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Sex with Joanne Madam

This is Juan again... I hope you all read my previous stories "The Passion I Received From Geetha Madam" and "Prémam Agniyil Layichappol" and enjoyed both. I received many mails from both guys and gals, and replied to most of them. This motivated and encouraged me to reveal more of my sexual encounters and adventures.

I hope more and more guys and gals will email me. You can comment on my experiences and also share your experiences with me. I like to introduce myself once again to new readers. I am 25 year old, an "Angry-Young-Man" from Bombay, India. I am basically a South Indian (Malayali). I am a Software Engineer.

About my physique: I have slim athletic body, 5'10'' height, 69 kg, and fair color (not white, but typical Indian color). My hairs are brownish black and I have a soft French beard and soft mustache. I am now in 24. My DoB is 5th July, 1979. I also have hairs on my legs, armpits, navel areas, and my penis. I use to shave only once in a quarter.

I am a 50-50 man, having a blend of good and bad habits. I love girls, kids, women, animals, (not in terms of sex, but affection). I am a little religious, a good football player and did some social work. I also involved in politics until 1998. However, I am not a saint. I had 9-10 sexual experiences in my life, with 5 females (I had no sexual intercourse with one of them).

1. The first female in my life was my ex-girl friend Lincy. I met her in college while studying pre-degree in Kerala. We fell in love after I tried a lot. Initially she rejected by proposal but after some 5-6 months, we became lovers. This relationship lasted for only 15 months and we both parted due to our higher studies.

Even though she is my first woman in life, I never did sexual intercourse with her. Yes, we did some foreplay like boob caressing, fondering, massaging, pinching, tickling, etc. Other than these acts, nothing. [I don't like to share this affair to you peoples because I really loved this girl and she too. But later we parted because of certian circumstances. I think, she is now wife of another man. I don't like to spoil her life.

2. The second woman in my life was a Norwegian woman called Margaret. My first sexual intercourse was with her. She is a lady of 37 then. We did it in a famous Tourist spot called Kovalam before 5 years. [I already shared my encounter with Margaret in the story titled "Prémam Agniyil Layichappol"].

3. My next woman was my ex-colleague Serena. She is basically from Nashik, but settled in Thane. She was woring in Thane, where I worked in yesteryears. She used to wear sexy dresses and used to tease me. She regularly shows me her boobs and I can see through her tight pants her panty. She mostly wears sleeveless tops.

Initially we used to do some foreplays, oral sex, and quickies in office and office-loo. The one day we went for a small picnic in Gorai beach (a beach near to Mumbai). There we rent a cottage and I fucked her there. After that, I fucked her 5-6 times until I leave that company.

4. The fourth woman is my ex-boss Geetha Madam. She was a wheatish, slim lady of 35-40. She is a Sindhi divorcee, basically from Larkhana in Sindh province, later settled in Mumbai through Lucknow. Her's is a business family and she along with her brother was running a company in Mumbai. [I already shared my encounter with Geetha Madam in the story titled "The Passion I Received From Geetha Madam"].

5. The fifth (and last) woman in my life is a 45-50 year old lady from Mumbai. Her name is Joanne. She is a General Manager of a Company. Her husband is an Executive Director. She was an Airhostess of a foreign Airline. She born and brought up in abroad, later in her life settled in India. She spent most of her life in countries like United States, Canada, Bahamas, United Kingdom, Spain, Cyprus, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Singapore, etc for her education, and career.

In brief, I fucked Serena 6 times and Margaret, Geetha Madam, and Joanne St-Prix one time each. I never fucked Lincy, but only did some foreplay like caressing, fondering, kissing, smooching, etc. From these it is evident that I am not a VIRGIN.

I also sometimes visit pornographic websites, sexy chatting, watching XXX movies, visiting cinemas to see A-Rate films, and masturbate sometimes to control my desire and passion. I am a non-smoker, but drinks occasionally. This is a brief about me.

For the last 2 years, I don’t have any sexual relationship with any woman. Now my only way to control my urge is masturbation and xxx movies. This time, I like to share you my experience with Joanne.

Joanne Madam: Oru Maadhaka Rani
By: Juan Riva Philip
After the resignation from the company of Geetha Madam, I got a job in a big company. Thus, I could able to avoid Geetha Madam. My office time was very convenient 8:15 AM-4:15 PM. So I have enough leisure time. Therefore, I decided to do some part-time job also on side to get additional income.

