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Sexual awakening of Max

Hello guys this human digest thing that I have been reading for quite a while made me wonder why u can’t go ahead and write a story by yourself and maybe it can be something that can change the way you perceive things about yourself…

so this is the first story im writing about my experiences and also a few things that’s perception.. When I was a kid I hardly knew anything about sex and girls and I was very innocent when I came about a girls body or even my body…

libido came upto a stir when I first masturbated.. I did not it was masturbation until I knew the word and the word I knew when I was in 12th... I first masturbated when I was in 7th grade and I knew nothing about my dick and all that...

I never knew slang or anything about what it was called… it was in my class in 7th that guys used to talk about gals and the thing in-between the legs of a gal and it is an opening and u have put your tube into that opening and something white

will come out and it has to go inside the girl and the girl will feel nice and we too will feel nice.. while these guys used to talk all that I could feel something happening in my body but I never noticed my dick to harden as I never knew that I will become hard..

But I used to feel a warm feeling in between my legs.. as days passed in 7th grade it was during the exam times that I started talking to some of my classmates and I became a bit close to them.. I had a class mate named suchitra and

I don’t remember her name well maybe her name was poonam or poornima or something …. I used to play with this girl suchitra coz I don’t know but she was kinda cute at that time and I used to hit her back and she used to hit mine….

but nothing very serious happened in between us…we were just kids.. Everything changed when I met this guy..And I was a loner and was always alone by myself..But after meeting this guy I started talking to him just for the sake of knowing what was the whole class gossiping

about when teachers were out.. I think his name is vyshal or something...So when I talked to him he said that another guy in the class who was way elder to all of us as he was failure student and was studying 7th for 3 years maybe….

His name was rehmank or something... So vyshal said that rehmank was narrating his experience about sex with his servant.. I was feeling warm in between my legs all the time when I used to hear it...

Then one day we met rehmank who was not there for some while and vyshal asked him rehmank explained a few things..but I was a timid person and I had never talked to rehmank all the time so I stood a bit far from the group and vyshal was asking him…

he was saying he was home alone and he met some servant girl and he went to her and massaged her back and she was becoming hot in the back later while she was mobbing the floor he went and hugged her from behind…

and he pressed his torso against her butt and she felt aroused and then she turned around and started biting his tongue and all that( I now know it is smooching but I was just 12 year old when the whole incident happened ) then he lifted her frock and massaged her triangle

(that’s how they called it when I was in school ).. And the triangle was very soft it seems and when he went up close he saw something like nipple and he said to vyshal that...that nipple kind of thing down there can make a girl bend her body

like a bow and he was narrating the he was squeezing those nipple kind of thing and girl closed her thighs very tightly against his fingers like a cutting pliers and he still was moving his hand vigorously and the girl pissed on his hands

(now I know it not piss but female ejaculation).. so I an vyshal broke out of the group after all that talk and then we went to a bakery to get some food. I have to tell u that this guy was damn horny when he was in 7th maybe he was 12 year old as I am…

I asked him what was the whole thing about and he said don’t you know that a guy can put a thing inbetween a girls triangle and then something white will come out.. I was asking can we put in that and can we piss inside...and he was laughing...

I always thought I must put my thing inside and pisss… then I also though then y cant we put behind...( I meant in asshole ) and he was making faces..And said u think a lot weird but. I was feeling warm inbetween my legs all the time…

I said I wanted to see that white thing and he said ok ill show u and I remember we went and sat under a pole.. he unzipped his pants and that was the first time I saw dick…it was tiny and he asked me see it and I saw it and he then started moving his foreskin

and then started moving up and down and I was stunned what is this guy doing out in public under a pole..but since I was so kiddish I never knew if people see they may consider us as spoiled brats. but he went on..

I stopped him and I saw some while dots on his forskin and I said hey look its there..the white thing is there and he said no that is not it… it will come from the inside and I was wondering what it is…

but he went on and on and then he did shake his body and arched his back and made some erk sounds but nothing came out…but a little while after his dick slowly became soft I could see something like piss coming out..But it was dribbling.

it was not cum coz either of us were not matured when that happened..i was 12 and he too was 12… It was some day later that I wanted to try and see what was that the whole class is so much talking about and also since

I was a kid I started asking the gals in my class that I want to see that ttraingle and I want to explore what the whole class is talking about. There was one girl in my class and whenever she used to go to toilet is used to ask her please…

please…. and she would giggle and leave me behind and go to loo and come back and I will stand there disappointed.. She will come back pat on my cheeks and say come lets got to PT class.

Our PT master is calling and we will go and announce the whole class and whole class would gothe playground… unfortunately nothing happened with me and the gal because I left this city after a few weeks…

then one day at home I went to the bath room and I did not close the bathroom and I went and thought that I must give it a try and I started pulling my dick and it was soft.. I was pulling it. Like I was milking it and I was milking it.. And then I pulled it back….

My foreskin was very tight and it did not go back..it would stand half way in between and If I pressed the pink front of the half exposed prick I felt so so so ticklish and I again started to milk then I was like singing under the shower and

I could feel my dick was becoming hard in front my eyes.. I felt scared that something was happening to me and I felt bad but the feeling was so warm and I liked it but I was scared. but I continued fondling it.

when it became stiff like a rod I tried to fold it and the pain killed me..then agin I started stroking it and remembered how vyshal was doing it and I started doing it a bit faster now… I never realized that I was staring to breathe heavy and

I was stroking it faster and faster with every stroke… I was slowly increasing the pace and I didn’t even know about...Then something happened... I felt my legs stiffen. my mouth wide and every nerves of my body stretching and

I felt something immense sucked me from my inside and my body was like being sucked like a vaccum..Every nerve was pulled... I didn’t stop my stroking all the time…my body arched in the back and my dick was very tight in my palm and pressed my dick so hard that

I screamed and I fondled my dick in almost half not even realizing what I was doing …… that feeling was very immense… it was an orgasm …(that word I came to know after 7 years..) the feeling was amazing..

