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Dancing to sexy bhabhis tunes

It all happened so quickly. In the beginning I was really afraid about the outcomes but now all I can say is that I am really happy that things turned up this way. My beloved elder sister-in-law babhi Lalita, 7 years older, has always been someone to whom I really looked up to.

She was a perfect mother to her 11 year old boy and 5 year old daughter, always cheerful and been a real example since I got married to my wife, her husband's sister. Babhi Lalita and myself came from the same town and we were culturally similar,

we had more or less the same tastes. Paradoxally our inlaws were lived a traditional life. What puzzled me most was the way we were attracted to each other. I really liked to go to her place and she always treated us well, she loved cooking food for us.

She was petite and always well-dressed, I secretly loved watching her moves, she took great care of her lovely hands and feet. From time to time, my wife and I used to stay at my inlaws', so I had plenty of time to spend with my sis-in-law and it was like a special treat to me.

Her husband seemed not to care much about her, he was way older than her and my guess would be that they had a platonic relationship since it was 3 years now that he was tested positive for diabetes. They were a pleasant couple and my wife and I really loved their company.

Babhi Lalita and myself shared the same passion, we loved music. We used to sing-song whenever we found some spare time. I was quite a good musician myself and she was a very good vocalist. Every time there was a family gathering

we would sing and have a lot of fun together. Most of the time we would eventually become the main attraction and everyone would join us. We are also passive drinkers, only during rare occasions. Her husband didn't like that fact much,

as for my wife she didn't bother much since I am not a heavy drinker. Drinking wasn't considered to be such a bad thing from where we come. Things started to get serious between us last Saturday.

We were all invited to my wife's uncle place for the end-of-year party. After diner, my uncle proposed babhi to sing some oldies. By then I already had some beers and two glasses of whiskey, but I was still sobre. They requested me to play my guitar.

My bad habit is that when I follow someone with my guitar I usually looked at the person in the eyes, just for concentration to get the perfect tempo and feeling. After 15 minutes babhi Lalita and myself were in our usual trance and that made other people start to join in,

the mood was there. At one time, I was looking at her in her eyes so intensely that she noticed and returned me a smile. She was really cute in her apple green churidar and had wonderful brown eyes. Normally since I am terribly shy I would

have refrained from starring at her again but I couldn't resist, must be the booze I guess. I tried again, what puzzled me was that she seemed to be inviting my gaze, she smiled again. My heart was beating faster.

It was so exciting and at the same time so frightening, all that happened in front of everyone and no one except us noticed. That time I realised that it was way getting too risky, I gazed elsewhere, I used to secretly watch her move her feet to the tunes,

they were so attractive. She noticed me looking and stopped moving for a second or two then started again. That really turned me on, something strange was happening, I wonder whether she did it on purpose? I am overreacting, I guess?

Had a wonderful evening, the food was delicious, it was late, already past midnight and her two kids were fast asleep, was time to go home. I drove them back home. My wife sat to my left in front and babhi Lalita was seated right behind me.

Her husband and children were already fast asleep at the back. After some times, my wife soon fell asleep too. Babhi Lalita and myself sometimes talked sometimes and sometimes said nothing. We exchanged looks with the rear mirror.

Even though the trip home took more than one hour, I didn't notice the time. Finally we reached home, my wife and I decided not to return back home since it was already around two o'clock in the morning. Babhi Lalita proposed us to stay at her place

and prepared some tea before sleeping. My wife was feeling too sleepy, I was the only one to welcome the tea. Her husband and children was already fast asleep. By the time tea was ready, I had already changed my clothes, I borrowed my brother-in-law short and t-shirt.

Babhi was in her usual pink night gown. We sat down after I took out some biscuits from the fridge, she sat in front of me. Her husband was snoring now, we couldn't resist to giggle. She smiled and asked the usual question: "How do you find the chai?"

Initially trying to please her, I replied: "Perfect just like you", even I was somewhat surprised by my answer. She didn't know what to say in the beginning. She teased me: "Thanks and what else do you like in me? I have noticed you watching me several times today, didn't you?"

I knew that it was now or never and I had to take my chance, making sure that no one else was listening: "Yes, I find in you a really interesting person, I would love to really get to know you some more" "Is it so?"

She starred at me the very same way she did at uncle's place. That really moved me, I couldn't resist. I moved my hand slowly and touched her's, she was reluctant she removed her hand. I was confused, neither of us really really anticipated our sudden reaction.

We didn't say anything, I knew both were terrified by my gesture, we finished our tea. We got up, I cleaned the table and floor and waited for her to finish washing the dishes. At one moment, she turned and got me off guard while I was watching her butt through her nightgown,

she smiled and joked: "I knew it, you just don't give up, don't you?" I then whispered to her: "Couldn't resist. Sorry." She returned: "Don't be sorry." She was playing the game, I stood up, walked to her and proposed in a really low voice: "Can we meet?"

She said nothing, locked the doors and was about to go to sleep, when she showed me her 4 fingers and whispered: "Bathroom." My wife was already fast asleep, so I didn't bother much to disturb her, I slept on a bed in an adjoining room.

