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Memorable fucking sexperience

Hi all readers. I am Rahul, 29 from mumbai. Its been a long time since I wanted to narrate my experience. This happened few months back. I have a friend named Pooja who is from a rich family whom I met a few months back at my company’s party.

We share a good friendship. One day she invited me for her b’day party. The day was Sunday and as I didn’t have any work in the morning I just rang her to ask whether she needs any help from me for the party’s arrangements.

She said none of her friends have turned up yet and she would be glad if I could come early. I rushed to her home and found herself and her neighbour, Nikita aunty. She introduced me to her neighbour. In no time with my planning and quick wittedness we completed the arrangements.

She thanked me for that and then She asked me to chat with Nikita aunty as she wanted to take a shower. I started chatting with Nikita aunty and I learnt that she runs a garment shop just to kill time as her husband is always on tour.

Very soon we became friends and we exchanged our cell no’s. About Nikita aunty. She is 34 yrs old with a fair complexion and with a stats of 36-28-38. she was really so sexy that everyone at the party was staring at her. I never had any intensions so I was just relaxed.

A few days later I got a call from Nikita aunty that she is getting bored and whether I can come to her house just for chatting. I went to her place and she gave me a warm welcome. after chatting for sometime she said her body is aching since morning.

I asked her to take some medicine. She went to prepare coffee for me and when she got off the couch the devil in my mind started to come out. She was wearing a pink colour night gown and I could see her bra and panties. I controlled my thoughts.

We had coffee together and then I asked her whether she needs a massage for which she readily agreed. Actually I am a great massager so started giving her massage. As I started massaging on her back she slightly moaned…uuhhh I asked whether everything is fine,

she said your hands do a great job and she is enjoying it and feeling relaxed. I massaged her back and neck and then I came down and started to work on her feet and slowly came upwards but over the night gown only. I massaged her thighs and I didn’t go upwards but came down.

After a while she went inside her bedroom and came back in 5 mts. While she was coming I noticed something different, her bra and panties were missing on her body and I could see almost everything.then she lifted her night gown upto her knees

and lied on the couch and said your massage is too good …….i again started to massage but this time on her naked skin I massaged her legs and slowly came upwards… she started to moan… her soft white skin was giving me a hard on.

then I put my hands bit inside her gown and reached to her thighs ….she moaned uuuuuuuhhhhhhh after working for some time she lifted her gown bit more and I could see her naked inner thighs…..

I went upwards and touched her buttocks uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh a big moan came from her.. now I couldn’t control myself…she asked me what are you waiting for….. This gave a green signal and I reached to her pussy..i fingered her a bit and she got up and we went to her bedroom…..

I removed my T and jeans and also her night gown….i kissed her on her lips and then on her cheeks…..then I showered kisses on her neck and licked and sucked her earlobes… she moaned ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh then I came downwards to her and reached to her boobs…

those were really round and soft… I started sucking her nipples and swirling my tongue around her nipples… she moaned …ooohuhhhuuhhhhhh and. Pressed my head against her breast… then I took the whole boob inside my mouth and started sucking it…

and then slowly started releasing it … and when I reached her nipple I sucked it hard and pulled and released it…..her breast stretched and reached at normal.. there was a sound tuhhh…. Just like opening a pepsi bottle…she moaned with pleasure….

Then she lied on the bed and I reached to her belly button.. I sucked it and licked it………. Then I reached to her thighs..and started kissing till her toes….and then again I came back to her thighs… her pussy was waiting for the touch of my tongue and I could feel that…

About her pussy, it was fully shaven and her pussy was pinkish and reddish mix in colour.then in vertical angle I moved my tongue from her vagina to her clit by just touching her moist skin,just like tickling… this sent shivers to her body.

And she cried rahul pleaseeeeeeee lick my pussy hard and suck it and eat it…………I started licking her pussy and inserting my tongue inside it .her maons increased and I had a real hard on. then I inserted my toungue into her vagina and started searching her G-spot.

I stroked her G-spot with my toungue and she started moaning and squeezing her boobs.she pushed my head towards the sweetest thing on earth,pussy. she started screaming with pleasure and I felt her vaginal muscles contracting and expanding and she exploded.

