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Sexy sex teacher from Surat

I want to share my first sex experience from my friend's experience who taught me every lesson of sex. I completed my college in Tamil Nadu and got a job Surat. During my college days, we used to read a lot of sex stories and fantacing of fucking the aunties living nearby.

But not having enough courage I did not have even a try. I used to masterbate twice or thrice a day. Some days more than that also. At first I stayed in a lodge and went for a work. I felt lonly as I was away from my home for the first time and I dont know the local language.

So I could not talk with others freely and mingle with them. One day I met a Tamilian in a Hotel and he talked with me and invited me to his house. He is also Govt employee and working there for the past 15 years. I promised him I would visit his house on Sunday.

He gave the address and the place was near my office only. I went to his house on Sunday. He greeted me and introduced me to his wife and his kid. What a lovely aunty. She was Thirytwo then.Lovely and mischeivous eyes.

Though she was in a decent dress, I can visualise her mature boobs and lovely ass. She smiled at me. I had some erection and I managed to conceal it by sitting in nearby sofa. She Asked me to stay for the lunch and we had a chat for some time.

I could not avoid staring at her often. While taking lunch I saw her clevage twice or thrice and got erected. But she behaved as if nothing happened. I though I was the rotten one and I was thinking the bad things.

After the meal my friend told me since he had shift duty he was leaving and I also told him I was also coming with him. She told me whenever time permits please come so that we can have some Chat in Tamil (mother tongue).

During the next evening I went to their home and we had some chat and ad some tea. In the evening it started raining and I could not go to my room. So I took the supper there. But rain did not top. So they asked to me stay there. I hesitated.

But they insisted and I prepared to stay there. At 10 oClock when I was about to sleep, he had a phone message that he had to come for duty as his collegue was sick. So he started for going to duty. I told him I also coming with and asking to drop me at my lodge.

Both told me that I could stay there and he left for duty within 10 minutes. Then as usual I was dreaming fo fucking her in the night and went to bathroom and releived my tension and come to bed. She came to the bedroom after finished the household work.

She saw me and smiled at me and went out of the room. I wanted to have a fuck as I read in my story books but I am not have that my courage. So I lay in the imagine of her tits and cunt. After half an hour she came in a pink nightie.

Now I could see the outline of her body. She wast slim but not fat. She had flesh where it should be. She had full breast and the lovely legs. She went to the nearby bed and confirmed her daughter had slept.

Then she stood near my bed and stared at me for 5 minutes. I was dreaming that something was going to be happened what I was dreaming for the past 5 years. But nothing happened. With a sigh she she returned back to the bed where her daughter was sleeping.

I could not sleep after seeing her in nightie and afraid of doing anything which may cause damage to my image that I created there. I managed for half an hour. But I could not resist my urge to see her. So I got up and saw her in the nearby bed.

She looked like an angel in the nightlamp. I could saw her mounds clearly. It raised and fell with her breathing. What a lovely sight. I slowly went near her and stood there for some time. She appeared to be in sound sleep. I thought of going back but I could not.

I sat on the edge of the bed with the beating heart. No movement in her. Now I decided to go furhther as this chance might not repeat. I toched the lovely breast with trembling hand and pressed little. She move her legs little and took off my hand with fear.

Anyhow I gather some courage and felt for the nipple and press it like a push button. Now She could not control herself and took her right hand caught my hand and with wide opened and smiling face she asked me what are you doing?

I was frightened and trying to remove my hand. But she repeate the same question in a husky voice. Now I had to give some reply. I told her that I could not resist of touching after seeing her in nighty and asked her to figive me or gave me some punishment

if she want and begged her not to tell her anybody. She got up and sat beside be and took my both hand and asked me " Do you have sex with anyother?" I shook my head. She asked me " do you wnat to have?" I said yes.

Then she took me to my bed remove my banian and lungi and found my big dick in full vigour. I got some courage and removed the buttons of her nighty and found the two lovely mangoes and started to squeezing.

She asked me to take it in my mouth and asked me to suck and sucked it for 5 minutes and she maoned and caressing my dick which is ready to come. Suddenly she took it in her mouth and started sucking while I was caressing her ass and back.

After two minutes I came into her mouth with a bang. She took all in her mouth and asked how I feel. I told her I felt great. And she asked me to plat with her pussy. I knet between her pussy and saw the lovely clean shaven wet pussy.

Inavigate the outerlips and opened it slightly. What lovely sight. She could not control herself. She moved her hips here and there and moaning.I slowly insert one finger and other inside and feel and silky pussy and rotate slightly and gragged my head

and put it in her pussy and cry "eat it". Oh! My dream fulfilled. I ate her pussy. I licked and inert my tongue inside and come tih a liitle cry. I drank the sweet juice, Till that time my dick was full length(7"). While seeing that she moaned and asked me to fuck and opened her legs for me.

I positioned my self between her thighs and inserted mine into her. She guided me insided her hot cunt and what a great pleasure. It was just like going into a hot well. She close her eyes while entering and moaned. After some time we lay like that.

Then she asked me to move my dick back and forth. I took out half way and insert in with a thrush. She made some unusual sounds and asked me to do like that as she was enjoying. We did it for 15 minutes and both came and a wonderful experience.

We lay there for half an hour hugging each other annd caressing each other. I told her she was my Guru and I would do anything she want. After that we cleaned ourself and slept. In the morning when I woke up I found her in Saree after taking bath and have a cup of coffee.

While chatting she told me she is not having enough sex from her husband and he did not eat her pussy which she liked most and they used have sex once in a month and she wanted more without affecting the family. That is why she had sex with me and she was fully satsified.

She told me I could have sex with her whenever her hubby went for duty. We had sex atleast twice a week. I felt sick and my asked me to come to his house. There my lalitha(friend wife) took care of me along with my friend.

After curing when I was about to leave their hoem my friend asked me why I should not stay in his house and took meals there so that my health would not affected in the future. Lalitha also nodded. I told them I would tell them after two days.

The next day I met Lalitha and discussed her about that. She told me If I was staying with them we could have sex freely and daily. I accepted on one dondition that they should accept the money for their sevice.

Lalitha told me that I should discontiue the affair as soon as I go married. I accepted and got very good se experience till my marriage with Lalitha. But my wife an orthodox never allows me eat her pussy or suck my cock. I got transfer to South and I lost touch with Lalitha.

Anyhow I could not forget her and my first introduction to practical sex at Surat. NowI am living with rationed sex fraom my wife( once in a week) which is not sufficient for me. Till date I am not having any extramarital affairs. But I dont want to waste my energy waste in the bathroom.

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