Horny Aditi Losing Virginity To Cousin Sushant - I

I am reading sex stories over this blog from last few years; since I was a virgin and after getting fucked for the first time and also after recovering from that weird mind state, I came up with the thought of writing down my first sex experience as my contribution to the blog. Though I was done with writing down everything long back but because of strange fear I was hesitating posting my write up to the blog.

Eventually with changed names I am submitting my write up to this site with a hope that ignoring immaturity of narrating a story and also grammatical mistakes, readers will find my write up worth reading and commenting over my efforts of making my real life happening look like an arousing sex story.

Sex experience I am writing is about me losing my virginity over my first cousin whom I consider my first love. If I will try writing everything from the beginning then I would like to introduce myself as Aditi, a female in my mid twenties, I am fair, not extremely beautiful but good looking. I am standing almost 5’6” with luscious sexual assets.

Physically I am not thin and slender but in males perspective I have a seductive body, with a flat belly my arms and thighs are nicely fleshed with a round and jutting out ass, my breasts are not huge but certainly in proportion of my body my breasts are heavy and they take instant attention of most males coming across.

After describing my physical appearance next thing I would tell about myself that I am not a pervert; I belong to an educated family with high moral values but don’t know how I lost control over myself and eventually behaved like real bitch, I believe it was a kind of fever of jealously which drove me crazy and I made sure my cousin brother to seduce me.

Actually I was deeply in love with my cousin brother Sushant who is barely one year elder than me. Since our childhood we were always like friends, he was casual and very caring for me and I accept it was purely my mistake that I presumed that he also loves me.

During my collage days couple of guys proposed me but I did not accepted their proposal and with my close friends always pretended that I already have a boy friend, I was living in a kind of dreamland where I always assumed that ultimately I will get married with Sushant only.

I don’t know if my gesture ever gave him any clue about my feelings but virtually I never expressed my feeling to him with a hope that he also loves me and one day he will approach me on his own. But I was wrong, I was dead shocked when he suddenly disclosed his love affair with a girl named Payal to the family and within a week’s time he got engaged with her.

Apparently I tried behaving happy for him and up to an extent I succeeded in that but deep inside I was feeling like committing suicide. Ultimately I failed to gather courage to do even that and after he got engaged I started getting into depressions and it just went on getting evident over my over all gesture with every passing day.

I lost interest in all the things happening around me; no television, no music no extra chit chat with anybody and many times I avoided having even a meal. I don’t know it was love or just sexual attraction because of which it was a kind of hell I was going through,

I don’t know from how long I was tranquilizing my sexual urge while fantasized me having sex with Sushant in various positions and now anyhow I could not stop visualizing Sushant having sex with Payal and all these thoughts were worsening my mind state every passing day. I started hating Payal from the core of my soul so much that I started praying for her unhealthy life and ultimately started losing my health.

May be after couple of weeks sensing my state eventually my mother tried asking me, my problem and I took a narrow escape from any such question era and few days passed like that. As she knew only Sushant as my friend she called him and spoke to him about me and after couple of days on one fine evening he came to our place to meet me.

It was a Saturday and except me just mom was also at home, I was unaware that mom has spoke to him, he met me with a pleasant smile and asked me if I am fine and in continuation asked me if I would like to go for a movie with him. I was happy to see him but I denied going for a movie and we stood in balcony with a glass of soft drink.

He started casually and ultimately asked me why I am looking dull. I understood that mom has spoke to him and he is here for this specific reason and I confirmed him. Initially he denied but as I insisted him to speak the truth he accepted and then asked me the matter.

I avoided talking to him over this and took a know how about Payal (his fiance) and continued talking to him about her and like this our chit chat continued for 10-15 minutes and I started realizing that I am feeling relaxed. Don’t know why I didn’t liked that, I wanted to be unhappy and I tried to get my depressed mood back in my gesture and it immediately took Sushant ’s attention and he insisted me to speak up my problem.

I didn’t have courage to reveal the truth and I just remained silent. Suddenly I was feeling like crying and Sushant ’s sensed that and politely asked me to share my sorrow and ultimately I lost control over my feeling and busted me into a cry.

Fortunately at that time mom was not around and after crying a bit I washed my face and came up in front of him with an artificial smile and he tried guessing my problem and banged on the target in the very first try. He asked me if someone has ditched me and my silence, ignorance of looking back at him gave him hint that he is right and he instantly came up with an idea of going out for the dinner.

He told me to get ready and I accepted because that instant I too wanted to get out of the house. Before leaving he told my mom that we are going for a movie and we will dine out. Ultimately we settled down in the coffee shop and after bit of casual conversation he asked me about my affair and like it can be expected I tried avoiding talking to him about that.

He insisted me to speak and I came up with a statement that whatever it was, it is over now and slowly I will be out of this depression on its own. For sometime subject of conversation changed but Sushant was eager to know about my boy friend; according to him who has ditched me and he asked me his name repeatedly and I denied to speak anything in that concern and requested him not speak anything to my mom about all this.

Once again subject of conversation changed and he did not spoke anything about my concern for long. After spending some time with him I was feeling better, apparently I was behaving as if I don’t want him to talk about my problem but I don’t know why deep inside I needed him to ask me about my affair.

By now I wanted to tell him that it is he who has broke my heart and eventually he asked me again about my boy friend and in way abused him for ditching me and in response I told him not to speak abusing words for him and in continuation revealed the fact that he is innocent and he even does not know about my feelings for him.

Next Sushant asked me if it was a sort one sided love and I moved my head in yes. For a moment Sushant went silent, don’t know if he would have guessed that person is none other he himself but after a silence of few seconds and eye to eye contact he once again asked me his name and I kept my mouth shut.

I was looking down and no words were spoken for long, I wanted to speak out his name but I failed but somehow revealed the fact that he is engaged to someone else and soon he will get married to her. Sushant understood everything on the very next moment and he confirmed that by asking me “is it me?” I looked up with a water floating eyes and finally moved my head in yes and once again started crying like a child.

Sushant was shocked and for a moment could not think of doing anything. I recovered after hardly couple of minutes and got up to use the washroom. By now we were finished with our coffee and leaving coffee shop we just walked around the mall without much conversation. I could sense that Sushant was uneasy and could not decide what to speak and how to tackle this matter.

I casually told him to relax with an arbitrary smile and he said sorry to me. After roaming all around the mall he asked me if I would like to watch movie and I denied. We spent some more time just like that, time was around seven and Sushant asked me what to do now? Somehow I wanted to spend time as much possible with him and I accepted to go for a movie.

We took tickets of whatever movie was availeble and entered in the theater. Time passed casually, couple of times Payal (his fiancé) called and he spoke to her, once while sitting beside me and once he went bit far to talk to her.

I really don’t know if he would have already told her that he has came to see me but while being with me he told her that he is with one of his friend and he will get late in reaching back home. At my end I felt really very jealous whenever she called him and felt really very annoyed when once Sushant went far from me to talk to her.

It was foolish but throughout the movie I prepared myself to ask him if it is still possible for him to marry me instead of Payal and I failed to dare spoke out that even when we reached back home after having dinner. Time was around eleven and he was thinking about going back after dropping me on the gate of my house and I asked him if he can stay for the night.

What I asked him was not about to happen for the first time, I live in a one NCR region and he lives in other and distance between his home and my place is more than 35 Km and in past Sushant has stayed at my place countless times; in my brother’s room but that day he did not wanted to stay.

He tried convincing me that he should go back but I insisted him and requested him with genuine emotions and he agreed. We decide to play some carom and including my younger brother we three played too and in that span Payal called him 2-3 more time and that really worsened my mind state.

I was feeling so jealous that for a moment I thought about snatching mobile from Sushant ’s hand and throwing it away but I failed to do that and just kept on feeling infuriated. Some time passed and my brother took leave to sleep. After some time Sushant also asked me if we can sleep now and I agreed half heartedly.

I came back to my room and after changing into rough t-shirt and leggings of soft and thin fabric came to bed. I was restless and could not assimilate Sushant getting married to someone else, it was a kind of mind state which I cannot explain easily, I believe instead of feeling love for Sushant, I was feeling jealous of Payal and anyhow I did wanted not let my man go from my life

so easily and I decided to dare and asking him if leaving Payal he can marry and to do that I called on his mobile and found it busy. I was sure that he must be talking to Payal only and that instant it aggravated me so much that I felt myself burning in jealousy till deep inside and I got up to meet him very next instant. I reached to my brother’s room and it was not bolted from inside.

I looked in and Sushant was missing from their and my brother was unconscious in intense sleep. I assumed that Sushant would have gone on the terrace to talk to Payal in piece and I was absolutely right. I climbed the stairs and found him, unaware of my presence he was standing far and facing away from the entrance of the terrace and speaking to Payal in a low voice.

I tried to hear him but failed and eventually moved close to him. Before I would have succeeded in understanding what he was speaking to his fiancé he sensed my presence and instantly turned around. Without reflecting any expression of surprise he smiled a bit while looking at me and without giving any hint to Payal about my presence he tried ending conversation with her

and eventually after a minute or so asked me “what happened?” after disconnecting the line. I really don’t know what was driving me crazy, love, lust or just attraction and while looking into his eyes I came up with a very straight forward statement, which I believe I should have spoke a lot earlier and it was three simple words “I love you”.

My words disappointed Sushant a bit and for a moment he moved his eyes from my face and after thinking for few seconds he spoke out “I am really sorry yaar….” Mentally I was gone beyond all limits, I moved close to him and somewhat pleaded him to marry me by saying “please yaar…please marry me…I really love you” then after a pause I spoke again “I love you more than Payal”.

T-shirt I was wearing as a night wear was little tight over my body though just for a fraction of time but I saw Sushant looking at my breasts. It was not first time I caught him doing that, I have seen him staring at my body numerous times and I have always liked that. “Aditi it’s not possible….try to understand we are first cousins….koi bhi humari shaadi ke liye nahi maanega”

Sushant replied back and I was somewhat ready to answer him “I don’t care…bus tu haan bol de…” we were standing very close to each other; merely with a gap of two feet, I was looking into his eyes and he was into mine. That instant I was gone so mad that I needed him anyhow and I spoke or somewhat asked him “Payal mujh se jayada sexy hai kya…?”

and my words surprised him a bit and unintentionally once again his sight went to my breasts and I caught him looking at my breasts and asked him again “tell me…hum dono mein se kaun jayda sexy hai….?” Sushant did not replied back; he could not think of any reply to my words, anyhow he could not say that his fiancé is better looking than me because she was not,

neither she was having prominent breasts like mine with the kind of curves I have nor she was better looking than me. “See it’s not about that…it’s just that we cannot marry…” Sushant replied back in calm fashion, possibly to make me understand but I was not ready to listen anything and I spoke again “I really love you yaar….any day I love you more than Payal”.

