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Hi HumanDigest readers. This is Sid from Chennai aged 26. This is my first real experience with a married girl named Jeni (real name). She was from southern part of Tamil Nadu. Fair. And has awesome assets considering she was a petite girl. She was 34 28 32. Her boobs were huge compared to her body. Still I could feel it in my hands.

Coming to the story now; I and Jeni were friends’ when she was in college studying engineering. We were friends for quite some time n had no wrong feeling towards each other. One day when she was gonna finish her final year she called me to inform me that she was getting married n sent me her would bee’s pic.

He was an ugly looking guy. I just spoke to her normally n then I came to know she was getting married forcefully. 6 months later she called me and told that her marriage was over n applied for divorce. I consoled her and we spoke for hours about various things. Later the next day she called me and said she was getting bored and wanted to go out.

So I picked her up from her PG in Adyar and went for a small drive in ECR. She was excited meeting me after a long time. We spent the day jus loafing around n in the eve we went to a CCD near Mamallapuram where she told me about her marriage and how the guy ill treated her and used to abuse her daily after getting drunk.

I felt sorry for her and tried to console her as she broke into tears. I hugged her while in the car when her lips brushed over my cheek. I felt a different feel which I don’t know how to explain. I looked into her eyes n kissed her lips to which she responded completely. We smooched there for around 15 min n the fire in us was like it couldn’t be stopped even by the heaviest rain.

We drove to Mayas resort behind Mayajaal in ECR and I booked a nice room for us. We ordered food for us and I ordered few beers. We went to the room and smooched for long. I removed her top n skirt. She looked so sexy in black bra and panty. Her boobs were like ripe mangoes ready to pluck. Suddenly the bell rang and our food had arrived.

I shifted to boxers to make her comfortable. We had our beers n few smooches. After dinner we had 2 more pints when she unexpectedly pulled down my boxers n started sucking my cock. She sucked it just like a kid sucking her favorite lollipop. She took the entire cock in her mouth n was sucking vigorously.

I pushed her head deeper unto my cock n I stopped when she gagged n repeated the same few times. She liked it and said she wanted it rough. That brought out the tiger inside me. I lifted her n threw her on the bed and tore her bra and freed her lovely boobs. She had lovely pink nipples. I pinched them and sucked her sweet nipples like a baby suckling for milk.

I sucked her tits until it was sore n continued to her naval. It was beautiful and was inviting for my tongue. I sucked her belly button for a long time until she moaned like hell. I kissed her inner thighs and licked it. I gave her a small bite on her pussy over her panty. She pushed my head towards her pussy and she was breathing heavily. I kissed her foot and started sucking her toes.

I removed her panty n attacked her clean shaven pussy with my tongue. I pushed my tongue fully in her pussy for which she moaned loudly n I pulled it out immediately n started sucking her clitoris vigorously. I pushed 2 fingers simultaneously n started finger fucking her fast. She was moaning heavily aaaaaahhhhhh Siddhu plsssss aaaaaah.

I tongue fucked her pussy and rotated my tongue inside her pussy and she jerked. I licked her clean pussy from bottom to top. Her juices tasted so good and I tongue fucked her for quite a long time until my tongue felt sore. Now I placed my 6 inch cock on her pussy entrance n rubbed it until she could hold it no more n gave a soft push.

She moaned heavily and her mouth was wide open gasping for air. Once I was completely inside her she gave a smile and there was no stopping her now. I smooched her n started fucking her slowly. Her pussy felt so warm n nice wrapped around my cock. She was moaning and I was kissing her neck n ears and everywhere I can.

I could sense her Cumming and I fastened my speed. She came with a loud moan and I continued fucking her sideways. I pinched her lovely nipples and I was banging her heavily. I changed my position to doggy and entered her from behind. Her legs were wide open and I was ramming her.

After 10 min of hard fucking she was shouting that she was about to cum; I was not yet done and I kept on banging her by holding her hair. It was such a lovely scene. It was like I was drilling her. After another 15 min of hard rough fuck I couldn’t control anymore and shot cum deep in her pussy. It was a lovely scene to watch her cum dripping pussy n she had a wide smile.

We fucked a few more times that night in many positions. She even tried it in the ass though it was painful. She was a sex goddess n I still could feel the taste of her lovely pussy when I am writing this story. We fucked many times over and over again after that and she introduced her cousin to me later which turned into a threesome. I will tell u in the next part about it.

Your precious feedback and comments are welcome below.

