Ranga fucking his neighbour Asha

After completing my exam, I, Ranga was waiting for my results and to decide my future course of studies etc. My parents were both working and hence I was alone in our sixth floor flat for the whole of the day. Reading books, browsing computer and watching TV were my main pastimes.

On the third day in the morning at about 11 when I got bored of sitting in the flat, I just got out and climbed down the stairs. Just as I was coming down I saw a girl coming down from third floor down the stairs. I made hurry and overtook her. When I looked back what striked me utmost were her huge boobs.

She was from looks a teen ager, but had a big pair of boobs and a huge melon like ass. I just gave her a smile. She looked back as if I was smiling at someone else. Then she turned to me and returned my smile. I went closer to her and asked her for her name. She replied Asha. Asha was in a cotton churidar and kameez and short statured. I asked where she was going.

She said just down to the lounge. We both reached the lounge which was vacant. We sat in closeby seats and she asked for my name. She said she is with her uncle and aunt. They went away for work and she was all alone for the whole day. She cleaned the floor and did the cleaning of clothes etc., ate food and slept for the rest of the day.

By evening she made some tea for her uncles and aunt. She was bored of loneliness. I told her let us go to my flat and sit and talk there. She agreed and we both went by lift to my sixth floor flat, opened the door and after we both entering I bolted the door from inside. She did not ask why I bolted the door. We sat in the sofa side by side and I put on the TV.

I put my hand around her over her shoulder. She moved closer to me and our bodies touched each other very closely. I had a mild erection and the bulge in my pant was visible. I put my hand on her boob over her t shirt. she did not object. I unbuttoned her t shirt and she did not wear any bra and her boob was there huge and with pink nipple. I liked it very much.

I told her that I want to taste it. She smiled and stood up to feed me with her nipple. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of her boob as possible into my mouth and rotated my tongue around the nipple while sucking it mildly. Closing her eyes she gave out a mild moan and pressed her boob into my mouth, I with the other hand was pressing the boob.

Asha put her knees on my lap and pressed my head towards her boob and was asking me to lick and suck it. Tying my hands around her I pressed her ass and pulled her closer to me. I inserted my hand inside her skirt and searched for her panty. Surprisingly Asha did not resist any of my moves, rather welcomes it.

While sucking her boobs I inserted my hand inside her panty and was searching for her hole. I asked her do you enjoy, she said yes, very much. I asked her do you want more, to which she replied yes yes. Though we both were strangers to each other to come to touching the private part at such a short time was surprising.

I asked her to remove her clothes and come to the bed room, I also shed all my clothes. My erect cock was a matter of surprise for her. She was playing with it with both of her hands. I opened her legs and looked at her pussy. there was not much of hair. just browne coloured. I touched it and just upened the lips to see what is inside.

Though we both were sufficiently provoked, we did not take initiative for sexual encounter. I thought let her take the initiative and she thought let me take the initiative. We both were lying naked in my bed and hence we both saw eyefull of each other. I just pulled her and kissed her on her cheeks and the neck and then on her boobs and stomach.

She responded favorably and rolled over to show me all parts of her body. I kissed on her back, on her ass, on the back of her thighs and legs. I rolled her over and kissed on her abdomen and on her pussy, Somehow my mouth lingered on her pussy. She opened her pussy lips wide and asked me to kiss her clitoris.

I saw it a small bean like object, I licked it and pulled it out of its hiding with my lips and licked it roughly and then sucked it softly. Asha was jumping and moaning some incoherant sounds. She was pressing my face into her pussy and I was afraid she may reach her orgasm soon. After kissing her thighs my kissing session was over and I asked her to kiss me on my cock.

She opened her mouth wide and took my cockin her mouth and rolled her tongue around it. I stopped her in the middle and asked her to open her legs and bring her knees up and I mounted her and placed my cock at the entrance pf her fuckhole. Tension was writ on her face. I asked her shall I. She said yes, I pushed my cock into her hole slowly. It was not going in.

