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Stunning love making scene from Telugu movie Chandrika

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Sexy journey continues with Ruhina

Masturbating thanks to Ruhina

Now that I had seen Ruhina naked, my lust for her grew tenfold. I became even more daring. I left magazine copies of Playboy and penthouse lying around my room, and made sure she spotted them. I never wore a shirt at home ( and I have a good athletic body).

I began to wear even looser jeans (minus the underwear, ofcourse), and more than half my ass was always visible. Whenever I walked around the home when she was there, I was almost constantly sporting an erection. Ruhina had this kind of electrifying effect on me.

Thus a few days after the masturbating episode, Ruhina came into my room, as I sat on the bed studying, and flopped onto it. She was wearing a Salwaar Kameez, and she lay on her chest, barely an inch away.

Her ass was there yet again, inviting, ripe and round and utterly delicious, and this time, I could picture its pinkness which I had seen a few days ago. And I placed my hand on her hip. She didn't respond or acknowledge it in anyway.

And a slow excrucuiating 15 minutes later, I moved my hand onto her ass. Still no response from her. She appeared to be sleeping... My book was now positioned such that it touched her hip, and my hand on her ass could be explained

as a harmless touch by a younger cousin. Thats what I intended it to look like. I was wearing a pair of silky shorts that day, and my cock peeped out from under it, fully erect.With my left hand, I slowly touched my cock, and starting moving the shaft up and down.

My right hand lay on her butt, I could smell her and feel her, and I began to masturbate. I stroked my cock slowly, careful not to shake her or the bed too much..but soon enough, I felt close to climax, and involuntarily, I gave her ass a little squeeze.

With a sudden jerk, Ruhina lifted herself from the bed, and in haste, I pulled the leg of my short over my throbbing cock.." I am going downstairs", Ruhina said, and she stood up and began to leave. In the last second, she threw a glance toward my cock.

Things would have continued this way for a long time. With masturbation and furtive glances and masked lust. But suddenly things took a turn for the better.It was the rainy season and Ruhina's room had a leaky ceiling that needed fixing.

So she began to sleep downstairs with my grandma. This continued for a while, and initially, I found it irritating. But finally, luck came to me. It was a weekend, and I decided to stay over at a friend's place for group studies. I mentioned this to Ruhina and my grandmom and left.

That night we didn't study much. Instead, we watched a porn movie! One of the best I have ever seen. Once the movie finished, me and my friend looked at each other sheepishly. Neither of us wanted to study, and it was quite clear we both wanted privacy.

I suddenly felt the need to go home, and he did not stop me. It was raining heavily, and I got drenched on the way home.So, I reached home, and hurriedly removed my wet clothes and got naked. I walked to my room, slowly stroking my cock and switched on the lights.

Ruhina lay fast asleep on my bed! Quickly, I switched off the light. I was horny as hell. (like I said before, it was one of the best porn movies I had ever seen). I did not wear any clothes. I picked up a lungi..somethin I dont normally wear,

and I slowly got into bed next to her, and into the blanket she was using.I saw that she was wearing silk pajamas and a shirt. My head lay close to hers, and she turned slightly, so that her hair came close to my nose. I could smell her fragrance and it drove me crazy.

I moved closer and placed a hand upon her hip. No reaction from her. Just the regular deep breathing and heaving of her breasts. It turned me on more than ever. And I finally placed my hand on her left breast.

It was soft and the silky shirt she wore made it all the more erotic. I let my hand remain there for a few minutes, and then, I began to slowly move it around her breast,in little circles..My heart beat wildly..but I was determined not to stop today.

It had been too fuckin' long already! After I circled her left breast a few times, I became a little bit more daring..I squeezed her breast lightly, and then a little more firmly. She was breathing deeply. A single thought hammered my constantly...

was she pretending or was she really asleep? Only one way to find out. I started to unbutton her top. With a lot of deliberation, I struggled with each button. I worked my way down all the buttons, and finally her bra was exposed.

Yet again, I placed my hand on her left breast, and traced small circles with my finger..I tickled her nipple and laced and scratched at it, through the bra..My friend had once told me, this excites women..I was hoping it would work.

Meanwhile my erection was throbbing. It deserved attention. And immediately. I took my hand off her breast, and slowly took her hand..steadily, I moved it inch by inch, into the blanket, and finally onto my cock.

To have her touch my cock, felt like heaven. It was like nothing I had ever imagined..It bet every fucking masturbation session I had ever had. I closed my fingers around her hand and tightened her hold on my cock slightly.

Her fingers closed over it, with more pressure than could have been my doing. Slowly, her hand began to stroke it. I gasped in excitement and shock. She turned toward me with a sigh, and opened her eyes for the first time. The wildest night of my life had just begun!!

