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Sex story of Akhil and Trisha

This is the first time I am writing a story as my boyfriend wanted me to write one. I am Trisha,I am from Bangalore. Let me describe myself. I am average height and I had big round boobs. My size is 34 28 30. I am writing about what happened in my life which is real and not a made up or a fake tale. This incident took place two years ago.

In the month of August, I was feeling very bored and I logged into my yahoo account. I opened the chat room and started chatting with few people. There was this one guy, Akhil whom I found interesting and from the same place as mine. So we started chatting and it was fun to chat with him. I was kind of depressed and talking with him felt good.

Even though I was responding to him in a single word, he still managed to keep the conversation going. This went on for two to three days. I told him that I do not use my yahoo account a lot so we exchanged our gmail ID's. Our chatting continued on gmail. I felt really good to chat with him. I used to wait for him to get online so that we could chat.

I didn't give him my phone number even though he asked me so many times. He asked to me share my pics at least. so I shared my pic with him and so did he. After few days I decided to give him my number and I did. We used to message a lot. One day he didn't reply and I was so mad at him. Later he messaged from another phone telling that he lost his phone.

We decided to meet for a movie as we are from the same place. So after a month or more of chatting, I met him for the first time in the month of September. We decided to watch Barfi movie in vision cinemas. We decided to meet in the morning. I was walking towards the movie hall when I first saw him. He didn't look exactly the way he looked in his pictures.

He looked more mature and handsome. We spoke and got into the movie auditorium. I was feeling shy and uncomfortable. My hands were so sweaty. He was making all conversations. I was feeling too awkward. Ofcourse! it was our first date. With time the tension and awkwardness started to reduce. I become a little more comfortable and started to talk.

During the interval he got a pack of popcorn. We were hogging. And suddenly it fell inside my top. It was lying between my cleavage. He saw me taking it out and asked me to give it to him. I told him that I won't. He told he would try taking it from my hand and if he did what I give him in return. So I replied that I would kiss him if he did. I thought he wouldn't take it.

But he was so keen on taking it from my hand and he ate it. So I had lost. He was so excited and told me that I lost and should kiss him. Damn! I remember that I was trembling. He held my hand. I realized that his hands were sweaty like mine. I liked it. I gave a peck on his cheeks. After that, he pulled me closer and kissed on my lips. We started kissing passionately for a while.

It felt so good and different to be smooching on a first date. His hands were searching for my breasts and he was touching it above my top. It felt so good. Later he put his hand under my top and cupped my breasts and we were still smooching. We were making out so much that we didn't care about the movie anymore.

After the movie, we went out for lunch and later went to lalbagh and we spoke a lot. My first date was very memorable and after that we went on many more dates. Our making out moved from smooching to fingering and touching of his penis. It all felt so damn good. After two months or so we decided to have sex completely. Our only issue was a place.

One day he told me that his parents were going out of town for couple of days and asked me to sleepover at his place. I agreed and I lied to my parents and I left in the evening to his place around 6.00. Due to traffic I reached his place at 8 or so. He picked me from the bus stand and we were talking all the way. As soon as we reached his house, I asked him for water.

He gave it to me. By the time I put the bottle down, he came closer and told that he wanted to kiss. I told him to give me five minutes as I felt tired. I went into the room to remove my jacket. I still remember, I was wearing a blue top which was showing my cleavage. I didn't realize he came behind me.

As soon as I removed my jacket, he came closer and told me that I look sexy in blue and started kissing me deeply. We went on like this for a long time and he was pressing my boobs. It was such a great feeling! I was moaning while smooching. Later he removed my top and my jeans. I was in my bra and panty. I removed his T-shirt and his jeans. Both of us were semi nude.

I was wearing a light pink bra and a light pink panty. We continued to kiss for a while. I went to have water and I remember he made me sit on the kitchen slab and clicked few pics and he tried carrying me to the bed and we started to kiss again. This time he ripped my clothes off and I was nude and I was feeling shy. He became nude and came closer.

