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Fucking shemale in Lahore

I had been in sex with gays for 1 year, but had always been intrigued by those hot looking chicks who packed more than a pussy between their legs. I had no idea where to find one in the Pakistan, but at last found myself on a business trip to Lahore,

where I got right down to business in the Liberty Area. I was definitely bi-sexual, still seeing whores, and still going to gloryholes for my cocksucking needs. The liberty market was a dream come true for me, I found a beautiful girl to have some really hot sex with.

For a total slut like me, it was like dying and going to heaven. On my way into the liberty one afternoon, I saw a beautiful girl standing at road side. I found myself alone at the road surrounded by a bevy of she-male who was sizing me up like wolves.

"Alright" I thought, "I've finally made it." "Good evening" said what can only be described as the sexiest, huskiest voice I had ever heard. "Do you mind if I join you?" I could feel her breath on my neck and a shiver ran down my spine.

I turned around to see a tall, very attractive blonde, dressed in a tight fitting evening gown which exposed her ample cleavage. Dreamgirl had arrived! "Sure" I replied (gulp) I'm not a cheap fucker, but I hate getting ripped-off.

The conversation stopped for a second and then she looked me in the eye and said "You know what this place is, don't you?" and I felt a lump in my throat and only nodded. "And your curious, yes?" Another nod.

"Come on, relax, I'm not going to bite you". I was hoping for none of that, just a good hot blowjob from this ultra hot looking guy. "If you would like to come with me, you will have to pay." I knew that, I didn't think my new world charm was going to win her heart any time soon.

"OK" I replied, "Lets go." She took my hand and led me to my car.we went to a hotel and booked a room. We entered a room with a small sink and a large bed, she faced me and asked what I wanted to do.

I told her I wanted a blowjob and she said "Only sucking? That will be Rs.1000/-." That was twice the price for a real girl, but I was in no state to quibble. "OK." I gave her the money and she locked the door and sat on the bed, patting the space beside her.

I sat down and we began to feel each other up. She rubbed my crotch as I felt her tits, which were soft but really firm, although not rock hard as I expected. I reached around her to lower her zipper and out they sprang, a pair of huge tits which I fondled with great delight.

I was smiling like the chesire cat and she seemed to be delighted with my boyish enthusiam. "You like?" she asked. Duh! I was thrilled! She lay back on the bed and I started to kiss and suck her nipples while she gently rubbed the back of my head.

I went to town on those big knockers, burying my face in them and licking them all over. "Yah" she said, "That's goot." I thought so too. I kept it up for a few more minutes and then started to make my way down her belly to the top of her dress, which was pulled down to her waist.

I reached up her leg to her crotch and she put her hand down to stop me. "Oh, you are a naughty man, if you want to do dat, you will half to pay." Here we go I thought. "How much?" "Only 500 more, then we can do everything."

I would have sold the farm at that point, so I got my wallet out and gave her the money. She smiled and said "You'll see, you will get anything you vant". "Fair enough" I thought, I've been dying to do this for years.

She stood up and removed her dress to reveal a garter belt and stockings and a pair of skimpy panties (all black) which appeared to be devoid of any cock. It was one of the sexiest sights I had ever seen.

She sat back down on the bed and I went back to kissing and sucking those magnificent jugs. I still had all my clothes on, so I stopped for a minute and undid my belt. "Here, let me do dat" she murmered,

so I leaned back and she lowered my jeans, then pulled off my shoes and socks and got my pants and underwear right off. My cock was fit to burst! She reached up under my shirt and played with my nipples, then pulled it over my head.

Totally naked now (me anyway) we lay back down side by side and I started to kiss my way down to her panties. I licked around the top of them and she arched her back so I could pull them off.

