Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - VIII

Previously: Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - VII

“Ohhh Maa….” the moment my lips touched her fuckhole Jyoti Bhabhi started moaning, she tried a lot to stop me, got up couple of times and tried to push me but I kept on going deep in her thighs and kept on chewing her outer labia cruelly and literally lapped every drop she oozed out of her fuckhole.

Jyoti Bhabhi kept on grunting in pleasure for few minutes and trembled madly whenever I reached her clitoris with my lips and soon she stopped opposing and started enjoying getting explored with a tongue probably for the first time in her life. Gradually her puffs rose in volume and her belly started shuddering helplessly and I stopped digging her cunt.

As now I was sure that Bhabhi cannot escape from me without getting fucked holding her wrist I asked her to go to the bedroom and Bhabhi got up instantly and we both reached to the bedroom hurriedly. The way Bhabhi was trying stopping me from sucking her cunt I could make out that she is not at all into oral sex with her husband and

assuming that she might not like my cock in her mouth I straight away pushed her on her back and opened her thighs to plunge my Cock into her flesh. Wow, I looked at her cunt to see the exact opening and it was literary streaming with thick sticky juices.

I must say Jyoti Bhabhi ki Chut achhe se Chudi hui thi, fir bhi ek dum mast Chut thi and as I planted my cock tip over her opening Bhabhi started breathing short and heavy. “Jyoti! meri Jaan tu mujhe apna patti maan ya matt maan…main tujhe apni Patni manta hun”

addressing her name without suffix of Bhabhi I told her immaterial she do consider or do not consider me her husband, I consider her my wife. Words play very important role, once again I would say this technique of driving female crazy was also taught by Shikha and like I needed my sensual and erotic words aroused Jyoti Bhabhi instantly and without saying a word

she lifted her bottom she to get my cock in her cunt hurriedly. By now I was also gone high and squeezing my thick cock tip into her opening I plunged her with a powerful jerk. Ahhh…! Eyes closed and heavonly whimper and Bhabhi absobed my brutal jolt easily and staying still in her fuckhole I looked at her facial expressions till she opened her eyes again

"Jyoti ab tu kuch bhi kar lay…tu meri patni hai" I caressed her cheek lovingly while saying that and Bhabhi got further aroused. Next I opened her arms and consiously staying unmoved I started sqeezing her juicy milk mounds roughly. Ohhh...yes closing her eyes Bhabhi moaned erotically and leaning over her breasts I once again started sucking her long erect nipples.

I sucked Bhabhi's both the melons but I was yet not moving in her fuckhole and finally after trying her best to resist Bhabhi asked me fuck her, "Bhaiya please....fuck me" I was waiting for that aur bus fir maine apne mote lund se Bhabhi ki chut ko khodna shuru kar diya, aur unko lagatar Chodta hi raha.

I mean as she asked to fuck I started digging her cunt with my thick cock and fucked her consistantly. May be two minutes and Jyoti Bhabhi started moaning louder. Oh Man! What was she looking while wheezing with lustful expression, eyes shut, mouth tore open and her face was turned red in fucking pleasure and watching her getting devastated, I went wild over her.

My ass rose and fell over her with rising pace and I screwed her as hard as I could and Bhabhi started crying like crazy. Her legs rose high, almost facing roof and she tried to crush me hard in her arms. Finally with a shuddering blubber Bhabhi shivered in electrifying sensation and I felt her cunt convulsing over my vibrating Cock.

I was also at the verge of excitement and grinding my Cock deep into her again and again I too started crying and finally squeezed my ass with a deep screwing jolt. Eventually Jyoti Bhabhi exploded violently, breath hissing from her throat and holding me hard in her arms and thighs she trembled erotically while crying in husky voice

and the same time my throbbing cock sank down into her womb and spewing out massive volume of while sticky jizz I too grunted loud. Hell! What else I can say, Saala, Shikha ko kitna Choda fir bhi kabhi itna mazza nahin aaya jitna Bhabhi ko ek baar Chod ke mazza aa gaya.

Whatever, I was totally exhausted, Bhabhi was also in same state, we remained tied in each other’s arms and as my cock slipped out of her cunt Bhabhi pushed me away to get up. I rolled off from her top and while she used the washroom I stayed naked on the bed with a hope that we will fuck again.

Since beginning I was fantasizing myself fucking her from behind while holding her big ass but before I would have asked her for another session after she came out she ordered me to go from there. She was little furious and frustrate over me and over herself too, for whatever she did with me and ultimately threw me out of her house.

On the same evening from my balcony I saw her with her child going in a taxi with her luggage. I don’t know up to what extent she has fought with her husband, per Bahut din ho gaye Jyoti Bhabhi wapis nahin aayi, aur ab main regularly unke naam pe mooth zaroor marta hun.

Bhabhi by any chance if you are reading this then I want to say thanks to you, bahut bahut shukria jo jaate jaate apne mujhe apni Chut di. In the end I want to say sorry to those readers who do not understand Hindi, kya karun, ek to mujhe theek se English aati nahin doosra Chudai ki kahani Hindi mein hi mazza deti hai.

Whatever, good or bad, suggestions or complaints, should I write about me and Shikha or not, please leave your comments in the box below. Thanks.

The End.