I screwed my dick like it was a toy in a baby’s hand when I was hitting an orgasm.. it was a dry orgasm.. nothing came out of it… I did it again in another 5 or 6 days but this time I knew what it was and I started liking the climax…I used to masturbate regularly after that.

Before I experienced my first orgasm.. I made my first girl friend. she used to go to church with me. she was my childhood friend. but I never felt anything attractive about girls till I completely knew about sex..

so she was a mere friend and when she said I love I also said after a few days that I too love you. but even before doing anything. I mean even holding her hand I left the town ….I was sad that I left her and I called her many times..

she tlked to me but she was dissaponted and slowly she went away from me and now she is no more for me..its almost 13 years now..but still im longing for her and trying to atleast talk to her once !!!! but my personal sex life continued

I used to masturbate almost all the time and I did it before I go to sleep and when im in the loo… in the library… in the classroom..everywhere except church.oh god… even in church..yes even in church!!!!!! I havnt spared event the church !!!!!!

but I became a person who wouldn’t mingle with gals … I never talked to anyone and I was a loner and loved to be alone…apart from my personal sex life I was smart too.. I loved flying toys and I am a student pilot now!!!

I never felt attracted by elderly ladies but in 10th I was caught staring at my teachers boobs and I felt so emabarrased !! but then I learnd to admire elderly people.. but I never saw I single adult movie for another 4 years…

We got cable connection at home and I used to watch hbo for some belly licking scenes and Indian movie dancing and half naked bodies would make me masturbate immediately.. I enjoyed it but after doing because of the no of times

I did it I was scared that my dick may become limp forever.. one day I was watching medical detectives in discovery channel and it was a story of a strippeer being raped and murdered and they were showing the breasts in censored motion and my dick immediately sprang up..

I locked the door and I started beating acroos the length of my dick and I was stroking and I hit the peak.. something shot out..it went almost above my head and then again another shot this time it went almost 3 or 4 feet infront and I knew it was not piss..

it was thick and was very warm and it was in swabs… I zipped up my limp dick and I went and saw it was white and then I knew it was the white thing all the guys were talking about 4 years back…I had matured.. the orgasm felt different now..

there was a satisfaction in the whole thing. dry orgasm was not so satisfying. but this was satisfying…. Guys I have run out of time.. I will continue …what I have written is just 10% and I have the rest coming up.

Riya & Seema - Hot college girls

Hi, The incident which I am going to tell u happened a year ago with me. My name is Adi. I am a graduate. My parents & me live in Aurangabad. We got shifted from our old house to new house which was two storey building.

We used to live on the ground floor as we were only 3 persons --my parents & me. The upper floor which had three rooms remained vacant for a long time. Then my parents decided that we should have a paying guest preferably college students.

As soon as we displayed the banner many students came flooding down. In the end two girls were allocated one room on the upper floor. Their names were Riya & Seema. When I saw the those girls my heart skip a beat.

Both the girls were extrememly beautiful, dressed in tight jeans,their asses look provocative when they walked. Their boobs seemed as the will pop out from their T-shirts. The moment I saw them I knew that something will happen.

Everyday I used to see them only when they went out for college & retuned in the evening.Rest of the time they used to reamin in their rooms. I wondered what they must be doing in their rooms. I had an itch to watch tem but I cudn't dare.

Then one day an idea came to my mind. I bought some equipments from the market. Then I found a spare key of their room. One day I got the opportunity when my parents went out for lunch& the girls were in college, I sneaked into their room with the spare key.

The room was neat & tidy.Riya & Seema had to separate beds.On Riya's bed, there was a black panty & a bra. I took the panty in my hands. My hands were shaking. I smelled the panty. It smelt as if a flower was kept inside it.

I began to think how her pussy might taste if it smelt so good.Going with my plan,I took out my equipment & with great difficuly after 1 hr. I fitted the equipment. The equipment was a hidden camera. Having confirmed that everything in the room seems to be normal.

I came out & locked it. I went to my room & opened up my pc to which the camera was connected. My heart was beating very fast as I clearly saw their room. In the evening,my wait was over as both of them returned from college.

As they went upstairs,I went to my room & started the pc. I began to sweat as I watched them. Seema went to the bathroom & Riya started undressing. She took off her T-shirt & jeans. She looked damn gorgeous. Then she pulled out her panty to reveal her light hairy pussy.

My cock became very hard & wet. I cudn't imagine that i'm seeing a real girl naked & that too so beautiful. Then she unhooked her bra & now she was completely naked. My heart began to race as she came very close to the camera. I cud see her boobs very clearly.

The nipples were reddish & hard. I wished to bite them. Then she took out an evening gown & wore it. I began to masturbate thinking that there was nothing underneath her gown. Then Seema came out in bra & panty & wore her gown.

But now I was interested only in Riya,my love. This became a daily routine & I recorded each & every inch of their nakedness.& now I wanted Riya badly>I knew she too liked me bcoz the looks of her eyes told me.

She used to give me a smile whenevr she saw me not knowing that I have already seen her naked 100s of times. Then one day Seema went out of town to her home leaving Riya alone. I knew that this was a big chance to meet Riya.

I was desperate to meet her. I gave her my charming smile & she too returned hers. Two days passed but nothing happened. Then on the 3rd day in the evening,when I was outside I saw her in the window. When she saw me,she tried to tell me something but I cudn't figure it out.

That night I cudn't sleep thinking that she wanted to tell me something. At 2 am in the night I opened up my Pc & watched her. To my surprise she was also awake. Then I realised that she must be waiting for me.Not wasting my time I locked my room & went upstairs.

