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Hot Bengali mom - son story - I

Everybody in the Ganguli family is very happy today; their eldest daughter, sexy Uttora has passed her M.A. in Economics. Not just passed, she became first class first among thousands. Tushar Ganguli threw a gala party to celebrate.

All prominent citizens of Calcutta were invited there. Tushar Ganguli is a big film producer and his wife, beautiful and sexy Rupa Ganguli is a famous singer. So they invited lot of famous film actresses and singers.

Among them was the ever sexy ever horny Bengali hearthobe Aparna Sen. She is 52 now, but still is the epitome of a Bengali khanki (whore). All Bengali male dream about touching those big tits and fucking her in the ass.

All Bengali female dream about being as sexy as she is. Everybody in the party were very sexily dressed up. There were lot of partially open tits, bouncing asses clearly visible through semi-transparent sarees, unshaved armpits which Bengali ladies

proudly display whenever they can. But out of evrybody, Uttora and her mother looked the sexiest to Utpal, the 15 year old son of Ganguli family. Uttora was wearing a green low necked shalowar kamiz without any dopatta,

a long pendant earring which is now fashion, light lipstick on her juicy lips, a blueish shade in her contact lenses and a 4 inch high heel. When she walked her rather big tits were creating so much waves that gentemen were forced

to ogle her with their eyes even when they were, say, with sexy Bolywood actress Monisha Koirala. Uttora's 42 years old momther Rupa was in a more sexy dress. She is not very pretty as her daughter is. But she compensated this by being too sexy.

Even at this age, her figure is shapely. She is not slim, but that's because Rupa thinks too slim is not sexy. She is a little plumber than slim like all those new model girls, but a layer of fat on her belly or a reletavily larger boobs

than usual ladies with enormously huge ass to makes her far more sexier. Tonight, Rupa was wearing a red katan saree with black blouse. The blouse is full sleeved, all the way upto her wrist. But the chunk of cloth the blouse maker wasted

on the long sleevs was saved by providing only very little amount of cover for her cleavage and back. All half of her buttery fair smooth boobs were visible through it. And at the back, she had only a thin line like a bra has, the rest of the back was exposed.

The creamy fair skin at her back and shoulder was enough to make many partiers to go to the bathroom for an immediate jack off. In fact, at one point even the sexy mature hindy heroin Hema malini noticed how sexy Rupa was looking at the party.

So Hema put a hand on Rupa'a bare shoulder and said, " ooff, Rupa you have such a fair and smooth skin, even I find a hard time holding myself back from putting my toung on them." Rupa was clearly flattered.

She only replied, "And I have difficult time to grasp how sexy you look yourself tonight." They started laughing. Next day at school, Utpal was with his friend Shujan and Apu. They were only student of class ten, but were too matured about sex.

All of them have fucked several girls from the school. But they do not like young girls as much as they do older ladies. They are very free among them. What ever they have in mind they speak free, even it contains their sisiters or mothers.

Shujan had a big hard on, so Utpal asked, " Which lady has waken this monster of yours today Shujan? I bet it is Apu's khanki mom Aparna Sen. Oh God, she is such a whore." Apu just smiled at it. Shujan protested, " No, it is not Apu's mom tonight.

It is your sister Uttora. Uff, such a sexy figure. My cock just sprung like a rabbit seeing her walking by this morning. I hope I could just ram my 8 inch cock into your sister's wet cunt." Utpal nodded by saying, " I know Uttora didi is a slut.

She likes to see boys have hard on imagining her. But it is not her I am thinking today. My mom is far sexier than Uttora. If you have seen my mom last night, you'd hope to ram your big cock in her cunt as well." Now Apu said, "Really Utpal, your mom will be a great fuck.

Almost as good as my mother Aparna Sen. Your sister is sexy, but not even close to your mom. Ooff, My cock is talking now." Utpal just added, "To fuck my sister is not a big deal. She is always searching for cocks like a dog after the rainy season.

I am thinking how to fuck my mother." Listening Utpal talking like this about his mother, Shujan was bursting in desire. Suddenly the face of his own mom came to his mind. Shujan's momther Lopamudra Lahiri is still young, only 37.