Her juices tasted just like honey. Then I turned her around and started spanking on her arse. She was getting aroused again and started moaning. Then I showered kisses on her arse cheeks which were really soft and milky white. I pressed them and started licking her pussy.

her moans increased and her hand reached to her clit and started massaging it. My 8inch long and 3 inch thick dick was dying to come out my jockey. my jockey was already wet with my pre cum. I released my dick from my jockey…

I went on doggy position and I placed my dicks head over her pussy lips and started patting it … she started moaning…. Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Slowly I started entering her. she was really tight.i entered a bit and came out and again a bit more and came out…

she was really enjoying it …..her G spot was waiting for my dicks touch…. But I didn’t enter her fully but just playing ….she couldn’t resist herself and said rahhhhullllll enter me fulllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy come inside meeeeee…….pllllllllllllzzzzzzzz then I entered her fully

and started pumping my dick into her pussy…. My thighs felt the warmth of her arse cheeks as my dick was fully inside her pussy. I felt so nice at that warmth and started screwing her with a slow pace. She said fuck me harder… plzzzzz harder…….

my hands reached to her tits and I started squeezing it hard and played with her pink nipples. And started pumping her in great speed….. she moaned uuuuuhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyysseeeeeeesssssssssss faster ………

She was moaning with pleasure and was pushing her arse back to my dick in a rhythm. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh come into me ………………….fuck me harder and suddenly she exploded again but I didn’t come yet.

Well I have got good stamina. Then again I entered her from front side and started stroking her hard.. I cupped her arse cheeks by lifting her arse off the bed and when I am fully inside her and her vaginal muscles contract I squeezed her buttocks hard which she liked very much,

I sucked her milky white breasts.she came one more time and after a few more strokes I also exploded in her hot pussy. Then I came over her and started kissing her softly, she was really enjoying it…. I kissed her cheeks, neck and moved my hand over her hair and back…..

she was lying on my chest and was really enjoying it…. Then I lifted her and took her to the washroom and I we took shower together….after that we dressed up and then I asked her whether her body ache has vanished or not ??

she replied it was my pussy which was aching… and we laughed together. she then gave me some money.She said its been ages since she had enjoyed so much…her husband never satisfies her.and she could get any guy if she pays but its not only sex its about emotions also.

She said bit of emotions and caring is required to enjoy sex and she has seen the qualities when I came for the party and that’s the reason she called me …and it was a memorable experience for her. I said thanks to her.

She said she has all kinds of sex toys but the human skin is something which gives the real pleasure. I said its true. I kissed her and left for my home. Later we had sex a lot of times… hope you all enjoyed ….I will come back with the incident which happened later.

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Fucking dusky beauty

Hi guys, I'm back!! Hope you enjoyed reading about my first time with a professor's wife, Rekha. I am not going to narrate one particular fuck here but am going to remember a few of the sexiest days that I shared back in my hometown of Bangalore, a few years ago.

I had just broken up and was single and available. I was on the look out for a fuck buddy and was not interested in any more serious shit. I was hanging out with a couple of buddies who were talking and cursing about her horny ways and how horny a bitch she was.

Well guess this was the case of sour grapes with my buddies. Any case hearing about all her adventures kinda got me excited about her. Here was a strong, single,independent woman who loved sex and made no bones about her intention and hunger for men, a man eater!

I had to have her.Had to make her my slut. Well let me describe her, she was a bombshell, an offspring of a sensual Punjabi mother and a handsome Coorgi father. A heady mix of looks and intelligence,5' 7", dusky, sensual eyes, 34b (wonderfully firm and pear shaped), 26, 34.

Well I guess if your positive, opportunity does strike,lady luck does shower favors! We had a lot of common friends and acquaintances and one evening for my luck, she happened to be hanging out with my friend. I quickly rushed over and well the rest as they say is history..we had coffee,

I ensured that she knew I had broken up and was available and the whole time made sure she knew I was interested in her. She got the cues. I got her number...called her the same night, we chatted, got personal, then I told her that I found her very attractive.

Well, that's when she dropped the most exciting line..."I had the hots for you when I saw you last year but since you were going around I decided not to do anything about it, hey I'm finding quant tough,care to come over and help me out tomorrow?"

That was it, I was over to her place next evening on the pretext of teaching her some shit, her mum was downstairs, we were up in her bedroom, started working out some problems and well the tigress lifted her leg and slides it down my thigh and starts massaging my sack.

Oh what a feeling!! She goes, "Calculations gets me horny, I don't know why...." After a few rounds, I moved over and well we kissed, fondled, teased till her mum summoned for her and I had to leave as her dad was home sometime soon.

