Nita Enjoying Threesome Sex With Suchi And Boyfriend - III

Previously: Nita Enjoying Threesome Sex With Suchi And Boyfriend - II

By now I was totally carried away, lying stark naked closing my eyes and puffing and moaning in pleasure I was enjoying getting seduced by two, one male and one female, Kaushal’s tongue was moving all around my pussy and I was feeling oozing out fresh streams of juices from the depth of my womb and once again Suchi took my attention by speaking out something which I could not even think in my weirdest imagination.

“Nita meri Pussy suck kar” I was lying on my back and I opened my eyes as I heard her words and just then Suchi sat around my mouth. I was shocked and tried to push her away but she held my hands and requested me to do it “please Nita do it….mujhe threesome karna hai”.

She was gone mad, how she could expect me sucking her fuckhole? But Suchi was really gone crazy, overcoming my pushes she somehow managed to put her wet pussy over my lips and told me to suck it in lustful voice “please yaar suck kar issko” she rubbed her pussy lips over my lips and I went through strange sensation.

“Suchi don’t force her….” Kaushal spoke to her while getting up from sucking my fuckhole and Suchi replied her by saying “No…! We have to do it….main bhi isski pussy suck karungi” Suchi was getting bizarre to get her fuckhole sucked by me and she once again requested me to suck her fuckhole and I surrendered again. I don’t what all was happening, how could I do that?

I was never attracted to female like this but I was sucking Suchi’s fuckhole and she was moaning in pleasure. It was excitement at its worst, including me nobody was in his senses, Suchi was getting bizarre while rubbing her fuckhole over my lips, her moans were turning me further on and slowly I was into the act with my full consent.

Down there my legs were wide open, now Kaushal was licking and fisting my fuckhole tenderly and I was enjoying every fraction of that. We retained that threesome posture for a minute and my fleshy thighs started quivering in desire of reaching to climax, Kaushal sensed that and he chapped Suchi while saying that now he going to fuck me and this time Suchi got aside from my mouth instantly.

Next holding my waist tight once again Kaushal pulled me close to his crotch and wrapping my legs around his waist he leaned over me and looked into my eyes closely, my hairs were spread and I was puffing madly, my lips or you can say most my face was drenched in Suchi’s love juices mixed with my sweat but he did not hesitate and he licked my chin and cheeks and eventually kissed me beautifully,

his tongue moved in my mouth all around and after a minute I too responded back to his kiss and inserted my tongue in his mouth. Finally lust completely empowered my ethics and breaking the kiss Kaushal uttered while looking into my eyes, “Nita Main aapko Bhabhi kah kar hi bulaaunga…you know Bhabhi ko Chodna is more sensual…” and his words enhanced my desire to get stuffed,

I closed my eyes while puffing and tried a lot to suppress my feelings but eventually came up saying my eternal desire “Fuck me”. Kaushal continued lying over me in the same posture and kissed me again and after a minute told Suchi to put his Penis in my fuckhole “Suchi apne haath se mera Lund daal Nita Bhabhi ki Chut mein”

and next instant I felt Suchi’s fingers over my soft and swollen cunt and possibly to hear my moan she rubbed my opening vigrously and I grunted erotically. Eventually Kaushal’s thick and long monster sizzled into my hot fuckhole and I cried in pleasure with his deep screwing sudden jolt. Ohhh….he was so good… and I clearly hissed in pleasure.

Yes he was certainly bigger and thicker than my husband, my fuckhole was never streached so much and in a moment he reached to the other edge of my fuckhole and remained buried and I cried in desire of getting fucked, “please fuck me….” with intense streams of sweat, waves of lust were evolving from my body, my breasts were swollen nipples were rigid,

I needed a fuck more than my life but Kaushal started sucking my melons and I went on going bizarre in desire of getting screwed. Burring his mammoth length unmoved in my womb Kaushal continued crushing my swollen pussy lips with his heavy balls and I failed to resist.

I nailed his back and wrapped my thighs around his ass tighter to express myself and once again cried with same demand “fuck me” and Kaushal stopped sucking my nipples and spoke out while looking into my eyes, “No...! You have to say… Chod mujhe" he was toying with my urge, he needed me to speak fuck me in Hindi and I was gone so mad in lust that I spoke that instantly

"Please....Chod mujhe...” I was reached to the level of sexual thirst where was never reached in last ten years and I spoke his desired words instantly and Kaushal started digging me hard and fast from the very first moment, and on very next instant I felt as if I will explode like a bomb.

I was already so much aroused that I could not bear him inside my fuckhole for long, no doubt for a starved female likes me it was a moment of sheer ecstasy but it was breath taking and I literary wanted to die in that pleasure. I was crying without any care and my erotic cries energized Kaushal further high and he lunged into me powerfully, he got up a bit,

rested his hands on my fleshy breasts, crushing them under his weight he hammered his hips into me madly and I gasped and unintentionally my legs rose higher to hook his waist. Kaushal continued and rammed himself in my womb even more brutally and in a moment I lost my breath, he watched my face spasm with pleasure and kept on smashing me deep with sudden jerks and I just went on going crazy in delight.

Finally I collided with bliss, arching my body steeply under him and clenching his shoulders as tight as possible I began to orgasm hard and wild. Oh… God what was that? Undoubtedly it was most powerful orgasm of my entire sex life till now and feeling I went through was so weird that for an instant I literary died in that pleasure.

It was a pleasure at its worst; I was so badly shattered that I could not even moan, clamping Kaushal's mammoth tight my pussy trembled vigrously and dam inside me broke with a disastrious explosion, my entire body lurched helplessly and I belly rippled madly while cumming. Tears flowed out of my clenched eyes and I shivered in sexual excitement like never before.

AC was on but I was drowned in my sweat, I was so badly shattered that it took me couple of minutes to realize that I am still alive and as I opened my eyes I found both Suchi and Kaushal looking at my face with smile. “Loot gayi teri izzat” Suchi spoke that and I felt as if her voice is coming from some hollow cave.

After saying that Suchi leaned over me kissed me like a partner and sucked my tongue after exploring my mouth, I think I did not responded to her kiss much but after she broke the kiss when Kaushal kissed me I was into it and we kissed for long.

I was spent and did not had strength even to get up but Kaushal was still alive over his penis and as our kiss broke holding his arm Suchi tried pulling him "now you are mine" she spoke that and eventually succeeded in getting him and Kaushal lied down on the other half.

By now Suchi was burning in desire of getting fucked and she instantly climbed over him and sat round his waist and they went though deep kiss. Up to an extent Kaushal was erect but Suchi needed him harder and after breaking the kiss she turned around and instantly started sucking him and Kaushal found her fuckhole in front to fist.

Watching them closely I was lying like a dead and could not believe was happened in last half an hour and also what all was happening at the moment and just in few seconds of consistent sucking and fisting both Kaushal and Suchi started grunting in pleasure,

holding him nicely in her rosy lips and sucking him hard Suchi was moving her face up and down and Kaushal’s entire length was appearing and disappearing in her mouth. On the other end I could see Kaushal was moving two of his fingers rapidly in Suchi’s fuckhole and her ass and thighs was trembling feverishly.

Up to an extent I was fucked forcefully and I wanted to get up and walk out of the room still I was glued to my place, deep inside I was feeling fascinated and I wanted to watch them fucking and I just continued lying there and after couple of more minutes Suchi stopped sucking Kaushal and sat around his waist to get him in her pussy while being on his top.

“Come on get up…apni Chut chuswa iss se” as Suchi looked at me she smiled and spoke to me, while she is taking him in her fuckhole she told me to get my pussy sucked by Kaushal but I did not moved from my place and Suchi took him in her fuckhole.

They both gasped in pleasure and fucking continued, moving his entire length in and out, resting her palms over his broad chest Suchi lurched her bottom in a steady rhythm and just in few seconds there moans enhanced in volume, “fuck you baby…I will fuck you”

Suchi spoke that while getting excited and with that started fucking faster and Kaushal clenched her jigglig breasts tight with both the hands and Suchi cried in pain and pleasure erotically. Excitment went on increasing with every passing moment and it was Suchi, who was getting bizarre,

and instead of moving back forward suddenly she started banging her bottom over Kaushal’s crotch up and down and holding her waist and panting in pleasure Kaushal matched his upward movement with her rhythm. Like Suchi did Kaushal also banged Suchi hard and fast with upward thrusts and after a minute Suchi changed the movement pattern again and now while fucking she was rubbing her pelvis on my crouch

and I could see her in extreme pleasure. Her moans were turning into shrill cries and as speed increased significantly. Her swollen breasts were swinging faster and her nipples seemed getting harder and harder in excitement, she was getting tired but she wanted to fuck, she tried her best to reach to the climax but eventually lost strength and fell over him.

Kaushal puffed in relief but just for few seconds, he got up and turned Suchi to get her again and fucked her brutally after putting her legs over his shoulders; imposing his entire weight and folding Suchi into half Kaushal drove his monster repeatedly in the depth of her womb madly and they both climaxed erotically in the end.

Suchi tighten her body with a shiver and just then Kaushal pulled his monster from her fuckhole and spewed out his white sticky cum over Suchi’a belly with a desperate grunt. Now they both were exhausted too and surprisingly even after getting worn out, watching them going through shattering orgasm I went through shiver in my spine.

I wanted to lie their only but while lying dead beside me on the same bed over his front Kaushal was looking at me with a smile and I felt embarrassed for being there and eventually got up and started collecting my clothes and Kaushal blocked my way as I tried going out of the room. "let me go" I spoke out in soft but intense voice and he refused to leave my way "No you cannot go..."

I looked into his eyes seriously but he smiled and spoke "I wI'll fuck you whole night" with that he looked at my sagging milks, I felt embarrased, I moved my vision from his face and looked at Suchi and she also smiled while looking at me and spoke after few seconds "stop acting yaar…we have seen tune bahut mazze liye hain?".

I was speechless and instead of pushing Kaushal and trying going out I walked into the washroom attached to that room and after wearing my clothes moved out to the living room from the other door of the washroom and eventually reached to my bedroom. Unaware of this fact that his mother is just been fucked by someone other than his father my son was sleeping sound and I laid beside him in the dim light.

It was strange, mentally I was so occupied that I could not decide what to think and what not think, no doubt what I just had was most woderful fuck of my life, I can easily say since begining as compared, sexually I was always more demanding than my husband, I don't know how many times leaving me unsatisfied my husband has gone through immature withdrawal,

he is always seemed occupied with his work and the way I was fucked by Kaushal was something supernatural for me, he was so powerful that I failed to tolerate him for even two minutes, but in the end I was again and again coming to the conclusion that it was a sin and if I would have tried I would have saved myself.

