise”. Everything was happening very fast without thinking anything I was trying stopping him, I was wordless neither Bhaiya was waiting for me to speak anything,

he wanted to kiss me and I was trying to keep my face away from him and suddenly from my waist Bhaiya’s both the hands reached to my fleshy ass, he pulled me closer and squeezed my plump ass together and at the same instant I felt Bhaiya’s hardness over my fuckhole, over the clothes.

“Ahh….” unknowingly I moaned in strange delight, “hai…Usha kya kassa hua badan hai tera…..bahut mazza aayega tujhe Chodne mein” once again Bhaiya spoke out vulgar in rising lust and then after a pause spoke again “sach bol raha hun….tujhe bhi bahut mazza aayega….”, he looked into my eyes with a tiny pause and then spoke again “chal aa bedroom mein chalte hain…aaram se karenge”.

I could not think of saying anything, my body was still in Bhaiya’s grip and I was trying my best to release myself, and somehow I managed to unlock his hands from my ass and got away. My heart was beating high with a strange fear, while looking at Bhaiya I could not believe that he is a same person who use to consider me her sister some time back.

“Bhaiya please let me go” I spoke out in puffing voice was in the kitchen and Bhaiya was on the way to the door. “Go..I will not do anything forcibly…” Bhaiya spoke back and I ran out of the kitchen and reached to my room without looking behind if Bhaiya is following me or even looking me from behind.

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Sex with daughter after demise of wife

After the demise of my wife, I was totally shattered and could not stay alone in my house. My daughter, Latha 24, who was staying nearby asked me to move into her house. She had a son Arjun aged 5 who was going to the KG class and it was nice to have his company.

My son in law, Sharat was posted on promotion to Delhi and he was trying to come back to our home city and he was hopeful. That was the reason why he did not take his family to Delhi. Latha resembled her mother in all respects and whenever I see her I used to get memories of my dear wife. Her boobs were large and her ass was also large and rounded.

Narrow waist was very nice and it gave her a watch cloch shape. In the night Arjun used to go to sleep by 8 or 8.30. I may be lying my bed thinking about my wife and the nights I enjoyed with her. Latha having finished her chore used to come and sit with me. Sometimes she used to hold my hand to give me confidence. Sometimes she used lie by my side and talk.

I was just 50 and my sex faculties were very active. The smell of a female lying near me used to give me a kick and invariably I used to get an erection. What if she is my daughter, she too had the fragrance of a female which was very erotic. She made it a practice to lie near me daily. We used to lie for more than an hour.

One day she put her hand on my chest and was moving it to my abdomen. I turned to her and I too put my hand over her shoulder. She moved closer to me and her thighs were touching mine. While talking I extended my hand to her back and pulled her closer to me. Her chest was almost touching mine. I had a good erection, but I concealed it in my lungie.

Latha also put her hand around me and slowly she was coming near me. Her boobs were pressing against my chest. She brought her hand down and touched my erect cock. But she suddenly retracted and made her saree in order. But her hand came back again and touched my cock.

Perhaps she has had no sex for more than a month touching an erect cock would have certainly aroused her. What if it belongs to her father, cock is a cock. I pulled her face closer and gave her a kiss on her cheeks. It sent electric waves in her body. She hugged me and put her leg over me to pull me further closer to her. I put my hand over her boob and asked her to remove her blouse.

Latha without any demur got up, removed her blouse and the bra and her naked boobs were in front of me with her erect nipples. I made her to lie down and I took her nipple in my mouth and licked around it. She was taking deep breath and aalowed me to squeeze her boob and such the nipples alternatively. Her hand was searching for my cock and it caught it and held it firmly.

I slowly loosened her saree and tried to remove it. She removed her saree and the pettycoat underneath. She was in her panties only. I ran my hand over her body touching her pantie and thighs. Latha appeared to be very much aroused. She removed my lungie and made me totally naked. She bent over me and took my cock in her mouth.