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Malavika enjoyed by classmate

My wife Malavika was a typical Indian wife who remained a virgin until after marriage. But I did learn later from someone that she may have had close physical contact with a couple of guys who were friends at college.

As it became a habit for us to fantasize during erotic moments I had no problems in asking her directly if these rumors were true. During sex we regularly discussed my wife having sex with a stranger in all its detail and this usually leads both of us to our climax.

So when I put this question to her she told me that the sexual encounters were true but the various details were different. I begged her to describe the story and promised that I will not mind it. In fact she realized that I was very stimulated already.

These 2 events happened when Malavika was 19 years old. The first one was during a college festival day when she was backstage helping some friends to rehearse for their drama on stage. During that time she got an urge

to urinate but had a 3 minute walk to the loo which was in the adjacent building. Being late in the evening she asked a guy called Raju if he could just spare a few minutes and accompany her to the next building and back.

He promptly agreed but she was disappointed to find the toilets in use. Being in a desperate situation she asked the guy for a suggestion. Raju told her bluntly that if she cannot hold on any longer the only option will be to piss at the rear side of the building at the corner.

Malavika was shocked to do things which were sometimes done by males. Having no choice she asked Raju to take her to that secluded area but requested him to keep a watch out when she is doing the act.

As Malavika was wearing a Salwar suit all she had to do was to undo her bottoms and pull it down along with her panty and then squat on the ground to urinate. Raju stood at a distance and kept guard (apparently).

Malavika had to urgently pull her salwar bottoms and her panty down before sitting and letting go. He still remembers how pleasant it felt to empty her bladder even though the place was not appropriate.

Soon after finishing the job she turned to look for Raju and was shocked to see him less than couple of meters away. Then before she said anything he mumbled something like “Malavika I am really horny after seeing your panty & buttocks.

I could also smell your urine from where I was standing and now the wet ground is making me mad". Malavika recalled that although she was stunned by these comments she involuntarily started to feel horny and her breasts

had become heavy with her nipples becoming erect also. She thinks she also became very moist between her thighs. Not knowing what to do Malavika leaned against the wall and asked him if he really meant what he said.

Raju in a an impulse unzipped his pants and pulled his erect cock out and told her this is how he felt and went very close to her. Having no immediate response from her Raju held her hand and pushed his cock into it.

Although quite shocked and shaky Malavika started to cooperate and had started to rub his hard and huge cock. She was just thinking about kneeling down to get a closer look when he lost his tempo and ejaculated vigorously, some of it on Malavika's hand.

She put her hand to her nose to sniff it before licking a bit of it. Raju slumped to the ground feeling tired. Now being very aroused Malavika had no option but to sit beside him and to touch herself. Raju helped by getting his hands under her salwar to feel her breasts.

She helped him remove the bra and felt him massage both her breasts rhythmically. He gave attention to her erect nipples and before long was sucking on her nipples. By then by Malavika's recollection, they both were making a lot of moans and hisses.

Before long he recovered his composure and asked he if he could have a look at her panty and buttocks again. Malavika kneeled on the ground on all fours and asked Raju to help himself. He pulled her kameez down first and went on to look at her panty and butt.

He put his face against her bum and started to feel and sniff at her backside. He was already telling her how strong and nice she smelled there. Very soon she felt his fingers gently drag her panty down.

Malavika was so wet that her panty was very stuck to her bushy bottom before being peeled of. She recalls Raju lamenting about not getting a good look at her bum cleft and her bushy genitals because of the darkness of the night.

But he got a good smell and taste of it to compensate that. He had made her to hold her bum cheeks apart while he dipped his nose and tongue on her anus first. After licking and sucking her back hole for sometime

he made her stay on all fours and asked her to spread her thighs well. He first run his fingers into her bushy cunt and gave her labia and clit a good rubbing before putting his nose and tongue there.

Again Malavika had to use one hand to separate her bush so that he could lick the flesh of her cunt. She was already oozing a lot of fluid from her vagina and Raju was licking it with a lot of wet noises.

She told me that she climaxed in less that 2 minutes because of so much stimulation, but Raju and continued to lick her labia and suck her clitoris and ended up giving her a continuous orgasm. Then without a warning he placed his cock tip

between her buttocks and tried to insert it into her. Malavika refused to let him do those? He did not force her, surprisingly. She again had another small encounter with Raju and only let him touches her but refused to let him fuck her.

The poor guy was so desperate he had asked her if he could at least fuck her bum hole which again Malavika refused. This incident is regularly on the menu during our fantasy sessions in the bed and Malavika confesses that she could have let the poor guy fuck her once.

