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Gopu having sex with aunties

I am Gopal and for the sake of convenience they all call me Gopu. After I was born my mother got pregnant within one year and hence I was made to lie with my aunty i.e., Parvaty aunty for short form Paruaunty, Paru Aunty then must be around 15 and she was going to the school. She took charge of me during night when I was about to sleep.

By the time I was five my mother had given birth three siblings all girls. Paru aunty was to get married and my mother took care of the younger girls and I was pushed to the next aunty, Geethu aunty. Geethu aunty was then 17 and she was going to college. She gave me tight hug which pleased me always.

Her hand was all over me and she used put it inside my knicker and touch my small penis. It grew big and it remained like that. She too got married when she was 21 and then I was asked to sleep with the last aunty, Lakshmi Aunty, Lakhiaunty. I was ten then tall and active. Call you not sleep alone, you are no more a small boy, said Lakhiaunty.

But so cute I was and they all loved me that they could not turn down my request and I was allowed to share her bed. I knew, the moment the lights were put out her hand would be over me, hugging me pressing me against her ample boobs and then she would insert her hand inside my pyjama and meddle with my cock. She wont mind my touching her boobs.

This happened everyday without any word being spoken, she would hold my erect cock and I would put my hand first over her bra and then bra would be loosened and I would catch her full boobs, nudge the nipple and finally I opened my mouth and asked her whether I may take the nipple in my mouth.

She made some adjustments in her bra and then gave me the nipple to be taken into my mouth. Without sucking at the first instance I played with my tongue. She pressed her boob into my mouth urging me to suck it. Finally I sucked it taking as much of the boob as possible into my mouth. She enjoyed my action and she pressed with her hand my head into her boob.

My free hand went in search of her panty. She refused at first to allow me to touch her pussy. But gradually my hand was scratching over her pussy and she had to yield and she allowed me to pull down her panty and roam around her hairy pussy. Slowly I made her to take off her kurtha so that I will have full access over her boobs and her pyjama so that I can feel her, thighs, ass and the full cunt.

I made her to open her legs wide so that I can lie between then and reach her boobs. But there was a problem. My cock was in the region of her pussy. Pussy wanted cock and cock wanted pussy. My finger found out her clitoris and was squeezing it with two fingers. This made her to open her legs wide and my cock was lying on her pussy.

The beauty is that we both never spoke anything during these encounters. Without indulging in fucking we reached orgasm in these extrenious encounters. As a result we were sleep starved. People noticed it. They asked what were you doing in the night. We said lot to study for her and me.

One day on the way to the college Lakhiaunty told me that our game is going in dangerous track. We have to restrain it. I said what should I do. She said she will move out to some other room and she asked me to sleep alone. OK I said. Geethu aunty came home with her family for some vacation. She found my room very convenient and said she will sleep with her child in my room.

Aye, you are a grown up boy now, not boy you are a young man. But in the night she pulled my hand and made me to lie down in her bed. I asked about her husband, my uncle. She said he had gone to Delhi for some meeting and will be back only after 2 weeks. Geethu aunty's child was justa 2 year old girl who was put to sleep.

When the light was put out Geethu aunty turned to my direction and hugged me pressing her boobs against my chest. I lied straight like a stick. She then put her hand inside my pyjama and searched for my cock. She was surprised at its size. She said in my ears that it is very big and even bigger than that of the uncle. She was meddling with it that it grew and became stiff.

She just wanted to see it in the light. She got up and put on the light and took a close look at my cock. Magnificent she said and without even asking me she opened her mouth and put it inside and sent it deep inside. Her tongue played with it for some time and then, she got up and went to put out the light and fed me her boob. I meddled with it with my tongue and she was high up.

She just got up and wanted to straddle me. Without even uttering a word she got on me throwing one leg across me and held my cock in one hand and tried to rub it on her clitoris. In low voice she asked me to put it inside her. By just tilting her hip, she could get it to make and entry and then little by little she got the whole thing inside.

I was feeling it very tight and she just lied on me with my full cock inside her. She kissed me on my cheeks and lips. Her lifted up saree was very inconvenient. She sat on me and removed her blouse and saree and pettycoat and threw it on the floor. She was happy because the action was in her hands and she did it in her own way.