He has a very nice dick which measures around 9 inches. He started fingering my pussy. That was so damn good. I was moaning like his bitch and asked him to finger me more and he obeyed me like a kid. He gave me so much of pleasure by fingering that I reached my first orgasm. It was so much fun. I wasn't good at sucking a dick and I told him.

He said it is alright and he started to fuck me. Initially it was so hard. His dick did not go inside my pussy. I kept on stopping him. He was feeling bad that I wasn't allowing him to go in. I was stopping him cause it was painful. I was actually pushing him away. He kept asking me if he wasn't good enough to fuck him. I told him it's just about the pain.

Later he again started fingering me and stopped when I was tempted. I begged him like a slut saying "baby please finger me more" but instead he started kissing me and held my hands tight. He went inside slowly. He entered a little. I actually shouted telling him that it hurts. He smooched me deep this time and pushed his dick inside. It hurt but he was smooching me.

So I didn't stop him. He started to fuck me and the first few strokes were really painful and I wasn't enjoying it even a bit. I couldn't push him away as he was holding my hands. After few strokes I started enjoying so much and started screaming with joy. Wow! it felt so good. I was moaning saying "ooh yeah baby! fuck me harder" I asked him to fuck me harder.

I was talking dirty like a whore. I was like "oohhhhhh baby do it harder! aahhhhhhh it feels so good. Go on baby. Fuck me harder. Hmmmmmm like your bitch fuck me fuck me fuck meee".It felt so good to feel his penis touching every part inside me. I continued moaning "oh yeahhhhh baby go onnnnnn, fuck me harderrrrrr aaaaahhhh".

He kept on fucking me and I was moaning and screaming his name telling him to fuck me harder "ooooooohh Akhillll babyyyyyy fuckkkkk meeeee fuckkkk harder gooooo deeeperrrr". He kept telling me that I look sexy when I moan. So that made me moan more like his fucking bitch! I was feeling so horny. I didn't want him to stop at all. This went on for few minutes.

I don't know how many orgasms I had. When he was about to cum, he withdrew his penis and came over on the floor. He told me to go wash my pussy cause he was scared if any of his cum was inside me. I went to the bathroom and cleaned my pussy. It was filled with cum and blood too. I just washed it. I didn't tell him there was blood as I didn't want him to panic.

I even found it hard to walk properly as it was painful. After that we had many more encounters and we still are. I would write about it later. This is how I lost my virginity to my boyfriend. Hope you enjoyed it and please leave your comments. :)

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Dehradun girl Pooja first time sex experience - I

Hello my dear readers myself puja from dharadoon.i am a into my early 30 now and married since 8 years now. after reading many life incident from different people, I thought I should also share my real life experience.

Before I go ahead I would like to mention, I am not soo good in english so please dont mind and request readers to appreciate me with my efforts without any moral values or offers to get along...this is a true incident happened in my life about 5 years back. so I would be sharing with you all how I have feeled and try to explain a woman lust for sex and enjoyment.

Before I go ahead let me give a visualization about my looks and figure.. im very fair in color and have great body which man can desire. im almost 5 6 inches tall with big rounded breasts and nice shaped body.. got 36 b size mellows with well sheped butt. got long black hear with an sweets lips.. coming back to my story it all started with an phone... yes you heard it right with phone...

Some of you may know back that time reliance mobile network are on peak with low price handsets and internet options... so my husband bring a phone with all the options available. he thought it will be great idea to be im touch with each other as he is into business and stay long times outside home town for business trips.

One fine day I was doing the RND in my phone where I found an option to connect with others people for friendship. so I created an account just to check what happens. there all the things began to change drastically... after that I enjoyed every second of my life... although there is nothing wrong between me and my husband but still I have fallen for the lust inside me.

That day I got one message form a guy from my near by town for friendship. his name was vikas and I excepted him and replied his request with aspection...we always chit chat about alot of thing by messages and later he asked to share the nos so that he can have word with me.. that time I find pretty normal and shared the nos... after that we started talking over phone.