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Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - VII

Previously: Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - VI

Finally dusre jhatke mein maine Bhabhi ko neeche se almost Nanga kar diya; and as I pulled her leggings completely out of her legs Bhabhi folded her legs inwards to hide her panty. BhenChod kya gori gori aur moti moti thighs theen...? Saala koi bhi unke dekhkar pagal ho jaaye.

Whatever searching glimpse of her panty my eyes were glued to her milky white massive thighs and compressing herself at the edge of threes sitter Jyoti Bhabhi started puffing in excitement. I can say since I was trying getting physically close to her forcibly unconsciously I was waiting for her going violent over me,

and for me that was the mark of full stop but even after getting partially naked she did not tried hitting me, isska matlab thodi bahut aag to Bhabhi ki Chut mein bhi laggi hi hui thi….mujhe bus uss aag ko bhadkana tha and next instant I started doing that. I touched her bare knees softly and rubbed my hand towards her thighs and Bhabhi moaned sexily.

“Bhabhi kar low ek baar mere saath…kisi ko kuch bhi patta nahin chalega….” Means Bhabhi do it once, nobody will come to know anything, I spoke and kissed her knee. Bhabhi groaned sexily and involuntarily tried to stop me.

I did not stopped, I kissed her knee again and again and moving up tried rubbing my wet lips over her thighs and holding my head with both the hands Bhabhi stopped me. Next I moved up to her face to kiss her and this time Bhabhi did not resisted much. Holding her waist lightly I kissed her gently and once again impaled my weight over her.

Though initially she did not kissed me back but as I tried inserting my tongue into her mouth Bhabhi opened her lips for me and leaving my saliva in her mouth I wandered all around her inner cheek. Wow…it was amazing! I explored her mouth for a minute or not even that and as far as her resistance was concerned leisurely things seemed getting smooth to me.

Slowly my hands moved up from her waist and reached to breasts and Bhabhi broke the kiss. Looking into her eyes closely I continued massaging her soft melons and Bhabhi seemed losing her control. “Bhaiya aap nahin Maanoge…?” Means you won’t stop? Bhabhi asked me and saying “Nahi…main nahin Maanunga” I knobbed my head in no.

“Theek hai...kar low jo karna hai ek baar…per yahan nahin…bedroom mein…” she granted my wish by saying I can do whatever I want to do once but in the bedroom but as I was not sure that after getting up from here she will stay agreed I said no to it “nahin…! mujhe yahin karna hai, Soffe pe…” and with that I tried lifting her top and ultimately took it out from her arms.

Wow…! Once again I would say BahenChod…! Jyoti Bhabhi ke kya bade bade aur gore gore Mumme the…and as the bra she was wearing was really very tight over her melons her cleavage was literary taking my breath, Mann kar raha tha iss saali Bra ko faad ke feenk dun aur Chuchiyou ko daaba daaba ke Bhabhi ki jaan hi nikal dun but I stayed in control and opted for gentle love making.

I started with kissing and brushing my lips over her neck and thick and deep cleavage and losing battle of saving her dignity Bhabhi puffed, moaned and slowly embraced my scalp with her hands. I was yet not sure that she will let me do everything till end so wasting no time in kissing and licking her skin my hands reached to her back and unhooked her bra.

Ohhh…Wow…what a view, finally Bahbhi ki dono Chuchiyan mere aankhon ke saamne latak rahin theen aur main pagal ho raha tha I mean finally Bhabhi’s huge melons were sagging in front of my eyes and I was getting mad in lust and throwing her bra away I cupped her bare milk mounds nicely with both the hands and started squeezing them roughly.

Bhabhi gasped and moaned and unconsciously also tried to stop me but I could see that she is enjoying whatever her breasts and soon I started sucking her long and erect nipples like a hungry child. “Ohhh…Bhaiya aap ye sab kya kar rahe ho mere saath…? Ye galat hai….” Means, Bhaiya what are you doing me, this is wrong.

Puffing in delight she spoke that in soft voice while feeding me but I just continued chewing her rigid nipples one after another. “Bhabhi main aapse sachmuch bahut pyar karta hun…aur ab to main aapko apni BIwi banna kar hi rahunga” I spoke in rising passion while getting up and started taking off my clothes and in reply Bhabhi told me to do it once but said no to marriage,

“jo karna hai ek baar kar low…main aapse Shaadi nahin kar sakti”. Saali Shaadi karni kisko thi unse…mujhe to bus unkI layni thi and I was at the verge of doing that. I took off all my clothes including my underwear and reached to her waist to pull out last cloth from her body and looking at my hard Cock Bhabhi herself lifted her bottom to release her Panty.

Wow, wet and swollen, though she was bit hairy but she was so beautiful over her Pussy that I instantly changed my mind and instead of putting my cock into her opening, I opened her fleshy thighs and tried to burry my lips in her Cunt. Like I was expecting Bhabhi jumped in surprise madly and tried pushing my head while requesting me not to do all this

“Nahi Bhaiya…ye sab mat karo mere saath…” “Bhabhi please mujhe karne do jo main karna chahta hun….” and saying that holding her thick thighs hard and apart I started licking her wet swollen fuckhole like a real dog.

To Be Continued...