I just kept on lying on bed with wide open eyes and I was somewhat getting mad with passing time, at one end I was dying in embarrasment of cheating my husbsnd but on the deeper end I was recalling what all happened with me with pleasure prespective. I remained lost in my thoughts for some time and suddenly I heard some movement in kitchen,

they were hungry and seemed eating sandwiches, for a moment I thought about helping them to make coffee but ultimetly just kept on lying with a thought of letting them do whatever they want to do and after 10-15 minutes I got a knock over my door. Suchi adressed me from the other side in a low voice and I opened the door.

She was holding mug half filled with Hot Coffee and she tried giving me one, though in low voice but I behaved reluctant “mujhe nahi chahiye”, she smiled a bit and requested me to take it by saying just “please” I took the cup and Suchi walked in the room and sat down on the bed told me to sit down too.

Main light was off but there was sufficient light in the room, she wanted to speak to me about what all happened and started by saying “see… maine jo kuch bhi kiya tere liye kiya….you were starved like hell” I wanted to slap her but how could I do that? I myself was embarrassed over enjoying getting fucked and that’s what Suchi uttered next while looking into my eyes

“and you have enjoyed too” I moved my eyes from her face in humiliation and moved my head in no while saying “this is not done…ye tune mere saath bahut galat kiya” “I have not done anything wrong…believe me you needed that…” Suchi replied back while lifting my face from chin to see it in my eyes and we looked into each other’s eyes for few seconds and addressing my name she spoke again

“Nita jo hona tha wo ho chukka hai….….ab raat bhar enjoy kar...aur subah sab bhool jaana" her voice was soft but feeling was intense, she was asking me to continue all this for the night and I wanted to say no to it instantly but don’t know why it took me few seconds to move my head in no and Suchi instantly came up saying “arre yaar maze lay life ke!…kab tak khud ki ungli se apni…!”

Her tone was sarcastic and she stopped in the middle as I looked at her face and after a fraction she spoke again “I am sure tera husband bhi wahan kisi ne kis ke saath lagga hoga”. She was wrong, I knew my husband more than myself, he could not think of cheating me, neither I was convinced for what Suchi was saying; continuing having sex with Kaushal for the night and forget

everything in the morning but still there was something which was making me think bit into that direction and it was nothing except my lust, since then even I didn’t knew that there is a kind of slut who is living within me, I was fucked once and as it was sort of forceful fuck, for an instant it would have been ok if I would have stopped here but deep inside I was desiring all that again.

“You know every male thinks that we females are pleasure material…” from her side Suchi continued convincing me and after a pause spoke again “…and we should also think about them in same way…” what a philosophy? I looked at her face with strange gesture and failed to resist myself from smiling over her weird thinking “tu pagal hai kya?”

I asked her if she is mad, and Suchi too smiled and came up saying “yes I am a nympho…I am mad about fucking different guys….” I was surprised to hear that and before I would have asked her about it Suchi herself revealed the fact that in last ten years Kaushal is her forth boy friend and after that she spoke again and this time her words were more surprising

“the way guys say…maine uss ladki se saare mazze le liye…I too say that for guys…” that was really weird, Suchi was gone too far from normal female’s mind set and for few seconds I continued looking into her eyes to believe that. Suchi smiled as she saw me looking at her and uttered “let’s go and enjoy this guy…raat bhar issko chusenge aur subah chhod denge”

I was silent and don’t know why I could not say clear no to it and Suchi spoke again “arre yaar I know you need it…now just stop hesitating….bhool ja sab kuch…aaj tujhe do saal ke baad Lund mila hai…you should fuck for whole night” her words were creepy but up to an extent she was sensing my mind state,

deep inside I was desiring more sex but I was not ready to accept it and once again I moved my eyes from her face and started sipping my coffee which was quite cold now and after a minute Suchi spoke again “I will also suck your pussy” and her words instantly took me some time back when I was made by her to suck her pussy and I casually slapped her over her arm and she giggled

and spoke out “ab tune meri Chut Chusi hai to mujhe bhi to teri Chut Chusni padegi” “tu pagal hai” I reacted back and next instant Suchi took mug of coffee from me, kept it aside and got up and told me to come out while holding my hand, from my side I tried to hold myself but deep inside I was weak and to avoid I asked her to let me use the washroom and she told me to use

the one which is attached to guest room. Eventually my lust enpowered my ethics and Suchi once again brought me to the guest room. My god....with wide open legs, resting his back, holding and jerking his monster rod with his hand somewhat waiting for us Kaushal was sitting stark naked in the middle of the bed.

He smiled as he saw me looking at him but like I was supposed to, giving a glance to him I entered in the washroom and sat there ideal after peeing and I gave a thought to what is going and, eventually I washed my face and looked into the mirror and somewhat asked myself what all I am doing “Nita tu ye sab kya kar rahi hai? How can you be so shameless”

and eventually convinced myself with Suchi told me “Nita …jo hona tha wo ho Chuka hai…ek baar kya aur dus baar kya….ab raat bhar mazze kar aur fir sab bhool ja” (everything is messed up now…so enjoy whole night and forget everything) and eventually I did that.

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Nita Enjoying Threesome Sex With Suchi And Boyfriend - II

Previously: Nita Enjoying Threesome Sex With Suchi And Boyfriend - I

I came out again and started preparing simple sandwiches and in a moment Suchi also came and took out the milk from the fridge and jokingly asked me if I have washed my hands before starting cutting tomatoes, she smiled a bit while looking at my face and I blushed and continued doing my work and next instant while standing beside me Suchi wrapped her arm around my waist tenderly and uttered

“I can understand” with that she kissed me tenderly over my cheek and I went through strange sensation. I looked at her again and she smiled again, I told her to put the pan on fire to make coffee and she said that she will make coffee later and further told me that she has something for me.

I did not give much attention to her words and continued making sandwiches one after another and Suchi addressed Kaushal while saying sandwiches are ready. I was expecting that Suchi will take whole eating stuff in the bedroom and they will have it in the solitude but as she asked Kaushal to come I felt good,

it was my lust or you can say my sexual hunger that deep inside I wanted to see Kaushal but I didn’t knew that these two have plan of doing something far weird. Facing away from the door of the kitchen I was at the edge of preparing sandwiches when heard his footsteps behind and addressing me with my name he came up saying “Nita sandwiches baad mein khaayege”.

I casually turned my neck to see him and screamed in utter shock. Kaushal was out of the bedroom stark naked and in reflex I screamed again “what is this” with that I instantly turned my face away “You know sharing is caring…I want to share my Cock with you…!” Suchi replied and with that she tried turning me around to see Kaushal’s monster and spoke “dekh to sahi kitna lamba aur mota hai….”

without turning to see Kaushal I screamed over Suchi “both of you…please go from here” and addressing his name Suchi spoke to Kaushal “Kaushal lekar chal issko bedroom mein….isski pyas bujhate hain” with that she tried grabbing my body. Even though Suchi was a female I trembled strangely with her touch over my body and tried getting away and heard Kaushal saying

“come on Nita let’s have fun” I did not turned to see him but I could feel that he was bit closer now. I easily went out of Suchi’s grip but I did not had much space to move, I was standing on extreme right next to slab and I moved to the other edge of the kitchen without looking behind and Suchi spoke to me again “Nita chal na yaar…threesome karte hain”

I looked at Suchi and got a glimpse of Kaushal too, my god he was so tall…like a demon and above that he was jerking his monster with his hand and it was hard and erect like I have never seen my husband in last so many years. I once again started sweating and once again told them to go “tum dono jaao yahaan se”

and instead of going away they both moved closer to me and this time my eyes got glued to Kaushal’s cock and being a female I must say it was a thing of real beauty, now I could easily make out that it was bigger and thicker than what my husband has and it was getting harder and harder.

Whatever blocking my way Suchi and Kaushal stopped one or two feet away and I was somewhat stuck between kitchen slab and Suchi touched me first, she came forward and caressed my cheek tenderly why saying “yaar just relax….kisi ko kuch bhi pata nahi chalega”

she was calm but I was sweating like hell, my heart was pounding hard and suddenly Kaushal also moved forward and tried grabbing my waist. Trying moving away I puffed in strange fear while shivering in irrepressible excitement and at the same time Suchi also grabbed me.

In a moment lost my breath and started puffing badly, I was scared but this is also true that my fear was mixed with lot of excitement and in that mental state I could not scream, Suchi was caressing my cheek and hairs and I felt Kaushal’s hand holding my waist firmly.

He kissed over my lips tenderly and I closed my eyes while breathing heavy and Kaushal came further close to me and touched his bare erect Penis over my belly over the cloth. Deep inside I shivered with that touch but uttered “please leave me….” “No…he will fuck you…” Suchi replied back and I opened my eyes to see her.

She was not smiling but she was contented and in calm tone she spoke again “why are you feeling scared…enjoy kar” I did not replied to her because I was restless, I was almost in Kaushal’s arms and next instant his hand moved to my crotch and reached to my burning fuckhole and before I would have reacted he rubbed me there over the cloth and I went crazy in pleasure.

Possibly my pleasure juices flowed through the cloth and reached to his hand and he uttered “Ohhh..h Nita you are hot” Kaushal whispered in my ear and with that he rubbed his wet lips on my neck I started losing myself. I tried pushing him but not with much force and in a moment Kaushal’s excitement increased, he grabbed my soft breasts with both the hands and squeezed them firmly.

Closing my eyes I moaned loud in pleasure and up to an extent released myself. By now I was feeling Kaushal’s hard monster over my belly radically and that was making me shiver in excitement and once again Suchi took attention with her words “Bedroom mein chalo…proper threesome karte hain”.

Getting bit conscious I pushed Kaushal away “Leave me…” I spoke again and looked into his eyes while breathing heavy and saw evident lust in his gesture, he smiled, I looked at Suchi, she too smile “come on yaar… don’t be stubborn… seize the moment…” Suchi spoke that and after a moment she spoke again “who knows tera husband bhi wahan kisi ke saath lagga ho”.

She tried to encourage me with a lousy statement but it hardly made me think in the direction, I very well knew my husband, he is a one woman man and could not think about getting on bed with any other female but in that concern I was feeling helpless for myself, I admit that if that instant I would have tried, I would have succeeded in defending my dignity,

it was my house and I could easily push them the walk away, but I stood there, apparently I did not wanted to let all that happened with me but deep inside I was feeling excited and I stood there speechless without moving an inch and once again Kaushal moved ahead and grabbed me and don’t know why this time I did not tried to push him, though I was reluctant and non supportive but I was weak,

wrapping his arms around my ass mounds he lifted me a bit to bring my burning hot pussy against his bare crotch and rubbed me with his monster over the cloths and I puffed erotically, next holding my both the melons he began squeezing my breasts roughly and I started enjoying,

he hugged me and once again reached to my ass mounds with his both the hands and clutched them hard and with that squeezed my entire body into him. I really don’t remember that instant what thoughts I was going through, if I was thinking that I am cheating my husband or not?