She tilted her hip forward so that her clitoris will be pressed against my cock. She wanted to take as much time as possible. We did not talk for fear of anybody overhearing. She moved in different directions, up and down and forwared and backwards, Finally she was coming around for a big orgasm.

She just told me and asked me to hasten my action so that we may cum together. We did it. Next two three days were very enjoyable. When her husband came, I had to move out to Lukhi aunty. She knew my game with Geethu. But she just allowed me to have it my way.

Geethu also guessed that I will be riding Lakhi. Sex with aunties were very good till the time it lasted. We all went in our own way, without regret, when the destiny drove us so. But the fond memories linger in the later years.

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Nadira and Razia having sex with brothers

My friend Razia and me, Nadira are together from school. We are very close and there is no secret that we dont share with each other. We both look so much alike that people used to make fun of us as though we are twins. But not only in looks, but all other habits were are very much alike. When we were in the Xth standard, we got lot of info about sex.

Our other friends used to tell us their own sexual experience. These girls, you know, when they are touched by any cousins, they used to come tell that they have had their first experience etc. Some girls tell us in detail what happened and we all listen very intently. But we are sorry that we have had no such experience to tell others and be boastful about it.

Once I heard in a marriage gathering one of the aunties telling her friends that having affair with brothers or cousins is always better. Outsiders may take advantage even after marriage and if you refuse they may threaten to blackmail. But you can continue with your brother or cousin even after marriage and nobody will doubt.

She was telling that her brother continues to fuck her even after both got married. Another aunty who was listening to this was telling that all ladies have this kind of affair but nobody will admit. Sex with only husband is boring. Sometimes brother may be a better fucker or cousin may have a bigger tool and hence it is always avail of all the best.

I was shocked by the trend the conversation was proceeding. In short all the aunties have relationship with brother or cousins or with both even after marriage. I told Razia about what I heard and she too was surprised. She said she had two brothers both elder to her. Both were handsome.

But they never thought that they have a hungry pussy in their own household, but run after other girls. Razia said how to make then know that they can have the avilable opportunity than go for outside stuff. I said I too had a bother but he was younger to me by one year, but he was taller than me and more well built. Razia said she will try her luck with her brother and tell me the result.

After three days when we were entering the class Razia told me in a hushed voice that there is some good news. I was surprised to hear this and I wanted to know more about it. But we could not talk in the class.

We waited impatiently for the class to be over. In the interval Razia told me that in the previous night when she was washing some plates, her brother, Akbar, came from behind and caught her boobs with both hands and was squeezing. He thought she will protest or object.

But Razia liked it and she just kept quiet. Razia said she liked the way he caught her boobs and pressed them evenly and two fingers just squeezed her nipples. Razia said it was very good and wanted him to continue. But mother called him from the dining room and he had to go but he told her in her ear that he will come later and do it. She just replied to him by a smile.

I asked her whether he was doing it over the dress or underneath. She said just over my kurtha. She was in the kitchen and just doing some washing to help her mother. Razia said let me see what he will do today. I felt sorry that I did not get that chance. We went home and I was thinking of that experience of Razia. After two days Razia appeared more jubilant.

I asked her what is the matter. She said she will tell during interval. She said they had four bedrooms in their house, one groundfloor masterbedroom was occupied by her parents, and another by her. Third bedroom on in the first floor used by her brothers and fourth bedroom kept as a guest room.

It seems Akbar came down in the night to her room and straight went to her bed and was squeezing her boobs and touched her pussy. She was in deep sleep and this sudden attack made her afraid and she opened her mouth to shout for help. But he closed her mouth with his hand and kissed her on her mouth. They both embraced and lied in the bed in tight hug.

He lifted her nightie and put his hand over her bra and squeezed her boobs, undid her bra and took the boobs out and licked and sucked them. She said she enjoyed very much. When Razia was narrating her experience I was feeling horny. I was studying in the night when my brother, Ali came to borrow my laptop for browsing the net from his room.

I asked him what site he is going to browse. He was fumbling and could not answer. I thought perhaps he wants to look into some porno sites. I gave the laptop and told him that I want it back within one hour. He did not bring it within one hour. I went to his room and knocked at the door. There was delay in opening the door. I called for him. He came and was clumsy.

