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Red hot Mallu couple making out on bed video

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Awesome threesome sex with driver

Hi – I am Rajiv from Mumbai. I like reading desi sex stories on HumanDigest. Sometimes you find real stuff while the rest is imagination. This is a story which happened during my holiday trip to Ooty in December 2004. My son, aged 10 is studying in a reputed boarding school in Ooty.

Myself and my wife Veni who is 36 year old decided to visit my son as it was a short vacation time for my son. We decided to also enjoy a short vacation for ourselves. I booked a room in a good hotel in Ooty for 3 nights for the two of us and also a car pick-up from Coimbatore airport.

On reaching Coimbatore we were received by our driver with a placard with our name. His name was Shiju and looked to be around 26/28 yrs of age. He was fair and had a good heavy set plump body. He was wearing a tight white pant made of thin synthetic material

which showcased his plump shapely legs. His white half shirt reached only just above his crotch. He was around 5’10” tall and newly married with no kids, as we came to know later. Shiju greeted us with a warm smile and was very helpful in putting our luggage

in the car dicky and opening the door for us to enter the car. I was quite impressed with his courteous behavior. We started our drive to Ooty and he was explaining to us about a few tourist interest sites along the way.

He could talk some English being a Malayalee and also probably being a little educated. My wife was asking some eager questions to him and he gave elaborate answers for it. He even showed his wife’s picture, who my wife thought was very beautiful.

They both seemed to get into discussion mode while I was tired due to heavy work pressure the previous day and was in a dozing trip on and off. My wife was wearing a plain light beige salwar – Kurta which had a very low cut over her boobs and almost revealed a large part

of her cleavage. We have been married for 12 years and we enjoy a very normal and sometimes scratchy life together. She is average looking and with a slight rough face but her big almond eyes and sprouting lips gives her a bitchy look.

She almost looks like the late sultry Silk Smita from the South Indian movies We both are frank and open with each other though. She is 5’7” tall and quite sexily plump. Her figure with those big hips and bums sure attracts looks from most men and of all ages.

She too enjoys being looked at. I often jibe her about certain men on the road or in parties who would love to kidnap her and rape her and she would jokingly reciprocate by saying if I would love to watch the action live and I would respond by saying I sure want to see you raped

in front of me, which many times I almost meant it seriously. She would ask me by how many men. I would say atleast 3 to 4 men apart from me. Lately, Veni had put on some more weight and her big soft butts were quite jetting out over her full blown shapely hips.

She was getting more active and demanding during our sexual intercourse and I was struggling to do my best because I had slowed down due to heavy work pressure and frequent traveling. We also had our differences,

being individualistic at times and also some serious fights over personal issues. She had revealed to me about her various oral flings with almost 5/6 boyfriends during her college days and also with the young male servant in their house after she had caught her mother

having sex with him. The servant is still working in her mother’s house and was surely still fucking her all the time. Many times I still today have verbal fights with her whenever she planned to visit her mothers place without me during my son’s vacation.

I was jealous that she would get tempted to have sex with that servant, who was now probably 30/32 years of age and still not married. I always wondered how many times that servant had fucked her also. I too had revealed a lot of my secrets to her,

especially the gay sex experience I had before our marriage. She still suspects me of continuing my gay sex during my official visits which were sometimes of 4/5 days at a stretch and staying in hotels and having lack of interest in sex with her after I return back home.

These days we had sex only 5 to 6 times in a month. I was sitting right behind the driver and my wife next to me. From the corner of my eyes I could spot my wife often concentrate her look at Shiju, probably enjoying his features and handsomeness.

I was not jealous at all. With closed eyes I was imagining if this is the guy I should get my wife fucked in front of me. I was actually thinking seriously about it. I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone, I could also get some hard fun for myself out of this handsome stranger.

It was quite a long time since I got fucked by a waiter in a three star hotel. Suddenly I was aroused about gay sex. We were going to keep Shiju with us for two nights as per our car contract. I was determined to make Shiju fuck both of us in the hotel room.

It was a 3 hour ride before we reached my sons hostel. We spent some quality time with him for the next 4 hours and was informed by the intern that the boys will be going for a hike that evening and will return only after two days.

My son was very excited about his adventure trip and bade us goodbye. Veni was a little upset to leave her son so soon and was almost on the verge of crying. Finally things settled and we left the hostel for our hotel, which was about 12 kms away.

It was around six in the evening and the whether was getting to become quite cold. On the way I picked up 2 bottles of whiskey and one bottle of Vodka and some cigarettes and a pack of Orange juice. During our visit to my son’s hostel,

we took a lot of pictures with my Digital and Movie camera of the three of us and Shiju was our photographer. Veni was very enthusiastic about taking a few still pictures of Shiju herself. I deliberately took a few pictures of Shiju and Veni together.

Shiju, being a bit shy guy would stand a little distant away from Veni, but I would force him to stand closer and see him almost embarrassed to touch Veni. This was the devil in me working overtime because I had to set a perfect stage for the exciting time to come.

I was also plotting my own fun with Shiju. I had decided to suck his cock and get fucked by him and let him have fun with my wife too. We got out of the car at our hotel. Veni had not got her warm shawl out and was shivering with cold as she stood outside the lobby while I went to

check in. After the formalities, we were led to our room by the bell boy and Shiju followed us with my laptop which he insisted on carrying. I asked Shiju to wait for some instruction and after the bell boy left I asked him about his evening programme.

Veni was prompt in asking him where he would sleep in the night especially since it is so cold outside. He said “In the car madam”. “You will freeze, did you bring any warm clothes” she asked. “its O.K madam, I will try to manage”.

Our room was quite a big one with an added guest waiting area which was carpeted and enough for one person to sleep comfortably. Without looking at my wife I told Shiju that he can occupy that space in the night. I saw the glint in my wife’s eyes and there was an approval nod from her.

Shiju was almost totally embarrassed and said “No sir, its OK” and he left the room. I shrugged and said lets unpack. She changed into her warm slacks and T-shirt with a sweater pulled over. I too changed into a warm sports slack and a woolen pullover.

I noticed Veni’s plumply 5’7” figure look voluptuous in those tight fitting dress. The mound between her legs was very prominent because of the tight slacks. Her soft big butts and hips gave her figure a nice sexy contour.