I just pushed it no, it was adamant. I took it out applied some spit on it and put it in the hole. The lubrication made it and it went half in. Asha showed pain in her face. I kissed her nipples and sucked them to enhance her pleasure. I took lot of time in pushing my cock entirely into her hole. Asha was very cooperative. I asked her whether she has been ever fucked before.

She said not fully, but her brother and her uncle attempted to fuck her but they were not able to put their cock entirely inside. It gave her lot of pain. Now she was happy that my cock was entirely inisde. her. She told me not to move and allowed it remain like that. I said ok. I suggested let us roll over and you sit like a queen on me with my cock fully inside you.

She said yes, and we just rolled over and she was on top of me with my cock fully inside her and I could freely manipulate her boobs. I asked her to move slowly so that my cock my go in and out. Since she was in a commanding position, she found any movement of my cock inside her gave her immense pleasure.

She moved up and down, forward and backward, and all possible types of movements to make her enjoy. She was enjoying. She reached her orgasm and was shouting incoherant sounds and was jumping up and down. When I was getting my orgasm I pulled my cock out and threw my fluids outs. She asked me why I did so. I told her to prevent you from getting pregnant.

I had to explain to her about the safe days and unsafe days and she understood it quickly. We went to the bathroom and cleaned outselves. We walked around the flat naked, took food naked, and had out second trip and then the third trip. Asha was very sporting girl and it was luckily that she fell in my hands.

In the afternoon, she got dressed up and went to her flat before her uncle and and aunt comes from office. Before my parents came I removed all the tell tale evidence of our sexual adventure from the floor in the room and bathroom. We were there for one more month before she joined some school and I a college. But we fucked so much that we satisfied every sex wish of each other.

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Legion enjoying sex with stranger on Christmas

Hi, guys I am Legion, I’m posting this story for the first time so please excuse me for any mistakes. I am a normal looking guy with a golden brownish complexion, 6 ft height, good muscular build i.e. 6 packs,56cm chest and 20 biceps and a an 18cm long and 3cm thick dick.

I have had many sex encounters but this the time when I nail a girl almost 15 times in 24 hrs, and spend the 4 days 5 nights holiday together in Goa on 31st. That day was 25th December so me and my brother Nikhil decided to go to a disco at night, his girlfriend was a common friend, so she also came with some of her and my brother’s common friends and in them I was the only 1 who was single.

Everybody in the group was jolly and friendly. We reached the disco and were enjoying and all of a sudden slow music started playing, so all of them grabbed their couples and started dancing on the floor and I alone was sitting at the bar and was having cold drinks as I don’t drink.

I saw a girl in wicked black dress having vodka and coconut water and she looked like a girl who is alone at a time of a holiday and begging to get fucked she was a super hot chick with 34 25 30 figure looking smoking hot. I approached her by wishing her merry Christmas and she replied with “what is the reason to get merry” I replied back by a question again “I guess you are out here all alone, am I right or am I right?”

She told me that she had a boyfriend but two days ago they had a break up, and after that we had a long conversation by the time my group also had returned from the floor and now were going for a dinner in a restaurant, but when they came to call me I excused myself from her and told them to leave as I was breaking the ice i.e. I was getting into her panties.

Now we were a bit free and were talking with each other about the our physical relationships, and shared with her a sex encounter which I had with my college classmate and I was making sure that I mention every little detail because I was making her hot into her panty, till the end was near she became so desperate that she wanted my dick for sure.

She put her hand on my lap and started to caress it, I became rock hard in there and my dick started dancing and she could feel it but I didn’t break the flow of telling the story to her and now suddenly she kissed my lips and started smooching me.

Now she hold my hand took me into the parking lot where her car was parked she was so hot that she made me sit in the back seat and pulled my jeans down and took my dick out and spitted on it pulled her dress up she was wearing a pink G-string she removed it and threw it on my face her pussy juices were all over it and that tangent smell turned me on,

she rubbed her clean shaved pussy and sat on my dick and my dick disappeared into her pussy leaving her with lust full moans, her pussy was so wet and hot I was enjoying every bit of her, I started caressing her she moaned louder “ooooooohhhhhh!!! Fuck me.