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Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - VI

Previously: Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - V

Next she served me tea and holding her cup walked out to the living room. I followed her and sat down on diffrent couches; me on single sitter and she on three sitter. Silent and serious over her expressions Bhabhi looked uneasy over what I did but I was charged with that tiny and tender rub of my Cock over her plump ass and as I could see that Bhabhi has absorbed my naughty act

I decided to continue trying and to begin I got up from my place and facing her sat down close to her. Shikha (my ex-girlfriend) use to say Chut ussi ko milti hai jiski Gaand mein dum hota hai, in short only those males fuck who has guts, moreover as very soon Bhabhi was going back to her mom,

so for me there was no use to pretend nice and gentle to impress her and I tried provoking Bhabhi over what her husband is doing with mild bold words “Bhaiya wahan kal raat se mazze kar rahe hain…aur aap yahan depress ho rahe ho” means there Bhaiya is having fun since last night

and here you are getting depress and to that with a sarcastic smile Bhabhi asked me then what should she do? Should she also start having sex with someone else? “To kya karun….? main bhi unki tarah kisi aur ke saath sex karna shuru kar dun…?” that was unexpected but that's what I needed her to speak and without giving second thought I said yes to it but in diplomatic way

“Why not…? Agar wo kar sakte hain to aap kyun nahin kar sakte” and Bhabhi spoke out what I really needed from her; that she knows that I want to fuck her “I know… you want to fuck me…” and I boldly came out saying yes to it but with that once again expressed my love “yes…! I want to fuck you…but just because I love you….” and with that I added that I can wait till our marriage.

No reply for next few seconds, Bhabhi looked into my eyes consistantly without a flick and in the end asked me if I am serious about marriage "aap shaadi ko lekar serious ho kya?” Certainly I was not but anyhow could not say no and I said yes "Haan...main serious hun..." and after a pause I once again said that I really love her “main aapse sachmuch bahut pyar karta hun…”

she smiled sarcastically but this time I did not waited for her to speak anything like love and attraction and putting my cup away moved forward to get close to her. Bhabhi got bit nervous with my movement and sensing that she might push me over my attempt of kissing her putting her cup of tea away I asked her for a hug and staring at my face she smiled.

I waited for her reaction and she opened her arms for me. Now it was real test of my balls, if I can make things happen now and squeezing her soft melons against my firm chest I crushed Jyoti Bhabhi in my arms hard. She puffed, also cried in bit of pain and tried to push me but I did not release her from my grip and muttered next to her ears

“Bhabhi Aap mere ho… Bhaiya ko chhod do aur mere saath chalo” (means Bhabhi you are mine, leave Bhaiya and come with me) “Aap pagal ho gaye ho….” Saying that she once again tried pushing me, I loosened my grip, but continued holding her from her shoulders and looking into her eyes somewhat told her that she also loves me “mujhe patta hai…aap bhi mujhse pyar karte ho…”

and she denied “nahi…main aapse pyar nahin karti…” and I once again told her to slap me and throw me out of her house “To fir mujhe thappad maar kar apne ghar se Nikal do”. Unknowingly by now I was reached to do and die stage, instead of her fuckhole I was ready for her slap too but as Shikha use to say I was having that killing instinct in me which can turn things in my favor

and without thinking that how Bhabhi would react I planted my lips over her lips. Bhabhi tried pushing me but I went further over her and kissed her aggressively. Holding her hard I sucked her lips and knocked her mouth with my tongue but Bhabhi did not responded. She was not willing but I did not stopped sucking her lips.

Anything could happen anytime, I mean she could open her mouth for me or she could push me too and without wasting anytime I grabbed Bhabhi’s breasts and squeezed them softly. “Ohhh…Bhaiya….please chhodo mujhe…..” and Jyoti Bhabhi puffed in pleasure while asking me to leave her breasts. “ Itni mushkil se Haath mein aayin thi…aise kaise chhod deta Bhabhi ki Chuchiyan"

and while massaging her melons gently I started kissing her neck.”Bhabhi please….please mujhe fuck karne do….bus ek baar…fir to aap yahan se jaa hi rahe ho….” Finally I spoke out my dirty desire in rising fervor and hearing that pushing me hard Bhabhi separated me from her body “ye pyar nahin hai….ye attraction bhi nahin hai….ye lust hai”

she exclaimed and I accepted with a request of killing it for once and for all “Ye jo bhi hai…ab bus issko khatam kar do….” and after pause somewhat reminded her that she too has not done anything from last six months “aapko bhi to chheh mahine ho gaye hain kiye hue….mere saath karke aap bhi apni pyas bujha low” and Bhabhi eyes got jammed over my face after hearing that.

Either she was trying believing what she just heard from me or she was confused, whether she should do it or not and I once again jumped on her and this time succeeded in invading her mouth. I kissed her deep and long and gradually crushed her under my weight.

Bhabhi tried a lot to push me but I impailed myself over her and continued wiggling my tongue in her mouth until she responded back to my kiss. Wow ! though not properly but Bhabhi reverted back to my kiss and I lunged further deep in her mouth. "Bhabhi main aapse such mein bahut pyar karta hun...please mujhe ek baar karne do"

somewhat laying over her and looking into her eyes closely I spoke after breaking the kiss and while breathing short Bhabhi tried to tell me that this is wrong " galat hai...." By now I was gone so mad that without giving her any time to think I got up from her top and tried taking off her animal skinned leggings.

She resisted and holding elastic of her lower told me to leave that "Nahi...! Please chhod do issko" "Bhabhi please...ek baar to karne do mujhe..." I spoke in rising passion and with a powerful jerk I losened her grip over elasic of her lower and with one more I just did it.

To Be Continued...