Initially it was just formal chats then we started to talk long. we always talk about normal life routine and many staffs.. later he acted very strangely as he started talking about my relationship with normal I also stated to share my points as I found nothing wrong...we chat endLesley for hours without any break..

he was 35 years old and living alone due to company work and feel lonely like I do that time... so I found a true friend in him which I share anything...almost after 2 months if I remember correctly we are completely started to talk openly... where he used to say aaj kya pahna hai... saree ki niche kya pahna etc...we used to talk about adults matter more freely than normal...

One day he asked to send my photos which in respond I asked his also... we shared the pick by email. He was a nice build man of almost 5 9 with good physical shape..he is lil dark in complex but face and everything was perfect...what the first thing came in mind how will be his tool. which later I gor to know...after seeing me he also felt the same lust and wanted knoe how I would be from inside...

i will now try to explain the conversation we have which made us close..i got the call from him and instantly he said " tum bahut achi lagti hoo" and in reply I told him," tum bhi". vikas said " tumhara fig bahut acha hai, I asked kya acha laga.. he said " tumhara bra ka size kya hai"

I said in low voice 36 b, tumhare husband toh bahut lucky hai.. I said hmmm... then what he asked its completely I never guessed.." agar tum caho toh kya mein insko open dekh sakta hoon... I asked what ?? then he confirmed " tumhare breasts "...i was socked and totally speechless...he said rahne do its ok... I said kiyu pucha.. he said I wanted to have you...

and suck those big rounded breasts of yours.. he asked whether I ready... I wanted to say yes but I cant so cut the line and not picked his calls whole day..after that day he not called me for 2 days and on 3rd day he messaged me to talk. and I replied to call...which he did...he said sorry about that and this will not happen again... but he asked me if I could then

"agar tum kar sakti toh kya karti" to which I said " nahii pata"..he said ok apna mail id check karna kuch send kiya new pics.. I immediately open and checked to my surprise he send his nude pic with full erect tool... its was almost 6 and half long with thickness. I was aroused and thinking what will be the fun if it is inside me.

I got his call again and he asked " dekha" I said haan..," acha laga. ab bolo karoge " I said "haan, par kahan karege". he said " tunhare ghar par ". I said nhii ho sakta hai.. mere neighbours can have create problems... to it he said then come to me in my place.. " husband ko bolo mein apne friend ki pass jaa rahe hoon.. I did the same in a manner that he got totally convinced...and also got the approval for 3 days...

i have taken a bus and reached to place.. it wad 3 hours trip reach his town..and I called to.know where he was... he told me to stay in current place as he will come and pick me.. after some time I saw one bike came and stopped in front of me.. its wad him and he was wearing a white shirt with jeans.. he came to me and hugged me and said "chalo"..

while riding he was telling about site seens and telling me to hold tight... after much awaiting finally we reached home and sat inside his house...he said " tum fresh ho jao mein kuch lata hoon kahne ki liye.." I said ok then he came with an packet and said " plss isko pahan lena" I said "kya hai isme", dekh lo khud he".

I went to washroom and immediately opened the packet and saw a fresh piece of black bra and panty with red color nighty... I got to know today will be getting my ride of life.. anyway while wearing bra I found its not an normal bra its making by breast more pointed and stiffer which actually make my two milky to join together making an line of curve..i never saw my breasts like that before and its making me fall more in lust for sex...

i came out he was standing beside table with launch we seat together and eaten.. then after washing hands we seat together in living room chit chat...he said I wanted to show you something... but its not here its in bedroom... my heart started to beat faster... he then took my hand and guided to his bedroom... he made me seat on bed and asked whether I would like to see some movie...

then he played and pron video where a guy fucking a laday with clean shaved was playing and meanwhile he got up closed the door and opened his jeans and shirt.. he aslo asked me" two piece uttar do, relaxed ho kar dekho " actually he asked to upper part of nighty leave the inner short part alone..