As I am in IT field (Software Development), I could able to found a part-time IT job also. However, it was not in Software Development, but "System Administration". My part-time job was for one Joanne, a 45-50 year old lady. Her hurband and Joanne Madam were not legal husband and wife. They were just life partners. Both are from different religions too - Hindu and Christian respectively. They have one daughter - who was studying MBA in United States.

Joanne Madam was an Airhostess of a foreign Airline. She born and brought up in abroad, later in her life settled in India. She spent most of her life in countries like United States, Canada, Bahamas, United Kingdom, Spain, Cyprus, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Singapore, etc for her education, and career.

As she was in her late 40s or early 50s, she is not very attractive, beautiful, or sexy. But I think, in her youth she was beautiful and sexy. Yes, she is milky wheatish in colour, having reddish lips and short hair until her neck. But she is fatty plump and short. Her boobs and buttocks were very big. Mostly she uses to wear sleeveless tops or half-sleeve top with mini-skirts.

Sometimes, in home she uses to wear shorts (bermudas). We can see her boobs and cleavages from her top. She also reveals her arm-pits through her top. She is having a nature of short-temper.

Now the incident begins. I started working as System Administrator for her home PCs. She and her husband have around 5-6 PCs and 2 laptops. It was my duty to take core of their PCs and laptops. My job includes System Administration, networking Issues, Installation of Software, Virus Detection and Execution of Anti-Virus, Internet Issues, etc.

Most of the times her husband was either in office or in tour. He was a workaholic. Joanne Madam was also workaholic woman. She used to sleep at 2:30 PM and get up at 5:00. Sleep is very less for her. But she frequently visits her home from office, as her office is very near to her home. Its near to a famous lake in Mumbai - Powai.

Thus, I got enough time to spend with her. Even though she had having a nature of short-temper, she was very nice to me. With some one-week time we became good friends. When I get leisure times, I used to work 2-3 hrs for her per day. Sometimes I used to make PowerPoint Presentations for her. This is for her official purposes. All of my PowerPoint Presentations were very beautiful and attractive. This attracted her towards me. Thus, we became very good friends.

We used to chat a lot and sometimes she enquired me about my future life, girl-friends, marriage, etc. When she was in home, mostly she wear either sleeveless or half-less top or T-shirt and mini-skirt or shorts (bermuda). I was very lucky to see her armpits, cleavage, and boons.

One day, in December, while I was detecting a virus in her husband's PC, she came from behind and embraced me. She began to kiss my back, head, neck, etc. I totally stunned for a moment. Initially I objected her acts. She then told me that she hardly have sex with Mr. Dutta for last 7-8 years. She told me to do sex with her.

I also agreed, coz it is a great chance to do sex with an old lady. I started to remove her top, skirt, bra and panty. She also removed my pants, shirt, vest, and brief. Now we both are in nude.

First I rubbed my penis on her pussy area, make her hot, and at the same time started to kiss her lips and smooch her inner mouth. We did some tongue-fucking there and French-kisses. Then we started to do oral sex. Our oral sex and foreplays that continued for some 25-30 minutes and both of us became wet and hot. My dick got erected and filled with pre-cum. Her cunt also lubricated with her pre-cum.

Then i started massage her boobs and started to fondle her tits and cleavage. I then turned my attention to her beautiful nipples and sucked it for sometime. Her nipples also got erected. Same time I was looking through her pussy hole and I can see that her clit was getting erect.

Then I started to penetrate my dick into her cunt. I started pumping my penis deep intro her. She was moaning with pleasure and passion of fire. I was pouncing her pussy with huge strokes. Her voice was increasing after each stroke. After some 40 minutes of fucking, I felt that she was reaching orgasm.

I accelerated my pace of fucking and I was also reaching climax. I manipulated the speed of my fucking so that we could reach orgasm simultaneously. Suddenly she cried with a huge moan "Juaaaaaaaaaan, I am cummmmingggggggggggg...." and she cummed. I also cummed after 10-15 seconds. My dick was already immersed in her cunt and our juices got mixed.

However I continued fucking her top feel her the pleasure of multiple orgasms. Remember, women feel multiple orgasms after their first climax. But my dick became too weak, so i forced to withdrew it. Then I went to loo and washed it with cold water. Then I asked her to stimulate my cock and she did it and it became erect again.

Again, I inserted my cock into her pussy, this time from back and started to fuck her. This time she reached orgasm very fast and she was enjoying multiple orgasms. And she said she felt 5-6 times. After this long fucking session, I just looked at my watch and time was 9:00. I immediately put my dress and gone to my home as it was too late. love Juan.

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