Monu Having Sex With His Sexy Madhu Bhabhi

"Aaaaa…oooo… kya kar raha hai? aaram se ...." "Aaa...eeeish...kaat kyun raha hai…” “Bhabhi... main aapko khaa jaaunga..." “mujhe khaa mat…pyar kar” Hello readers, I am Monu, male of 27 with good looks and good height and the female I was biting and crushing under my enormous weight is Madhu Bhabhi;

wife of my elder brother and my experience is about the night for which I was dreaming from last 10 years. I was not even 17 when after getting married to Bhaiya Madhu Bhabhi came in my life and since then I am blindly in love with her. At present Bhabhi is around 36, fair, beautiful and most charming female of this universe; at least for me.

Anyway initially; around 10 years back when she was newly married to Bhaiya she was slim and slender with a balanced flesh all over her body but over the period of one decade she has put on weight, although she is not fat or heavy but still I would say she is overweight for her height . Her thighs have gone fleshier, ass mounds have became heavy and breasts are also quite big now.

No need to mention that apart from her physical appearance from the day one I am profound of her down to earth nature, for Bhabhi I was always more of a friend than a brother in law and at my end I can say initially it was physical attraction which was setting my desire to go closer and closer to her but as time passed,

immaterial of this fact that with the passing time Bhabhi lost her physical beauty and I also came across many females who were far prettier than Bhabhi, I started falling in love with her and my physical attraction for her body started tuning into my fervor and in that excitement I don’t remember how many times I saw Madhu Bhabhi stark naked from my planted holes in the doors;

most of the time while taking shower in the bathroom and sometimes while changing clothes in her bedroom, not only that couple of times I have also seen her having sex with Bhaiya in the night; it might look funny but it is true that since I have seen Bhaiya fucking Bhabhi, deep inside I am envy of my own brother.

Anyway that was long time back and at presents I have gone through heaven of my Bhabhi’s physical love and before writing everything in detail I would like to request readers not to consider my Bhabhi a slut and also don’t take this write up just as my sex story.

Since beginning we two; me and Bhabhi were close like friends, I can blindly say that since that particular day when all this happened it was just me who was having lustful feeling for her but that day Bhabhi was in really very strange mood and it was such an eccentric moment that she wanted to forget everything and she loved me with all her affection.

It was midnight of winters and except Bhaiya we all were just back home from Bhabhi’s cousin sister’s marriage. Bhaiya was also suppose to attend this function but in last moments; somewhere in the afternoon he told Bhabhi that he will not be able make it and he flew to Mumbai with some business concern.

It was not happening with Bhabhi for the first time, from last 3 years Bhaiya was getting busier and busier in expanding his export business and Bhabhi was getting neglected at his end, I could easily sense expressions of loneliness in Bhabhi’s gesture from long but that day when Bhaiya did not attended that function, Bhabhi was staggered very badly,

that was height of Bhaiya’s attitude of ridiculing everything against business. In function whoever was meeting Bhabhi, he was talking about Bhaiya’s absence and Bhabhi was feeling embarrassed over that. While I was driving back home Bhabhi was sitting in the rear seat with mom and with our little princess sleeping on her lap and I could see her deprived face in the rear mirror.

She was silent and looking outside into the dark and because of her grief full expressions I was also feeling destitute. Even though since evening I was excited, Bhabhi was missing from house from last four days because of this marriage and I was about to meet her and when I saw her in the evening in marriage venue she was looking really very beautiful,

she was wrapped in heavy Pink color sari with entire jewelry and make up of a married female and like always my envy feeling for my own brother raised its head again and I started getting sexually aroused because of her. But in the end as I saw her sinking emotionally my arousal also sank and I decide to meet and sit and talk to her in solitude in the night.

We reached home and Mom insisted Bhabhi to leave sleeping child in her bedroom and eventually Bhabhi rose to her floor alone. I also changed my clothes and like I was thinking I came to Bhabhi’s bedroom and entered after a formal knock. Bhabhi was on bed, under the blanket facing away from me, she looked back to see me for a fraction and keep on lying in same sideways posture.

I sat down on the other half of the bed casually and tried speaking to her, “Bhabhi” “hmmmm….” For an instant she hummed to express that she in listening but eventually turned to see me “aap theek ho na?” “Haan…” I asked her and replied with yes but after a fraction she smiled a bit while looking into my eyes with strange expressions and I too smiled back.

“I know you are very sad” I spoke to her and Bhabhi smiled again but with heartiest feeling, possibly she felt good to see that at least I am bothered about her and she turned and lied down sideways facing me “Bhaiya ki taraf se I am sorry” I tried make her feel better and Bhabhi smiled again and opened her arms to get a hug from me. I leaned over her and we hugged tight.

“Thanks for coming…mann bahut udaas ho raha tha” she spoke out in soft voice and a mild whiff of alcohol coming from her mouth smacked my senses. It was surprising but I did not spoke anything in that concern and smiled a bit while holding her hand and kissed it over her palm. “Aaj yahin sow ja…mere pass” Bhabhi told me sleep with her and I took out another blanket from the wardrobe.

That was not first time when we hugged, neither it was that I never slept with her on the same bed, but that night Bhabhi’s mood was very strange, her gloominess or you can say restlessness was at its peak and as I lied beside her she came into my blanket and hugged me again.

Certainly that was happened for the first time, we were never together in the same blanket like that, but I was not surprised with that, that time Bhabhi’s mood was so bad and overall atmosphere was so odd that I did not felt anything weird in that and I just wrapped my arms around her back.

Bhabhi was not crying, but her state was fragile, she buried her face in my chest and remained unmoved and holding her in my arms I just kept my mouth shut. Bhabhi was wearing blouse and petticoat, I have rarely seen her in these clothes above that she was in my arms and I instantly started getting uneasy over my Penis.

Finally after couple of minutes I detached her to see her face and as our eyes met she felt embarrassed. She got up from my portion of bed and moved back to her side and without looking at me asked me if I can get her half cup of coffee “please aadha cup coffee pila dega?” and I instantly got up to prepare that.

After 5-10 minutes I came back and Bhabhi instantly got up to hold the cup and started sipping without looking anywhere. Like I said removing her jewelry and unwrapping her sari Bhabhi was wearing blouse and petticoat in the bed and after getting up she covered her breast with the blanket.

Even though I could not see her body at all but still she was looking extremely sensual, entire makeup was intact over her lovely face, Bindi; a pink color dot in the middle of her forehead, elongated Kajal rimmed eyes and her lips drenched with light Pinkish color were once again making me feel inferior from my brother.

“Bhabhi today you were looking extremely beautiful…” I don’t how many times I have given her this compliment and she looked at me with a lovely smile and I spoke again “I want to marry you” that was first time I spoke something like that and once again Bhabhi smiled naughtily and uttered “Pagal…!” and I blushed with a smile.

