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Sexy gigantic Kerala aunty fucked

I am G, staying in Bangalore, the Garden City. The city is a real garden in all aspects! The women, girls and aunts...are all extremely beautiful. However, I have a particular liking for aunties..who are really BIG! By BIG

I mean women who irrespective of age, (35 - 50yrs are best!) are sized like 40(+)-32-40(+). I adore women who have big boobs and HUUUUGEE asses. How did this fascination start?? Well I owe it all to one women who was my first fu_k!

We stay in a housing complex having around 80 houses. The house opposite ours was unoccupied and it was almost a year since anybody came there. Finally a family moved into the house, they were a husband,

wife (42 years old) and 2 daughters. Initially, I didn't notice or talk to any of them since I was busy moving around with my friends and having our own set of activities of playing cricket etc. One day in the morning, I usually go to GYM at 6:00 am,

I opened our house door and I what I saw simply made my cock raise 90degrees at once. In front of me was my new neighbor aunty cleaning the front entrance. She was facing her house and was bent at the waist and my gooooodd!!!

what an ass she had! It was awesome..huge..gigantic..I just admired the size..it was around 44 inches (minimum), and the best part of it, whihc made it even more erotic was that some part of her nighty was embedded inbetween those huge pillows of pleasure!

I ogled as much as I could and then realised that aunty had turned around.. I just said Hello and was happy to receive a beautiful smile. I then asked her how is the new place? She said, "it's good and hope I get to make friends soon".

That day onwards I was determined to make friends with aunty and was determined to make love to that huge ASS of hers. Slowly as days passed, she used visit our house for making phone calls and I was more than happy to have her at home.

I used go as close as possible to her whenever she came home. either to phone or meet my mother. As time passed I noticed that aunty too was aware of my intentions, and surprisingly she didn't show any sort of anger or rejection.

She in fact started to talk to me more often and would often enquire about me and my studies with my mother. Then one day, things really started moving.. aunty came home and asked my mother if I could take her to the market on her two-wheeler.

She knew how to drive but did not have the license. So, my mother agreed and I was thrilled to get this opportunity to take big assed aunty to the market. Aunty sat behind but made sure to keep some distance so that she did not have much physical contact with me.

I too knew that since we were inside the neighborhood, she was hesitant. As we went out of the complex, the jerks form the ride gradually brought her huge..soft hips in contact with by butts.. It was so soft,

I used to purposely apply sudden brake so that aunty would slide further. She was aware I think of what I was doing but didn't mind it one bit. Finally, she was almost fully in tounch with me..all her soft massive thighs and butts.

On the way aunty asked about the things I do in free time, and whether I had a lot of friends..and if I had any girl friends? I said no! since I had not met any one to my liking! She asked me what kind of girls you like?

I said, I like women who are "well" built..I noticed that aunty just smiled (in the rear-view mirror). Then we came to a shop and finished purchases. All the while I tried to stand as close to her as possible and behind her, so that I could touch her ass time and again.

I could sense that aunty didn't mind it at all and was also happy to come close to me. I had a tough time controlling my erection! We then returned home after a short eat-out at a hotel nearby, and aunty said "thank you" and quickly glanced at my crotch area and smiled.

After a few days we were arranging a party for the residents of the colony and I was incharge of making the decorations at a small hall nearby. I was pleasantly surprised when aunty also offered to help me out.

During this process I used constantly "brush" her ass often. I noticed that aunty too used to come very close to me and "bend over" so as to pick something from the floor and push her mountains towards me. I had a real hardon and saw that aunty had noticed it!

That day we completed the work with great difficulty rubbing and pushing each other. The day finally came when one day she called me home to help her fit the rubber tube for the gas cylinder.

She was dressed is a nightie which hugged her huge ass and was almost on the verge of tearing! She purposely bent over to show me where the tube had to be fitted!, adn when she got up the already tight nightie was stuck between the huge mountainous ass!

Me cock was up and saluting and I didn't care. I quickly fitted the tube and having done so turned around only to find her close to me...so close that we could feel each others breath. Also, shocking was that her nipples were eating right thru her nightie...she had no bra too!

Imagine the situation...this huge assed aunty with her nipples erect just an inch or two from a guy with a raging hard-on!!!!! The inevitable happened..we kissed instinctively!! Aunty grabbed me by my head and shoved her tongue into my mouth...I was feeling like exploding

then and there but controlled myself with difficulty. Encouraged by her behavior I too got a bit rough and kissed back with all power. My rough behavior only encourage aunty and together we frenched each other like wild animals..with aunty pressing her body against mine more and

more. Then suddenly she grabbed my right hand and guided it onto her enormous buttocks..(in our kissing sequence I forgot everything else!!). My GOD!!!!!! they were soft and HUUUUUUGE. I probably covered only around 10% of one mound of flesh.