I knocked her door. To my surprise she opend the door smilingly. I hurriedly went inside. She locked the door & stood beside it. We stared each other for some moments then I grabbed her & started kissing her. She too grabbed me & holded me tightly.

Her warm body pressing against mine. We liplocked for some time & then I gave my tongue into her mouth & she gave her tongue inside my mouth. We started playing with our tongues. The saliva was dropping out of our mouths then I sucked her tongue taking it deep inside.

She began to moan---mmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmm. Then she said," Come on Adi Fuck me,I am so wet." I lifted her & took her too bed. I lifted her gown up to reveal her beautiful legs & lifted it more & saw hers mouth watering pussy.

My mouth turned dry & I became thirsty. I spread her legs & opend up the lips with my fingers. She was not a Virgin. Then gently I started licking her pussy. Mucus was continuously coming out of it & I enjoyed licking it as it was very tasty.

I inserted my tongue deep inside & she began to moan aaahhhhhh ssssssssshhhhh aahhhhhhhh. After licking her for a long time, I gave the taste of her mucus to her by kissing her & she hurriedly sucked it all.

The I took off her gown & now she was completely naked. I too got undressed. I began to carress her boobs & she began to play with my cok with her hands. Her nipples got hard & erect so was my cock. I sucked her nipples & bit them.

She got so horny that she moved me & start sucking my cock.Gently she played with the tip of cock with her tongue & then she took it deep inside her mouth.Lots of precum was coming out of my cock & she was sucking it all. She started sucking it harder & faster.

Then I had to stop her.Now my cock was the hardest & longest one in the world & it was ready to get inside her hot pussy. She spread her legs & I saw it was completely wet & still precum was coming out of her pussy.

Gently I shoved my cock & it got easily penetrated. The moment I shoved it inside her,it seemed as if I've entered a new world. It was extremely hot & got lubricated a lot due to precum. She screamed out lightly aaaaaahhhhhhhh

ohhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhh ssssshhhhhh oohhhhh as I started pumping her. I cud feel her erected clitoris."Ohhhhhhh Adi fuck me deep aahh ohhhhhh." And so I applied my full strength & pumped her much much harder & so I got deeper & deeper.

I fucked for sometime like that & when I got tired,she took the charge. She sat on me & took my cock inside her pussy & started riding.Firstly she moved forward & backward & finally started up & down up & down. I holded her boobs tightly while she rided me fast.

We both were sweating a lot & I liked her sweat body. Then I realised that its time for final showdown so I took the charge. I holded her legs up on my shoulders & stroked my cock inside her. This time I got it in the deepest part of her pussy.

This technique was learnt from KS. Soon we both got talking dirty. Riya: Oh yaa fuck me ohhhhhhhhh aahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh.......Me: Oh do it baby.Do it. aaahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh.

Riya:Cum in me ooohhhhhhhh ssssssshhhhhhhhh oooooooooohhhhhh deeeeeper aaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Me: Gimme ur cum baby..... ohhhh lovely bitch do it........ ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh

Riya: Ohh ya Honey Ohhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sssssssshhhhhhhhh Me: aaaaaaaahhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhh pusss puss for my cocky.........Riya: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I'm cumming................. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh & soon cum was coming out of her pussy.Now my climax came & soon as my cock was to cum I took it out & I did it all over her body. She holded my cock while it was dancing ejacualting cum.

She licked out my cock & I licked her pussy. We both got cleaned up. We both were tired & were sweating as if we've taken a bath. I dressed up while she lied naked. I said to her that I had to go mto my room.

Before leaving we kissed passionately again & she said to me that she'll be waiting tomorrow & that she wanted to fuck in different positions with me. I was also glad that it will give the opportunity to record our sex video. And I went to my room began to wait for the next days encounter.

Helping my neighbours

I recently shifted my apartment and rented one in another part of the city. This apartment complex was not fully occupied and I woudl often see new famillies and couples shifting into their homes over the week ends.

Since I had already been staying there for couple of months, the new bies woudl come and get introduced to me to get information on various thigns like public services, shops, and building routines.

Mostly young couples who have saved their salaries to buy their dream house, so they all come very excited to my house. One such couple were Mahesh and Simi. Your couple in their late twenties, software engineers who had taken a loan to buy their house.

At first they used to visit on week ends and then later either of them woudl come alone to finish the house work. As I was working from home I woudl often meet them and Simi woudl come over for a drink of water or for a coffee as she knew my tea and coffee timings.

As a good neighbour I asked her to ring the bell when ever she needed help. Once such after noon Simi came home hungry and I convinced her to stay on for lunch. She proposed we go out, but as I had already prepred my meal I convinced her to stay on.

After meals we resorted to talking and knowing each other and Simi started making bold jokes at my bachelor hood. I was much elder than her but she felt that I must get married. Simi was wearing a formal flared knee lenght skirt and shirt

and had the front buttons opened till her cleavage. I coudl not take my eyes off her at times but the fun and humour over saw my glares and Simi didnt feel offended. Her leg crossing like Sharon stone gave me glimpses of her white thighs and on one ocassion her light blue panties.

I have sofas that make you sink in yoru seat and hence I get good views of women who sit on them in my house :).. Call me a bastard but I dont deny it. I made some team at 3:00pm and served Simi as she was talking.

Seated below on the sofa I could see her cleavage, in the act of enjoying the view of her breast, I accidentally spilt milk on her shirt and Simi jumped up in fright, wiping away at her chest. I apologised to her and she was pok with it.

I escorted her to the bath room to clean up. A few minutes later Simi called me from inside the bath room asking me If I had a shirt to spare as she claimed her shirt had to be washed. As I wear a size 44, I told her she could have none.

So we decided to put her shirt in the washing machine while she wore my over sized shirt and waited for it to finish. I showed her the washing machine and simi went around doing her job. While she was at the washing mahine she called out to me as she coudl not get it started.