Environment went bit pleasant with that and Bhabhi told me that mom has seen a match for me and I repeated my statement in bit different words, “lekin mujhe to aapse shaadi karni hai” and Bhabhi smiled again and casually told me not to speak anything like this in front of mom and I told her that I don't want to marry with a girl of my mom's choice and in continuation asked her to find someone like her

"mujhe mom ki pasand ki ladki shaadi nahi karni...aap apne jaisi hi koi dhoondh do!" and Bhabhi did not replied back and gave me empty cup back to put it back in the kitchen and I silently moved out. After that as I came back to room again Bhabhi wished me good night and turned around to sleep.

I too tried sleeping facing away from her but eventually failed to surrender myself and once again started getting aroused, Bhabhi’s body was so good to hold but those moments ended so quickly, I wish I could make love to her; just once and with such thoughts 10 -15 minutes passed and turned to see Bhabhi and found her lying straight with eyes wide open.

She turned her face to see me and asked me why I am not asleep “tu soya nahi abhi tak…?” “aap bhi to jaag rahe ho” you are also awake, I replied back and don’t what came in her mind, she turned to me, got up a bit and looked at me for few seconds in the dark and once again leaving her blanket Bhabhi came into my arms and hugged me tight.

That was surprising for me but I hugged her firm and once again I sensed mild tang of alcohol in her warm breath and asked her “Bhabhi aapne Drink ki hai?” and Bhabhi accepted without any hesitation “haan…thodi si”. I did not uttered anything in that concern again,

possibly because by now I was also going out of my sense, my dream body was in my arms again and this time I wanted to feel these moments without thinking anything else. I caressed her hairs casually and planted a kiss over her forehead and hugging me tighter Bhabhi went into my arms deeper.

Actually in that mental grieving Bhabhi was desiring physical love and while hugging me she was trying to be in touch with a masculine body but being an amateur I could not sense that and I got hint of desire when she tried touching my bare skin by sliding her hand under my t-shirt. That was real revelation for me and I was delighted with her tender touch over my chest.

Bhabhi was resting her head over my arm and she did not moved for long; she just kept on resting her palm over my torso under my shirt and slowly it started sending shivers down to my spine, gradually my nipples got rigid and I gained significant erection over my Penis.

Like Bhabhi I too remained unmoved for long but eventually failed to resist myself from rubbing my other hand over her back and touched skin of uncovered portion of her waist. Bhabhi trembled a bit with a deep puff with my touch over her bare skin and I liked the way she shivered, I rubbed my hand over her waist again and Bhabhi’s hug over my body went tighter.

I sensed that Bhabhi is not normal and by trying pushing her a bit I tried looking at her face but Bhabhi continued burring herself into my arm. “Bhabhi….!” I uttered and Bhabhi spoke in soft sensual voice “don’t say anything…just keep on holding me” and I went silent.

I don’t know it was intentional or unintentional, slowly my grip over Bhabhi’s fleshy body enhanced and once again moved my hand over her back and reached to her bare waist and rested my hand over her soft skin. I was getting aroused, so was Bhabhi and eventually moment came which broke our patience, slowly I moved my had further down,

over Bhabhi’s fleshy ass mound and rubbed my palm over that and just after a fraction Bhabhi looked up and planted her rosy lips over mine. She sucked my lips with closed eyes and as after few seconds I responded back to her kiss Bhabhi invaded my mouth with her tongue and I started sucking her tongue.

We kissed beautifully for a minute or two and after breaking the kiss Bhabhi slowly rose over me and kissed me all around my face and before I would have responded back to her love making Bhabhi realized what she is doing and step back instantly. She released me and got away from me and went back to her portion of bed and lied down facing away from me.

Everything happened so fast that I didn’t realize how it started and when it ended and I too lied back silently. Anyhow I cannot explain my mental state of that instant, that was first time I was gone so close to any woman, and that woman was none other than lust of my life, for whom I was so crazy that I did not wanted to see my own brother standing beside her as her husband.

“Bhabhi…I love you” I uttered after silence of few minutes and Bhabhi remained unmoved, she was trying her best to resist herself but for her that mind state was so strange that she could not control herself and eventually she turned to me again and lifted her blanket with one hand to invite me and next instant I moved into her arms.

We hugged again and we hugged like never before, “I know… you love me….” Bhabhi uttered while caressing my cheek and after a fraction she spoke again and told me to do whatever I want to do with her and in continuation spoke that she also needs me “kar le jo karna hai mere saath… mujhe bhi teri zarurat hai” and with that we started kissing while being tied in each other’s arms.

Truly speaking friends I cannot forget that magical moment in my entire life, it was a dream come true, my love, my lust, charm of my entire life was in my arms and I was loving her as if she mine. My hands were moving all around her body like an amateur, I could not decide where to touch her and Bhabhi was enjoying whatever I was doing with her, she was not hungry for sex,

she was tired of loneliness, she was famished of love and attention and that night her starvation was at its peak. Bhabhi once again slipped her hand under my t-shirt to touch my bare skin and eventually ended up in lifting my t-shirt and taking it out from my arms.

I was bare over my chest and now I was dying to open Bhabhi’s blouse and with bit of shivering I unhooked her entire blouse and she took it out from her arms. Next Bhabhi herself unhooked her bra and I pulled that out from her arms too. Room was not entirely dark, tiny bulb at the corner was emitting sufficient light and I saw Bhabhi’s big breasts sagging in front of my eyes and they were beautiful,

her ripe and succulent milk mounds were tipped with long dark brown nipples in large dense aureoles. It was not that I was seeing her bare breasts for the first time, like I said earlier I have seen Bhabhi stark naked and also getting fucked by Bhaiya from my planted holes several times, but that instant her breasts were opened for me,

and next instant I was partially over her under the blanket and I started caressing her milks like a brat."Aaaaa…oooo… kya kar raha hai? aaram se ...." Bhabhi told me to be calm but next instant I clenched her long nipple in my teeth and Bhabhi cried again "Aaa...eeeish...kaat kyun raha hai…?” “Bhabhi... main aapko khaa jaaunga..."

I uttered in low lust laden tone “mujhe khaa mat…pyar kar” Bhabhi caressed my hairs while saying that with a smile and gave me her breasts to suck and I started sucking her milk mounds like child. Bhabhi moaned and puffed in pleasure throughout the time I loved her big melons and slowly we took off our all clothes and got stark naked under the blanket.

I puffed in strange divine pleasure as Bhabhi took my Penis in her hand and jerked me back and forward steadily and I too reached to her pleasure hole with my hand to give her pleasure. I was hard like never before and Bhabhi was wet and hot over love hole and we kissed for long while rubbing and jerking each other. Eventually Bhabhi pulled me over her.