I then slowly opened the upper part and sat on bed again with my boobs half visible to of story I will update later as I have much to express.. please reader do reply so that I post second part if my experience...waiting for you all comments.

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Finally leaving me restless Rachna went down to the party lawn and I just stood there in the balcony to see her. My sight moved along with her in the people and she looked at the balcony numerous times. Being a male even after getting a narrow escape from getting into a very trouble I was not realizing that this is not the place where we should get on the bed to have sex and for a while I felt annoyed whatever Rachna did,

I thought about calling her to call her back but my ego came in between and I stopped myself. Say after 10-15 minutes Rachna called me and started with “I am sorry…”, though not completely but by now I was bit out of feeling annoyed and just saying in a low voice “kisliye?”

I asked her for what she is saying sorry and she said we should not do anything here and I instantly asked her back then when and where we will do and she responded by saying “let’s see… but not hear” first I accepted by saying ok and then told her come back and said we will not do anything but she requested me not to insist her to come and next I asked her if she is doing this with me under any burden

“I hope you are not doing this under any burden…. mental or financial?” and Rachna responded by saying “No…I really like you”. That made me feel rapturous and after disconnecting the line I started thinking about setting a place where I me and Rachna could fuck without any fear.

I was thinking that I had to spend hours while being alone in that room but I don’t how Rachna managed to agree her mom to leave and within an hour from her exit she came back said that we are leaving. We all rode back home and leaving Rachna and mother-in-law at their place we; me and my wife came back home and that time it was really impossible for my wife to convince me that it’s too late to have sex.

I fucked my wife to tranquilize my urge for her sister but still failed to sleep calm and remained restless for long time. Finally I got up from bed and walked out to the balcony and thought about calling her but ultimately landed up with sending a text with a question if we can talk. Rachna was also awake and she massaged me “no but we can massage”.

After that I stood in the balcony we somewhat chatted over the text and here I am writing down texts sent by us word to word as it is. When she said we can massage I wrote back “how are you feeling…?” she replied with just one word “guilty…” and I massaged her back “don’t feel guilty…just be like me…I am feeling aroused” and Rachna replied back by

“I am feeling aroused too…. someone has touched me after a very long time” in response I asked her “when did you made love last time…” and she replied by saying “more than two years back and it was not love…I was fucked by him” and I wrote back “forget that terrible time…and try to enjoy” and she replied by saying “thanks for everything you did for me” and I wrote back “please don’t embarrass me…”

next before she would have replied I wrote again “can I ask you something?” and she said “yes” and I wrote “do you love me…?” and up to an extent Rachna wrote back what needed to read “yes…I love you…but this is wrong” and I responded by writing “I also love…I love you and Deepa both” and once again sent another text instantly saying “and I can’t help it…”

after that there was no response from her side for long and I asked her again “are you there?” and she responded by writing “please sleep now…” and I wrote “Ok…see you tomorrow evening” and she replied with a text saying “good night”. After a tiny chit chat over massage I was little relaxed but I failed to sleep and ultimately masturbated while sitting in the washroom before getting sleep.

Next day started as it was supposed to and like it can be assumed I was in deep thoughts throughout the day. I was realizing that like me Rachna is also attracted to me and she is very much willing to get intimate with me but she is feeling guilty too. Now I could see how people get indulged into a extra marital affair, few have genuine reason like Rachna has and few; just like me follow their lust and get involve.

Anyway working till barley 4-4:30 I took leave from my work place and when I reached to Rachna she was busy with couple of middle aged females who were looking forward to buy few outfits and that instant we just greeted each other in a low voice while looking into each other’s eyes. I settled down on the PC and really failed to move my eyes from her.

Rachna was wearing jeans and a casual light color top of a thin cloth which was little transparent but I could not see it through because she was wearing a white color slip inside but while sitting staring at her body I could imagine that very soon I will be enjoying these big breasts and fleshy thighs.

