Ashima falling for Ved - III

Previously: Ashima falling for Ved - II

VED -- I miss you so much and u dont even think of me... too bad!
ASHIMA -- there is not even a single day wen I ve not thought abt u..
I was n am constantly caring for u

VED : I cant stop thinking of you and I want you to know that. when are your exams getting over? I miss you so much. when can I see you again?
ASHIMA: just 14 more days ve left for completion of exms. Till that time ill
also miss cuddling in ur protective arms,ur shrewd smile, surprising
acts n many more things..
VED : I want to come to Delhi to see you


If something makes your blood run cold, it shocks or scares you a lot. My situation was more or less alike. Since the time Ved dropped me home, there was no communication between us. I was pretty much disturbed by this, because first time I was feeling all those emotions.

A combination of affection with physical touch of a Man ; his cold fingers on my bare stomach ; his deep kiss on my nape ; and among all … His Hardness !! I had felt the hardness of his crotch when he was holding me from behind and was pulling me harder towards him by pressing my stomach from one hand and holding the left side of my waist with another.

As if this was not sufficient to blow my mind he started nibbling my earlobe! Every feeling was new, fresh and unsullied. But not anymore! He has not spoken to me even a single word after our first meeting. I was scared whether he will talk to me or not. Because of this non-communication, negative thoughts were erupting from my mind like a volcano.

Whole night I was restless and switching from one side to another on my bed assuming that now he will stop talking to me since I am unable to return his favors of love. I was agitated and annoyed thinking that if I do not have guts to proceed with sexual pleasures, Ved is willing to let go of me. And why not, he is way older than me, having lots of other options, better options.

Definitely he can get a better girl or woman than me. With a bad mood I started my day and left for college. But an instinct was stalking me that I am not strong enough to let him go. I was sure I want Ved in my life. So first I pinged him a casual message on his cell phone asking him his whereabouts and whether he was still in the city or not.

He replied that he was supposed to take a 3 am flight from Delhi last night after dropping me home but eventually he missed his flight due to some time confusion. I was more than glad knowing that he is still in the city. Then I casually asked about how he is feeling right now. His reply came which I never had expected, I was in utter shock. He replied “I Sinned.”

It was a weird statement for which I requested clarification. He was not willing to tell me what sin he did. I persuaded him to tell what exactly had happened. Finally he replied that he masturbated thinking about me, and that whole night he was unable to sleep and was thinking about me. I again felt a mixed emotion; I was ‘delighted’ by the thought that he was thinking about me too!

But also ‘scared’ that I was the person thinking about whom he shagged his load! I was holding my cellphone and stupidly smiling like a Hyna !.. I should have been considerate about his ‘manly feelings’ or I must say ‘manly fantasies’ regarding having sex with me ! Before this point of time we had never discussed in past few months regarding anything sexual between us.

This was indeed the first time he openly confessed having masturbated fantasizing about me. And first time I felt that I am a capital “C”! Finally I made him understand that all what had happened last night between us in that hotel room was new-fangled for me. Earlier I never had experienced that touch and that is why I was unable to respond him properly.

There I learnt a new quality of Ved; that he could be bluntly honest sometimes; and shrewd the other times. Because later he asked me to meet him during day time as he had reschedule his itinerary. He said since he had 10pm flight that night so we can meet up in daytime.

While we were discussing all this I was sitting in my college canteen sipping sweet lime soda and eating unhealthy sandwich which literally struck in my throat, hearing his proposal to meet him right away. Instantly I got up, finished my soda, tossed the remaining sandwich to nearby lying dog and urgently heed to the car parking space.

The engine of my car roared up as excitement was filling inside me to meet Ved once again. I reached home after 45minutes crossing hectic traffic. I started getting ready to meet him; firstly I took shower since it won’t be a good idea to meet him in sweaty state; then I blow dry my hair and made a decent high bun, wore a pair of white jeans with a raunchy red top;

as it was a time of late February, cold breezes were piercing my skin. So to make a good deal I choose to wear a hip length printine grey sweater with matching vellies. I put mascara & eyeliner to improve my sleep deprived eyes and lots of red gloss to make my lips bulge boldly. Few accessories to match with and there was I… standing in front of my mirror I do look fresh and energetic.

Because of excitement my cheeks were flushing, leaving a tinge of natural peach color. I got out of my train of thoughts as soon as I heard the message beep from my cellphone. It was a message from Ved saying that he will be reaching near my apartment within few minutes. A full teeth smile had plastered on my face after reading his message.

I grabbed my handbag, locked the doors and started getting down from my flat. Few people from my society noticed this sudden change in me. I was hoping they should not be thinking that I am a smiling psycho in need of psychiatrist; but at last I got encouragement when I received an appreciative look from Ved who was staring me from head to toe when I was walking briskly towards his parked car.

I opened the door and jumped inside and sat beside him. I was awestruck to see him again.. he was looking so lively in those sexy blue pants and off white crisp shirt properly tucked in. And he wore his patented Dolce &Gabbana black full rimmed specs.

And like a proper topping on the cake he wore that shrewd smile on his face which was complimented by the sweet dimple formed on his right cheek. Boy ! why I have not noticed him this intimately earlier. I was getting a huge urge to caress his cheek and kiss his dimple but suddenly he kept his right hand over my left hand which was placed on my thigh and said “it is really good to see you again”.

Just by hearing his manly husky voice, my heart started pounding in my chest. After some time we reached to our destined hotel where we directly heed to his room. God knows why, but this time I was much confident to follow him to his room. The whole concept of meeting a man behind the closed doors of rated hotel doesn’t scared me.

May be because gradually I started trusting Ved and wanted to please him and also to correct the mistakes of last meeting. When we both entered his room he placed all his belongings to the office table and I looked around the place which actually made me comfortable. A huge cozy king size bed, calm grey interior and big windows which were giving the beautiful view of the city.

I sat on the nearby sofa and out of habitual act I picked the newspaper and started reading the headlines. I got so engrossed that I dint notice In the meanwhile Ved was sitting on the huge bed facing towards me. He asked again with that shrewd smile on his face, “ are you here to read that newspaper?”

With a stupid smile on my face I simply nodded. He said, “why are you sitting so far? Come here.” He patted the bed with his hand commanding me to follow his instructions. I got up from my place and stood near the edge of the bed. Very carefully he snaked his arms around my waist and said, “ I dont like when you keep distance from me”. With this Ved pulled me to bed.

He was comfortably sitting, resting his back with pillows and he made space between his legs and accomodate my body between his. My back was in complete contact with his chest. His arms were protectively around my stomach and waist. “Your hair smells so good”, he whispered in my ear. There were goosebumps all over my body.

Slightly he kissed my neck “Why are you not saying anything”. I wanted to tell ved that my mind has stopped working, it is complete factory shutdown. But I was unable to utter a single word. Then I realised I need my wits to handle this man. He continued this romantic assault of kisses near my neck.. gradually he reached my cheeks. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment.

But this rather gave him a green signal and he boldly captured my lips. I still kept my eyes closed and was at complete loss. I felt the wetness of his mouth over my mouth. MY FIRST KISS !! no words can express those feelings of that first kiss. He kept sucking my lips and with one hand he hold my nape and this kiss to go deep.

I felt as if he needs me; his whole body radiated an aura which proved that he is losing control. Even I was losing the track of time. He kept on kissing me and I don’t know when Ved placed me flat on bed and hover over me. When I was out of breath I tried to push him away. But ved was all charged and dominant. He tightly held my hands above my head and keep on kissing me.

And suddenly I felt something hard over my thighs. I was thinking, God ! does he even know that I haven’t even seen that “thing” in my real life. But that feeling of “hardness” was actually good. He rubbed his hardness too and fro over my thighs. With all sexiness his hands glided down from my hands to my shoulder and then till my waist.

He slid his hands beneath my sweater and more deeper inside my top.. as soon as his palms touched my naked skin over my stomach and he suddenly stopped kissing me. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes.. he kept his hand there only.