I caught hold of her in a tight embrace and gave her a hard long kiss on her big sexy lips while mauling both her bums hard till she squealed. I caught hold of her hard mound and started to massage it. We played for some time and decided to have a few drinks

to get over the chill in the room. The mood was perfect. I poured extra large whiskey for myself and a large vodka with orange juice for Veni. She had got used to enjoying one or two large vodkas while in parties or on Sundays at home.

She put on the T.V to watch her favorite programme while I opened my laptop to scan some work. It was 8 pm and our first drink had vanished quite fast, so I made another round for us. Veni was switching the channels aimlessly and seemed to be lost in some thoughts.

I too did not feel like working on my office mess. I realized that my mind was roaming on making the evening exiting and Shiju was the target. I shut the laptop and went to veni, who was half lying on the bed and started to play with her body by pressing her big boobs

and her pussy mound. I eased her slacks and panty down to her ankles, spread her legs apart and started to lick her cunt, which to my surprise was extremely wet with her love juice. After a few minutes I got up, kissed her and said

“Darling, your wet and eager cunt needs a hard fuck from a nice young and handsome man” “And who would that be” she asked mockingly. “Who else but Shiju” I replied with a naughty glint in my eyes. “Oh I see, so you are seriously planning to get me done, is it?” she laughed.

THREESOME WITH OUR DRIVER - PART II ‘Yeah, this is what I was telling you isn’t it, that with your kind of figure there will be guys waiting to fuck you, but unfortunately it will be only two guys” I said looking straight in her eyes while pressing her boobs very hard,

“What if Shiju likes your ass and decides to fuck you instead of me”. She laughed loudly. “On the other hand if you let him fuck you, then I will have sex with him, agreed”. I knew she was just joking. “I will accept that willingly” I said.

During one of those days when we were a bit tipsy and discussing personal past I had revealed unknowingly my gay encounters to her. Though she was shocked, she had accepted it as past and never created any unpleasant situation.

I too knew of her sex flings with her boy friends and her male servant. Few times she even had asked me which of her lady friend I would like to sleep with. She had told me of her friends who were anal fucked by their husbands but would not let me do it to her.

I always fancied fucking her between those soft big bums, but with no luck. She looked into my eyes and said “So you are getting the urge to have sex with a man, isn’t it? She seemed a bit serious. “Oh no, I was only joking” I said.

“But I want to see you having fun with a stranger, which you promised many times, remember”. My tone was slightly pleading. I said, should I go out and bring Shiju to the room. “Maybe a few whiskeys will warm him up and make him naughty”.

There was heavy fog outside and the whether had gone bad. Instead of stopping me, which I was expecting of her, she said “Don’t drink too much with him”. I said alright went out of the room with the keys. Veni was still naked with her panty and slacks at her ankle.

I went out of the long lobby which was kept warm by some heaters and the outer doors closed. Outside, the whole place was heavily misty and I could not see anything beyond 15 feet. At a distance I spotted a small bon fire and walked towards it.

When I reached closer I could see only two men minus Shiju. One of the guys told me that Shiju is in the car which is parked close to the entrance. I walked back. It was really very cold and my cock and balls had shrunken like a hard nut

but the two whiskey was keeping my body slightly warm. I reached our car and noticed Shiju lying on the drivers seat which was pulled way back and had a small shawl wrapped around his body. I knocked at the door and he immediately sprung up and opened the door.

“Yes sir?” he asked. I said “Come on in the room otherwise you will freeze in this whether. Madam has asked me to bring you to the room” “No Sir, I am O.K, I will manage” he said. “Oh come on Shiju, we want you to stay in our room”.

Saying this I pulled him slightly out of the car. He came out, wrapped his shawl around and quietly started to follow me. A few steps later I asked him “Do you take some whiskey sometimes”. “Ummm..sometimes sir” he blurted. I was thinking, well this is good so far.

As we walked towards my room I was wondering if Veni was still with her pants down, and if she was, then it would be a perfect start for the night. The T.V volume was quite loud, so I opened the door very quietly and held it wide for Shiju to come in.

Veni had straightened herself and was lying on her belly and facing away from the door and watching TV. Her big soft bums were jetting upward and she was rolling side to side. She probably had not heard us enter.

As I turned back and motioned Shiju to take a chair I noticed that he was engrossed in watching Veni's sexy voluptuous figure. I smiled at him and whispered “Let us enjoy, O.K”. He was taken back a bit but managed to nod.

As he sat on the sofa, I tiptoed to the bed and placed my hand on one of Veni’s bums and squeezed it. “So, you did not find your lover boy, is it?” she asked without turning but reducing the volume. “No, but I found your handsome lover”.

I said loudly and gave a big wink to Shiju. He was smiling and looked relaxed. “Why did you not bring him in, I am hot and waiting for him” she said mockingly, least knowing that Shiju was in the room and enjoying this conversation. She was still concentrating on her program.

My heart was racing and my body temperature was shooting up. I was sure that tonight I was going to see the bitchy part of my innocent Veni and I wanted it to start as fast as it could. Deliberately, I rolled both my hands on her bums and started squeezing it.

I looked at Shiju and motioned him to be quite. He was melting with shame and was motioning me to stop whatever I was doing. I noticed the crouch under his pants were big and hard. Veni was getting exited with my massage on her bums and tried to roll over to face me.

I was sitting in such a position on the bed that she could not see Shiju sitting on the other side but he could see everything. Now Shiju could see the big mound of her pussy through her light slack and the see through panty she was wearing.

The shape revealed her bushy pubic hair as well. “Would you like to meet your lover boy who is so eagerly waiting for you”? “Oh yeah, where is he” she said jokingly. I just moved away for her to see Shiju sitting on the sofa and looking at her exited body.

“Oh my god, why didn’t you tell me before” saying she got up into a sitting position and adjusted her sweater. She picked her shawl from the table close to her and wrapped it around her upper body. She smiled at Shiju and said “It must be very cold outside Na, but the room is warm”.

Shiju smiled and nodded in agreement. Veni got up to go to the toilet and I could see Shiju’s eyes following her all the way, fixed on those sexy big rolling bums. His hand went to his bulging crouch and he was trying to adjust it.

Veni was also not in hurry to reach the toilet and her walk had a little deliberate gait in it, as if letting Shiju have a good look at her back. I made an extra large whiskey for both of us and an extra large vodka with orange juice for Veni.

She walked out of the toilet with her shawl tightly wrapped only on the upper part of her body while revealing her lower part with her huge shapely thighs and the big mound between. She took her glass and sat on the edge of the bed facing Shiju and me.