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Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - V

Previously: Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - IV

Bull shit! I don’t know how it happened but suddenly all my plans were shattered. I didn’t have any preparation to say all that but as I realized that she is going to her Mom, who lives out station and I won’t be able to see her again soon unintentionally I got impatient and everything messed up just in a fraction.

I came back home and somewhat fucked Jyoti Bhabhi in my fantasy and slept restless. Next morning somewhere at 5 once again shagged my load in aggression; on the bed while murmuring somewhat like “Jyoti…tu meri hai….Dekhta hun tu kaise nahin marwaegi mujhse…tujhe to mai Chod ke rahunga” and after that I slept again.

It was a Sunday morning and with that morning nap I accidently missed my Jogging and woke up at time of my come back. It was a pure co-incidence that after seeing clock and realizing that I have missed my jog I came to the balcony to see if I can get glance of Jyoti Bhabhi going back home and I got it.

Facing away her lovely ass was moving towards her house and suddenly she turned back to see my house and caught me looking at her. Ignoring her I wanted to go in instantly but just then Bhabhi waved her hand and unintentionally I responded back same way. Ultimately she went into her house and I came back to bed to day dream about being on bed with her.

5-10 minutes passed, I was not intended to masturbate again but moving back and forward slowly my cock was in my hands and I got an SmS “Please don’t get angry over me…be my friend” staying firm over my temprament for an instant I thought about asking her for marriage again but in the end I played my original card and trying melting her in emotions replied by writing

“Please don’t go from here…I want to see you every day”. Next she wrote back “I have to go…” and as I could feel that I don’t have much control over her decision I surrendered and replied to her by writing “Ok…Take care and don't forget me...” After that there was no message for one hour or bit more and she once again wrote "if possible come to my house...I want to talk to you".

By now time was well passed to 8 and texting back “What time…?” I asked her when should I come and she wrote back “right now”. I was yet not over with my bathing and breakfast and next I asked her for 15-20 minutes and she said Ok to that.

As such I didn’t had anything in my mind like that I can fuck her, I was expecting that she will try behaving like pioneer to me over my last night’s marriage proposal to her and my core reason to go to her place was just that I wanted to see her body; to be precise, her fleshy thighs and erotically spread ass before her exit from the town.

Anyway within in next half an hour I reached to her place and Jyoti Bhabhi was still alone at home. Wow! I exclaimed in delight within me, she was wearing tight leggings with black and white animal print with black top ending barely couple of inches below her waist and her soft fleshy thighs with round plump ass hardened me like never before.

Anyway after simple hello I asked her if I have to bring her child back home but she denied saying “abhi nahin…” means not now. Next I asked her if she has called Sanjeev Bhaiya and she said yes and told me that he will come back home in the evening. “Wahan Bhaiya mast Chudai kar rahen hai aur yahan aapki Chut sukhi padi hai….mujhse hi marwa low”.

Certainly I did not spoke that, as usual it was just me within myself and looking at her uneasiness, I apparently stayed firm over my expressions. “Chai peeyoge?” Bhabhi asked me if I will have tea and I accepted. She moved in kitchen and after a minute I too reached there to see her lovely ass.

Lost in her own world Jyoti Bhabhi was standing in the kitchen facing away from me and she turned lightly as she sensed my presence behind. My eyes were glued to her animal skinned ass and without looking behind she apologized for screaming over me last night. “I am sorry…kal main aapke oopar chilla di” “Koi Baat nahin…”

I replied and after a pause once again asked her for marriage "Aap Please mujse shaadi kar low...I really love you" As such I didn’t had any hope still I tried and turning back Bhabhi once again spoke what she was saying last night, that its attraction “Bhaiya believe me…ye attraction hai” and I was ready for that “ab agar mujhe aapse pyar hai to attraction to hoga hi”

and she really failed to resist smiling over my stubbornness, “aap samajh kyun nahi rahe…? Ye pyar nahin hai…ye sirf sexual attraction hai…” I too smiled and continuing behaving mulish and asked her how I can prove that its love “app please mujhe ye batta do ki main kaise prove karun ki main aapse such mein pyar karta hun…”

and with a bigger smile she said that I do not have to prove anything as she sure that its sexual attraction “aapko kuch bhi prove karne ki zarurat nahin hai …mujhe patta hai ki ye sirf sexual attraction hai….”. “Per main aapse sex karne ke liye to kaha hi nahin…! Sex hum shaadi ke baad karenge” (means; but I never asked you for sex…! we will have sex after marriage)

I spoke whatever came in my mind and Jyoti Bhabhi giggled beautifully over that and spoke that I am gone totally mad “Aap poore pagal ho gaye ho….” “Main aapke liye paagal hun…” means I am mad about you and hearing that she looked into my eyes seriously.

She was not angry over me, it was evident in her behavior and while turning off the flame she turned to see me and tried closing the subject of conversation by saying that she is already stressed as she cannot decided what to do “Bhaiya main pahle hi bahut pareshaan hun…mujhe samajh nahin aa raha main kya karun….”. “Aap mujhse Chudwana shuru kar do…”

That’s what I wanted to say from the core of my heart but I stayed silent and Jyoti Bhabhi spoke again “mujhe patta hai …you really like me…! Mujhe bhi aap bahut achhe lagte ho…! But it’s just sexual attraction” and this time I asked her to kill this sexual attraction “to fir iss attraction ko khatam kar do…”

Bhabhi was little surprised to hear that and she asked me how she can kill this attraction “tell me kasie khatam karun iss attraction ko…?” “Sirf ek baar mujhse Chudwa low” for an instant I thought about speaking out straight forward but in the end I came out asking her for a slap and throwing me out of the house “mujhe thappad maar kar ghar se nikaal do…” and she knobbed her head in No.