As I was occupied with all this throughout the day, after getting alone with her I wanted to fuck her like a beast but nature vise Rachna is so calm and polite that nobody like me can think of going wild over her. Anyway Rachna remained busy for next half an hour and my arousal went on going higher and higher.

In the end she came to the counter to get the bag to put the sold stuff and the money she was supposed to give back and for an instant I got a chance and I placed my hand over her hand and for a while she did not withdrew her hand. We looked into each other’s eyes, I smiled she blushed with a smile.

Finally customers made exit and I told her to shut down the store for rest of the evening and she looked into my eyes with an unasked question. Just saying “please….” I insisted her to do that she called the day off for the female who was assisting her in the store.

I pretended as if I am taking her somewhere and after pulling the shutter down and locking the store properly we walked till my car and I saw Rachna’s assistant girl moving away and away. Rachna was still unaware of what I was thinking to do and when that girl disappeared from my sight I brought her back to the boutique and now I do not have to explain anything to Rachna.

She understood that I will fuck her in her boutique itself and when I was unlocking the store I saw her getting little uncomfortable. “karna hai na?” I asked her in a calm voice and I saw her getting conscious, she looked into eyes without uttering a word and I asked her again in same low and calm voice “say yes or no” and she said yes in a very low and that is without looking at my face.

After getting in I pulled the shutter down again and locked it from inside. Now there was nothing which could stop me from cheating my wife and loving my plump and luscious Saali like I desired from very long time. I was desperate but I suppressed my passion for a while and behaved calm may be because Rachna was still little nervous.

We had a single sitter couch in the store, though it was bigger than usual size but still it was insufficient for us do the fucking but for an instant I sat on that and holding her wrist gently pulled her over me and started kissing her tenderly. Wow Rachna was sitting on my lap and I was kissing her like I never kissed my wife.

I explored her mouth as if I want to eat her, initially Rachna was little timid but after hardly a minute or not even that she started responding me back with a same affection. It was a long and seemed a never ending kiss and throughout the kiss we both were caressing and feeling each other physically over the clothes.

While exploring her mouth and sucking her tongue my hands fled to Rachna’s breasts numerous times, they were huge fleshy and warm, I cupped them nicely and squeezed her milks and found them going heavier in excitement. Many times Rachna broke the kiss and moaned sexily by getting squeezed like that but continued showing her love and affection by kissing me back again and again.

Finally we stopped kissing and looked into each other’s eyes very closely and I asked her same question again, if she is doing sex with me because I have helped her “aap mere saath iss liye to sex nahi kar rahe kyunki maine aapki help ki hai” “bilkul nahi… I am doing because I like you…” Rachna replied back in a low and calm voice and then spoke again “it’s just that ki I am cheating my own sister….”

And I replied by saying “We can’t do anything for that…so just forget everything and enjoy this moment”. Next I took initiative and she hugged me and I must say that it was a wonderful hug. After getting detached from hugging, we started kissing again this time passionately and now delicacy, elegance and ethics were totally thrown away, at least from my end and I was eating Rachna like animal.

I fondled her fleshy melons numerous times and heard her hissing in that pleasure. Rachna unbuttoned my shirt slowly and slipped her hand under that to touch my bare skin. I too inserted my hands in her top, into the slip she was wearing underneath and touched her bare skin and reached to her luscious milks over the tight bra.

Gradually passion increased and without thinking that how we will be able to fuck we got up and started taking off our cloths and very soon I was wearing just my underwear and Rachna was having just bra and a panty over her fleshy body.

Like I mentioned Rachna does not have slender body, rather she is plump and overweight for height and has massive thighs and a huge ass with significant belly but that instant for me she was most beautiful female ever came in life, may be because she was most wonderful person I ever knew.

Readers can consider all this my lust for her and up to an extent I can agree with that but still I will say there was something which was attracting me in her nature and gesture because of which I was desperate to love her as if she is my wife, even when she was so fat and plump.