First time I noticed his this side of behavior closely. He had removed his specs, his eyes looked very very desirous, his expressions lustful and as he parted his lips.. he kept on looking me like a hungry animal. I uttered his name in most needful voice, “Ved”… as soon as he heard his name from my mouth something stirred inside him and he abruptly took his hands behind my back and tried to open my bra.

As he was facing some difficulty to open the hooks of my bra as I was lying on bed, he jerked me upside and forcefully yanked my top up to my breasts and opened the hooks and yanked my bra up. As I tried to push him away and pull my top down he again forcefully held my hands and stared into my eyes as if warning me not to move.

I was totally spellbound by his dominance and follow his unspoken instructions. Ved again captured my lips and started kissing me more passionately. This time his hands were reaching my boobs and started caressing them. With both his palms he hold my boobs and massaged them and then with his thumb and forefinger he started twitching my nipples.

My goodness ! I was aroused by this time and my hands unconsciously went to pull his shirt from the hem of his pants. When I was successful to took his shirt out I placed my hands on his back. This made him suddenly shivered. I continued rubbing my hands over his waist and back. This further aroused him and unexpectedly leaving my lips he conquered my boobs.

Again a First time ! I felt his warm mouth over my left boob. It was so ecstatic that I threw my head back arched my chest. This further gave him access to my boob and he took my boob entirely into his mouth and started sucking it. I dint realize I was moaning so loudly in lust. He tried to open the button n fly of my jeans but I stopped him.

But this dint stop his vigor and he kept rubbing his hardness over my thigh and sucking my boobs. When he realized that we are goin to continue dry humping he changed our position. He dragged me near the edge of bed, skimmed his right hand under my waist tightly, with his left hand he held my left boob, sucked my right boob hungrily and started rubbing his cock over my right knee.

Again I started moaning which in turn encouraged him and started moving his crotch faster and faster. He left my boob and claimed my lips again. But this time the intensity of his kiss was fervent. He literally chewed my lips, bite them, sucked them. I felt something wet over my knees and guessed that he cummed.

He arched his head back and moaned loudly and finally collapsed over me. His body was radiating heat. I felt his body over me but as his shirt was on, still the warmth of his body was emanating and I can feel this warmth over my naked boobs and stomach. His face was snuggling above my nape and creating ticklish sensations.

For some time we both stayed in that position and then he later got up and went to rest room. I also got up and started adjusting my clothes. Suddenly I realized Ved is back and he embraced me from behind and made me to lay with him on bed. “you are not suppose to leave”, ved said with a shrewd smile.

So my beautiful avid readers this was not the end.. instead this was the starting of the new sexual adventure of my life. Keep patience, keep loving. Till then take care and da vstrechi.

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Krish enjoying first time sex with Archana

Hey hi all first of all before starting would like to thank the admins of HumanDigest for making us happy every time.

And Coming to the story I am Krish average looking 5.8 and fond of girls but sad part is not even had girl friends. But unfortunately met my childhood school girl Archana an we started chatting with her.

About Archana a girl with all the right features with the correct amount of flesh on each parts. And attention seeker. On a recent Friday evening we have planned to meet and she said we can go for a movie and we went to the movie. Took her in my bike and I can feel her boobs touching my back. I thought it was by mistake later she held me tightly and I never expected.

In theater while watching the movie my heart beat suddenly raised and she felt it and unfortunately she touched my heart and she started questioning me why why and I pointed the next seat by touching her hands and there were 2 couples making lust. She too felt the same and few minutes later I asked I wanna kiss you I was eagerly waiting for her reply but she din say anything.

I was completely watching her activities and I got her green signals. I hold her right hand tightly for few minutes and then held my hand on her shoulder then pulled her towards me and planted my kiss on her cheeks near by her ear she din say anything later he was also responding with her kisses.

Felt like touching her boobs I just caressed her left boobs with a fear but she never said anything. Movie was about to end and we never started looking our faces once these things happened. After coming out from the theatre she said to take me to some where and I was hesitating to take our out as I can't do anything if I take her.

Later she said "Shall we go to my home?" And I was acting as like why? If someone sees it will make problem to you... Bla bla like that and she said that no one is in my home and he mother has gone to her native she will come after 3 days. Finally said okay and went to her home.

She got down before half Kms an she said to come after 5 mins and I thought it would be better buy a condom and I too went for medical but there was huge crowd and because of this fucking nervousness couldn't buy and she started calling me and informed to come to her home soon.

Finally reached her home and she gave me some drinks and informed me that she will back in few minutes. I too thought she might go to restroom but she went to her bees room and changed her dress and she texted me to come in and I wa as hell shocked. As I entered her bed room I saw her standing in a saree and could see her cleavage.

With all the courage I went and started kissing without even asking her and started smooching her and she too responded and I was in heaven. I made her to lie on the bed and removed her saree and was kissing in the navel region and squeezing her boobs and kissing her all parts and she was restricting to go forward.

P.S.: Writing for the first time and it makes me bored. Please let me know the response in comments based on that I will continue or stop writing! Thanks please comment.

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Horny housewife Charu fucking neighbour for baby boy - II

Previously: Horny housewife Charu fucking neighbour for baby boy - I

Certainly I was disappointed on her exit, but I was relaxed that I have conducted my real feeling to her. I finished the food and came to the bedroom and lied down to calm down my mind from Charu’s thoughts. Deep inside I was feeling that now Charu not reach to the decision of having sex with me,

once she was gone from here there was very remote chance that overcoming her fear and hesitation she will come back to me to say that she wants to get pregnant from me but I was wrong. Deep inside she was in love with me, certainly because there was no word like love and care was present in her life from her husband’s side.

Anyway Hardly 10-20 minutes were passed when I was come to the bedroom after lunch and my door bell rang. I got up too see and I was expecting that it would be maid servant but to my surprise it was Charu.

While standing on the door itself she asked me I’ve had the food, I calmly said yes with tiny formal smile, next she asked me if I need anything else and in response I denied formally, next she asked if she can take her dishes back and I gave her way to enter and switched on the television in the living room and sat down on the couch.

Charu took couple of minutes to wash the dishes and ultimately appeared on the door of the kitchen with few SS utensils in her hand and looked at me with strange timid gesture. I smiled a bit and expressed myself cool and calm and reflected as if I am looking at the screen.

She stood on the door for few more seconds, until I looked at her again, from facial expressions it was evident that Charu wanted to speak something but it was not coming out of her mouth and I instantly picked that opportunity and asked her what the matter is.

“Kya hua?” she knobbed her head in no to say nothing and then looked down to avoid looking at me, by now I was reached close to her and I lifted her chin to look at me and asked her again “kya hua…?”. Her eyes got dewed in a fraction and she came up saying “Bhaiya agar mere husband ko patta chal gaya to wo mujhe maar daalenge” I was surprised to hear that,

I realized that finally I have done it, she was not thinking that she is cheating her husband rather she was thinking about the after effects of getting caught and for me now it was a matter few convincing statements and I do not had to work hard for that “trust me… kisi ko kuch pata nahi chalega” with that I caressed her cheek tenderly and Charu closed her eyes in sensual feeling.

I went further ahead and took her earlobe in my fingers tenderly and rubbed her soft skin of that region and Chaitail puffed with a heavy breath. “Charu I love you…I really love you…I wish tum meri wife hoti” I spoke that while getting closer to her and my words did magic, Charu opened her eyes, blushed a bit and eventually surrendered in soft and low voice,

“main aapke saath sab kuch karne ke liye tyar hun” (I am ready to everything with you). I looked at her face for few seconds without speaking a word and she looked like most beautiful and most innocent female ever came in my life. We were standing just outside the kitchen and next I took dishes from her hands and slide it over the slab of kitchen and took her in my arms.

We hugged and Charu somewhat started melting in my arms. She was in desperate need of love and care and for me it was dream come true, her fleshy body was finally in my embrace and her body odor mixed with sweat was attracting me like anything. I looked at the wall clock; time was more or less three, “tumhare in-laws kya kar rahe hain…?”