By now tea was ready but it was yet not poured into the cups and as she turned away to do that I once again looked at her ass and decided to go for it. I moved ahead and grabbing her waist hugged her from behind. “Bhabhi please mujhse Shaadi kar low….main aapko bahut pyar karunga”

with those words and holding her waist hard from behind I pressed my hard cock over her huge ass and Bhabhi pushed me away. NO words, Bhabhi looked into my eyes with serious expressions and I apologized instantly “I am sorry...mujhse galti ho gayi...main khud ko control nahin kar paya...” and to my good luck Bhabhi forgave me.

To Be Continued...

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Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - IV

Previously: Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - III

Whatever, after that particular day few days were totally uneventful, we met daily in the morning though didn’t had any talk except good morning but I never got disappointed, you know Bhabhi ki matkati hui moti gaand ne kabhi mere Lund ko shaant hone hi nahi diya, means Jyoti Bhabhi’s thick jutting out swinging ass always kept my sex hormones high and in this span to tempt her to

get on bed with me I imagined few conversations with her and prepared myself according to that. Finally something happened, I remember it was Saturday somewhat eight in the night and Jyoti Bhabhi massaged me that she wants to talk to me. That time I was watching TV with my parents and I simply jumped out of the house and called her while being on terrace.

Sanjeev Bhaiya was missing again and this time he was suppose to come next day, Bhabhi told me all this and asked me if we can go to that flat on Monday Morning. Why not ? I was ready for that but suddenly something came in mind and I suggested her to catch Bhaiya red handed and told her that I can take her their right now.

For an instant Jyoti Bhabhi hesitated doing that, moreover she had a child in the house who could not be left alone but I provoked her and after talking to one of her close friend who was also aware all this she agreed.

At my end suggestion of catching Sanjeev Bhaiya was totally spontaneous and I realized my mistake when after making lousy excuse to my parents about my friend’s bogus illness, also after dropping her child at her friend’s place I was on the way towards that flat with Bhabhi.

I don’t know how did not realized that if she will caught her husband red handed then it will lead to a big mess of shouting and fighting just then and there after reaching around mid way I stopped the bike and suggested her to go back home with a commitment that I will come with her to check out everything on Monday.

Bhabhi asked me reason why I am backing off and sensing my uneasiness told me not to worry as she will not create any scene there. I was still uneasy as I also did not wanted to get into her husband’s eyes and I once again tried convincing her for returning and coming back on Monday for verification but Bhabhi did not agreed and we moved on.

Time was somewhat 10 of the night when we reached to the gate of that apartment and it was a matter of sheer co-incidence that we did not had to enter into the gate and Bhabhi saw her husband going into the apartment in his car with a girl sitting beside. He did not notice us as we were standing in dimness at odd position for him to move his vision casually.

Me on bike and standing beside me Bhabhi saw car disappearing and my heart started beating high, as I could predict that now Bhabhi will go behind her husband to catch him red handed and then there will be a big drama. I stayed silent and waited for her reaction and ultimately I was happy that Bhabhi reacted just opposite of what I predicted.

She climbed on bike and told me to drive back home and as I was scared that she might change her mind I started from their without wasting even a single second. I drove fast and sitting behind me Bhabhi held me hard and ultimate impact of her tight grip over my shoulder was my cock getting hard.

Gradually we covered most the distance without saying a word, couple of times I thought about talking to her on red light stoppage but I remained silent. I don’t know what was running in her mind but I was really messed up, behaving selfish since beginning I was taking all this very lightly moreover using her personal problem I was seeking opportunity to fuck her

but now I was feeling pity for her, also I was little scared of present state of affairs. I was realizing that with this delicate mind state of Bhabhi my one wrong step can lead me to big embarrassment but this is also true that my dirty mind was not letting me leave all this.

“main baar baar ye hi soch raha tha ki husband wife ke beech main jo hona hai ho…bus kaise bhi kar ke isko main Bhabhi ko ek baar chod dun to mera Lund Shaant ho jaayega” and it was possible.

She was suppose to be alone in the house for whole night, neither I was bounded to go back home in the night and even after this realization that what I am thinking to do is pure illegitimacy throughout the way to back home I was thinking that if somehow I can enter into her house and spend some time with her at this hour of time I can make things happen.

Whatever, eventually we reached to our NCR region and I asked Bhabhi if we have to pick her child and like I knew she said no, obviously she did not wanted to disturb her friend at this hour and we reached home. Jyoti Bhabhi got down and wished me good night without any expressions and I decided to take a chance.

Time was bit passed to 11 and looking around, if somebody is watching us I asked her for cup of tea. "Ek cup chai pila do…" though Bhabhi was surprised but saying yes! Why not? She behaved casual. Bhabhi was wearing Jeans and Kurti and as she moved into the house looking at her ass I followed her and stood behind her on the door of kitchen.