She was quite at ease facing this stranger knowing well that he was eyeing her body. I took out our Digital and movie camera and started to take still pictures of Veni and Shiju separately. In turn Shiju asked if he can take pictures of me and Veni together.

We agreed and started to do some romantic posing. Shiju’s mound was getting bigger and bigger and Veni’s eyes were most of the time on it. Her smile and winks to Shiju after every frame he shot was getting obvious.

My cock was also getting stiff in my slack and had created a big mound between my legs; it was almost trying to burst out. I started to like Shiju and wanted to explore the secrets in his pants, but I had to be a little patient.

All our glasses were empty, so I refilled it with even larger pegs. Veni was a little tipsy and emptying her glass faster than us, she already had 3 large drinks and this was her fourth. We started a second round of picture session.

This time I held Veni from the back and placed my hand on her tummy. Shiju the photographer had other idea. “Sir, It should be more romantic” he said, the two extra large pegs was working on him... “He is getting old and unromantic” my wife said with a laugh and a big wink to Shiju.

I wanted this and asked Shiju if he will not be shy to take our romantic pictures. He readily agreed. I removed the shawl and the sweater Veni was wearing to reveal her big stiff boobs through her T shirt and then held her from the back and placed my hands again on her tummy.

Shiju nodded in disapproval. “O.K Shiju you want it to be more romantic no, OK here goes” saying this I cupped both of Venis huge boobs kept it there. Shiju clicked and said “Once more Sir”. This time I pressed her boobs lightly. He clicked.

I ease my right hand just over her mound while keeping my left hand on her left boob. THREESOME WITH OUR DRIVER - PART III In the next few frames we kissed each other, sometime very passionately for a long time.

We sometimes almost forgot that Shiju was standing there and taking pictures. I left Veni to go to the toilet and saw Shiju finish his glass in one long gulp and went to fetch himself and us another round of drinks. I stopped to pick up a cigarette and light it.

I could see him pouring double large drinks and some extra for veni. When I came back I saw him and Veni standing very close with their bodies touching each other and looking at the pictures in the digital camera.

They were facing the other way so I stood at a distance and silently watched them. In my mind I was looking at Veni as a whore and not my wife. I wanted this whore to be fucked by the two of us in both her hole at the same time.

I went close to them and placed one hand each over their bums a squeezed it hard. Both got startled, Shiju more because he did not expect me to be doing it so openly in front of my wife. He walked back and was ready again to take pictures.

My five large pegs got me in a horny mood and I thought to myself, what the hell, the camera is mine and so are the photos, Shiju can only have the fun for now and never meet us again. I decided to let caution to the wind and knew Veni

was surprisingly not so tipsy but was doing a bit of acting, as if she is drunk. I was now sure she wanted Shiju badly and I was to be blamed for starting this process. I pulled Veni towards me and turned her around to face Shiju and his camera.

I cupped her left boob with my left hand and eased the right hand through the top of her slacks and inside her panty and started massaging her naked pussy. At first she tried to break away from me but I held her tight and increased the pressure on both her assets.

She was squealing but her resistance was not serious. Shiju looked a bit shocked but was taking pictures eagerly. His eyes were fixed at Veni’s opening crotch, as part of her black bushy pubic hair was visible.

I wanted to tease him so I forcefully eased veni’s slack along with her panty a little further down till whole of her pubic hair was visible to Shiju but with my fingers covering her pussy slit. I was high as kite by now. The drinks had got me and in a slurry voice I said

“Shiju I want you to take pictures of me fucking Veni. I am going to fuck her like a whore and I want you to also fuck her because she wants it”. Saying this I forcefully pulled Veni’s slacks and panty further down. He was desperately taking pictures

and came closer to get a close-up shot. Veni was aroused by now, though she showed her resistance, she was moaning and shivering with excitement and had shut her eyes. I put my middle finger inside her wet pussy and started to play inside it.

She suddenly turned towards me and in one jerk pulled my slack along with my underwear right up to my knees and started laughing like a drunken bitch. I did not make any attempt to pull it up and let Shiju see my semi hard 6 inch uncut cock.

He was clicking pictures of it. I caught hold of veni’s slacks along with her panty and pulled it down up to her feet. I myself took off my slack and underwear with my foot and then took of my sweater. We both were completely naked.

As the room was warm and the whiskey was having its effect I was feeling horny. Veni put both her palms over her eyes and through the gap was having a good look at my naked body and giggling loudly while shiju remained focused on both of us with a fixed wide smile.

I stood straight in front of Shiju and held Veni in my arm and let him take a few pictures. Veni pulled away from me and went down on the bed with her eyes shut and crossed her legs to hide the slit through her big mound. Shiju kept clicking at a faster pace.

Once or twice he stumbled as he was now quite tipsy himself but his excitement kept him going. Without giving him notice I went up to him and started to unbutton his pant. At first he made attempt to get away but as fast he let me complete my job.

I kneeled facing him and pulled his pant down till the toes and saw his hard mound trying to jump out of his underwear. He closed his eyes as I slowly pulled his underwear down. His 7 inch hard and handsome cock jetted out as if escaping a trap.

It stood pointing at the ceiling. It was circumcised and had a big pink frog like mushroom. He was still holding the camera in both his hands and his eyes were shut. I looked back and saw Veni’s eyes were shut too.

I caught hold of his warm hard cock and before he could react, stuffed it into my mouth and started sucking his mushroom. He did not move away so I sucked his thick cock which was now discharging his precum.

I started to massage his clean shaven hanging warm balls with my hand and shoving his cock deeper into my mouth. My saliva was getting thicker and thicker. I eased him on the sofa next to him and made him half lie and went about sucking and licking all part of his handsome asset.

He started to take pictures of me sucking him. I was caressing all parts of his body and sucked his nipples and gave a few bites on it. He was most of the time watching veni and smiling. I stopped and looked back at veni, she was still shut eye.

I winked at Shiju and made a licking act while pointing at veni’s crotch. He winked and nodded but again forced me to continue to suck his cock. Almost 5 minutes later, I got up and went to Veni’s side and started to softly roll my fingers over her bushy mound.

She started to move and made moaning sounds, suddenly, she caught my hair and pulled me towards her legs and spread it wide as if wanting my wet tongue to have a go at it. She was still keeping her eyes shut. I parted her thick legs and part of her bushy pubic hair.

The whole of her slit was full of sticky white cum some of it was sticking thick on the hair close to the pussy lip and some was seeping towards her anal hole. The pungent smell of the cum in combination with her leftover urine made me go mad with excitement.