Sexually I was never so restless and eventually I too grabbed him in my arms while puffing in pleasure. “Kaushal please ab le chal iss ko bedroom mein…mujhe threesome karna hai” Suchi was also getting excited and before I would have realized anything Kaushal bent down on his knees and wrapping his arm below my ass mounds lifted me up.

I once again got bit conscious and tried setting myself free but he grabbed me tight with both he hands and moved to walk and in reflex of avoiding falling down I held him tight. As I was not light weighted Kaushal walked calmly and I saw Suchi walking behind and taking off her clothes on the way of reaching to the guest room.

Eventually Kaushal released me on bed and unconsciously I tried moving up to get away from his reach, but he instantly climbed on the bed and holding my ankles pulled me hard and I was once again flat on my back.

Kaushal was already naked and by the time Suchi reached to the room and bolted the door from inside she was also stark naked. In a moment she too climbed on the bed and jumped on me. I was weak and too excited to stop all that happening with me and Suchi instantly took hold of me and locked my lips with her lips while lying partially over me.

She sucked my lips and in next instant invaded her tongue in my mouth like my lover and before I would have realized what she is doing Kaushal pulled out my Capri along with my panty from my legs.

Ohhh…God I cannot forget the feeling I went through that instant, suddenly I was bare from my lower half and pushing Suchi away I cried loud in sensation of getting exposed in front of the stranger and before I would tried getting away from Kaushal, one again holding my ankles Kaushal pulled me to bring closer and opened my ample thighs wide.

Not much but I was hairy and my ugly looking cunt hole was opened to his eyes “Suchi…Chut dekh isski…she has gone crazy” Kaushal uttered while looking at wet twitching fuckhole. No need to say that I was madly thrilled and my excitement was reached to level where I could not bear it, still I was conscious over what I was doing and something was stopping me to surrender myself,

Kaushal was holding my fleshy thighs from the region very close to my fuckhole and I was feeling strange shriving over my opening. After recovering from my powerful push by now Suchi was back to my upper half to hold me and Kaushal addressed her she looked down to see my fuckhole and told him to suck me “Dekh kya raha hai Choos isski Chut ko”

and before I would have head last word spoken by Suchi, Kaushal buried his mouth in my wet dripping fuckhole and with a loud moan I trembled in shock like hell. It was something which I could not tolerate, since then I was leading ordinary sex life with my husband, though in last couple of years,

since I watching porn movies regularly I was attracted to oral sex but in ten years I was never sucked by my husband over my fuckhole and in that hesitation I tried getting away from Kaushal with all my strength.

But it was not enough, they were two and I was alone, Suchi held me tight and holding my thighs wide and open Kaushal just went on going deeper and deeper into my crotch and started moving his thick and rough tongue vigorously inside my swollen fuckhole.

Certainly I was going through long desiring pleasure but still I don’t know why I did not wanted to surrender and I tried to push Suchi again but by now she was prepared for anything and overcoming my efforts she once again started kissing me and invading my mouth with her tongue kissed me like my spouse.

Kaushal was sucking me down there over my fuckhole consistently and with every passing second I was getting carried away in that pleasure.Eventually I surrendered and stopped protesting Suchi and while flowing with the flow responded back to her kiss,

next Suchi stopped kissing me and started taking off my remaining clothes and soon while Kaushal was sucking me down there she uncovered my body completely and started caressing my melons and for a while sucked my both the nipples.

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Nita Enjoying Threesome Sex With Suchi And Boyfriend - I

I am Nita, 37, having some pimples over my flabby cheeks I am above average looking female with an attractive body; not slender but I have firm belly with nice fleshy breasts and ample ass mounds. I am married from last ten years with one child and this all is about when recently I cheated my husband and enjoyed threesome sex of one cock and two pussies.

Truly speaking friends this is not a fantasy and if any stage readers feel that its not real, it is just because I have spiced up my real life experience to turn it into an attractive sex story. Since that sinful day I was a simple and faithful housewife with a neat and clean past but now I have secret to hide from my husband.

I am not blaming anyone but I believe it was just not me who was responsible for whatever happened, my husband was gone to states over particular project, which was actually suppose to end in one year but more or less I am was living alone from last two years.

I was insisting my husband to call me their but he was reluctant over that; he was not coming back even on genuine breaks because he wanted to save as much money possible. I agree up to an extent he was right at his place but I was'nt wrong either, truly speaking friends it was just not sex,

it was overall loneliness with which I was struggling since long and it suddenly got aggravated when one odd day my classmate Suchi called me after really long and later stayed at my place with her boy friend and indulged me into the sex. Strating from the skratch; Suchi has studied with me from 1st standard till 12th and she was living in Mumbai since long but now she was back to live with her parents.

One anomalous day she called me and after a long chit chat over phone we thought about meeting and as Suchi was jobless those days, after sending my child to school we met in a weekday and recalled our school days and shared our present life with each other.

At my end while sharing my life I casually mentioned this fact to her that my husband is out of India from last two years and might come back after another year. Talking about Suchi's life; I was meeting her face to face after around ten years and in this span she was changed drastically, apparently she was as she was;

tall, sexy and slender, but her attitude towards life was turned into opposite direction. Even at the age of 37 Suchi was unmarried, though she had a boy friend and sexually she was involved with him too, still none of them were serious in getting married. I remember when we last met, that time I was newly married and her parents were looking for her match too.

At that time Suchi was little biased whether she should go for marriage or she should wait and look forward in concern of her career and ultimately she decided to wait and now she did not wanted to get married at all. Anyway 2-3 hours passed casually and our tiny reunion ended.

Few days passed, may be a week and Suchi called me again, initially we had bit of chit chatting about our daily life and eventually Suchi came to the point, she started by telling me that her boy friend has came to Delhi for few days and being her best friend she wants me to meet him.

That was kind of obsequious for me and as she knew that I am living alone in an individual floor of a three room set, next she asked me if she can stay at my place, in one of my bedrooms for couple of nights with her boy friend. I was surprised to hear what she was asking for and deep inside I wanted to say no to it but because of our old friendship I hesitated in refuting and ultimately said yes to it.

They; Suchi and her boy friend were planning to come to my place on Friday evening and going out for a casual dinner taking me along and then staying at my place for two consecutive, Friday and Saturday nights. After saying yes to Suchi I was little uneasy within myself; at one end I was feeling as if I am supporting Suchi for doing something wrong and forbidden;

sex without marriage but this is also true that because of my loneliness I was feeling little aroused too. I won’t say I was dying without sex but still something was pinching me badly and I was feeling kind of jealous of Suchi, no need to say it was absence of sex in my life since long which was not letting me calm down.

Anyway eventually Suchi and his boy friend came and I was shocked to see that guy; Suchi was of my age, more or less 37 but I believe her boy friend was barely 25-26.Tall and good looking guy with good health, he smiled a bit while looking into my eyes and wished me hello while addressing me “Bhabhi…”.

I was ok with that but Suchi instantly came up with reluctance over that and told him to address me with my name Nita. Anyway leaving them in the living room I came to kitchen to make some tea and after a minute Suchi joined me and I giggled over her by saying that he is a kid, “ye to bacha hai” and Suchi left me speechless with a strange sensation hitting my sex hormones by saying

“ye bacha nahi hai…tujhe nahi pata kitna mazza aata hai isske saath bed par…he is a mind blowing fucker” as she said that I failed to reply back and apparently just smiled a bit. More or less after that we both came to living room and all three had tea together. Most of the time it was Suchi who was talking and don’t know why I was looking at that guy again and again.

His name was Kaushal, even though I did not had any such intentions for him but still I would say in female’s perspective he looked sexy to me, by caste Punjabi, quite rich, belonged to a bussiness family, light brown eyes, fair and tall with very good health and while having tea I don’t know when I started visualizing him fucking Suchi.

Some time passed may be half an hour when after tea Suchi told me to get ready to go out for the dinner. I tried to avoid and told them to go ahead with their plan but she did not agreed and I also got ready. Suchi and Kaushal were on public transport so I took my car and drove to nearby mall and after killing some time in some shopping we settled down in the good restaurant and had dinner.

Apparently everything was fine but deep inside I was really very uneasy, I don’t know what was happening to me, I was never like that, after getting married I never felt attraction for any male but that instant I was again and again looking at Kaushal’s cute face with strange attraction and he blushed whenever our eyes met.

Deep inside Suchi was very happy and in excitement she could not stop talking and up to an extent in that mind state whatever she was speaking it was useless for me. She was talking about Movies, her abroad trip and all, I was not at all interested in that, with a thought that after reaching back home this guy will fuck Suchi in my guest room I was getting slightly wet in my panties

and eventually I decided while they will fuck I will watch porn and fist my fuckhole after putting my son into sleep. Finally we reached back home and I started feeling heavy hearted, looking at Suchi and Kaushal as a happy couple I was madly missing my husband, to be more precise I was missing sex in my life.

It was not that before that day I never urged for sex but that day it was at its peak. Anyway we sat together for some time in living room with the television on and after certain time my son started asking me to sleep, I don’t know why I did not wanted them to go to have sex, probably I was jealous of Suchi but anyhow I could not do anything and saying good night to them I brought my son in my bedroom.

I lied with him and it took him 10-15 minutes to sleep and as I was sure that he is in sound sleep I switched on the laptop and saw the porn, movie started, I too started pleasuring my pussy but I failed to get my climax by fisting myself, I was not at all focused over what all was running on the screen, my entire brain was occupied in thinking what all Suchi and Kaushal will be doing

and after around 10 minutes of watching porn I got up to see if somehow I can get a glimpse of their fucking from the key hole and up to an extent I succeeded in that. Though it was not very clear but I saw glimpse of Kaushal’s heavy hips getting squeezed together again and again in downward thrusts, he was pumping Suchi’s fuckhole firmly while her legs were wrapped around his waist.

Where I started peeping, fucking ended in hardly in two minutes but for me those two minutes were more than enough to charge me up to maximum and after that I came back to my room entered in the bathroom and I fisted myself brutally under shower and somehow reached to my climax.

Even after masturbating I slept restless and in the middle of the night many times thought about getting up and peeping inside the guestroom again but I was tired, mentally and physically and ultimately I did not tried doing that and surrendered myself.

Next day was Saturday, I woke up early, did preparation for breakfast and later Suchi joined me in the kitchen and we had bit of conversation which aggravated my sex hormones further high. Trying writing that conversation word to word I would say since morning I was in mood of teasing Suchi and as she came I asked her how was her wedding night “Kaisi rahi teri suhag raat?”

and she replied by saying that this was her tenth or twelfth wedding night with him “isske saath ye meri dusvin ya baarvin suhagraat thi and like always it was mind blowing …bahut mazza aaya…I must say he is an amazing fucker…kamina raat bhar sone nahi deta” what was that?

I was expecting that it will be me who will tease her but Suchi was far ahead then me and eventually I stopped her speaking further with a tiny statement that she is envying me “Bus kar ab…tu to dil jalla rahi hai…” Suchi behaved surprised to hear that and she asked me back “you are jealous?”