Next evening we went out for a drink,had a pleasant evening, got back into the car, "Pranay, Bacardi always gets me horny!!" I pulled her towards me and we liplocked, we kissed intensely like we were actually fucking...she then slid her hand to my crotch unbuttoned,

let it out and felt, the firm grip over my shaft, the warmth of her palm and then.."fuck, you are thick..I love that! Start and drive..." I was driving her back, the next 25 mins. was one of the sexiest blowjobs I've had.I was dodging traffic,

trying hard to concentrate and also enjoy this horny animal eating me..I could not take it any longer. I pulled over, grabbed her by her hair and started shoving her up and down, she got faster, expertly sucked till I finally exploded...

what a feeling when she sucked and squeezed and tongued the very last drop!" The next evening,her mum was going out for an hour or so that evening and I was in! I got there as soon as I could...she opened the door, as I closed it behind me,

I grabbed her by her waist, pulled her close,let my bulge press her arse,as I kissed her on the neck and felt up her flesh. We stood and made out for a few minutes..I was hoping to get laid that evening,but she told me that I will have to wait a few more days

and she was chumming and this was her last day, not to be disappointed cause for the next few mins I'm your slave and stripper..she asked me to sit down on the couch..she was in a buttoned sleeveless top..she spread her legs and got over me..sat her cute arse on my bulge,

the flesh of her thigh from the slit of her skirt got me excited, I moved my hand....hmm warm,milky..when will I get to fuck this bitch? She unbuttoned her top, sensually teased me with her smile and eyes, got topless...a hot sexy body, topless..

in a long wraparound is so sensual and drives one mad..i pulled her...kissed her waist ate her up,mauled her breasts and left my bites all over...next she teased my cock..stroked it...licked it...then swallowed it...she was teasing me..what a bitch!!

After a few minutes she asked me to shag for her..I did. As I shagged she knelt by my side excited..her sensuality, her body,her sexy breasts got me excited...I was about to explode, she asked me to explode on her face,

she wanted my cum on her...so I shot my load on my slut's face, she was happy, she looked satisfied as she finger licked it all..I cant forget her face...oh fuck..I so wanted to do her for teasing me so much..I had to leave as her mum was expected any moment.

After a few late night phone sex sessions, my time had come!! Her folks had to attend a party and she stayed back on the pretext of studying for the CATs! I was gonna study her pussy that evening..I walked in and pulled her,she resisted,

she was in a similar top and wrap around. I pulled her hard and she resisted...she pushed me away..I pushed her up against the wall and tried kissing her..she wouldn't let me..I got wild! I slapped her, she smiled....dam woman was waiting for this!

She wanted it rough...she got it rough! after the slap I tore her top off! She ran up the stairs to her room, I followed. I grabbed her and pushed her against the wall and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her face close to kiss her.. she did not resist,

she held me by my waist and felt me up and moved one leg between my two and warmed me up...as she waited for me to kiss, I pulled away...this got her wild she tried to slap me, I stopped her hand, and with the other just puled off her sarong..and threw her on the bed...

she was in a sexy lacy thong and bra..god she looked like an underwear model...long legs a sexy fig and those sensual looks..I walked up to her pulled off her thong and knelt down to eat her shaven, smooth wet dripping pussy..I tongued,stroked,chewed her lips and her clit and slit.

I nailed her thighs and bit them too..I finger fucked her and stroked her G spot..I ate her up in retribution for all the teasing I had received so far...she moaned and moaned, stroked my hair and she finally orgasmed..with a quivering sensation and a loud moan.

I then got on top and rammed her cunt deep and hard...her wet cunt warming it up as I entered, she loved it.. she screamed!! I started humping her wild...I sucked her melons, infact ate them,loved biting her buds, she enjoyed the pleasure and the pain...

I fucked her hard and all she could do was scream and moan and feel me up and kiss me..fuck me baby...fuck me harder.. replied..dont worry my bitch I am and I will, I replied.We fucked fo the next 40 mins or so..we changed positions like we were making the

kamasutra...missionary,woman on top, sitting, sideways and finally her favorite, the doggy...we were sensual as well as raw, passionate and calm...the room was filled with our scent..finally I came in her as I rammed her for the last time...

what an amazing feeling to finally get to cum in her! it was tiring and exhausting, the sweat all over our bodies..it felt good, she had teared up a little.. she gave me a kiss and said, "Babe this was one hellava fuck and I'm going to miss you, when you leave."

