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Hot mother - son incest story

The following is a completely true story and happen a 1 year ago now I an 19 and my mom is 38. As I can remember, I have always wanted to make love to my mother. These thoughts probably started because of an incident that took place

when I was only twelve years old. I was in my bedroom doing homework and my mother was in the next room taking a bath. She called for me and asked if I would fetch her razor from the hall closet and then bring it to her. I agreed.

I figured that I would simply open up the bathroom door, mom would cover herself, and I would hand the razor to her. No big deal, right? Wrong! When I opened the door into the bathroom, mom was in the tub (while completely naked) and took the razor from my hand.

What I saw made me stop in my tracks. At the time, mom was twenty-nine, 4'9, 120lbs, had firm medium sized breasts with large nipples, and a VERY dark, thick bush. I believe mom must have thought that I was embarrassed by what I saw. I wasn't.

I was simply amazed. After what seemed like minutes, I turned, walked out of the bathroom, and returned to my bedroom. Just like any other young man, I masturbated quite frequently during my teens.

However, instead of thinking about the Playmate of the Month or some porno star, the object of my masturbation sessions was always my mom. Years later, when I was eighteen old, my girlfriend and I were having marital problems.

We had been for one years and our sex life was simply a bore. I tried everything with my girlfriend to make things more interesting. I bought books on how to better satisfy your spouse, tried to seduce her in other ways, bought her presents.

None of my attempts at spicing up our sex life worked. One Saturday afternoon while our toddler was napping, I lured my girlfriend into her bedroom and tried to seduce her. She simply made some comment that she had too much housework

to do and the last thing on her mind was "having sex." Hearing that, I got in my car and left the house, totally pissed off. I ended up driving around for over an hour thinking about what had just taken place. Without planning to do so,

I realized that I was near the exit to my parent's home so I decided to stop by and talk to my dad. When I knocked on the door no one answered. Just as I was about to get back into my car, mom opened the front door and yelled for me to come back.

It was obvious that she had been in the shower because her hair was wet and she was wearing a robe. Upon entering the house, mom said that it was a nice surprise I had stopped by. I told her that I had stopped to talk to dad and she told me that he was working.

Hearing that, I decided to go on home and let mom get back to getting dressed. Mom then asked if something was wrong. I told her yes, but said that I would rather talk about the issue with dad. She asked why I couldn't talk to her about what was going on.

I hesitantly told her it was a sexual issue. Mom then said, "well maybe I could help." For the next half an hour I proceeded to tell mom about the problems with my sex life. Although it was a bit uncomfortable at first, I soon loosened up and was telling her everything.

I told her that everything else in my marriage was okay, but that our sex life just totally sucked. All the time I was uncomfortable, What mom said next really surprised me. Under her breath she said, "Join the club."

When I asked her to repeat what she had said, she told me that I had heard her the first time. I admitted I had, but that I just wanted to hear her say it again to make sure I wasn't hearing things. Mom then went on to tell me that

she had been unsatisfied sexually since her second year of marriage to my father (over twenty years prior). I then asked mom how she dealt with the problem. I could tell that she was a little embarrassed by my question.

However, with some further prodding, she answered me by saying that she took care of the problem by masturbating. This just totally blew me away! The thought of my mom masturbating turned me and within seconds I had the biggest hard-on imaginable.

I soon realized that mom had taken notice of the rise in my shorts, so I adjusted my cock (and my seating position) so my hard-on wouldn't be so noticeable. I should have changed the subject, but I continued to ask her questions about what she liked in a man sexually.

Mom told me that she loved everything and was willing to experiment, but that dad wasn't. In a low voice I muttered, "Dad doesn't know how good he has it." She asked me what I meant, and I told her that dad is nuts if he doesn't know how lucky he is.

I then went one step further and said that he is nuts for not wanting her because she is so beautiful and obviously liked to have sex. After saying that, mom got this look in her eyes and I thought for sure I had stepped over the line.

Instead, mom looked down at the ground and asked if I would like to find out what dad was missing out on. It took a minute for me to realize that she was NOT kidding. I immediately got out of my seat and followed her upstairs.

I got behind her and put my hands on her waist. As I looked in the mirror at her, she closed her eyes and laid her head back on my shoulders. I then proceeded to kiss moms neck. Minutes later, I moved my hands from her waist and proceeded to untie the front of her robe.

Looking in the mirror again, I pulled the sides of her robe open. Underneath of the robe, mom was completely naked. This was the first time in seven years that I had seen her like this. While still looking at her body in the mirror, I began to touch her.