I started to rub my hands all around the huge mound of flesh. Squeezeee it......! aunty hissed while kissing me roughly. I immediately grabbed as much flesh I could in my hands and sqeeezed....the unexpected made her to jump..and she kissed harder..

YESSSS she moaned... do it harder...harder!!! I just squeezed with all my might and felt aunty shiver! She had come..!!!! My God!! what a horny woman..i thought. She had an orgasm just by my squeezing her buttocks!!

I used both hands now to hold as much flesh as could and carried on pumping her huge butts! Finally, after what seemed like eternity she stopped kissing and pulled her tongue out of my eager mouth ..panting. Looking at me she asked "why did u wait so long??

you love my butts don't you??". In reply I just squeezed her monstrous butts hard.."MMMMM" she said.."you naughty boy"! She slowly removed my hands from her butts and led me to her room..."I have something to give you" she said, with a mischevious smile!

Though my cock was paining from being erect for so long..I wondered how her vital statistics measured. I found a measuring tape lying near the dressing table and took it. Seeing this aunty smiles and turned around showing me her buttocks (still inside the nightie!)

and said "go ahead and measure me my lover boy". With shivering hands I wrapped the tape around her butts from behind and took the measurement...my GODDDDD the tape showed 47 inches!! I just couldn't believe it.

Out of curiosity I took her complete measure..she was a 37-34-47 sized horny sexy aunty!!! Now I didn't want to waste anytime and threw the tape aside and hugged her from behind, crushing my throbbing cock onto her butts..she pushed backk savagely.

Not wanting to waste any time aunty then turned to face me and ripped off my shirt and pant, leaving me only in my undies with a big bulge. I thought she would remove it but she let it stay and and then pushed me on the bed.

Then with a mischevious smile she turned away from me and slowly started to remove her nightie...I shivering with excitement, just by imagining how she would look in the nude. Wanting to tease me further aunty removed the nightie from the top..

so that se exposed her globes of pleasure in the end. As she slowly lowered the nightie I could see her smooth white back and the folds of flesh at her waist..and then she took it all the way down and dropped it on the floor....

what I saw was something that cannot be described...her buttocks were the most smoothest whitest and biggest pieces of flesh I had ever seen!! My cock almost burst in my undies then..and I luunged forward to grab her buttocks but she said

"No, lie down and enjoy the fun!". WIth great difficulty I lay back and aunty crawled onto me on all fours. After kissing me again and smothering me with her big breasts she smiled and slowly turned around...OHHH GODDDDDD..

I realised at once that she was going to feed me her gigantic buttocks!!!! I moaned out of pain and pleasure. When she turned around her buttocks were right on my face..huuuuge soft mounds of flesh waiting to be devoured!!

I plunged into then instantly and started to lick her with all savageness...aunty remorelessly pushed her buttocks back into my face and within a few seconds of my licking she exploded...shooting loads and loads of salty cum into my mouth.

I thought I was going to drown inher flood of cum but managed to keep sucking. Moaning and thrusting her buttocks into my face with pleasure, aunty ripped open my undie and grabbed my cock with her fingers..it hurt like mad as I was having a raging hard-on.

But her buttocks and moans helped me overcome the pain..and I realised that aunty was furiously sucking away on my cock! I came in no time with an thunderous orgasm...and aunty came too!!!!! filling me mouth once again with sweet-salty cum.

We collapsed in the 69 position with my face completely covered by aunty's heaving ass..they felt soft and wonderful. After 10mins, we got up and aunty went to lie down on her stomach. Her huge mounds of flesh were heaving gently with her breath

and seeing this my cock stood up once again. I put a pillow below her so that her buttcoks were fully up in the air and then buried my face in them! Heavenly it was..and I started licking her crack at the point between her thick cunt lips and buttocks.

I could hear aunty moaning again and soon she flooded my mouth with cum. Now my raging cock was real hard and after applying some cum from aunty onto my cock and her asshole, slowly started to push my cock inside.

Her asshole was tight, but I was in no mood to give up. Slowly I had my entire length in her asshole, and then I started pounding her gigantic buttocks rapidly. Aunty was screaming with lust as I pounded those gigantic buttocks remorselessly.

I wrapped my arms around her massive thighs and screwed for all I was worth. Aunty too pushed backed savagely aand after 10mins of animal like fuck we both burst into another gigantic orgasm!!! We collapsed on each other in a heap and drowsed off to sleep.

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Posted by raj mukherjee
on: June 17, 2007 6:04 PM | Reply

where is she? i cud travel d world for such assets.

Posted by gopi
on: January 28, 2016 5:12 PM | Reply

nice story

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