So I helped her in selecting the right wash mode as I leant over her shoulder. I was so close that she remarked she could hear my heart beat, in the medley, I bumped on her ass and she gave out a small cry. She turned around and my cock stood up in 3,2,1 seconds...

She was wearing my shirt with out wearing her bra and her dark nipples were protruding from the shirt. A perfect round contour to her breast coudl be seen under the nipples and my eyes were stuck on them. She gently grabbed my hands and placed them on her breast.

rubbing my hands in all possible directions. She leant back on teh washing machine and tugged at my trousers grabbing me by the belt buckle... I didnt know what to expect.... She un buttoned my shirt and grabbed me close and kisssed my nipples.

It was the most gentle kiss I had expereinced and she kept working her tongue around my chest for the next 5 mins. My cock was hard and my eyes were closed in ecstacy, when I opened them Simi had bared her boobs and was working on unzipping my pants.

I grabbed her by her hips and lifted her to sit around my waist as I pushed her back against the washing machine. He butt was on the washing machin lid and legs folded around my waist. Her skirts was a bit tight and was restricting her legs from widening,

she unzipped it from the side and threw it aside. There she was in blue satin panties, embracing my groin with snow white legs pulling me close to her as we kissed passionately. my pants we re down on my ankles and my cock was throbbing.

Simi kept massaging my cock making it harder and harder. As the kissing increased, Simi gently pulled out my cock and shagged me for a while. She when lifted her self and pulled out her panties. She told me to fuck her liek ther is no tomorrow.

I put some grease from my cock on to her but hole lifted her legs and penetrated her in one stroke. Simi shouted in pain and said, "Is that all you can do". I lifted her from the washing machine and we fell onto a bean bag that was kept in the room

Simi on back with her legs in the air and my 8 inch cock intruding her ass. I fucked simi for 5 mins until my cock started to hurt. With each penetration Simi groaned harder and harder and finally pleded me to withdraw as she coudl not take it any more.

There were tears in her eyes. But now I coudl not stop, so she took it in her hands and guided it into her pussy. She was nice wet and juicy down there and we romped for 30 mins on the bean bag in several positions. Simi was I guess in the middle of her safe period.

her cum was thick and sticky and same out like white cream. I woudl ocassionally dip my finger into her cunt and offer it to her for a lick..Simi lapped it up like a hungry bitch. She rode me lap style for 5 mins before I came to cum.

The bean bag is the best furniture for a lap fuck FOT... as I was abotu to ejaculate Simi bent down and sucked at my cock, squeezong my balls as hard as she could. I was in gross pain but my orgasm was even stronger.

As I came to cmilax I gave out a huge groan and Simi pulled at my cock directing it to her mouth. A couple of squirts later Simi's mouth was overflowing with fresh white warm sperm. She spat out a little and then inserted my cock and oiled it for thenxt 10 mins as I lay back

exhausted in my bean bag. IN 10 mins she drank up evey last drop of semen my cokc could oozeee..... We lay next to each other for a while and clean up... At 6 pm her husband came to pick her up and we again had some tea.

By then her shirt was dry and she was dressed up as usual.While leaving her husband remarked that she has some white liquid on her hair, the dumb fucker that he is, he concluded it was some crowshit....and we all agreed and help Simir clean it with some tissues.

Simi has a passionate smile as she left me that day and things have been real easy for me with her. I went back to my study and I foudn her satin panties under my laptop. She had drawn three XXX 's on it near the cunt region and written 4 u with her lipstick.... Wish all my neighbours are in need of some personal help.

My wildest fantasies cum true

This is story of mine with a friend’s wife. It was a college friend. We stayed in same area of Mumbai but at different localities. He was married before me. We went to see his bride to be, after the marriage was fixed and before engagement.

I was flabbergasted on seeing his bride. A very beautiful girl of 23 years than, with slim and perfect figure of 34-28-34, 5’5” tall, very fair, round faces and long hairs. I thought my friend was lucky to have such a wife.

She was from a lower income middle class family and my friend had a Govt. Service and hence the marriage was arranged. When I saw her at engagement and at marriage, I was charmed at her beauty. She was called C’, but my friend changed her name to a modern “R’.

They had a beautiful daughter in the first year of the marriage. R maintained her figure after childbirth but put on some weight (became round at waist as time went by) and added to her curves. It was at this time I became found of her.

I was already bowled by her beauty, but her new figure made me sexually aware of her. I wanted her sometime and I really mentally carved for it whenever were together. She noticed it from my gaze (and maybe thirsty look) and

I think her husband too noticed it sometime or she must have spoken regarding me to him. But he was carefree and thought that he is one step ahead of me in this matter and took it as his one up on me.

I meantime had married and my wife too noticed something once and asked me but I shrugged it off on her beauty. Life progressed and I advanced in life. My friend was stuck where he was in govt. job stable but with no promotions and power,

while I quickly advanced to Managerial positions and a new level of life. He was stuck at Junior level and our lifestyles differed a lot and it showed whenever we met. Whenever we meet I was sure she knew what I wanted,

but I was not sure of her reactions and she always spoke to me sweetly but at same time was not cosy with me. But her face told that she knew of my desires. The event of chance occurred rather unknowingly.

One of our college friends was having wedding on a weekday and that too on town side. I took a leave from work for the wedding where marriage ceremony was in morning and reception in the evening. I went a little late in the day so to be there a near as lunch.

I was not expecting many of our friends in morning, as it was a weekday. I found virtually nobody of our clan over there except R. I meet the friend’s parents and brother and sat with R who too was alone.

She told me that she and her husband had come there early in morning and he then had gone to work a little late. They had done this because she cannot travel alone to the marriage place and he will not have enough time to go home to get her in the evening.

His office was on the way. He will be back for reception in the evening and they shall go home together. In meantime she shall either go to a relative nearby or stay back at hall. She had brought her clothes and ornaments along with her to dress up for the evening.