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Voluptuous new neighbour

I am a 37yr. Old guy residing in New Delhi.This is a true story of mine abt 3 yrs old. I am 5’9” feet tall, average built & work in an MNC. The story goes like this. We are staying in an apartment in a group housing society.

The flat next door had been lying vacant for quite some time now. One fine day, I heard noises in the staircase of people moving some heavy luggage; I opened the door & saw that our new neighbors were moving in the flat opposite to us.

She was a young lady of around 30 years. She looked worn out due to the shifting of the luggage I offered to help her out & she gladly accepted. Later on we also offered her tea at our place. During the conversation she told us that her husband

was out on a foreign visit (which is mostly the case) and she had to shift in his absence only due to some emergency. Her in-laws were staying separately & only the two of them were supposed to stay in this flat.

From the first sight itself, I was attracted towards my new neighbor. Her name was Priya. She had a voluptuous figure of 36b-29-36 and looked like a sex bomb ready to burst any minute. I was particularly attracted towards her breasts and big ass.

She was very fair and stood tall at 5-6. In a nutshell and was any man’s dream come true. Since, her husband was out for almost 15 days every month, she often used to come to our house and spend time with my wife.

Gradually, I became a little close to her & shared most of my talks with her. Being with her was simply the best thing that I could ask for. Sometimes, we also used to talk about sex, but things could not progress much as I was scared to make the first move.

One day when I was at home, I had to make an urgent phone call but found that my phone was out of order. I went to Priya’s house and rang the doorbell. But, there was no answer for some time. I again rang the bell & after a while Priya opened the door.

She was having a bath, due to which it took her time to open the door. In a hurry, she had come in her nighty only & had a towel wrapped around her head. Water was dripping down her wet hair & she smelled so fresh. Her breasts stood out hard against the outline of her nighty

and were so tempting. She was wearing a black bra, which held the 2 melons tight & firm. I was simply stunned to see her in this condition. I regained my control & said that I wanted to make a call, to which she said- come in. I dialed the number but my mind was somewhere else.

I was looking at her with a sheepish look. She was combing her hair and occasionally bent her head to comb them properly. I could see her cleavage when she bent down, I had an instant hard on and she could also make that put as I was in shorts & it was difficult to hide the

monster from waking up. She went inside her room to change. After having made the call, I went to tell her that I am leaving & she should close the door. Her bedroom door was a little open. My curiosity rose in anticipation and I quietly moved towards her room.

From the opening what I saw stunned me completely. She was taking off her nighty and was only in her black bra and panties. I was horny as hell and wanted to grab her & fuck her to my pleasure, but was afraid that she would resist & I would land in trouble.

I watched her as she slid her pajama & suit on her body. I quickly moved out to the drawing room to avoid any suspicion. She came out and could sense the uneasiness on my face. She came and sat next to me. We started talking and I tried to

Behave normally. Suddenly, she put her hand on my thighs and started massaging it. I was a little shocked & asked her – what are you doing. She said—Tell me did u like what u just saw?? I was caught and tried to move away.

I said sorry—it just happened to which she smiled & said that I know what u want. She further said, I also want u badly as my husband cannot satisfy me at all because of his touring job. Bells started ringing in my mind when I heard this.

I immediately caught hold of her and hugged her. She responded by tightly clinging on to me. I could feel her warm & soft breasts getting pressed against my chest. It was heavenly feeling. We both stood up & hugged each other in standing position.

My cock was erect by now. I placed my lips on hers & she gladly opened them. We were locked in a French kiss now & exploring each other’s mouths. My hands now reached her breasts and I was caressing them from the top of her kurti.

She started giving out hot breaths now. I placed my lips on her ear & started biting it slowly and also sucked it in between. She was so much turned on by this that she hugged me very tightly and I was almost out of breath. I pushed her to the wall and pressed myself on her.

Then I opened the top buttons of her kurti & slid my hand inside. I caught hold of her breasts & started to squeeze them. Then I asked her to remove her kurti & started removing it in a very teasing striptease manner. I could not wait any longer & pulled it off her head.

She was now in her black bra on the top. I kissed her on the navel & started sucking her navel hole giving hot breaths on the area. She was simply going mad with pleasure & pressed my head hard against her navel.

After doing this for a while, I moved towards her breasts—all this while being in standing position. I pressed her breasts hard from over her bra. She moaned in pleasure. I kissed her breasts from over the bra & then started removing it with my teeth.