Mard Ki Barbadi XXX video 2

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Sexy with lovely sister-in-law

For a Man it is very difficult to know the difference between love and lust. I realized this at the age of 38. At 35,I always believed that men go for sex and women don’t want it. This is a story of how this idea changed.

I am currently working in Mumbai and am happily married. This is about my love with my saali. She is Simran and is two years younger to me. It all started of with my first visit to my in laws. We were going out for a visit. This rickshaw had place for three and we were four of us.

My wife suggested that she sit on my lap as the home is just minutes away. She did so and this was the first occasion that my genitals were in full contact with her bum. My member rose to salute her curvaceous rear.

Soon we reached and, it was all over, no feelings from her side. But this did whet my appetite for other women. Years later, yes I still remember it was the rains of July 2005. I had to attend a conference in Bangalore.

Simran was staying in Bangalore along with my other sister in law who was also unmarried and an airhostess. Simran was still unmarried despite my in-laws trying a lot for alliances. The other sis-in-law Neha had a Singapore flight and bade us goodbye for good two days.

Saturday morning and it was her off day. We woke up late and she prepared tea for me. We sat in the sofa and were sipping tea. I asked her “Don’t you feel lonely without marriage”. She went a bit sully and with a heave, said, “What can I do about it ”?

I asked her if she had any boyfriend, to which she replied negative. After this we started chatting on various social issues. I was lying on the sofa and she was sitting near my head. Suddenly I got a bit mischievous and put my head on her lap saying that I’ll feel comfortable.

Soon I fell asleep. After few minutes I realized that she was playing with my hair. I woke up and asked her “Do you really find me attractive”. She said “Yes”. I asked her “Don’t you feel sometimes that you need a man” to which her reply was affirmative.

She said in fact she wanted to experience what is love. I pulled her and gave her a kiss. She was taken aback and pushed me gently and went to the kitchen. I soon followed her and again pulled her towards myself looked in her eyes.

She got the message and slowly her hands lowered the resistance. I gave her a firm but comfortable hug. I felt that she was slowly relaxing in my hug. My tongue met hers and we were in ecstasy for god knows ages. I caught her right hand and pulled her towards the bedroom.

She pulled her hand away from me and reached for her cell phone. She rang up the maid and informed her not to come. This time, I held her hand firmly and we walked towards the bedroom. I latched the main door of the house and switched off the doorbell.

I took our mobiles and switched it off. She looked a bit worried. All this by now had made my boxer shorts go wet and it looked a bit obvious. I pushed her on the bed and we went into embraces and kisses. Slowly my hand reached string of her salwar.

She took my hand off it and said, “I want to love you”. “Why do you men always think of women as sex dolls”.” Its okay, if you done want to have sex “, I replied. We again went into a session of violent kissing and tight embraces.

All this started having its effect on my shorts and the erection became obvious. She looked at it and laughingly said, “Men are all the same, they can’t wait”. To this I replied, “We seldom wait in love”. This had a winning effect on her and she gave me a deep kiss.

Now, I slowly moved my hand towards her salwar and pulled the strings holding it in place in one quick move. Next was her kameez. This was followed by my T-shirt. I undid the hooks of her bra and out came her breasts.

I sucked her nipple like a wild beast she cried and asked me to stop. I kept doing this till her helpless pleas changed to submission. Now I was sure that she would be a willing partner in the game of love and lust.

I inserted my index finger in her cunt and no sooner I did this it started expressing out juices of love. I could feel the tension in her cunt. Experience taught me that massaging the cunt releases a lot of tension.

By now I was convinced that she was a virgin and inserting my member in her should be a quick affair to reduce the trauma to a virgin. I asked her to get on her fours as this would make things more comfortable. She did so in a dazed submission.

I held her hips firmly and shove the tip of my cock in her pussy. This sent a shock in her but my firm grip of her hips ensured that my cock didn’t slide out. I asked her to take a deep breath and banged my member right in her celestial hole.

She gave out a loud cry, which ended in sobs. I relaxed and then began ramming my cock in her tight pussy. The muscles of her pussy slowly accommodated my cock. She was now moaning for more and I obliged.

Each push made her gasp for more and took up all my might. I don’t remember how many minutes did this go as we were enjoying celestial journey. Finally I grunted like a bull and let of my load in her. I withdrew my cock and slumped on the bed.

When we woke up I could see a pleasure without guilt on her face. I was convinced that now she was ready for a man. I kissed her and went in for a shower with her. We had a passionate love making session there too. Out of the bath we slept.

Later in the day we went out for a movie and dined. After dinner we went to a pharmacist for the after relationship contraceptive. I slept that night peacefully in her arms through the night. The next day I left for Mumbai. We keep in touch regularly on the cell.