She had left her five year old daughter at her mother place for the day. I told her that I intent to go back home in the afternoon and have a good nap on this leave day. I will then return in the evening.

Hearing this she said that she too would come back (her) home and return with me in the evening, since now the escort was available. It will also ensure her to dress up properly instead of the hurry up scenario at the marriage hall.

We had an early lunch and started together back home. I was excited of traveling alone with her. The local train was empty when we boarded it. I sat adjoining her. My legs were touching her and the touch of her soft thighs was great.

After some time she went to sleep and gradually dropped her head on my shoulder. She slowly shifted on my side in sleep and I was hand came into contact with her breasts. The soft feel was great. I however did nothing just in case she may think otherwise.

The train was in movement and was shaking and it gave me some movements, which made my hand automatically press her breasts slightly. I did nothing further so that I may not be thought of wrong. She woke up sometime before our station and adjusted himself away from me.

Now only thighs were touching. The train was now crowded and two stations before I suggested that we move and stand in the passage so that we can get down easily. Our station is a junction and many people get down and get in and there is rush and chaos in that period.

We went towards the door passage. One of the passengers gave her his place to stand with back to the partition wall of the coach. As common practice of male traveling with female I stood facing her,

and she standing with her back touched to the wall between door passage and seats. One station before, suddenly lot many people got in then we expected in the afternoon. They rushed in with the Mumbai style of boarding the train and I was pushed on her side by people getting in.

It happened instantaneously and she had no time to cover up. I was pressed against her body with her boobs now touching and pressed on my chest. This continued for a full minute and could feel her nipples growing and growing hard.

Once the train started I straightened myself up and said sorry to her for which she smiled. I than asked her to step infront of me and stand facing the door since ours was next station and I stood behind her, again as per common practice of local trains in Mumbai.

Slowly the rush at the door increased as the station neared and I was again pushed on her, this time on back. My Dick was on her buttocks and I was having a great feeling about the soft touch. The train stopped (as always) just before the station.

The force behind me increased. R adjusted herself when the train stopped and what, my dick was now in the cleavage between her buttocks. My dick started exciting and was growing. The pressure behind me was increasing timely and it made me constantly push on her.

My dick grew and occupied what was available in that cleavage and I new for sure that she was feeling it. I just kept mum and tied to be innocent (I was) of what was happening. The train stopped for long and I thought I will cum there and there itself.

At last it started and stopped at the station. This time I intentionally caught her shoulders and then covered her with my arms and acted as if to shield her form the incoming crowd while getting down. Nobody can blame me for that in this scenario.

Now at the instant of alighting from the train and facing the incoming crowd I perfectly camouflaged her with my arms from behind on her chest and in the process pressed her boobs as if accidentally. The feel was great, soft feel of spongy flesh on my right palm.

I after alighting looked for her reaction. She just smiled at me and a large smile that was. I was relieved and then realized that this was probably end of my adventure as this may not be possible in return journey in evening because trains are empty in evenings in that direction.

I felt lucky to touch her parts and thought that I had a great chance today. However something else was in store for me, much better fun. Our homes were in opposite direction to the stations and I offered to drop her.

She said that she will go alone and asked me not to take trouble of coming in opposite direction. I said there is no trouble and I am having all the time in the world and I will drop her and go and come back in evening to pick her. Then she said “why do want to go home.

You can relax at my place and than we shall proceed to wedding. You do not have to take trouble of dropping and picking me. I shall even make some tea in the evening or else you will got to some hotel for it”.

I was amazed by this lady inviting me to her house and said only to test her “It is not proper me to come to your house and stay now when nobody is in the house. Also I will have to go home anyway to get my evening attire. Instead why you do not come to my place.

You can relax in the inside room and you also have your dresses. We shall call S (My neighbour’s wife, who is her friend) or she can go to S’s place. I knew and she too knew that S goes to take tuitions in the afternoon.

She agreed immediately and I thought perhaps my chance has come. We came out of station and hired and auto. In auto she sat touching me like husband and wife sit. I knew my chance had come. On reaching home we found that S was not at home.

So we went to my home. I gave her water and we sat on the sofa. Both of us had a written expression on our faces, but it was the question of who will take the initiative. I still could not muster further courage. I asked her whether she would want to change but she declined.

I asked her to sleep in the bedroom while I slept on sofa in Living room. I adjusted the bed, switched on the A/c and left the room. I knew she would call. She did. She came out after one minute and said there is a rat inside.

There are no rats in my building, but taking the clue I went inside and tired to search the rat. It was not found. She said she cannot sleep in the room as she is afraid. I told her not to worry but she said she is afraid to sleep alone.

I said if she does not mind I will sleep on floor on a chatai. She agreed. When she was sleeping I told her she would damage her expensive saree if she did not change. She was wearing a mustard colour jari saree with matching blouse.

She again declined to change. I asked “but what about your saree”. She said she would remove it and sleep. She stood up and untied her saree and removed it. She was wearing a mustard coloured petticoat inside. She was looking damn sexy in her blouse and petticoat.

Now it was my turn to move ahead. When she was sleeping I told her that she would damage her blouse too. She smiled mischievously and said she cannot remove the blouse infront of me. I said why. She said “ I am shy”. I said “then I will remove it for you”.

I went to her and made her stand up. She was breathing heavily and had closed her eyes. I placed my both hands on her boobs and pressed slightly. She shivered and said No. I then removed her blouse hooks one by one and the removed her blouse.

She was wearing a white bra inside. I then took my hand to her petticoat and united the knot of her petticoat. It slid down She was wearing a black panty. Her figure was great. A slight swell of stomach and otherwise she was in great shape.

The thighs were thick and very fair. I touched her panty. It was dripping wet. She opened her eyes and suddenly kissed me on the lips. I reciprocated and our salivas exchanged. After a passionate kiss and cuddling I unclasped her bra and remove it.