Anyway making a very deep cleavage Rachna’s bra was tight over her breasts and her milky juggs were somewhat desperate to get out of the cage. Before I would have thought about what’s next Rachna spoke out while looking at eh couch and her words were “kaise hoga?” (How we will do?)

That’s what Rachna asked me in confusion and her expressions and way of asking brought instant smile over my face and as she saw me smiling she too smiled over her question. I stepped ahead and holding her waist pulled her she came in my arms and I started kissing and brushing my lips all over her face, ears and neck and she started moaning in low voice.

I was holding her beautiful face in my palms and her hands were somewhere around my waist. Slowly I moved down over her soft fleshy body and started brushing my lips on her neck and on the slope of her milky breasts, Rachna gasped nicely with the tender touch of my lips while holding me nicely in excitement.

Eventually after loving her face, neck and uncovered breasts for couple of minutes I turned her around and unhooked her bra and again turned her back to me. I must say that was a real treasure for me, though throughout my bachelorhood I never liked huge and too much sagging breasts but that instant I was stunned to see Rachna’s beauty,

her huge white milky melons were sagging wonderfully in front of my eyes; her nipples were really very long in very large wrinkled areolas and as I was looking at her beauty Rachna was blushing like a newly wedded bride. I cupped her fleshy mounds properly in my hands and felt her nipples getting further hard in excitement.

Next lifting one of her fleshy melon further up in my hand I leaned over her breast and took it’s long nipple in my mouth and started sucking her and Rachna panted in delight. I must say friends that her milk juggs were so heavy and fleshy that I could not hold them properly even in two hands and I started playing with them by squeezing them bit roughly and that enhanced her pleasure and she started panting little louder.

She closed her eyes and puffed in pleasure and hugged me nicely. Now her huge melons were getting pressed against my body, over the bare skin of my chest and I could feel that she has started breathing heavy and dense. I rolled my hand over her bare back and ultimately inserted in her panty to touch her bare ass and she moaned even more intensely.

I detached her from hugging and pulled down her panty after getting on my knees. Wow Rachna’s fuckhole was barely few inches away from my eyes. It was hairy and soaked and swollen heavily in excitement. Holding her waist I kissed her naval in same sitting posture and slowly moved my hands over her thighs over the soft skin, closer to her fuckhole and Rachna moaned like anything.

I kissed over her fleshy thighs and moved my palm over her dripping wet fuckhole and like I was expecting Rachna trembled like a fish. She held my head in excitement and widened her thighs mildly to give better access of her fuckhole to my hand. While sitting on my knees I kissed all around her fuckhole, over the inner thighs and parallelly continued moving two of my fingers over her love opening.

Wow wow wow…Rachna just went mad in lust, she was oozing out her pleasure juices like hell while crying in pleasure and aroma of her juices mixed with sweat was making me desperate to lick her there and I suddenly tried to reach to her luscious fuckhole with my lips and she stopped me by saying “please…don’t do that” “why?”

I asked her and replied and requested not to do it today “please aaj nahi….fir kabhi…I will clean the hairs” “koi baat nahi….let me do it” I spoke and holding her body brought her to the couch and she sat down. I sat down on the floor and in a moment I was licking my wife’s sister’s fuckhole like a real dog.

Rachna widened her fleshy thighs and lifting her bottom bit up I rested her fleshy thighs over my shoulders and just went on going into her fuckhole with my tongue. I parted her vertical lips countless times with my thick tongue and explored her fuckhole like I was exploring her mouth few minutes back.