Sushant was little uneasy over my behavior, it was evident over his expressions but there was no sign of hesitation in my gesture and I really don't know how I was speaking out all that so confidently.And just then once again I saw Sushant 's sight going to my jutting out breasts and I instantly took decision of hugging him and before he would have thought anything I hugged him with all my passion.

Physically Sushant is a tall guy touching almost 6 feet with broad shoulders and as I hugged him hard my breasts got squeezed against his thick chest. That instant I don't know about the feeling I went through but Sushant felt really good, I could sense his pleasure in his body language and that gave me confidence and I kissed him over cheek in same hugging posture.

It was first time I was so close to any male with that mind state and I started realizing pleasure of that after few seconds. Truly speaking while embracing Sushant I was feeling so good that I just lost myself and it was he who tried to detach me from hugging posture after a minute.

In a way it was dark but there was sufficient light and we looked into each other’s eyes for few seconds without any words and once again before Sushant would have thought about saying anything I caught him and planted my lips over his and tried to kiss him.

It was not only shocking for him but for me too, I don’t know how I did that and didn’t realized what I have done even after that and tried sucking his lips like I use to see in movies and up to an extent succeeded in that. Though our kiss broke just in few seconds but it was a moment which drove both of us totally out of our senses.

“Aditi what are doing…?” Sushant asked me in surprising gesture, he was really very uneasy, so was I but I pretended normal as if I am ok with whatever I am doing and I replied back once again with same words “I love you”. He was speechless, he could not decide what to say and from his gesture I could feel that deep inside he was moved with the act I have done and I did that again.

I hugged him again and moved my hand over his thick chest to feel a masculine body and started kissing him over his cheek and around the neck. I was getting mad, don’t know in love, lust or because of jealousy from Payal and next once again I placed my lips over his lips and tried kissing him and eventually succeeded in getting his response after few seconds.

Wow it was heaven; we were holding each other firmly, his hands were on my waist and mine were around his neck and we were kissing like true lovers. While exploring my mouth he fenced his tongue all around my mouth and sucked my lips repeatedly and I also did him same with all my affection and as I entered my tongue in his mouth and fenced it over his inner cheeks

he sucked my tongue and it sent strange shivering in my body. It was first kiss of my life and it went so well that I felt myself getting unconscious in that pleasure. Unknowingly I was getting closer and closer to him until my breasts started getting crushed again against his broad shoulders.

Ohhh…my nipples started getting hard and feeling was so good that it sent shivers down my spine and I broke the kiss to moan in pleasure. “Sushant I love you…” I was puffing in pleasure while saying that and looking into his eyes and he was speechless. We were still standing while touching each other, his hands were on my waist and my arms were still around his neck.

I don’t know if he was still in his senses but I was gone beyond all bars, I was no ready to listen anything negative from his side and before he would have tried convincing me I spoke again and it was something which even I cannot believe for a moment and it was “let’s have sex…”

Sushant was shocked till his soul, his eyes were revealing his mind state and for a moment he could not believe what he heard but I was pretending confident about what I said. I was virgin and knew it will be painful for me, apart from that I very well knew about the consequences I had to go through if this matter will get open in the family but that instant I was ready to bear the pain and mentally I was not in state to realize anything like that.

“What are you saying…?” Sushant uttered in hell of perplexity while releasing my waist and pushing me a lightly but I once again spoke same words “let’s have sex…” and tried getting close to him. “No…we should not do this…” Sushant spoke again and got bit away from me but his voice didn’t had that confidence,

deep inside he was stirred with whatever I did and said and next instant I spoke or somewhat asked him “why…why we should not do” certainly it was forbidden but I did not wanted to think about anything and in continuation spoke again “I really love you and I want to do it” I was looking into his eyes confidently and Sushant was really very uneasy with whatever was happening between us.

“Aditi just try to understand……we cannot marry” he spoke and I accepted with one word “Ok…” I paused looked into his eyes for few seconds, something came in my mind and without giving it a second thought I spoke again “we cannot marry…but we can have sex” Sushant was once again shocked and for few moments we did not uttered anything, we just looked into each other’s eyes.

I don’t exactly what all was running in his mind, I just know by now mentally I was reached to the point where I could not sense what is right and what is wrong and this time it was just two words which I spoke next but they were very hardcore and it was “fuck me”. That instant I don’t know how I said that, I didn’t realized how I could be so shameless?

But as I realized what I have just said my heart started pounding. Sushant was looking at me in surprise and I was feeling strange sensation passing through my body after saying “Fuck me”. At my end I was doing my best to pretend normal, it was moment of pure madness in which I spoke that and now I was holding myself firm over that.

That instant our bodies were not touching, rather there was a gap of couple of feet but I filled that gap just in a moment and once again hugged him hard. I was gone mad and once again I placed my lips over his and we kissed again. This time it was a long kiss and I literary ate him with all my passion.

I was gone beyond my own control, don’t know how it came in my mind and after breaking the kiss I hugged him again and tried rubbing my crotch with his and feeling I went through was so pleasurable that I failed to resist myself doing that again and again.

Like me Sushant was also wearing a nightwear; loose Pajama of a thin cloth which actually belonged to my dad and a t-shirt and like me he was also losing control over himself; he puffed in pleasure every time I rubbed my pleasure zone with his hardness and hardly after 2-3 times of genital rubbing from my side he grabbed me from my ass lifted me bit up to rub my love zone with his hard monster properly.

He was getting harder and harder and I was getting mildly wet over my fuckhole, I could feel it while getting a rubbed. We looked into each other’s eyes while puffing mildly in pleasure and once again I placed my lips over his lips and we kissed for a while. After breaking the kiss Sushant released me from his grip, his passion was subsided a bit but lust was still evident in his eyes.

“You want to have sex?” he asked me “haan…” I said yes without giving a second thought to it, he once again went speechless and just tried looking into my eyes, possibly to read my mind and I spoke again “I really love you…” and he came up with a same statement “but we cannot marry” “koi baat nahi…let’s have sex”

once again I did not gave a thought to what I have accepted but this is also true that just after saying yes to it my heart started beating further high. “ek baar fir se soch le…” Sushant spoke again, he told me to think about it again and I just remained firm over my decision and spoke back to him “mujhse nahi sochna…I just want to have sex with you”.

Truly speaking friends I didn’t gave even a fraction to this thought that whatever I am doing is ethically wrong and forbidden. I was blindly in love with him, I really don’t know in past how many times I have fantasized myself getting fucked by Sushant, rather I should say I have never masturbated thinking about any other male and that instant when all this was happening between me and Sushant,

and we were reached up to the extent where he was asking me if I want to have sex with him even after getting engaged, for me it was somewhat dream about to come true and in that mind state how could I let that moment go because of useless ethics.

As I accepted that I want to have sex with him even if we cannot marry Sushant moved ahead, I also went close to him and just in a fraction we were once again in each other’s arms and kissing each other like mad lovers. Holding my ass mounds with both the hands Sushant lifted me bit up and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Wow what a moment that was, it looked like heaven to me; I felt my breasts getting heavier and nipples getting further hard and just then after hardly a minute to enhance my pleasure Sushant moved his hand to my breast and pressed my milk mound tenderly. “Hmmm….” I hummed in pleasure with his touch and felt myself getting wetter over my fuckhole.

I believe I was leaking continuously but since then I did not realized and when I realized my pussy was soaked in my pleasure juices. Sushant was also hard and the bulge I was feeling somewhere over my belly, I could sense that he has a huge Penis.

Anyway as Sushant saw me grunting while getting touched over my breasts, he broke the kiss and started playing with my melons with both the hands and squeezed them nicely. Closing my eyes I just moaned and moaned in that wonderful pleasure. “Aditi tu meri jaan hai….I really like you…par kya Karen…we cannot marry” “forget everything….I just want you to fuck me”

Sushant was getting excited, so was I and next instant he pushed me a bit and we drifted close to the wall and resting my back with it Sushant’s hands reached to my Pussy over the cloth and he rubbed me there nicely. I grunted further high in pleasure and felt myself flooding from my fuckhole. That was first time I was touched their by anyone else and it was real heaven.

My eyes were closed but I could sense that while rubbing my fuckhole Sushant was looking at my facial expressions and he just went on rubbing my fuckhole to make me shudder in heavenly pleasure and ultimately I reached to point where I felt myself reaching to climax and I stopped him. I opened my eyes and Sushant spoke to me

“I wish Payal tere jaisi hoti…usne mujhe aaj tak khud ko haath bhi nahi lagane diya” and replied back instantly in bit of uneasiness “…with me you can do whatever you want to do …. You can fuck me whenever you want… but please don’t talk to me about Payal…I hate her…”

I was reached to such height of jealously that I was behaving like a bitch and Sushant was not fool who could let this chance go in any argument, he immediately accepted my words by saying OK and then spoke again and this time it was “I want to suck your pussy”.

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Ashim and Anamika enjoying honeymoon sex in Kerala

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Hi readers. This is Ashim again after some time…. Let me remind you again. We are married for last 15 years with a 5 year old son. Well this is my recent sojourn with 3 days of unlimited Sex. It was our Anniversary. As I am on a project to Southern region, We decided to book a sea side resort (in the backwaters of Kerala) for our celebrations. It was lovely and romantic place.

My wife Anamika packed all her dresses (hot & Sexy ones) for those three days. The resort was by the side of the famous backwaters of Kerala. We arrived in the resort in day time and spent the day going around on the beach and boating in back waters. Swimming was fun. Anna is slim and has a perfect toned body with good well carved out 32 size breasts.

Long and carved legs make her look real sexy and hot. She is fond of flaunting her legs specially. Lucky for us it was not the tourist season so there was hardly any tourist in the resort. Few tourists in the resort were foreigners only.

While she was was admiring the place I whispererd to her “ Honey these three days we are going to have Sex that would be remembered unto next Anniversary” She just blew a kiss and said “ I’m gotta treat you with surprises”

In the late morning hrs we decided to go for Ayurvedic spa (the resort looked after my son for 2 hrs). She wore a short skirt and frilly floral strap top. We took a couple spa and was great experience and refreshing. After it was over while coming down from lift (the spa centre was on the top floor of the resort) We again hugged each other and decided for some adventure.

We took the lift up again, this time roof top. It was nicely maintained with lot of greenery and overlooking the back waters. It was partly cloudy and a perfect weather. I found a nice corner and pulled her for an embrace and our lips were locked. My hand went up her back through her top and so did she with her one hand on my tool.

I quickly lifted her top and started sucking the mangoes. She was resting against a wall. Her slid my hand under her skirt and pulled off her panties. I lifted her skirt and started fingering her now wet pussy. She got down quickly, pulled down my Bermudas and took my cock in her mouth ( we had to hurry for everything). I asked her “Wanna fuck Honey” She said “ya but first lick me quickly”.

