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Hari, 26, was running a tuition center in the first floor of his house. There was a hall and two room of which one room he used as his bedroom. The class rooms were all furnished with chairs etc. They had a common bathroom and one attached to his bedroom. His mother was working in some govt. department. His father was abroad. Neelu was for her +2 course.

She was just 18 and wanted to take up some professonal course. Hari had his PG in Maths and statts. Hari had about 10 students, of which 7 were for u/g classes and 3 for grad. classes. seven were regular students and hence their classes were scheduled for morning and evening. Three were studying privately and hence each one will come during day time.

He just observed one of the students in the day time was more interested in sex than in studies. Hari had to fuck her to her satisfaction. But before her departure, Neelu came from college and came straight to the class rooms of her brother. She say him talking talking to this girl more informally. After the girl left, Neelu asked her brother whether he fucked her.

He just said yes. Neelu said she just wanted to watch when he fucks a girl. He smilingly said it is ok and he will arrange for it. In the meantime a word about the relationship of Neelu and Hari. Both are brother and sister. But Neelu used to sleep with Hari for the past two years. It was Hari who gave her basic lessons in sex.

He told her about the safe days and unsafe days and how she should protect herself etc. When she was sixteen she used to put her hand inside his underwear and take out his cock and put it in her mouth. She enjoyed rolling her tongue over it. After some time she made him touch her pussy and insert his finger inside. He did not want to make her lost her virginity due to his fingering.

But one day she made him to get on her and put his cock in her cunt and fuck her. He had no other go but pierce her cunt and take away her cherry. But he restrained her to have only one fuck during a week or just two fucks. He was reluctant to give her oral sex, for fear that she may lose her sensitivity.

At the age of 16 Neelu was a beautiful girl bigger in all features than that of any girl of her age. Her boobs were big and firm, her ass was also big and she had nice big thighs. Hari had to resist his temptations while she slept by his side. But she was bold to take initiative and take his cock in her mouth and make him fuck her.

Nella went down to take food and help her mother to prepare food. But she always spent more time with her brother and hence took all these liberties. After Hari started the tuition center, Neelu came up less and spent most of the day time with her mother after she comes back from office.

One day she came up while returning from college she found the girl who was having tuition just leaving and from her expression Neelu thought she would have had a wild fuck session. She asked her brother, Hari bluntly whether there was a fuck session and he agreed. She told him that she would like to witness when he fucks another girl.

Next day another girl was to come at 9 for tuition during day time. Next day it was a new girl, Nadiya who came for tuition. She had covered her head with a black scarf. She was also robust, and big boobs and big ass wore salvar and kamiz. Hari made her sit and asked her some questions in the subject. She was not able to reply them satisfactorily.

As usual he asked her some private and personal questions. She said she is married and her husband is abroad. He comes once in a year. He left her with his parents and asked her to complete her education so that when she goes abroad she may be employed. Here his younger brother who is 17 stayed with her.

Their house too had only two bed rooms in one bedroom her in laws slept and the in the second bedroom she and her brother in law slept. On persistant asking she admitted that her brother in law failed in 12th and is doing business with his father. Hari asked her whether he is doing mischief with her. She in soft voice said yes. Hari asked her whether they do everyday.

She said no. Because once his parents caught him and he was asked to sleep in the sitting room and asked her to lock her bedroom from inside. Sometimes he used to beg and she will allow him just once a month. Hari asked her to come to his bedroom where we will have further talk.

In the bedroom, he just lifted her kameez and bra and found she had very firm erect boobs and with erect nipple. Hari just licked and sucked both the nipples just ot arouse her. He undid her pyjama and pulled it down with her panty to see her pussy. Her pussy was hairless and was nice to look at. Hari put his hand on her pussy and inserted his middle finger and touched the clitoris.

She was aroused and was taking deep breaths. He assured her that her education will be taken care of, and whether he may fuck her on the days she comes for tuition. Nadiya agreed enthusiastically. She wanted daily fuck. He asked her to come daily in the afternoon. He was fucking one girl in the morning and now this girl will be fucked in the afternoon.

His sister Neelu wanted to witness when he fucks a girl. Hari thought he will aske Neelu to hide in the room when he fucks Nadiya and later fuck Neelu in the presence of Nadiya. Both of them almost of the same age and fucking them would be a real pleasure. Hari lifted his dhothi and showed her his cock which was already erect.

Nadiya squatted on the floor and took his cock in her mouth and sucked it. her tongue was going around it. Hari had immense pleasure. But Nadiya got up and removed her panty and asked him to fuck her.

Making her lie down on his bed, opening up her legs, Hari inserted his cock into her cunt and fucked her vigorously. Since she was very much aroused she came to climax very fast. Very carefully planning his fuck schedule, Hari fucked these three girls regularly.

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Rashid, 20 stayed with his mother in a sixth floor apartment of a building in the suburbs. he was doing for a course in the engineering college. In the floor where they occupied there were three other families. next to their flat one Mr.Hussain stayed with his wife Raziya. But Mr.Hussein after lodging his wife there went away to gulf country. He said he is trying to get a family visa.