It took a bit of effort to do this, but it was worth the wait. Her bra finally came off & her 2 melons were now free. Man, they were two missiles which sure knew how to kill the target. Priya’s breasts were so creamy. Her nipples were pink & puffy.

I placed my lips on her nipple & started sucking it.She was moaning in pleasure. My hand was busy squeezing the other breast, which I was doing so strongly, and she started complaining of pain. I was simply loving sucking & squeezing her breasts.

Now, she placed her hand on my dick over my shorts and started pressing it and moving it to and fro. She badly wanted to feel it in her hands now & could not wait any more. She herself untied my shorts and I was now in my underwear & T-shirt.

The underwear was pulled ahead due to the pressure of my 6" cock. She placed her hand in my undies & released the prisoner. I just cannot explain in words what a heavenly feeling it was. I was in seventh heaven. She kissed the tip of my cock and started stroking it. Her fingers got

Sticky due to the precum, however she continued her act. I was simultaneously pressing her asscheeks were one hand & her breast with the other. Sometime later, I was about to cum & asked her to stop as I did not want to waste the precious liquid in her hands.

I undid the string of her salwar & down it went to the ground exposing her silky white thighs & black lacy panties. She removed my T-Shirt. I was totally nude now & she was only in her panties. I took my dick in my hand and rubbed against her panty.

We were both going crazy for each other. Then, she took `my dick in her hand & put it inside her panty against her pussy. We could feel each other’s most private parts hitting against each other. My cock was now a prisoner in her panty held up against her pussy.

In rhythm we started moving up & down and my cock was rubbing hard against her pussy now. After some time, I asked her to turn around & stand with her face towards the wall. Now, her ass was facing me.

I pulled off her panties in one go & could now see her bare ass cheeks in front of me. I stroked my dick against her buttocks & slapped them in between. We were getting tired of standing by now & decided to move to her room now.

Once, inside I threw her on the bed & lied down on top of her. We lied down in 69 position. She took my dick in her mouth & started sucking it moving her tongue around the tip and the shaft. I was enjoying every moment of it.

Meanwhile, I started kissing her bald pussy and licked the inside of her thighs. She gave me the best blowjob of her life & I shot a full load of cum in her mouth. She really liked the taste of it I could also taste her juices and her pussy was on fire.

My cock was back to life in no time and ready for action. We were having oral sex for the last 30-40 mts and she said that her maid would come within the next half hour. So, we didn’t have much time on hands and she wanted the whole thing there & then only and so did I.

Though, I wanted to suck her breasts for some more time she placed my hand on her pussy. I slid a finger inside it & she let out a shriek with pleasure. I started moving my finger to and fro and then placed 2 fingers inside her pussy, which was flooded with her love juices.

She held my hair in pleasure & started saying all sorts of loose talks to me in Hindi. I guess she enjoyed doing this. She reached her orgasm with a thud & all this while she was holding my head against her breasts. Now, we got down to the final act.

She took out a pack of condoms from her almirah & gave it to me. I placed the condom on my erect dick and asked her to spread her legs. It was going to be my first experience. I placed the tip of my dick against her pussy lips. I gave a thrust, but failed to enter as she was really tight.

She hadn’t been fucked enough during the course of her 2-year marriage. I tried again & this time I was able to penetrate a little. One more push and my cock was half inside. She held my back tightly and pressed her nails against my back.

With the final push, I was inside her now in totality and she could feel my member in her. We were mad with ecstasy and still wanted more. With gentle strokes, my cock reached the unexplored areas of her pussy.

Side by side, I was squeezing her breasts and playing with her nipples. After some time, I could not hold back any longer and shot my entire load in her. She also cummed simultaneously. We were both feeling a little exhausted after our maiden sexventure.

I wanted to take a bath with her, but she refused, as her maid was about to come in a little while. We laid together or a while, and then I dressed up and went back home, We shared many good times together in the absence of her husband.

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How I became a jizz guzzler

This is something that happened a month back and I am still coming to terms with it. I am a housewife, married for 11 years now, with a 8 year old son. I have had a very healthy sex life and I still do. My appetite for sex has never been vociferous

and my husband has always been able to satisfy me and I have had no complaints. About a month and a half back, my sister sprained her ankle and needed some help moving around. She is also married and lives with her husband in a different city

and I volunteered to help her around for a couple of weeks. My son’s school was still going on, but my husband said he will be able to take manage and so I left for my sister’s place. My sister has been married for a little over two years now and they don’t have a baby yet.