I went down and ate her pussy like a hungry person. Soon I stood up and she bent forward and I entered her from behind. She was holding on to the side walls of the roof. The scene was exotic and erotic. Lovely scenery all around Sun in and out and we were fucking in and out. Her skirt was hiked up and so was her top. Her boobs were out erect and I was massaging them.

We were full of oil ( massage oil) and sweating on top, but some real adventure it was. Soon I cummed in her mouth. We cleaned up and returned. But our main wait was for night. During the day while swimming or in lift we would involve in passionate kiss or a pinch on the boobs or my cock.

Once after swimming as there was no one around, I entered her changing room and started kissing and biting her boobs. She soon bent down and sucked my cock and such quickies. Evening during the lake cruise we sent our son to the lower deck and involved ourselves in a deep Kiss and gentle fondling of our bodies.

Evening for dinner she wore tight shorts (hot pants) and a tube top, where her smooth stomach and naval button was visible. (She was a treat for few other foreign tourists around). I could not wait for dinner to get over and we go to room. Once in the room my son was asleep we changed to some romantic dresses.

I wore my boxers while she wore a blue satin lacy nighty which was knee length and strap on shoulders. We got into an embrace and hugged and kissed each other, waiting for the 12 o clock where we could wish us Anniversary. It was raining lightly outside, and we came out in the balcony. I lit a cigarette and we shared some puffs (she also smokes occasionally with me).

By the time it was 12 midnight, I embraced her from behind and wished her. She turned back and gave me a light kiss and we wished ourselves. As always, I gifted her sexy Lingerie’s set and she gave me a perfume set. And she promised me to wear the set next night. I held her from back cupping her boobs and my cock rubbing her ass. I kept massaging them and she was moaning softly.

It was some atmosphere. With light rain and heat between us. She kept on saying I love you and I responded by Kiss on the neck. She was moaning loudly (nobody could hear us becoz of rains and there was hardly anyone). She turned back and started kissing me on lips. I was sucking on her lips (it as like our first kiss). I took a chocolate in my mouth and kissed to exchange the same.

She now took a Chocó and offered me a kiss. I kissed her but smeared the chocolate all over her lips. I licked over all of it then. I gentle removed the straps from her shoulders to reveal her bare back and was kissing her back and neck like mad. She was in ecstasy. Her nighty fell down and she was in her lacy panties. She turned to me and took off my T shirt and boxers.

I was in my undies too. We embraced each other tightly (not even air could pass between us) and were kissing each other. My erect cock was rubbing her pussy. I gradually moved towards her mangoes and started licking them. After a while she held my head and thrusted her boobies in my mouth and said “feast on your mangoes”.

I was sucking them like mangoes (I call them mangoes) and biting them. She was forcing my head down and down. I could see pussy was wet. I licked them over the silk. She was moaning and saying “Lick me hard. Lick me”. I pulled down her panties. Her pussy was shaven (for the day) I thrusted my tongue in it.

She cried and she caught my head and started thrusting her pussy in my mouth. She was crying in ecstasy. Her juices smelled nice. I got up and said “its your turn”. She kneeled in front and started teasing me by just kissing my erect cock on the tip. I was saying “Suck it Baby” and she kept saying “not now”.

Suddenly she gulped my cock in her mouth and started sucking them madly (I have never seen her sucking so madly) It was my turn to thrust my cock in and out of her mouth. She was deep throating my cock and I was holding her head. She stopped and looked at me and said “Sweety Fuck me now. I want you In” I told her to get up and stand against the balcony wall.

She wanted to go inside on the couch… but I said “Let do it here, there’s nobody”. After some hesitation she agreed and spread her legs, she raised one leg a bit on a small stool, I placed my cock at her pussy and just rubbing her and pulling away. I was in playful mood now. She was moaning softly “ Cmon sweetu enter me now” But I was just teasing her.

She was growing desperate and she cried “Fuck me now” I was waiting to hear this, I slid my cock inside her started stroking her, gradually increasing my speed. Both of us were in heaven and were moaning rather loudly … It was OOOh AAAh in the balcony. After a while I withdrew and she turned back and leaned on the balcony. I entered from behind and began thrusting.

She asked me “ squeeze my mangoes I held them from behind and started squeezing the,,and pinching the nipples. I was squeezing her nipples really hard. She was trying to match my speed with her own movement. She said “hey fuck me wild, really wild as you do”. She was trying to bend as low as possible.

I held her hairs from behind and with other hand held her mangoes hard and started fucking her again. At time I would squeeze the boobies hard or pull her hairs or spank her in the butt (she enjoyed it). I was fucking her with jerk and hard. My thighs were flapping against her butts and making sound. She was going crazy and the sound of OOOHH and AAAH grew loud.

She suddenly got up and pushed me on the slumberrette chair and got on top. She embraced me and said “ Honey this is the best Anniversary sex we have had, par abhi khatam nahi hua hai” winking an eye I said “ lets make it a memorable one” With this she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. And then climbed on me held my pole and guided it in her pussy.

She was jumping over me in slow and deep motion. She was at times leaning back to hold my knees and continue thrusts gradually increasing the pace. Again it was AAAH and OOOH all over with occasional chant of Fuck me harder. While doing this I asked “Honey where do you want me to cum” She said “Fuck me between my mangoes the come in my mouth”.

It was surprising as she is reluctant to cumming in mouth. It was my turn to get on top, I put her on the couch, and climbed her. I was gentle in my thrusts but deep. She was kneading her mangoes. She kept her legs on my shoulders and then I held her leg wide and increased my pace, I was nearing my orgasm.

I cried “I am cumming baby” She quickly sat down on the chair easing back, while I stood and placed my cock between her mangoes and she squeezed them. She was easing back on her hands and I was titty fucking her in a deep motion, and after a while shed my entire load over her breasts and mouth.

She licked my cock again and finally we retired to bed. And we slept naked for some time embracing each other. Well that was just a start to our Amazing Anniversary…

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Hot sex with neighbouring lady Savitha

My experience has been shocking as regards a woman is concerned. Her sexual apetite is very important to her and if her husband is not able to fulfil her desires fully, she will go elsewhere in search of fulfilment. Depending upon her urge and urgency, she will go to any extreme to seek sexual gratification. Here is an example.

In the housing complex where I lived there lived a lady just two flat ahead of mine on the same floor. She was happily married, with a handsome husband and a son aged about 7 years. I used to watch them from my balconey, very affectionate family. They did not seem to be having any financial difficulty.

Savitha, let us call her, about 25 years of age, very beautiful, well disposed off in her physical features, must have got up early in the morning to finish off her household chores, sent her son to the school in the school bus when it comes in front of the complex, She sent her husband at 8.30 am to his office with all endearing words.

Withing 15 minutes she gets dressed up with a carrybag in her hand, looking as if she is going to do some shopping in the mall, she comes out rushes out. She comes back only by about 12.30 or 1.00. There was a mystery shrouded around her. She recognized me as a neighbor and smiled at me when meet, never talked.

I stayed alone in my company flat, had flexible timings and can go and work for 8 hours and return. I am Mani (concealing my real name) 25, did my BTech and MBA. they pay me a five digit salary, flat with a car. I am not married and just enjoy being available in the matrimonial market, with occasional swings with my colleagues and their friends.

But Savitha with all mystery shrouded around her kept my attention. Sometime, she wore her thin cotton blouse without any bra and her boobs gave a wonderful look with all their hardness. Similarly she just wore her pettycoat without any panty and saree carelessly wound around her ass.

I decided to follow her one day and went after her outing to her shopping trip.. She boarded the metro travelled two statiions, got down and came back by bus and the went to another housing complex and travelled in the lift and entered an apartment. I got friendly with the watchman and asked him who stays in the apartment into which Savitha went.

Watchman said it is Mr. Thomas stays alone and is having night duty on most of the days and sleeps during day time. I thanked him and came away andwaited for Savithaji come back. After two hours she came down, did not see me, went to the bus stand and boarded the bus and went to the farther metro station boarded a train and reached home. I had to run to keep pace with her.

She bought some vegetable from the street vender and carried home. I waited for some time and went to her house and knocked her door and rang the bell. She must have been surprised at the unusual caller. She shouted from inside her house, "WHO". She came and opened the door with wet towel around her head and with her dress very carelessly thrown over her.

Seeing me she was shocked. I just pushed the door and went inside and sat in the sofa and looked at her. She sat opposite to me and asked me what isthe matter. I told her, Savitaji, my name is Mani, and I stay in the company sponsored flat in this floor just two flats ahead this.

I am unmarried and have great taste for beautiful ladies. I found you to be very fascinating both in the facial beauty and physical beauty. I have been trying to get in touch with you for the past two months, but was successful only today. I know you have lot of friends in the city and you visited your friend in another part of the city just now.

I am not here to pass judgements about your action, but only put up my case and request you to take me into your close circle of friends. Either I can come to your flat when your husband goes away for work or you are free to come to my flat to come to my house. She was looking at me in great surprise. how you have collected so much information about me, do you want to blackmail me.

I said no,no, please dont think so. If you decline me I will go to some other pastures without carrying any grudge against you. Once just once please give me a chance to meet you in my bedroom or in your bedroom, I will certainly prove my worth. I gave her my phone no. and collected hers. She said she will think about it and call me.

She asked me to go back to my flat as her work woman is expected shortly. I went back. Afternoon she called me and asked me whether she may come to my flat. She came and without much introduction I took her to my bedroom and slowly I undressed her. She wore only a nightie and nothing underneath. I too had only a lungi.

I pushed her to my bed and I lied near her and started to kiss her cheeks and smoched her neck and behind ears. Her boobs were standing erect it was a pleasure to knead them softly. My cock was in full erection. She asked me why you were spying on me. I said you were my dream girl and I wanted to get to know you, hug you and fuck you. I want to lick your entire body, shall I.

She smiled and said yes, I got up, licked her face, neck and breasts, nipples, abdomen, belly button, her pussy was clean shaven, I licked her entire pussy and then dug my tongue tip deep into her pussy and searched for her clitoris. Savita was overwhelmed and was moaning and hissing. I licked her clitoris and slowly pulled it with my lips and sucked it softly.

Savita went crazy and was pressing my head into her pussy and asking for more. I then licked her thighs. Savita said you are a divine lover. What amount of pleasure you give. How about your husband and lover. She said my husband is too busy to find time to fuck me. I dont have any lovers. I went there to meet a class mate of mine from whom I had borrowed some money.

Come on let us continue, otherwise the heat will be lost. She took my cock in her hand and said this is too big. She kissed it, licked it and opened her mouth wide and tried to take it in. But her mouth was small and even it could not accommodate a fraction of my cock. Her cunt fluids were flowing freely and made my thighs wet.

I asked her to straddle me and fuck me from top She said no, she has no experience. She will lie down and I have to fuck her from her top. She lied down and opened her legs wide. It was indeed a beautiful scene, a beautiful girl, with big boobs and big ass, legs open and her cunt is also open. I told her to open her cunt lips with her fingers.

