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Hot sex with Vanessa

Like with any Indian family, we had a maid who used to come every day to wash clothes and clean the house. She was an 18-year old girl named Vanessa. I was a typical teenager - extremely horny and masturbated everyday.

Vanessa was not pretty but she had nice round breasts and a nice ass. She used to wear salwar kameez and while working she'd keep the dupatta away. I had a good idea for peeping into others' blouses and cleavage without anyone noticing.

I had seen my neighbour aunty's cleavage several times through the toilet window and have masturbated thinking about her. So when Vanessa used to clean the house, she would bend. I would sneak a peek at her boobs.

She wore a bra but her boobs were really big and a large part of her boobswould be exposed. I started noticing these things right from the day she joined. I used to masturbate many times thinking of her boobs. One day after bath I was dressing up in my room.

Most of my people were out and the house was practically empty. So I had not locked the room. As I was drying myself completely naked, Vanessa entered meaning to clean the room. She saw me in nude and giggled and ran away.

I was really turned on by this incident. After that, I used to deliberately strip naked and start putting on my clothes when she entered. So she had seen my dick lots of times. I decided to take things further. So I made a plan.

I knew she would come into the bathroom to fill the bucket with water to wipe the floors. I went into the bathroom and started masturbating knowing fully well she'd walk in any moment. And she did. A look of total amazement was on her face on seeing my fully erect penis

and she ran away being embarassed. A few days later, she went to the bathroom and did not latch it. I took advantage of this. I stripped naked and went in. I saw her with her pajamas and chaddi down having just finished peeing.

On seeing her like this I had an instant erection. I caught her by the shoulders dragged her to the bedroom and undressed her. She did not resist at all. I went down on her pussy and started sucking hungrily. She was wet all over within no time and this excited me even more.

I then bit her pussy lips and she screamed in ecstacy. I then moved to her navel and played with it using my tongue. By this time she was almost having orgasms. My prick was absolutely straight and was starting to hurt. I told her to take it in her mouth.

She refused at first saying it's too big. But I forced it into her mouth and she sucked hungrily. I almost came but managed to pull out. I then ran my fingers over her entire body, then played with her boobs. I pinched her nipples first slowly and then hard.

Then I started sucking them and she was moaning very loudly trying to push me to enter her. But I held on and started biting her nipples and she cried in excitement. This foreplay went on for about half an hour. By this time, I was also starting to tire.

I went on top of her and forced my erect dick into her extremely tight pussy. She was extremely wet but that did not help much. Iused some saliva to lubricate my dick and that also did not work. She was just a tight virgin.

I decided to go for it and thrust my dick into her with all my power. She cried in pain. Blood came from her pussy almost immediately. I just stayed in her till she stopped crying. She begged me to leave her but I was not going to.

I slowly withdrew my dick and started going in and out of her in a slow and rhythmic fashion. It was difficult at first but after a few entries she started moaning in pleasure. I fucked her like this for an entire hour and fell back on the bed exhausted. That was my first sex experience and it was damn exciting!

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Pumping my dream woman Shweta aunty

Before advancing with my story let me give u the picture of my dream woman, SHWETA, my aunt in-law. She was around 35, about 5 yrs elder to me. 5’5” inches tall with average body structure. She has got a semi-dark complexion with rosy full lips below her sharp nose.

Her hair touches her hips every time she lets them go loose. A perfect 34-32-36 figure. And every time I have been close to her body, the aroma of it has always helped to arouse my wildest senses.

This is my Shweta and now let me share with u wonderful people the most exciting afternoon of my life. It was a Saturday afternoon. My family members have all left for my in-law’s house to attend a function, which was around 50 kms drive from my place.

Since I had some important works at my office so I could not go. It was decided that I would complete my work and join them later. Luckily my work got over a bit early and I got the chance to come back quickly than my schedule. I thought of utilizing this time.

So before going for my bath I thought of doing some physical work-outs. Also just 2-3 days before I had bought one XXX DVD which I did not get the time to check. So I turned it on along with a slow music and started my physical exercises.

I was concentrating more on my physical work-outs so I was not getting that much excited. But still I was feeling that pinch down, under. Then there was this noise of my door-bell. I opened the door and ooohh…laaa... SHWETA was standing in front of me.

I got so excited seeing her that I almost forgot everything. While exchanging words I got to know that she too had to delay her trip to my in-law’s house for some urgent office works. Her husband and 5 yrs old son has already left for there.

From my wife she has come to know that I would be going late and that’s the reason for her sudden visit. During our conversation my eyes were continuously surveying her body from top to bottom. She was as usual very formally dressed and her hairs were locked.