I began with her belly, and then moved on to her nipples. Mom was moaning softly and whispered that my touch felt good. When I started to move my hands down towards her pussy, she moved away and turned towards me.

I then took her face in my hands and proceeded to kiss her on the lips. Feeling my mothers tongue in my mouth was truly the most erotic feeling that I had even experienced in my life. Minutes later, mom broke our kiss and proceeded to undress me.

When I was completely naked, mom stood in front of me and let her robe fall to the floor. I pulled her to me and we began to kiss again. After a few more minutes of some intense kissing, mom began kissing her way down my chest.

She then got on her knees and began stroking my cock with her hand. As I looked down at her, she lightly licked the head of my cock while rubbing my balls with her free hand. Within minutes, she was bobbing up and down on my dick

with a fury that I had never experienced before. My girlfriend would sometimes give me a blowjob, but I could always tell that she really wasn't in to it. Mom truly was! When I was on the brink of cumming, I pulled back and told mom that she had better stop.

She looked up at me and asked why. When I told her that I was going to cum, she pushed me back onto the bed, got between my legs, and continued to suck my cock and stroke the base with her hand. Within minutes, I screamed that I was cumming.

Instead of taking it out of her mouth, she simply sucked harder and it seemed to turn her on. When I had finished cumming, I looked down at mom and she let my cock drop from her mouth. Unbelievable! I had never experienced

the feeling of cumming in someone's mouth before and I knew I was hooked. I got up from the bed and motioned for mom to stand up. I put her hands on the edge of the bed, and leaned her over. I immediately got on my knees behind her and began eating her pussy.

I had eaten out quite a few women in my time, but this was definitely the best tasting pussy I had ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I tongued and licked her pussy like there was no tomorrow. To her surprise, I then began to lightly lick her asshole.

I could tell by her reaction that it startled her at first, but within minutes she was begging me not to stop. Once her pussy and ass were completely soaking wet from the combination of my saliva and her pussy juices,

I took one finger and inserted it into her pussy and took another and put it into her ass. Mom began pushing against my hand in an effort to get deeper penetration. As she moaned loudly, I could tell that this was indeed a woman who truly enjoyed sex.

Next, I stood behind her and gently inserted my hard cock into her pussy. Up until that moment, kissing mom was the most erotic feeling I had ever experienced in my life. Feeling my cock inside of her completed the picture.

I fucked her from behind until I felt my balls swell with cum. When I started moaning, she looked back at me and asked if I was going to cum. When I said yes, she immediately got on her knees again and started sucking my cock.

With a fury I had never experienced before, I came in her mouth for a second time. This time when I had finished cumming, mom looked up at me and opened her mouth. My entire load was laying on her tongue. She then closed her mouth and swallowed.

Wow! As we laid on the bed and I recovered from cumming a second time, I asked her why she had decided to have me cum in her mouth. She said that it tasted so good the first time she just had to have more.

For the next two hours we continued our fuck and suck session. I even had anal sex for the first time. This event took place three years ago. Since then, mom and I have continued to meet at least once a week and have incredible sex. We both feel that as long as we can

continue to have sex without it messing up our relations, we should continue. To be honest, it has actually helped me and my girlfriend. Neither of us is no longer pissed off at our partner for not being interested in sex since we are getting laid somewhere else.

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Posted by sasidharan
on: March 12, 2008 6:15 PM | Reply

Its perfect.... i need more Indian mom son sex stories. Please help.

Posted by ammayepanni
on: July 29, 2008 1:41 PM | Reply

i enjoyed it. i had fucked my mom. i just compared my experience with the incident narrated here. thank for penning this one.

I had a sexual encounter with my fair,sexy mother when I was just 16 and mom about 39 years old on a odd night. When I inadvertently woke up from my sleep, I noticed my mom having sound sleep exposing her wet and hairy pussy spreading her both legs towards right and left sides.Seeing this unexpected and blood warming scene, I got erection of my dick eventhough I was dumb stricken. Slowly I without hurry knelt down and inserted my pointing finger of the right hand in to her dribbling vagina for some time and pulled back and smelt the odour of her pussy which made me to try with her ass by lying closely to her.When my cock entered mom's anus half an inch only she moaned and woke up failing my attempt to have a full insertion into her anus.Seeing me with erected cock she scolded for attempting to ravish my own.
In my experience if anyone has a loveable and subservient mom, he could atleast avoid visiting brothels till he gets married with a girl.