I was about to start licking her love potion when Shiju tapped on my back and almost begged me to let him lick it first. I nodded and spread veni’s leg further apart. Shiju kneeled down over her spread legs and with both his hands softly spread the bushy pussy

till he could see the red flesh inside. Veni’s body was still but her mound was throbbing. Shiju put his long thick pink tongue at the edge of pussy and started to pick up the sticky love juice like an expert.

After some licking, he expertly kept some sticky cum on the tip of his tongue and invited me to taste from it, which I willingly did. Soon his licking became harder and he was probing deeper into Veni’s cunt. Her moaning became louder and to my surprise

she caught hold of Shiju’s hair and pulled him closer on her pussy while she was arching upward to receive his probing tongue. Shiju was in a kneeling position, so I went between his leg by lying on the floor and facing his hanging balls and started licking it.

I pulled his stiff cock downward and stuffed it in to my mouth and started sucking him with my wet mouth. After about 8/10 minutes of this two way sucking, Shiju pulled himself free of me and without any notice landed over Veni,

he held his hard tool over Veni’s wet and parted pussy and guided it inside in a jiffy. Veni gave a loud shriek but his 7 inch hard rod had fully vanished inside her cunt. He was motionless. With both his hands over Veni’s shoulder and hands he had pinned her down

and she could not move him away. He was trying to reach Veni’s lips. I realized Veni wanted this man away from her and there was sign of her struggling to get away, but Shiju had her completely in his grip. He knew he might be pushed off soon so in a sudden burst

he started to ram her cunt at high speed. The sound of slap...slap..Slap...slap filled the room and Veni just lay there taking those monsterous strokes. Veni had given up her resistance and Shiju had her lips completely in his mouth and was squeezing it hard

and rolling his wet tongue over it. He was hardly two minutes into this when My wife managed to release her hands from Shiju’s grip, but instead of pushing him away, she put it behind shiju’s back and softly clawed into his skin and spread her legs wider and brought them over Shiju’s

naked butts, I knew she wanted Shiju to give her, HER DREAM FUCK. Deep inside me I was cunningly smiling at the look of my wife being finally fucked by a stranger. I looked at her body shaking wildly as Shiju kept pumping his thick rod deep inside her

and his whole body landing on her soft body with every ram. Here was my whore in her elements. Shiju sensed her need and in one hard stroke held his full 7 inch rod deep inside her and remained motionless.

There was only a faint motion as Veni was arching upward to get more of Shiju’s hard rod inside her. I stood up and went towards Veni’s mouth and placed my cock, which was almost limp with excitement, over her mouth.

She held it with her left hand and guided it in her open mouth and started to suck at it while playing softly with my long hanging balls. Shiju looked at me and winked with a smile. Then he slowly started his fucking motion.

He was relaxed and was easing his hard cock smoothly in and out and watched Veni sucking at my cock. In no time my cock was hard and Veni was finding it difficult to keep it inside her mouth so she was licking the mushroom from the outside.

She wet the tip with her saliva and pointed my rod towards Shiju as if asking him whether he would like to have it too. Without hesitation he took my cock in his mouth and started to suck it. It was heavenly; he seemed like an expert at sucking.

Shiju continued his slow smooth fucking and at the same time continued his lovely sucking of my cock. As his sucking started to become more vigorous, I was reaching my climax and as it reached its peak, I ejaculated loads of my warm love juice into his mouth.

He was almost choked with the sticky cum but managed to gulp it down his throat. THREESOME WITH OUR DRIVER - PART IV My rod was still hard and Shiju continued to suck at it. After a little while I eased myself out of his mouth and let Veni suck at it for sometime.

I stood up. I was sweating though it was quite cold in the room. I went for another large whiskey. I came back with the Di-Gi camera and started to take pictures of my innocent beautiful wife being fucked for the first time by a stranger and that too in front of me.

The slow fucking was going for almost half an hour and I was getting impatient. Soon Shiju’s fucking motion started to become faster and faster. The slap…slap…slap noise was getting louder and veni’s hold on Shiju was becoming tighter.

Veni’s eyes were deep shut and she was concentrating on Shiju’s hard strokes and waiting for her final climax. It came, and with full force she arched upward and received Shiju’s now extremely hard final rams,

She was now almost whining “OH I am coming, I am coming…fuck me hard..” Then the final loud moan “Oh yeah…. Oh yeah…Oh yeah” for a few seconds and she flopped back taking Shiju with her.

He remained motionless on her with the whole of his 7 inch buried deep inside her throbbing cunt. They remained in that position for almost 5 minutes while I was taking pictures from all angles. Veni then pushed him off her and he flopped on to her side facing the ceiling,

he seemed exhausted and was taking deep breath. His cock was still as hard as it was before the fuck and was pointing towards his face. I guessed he had not ejaculated and was ready for another session with Veni.

It was fully covered with Veni’s cum and there was quite a lot of it on his pubic hair and some on his smooth hanging balls. Veni had crossed her fat thighs over each other. I went to the bed and with some effort spread her legs wide to see her cum dripping bushy pussy.

It was a sticky white mess and a lot of juice had traveled down towards her bum slit. I lay my face between her legs and started to hungrily lick the love juice. It was smelly and warm with a little pungent taste.

I cleared all the mess from in and around her pussy and then lifted her thighs to reach the rest on her bum slit and anal hole. I then reached Shiju and licked him clean of her love juice and spent a little more time enjoying sucking at his hanging balls.

He caught hold of my head and motioned me to suck his hard cock. After a little while he pulled me up on him and held me firm with one hand on my shoulder and the other on the waist. Both our bodies were warm.

He slowly moved the hands over my waist and then over my soft fleshy bums and started caressing it. Soon his middle finger was over my anal hole and tickling it. I was enjoying the feeling. Our mouths were just few inches apart and I could almost feel his sexy well blown lips.

Before he could react I grab a big part of both his lips in my mouth and started crushing it with my lips and tongue. Soon he opened his mouth and let my wet saliva filled tongue probe deep in his mouth. A lot of saliva got accumulated as we both rolled our tongues

in each others mouth and started sharing and drinking our saliva’s. He collected some sticky saliva from his mouth and placed it over my anal and started to get inside with his thick middle finger. His finger soon penetrated half inside my warm love hole and he was vigorously finger

fucking me and I was moaning softly ‘harder…harder….ooohhh I like it”. He soon got his entire finger inside my lubricated hole. My eyes were shut and so were his. Veni probably felt our movements and sat up. In front of her eyes she was seeing her husband kissing another man

deeply and getting his anal finger fucked by him. She shook us both. We both opened our eyes and looked at her but Shiju kept the whole of his middle finger still deep inside my hole. “Oh this is what you always wanted….. To be fucked by a man”.she slurred in a husky voice.