I got on her and put my cock at the entrance of her fuckhole. She held it with her hand and put it in the proper place so that I may move it in. Her hole was tight and my cock went in with great difficulty. I did not want to make haste and finish the fuck faster. After ten or twelve strokes, I rolled over and made her to come on top. Her boobs were pressed against my chest.

She got up with my cock fully embedded inside her with her either legs on my either side. I asked just to lie down on me and make a swimming motion. Her body moved forward and backwards. My cock came out pressing against her clitoris and went back into her hole. Savita was moaning an shouting with pleasure.

But before I could reach climax, her cunt was pulsating with a massive climax and she was panting. I fucked her from bottom to top with strong stokes and I too came to my climax soon. My jizm sprayed into her hole in strong spurts, enhanced her pleasure.

She kissed me on my cheeks and then got up to go to the bathroom and told me that this is the maximum pleasure she ever gotin sex. She stayed back in my house for one more hour and we fucked again. She got dressed and went back promising that she will come back in the night. There was a gentle knock on my door at 11 pm and Savitha was there.

Putting her husband and son to sleep she came again seeking sexual pleasure. She then told me that one of her friends wanted to have sex with me whether I am agreeable for that. She said her friend is staying alone in the same complex and her husband is abroad.

She wanted to have sex with somebody who is trustworthy. Savita said she will come on the following day in the morning to my flat and I can talk to her. I agreed. My next sex experience in my next post.

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Anuraag having sex with busty girl on rainy day

Hi this is Anuraag. I am here with another story. This is a story between me and a busty girl. I am 22 now, she is 23. I had to walk about five minutes to my college. She is in different college and used to go in her scooty. She have a cute face and great body may be about 36-30-34. She used to go on that road every day at same time I leave.

Many times I have seen her coming from my opposite side in different timings. She was always wearing Salwar kameez. Her boobs has to jump during she drive her scooty. I was used to stare her boobsevery time and she noticed it and she used to give me the angry look.

For two years this is the situation every day. One day it was raining heavily and I was walking on the street holding umbrella. There was no one in the road as it was raining heavily. She was her way to home and she was wet with rain. As her dresses sticking to her body it was clearly visible her structure.

My eyes straight away went to her jumping boobs and I got a sudden erection in my pant. She stopped her scooty near me. She asked why are you stare at me always. I was thinking of the answer but seeing her look I got scared and forgot what to say. She observed my erection in my pants and looked at me. She smiled looking at me and held my cock and pressed it hard...Aww... I screamed with pain.

She told me to get on the scooty. But I refused. She held my cock again and pressed it... She only left it after I agreed to come with her. She took me to her house. It was locked, she opened the door and we went in. She gave me a towel and she went into the bed room. I took my dress and wrapped the towel around me. She came back wearing Jeans and to.

I was sure that I am going to get what I wanted. She came and sat on sofa. I was standing. She asked to sit near her. She kept her legs over the table near. I can see her beautiful feet. She ordered me to sit near her feet. I followed her order and sat near to her feet. My cock was hard thinking what I am going to get today. She took her feet and kept it on my cock over the towel.

She started to press it and I was feeling good so I closed my eyes. She just pulled my towel with her feet. I was in my wet underwear. She kicked my erected cock I screamed with pain. She told why you still wearing your wet cloths. I said I don’t have any other cloths. She went in and said me to follow her.

I removed my underwear and throwed there in hall and followed her. She went inside her bed room and opened her cupboard. She took one of her panty and asked me to wear it. I wore it, but my cockwas actually standing out. She leaned near me and gave me a peck on my lips. I held her waist in my arms and returned one back. Her boob was crushing on my body making my cock harder.

I just went near her neck and smelled her. She was smelling too good. Suddenly she took back and gave me her shorts to wear. Then she gave me her bra and a top to wear. As I was slim it was getting loose to me. Somehow I wore it.

She came from my back and held me like her boobs crushed on my back. She started to kiss on my necks and I turned my head started to kiss on her lips. Ooh...She had a smooth sweet lips, she put her hands over my chest and started to press like there is boobs. I kept one hand on her head and pushed my tongue deep in her. And kept another hand over her pussy and pressed it. She gave a moan mmmm…

I turned and kissed her and started to press her boobs. She stopped me and sat on her bed. I went near to her sat near her her feet, took it on my hands and kissed it. Slowly I took her toes in my mouth and sucked it for a while. She was closing her eyes and feeling my sucking. She brushed her feet over my feet. She turned on bed and now her ass was facing me.

I pressed those smooth ass over her jeans. I slept over her, my cock was brushing over her smooth ass. I hugged her from back and started to press her boobs and we kissed vigorously. She broke the kiss again and stood on bed. She took her T-shirt. Her boobs jumped out and it was huge... The dark circles around the nipples was awesome.

I moved my hands towards her boobs. She gave a hard hit on my hands and said “Don’t touch it”. She pushed me to bed and came over me. I was looking at her and enjoying her actions. She sat over my cock and bent and kissed me hard... She moved down kissing me and came to chest. She sucked my nipples over the dress. She removed my top and bra.

Came over me again and chewed my nipples and slept over me hugging tightly. I creased her hairs, took her face in my hand and she smiled at me and again hugged me tightly. She moved near my armpit and she was smelling my armpit. She woke up suddenly and sitting on me she started to move her hips. Her pussy area was rubbing on my cock over our dresses.

She removed her pant and she was standing nude. She removed mu shorts and started to massage my cock over the panties. She came near to my cock and she started to brush her face over my dick.. Suddenly she removed my panty.. My cock was released and gave a salute to her. She took it in her hands and moved skin back and took its tip in her mouth.

She touched the tip by tongue closing the tip by lips. Suddenly she slipped whole cock in her mouth.ahh.. I left a moan in pleasure. She sucked it nicely and I was holding her head hand creasing her head. She left my cock after 15 minutes.

She came over me and we started kissing again. Again I moved my hands toward her boobs. But she didn’t allowed me to touch it. She slipped her body over me.. Her pussy moved over my dick navel and nipple and at last she was sleeping over me facing the ceiling. Her hairs was tickling over my cock. I had a clear view of her clean shaved pussy.

I put my tongue and slowly started to lick.. Slowly I increased the speed and sudden I took her whole pussy in my mouth and my teeth’s are scratching over her pussy. She gave a jerk and held my head and pushed in. She got up and took my cock in hands and adjusted tip to her pussy.. I pushed in.It went in easily but it was tight,she started to ride me.

Her boobs are jumping along with her. I went to touch it again but she refused. She was moaning heavily and the room was filled with her sounds. Because of the heavy rain there is no chance of hearing sound outside. After a 20 minutes humping she got tiered and slept over me. It was my turn now. I turned her and first I was waiting for her boobs. So I kept my face over her boobs.

She tried to push me away. I was not giving up. I took her nipples in my mouth and started to suck it. The hands which was pushing now pulled the head inside, I started to pump her sucking her nipples. I sucked her boobs until I get satisfied.

I was near to cum. I saw her eyes. She was looking at me. I said her I am about to cum. She said cum inside. We both started to move our hips. In minutes I cummed inside her. In seconds she also cummed. Still she was looking at me.. We slowed down and I kept her face in my arms and kissed her lips. She responded back. She slept in my arms.

We had more sessions later. Still we are continuing the relation. Please send me your feedback in the comments below. I am always open to experiments.

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Horny Divorcee Rinky Fucked By Anurag - II

Previously: Horny Divorcee Rinky Fucked By Anurag - I

She did not came back for more than five minutes and for an instant I lost hope of Rinky’s come back but after little long I heard footsteps again and it was none other than Rinky and I was bit surprised to see her this time. Wearing same tight leggings on a lower half, instead of tight fitted Kurta she was changed into night suit top which having buttons in front and with a small hand towel she was carrying 2 pillows.

She threw one pillow beside me as her seat and gave me one to sit on that. That was a big relief for both of us as surface was really very hard. Anyway once again Rinky sat down beside me and as I took her in my arms I realized that now she was not wearing any bra underneath. “bra nikaal ke aaye ho" I asked an obvious question and she replied with yes “haan”.

Wow her milks were so soft, I squeezed them nicely and she grunted in pleasure and spoke “you can also suck them…buttons khol low”. Fire was lit inside her too; while I unbuttoned her top Rinky caressed my hard monster over the cloth with her hand. Ohhh…that was amazing, finally Rinky’s huge melons were sagging in front of my eyes and her nipples were so big and hard.

I immediately leaned and started sucking her long and erect nipples and while keeping one hand over my crotch and other over my scalp Rinky just kept on panting in pleasure in low voice. Flicking her nipples with my tongue I loved her both the milks and squeezed them for really long and after caressing my hard monster over the cloth

eventually Rinky came up saying “you also take out your thing” “sure!” I replied and instantly loosened my lower and drifted it down to my knees in same sitting posture and eventually took out my hard Penis from my underwear. Ohhh.... I moaned helplessly; as my rod appeared Rinky took hold of that and instantly started jerking me back and forward.

"hmmm ....it’s really good" Rinky uttered while playing with my Penis and I came up asking "you mean size?" and she accepted "haan" I asked her if my monter is bigger than her husbands Penis and Rinky bluntly replied that she does not want to talk about that guy "aapke husband se bada hai kya?" "I don't want to talk about him" "I am sorry" with an instant apology I took her in my arm and we kissed again.

Rinky was heavily charged and after breaking the kiss came with an idea of masturbating each other "let's give each other handjob" "ok" I accepted and told her to take out her pussy "you also take out your thing" and like I did Rinky also drifted her leggings and Panty down to her knees in same sitting posture and moaned sexily as I touched her bare fuckhole.

She was clean shaven "Wow you are so soft and wet…aaj hi shave ki hai kya?" I asked her while moving my fingers over her damp opening "hummmm" and Rinky just hummed to accept my statement but spoke again while puffing in peasure "please fuck me with your finger" I did that, I invaded my index finger in her hot and wet fuckhole and Rinky panted erotically.

Slowly I grabbed her in my arm tight and enhanced pace of fisting her pleasure hole and suddenly inserted another finger into it and Rinky grunted erotically "yes...do it...mera ho jaayega" with that she widened her thighs to give better contact of her fuckhole and I lunged further deep in her fuckhole with my fingers.

Eventually Rinky’s started puffing with strange shivering, she was reaching to her climax and to my surprise she did not tried to clench her thighs together and tried to bear the pleasure for as long as possible and I just went on going rubbing and fucking her fuckhole with my fingers. Finally Rinky exploded and exploded like I could not imagine.

Hitting a breathtaking orgasm, keeping her eyes closed and mouth tore opened, her fuckhole contracted fiercely on my invading fingers, her belly rippled helplessly, her face twisted in joy and banging against wall Rinky arched her back with a shuddering moan, her entire body shivered for few seconds before she eased out her thighs and I withdrew my soaked fingers from her fuckhole.