I kept my cellphone in my short's pocket and that would vibrate at exactly 03:58 am. I was really tired and was soon asleep. I woke up hardly but after some effort I regained full conscience, the cellphone was buzzing.

I went outside and was going to have a pee, babhi wasn't there, o well, what can I do more? Maybe she was too tired after all, I tried my best. Just when I was going back to my room I heard her calling me softly from inside the bathroom.

It was dark, I got in the bathroom, she was there in flesh and bone. I was really pleased and proud she had been tempted by my invitation even we both knew how risky it was and what disastrous consequences it may have.

We did nothing for a short time, we both waited for a reaction. I started playing with her long hair, she had wonderful hair by the way, and gave her a kiss on the forehead, and then looked her in her eyes. She was helpless.

The first move was a frightening experience, but somewhat really exciting too. It was still dark and all I could hear was my heart pounding, soon our lips met, that was our first kiss, it was wonderful. We kissed again, this time with guts,

playing with our tongs, I couldn't believe it, I was french-kissing babhi Lalita. I drew her closer and were soon caressing and feeling each other. She could certainly feel my male hardness I guess, all that was so exciting. I was feeling her boobs.

She returned the caress. I kissed her on her neck and licked her ears, she seemed to like it a lot. I caressed her hair while unfastening her nighty, soon her bra was off. By that time babhi had lowered by short and was now caressing my penis.

I took her nipple one by one in my mouth taking all my time. She was meagre, petite, she gave birth twice, could even see the scars from the cesareans, with small boobs but just enough, she had nice juicy nipples.

I removed her underwear, she became really shy when I moved back and had a real glance of her as was now completely naked, my dream was coming true finally. That was a real treat for me, her body was still really nice to look at.

Scenting her underwear I teased her: "Been praying for this moment since we met, you have such a wonderful body, I can't wait" She confessed: "Me too, I really happy to have you now" I teased her: "Your pussy smells good"

By the time I was removing my t-shirt, she was down caressing my butt and soon took my penis completely into her mouth, she took me by surprise, but I couldn't have asked for more. I was standing in the bathroom and couldn't resist watching the way she was doing it,

so passionate, slowly enjoying every little moment of it. Her mouth was making small noises, she was really good at it, I was in heaven, babhi Lalita certainly knew exactly how to please me. I stopped her when I couldn't stand it, I wouldn't certainly want to waste such a pleasant moment.

I was really thankful to her, cuddle her in my arms and told her gently how happy I was to have her. Feeling our naked bodies against each other was really special to us. I could feel her pubic hair touching me.

That would seem absurd but our relationship grew in such a way that our little adventure that night seemed like a logical step, we were really enjoying it and were loving each other. We really needed that. I simply said:

"There are just some things that cannot be explained". She was so cute, she approved my sayings by her look in her big brown eyes. Slowly I knelt down on the bathroom floor, she knew what I had in mind, she drew closer and spread her legs a little.

I could not resist smelling her feminity as she willingly approached her pussy to my mouth. Her pubic hair was looking silvery with her cunt juice, all that made her really wet. I was now having her in my mouth, gently licking her clit, she was frowning.

I noticed that she was also rubbing her erected tits secretly, I could feel that she was loving it. The poor she shoudn't be neglecting her body in such a way, I wonder when was the last time somebody pleased her that way.

Now she was really horny and practically begged: "Ash, eat me please." Even in my wildest dreams I would not have thought about someone telling me such words, we were talking the same language, she was definitely playing the game and loving it as well.

I thrusted my tong though her wet lips inside her, she spread her legs some more. She couldn't stop moaning slowly when I started burying my tongue deep in her back and fro. Soon by her body movement and her moaning I knew that she had her first orgasm. My mouth was full of her juice.

She smiled at me the same way she did at uncle's place, her brown eyes lit up her my heart. I said: "I love you". We kissed passionately, we were out of control. I was hungry for her love and at her mercy, she whispered in my ears: "Honey, take me now, I want you now." I wowed: "Honey!?!"

She turned and bent a little bit and spread her legs. She grabbed one of the towels and put it in her mouth, that was not the time to wake up the neighbours. I couldn't wait no more, inserting my cock deep inside babhi Lalita was like a deliverance to me, it felt really good,

it was so warm and welcoming. I started slowly, had no problem whatsoever penetrating her, her juice had completely lubricated her pussy. My sweet babhi was moaning slowly, that sweet voice that I cherished so much was now singing to my tunes,

without really thinking I liberated her from the towel, I wanted to hear here her calling my name again. We've been playing a very dangerous game and at that very moment we were at a point of no return, we couldn't care less about the repercussions.

The only thing that counted was that we loved each other. I was fucking her really hard this time, giving her what she really deserved. I knew that I could not possibly resist longer after all this, who could anyway? I was starting to come,

Babhi reached out her hand and started fondling her clit with her finger, that time she didn't hide, I thought that I would propose her to do that again some other day, it was so exciting. We were both coming at the same time.