She was heady with the 4 large pegs and the hard fuck by Shiju. “where is the camera, I want to take pics of you getting fucked by Shiju”, saying this she got out of the bed and staggered a bit, probably because of the weak feeling in hers legs from the long hard fucking.

She was completely naked. Her plump body was sexy. Shiju removed his finger and pulled me a bit further up to let the tip of his hard cock touch the outer edge of my wet and open ass hole. I could feel the warmth on my hole and remained still to let him guide his dick inside.

He caught hold of my soft bums with both his hands and squeezed it hard and pushed me down over his waiting cock. It could not get in at first so I adjusted a bit and eased myself over his stiff dick. There was a sharp pain as the big cock head got in.

We remained still with only the head in till the pain subsided. Slowly he forced his dick slowly inch by inch till it was half inside. It felt as if he had already entered completely. I put my hand behind to check and was shocked to know he was only half in.

A slight fear gripped me as I wondered what will happen when he is fully inside me with this thick hard cock. My anal ring became stiff as he started to slowly do the fucking motion. He was enjoying the tight feeling of my hole which was like a virgin cunt for him.

After a few slow strokes I felt my anal relaxing and the pain was far less. He started to increase the tempo of his strokes and getting his stiff dick deeper and deeper till it was completely inside. He stopped and let his whole cock throb inside me for almost two/three minutes.

The feeling was heavenly and I was also expanding and contracting my inner muscle as if to hold his love rod in place. Then he started fucking again. Slowly in the beginning and increasing as I let him with my hole held open to receive his hard rams.

Soon there was a synchronized puch…puch…puch sound as he raised the speed of his strokes deep into me. He was ramming the whole of his 7 inch till it reached the very end inside me and then taking it out till his mushroom was almost out of the hole.

We went about for five minutes and I could feel my hole was a wet mess from my own lubricating juicy discharge inside my hole. It was like a natural lubricant. He fucked me in that position for another ten minutes till I climaxed

and with a loud moan ejaculated the whole load of my semen over his body. He had still not reached his peak, so he eased out his stiff dick and rolled me over flat on my back. He lifted both my legs from the knees and pushed it towards my shoulder.

I held my legs in the position for him to have a clear passage to my inviting wet and leaking hole. I could feel a lot of fluid flowing out and sliding down on the bed sheet and making a small wet patch there. Veni was shooting our act with the movie camera.

Shiju pointed his hard dick at my anal hole and rubbed it a few times and shoved the whole rod right till the end of his shaft. The pain was extremely unbearable. I made a loud “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh” and shut my eyes tight.

He started to ram at high speed as if to make me cry louder and louder. I seriously felt like I was being fucked by this beast. He was sweating like a pig and made loud grunting noises. His whole body was wet and some from his hair and face were dropping over my face.

I opened my lubricated hole as wide as I could but his fat cock was still tight in it. As he kept ramming, I felt like shitting and my pasty shit was trying to come out and making my hole dry. There was smell of shit in the air and I knew Shiju’s rod must be fully covered with it,

but he still continued ramming at speed without any stop for the next 10 whole minutes. There was this noisy “Puch…Puch…Puch…Puch” sound as I reached my climax once again and ejaculated over my body and my hole started to close in again,

which made it more painful from the continuing ramming from Shiju’s stiff cock. After another 5 minutes of hard fucking, Shiju made a loud Aaaaaahhh and arched upward and landed on my hole with a final hard bang and started ejaculating huge load

of his warm juice deep inside my hole. I could feel the warm liquid inside me. He remained stationary till he unloaded his entire love juice and then dropped over me with his still hard cock throbbing inside me.

I remained motionless and was concentrating on the throbbing from his cock as well as my anal muscle. It was heavenly. We remained in that position for a long time and I was caressing his wet back with both my hands like a wife doing to her husband after getting a good fuck.

I saw Veni standing close to the bed and still shooting. She made a mocking face at me, as if asking me if I enjoyed the fuck. I could only manage to give her a faint smile and a wink. After about 10 minutes of lying,

Shiju’s cock was getting softer and smaller and it smoothly eased out of my wet hole. He was also back in his senses and hurriedly got up from the bed so that his shit covered cock did not mess the bed sheet. He pulled me up too and we both staggered towards the bathroom

holding each others waist. I cleaned his cock with water and soap and also cleaned myself. I sat on the commotte to shit but held Shiju close to my face and sucked his soft cock and played with his balls.

There was still some droplets of his cum coming out from his limp cock and I licked them. I knew he was exhausted and would not ejaculate so soon, so I let him walk out of the toilet. When I came out I saw him holding Veni from her back and mauling her big melons.

I went up to them and had a threesome mouth to mouth kissing. It was 12.30 in the night. That night Shiju tried to Fuck Veni’s asshole but she did not let him, instead they had sex doggy style. I watched them from the sofa where I was sitting with another whiskey in my hand.

Soon I went to sleep. Next day I woke up at 10 am to find only Veni in the room. She had taken her bath and had put new clothes. Her body was smelling of perfume. She was smiling at me. She revealed a secret that happened while I slept like a log.

In the morning at 6.30, Shiju had finally managed to fuck her anal hole. I knew she enjoyed it very much. I thought to myself – “Well bitch, today you will be fucked by two hard rods in both holes at the same time”.

Which Shiju and Me ultimately did. That’s another story. I would love to know what you readers think of my story. Is this imagination or one that really happened? I am not surprised by what really happened in those two days.

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Sexy neighbourhood girl Geeta chechi

Hi All This is my first submission in this forum, so kindly bear with me for any mistakes or story styles My name is Vinu and is living in a Cochin, doing my degree course. Even though good looking and well built, I never had chance to have a sexual interaction with any one in my life.

The only source where I enjoyed sex was with my computer and watching sex films. One day when I was alone at home, and was masturbating watching a porn movie in my computer, my neighbour Geetha chechi came to our house looking for my mom.

My mom and father went for a marriage occasion, so I was the only person at home that time. Geethi chechi is a very sexy lady living to our next door, married with no children. Seemed like she had some problems and so she will not have kids.