Fuck me harder, suck my nipples they are going crazy please kiss every part of my body you are making me horny please don’t stop bite my nipples like biting an apple oooooohhh! Fuck me hard aaaahhh uhhhhh” I unzipped her dress and lowered her dress she was wearing a sexy bra which could only cover the nipples of her huge boobs her boobs were as soft as they were a pair of rasagullas

white with two erect nipples she was begging that I must suck her boobs then I sucked her left boob the erect nipple tasted salty and smelled sweet then I bit her boob she got and moaned loudly “aaahhhhh yes oh fuck yes this is what I want suck it suck it harder uhhhhh” she pressed my mouth on her huge boob I got more excited and now I was sucking and fucking at the same time.

She loved it and pleaded me with her lust full moans. This just what I want for Christmas yeah fuck me uhhhhhhh” and after a few strokes she started vibrating in my arms and I saw that she had came all over my dick and then too she was excited and now I got excited and started fucking her hard and after 20-25 strokes I came in her pussy and I felt her cum flow raging like a stampede of wilder beasts towards my dick.

After this much action we wiped ourselves with tissues and again headed for the disco she had tequila and I had red bull it was 1:30am and we were now cool and were ready for more. She called her driver we sat in it and were off to her place she started making me horny in the car on the way home and was caressing my upper thighs.

I was ready for some good fuck and for a moment I felt that I won’t be able to handle myself and will fuck her in the car once again as soon as we reached her apartment’s lift we started kissing each other so desperately she bit my lips and sucked on them by the time we could reach he apartment.

I was half naked with button of my shirt open and her panty half down and were still kissing each other as soon as we entered her home we didn’t even bother about the door not closed we started stripping on the door.

I lift her and threw her on her double bed and got above her we were naked and started another round of fuck. It continued till dawn and was together on the day after where she booked us 4 days 5 nights to Goa on 31st. But that is a different story now. Hope you liked it. Wait till next part comes.

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Shriya losing cherry to Chirag

Chirag was a on a break from his ultra bloodsucking CA internship, but he had his relationship with the firm. A common told him that Shriya needed a CS internship and as expected Chirag extended his hand to help to his surprise things had worked out pretty well Shriya had found a much needed internship and his firm a much needed vessel of blood.

She loved working so didn’t considered it bloodsucking. Chirag was in a rocky state of mind and not to lie he had planned to pound Shriya but it was just a dream until one night. It was raining like anything Chirag enjoyed rains but only if he was home. The moment Shriya had git the internship she was offered to drop by in case of emergency.

Well it was this time when she called Chirag, he without giving it a second thought invited her over ignoring the fact he was alone at his place but not in the society. To his surprise Shriya arrived so did his parents, aunty offered Shriya a towel and some tea, luckily Shriya carried an extra pair of clothes for her she just needed a room to change.

Chirag led her to the bedroom he followed her on the stairs she wore a light blue top with white diamonds printed on them, but he didn’t see them all he saw the shape of her bra and her breasts, the bed room arrived and the door closed. The door opened and Shriya appeared, she wore a black and red Kurti and chudidar.

Her wet hair and sleeveless made Chirag peep into her cleavage each time he got a chance. She turned and broke his dream of ramming her, she said words of gratefulness for his help but Chirag was still peeling her black kurti. Soon the tea was served and Shriya had to leave.

Shriya’s black Activa had given up in the knee length water of his very well unmaintained society so it was his duty or, maybe an obligation for him to drop her to her distant dwelling. It didn’t matter much to Chirag how beautiful the girl was he found it boring to drop people. Here he was stuck so he took keys to his car and Shriya climbed in.

It was dark and it was raining but Shriya reached home safely, she invited him in for a cup of tea. Now tea was his weakness and that too in rains he couldn’t say no. They entered the cantonment residence, it was poorly lit and the door was locked, Shriya opened it with her Activa keys and offers Chirag a seat. She inquired about his choice of sugar and milk, and presented him a tea.