She guided me to her opening and slowly I moved into her wet womb while puffing in heavenly pleasure. As I buried myself entirely in her pleasure hole Bhabhi too moaned in pleasure and wrapped me into her arms and thighs. We looked at each other’s face closely and we kissed again. “Monu fuck me” Bhabhi demanded in soft and sensual voice and I started.

Slowly I moved in and out of Bhabhi’s wet and hot love hole and moaned in unknown pleasure, Bhabhi too grabbed me better and puffed erotically and I began fucking my Bhabhi with a steady pace. Wow… I could not believe that finally I am making love to my Madhu Bhabhi; my first and last love.

Physical as well as mental; pleasure I was going through was just like being in heaven; I could not take my eyes from her lovely face and down there my entire length till the root of my throbbing cock was moving inside Bhabhi’s wet fuck hole and I could feel her cunt juices flowing out and touching my balls.

Rubbing of my monster tip over her wet virginal walls were producing such strange sensation in my entire body that anyhow that pleasure cannot be written down in words. As some time passed my pace of fucking Bhabhi enhanced on its own, I got up a bit over my elbows I started thrusting my penis in and out of her love hole bit faster and her swollen breasts started moving slowly.

We both moaned nicely while looking into each other’s eyes and I uttered while fuckign her “Bhabhi …mujhe shaadi nahi karni …..I love you” and Bhabhi closed her eyes and puffed in pleasure erotically and told me to fuck her in low lustful voice “Monu shut up and fuck me….” Her demand aroused me and I started fucking her with deep skewering thrusts,

I started rocking my taut hips steeply up and down and to and fro and drove my inflamed erection in and out of her wet flesh nicely while gasping erotically, Bhabhi was also moaning nonstop and whole room was filled with our pleasure puffs. Heat was rising continuously and in peak winters we were sweating like anything.

I was resting myself over my elbow while moving in and out of her flesh and just in few more seconds our excitement rose further high and my pace of invading Madhu Bhabhi went higher, now her melons were tossing faster and her nipples were getting stiffer in excitement and suddenly I started feeling strange stress building inside me and I felt myself going out of my control,

more or less at the same time Bhabhi’s moans also changed and she started gasping very differently, we both were getting closer to burst and our pleasure was incredible. As we both were under thick blanket we were streaming out hell of sweat and along with our moans soon typical PACH…PACH sound also started coming as our wet thighs were colliding together again and again.

Lying under me Bhabhi was looking beautiful with her eyes closed and mouth tore open in moaning, she was enjoying and her expressions of being in pleasure were setting my desire to blow and just in few more seconds I lost control and at same time Bhabhi pulled me hard and crushed me in her arms and thighs with all her strength.

Finally I squeezed my tight hips together two three times to release my love in Bhabhi’s womb and on the edge of my peak Bhabhi also cried erotically and seemed as if she has also pinnacled with me. Oh God…what was that, sweating and feeling exhausted was never so woderful,

I puffed and gasped after discharging myself into the depth of my Bhabhi and she too panted for few seconds after she climaxed. Soaked in sweat we lied into each other’s arms without much words, throughout the time I kept on holding Bhabhi’s fleshy body and Bhabhi kept on caressing my hairs with her fingers,

Eventually Bhabhi pushed me lightly and got up to use the washroom and came out wearing fresh nighty. I too wore my clothes back and tried talking to her but as mentally she was going through strange phase she told me to be silent. Eventually we slept in the same blanket while being in each other’s arms.

In the morning around 5 I was in intense sleep when Bhabhi stirred me and told me to go to my room. I got up and washed my face after basic morning course and came out and saw Bhabhi was folding blanket and rearranging the bed. Wearing fresh Salwar-Kameez by now Bhabhi was done with bathing and all and she looking even more beautiful “Bhabhi I love you…”

that was the only thing which was buried inside me since long and I wanted to take it out, Bhabhi knobbed in her head in no with a smile and uttered “I can’t do anything for you”. Though it was not evident over my clothes but there was a significant hardness over my Penis and I was desiring to have sex with Bhabhi again and I believe for Bhabhi it was evident in my eyes

and with a tiny smile Bhabhi asked me if I want to have sex. I moved my head in yes and she uttered “but this is last time we are doing…” I asked Bhabhi if she doing this just to give me pleasure and she said yes to it, at her end it was a fever of the moment which led her to have sex with me and by then it was over.

Eventually I accepted her condition for having sex for the last time and we climbed on the bed gain. We started with the kiss and while kissing and licking her lovely face I stripped Bhabhi to zero clothes because I wanted to see every pour her smooth and silky skinned body. Next I took off my clothes too and we were tied again.

I lunged deep into Bhabhi for really long and ultimately we both climaxed again. “Bhabhi aapko main hug to kabhi bhi kar sakta hun na?” that’s what I asked her when we were up with wearing our clothes again and Bhabhi granted my wish. After that we never had sex but I don’t go out of the house without getting a hug from Bhabhi.

At present matter of my marriage is at its peak, mom is looking for match like crazy and deep inside I too wanted to start my regular sex life but I am scared of losing Bhabhi from my heart.

Please feel free to post your thoughts/suggestions/criticism in the comments below. Thanks.

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Horny Tamil Doctor Having Sex With Auto Driver

Hi I am Dr. Vanitha, I am 38 years old. This story happened 5 years back when I was working in a government hospital in a village area in Tamil Nadu. I was married for 5 years at that time and had a child of 2 years old. Due to employment in the village area, I was alone with my son in the hospital quarters.

My parents used to rotate and see my child. My husband was at a 5 hour journey from my quarters. He came to visit me once a week which later on became once a month and once in twice a month. I am a medium sized lady with average looks, but being a doctor in a village area was a respectable position.

I had a private clinic in that area and I used to travel in an auto daily for that clinic. The auto driver was a good looking man by my standards and very decent in behavior. The travel time was 20 minutes from my place and I started to have a friendly relationship with him and talk to him about daily affairs. He was not married at that time.

After about six months of our friendship he started consulting me about his health problems like fever and cold. I used to give him medicines for that. One such day, he told me with great shyness that occasionally he had semen flow from his penis during sleep.

I immediately understood that it was nocturnal emissions during wet dreams, where you have a sexy dream and you ejaculate in your dream because of that, which is normal if you don’t have sex frequently. But you have to understand that in village area nocturnal emissions are a sign of male weakness and they think that it is a disease.

So I casually told him that it was normal and everything will become alright after marriage. We reached my clinic and all while seeing my patients, I was not able to stop thinking about what he had asked me. I had an idea where I thought I can call him after the clinic was over and check his penis under the pretext of making a medical examination for his “disease’.