Her boobs were free. Soft and spongy with brown nipples with large aureoles. I sucked both of them and then squeezed them. I fondled the boobs for some time till I was satisfied and they were red. Then I removed her panty.

Her treasure was covered with thick growth of black pubic hair in a perfect triangle. The black hair were damn sexy against her fair thighs and abdomen. I moved my hand on the hairs and got their soft touch. I even moved my fingers on her clit.

I laid her on bed and started licking her down there. My hands found her pink opening and my tongue followed it. I cleaned all the juices over there and the tongue went deep inside. She was moaning pleasurable. I had cummed in my pants.

She then took charge and removed my clothes one by one. My dick had cummed recently and was small. She told me “so small” I told her “You already know him from the train. It is upto you to now. She smiled and started licking my dick.

She licked him all along and all over and my dick grew to a majestic full growth. Then she took him in he mouth and started a fantastic blowjob. She kept on moving her mouth till I cummed again in her mouth.

After she finished I asked her from where did she learn this, for which she said that back home they have a few cds and she has seen it with her husband and they have tried it at some time. My luck. Now my dick again was small.

She then took it in her hands and jerked it till it was a full 7” long and thick enough. I then laid her, put on a condom and entered her. I started with small stokes, gradually went deep inside and slowly increased the speed of the strokes and was stroking her vigorously.

I cummed and fell flat on her. After getting my breath back I started licking her from top to bottom all over her body. My lips moved on her face, lips boobs, nipples, stomach, belly, pubic hair, her clit and went in it.

Then I once again entered her and stroked her with all the strength that was balance. This time I came to early. Now she took the initiative. We rolled over and she slept above me, her magnificent boobs crushing on me.

We were locked in each other’s embrace and kissed passionately and for long time. She then went down and took my dick once again in her mouth and gave me another blowjob. She drank all the cum and licked my dick clean, licked all over the dick and its gotis and came on me.

I then was kneading her boobs and kneaded and kneaded and sucked and kneaded for long. She then held my dick and put it onto her clit and sat on me and started the strokes in a rhythm. She was moving and I was crushing her boobs during the sex.

My hands were all over her boobs and I hold on to them while she jumped up and down. We finished tired and laid on bed in each other’s embrace. I asked her about today and when she had decided to have sex with me. She told that she always knew my desire.

Today seeing the opportunity she had decided it in the marriage hall itself and was not going to lose the chance. That was the reason that she had planned to come back with me in the first place.

She then got up and started brushing her hair (which she had cut short some time back). She was standing with a back to me. Her figure from back was enthralling. I had an instant erection. Her round and shapely buttocks were too great.

Normally I do not like rear entries but this was fabulous. I got up and carried her to the side of the bed and position my dick on her buttock. Even the thought today gets me an erection. I bent her and entered her from behind.

My hands were all over her boobs and I was stroking her hard. The friction was hard and it was paining. Later she said that this was first rear side experience for her. We than decided to have tea and she volunteered to make it.

I objected to wearing the clothes and she went to kitchen. I went to living room and sat on sofa. She came back with tea, nude and was beauty to watch. Beautiful and pretty face, very fair colour, slender shoulders,

shoulder length hairs, firm and medium sized boobs with a mangalsutra in between, gold bangles on hand, slightly swelled abdomen, dense triangle of black pubic hair, and well developed thighs. We had tea and then I made her sit on my lap.

I moved my hands all over her front, pressing her boobs too often. I said let us have a bath together. We entered the bathroom and I started the geyser and shower. We were touching, pressing and licking each other under the flow of water.

I pressed her all over and entered her from rear again. She than took my penis in he mouth and it was great with water flowing over my penis and she playing. Then I took her to side and applied soap to her all over and in process exploring her body thoroughly.

She then applied soap to me and more to my penis. I could not take it longer and laid her on the bathroom floor and entered her. But it did not last long and I cummed early. But what an experience of having sex on the bathroom floor.

It was getting late and we cleaned ourselves and went out. I dressed in outside room while she took time for the dressing. When she came out she was looking like a princess. In all her makeup and heavy silk saree and ornaments she would have created erection on anybody.

I could not control and carried her to bedroom. I removed all her clothes and mine. She was wearing an identical white bra and black panties, which I removed. She was beautiful nude, with makeup and with ornaments.

I took my penis and started from her forehead and moved on her face, nose and lips, where I inserted it for a while and then to neck on her boobs and on to each of her erected nipple and to belly and on her pubic hair and to her clit.

I entered her immediately and stroked pleasantly. I stroked for some time and then cummed. I took the penis to her mouth and she gave me her blowjob. I pressed her boobs and was literally inching the nipples. She then came on top took me in and we did it fantastically.

In train I got first class tickets and so there was nobody in compartment for our town side journey in the evening. We took the fast train so to ensure more time between halts. She gave me a fantastic blowjob with my dick just out of zip.

I made her topless between two distant stations and pressed and licked her boobs to satisfaction. Next day too I did not attend office and she came in afternoon and we spend the day nude and having sex.

Then it is an affair of one day each month when I stay back and she comes to me. We have done it in-group with one of her friend twice and her brother’s wife once, but it was at my insistence. She prefers to have me alone and to herself. I consider myself lucky to have such a pretty and beautiful sex partner.

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Seduced by hot sexy saali

Hi friends, I am really happy that I found a site like Human Digest. It’s really erotic and at the same time very enjoyable. I must thank the brains behind this site. Though initially I was hesitant to pen my story, but after reading other stories,

I got the confidence of sharing few of my escapades. I am Vijay – 38 years old and this story is about my Sister in law – Suni, my wife’s elder sister. This happened about two years back. I work for a MNC in a very senior position and have all the good perks etc,

and as such respected by my entire family. Suni is almost my age, a year older to be precise, and worked as a secretary in a large Audit company. Her husband is a total dud and works in a workshop, and has no ambitions to rise beyond that.