He didn’t like the taste but finished and urged to go. Shriya nodded in approval, both of them stood up and Shriya gave Chirag a tight hug, which wasn’t expected or understood by Chirag. He was turned on but controlled. He asked the reason for her gesture and she explained her gratitude for her internship. He as he told her a million times denied her to thank him.

She said he was modest and deserved the hug at least. Stupid dick thanked her for the hug and she laughed. She was astonished as she inquired about his hugging career. To her surprise she found that Chirag never initiated hugs, Shriya told him to give her a hug, it was his time to learn.

Chirag blushed but slowly spread his hand held her close and was about to place his head on her shoulder, bit there was a technical glitch. Shriya and Chirag couldn’t find a way to their respective shoulders. They laughed as they tried suddenly time slowed. Shriya moved her head towards left while Chirag to the right, they paced towards each other and BAM!

Chirag’s lips touched her chin and lower lip. They froze time stopped they took away their heads but hands still in embrace. Shriya was blank so was Chirag and the two devils in their workshops pushed Chirag for a better peck, Shriya joined in and made it a perfect kiss.

He passed his tongue and her mouth welcomed it, his hands from her back moved towards her hair, now their wild kissing session was halted they looked for a escape from this uncomfortable yet comforting intimacy but couldn’t. Shriya pulled him towards the couch, kissing they laid on it slowly the kissing included neck and hands and eyes, the systems were pumped up and ready.

Shriya knew her parents would be back in sometime so she didn’t wait for the guy to proceed, she pulled off his t shirt and slid her hands into his red track pants he proudly owned, it wasn’t hard for her to locate his erect cock and now she was playing with it.

Meanwhile Chirag gained pace and moved his hands in the black kurti from behind; to his surprise Shriya wasn’t wearing any bra since she changed. It was time for Shriya’s kurti to move out of the scene, he pulled it out and she supported, her milky white breasts were revealed but not even for a second they were left uncovered, Chirag pounced on them and sucked the right boob and left than after.

Chirag told her this was the best thank you ever which made her halt, she said he hasn’t been thanked properly and pulled his tracks down revealing his penis and moments later it was galloped in her mouth.

Chirag was kb heaven and so was Shriya. She gave him and good blow and later she appeared with condoms from her dad’s drawer. She took care of the protection and it was time for her chudidar to go it was out within moments. Chirag pushed her on to the couch and tried to lick her pussy but was forbidden. It was his dick to the rescue.

The time flew, bodies moved, Shriya bit her lips and his shoulder, and he left his marks on her chest. With her hand on his ass he signaled him to move with speed and it was time for the climax, they drained and fell she was up in moments and so was he. It was his time to leave but this time it was a intentional kiss and a breast squeeze.

He held her for a while and left her full. He drove out of the block as she waved him till the car disappeared. She texted him kisses which made him realize that Chirag had actually lost his virginity. With a smile and hand on his cock Chirag slept like a baby.

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Guy fucking girlfriends sister

Hello fellow readers, my name is Bond and I have a nice physique, for now let’s keep it at that, the following story is a true story from one of the pages of my life. I am committed man, and my girl, Rita has a twin sister. There are many problems of dating twins, you never know which one is which, but lucky for me, Rita and her sister Geeta had some differences to know them apart from.

Now my girlfriend, Rita, loves to party, dance and just go crazy all night, me on the other hand, I don’t enjoy partying much, but since my girlfriend wanted to go I said yes. After a few days my parents tell me they won’t be staying in the home as they will be visiting our ancestral home to which I was invited and graciously said no to.

I informed my girlfriend, Rita that my parents won’t be staying, so now after the DJ night she can come over and we can have some real fun at night. She is delighted by the plan and she tells her twin sister Geeta about it, she likes to party, but not as much, but as soon as she heard that me and Rita will be alone, she hoped in to the plan, so that her sister won’t be alone and that I won’t do anything bad with her.