Since she needed some help moving around, I moved into her room, with her husband taking the guest room. He is a very nice and friendly person and we share a nice rapport. He was very sweet and grateful that I was there to help them around.

The first week passed without much excitement and I had kind of settled down in their place. It was a Sunday and I was chatting with one of my sister’s neighbor’s and she invited me over to their place. I decided to drop in for a quick chat,

since my sis was asleep and my jiju was working on his computer. I came back home in half hour or so and wanted to check if my sis was still sleeping. As I approached her room, I heard some moaning sounds. First, I thought she was moaning in pain

and I started rushing towards their door. When I got closer, I realized that the moans were that o f a man. It then dawned on me that my sis and jiju were probably fooling around. It must have been a barren week or so for them. I decided to leave them in peace,

when I heard my jiju moan, “Oh yes Soumya … don’t stop. Oh yes.” Suddenly I started feeling a lil horny and thinking about my husband and us. I felt this sudden urge to go see what they were upto and so I went and peeked in through the partially closed door.

My sis was lying in bed and my jiju was stuffing her mouth with his cock. She was taking it deep inside her throat with her hands stroking the throbbing hard cock. My jiju seemed to be fairly well endowed. Her stroking became faster and his moans louder.

His body suddenly tightened and I realized he was cumming. I saw a huge jism of cum splatter all over my sis’s mouth and face and she gulped down most of it. My jiju was still orgasming with a trickle of cum still oozing out of his cock and my sis was sucking him dry.

She finally let go of his cock and he went to the bathroom to clean up. My sis seemed to enjoy the cum all over her face. She was smacking her lips and pushing the cum around her face into her mouth. Jiju came out with a wet towel and I decided I had to move right away.

I went to the garden and pretended that I was checking on some plants. When I got back inside after another 10 mins, my jiju was back on his computer and my sis was pretending to be still asleep. That night I was super horny.

My panties were perennially wet and I couldn’t stop thinking about the cum splattering all over my sis’s face. I had this unnatural urge that the cum should have been on my face instead. It was very surprising because I was not a jizz guzzler.

Most of the time when I had sucked off my husband, I had spat out the cum. There have been very few times where I had ended up swallowing it and whenever I had to, it was because I had no choice. But I felt this sudden urge to taste cum,

to have a warm splash of cum on my face, dripping from my face, covering my face. I just couldn’t stop thinking about cum. The next four days were pretty bad. I was roaming around horny as hell and I couldn’t even talk to my husband in privacy.

I stroked myself atleast twice a day and I was still horny. Finally, the day for me to leave had come and I happily boarded the train. My sister was almost back on her feet and didn’t need my help anymore. They dropped me off at my coach and I settled down in the 2nd class AC

sleeper. There was one other family with me on the train. A woman, her teenage son and her mom. The grandmom sat next to me and the woman and her son opposite to me. There was 10 mins for the train to start and I was browsing through a magazine,

when I noticed that the boy was staring at me. I looked up at him and he quickly looked away. I thought he was a lil shy and got back to my magazine. The train soon started moving and again I noticed that he was looking at me. And I realized that he was looking at my waist.

I was wearing a saree and as with most sarees, a lil bit of my waist was visible and he was actually ogling at that. I kind of adjusted my saree and continued reading the magazine, a bit miffed though. The TC came and I got my tickets from my purse,

had them checked and I went back to my book. Since it was only around 8pm, I wasn’t thinking about sleeping just yet. I again noticed the boy, since he was a bit fidgety, crossing and uncrossing his legs. This time he was staring at a part of my blouse covered breasts

that were peeking from my saree pallu. I realized it must have happened when I took out my ticket for the TC and I must have not adjusted my pallu properly. It was then that I noticed that he had a hard on and he was trying to cover that up. I almost smiled.

I hadn’t realized that I was turning him on so much. I looked at him properly for the first time. He looked fairly tall, a fairly handsome boy. He looked like he was in his late teens. He uncrossed his legs and I noticed the bulge in his pants. I realized I was blushing involuntarily.

An image of the hard throbbing cock of my jiju flashed in front of me and my sisters hungry mouth around it. I felt a tingle down my spine and a wetness creeping between my panties. I caught myself staring at his bulge and he had crossed his legs already.