I did not have the courage to do that. Three or four days went by and still I was not able to take the thought out of my mind. After a week when I had seen all the patients, the auto driver was waiting outside to take me back. I mustered up courage and called him in and told him, that I had to check him, because he had a nocturnal emission.

I assured him that it was normal and I lied to him telling that there can also be a problem sometimes so I had to check it. He was very shy to explain about it to me, but he was prompt to remove his pants and expose his penis to me and I was surprised. I locked the door and asked him to lie down on the bed. Then under the pretense of medically checking his penis I felt it.

As soon as I touched it, he started having an erection. I looked at him and he had no remorse. Within 5 seconds his penis was fully erect. My heart started beating faster by seeing his fully erect penis. I felt his balls one by one and squeezed it and held his penis in my hand and squeezed it slowly.

I looked at his face and could not judge whether he was enjoying it or not but I was thoroughly enjoying it and knew he was also aroused because of his erect penis. I touched his penis and checked it for almost 5 minutes, I was not able to take my hand off it but I knew I had to stop.

So I took my hand off it and told him everything was fine and he will be better after getting married. He asked me how. I explained him why it was happening and told him after marriage because he will have regular sex this will not happen. He told me that he was only 22 and it will take another 5 years for him to get married.

I told him in that he can masturbate once a week till he gets married and he will not have this problem. He told he did not know how to masturbate. I knew he was lying but I had to seize the opportunity and told him that I will show him how and he can do it regularly.

So I again touched his penis and gave him a hand job. He was enjoying it and moaning mildly. But I kept a stiff face to show as if I was doing it medically. I was not able to let my self esteem down. Within two minutes he ejaculated with a loud moan. He told that it felt very nice. I told him obviously he will feel very nice and relaxed, but he can do it himself.

He dropped me off to my quarters and left. The next week went by without any discussion of it. But seeing his penis and doing a hand job for him made me hornier. I was waiting for another opportunity to do that and seduce him to have sex with me, but my self esteem didn’t allow me to ask him about it and he was an auto driver,

I do not know whether he had any sexually transmitted disease, so I had to check him before having sex so that I can be safe. Then on the seventh day after the hand job, he mustered up the courage to talk to me about it. He told me that he tried to masturbate but he was not able to do it.

I asked him why and he told that he had an erection but he was not able ejaculate his semen even after half an hour of masturbation. I had to use this opportunity otherwise I will never be able to have sex with him. I told him then we will have to do some blood test to find out if some problem was there and but in fact I wanted to make sure that he had no sexually transmitted diseases.

So I collected the blood and gave it for checking and I had to wait for one more day to get the results. The results came and he did not have any disease and I was happy so I told him you have no problem but you do not know how to masturbate I will teach you after clinic today.

After the clinic was over I called him asked to masturbate In front of me so that I can correct him if he made some mistake. he took the penis in his hand and started to masturbate, but was not able to get an erection because he was tense that I was watching. I asked him to think about something sexy about the girl he likes and he immediately told he gets an instant erection if he thinks about me.

My face turned red immediately and I was not able to hide my shyness, I knew that this was going in the right direction. I told him to think about me and he got an erection immediately. Then he was masturbating, I was enjoying the view. But after 5 minutes he still did not get an ejaculation. So I held his penis and masturbated for him. After five minutes still no ejaculation.

So asked him to think something more sexier. He told me he is going to imagine me nude with a grin on his face. I chuckled and continued masturbating him 5 minutes went by and still no ejaculation. I pulled up my chudi and exposed my boobs on seeing it he became excited and touched it and squeezed it and he wanted to fuck me immediately in my clinic,

but I stopped him and told we will go to the house but he was in a hurry and he was sucking my nipples very hard and I was squeezing his penis and I knew that I cannot wait any longer so I removed my chudi and lay on the bed, he removed my bra and he was squeezing it, he removed his shirt and his pants fully, he was fully nude in front of me.

He rubbed his chest against my boobs and at the same time inserted his hand into my panty, he was very hard and rough and I had to stop him because it was painful. Then he slowed down. He pulled down my pants and panty and he started licking my vagina, it was very pleasant.

My husband never licks my vagina, he does it only when he is drunk, but my auto driver was feasting on it like a hungry lion and I enjoyed it a lot. He lay down upon me and he was rubbing his penis all over my body. I was fully excited and was let down that he still wanted to play with me without inserting his penis into me.

I asked him to do it and he inserted it into mine and fucked it with all vigor. He ejaculated and ejaculated but he was ready for the next fuck immediately. My husband as soon as his first orgasm he will go to sleep but will never continue with sex. But this driver ejaculated close to seven times and after 45 minutes I had my orgasm with a hushed moan and I asked him to stop.

He was also tired and he whispered into my ear that I was the first woman he fucked, a sense of guilt and ecstasy ripped me as soon as I heard that, because he was the fourth man who fucked me after my husband, cousin and secret lover who were all far from me now.

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Guy watching horny wife getting fucked by office friend

I am 55 yrs old man working in a company. My wife Munu is 48 yrs old She is housewife. She is white-complexioned and a bit moti., but attractive. She has got apple cheeks,curvy lips,40" size melon like boobs and big buttocks. She has strong sexual desires.She needs fuck almost daily. My penis is only 4" long and so she does not get satisfaction.

As I have been getting old, I use to fuck her once in 15 days. Other times she masturbates with a dildo. Your lund is too small, I want a long and stout lund, she uses to tease me. I was worried about how to arrange a lund for her. At home she does not wear any bra and wears a low-cut maxi. When she walks, her boobs dance up and down like thal thal.

She has got black jamun like aurioles portruding. When she walks wearing a saree, her massive bums swing inviting many a lunds to harden. Many people come to our house. Everyday the sweeper boy comes to collect the garbage and has a glance of Munu's cleavage. Watchman comes monthly to collect money.

Once she has gone to give him money; as she stood near him, one of her nipples was clearly visible and the other boob was partially visible. I saw the watchman inserting his palm inside Munu's maxi and pressing both her nipples for 5 minutes. As I went there, the watchman went away.In any cloth shop, the salesmen were pressing her boobs when getting a scope.

In my office, I have got a friend named Milu. He is black in colour and robust. He very often comes to my house and good friendship with Munu. He calls her Bhabi.At home he usually sits near to my wife. Once I and Munu went to a marriage party.Munu was wearing a red sleeveless blouse and looking sexy. Her armpit bushy hair was clearly visible and really exciting.

Her 40" inches boobs were fitted in a tight bra and pointed. Everybody was staring at her armpits and boobs. We returned in the afternoon. After 30 minutes Milu came. Munu has not changed dress. She was happy to receive him.She was looking like a sex-goddess. We all sat in a sofa, Munu sitting in middle.