In between he had gone to Dubai for a couple of years, leaving Suni and her year old daughter in India. That time Suni had an affair with her Colleague which got caught and things got almost to divorce. At that time I intervened and got everything on track.

But unknown to me Suni had developed a crush on me. She takes alcohol in good amounts occasionally and had started occasional puffs also. It so happened that my wife had gone to her parents place in Kottayam that summer 2 years back.

One weekend Suni called me and said to come over for dinner and naughtily asked me to get a bottle of good whisky. That evening all three of us had good amount of liquor and we started watching FTV.

My Co brother who had drunk a lot soon conked off and my niece had already gone to sleep. Suni who was looking very sexy in sleeveless pink top and crinkled skirt was watching me intently and suddenly got up and sat on my lap.

I was bit shocked but I liked what she did. She put her hand behind my head and pulled it on her chest. Her sexy smell, liquor and heat all got into me and I started biting her nipples from her top only.

She started moaning – ahhhhhhh ummm yeeees oh yeeees nice ah……………… and bent down and kissed me hard on my lips. I was also hot like a volcano and responded equally with high passion.

We rolled down on the floor and I put my hand inside her skirt, which by now had come up to her waist. I thrust my hand between her thighs, oh god she was wet like anything, and she responded by clutching my hand and squeezing it with her thighs.

Her eyes were half closed and she was pressing her beautiful breasts. With my other hand I lifted her top and took out one breast from captivity and immediately took the hard nipple in my mouth and licked it.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, uffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssh maaaaaaaaaaaan yessssssssssssssh that’s the way, oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy oh maaaaaaaaaaaa ------- was all she was uttering.

My organ was so hard and strong that I thought it will tear off and come out of my jeans. I got up and lifted her and she was kissing me and sucking my lips and my tongue. I was responding with equal fervor. She guided me to the guest room.

The moment we reached there and locked the room she was all over me, she tore off my T-shirt and started pulling of my belt and kissing on my bare chest. Well I am no lean and mean guy, rather have a slight paunch.

Anyway removed my jeans in a hurry and when she saw the bulge in my underwear she started kissing it madly and then taking off my undie she took my hard rod and started licking it and swallowing it. I removed her top and skirt.

There the horny lady was there in a black lacy bra and panties (she knew of my weakness of silky lacy lingerie from my wife, and had already planned and worn it for seducing me). I just went mad with lust looking at her and didn’t know where to start from.

I made her sit on the bed removed her pantie, and told her to keep her legs on my shoulder and thrust my tongue in her pussy, which responded by clutching my head, she started moving back and forth and moaning so loudly that I thought everybody would wake up.

I thrust two fingers on her pussy top and licked till her g spot and the moment I hit it she cried AHHHHHHHHHHHH ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck you man oh my darling ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

and she arched her back and had a massive orgasm. My face was all wet with her discharge, but I kept on moving my fingers inside her pussy, she begged me to stop it but brushed her hand away and kept on fingering her.In about twenty seconds she stiffened again,

held my hair tightly and thrust her pussy full on my face and came so strongly that my entire lips and chin were dripping with her love juices. She lied down on he back and called me to lie on top of her.

I staddled on her waist and bent down and bit on her nipple, uffffffffffffffffffffffffff honey ohhhhhh you will kill me darling, Oh lover boy ohhhhhhhhhhhh. I asked should I stop, NO do it pleaaaaaaase NOW she replied.

I removed her bra and stated sucking her nipples and taking half of it in my mouth. She again got so hot and started moving her chest in sync with my sucking and at the same time pulling at my hard on. She suddenly got up and told me to lie down on my back.

She took my hard on and sucked it so majestically that I came in a few minutes. She licked me and started rubbing my cock against her cheeks and neck. I said Suni how do u feel and she just smiled and winked. Then she told me to lie on my stomach.

She climbed on top of me from my head side and started massaging my back with her nipples and at the same time trying to rub her pussy against my lips. Ohhhhhhhhh what more a guy can ask for. My organ started getting erect again.

Suddenly she did something which I will advise all readers to try at least once – she started licking me from the tip of my ass up to the hair on my organ. (Guys when your girl does this you will get so hot that you just would grab her and ………..).

My organ rose to its full glory and I made her lie on her back and opened her legs, her pussy was virtually dripping with her love juices, and thrust my organ deep inside her, ooooooooooooo was all she said and then closed her eyes and a sexy smile on her face started moving her

body in response to my thrusts, we both soon reached our nadir and both of us came in mind blowing orgasms. She held me tightly and kept on whispering thank you, love you, want you all the time etc etc. I asked her what came over on you today,

she said she has cut off all sexual relations with her husband for last two years and has wanted me since then and hence she seduced me. I asked her now that we have enjoyed each other how about future, and with a mischievous smile she hugged me and said

“Darling I am yours, make love to me anywhere, anytime any place”. And as bonus she whispered that her hubby and daughter were going off to Ernakulam next day morning for two days and for me to come by afternoon.

Our sexy servant, Rathidevi

This incident happened when I was 18 years old. My parents appointed a servant and after some days I came to know her name-Rathidevi. Before explainig about the incident let me tell you about my sexual fantasies at that time.

( when I was 18) I used to see a lot of blue films and was a great masturbator. I had a very big cock( kunna) that nearly sized up to about 26 cms at the age of 18! One night I was masturbating in my bedroom.

I usually close the door of my room but on that day I forgot to do so. My parents had already gone and I thought that there was no person in the house. But to my astonishment, My Servant came in and she got shocked to see me naked and masturbating.