I went into his room and saw the laptop was showing a porn video. I stood there watching it. I told him that I will report to our parents what he has been watching. He said please, Nadia, please do no say. Please, I will do anything you ask me to do. I say wait let me see whether it is a bad a bad site. He too was watching. A girl was sucking the cock of a boy.

He bent low and was squeezing the boob of the girl. It seems he discharged his cum into her mouth. He took it out and asked her to lie in the bed. She was naked and she lied in the bed. She opened her legs and showed him her clean shaven pussy and asked him to lick. He buried his face in her pussy and started to lick her pussy.

She opened the pussy lips wide with her fingers and asked to lick the clit. I looked at the face of Ali. He was also looking at the laptop with great interest. I saw a big bulge in his pyjama. I put my hand on it and untied the pyjama. He cooperated and dropped the pyjama down. I took his cock in my hand and looked it. My younger brother's cock was at least 6" big.

I pulled him closer and took his cock in my mouth. He was very much thrilled. We both were watching the laptop. The scene was very exciting. He was sucking her clitoris and the girl was enjoying. She pressed the boy's head into her cunt and was lifting her hip to get more joy. Ali who was standing near me put his hand on my boob and was squeezing it.

I took his entire cock into my mouth and sucked it. Ali was removing my clothes one by one and I also cooperated with him. Suddenly he shot his cum into my mouth and it reached my throat. I swallowed the whole thing. It came in successive spurts. By the time I was totally nude. He made me to lie down in the bed and open my legs.

My pussy was clean and he just like what he saw in the laptop started to lick my pussy. His tongue searched for the clit and opened the cunt lips and he was licking vigorously. I was feeling like being in heaven. We both were watching the images in the laptop and doing the same action. Time may be 11 pm. I was getting a massive orgasm. It shuddered my whole body.

My brother Ali was doing all to give me more pleasure. I made to change our positions to 69 so that I can suck his cock when he sucks my clitoris. Wow, it was marvelous. His tongue entered my fuck hole and he was fucking me with his tongue. I pressed him down with my hands and legs. He too discharged his cum again in my mouth. I had a series of orgasms.

Finally I realeased him and got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned my mouth and my pussy. He too washed his parts and mouth. He told me that we will do this every day to me. I was very happy and kissed him on his mouth. I took my clothes and laptop and went downstairs naked to my room.

Next I had lot of things to tell Razia. We were both experienced and hence we could convey each other the intensity of please we got from this. This was the beginning. I had lot of further adventures which I will narrate in my future writings.

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Honeymoon without marriage in Kasauli

Myself Samar from Punjab but currently living in Chandigarh. I am good looking (may be ;-) 5’11”, athletic body and 6+ dick size can satisfy a woman. Let’s come to the story which is about me and my ex-girlfriend Shaima (A virgin before this). She is beautiful, fair, 5’4” 32-26-34. This happened in august 2010. When I was studying in Punjab University.

I met many time with Shaima prior this honey moon but we never had sex. Our program was fixed two day earlier and for two days. On the fixed day, in evening 7 pm we started from Chandigarh to Kasauli (Himchal Pardesh). As Kalka was famous that time for traffic jam in the evening.

We stuck between traffic as there was dark we start kissing each other we smooch for two minutes and exchange our saliva in car on road. After few minutes cars start moving and we too move to our destination. Around 9 we reached Kasauli and we check in hotel Kasauli woods. We reached in our room and order dinner after dinner we change our clothes.

Shaima was wearing shorts and t-shirt and I wear short and vest. We were in each other arms she was hugging me and I was arousing her by moving my hand to her shoulders and other hand on her naval. She was looking into my eyes and our lips met. She was responding passionately by closing her eyes. It goes wild our saliva exchanged. I was holding her lower lip between my lips.

She was hugging me hard by my waist and I was holding her hips. Then I shift my lips from her lips to her neck, her shoulders, her ears and then put m lips on her right boob over her bra, she start moaning aaaaaahhhh aaaaahhhhhhh. I insert my hand under his top and pinch her nipple over her bra she tightened the hug ssssssssssss was the sound.