I asked her if she would marry a man like me. No was her emphatic reply. She said that she only loved me and relationship is out of question. Its three years since this happened and she still keeps her relationship with me as a thin thread that holds the web.

She said after marriage she would be committed to her Hubby and I can understand that. December 2006 we met in Ranchi, and it was love again. The passion was more intense. I asked her if she loved me

so much why have sex with me, after all not all lovers make love. Then she said something that I’ll never forget till death that “ Men give love to have sex but women have sex to get love”.

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Two virgins fucked for the first time

Today I'm going to tell u about my sex encounter with my classmate. I am a proud Indian and live in Delhi. I am doing my graduation 1st year and this happened when I was in 12th. I had a class friend who was damn sexy. She had a great body.

Big breasts, coffee brown hair, black eyes and a coke bottle figure, which was really inviting. Sometimes she gave me signals that she wanted me badly but I being a shy guy didn't respond. Our friendship had been going on for about

1 year now and we used to meet regularly in school. On one typical day in school I was in the computer room of my school with my friend. She suddenly came to me and asked me that could I come to her house on Sunday.

I was taken aback by this sudden request of hers. I was to say no as I had to go on movie with my friends on Sunday but I saw a desperation or lust in her eyes. I could tell that she wanted me badly. I said ok I would come at 11:30 in the morning she looking very happy went away.

Days passed as Sunday came near and I was thinking what was her purpose of calling me to her house. Then came Sunday, I rang her doorbell and she opened the damn door. WHOA! She was looking very hot and erotic.

I could shake then and there looking at her even in her clothes. Imagine this, an extremely attractive girl with perfectly round and big tits and well-shaped ass, in a skintight sleeveless shirt, which was tied in a knot to reveal her navel and very tight pair of jeans,

which extended only to her knees. She told me to come in and I stepped in and saw a dimly lit yet beautiful room with all the windows closed and curtains drawn. There was extreme silence in her house and I could make out that she was alone.

She offered me a tea and got herself one too. We sat quietly sipping away at our respective drinks staring at each other. The atmosphere was what you call romantic and I was getting hornier by watching beautiful curves of her body.

I asked her the reason why she had called me and she said she was having trouble with her computer, as she know that I have computer in my house and my brother is computer professional. I asked her that what is the problem

she told me that monitor is not working properly. So I just check it out and within ten minutes I came to know that the connection was loose and I fixed it and just put it on. Suddenly when computer was on I was shocked to see that she had got so many xxx pictures.

Pictures are of different fucking positions of man and women. I glanced at her and she looked curious about my reaction. I was getting hornier and hornier. She asked me if I teach her practically. I was hesitating but It was a golden opportunity for a virgin like me,

Sure I have seen may xxx movies but in sex it was my first experience. While I was explaining frequently I found her hand nearing my cock. It was making me really aroused and my cock was bulging in my tight jeans.

She was staring right at my erection and that was making me uncomfortable. At last when I wasn't able to control myself, I take her to the couch and let her sit on my lap. I was too mad with lust at that point and put my lips on hers and kissed like a mad man.

She fully cooperated and embraced me with both her arms. Her tits were pressing against my chest. They were as soft as, I can't describe how soft and smooth they were. I was a virgin at that time and I knew that this was the day her and me lose our virginity.

I was exploring her back while kissing her and my finger went into her jeans and touched her panty. That was the first step in our sex adventure. Finally we stopped kissing. She stared right in my eyes as if warning me that this was going to be hardcore.

She put her hand on my rock-hard 7" penis and started massaging my crotch. It felt that I would cum right then but I controlled. Meanwhile I was playing with her soft melons from the outside of the shirt. Then slowly I reached inside and squeezed her nipples.

It was heaven! She unzipped my jeans and took them off. This left me in my underwear with a tent in the middle because of my erection. She was delighted to see me in that state. I too tore off her shirt and she wasn't wearing a bra and her tits jumped out.

Beautiful! She slid down my underwear and held my 7" manhood in her hand. It was too big for her hand so she used both hands to hold it. She stripped off her jeans and bent down on her knees. I knew what she was doing and gave her my cock.

She instantly took it in her mouth. The bloody bitch. She must have watched a whole lot of blue films to know that much about sex. She gave me a wonderful blowjob.It hurt at first when her teeth rubbed against the skin but slowly pain turned to pleasure.

She kept sucking my cock for about 5 minutes when I told her that I was going to take it out as I was about to release my load. She insisted thatI shoot it in her mouth and held onto my penis. I shot all the sperm in her mouth and she gulped it like a whore.