Now I realized the use of hand towel and I asked her while cleaning my hand “mazza aaya?” She was looking sexy with significant sweat over her face and keeping her eyes closed Rinky once again hummed to say yes. Next she opened her eyes and asked me for the towel and cleaned her fuckhole with that.

“ab aap mere saath karo” “sure” Rinky replied and tried to lift her panty and leggings to wear it back. I stopped her from doing that and started caressing her soft inner thighs and she took hold of my monster and started jerking me back and forward.

Even though I was heavily aroused and continuously moaning in pleasure still it was not easy for her to evacuate my balls and to arouse me further she kissed me while stroking my monster back and forward. I closed my eyes to concentrate and told Rinky to speak something to excite me “please say something...speak dirty….”

And Rinky started by saying “you want to fuck me…hmmm…? Tell me…!” ….“I am ready…I would love to get fucked by you….” And in a moment her words started doing magic to me, I grunted in pleasure and Rinky increased her pace of jerking me and next I spoke in rising lust “yes I want to fuck you…and I will fuck you hard….Rinky….I will fuck you very hard…you are my sweetheart”

my words excited Rinky and she started jerking me even faster and I felt volcano climbing inside me, I grabbed her harder in my arm and told her to continue “yes…yes…yes…do it…do it” and giving her best Rinky continued and with that once again tried speaking erotic “yes …yes…Com on…you have to fuck me…satisfy karo mujhe…come on”

and with her words pressure inside me increased tremendously and I stopped her with a intense shudder “ho gaya….ho gaya”. My monster trembled in her hand and finally white sticky jizz popped out of my Penis. By now Rinky was sitting in front of me and I pulled her in my arms and we kissed again.

We both were exhausted and for next few minutes we rested in each other’s arms silently after lifting our lower up to our waist. We chit chatted for few minutes and Rinky casually thanked me for being her friend and I also thanked her for helping me to come out of my depression.

Finally that was the end of that day’s event, what happened next how I exploded Rinky on bed I will write down in next part but before that I would like to get reader’s precious feedback. As such there was no sign of electricity even then and ultimately Rinky decided to go back “I want to go now”.

“By the way when will we have proper sex?” I asked her and Rinky came up saying “for that we have to wait for a right opportunity...possibly when my mom will not be at home” anyhow I could not wait for such moment blindly and I came out saying “I am not sure but I think I can arrange a place” I looked at her face in the dark and spoke again

“mere friend ka ek vacant flat hai…we usually sit and drink their” “are you sure tum wahan sirf drink karte ho…?” she Rinky asked back with an evident doubt on her face and I smiled over her suspicious gesture and replied back by saying “see I am sure about myself” “Ohhh…you’ve never tried taking your girl friend their?”

Rinky seemed sharp in judging minds but I was nevertheless actor, by now she was aware of my basic nature; that I am not that innocent and certainly if that instant I would have denied that I have never tried taking my girl friend their then she would have sensed that I am lying, so behaving natural I accepted but not completely by saying

“Try kiya tha…and we were in full mood …but main nervous ho gaya…I lost my erection aur untimetly kuch nahi kar paya”. I pretended as if I am embarrassed and Rinky giggled over my expressions and I asked her again “If you say yes…I will talk to my friend…I am sure he will give me keys” Rinky stared into my eyes,

certainly she was trying to read me and like a good actor I controlled my features and eventually won her faith. Rinky agreed to bunk her office next day and I came up with an idea of going for a movie in the morning and spending rest of the day in that flat while fucking each other.

Next morning we both came down to street to go to work little early and I must say that wearing formal black trouser with a half sleeve white shirt Rinky was looking stunning and I within myself decided that I will fuck her in doggy style at least once.

Anyway we wished each other good morning with a naughty smile and while applying sudden breaks I straightaway drove her to the mall where we were supposed to see the movie. Although I was already having the keys of that flat in my pocket still dropping her there and giving her money to buy tickets I pretended as if I am going to get the keys of vacant flat from my friend

and I just took a ride of reasonable time and eventually came back after buying condoms and joined Rinky for the movie. Like me Rinky was also horny since last night, though we did not tried doing anything notorious in the dark during the movie but throughout the movie we chit chatted and it was completely a sex chat; like once I said “You have beautiful ass” and Rinky replied by saying

“you have a lovely Cock” next I said "Can we suck each other...jaise xxx movies mein hota hai" and she replied by saying "Yes…why not...agar tum mujhe khush karoge to main bhi tumhen khush kar dungi”. Next I said “doggy style mein karenge” and Rinky replied by saying “No...I will ride on your top…” gradually we became more naughty with words and at one instant I spoke

“Baby I will fuck you very hard” and she replied by saying “let’s see…agar tum dobara nervous ho gaye to..I will kill you” like that we just went on going for couple of hours and by the time we came out of the auditorium we were totally gone crazy in lust and just to reach as soon as possible to our fucking destination we barely ate anything and eventually reached to the flat where we were suppose to fuck.

I unlocked the door and like a gentleman gave her way to enter first. Rinky entered and released her bag over the central table, something was running in my mind since long and giving her no chance to turn and see me, I suddenly grabbed her from behind.

Punky trembled in surprise and tried to release herself but as door was automatically locked I did not bothered for anything and crushed her luscious body in my arms and reached to the nape of her neck and close to her ear with my wet lips while squeezing her breasts very roughly and Rinky cried in pleasure.

Next instant my hands moved down and I started opening her trouser and we moved further into the house. Just in couple of minutes up to an extent I was succeeded in what I wanted to do. Rinky’s belt along with main button of her trouser was opened, even though Rinky was enjoying but still she was struggling to stop me from inserting my hand in her panty while puffing in pleasure.

“ohhh….Anurag kya kar rahe ho ye sab…pleasseee….I am all yours…let’s go to the bed” Rinky spoke in sensual voice while panting in pleasure and I replied by saying “I told you I will fuck you hard” and just then my hand got a way to reach to her fuckhole and I was surprised to see the level of wetness she was having over her fuckhole.

Rinky was literary flooding, possibly she was leaking since morning as her Panty was totally damp and as my finger touched her soaked opening she lost her breath and as one of my hand was wrapped around her waist I clearly felt a ripple over her belly.

Certainly if I would have released her that instant then she would have collapsed on floor but I kept on holding her and avoided touching her inflamed Vagina and instantly started unbuttoning her shirt. By now up to an extent Rinky’s protest was subsided, she was leaning over dining table and it was evident in her gesture that she is enjoying whatever I am doing with her.

I unbuttoned her shirt completely and tried taking it off from her arms while holding her waist and Rinky somewhat helped me in doing that. Eventually I threw her shirt on the dining table and next tried drifting down her trouser in while brushing my wet lips over the back of her neck while holding her tight from her waist in same posture and told her came out of it “issko bhi uttar do”

because of my licks over her neck Rinky was grunting in pleasure continuously and with that leaving her trouser on the floor Rinky stepped aside. Now she was standing in the hall just in a bra and Panty with her shoes. Couple of times she tried to get away from my tight grip but I kept on holding her and unhooked her Bra.

In excitement I threw her bra very far and once again Rinky spoke in same sensual voice “Anurag what are you doing…let’s get on bed” and I replied by saying “No…not so easily…you don’t know how madly I was waiting for this moment” and in response she too accepted that she was also dying to get on bed with me since last night by saying

“main bhi raat bhar se pagal hui padi hun tumare saath ye sab karne ke liye” “ I know that…!” I replied and with that I slipped my hand in her panty but over her ass and rubbing her mound reached between her thighs and touched her dripping wet fuckhole with my fingers from beind and at the same time using my leg widened her legs.

Ohhhh……Rinky just went mad with that sudden touch of my finger over her opening, she trembled erotically with loud puff and almost collapsed on the table. Next I drifted down her panty and leaned while doing that and took a soft bite of ample flesh of her ass and Rinky cried in pleasure with the feel of my teeth.

Now Rinky was stark naked with just black shoes with white socks over her feet, I wanted to lick her juicy fuckhole in same posture and I inclined her on the table while saying “aesi hi khadi raho…now I will eat your Pussy”. Resting her elbows on table Rinky stood leaned over the table with wide open thighs and I sat down on my knees and simply buried my mouth in her fuckhole.

Holding her fleshy ass tight I licked her juices with a sizzling tongue and Rinky just went on moaning in heavenly pleasure. Her belly rippled feverishly, her bottom rocked helplessly but I did not stopped and kept on trying reaching into her fuckhole as deep as possible with my tongue.

“Anurag Please bass karo…nahi to mera chhut jaayega” I was buried in her thighs with my tongue deep in her fuckhole when Rinky tried stopping me and I immediately stopped exploring her vigorously. Next I started taking of my clothes and standing beside me stark naked with sagging breasts Rinky asked me “sab kuch yahin karoge kya?” “nahi..I will take you to the bed in my arms”

“please yaar…tum mujhe gira doge” “nahi giraunga…I am strong enough to pick you up”. Truly speaking while I was saying that even I was also not sure that I will be able to pick her up, even though Rinky is short in height but she was quite fleshy but I was madly excited and we all know passion has its own strength.

Anyway including my shoes I gradually took all my clothes off and as Rinky tried taking off her shoes I stopped her from doing that, I wanted to fuck her with her shoes on, just like we see in xxx movies and before she would have asked why I am not letting her shoes off wrapping my arm around her thighs I lifted Rinky on my shoulder and walked few steps to enter in the master bedroom and threw her on the huge bed.

For an instant Rinky got scared and shouted as I threw her but bed was so soft and spongy that she got buried into that. Wow Rinky looked lovely wearing just shoes on the bed and she expected that now she has to suck my monster, as after getting thrown she tried to sit on the bed but holding her ankles I pulled her legs and once again she was flat on her back and next instant

I too climbed on the bed while jerking my thick and hard monster back and forward. We both were gone mad in lust and there was no way to release that heat except through rough fucking. “Ready …hmmm….?” I asked her while spreading her thighs wide and Rinky hummed to yes, “mere pass condoms hain…but I don’t want to use it….”

I spoke again and once again our opinion matched as Rinky replied by saying “forget that…just fuck me…” and I did that. Widening her thighs apart I came between them and holding her both the knees pulled her hard over my crotch and guided my monster into her.

Finally Rinky’s mouth went tore open, I lunged into her fuckhole with a rapid thrust and with a loud pleasure moan Rinky tolerated sudden jerk of thick and hard monster inside her and after a fraction accelerated her motions with mine. As she was over aroused she instantly started pushing her up for a quick orgasm.

I plunged myself deeply into her, making her whole body jerk and snap with my thrusts I was stroking quickly in and out of her pleasure hole and her huge breasts jiggled all around. Within two minutes of fast and furious fucking with loud moans Rinky started digging her fingers into my shoulders, she held me tight and started lifting her hips to mine;

she arched her back steeply and squeezed her fuckhole over my energetic monster several times in quick succession. I gasped erotically and drove myself back into her, rammed myself into her fuckhole hard and brutal and Rinky’s cries went sharper and next instant she began to orgasm. River of lust rippled through her luscious body.