Her tongue was playing with my cock and she wanted to give me a blowjob, but she did not know how to do it. I pulled her panty down. She raised her hip and helped me to remove it. Her pussy full of black hair was there. We had a dim light in the room and hence everything was clearly visible.

I touched her hairy pussy and rubbed it. I used to rub the pussy of my wife in a circulatory motion and she used to get aroused very soon because it stimulated her clitoris. I tried the same process with Latha. She opened her legs wide and started to talk incoherantly because of her excessive passion. I got up and rode and inserted my erect cock into her cunt.

It went in but her fuckhole was tight for my cock. She hugged me and kissed me on my cheeks and asked me to fuck her slowly. I fucked her for about five minutes and then I lied down and asked her to straddle me. She put her leg across and rode me. She put my cock into her cunt and started to fuck me. I could see raw passion in her face. Her boobs were dangling in front of me.

I touched them with my hand and squeezed them. Latha was coming to her orgasm from the gurgling sounds she made. I too shot my fluids into her and by the spasms inside her I could understand that she is in the grip of a strong orgasm. She told me that she never had such a great sex before not even with her husband.

She got up and rushed to the bathroom and washed her pussy. I too went to the bathroom and cleaned my cock of all the fluids sticking to it. She looked at my face and said Dad, I dont know how I came have sex with you, but I needed it urgently. If not you I would have done with somebody.

I embraced her and told her not to worry and I am here always and would help her anytime she felt like having sex. I told her to take care of the safe days and if it is not safe to take the pill. She said it is fully safe for her. We fucked again that night after supper.

Thereafter she used to come to my room during day time and ask for sex. We fucked many times during the day and night. She did not wear any inner garments for easy access to sex. She removed all the hair in her pussy and we used to do oral sex also. Days went on fucking my daughter daily.

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Joint fucking of bride by horny brothers

They were four brothers, Akber, Ali, Abdul and Ahmed. Their father was Moosa Haji, a small time business man. He could send his sons one by one to the gulf country with the help of his brother in law who was doing business in UAE. Akber the eldest who went first was just passed out of school. Moosa Haji wanted him to be got married before he leaves for abroad.

He got a beautiful young girl for Akber. Their house was not a big house and one room was occupied by Moosa haji and his wife. The other room was made ready for Akber and his wife. The doors and windows were not so perfect. But Moosa haji knew it is an old house and needed a lot of money for repairing.

Only after any of his sons goes abroad and send money they will be able to make the house fully perfect. Akber also knew that they door was not perfect and the window also had lot of gaps. When a beautiful girls is in hand who will think of all these minor things. Nafesa who saw Akber was very much enamored with him. They did not waste time talking.

They just undressed and started to enjoy. They embraced, licked and kissed, her ample hard breasts were pressed and his hand went to her crotch and his cock found the destination. Nafesa knew what is coming for her and she made ready preparations for welcoming the guest. Haji was already in his room. But three brothers have seen their father fucking their mother.

But the young Akber doing it to his newly married wife will be a sight to behold. All three of them were at the window and at the gap in the door. The youngest Ahmed was just 16 and others were 18 and 19. After about half an hour, Akber was able to make the point and his pumping started.

The bride made a small cry and thereafter he closed her mouth as he knew others to listen to any sound coming from this room. All the three brothers watched with great interest the performance of their eldest brother. All the three brothers were in the college and school and hence during day time they will not be available. Akber finished his show early and they both went to sleep.

All three brothers who were made to sleep in the corridor retracted. Akber concentrated on his wife during day time, because he knew that there would be others to watch in the night time. Nafesa, a hot girl, who wanted full time action was not satisfied by the inaction in the night time. But one month passed and the papers were made ready and the day for the departure of Akber arrived soon.

He was happy that his wife is pregnant. Ali who was in the second year degree was the next senior son and his father depended on him to write accounts of his business etc. Other two sons as soon as they returned from college and school were asked to report at the shop. Within one year Ali would complete his degree and would get a good job in the gulf.