“Actually mein mujhe chai nahin peeni hai…mujhe bus aapke saath rahna hai….” “Aap iss time bahut disturbed ho…aur main aapko akela nahin chhodna chahta….” Means I don’t want to have tea, I just want to be with you, you are very disturbed and I don’t want to leave you alone, trying winning her heart I spoke from behind and Jyoti Bhabhi turned to see me,

smiled lightly and thanked me after saying that she know that “Mujhe patta hai….Thank you” and after a pause, facing away somewhat informed me that tomorrow she will return to her Mom’s house “Main kal mummy ke ghar chali jaaungi” and I skipped my heart beat and looking at her jutting out ass I once again murmured within me

“Beta agar tune ye Chut maarni hai to aaj hi maarni hai…nahi to kal se ye Chut tujhe dikhai hi nahin degi”. Whatever Bhabhi served me tea and I decided to go ahead. "Aapko sun kar ajeeb lagega aur shayad gussa bhi aa jaye...per mujhe aaoko kuch batana hai..." (Means you might feel weird alsi you might get angry over that but I want to tell something...)

we were in living room and I spoke as Bhabhi offered me something to eat along with tea and she asked me what is that "Kya batana hai". And I started trying descending her into the bottle, in Hindi we call it botal mein utarna. "I am in love with you…I don't know how...aap mujhse age mein itne bade ho fir bhi..."

and she replied saying that she know that and she has noticed and with that somewhat told me that it’s not love it’s just attraction "Mujhe patta hai...maine notice kiya hai but this is not love...this is attraction..." she was right, rather it was not even attraction it was just lust but I stayed firm over my words and told her if she is taking divorce from her husband

then I can talk to my mom for our marriage "No... !Believe me it’s not an attraction...agar aap divorce lay rahe ho to I can talk to Mom for our marriage..." Truly speaking friends asking her for marriage was not at all planned at my end, I spoke out whatever came in my mind to attract her but Bhabhi reacted adverse "Aap pagal ho gaye ho kya? Mera ek Aath saal ka beta hai…”

(Means have you gone Mad...I have a 8 year old son) her voice was not loud but she was little rude and I reacted saying "uss se mujhe koi farak nahin padta..." (Means it hardly matters to me…) and hearing that Jyoti Bhabhi got further rude "per mujhe farak padta hai...!

And what do you think aapki mummy haan bol dengi..." (but it matters to me...and what do you think your mom will say yes to it?" and to that I told her right now you say yes and I will agree my mom "abhi sirf aap haan bol do...Mom ko main samjha dunga" and listening that Bhabhi got further angry “No...! Aap pagal ho gaye ho…” she shouted in irritation and I walked out of her house.

To Be Continued...

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Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - III

Previously: Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - II

Whatever, next day like every morning we met again and this time Jyoti Bhabhi stayed in the park and walked with me and saying “Aap please ye sab kisi ko batana matt...” requested me not to reveal her personal matter to anybody. That’s what she wanted to say yesterday and I assured her that this whole thing will remain up to me only.

Few more steps I was about say that I too want to tell her something important but once again before it would have came out of my mouth she asked me about my suggestion over this problem. “waise what do you suggest… mujhe kya karna chahiye…?” and for an instant without putting any brain I told her to talk to her husband “Aapko Bhaiya se baat karni chahiye…”

but suddenly, right after saying that I suggested her first to make sure that if her husband is really involved somewhere or it is just her hypothesis “Per pahle aap ye confirm karo ki kya sach mein wo aisa kar rahen hai….ya fir ye sirf aapka waham hai”.

Actually I wanted to talk to her over this subject as much as possible and with this statement I just wanted to elaborate our discussion and it happened like I needed. Bhabhi looked at my face for few seconds and then in sarcastic tone recalled me about those Condom wrappers “Maine aapko Condom ke wrappers dikhaye the na…?”

“Yes… but what if unhone flat apne kisi friend ko diya ho…” saying that I made her realize the probability of using that flat by some other person for that purpose and expressing disappointment over her face Bhabhi came out saying that I am trying to save her husband “aap Sanjeev ko bachane ki koshish kar rahe ho…!”

“No…I am just saying …you just be sure before talking to him…unless he will give you any such excuse” and my proposition worked. Bhabhi accepted my suggestion, at my end it was completely spontaneous and even I was surprised over my intelligence.

“Now please tell me ye kaise confirm hoga…” She asked me how she can be sure about that and to keep the subject alive for another day I told her to give me some time to think. By now we were reached to the bend where we had go separate and saying Bye with tiny smile Bhabhi moved away.

“Bhaiya ne aapke alawa kisi aur ko Choda ho ya na Choda ho…I promise aapko zaroor koi aur Chodega …aur Ghodi banna ke Chodega” that’s what I murmured this time while looking at her ass.

Whatever, next morning we met again and once again Bhabhi stayed in the park for me and this time we did not started walking instantly, rather we had long and very interesting chit chat over this subject while sitting there and I am trying writing core of that open minded chat.

After formal hello and casual talking I gave her suggestion that she has to visit that flat whenever she find him for long time to verify this fact if Sanjeev Bhaiya is really cheating her and to that Bhabhi came out saying that she is hundred percent sure that her husband is cheating her.

That‘s what I needed, but expressing myself concerned with her marriage I tried telling her that it could be just her hypothesis and with bit of irritation once again Jyoti Bhabhi came out saying that she is sure “Mujhe pakka patta hai…Sanjeev is cheating me” and I further provoke her by asking how she is so sure “kaise...? aap itne confidence se kaise kah sakte ho…”

and in that fervor Bhabhi spoke out that she has not been fucked by him from last six months but in proper way “wo aise… ki Inhone bahut din se mere saath kuch nahin kiya hai” and like a real Harami I tried investigating what she just said “Kya nahin kiya hai?“. Hearing that Bhabhi blushed and I smiled shamelessly.

