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Aryan losing virginity to Gazal

Hello readers,this is aryan & I am an avid reader of HD from a long time & I really enjoy the experiences people share on this portal. I have been thinking from a long time to post my own experience so giving words to them today.There is no vulgarity, just the passion & a bit of erotism & everything I m going to mentioned is completely true.

Although its been more than an year but seems like yesterday only.I can never forget that most beautiful day of my entire life when I lost my virginity to gazal(my gf). It was a sunny Sunday noon when god has decided to shower his blessings on me. I think destiny had kept something in store for me tht day.

Since that day, I have never felt a better sensation, it feels like it was a dream, a summer night´s dream. She clearly outstripped all my expectations. When I picked her from market, my heart almost skipped a beat just having first look at her. She was looking so stunning in blue tshirt and jeans.

She also complimented me for my attire & the athletic build which was result of workout I had been doing lately in the gym. We then proceeded to our destination(a resort) to get engrossed into each other. The whole route passed with her sweet talks & Once we were there, we got ourselves comfortable in the room available.

I can recall gazal was hesistant about the room and staying there and was bit uncomfortable initially and so was I a bit but I dint show. We had lemonade and settled there. I remember to have rested my head on her knees while she was sitting at the corner of bed. I think fortune ws smiling on me tht day. Her fragnence was driving me crazy and I cudnt help bt to pull her towards me.

Her lips looked inviting and juicy as always. Gently touching her lips filled me with an ever increasing passion for her. It was so wonderful and amazing, cant describe in words. Then I started licking her earlobes and neck. Gazal let out a slight moan that made me go crazy. By the time, my hands were exploring the unseen territories of her body.

Hers was such a soft and silky skin I cudnt help but to movee ahead and take off her tee. She was constantly saying no bt I seem to be in some other world. It was one of the most marvelous creation of god which I had seen. She had a body to die for. I remembered to kiss her all over while she were still resisting.

Her bra was obstructing the view and holding the most magnificent breasts in its cage. I remember to have slowly unhooked it from behind to have the full view of most amazing assets one can ever have. My jaw was dropped what I saw. It was way beyond my imagination. Milky white round and firm boobs with small aerolas in the middle erect and waiting to be sucked.

I started trembling as I run my hands on them. They are ripe and fullsome and just perfect.Gazal left out a hugh sigh as I put my mouth on them. It was something new to me and the aroma of herr body was driving me crazy. I sucked both of them one by one and it seemed like eternity.

By the time, gazal also got more comfortable and also started combing my hairs with her long fingers which was actually driving me insane. I felt like sucking onto a sweet and ripe mangoes but it tasted far better than that. Then I slowly moved downwards and kissed on her belly button and stomach.

She had butterflies in stomach by tht time and her eyes were closed. I then proceeded downwards and inserted my finger in her panty. Gazal was resisting me bt I seemed to be out of control. It was already wet with her love juices and as I took my finger close to her love hole, it was emitting lot of heat. As I put my finger inside, it was all wet and hot there.

Slowly I started doing it up and down and both of us felt restless. I had this strong temptation by then to kiss her down there. I slowly unbuttoned her jeans while she was still resisting a bit because of shyness. Then I took off her already soaked panty and have a good look at the clean shaven love hole. It was pink and extremely beautiful.

I cudn’t resist the urge to lick it. As I came near, I realized the strong fragnence coming from her love hole which again drove me crazy. I couldnt help but to kiss her there and she let out a moan. I then licked the whole area from my tongue and entered it deep inside. It was so sensual and the feeling was just beyond words. She seemed to b enjoying by the time.

Her eyes were closed and she was making sweet but loud sounds. Then all of a sudden, she jerked and tighten the inner walls and came in volumes. My tongue got completely wet with her love juices. It tasted really sweet something I hv never experienced before. Gazal made a huge sound when she orgasmed.

I was also out of control by that time and slowly started unbuttoning myself. After I got naked, she called me towards her and we hugged profusely. She has look of appreciation in her eyes for my clear hairless chest & well toned muscular frame. Our two naked bodies were emitting lot of heat and it was so soothing and comforting for me. Her skin was so soft and subtle that really surprised me.