She had the minimum of make-up on her face. She was carrying an air-bag with her and we both were standing. Then I realized that her eyes were also grazing all around my bare chest and on the slight rising downside that has caused due to the semi-hard erection of my dick.

Thanks to my tight sports under-wear. I then came to my consciousness and felt very embarrassed for making her stand so long and to present myself in such a manner. I conveyed it to her and told to make her comfortable, as no one is around and I am very poor in hospitality.

She asked me what was I doing as I am sweating so badly. Hearing my answer she burst out into laughter. “How many more women do you want to kill?” she asked me in a wrapped voice. “Come on let me wipe your sweat”. She took the hand towel and followed me to my bedroom.

I had completely forgotten about the movie by then. So when she too entered the room with me I was in a total shameful state. I hurried to switch off the T.V. and then the player, and in doing so the towel unwrapped itself.

Nothing could be more shameful for me and also for her I thought in my mind. I looked up at her and saw her gazing wildly at my erected dick. I somehow managed to pick up the towel and again place it in its old position. Now we both started laughing loudly.

She came close to me and told me to turn around. “Now I understood what sort of exercise you were doing inside”, she told me still giggling. I did not try to give any explanation as I knew it won’t help. So I stood silently, as if waiting for a punishment.

She continued, “Do you enjoying watching it alone, without a partner? I never enjoyed watching these stuffs without your uncle. What’s the use if you can’t enjoy the practical part?” Though we were friendly but never have we discussed anything like this before.

So I felt a bit nervous and didn’t know how to react. The hardness of my dick was now getting out of control. “You were never that shy, why are you out of words now?” she asked me still rubbing my back. But this time I was also feeling the touch of her fingers.

Her next question completely bowled me out. “Have you ever fantasized about me?” She has stopped rubbing my back and there was a pin-drop silence. The next thing that happened was out of my equations. I turned around took her in my arms and smooched her wildly.

She was not at all surprised rather it seemed as if she was waiting for it to happen. With every passing second we came more close to each other and our kisses and hugs became more intimate and passionate.

She wrapped me round with her hands, scratching my bare shoulders with her beautifully shaped nails. I had put my hand on her bumps and was pumping them slowly. My rock-solid dick was getting rubbed at the joint of her legs.

Her body aroma was becoming more tantalizing and I got swayed into the heavenly world of passionate lust. I tried to slid my hand through her kurta and touch her belly. The moment she felt my touch over there she with a push freed her from my arms.

Her eyes were still close and she had that usual mysterious smile on her face. She was breathing heavily as her boobs were dancing with the rhythm of her heart beat. I felt very ashamed as well as nervous for this action.

I apologized to her for this and told her that she has been in my dreams from the very first day I saw her and today the as she was so close to me I couldn’t control my deepest desires. “You have made me wet by your sweats, just look.

Now go and have your bath and I will dress up by then or else we would get late”, she commanded me in her usual tone and left the room. As she left I helplessly just watched the swaying of her hips slowly moving out of my sight.

I took a little extra time in the bathroom as I shaked away the hot creams from inside. I came out and yet there was no sign of her. I thought better not to disturb her as I was not feeling comfortable for my past action. Knock – knock, “may I come in.”

She was standing at my room’s door, wearing a white transparent sari, with a black designer bra. Her hairs were open and she was wearing a nose-ring also. It seemed to me that a statue of khajuraho has come to life and is standing in front of me.

She came close to me with slow steps, her head knelt slightly down and eyes closed. “Your servant is in your service my lord. Tell me how I can please you.” I was dumb tucked. I kept on looking at her body’s every exposed part.

She pushed and made me sit on my bed and stood in front of me. I wrapped her waist and brought her close to me and then tugged my face into her chest. I don’t remember how long we were like that. It seemed as if two long separated lovers has met each other all by sudden.

I then removed the upper part of her sari and kissed her naval. Slowly then I put my tongue in it and licked it. I was thrusting my lips slowly and slowly deepening the hole a bit by bit. She caught my hairs tight with excitement.

And for the very first time did I heard the moaning sound coming out from her mouth. I pulled her on the bed and kissed her lips slowly, enjoying the rolling of her tongue inside my mouth as we got more and more passionate.

I have by now unhooked her bra and let those hot mounds of flesh come out of their bondage. I was pressing them one at a time. “Uhh……aaaaaa……... Somu you are hurting me. They are my boobs not your tennis ball.” I released my grips and massaged them with great ease.

Her pinkish nipples have hardened and were pointing straight to my mouth. I rubbed them slowly with my palm. “Uhhh……..aaaaahh……uhhhhh, yoouu are reaaaally treating them good, my loovvve, ouuuch, don’t stop caaarryy onnn, aaaahhh…aahhh.