She was deliberately showing her hairy armpit to Milu who was inhaling the sweat smell. Her thighs were touching against Milu's thighs. After 10 minutes of talks,Munu went to kitchen to prepare tea. After sometime Milu followed her. What Bhabi is doing, I will see, Milu said. In the kitchen, Milu stood close to the back of Munu. Her bare waist was visible.

Her melon-like left side boob was visible along with blouse. Milu gently touched her waist. Munu smiled. At this Milu raised his left palm upwards and gently squeezed her left boob. oh...oh....Munu started moaning..Then Milu placed his both palms over her bums and big and soft bums.. Milu said.. I was peeping through the door.

Then Munu showed her right boob and allowed Milu to squeeze. Then looking at me Milu returned to drawing room. We had tea. Milu went away. Within one hour, a message came to Munu's mobile.." What a sexy bum and boobs you have... mine is 7 inches " I read the msg. secretly. Munu was happy to see the msg.

7 inches lund..Munu exclaimed with joy..your is only 4".. let us call Milu for dinner tomorrow, as his family is not there. My dream will be fulfilled tomorrow as I will get a mast fuck, Munu told me. I have got no option but to agree. Next day evening I returned from office by 7 pm. Munu has prepared the dinner. Milu was to come at 8 pm.

Munu was dressed in a yellow maxi and a black bra. She was wearing a stripped panty and yellow petticoat. she was waiting eagerly for the grand show. Milu came at 8 pm. Munu welcomed him. After some chitchat, Munu went to kitchen telling that only one fry item is to be prepared. Bhabi, I also want to know the cooking method from you Milu told and followed her.

After 10 minutes some moaning sound came from kitchen. I secretly peeped. Both were embracing tightly and kissing each other. Milu was telling her to remove he maxi. Munu obliged him. Munu was wearing a black bra with bulging boobs. Milu was squeezing her bra. Then he caught hold of her petticoat and opened her string. Petticoat fell down.

Her stripped panty was visible. What a glorious sight.. I was getting excited. Come to the drawing room, we all will enjoy, I said. All the tubelights were on and Munu's milky white thighs were glittering. Milu told her to dance. But Munu sighed. Milu opened her bra hooks and sucked her both boobs madly, tightly squeezing one by one. Ohhh....hhmmm.....Munu was moaning.

After 5 minutes, Milu knelt down and removed her panty. Ohh..what a gand...Milu exclaimed. My wife was stark naked. Show me your cunt lips spreading your bitch..Milu ordered. What a bushy pubic hair you have.. Milu told. Then he ordered her to turn back and show her bung hole spreading her ass cheeks. It was dazzling...mast gand..Milu told.

Then we carried her to bed room. She was lying on the bed naked. Milu started licking her cunt lips for 15 minutes putting honey. sweet...he then applied honey over her boobs and chewed her nipples. Then Munu was undressing Milu and caught hold of his 7" lund. Ohh..what a monster lund u have.. Munu cried.

Then she sucked his lund with both hands putting her saliva for 10 minutes. Now it was like a 8" copper rod. Then Milu entered his lund deep into her cunt and started giving strokes vigorously. O..God...fuck me......jor se chodo....phad do...phata do....kas kar chodo...oohhh..eeegghhhheee ooooeeeee...

Munu shouted...FUCH..FUCH....PHAT..PACHAK..sounds were coming and the bed was vibrating. I filmed the entire fucking in a web cam. After ploughing for 30 minutes, Milu discharged in my wife's mouth and told her to gulp the white semen. tasty..Munu said and cleaned his lund drop by drop.

First time I got heavenly pleasure, Munu told. I thought so far my wife has not tasted my semen. I also discharged in my pant. Then after 30 minutes, Milu's lund started hardening. This time I will fuck your gand. Then Milu started licking her ass hole for 10 minutes. You also suck my ass hole, you whore..Milu ordered. Munu was reluctant.

Telling this he caught hold of her hair and made her to lick his gand. Fuck my gand with your tongue, he told. Munu put her tongue inside his ass and messaged his lund with one hand. What a great sight ! Milu's lund became 8". Have u taken lund in your ass before ? Milu asked. is for the first time. Take it baby, you will enjoy.

Then Munu knelt down like a bitch and Milu pushed his lund into my wife's gand like a dog after putting some vaseline. is burning...paining...leave me.....Munu cried with tears. Milu told..nothing will happen..I will ram your ass the whole night..saying this he pushed his lund inch by inch.

After 5 minutes, his monster lund completely entered Munu's gand. Munu seemed to enjoy...fuck me...ohhh..ram me...punish me....mera gand maro... chodo jor se... ohhhh..hhmmmmm......aahhh.. Milu was fucking like a bull. After 20 minutes, He removed his lund and put inside Munu's mouth.

Gulp my semen, you whore. Munu gulped it and cleaned his lund. I had discharged once more. The whole night, Milu fucked my wife's pussy and gand two times. Then everybody had a sound sleep taking dinner.

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How Nandu Fucked Dolly

I am Nandu. Working as a supervisor in a construction company. I am 35 yrs old. Not yet married. I have very good physique and weight more than 70 kg. I work in a company constructing flats. In the area adjacent to my work place, there is a double-storey building. I see a lady in the first floor. She will be around 48 yrs old. She always wears saree with sleeveless blouse.

She has got round boobs and large buttocks. She is white in colour. I see her many times standing at the balcony. Once in the afternoon I had gone to her house and knocked the door. She opened. I asked for some drinking water. What is your name, Aunty, I asked. I am Dolly, don't call me aunty. I gave my identity. She brought a glass of water. I drank it.

Her husband woks in the office and comes in the evening, she told and children are reading outside. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse and her 40" size boobs were protruding. She has got massive buttocks. Whenever you require help, you are welcome...she told. Then I went away. After 2 days I went again in the afternoon to her house for drinking water. It was hot summer.

She opened the door at my knock. I found her wearing a blue saree without blouse. Perhaps she was coming from bathroom. I saw her full beauty. I saw her sexy armpits with bushy armpit hair. Her black nipples were visible through her saree. I saw her sexy navel. As She gave me a glass of water, I saw the side view of one of her boobs. She was sitting besides me.

I was getting hot and my lund was getting hard. She was watching this. Suddenly my mobile rang and my boss told me to come to site urgently. I had no option but to go. I told her that I will come tomorrow. She smiled and I went away.

Next day afternoon, I went a bit late about 3.30 pm. It was a hot afternoon. I was standing in front of her main door. Through the glass window I saw a wonderful scene. On the drawing room Dolly was lying on a carpet. She was wearing a green saree. She was lifting the saree from her boobs and squeezing her boobs with both her hands and moaning.ah...ohhhh..she was chanting.