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Arjun having sexy time with caretaker Mona

Hello HumanDigest readers, myself Arjun, 29, from Vizag, thanks to HumanDigest to share all our sex experience with you all, am reading all categories in this site since 6years, now am posting my sex experience with you all, the heroine in this story is Mona, who is working in Hotel, Now the story begins, am working in a MNC,

as my company is giving training awareness at Bangalore for 10days, so my boss assisted me as in charge for 10 trainees to go to Bangalore, all of them went to Bangalore and boarded to the training office of our company. I and 2 boys went into hotel, as we do not have relatives to live; other people went to their relatives houses.

I taken separate room and other two taken 1room, in our block a caretaker is assisted as a room cleaner, as I saw her 1st time n decided to have fun, that too not to know to my boys, In that evening after coming from office I called reception to bring water, A girl came with water, OOO the same girl whom I saw in morning, I started staring like that only from top to toe,

I lost my senses, she said “ Sir, your water,” I said “ thanks and given 50, she said “ no sir, then I said so nice of you, she said Mona, nice name, she said “ sir whatever u need please ring that bell, I will come.” n showed that button n went away.

In night time I used to sleep naked when am all alone, so roaming in my room nakedly, suddenly door was open, again Mona came with dinner, oh shit, I picked the blanket n covered me, she laughed and said sorry sir. I somehow angrily said “can’t u knock d door n enter??” then she said “sir can I tell u one thing??” I saw her face, “u r looking handsome n now hmm u have nice penis” she exclaimed.

I thought “hmm she came to my track now” then she started serving me dinner and I saw her cleavage and thought in my mind hmm nice dinner with good show.” After dinner she left, I shagged my penis with lots of cum, slept like that n about 4AM, I heard knocking door, I asked who it is?? Sound as come as “sir it’s me Mona.

I wear three quarters pant and opened, she came inside and closed the door, I shockingly asked her what u doing?? She thrown me to the bed and started stripping before me, now she is really hot and started stripping before me. 1st her sari, next her blouse, now petticoat, oooh no, now she is in bra n panty only.

She came top of me n started kissing me all my face, ears, eyes, cheeks n now hmm lip lock, her lips r so soft n tasty, we did lip kiss so long n played with tongue like French kiss. Later she moved down by kissing n started removing my short and there it is the gateway to the heaven, now my penis rose with 90 degrees n saluting her figure n body.

She now put kisses to my penis n started sucking my penis my moving its skin, uff what a feeling, I never felt such a feeling like a heaven, guys I can’t explain, although I shag but a girl’s sucking can never explain the heavenly feeling. Now I unhooked her bra n panty n observed her marvellous figure and her cleaned shaved pussy.

I think she voluntarily shaved her pussy for me, now am feeling very happy and proud for having such a hot girl becoming a slave for my Jr. Later I made lie on my bed and started licking from her head, eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, chin, like wise I am getting down and licking her boobs, hmm man so soft and started eating her boobs and sucking her nipples, although she is not married her nipples are provoked out.

Now kissing her belly button and sucking it like a mad dog, with that she is moaning like anything. Now we get into 69 position and started sucking each other’s parts, wow what a feeling, I can’t explain the heavenly feeling, the way she is sucking my cock is getting strong and hard.

After some time she released her love juices, hmm it tastes wonderful and meanwhile I also released my love juices in her mouth, she drank each and every drop like a thirsty girl looking like water. We cleaned ourselves and after some hugs and kisses the real action started.

She slept on the bed and I came on top of her and started inserting my cock into her pussy, I think even she never mind if I have or don’t have the condom. I started my real action and stroking her pussy very hard and reaching her hymen, even in a/c we are getting sweat and we are enjoying the action completely, also we are kissing while fucking,

I pulled out my cock and made her in doggie position and fucked and after few strokes her cum and it became slippery and it feels wonderful to me while fucking. After another few strokes I also cumming, I asked where to release, she immediately jumped back and taken into her mouth and I stroked in her mouth and released cum in her mouth.

Now we both are looking so much satisfaction, and slept for 1hour nakedly under my blanket with hugging and my cock in her pussy. Later we got up and went to bathroom, cleaned each other bodies and now I again charged up and made her stand position facing to d wall and fucked in bathroom also. This is how I fucked the room cleaner till the end of training. None of my office people know about this, again when I went to Bangalore, I heard that she left the job.

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Kiran fucking neighbourhood aunty Madhu

Hello guys. I am Kiran from Ahmadabad. I am 23 years old and single son of my parents. I would like to tell you about an incident which took place 5 days ago. Talking about myself, I am unmarried doctor and have been serving in my dad’s hospital since 2 years. I am 5 feet 6 inches tall and have good sized dick. I am usual reader of HumanDigest and that is the reason why I don’t feel much bad about incest.