I working in the kitchen facing away and I casually accepted without looking at her “than what… mujhe almost do saal ho gaye hain sex kiye hue…” “Ohh…Yes I forgot….teri Chut mein to do saal se Lund hi nahi gaya..” that was even more weird and not at all expected from Suchi, I turned to see her and I reacted over that with a smile “Shut up…mind your words”

and Suchi giggled over my reaction and replied by saying “I really enjoy speaking out this stuff, sex karte hue I speak all this like hell aur Kaushal bhi bahut achaa bolta hai ye sab….you know LUND, CHUT CHODNA and all” even though sometimes my husband also use to speak all this and up to an extent even I use to enjoy it but I reacted over Suchi more seriously “Stop it”

and Suchi surrendered “Ok…Ok…I am sorry but I want suggest you one thing, tu bhi ek boy friend banna le and just have fun…” “maaf kar mujhe….meri shaadi ho chuki hai” I replied back to her while continuing my work and Suchi replied to my words by putting her philosophy of life “I believe sex is meant just for fun…ye shaadi and all is entirely a man made thing..…”

I did not replied back to her words but smiled a bit over her mind set and that encouraged Suchi to speak more and she told me that she can help in tranquilizing my sex hunger “if you want…main teri sex pyas bujha dungi…” I looked at her face with strange surprise and she spoke again “I will suck your pussy” and in response I looked at her with furious expressions

and in response smiled again and ended the subject with a statement “I am sorry…I was just telling you that I am OK with doing that…you can ask me whenever you feel like doing it” By now my patience was over for this subject and I did not give any attention to what she said and continued my work.

We all had breakfast and after that with a schedule that they both will come back after dinner Suchi and Kaushal took leave for entire day. I spent almost whole day in solitude and since then isolation was never so killing, I was again and again recalling whatever I saw from the key hole,

though fucking I saw was of very short period and it was also not clear but because of that I just kept on leaking in my panties, around 5 my son went to neighboring flat to play with a child of his age and I played porn to watch but once again failed to concentrate on that, suddenly because of Suchi’s this sort of interference my physical desire was pitched to the height,

sexually I was never so restless that I fail to masturbate while watching porn. My body was demanding real man but still not for a moment it came in my mind that I can have sex with Kaushal, but as time passed my mental state went on going worse and I decided that I will watch them having sex clearly and I did arrangement for that.

I unbolted guest room’s widow, so that after moving curtain slightly I can watch them having sex while standing in the balcony and I did that comfortably. Suchi and Kaushal came back well passed to 9, by now my child was almost slept and I was eagerly waiting for them to come and start having sex.

After spending some time with me in the living room with a casual chit chat they both went into the guest room and after 5-10 minutes I reached to the window of that room through thin passage from the living room and saw Kaushal holding his rod and moving up and down with his own hand while lying stark naked on bed, Suchi was missing,

she was in the washroom but my eyes were glued to Kaushal’s thick long and fully erect Cock. From the window I was standing I could not make out exactly what his size was but it was significantly thicker than what my husband persist. After a minute Suchi came out of the washroom, as she was not in my vision I could not see her,

I realized when she spoke something which I could not understand but Kaushal turned to see her. In a moment Suchi also reached to the bed, now she was also in my vision and she was also stark naked. Holding her wrist Kaushal instantly pulled her on the bed and crushed her under his heavy body,

after kissing Suchi just for a minute she sucked her breasts and possibly bitten her erect nipples as for a moment Suchi cried in pain and tried to push him. He moved down and after licking her naval reached to Suchi’s crotch and in a moment started sucking her cunt like a thirsty dog.

Place I was standing I could hear everything but not see any face, Suchi was drifted up and I could see her lower half and buried into her pussy Kaushal’s face was between Suchi’s thighs. Suchi was moaning in pleasure in low voice while giving away her cunt juices to her boy friend and I don’t when I started rubbing my fuck opening with my finger.

I was wearing Capri and t-shirt and I soon felt my panty drenched in my cunt juices. After a minute or two Kaushal stopped sucking Suchi’s fuckhole and moved up to bring his crotch to collide with Suchi’s crotch and finally plunged her fuckhole with a sudden jerk. They were fucking and I could just see side view of their lower half, Kaushal was banging Suchi like mad and Suchi was moaning loud in pleasure.

After a minute or two Suchi wrapped her thighs around Kaushal’s pumping hips and soon after that they both climaxed with a loud groan. They were spent but I was reached to the peak of starving, it was the state; mental as well as physical which was not known to me, I was in heat and feeling as if I want to die while getting fucked but I could not do anything,

I wanted to cry because I could not see any way out of this miserable mind state, anyhow I could not dare to think anything weird like fucking with them. Suchi and Kaushal were lying lifeless on the bed after the fuck and I just remained there on the widow with a hope that after sometime they will start fucking again but after 5-6 minutes I saw Suchi got up and started wearing clothes

and heard her saying that she is going out to get the water. I rushed back and I wanted to get into my room before her exit from the room but I failed marginally and at the last moment turned to the kitchen and facing away from Suchi started filling glass of water from the tap of RO and Suchi chapped me on my shoulder tenderly from behind.

I turned and reflected surprised but instead Suchi was more surprised, I was sweating over my face like hell and she instantly asked me the matter “tujhe kya hua…why are you sweating so much” “I don’t know…abhi achanak hi garmi lag ne lag gayi” I fumbled a bit and offered her water filled glass and holding my wrist Suchi smelled my fingers in which I was gripping glass of water and smiled a bit and asked me,

“you were fisting….?” Though she was my childhood friend and I could accept it with a smile but in that mind state I felt embarrassed and for an instant denied by saying “nahi to….” Suchi smiled again, she knew that I am lying, my fingers were stinking with strange smell but she did not went into further detail and turned to fridge to get the bottle of cold water and walked away to her bedroom.

I came to my bedroom and laid on the bed lifeless and suppressing my desire to masturbate tried to sleep but after 10-15 minutes my phone rang and it was Suchi from the other room. She asked me if I have anything handy to eat in the house and I casually said if they want I can make sandwiches for them and she agreed and added hot coffee to list and further told me that she is coming out to help me to prepare all this.

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Radhika Enjoying Hot Sex With Her Jiju - V

Previously: Radhika Enjoying Hot Sex With Her Jiju - IV

I was waiting in my bedroom for Jeeju as I know he was just kidding & tonight is probably last night of our comfortable round he is not fool to skip this opportunity. As expected, after 15 minutes Jeeju knocked the door & I deliberately teased him by asking “kaun Hai????” He too was smart “Madam…..I m Milkman…..” I laughed & said “Is waqttt??“

He said “Madam I came to drink not to deliver????” I laughed & replied “Ohh Mann Get lost” ….At last I opened the door & he immediately showered colourful rose petals on me…….”Wwwwwooooowww….Jeeju……” U made me princesss…..” No honey……..”U are already Princess long back…….I recognized that yesterday……”

I blushed & we hugged each other…..I remembered & pushed him back……”Ho gayaa Office ka kaam?” “Arey Pagli……..Tumhare jaisee princess ke saamne hote hoove bhalaa aur koi kaam ho saktaa hai kyaa? Lekin tumhare Iss Taazgi bhare youvan ko match karne ke liye …….muje bhi to Nahakar fresh hona thaa naa!!!! “Ohhh I C”” I now looked at him…..fresh bathed.

Hmmmm…perfume bhi sexy lagayaa hai aapne…..Kal aap mujse kuchh kehne wale the naa…..? I asked…..”Yehi ki jab muje pehli pehli baar dekha tab se aap kuchh kuchh imagine karte rehte the”……….”Hmmm…..bahot kuchh….” “for example???” I tried to create the sensation in him.

But he was fully charged & quicky replied “Aap sun na chahogi yaa……experience karnaa….hmm? We looked into each other eyes & I started moving bit away from him …….he just kept looking at me going away & asked….”Bolo jaanoo,,,,,Aaaj kyaa iraadaa hai….? “ & winked at me…..I felt goosebump looking at him as he was giving killing…look.

“Kuchh nahi Jeeju…..& looked away” I was expecting move from him….& he came close…& said ……”Raadhika……Please….Marry me….!!!!!! U looks stunning hot…..” I cant stop myself…..please marry me……..” “Ohh Jeeju……Man se to main aap hi ki hoon……& hugged him” ….we both stayed mingled for a good long time…..& I felt his roaming hands …….on my partly bare back…

& felt his hot breadth …..below my ears n I started getting hot……he was smelling my hairs with deep breadth & simultaneously touching my soft skin of naval….& I nailed his back……with “……aaaaahhh…Jeeju….”……plzzzz…He started kissing me all over my neck.....& shoulder & I was restless so pulled his face holding his hair & straightway smooched his lower lip…

& we liplocked…..with erotic smooching sound……..& I felt his hands were playing with my vital delicate parts all over my body…..& I sucked his lips further hard…After about 10 minutes of deep smooching n saliva exchanges …….I broke the kiss & closed my eyes as I had almost lost my senses n was eager to be banged heavily. I laid on my back &

he immediately took charge of my body by falling over me…….& crushed my boobs under his chest…..”aaah……..Jeeju….slowly….thoda dhire…..” he removed my palloo & looked at my peeping cleavage & started smelling both of them. His hot breadth were melting me inside n I was releasing stream of juices……n rubbing my legs on each other.

He started kissing my cleavage flesh with small small teething bites n made red biting marks… as sweet memory……I was ouchedd. At each time he bite…… & his hands was roaming over my thighs above the cloths…..I was eager to be nude……so slowly raised my knee & poked his cock. … was huge one by then.