Then she lifted her saree. Her milky thighs were visible along with her bushy cunt. She started fingering her cunt. Then she entered a small bottle in her cunt and was making sound like..ohh..hhmmm..issssss.. I was already getting wet. I could not resist and knocked the door. Dolly was surprised, but wore her saree immediately and looked at me and opened the door.

Then she closed the door and embraced me. I was waiting for you to fuck me...why you were so late..thats why I was masturbating., Dolly told. Then I kissed her deeply, putting my tongue inside her. Then I squeezed her melon like boobs mercilessly. I chewed her nipples for 5 minutes. What nice treasures, You have got Dolly., I told.

Then I licked both her armpits..ohhh.....i was getting mad at her bushy armpit hair. Then I kissed her back. Then I opened her saree completely and made her fully naked. Show me your clit..I will suck, I told. Dolly opened her cunt lips with both hands and I put my tongue in her juicy cunt. Dolly was getting excited. I laid down her in the carpet and sucked her cunt violently for 5 minutes.

Then she unzipped my pant and made me fully naked. She caught hold of my 7" long black lund and started sucking. What a shaft you have got, she told. She put all her saliva in my cock and made it 8". I have not been fucked for months together, I am really hungry for sex.....please fuck me for hours dear..Dolly told. Then I entered my shaft in Dolly's pussy and started ramming.

She started shouting...ohhh...fuck bastard...tear my me....ohhh..punish me.... crush me......enter deep to my body...ohhh dear....jor se chodo....ohhhhhh..ahhhh..I fucked her in various poses..missionary, doggy style....lifting one of her thighs... I had taken blue pills that day. I was fucking her like a high speed train for about 45 minutes.

Then I removed my lund and put it inside Dolly's mouth and told her to suck it. Copious white sperms got ejaculated and she gulped it. Today only I got heavenly pleasure, she told. Then after 30 minutes my lund again became hard. I ordered her to suck and make it hard. Then I took her to kitchen. I told her to stand. The window was open and fresh air was coming.

Dolly was standing naked with her bums facing me. I started spreading her ass cheeks with both my hands and started licking her gaand. I put my tongue inside her gaand and sucked it. After licking her bung hole for 5 minutes I took her and told her to kneel down in the bed like a bitch.

Then I started fucking her gaand in doggy style. ohhh...leave is burning...ohhh dear..chhodo mujhe...Dolly cried. Everything will be okay baby....your mast gaand can take 8'' long cock smoothly, I told.

Then I started increasing my black cock was entering Dolly's white gaand...I was ramming... fuck my bastard...chodo...pahar do..kuto mujhe....I was slapping her bums and increasing my fucking speed.

After 20 minutes of marathon ass fucking, I withdrew my shaft from her gaand and ejaculated in her mouth. We both were totally satisfied on that day. From next day, every afternoon I was going to her house and fucking her daily during her husband's absence.

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Nursing Student Saakshi Enjoying Sex With Lover

Coming to the story, Saakshi (name changed) is the heroin of the story. She is 21 year old lady and is in final year of her Nursing. The most amazing thing about of her body part is her boobs. Anyone would die for her boobs. And I myself is the admirer of her beauty. She is very much fair in color and her thigh are very much sexy.

When I got to see them for first time, I was unable to close my mouth and water was running in my mouth. Basically, I got to know Saakshi from one of my friend. He initially introduced both of us recently during the dashera (Dashain) festival. At the beginning I felt very shy talking to her. As days passed, we became pretty close and we used to have conversation whole night.

Slowly, we started having video call in viber and later we even started video sex. She used to show her boobs and used to masturbate. Because of these activities, I was unable to have a good sleep. The same imagination used to give me a hard on. I used to masturbate thrice everyday thinking about her. Even she was dying to meet me and fulfill her inner desire.

So we planned to meet on 17th of November. As I stay alone, we planned to meet in my apartment. As I stay alone, my room was messed up. So I cleaned everything and made it look clean. We planned to meet at 3 in the evening. I picked her up and went for movie.

After movie was over, we went and had a good dinner. As we were returning, I asked her do you drink and she said only beer. So I grabbed 8 bottle of beer on the way home. As we reached inside the room, I just dropped the beer and grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me.

Even she was very much horny and we started to kiss wildly. We kissed for about 10 minutes and it was very intense. Both of were out of breathe. While kissing, I cupped her breast and started fondling. In between kissing, we started moaning and was giving some sexy sound.

After breaking the kiss, I carried her and threw her in the bed. As she was wearing one piece dress, her panty was visible. I instantly got the hard one and I jumped into her like tiger jumping for its prey. I removed her dress and she was in her black bra and panty. I immediately removed her bra and started sucking her 36 size boobs. Her nipple were black in color.

As I was sucking her right nipple, her left boobs was also been taken care by my hands. She was already turned on and was begging me to fuck her. Slowly I left her boobs and started kissing her sexy lips. She was begging me to fuck her. I then slowly removed her panty and she was already leaking. I started kissing her inner thigh.

She caught my hair and started pushing my head towards her pussy. And I was just teasing her by blowing air in her pussy. Finally I started licking her pussy and she started moaning loudly. I licked her for about 5 minutes and she had her first organism as was very tired. So after few minutes, I pulled her to the edge of the bed and started he hit her pussy with my cock.

I was teasing her and she was begging to enter inside her. I played with her for few minutes and suddenly I pushes inside her. She was very tight though it was not her first time. She moaned very loudly and I had to kiss her to keep her sound down. I started to increase the pace and she was begging to fuck her more harshly. She was saying fuck me, fuck me you son of the bitch.

Whole room was filled with her moan and my balls hitting her thigh. As I wanted to fuck her behind, I removed my cock and asked her to be in doggy. When I entered my back, I was in heaven. It felt very good. I started banging her very fast and was holding both her boobs. When I was fucking her from behind, her boobs were shaking up and down.

It made me go mad and I started ramming her fast. And I was reaching the climax. She asked me to cum inside and told she is in safe period. So I increased the pace and finally was done. I cummed so much that day, even I could not believe. I always wanted to have sex while bathing. So after the first round, I took her to bathroom and cleaned her first.

Then I started sucking her nipples. She slowly started getting Horny. She finally caught hold of my cock and started giving hand job. I asked her to suck my cock. Initially she refused but after insisting a lot she caught hold of my cock and started sucking. Although she was not the perfect sucked, he tried her full to satisfy me.

After sucking me for few minutes, I again made her stand up and rammed her from behind. I kept fucking her harshly and she was begging to fuck her faster. I fucked her till I cummed in her pussy. My cup were dipping from her pussy. We were very tired by now. So after sex we had beer and continued fucking each other whole night. We had 3 more round that night. She felt very satisfied.