When Ali goes home during day time for taking food, his sister in law used to call him and ask him to get her some cosmetics etc. Ali used to get her requirements promptly. Nafesa on such occasions used to touch his hand or hold his hand for a minute which was liked by Ali. When Nafesa touches him he used to get erection.

Nafesa observed his fumbling for words and the bulge in his pants whenever she holds his hand. One when there was nobody at the house, Ali came with some materials she asked for, Nafesa just held his hand and pulled him inside the room. Ali did not expect this. She just embraced him and gave a short kiss on his cheeks. Her quick hand touched and pressed the bulge.

Though Ali did not want to return from the room he heard some sound and thought his mother had come and rushed back to the kitchen. There was nobody. When he came back Nafesa was waiting and told him in a pathetic voice that it is since one month that her husband was not there. It conveyed the message. Ali assured her that he will come in the night. He did not sleep in the night.

He waited for a distant clock to strike 12. Slowly he got up and looked around, his brothers were all in deep sleep. His parents were also in deep sleep. He just pushed the door of Nafesa's room. He just touched her bosom, she woke up and recognized him. She got up and embraced him. Her hand was searching for his bulge and caught it in firm hand.

His hand was squeezing her boob and another hand went to her pussy. She knelled on the floor and took his erect cock in her mouth and sucked it lustily. He preferred to shove it in her cunt. He raised her and made her to lie down in the cot and lifted her skirt and searched for her pussy. He put his cock on her pussy and she guided it to the hole and he pushed it in and it went straight in.

In two or three pushes his entire cock was inside her cunt. It was the first time he had ever fucked a woman. Squeezing her boobs he went on fucking. She lifted her knees and opened up for him fully. It was fully dark except for some dim light from the street light. It took ten minutes for him to complete his task. She pulled him closer and told in his ear the he should come the next day also.

He agreed and rushed back to his bed. Ali was thrilled. It was the first time he fuckd somebody and soft feel of her boob was thrilling. He never knew that a girl can be this passionate. He planned his movements so that nobody will suspect. In the night he went to bed early. He got up exactly at 12 and looked around and confirmed that all are fully asleep.

He pushed the door of Nafesa who was awake. She had unbuttoned her blouse and kept her boobs open and ready. She did not wear any undergarment. Ali placed both of his hand on her boobs and pressed them. Nafesa took his cock in her hand and guided it to her fuckhole. All these happened within a minute. Ali pushed and within two pushes his cock was inside her cunt.

Pressing her boobs Ali fucked her slowly and then briskly. Nafesa lifted her hip and supported his thrusts. Within 10 minutes he threw his fluids into her cunt. She held him tight with her hands and legs. He lied on her it was indeed a bliss to lie on a passionate girl. Slowly he extricated from her. She whispered that he should come on the following day also.

He nodded and silently retraced his steps and came back to his bed. Next day when they were going to the college, his brother Abdul told Ali that he had gone for two days to the room of Nafesa. It's ok. But today he said he will go. Tell her accordingly. Ali was shocked. He never knew that he was being watched.

In the afternoon on return from the college, he met Nafesa and told her that that night Abdul his brother will come at midnight to her room. Nafesa was shocked. It is ok. Abdul was a good boy and she can manage him. At midnight Nafesa was waiting for either Ali or Abdul. It was abdul who came. Nafesa knew that he was inexperienced.

She knelled on the floor and took his cock in her mouth and sucked. His cock also of the same size as Ali was erect like an iron rod. Nafesa got up lied on the bed and pulled Abdul to lie on her and she took his cock and guided it to her hole. She told him in his ear that he has to start fucking and lifted him with her hands and showed him what he has to do.

Now Abdul got the idea and he started to fuck. His cock buried deep inside her cunt thrilled him. He fucked her briskly. She took his hands and made his squeeze her boobs. She liked the way the rod went in. She wound her legs around him and he fucked briskly. It took more than 10 minutes for him to reach orgasm. In the meantime she touched her orgasm twice.