Raziya is a nice girl, may be of 20, slim, fair and soft spoken. Her boobs and ass were very cute and tiny. She cariied an innocent face of a child. There were no elders in the house and for each every doubt she used to come to my mother and ask for some guidance. Once she came and told my mother to tell me to help her to buy a good computer.

I asked her whether she wants to learn computing. She said yes, you have to teach me. I told her it is better she goes to a computer institute for studying systematically. But she said you teach me systematically that will do.My mother also recommended for Raziya and told me to spare my spare time for teaching computer operations., ok ok I asked her whether she can come riding my bike in the pillion.

She said yes. I took her to a big recently opened mall. The sales man was askeing what the use you want to put. She said I was to chat with my husband and friends etc. He looked at Rashid. They selected a Toshiba, 17" with built in camera and mike etc. She paid for the system and they brought it back to the house.

At home Rashid connected it to the power source and then to the Broadband cable. Lo, the internet is on. Making her sit nearhim he showed various websites which are of entertainment value. He showed her the MSN Msg. and Yahoo Msgr He aslo showed her the Skype buton. He downloaded all the musical sites. She was in a hurry to talk to her husband.

As soon as the connection was established, he asked her to show him her naked boobs. Rashid slowly went out. He did not want to stay there an an impediment to the lovers. It seems he asked her to show him her pussy. She resisted. But he was adamant. Finally lifting her skirt she showed him her pussy.

Rashid was standing there and observing the happening and Raziya also knew that Rashid is observing. He showed her his erect cock. Raziya was very happy that she could fufil a mission. After some chantting she switched off the computer and promised to come on line the following day.

She saw Rashid standing near her and watching her whole show. She took Rashid to a corner of the room and planted a kiss on his cheeks. Raziya knew that there is a live cock here in this room which is ready to take a plunge into her and her husband's cock is only in the computer. She touched his cock and it was there erect like an iron rod.

Rashid kept his hand on her naked boobs. She had just then undressed to show her nudity to her husband on line. Rashid seeing her dripping cunt and erect nipples could not leave the room. He knew his turn will come to like and fuck this girl. Dragging her clothes behind her, he lifted the naked girl Raziya to her bedroom and gently placed her on her bed.

Raziya was very much aroused and she caught his hand and did not want to leave. Where he is leaving, he just undressed and his erect cock already had a drop of precum at its tip. Raziya lying flat on the bed, opened up her legs and hands and invited Rashid to her top. But he was not in a hurry. He wanted to enjoy her slowly.

Kissing her cheeks and then lips, sucking her lips and inserting his tongue inside her mouth and tasting her lips and tongue, he set her on fire. Sex hungry Raziya was very loudly moaning and wanted him to fuck her immediately. She pulled his cock and pushed it inside her cunt. Her pussy was clean shaven. Rashid wanted to lick and taste her vaginal fluids.

But she was in a great hurry. Finally he plunged his cock into her cunt. It was tight since it was not used for a long time. He took it out and applied lot of saliva and again inserted into her cunt. He took her fluids and applied it liberally on his cock. It went in with some difficulty and Raziya was crying. Once inside, Rashid started to fuck her slowly.

Though she was not a virgin, she was not fucked much by her husband. She was crazy after sex. Raziya told him that on the first day she saw him she wanted him to fuck her. Buying computer was a ploy to get him inside her house. In the pretext of showing her boobs and pussy to her husband, she wanted show Rashid her asset so that he will stay back to enjoy those asset.

She was successful. He is now on her fucking her. He made vigorous fucking and they both arrived at orgasm together. But Raziya told him that she wanted him to fuck her at least three times now to satiate her. Rashid was more than willing for this schedule. But he wanted just to inform his mother that he is here in the house of Raziya.

When he went to his house, his mother was just about to go out to meet some relative who is sick. She told him that she has kept his food on the table and she will come only by evening. They locked the house and gave one set of keys to his mother and with another set of keys he returned to Raziya who was impatiently waited for him. Against their sex adventure started.

He fucked her in doggy style from behind her. He went on manipulating her boobs and clitoris to augment her pleasure. Her fair bottom made his very horny and he touched and ticked her anus. Their orgasm caused lot of fluids to come out. They cleaned the whole thing and then she wanted to mount him. She said she had seen this pose in the porn site and wanted to do it herself.

Because she was lean, she felt very light for Razhid. Keeping her legs on either side she with her hand inserted his cock into her cunt. By jerking her hip she made a deep penetration and she started her fucking action. She moved forward and backward and up and down. It took a longtime for them to come to climax. They both enjoyed their sex immensely.

She gave him nice food prepared by her and they rested a while before resuming. Their combination became so favourite for both of them that they fucked countless number of times. But she took the pill regularly to prevent pregnancy. After about three months her husband Hussain came and took her to his workplace. Rashid felt sad.