Posted by Maya Shukla
on: September 22, 2008 5:21 PM | Reply

Hi! I am 43 y/f and have only son of 19.My hubby lives at another city and comes qtrly in year.I get normally satisfied by fingering myself but since fewdays,I wish to be fucked by my son.Will it be write?
I fantasize that he is licking my 38 size boobs and caressing my vaginal hair and putting his finger in my already wet pussy.When I imagin, I get wet and very soon get orgasmed by fingering.Should I try with him or it is a sin.I know this is sin but...I get much pleasure by imaginig this so I need to be fucked by my son...please help me.

Posted by Sundari
on: October 7, 2008 9:41 AM | Reply

Hi Maya,

It's perfectly natural if u r feeling like that as ur hubby is away frm u.
Don't feel shame that u want to feel ur son cock in ur pussy.
I did that about four years ago & now me % my son enjoys sex almost every weekend. Sometimes almost every day of the week ofcourse at nights.
In our case it started accidently as I entered bathrroom not knowing that my son is inside. I saw his big rod in his hand & got desperate. Initially I was also hesitant like u but then I decided to go ahead as I was not satisfied by my husband.
After I saw his big rod I also started fantasizing like u abt his hard cock in my pussy,giving blowjob to him which my hubby never let me do to him.
Then I started seducing him.
At that time he was 20 & I was 42. Now I'm 46 & still fit with good figure. I've the boobs size excatly like u & nice shaped ass.
At that time he was in his second year.His college used to be in the morning & I'm teacher by profession so my school timin was also in the morning. So after afternoon almost every day only two of u used to be at home till my daughter & hubby comes home after eight on nine at night.
My son has very big rod & thick which measures around nine inches beside that he is good looking & has very good build.
I got so desparate after I saw his hot rod, I started imagining abt him.
Slowly I started seducing him.
I delibrately strted wearing less clothes when only two of us at home like if I'm wearing traditional punjabi dress like salwar-kammez then I'll not wear salwar in front him.
I started delibretely kept open one or two buttons of Blouse. I also started wearing knee high skirts with blouse on top in front of him.When ever I wore my nightgown I started removing bra inside that giving him full view of my big boobs.
I started enjoying the attention he started to give me then the hard on he started getting his pants.
It was unbelivable to see big tent in his shorts.
He also enjoyed my new modern look. I used to wear les clothes only in front of him in that afternoon to night period when I was with him then before my hubby comes home I used to change in normal dress as nothing was happened.
My son also noticed what I was trying to do but he also started teasing me a bit.
At night I started asking him to give me massag on my bck or lega to feel his hot touch.He most of the times tried to reach & press my private parts which I liked. I never resisted which gave him more courage.Slowly sometimes he strted pressing my butts or started entering his hand inside my panties pressing my pubic hairs which most of the time gave me instant orgasm.
Almost after every massag session at night he used to go to bathroom for 15 minutes atleast which I relly liked.
This teasing game we played for almost 15 days as we were both enjoyed that. I tell u it was really fun more than sex as it was the stage set for our incest experience.Slowly our teasing game reached different level where I started getting more bold by started changing my dress in front of him giving him partial views of my hot body.Many times I was in front of him in bra & panties doing my homeworks but for lessertime.I tried new dresses which would exposed my beautiful tits & round ass to him. Like small skirt of my daughter or paticoat of her which eventualy fit my body.
He also got big bold and most of the times he was in his boxers or jockeys in front of me showing me his hrd cock & tent inside his pants.I started asking him too give me massag in afternoon also which sometimes lasted for more than half hour.During that time at
night I started sleeping on his bed which in master bedroom which most of the times resulted in sleeping in each other hugging tightly where I felt the sensation of his nine inches long rod on my tummy or sometimess on my panties.Slowly v started giving handjobs to each other with my hand on his erected cock & his hand inside my pants fingering my pussy.
Slowly the boldness increased & I got massaj at nights where I used to be on my panties or sometimes totally naked.One fine night he masturbated while massaging my naked ass & dropped all his cum on my ass & then spread it with his cock.
It was really fun where we knew we want each other & v can fuck each other at any time but this teasing games were so intense & fun that v enjoyed it mentally as well as physically more than sex.Though I was desperate to feel his cock in my hungry pussy I liked what I was doing & got immense pleasure by my act.Sometimes v were so bold that I wore such a skimpy clothes revaling everything. I better tell that incident where one afternoon I was feeling really horny & I decided to get really bolder.
I wore very sexy thong through which my pussy shape was cleary visible & very small bikini which only overed my nipples.U can imagin how hot & bold I was that time means it was like wearing nothing. I wore one very transparent maxi which I brought on my body. That maxi was really transparent. Watching that my son - Vinay (his name) got instant hard on & he immediately went to bathroom.When he came back he opened his cupboard found some clothes & went to another room.
I expected that from him that he might change to something bold.But he really shocked me. He wore one of my chunri around his waist tying the knot at one end. As u know v indian females wear chunri around our neck & because that chunri was so transparent it was exposing his whole rod in front of me. He got really bold that day. I got to see noy only his cock but his two balls through that transparent "chunri" he was wearing. I got so horny that I had to go to bathroom to masterbate & I then removed my small bra to show him full view of my big boobs. It was really fu that afternoon.V instead of sleeping watched TV where v were eying each other's body. It was really surprising to see his cock erect almoost all the time.
I really enjoyed those days.
Finally one fine Sunday afternoon I caught her mastebating in kitchen in the afternoon & I lost my control & gave her first blow job of my life. It was his first too. I drank all his cum. Interesting thing was my hubby was sleeping in bedroom at that time. It was risky but very exciting. That day v enjoyed blow jobs from each other that night.
Next day in the afternoon I finally got his rod in my hot pussy.
It was lifetime experience.
We still do that almost everyday sometime.
Nobody knows that in our family.
So please dun feel any shame or sin abt what u r thinking.
Go ahead & seduce your son.
This is the time before u get really old then u'll regret ur decision abt not seducing ur son. Fulfill ur desire.
Appreciate ur response on mail.
If possible provide me ur mail id.