I knew all the sex positions but first I want to lick her pussy, because that is the thing I like most while sex. Her pussy was sweet in taste like honey and too tight even I find it difficult for my tongue to get inside.

Within two minutes I can see her stomach muscles getting tight I know that she is going to come, so I started licking faster and faster suddenly she shivered and all her juices came in my mouth and I drink it all. Really it was tasty.

I told her that I was going to fuck her between her breasts and she lied down on the couch. She pressed her tits and made a tunnel in between them so that we could get maximum pleasure. I did that for about 15 minutes and loved every second of it.

I came on her breasts and then licked them clean. I slowly bit her nipples and sucked on one while playing with the other. Next up was finger fucking, I put my index finger in her love hole and started stroking them up and down.

She was loving it and giving loud moans of pleasure. After a few minutes when I felt that her cunt was loose enough I used my second finger too and licked my fingers, which had the taste of her pussy juice. I made her lick the fingers too.

She told me in between her moans and gasps that please enter my love hole. I was desperately waiting for that and I told her to lie down on the carpet and open her legs wide. I came near her hole with my cock and she grabbed it and guided it into the pussy.

For some time she supervised the strokes with her hand but then left it to me. I started pushing harder and she was screaming with pain. I slowed down and asked her if she had Vaseline or something.

She got up with a lot of effort and went into a room and came back with olive oil and handed it to me. I took some olive oil rubbed it on my cock and some inside her pussy and told her that this would ease the pain a lot. She looked relieved and asked me to start the fuck again.

I pushed my cock in her. She screamed but a lot less. I started fucking her slowly with gentle strokes. With my ever in-stroke she inhaled air and with every out-stroke she exhaled air. I increased the pace and started ramming her with my dick.

Her screaming was decreasing with ever second and a smile of ultimate pleasure came on her lips. That girl was enjoying it more than me. I fucked her for a long, long time and instantly stopped when I was about to cum.

She and I cummed together and I could feel her juice on my cock. We both stopped and relaxed, my cock still inside her. We were exhausted after that and lay on our backs. I took out my limp penis out of her hole and put my clothes on and

she slipped into another shirt as I had torn the previous one. We both sat on the couch she turned on the Air Conditioner. We both started French kissing passionately, we kissed about 15 minutes. We had something to eat as we were completely out of energy.

Then I told her I had to go back as I have some work. But as I reached my house a phone came that my computer is not working. I told her I that I know where the problem is? It was really the best experience ever for me. But after one month she went away I missed her a lot.

Hot sex with grandma

Hi! Everybody, This is Saket. I m now 21 years old and want to share my true incest with my grandma which took place when I was only 15 years old at my grandma's residence. First I would like you to know how my grandma looks like.

She is cute, fair and is quite younger as compared to my other friend's grandma's. But she is fatty, which help's her to look much sexier than other woman's of her age is. She was 55 when grandma and I have sex together.

As a matter of fact, I had always been a lover of older woman's, as I think that these older ladies are very much experienced than younger gals, and it's more a pleasure to have sex with them. I was totally mad and was always in praise for older woman's to have sex with them.

I really love beautiful older ladies with there large tit's hanging out of their blouses. When I hit my puberty, I always fantasized about my grandma, to have sex with her, and I totally lost control over myself and finally decided to have sex with my grandma, by hook or crook.

My grandma doesn't leave with us; she leaves at her house with my grandfather. My grandfather is a businessman and for that he has to usually stay away from town for his earning. So one day I decided to take control over myself

and finally decided to have a night out with my grandma at her house, So I packed my stuff for two days and while leaving I told that I will be at my grandma's house for couple of days. As soon as my mom heard these wordings

she immediately kissed on my cheeks and greeted me saying that what a wonderful son I m. She told me that how much I care for my grandma and it's a good sign in me. She told me to take a good care of my grandma as my grandfather was out of station for his work.

I started to depart from my house thinking that what I have got in mind is not a good one, but I was totally lost in my sex world and took a bold decision that now is the time and I have to do it at any cost.

After an hour I reached at my grandma's house, I started to ring the doorbell and after seconds she opened the door and was stunned to see me. There she was my fantasy old doll, she greeted me and kissed on my cheeks

and told me that my mom had informed her that I would be staying with her for a couple of days. She told me to comfort myself and in her room as she doesn't get enough time to arrange another room for me.

While I was walking towards her room I looked backwards and saw her that she was much prettier and sexier than I last saw her month ago. She was wearing a saree with a pink blouse and her bras were clearly visible.

Her tits were peaking out of her blouse as if they really need a massage and a sucking mouth. Her tits were looking gorgeous and her hands were so soft and milky, as they needed a hard cock to wrap around tightly.