I realized that there was a hard throbbing cock right in front of me right now and the nakedness of the thought made me blush again. I also realized that I had not pulled down the pallu of my saree and my blouse covered breast was still visible for the boy to ogle at,

and he was doing just that. I adjusted my saree pallu slowly, but not to cover myself, but to expose myself a little more. I had lost a battle I had been waging for over a week now, and I did not care any more. There was a warm cock full of cum and I was going to have it.

I decided to show a little more skin to turn on the boy a little more. I got up, went to the toilet and adjusted my saree. I lowered it about 2 inches below my navel. I also made my pallu thinner, so as to expose more of my waist and lower breasts.

I also wanted to show some cleavage if possible. When I got back to my seat, I was surprised to see that the old woman was already lying down to sleep in the lower berth and the lady was also making preparations for her and her son to go to sleep.

The boy was still sitting in his seat though. I went there, picked up my bag and as if I was putting it on my upper berth, I went and stood right in front of the boy, with my arms reaching up, my navel right in front of his face and my pallu rising up

and showing a lot of my breasts from under the pallu. I caught the boy looking up at my breasts and as he was quickly turning away, I smiled at him. This gave him the courage to look back at me, and I stood there as if trying to push the bag to the back of the berth,

and thus lifting my saree pallu even more. Then I went to his side and climbed on top of the berth and lay down. He had to look away since his mom was asking him to go to sleep and he must have been scared of getting caught by her.

Soon everyone was lying down in their berths and the lights were turned off. The mom was sleeping in the berth below me and the grandmom in the other lower berth, and he was sleeping in the one above his grandmom.

The grandma looked like she was already asleep and she was lying with her back to me. I sneaked to my side to see what the boy was doing and he was staring at me, expectantly. I turned towards him and slowly dropped my pallu.

His eye lit up like a child laying its eye on candy. I pointed at him to take his blanket off, and he did. I saw the bulge bursting out of his jean. With my eyes fixed on his bulge, I unbuttoned two of my hooks, and thrust my breasts up.

His pant was throbbing and I could almost hear his breathing quicken. I pointed towards the toilet and I got up and got down. I looked up at him again and I walked towards the toilet, hoping that he will follow suit. I waited in one of the toilets for what felt like an eternity.

What if he got scared and didn’t come? What if he told his mom? But his bulge came to my mind and all fear disappeared. I peeked out of the toilet to see if some one was coming, and I saw him standing in the pathway in front of the toilet.

I quickly pulled him in and with the trains motion he fell on me and we fell against the toilet wall. He caught me at my waist for his balance and I heard myself moan. He looked totally confused and scared. I realized this was the first time he was being this close to a woman.

I told him calmly to not be afraid. Our eyes met, and I felt my wetness grow in my panties. He was young and innocent and I felt turned on even more by that. I pulled him closer to me and embraced him. I felt his body on mine, his cock pressing against my pussy.

I could feel the heat emanating from both of us. I put my lips on his and he parted his happily for me to find his tongue. He was happy to let me lead him along, but I didn’t want it that way. Something in me told me that I wanted to be his slave.

I was feeling things I had never felt before. I wanted to kneel in front of him as he sprayed his cum on my face. Thinking about it made me shudder and he pulled away from me, afraid he had done something wrong. I stopped him and pulled him closer.

I guided his hands to my breasts and made him squeeze them, both of us gasped. He hungrily undid my blouse hooks and pushed my bra away. My breasts spilled out and he bit into them, sucking them hard. My nipples were already throbbing in pain.

I slowly slipped my hand down his pants and over his bulge. I felt his cock stiffen at my touch and the throbbing tub against my hand. I had no sense of what he was doing to my breasts, I could only feel my hand and his cock. I undid his button and pulled his fly down.

I pulled him away from me and pushed him against the wall. I pulled his trousers down hard. I knelt down in front of him and kissed him over his undies. I felt the warmth seeping through them and onto m lips. I found his cock head and slowly sucked on it over his undies.

I head him moan and I liked that sound. I wanted to make him moan louder. I slid my hand inside his undies and pulled his cock out. It was very warm and it was oozing with pre cum. He looked down at me, a little reluctant. I looked up at him and our eyes locked,

as I slowly ran my tongue, licking his pre-cum. I felt the salty, sticky fluid stick to my tongue and I lapped it out. I saw the expression on his eyes and my body went through another shudder. With my eyes still locked with his,

I slowly pushed his foreskin back and I took his head inside my mouth. He moaned. I tightened my lips around his cock and slowly sucked on it. I felt a hand in my hair pushing my face onto his cock. He wanted me to take in more of him.

