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Screwing sexy sister-in-law

Hi my name is Vishal, I am going to share my true experience with you, I am happily married and have two beautiful N sexy sister-in –laws, the elder is Shelly and younger Sashi, both of them are stunningly beautiful.

The elder Shelly was very close to me and was about 24yrs, She had a sexy figure of 36 26 36. She used to wear low cut blouses from which her cleavage is visible. Whenever I saw her I felt like having sex with her but as she was my wife’s sister I had to keep some distance,

but the site of her sexy boobs through the low cut used to make me crazy, and I was determined to fuck her some day, I used to fantasies her many times in my bed, but being my wife’s sister I never dared to express myself,

but I was waiting for a chance to fuck her. I got my chance very soon when one day shelly me and my wife were supposed to go to a dance party and my wife got sick in the evening, but as Shelly had already arrived my wife didn’t want to spoil her mood

and asked me not to cancel the programme and take her to the party, I happily agreed, She was wearing a low cut blouse through which her cleavage was clearly visible, n she was looking dammn sexy, I was already aroused,

I took her to the party and it was a dark and loud party everyone was fully occupied drinking n dancing I liked this and we started dancing close, after some time I took her aside while dancing and kissed her she didn’t protest, this gave me more courage and

I just took her beautiful lips and started sucking it, she hesitated but didn’t object neither she participated from her side, then slowly I put my hand on her boobs and squeezed it, this time she reacted sharply and said no jiju don’t go beyond this, and went back to the floor.

I was determined to fuck her today anyhow as such a golden opportunity was not easily available, I asked her if she wanted something to drink she said anything will do, so I ordered a cocktail for her, after taking the drink we were dancing again very close I

was caressing her with my hand, I offered her a few more drinks and after that she came in a better mood her blouse has also slipped a little while dancing n her white melony boobs were making me more n more hot, so in between I was touching her boobs also,

this time I asked her to go aside as we were tired dancing, she agreed and we went to the terrace n there was no one around so we sat on the stairs, she was drunk now, her head in my lap, I again started kissing her and this time

she also reciprocated and started enjoying this, now I started moving my hand around her shapely boobs, she was too busy kissing and didn’t say anything, I got the courage now and just slid my hand in her top and grabbed her right boob,

oh god it was beautiful and tight she was getting excited now and I was nearing my dream to fuck her, I started to squeeze both boobs and she was enjoying it, now I lifted her top and removed the bra her beautiful juicy boobs were in front of me

with cute little pink nipples, I took the melon in my mouth this seemed to be the key to her, she started moaning and was hot, there was no chance of fucking on the terrace so I just lifted her skirt and removed her panty and her wet pink pussy was in front of me,

I parted her legs n started sucking the pussy and she was aroused to the epitome, she was enjoying it badly, I was literally chewing her beautiful cunt, and then she came for the first time, now it was my term I just lowered my pants and removed my 8inch

long dick and asked her to suck it, she was hesitant seeing the big cock but started enjoying it, now it was my term to moan she made me come very fast and her mouth was full of my cum, I enjoyed it the most in my life.

After this we went back to dance and enjoyed the evening, later again we started kissing in the car but it was really difficult to do anything here also, so we said goodbye for the night. The next day I was not feeling so well so bunked my office and my wife

had to go for a meeting and no one was at home so I called her and asked her to come home. She came after some time in a sleeveless top with deep cut and was looking damm hot, I took her to straight to my bedroom as there was less time and I grabbed

her and started sucking her sexy lips, she was afraid and asked where is didi I told her she has gone for a meeting and wont return before two hours, and when she returns just tell her you came to see her, she said o.k, and I just removed the top,

her big melony boobs were trying to escape from the 34 size bra, and were milky white and very firm, I unhooked the bra and the the little pink nipples came out, I started sucking the nipples and the whole boobs one by one, she was just moaning and enjoying every bit of it,

now I removed her skirt and panty at once and her bushy pink cunt was in front of me once again, she was very shy and wanted to hid the sight from me, but I partitioned the legs and slid my head inside it was fully wet and I started sucking the pussy like a ice cream,

she unzipped me and was playing with my dick, now we both were on top of excitement and now I positioned my dick on her wet pussy and just inserted it, it went inside easily as it was wet but her cunt was very tight, she screamed

aloud and requested me to remove the dick as she was red with pain as it was her first time, but I was mad with excitement and asked her I will do it slowly, and started doing it smoothly, she was pleading not to continue as the pain was unbearable,

but I kept pumping my dick inside out, after some time I came inside her and her cunt was full of my juice, then slowly I removed my penis, I was shocked to see my bedsheet had red dots, shelly was making sounds, I eased her by saying it happens the first time,

next time you wont have pain, and I lay beside her. I was ready again after some time and she was in my arms completely naked, her fair body and the lovely boobs made me hard again very soon, I again started kissing her all over the body and sucked her boobs like mad,

as I have never seen such hard boobs as it was completely untouched, but this time she was not ready for the fuck, I somehow convinced her that the pain will ease as we do it again, and I was once again inside her, she did complain again but not as strongly as before,

so I continued slowly, now together with pain she was getting the taste of her first fuck and started enjoying it, she was sucking my lips very hard in excitement and had bitten my lips twice, I was jumping slowly and she was responding now,

she was really loving the experience despite the pain, she was getting mad with the excitement and couldn’t bear it for long and we came with a big jerk. She hurridly got dressed and I changed the bed sheet immediately as it was time my wife could be home anytime,

she made coffee for both of us and we promised to love each other whenever we got an opportunity…… Friends this is a true story and we were really in love, my wife suspected me many time but could never catch me.

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Posted by dennis
on: April 2, 2014 11:15 PM | Reply

Fucking ur sister-inlaw? Ur insane

Posted by
on: May 12, 2014 3:36 AM | Reply

fucking and scuking sister in law pussy is nice, i too scuked my sis in law pussy when she was in B sc agr i fucked her and also sucked her pink pussy, drink her urine

Posted by Sam
on: August 28, 2014 2:06 AM | Reply

I have fucked my sali from the time she was unmarried. She is 40ish now and has a son 19 years old and we still find time to fuck and suck. She is still very sexy and agile and likes deep fucking after sucking

Posted by BK
on: August 26, 2015 5:32 PM | Reply

Me too i had a crush with my sister in laws finally i got the chance recently we too enjoyed a lot

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