To my displeasure, I had to say yes. Who knew that it would turn out to be the night I still cherish the most. The day of the DJ night came and everything was ready, since the venue was closer to my place and my parents weren’t there, I had my car ready for the occasion. We went to the DJ night around 9, and it was a good DJ, we danced our hearts out.

Around 12, we were tired and our feet were hurting, it was time to return home. We went back to our car, and headed home. Around 20 min later we reached home, and me and my girlfriend Rita got cozy and started kissing, but then we remembered that her twin Geeta is just behind us and if she comes at any time, she is gonna freak, so we stopped our cozy session right there.

I changed into something loose for the night and as the host, gave the girls some refreshments, some food, some jokes and helped them getting familiar to my place. When sleeping time came, I let Geeta know that she is sleeping in the other room and I and Rita are sleeping in the big bed together.

To this Geeta opposed, she told us that she doesn’t trust the both of us alone for the night and she would like to be there beside us, to ensure we don’t do anything vulgar, I opposed but since she is the twin sister and she is trying to the greater good, Rita couldn’t oppose as Geeta, her twin sister might tell her parents if we don’t allow her to sleep in the same room.

With no choice in hand, I had to concede. We went to sleep, my girlfriend, Rita on my left side, me in the center and Geeta on my right side. I gave a quick kiss good bye to Rita and we went to sleep. Now, my girlfriend, Rita and I, have had sex loads of time, Geeta doesn’t know that, so I know all the points of Rita where I can touch and turn her on.

After getting an hour or two sleep, in my sleep I turned right and put my arms around Geeta, she had her back facing towards me. Now since, my girlfriend, Rita and Geeta are twins, they share very similar body structure. Not even once in my sleep did I think that is Geeta around my arms, out of reflex I thought its Rita and I started touching her in the right places.

First, I brought y lips to her neck slowly and started kissing her, as she started moaning. Then, I put my arms under her top and she wasn’t wearing her bra, so I slid my hands to her boobs and I started massaging them. Still in my sleep, I started hearing her moaning, now turns out all the turn-on points my girlfriend, Rita has, her sister Geeta has them in the same places.

Her moans also sound like my girlfriend Rita. After massaging her boobs more and more, fondling her boobs and licking her neck, she woke up and got turned on really bad. She turned towards me and started kissing my lips, which broke my sleep and woke me up. We started kissing each other, biting the lips and then we started playing with each other’s tongue.

Then Geeta breaks the kiss and tells me, let’s go to the other room, seems like Rita is sleeping, on that moment I realized that this is not my girlfriend Rita, but this is her twin sister Geeta. It was a realization that I chose to ignore, because I choose to get laid every time, rather being a good boy and missing out to fuck your girlfriend’s sister and that if you ask me is a hard to come opportunity.

Wasting no time, yet being careful not to make any noise to wake Rita up, we exited the bedroom and we locked the room from outside, to make way to the drawing room. After locking the room, we lock our lips and bite each other’s lips as my hands feel every part of her body, I slowly let my hands reach her big ass and I squeeze them hard, as she let out a small moan.

I picked her up in my arms and took her to the drawing room. Just as I keep her on the sofa I climb over her and kiss her again. Now she can’t wait to take my clothes off, and as we kiss she tries to open all the button, and just as she opened the top two buttons I take off my shirt and she says, “You have a nice body, my sister is so lucky to have you!”,

And just as she said that, I started biting her neck, slowly licking her as she gets more and more aroused. Now, by fucking my girlfriend, Rita earlier I knew that if I bite her ears, she will go mad and get so aroused that she might just rip off my pants, so I wanted to try the same with Geeta.

As I took my lips to her ears and slowly bit her ears, she became aroused like anything, and as I said so aroused that she bit me around my neck and then pushed me on the sofa and ripped my pants off, as she was then around my dick, she noticed the huge bulge I had in my underwear.