He was slowly taking control. I let his hand guide me, as I took more of his cock inside my mouth. His cock was really hard and warm and I closed my lips tightly around him. He tightened his grip around my hair and pulled my head away,

and then he thrust his cock into my mouth. This time he pushed all of his cock inside my mouth and I almost gagged, but I loved it. He started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, faster and faster and I knew he was going to cum very soon.

I pushed his hand off my head and settled down in front of his cock with my mouth open. He knew what he had to do. He started stroking himself real hard and fast. I looked up at him expectantly and I felt the first splash of warm cum hit my forehead,

and more on my nose, on my cheeks, on my lips, on my tongue…. And I felt myself cumming. He was still discharging and I felt warm cum cover most of my face and I slowly opened my eyes and I felt the cum stinging them, but I didn’t mind - I actually loved it.

There was still some cum dripping off his cock and I reached up and licked it off his cock. I had sucked some one off and I had loved it. I got up and went up to the mirror over the wash and saw myself covered in cum. I slowly wiped it off with my fingers and I licked them.

I swallowed as much of cum as I could. He just was standing there and staring at me completely exhausted. Thus started my lust for cum. And in the last month or so, it has gone on an overdrive. But right now, I am totally turned on by recollecting this for you guys and I need to find myself some cum.

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Sunita humping stranger in Goa

Sunita gazed out over the Arabian Sea, feeling the faint breeze against her face - eyes shut, the white sand warm between her bare toes. The place was beautiful beyond belief, she felt thrilled as she remembered the last time she had been here.

She had married Sunil right here on this spot three years ago to the day. Dressed in a simple white shift dress, miniature white roses attempting to tame her long dark curls, Sunita had been happier than she had ever thought possible.

Sunil was even less formal but utterly irresistible in creased summer trousers and a loose white cotton shirt. His dark hair slightly ruffled and his eyes full of adoration as his looked at his bride to be. The justice of the peace had read their vows

as they held hands and laughed at the sheer joy of being young, in love and staying in a five star resort on the Goa Beach. They had seen the years blissfully stretching ahead of them, together forever. They planned their children, two she said,

he said four so they compromised on three (two girls and a boy of course); where they would live, the travelling they would do together - it was all certain, so they had thought then. Three years to the day and they had returned,

though this time not for the beachside marriages the island was famous for but for one of its equally popular orgies. Sunita let out a sigh that was filled with lust. What could she do but come here find new people to give new life to their sexual life?

How could this beautiful place, with its lush green coastline, eternity of azure blue sea and endless sands be a place for the orgy she felt now? The man stood watching from the edge of the palm trees. He couldn't take his eyes of the dark-haired woman

he saw standing at the water's edge, gazing out to sea as though she was waiting for something - or someone. She was beautiful, with her slim figure dressed in a loose flowing cotton dress, her crazy hair and bright blue eyes not far off the colour of the sea itself.

It wasn't her looks that attracted him though; he came across many beautiful women in his work as a freelance photographer. It was her loneliness and intensity that lured him. Even at some distance he was aware that she was different from any other woman he could meet.

Sunita sensed the man approaching even before she turned around.. She had been aware of him standing there staring at her and had felt strangely calm about being observed. She looked at him and felt the instant spark of connection she had only experienced once before.

He walked slowly towards her and they held each other's gaze. It felt like meeting a long lost friend - not a stranger on a strange beach. Later, sitting at one of the many bars on the resort, sipping the local cocktails they began to talk.

First pleasantries, their hotels, the quality of the food and friendliness of the locals. Their conversation was strangely hesitant considering the naturalness and confidence of their earlier meeting. Onlookers, however,

would have detected the subtle flirtation as they mirrored each other's actions and spoke directly into each other's eyes. Only later, after the alcohol had had its loosening effect, did the conversation deepen.

He led her to his hotel room. She sat on his lap and put her head on his chest. He was lying on a sofa. Their lips met and they both were lost for a long long time. He then, slid his hand under her dress to find has bra hooks and opened them.

He cuddled her breasts for quiet sometime, kissing her face all the time. She stood up and stripped herself free from the dress. She stood there like Maryln Moonroe.. sexy, hot siren. He undid his pants and freed his manhood.

She Sat on his lap again, this time taking his penin straight into her vagina. He put his lips on her pink nipples.. The moved on in rhythm till finally they had most sexiest orgasms of their lives. Yes I am Sunita… and this is happened to me, just last month, on our trip to Goa.


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