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Guy Helping Sexy Wife To Be Fucked

Manju is my wife. About 47 yrs old.Housewife. she is having mast jawani. Looking very attractive.Round and shapely arms. White complexioned. 38' size boobs looking like ripe mango. Her tits are like black jamun. Plump and milky thighs.Round massive spotless bums. Always sees sex videos in laptop. She demands sex every alternate day which I can't fulfil.

Sometimes I push long and thick brinjals in her cunt and help her to attain orgasm. During sex, she shouts in ecstasy. Her tits are very sensitive. Sometimes at midnight I take her to balcony and make her fully naked to get erection. Once in a moonlit night, I took her to balcony and made her naked. We were embracing each other when a torchlight was focussed on her bums.

Immediately I covered her with towel. It seems to have been switched on from my neighbour which is about 10 mtrs. away from my home. I know him. He is Rohan, a contractor, aged 52 yrs. old. Often he returns home at midnight. He is well-built and strong. I was having no doubt that Rohan has seen my wife's bums.Manju was very excited at this.

Next day evening Rohan came to my house. Manju was wearing a low cut short maxi without any bra or petticoat as it was hot summer. Robin came and sat on the sofa. Yesterday night I saw you in the balcony,Rohan told and smiled at Manju. Manju blushed at this. I am going to prepare coffee, Manju told and went to kitchen.

Then she brought coffee and sat in the sofa near to Rohan. The fan was running in high speed. Due to wind Manju's boobs and nipples are visible which Rohan was watching. I was getting excited. Her maxi was flying in wind and right knee was visible and touching with Rohan's legs.

Rohan was getting hot. He was putting his left hand at her knee and putting in at her right thigh staring at her boobs. Slowly her milky right thigh was visible. ohhh....Suddenly there was a powe failure. Everything was dark.It was golden chance for Rohan who was touching her pubic hair. I was able to see something with the moonlight through the window.

Rohan was touching her clitoris and fingering her cunt. ohhh..hhmmm.. Manju was moaning. Rohan was putting his right hand inside her maxi and pressing her boobs.For next 5 minutes he was fingerfucking her cunt when lights came. He withdrew his finger and put her maxi in order. That was the beginning of romance.

Then Manju invited Rohan for dinner next day. Rohan agreed and went away happily. That night Manju could not sleep. I could guess the reason. She needed a strong fuck from Rohan. Next day I went to office. I telephoned my wife that I may be late and she should not wait for me and treat Rohan. Also she should keep the door open so that nobody should disturb them. I came at 8 pm.

Door was open. I slowly opened the door and heard some hissing sound coming from kitchen. Manju was raising her maxi with both hands so that her round and big white bums are visible. wife was looking like a cabaret dancer. Rohan was kneeling down and licking her bums. Then he spread her ass cheeks and entered his tongue in her gand.

Manju was rotating her gand..ohhh...After sucking her gand for 5 minutes, he made her fully naked. He then chewed her black nipples for 10 minutes, one by one squeezing her boobs ruthlessly. Manju was closing her eyes. Then he came to her juicy cunt and started licking. O..what a smell...he exclaimed. He sucked his cunt for 15 minutes. Then Rohan became naked.

His shaft was 2" dia and 7" long. Manju was so overjoyed to see his big lund. She sucked his lund up and down putting her saliva for 10 minutes till it became 8", Then we all took her to the bed. Whole night fuck my wife, I told Rohan. I even guided his lund to the horny cunt of my wife. Rohan started giving thrusts in full speed. ohhh...fuch...fuch...thritch..puch..puch...sound came.

Manju was in heaven. Jor se chodo.....phad do..kas kar chodo..raat bhar chodo....she was shouting. Rohan fucked her for about 30 minutes in various poses. I was recording in video. At last he ejaculated in her mouth. What a tasty semen it is...Manju told. Then again after 20 minutes Rohan's lund was getting hard. He again ordered Manju to suck his lund and make it hard.

Your gand is mast..I want to fuck in your ass. Rohan told. It will give me pain, and I am also tired...Pleae leave me for tonight., Manju pleaded. and tried to run away. But I grabbed her buttocks and sat her like a bitch. Rohan told, Manju your gand is my first love. That day midnight I was thrilled to see your gand. It is a million dollar prize to fuck your mast gand.

Again Rohan put her tongue inside her gand and licked for 5 minutes. Then he placed his giant 8" monster lund in my wife's juicy gand and started fucking like a powerful dog. ohhhh,..oooeeeema.....mujhe dard hota he...chhod do...ohhh dear...Manju cried with tears...... But it only added vigour to Rohan to fuck deep.

The lund entered 2" after which Manju's pain lessened. Then with one jerk he entered his entire lund into Manju's gand. ohhh..jor se bastard...screw my gand....bahen chod....meri gand ko phata do....fuch...phat...ohhhhh eghhheee...sala..... my wife was shouting..the black cock was pounding her white gand...what a contrast...I was having discharge 2 times...

Rohan was still fucking like a blue film...For full 25 minutes he rammed is lund and then withdrew his shaft. Suck my lund, you bitch..Rohan cried..Manju took his lund and gulped the entire semen. this was the end of the grand fucking programme.

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Gautam Having Sex With Gym Friend Deepti

Hey there friends myself Gautam. I’m 24 year old guy from Jaipur. I have an athletic ripped body with some really fair and HOT looks. My height is 6’1? and my Tool is as big as 9 and 2’5 cm thick I am doing M.B.A from a well reputed college. This is a real experience which happened to me few days back….. lets start the story.

Babe of the story is Deepti (name changed). So it all started in the gym where I workout regularly.I love to workout to keep my fitness. And I was a regular. One day I saw a lady may be in her early 30s. She was new to the gym and as soon as I saw her my blood started pumping to the right parts. She was around 5.6′ tall and nice curves at right places. I couldn’t stop staring at her.

Whenever I passed her I would give a stare. She caught me once or twice staring. So days passed the staring game continued for a week. Next week started and Mondays there was less crowd. She was there drinking water from the filter I purposely went there to drink water to grab her attention. I could see those lips when she was drinking water omg!!

Her lips looked so juicy that I wanted to grab her and kiss her right there. She saw me greeted me with a smile and handed over the glass to me. After that whenever we saw each other we smiled. I made sure that I finish my workout right at the time she finishes hers. Her Stats were 34D-26-36 which she told me later.

Days passed by, and with every single day passing by I was falling for her more and more everyday. Once I was listening to songs on my phone and she came and asked if she could use my phone to call up as it was really urgent.

I gave her my phone and she called up and spoke for around 2 minutes and gave back the phone and thanking me for it and said her name was Tanya and I introduced myself. We started off by few Hi and Hellos and these Hi Hellos became bigger conversations.