Anyhow now I could let this subject go easily and I further opened up with very personal question; that from how long she has not been fucked but in sensible language “Kitne time se nahin kiya hai….?”. Bhabhi was surprised to hear my query and I was expecting she will avoid replying but to my surprise she replied “6 months”.

“Waah kya baat hai….! tab to inki Chut mein bhi aag lagi hogi” within me I was happy to hear that, but I stayed serious over my expressions and murmured but in audible voice “Six months is too much…” and asked her next question and it was again about her bedroom life; that if they have gone through such a long abstinence earlier “pahle kabhi itna lamba gap hua hai?”

and with a tiny smile Jyoti Bhabhi knobbed her head in no. I was enjoying asking her about her sex life and now I wanted to ask her how often Bhaiya use to fuck her before this abstinence but I hesitated and stayed silent and told her not to talk to him until she finds that flat in same state couple of more times.

After that we started to walk and I casually started playing my cards by criticizing her husband for what he was doing but in very defensive way “Waise agar Bhaiya sach mein ye sab kar rahe hain to bahut galat kar rahe hain….” (Means if Bhaiya is doing all this then he is doing wrong) I intentionally reflected doubt saying “if he is doing” and like I needed,

to that Bhabhi came out saying that there is no doubt “iss mein agar ki koi gunjaish nahin hai….wo kar rahen hain” and I moved my head in acceptance and with that once again brought her bedroom life into talk by saying that if he has not fucked her from last six months then certainly there is something wrong but it was again in proper words and words were

“agar unhone aapke saath six months se kuch nahin kiya hai to kuch to gadbad hai” and once again Jyoti Bhabhi’s face was turned red in shyness. My mind was running fast and I wanted to explore her personal life further and I asked her if they have any fight in recent past and without saying any word Bhabhi moved her head in No.

I looked at her face and confirmed and over her expressions she seemed as if she wants to say something but she was hesitating and I reconfirmed “koi ladai hui hai kya…?” and she once again knobbed her head in no but her uneasiness went more prominent over her face and behaving diplomatic I came out saying it’s OK if she does want to share it with me and

my technique worked and Bhabhi revealed the fact that many times Bhaiya has said that because she has gone fat he does not feel like having sex with her and her words were “wo kahte hain ki main moti ho gayi hun iss liye unka mere saath kuch karne ka mann nahin karta…”

That was too good and hearing that I instantly got harder but I continued playing with her feelings and condemned her husband’s statement that she is fat “this is ridicules….aap to bilkul bhi mote nahin ho….” and my tiny review over her body brought instant smile over her face and to impress her I spoke that I believe that sex is not about body,

it’s about your love and feelings for each other and like I needed Jyoti Bhabhi was totally floored with that statement as after that note looking into my eyes she praised me for my nature with an additional statement that whoever girl will marry me will be very luck “jis bhi ladki se aapki Shaadi hogi wo bahut lucky hogi”.

I was happy as I was on the way of success and for next couple of minutes I continued speaking out my philosophies about love and marriage to further impress her. Slowly we reached to the bent from where we had to go separate and before saying good bye I told her whenever she will say I can take her to her that flat to check and if car will not be available then we will go on bike.

No words in reply and Jyoti Bhabhi thanked me from her smile and took her way and this time I stood at newspaper stand to see her fleshy Ass going away from me and like always murmured within me “Bhabhi Bhaiya ko chhodo aur mere pass aa jaao….aapki moti moti Jaanghon…aur chowdi aur phooli Gaand pe mera Dil aaya hua hai…”

To Be Continued...

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Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - II

Previously: Mohit Fucking Neighbourhood Jyoti Bhabhi - I

After that few days passed casually; like always every day I wished Jyoti Bhabhi good morning when I faced her in the morning and rest of the time saw her swinging ass moving all around the park and finally one more time Jyoti Bhabhi stayed in the park to go home along with me.

As I reached to her she too got up and right after stepping out of the park I amusingly asked her if she has found a girl for me and with a smile she said no to it. We walked quietly for a 2-3 minutes and Jyoti Bhabhi came to the point and asked me if I can spare few hours for her on Sunday.

I was glad to hear that, looking at her jutting out ass packed in tight leggings I thought Bhabhi to apne aap hi patt gayi hai…ab mein inki Ghodi banna ke peechhe se lunga, but matter was not that. Bhabhi told me that they have a flat in XXYZ (some other NCR region which is easily more than 80 Km up and down from the place where we live) and she wants to visit that flat to see if everything is fine.

She had a car on her disposal but she could not drive and in continuation she told me that as it will take nearly half of the day, Sanjeev Bhaiya (her husband; the Chemist) does not have so much time. How could I say no to such a Bomb Bhabhi? I agreed and after another day of her brisk walk and my jog with a view of her swinging ass we moved together around 12 to visit that flat.

Wearing simple salwar kameez with a stole over her shoulder Bhabhi was looking so amazing that I instantaly got hard and through out the way my dirty mind fantesized me taking off her clothes and fucking her in her vacant flat.