She asked, “How big is it?”, I told her that she can find it out her own, but before she could do that, I took off her top and put one of her boobs in my mouth as I started sucking it like a baby, sucking, licking and biting, she loved it, I let my hands take care of the other boobs as I rubbed her nipples between my fingers.

After arousing her more and more so, she couldn’t resist seeing what my bulge looks like, as she hurriedly took off my underwear, she was amazed by the size of my tool, and then I demanded her to suck my dick, to which she happily complied. She took my dick and took it in her mouth; she was sucking it like a lollipop.

She then pushed the skin of my dick and licked the tip of my dick; she was a natural at sucking dick. I then took hold of her head and I fucked her mouth, she was sucking it so well, that I ejaculated all my pre-cum in her mouth. She was hot and horny now, after she gave me a blowjob, now it was her time to go to heaven, and my time to show her what I can do with my tongue,

I took off her jeans off and with her panties on I started rubbing my hand on her pussy and started massaging her as I kissed her lips again. She was so wet that her panties had gotten wet, I took her panties off and saw, that she has so much hair around her pussy, but she has the best looking pussy I had ever seen, pink and wet.

I didn’t care for her pussy not being shaven, but a pussy like that deserved a good licking. I made her sit on the sofa, and I spread her legs and sucked her pussy like a fucking ice cream, so much juices, and I put it all in my mouth, after sucking her pussy, I out my tongue on her pussy and slowly sucked the remaining juices, she was loving it to the core,

and she was gonna shout so bad, that I had to cover her mouth with my hand. She wanted it more; she was holding my head near her pussy and asking me to suck it more. I put my middle finger in her pussy and I started fingering her, initially slowly, but as her pussy got more comfortable, I put two of my fingers inside her pussy and started fingering her fast, so fast that her pussy got wet,

that was my cue to suck her pussy again and make her scream. Geeta was now ready for my dick, her pussy was more wet than she ever knew it could be, and she wanted my dick inside her, she couldn’t wait. Since, I had planned to stay over with my girlfriend Rita, and I had plans to fuck her, I had brought condoms to the home the day before, I went and brought the condoms from my wallet,

and she helped me put it on my dick, I made her lie down on the sofa and then I pulled her to the edge of the sofa and I spread her legs apart, I placed my dick on her pussy and I slowly inserted my dick inside. She was in pain, but she wanted it more, so slowly when I put nearly my whole dick, inside, I started fucking her faster and faster, and oh man she loved it.

I was getting in the mood and I started ramming my dick inside her, she was asking me to do it softly, but I couldn’t care less, and after 5 min of hardcore fucking she liked my dick inside her fast and hard. After 10 min of fucking in that position, she wanted to do it in another position, so I took her up and I pushed her against a wall and I fucked her against the wall,

her right leg in my arms and the my dick inside her, that’s the way to do my girlfriends sister against the wall. I then made her lie down on the table face first, help her left leg in my arms and around my body, as I placed my dick and rammed her pussy. As I was fucking her I was pressing her boobs hard and I was spanking her ass hard, like the bad girl she was,

after 15 min of fucking, I was about to cum, and just as I told her that, she got down from the table, opened my condom and asked me to spray all my sperms on her face. I cum shot her all over her body, by the time we finished fucking it was 4 in the morning and we had to get back in the bed before my girlfriend Rita finds out, so we cleaned ourselves up, kissed again,

gave a quick blowjob to each other and we came back to the room. Unlocked the room, slowly went inside the bed and just as we got tucked in. Even though we planned to sleep, we couldn’t get ourselves to sleep as our hands were all over each other.

Before we finally slept, she gave me a very nice handjob, which made me cum again and since we couldn’t risk the cum falling on the bed, she sucked my dick and gave me a blowjob in that excuse. All night I kept fingering her soft pussy, which made her wet all over again.

Finally around 6 am, we decided to sleep seriously so that my girlfriend and her sister Rita doesn’t find out. Till date me and Geeta, fuck each other, and now I have convinced her to make her best friend join us, which is meant for another day of narration.

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