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Fucking sexy Amisha bhabhi

I was 21 at that time. My Bhabie Amisha, what a Bomb shell a women worth to die for. I had a real crush on her from the time she came to my house mine elder brother Chetan is away from home most time.

It happened one day when I was coming back from college I heard some thing Amisha was moaning in her bed as mine next door neighbor pushed his Lund in and out of her beautiful choot. She was urging him to do so.

She was in so much heat and in a wanton state for his Lund. His huge Lund was going deep in her choot.. Amisha was 32 years old and was married for 8 years. She was living with her family in a good house and enjoyed a very comfortable life.

Her next-door neighbor, Ashok was a 40 year old having his own family with a son and wife. Amisha's husband Chetan was gone on a tour and she was free of any fear of being caught by any one. So she invited her boyfriend to have a hot fuck.

Now she was enjoying his Lund in her pussy. She was having a very beautiful body with shapely legs and big boobs. " Oh.... Ashok fuck my choot with your hot and big Lund I am in need of it. Please give it to me deep." She moaned. And Ashok pushed his Lund deep inside her womb.

I, entered the home with mine set of keys. I heard the moans of her and smiled at that. "Chetan is always crazy about that hot bitch." I thought. I moved to his own room and then heard. "Oh Ashok you are so deep in my choot...oh I want it hard and deep."

I was stunned to hear that name. I knew that he was his next-door neighbor. I moved to her room and looked through the open door, as it was not closed. Ashok was lying on top of my bhabhi and his Lund was deep in her pussy and he was fucking her. I was aghast to see that.

I thought something and smiled. Then I opened the door abruptly and both were surprised to see me. Amisha was not expecting me so early. Ashok pulled his Lund out of her pussy and she gave it up with a moan and both stood up.

Amisha pulled a sheet on her naked body and Ashok picked his clothes and ran by me standing near the door. Amisha was still naked under the sheet not able to see into her father in law's eyes. I came near her and said, "What was that bhabhi'" she mumbled

"I am sorry Kamal." I ignored her apology and asked, " for how long has this been going on'" she was unable to say any thing. I smiled " Bhai will really be shocked by this when I will tell him about you. That her wife is fucking another man. He might leave you or may kill you.

What do you think Amisha'" "No please you will not say anything to Chetan. It will ruin my life. Please Kamal. I promise you that I will never do such a thing again." She looked at me and found me looking at her body curves and nude shoulders and upper parts of her boobs.

My eyes were shining. "Yes Amisha there can be a deal between us." I said. "What type of deal'" she looked at me with surprise. "It depends on you what you can do for an young man of 20 like me." I said while rubbing mine crotch. She was frightened.

She looked at mine hand on my growing bulge and understood mine demand. "No you cant do that. It's impossible. I will not do anything for you. No. No. Not such a bad thing." I smiled and said, "Ok I am going to my room.

And will wait for both you and Bhai and will see who comes to me first. Now it depends on you to save your life and marriage. Otherwise your husband will hate you and you cannot blame me dear. Is it ok'" I smiled and moved out of her room.

Now Amisha was alone in her room. She was thinking about what had happened so suddenly. She could not afford to leave the home and her family. On the other hand it was also difficult to accept mine offer. Her husband's brother was going to black mail her.

She knew that she had no other choice and she would have to kneel in front of me to save her home. She hated me but could not do any thing but to have sex with me. She decided to save her family life at any cost. So she got up to go to mine room.

She did not try to put on her clothes, as she knew that she would have to get them off again. She wrapped the sheet around her naked body and knotted it in between her breasts and moved out of her room towards mine room. Next moment she was knocking on mine door.

"Come in my dear. Its open for you." I called. She entered and saw that I was sitting on his bed. I was naked and holding mine Lund in my hand. She was shocked to see mine Lund. It was bigger and thicker than her husband and her lover.

The sight of such a big dick mesmerized her. An itching started in her pussy and she felt it wetting. I was masturbating. I smiled and said, " It's good Amisha you have taken a wise decision. Now come here, on the bed." She could not hear anything.

Her eyes were locked onto mine erect cock. She slowly moved to the bed while looking at mine Lund and as she was going to sit on the bed I said, " leave that sheet away from bed. Strip it off." Her hands moved to remove the sheet and now her beautiful body was naked in

front of her brother in law. Her beautiful breasts were protruding out and her nipples were jetting out towards me asking to be sucked. Her bush at the mound of her pussy was smoothly trimmed and her pussy was dripping which was only known by her.