Husband is working in a transportation company and sometimes so for days from home. The door was not locked and chechi came in searching for mom - and she had a peek to my room on the way. Not knowing her watching me, I continued my job.

"Ahaa…nice job"…I heard chechi's voice Not knowing what to do, I jumped out, switched off computer all of a sudden and made my clothes ok. "Now I know what you are doing" she smiled at me, and walked away… I was so ashamed and could not face her days.

When ever she comes, I used to skip facing her. One day she came to me and asked me to get fuse in her house corrected since she had an electric outage. My mom asked me to go and correct it, I had no other option but to go there.

Reaching her house, I realized that there was no one in the house other than her. I started checking the fuse, it was burnt, and I tied fresh wire to bring back the power. She asked me to have a cup of tea before I leave for which I agreed.

While we were having coffee, she asked me "Vinu, why are you watching bad movies, you are still a student. You should concentrate on studies." I regained a bit courage and answered to chechi…"Chechi, sorry for what happened that day.

I should have closed the door" "Oh..that means it was not what you did wrong, but it was you never closed the door became problem huh?..." Chechi is still holding to that "Chechi, this age, it is like that for all"…I some how completed… "Do you do that every day?

Or how often" I shocked by her this question, I never expected this even though I masturbated many times thinking of her. "Most of the days"…I smiled and slowly regained my confidence and started speaking in the same tone…

"Oh…that is nice" she came close to me in the sofa, took my palm and asked…"You are doing heavy job in this small age with this small hand…huh?" She smiled at me… "What do you think other than watching movie when you do it"

she is still holding to the same topic… "I think of being like in those movies and do the same thing to get hot" I replied… She came close to me and put her hand on top of my pants and asked…"Can I see it?"…

The question was just a formality, without waiting for my permission she opened my zip and pulled my penis out. "Wow….this is really big" she exclaimed….By that time I was half erect by this conversation She started playing with it.

I started enjoying and placed my hand over her nightie and started pressing her right boob… "Do you want to suck it?" she asked…"Yes" I replied… She unhooked her nightie and opened up the front portion and pulled out her beautiful breast…

"Wow…" it was so beautiful and big with big nippled… I jumped on to it like a tiger jumps over its prey. I started squeezing both…. "Chechi, can you please remove your nightie"..I asked…"Ofcourse, why not?", she replied.

She stood up and pulled her nightie over. She also unhooked her bra and pulled it out. I was watching chechi with just a skirt in my front of me. Beautiful boobs and lovely figure. I got full hard and blood started throbbing in my penis.

I felt like it is going to burst out. Chechi made me stand and pulled my t-shirt over and unzipped my pants and jetty. She hugged me tight and her big breast pressed against my chest….She started kissing me wild and bit my lips I was turning violent along with her…

I pulled her on to the sofa and started kissing her wild. I took one of her breast nipple in mouth while sqeezing other. She reached to my cock with her hand meanwhile and started pressing it hard… I stood up and pulled her skirt up…

She was wearing nothing underneath…Her beautiful pussy got revealed in front of me. My first view of a live pussy I touched it, a pussy with little her…seems like she shaved it some time back It was so soak and wet that I felt the juice every where.

I bent down and kissed on it. The smell of her pussy juice made me mad, I started licking her pussy… "Ahh…" she started moarning and pressed my head more close… I pushed my tongue inside and started licking from botton to top inside the valley of her pussy…

She was grabbing my hair and pulling me more and more inside. After few minutes I was turning so hot. I got up and made her stand in a doggy style. I pulled her skirt up again from back and tried to position my cock.

She pulled her hand and reached my cock from below and positioned my cock. "Push now" she said…."Ohhhhh….it was sooooooo good"…My cock slowly slid down her pussy channel. It was so pleasant, the mild hot tight lubricant pussy was driving me crazy.

I pulled out and pushed again… Soon I started like a big piston moving in and out soooo fast…. "Vinu….do it…do it….ahhhhh…" she was moarning with her boobs hanging and swinging. I grabbed them and squeezed it while pumping in and out…

"I am cominggggggggg…………..faaaaassssssssssssttttttttt…" She moarned loud I was also very close with my first experience, I was moving up to a wonderful experience and made my first pumping of thick milk deeeep to her pussy…

One after other, it lasted for few seconds to drain out… She got up, turned to me, smiled and gave me a great kiss. "Don’t waste your energy looking to computers like that any more, may be I can help you" She smiled. I was sooo happy, felt like saying "hurrrrraay"

"Vinu, do come here when you get time" she said. I said "ok", gave her a deep kiss and one more press on her boobs before she proceeded to bath room. I put my dress and walked back my home happily with the satisfaction of my first ever fucking event.

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Humping desperate housewife

Dear all I am regular reader of Human Digest stories, and lots of stories I have seen which inspired me to write my life experience when I was working in a leading telecom company in Calicut. I am JUN (not willing to disclose my name now).

Average guy with 6 feet height with sporty look. I am here describing about a desperate wife Nazeera (not a real name) she is hot, very fair looking 26 years and 5 feet 2 inches height with good shaped boobs. And her butts are awesome in a good shape.

A typical north Malabar homely lady One of my friend lets call him ‘ MASH” he is a dance teacher who take dance classed for all children and train students for major events. He got a place in the city which is rented from a big shot near their house.

MASH gave me one landline number to call him as and when required. When I got an immediate requirement to call him I dialed the landline number. The other side one lady attended her name is Nazeera ( Not Real Name).

She attended the phone, I requested to call Mr. “MASH” she said to hold and she send some one to inform because the dance class happens in the near by building. Her voice was erotic. The same calls continued and one day I asked MASH,

who is the lady attends the call regularly, he said she is the second daughter in law of the owner. On fine day morning I called and she attended the call, as usual she send some one to call “MASH”. Today she started asking about me “Ningal aara” (who are you) calling Mash

Regularly. I said I am his best friend. Then my friend came and attended the call. The next day I made a call and she took the phone. She said today the dance academy is on leave so your friend is not there, I said ok thanks,

then she said “ Ningal friendinode Mathrame Samsarikkoollo” ( you will talk to your friend only what ?). I said no!, she said she was simply joking. They I said sorry madam I thought you people will be very reserved to talk to any other person. Nothing like that.

Then our conversation continued for a long time. I felt she is coming closer to me with open talk, what are all happened near her house and her family. She took my mobile number and used to call me always. Because her Husband is working abroad and she got a small child of 2 years.