My cock started to built up fast and was fully erected in my jeans, but I managed to get myself out from there as I looked that my grandma was noticing me for a while. When I drew my self out from her room my grandma told me that

we would have dinner early because outside temperature had drop below freezing point and it's been very cold inside also. We had a good dinner as my grandma prepared a delicious chicken for me. Now she told me that's it's now time for bed and

I would sleep with her because the blower was in her room and she couldn't get time to set a room for me. She told me to sleep with her tonight and the next day she will organize a room for me. My cock started to erupt as soon as I hear these wordings from her;

I started to realize that tonight is my night, which I have been waiting for a long time. I immediately headed towards my grandma's room with her; there I saw I king-sized bed with a large pair of blanket.

I turned on the blower immediately, as the room was quite cold as compared to other rooms. As my grandma approached towards her bed she took of her saree and started to get her self in bed. I took a long breath as I saw one of the most beautiful pair of tits;

she was looking gorgeous and was looking much younger and sexier than ever before. As I headed my self in bed I switched the lights and lighted up a very dim light. My grandma kissed me a long goodnight kiss on my cheeks and turned her back towards me.

After a couple of minutes my grandma was in a deep sleep and my cock was ticking hard, so I ease my self by taking my 9 inches of hard cock out of pajama's. My heart was pounding very fast as I started to lean towards my grandma's soft ass.

But I lost the hope, as I was afraid if she would wake up and turned me out. So I decided not to touch her but started to jack myself. After a couple of minutes I heard a sound of shivering, from my grandma, slowly and slowly shivering becomes

fast and I immediately put my hands on her shoulders asking her what she was doing. She with a very husky and shivered sound told me that she was felling very cold and was unable to tolerate the cold now.

Slowly and slowly I turned herself towards me facing and looking right in her half slept eyes and told her not to worry, that I would make her feel alright. Now her shivering started to speed up gradually and was totally out of control.

I with a very bold voice told her that I would try to give you warmth with my body. She was stunned to here and asked me what I mean by this? I replied giving answer that having sex in cold will transfer a good amount of heat to you.

She, with a bitter noise told me, how dared you think like that? I replied with afraid sound that I need you grandma and this is the time now, and as soon as speaks these words I immediately took her hands and placed it on my hard cock.

Oh shit! I yelled out, as it was so wonderful to have a touch of such a warm and soft hands on my cock. But my grandma started to get away from my self speaking out that this is bad, we should not do this, as you are my son,

but I doesn't give a second thought to it and started to kiss her on her lip's. She started to push me apart but her efforts were all in vein. Slowly she started to enjoy my kiss and she started to slide her tongue inside my mouth.

Simultaneously she started to play with my balls and rubbed my cock with her soft fingers. As soon as I parted my lips apart from her she was moaning and told me that she is ready to have sex with me, if only I would not tell others about this.

I agreed to it and again kissed her while she played with my meat. She than told me to open her blouse and suck her tit's. I obeyed to her and started to open her blouse, as soon as I open her blouse, she held me with her hands through my face

and inserted my face to her tit's which was peaking out to come from her bra's. She told me, " OH MY POOR BABY! I NEED YOU, SUCK MY TIT'S, OH MY SON OPEN MY BRA'S ", and again I obeyed her, and opened her bra's.

Now she was lying topples in front of me and with no second thought I buried my face in her creamy, warm and soft tits. I started to massage her tits and after a second I took a whole boob in my mouth and started to suck her hard.

She was moaning vigorously, while she played with my rock hard cock. Than with her hands on my head she told me to suck hard like a young baby sucking her mom's breast. I started to suck more harder and rougher,

and she started to moaning fourthly and asked me to slow down but I continued with the same amount of roughness, she started to beg to let her tit's of from my mouth, but I continued to suck her hard and harder...

After a moment I took my mouth away from her sweet melons and ordered her to take her panties of. But she refused to let this happen, but I with my pressure took of her panties and started to finger fuck her.

Her pussy was so soft and warm that I can't explain it to you. She begged me to slow down but I inserted my third finger in her opening, as her pussy opening was quite big and wider. Than I told her to take my meat in her mouth,

she heisted but slowly she took my cock in her mouth. Damn! Good that was as soon as my cock came in Contac with her warm mouth with her tongue revolving around my cock. She started to suck deep inside her throat

vigorously with her hands backing up my fore skin and sucking with roughness. I begged her, and told her to " PLEASE GRANDMOM LET THIS SLOW DOWN " but she has no effect and I was helpless, but at the same time it was feeling very good.