She hugged and kissed him. His cock was not loosing its erection. He started to pump again. Nafesa did not expect this. This was a bonus. She kept her knees open and wide Abdul took more than 15 minutes to finish. She told him to come on the following day also. Abdul wiped his cock with his lungie and went to his bed. He saw Ali awake.

Next day he told Ali that he fucked her twice and she asked him to come on the following day also. The brothers discussed and came to an understanding that they will go on alternative days. Ali told Nafesa that they will take turns to come to her room. Nafesa laughed and agreed. Anyhow she will get a good fuck everyday.

Moosa haji's brother who was in a distant town invited Moosa haji and his wife to visit them for an important function. Moosa haji decided to go and they made preparations for the journey. He called his son Ali and told him their plan for the journey and asked him to take care of the shop and the house. Ali agreed.

Mossa Haji's wife informed Nafesa that they will be away for three days and she has to be careful and cook food and give to her sons. Nafesa agreed. On the day of the journey, Ali took an auto and took his parents to the railway station and made them board the train. He came back home and saw Nafesa in the kitchen. She asked both Ali and Abdul to come and fuck her in the night.

Ali lifted her skirt and verified the growth of hair in her pussy. Not much only small stubs were there. When he saw her pussy he could not resist his temptation to lick it. Nafesa knew his desire. She just laughed and opened the lipsof her cunt so that Ali may insert his tongue inside. He just kindled the clitoris and stopped.

Nafesa was very much aroused and she wanted him to fuck her then and there. But it was too early. She had almost finished her cooking and asked the brothers to come for supper. Abdul, Ahmed and Ali came and sat. She served them rice and fish curry. She told them to eat and go to bed early as she is very tired and want to sleep.

After finishing her work in the kitchen, Nafesa went to the bathroom and washed her cunt thoroughly and came back to lie down. It was hadly 9 pm. The brothers sat for some time to study. One by one they lied in their bed and pretended to be asleep. Ali got up and shook Abdul and they both went to the room of Nafesa and She asked them to remove all their clothes and she too stood totally naked.

Both the brothers went near her and one started to suck her boobs and the other to lick her cunt. She lied in the bed with her legs wide open. Suddenly the door opened. They all turned their head. To their scare, Ahmed, the youngest brother was standing there. He said what is happening here. Ali said, Ahmed you are very young and that is why we did not call you.

Ahmed said you make me also do it otherwise how will I learn it. Nafesa said ok, remove your clothes and let me see how big is your cock. Ahmed removed his clothes and his cock which was in semi limp condition was as big as any of them. Nafesa called him near her and took his tool in her hands. It became stiff and it was as big as that of others.

Nafesa asked him come near her and she took his cock and placed it in her cunt and told him what he should do. He fucked her well. Other brothers were just observing. After that she asked Abdul to fuck her. He too fucked her. And then Ali fucked her. They took turn and fucked her for the whole night. Nafesa's cunt ached as all three of them were ramming their rods into her.

They were all tired and they slept in the same room on the floor spreading mats on the floor. Next day Nafesa washed her cunt in warm water since her cunt was paining. She prepared tea and breakfast for all. Ali showed the other brothers how to lick her clitoris. She told them that she enjoyed more in this licking.

Before their parents returned on the third day, each oneof the brothers had fucked her a dozen times. There was a letter from her husband that Akber is coming home to take his wife to his work place. Nafesa was very happy. She packed her box with new clothes and was ready to go. Only problem was there wont be so many people to fuck her in UAE.

Akber came and on the first day he asked her why did they shave her pussy. She said she met a lady doctor who told her to remove her hair from the pussy. He took her on a tourist visa that means she has to come back after two months.

But in the meantime Ali got a job and he too travelled to UAE. When Nafesa came back after two months, only Abdul and Ahmed were there. But they fucked her with great interest. In the meantime Nafesa learnt how to calculate safe days. and she was clever to select only safe days for fucking.

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