I asked her and in continuation asked her again “do we have an hour….” and Charu moved her head in yes and replied by saying “sab sow rahe hain…” after that she told me that now they will get up around 5, to have evening tea. That meant we had two hour to confront which was more than enough and I asked her “abhi ek baar kar lete hain…”

she did not replied back and just kept on holding me in her embrace, I asked her again same and this time she hummed to say yes. It was moment I was waiting like mad and next instant I took her face in my palms and placed my lips over her soft lips and sucked them continuously for a minute.

For a moment Charu tried to push me but next moment realized her mistake and I continued, she did not responded to my kiss but she did not tried to stop me either. After breaking the kiss, but continuing holding her face close to mine I looked into her eyes and spoke “I love you…and I really mean it”

Charu blushed and once again I placed my lips over her lips and this time she gave me way into her mouth and we kissed like lovers. After breaking kiss I brought her to the bedroom and saw Charu getting uneasy over her expressions, once again caressing her face with my hand tenderly I told her to relax as it important for her to conceive

“don’t feel stressed, conceive karne ke liye tumhara relaxed rahna important hai” and she moved her head in yes and blushed. Next I hugged her again to comfort her and Charu embraced me tight, and next instant I was on my way to take off her clothes. She was wearing sari and I started by unpinning it from its shoulder and pleats.

Pallu fell over floor and Charu’s huge breasts packed in tight blouse got uncovered, her uneasiness increased but I did not stopped, holding her from bare portion of her waist I pulled her close to me and kissed her over her neck and reached to her deep cleavage while brushing my wet lips over her soft skin.

Charu moaned in pleasure but with hesitant gesture and for a moment tried pushing me. In response I embraced her and licked her ear and Charu trembled like fish without water and grabbed me in her arms. "Charu is moment ko enjoy me as if I am your husband"

I somewhat whispered in her year and with that from her back my hands moved to her heavy bottom and I tried pulling out her sari which was tucked around her waist under her petticoat and she started breathing heavy. Eventually I pulled out her entire sari and it raced down to her feet.

Wrapping her arms around her heavy breasts and trying hiding them from my eyes now Charu was standing in my bedroom just in blouse and petticoat and next I took off my t-shirt and under shirt together and got bare from my chest.

Excitement was increasing and throwing my clothes away my hands straight away reached to her breasts, I straitened her hands and started unhooking her blouse. Charu's uneasiness enhanced and she closed her eyes and started breathing further high. I opened her blouse quickly and grabbed her both the melons nicely over the bra and Charu once again hugged me excitement.

I took out her blouse from her arms while brushing my lips over her neck and in continuation unhooked her bra too. Eventually I took out her bra from her arms and released it on the floor and hummed in pleasure while lifting her heavy milks with my both the hands, they were huge and amazingly soft, I cupped her massive melons and massaged them bit roughly and Charu gasped erotically.

I could see that up to an extent Charu was enjoying whatever I was doing with her body still there was certain uneasiness which was not letting her involve with me with full consent and wrapping my arm around her waist and pulling her close and caressing her face tenderly with the other hand I spoke to her in that concern "tum sharmaao matt…you are my wife now...mujhe apna pyar do..."

and I sensed my casual statement aroused her, she puffed in significant pleasure and took that way to conqure her hasitation "Charu tum meri ho....sirf meri...aur tum mere bache ki maa bhi banogi..." I tried speaking sensual to arouse her and my words worked, she hugged me, and I further embraced her to squeeze her soft mounds against my chest “Charu main tumse bahut pyar karta hun…”

I spoke again while caressing her bare back with my hands and Charu got further aroused, she embraced me further tight and kissed me over my cheek and uttered “Bhaiya…main bhi aapse bahut pyar karti hun…” That was astonishing for me; her tiny kiss over my cheek and her words of acceptance energized me.

Next instant I searched for the knot of the thread which was holding her petticoat around her waist and her petticoat raced down to her feet. Now she was standing with just a Panty over body and after pushing her to bed I started taking rest of my clothes quickly and eventually stopped after getting stark naked.

Charu was lying on the bed while looking at roof I tried taking off her Panty, she lifted her bottom to ease my effort and with that last cloth of her body also disappeared. I climbed on the bed and opening her clenched thighs I looked at Charu’s fuckhole; it was hairy and certainly appeared ugly as compared to wife’s fuckhole but that instant I was it was not about looks,

it was about obsession and I was obsessed with Charu. Anyway I was hard and ready to go inside her but Charu was not sufficiently wet, I sat down between her wide open thighs and after caressing ample flesh thighs started rubbing her opening with my thumb and Charu instantly started moaning in pleasure,

I inserted couple of fingers in her fuckhole and moved them all around and with that once again started speaking sensual, “Charu ab mujhe tum Bhaiya mat bola karo…aaj se main tumhara pati hun…aur tum meri patni ho….”… “thode dino mein tum mere bache ki mummy bhi ban jaaogi” and once again my words did magic,

her lovely face turned red in shyness and closing her eyes she started puffing litter louder. Although Charu started getting wet slowly but as she began flowing in a moment she was flooding from her fuckhole and her gasps went on going sharper, I continued fisting her for a while and just in couple of minutes she reached to the excitement where she herself spoke

“Bhaiya bus…abb daal dijiye…” her voice was intense and I could feel that sexually she was heavily charge, in a way I was waiting for same sort of signal from her side and next I took a pillow and kept it under her waist; just to lift her bottom, so that my seed can reach to her womb to fuse with her egg.

Charu puffed with heavy breathing throughout the time I adjusted her in desired posture and finally widening her fleshy thighs apart I leaned on her and holding my Penis straight took it to her pleasure opening and rubbed her slit with my rod vigorously, like I knew Charu screamed in pleasure with erotic gasp and pulled me on her top and griped me hard to say now fuck me without uttering a word.

Eventually I plunged Charu and in a moment slipped deep into her till the hilt of my thick monster. Oh… god it was a pleasure of my life, rather we both were somewhere in heaven, Charu was griping me as if I am going to leave her and I was trying to give my maximum,

I was fucking her steadily with lot of control so that I can last longer but I could feel that I will not be able to hold myself because everything at that time was arousing me badly, Charu was amazingly hot in her fuckhole, it could be physiological but for me having sex with her was much more pleasurable as compared having with my wife.

Slowly her low but intense pleasure moans and her facial expressions of being in pleasure were setting my desire to blow. Soft, well-sprung bed on which we lay was bouncing and bucking with my heavy insistent rhythm and noise of her bangles banging together in a rhythm of my plunging strokes were wonderful to hear.

Flexing my bottom and invading her wet fuckhole with deep screwing thrusts I was kissing and licking her face tenderly while crushing her body undermines and taste of her sweat was something which was adding up spice to my feast of her body. “Bus…. Ab Dekhna… tumhari saari problems khatam ho jaayengi… tumhen bahut payara sa beta hoga”

I uttered in rising excitement while fucking her with all my passion and affection and tried kissing her and Charu responded back to my kiss beautifully, finally lust was overpowering her hesitation, without realizing that what she is doing is forbidden,

like me now she was also enjoying and her clear involvement into the act rose my excitement significantly and I rose up over my elbows and running my monster into her flesh repeatedly with a wicked roll of my hips, I started skewering her even more deeply. She moaned and gasped loud; her body was jerking and snapping back and forward and her breasts jiggling with my thrusts.

I sucked them hard to divert my mind and slower down my pace to hold myself, I did not wanted to end that fucking session so easily but unexpectedly my change of pace staggered Charu erotically, Charu was at the edge of burst and she wanted me to continue like that and she griped me in her arms and thighs to get me deeper with a loud demanding moan "OHHHHh No….. Bhaiya…Please”

Charu’s thighs were spread wide, knees were bent and feet were wrapped high against my back and sensing her demand I paced myself up again, more sweat streamed off from our bodies and in next few seconds I touched peak of excitement where I was never reached before in my entire sex life with my wife.