Posted, in reply to Maya Shukla's comment, by Joker Mera Naam
on: December 13, 2008 7:50 PM | Reply

Hi Maya,

It was nice to read about what you have written. why don't you look forward for this. if you cant then do mail me... i will be there ...

Posted by srinivas
on: December 17, 2008 4:18 PM | Reply

nice story there is ni harm in getting fucked by own son

Posted, in reply to Maya Shukla's comment, by robbbie
on: October 2, 2009 8:59 AM | Reply

hey maya hows u if u dont mind can v have fuking sessions

Posted by vijay kumar
on: January 15, 2010 11:56 AM | Reply

Hi its always been also my desire to fuck some mature lady and if any lady is interested pl mail me and we can enjoy

Posted, in reply to Maya Shukla's comment, by Casanova
on: February 23, 2010 11:40 AM | Reply

Its good you wrote about your desire...

Sin is what , if you hurt someone for your own happiness and its happening almost everywhere in India so its not a big deal but be careful because you can't force anyone for your own lust.....

Posted, in reply to Sundari's comment, by Casanova
on: February 23, 2010 11:50 AM | Reply

nice job dear .....i wish i could also have hot mom as witty as you....

Posted, in reply to Maya Shukla's comment, by Casanova
on: February 23, 2010 12:28 PM | Reply

rply me anythng, so that i know you are alive...

Posted by 007
on: February 25, 2010 11:01 AM | Reply

hey sundari why u dont write the full story ...anyways diz was too hot(sundari comment)

Posted, in reply to Maya Shukla's comment, by xyz
on: June 19, 2010 3:08 PM | Reply

No its bad dont do it its your own blood.

Posted, in reply to Maya Shukla's comment, by anil
on: July 12, 2010 10:27 AM | Reply

I can help you .Why you need to be looked down by your son. I have a 6inch long. should be able to make to go through the second orgasm aswell

Posted by Lucky chowdhury
on: August 9, 2010 11:50 AM | Reply

This is very memorable event and story in my life. Thank u very much

Posted by ajay
on: October 14, 2010 11:59 AM | Reply

hi guys ,
one day i saw my mom taking bath when i was sitting in the sofa as the door was open iwas able to see her back only til her ass but not below it ,she loves me a lot ,whenever i dont touch her she hugs me and i will be able to touch only a part of her navel, i want to fuck her around ,suck and do a lot of stuff.i bathed before her by not locking the door properly ,i came out nude and asked her to fetch me the towel and she fetched it and nothing else i did this 2 times .but she is hardly showing any thing .how can i bring her to my mood.please help me ,iam crying.......

Posted by mama mia
on: January 17, 2011 12:03 PM | Reply

fucking mother is sin.

Posted by sunny
on: January 21, 2011 1:01 PM | Reply

i saw my motter nude and suck her milk..when i was child

Posted by Erico
on: January 2, 2012 11:19 AM | Reply

I fucked my moms friend!!!I felt so nice..Sweet Indian mature yoni

Posted by TINTU
on: March 30, 2012 7:50 PM | Reply

even i fucked my tution teacher it was awsome momenths...

Posted by akash
on: April 12, 2012 4:52 PM | Reply

i went to goa with my aunt and i fuck her there.