"Beautiful, you really have a gorgeous body." I said. She sat on the bed near me while looking at mine erect Lund. I smiled evilly and said, " Go ahead bhabhi. Suck me off. You know you want to and you are going to my dear."

Her hand moved to mine Lund and she took it into her soft hand and began to rub it. Her hand pumped mine thick organ up and down. I think She had never really seen or handled a Lund that size before and it thrilled her instead of being frightened.

"Well girl what are you waiting for' Suck it baby." I taunted. In need of no further encouragement, Amisha moved into a kneeling position bringing her face near the swollen prick jutting up between mine legs. Her lips moved down and kissed the tip of the Lund.

Her lips ovaled and stretched wide and encircled mine Lund head hungrily with her warm lips, trying to capture its entire length in her eagerly salivating mouth. "Mmmmmm" she purred, " Mmmmmmm! Mmmmm" Suddenly she forgot that she was blackmailed to do this.

Amisha sucked deeply into her hot, saliva filled cavern that it nearly choked her, but she twisted her head enough to catch her breath, then began feverishly running her tongue up and down the soft underside of mine Lund and felt it throb and pulse to her touch.

She tasted the pungent tang of the seeping lubricating fluid oozing from the split of its tip. She cupped mine big balls affectionately in the soft palms of her hands while tiny explosions of lust burst insanely in her brain, and she moved her head up and down,

up and down, in and out of her face in a lewd and lustful delight. I placed mine hand on her soft hair and moved her head up and down on mine Lund. She forgot that she was being blackmailed. She started to like her submissive and overpowered status

by masculine dominance of her brother in law. This drove her to unexpectedly wicked thoughts, whorish thoughts. "Suck it bitch. You know you want to suck it and you like to suck it. Yes you are really a randi." I said while pulling her head by her hair. "You are a randi. My randi.

My personal rakhel." mine rough language and rough handling thrilled her. Her choot was afire with the licking flames of lust and passion consuming her. And then suddenly she felt her lewd young brother in law reach down and slide her firm smooth ass towards me.

mine rough hand moved on her smooth and creamy ass and then I began to work mine finger at the tiny puckered ring of her anus. Her breath quickened excitedly and she forgot everything as abruptly as I pushed mine thick finger into her tight virginal asshole

to the palm of mine big extended hand. "Ooooooohhhhh" she gurgled delightedly around the stalk of flesh in her mouth, "I love it! Yaaaaa I love it." Her lips were encircling mine now fully erect Lund. She swirled her tongue in a clockwise manner

about the throbbing head wanting to suck that Lund dry. She sucked mine Lund to please me and... to please herself too. She tried to take it deep until the swollen head of mine Lund met with the resistance of her gullet.

She moaned deliciously once again when I pushed mine fat thumb into her wetting pussy and began to work it in unison with mine beefy long finger in her ass hole. Now I began to undulate mine massive pelvis slipping mine huge lust maddened prick in and out of her lips.

Never quite withdrawing but leaving the hot swollen head a half inch inside her hot wet oral cavern. I began to pump mine Lund in and out keeping the pace with the fingers fucking into her dual passages from behind.

I smiled with the realization that she was taking more and more of mine penis between her tender clasping lips as she became accustomed to its fleshy presence. She sucked furiously to bring me to climax as she felt her own choot ready to cum.

Suddenly her orgasm burst and she groaned around the thrusting Lund in her mouth, her orgasm flooding in wild sensual waves of cum around the thrusting finger in her choot. It was indescribable rapture and the whole of her crotch felt wet and excited beyond belief.

Tears of subconscious joy rolled from her eyes. Simultaneously she felt m push mine hips upward against her face and I groaned a soul-searching grunt as suddenly I flooded her mouth with mine hot thick cum spurting wildly down her throat in vast gushes.

She gulped automatically swallowing the slightly pungent liquid in her efforts to satiate the still abandoned feelings of degradation continuing to overwhelm her. There was nothing else in the world except the steaming throb of her wet passage and the squirting Lund in her mouth.