Finally Charu dug her fingers fiercely into my arms and shoulders and with a loud cry orgasmed hard. Her body got tensed and arced and as she shuddered in violent ecstasy her fuckhole clamped fiercely my throbbing monster. By now I was also about to explode and I slammed myself furiously into her depth one more time and held myself still.

Ohhh…. God… what was that? I moaned loud, jerked and quivered deep inside her and spewed out gallon of my love in the depth of her pleasure hole. I sank onto her arms and thighs and kissed her gently, my tongue slipped into her mouth and once again we tasted each other’s saliva mixed with each other’s sweat.

Charu held my sweating body, tenderly caressing my head and back, her fingertips were contouring my physique. Her breasts pressed hot against my chest. We remained tied without a word and soon my Penis began to shrink inside her and slowly I slipped totally out of her fuckhole and rolled over onto my back beside her.

Next I told Charu to lie as it is for some time; with her bottom lifted bit up, so that my seed can reach to her womb and Charu continued lying like that for next 5-6 minutes and I fondled her breasts and kissed her deeply throughout that time.

After that she got up and wore her clothes so quickly that just in 2-3 minutes she was ready to go back to her flat and after a wonderful hug and another deep kiss Charu took leave. That day I did not met Charu again and next morning I left my home with my wife but came back home after dropping her at her work place and as it was already decided Charu came to me and we had

wonderful sex session and like last day after I released my love in her womb she lied as it is with a pillow under her waist for around twenty minutes and apart from kissing and adoring each other we conversed about everything related to this.

Second day onwards we had two sessions everyday for next three more days and even after getting beaten up two more times from her husband somehow Charu managed to stay away from her husband in concern of sexual contact and eventually after giving gap of three days from our last sexual meeting;

when she was sure that her unsafe time is convincingly over she surrendered herself to her husband and he fucked her couple of times with intentions to give her pregnancy. Now at this stage when I am ending writing down my experience nearly year is passed from the day I was started writing down;

actually after writing down everything I was waiting for conclusion to come, so that I can end my write up properly. Yes it has happened; I was succeeded in seeding Charu in a very first attempt. Although I was already having a clue of it but nearly after a month or bit more it was confirmed when my wife updated me that Charu is pregnant again.

Apparently I reacted over this piece of information casually but deep inside with that confirmation I was gone through a thunder. Initially I did not spoke anything but as my wife went deep into this discussion I took next step and asked her if we can adopt her child in case it will be a girl.

Initially my wife behaved bit negatively over this but anyhow I had to convince her and I did that quite easily. Eventually my wife passed my desire to Charu on the very next day and in next one week somehow Charu also convinced her husband for that.

Including my wife for next few weeks everyone prayed for a baby boy but not me, since beginning I was in dilemma of what to ask from the almighty? Girl or a boy and ultimately being a selfish guy I asked for a baby girl.

Finally after certain period her husband got her test done to know the gender of a coming child, which is actually illegal and I came to know that God has not listened my prayer and like everybody desired my seed in Charu's womb took a life of a boy. At present Charu has already delivered a child and boy totally looks like her.

Although now everything has become amazingly beautiful in her life but I don’t know why from last few days I am thinking about shifting down from this place, possibly because I am struggling to resist myself from getting madly attracted to that child moreover I am little feared of time; don’t know what complication we; me and Charu might face in future while being in regular touch.

In the end I would say I have tried my best to make my sex experience look like a sex story and I hope I have not disappointed readers from the sex or you can say fucking part of the story. I very well know that as compared to other sex story sites readers of this site are of different class that is why I would love to read their comments over my experience and also suggestions over my decision of shifting down from this place.

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Horny housewife Charu fucking neighbour for baby boy - I

I use to surf this blog when I was bachelor and after really very long I have acessed this page again. Even though I am heavily occupied with my job I don’t know why I decided to write my sex experience over this blog.

I am sure readers will not believe that this is a real life incident and anyhow I cannot prove that but still I am willing to write because those were the most wonderful moments of my life and I want to write it for myself. This is about when I had sex with a married female named Charu.

By fucking Charu certainly I have cheated my wife and not only me even Charu has also cheated her husband but truly speaking we both never felt any guilty over our deed, may be because circumstances in which we got intimate were very strange; it was a mindset which was so weird that it just blew our ethics.

I can easily say as such sexually I was not at all attracted towards Charu since long; although she is young and well educated but in physical appearance Charu is bit plump for her height and age with typical looks of an aunty. But she was having something in her nature which over the time attracted me so much that I failed to resist myself from getting sexually involved with her,

even though I was happily married with a routine sex life with my wife and I admit that anyhow I cannot justify my cheating with my wife. To justify Charu over her deed of cheating her husband I will say that initially she was not ready to have sex with me but somehow convinced her and she did it.

She agreed because apart from the specific purpose over the certain period of time she was somewhat fallen in love with me, believe me friends I am not praising myself but whatever my wife detailed her about me and whatever she herself judged me about my caring nature she found me just opposite to her husband and deep inside she was desiring a husband like me.

If I will start it from the beginning I will say leaving my native place I am working in one of the growing town of eastern UP from last 7-8 years and when I and my wife shifted to the new apartment Charu was living in the next flat with her husband and In-laws from nearly four years.

Like most females within two week’s time my wife and Charu were friends and in next couple of months Charu was very close to my wife. She was in desperate need of a friend like Deepa (my wife) and even she did not realized when she started sharing her very personal life with her.

Actually Charu belonged to typical Marwari cast orignally from small city of Rajasthan, married to bussiness man of eastern U.P.who was more than 10 years elder than her and her in laws were eager to see the face of their grandson and that was something in which her husband was failed four times.

When we shifted in her neighborhood Charu was in her mid twenties with two daughters and I am feeling really very sad to mention that after two daughters in four years of married life she was gone through two abortions just because in both cases coming child was again a girl.

Her in-laws were setting her responsible for not giving birth to the baby boy and the worst part was even after knowing this fact that birth of a boy or girl totally depends on the male, her husband was also not supporting her. Except both the children her all three family member were somewhat against her every tiny act because of which gradually she was getting into depression

and just then from god’s grace we got shifted there and she found my wife as a friend with whom she could sit and talk for hours. Initially I never had any conversation with Charu except formal Namastey couple of time as I had odd time of working and use to be much occupied with my job.

Even though my wife is also working but she gets back home before 6 and before her husband comes back Charu gets plenty of time to speak to Deepa about her life on daily bases. Now after personal life and living conditions if I will talk about Charu’s physical appearance then I will say that she is and ordinary looking female with wheatish complexion,

not exceptionally beautiful but pleasant face with heavy physical assets for her height with bit of belly. Once again I can easily say that as such from my side there was no physical attraction for her, rather because of whatever my wife shared with me about her life I use to feel pity for her and had sympathy for her.

Gradually time passed and through my wife I casually went on knowing whatever was happening in Charu’s personal life and in a way it was going worse. Her in-law’s attitude towards her was already bad and gradually it was getting bad for her both the daughters too.

Fortunately her husband was caring towards his both the daughters but because of his behavior towards his wife Charu, for me he was not at all worth calling a man. Now after bit of intro I would like to go straight to the incident, while being in Charu’s neighborhood more than year was passed and by now though not much but apart from formal Namastey,

Charu and I were in bit more conversation and sometimes when I use to come home early she use to serve me tea or coffee and over this span after knowing this fact from my wife that she often praise me for being a good husband from her gesture I could feel that Charu has lot of respect for me.

Life was going like that casually and on one fine day once again my wife somewhat updated me about Charu’s personal life that her husband wants to try again for a baby boy but this time Charu is not intended to do that, reason was simple, she very well knew in case it will not be a boy then once again she will be made to abort the child.