I thought that I was in terrible danger as I feared that she will tell the whole incident to my parents. She quickly got out of the room and I quickly dressed myself in a lungie and ran outside. I followed her and she stopped near the entrance to the toliet.

I told her " Chechi, ethu enta achanodu parayaruthu, please". She said in reply" nhan parayum". I kneeled down before her and said" parayathirunnal nhan chechi parayunnathellam cheyam" She asked again" Ennal nee nintay kampi kunna kondu enta pooril kettedaa kutta"

I was shocked to hear that. I'd never expected her to say that though I had masturbated many times thinking of having sex with her. Suddenly she came near me and removed my lungie. I was really shocked and before I could do anything she took my cock(kunna)

into her mouth and started sucking it. My excitement soon turned out to be a joyous experience. She started to lick my kunna with her lips and I was taken to heaven. I took out my kunna from her moth and said" Ennikku mula nakkanam".

She agred to my proposal and unhooked her blouse and I was amazed to see her beautiful and well sized mualakal. I told her mulakannu in my mouth and started to suck it. She was making sounds of joy and she grabbed my kunna.

I took of her pavadai and explored her big pussy( pooru). The moment I touched there she grabbed my kunna and began shaking it. I took this as a grren signal and moved my kunna to her pooru. Without waisting much time I inserted my 28 cm kunna into her nice wet pooru.

She was screaming out with joy and soon I began to feel my first kuunnapal spread over her tight pussy. I soon got exhausted as this was my first fuck but felt extreamely joyous. She too liked it and now we have regular sex.

One sexy night in bus

HAI I am priya.i am one of regular visitor to this site.I think it is one of the marvalous site.I am visiting it since last 2 years.But today I got the idea of submiting my own story which happened last weak. Firstly to say about my self,i am of 22 years old.and of height 5"6.

and my body lengths are 38 32 36.i have big boobs.i look very sexy.i am proud to say that ican attract guys easily. That day I was going to banglore through bus.when I got to the bus I found my seat beside a guy who is of 25 years old.

i went and sat in my seat.bus started and all lights in the bus are kept off after one hour.and since our seat is at end no one can observe us easily.After 2 hours of our travel I was sleeping and felt some thing on my body.

I notice that it was the hand of the person who was siting my side.But I did'nt open my eyes, acted as if sleeping.because since last day I was very hot.last day night in my house my parents slept and I didnt get sleep and went and watched tv.

when I am surfing channels I came in to incident of kising seen.it was great erotic malayalam movie.i was unable to change the chanel and watched the movie.it was very sexy.from that time I was very hot.so I was unable to say no when the guy in the bus touched me;

then slowly he placed his hands on my boobs.he started slowly to message my boobs.it was giving me the different feeling,Which can't be expressed.He slowly opened the hooks of my blouse.Then I opened my eyes,and allowed him to do it.

i helped him by removing my bra,and pulling my boobs up.he started to teese my nipples.i was very good,i asked his to do it more roughly.i was his to do more more...he pressed them squezed pulled.but that enjoyment was not sufficient.

so I took my cell phone and switched on the vibrator ant put it in my pussy. and when the vibrator started vibrating wow great. now I was in heven with that vibrator,and he squeezing my boobs.i was near to cum.then he removed my cell phone

and sat between my legs and slowly seperated my lege.opened them videly.i opened my legs more as much I can.then he licked with his tounge on my pussy lips.slowly kept his tounge in to my ass hole.then started giving good blow job.i was really great.

Stunning lusty lady humped

I am daily reader of the Human Digest stories and I wish to share my latest experience of a great sex action by accident. First my self introduction: I am 24 years old good look and active young boy. I finished my degree last year.

I am brought from village and I will be little shy to talk with any girl or lady still. My first sex experience was just last month and I seen the heaven in that. Usha who is my first sex partner. She is aged 22 and she is very beautiful look and has sexy appear with homely look.

She is newly married and his husband has gone to abroad within 15 days from marriage. She is very nice and free type person. She is my younger sister's friend. She will be very thick with our family and always with us whenever having free time.

Mean while last month we all in my family decided to go a close relative marriage and for that Usha also accompany with us. I will be little shy to talk with her always. We have gone one day before to the marriage and the fore day night

we have to stay in a big hall that is separate to our family members. All of us get lay in the mat one by one. During the night there are no blankets and I felt very cool that season so I get sleep very late?

At that movement some 2.30 am my sister and my mother has went to do marriage work and I don't know that. In my deep sleep I moved long and without my knowledge I reached very close to Usha.

That time I have laid my leg with deep sleep on Usha's thigh. Usha has sudden shake to that attack and get up. But she has not act opposite to this activity instead of this she has just kept his hand on my chest. That is my first touch of a lady and I feel very joyful second.

After five minuets she get down her hand to stomach...belly...and on my 8" cock. Step by step I get full of brave and when she reached her hand to my cock I got extreme tempt and I cought her hand tightly.

She came closer to me and muming in my ear that still she is virgin because her husb... is not suit to her and also he has gone to abroad. She has lived with him only 15 days after marriage. She told the her husband has not able to intercourse

such he has weakness and he never do sex with her during that 15 days. I surprised and got pettier on her. That movement I suddenly embraced her heard and removed her saree and blouse etc.

She got full lust and come down to me she catch my tempered cock and lick it with more fast and it gone into her mouth fully. I was very emotive and lay down her catch her beautiful buff cunt and lick...lick...lick... it more up the toung reach to her bottom.

She and me got and came near to extreme end and I inserted my cock into her heaven and moved up and down more more more and she humming so heard ha... ha... aha... aha ... ahsa ...........ahaaaaaaaaaaaa...that gives me more speed and fucked heard her she fully co-operated

cme with lift her body up and finally both us passed the sperm and gone to heaven. She told me that don't leave me and satisfy me like this every day secretly. Now today is the 18th enjoyment with her and I got more experience and more type of sexual movements I find.


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