At last she swallowed all the cum of mine. Then it was all over and she still lay above me and I was caressing the round smooth mounds of her buttocks and stroking her thighs affectionately. Amisha shivered with excitement as I smiled down at her.

It stemmed from the lubricious gleam in mine dark eyes and the still stiff flesh that jutted from mine groin. She trembled and whimpered. The aroused thrills increased as I leaned over and pulled her to mine chest.

Without speaking, I pulled her naked body to myself, crushing her supple form. She came without hesitation, the stiff nipples of her melon-like breasts stabbing at mine chest. There was absolutely no protest as mine tongue darted from mine mouth.

Her lips opened and accepted the oral probe that filled the emptiness left by mine withdrawn Lund. Her own tongue playfully dueled around the flicking invader, then pushed its way into mine mouth. Carefully, she wedged a thigh between mine legs

and rubbed it over the exposed length of mine manhood, still hard and powerful feeling. I moaned around the mouthful of tongue that speared toward the back of mine throat. She pressed tightly to me, relishing in the inciting sensation of her tit mounds flattening against mine chest,

and then slowly swaying her hips so that the globes rolled deliciously over me. She forgot that she was blackmailed to do all this. Now she was doing this all because of her own lust. Her hand slid down mine back,

anchoring into the taut boulders of mine ass and pulled mine crotch to hers. Simultaneously, mine hands followed hers, dipping her buttocks. Her little wiggle movements increased to a provocative dance as mine hands covered the perky, rounded curves of her bottom.

I squeezed down. Mine fingers firmly dug into the fleshy globes. For several minutes we clung to each other, our tongues darting and exploring the now familiar interiors of ours mouths. Our hands squeezed and urged. Our bodies pressed together with a sensual nearness.

Reluctantly, they separated, gazing at one another for a silent second or two. Then mine hands withdrew from her ass and moved to the front of her breasts, her own fingers occupied themselves with the imposing shaft that was touching wantonly from mine crotch to her pussy.

With loving tenderness, her fingertips glided up and down the still moist spike of flesh; still damp with the traces of her saliva and mine spunk. It jerked and jumped under her teasing. Its red glans glistened from the fresh sexual oils that oozed from mine balls.

She wrapped her arms round mine neck and playfully nibbled at my ear. Then I turned her and laid her down on mine bed. I smiled down at the willing young woman. Lowering myself beside her in mine bed, I once more scooped her up in mine arms.

Her inciting fingers were back at mine Lund, as I slid one of mine hands between her silk-textured thighs. She whimpered with arousal as mine palm closed around the fleshy mound of her pubis. I squeezed, roughly molding the vulnerable knoll of her sex.

Her hips twitched eagerly, hunching their willingness into mine fingers. I could feel the moisture of her anticipation welling from between the outer lips of her labia. There was no need for further foreplay, but that was exactly what made the things I did to her so enjoyable.

Wiggling a finger into the thick, quivering lips of her choot, I sluiced into the juice-filled channel of her vagina, twisting and twirling the intimate digit. The soft folds of her tunnel of Desire responded, squeezing around the probe that had invaded her body.

Mine pelvis moved up and down, working itself on me as if it were feeding on the thickness of a Lund, rather than a single finger. Mine nakedness only made the wonderfully firm mounds of her breasts that much more enjoyable.

Heavy and round, they pressed against mine chest, rolling and spearing the stiffness of their erect nipples into mine skin. Her hands slid up and down on mine prick, neither demanding nor urgent, but letting me know she was more than ready to have its thickness buried

within the tight sheath of her belly. But I still waited, gliding another finger into her heated hole of passion, while yet another fingertip tapped at her clit, taunting it out from under the thin membrane of its hood.

It was as if I teased her body to quell forever whatever traces of "BLACKMAIL" still remained in her body. She whimpered, writhing against mine body, as big fingers expertly manipulated dual digits into the enveloping socket of sex,

while mine third finger flicked and fondled a prodigious series of thrills through her body. She felt me move beside her and mine free hand rolled her to her back. I edged up a little and mine mouth kissed at her neck working downward until it captured one of the high-perched cherries

of flesh topping a warm, pink-colored tit. Mine tongue moistly caressed the stiffened bud as mine lips sucked. She groaned. The double stimulation of her body was fantastic. Her lips twisted with the mounting Desires that trembled through her.