After couple of days once again my wife told me or somewhat informed me that Charu is failing to resist her husband for trying one more time for the boy, so she (my wife) has given her tips about the safe and unsafe period between her monthly menses and after calculating days from her last monthly cycle she has given her few exact dates when Charu has to avoid getting into

sexual contact with her husband to avoid pregnancy and for rest of days she can let her husband do anything, especially few days just before and just after her monthly menses. Though over my expressions for my wife apparently everything was casual but deep inside this time I was moved by this latest update of Charu’s personal life given by my wife.

Particularly after this incident I was realizing that whenever Charu came in front of me I saw her with different perspective. Truly speaking I don’t know what was happening to me; after more than a year of meeting or seeing her don’t know why now I started visualizing her getting fucked by her husband and to my surprise in a day or two,

I was in the state that I could not put Charu out of my mind and intentionally started coming bit early from office, so that while getting a tea from her side, I can see her a bit in solitude. Through my wife I knew her menses dates and I also very well knew that when is she going to be in unsafe period, gradually her ovulation days were coming closer and with the same pace my mind state

started going so weird that I started thinking about fucking her in her unsafe period, surprisingly I wanted to see her pregnant with my child. As such there was only one reason which I can assume for this desire, even though sexually I was satisfied and happy with my married life but I wanted to go for a child but as my wife was on uphill at her professional front she was asking for more and more time.

Anyway getting back to the incident, like this few more days passed and my mind state went on going bad and don’t know how and when I started masturbating while visualizing myself fucking Charu with lot of love and affection, exactly the way I use to make it with my wife.

Certainly in past I was having lot of sympathy for her but gradually I was realizing that this sympathy is turning into infatuation and I am getting sexually attracted towards the female, who is neither very beautiful nor very good in shape but certainly she was very loving and caring.

I really don’t know what kind of passion was driving me those days that after spending bit of my 2-3 evenings while having tea with her I decided to take a chance, I stopped masturbating and decided not to have sex with my wife just to save my semen for Charu and ultimately without telling anything to my wife I applied for leave for five days at my office and those days were

starting specifically a day before Charu’s unsafe period; when there was 1out of 1 chance that she will get pregnant if she will come in sexual contact with any male. Even though I very well knew that she is a homely female who cannot think of cheating her husband in her weirdest imagination,

I somewhat assumed on my own that she likes me and will get ready to get intimate with me if I will assure her that I will give her a boy as a child and in remaining few days my this assumption aroused me so much that by the time those days arrived my lust for Charu’s body was at its worst.

One night before that tentative date from when I was on leave I was so desperate to seduce her to make her pregnant that I could not sleep for the whole night and kept on day dreaming of fucking her. I was aroused and wanted to masturbate but somehow I was trying to control myself from evacuating my semen which I wanted to use is to make Charu pregnant.

Anyway ultimately in the morning when my wife tried to wake me up I behaved drowsy and I gave her statement that today I will go late as I have to design one floor map. In next one hour or so my wife took leave to her work place and I was all alone in the house.

I was still in the bed and apparently sleeping, but as per routine deep inside I was waiting for Charu to come to get the house clean from the maid and before she would have came I took off all my clothes except underwear and continued pretending sleeping.

She came and entered in the bedroom abruptly and saw me lying on the bed with just underwear on my body and immediately stepped back and when I came out after wearing clothes, thorough out the time maid was working she did not looked at me in hesitation and ultimately after getting the work done she asked me if I would like to have tea.

I said yes to it because I needed her back at my place and by the time she came I was over with bathing and all and intentionally started preparing breakfast for myself. As I know as she reached with a tea she took charge of making breakfast from me and in this dilemma that how should I approach her settled down on the dining table with my laptop.

Wearing a casual sari Charu was standing in the kitchen facing away from me and I could not take my eyes off from her. For me it was time for which I was waiting from last 10-12 days and it was a high time to act but I was realizing that it was very easy to assume that I will approach her and almost impossible to do that.

I was scared but I was willing and after she gave me breakfast to eat I asked her for one more cup of tea after half an hour and she readily said that she will get that. I relaxed myself and gave a thought to it and as such I could not see any indirect way to approach her and for a fraction I thought about quitting from all this but you know friends,

the feeling when your desires are so strong, you give your best to achieve that I just did that. After half an hour when Charu came back to me with a cup of tea and I asked her for bit more to eat and once again she stood in the kitchen to make a simple sandwich for me and I somehow overcame my fear and reached behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist and touched

her bare skin between sari and blouse and she instantly turned and got far away from me and spoke out in shock “Bhaiya ye kya kar rahe hain….?” I got scared but once again I will say I was willing and controlling my uneasiness I replied back confidently while looking into her eyes “I want to make love to you” Charu looked into my eyes with very strange gesture and I spoke again

“Charu please don’t misunderstand me…I want to give you a son" she was surprised and could not speak anything and I spoke again “mujhe tumhare bare mein sab kuch maloom hai….I know whatever is happening with you”. From my side it was not at all planed and whatever I was saying was spontaneous and I spoke again “give me a chance…..I am sure main karunga to ladka hi hoga”.

Reading her expressions and gesture I was expecting that now she will leave my house without speaking a word but fortunately she did not walked out instantly and replied to me after listening me “Bhaiya how can you say that….how can you even think of that” she was in utter shock and she spoke again in continuation

“…I mean main to aapko bahut maanti thi…main sochti thi aap bahut achhe insaan ho” and I spoke back to her “I don’t know main achha hun yaa bura hun…I just know that I want to make love to you…” we were standing facing each other looking in each other’s eyes from barley 5-6 feet and I was feeling bit better from sacredness and I spoke in continuation

“I just want to be a father of your child…I don’t know why I am sure that if I will do, it will be a son” I was trying to get her attention over a chance of getting a baby boy but she was not thinking about that and Charu replied back by saying “Bhaiya ladka ya ladki hona to baad ki baat hai…pahle to humara ye kaam karna hi galat hai…” “No…! humara sex karna galat nahi hai… because it will make your life better….”

I don’t know what but for a moment my words made her think and Charu continued looking into my eyes, and I spoke again “trust me…it will make your life better….” And she replied back with “Nahi Bhaiya…humen aisa nahi karna chahiye…please let me go”.

After her clear no as such I did not had anything in my mind to speak and I gave her way to go out of the kitchen and she walked but for a instant the thing which took my attention and kept my hope alive was, though with zero expressions but Charu looked back at me before going out of my flat.

Once again I gave a thought to whatever I did and don’t know why even after her straight forward no I was not ready to surrender and I wanted to try asking her again, may be because I was sure even if I will fail in agreeing Charu to get intimate with me to get pregnant she will not disclose this matter to anyone and after waiting for few hours,

somewhere around 2 when I was sure she and her in-laws were over with a lunch I dialed her flat’s no. over our local intercom to speak to her. Like I was expecting Charu picked the call, I asked if she can give me a lunch and she said yes to it.

I must mention that was first time when I myself asked her for something and apart from that from my tone it was evident to her that I have asked her for the food just to meet her again and as she said yes to it for me that meant that she was ready to meet me.

Anyway in due course Charu came up with a food and served me with calm expressions and told me if I need anything else I can call her on the intercom again, she wanted to go back but I stopped her and requested her sit and talk to me.

Once again from her gesture I was expecting that she will ridicule my request and walk away but Charu looked into my eyes for a fraction possibly to read my mind and thankfully decided to sit and I casually asked her if now I have became a bad guy in her sight “So ab main aapke liye ek bahut bura insaan hun” and my question made her little conscious,

she felt embarrassed a bit but eventually saw up into my eyes and knobbed her head in no, and then added “lekin jo aap karne ke liye ka rahe they wo galat hai” (means-but the act you wanted to do was wrong) and I replied with “I know…but right now I don’t want to think about right and wrong…I just know that if we will do and you will get pregnant….it will be a boy”

I paused gave a thought to what I was about speak and spoke again “in case it will be a girl I will adopt her…” that was unexpected for Charu and for few seconds she looked into my eyes without a flick and I spoke again “I am serious…I can convince Deepa very easily”, Charu was still silent and after moving her eyes away did not looked up again until I spoke again

“please…I have taken a whole week off from my office…just for this…..” like I was expecting that piece of information surprised Charu again and she once again looked at my face without a flick of an eye and I spoke again “I know this is your ovulation period and if we will have sex then you will surly get pregnant”

I don’t know if that embarrassed her, as I said that she moved her eyes away from me and started looking down and I spoke again and revealed the that fact that for her I have not touched my wife from last 15-20 days “tumhare liye main peechle pandrah-bees dino se Deepa ko touch bhi nahi kiya hai” and I sensed my words made even more impact over Charu and once again she looked up at my face.