After a few days I gathered courage and asked for her number, she started laughing and asked why did it take me so long to ask her number. We exchanged our numbers and from that day we used to text over the phone for hours and hours. One fine Day we planned for a meeting and it was in a mall in Jaipur where we had coffee and did some general chit chat.

I could notice that she was also attracted to me. In our meeting she confessed that she got Divorced few months back and wasn’t happy with her husband. I comforted her and we planned to go for drinks on Saturday. She told me to pick her up from a point close to her residence. I put on my best clothes that Saturday and went to pick her in my car.

We reached at around 5 and after waiting for 15 mins Deepti emerged out of her building complex dressed in a Black mini skirt and sa black top. Her milky white thighs and shapely legs were glowing and could make any man die on her feet lusting.I greeted Her to get inside the car. When she entered the car I was spellbound by her seductive body and could’nt believe what I was seeing.

She giggled and asked me whats the matter and I said you are looking damn sexy to which she just blushed. Her top had a deep cut and her cleavage was clearly visible.She had 34D cup size breasts and I was getting a hard on in my pants just by their sight. We went to restaurant and I ordered some food and wine. Suddenly she put her hand on my hand and hold it tightly.

Then she crossed her legs to give a sight of those sexy thighs. We started chatting up and after a couple of drinks she became emotional recounting the problems she had in her marital life and how her husband treated her. I comforted her with my hands caressing her sexy thighs. We had eight-nine rounds of drinks and I was deliberately drinking less and encouraging her.

Finally at 8.30 we decided to leave. We sat in our car and I could sense that she was also desperate now. I started caressing her legs and slowly moved my hands up towards her pussy. She was wearing a white panty and I slowly started rubbing her pussy. She was moaning softly and this further turned me on.

I placed my other hand on her shoulder and slowly inserted my hands in her black top. I could feel the bra string and gently nudged it down. She had amazing boobs and they were so soft and so big that my hand was in seventh heaven. She was also equally turned on by now and she started rubbing my penis over my pants.

She slowly unzipped my pants was shocked to see how big it was ! Then she said “She wants to taste each and every part of my body like a BITCH” ….. She then again said “She wants me in her bed pleasing her, satisfying her hunger and lust “…. I said “babe if u can resist me then okay!” Then she took me to a rich hotel.

We went in the hotel holding each others hand as a couple and checked in. she paid and took the keys. The room was on the 3rd floor. When we were going in the lift, I kept my one hand on her ass. She looked at me and smiled. Then we went to the room and she opened the door. It was very beautiful room and had a big perfect bed to fuck. A sofa was also placed in the room.

As soon as we got in, I lifted her and took her to sofa and made her sit on my lap. We looked and each other in the eyes & I grabbed her, hugging tight. Her boobs pressed against me and I placed my lips on hers. We kissed deep and long, getting wilder. She gave out soft moans. I kissed her neck n ears, running my hands all over.

She couldn’t control and caught me tight kissing me all around. Then she told me that she fell for me the first day she saw me and wanted me badly. This made me excited and my cock was fully hard. I placed my hands on her boobs …oh they were huge and firm. She exclaimed ‘ Gautam …I want u badly!…take me..I’m all yours’.

Without wasting time, I opened her robe to see one of the best boobs one would ever see. She had long and erect nipples…and I place my mouth on it..she let out a loud moan. I sucked her well. She opened my shirt & kissed me on my chest…telling me that she loved my body. She also sucked my nipples, driving me mad.

Ooooh..she was so hot!. We went to the bedroom and were naked in no time. She stared at my cock & held it saying ‘Baby this is so yumm..I want it’. Saying that we lay on the bed and she took my cock in her mouth…sucking gently. It was the best Blowjob I ever received. She played with my balls and I started moaning.

After ten minutes of sucking, I pushed her away and moved to her pussy. Wow..she was clean shaven…soft n small pussy. I licked her inner things, kissing her navel, sides and groin. I licked my way up lifting her hand and licking the armpit. This drove her wild…and she bit my shoulder. I went down and ran my tongue over her legs…down to the feet and sucked her toe.

She exclaimed ‘ gautam.. u amazing lover!’ I came back up to her pussy and gave gentle flicks on the pussy walls, lightly licking the clit. Her moans were growing louder n louder. I enter my tongue and licked n sucked her pussy while my hands played with her boobs and pinched the nipples. She said ‘ I love this…baby u are so good!’

After a while she came on me and we got into 69. I tell u friends..the way she sucked me was mind-blowing. She flicked her tongue, rolled it around, sucked and licked my balls, groin area and took me deep in her throat till she gagged. I too ate her wild, sucked her clit hard & inserted 2 fingers inside and fucked her. She was going crazy.

I spread her pussy lips and darted my tongue in and out several times, lapping up all her juices. She rimmed her fingers around me and gently bit with her teeth. We both were hungrily eating each other as if there is no tomorrow.We kept doing this for around 20 mins. Then she turned around and came on top n started riding me.

She rode hard while I held her by her ass and sucked her boobs. Her expression was priceless…making me hornier. She rocked me back n forth and I moved with her in rhythm. She also gyrated wildly on my cock, licking her lips and pressing her boobs. Then I took her doggy style.

This made her ecstatic..and as I pushed into her, she met my moves with a thrust back…this made me rock hard again. I pumped hard into her…while she asked me to go harder. I spanked her ass and placed a finger on her asshole. She screamed ‘Oh baby u are so hottt!! you driving me crazy…Fuck me..Fuck me hard’ I did her for more than 15 mins, kneading her boobs in the process.

She was a wild cat by then and was swaying her head up n down…her hair flying. I then fucked her missionary. She spread her legs wide apart. She was so tight that I enjoyed fucking her as my cock was being massaged by her pussy. We kept kissing wildly..eating away each other. She kept saying ‘u are so hard in me..I am going crazy baby…where were u all these years?

I wanna keep doing this’. She suddenly grabbed my back, digging her long nails in me and started shuddering and bucking, she screamed,’Babyy.. Im comming..oh…oh…love u baby!!’ I kept pumping her and she hugged me tight. and then we both shagged at the same time ! Her pussy was all flooded with juices.

Then I lay on my back and she started sucking my cock alternately moving it n shagging me for more 15 minutes. She slapped it on her tongue. I couldn’t control any longer and shot my cum into the air. It landed on my belly and on her boobs and hand. She licked my clean everywhere….. and then we kissed each other and slept hugging each other…

In the morning we kissed had sex again ……. then the time came when we departed and promised each other that we will have sex every time when she wants …….Then we both left the hotel. I dropped her at her place and she went to her home. It was really beautiful experience with Deepti and I would like to thank her for this. Well that’s the end of my story.

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