I immediately pulled my cock from her mouth, as I was cumming. Than I told her that I am going to insert my cock in her pussy, she told me " WE CAN'T DO THIS I HAVE GOT PAIN INSIDE MY PUSSY, LET IT BE OFF " but I with no humble

I started to insert my rock hard penis in her pink soft creamy pussy. At first attempt I failed to inset it properly as I was inserting it with no pressure at all. My grandma smiled and told me to push it very slowly, I again tried but I was unable to insert it.

She begged me not to insert with pressure, but this time I pulled my foreskin of rock hard 9 inch's cock and with a great force and pressure I pushed my cock in her pussy, I moaned in pleasure and my grandma cried with a large amount

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LET YOUR COCK BE OUT OF MY PUSSY "I started to cry and shouted that I m cumming, and she begged not to spurt my cum in her, as she would be pregnant, but I lost control and cumm in side my grandma hot wet pussy.

At last we both cried out in pleasure as I shoot a thick load in my grandma pussy. We both laid in that position for more than hour with my cock still leaning in her pussy. After an hour or so my cock again started to erect and I asked her if I can do anal fucking with her.

She with a slight hesitation agreed to it and I order her to sit in such a way that I can fuck her in doggie style. So she started to kneel down on to the bed and with the same time I grabbed her swollen tits with my Pam and slowly enter my rock hard cock in her wet ass opening.

Again we both cried in pleasure and I started to fuck her vigorously, again she begged me, to slow down but I spurted my cum in side her belly with a great pressure. Now we both laid together and while I was about to sleep,

my grandma kissed me on my lips saying that this was the best fuck she had since now. She told me that she enjoyed my cock inside her and I can always have her whenever I need her. But she asked me to promise her that I would not tell anybody about this.

Hot mother - son incest story

The following is a completely true story and happen a 1 year ago now I an 19 and my mom is 38. As I can remember, I have always wanted to make love to my mother. These thoughts probably started because of an incident that took place

when I was only twelve years old. I was in my bedroom doing homework and my mother was in the next room taking a bath. She called for me and asked if I would fetch her razor from the hall closet and then bring it to her. I agreed.

I figured that I would simply open up the bathroom door, mom would cover herself, and I would hand the razor to her. No big deal, right? Wrong! When I opened the door into the bathroom, mom was in the tub (while completely naked) and took the razor from my hand.

What I saw made me stop in my tracks. At the time, mom was twenty-nine, 4'9, 120lbs, had firm medium sized breasts with large nipples, and a VERY dark, thick bush. I believe mom must have thought that I was embarrassed by what I saw. I wasn't.

I was simply amazed. After what seemed like minutes, I turned, walked out of the bathroom, and returned to my bedroom. Just like any other young man, I masturbated quite frequently during my teens.

However, instead of thinking about the Playmate of the Month or some porno star, the object of my masturbation sessions was always my mom. Years later, when I was eighteen old, my girlfriend and I were having marital problems.

We had been for one years and our sex life was simply a bore. I tried everything with my girlfriend to make things more interesting. I bought books on how to better satisfy your spouse, tried to seduce her in other ways, bought her presents.

None of my attempts at spicing up our sex life worked. One Saturday afternoon while our toddler was napping, I lured my girlfriend into her bedroom and tried to seduce her. She simply made some comment that she had too much housework

to do and the last thing on her mind was "having sex." Hearing that, I got in my car and left the house, totally pissed off. I ended up driving around for over an hour thinking about what had just taken place. Without planning to do so,

I realized that I was near the exit to my parent's home so I decided to stop by and talk to my dad. When I knocked on the door no one answered. Just as I was about to get back into my car, mom opened the front door and yelled for me to come back.

It was obvious that she had been in the shower because her hair was wet and she was wearing a robe. Upon entering the house, mom said that it was a nice surprise I had stopped by. I told her that I had stopped to talk to dad and she told me that he was working.

Hearing that, I decided to go on home and let mom get back to getting dressed. Mom then asked if something was wrong. I told her yes, but said that I would rather talk about the issue with dad. She asked why I couldn't talk to her about what was going on.

I hesitantly told her it was a sexual issue. Mom then said, "well maybe I could help." For the next half an hour I proceeded to tell mom about the problems with my sex life. Although it was a bit uncomfortable at first, I soon loosened up and was telling her everything.

I told her that everything else in my marriage was okay, but that our sex life just totally sucked. All the time I was uncomfortable, What mom said next really surprised me. Under her breath she said, "Join the club."

When I asked her to repeat what she had said, she told me that I had heard her the first time. I admitted I had, but that I just wanted to hear her say it again to make sure I wasn't hearing things. Mom then went on to tell me that

she had been unsatisfied sexually since her second year of marriage to my father (over twenty years prior). I then asked mom how she dealt with the problem. I could tell that she was a little embarrassed by my question.