”Ohh Jeeju…maar daalo muje……..killl me plzzzz……..I want to die…taking you in me……..” I don’t know what nonsense I was talking...but seriously I was hungry for a good sex from Jeeju” “He slowly came near my naval & kissed my belly….& licked the flat tummy portion & I shivered with…..butterfly in my tummy……I just hold his head & snatched his hair…

”Aaaah…jjjeeeeejjjuuuu” & raised my triangle upwards….I think I was reaching at my destination (climax)……he sensed it & allowed me to release more n more jucies…..I with half closed eyes….chanted his name…….” Ohh Jeeju…..plzzzz…….Jeeeejjjju..” & slowly calmed down………& laid staright…..he was looking at me climaxing……& enjoying my state…

”Haaay Meri Raadhaa….mazaa aa rahaa hai….hmmm? “ I just replied in yes from shaking my head…….& smiled keeping my eyes closed. & he …..tuned me ……….& looking at my back…..he ….surprised as …..I had worn 1 ½ string blouse……& rest of the portion was bare………”Ohhh Raadhaa…..meri hottt……princezzzz.” & started kissng my bare back…

& I was awakened again…….from my previous climax…….the heat again lited in me…..n I uffffeddd……”ohhh Jjeejjju……U have so much patience …….really…….I appreciate……..” U know how to spend good time with a lady…& create a fire of lust in her body…….” ….he giggled at my rhythmic poetry & bite me….as compliment…

”Ouuchh….Jeeju…”…& he with his teeth started opening the knot of my blouse & deliberately bite me there…….”Ohhh ….yeahhhh….….” I gasped with jerk…….he finally untied me from back…..& started licking my back …..I felt his tongue all over my back & in between tiny smooches & kisses with sounds……..I tried to turn away….but he hold me ……& raised me up

& made me stand near the wall ……I was holding the blose……to hide ……& looked in his eyes guessing what next? ……..He came closed & started kissng all my upper part…from behind & turned me at him & showered plenty of hot kisses on my neck…n …cleavge & in one jerk…pulled my hands from my oranges & locked both hands upward resting at wall

& I closed my eyes……..with.uhhhmmmmm…….excitements……& he came close to me & said “ Jaaanoo….Apni aankhein kholo na plzzz…..zaraa Iss lamho ka mazaaa to lo……” Jeeju….muje bada…achha lag raha haai…….plzzz….rehne do muje band aankho me……” & he avoid to touch my any part for next 1 minute & I was eagerly waiting “where he will touch now?“

& I felt his hot tongue touch on my erected nipple…….& I shivered with moan……”hmmmm..with whisopering sound…”””Jeeejuuu” ….& then he gradually started touching my belly…& roamed over my oranges with a gentle feather touch……..I was oozinggg..& hold his leg with my leg……..he sucked my nipple & pressed another………& vice versa…

He completely squeezed my both the oranges & played good time with them & I was now restless to be banged……..So Ohh jeeju…& I hold his cock……& pulled him…….over the cloth……Chalo naaa…….plzzz…….de do naa……He looked at me & kissed on my eyes…….I understood & open my eyes & we smooched

& he started stripping me by removing each n every palloo of my sarrees rolling me again n again & within a minute he redcued me to 2 piece……..& I made him in 1 piece……& we were hot & excited for sexual pleasure…He bend down & started kissing my thighs & licked my triangle portion with smooching n slurping sound over the panty

& I was oozing more n more juices with a sexy moaning sounds “Ohhh Yeeeaaahhh…..Jiijjjuu….” & with asudden jerk…….removed my panty……& ufff……..I screamed & closd my thighs to hide ……..he smiled & kissed on my thigh & hold one thigh & rested on his shoulder & I enjoyed……& raised my head up with closed eyes…… & he found I was clean shaven…

so pinched my triangle part & teased me ……”Meri chikni……..chicken ……ready hai…..hmm……..Aaj Meri sexy Murgi achhi tarah se tayyar ho chuki hai. I shyed & heat his back with my toes…….& hold his head to adjust…….& rested it on V shape…..he kissed my pussy lips……& licked..the outer portion to make me shiver…….& parted them to suck inside…

I shook my pelvis with excitement n he hold it tight to keep his grip in tact……Also his other hand started pulling my already loose Bra…..& it fell down…….”Ohh yaaa….I screamed…..” he started playing with my nipple one by one & kept exploring my lovehole with his tongue ….twisting my pussy lips again n again……& I felt……m cummingg…

So tried to pushhh him…away to avoid embaracement but he ……..didnt allowed me …..& increased his slurping speed & I had no option but to………release…….fresh stream of juices …….& I…..breadth heavily to release…….& I felt he has fully crushed the lemon to extract maximum juices dripping all over my thigh & I herad his sucking sound.

”Ohh mann…..& shook my pussy…at his face. I said…………….”plzzz…plzzzz stoppp…Jeeeju…& pulled him above & smooched him……..badly………..” …….he hold my both the bums…….& I nailed his back……….We stick to each other for next few minutes.

“Jeeju……….I hold his……rod……& not satisfied So…….removed him out……& pulled his foreskin……….”ufff……..Raani…..” he scramed & adjusted my grip…….with his hands……..I started stroking his cock ……& he was enlarged to get me into bed…He hold me in his arms & I hugged him with my both hands & Legs…..& he put me on bed & gave his dick…..for blow job…

It was so long & thick as I was unable to gulp….but I tried & removed …& licked all his outer portion especially the cut….which made him restless…& he screamd “ Ohhh bebe…suck mmm hard….” & pushed my head further for gulping…..I took whole length of around 7” & felt it touching my deep throat..& teased his balls…..I started to & fro action & removing out I rubbed his top

& started stroking…….& I was again n again looking at him for watching his reaction…..he was with half closed eyes & relaxing smile on his face enjoying my BJ. I also started playing with my own cunt lips…After couple of minutes he removed out & started kissing me all over my parts…

& said”Ohhh meri Jaan…….” Tumne muje aaj……jaannatt ki khushi dee hai….” ….”Jeeju……I mmm too enjooyyinngg ……but now for god sake…….plzzzz……fkkkk me hard……” & he hmmed……..& took me in his custody in missionary position……..& immediately pushed his dick…….N straighwaway it went….deeep…& touched my womb…

& I felt………..extra drilling inside me to untouched area……..I felt he riped & tore my pusssy by a coupe of inch…….n I screamed with joy & pleasure……”haaashhhhh….Aaahaa……Jeeeeejjjuu” & hugged his back with my hands…..”come on come on…..honey…….aur tezzzz….” & he started stroking faster n faster…..I slowly covered his bums….with my thighs

& pushed his heaps to go more deeper n deeper……..” Aaj…..apni shaali ko poori tarah se le lo…..jeejjju…..aaaahhhh…….aaaah….bada……..achhaaa…..lag rahaa hai…..” “haaan jaanam…….muje bhi extra digging se superbbbbb feel ho raha hai……” he changed his rhythm & circled his heaps with deep deep strokes that touched all my inside sensitive points

& I feel that touched my Brain veins directly…….& I screamed “ Ohh Jeeeju……aaaahhhaa……” he asked How do u feel jaaanoo??? I simply……expressed in one word “ relaxummm ……Jeeju…….Relaxumm” I slowly headed towards climax….& physically also got “Relaxxuumm” & sprayed my juices on his cock who was still active inside.

He rested for couple of minutes to allow me re-gain my senses & came close to me & said “” Raadhikaaa…..ab pichhe se…..doo plzzz…….” I misunderstood ( About ass-hole) & immediately refused….So he said…..”Okk raani which Pose we should try now…….” “Jo aap ko achha lagey Jeeju….” & hugged him…lekin kuchh ghalat hole me matt karo…….”

He smiled & said “Pagli……mein to doggy….style…keh rahaa hoon….””kyunki maine kai baar dreams me tumhe ….back to back karte hoove imagine kiya hai……..tumhaare lambe,ghane aur kale Baalo ko...pakad K pichhoo se enjoy karnaa hai……” “Ohh Jeeju…….bade besahram ho aaap bhi naa……..” & slapped on his bum……

He turned me on my four……& stood behind me……& pampered my bums…….with petting slaps…..thaap thaap….n said …”Meri ghodi……ready ???......I just shook mu bums…in acceptance & closed my eyes as I know it will not that easy for me to bare……..he applied some ……creams ….on my pussy lips & hold my naval ……& put his one leg on bed

& searched the exact hole with his dick-top……I felt……thick….sensation below……& once he found….slipeery entry….he starighaway…..pushhhedddd…..”Ohhhhhh…….yeeaaah…..” I moaned ….& with sudden jerk about to fall but Jeeju hold me from my naval & I reversed my movement….& felt deep deep penetration.

We got a good matching rhythm & we thoroughly enjoyed the doggy session……he hold my long hair & made Thick..choti….& with that slapped on my bums which gave me strange enjoyable feelingzz & I screamed…”aaaaahhhh..aahh..juujjuujuujjuu. ( I skipped correct pronounciation in sexcitement) “Ohh Raadhikaaa…..meri raaani.,…….mazaa…aa gayaa. Yaar……”

he was having terrific stamina……..& I was lucky… have a man like him……we fucked each other in forward n backward movements for long 15 minutes with proper stop n start technique & finally we both moaned loud & collapsed together with ……heavy orgasim. He fell on my back & we rested for long 1 hour.

I was sleeping but he awakened me & took me on his top & told me to ride……..I was not in mood as deadly tired due to wild doggy encounter……but he enlighten me with his active love making & foreplay arts. & I started riding on him …with soft moaning sounds…””Jeeju…..muje paagal kar diyaaa re……” & he was busy playing with my Oranges & nipples…

& we were looking into each other eyes with smile & making gentle thigh movements for slow n steady fuck…I bend down & kissed his cheeks……& whispered….”’jeeju….mere rajjaaa….plzzz…..chhodd naaa…..m tired….” “haan raani……tezz trezz chodoongaa…to achha lagega….…..” I nailed him…….& said……haan…….plzzz….zaldi zaldi….chodo…”

& he raised his speed from below…..& rolled me on my back & climb over me & enhanced his speed tremendously like jet engine…..& with deep gasping sound…..”raadhikaa.ooohh raadhikaa….mmm cumminggg bebe……” & finally released her seed ….deep deep…inside….” The game was over now………we slept…..calmly till morning when he heard his mobile ringing…

at around 7 Am….It was a urgent call from his sister……….”Bhaiyaa……..Jaldi se Hosiptal Aa jaao……..Didi ko labour Pain ……..start ho chukaa hai……” We both immediately got up & freshened & rushed to Hospital. Don’t forget the last part…………..& guesss what will be the climax of this sexual & emotional story…

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Radhika Enjoying Hot Sex With Her Jiju - IV

Previously: Radhika Enjoying Hot Sex With Her Jiju - III

Thank you very much all the readers, I liked your comments & m quite happy that u all liked my story n some of u could relate their own life with my story. Its really a difficult for a person to take the right decision at this stage & it leads to lot of mental & emotional battle within oneself.

I know ethically I have taken wrong decision from Social point of view but honestly I don’t regret it now…….as I got a heavenly pleasure from Jeeju since then…..I m ready to pay the price for it…….whatever it may be.

Jeeju left for the hospital at around 11 AM leaving me behind with his bye bye kisses……& reminding me again to be ready in the evening..for further sexciting episodes. I blushed & pushed him… close the door. After closing the door I was looking him going from window & he gave me flying kiss……while riding on his bike & I smiled with ……shyness.

I moved towards kitchen for the preparing lunch as once Jeeju will relieve his mother, she will come alongwith his younger sister (as they both chose to stay overnight at hospital near my sister) After a while I got message on my whatsapp. It was Jeeju……” Hey honey!!!!!!! I feel too good…as if I got the energy drink………….Thanks yaar….”