She is tall and slim, has long hairs and very beautiful face. Her tits are very sharp, like a big orange from the himalaya and the ass is like an upturned pitcher. He asked Apu, " Hey Apu, you have fucked your mom. Tell us how to seduce our mothers."

Apu replied, " I don't know about seducing friends. My mom does not needed to be siduced to be fucked. She is so horny all the time. Oneday, her lover was away and she was not having enough sex. So she came to me and ask, 'Apu, have you ever considered fucking your mom.

I guess I am sexy enough to arouse desire in a teenage boy like you.' I replied, 'yes mom. I always dream about fucking you. You have been fucking evrybody at Calcutta. You only never watched your only son.'

My mom said sorry to me and she tore away her saree and gave me her cute tits. From that day I fucked mommi whenever I can. So you guys have to figure out your own seduction plans." When Shujan returned home, he found his mom Lopa is cooking.

Lopa was sweating for there was no fan at the kithen, her blouse was so wet that it just pasted on her body. She was stirring the Daal at the burner. Her tits were swaying like crazy. Although Shujan could not see his mom's tits over her Ghee color cotton saree and blouse,

he guessed that Lopa was wearing no bra underneath, otherwise her tits would not sway like this. Seeing Shujan Lopa smiled, " You are back then. Wait a minute son, The food will be done soon. It is so hot today. Why don't you blow the hand fan for me a little bit son.

I am sweating like a pig." Lopa then wiped the beads of sweat from her faces and raisded her hands to get some spice from the cabbard. Shujan's eyes got stuck to Lopa's armpit which was full of black hairs.

With sweat in the armpit, Lopa's black hairs there looked so sexy that Shujan had his hard on. Then Lopa put the crusher on the counter and started crushing spice like most wife in Calcutta does. when she was pressing the crusher,

her boobs were trying to just pop out of her blouse. Shujan was mad in lust watching this. Shujan hoped he could just grab his mom from behind and press her tits. Those tits must be soft like butter and big too.

But Shujan only managed to go the bathroom and jack off imagining his mom. When the food was ready after an hour or so, Shujan found that his mom took a shower and put on a new cotton saree. Her hairs are tied in a pony tail with a red scurfe.

And she has put on some red sindur at the hair part. Lopa was giving rice to her son's plate, her anchol (pallu) fell from her tits. She immediately took it back to its proper place. But Shujan again found that Lopa still is wearing no bra.

Shujan could even make out his mom's pink nipples under the blouse. Lopa was looking so beautiful in her freshen up look that Shujan imagined Lopa as his wife. He was thinking how nice it would be to go some other far away place with mom,

marry her there and fuck mom as many time as he can before making her pregnant. Suddenly the electricity was gone. The electric fan stopped. With in minutes Lopa and her son both were sweating. Lopa took the hand fan and started to blow at Shujan.

She found that Shujan is ogling her body. She smiled at her son. She said, "I am noticing from this morning, you are devouring your mom. What is the matter son." " Mom, you are very beautiful." "Alright, I am beautiful.

But you are looking 10 inch below my face all the time. How do you know I am beautiful?" Shujan was embarrassed at this hint. Lopa smiled again, " It is not good that you look at your mom's breast like that son.

You should not imagine those bad things, son." "But mom, I can not help it. Today at school Apu said that his mom lets him fuck her all the time. Utpal is also planning to fuck his mom soon. I got horny imagining you from then on, mom."

Lopa rebuked his son a little, "son, you should not mix with those boys. Besides, Apu's mom Aparna is a whore. She would probably fuck a dog if she can not find any human cock. I thought Utpol is a good boy.

His mother Rupa is such a good friend of mine. Utpal should not think those bad things about his mom. Rupa is a good lady." "But mom, last night Utpal,s mom wore such a sexy dress that everybody at the party thought Rupa Ganguli is a khanki (whore) lady."

Lopa smiled at her son again, "son, every momther is a khanki (whore) inside. Even your mom. If you look at my tits like that I don't know how long I would be able to resist from being a whore like Aparna Sen myself."