SHE was actually like a sponge which needs to be handled with care. I then proceeded myself to enter her in missionary position but was unable to do so. She then hold on to my rod and make me enter her. It was warm and tight inside and I felt like I m on top of the world. The sensation of fulfillment I experience when I was inside her was unforgettable & beyond words.

She was looking way too pretty lying there with eyes closed. I felt her immediate response as I entered her. It came in the form of delicious moans and low sharp screams she let out. We just went on and on and her loud moans were driving me crazy. Then I moved her and entered her from behind.

It was something divine and we were both panting in sweat and heat. I was going in and out wildy by the time and she was also making huge noise. Again, she was on verge of orgasm & tightened her inner walls and made huge sound and soon orgasmed. I was also on the verge of climax and couldn’t hold for long.

I was amazed to have come in large volumes. It was so good something beyond words. I never knew it could be so beautiful. We then lay straight in each other arms and hugged for while. Our hearts were beating very fast and we could hear each others beats.

It was all serene and beautiful and she looked more pretty than ever.. I wished the moment could have stopped there itself and clock doesn’t work. But then like all good things come to end, we had to get up to leave for our homes.

Well, this is my first post & I apologize for errors if there is any. Writing such stuff online is certainly brings a different sensation. Your feedback & responses will encourage me to share some more. Please do post them in the comments. Thanks.

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Akash and Shilpi making love first time - III

Previously: Akash and Shilpi making love first time - II

The last rays of the sun were filtering through our hotel room window when I woke up. Shilpi was still asleep, her arm around me. I lay back, looking at the curtains flutter, waiting for her to wake up. She looked gorgeous even in her sleep, and her soft touch on my skin was addictive. I had always wondered how it would be like with a woman.

I never had any girlfriends, and Shilpi truly was my first love. I won't say our first experiences were mindblowing but they were definitely sensuous. Shilpi stirred awake, and before she could stretch, I kissed her. She looked so beautiful with her bangles and her long flowing hair. For a fleeting second I thought I was dreaming.

"You want to do it again, don't you", Shilpi laughed, breaking my reverie. "How did you know?" I asked. 'Well," she grinned, reaching for my face, "this says it all." Like a hungry tiger, I pulled her close to me and started kissing her neck. She gently disentangled herself from my grasp and said, "It's so humid, looks like I need to shower again."

No words were exchanged between us, as Shilpi took my hand and led a grinning me into the bathroom which had a shower enclosure. She began to take off her clothes, but strangely I felt a bit shy. We had made love to each other naked, but this made me shy. "Take em off, Akash!" she whispered. I did. I still couldn't meet her gaze. I turned on the water.

She pulled me close, resting her hands on my shoulder. I put mine around her waist, our foreheads touched and we left everything unsaid. It was the water that broke the ice. Cool, soothing, it gently began to flow over our bodies. It was as if we were being embraced by it, it was beginning to bring us closer and before we knew it, we felt the passion again.

My dick began to rise. Shilpi just smiled and hugged me even close. My dick was rock hard now. I had to do something, so I began to kiss her on the neck and suck on the water flowing over her breasts. "Shall we save some of it for tonight?" Shilpi asked. "Why not. Extra long session needs extra planning." I grinned. We wrapped ourselves in a single towel, and came out of the shower.

Changed. Once again we were in bed. She was sitting, back against the headboard, legs stretched out. I was lying with my head on her lap. she was playing with my hair and I just had my eyes closed, listening to her hum a song. It was then I asked her to untie her hair. She mostly had her hair in a ponytail, even when we are having sex. I just wanted to see her with her flowing hair.

She untied her hair and bent over me for a kiss, her dark curls forming a shelter of sorts, as if keeping us away from the world. "Shilpi, what are your honeymoon fantasies?" The question took her by surprise. "What do you mean?" she asked. "Well, you must have had some fantasy about some sex posture, something you wanted to try out, haven't you?" She laughed.