I smiled…..& replied……”My pleasure Jeeju……” I wrote again……” Jeeju dont forget to delete this messages”….He sent me a smiling smiley.with Thumbs Up. I was so excited with my new relationship…….that I felt “zindagi me fir se bahaar aa gayee….& I was time n again looking myself at mirror to check my glowing n shining face…like newly engaged Girl”

Really for whatever reason…….Jeeeju enlighten my Originality.which I had lost since last many months. Again at around 1 PM I got another message from him …….” Heyy Jaan…..Aaj kyaa try karna hai???......” I blushed and…..chose not to reply…….He again asked “ Boll naa…..meri…..ssonii kudee….” “ummm….jaao naa….matt cheedo muje……” I replied…

He again wrote “……dekh sidhi tarah se bataa de warnaaa………..? “ I wrote in rowdy tone “ Warnaaa Kyaa Kar loge hmmm? ……..” Tuje pata nahi…..kabhi didi se pooch lenaaa….Jab muje koi isss mamle me pareshaan karta hai to me khatarnaak ban jaata hoon. “ ……….I laughed & replied “ Jaao Jaao…….aap kyaa kar loge?”

“Itna tadpaoonga naa……u will be completely wet……..n then will beg me for fuckkk” Jeeju ka to message read kar ke hi I was feeling…..wet……..So I just…”hmmm…..lets see…Baadal Khaali garajte hai yaa barasnaa bhi jaante hai???” “Achhaa….chellange…….kar rahi ho??? Hmm?“ “…..jaaaon naaa……..muje nahi khelni koi game…….Aap bade wo ho…..” …..”

To jaldi se batao…..kaise dogi aaj……..” “ Aaj kuchh bhi nahi milne waalaa “ I replied & I went offline. Around 1.30 PM His mother & sister came & I inquired about the status of Bina…….she is absolutely fine but we will have to wait… the desired pain needed for delivery is not yet enough. But sonography shows Baby is fine. & kicked again n again & they started laughing.

I was tensed so got some relief. They were badly tired so I served them hot Food & they left in their room for a nap. At around 2.30……Landline rang ….I picked the the phone “ Hello…….” “Hi jaaan……..what r u doing? “Jeeju…….muje marwaaoge aap…….” Kyun….??? “ “Abhi just Aap ki mummy n sister sone gayee…” “Ohh that’s good……….tum muje daraa rahi ho yaa hot-chat ke liye ground clear hai ye hint de rahi ho???

“Arrey mera matlab wo log just abhi gaye hai to jag rahe hoge???” ……”haan to okk…..naaa…Bedroom Ye phone se kaafi door hai……chalo bolo kuchh decide kiya ya nahi?? “
“Kitne besharm ho….Jeeju..wahaa Didi ki haalat par to reham karo…….” “ Arey yaar wo to so rahee hai……doctor ne abhi abhi medicine dee hai…..”

I m getting bore… thought thodi spice chat kar loo tumse.” “hmm…….lekin muje kahaan spice-chat aati hai???” I replied………..” Achha…..muje ek baat batao……Kyaa kabhi….tumne …..Oral…kiya hai??? He straighaway asked………”I…fumbled & kept watch at bedroom ……what???? What’s that?…… “ ………”

Paagal…….tum dono paagal ho…….zindagi kaa sahi Looft to Oral me hai……..Just imagine a gentle wet n slurpy touch….on your ….verticle lips….” ……Jeeejuuuuuu.plzzz…..”..Arrey….achhaa lagegaa….kasam se…..” ….”Jaaao….muje baat nai karni……..”

Chalo jaane do……ye bataao….kabhi………Open climate me game kii hai???? “Kyaaa bakwaas hai Jeeju……u r day dreaming or what??? “Arey baba….Raat ko Terrace par khuli hawaa me….karne ko open climate game kehte hai……” ……Really I loved the way Jeeju was teasing me…..describing various pose n position…

actually he was trying to remove my balance left shame by this erotic chat……..So that I start accepting & expecting him…….”.I liked it……..n after 15 minute of Lustful chat…..I disconnected after saying…….”Matt pareshaan karo abb…….shaam tak wait karna …..mushqeel ho jaayega……zaldi aa jaanaa” & he smooched me before keeping…

I immediately used the washroom & found myself wet………I thought….”Jeeju is so naughty…….Didi is very Lucky…….” ……..I stayed there for few more time & started playing with my clitoris……in anticipation of Jeeeju’s name……..& …..released myself….also rubbed my erected they had grown fast during erotic telephonic chat.

I completely…..relaxed myself with finger n chanting “ohhh….Jeejjjuu..Jeeejuuu” & finally discharged & made myself calm……… It was almost 4 PM now…….I was eagerly awaiting for Jeeju’s arrival as I was so restless to feel him personally.

At around 4.30 PM his mother wake up n came to kitchen for preparing Tea & I stopped her & said Aunty Aap aaraam karey….mein abhi chaay bana k le aati hoon……….she thanked me & went to bedroom to awake her daughter. I served Hot Tea n biscuits to them & they thanked me and…….bothered for trouble given to me………I said.” No.aunty……its my duty afterall……Bina is my sister…” …….”

Jeeju’s Mother praised me for my Look, Manners & co-operative nature & advised me……U r so beautiful & kind enough shall I find match for u….as in my Temple group of Ladies ….I may start looking for you as many ladies have unmarried son. I just politely denied & said “Aunty…..muje abhi boutique pe concentrate karna hai…….”

& she smiled & kept her hand on my head n said ………agar mera aur ek beta hotaa……to main hi tuje rakh leti…” dono behne ek saath hoti to koi pareshaani naa hoti. “ I just smiled shyed & went to kitchen. I liked her concern for me………but …….there is no meaning in thinking further…

They both again prepared themselves for Night stay at Hospital & Mother advised me “ Tere Jeeju…..ka khayaal rakhna haan……Ooske food ke mamle me bahot nakhre hai………” I smiled n replied…….Haaan aunty aap fikar naa karey……aap ko shikaayat ka mauka nahi doongi. She hugged me n they left for Hospital.

I smiled on her concern n felt jealous on my sister……she got very good hubby n mother in law. The time was around 6.30 PM n again I was alone…….lost in forthcoming…….session…….I was watching TV but my eyes were visualizing the hot encounters with Jeeju…….as he narrated in afternoon………..I felt Goosebumps all over my body…….n …….went to washroom again…

I slowly….opened my button of Top ………removed my inner…….& started roaming my hand all over various parts…….reminding of Jeeju…….”Ohhh Jeeju…….bade besharam ho aap…….muje kahin ka nahi chhoda aap ne……….ye kyaa haal banaa diya hai….mera……dekho…….khud bhi kitni…..behayaa ho gayee hoon……….apni hi body se khud khel rahi hoon…

I spent good time with my own private parts…….for almost half an hour & drained myself……in the loving memory of My Jeeju. …….released million drops of jucies…n finally spent myself.…..................I took a quick shower bath & freshened myself wear fresh Leggings n tops & went to kitchen for making Dinner.

As Jeeju was expected around 8.30 PM & I need to finished the cooking & getting ready with Blue saree & other stuff as he instructed ……….as it was part of my lost chellange. At around 8.40 he knocked the door & as soon as I Opened……..he was stunned looking at me……….Wwwooooooowww….Raadhikaa…..!!!!!!!!!!

Kasam se…..Muje yakeen nahi ho rahaa hai……..I m in my dream world Raadhi……….I blushed & looked down as I have not only worn the Blue saree but also had applied all make up which a married woman apply Like Sindoor, anklets, Green colour Bangles & also worn Mangalsutra…

His surprise was expected…….as after almost 1 year I again applied all this on my body……..& he exclaimed n said “Life ho to aisiii………n wife ho to aisiii…” N that made me fly high in sky……….but I cried………& became too much emotional……..He consoled me……..& hugged me ……..heyyy……sach me Radhikaa……u r mind bloowwing…..Kasam se…….tum hameshaa k liye meri BV ban jaao…”

Like a married Bajirao weds Mastaani”……….I laughed at his filmy ……comment & slapped his back n said ……..”Jaaao naa Jeeju……..Aate aate hi shuroo ho gaye……..” Hmm muje bhi jaldi se dinner finish karnaa hai…………Aaj office ka bahot saraa kaam jo karnaa hai,…….Boss ne phone kar k instruction de diyaa hai…….& I just looked at him with weired face…&

understood he is teasing me……..but I show attitude & rushed to kitchen to serve him & after serving him I just instructed him to keep the remainders in kitchen on your own as I m tired & going for sleep. & went to my bedroom.

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Radhika Enjoying Hot Sex With Her Jiju - III

Previously: Radhika Enjoying Hot Sex With Her Jiju - II

Thank you very much all the readers, I liked your comments & m quite happy that u all liked my story n some of u could relate their own life with my story. Its really a difficult for a person to take the right decision at this stage & it leads to lot of mental & emotional battle within oneself.

I know ethically I have taken wrong decision from Social point of view but honestly I don’t regret it now…….as I got a heavenly pleasure from Jeeju since then…..I m ready to pay the price for it…….whatever it may be. Let's move to a third part of the story from what we ended up in part 2.

At around 7 AM I got up after late night encounter & found Jeeju still in a deep sleep…….I was still clothless & realizing this…….i covered myself with shawl & immediately went to washroom…I saw my face in mirror & found myself…..shining n glowing …….but also I felt guilty & with confused state of mind I sat down on the floor thinking about what I have done…

ultimately I owe my loyalty towards my real elder sister n I lost it. ……I was upset & about to cry…but let me admit honestly……..the relief & pleasure I got from Jeeju..was outstanding & reminding this….I told myself that what I have done was the desperate desire & far more ahead of guilt for my acts.

I would have died out of frustration & depression had I deprived from the manly pleasure from My lovely Jeeju. I consoled myself & thought “Jo ho gayaa so ho gayaa…..but ab aagey kuchh bhi aisa nahi karoongi, jis se muje dobara guilt feel ho” I freshened myself & prepared Tea & Breakfast for both of us & went to bedroom with Tray & tried to awake jeeju

“Jeeju……chalo Ottho…kaafi der ho chuki…..hai….aap ko hospital bhi to jaana hai naa……” he avoided & said “ ummm…..sone donaa….kaafi dino k baad aisee meethi nind aayee hai”……& I blushed…….”Nahi Jeeju……..bas bahot so liye……..” & pinched in his stomach (Gudguddee) ...he fumbled out of laughter pain & pulled me in his arms by force & I fell down in his arms…

”mmm.jeeju chhoddo naa…..” “Please ……ab muje kuchh bhi nai karnaa hai……” Jo hoova wo theek nahi thaa!!!! But ab aage aur kuchh nahi karnaa………listening this…….he looked into my eyes & asked R u serious??? & I couldn’t answer him because (honestly) I wanted to enjoy further but my conscious was biting me.

So just kept staring at him & then lowered my eyes….with …..tears……..Jeeju simply hugged me to console & said……..don't feel guilty dear……..You have not done anything wrong…….A man can find many options outside but Where the Woman will go in your situation? Its better & safer to find out companion within the family for this basic needs of life.