Shujan see the opportunity and said, "Mom, you will never be a whore like Aprna. I imagine fucking you, because I love you so much. I even dream about marrying you and make you pregnant." Lopa was very happy hearing her son talk like that.

She said, "You don't have to marry me to fuck me son. Your dad has done that and is not fucking me as good as I like. Let your dad be the husband and you be the son. It is not the duty of a son to impregnate his mom.

But since you love me so much and desire me as much, you can caress me orally anyway you like. I would love your touch on my body. But no fucking, son. That's sin." Shujan was happy at this. He said, "Mom, you are so good."

"Thank you son. Now Would you please stop talking and touch my tits a little." Shujan just grabed mom's tits and pressed them like Lopa presses flour to make chapaatti. Lopa protested, "let me undress myself, son.

You will be able to see what you are pressing like dumbells now." Lopa removed the saree, blouse, petticoat everything. Then she then gave one of her tits to Shujan's lips. Shujan took it inside his mouth in a flush and started licking them.

Lopa asked her son to suck them more harder. Shujan then started sucking his mom's nipples like a calf sucks a cow milk. Lopa loved it very much. Shujan finally let his mom's tits go. They were pink from too much sucking and biting.

Lopa then raised her hand over her head. Her sweaty armpit with black hair was in full view. She asked, 'Don't you like to taste mommi's armpit hair son. I know you like them. Even though your dad does not care for armpit hair

that much I kept them all along only dreaming that someday, probably my son will lick them. You like it son, right?" "Oh, mom I like your armpit hair so much. I like them better when they are wet with sweat." Shujan waste no time, but put his toung to Lopa'a armpit hair.

They smell very sexy and taste sexy too. Lopa loved her son's toung at her armpit. It produced a kind of ticking which made her come once again. Lopa now tore away Shujan's pajama and bring out his big cock. It was very big and thick, far bigger than her husband's.

Lopa first licked the cock wet with her toung and then took it inside her mouth. Shujan was in another world from the sucking of her mother's worm mouth. He asked mom to suck it harder. Lopa took the whole thing inside her throat.

Shujan was moving his hip as if he was fucking a cunt. Lopa loved every minute of fucking Shujan,s cock by her mouth. Shujan was about to explode in her mouth. Lopa decided finally to throw away the thought of sin in mother-son fucking

and decide to let her son fuck her the best fuck of her life. She asked Shujan, "son, forget what I said about not fucking me. I want you to fuck me, my dear. Your cock is too big and good to let it slip by without being fucked."

Lopa laid on the dinning table and Shujan put his big cock in mom's wet cunt. Lopa was screaming in pleasure and said, " Shujan, please fuck mommi a little faster. Push it more inside my cunt." Shujan then started to fuck his mom like a horse.

Lopa came again in frenzy. Shujan could not hold his any longer and came inside mom's cunt in great amount. When Shujan brought out his cock from Lopa,s pussy, Lopa cleaned it dry with her petticoat and dried her cunt at the same time.

Shujan looked at his mom's eyes and said, "mom, you look more beautiful now." "Tell me first whether you liked me or not. How was your mom to fuck, son?" Shujan began to touch Lopa's tits and said, " Mom, I got the best fuck in my life.

All those girls I fucked from my class are nothing compared to you. Hope I only could fuck you like this all my life. Your tits are so good to suckle, your cunt is so damn good to fuck. I want to keep my cock inserted in your cunt all the time and suck your tits like a little boy."

Lopa was very elated. She replied, 'I want you to fuck me any time you like son. It looks like I am no worse whore than Aparna Sen is."

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Posted by mamatha(mamu)
on: August 21, 2010 1:02 PM | Reply

so sexy and fentastic,while studying the story my panty was spoilt with my juce

Posted by wajid
on: October 19, 2010 1:16 AM | Reply

absolutely hardening

Posted by Jamil
on: October 13, 2011 1:53 PM | Reply

Excellent, very descriptive, i admire your way of expressing.

mamatha i wanna make cunt wet now

Posted by Prashanjeet
on: July 7, 2015 7:08 PM | Reply

What a mom, i wish my mom ll also let me fuck lyk diz

Posted by mita das
on: September 20, 2015 5:02 PM | Reply

it is very hot storis.i like it.

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