Rinky was looking so sexy while lying under me like that, while crying in unbearable pleasure her eyes were closed, strands of hairs were clung damply to the nape of her neck as sweat was beaded all over her smooth skin. Her fuckhole trembled on my invading monster and she tried her best to crush me in her arms and thighs.

I failed to retain myself fucking and I also groaned loud and pushed my rod deep into her womb and began to cum. Burring myself till its root into her fuckhole I squeezed my hips together over her fuckhole couple of times and spewed out my seed deep inside her womb.

As Rinky felt hot stream of my jizz streaming deep into her depth she moaned again and once again I felt her belly rippled carelessly. My climax passed in seconds but clenching her eyes and holding me hard in her arms and thighs Rinky puffed madly for long.

My Penis promptly began to shrink and within a minute it slid out of her fuckhole and as Rinky’s grip around my body loosened I lay while panting beside her. Virtually Rinky’s state was telling that she has enjoyed every fraction of this fuck still I apologized “Sorry yaar…I was gone mad” and first thing Rinky spoke was “please switch on the fan”.

No need to say I was gone so crazy that I didn’t bother to switch on the fan and that is why we both were soaked in sweat like hell. Anyway I got up and switched on the fan and also AC and once again came beside her. “Mazza aaya…?” I asked Rinky again and lying flat with an oozing out fuckhole she replied by saying “it was great….and you were amazing” but after a fraction she spoke again

“anyhow I can’t believe, that this is your first time” for a fraction deep inside I fumbled but in the end replied diplomatic “obviously this is not my first time… I have fucked you at least dozen times in my dreams…” I paused and spoke again in continuation “jab se tumhen dekha hai tab se tumhare hi naam pe mooth maar raha hun… and I was tired of that”

my weird language brought tiny smile over her face and Rinky replied back by saying “I can understand that…I am also fingering myself since long”…and then after a pause she spoke again “ye sex cheez hi aisi hai…once started you can’t live without this”.

Next she got up and used edge of the bed sheet to wipe her fuckhole and I continued the conversation “UK mein kiske saath karogi…?” I asked her and she replied with a smile “let’s see…koi na koi to mil hi jaayega” I too smiled but eventually came up saying “I thought you will say I will marry” Rinky denied to get married “no… now I will not marry again”.

I did not wanted to start that subject, so I tried changing topic instantly and asked her “jab tak yahan ho tab tak to mere saath karogi na?” “Obviously… ye bhi koi poochne ki baat hai?” and suddenly her tone changed, by now she was standing on the floor and she asked me if she can take off her shoes now in sarcastic tone, “can I take off my shoes now?”

I giggled over her tone and question and replied by saying “you look sexy with just shoes on your body” and my reply brought mysterious smile over her face and she uttered “I know…. what I am looking right now…! Slut…just like we see in movies” with that she took off her shoes and socks and went inside the washroom.

While looking at roof for couple of minutes I recalled whatever happened between me and Rinky since yesterday, how cleverly I bought her on bed just in a day, certainly Rinky was also intended to have sexual relation with me but still it was my lie who invited her to get close to me and I was realizing that I have to cover up this lie smartly.

Anyway eventually Rinky came out of the washroom with a question “Tumne apna suck nahi karwaya?” I replied “Ab karwaaunga” and while getting beside me again Rinky praised me by saying “waise you were amazing in sucking too…no body sucks like this for the first time” she was lying beside me and once again overcoming my hesitation of lying I replied

“I said…this is not my first time and whatever I did with you was my all time fantasy…” and like last time next instant I tried getting away from that subject by speaking “ab bas ek baar tumhari peeche se leni hai…ghodi banna ke….I really love your ass” Rinky smiled over my words and replied “you can…but next session mein main lead karuungi…I want ride on you”

“Anytime… pleasure is all mine” I replied and turned around to come over her top and our next session started with a wonderful kiss. If I will brief what all happened between me and Rinky for rest of the day then I would say more or less our second session was slow and tender,

after exploring her mouth nicely I sucked her milk mounds for really long and gradually reached to her fuckhole while licking her belly and once again sucked her love hole but very lovingly. Holding her fleshy thighs apart I chewed her thick pussy lips with my lips and while flicking her clitoris wiggled my tongue deep in her fuckhole with gradual pace and with intense moans Rinky kept on trembling in deep pleasure.

After that Rinky pleased me with her mouth. I was on my knees and while being on her four she sucked my limping Penis nicely and it grew in her mouth slowly. As I grew hard I started moaning and holding her scalp I fucked her face slowly by moving my hard monster in and out of her mouth for long.

After a long lasting oral sex Rinky pushed me on my back, she sat around my waist and took my monster deep in her love hole and fucked herself by moving her heavy bottom over my crotch in steady rhythm. Lying under her I pulled her over me, kissed her,

sucked and squeezed her sagging melons and when she got tired I once again came over her top and fucked her hard and filled her fuckhole with my gunk to end the session. By the end of this session we both were totally exhausted and I ordered food and we had proper lunch.

After that we slept for a while in each other’s arms and our third session started somewhere around 5 in the evening, when only an hour was left in our exit and after a tiny kiss we came into 69. Rinky sucked my monster while caressing my balls and I sucked and licked her fuckhole while fisting her tenderly.

This time I took my dream position with her, Rinky turned around over her knees and arms and I plunged her fuckhole while holding her big and round ass. Clenching ample flesh of her ass I screwed her from behind steadily and with loud moans Rinky enjoyed getting fucked like a bitch.

Later as excitement rose I pushed her upper half down to the bed and raised her massive bottom up and stood up on my feet to nail her hard. Holding her waist I ram fucked her in the posture and burring her face in pillow Rinky cried and cried in pleasure like a real slut. Once again I released my seed in womb and eventually our third session came to an end.

As we both were tired and dizzy while going back home we had coffee in one of the reputed chain of coffee shops and reached back home more or less on the scheduled time. Since that day I am fucking Rinky very regularly and I must say that Rinky is such a bomb that I have almost stopped asking my girl friend for a fuck.

At present Rinky’s departure to UK is assured, she has got her visa and now it’s a matter of few days. In the end I will say as such I am not in mood to write again but still if I will feel like writing again; which somewhere depend on the reviews of readers too, I will try writing Rinky’s story;

Yes... In last few months Rinky has shared almost everything about her past with me in which she was brought by her husband to his boss for fucking in luxurious room of five star hotel and their her husband's boss fucked her in her anus and it was her husband who was holding her so that she can be fucked in her tiny asshole.

I know it is really difficult to believe but according to Rinky it’s 100 percent true incident. Anyway let's see if I will be able to write all this. Please post your honest feedback in the comments below.

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Horny Divorcee Rinky Fucked By Anurag - I

I am Anurag male of 26 years of age with good looking face and good height, not exceptionally muscular but physically fit and strong to calm down any female sexually and my experience is about fucking and satisfying a married girl who was living in my colony.

Rinky was living in my colony since long and by face I knew her but didn’t have any introduction with her. It did not came in my notice but few years back; may be three or four years back she got married and left the colony and one day suddenly I saw her again walking down the street.

Couple of weeks passed and I saw her standing with her mother talking to my mom in the street bit far from my house and I realized that both the mothers know each other casually. I came beside them and while both the mothers were talking I casually said hello to Rinky and she responded back with a tiny smile.

Rinky was wearing jeans and top and to described her physical appearance in words I would say she is little short, dusky skinned, not very good looking but has soothing features, springy black hair tied in a pony.

Confident and soft spoke, Rinky has attractive birth marks on her face, her breasts are large and heavy; significantly protruding out of her body with flat and firm belly and her hips are flared around mouth watering ass going further down to nice fleshy thighs and nice ample legs.

Anyway my mother casually invited both; mother and daughter for tea in the house and after some persuasion they came in. I told mom to sit with them and let me make tea and Rinky came in and stood beside me in the kitchen to help me and we had casual chit over what I do and where do I work.

I also asked Rinky what does she do and she said that her husband has gone out on a very long overseas project and might come after a year and that is for few days so instead of living alone she has came to her mother’s place (her father was expired long time back) and now she is thinking about doing some job.

She casually told me to look for her job and then detailed her qualification and in response I told her to mail her resume to my ID. In the end we came out to the living room with tea and had long chit chat over health problems her mother and my parents are facing and eventually our casual meeting ended after half an hour as both Rinky and her mother took leave.

Certainly after meeting Rinky sexually I was charged a bit and like every unmarried male has a desire to have sex every female coming across I too fantasized about fucking her and shagged my load couple of times and got busy in my life.

Time passed may be 3 weeks and I saw Rinky again, it was 9 of Monday morning and I was starting my bike to go to work and she casually asked me from distance, “lift milegi?” and I asked her back “sure…kahan jana hai?” and she replied by speaking out the area“sector…57”.

Sector 57 in my region is commercial sector which is mostly occupied with IT companies and I asked her if she got the job, “job mil gayi kya…?” and she replied by saying “haan…today is a first day” “cool…” I spoke out with a smile and turned my bike to reach close to her and told her to sit, “baitho…” “You work in 65…isn’t it?” Rinky asked me and I accepted by saying “haan…”

“I hope for you it’s not out of the way” and replied to her by saying “no it’s not out of my way…but agar hota bhi to bhi koi problem nahi thi…I am happy to help you” and in response Rinky smiled a bit while looking at my face and settled down behind me on the bike.

I dropped her on the gate of her office and asked her if I she wants I can pick her too in the evening but she denied for that she thanked me before going into her work premises. I was happy to see her again and got instantly hard over my Penis to see her walking away with such a heavy ass.

Even though I was already involved into an affair and we; I and my girl friend were very much in physical contact but still after seeing her luscious sexual assets, like most males of this world I was ravenous to get on bed with Rinky.

No doubt apparently as compared to Rinky my girlfriend was far beautiful and in very good shape, also I can say that Rinky was much more bedded than my girl-friend but still I was getting much attracted to her, maybe deep inside I was desiring a change in bed, I wanted to play with Rinky’s melons as they were far heavier than my girl friends tits,

also Rinky’s ass was so fleshy that I was again and again getting tempted to bite them. Anyway that day after dropping Rinky I planned to leave to my work place on the same time, so that I can drop her everyday but unfortunately because of my mom I failed to do that on very next day and I as I saw clock reaching to nine I stood in the balcony to see her and saw her walking down the street,

I was thinking about what to speak to address and to my good fortune at the same instant she looked up to my house; possibly to see if I am also getting down and I asked her if she can wait for 10 minutes I will also be going and she responded by saying “No thanks, main chali jaaungi”.