I was squeezing her left boob under her bra and she was biting her lips and pressing my head toward her breast. Then I lift her top and she helped me to remove it and removed her short also. She was in black bra and panty. We were kissing and she removed my vest. I start licking from her naval to upward. She was breathing heavily.

I hold his booth boobs in my hand and start squeezing. She was enjoying every moment aaaahhhhh ssssssssssss. Then we smooch again and I touch her g spot over her panty sssssssssss she moans and hold my hand but I forcefully put it into her panty over her clitoris. I removed her bra and she was in panty only.

I start licking her right nipple and pinching her left nipple she was enjoying. I suck her breast hardly, she was crawling on bed and I hold his hand and guided to my penis firstly she refused and again I put on my penis and now she was holding my penis. She starts stroking up and fro I was enjoying Shaima’s touch and was smooching vigorously.

Then I removed my shot and ask her to give a blow job. First she hesitates but later start licking my penis I was feeling good ooooohhhh god what a feeling ohhhhhhhh. She licks my balls. She lick tip of my penis and she took my penis inside her mouth ohhhhhhhhhh aaaahhhh. She looked into my eyes I was enjoying and responding aaaaaah ohhhhh she took it deeper.

She give blow job for 5 minutes and I remove her panty and came over her. She was hugging me and I was rubbing my penis on her pussy. I can see the fear of losing virginity in her eyes and asked her that I am going to insert my penis but she was not ready. She force to push me back, but I start smooching her and suck his tongue and start rubbing my finger over her pussy.

She was moaning aahhhhhhhhh, I insert my index finger but it was hard to insert her, slowly I insert my index finger and she feel relax. I start fucking her with my finger, she closed her eyes and was enjoying aaaaaaahhhhh ssssss aaaahhhhh, she was wet now. Her juice starts flowing and I can feel her warmth.

Then I came on top of her and adjust my penis over her pussy she was in fear but also need my penis. I put head of my penis on her pussy, she hold my penis and asked me to push slowly. I start pushing my penis but it was not going inside. She was very tight. I again use some force and hold her shoulder.

She starts screaming mummmyyyyyy then I pause and relaxed her. Then I start kissing her and took her tongue in my mouth and start penetrating she push me back from my biceps but I mercilessly using force now my 1/3 penis was inside her. She begged me to stop I stop and asked her soon you’ll be enjoying. Tears were in her eyes but she wants to lose her virginity.

Suddenly I used force and she scream aaaaahhhhhh and I closed her mouth with my hand and my penis was more than half was inside her then I start stroking slowly and she was calm now I slowly increasing my speed and my full length was inside her now she was enjoying and feeling pain. She was responding now and said I love you Samar I respond I love you Shaima.

Now she was enjoying and I increased my speed. Her boobs were shaking in front of me. I was ramming her she was moaning aaaaaaahhhhhh oooooooohhhhh hhmmmmmmm fuck me Samar Fuck Me Hard its paining aaaaahhhhhh do it fast hmmmmmmm aaaahhhhhhh I was totally under her control and obeying her and ramming her wildly she was enjoying hmmmmm aaaaaaaah yeaaaaaaa,

I am cumming Samar I am cumming and she came and hug me tight and whispered in my ears I love you. We start kissing again and I asked her to come over me. She came over me and guided my penis to her pussy and sat on my penis. With his fluid my penis goes smoothly inside her. I start stroking by holding her waist.

She was enjoying every moment as I increased speed she was bouncing over me. Her boobs were shaking and she was holding her boobs and was licking them. Then she bent down and starts feeding me. I was servicing her from bottom puch puch was the sound she was moaning aaaaaaahhhh hmmmmmm ohhhhhhh.

I was enjoying her moans and was about to cum I asked her that I can came any time she hug me and asked to cum inside as she was in her safe period. I came inside her as I ejaculate inside her a smile was on her face. I understood that I pleased her and she is satisfied with me. Then we were kissing each other and went sleep nude.

After that I fuck I fucked Shaima for two more days. We did in every position we like, we spent our two days honeymoon inside the room. In those two days she remains completely nude. We used room service whenever we feel hungry when the service boy came, she took blanket over her.

So you all can imagine that was real honeymoon for two days without clothes. I cannot forget this till my end. This is my story with Shaima and is absolute real nothing fictions and hope you enjoy it.

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