She refused energetically when I was withdrawing myself from her, she wanted me to come in her. Everything was so out of control, I only wanted to please her. I filled her up with my sperm. After some times, I withdrew myself,

she turned and I grabbed her in my arms and didn't say a word. We remained in the dark like that for minutes. Then, when we cooled down, I asked her why she prevented me from withdrawing she said she just had her menstruation.

I then kissed her again on her cheeks and then her lips and finally proposed: "Our love should remain our secret treasure" She agreed. All that lasted for 15 mins approximately, we just hoped was that no one noticed our escapade or no one heard us.

I got dressed in no time, got out of the bathroom, went to pee and washed myself, it was around 4:20 am, and went straight to bed. As for Babhi I think she had a quick bath and did the same. The following morning, we all got up late, we had some lunch together.

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Posted by Harish
on: November 17, 2007 9:59 AM | Reply

Great ! All the aspects of the story are just superb.Langauge,text,sequence,narration, adjectives,emotions.Keep it up lucky man....Keep it up!

Posted by freebyheart
on: November 17, 2007 11:10 AM | Reply

superb story.... you lucky dude....., wish i had a bhabhi like that.....

Posted by Janvi kaur
on: November 17, 2007 12:52 PM | Reply

Awesome story.

Posted by SACHIN
on: November 17, 2007 1:07 PM | Reply

hey d story isreally nice nsweet .
though a incest one .....
it simply says follow wat ur heart says .....
i really liked rather loved d way u both approved ur love for eachother rather than hidin ....
gud .
best rregards

Posted by varsh
on: November 17, 2007 3:32 PM | Reply

the best story i hv ever heard!
go for it buddy!

on: November 17, 2007 8:10 PM | Reply

what a great story!!

Posted by manu
on: November 17, 2007 11:14 PM | Reply

amazing story
i love these sis in law stories
and good narration
real cock teaser story
keep it up
good work
lalitha darling i want uuuu

Posted by alisha
on: November 18, 2007 4:23 AM | Reply

I hope this relation is still going on.. even i have a same relation and even after 6 years it is still going strong and growing stronger and stronger day by day.

Posted by desimaninusa
on: November 18, 2007 4:48 AM | Reply

Totally engrossing.

After long time we have come across good story. May have to bear 100s of junk stories to come across one such story. I usually dont comment but this story made me to!

Love and affection between two secret admirers, traversing their expression through music , culminating in rapturing fuck...

Hats off to you.

fanstatic narrated it's on me

Posted by sadir
on: November 18, 2007 1:35 PM | Reply

awesome story gud going dude

Posted, in reply to Janvi kaur's comment, by hariom
on: November 18, 2007 2:33 PM | Reply

Dear If You are a female I think our thoughts match.

Posted by i
on: November 18, 2007 7:15 PM | Reply

very nice story...

1 guess i had saved my first comment for this story!!!

Posted by Sun
on: November 20, 2007 7:43 AM | Reply

Lovely story and real sexxy bhabi Keep going next time in the bed

Posted by Anonymous
on: December 2, 2007 9:15 AM | Reply

Awesome Man..............good goin..........i guess.u like men will throng the indian thinking.........i hv become ur admirer man.........

on: December 29, 2007 8:11 AM | Reply


Posted by maddy
on: January 24, 2008 9:31 AM | Reply

I have a story i don't know how to post please send me method to post my story

Editors Reply: Hi Maddy, thanks for writing in. You can send in your story to debonairblog @ gmail.com in plain text format. Thanks in advance.

Posted, in reply to POOJA JAISWAL's comment, by birju
on: February 5, 2008 5:10 PM | Reply

I wondor the girls too want to read stories to have orgasm. anyway very blockbuster story. i have read many but this one is truly no.1

Posted by reader
on: March 4, 2008 7:32 PM | Reply

good stuff dude!!guess ur the first one who has portrayed the anxiety of a couple doing something immoral rather than feeling proud about what they were doing.real nice story!!

Posted, in reply to alisha's comment, by sha
on: April 22, 2008 10:19 PM | Reply

Hi Alisha

I heared that once a female started enjoying extramarital sex affair, it will be difficult for them to stop or resist the relationship? How far it is true. Brief me your experiance

Posted by Alisha
on: July 14, 2008 9:54 AM | Reply

Its partly true. But sometimes one does feel guilty and go back to the normal life. But fortunately I have a had a good experience and I have not been involved in any other affairs apart from him. He is everything to me. Normally when you are in love you feel sexy most often and then gradually as time passes it wears off, for most of us. But for me it has been different. I love each moment. I wait in despair to be with him. I snatch every moment just for a kiss. Even now all he has to do is just stare at me for few moments and I am all wet. During the past six years we have had very good moments,just the two of us. having wild love making... just purely love and still love each other very much. Even though we are happily married what we both share is a relation which we will carry it till the end of our life. We still feel jealous about each other and still can't keep our hands off each other.

Posted by rood
on: February 28, 2010 4:37 AM | Reply

yahhhhh gr8
i wish i could hav som1 lik ur vhabi

Posted by Sunny
on: July 1, 2010 2:46 PM | Reply

good stuff dude, is it true, if yes, wished I would also have such a wounderful Bhabhi

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