& started caressing my open naval ( I was in Black border-Red flower designed saree) …I shivered thro’ his touch but I was firm so controlled my lust & got up away from him. “Please …….Jeeju…… more….” …I have kept your Hot water ready in bathroom…….just finished your Tea-breakfast n freshened up as I m also coming to Hospital today.

Jeeju disappointed & worried on my reaction …..n might be in fear that I will reveal the last night’s incidence to anybody for confession……so he told me “ Okkay…..Raadhika….but I request… keep secrets those moments between us only” ….”I replied with rough attitude “ I know Jeeju……..”……..he felt insulted on my attitude reply & went to bathroom.

I looked at him from back………& felt….” Unncesesarry …..I insulted him as I was also part of the sin……& thought “without a woman’s approval No man can dare to indulge her in sexual encounter” …..I slowly murmured “sorry Jeeju….” Which he heared & without looking back he entered the Washroom & closed the door….slightly banged……”

I sat on sofa … deep thinking…….& after 5 minute……I heared that…”Raadhika……..There is no shampoo….I think its finished……please give me from reserve stock………” I said “ Okk jeeju abhi layeee” I took out the shampoo bottle from mini-cupboard & went near bathroom door & knocked…..he was fully soaped so just opened the door &

I was about to access my hand for giving shampoo bottle but accidentally I put my leg on the soap kept on the floor & I slipped badly n was about to fell down & he immediately hold me in his arms…..n saved my worst injury which was almost certain……& he too fumbled with my sudden body weight on him but he hold the shower pipe & kept his balance in tact…

in a process my hand hold the Tap coke & it got automatically turned on & shower got started & water started flowing on me………Ohhhh shitttt…….I screamed & shivered due to chilling water on my body……& he immediately poured hot water to reduce my chill pain…….I looked into his eyes & he took me closed to his body & said “”” see……this is also a signal from the destiny…

that we should always stick to each other…….” & I smiled…….n tried to get rid of his arms “Hato……..jaao……naa jeeju…..” & I forgot to check that in the meantime my palloo of Saree was also fell down n my oozing…cleavage was visible & feasting his eyes…….”

Plzzz……Raadhi…..Ye…mango… dedo……” and I slapped slightly with fun “Mere naughty Jeeju…..tum kab sudhroge???” n I started moving towards the bathroom door……….but I was onnn & desperately wanted to have itt again .……he just kept watching my back…going away from him……& I was about to exit from the door &

My inside lustful women arisen again n instead of moving out ……I locked the door………& turned back…..he was looking at me with a smiling face…..I just looked his built-up body…..his strong arms……his muscular….fitt….bicaps….his well maintained…….chest……& his flat tummy….he was in his inner….& his entire body view enlightened the fire of lust in my famine body

& I mentally prepared myself to enjoy one more time……before I decide this episode to stop…..I kept looking at him….with lust in my eyes..& noticing this he raised his eyebrows (Kyaaa?) & I became little bold ……& myself removed palloo slowly from its place & Jeeju stunned looking at my reaction…

he was more surprised with my reaction rather than looking at the view of my round orange shape……I …winked at him……with a lustful smile..n he with wide mouth open…looking dumb……..& I pushed him to the wall & started nailng his chest & arms ……..he shivered due to sharpness of my nail ……made red rashes in his hands & chest…..& due to running water in it…

it burned him more……He just……screamed “ Aaaah….Radhii……..” & I kissed his neck & bite his ears little wildly to give him some pain……& he again screamed “ooohh….jaan….” & immediately hold my hair & raised my face to return the pleasure & started kissing over my entire face …..making slurping & sucking sounds……meanwhile I checked his erection &

found him rock hard & straight under his shelter……So pressed him hard & challenged him to come out & show your power………& looked into his eyes……….he was looking up with closed eyes & enjoying my handling the job…….I asked “ Kaisaa lag rahaa hai Jeeju???????” …”Ohh Raadhi……u r hot woman……..muje aisii hi ladki ki talaash …thi”

“barso se tadap raha hoon iss treatment ke liye…………..karo Jaan karo………aise hi karti raho” ……..I sucked his nipples….& slowly…….moved down & kissed his flat tummy…….He was lost in heaven..n ……..murmurring my name… ”Ohhh……Raadhika……meri…….raaani….kyaaaa kamaal kar rahi ho tummm………”

..plzzzz…..carry onnnnn…..karti raho….aise hi…..& I rub his nipple & making smooching sound kissed his chest…..I felt I was also leaking below ………between my legs…….. He tried to lift me up…..& smooched me…..with deep stroke of his tongue inside & I gave equal feedback by gripping his tongue in mine….we both had become the victim of unsatisfied lust within us…..&

so trying to take the maximum advantage of this opportunity…….he raised my face holding hairs & kept smooching me wildly & with each of his wildness my hand-grip was becoming strong on his dick……& I have raised his length substantially thro’ my touch & clutch…..he was desperate to fuck me……… he screamed…..” Let me fuckkk……Raadhi …..plzzz……letme fuckk…..”

& without warning……I removed his inner…….& his rocked……harddd….diccck.came out like a tiger from the cage……& I hold his head….& looked in his eyes…..with a killer smile…..he was mad with lust & grunting his teeth he …pulled me close & smooched me again,…he literally started tearing off my cloths in hurry…….to made wild intercourse with me………..

& removed saari……& rolled me couple of times ….I too extended my co-operation & removed it……..he pulled me again & started unhooking my Red blouse……which he could do easily……& hold my bum….to touch his dick…….& it straightaway poked in my Pubic part……….I moaned & he said “ Meri Raani…..aaj poori taraah se ……nikall doong tera…saara paani…..”

& I hmmmedd..with moaning sound……I felt I literally oozed at his words………He immediately opened ……my 1 1/2 string of petticoat….& untied it to my ankle…….I was now only in my 2 pc. Inner…..both were hot. red…“Ohhh my Goodd………” his reaction……… What a woman u are…….I m hot lucky mannn…….he proud on himself…

I moaned & smiled at him………(of course apni sexual image ki taarif kissey achhi nahi lagti?!!!!!”) He just turned me back & enjoyed my back flavor by kissing on back…..shoulder area……& poked his cock between my bums……I was getting mad to get fukedd. & made lustful moaning sound……to enlarge him further………he just touched my triangle from front &

started rubbing it over the cover……”Ohh yeaaah……..Jijjuu….” .jusss…just keeepp doingggg…ittt” his magical fingers on my pussy part was creating miracle inside my body…..& I released fresh stream of erotic juices …which he felt & suddenly inserted his hand….& touched the bare part…..”ohhh maa.mmaaa” I screamed….& strated biting my own lips with excitement …

he giggled & said …..Abhi to sirf….Mammmaaa yaad aayee hai naa!! Dekhna Raadhi…tumhe aise chodoongaa kl tumhari….Naani yaad dilaa doonga……” & he removed it fully down & I Immediately raised my leg to get rid of it…..he also pulled the string of my Bra……& removed the elastic from shoulders kissing them…& made me free from all the cloths…

Now we both were…..bathing in shower…..with our natural beauty body….We cuddled each other & he said…..” See Radhikaa…..How beautiful & hot u r……..U deserved a man like Mee…….& I too complimented him…….Jeeju…….u r a hunk……which any Girl would like to have in her arms………” ………Jeeeju……….plzzz……kar do…….jaldi se……..aag lagi hoovi hain……..andar…….plzzz……bujaa do”

& I hold his cock & guided towards my hole ......tried to insert in my hole……but I was not comfortable……….So he tried & partly inserted with my uuuuffff….sound…….He thought he is on right track……so pushed hard………..” Ohhh no………Jeeju…..” I screamed…..& …..pushed him backwards to remove…… he inserted in wrong place………”

He again tried……& again wronged….So He changed the position & made me standing rested at wall…… & raised my one leg…….& tried to insert again.,……it went at right place & Jeeju started stroking more…….I felt Hot Iron rod inside my hole & with scream & wide open eyes & mouth…..I hugged him tight & sucked his shoulder .....bite it.....& he fastened his movement

& I felt I m falling down due to slippery surface………He too felt the same due to soaps & shampoos lying spread on the floor……I screamed “ Ohhh jeeeju……plzzz………muje bed pe le chalo……..plzz…….bed pe” …..he understood & removed his dick……& hugged me to hold & I climbed on him he lifted me…… & straightaway rested me on bed…….&

started kissing me…….at my genetile part……I fumbled……”Ohhh jeeeju……..dont waste time…….plzzzz……….fkkk mee e hardddd” ……..”I will bebe I will…….fuckk…y hard……but u will have to promose me……..” he said……….“No promise…….plzzzz……do it………..” “No bebe………first u promise…me.……..”

“Okaaay baba tell me whattt? “ I was desperately needing a nice fuck so surrendered & asked…. “That U will never stop this divine relationship……….hmmmm” “Ohhh jeeeju………plzzzz…..fukkk me now naaa……..” “No way………..saali……memsaaab………aaj to promise ke baad hi fuccckkkkkkkinggg.hogi..”

Plzzz. Jeeju ziiidd mat karo………” …………”Nahi……Raadhikaaa”…….”maan jaao naa…mere pyaare Jeeju…..He didn’t fucked me till I said at last……….” Achhaa mere sexy jeeju…….tum jitey mein haari……..” nahi aise nahi…….” Kaho ke hum hameshaa….Inn lamho ko aise hi enjoy karte rahenge……saari zindagi ..” I smiled & shook my head in yess……he hugged me tight &

showered plenty of kisses on me on every part of my body…….sucked my nipples…….& tried to suckkk my pussy too…..I stopped him & asked……..” Jeeju….aap ko roz ek egg chahiye yaa aaj hi poori murgi khaani hai? “ …….Plzzz… fir kabhi……..” ……He smiled on my intelligency & said “ fir kabhi nahi….raani…..aaj raat ke liye…….” & I hummed ….with smile…..”Now jusss.fkkk me plzzz...

He too agred & stood near bed & widen my thighs & straightaway aimed & deeply inserted his cock……& it went .with a friction……to which I arched my body……..& made hissing sound… ”issshhhhh” & he immediately got a grip holding my legs apart & made quick in n out movements…I ….snatched the bedsheet & raised my head…….with wide open mouth & closed eyes…

& made my pelvis movement…….in contrast to his movement…….we both lost in heaven……as he fucked… for 15 minutes & I climaxed couple of times at regular intervals & finally both climaxed at same time…………I was tired like hell…….but felt relaxed like resting in heaven………got up & told him…

”Jeeju……see the watch…..its already 10 …..Didii must be waiting for U” "Lekin tum bhi saath aa rahi ho naa? "Nahi Jeeeju....I would love to stay at home & cherish these memorable moments" "Didi se kehnaa I m not well…" I don't want to show my pleasant face to anybody to arouse suspicion in their mind" he agreed & complimented my sharpness

"Shaam ko… Blue saari pehannaa….hmmm…..he showed me diddi’s wordrobe …….I hmmmed…..& he whispered…..shaam ko muje poori murgi khaani hai……samji???.......I smiled & “haaan……jeeju……Murgi ready rahegi”.......Even I was desperate for evening's lustful these pleasure journey might end any moment why not to enjoy it to its maxxx??!!!!!