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I am Roshan. gpt a new job with a MNC. They gave me time for one month to join them. I thought I will go around the country along with a pilgrimage group. They were going around the country visiting all the pilgrimage centers in a month's time. There were a big group of 80 people, young and old coming from various sections of society.

We were asked to assemble at Thiruvananthapuram from where the journey starts and ends. It was two bogies of trains that they had booked and lot of people were going round and round to find a convenient seat etc. Some were buying bottles of water, fruit juice etc. Some went to buy sweaters, jockeys etc. I patiently sat in a single seat watching the whole melee.

I noticed a girl moving around without any friend asking questions and getting no anwers. She came to me and asked some question about the journey, when it would start etc. She was a good looking, well endowed girl, named, Mandira, from Malaysia studying in Chennai for some course.

She found me responsive and sat near me and put more questions to me on varies subjects. I smiled and tried to reply her as accurate as possible soon she realised the futulity of her questions. She wore a tight fitting t shirt and a jeans, her boobs and nipples were prominently projected.

She wanted to occupy the berth near mine asked my permission, I said you better go to the organzer and get cofirmation. She went to the organizer and he changed her berth to the one near mine. She was happy that I will be near her to speak throughout the journey. We went to the local temple and started the journey.

Mandira was going on talking on various subjects, some sense and some nonsense. When she talked I was looking at her boob which she noticed. She realized that I am not listening to her but only looking at her boob and the cleavage. She smiled and put her hand over mine. I asked her why you stopped talking, she whispered in my ear that you are a naughty boy.

I asked her to change from her jeans to a lungi, malaysian lungi was very colourful. She agreed and she took out a lungi from her bag and went to the bathroom and changed. You should have called me I would have helped you to change. She smiled and said I will call you next time. Mandira was a nice girl, with big boobs and big ass big thighs etc.

I put my hand on her thighs and she immediately reacted and looked into my eyes. All the passengers were occupied in other part of the compartment. In the bay where I and Mandira occupied nobody came. We thought perhaps some may be joining us from the stations enroute. Mandira was sitting very close to me leaning over me.

My bulge could be clearly seen and she touched it with her fingers and took her hand back as if it is hot. I put my hand over her thighs and moved it up. She did not resist. She was talking about her family background and her studies and how she is spending her 10 day vacation in sight seeing etc. It was getting dark and the caterer boy brought us our supper of chappathis and veg curry.

We ate it and sat for some time chitchatting. The train stopped at three or four stations but nobody came to occupy the seats. Taking cover of the darkness Mandira was in a hurry to touch my bulge. I told her I will change into a lungi. She asked me whether I am going to the bathroom, I said no, I am going to change here, right in front of you.

She was laughing in glee at the prospect of seeing my nudity. I took the lungi, covered myself with it and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. Mandira was trying to look inside. She saw my brief, bulged. She put her hand on my brief and tried to take my cock out. I just allowed her to play with my things. She seemed excited. Perhaps she never got such a chance.

I just stood in front of her with my cock fully erect to 7". Mandira licked it and opened her mouth wide and try to take it in. I just gave a push and it went up her throat. She was about to be gagged. But she managed and this new experience thrilled her. I bent low and lifted her t shirt and unhooked her bra. She got the message.

She removed her t shirt and bra and put on a nightie, removing her jeans and other inners. I pulled the seat out to its full width and there was ample space for both of us to lie down. I took out a sheet andcovered outselves. The pantry boy came with two trays of food and two bottles of drinking water. We took it from him and ate leasurely and left the plats outside.

Now we are ready to sleep. I put out the lights in the bank and Mandira preferred to take the wall side portion and I took the other side. Her hands were busy roaming all over my body and was holding my cock and balls with both hands. I asked her whether she has ever been fucked before. She said yes. I just climbed on her and as a part of fore play sucked her nipples alternatively.

The were hard. She was giving out a hissingsound. I touched her pussy. It was not fully hairless. Mandira was sex starved and was eager to have sex, deep sex. She opened up her legs wide and asked me to send my cock deep inside. It wont go in one thrust. I had to do it in jerks and finally my whole cock went inside upto the hilt and was tight fittled.

I sealed my mouth on her boobs with her nipples insde my mouth. Mandira inserted her hand in between our bodies and wanted to verify whether my whole cock had gone in or not. I fucked her with all glory and Mandira with her hip movements encouraged me and we had a nice orgasm. But my cock did not lost its virility.

I continued with my second fuck and so much of fluids in the pit gave a pluck pluck sound. Second fuck took longer time to culminate. Mandira had a hand towel with which she wiped all fluids from her cunt and from my cock. Later she went to the bathroom and washed the towel and put it to dry. We had very many fucking sessions in the train and in the hotel.

She was never satiated nor was tired. She wanted more and more fuck and she was not shy to ask. Whereever we went we had only sex in our mind and Mandira wore no underclothes for easy access. We enjoyed our trip very much. When the trip was over Mandira bade farewell and disappeared from my life once and for all.

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