Coming to the point, I was always a woman stalker and fantasized all women whom I knew closely. I had 2 pretty close relationships in my life, but had to sacrifice them for my career and always had to satisfy my urge by masturbating.

Now there was a friend of mine Ajay, with whom I shared all my secrets. I also bonded well with his mother, Madhu as she was quite modern, rich and open minded. I unwillingly always tried to impress her and even she was amazed with my intelligence. She trusted me more than her son. We lived in same neighborhood and both my friend.

Madhu had pretty big tits and I always was attracted to her due to her tits. Madhu is very good and cooks tasty food. I and Ajay often used to sleep together in each other’s home. It was long time since we stayed together with each other.

Coming back to the point, my dad and mom had gone to Switzerland for a meeting at WHO headquarters, Geneva. Meanwhile I had to manage the hospital in my parents’ absence. I used to dine at Ajay’s place. Now Ajay had to go to Bangalore for some business purpose and Madhu asked me to stay at their home. I accepted the proposal as it was quite tiresome to live alone.

I went to Ajay’s place. Madhu allotted me a large room with attached bathroom, while she used to sleep in a nearby room. I used to go early for hospital and came late. She used to wait for me to come and we had dinner together. Same routine followed for 2 days. Now it was a Sunday. That day was India-Pakistan Asia cup match. I decided to come early from hospital to see the match.

Pakistan was chasing and was on a losing side. But suddenly in the last over, Afridi mistimed two shots for six and won the match for Pakistan. I was furious and when she dropped my phone, I abused her in front of Madhu aunty. Aunty was shocked, and so was I. I was embarrassed and had apologized to her. She excused me, saying that it was bit common to utter such words in anger. But she scolded me a lot for it.

I went to bed and was thinking constantly of her shocked face. Now next morning I went to hospital early due to an emergency. At the hospital I decided to go home early and apologize to her with a sorry card. She forgave me. We followed same schedule, but at night, lights went off due to a minor short circuit and only electrician could repair it next morning.

So I asked her to come to my home to sleep. She had to accept. Now my house was a mess. I allotted her my parents’ room to sleep while I slept in my own. Now it was so hot that she was almost wet with sweat and asked me to fill up the bathtub. She went for a bath in Jacuzzi in our house. She was bathing with curtains closed and door open.

I had to go to dressing room to get some households. I went there and what I saw shocked me. I saw her masturbating, and then she also noticed my presence. She immediately hid there and scolded me and abused me. I was shocked and ran from there. I went to another bathroom I fantasized this and started jerking off but knocked the door as she had to apologize to me for abusing.

I immediately put on my towel and attended her. She saw the bulge in my pant and was staring at it indirectly. She apologized and went. I decided not to continue masturbating and came out to help her in kitchen. She told me to continue with my work, and I was shocked, but then I said that it was embarrassing to continue now.

She was furious and asked me to do so, when I said no, she started forcing me to do it in front of her. I removed my pants and started jerking off in kitchen. She started enjoying it. Then I decided to do it for once and all and grabbed aunty, she went running all over house, shouting. She had captured a video and I had to delete it anyhow to prevent her showing it to my parents.

I ran behind her naked and finally grabbed her by satin pyajama, which tore and I saw her panties. Then I decided to fuck her. I caught her from back and tied her to ropes and stripped her. I shot a video of her stripping. I deleted mine while saved her video in my laptop for safety. Then I thought what to do with aunty and so I started licking her asshole.

She enjoyed it and so I opened her. But then she immediately slapped me. I ran behind her to her room. Locking the room, I went inside, but she went into bathroom. I abused her and waited her to come out. She came after 1o minutes with perfume and seductively dressed. I pounced on her and started kissing her. We smooched for 10 minutes and I kissed her at all her body parts.

I licked her nose, anus, and armpit also. It was very seducing. She moaned like hell. Then I moved to oral sex and put my penis into her mouth. I cummed on her face and we went to bathroom, lying on each other in bathtub. We stayed there together in each other’s arms, embraced and hugged each other for 25 minutes. Coming out we went for sex.

She was moaning ooh! Aaaaaah. Uuuuh! What a thick dick, although small; it is pleasure. I was also in full form and said aunty your boobs had always attracted me and I was destined to sleep with you. She said that even she knew that one day or other I would sleep with her but she just avoided it to avoid complications.

Then we went for anal, and she farted when I was about to cum. That was magical experience and we continued and she became pregnant. We silently went for her abortion but her breasts were active and oozed milk and I made a habit to drink milk from her until I got married.

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