However, with some further prodding, she answered me by saying that she took care of the problem by masturbating. This just totally blew me away! The thought of my mom masturbating turned me and within seconds I had the biggest hard-on imaginable.

I soon realized that mom had taken notice of the rise in my shorts, so I adjusted my cock (and my seating position) so my hard-on wouldn't be so noticeable. I should have changed the subject, but I continued to ask her questions about what she liked in a man sexually.

Mom told me that she loved everything and was willing to experiment, but that dad wasn't. In a low voice I muttered, "Dad doesn't know how good he has it." She asked me what I meant, and I told her that dad is nuts if he doesn't know how lucky he is.

I then went one step further and said that he is nuts for not wanting her because she is so beautiful and obviously liked to have sex. After saying that, mom got this look in her eyes and I thought for sure I had stepped over the line.

Instead, mom looked down at the ground and asked if I would like to find out what dad was missing out on. It took a minute for me to realize that she was NOT kidding. I immediately got out of my seat and followed her upstairs.

I got behind her and put my hands on her waist. As I looked in the mirror at her, she closed her eyes and laid her head back on my shoulders. I then proceeded to kiss moms neck. Minutes later, I moved my hands from her waist and proceeded to untie the front of her robe.

Looking in the mirror again, I pulled the sides of her robe open. Underneath of the robe, mom was completely naked. This was the first time in seven years that I had seen her like this. While still looking at her body in the mirror, I began to touch her.

I began with her belly, and then moved on to her nipples. Mom was moaning softly and whispered that my touch felt good. When I started to move my hands down towards her pussy, she moved away and turned towards me.

I then took her face in my hands and proceeded to kiss her on the lips. Feeling my mothers tongue in my mouth was truly the most erotic feeling that I had even experienced in my life. Minutes later, mom broke our kiss and proceeded to undress me.

When I was completely naked, mom stood in front of me and let her robe fall to the floor. I pulled her to me and we began to kiss again. After a few more minutes of some intense kissing, mom began kissing her way down my chest.

She then got on her knees and began stroking my cock with her hand. As I looked down at her, she lightly licked the head of my cock while rubbing my balls with her free hand. Within minutes, she was bobbing up and down on my dick

with a fury that I had never experienced before. My girlfriend would sometimes give me a blowjob, but I could always tell that she really wasn't in to it. Mom truly was! When I was on the brink of cumming, I pulled back and told mom that she had better stop.

She looked up at me and asked why. When I told her that I was going to cum, she pushed me back onto the bed, got between my legs, and continued to suck my cock and stroke the base with her hand. Within minutes, I screamed that I was cumming.

Instead of taking it out of her mouth, she simply sucked harder and it seemed to turn her on. When I had finished cumming, I looked down at mom and she let my cock drop from her mouth. Unbelievable! I had never experienced

the feeling of cumming in someone's mouth before and I knew I was hooked. I got up from the bed and motioned for mom to stand up. I put her hands on the edge of the bed, and leaned her over. I immediately got on my knees behind her and began eating her pussy.

I had eaten out quite a few women in my time, but this was definitely the best tasting pussy I had ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I tongued and licked her pussy like there was no tomorrow. To her surprise, I then began to lightly lick her asshole.

I could tell by her reaction that it startled her at first, but within minutes she was begging me not to stop. Once her pussy and ass were completely soaking wet from the combination of my saliva and her pussy juices,

I took one finger and inserted it into her pussy and took another and put it into her ass. Mom began pushing against my hand in an effort to get deeper penetration. As she moaned loudly, I could tell that this was indeed a woman who truly enjoyed sex.

Next, I stood behind her and gently inserted my hard cock into her pussy. Up until that moment, kissing mom was the most erotic feeling I had ever experienced in my life. Feeling my cock inside of her completed the picture.

I fucked her from behind until I felt my balls swell with cum. When I started moaning, she looked back at me and asked if I was going to cum. When I said yes, she immediately got on her knees again and started sucking my cock.

With a fury I had never experienced before, I came in her mouth for a second time. This time when I had finished cumming, mom looked up at me and opened her mouth. My entire load was laying on her tongue. She then closed her mouth and swallowed.

Wow! As we laid on the bed and I recovered from cumming a second time, I asked her why she had decided to have me cum in her mouth. She said that it tasted so good the first time she just had to have more.

For the next two hours we continued our fuck and suck session. I even had anal sex for the first time. This event took place three years ago. Since then, mom and I have continued to meet at least once a week and have incredible sex. We both feel that as long as we can

continue to have sex without it messing up our relations, we should continue. To be honest, it has actually helped me and my girlfriend. Neither of us is no longer pissed off at our partner for not being interested in sex since we are getting laid somewhere else.


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