I was doing my best to convince her and I was almost up with whatever I had to speak to her but I could see that Charu was yet not convinced and just then another thing came in my mind and I spoke that too, I revealed this fact too to her that I need a child and right now Deepa is ready to conceive.

Once again that made Charu think a bit but ultimately she knobbed her head again in no when I asked her verdict “tell me…what your decision is?” “nahi...this is wrong” I don’t know what I thought, it was just fraction when it came in my mind and I spoke out “ok…then very soon we will shift from here…..” and once again my words surprised her and I continued “I cannot see another child getting killed…”

and my words banged her emotions well and she spoke out “please Bhaiya aisa mat bolo…” and I replied with “I don’t think you can avoid getting pregnant…” I paused but continued “I am sure you will be pregnant in next two months and if it will be a girl…you won’t be able to save her” and my words bought mild tears in her eyes.

I don’t know how everything I spoke came to my mind but I just followed my instinct and at this stage I felt that I might succeed, in a way I was blackmailing her emotionally and to make it better I spoke and assured her if she will get pregnant because of me and it will be a daughter then anyhow I will not let her die,

I knew that her husband is very money minded and I told her that I will pay her husband entire amount he will spend during her pregnancy. Next I once again revealed my mind state to her that I am dying to see my child but Deepa is not ready to do that. While looking into my eyes Chailtali was listening every word I was speaking and I extended I hand to touch her hand and succeeded,

though she withdrew her hand from my touch but after couple of seconds and that encouraged me and I spoke again and this time it was something which floored Charu completely “mujhe hamesha se tumhare jaisi wife hi chahiye thi” (I always needed a wife like you…) since then somehow she was holding herself and my words bought instant flow of tears in her eyes,

she busted in cry and while crying she uttered “meri itni achhi kismat kahan hai…pata nahi maine kaunse paap kiye the jo mujhe aisa husband mila hai” (I am not that fortunate…don’t know what sins have given me this kind of husband ) I tried to handle her but she exploded again and spoke again while crying “kal raat ko inhone mujhe maara…” (Last night he has beaten me) “Why…?”

I asked her in curiosity and Charu detailed me that last night her husband has slapped her because he wanted to have sex and she denied doing because she was going through pain in her lower abdomen. That was heart breaking for me and for couple of minutes I simply lost my track and tried to calm her down.

I brought her glass of water and insisted her to drink and waited for her to get normal. After a minute or so I started again and it was a long statement “see I am not forcing you…I will not touch you until you will say yes to it….but you just try to understand… it’s just a matter of few days… just think…ki agar ladka ho gaya to tumhari saari problems khatam ho jaayengi”.

While I spoke Charu continued looking at me with tearful eyes and ultimately I caressed her soft cheek and told her to go to her flat now and think over it calmly and then added that according to me there is nothing wrong in this. “ab tum ghar jaao aur…thande dimaag se socho…mere vichar se iss mein kuch galat nahi hai…”.

Charu did not moved from her place, her expression were saying that she wants to say something, for an instant I thought that I have succeeded and in a moment she will say that she ready to get pregnant from me but she once again started crying and uttered “Bhaiya please promise karo ki aap aur Deepa kahin nahi jaaoge….”

She was scared of getting away from my wife, I didn’t knew that Charu is so much emotionally attached to us and sensing her delicate state instead of blackmaling her directly I replied diplomatically “first you promise...if you will get pregnant from your husband…you will not let that child die in any case….”

I paused and tried to influence her again by saying “you promise me if it will be a girl and your husband will force you to abort…you will register a police case against him”. I don’t know how it came in my mind it was totally spontaneous and I knew that with this I can win the situation, more or less I was sure that Charu will not give this promise to me,

anyhow she cannot revolt back to her husband up to this extent and she has to opt other alternative, which is nothing else except getting pregnant from me. She looked into my eyes without a flick of an eye and I spoke again “I can’t understand… tumne kaise apne bache ko marne diya…wo bhi do baar…”

(How can you let your child die and that is twice) my tone was sarcastic and it was killing for Charu. For few seconds she went silent in embarrassment and avoided looking into my eyes but then uttered “Agar beti hui to aap usko adopt kar loge?” without looking at me she asked me while wiping her eyes from the edge of her sari and I replied back by saying

“Only if she will be mine…I will not adopt your husband’s child” I lifted her chin with my hand and looked into her eyes with clear condition and once again she avoided looking at me and started looking down. I could see that Charu was in dilemma,

I believe ethically she did not wanted to cheat her husband but somewhere deep inside she was attracted to me and she once again looked up and tried to speak something but failed to utter even a single word and blushed again.

By now I was done with whatever I could do to convince her now it was up to her and next I told to think over it as by date her ovulation period is starting from next day, “aabhi tum jaao aur aaram se socho…waise bhi tumhara unsafe period kal se shuru ho raha hai” as I said she looked up and with hell of hesitation somehow managed to give me this piece of information that her

ovulation period has already started “mera unsafe period shuru ho gaya hai” that was unexpected for me “sure…?” I asked her and she moved her head in yes without looking at me, I asked her how does she know and she said that last night she has gone through ovulation pain.

According to my information ovulation period lasts for 2-3 days and for me countdown was already started but anyhow I did not wanted to reflect any madness to her about fucking her and once again I told her to think about it and with that added that I have take 5 days off from my work just for her.

Since beginning we were sitting across the dining table and food she served to me was yet untouched by me and next I focused on that and started eating. Charu stayed silent for couple of minutes, once looked up to see me eating food with full concentration and eventually got up and told me to call her on intercom if I need anything and walked out of the flat.

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Hi, I am 32 yrs old married man, medium looks, good height and weight, I like teen girls very much, I love to watch the girl in school uniform with skirt. I love to see their legs wow man, it will be awesome feelings. I stay in Bangalore. This is story which happened few years back. we moved to new home.

In exactly opposite to our building a girl with her parents and brother was staying, On the first day itself my eyes were on her, she was fair with medium looks. I used to stare her whenever I had chance, she used to look at me while I was staring at her and her face would turn red with anger, I could notice that.

I would see her whenever she was going to school wearing school uniform, her cuffs were absolutely beautiful, I could not take my eyes from them. to tell about her she had medium sized boobs for her age, and her bum was awesome, it would swing her skirt like anything whenever she walked.

Coming to the story, I thought it was no use in just staring at her and wasting time, so I initiated and tried to approach her. whenever I used to see her I used to give a smile at her whenever she was alone, she would become angry and leave from there, whenever she was playing shuttle badminton with her brother,

she used face towards me and try to have a glance at me to know what I was doing, where I was looking. One day morning I saw her leaving to school I thought this was the right time and followed her. she saw me coming and increased her speed and dissappeared. I was little sad that it would not work and for more than one months I did not see her.

One day I had holiday due to some festival and obviously she too had holiday and my wife had gone to her mother's home. after having tea at 4 in the evening I came out and saw her playing with her brother, she was wearing a skirt which was till her knees,

after some time they both sat in front of their door which was exactly opposite to me she was unaware that I was standing she was sitting such that I was able to see her thighs, wow it was white and was in good shape, as normally at home I will not wear my undies, seeing her thighs my penis started to bulge inside my pants, suddenly she saw me staring at her thighs,

she corrected her skirt and had a glance of my penis, I could see that she was staring at it. I got some courage and was happy that frequently she was staring at my bulge in pants. I went inside and next day I woke up early at around 6, and opened the door as my wife was not home I thought of having a morning walk, to my surprise I saw her studying outside her house.