Her body writhed, swishing over the bed. Her hips rose and fell in time with the steady in out pumping of mine fingers. Her hands clamped tightly around my Lund shaft, squeezing and sliding along its pulsating length. I was controlling her once again.

I knew the sexual needs of a woman and even more important, I cared about fulfilling them. Only one man had had that type of control over her body until now - her husband, Chetan. Now she had found another me. Now the maid came for evening work and we had to stop.

Amisha was up early in the morning and she looked at her husband still sleeping on the bed. She smiled and came out of the bed and wore the gown and came down into the kitchen. She made tea and started to think about what she had started to do.

She was a wife and slave of her own brother in law. I had ordered her not to wear any panties under her dress so that I could have easy access to her choot any time. She was not allowed to wear any panties even when she was going out.

It was thrilling for her and always made her choot wet throughout the time she was out. "Good morning bhabhi!" She heard mine voice and saw me in the doorway in mine pajama and robe. "Mind if I join you'" Amisha smiled at me and lover and said, "Sure Devarji!"

I sat near her on the stool and started to sip mine tea. I placed mine hairy hand on the warm and naked flesh of her lower thigh. She gasped with mine touch but made no effort to remove it. "You are a piece of ass and a born Lund sucker.

"Thank you Devarji for your sweet comments." She became hot and blushed at mine comments. I moved mine beefy fingers in the hair on the back of her head and turned her face to mine for a brutal tongue-probing kiss. She did not resist and started to suck mine tongue.

Our mouths locked. Mine hand had reached up her bare choot and started to massage it. She was getting wet with mine touch as always! With the other hand I took her hand and placed it on mine erecting Lund. "What do you think about a morning blow job for an young man baby'" I said.

She smiled at mine question and slowly slipped down from her stool and pulled mine pajama down. She was going to love mine hard and big Lund. She took it in her hand and kissed the purple head and started to lick it while looking into mine eyes.

She placed his hand on her head and pulled her. Mine cock was in her mouth. She started to suck it. I was still sitting on the stool. I moved mine big toe to her choot and she placed it on her pussy hole and mine big fat toe entered her cunt. She was so hot.

When I was about cum, I pulled mine Lund out and took it in mine own hand and started to masturbate. She saw me quickly take a bread slice and made me cum all over it. I splashed mine cum all over the bread slice and then tucked mine Lund inside mine pajama.

I placed another bread slice on that and made a sandwich, A cum sandwich!. I gave it to her, "Have a sandwich" she smiled and took it from me and took a bite. A long thread of cum got attached to her lips as she took the bite. "Its tasty Devarji" she smiled and took another bite of the sandwich.

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Posted by saadia kazmi
on: December 12, 2007 11:52 AM | Reply

you are noty, i like story, i am laso housewife.

Posted by Sandy
on: December 12, 2007 11:55 AM | Reply

The most erotic story i had ever read. Anybody will cum while reading this.

Posted by amarpal
on: December 12, 2007 12:37 PM | Reply

sexy story

kash apki jagah hum hote

Posted by mehreen
on: December 12, 2007 2:32 PM | Reply

im also a house wife and loves yr story im more horny than amisha,i have decided not to wear panties after reading this.

Posted by madhu
on: December 12, 2007 7:07 PM | Reply

The story is Damn sexy. i Hope i get a chance to have sex with a sexy woman like your babhi, by the way i lkie older women.

Posted, in reply to saadia kazmi's comment, by Khan M. Wahid
on: December 13, 2007 3:48 AM | Reply

Dear Madam,
Surprised to know your interests to this kind of sexy & erotic story. I think this is the affect of western culture that girls like you are also attracted to such sexual fantasies.


Posted by satyajit
on: December 13, 2007 11:16 AM | Reply

you are so lucky...!

i think everybody like this story....


Posted by rahul tanganiya
on: December 13, 2007 1:38 PM | Reply

the story i had never read before.the scenes are beautifully described.its like the doing to myself.

Posted by shorewal
on: December 13, 2007 6:53 PM | Reply

hi mehreen,
if u dont like to wear panties then give it to me


Posted, in reply to mehreen's comment, by Raj Sharma
on: December 14, 2007 8:53 AM | Reply

gr8 to learn mehreen that u hv decided to remain bold and not wear panties any more..today our society lacks open minded and bold women like you.gr8 to know such a woman who has the guts to do and say that she is going to do sumthing so bold.i really appriciate your attitude.keep it up and plz post a reply to me if u can.regrds for your boldness and honesty..