Please be liberal to offer your comments.........dont just enjoyyy......make me enjoyyyyy thro' your encourage me to write more..... I m so excited to know your feedback. Thanks.

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Guy Watching Teacher Mom Getting Fucked Nicely

Hi all. I am studying in school. I want to tell you about an incident which you might find exiting. I had just finished my final exams and was enjoying a nice vacation till the results would be out. My mom is a school teacher for primary section. She is in her late 30s, 5 feet 4 inches in height, having a statistics of 34-30-36. She is whitish and has long silky hair till her ass.

She always wears sleeveless blouse and chiffon sarees. She has a craze for those transparent sarees. At home she wears a sleeveless gown. At home just me, mom and dad live. I know that many neighbours would glance at her when she used to come from work or market. I was just enjoying the vacations after exam.

My mother told that the teachers are all going for picnic for a one day trip. My mom asked if I was interested in coming. She said if I don’t go with her, dad will not allow her go there. I told no to her since I knew that all uncles and aunties of her school will be there and I was not interested at all.

But then my father told me that if I go with mom we both can go to picnic, from there to my cousin’s place for vacation so I readily agreed. Then my mom asked me to pack my bag and take all I needed to eat at night. Then in the morning she woke me up at 5:30 and told me to take bath and come. I came and dressed quickly. I saw mom.

She was wearing a light green colored chiffon saree and a sleeveless blouse. Today she had taken a hair bath and her hair was silky and so she left it loose. I could clearly see her black bra inside. Then we both caught a taxi and went to her school at 7.

There was a semi deluxe bus standing at the gate and I asked my mom how many teachers were there in all she said 25 female and 7 male teachers. Then all the teachers saw me and asked me how I did in the exams how much I will get. I wanted to in which stream I liked and blah blah. Then the bus started at 7 30. I and mom sat in the 2nd seat behind the driver.

All the teachers were talking to one another. Then some teachers called me back and started speaking to me then I came forward to my seat after half an hour and I saw that mom was sitting with Sharma uncle and laughing with him. I went and sat behind them and was listening what they were talking. I couldn’t hear because it was all too noisy.

Then I saw a mirror hanging on the separation wall between the driver and the first seat and it was tilted downwards. I could see that Sharma uncle was playing with my mom’s navel hole removing her saree slightly from her belly and she kept rubbing her hand on his thighs. Then all the teachers told that they will play antakshri.

I was not interested so I picked my video game and started playing. I was keeping a watch on both of them. After few minutes I saw that they both were standing last at the back and all teachers were singing and uncle was keeping his hands on my mom’s ass. He was rubbing it very slowly and feeling the softness of her huge flesh over there.

Mom was enjoying it very much but she was careful also. So she requested him to stop. But Sharma uncle was not removing his hand. Mom then very careful tried to saw that if anybody watching them or not. Then she suddenly gave a quick squeeze on Sharma uncle’s balls over his pant. Sharma uncle jumped with this sudden attack and removed his hand from my mom’s ass.

Mom smirked. No one watched it because mom did it very quickly with the blink of an eye. I was very keenly watching it and I got a hard on. Then after 3 hours we reached Lonavala. Then we asked the driver to park the bus near the Bushi Dam waterfall. Although water was not flowing outside the lake was completely full with water.

All the teachers told that here down it’s very dangerous since it is deep but if we climb a little upward then there was a small pond where they could relax. Then after walking for half an hour we reached there. All the teachers jumped into the water and started splashing water on each other.

Even my mom and uncle were inside the water and playing. I just hung around since I was not interested. Then after sometime my mom said she forgot the camera and told she will get it from the bus. Sharma uncle told that he will go with her. I slowly followed them to the bus. Then they met some other teacher on the way who went to get their cameras.

I quickly went ahead them and sat inside the bus at the last seat. After 10 minutes my mom and Sharma uncle came inside the bus. All the windows were shutdown. Immediately both started kissing each other. Sharma uncle took my mom in his arms and started pressing her ass with one hand and her boobs with other.

After few minutes of fierce kissing and biting they whispered something to each other. Then they both laid down on the floor of the bus. Her hair was set loose by him and he started to remove my mom’s pallu and after that he slowly removed her blouse. Then my mom removed her bra and I saw her totally naked boobs.

It was damm big and white in color. Her nipples were big, uneven and black in color. He started sucking it. My mom started moaning loudly … she said “UFFFF itna jor se mat choso ….mai pagol ho joungi. (don’t suck it to hard otherwise I will become mad). Sharma uncle then started kissing her naval and pressed her boobs with both the hands.

This is the first time I was seeing my mother in this position. I never knew she had such a desire for other man. Later I came to know that mom and Sharma uncle was having an affair for almost 5 years and he was fucked her every chance he got. In the mean time Sharma uncle pulled up my mom’s saree and went for the panty and slid it down till her knees and started licking her cunt.

She started moaning more loudly and he started fingering her. They were taking heavy risk because any one could come near the bus and listen to her moan. He then removed his shorts and he did not wear any inner wear. Sharma uncle then inserted his cock in her cunt and she moaned more now.

She told “dheere se lagao na baba…… uuff dukh raha hai … but he didn’t listen to her and started banging her very hard. I thought he would not last long because he was fucking her very very hard. But I was amazed to see his energy. He was fucking her like an automatic machine.

Mom moaned “aur nahin……..ab bas koro….. is bar tume or vi mouka milega” …… but he was not listening to her request. He was in his seventh haven. Then mom used a trick to make him empty quickly. She started playing with his balls and sometimes pinched his balls hard ... within a minute he cummed in to her pussy.

As soon as the fuck was over mom quickly sat on the floor of the bus and started wearing her dresses. Sharma uncle also followed her but he was not very satisfied with the fuck. He needed more. I watched my clock. They did it very quickly within 20 minutes of time. I understood that they did it before. Then they both got up and cleaned everything and went out. I then quietly followed them.

We all reached back. We were engaged in the picnic, they both started clicking photos and then we ate there at the lake side and it was evening we came to a hotel and had some snacks and drinks. It was around 6 pm my mom told me that she has to go to one of her relative’s house and leave me there at that place. Tomorrow she will take a bus from there and leave.

Suddenly Sharma Uncle told us that it is not good going alone at this time. He said he will come with us. He told us that he will leave mom at the relative’s house and will return to Mumbai taking a night service bus. So we bid other teachers farewell and they went back to Mumbai. We took a lift in a taxi and got down at Pune S.T depot. Then it was already 8.

My mom told that the house is near and asked Sharma uncle to come. Then we went to relative’s house and only relative grandmom and grandfather were there at home. My mom introduced Sharma uncle to them and told they were colleagues and they knew each other for a long time. She said he came to leave us here since it was not safe to go alone.

Grandmother and Grandfather thanked him for his help and asked him to have dinner with us. We had Dinner at 9:15 and by 9: 45 he said that now he will go back to Mumbai. Then my mom said it’s late, and requested him to go in the morning with her. Even my grandparents also told him that it’s late and he should go in the morning.

They have a hall and a room in the ground floor and we have 2 rooms and a balcony in the upper floor. That night me and mom slept in one room and Sharma uncle in the other room. We went to bed at 11 pm after chatting for some time with our grandparents. They asked me about how I did in my exams and what my plans are after the exam.

I told that I will go to my cousin’s place here at Pune the next day and stay with them for a week. Then mom, Sharma uncle and my grandparents were talking while I watched some TV programs. I knew at night something was 2 happen. After we went to our rooms mom locked the door. She then changed her saree and wore a sleeveless gown.

I could clearly see her huge boobs because she dint wear a bra. After changing her dresses she went in to the attached bathroom and there she removed her panties. I pretended to fall asleep soon. After 30 minutes or so, I heard a noise. I saw Mom opened the door and locked it from outside. Then I quickly got up and opened the balcony door.

Both the rooms had a door which opened at the balcony side. So I went to the balcony. Then the window of their room was not closed because clothes were put there for drying on a string which was attached to the iron grill and so windows couldn’t be closed. The night lamp was on and I took cover behind the clothes.

My mom and Sharma uncle were kissing each other madly. He was sucking her lower lips and tongues and left her hair loose. After some noisy sucking and kissing Sharma uncle started pressing her boobs. Mom quickly removed her gown and now she was totally naked. My penis got erected at 90 degrees seeing her big boobs with erect nipples and her clean shaved pussy.

I started stroking my dick. First I felt some guilt but I knew there was nothing wrong in it. Then Sharma uncle started sniffing her arm pits and her belly for enjoying her womanly smell. Then he started sucking her boobs while my mom fingered her cunt. Sharma uncle then lifted her and put her on the bed. Now I got a clearer view of everything.

Again he started biting her boobs softly and kissing her nipples. Mom started moaning loudly now. He then started to kiss and suck her deep naval hole. Then Sharma uncle put her mouth on her mound. I understood he was now sucking her pussy to make her ready for his fuck.

Mom moaned “ufff aaahhhhhhhh aur tez karo aur tez ……. mazzaa aaraha hai” …… He then removed his shorts and he was totally naked now. Then mom started stroking his cock and then he started fingering and kissing her pussy. It was all clean shaved. I think she might have done all preparations before. Then he sat on her chest and mom started sucking his cock.

She took the entire cock in her mouth and started sucking it. He started to pre cum and she sucked everything. Then she started playing with the balls and pinched it and was teasing him. Sharma uncle then went near his bag and took out a pack of condom from the side pocket of the bag. He then wore that condom quickly and started penetrating his dick into her pussy.

Within a minute he started pounding her mercilessly. He was thrusting her so hard that their bed was started giving sounds. After fucking her in missionary position for couple of minutes, he stopped and asked her to be on her fours. She positioned in doggy style and Sharma uncle came from behind and fucked her in doggy position for some time.

Then again they switched to missionary position. I was really amazed watching Sharma uncle’s stamina and staying power. Then in missionary position he cummed. They kissed each other for couple of minutes and then laid down into each other’s arm for 10 minutes. Then they started again. They lied down in 69 positions and started sucking each other’s sex organs.

Mom was sucking his cock and he was drinking her holy fluid. Finally he made her sat on the doggie position licked her ass hole for quite some time. Then he started to penetrate his cock into her ass. It all went for more than 1 and half hours. Then they both lay down. I quickly went to my bed so I don’t get caught.

In the morning she and Sharma uncle left for Mumbai. I heard them planning that how they can stop to some resort in the way to spend some quality time alone and then go to Mumbai in the evening.

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