We spent the next two hours talking about our fantasies, the first time we watched porn, what we had wanted to do on our honeymoon, and how we would keep the romance alive. Before long it was dinner and we ordered room service. The guy knew we were newlyweds and gave me a sly wink.

Dinner done, we turned off the lights, opened the door to the balcony and let the breeze come in, lying in bed in each other's arms. Passion rising in us, we kissed. Slowly, I slipped off her robe, took off my clothes and locked my body with hers. Her arms were wrapped around my back and her legs tightly wound around my waist, bringing us even closer.

She loved being kissed on the base of her neck and closed her eyes whenever I caressed her hair. It was then that I popped the question that I was somewhat afraid to. "Shilpi, will you give me a handjob?" She giggled and said "Yes!" "I was afraid you'd take it otherwise." "Oh come on Akash. You have been so gentle with me, you haven't made me do anything."

"What's your fantasy for tonight?" "I want to be the one on top," she winked. "As it please your highness!" I grinned and went to work on her breasts. Tracing a line along her soft curves, from her neck to her breasts to her stomach, her thighs, I showered soft kisses on her body, occasionally flicking my tongue over her delectable breasts, sucking her aroused nipples, sending shivers through her body.

And then I attacked her pussy with my tongue, giving her gentle flicks on her clit, teasing her, making her shudder and moan softly, asking me for more. I teased her a little more with my tongue and then asked her for vaseline. Smearing liberally on my little finger, I slowly pushed it into her pussy. "Ahh" she moaned. I felt around the walls of her tight tunnel, gently probing.

I then used another finger, and then another, ever so gentle, feeling her juices mixing with the vaseline, dilating her pussy, making her open up slowly to me. She was just enjoying herself, rubbing her breasts, occasionally sighing, and caressing my hair. I was very gentle to her and slowly her pussy opened up to me, almost ready for my cock.

I pulled myself on top of her and began to kiss her again. "Now it's time for my hubby's fantasy to be fulfilled, said Shilpi, as she gently eased me back on the bed, and came over me. She began to kiss my chest and then slowly, softly, grabbed my dick. I could not help but close my eyes, and let a sigh escape from my lips. Her hand was magic.

She played with my cock, stroking, fondling, gently squeezing the shaft and balls, careful not to hurt me. When I felt the distant tingle of an approaching orgasm, I stopped her. Pulling out a condom, I quickly wore it. She placed her knees on either side of me at waist level, and propping herself up, she slowly tried to guide my penis inside her.

Yet again we failed to penetrate, and I let out a loud laugh. She adjusted the angle, and then slowly got part of the head inside. Gently easing her weight, she started to take me inside, gravity helping her. I could feel the head go inside her, and a little more. Penetration seemed a lot easier this time. About three fourths of my cock was inside her, when she stopped.

Then she slowly began to rock back and forth, driving me wild. My cock was feeling intense pleasure, and I could feel that my wife was enjoying it too. I pulled her head closer to me and kissed her. Once again her hair fell over my face in a seductive sort of way, her fragrance driving me mad. I tried to kiss her breasts but she pushed me back onto the bed.

So I just kept my hands on her waist and thighs, letting her take charge. It was then that I noticed the fan in our room. It had a mirrored shiny surface and in that I could make out a somewhat obscured reflection of the two of us in our passionate lovemaking. That turned me on even more. All of a sudden, I could no longer hold it. I wasn't even able to warn Shilpi.

I just came, and I came so hard I though the condom would burst. My dick twitching inside her must have triggered her orgasm to, for Shilpi let out a very loud moan and her pussy began to twitch too. It was somewhat of a blur, as she just pulled my dick out of her, and collapsed on top of me.

Our bodies were slick with sweat and I was taking long painful gasps for breath. Even the slightest ouch on our bodies was making them tingle. I was more or less satisfied with my performance this time, even though I came earlier. Shilpi seemed to love it too.

We must have laid there for almost twenty minutes, saying nothing, just listening to the fan, the waves, the flutter of the curtains and our breathing. I half-carried, half-led her to the shower. Our legs were feeling weak, so we sat down on the floor of the shower and let the water flow over our bodies, washing away the sweat and our love juices.