I was happy and stood to see her, she saw me and she continued studying, I smiled at her she did not respond, I stared at her and once again gave a big smile, just gave me a angry look and went near the door and closed it properly. Now she stared at me and again I gave her a smile she did not smile but she did not get angry too.

I asked her phone number, she did not give and went inside, this continued for many days, after some days she started to give smile to me, one fine day she gave me her cell number and we chatted for almost 2 months and became little close.

This was going well, one day she called me on my cell and told me that they are vacating their house within a week.I requested her to meet me, she said no she cant as she cannot bunk classes, anyhow I convinced herand fixed a plan to meet at my friends room. it was early morning at 7.30, I told my wife that I have a client meeting and left home early.

I picked her up, she was in her school uniform coz she had bunked her class, she told me to take her somewhere quickly so that nobody can see us. we reached my friends room at 8.30, he had kept the keys near the window and had left to office, we went inside and I had forgot to bring condoms, she had thought that we will be just chatting for whole day, but she was not aware of the plan I had made.

I told her I would get some breakfast and left out, I searched for medical store but as it was still 9.00 it was not open. I just took some dosa and juice and went back to room. She was sitting in the bedroom I can see her innocent and scared face and felt bad but my lust won over my good thoughts, I went near her we had breakfast and juice.

She asked me, you are married and u have a beautiful wife, then why were u staring at me, I told that she was beautiful too and I could not control staring at her, she smiled and said now what will we do, how can we spend time till 4.00, I told her dont worry the time will be short for us.

She stared at me and I asked her, why was she staring at my bulge in the pants that day, she told no baba I was not staring anywhere and looked down, I thought this was the right time and kept my hands on her leg and told her that she had a very beautiful legs, when I touched it was so soft and my rod was getting hard, she removed my hands and moved away and asked me what are u doing,

you told u just want to talk to me. I told yes I am just talking, and suddenly pulled her on me and kissed her, she tried to resist, but she could not as she was not having so much strength, I kissed her passionately and with one hand I was squeezing her boobs and with other I was holding her tight. she pushed me and told please dont do this, please stop and drop me near my school,

I told her dont behave as if you dont want to have sex, if you were not interested in having sex then why would to come alone with me. I told her not to act and pulled her once again and kissed her this time after some time she also was cooperating, I slowly took her hand and kept on my penis on pants, she hesitated first and then then she started to squeeze it,

she squeezed very hard, I felt pain and asked her to do it slowly, then I also started to rub her pussy, she was moaning slowly, we stopped and I asked her to remove all her clothes and I started removing my clothes, within a minute I was totally bare, but she had not removed her clothes, I slowly removed her shirt and then skirt, now she was on only chimmies and panty,

she had a very good skin which was glowing, I felt very good and my heartbeat was pumping faster and faster, I can see the nipples which was pointing towards me inside the chimmies, I could not control and started to suck the nipples on the cloth, and slided my hands on her thighs wow,

ohh god it was tooo soft I then removed her all cloths with panty and started kissing and squeezing all over her body, she screamed in pain when I squeezed her boobs, she had a round small boobs, it was so beautiful and brownish big nipples, to be frank I squeezed and sucked it atleast for 30 minutes, I kissed her navel and licked it, I am too much arouused by seeing navel,

and then I squeezed her round bum and kissed it and played with it, she was moaning all the time, finally I went near her pussy, I felt like I am one lucky guy to see such a lovely virgin pussy, I cannot express that feeling, I felt like I am in heaven, it was pinkish and small hair around it, I slowly touched it and spread the pussy lips with my fingers, it was even more pinkish inside,

I felt the pussy for some time and then started kissing it, I kissed for long time and she was moaning moaning and moaning, I licked for a while, and I lift my head and saw her, she was completely in pleasure with her eyes half closed, she was not in a condition to speak but only moan, I was not in the situation to continue foreplay, so I took my penis and started rubbing on her pussy,

I kept it on her pussy opening and tried to enter slowly, as she was virgin, it was not going in, I applied saliva on her pussy and on my dick and again tried, it was going in slowly and she was telling me that it is paining, and to stop, I did not listen to her and gave a hard thrust, she shouted in pain as my dixk went inside her pussy and I could see tears rolling down her eyes,

I felt like I have put my dick in something hot and soft and slippery thing, I slept on her without moving my dick, and started suck her lips, and slowly started moving my dick inside her pussy, I asked her whether it is paining, she told no and she is enjoying it, I slowly fucked her and then increased my pace and fucked around 5 min,

she tighten her complete body and after some more thrust, she released her body and slept unconscious with her half eyes closed, I fucked for another 2 min and came, after sometime she got up and she went to the wash room, when she came back I could see happiness on her face, we did two more times and I dropped her near the school on time, that was an experience to remember till my last breath.

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I am Raju in Xth std and my mother Devaki 35, a housewife, my father 40 a low paid govt servant. Meenakshi, 30 my mother's sister and her husband had gone to UAE for a job. HE sends money and it helps us to seek some luxuries and enjoy life. Meenakshy's dayghter is Suja aged 18, with protruding boobs and round thick thighs. Because our bedroom does not have a door.

My father who was sleeping with my mother suddenly takes keen intreest in Meenakshi his sister in law. Be cause the doors do not have any lock, I could see my mother lamention at her husband gping away to her sister for sex. Ifelt very angry with the action of my father.I slowly moved to the window of the room where my aunty and father are said to sleep.

When I peeped into the window, I saw my dear father has buried his face into the cunt of my Meenakshi aunty. I got furious. I went to my room and saw Suja, aunty's daughter sleeping in a mattress near mine. She is about 19 year old and has nice protruding boobs and nice globular asses.

I squeezed her boobs and she got up and threatened angrily that she will complain to her mother. I called her and promised to show her her mother's present condition. I took her to a window and showed her how she is enjoying sex with his sisterin law.

Meenakshi aunty was sitting on the crotch of my father and his cock was totally inserted in her cunt She was doing the fucking action and Suja saw this scene and was shocked. She watched for some time how adults enjoy sex. I was standing near her with my hand on her boobs and squeezing them softly, They were very spongy and soft.

She did not resist and it seemed she was enjoying my action. In the room her mother was riding on her brother in law and making some incoherant sounds. My father was squeezing her boobs and sucking her nipples. Meenakshi aunty was jumping over my father to make his cock go deep into her cunt. Suja apparently has on seeing her mother and uncle fuck, became horny.

Her hand searched for my cock and held it firmly. We both returned to our room and I closed the door behind and bolted it. Suja in the meantime had removed her undergarment and was waiting for me to come to her bed. I lied near her and ran my hand over her body, boobs, and stomach and crotch. She had scanty hair on her pussy and my fingers serched for her cunt opening.

She widened her legs and directed my hand to her cunt. I tried to insert my middle finger into her fuckhole. She again helped me to reach the entrance of her fuck hole. I searched for her clitoris and found it hidden in a small button like projection. My fingers tried to catch hold of it but it slipped away. I brought my face near it and kissed her cunt and licked it.

Suja was giving a sound of hissing. My tongue touched her clitoris and my tongue tip went arount it. Suja was enjoying and her hand pressed my head down into her cunt. My cock was very stiff and wanted a release urgently. But while I was licking and sucking her clitoris, Suja moved to my underside and took my cock into her mouth.

None of us had any sexual experience and this all was out of natural instinct. When her tooth touch my cock it pained me and I told her not to bite as it pains very much. As I pushed mycock into her mouth it chocked her. Suja was near her orgasm, and I too. Suddenly her cunt muscles contracted and she pushed my head away and I shot my cum into her mouth.

She had no alternative but to swallow the entire bulk of my fluids. Suja hugged me and asked me whether I enjoyed the act. I said very much and how about you. She said she too enjoyed very much. After wating for some time again my cock became stiff and I hugged and asked Suja for a second round. I was just lying near her and my hand was busy on her small boobs and nipples.