Posted by harshad
on: December 15, 2007 12:44 PM | Reply

its really a sexy one and like it very much. i also like to fuck the married woman

Posted, in reply to Raj Sharma's comment, by mehreen
on: December 18, 2007 11:33 AM | Reply

hi raj,you dont need to appreciate me im in real an openminded and bold woman and i also want to do many little kinky things in real life tht dont do harm to me.not wearing panties is one of them if you have any other ideas for me you can tell me any time.

Posted by Sunil
on: December 19, 2007 11:13 AM | Reply

Sexy story I really had hard on wish to have your bhabi sucking me.

Posted by mirza saad baig
on: December 28, 2007 5:56 PM | Reply

the story is wonderful and most erotic. i want to have sex with any of either mehreen or saadia,will u?

on: December 29, 2007 4:10 AM | Reply


Posted, in reply to mehreen's comment, by decentmale6
on: December 30, 2007 12:05 PM | Reply

hi mehreen, u can also do with not wearing bra,the breast jumping also make males crazy when u in the street,with a low cut blouse ,i think it wont harm u too

Posted, in reply to decentmale6's comment, by mehreen
on: January 1, 2008 11:45 AM | Reply

thnks i promise i will try it without my bra.any other kinky suggestions are welcome

Posted by Javed
on: January 2, 2008 7:37 AM | Reply

Very nice and sexy story, I am getting hard in my pants. keep it up dude. I wish I cd get any horny married woman in karachi

Posted, in reply to POOJA JAISWAL's comment, by jai
on: January 5, 2008 6:35 AM | Reply

give me chance i'll do it for you

Posted by abhi
on: January 5, 2008 5:02 PM | Reply

hia mehreen.. good work gal..i lik this story very much.. i too lik the women lik u .. and now im dreaming 2 hav sex with u...

Posted by tin
on: January 9, 2008 10:16 AM | Reply

i love d erotic story. every one reading it will have a pre cum, i too would like to have a horny movement with my dick. tin

Posted, in reply to POOJA JAISWAL's comment, by Studb
on: January 27, 2008 6:19 AM | Reply

Hello Pooja,
Same here, this was too erotic. I wish I also had a babhi like that. :D
newys this is Sunny here, lemme knnow if we can interact.

Posted by chetan
on: March 2, 2008 6:55 AM | Reply

how to post the story in this site i wanna post my story with my bhabhi

Editors Reply: Hi Chetan, thanks for writing in.

You can send in your story in plain text format to debonairblog @ gmail.com. Thanks in advance.

Posted, in reply to POOJA JAISWAL's comment, by Santy
on: April 16, 2008 6:50 PM | Reply


Do you have time to service my tool which needs a bit of shine up

Posted by Prema
on: June 26, 2008 5:44 PM | Reply

I wish I had such Exciting Dever with 9 inches. love

Posted by ritul
on: September 4, 2008 10:49 AM | Reply

this is an amazing story of a devar / bhabhi sex....really i liked it ...its so hot...

Posted by shah wali ullah
on: October 7, 2008 3:18 AM | Reply

hi guys i want to also fucks this bhaby

Posted by Aslam
on: October 26, 2008 6:55 PM | Reply

Khan - your opinion is hypocritical. If you are so adamant about your so called great culture, you wouldn't have come here or read the story in the first place. All are here for fun.if you cant stand this, f*** off

Posted by mehreen
on: February 18, 2009 2:13 PM | Reply

hey that was a nice story i think u should have elaborated a little more at the end ...u know just slipped and u guys finished ....but over all a nice story ....



Posted by akshay
on: October 15, 2009 3:10 PM | Reply

ek numberstory hai

Posted by
on: May 13, 2012 9:42 AM | Reply

Koi khali ho to mere pas aye i m ready to fuck ne girl or bhabhi

Posted by Rahul
on: July 19, 2012 3:22 PM | Reply

Woow great story mujhe aisa moka kab milega malum nahi

Posted by
on: July 29, 2014 8:47 AM | Reply

its amazing dude keep it up

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