That day Rinky was wearing formal trouser with a white shirt and once again I saw her huge tight and perfect round ass going far for really long. Anyway that day I missed her but from next day onwards I got rigid with my mom to pack my lunch before time and I dropped Rinky at her work place continuously for next three days; till Saturday banged and we both had next two days off.

As such I have nothing to write about these three days because it hardly take 10 minutes to reach to her work place on bike we mostly started with good morning and always ended up saying just bye to each other with a smile.

Anyway on Saturday I met my girl friend and as I was sexually charged from last seven days I asked her if we can get on bed to have fun and my girl friend fixed Monday afternoon for that and before that she wanted to watch a movie with me.

I was gone so mad to meet Rinky that giving an excuse of work at office in the morning I denied going for a movie in the morning show and fixed the movie time for evening and that is after having sex in the afternoon.

Somehow I passed Sunday and like I desired I met Rinky in the morning and dropped her at her work place and before she would have said thanks and bye I somewhat informed her that taking a half day off from work I am going for a movie today and she instantly asked me “kaunsi movie aur kiske saath…jaa rahe ho…girl friend ke saath?”

I spoke the name of the movie and denied for having a girl friend “…I don’t have any Girl friend… I am going with my collage friends” and she came up saying “to fir main bhi chalti hun…main bhi to tumhari friend hi to hun” I was surprised to hear that and certainly if I didn’t had a plan of having sex before movie than I would have said no to my girl friend and would have taken Rinky

for a movie but I was helpless and I gave her excuse that we are just guys who are going and she will be odd one out in whole group and Rinky replied by saying “It’s ok…I was joking….” But I did not want to let this chance go and I came up saying “I will take you for movie a separately…just you and me…” and Rinky instantly came up asking “why…”

with a big smile and I replied by saying “you just said that we are friends…!” and she smiled back and eventually said bye to me. Like I said I wanted to meet and drop Rinky that is why changed my girl friend’s plan of meeting early and that day after dropping Rinky I didn’t go to office because there no concept of half day at my work place and after killing few hours

I met my girlfriend on a fixed venue and like always bought her to my friend’s vacant flat where there was nobody and in next three hours I fucked my girl friend twice in fever of fucking Rinky. Finally my fucking date with my girl friend ended and I came back home around 9 in the night after watching movie and dropping my girl back home and felt annoyed to see that there was no

electricity in my colony since 4 and inverter of my house is exhausted. Apart from that according to few people of my colony electricity was not suppose to come before early morning as transformer was caught on fire and repairing work was started very late in the evening.

It was evening of a summer and after having steamy hot sex in the day that instant everything seemed like hell to me but I didn’t know that destiny has something good for me behind this bad. After reaching home I had few bites of dinner with restless mind and instead of sitting in the heat in the house I climbed on the roof top and saw after gap of around five houses

some female walking on her roof and speaking to someone on phone. More or less I was sure that was the house where Rinky lives and she is the one who is their but still as it was dark it took me 5 minutes to get sure that she is none other than Rinky and I massage her “Hi…walking on the roof?”.

As she was talking on the phone she did not realized the incoming massage and I waited for her to end the call and after around five minutes when she saw the massage she looked around to see me and I waved my hand to say Hello. She massaged me back “Hi…how was the Movie?” and I replied by writing

“it was great…now you decide which movie you would like to see with me” text she massaged me back now was “I don’t think Mom will allow me to go” and I wrote back “don’t tell anything to Mom…we will bunk office” and she wrote back “let’s see”.

Truly speaking while coming back home I was feeling that sexually I am exhausted after having sex with my girl friend but that instant even when I could not see Rinky properly I started getting hard in my lower. And next instant I thought about trying meeting her and next instead of massaging her I called her and after a casual hello

told her that possibly electricity will resume in the morning and she said yes to it as already knew that. I asked her if she would like to go far a casual walk with me in nearby park and she said that she has already changed into night wear. I insisted her to change and come down to street and eventually she agreed and we walked down casually to the park which was not very far from our house.

I don’t know what was she wearing as a night suit but while she walked down she was wearing a short Kurta with tight stretchable leggings on her lower half and even in the dark I could feel the amount of flesh she has over her healthy ass and thighs.

Even though she was having a stole over her shoulder to cover her big luscious milks, still while walking beside her I was getting a mouth watering side view of her melons. Whatever; initially our chit chat was casual; few things about the movie I saw in the evening and also about the upcoming Hindi movies and as this subject reached to its saturation I casually asked her,

while walking on the roof if she was taking to her husband? And she said yes to it and after that I asked her few things about her husband, like what does he do? Where he lives? Although Rinky replied to all my questions related to her husband but I felt that she is little unconcerned about talking to me over this subject and tried to bring back Hindi movies in the chit chat.

Anyway time passed like this and we decided to go back home and as we reached close to my house she asked me what is my age, “by the way tumhari age kya hai…?” and I replied by saying “I am 1988 born” and she casually said that I am far younger than her “tum to mujhse age mein bahut chhote ho” and in response I humorously asked her if she need I can address her Didi(sister)

“if you want I can address you Didi” and Rinky instantly denied to that by saying “nahi nahi…we are friends”. By now we were reached closed to our house and it was my house which came first, we stood in front of the house and I offhandedly said “kitni garmi hai ! I wish I could have a glass chilled milk shake” and Rinky casually invited me at her place for Cold coffee, “ghar aa jaao cold coffee pilati hun”

I was not expecting that and her invitation at this odd hour was enough for me to realize that if not sexual attraction, Rinky likes my company at least and in response I asked her hope her mother won’t mind to see me with her at this odd hour and for a moment Rinky went silent but next instant said that her mother is in the house and told me to rose to her roof straightaway and she will come upstairs with the coffee.

Obviously I agreed to her and called my dad and told him that I am going to my friend who lives in some other sector and requested him to call me whenever electricity will resume. Rinky heard me lying to my dad but just smiled a bit over that. Ultimately I followed Rinky and rose to her roof and she reached to the roof later with two glasses of Cold coffee.

Time was well passed to10, though there were few people on diffrent roofs but no one was bothered to look at other roof and resting our back we sat down in the floor and finished cold coffee. Couple of times I praised the taste of Cold coffee and also asked her about the quantity of its ingredients.

Since then as such there was no sign in Rinky’s gesture that she is interested in me for sex relation, neither could I dare to think about approaching her for sex so casually, for no other reason except this that if gone wrong this matter will reach to my mom in a fraction and like always to tranquilize my urge I had a clear plan of shagging my load on her name in the night

at least twice but for me it was not a night of simple masturbation. We were sitting beside each other while resting our back with the wall and Rinky came up asking me a casual question which I have often faced from numerous people “When are you planning to get married?” Rinky asked me without looking at me and I replied by saying “never” “why...are you scared of something?”

She spoke while looking at me and that is with a smile, “scared of what….?” I responded back with similar smile and Rinky just went speechless. Then there were no words spoken for few seconds and once again after a minute Rinky broke the silence but with a sarcastic statement “waise tum Shaadi na hi karo to achha hai…hamesha free raho…life ko enjoy karo”

and I casually uttered “shaadi ke baad sabhi ye hi bolte hain” as it can be guessed my tone was bit amusing but Rinky was bit stirred and she revealed the truth of her life by saying “you know…I lied to you….my husband has not gone abroad…we are separated…I have taken a divorce” “why?” I asked an obvious question, and she said that she will tell me all that some other time

“not now…wo sab main tumhen fir kabhi bataungi…” “Ok…” I accepted and don’t know how after knowing her truth in a moment it came into my mind that I have a clear passage to bring her on bed and I came up with an idea of telling her my imaginary story of getting betrayed in love.

“You know even I lied to you …” Rinky looked at me and I spoke again “meri ek girl friend hai…but she is not mine anymore…but I still love her” and before Rinky would have asked me anything further I spoke again “she has found someone else…” “Ok” She was looking at me with a hope as if I will speak further and I came up saying “that’s it…main bhi tumhen baaki sab fir kabhi bataunga”

“Ok…” she spoke same ok again but in different tone and went silent. I was restless, I wanted to gain sympathy from her and I spoke again and narrated her my bogus love story; that my Girl friend ditched me because she got a love proposal from her boss and he promoted her as she accepted his proposal and in end just to enhance the sentiments spoke out “I can’t forget her…”

and Rinky responded back by saying “Yes…you can…just throw her out of your mind” “that’s what I am trying to do since long…but I can’t do that” I revealed that I am helpless and Rinky came up saying “if I can forget my past life…then why can’t you forget…” unintentionally she was somewhat insisted to speak up about her past life and from my side I further tried igniting her by saying

“I don’t know what has happened between you and your husband… I a m sure koi casual sa matter hoga aur tum dono ki ego hurt ho gayi” “No…it was not casual matter….” Rinky got bit aggressive and spoke again “you know my husband used me…he took me to his boss to get a promotion” I was shocked to hear that and I asked her back in same disgusting tone “Then?”

and Rinky replied by saying “Then what…I was trapped…and they both fucked me as if I am a slut” I was still not out of unacceptable mind state and asked her again “kaun…kaun…?” and she replied by saying “who else…my husband and his boss” her tone was full of irritation “he is a real basted…”

she abused her husband in woe but after a fraction up to an extent calmed herself down and spoke again “forget it…I don’t want to talk about that…main sab kuch bhool chuki hun” and then spoke again “I am ready for a new beginning…” we both went silent, I don’t know what was Rinky thinking at that time but deep inside I was trying collecting myself and eventually

came up doing what I wanted to do and started by saying “Well …this is a new beginning” I wrapped my hand around her waist, turned her a bit and kissed her tenderly on her lips and spoke “I wanted to say this to you on the very first day I saw you” and after a moment spoke again “you have strange magnetism….” Rinky did not responded over my kiss negatively,

rather she further calmed down with a tiny smile but in the end came up saying “This relation has no future…” “Why…?” I asked an obvious question and she replied by saying “Because after 2-3 months I am going to UK…my sister lives their” she paused and took few seconds to speak again and ultimately uttered “still we can think about…I am also attracted to you”.

That was a clear green for me and I looked around; by now I could hardly see anybody around the roof and I took Rinky in my arms and crushed her fleshy body while kissing her. Rinky kissed me back equally well and we released our saliva in each other’s mouth.

By the time we stopped kissing we both were puffing, we looked into each other’s eyes very closely and she released herself from my arms “you mean we can’t marry?” I asked her and she knobbed her head in no, “I don’t want to live in India anymore”.

What else a guy like me need, a temporary give and take relation with her, just for a change and somewhere deep inside I was feeling that I am very close to get her acceptance for that. I was hard over my Penis and wanted to adjust my erection but I could not do it in front of her.