Daily she will finish the house hold work and used to make call to my mobile. The talk will last for hours. One day we where in the discussion about her family member who got divorce recently. I asked what the problem was.

She said the man was addicted to alcohol and failed in his family life. I asked what make him fail. She said “SEX”. I asked her how you know about it. She said her relative said about it. I thought this is the right time to start Non Veg.

I asked are you satisfied in your sex life. She said in my early days I was, but now I am not, I asked why?. She said if you promise me that you will not discuss about this to any on then I will. I said “Promise” She said her husband had a good time

in the time of her marriage and after one menthe he went abroad. After a long year he came and took her to UAE, he is a owner of a supermarket in UAE, every day he will come in the after noon between 1.00 PM and 4.00 Pm to have lunch,

if he wish he will use her to get climax and he used to go on a sleep. Her husband used to return, at midnight and go for a sleep. She said these activities made me hesitant on sex and my sexual life is not that good. I said Don’t get emotional.

Everything will be alright. She said what will get alright. Her husband sent her for her delivery to Calicut back. After the delivery he came twice never had a word to take me to UAE, and he is shellfish to get his climax he is not at all thinking about me.

I said if I say something don’t get angry, she asked what. I said why don’t you masturbate. She laughed and said that is only my relief. Suddenly I asked her “Can I help you to satisfy your needs”. She got stunned and there is no works from her side.

She disconnected the phone. Next day she called and said what you said yesterday made me shock and I was thinking about you in the whole night. I asked what you feel. Leave that matter and we will talk some thing else,

in all discussion I use to come to the same point on her desperation. They we planned to meet. I said her to come to a Browsing Centre ( the centre is very good to have fun). She said no. In evening she called me from some other number and said she is there in her Mothers place

came for a week’s time it is near to my room. When she said that I said now it is easy to come and meet you. She said no my father and mother are here. In the same day I was on a deep sleep I got a call at 11.00PM night. It was from the same number.

She invited me to her house in desecrate, she said to come that moment itself. I asked will it become a problem. She said her father and mother are in the first floor and they slept tight. Went to her colony and found her house according to her guidance,

she called me and she took the wire less phone to guide me to come inside her house, she made all arrangement to enter inside through kitchen. She came to the gate end took me to her Bed room, when we entered her room she said “shhhhh” my son is sleeping don’t make sounds.

I said ok, till this time we never met together. I said I w\ant to see her in lights, she took me to the bath room and switched on the lights. I got surprised!!!!!!, my god what a nice women with 28’- 29-32 size she was about 5”2’ Height and looking fair

and her main attraction was her boobs. I got stunned in the bathroom and she switched off the lights and came out. She took me to her bed and we where sitting closer. She said I called to see only ok, with a smile I said ok.

I slowly moved my hands to her shoulders she said hmmmm. Then I said my dear why do we waste our time looking together can in touch your boobs. She said no. but I made pressure to reach my hands at her boobs.

Awesome I was very fine and smooth from out side then I started kissing her cheeks, she got arose and she started kissing me also. Then I showily removed her top of chudi, visibility was poor in the \room still I can make out the shape of her boobs.

I pressed her boobs. And unhooked her bra, It was wonderful ho see the boobs. She said to bite on her nipples I squeezed and made the nipples in my mouth. I was literally playing with her boobs, she loved that action also.

I asked her to remove the pants she removed that, and then I tried to remove her panties. She refused to do so. I asked why? She said we will have fore play and finish; I got disappointed with this and continued my play with her boobs.

I made my self free off my clothes except my trunks. We where on the bed hugging and biting her nipples. I took her hands and placed on my hard dick outside my panty. She got shocked and asked me, what a big dick you have. I smiled and continued with my play.

She started creasing my dick and playing with her hands. She asked me how many lucky women had a chance to play with this dick I said, I have experience with one of my neighbor aunty, she is my guru( I will describe that story later).

She asked did she make this big? I said ya!!!. How he helped to make your dick big. I said her favorite position was 69 and she was a good sucker. She love to have my cum in her mouth. Like that I used my dick from my teen age so it becomes so big.

Suddenly she changed her position and she made me stand, I was surprised on her action she removed my panty and she started sucking my dick. I was flying in a heaven, I never said any thing. She started morning “hmmmmm” ahhhhhhh, shhhhhh.

She was witting in her bed I was standing she took both my hands and made me to crease her boobs. Still she is busy on sucking my cock. Finally I feel like to come; I took my dick out of her mouth and said I feel like to come.

She said not only your neighbor aunty like the cone in the mouth, I too like the same. Suddenly I filled mouth with my cum and she found satisfied Still she never allowed me to remove her panties. I said her to show me,

she said if I show you will start some thing and I will loose my control. She said” this is not a safer periods to have sex, I am afraid of the pregnancy. Ok I will not fuck you, at least show your cunt, with hesitance she showed me her pussy.

It was well cleaned and shaved. It I put my middle finger in to it and found so warm and lubricated. I asked see your pussy wants me to fuck it. She said “hmmmm, kalla kutta, ninte Kali manassilirikkatte” she pushed me out and started to put her panties.

I asked what is this dear you sucked my, why don’t I? With reluctance she said ok. Immediately I removed her panty and took her pussy in my mouth. Using my tongs I cleaned the outer fluid and it tasted nice. I played a lot with her clitoris.

And her “meat spike” when I looked up. She was out of control and closed her eyes. I found he is enjoying it. I sucked her pussy in all possible position and I found she met her climax two times her pussy fountain started to flow in my mouth it made me active and did my maximum.

Suddenly she stood up and changed her position now we where in 69. We enjoyed a lot sucking and liking together. After some time we had lots of climaxes together. When we were lying on the bed, she asked if I allow your dick inside, can you play safe.

I surprised and said ya? She reminded me to take out before I come. She lay on her position and I sat in between her legs to position my dicks. Slowly I rubbed my dick with her pussy she moaned hmmmmmm, haaaaaaa,

eda enthina enne ingane kollathe kollunne” (why are you killing me like this) “akathekku Kayattu kutta”. I entered my dick in side it was so warm and tight. I slowly started jerking with my hip, I saw she is hugging me tight, slowly, slowly I started the speed and.

Our play went a long time because. I hade 3 climaxes already. Her nails made some marks in my back. She got 2 climaxes at that moment. Suddenly I felt like coming and took it out. She asked is it coming, I said yes!