Posted, in reply to Sundari's comment, by Satyajeet
on: May 16, 2012 1:10 PM | Reply

Sundari ur story was so beautiful that while reading it i masturbated in my pant.......vry sxy mom!!

on: August 22, 2012 6:36 PM | Reply

Mom son sex is the true love as the mom loves her children more then her husband or any body in the world.The mom can take care of her son & satisfy his lust as she understands him better since his birth. I think mom son sex should be permited in the society with honour & respect.All the best to all the mom fuckers. JAIZAWTAL

Posted by yarei
on: September 6, 2012 1:12 PM | Reply

Sundari real storey is very hot then all things, is this real

Posted, in reply to Maya Shukla's comment, by accesscoolgirl
on: October 12, 2012 5:50 AM | Reply

Hi Maya,

I don hink there is anything wrong in it. If you guys really like each other Lets ove flourish

Otha thevidiya pasangala

Posted, in reply to Sundari's comment, by
on: April 30, 2013 1:42 AM | Reply

Hey i m really interested in sex. I get horny seeing my mom, i really want to fuck her but i dont know how, she got nice pair of big boobs size 38

Posted by Tripadi
on: June 24, 2013 10:31 PM | Reply

really a nice story. sex is more enjoyable when performed between close relations. It enhances the pleasure many folds.

Posted, in reply to Maya Shukla's comment, by rohan
on: June 29, 2013 12:21 PM | Reply

wow great sharing exp

Posted by shah raman
on: July 27, 2013 11:52 AM | Reply

those who are in favor of such relations are sex maniac, chut ke shaukeen un kuto ki tarah jo har jagah muh maarte firte hai. Kuchh to faraq janwaro aur insano me hota hai.incest relationship ne ye farq mita diya hai. Agali nasla aisi hi hogi.

Posted, in reply to Sundari's comment, by rahul
on: August 1, 2013 10:47 AM | Reply

hello maya, i masturbated ten times while reading your story. i also want to fuck you, i will fully satisfy you, i can fuck you full night continuously.

Posted by nina
on: August 1, 2013 4:26 PM | Reply

Hi Raman
Three years ago once my husband had gone to abroad for his job so i was badly missing him.During day time i was passing my times by neighbours and in my housework but in the night i was shiverly missing my husband's intimacy.At that time my son was studying in his 1st Year in college and his age was 15+ but his physique was attractive one.To cooldown my sex desire i musterbate frequently but one night i was feeling much horney than other night.My pubic area wetted in so i left my bed and went to take bath.
I cooldown myself by sitting under the shower. After that i came out from the bathroom in complete nakedly and went to our drawing room where i found the light of my son is on.So i went inside and became astonished to see my son who was sleeping in semi nude position. i was astonished seeing his semi erected penis and feels uneasy . i had stood there for more than 5 minutes then return back to my bedroom thinking that the sleeping guy is my own son.Then wear my panty and bra infront of the mirror and myself squeeze my melon then got wet.Then my mind presurised me to go to my son's bedroom oncemore.

Posted by vky
on: August 23, 2013 7:27 PM | Reply

Nice execution of ur real story.. Keep writing its really good to read..

Posted by prabhu
on: September 18, 2013 8:33 AM | Reply

is there some one to satisfy my sex feelings still now I never had sex with a girl or women some one please satisfy me I would give a women a wonderful experience you would have never experienced like that kind please some one help me

Posted by Natu
on: November 7, 2013 6:23 PM | Reply

It made me horney Maya.I am an incest lover.

Amma.va poi ......poda thakkali

Posted by Abraham
on: March 24, 2014 8:14 PM | Reply

Wow....hot shit...hot mom u got their

Posted by jACK
on: August 3, 2014 6:09 AM | Reply

wow that was cool to have a pool of cum in your mouth.

Posted by bg
on: October 2, 2014 8:19 PM | Reply

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Posted by Ranjan
on: May 14, 2015 2:07 PM | Reply

I always like to read the insest sex story because I couldn't done it in real.

Posted by humble masturbator
on: September 16, 2015 7:58 PM | Reply

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Posted, in reply to 's comment, by Pradeep
on: October 23, 2015 2:25 PM | Reply

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Posted by sahe
on: March 20, 2016 4:35 PM | Reply

maya its really wonderfull iwant to fuck my sister but icant seduce her

Posted by jay
on: December 27, 2016 3:23 AM | Reply

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Posted by ramesh
on: February 26, 2017 11:33 PM | Reply

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Posted by kantam
on: March 12, 2017 10:58 PM | Reply

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on: April 9, 2017 7:03 AM | Reply

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on: April 14, 2017 3:37 PM | Reply

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