Eventually I took a chance and did that while she was looking straight but she caught me and uttered with a naughty smile “Mujhe lagta hai meri wajah se tum apni girl friend ko bhulna shuru ho gaye ho” I giggled over her words and uttered “I am sorry…” and she replied by saying “It’s ok…this is natural”

and I asked her back “tell me if this natural thing is happening at your end too?” and this time Rinky giggled over my words and accepted by saying “haan..I am also feeling mild wetness” we smiled for few seconds while looking into each other’s eyes and ultimately I pointed my finger at one corner of the roof where there was a narrow passage and wall on three sides

and anyhow nobody could see us and spoke “let’s sit their” “why…?” Rinky asked me instantly and I replied by saying “There nobody will be able to see us” “what you want to do…?” she asked me again and I was ready with a good reply “I want to forget my girl friend completely”

“hmmm….very smart” Rinky hummed and spoke with a sarcastic smile and I spoke again “let’s go…” but she denied “Not here…” “At least we can kiss” I spoke back in requesting tone and she agreed with “Ok”. Next we both got up and settled down on the other edge of the roof, in the narrow passage, from where anyhow we could not be seen by anyone and next instant I simply started eating her.

Rinky was also excited and she responded back to my kiss amazingly well. We licked each other’s face like hungry animals and slowly my hands went on her breasts and squeezed her huge but soft milk mounds over the cloth.

Rinky cried in pleasure but did not stopped me playing with her luscious fruits, she was enjoying and while rubbing my wet lips over her neck and cleavage I just went on clenching her mounds in rising excitement. Gradually my hands reached to her thighs and I tried putting my hand between her fleshy thighs; over her love hole and same instant I felt her hand over my crotch.

Ohhh…like I was hard over my Penis Rinky was boiling at her fuckhole and we both rubbed each other over their while kissing. I was getting excited so was she, I tried lifting her Kurta but Rinky stopped me and uttered “let me go down stairs…I will be back in two minute”

“No...I know you will not come back…” “I promise I will come back….ek baar mom ko dekh aati hun….” Eventually I released her and picking up empty glasses of cold coffee she went off and I remained at my place, silent and hidden.

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Ashima falling for Ved - II

Previously: Ashima falling for Ved - I

“Butterflies in the stomach”, maybe this idiom can express my situation! Call it excitement or nervousness; there was hell lot of giddiness since I met Ved. The time I returned from airport I was unable to concentrate on anything. Every now and then I use to smile remembering few excerpts from our conversation.

Since my nineteen years of life span I never felt so attracted towards a man. But the case with Ved was totally exceptional. The way he talk, the way he smiles, the way he look, everything was mesmerizing. I remember he gave his visiting card when we were departing. Now the conflict arose in mind whether I should take one step forward and try to contact him or should I better not try to contact him.

After all he looks kind of family man and I also remember Ved discussing about his wife to that stupid guy. Finally I decided not to contact him and kept scrolling that visiting card between my fingers. I felt mentally tired with this whole thinking process and can’t go into deep sleep.

First day passed with this mental conflict, similarly second day also went like this, finally on third day I came to conclusion that I am unable to hold myself back and I have to communicate with him. Early in the morning first thing I did was to take out his visiting card. I looked at the contact numbers which gave me a hint not to call him since he is business type of guy and must be busy with his schedule.

For 15 minutes which seems like an hour I stared at his name. My eyes dropped down at his email id. Instantaneously my mind said hit an email to him. Not to show my desperateness I decided to leave a simple good morning message with an inspiring quotation. With trembled fingers I pressed sent button.

Like a small child I was waiting for my chocolate, for his reply. Day 1: no reply ; my reaction: highly depressed. Day 2 : again no reply; my reaction : fuming with rage. Day 3 : still no reply ; my reaction : why the fuck I sent that email to him. Cursing myself I slept around 12.30 am that night. Suddenly I woke up. It was 4.30 am in the morning, I checked my email and Bingoo!!

There it was !! His reply for which I was eagerly waiting for. He enquired whether I am the same girl who met during Mumbai to delhi flight and asked about how am I and said that it was nice meeting you. Like a mannered lady I took a gap of time and dint respond him immediately. After few hours I replied him that I am the same girl in flight.

To continue the conversation I further added that I haven’t thought that a General Manager of a company can be really cool and friendly. I think I equally hold his attention after my first email because after that our conversation seems endless. Ved asked me various questions about my likes dislikes, family, songs, books, studies and many other normal stuff.

Then he asked me for my pics. I obliged him by sending two of my casual pics. Next he asked me whether we can talk on phone sometime. I was not expecting this also I was reluctant to give him my mobile number. I told ved that this can create problem since you are a busy guy having ur business to deal with and son to take care of. But he dint understand my point.

I finally gave him my phone no. knowing that I myself want to get in touch with him, want to know more abt him. Like this we exchanged hundreds of emails. Next day I received a call in late afternoon from an unknown number. As soon as I picked the call and heard his “Hello” I realized that it is Ved. I was dumbstruck Listening his sexy manly voice.

That was the first time we were talking on phone and we spoke for around 45 mins. He said he ll be coming to delhi for a business trip next month and “that he is looking forward to this visit”. I understood that he wishes to meet me but I was feeling weird with this idea of meeting a married man. I honestly asked him wont it create problem in you happily married life.

And to my relief he said that he is living a life of separation. I feel bad as well as glad (madly glad) with this revelation that he is a divorcee and now single. I told Ved that after my semester exams I would love to meet him. Like this one whole month passed. We were closely attached with each other by now, sharing lots of details with each other, not erotic stuff but casual things.

And finally The day arrived for our meeting. It was the month of December. Chilly winds were piercing my skin but somehow I was sweating with anxiety. Again and again thoughts were coming to my mind whether I should meet him or not. His phone call snapped me out of my train of thoughts. He said after finishing his meetings he ll come by 7.30pm near my apartment to pick me up.

I hung up the call by agreeing to his plan. Again I started feeling tensed about this first meeting. I remember I have no experience of going on dates, this creates more anxiety. But somewhere deep down I was confident to meet Ved. So I decided to dressed up sober yet elegant.

I choose my dark blue jeans, red sleeveless top and paired it up with golden brown soft sweater and matching catwalk stilettos. I chose to apply minimal makeup and tie my hair up in high pony tail and left my long hairs swaying alongside my hips. I step outside my apartment gathering whole amount of courage and there he was! Standing near his car he looked ever so handsome.

Tall, well built, fit body, sharp mind..Boy! he looks younger than his age. He was on his phone speaking formally with someone. The moment he saw that I am approaching him, he forgot to respond on his call, he kept watching me, and disconnected his call asking that person to call him later.

Ved and I greeted friendly and started our journey from my apartment till his hotel talking casually on few current topics. We both surprised each other with our vast knowledge and ideologies. It took around 20mins to reach his hotel. He smartly chose his hotel nearby my place of residence to avoid wasting time in traffic.

As soon as we reached the hotel he checked in his room but decided to take me to rooftop restaurant. He allowed me to chose the menu for dinner but ALAS! How can I tell him with butterflies in my stomach I wont be able to eat anything. Hiding my uneasiness I put a mask of confidence and told him I do feel like eating anything and so he ordered two glasses of fresh juice.

During whole time he kept me very well engaged and told some of his funny encounters on which I laughed wholeheartedly. I forgot he was watching me intently. As my smile fades a bit, keeping his gaze fixed on my face he said you got beautiful eyes! I feel heat rushing through my cheeks. I was feeling chilled sitting on that rooftop.

Seeing me rubbing my palms he told me to accompany him to his room. My body becomes suddenly alert but I followed him to the lift. Stepping inside the lift there was a surprised silence, We were standing close to each other. He rubbed the back of his palm on my cheek saying, “you are cold my dear”. I was stunned to this act.

Hugging me sideways from my shoulder he said, “lets go to room”. I was totally confused with these developments. Room ! warmth ! just-the-two-of-us! The whole concept was freaking me out. I followed Ved inside his room with pounding heartbeats. He closed the door behind him once I entered. I felt his gaze behind my back.

Walking few steps We both sit on the cornered sofa placed near the window. Ved hold both my hands in his large palms. Out of nervousness I smiled and said it was really cold outside. My inner mind was shouting to stop acting nervous as well as stupid at the same time. Again he hugged me sideways and gave an assuring smile.

He asked me for a proper hug for which I was uncomfortable. Sensing my indecision he said, “treat me like a friend and friends do give hug right, take it lightly”. Sensing my indecision he took the opportunity to hold me by my arms and snaked his arms around me, filling me in his embrace. My lips parted, hands hanged in mid air and what I felt next makes me numb.

I felt his hot ears over my cold cheeks! I think the time stopped. For few minutes we were in that position. When my body register too much warmth from his body, I tried to stand and make space between us but he hold my hand and stopped me. My mind was screaming me not to be fattu. I admitted honestly that I can’t proceed it any further.

But he insisted again that there is no harm in what we are doing. I tried to break our only contact; to get my hand free. In this process Ved also stood up and stand too close to me, cupping my face in his large palms watching me intently he said, “you got beautiful lips”. Then he traced his thumb following my lower lip.

I glanced up and saw his face.. his penetrating gaze over my face, over my body, as if he is drinking me in. without any warning ved hugged me tight..too tight. I could hear his racing heartbeat, heat emanating from his body and his HARDNESS. No doubt he is excited.

As My hands involuntarily wrapped around his neck, with a sudden jerk he pulled me towards him closer, sliding his both hands from waist then INSIDE my top. His cold palms touched my naked skin there. A shiver went through my spine. Ved tried to grasp more of my skin..rubbed his hands on my back and suddenly turning me, I felt his hands on my bare stomach.

My back was against his chest and he made a circular motion on my stomach and pressed his hands making my skin more sensitive. We both were facing the full length mirror of dressing table. Looking at my vulnerable position where he was holding my waist securely from behind Ved kissed my hairs and said, “look at you.. you are so soft, so beautiful”.

With this he kissed my nape and started nibbling there. Boy! I was going wet. God knows what happened to me but my inner mind was not prepared for all this. I want him in my life but all of a sudden in first meeting, getting this physical was the thing which I never thought of. I escaped from his grip and turned around to face him. He looked confused and ….rejected. no no no..!

I don’t want to see this expression on his face. I looked down and said I want to go home. Though sadly he agreed and called for his driver. Like a pure gentleman he dropped me home safely and we bid farewell for the day. Returning home I literally jumped over my bed as if my mind cant register what had just happened and kept touching my body parts where Ved had touched me.

I was aroused yet was not able to return him favours. With this guilty feeling I was unable to sleep. I Kept scrolling my cellphone to atleast message him. But was not able to do anything. Just as the saying goes that We Never Know What Life Has In Store.. applied perfectly in my case. Next day turns out to be total pleasant change of series between me and Ved which made us each other irresistible.

Guys in my next story I ll narrate how Ved and I proceeded with First Base. Thereafter when he made me completely comfortable we hit the second base, which literally made me hell wet. Then finally we went through the extreme pleasure and completed Third and Fourth Sexual Bases.

I am personally thankful for your encouraging comments which actually made me to write up each things in detail. Take care folks till then Do svidan’ya !!

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