Rachna continued streaming out fresh juices while gasping in intense pleasure and I continued gulping them and ultimately sucked her succulent fuckhole with all my affection and holding my scalp with her hand Rachna just went on moaning erotically. Within few minutes of continues sucking Rachna went crazy in pleasure and started trembling a bit,

by now holding them wide apart with my hands my face was deeply buried in her fleshy thighs and my tongue was trying to roam around her entire fuckhole. Immaterial she was having lot of hairs over her fuckhole I sucked her madly to give her my best and Rachna was delighted with the pleasure of getting sucked,

she went on trembling while gasping in ecstasy and ultimately stopped me when she failing to bear the pleasure. Next I stood up and took out my underwear from legs and my hard and fully erect Penis popped out into her vision. After getting a tiny glance of my size and hardness Rachna looked up to my face, I smiled and like always she blushed with a very mild smile.

“Please if you can suck it for a while…” I spoke and she moved her head in yes while looking up at my face and ultimately got up and told me sit down. Now I was sitting on the couch and Rachna was sitting on the floor, she started with jerking my monster up and down with her hand and closing my I rested my back on the couch.

Ohhh….in a moment I felt her hot breath around my monster next instant she took tip of my fully erect rod in her mouth and started sucking it tenderly. I opened my eyes and saw Rachna was on her knees and leaning over my crotch.

Slowly she drew foreskin of my Penis and rolled her tongue over my pink cock-head and gradually took my rod in her mouth and started moving her face up and down while sucking my flesh like a lollipop. I moaned loud in pleasure as Rachna’s mouth was warm and wet and the feeling for me was really strange and bit painful, it was first time I was getting sucked like that,

my wife never liked doing oral sex and we have hardly tried oral in our entire married life and whenever we tried it always ended up just in a minute or two. But opposite to her sister, Rachna was very much into it, she very well knew how to give a good time to a male with a mouth and I was getting fascinated by looking at her beautiful face filled with my monster,

my long and hard Penis was appearing and disappearing in her mouth and Rachna was looking prettier while doing that nasty act. She was sucking me with lot of affection and very soon pain was empowered by pleasure and I was moaning in bliss of getting sucked. My penis went on going harder and harder in Rachna’s mouth and I started moaning loud.

My pleasure sounds were making Rachna more desperate, and to deliver me even better and she increased wetness of her mouth by taking out more of her saliva and sucked me hard which lead me to stop her for going further in sucking. Now it was time for me to go inside Rachna and that in a comfortable posture and to do that something was running in my mind since I was here.

I pulled the small carpet in the middle which was kept in the corner beside the rack for the purpose of throwing opened suits and apparels after showing it to the customer and then asked her for the old bed sheets which were sent here to use it as a throw-over for the racks and Rachna gave me that.

I placed the spongy seat and back of the couch over the thin carpet and wrapped all the sheets around that. Ultimately with 2-3 bed sheets and a small carpet and two squares of foam I was ready with a small bed which was hardly 2 feats in the width and maximum 4 feats long and quite thick.

As Rachna saw that somehow I have managed a conferrable bed sort of thing to have sex with her she smiled a bit while looking at me but did not spoke anything and blushed when I asked her “theek hai na?”. Next I took out the pack condoms from my bag and gave it to her; she took out one to cover my rod and did that while sitting on a so called bed.

Gradually she lied down with the widely opened thighs and I came over her and guided my monster in her fuckhole. Ohh Wow… what a moment that was, we both moaned in delight as I plunged her fuckhole and reached to depth of her womb. I started fucking her with a very slow pace and we both were enjoying that.

Truly speaking friends anyhow I cannot write the pleasure I was going through, Rachna was so hot and wet that as I inserted my thick monster into her I felt her oozing out thick stream of pleasure juices from her fuckhole. Rachna was also in intense pleasure, she was getting manly treatment over her body after a long time and it was evident in gasps.

Resting my entire weight gradually I led over her completely and she took me in her arms and thighs. I kissed her while vibrating inside her fuckhole and she responded to my kiss nicely. “Ohhh…Rachna I love you” I spoke that while moving in and out of her swollen fuckhole with a steady pace and she got fascinated with that. She moaned nicely and grabbed me bit tighter.