Immediately she took my penis in her mouth and started sucking. Finally I filled all my cum in her mouth. After that activities we where laid on the bed hugging together for a long time. I said I have to go she said. Don’t go today you hide some where here in my room and will go tomorrow.

I laughed and said we will have the same according to our convenience and time. After that she made the same arrangement for me to come out of the house. Still I continue the relationship. We met once in a week.

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First time gay sex with Sarath

Hi, I'm james from kochi… I'm new to this site n so hooked to it already …. I have already read most of the stories and now u can read mine. Lemme describe myself. I'm 5'11''. Sports moulded body.

To tell you the truth I'm hetrosexual by which I mean that I have already had sex with guys and gurls. The story is about my neighbour Boy Sarath. He is thin n has a gurlish face with an awesome long penis with complete covered fore skin.

We were great friends for long time. We used to play, study n have fun together. We had no signes of infactuation for each other at beginnin. We used to watch Ftv when his parents were not at home. At first we used to just watch until we get bored.

This went on for a while until one day he asked if I have touched anybody elses penis n I said "no".He said his friend had come over today at his place n they kinda felt each others penis for a while.he also specified that it felt good.

Then we talked about mastrubation n stuffs and we decided to mastrubate watching the channel. While doin so I looked at his penis,it was awesome. We continued this for few days until one day both of us decided to touch each others penis.

He first held my tool in his had and looked at it in all angles and started pressing it. It was a great feeling to actually feel and know tat somebody else was holding and infact touching my penis for the first time.He played with it for a while and it was my turn.

I was so bloody nervous that my whole body was cold. He unzipped his burmuda and stood very close to me. I was sitting so his penis was right in front of my face. I slowly pulled down his jetty and took his tool in my hand and pressed it quite hard.

I was scannin his penis, not knowing my face was very close to his penis. He was feeling hot when the warm breeze from my mouth hit his penis. He came very close to me and gave me a small kiss on my lips and I kissed him back.

Then he told me to close my eyes. I did so. He slowly started rubbing his penis on my lips and cheeks and I din resist.|He slowly parted my lips with his fingers and slid in his tool into my mouths. The warmth made him even more hornier and asked me to play

with my tongue on his tool. It was amazing.After a while he pulled out his tool and sat on his knees and took my tool in his mouth and started sucking it. I completely lost control and was runnin my had all over his body in excitement.

After few minutes he got up we continued watching Ftv and mastrubated.But this time there was a difference…. I was mastrubating his and he was doin mine. We had an amazing ejaculation. This went on for 4 years.

Until both of us got girlfriends and we moved on. We maybe he did move on. But not me. I'm missing those days like hell and would love to have someone to have fun once in a while.

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Sex with David

Hi Human Digest readers, I am Deepa who lives currently in United States. I met Mr. David thru this great site. Let me tell you my great sex story with Mr. David. Thru chat we met each other. Initially we exchanged our photos. We talked over the phone a lot.

Over the phone, his voice seemed to be very sexy. After talking to David. I felt that I have a great likening on him. So he agreed to come and meet me. We met at a Hotel. When I met him at Hotel, my heart was beating hard. I started to have butterflies in my stomach.

Let me tell about Mr. David and Myself. Mr. David, he is a 6 ft 2" tall, fair skinned and athletic body. He wore a black tee shirt and black pants. He is handsome and smart. He had sexy brown eyes, black hair and little mush. I am a petite 5 ft 2 inches.

I wore a Red top, blue bra, black pants and white laced panties. He greeted me with a great sexy smile when I came to the hotel. I also greeted him with a warm smile. He took me to his room which was neatly decorated.

Still I was afraid of him; because this was the first time I am seeing him in person. He hugged me passionately, still I was afraid. He kissed my wet lips. His lips are hot. After kissing me he slowly opened my red top and blue bra he started pressing my soft breasts hard.

He sucked my boobs and bites my boobs. This made me hot. I urged to have great sex with him, but still it was first time I am seeing him. I felt an electricity shock in my body. He again caressed my soft creamy boobs. He started kissing my rosy lips.

I felt his mouth, it was warm and hot. Then he took me to his bed. Removed my pants and underwear slowly and easily, he inserted his long fingers into my wet and hot Pussy. He started playing his fingers in my wet pussy; he played in my G-spot.

I felt my pussy juices were coming out. Juices oozed out. I started to have orgasms since he was playing his fingers in my vagina. I was hot, it made fire in my pussy, and I felt my control was gone. Then he took his big Penis and put it inside my pussy and pushed hard.

He pushed his penis into the vagina. He got his orgasms, and he poured his hot liquid into my vagina. I felt every inch of pleasure in my body. Wow it was great. He gave a great fuck for me and I enjoyed every bit of the fuck. Sex with him made me hot.

I started loving him more and wanting him more. I urged for more sex and fun with him. This was first sex I had with Mr. David. Next day morning it was again time to have more fun and sex. That day was a pleasant Morning.

In the morning before having breakfast he requested have sex with me. He made sex with me. Then we had our special breakfast. Again we started our great sex play. He started caressing my wet lips, soft boobs and other body parts.

He squeezed and pressed and bites my soft boobs which made me and him hot. I was screaming with pleasure and joy. My pussy was wet. Now I felt like kissing his hairy chest. I kissed his hairy chest. I pressed my fingers on his head, chest and his back.

Also I wanted to play with his big, long, hot tool. By now I felt his tool was hot. I love his hot tool. I caressed his penis with my mouth and tongue. I licked his penis. His penis was long. I took his penis in the mouth. I played with his Penis for a while.

So after playing penis and boobs, we found that its time to put the tool into my vagina. Because my vagina was needing his hot tool. He took the tool out his underwear and inserted into my pussy. He started pumping his tool hard one gain into my pussy.

He fucked me hard. He fucked me hard several time all thru the day in different positions. He performed a great hard fuck in Doggie style which gave me a big orgasm and he made me scream. We played till evening that day. Next day morning again we met.

The time has come. He had to fly back to his home for his work. Again before parting he sucked my boobs and sucked my wet lips and he put his tool into my pussy after caressing my body. He pushed hard into my pussy. We both had our orgasms.

That was final play we had. He fucked me 5 times. He is a hot guy. I love him very much. After we had fun and we parted to work place. I am looking forward to meet him soon. Readers: I hope you enjoyed my story. Have fun and enjoy. Have a Wonderful Day.


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