Anyway I was expecting throughout the way we will chat a lot and I will try flirting with her but Bhabhi was more or less silent all the time it was just me who was interested in taking on various matters. Eventually after around one and a half hour we reached to the destination.

It was a fully furnished flat with all necessities and luxuries and Bhabhi served me water after offering me seat in the living room and sat with me for five minutes before going into the bedroom. As I was little curious to see the interior of bedroom and also exterior of Jyoti Bhabhi, after a minute or may be two I followed her in the bedroom and

I was surprised to see her sitting on bed and sniffing a bit. I did not noticed Jyoti Bhabhi first and looked around and it was a beautiful room with a huge bed but it was in big mess; apart from untidy bed sheet there were 2 boxes of pizzas filled with flake pouches along with couple of empty beer cans but there was something more which I could not see as

Jyoti Bhabhi was holding that in her fist. Anyway as I saw room in mess I casually came up with "aree ye sab kya hai...? koi yahan aaya tha kya...?" and next instant I noticed Jyoti Bhabhi was somewhat sniffing and I asked her what is the matter, "Bhabhi aap row kyun rahe ho...?" and looking around once again repeated my previous question "koi yahan aaya tha kya...?"

and Bhabhi looked at me and after few seconds came saying "Sanjeev....aaye the" and before I would said Ok to that she came out saying that he was her with one girl "ek ladki ke saath". I was shocked, I looked around and asked her how she knows that he was here with a girl

"aapko kaise patta kisi ladki ke saath aaye the...?" and sitting as is she opened her fist and there were two empty condom wrappers. I was speechless and could not think what to say and I silently started cleaning the bed. I collected pizza boxes, flake pouches and cans and as I was about to go out of the room to throw them Jyoti Bhabhi stopped me by saying

that if we will clean the mess then Sanjeev Bhaiya will come to know that we have visited this place. That was another surprise, since then according to me Sanjeev Bhaiya was aware of this fact that we two are here but it was not true. Actually since morning Bhaiya was gone out of town to visit his patents and as Jyoti Bhabhi was having doubt over him about his extra marital affair

from last few months she got a chance to visit this place out of his knowledge, to see if she can get some clue and now everything was crystal clear. Whatever, as Bhabhi told me not to throw the stuff, holding whole junk I came back to her and suggested her to let the Bhaiya know that you know about his deed and after bit of discussion like I needed Jyoti Bhabhi agreed

and we not only cleaned the mess but changed the bed sheet too; so that her husband can easily realize that Bhabhi was here and she is aware of his outside sex. Anyway soon after cleaning the mess we started from there to come back home and silently looking outside all the time Jyoti Bhabhi seemed fragile to me.

While driving initially; may be for half an hour I was uneasy and little depressed for Bhabhi but gradually my dirty mind drove my thoughts in other direction and I started realizing that playing with her emotions if I will try sensibly then I can make use of her circumstances. Shikha bolti thi Married female ko emotional kar do to wo aaram se Chudwa leti hai and I decided to check this out.

Anyway Bhabhi remained lost in her thoughts and I in my lust and it was somewhat one and a half hour and I drove back to our NCR region silently and while crossing specific vicinity asked her if she would like to have coffee. For an instant Bhabhi knobbed her head in no but don’t know why after a fraction she said yes to it and I turned the car into the Market.

I was expecting that over coffee she speak something on this particular subject and I will provoke her against her husband but bit dewed over her eyes she remained silent and after Coffee we reached back home. “Ab to kuch bhi ho jaaye …Bhabhi main aap ki Chut maar kar hi rahunga…”

after parking her car at its place and saying bye to her I murmured while walking back to my home and once again ended up shagging my load on her name. Now what? Now I had to plan the way I have to reach to Jyoti Bhabhi’s pussy and till next morning; before getting face to face with her in the park mentally I was set for the technique I have to use.

Like always I wished her with a smile as we saw each other first time in the morning and later throughout the time I jogged apart from staring her swinging ass I tried finding a way to tell her that I want to talk to her. Ultimately it did not happened in the park and as Jyoti Bhabhi started walking back home with her females companions,

I too moved out right behind her and few meters in the rear I stayed glued to her lovely ass. As such I didn’t had any hope that today I will be able to speak to her but to my good fortune suddenly at bend of our street she stopped, spoke to her friends for few seconds and moved alone towards the market.

I followed her and saw her standing facing away at general store and I too reached to there for arbitrary purchase. We smiled lightly looking into each other’s eyes, shopkeeper was gone into the depth to get what Bhabhi needed and for me it was matter of real surprise that before I would have tell her that I want to talk to her she told me that she wants to talk to me

“Bhaiya mujhe aapse ek zaroori baat karni hai…” “Bolo….” I replied and Bhabhi was about to say something when suddenly another customer came and asked shopkeeper what he needed in a loud voice and Bhabhi ended up saying “abhi nahin…main aapse kal subah baat karungi…” means she will speak to me tomorrow morning.

She took what she needed and pretending normal as I asked shopkeeper what I wanted to buy she walked away. I was bit disappointed but I was charged too, although from her overall gesture I could easily make out that till now she does not have any such attraction for me

and she is not going to ask me for sex still what is wrong in being happy with presumptions and looking at her ass going away I once again murmured “Mujhe patta hai aapne mujhse kya zaroori baat karni hai…yehi ki aaj ke baad aap apne husband se nahin Mujhse Chudwaaoge”.

To Be Continued...

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