I got them down to her ankles and worked them over her stiletto heels, which she still had on, and returned to her crotch. "Where is it?" I thought, as I arrived to find a patch of pubic hair but no dick. She reached between her legs and pulled up a big, flaccid, uncut cock,

and it dawned on me that she had been keeping it hidden, I guess to keep up appearances. I licked her shaft while holding it in my hands and then took her in my mouth. I was kind of disapointed that she wasn't more aroused, I was never too crazy about uncut cock.

I pulled the foreskin back and licked and gently sucked the knob, stroking the shaft the whole time. She was nice and clean under the foreskin and tasted good. She began to get hard and I was estatic. Here I was, blowing this big dick,

while looking at a big pair of tits and feeling her hose rubbing on my shoulders! The excitement was too much! She kept growing in my mouth and boy, did this girl have a monster. I was giving her a good knobbing, keeping the foreskin pulled down, and she was loving it.

She was moaning and running her fingers in my hair and making all kind of gutteral sounds. "Aah yaah, ohhh ahhhhhh oeeeeeeee uffffff ahhhhhhhhh ogg ohhhhhhhhh. She kept getting bigger, until I was having trouble with it,

but persevered and was rewarded with the largest cock I had ever had. The head was purple and swollen and the shaft was long and thick. What a rush, a girl with a 9 1/2 or 10 inch dick! I had to try to deep throat her. I got into a 69 position and began to slobber all over that huge cock.

She took me into her mouth, but didn't do much, just let me stew. I think she knew what I was about to do. I started to go further and further down on her, till I felt her at the back of my mouth, then took a deep breath and went for it.

I fondled her balls and got ready for her to shoot. When she came, I felt her swell in my mouth and release a gusher of really salty spunk. I knew I was going to blow my rocks off any second, so I told her, and she took me back into her mouth and I shot my load.

So much for me getting a great blowjob! After we calmed down, she led me over to the sink and ran a basin of warm water and washed first me and then herself off. "You are very talented" she said as I prepared to get dressed, "I usually don't come wit a client."

I'm glad you liked it" I answered. "I sure did." "Vhat are you doing" she asked as I reached for my jeans, "Ve're not finish yet." She turned to the sink and began to fill a wash basin with water, then put it on the floor and had me squat over it.

She soaped up my ass and rinsed me off with a washcloth. "Oh my God" I thought "Could this be what I think it is?" I was right. She got me down on the bed and knelt between my legs. Then she pushed my legs up and licked my asshole, just like that.

She held my cock and said "He's sleepy now, but I'll fix dat." She started what turned out to be a long, slow rim job that had me hard in about 30 seconds. "See, he likes it". "No shit" I thought, "I hope I don't have another airburst."

She kept it up for I don't know how long, then turned her attention to my cock and balls. She was able to get all of me in her mouth effortlessly and soon had me teetering on the edge. She knew when to slow down and keep my orgasm at bay,

concentrating on my balls for a while until it was safe to go back to the dick. What a real pro! Then she stopped sucking me and got up and retrieved her little purse. Out came a tube of lubricant and she spread some all over my cock and then her asshole and cheeks!

"Here we go" I thought, as she kneeled on the bed and reached back for my boner. It slipped into her asshole and she moved back against me going, "AAAH yaah". Seeing this nice ass with my dick going into it was almost the end for me,

but I didn't move and felt the urge to come subside. The garter belt and stockings looked great and I reached for her tits, starting to massage them while slowly fucking her not so tight, but nonetheless, hot asshole.

She began to fuck back and I released my grip on her tits and grabbed her hips, now pumping like fury. It couldn't go on much longer and I felt the come boiling in my balls. I shoved it into her all the way and gave it to her, spurt after spurt of nice hot come.

She leaned back on her knees, thrusting her ass at me and letting me get as deep as possible. This was a mega fuck! After I slipped out, she brought me back to the sink for another wash and said "See, I told you you could half everything."

I burst out laughing and after a second, so did she. I thought at first that I had offended her, but she saw that I was pleased as punch and I embraced her and kissed her all over the neck and breasts. "Come lieb", she said, and kissed me full on the mouth.

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