We were once again in bed, cuddling each other and she said "I love you Akash. I love you more than anything else in this world." I just pulled her closer, whispered "Me too, love. Me too." We then lay in the spoon position, and drifted off to sleep, once again thrilled by the excitement of lovemaking and the soothing embrace of romance.

Dear readers, to be honest, I have no idea how I managed to write so much, but somewhere in me, there is a desire to share more. I am really thankful for your patience with my long stories and sorry if they seemed boring. Your comments would motivate me to write some more. Hoping to hear from you. Bye!

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Krish having sexperience in Chennai - III

Previously: Krish having sexperience in Chennai - II

In continuation to the previous story, after the sucking and licking, Since I had asked the girls to get in the ice cream from the freezer, Abhirami went to get the 2 boxes of the family pack ice cream. I had also purchased glass bowls to consume the ice-cream which was bought in by Raagini along with the spoons.

We were all sitting down and Nandini started to transfer the ice cream from the box into the bowls. She gave everyone each a bowl along with the spoons and we started enjoying them. All of us were naked and were used to our nudity down after the licking and sucking sessions. My cock was half aroused seeing the naked beauties sitting in the circle.

Nandini was still behaving very freely with me sitting on my right hand side and was rubbing herself against my arm and Abhirami was sitting towards my left a few inches from me. Raagini was sitting opposite me and we were all eating our ice cream.

While Nandini lifted the ice-cream in the spoon from her bowl and towards her mouth, a scoop of the same slipped and fell on between her boobs and she just said..ooooof. I immediately kept my ice-cream bowl down and started licking it off from between her boobs.

I then made her lie down on the floor and collected some ice-cream from the bowl and poured them on the nipples of both the breasts. I started licking her left boob while the ice-cream melted and started flowing down on her breasts and towards the sides. Immediately Raagini came from the other side and started licking the ice-cream off the right breast.

Once we licked it off, Nandini got up and said that we want to do the same with you. I was game for it and lay down on the floor. All the girls sat around me and they poured scoops of ice-cream on my nipples, navel, stomach and on my penis. I had Raagini and Nandini licking the ice-cream from my nipples and Abhirami poured her ice-cream on my penis.

Since I had shaved off my pubic hairs, it was very plain and even with the cold ice-cream on my cock, it raised to its fullest. She started licking the ice-cream off my dick slowly and sensually. It had melted and was flowing down my balls and into the ass-crack.

She started slurping it from my balls and meanwhile Raagini had licked off the ice-cream from my nipples and moved towards my groin area. While Abhirami was concentrating on my balls and my ass-crack, Raagini started licking the pre-cum off my dick.

Nandini was biting both my nipples one by one and I was in the seventh heaven enjoying the sensation of having 3 beautiful girls licking almost every part of my sensual parts. I could not hold it with the 3 beauties licking it up, I was on the verge of coming and warned Raagini that I am about to come. I was not sure, if she heard me or not and I shot my load.

Probably it caught her by surprise, when the shot of cum hit her throat, she swallowed the first few spurts and then withdrew her mouth from there and the rest of my cum was shot into the air, a few of which landed on my stomach and the rest on Abhirami's back. Immediately Nandini poured a spoonful of ice-cream on the cum on my stomach and mixed both and started licking it.

Since I had already fucked Nandini before, I was thinking of whom to fuck next and chose the big boobed Raagini for the next fuck. I made her lie on the floor, emptied a few spoons of ice-cream on both her boobs and asked Nandini and Abhirami to lick them off. I poured a spoon of it on her navel and started licking it off her navel and stomach.

I lifted both her legs, placed them on my shoulder and pulled her in such a way that her pussy was in licking distance and then poured some on her clit and started to tickle and lick it. She was squirming and shook both the other girls away and held my head with both her hands on to her clit.

I was licking each fold of her clit and when she orgasmed, I poured a spoon of ice-cream into her vagina and inserted my toungue into it and started licking and sucking it out of her cunt. She again started squirming, meanwhile Abhirami started to french kiss her and Nandini came between us and started licking the pre-cum off my dick.