But gradually she became horny and she put her hand around me and hugged me. I got up and widened her legs and took my cock and placed it in her cunt and asked Suja to put it neaar her fuckhole. I told her this being her first time it may pain. She said she has to face it one day or the other. I slowly pushed my cock into her hole.

Suja showed pain in her face, I told her that I will be extra soft and carefully. She lifted her knees and made more space for me. I pulled my cock out, put lot of saliva on it and again placed it the fuck hole and pushed. It went further in and half of my cock was inside her cunt. She felt by her hand the remaining portion of my cock and said it is ok, push so that the hole cock may go in.

I made a push and slowly it went in. Her vaginal muscles slowly expanded and made way for my cock and finally I made a good push and there was some obstruction which was torn and removed and Suja gave a cry of pain, and my cock went completely in. Tears were rolling down her eyes and I kissed her and wiped her tears. I kissed her nipples and boob to enhance her pleasure.

Slowly I made the fuck action of in and out. Gradually her pain vanished and she showed sings of enjoyment. She asked me to make it fast as her joy was increasing. I took her legs on my shoulders and gave vigorous strokes and she said her orgasm is just coming. I could feel her cunt muscles contorting and she had a good orgasm.

I also had a orgasm and I shot my cum into her hole. I just lied on her for some time. The I got up wiped my cock and her flowing cunt with her panty and we both slept. This was the beginning. Thereafter I and Suja waited for my father going into my aunt's room and we went peeped under the window cuntain and saw them fucking gloriously.

My aunt used to give good blowjobs to my father and my father used to lick her cunt and suck her clitoris. Without shyness she used to make sounds of joy, thereafter she used to ride him taking his cock in her cunt. Seeing all this Suja would get horny and she would squat on the floor and take my cock in her mouth and do as her mother did. We enjoyed sex every day.

I checked her day of menstruation and found that we were fucking during her unsafe days. I bought the ipill next day and gave it to her. We marked her safe days and unsafe days in calender and took precaution accordingly.

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Sexy hot host of Biju in Dubai - II

Previously: Sexy hot host of Biju in Dubai - I

Biju never knew anything about sex and having known its potential for pleasure, he regretted he should have tried it earlier. The beautiful Annie was lying in frot of him totaly nude and legs wide apart and her hairless cunt and her glistening clitoris waiting for his feast. Her boobs were standing erect with its erect nipples.

Annie with eyes full of passion was waiting for his next move. Biju's 8'' monster was fully erect and he could control his cock when to reach orgasm and throw the cum. He bent low and licked the cunt opening its lips with his fingers. His tongue was travelling from bottom to top and resting on her clitoris.

Annie was giving out some incoherant sounds and asked him to commense fucking. Since his arrival they have fucked continuously and she would had six or more orgasms. Still her hole was very tight and his cock did not move in easily. Tighter it is it gave more pleasure to Annie and it gave her orgasm very fast. She asked him to get his orgasm faster.

He pumped her with extra speed and pressure and he finally got his orgasm. They both went to the bathroom and cleaned their parts and returned home. Annie told Biju that her very close friend Lucy is staying nearby and her husband had gone to US and she is suffering because of lack of a companion. It means she want some sex urgently.

Biju we will meet her today and just give her a good fuck. She is of my age and structure. Her son is studying in India in a boarding school and she is alone in her flat. Biju told Annie that he had come to Dubai not in search of ladies to satisfy them. He has a new appointment and he has to go to the new office and get to know them.

Just becasue you are friend of my sister and you helped me from the airport, I am very much obliged to you. But introduce me to your frieds as a new stud bull. This Lucy of course I will meet and do whatever you say but not any more. Annie said no, no, Biju please dont get angry with me. I am coming with you to Lucy and after you finish with her we will come back.

I just did a commitment to her, please. Biju asked her when shall we go. Annie said just half an hour and let me get dressed up and then we go. You lie down for some time and take rest. Annie went to her room and dressed up impeccably and Biju in his jeans and t shirt they left the flat. It was very hot outside. It is only 10 minutes walk from here, do you walk or should I take the car.

As you suggest, said Biju. They both walked along the pavement and within 8 minutes reached block and climbed the lift and reached the flat. Annie rang the bell and the lady who opened the door was in nightie and was young and beautiful. Annie introduced her to Biju, as Lucy, her friend and club mate. It was a fairly luxurious flat and Biju and Annie sat in the sofa.

Lucy went to get some cool drinks and Annie went along with her to the kitchen. Biju heard them do the talking. Lucy came with a tray with three glasses of organge juice and sat for pleantaries. Lucy invited Biju to come to her bedroom and he looked back and annie made a gesture asking him to go.

As they entered the bedroom Lucy closed the door behind her and embraced Biju and kissed him on his cheeks. Biju bent and kissed the cheeks and lips of Lucy and she removed her nightie and underneath only bra and panty. Biju took out his t shirt and jeans and his jockey. His cock was in semi erect condition. Lucy took his cock in her hands and said oh, how beautiful, it is a treasure.

She squated on the floor and took his cock in her mouth. She ran her tongue around it and the new sensation was very much pleasurable for Biju. They moved to the bed and he found her boobs of medium size and hair closely clipped pussy. They lied in the bed and Biju turned to her side and took her nipple in his mouth and sucked it.

Lucy was givng out a hissing sound and she threw he leg around him and pressed her cunt against his arm. When he found that she is sufficiently aroused, he got on her and widened her legs and inserted his cock in her fuckhole. It went in in the tight hole and Lucy was again crying out of pleasure. Biju had to do two or three pushes to may a complete entry into her cunt.

Lucy's cunt was a little more accommodative than that of Annie. Keeping his cock tightly in her cunt, Biju sucked the boobs of Lucy and Lucy hugged him with her hands and legs. Biju slowly started the fuck action and picked up speed and did a vigorous fucking. He could feel her vaginal muscles contracting against his cock and her orgasm was full. Biju did not get any orgasm.

They rolled over in the bed and he made her to straddle him and do the fucking movement from above him. Lucy picked up her second trip and with his cock tightly held inher pussy, she started to move up and down. They did not hear Annie entering the room silently and undressing herself fast and joining them in the bed.

Biju was squeezing the boobs of Lucy and occasionally sucking the nipples. Lucy rotated her body in a circulatory movement and his cock pressed against her clitoris. When Biju turned his head he saw Annie lying near him and Lucy was in full ecstasy and did not watch Annie. Lucy had her eyes closed and just fucking hard.

Biju lifted her with his hand and fucked her from bottom in vigorous strokes and they both reached massive orgasm. His fluids were filling her cunt and overflowing. He just got up and lifting her they went to the bathroom and made her to sit on the floor and wash her pussy and she washed his erect cock also.

Annie who watched their final action, was aroused and wanted a fuck from him. Biju laughed and asked her to open her legs and got on her and pluged his cock into her. Lucy who came from the bath room saw a new action on her bed. She watched with greata interest Annie and Biju fucking.

When Annie got her climax, Biju pulled out athe they went to the bathroom and dried themselved and came out. Biju got dressed and was ready to go. Lucy asked both of them to stay for dinner, but Annie refused and she too got dressed up the left with Biju. Biju told Annie, enough for the day Annie. I want to go to the address of my employer. Please help me to locate them.

Annie looked at the address. She said it much be at the end of the street. It was evening and they both walked for some more distance and reached the building. You have not brought your papers so that you could have reported for having reached Dubai today. Let me try, said Biju and he went inside making Annie to sit in the lounge.

The person whom he was to meet was happy that he came to report on the same day of his arrival in Dubai. He said I will record accordingly, please bring you papers when you come tomorrow. Thanking him, Biju came out and he and Annie returned home.

He wanted some water to quench his thirst and wanted to lie down because he was tired of the journey and the sexual encounters he had. Annie changing into her nightie went to the kitchen when Biju just lied in the bed and slept off.

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