I told her to talk to me while looking at her face closely “Rachna mujhse baat karo….” and asked her “do you love me?” “Yes Namit I love you” she replied back while moaning and then spoke again or somewhat asked me “Namit I am jealous of Deepa…aap mere husband kyun nahi ho?” and I replied to her words by saying “Just forget your past now ….ab main hi aapka husband hun…I love you I like I love Deepa”.

And like that our fucking continued, I was driving my entire length in her swollen fuckhole repeatedly and I did not wanted to stop fucking her. The way Rachna was moaning in pleasure while talking to me it was erotic and I have never seen my wife enjoying sex like that. I sucked her both the milk mounds while moving in and out of her fuckhole and she fed me her breasts by holding my scalp in her hands.

I squeezed her massive juggs with all my passion while sucking them and she just went on moaning as if she was dying for all this. I tried my best not to pick the fucking pace because we were lying on the strange bed and up to an extent I succeeded in that and fucked her steadily for really long but as we all know;

while fucking passion cannot be held for long and as our pleasure enhanced my pace pitched up on its own and we started moaning louder. Now I was fucking her faster and as my crotch started smacking against Rachna’s fleshy crotch more rapidly she just went crazy, her voice changed and went sharper,

her bulky milks moved here and there randomly and each inward thrust sent pulsating joy into our body and while heading towards our climax we both started crying little more louder. In the end my firm hips rose and fall over Rachna madly and I started screwing her bit brutally with fast and deep strokes and in rising excitement while gasping loud Rachna tried matching my fucking rhythm

with her upward movement but within next few seconds I buried my monster into her womb till the root of it and Rachna trembled while going through a wonderful climax and grabbed me tight in her arms and thighs. I released my gunk with a loud shudder and closing her eyes Rachna went through a shattering orgasm after ages.

Finally it was done, we both were mutually attracted to each other since she was in my regular touch and finally that attraction was reached to its intention. We both were totally exhausted; we rested for a while and slowly started wearing back our clothes. That was the end of my first sexual encounter with Rachna and even today fucking her is my never ending passion.

While moving back to the incident I would say that I wanted to fuck her again but that evening we did not had sex again and after getting back into our clothes we came out sat down in a nearby coffee shop and spoke to each other over whatever we did.

Rachna was little uneasy with a fact that she has cheated her younger sister and I tried to convince her that we have not done anything wrong and told her that without getting married again if needs a male company then this is a best way out and I also assured her that while being in affair with her anyhow I will not neglect her sister.

In the end I dropped her home and next day first thing I did was buying thick foam of a good size as a replacement of a carpet and sent it to her boutique without informing her. Rachna called me when she revived that and asked me if I have sent that and after getting yes from me she said I am really very naughty, “Namit aap bahut naughty ho” for which I said “Jiski Sali aapke jaisi ho wo naughty to ho hi jaayga”.

Anyway In the same evening I reached to her boutique just when that girl was about to leave and after her exit like last evening once again I locked store from inside and we started kissing and took off our clothes rapidly. Ultimately I fucked Rachna comfortably on a thick and spongy bed and that is twice in a span of an hour and in two different positions, missionary and doggy style.

Our first session was little passionate and we fucked in a typical missionary position, even without doing any oral sex but second session was slow and tender and apart from sucking her clean shaven fuckhole I kissed and licked every pore of her body and squeezed her ass mounds nicely while she was lying on her belly.

Later I plunged her fuckhole in doggy style and pumped Rachna from behind while holding her massive ass and once again attained missionary posture to reach to our climax. In the end I would say since then life is going like that and we somehow manage to have sex at least once in a week and we do it in the boutique only.

Till now we have not spent a night together but I think soon that will happen too. Very soon my mother in law is going to meet Rachna’s in laws in regard of her divorce and I am trying to convince my wife to accompany her because she has a dominating nature in case of any argument her presence will be helpful for us.

Certainly in that span I will stay at Rachna’s place and we will fuck all night I have already bought a transparent nighty for those nights. Well I will write that when it will happen and till then I will just say, readers post your comments about my script, whether you liked it or not.

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