When I understood that Raagini had her next orgasm also, I slowly laid her on the floor, inserted a pillow under her ass and mounted her. She was also virgin like Nandini, and with her orgasms and the ice-cream in her cunt, it was much lubricated. I first slowly started to maul her boobs and started pressing both of them with my fingers very hard.

Then slowly started to lick around the nipples which started to arouse her. I slowly inserted my dick onto the opening of the cunt and slowly started pushing it in. I had widened both her legs to the maximum for a good entry. I slowly started pushing my dick in and since Nandini was already experienced with me, bought her lips close to Raagini's and slowly started sucking her lips.

I started to push my dick inch by inch into her cunt and stopped when it hit her virgin patch(Hymen). Raagini was feeling the pain when I had started to insert my dick into her cunt, However I had made the process very slowly so that she was enjoying the stretching of the cunt walls to my enormous dick.

However when my dick touched her hymen, I signalled to Nandini and she understood. Meanwhile Abhirami was lying under Nandini's cunt and licking her and she also was about to reach her orgasm. Nandini and Raagini were moaning loudly.

I believe when Nandini reached her orgasm, she started french kissing Raagini and I took this opportunity to push my dick out and insert it all the way in breaking her hymen. She still left out a small cry. I did not move and left it in for about a few seconds and when her pain subsided, I slowly pulled my dick out.

There was blood on my penis and then I started to slowly push my dick in and out of her cunt. After a few minutes, she could control her pain and I could see the pleasure emotion on her face. I slowly started to increase the speed and then started banging my dick into her cunt.

Meanwhile Nandini had orgasmed and Abhirami and her started to to 69 with both of them licking and sucking each other's cunt. Raagini started to moan loudly when I increased the speed and I was also feeling my cum build up in my crotch. Raagini orgasmed and held my hips with both her legs and pulled my mouth towards her and we got into a very deep french kiss.

My build up was interrupted and I wated for her orgasm to finish and then started fucking her again. After about 5 minutes, her second orgasm started to build up and so was mine. I timed it in such a way that we both orgasmed at almost the same time and she had again winded up her legs across my hips and ass and was not allowing me to move.

I held her tightly, her large boobs crushing against my chest and with my tongue in her mouth and french kissing her. I emptied my load into her cunt and slept on her for about 3 - 4 minutes and then rolled to one side. Even though Raagini was very tired, got up and went into the bathroom to clean herself.

Meanwhile Nandini and Abhirami were licking each other and had also orgasmed and were lying next to each other holding themselves in a warm embrace. Raagini came back with a wet towel wiping her cunt and also cleaned my dick, kissed it and lay down next to me. We all slept off in that position for about 30 minutes.

Myself and Raagini had slept of holding each other, her boobs and my chest brushing with my right left in between her legs. After about 30 minutes, we woke up, made some tea and had some biscuits and snacks. It was now some kind of a unspoken rule that we were all naked and walking about and sitting in the room without any clothes on.

We were watching some movie on the television and chatting amongst ourselves, sucking, caressing each other while doing this. At about 9 PM, we all were feeling hungry. Heated up the rice and the chicken curry, finished our supper and were planning to go to sleep.

By about 10 PM, the girls had washed the utensils, cleaned the hall where our cums had dried out, put everything back into place and were deciding as to where we will sleep. We all decided that Abhirami will sleep with me in my bed-room and Nandini and Raagini will sleep in the spare bed-room.

I will get back with that episode the next time as my dick is hard now, oozing precum and waiting to be inserted into one of the available pussy right now. This episode in Chennai was very fullfilling as I had sex in almost all positions with the 3 beautiful girls from Tamil Nadu who were very co-operating and understanding.

I was very lucky to have got a house admist these girls and also enjoy them. It will take me a couple of days to put all the episodes on paper, However I will try my best. Please do write in your feedback and comments.

I would request you to please do not write to me to ask about the address or phone numbers of the girls. The incident is true, however except for my name, the girls names are not true and I will not be able to share their names or details with anyone.

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