Suck onnne, suuuck the otherrrr one.” her voice wrapped up in her throat every time she spoke something. I brought my tongue close to the other boob and licked it slowly as a cat drinks its milk and with the other I was either massaging it

or was rubbing the nipple against my rough palm. Her eyes were closed and her belly was shaking with excitement. “Do you like it my dream girl?” I asked her, expecting some sort of good, satisfying answer. Instead with her hand she pressed my mouth on her boob tightly.

Now her entire right boob was inside my mouth. Now there was no more licking, I was sucking that fleshy lump. It was going deeper and deeper inside my mouth. My teeth and my tongue were in full action now. “Oh yes, go on, go on, tear it apart. Press it harder.

Let me see how much strength you have.” I kept on sucking and biting them and pressing them hard turn by turn. I was playing with her boobs like a little puppy playing with a doll. My cock was rock hard and it was paining. She opened the towel and threw it away.

Now she was trying to reach for my bumps with her fingers, stretching them as much as possible. I raised my head and kissed her lips deeply. She now grabbed my cock and was rubbing it by her palm. A current flew pass my body.

We gave a roll and she came on top of me. Her experienced hands were still on my dicks fondling it according to her desires. She kissed me on my chest then on my nipples. She bit me with her teeth and looked at my face. She was looking very beautiful.

Her hairs have covered a part of her face and some of them are on my chest and on my face. I removed them and pulled her up to kiss her lips again. I removed the sari completely from her body exposing her beautiful thighs and more beautifully curved hips.

I slid my hands through the designer panty into her hips and pressed them slowly. She was rolling her tongue inside my mouth and sucking my lips and then chewing them. At the same time she was also playing with my dick. After staying like this for few more mins.

she slide down and took the dick in her mouth. “Wow”, was all that came out from me. She licked it slowly wetting every inches of it with her saliva. She then rubbed the head of it with her palm slowly. Instantly I felt current flowing through my body. It was an experience I never had.

She kept on doing it for few more seconds and then put the thing in her mouth. “Uffff……..shwetaaaaa….mmmmm…come on my looooove.” I wasn’t able to speak properly. I caught her hairs and started fucking her mouth,

trying to add extra inches every time I thrust my dick in it. She was an excellent cock-sucker. That was a hell of a blowjob which I have never experienced before and guess nobody will be able to do the same. I was about to cum and I wanted to withdraw it from her mouth.

But she insisted to keep it inside and as I cummed she swallowed every drop of it. She licked it again, every little portion of it with her tongue. “Oh God, you are the Goddess of Kama, my love. I have loved you from the day I have seen you.

Never did I think I would get the chance to tell it you and that also when we are soooo close to each ohhhther. I don’t……..care what u……….. feeeeel…….uuuhhhhh…..aaaahhh……..about me, but I love you.” She came up and again kissed me on my face,

on my eyes and then attacked my lips. “Can’t you feel what’s inside my mind?” she uttered the words, her eyes straight in mine. I gently kissed on her forehead. I rolled her down and went for her cunt which was already wet by then. I kissed her belly, her naval, and her back.

Licking and sucking every single inch of her skin. She was moaning and it again made my dick go hard. I kissed her thighs and fingered them slowly. I spreaded her legs and touched her cunt with my two fingers and I was massaging the outer walls.

It was clean shaved as was her armpits. I kissed the adjoining areas and then place my tongue in the cunt. Uuuhhhhh……. I licked it and juice was rolling down from there. She pressed my head more in it and deeper in did my tongue went. I was licking her pussy.

My tongue went deep inside as far its reach was. I was fucking her with my tongue. At the same time my hands were busy playing with her boobs. “ U devil, uuuhhhh….aaahhhhh”, she gave a little jerk and there she was cumming.

She has caught my hairs so tight it seemed they would tear off. Slowly she released her grips. My cock was thirsting to enter that cave and drink those sweet juices. I took my dick in my palm and rubbed it agaist her wet pussy,

as if to acquaint it with a new surroundings and then slowly and slowly inserted it inside her bit by bit. “Somuuuu… aaahhh..aahhh…u naughty. Don’t make me mad, aahhh…” After inserting few inches I stopped and I started pushing it in and out of the den.

“Ohhh God,..mmmmm… stop playing with me. I want to taste it full inside me.” I knew she was going mad with excitement but I was enjoying it. I wanted to punish her. She understood my intention and told me “ I am all yours Somu, why are you giving me this pain?

Plzzz fuck me hard, real hard, my love. Don’t play with me you devil come on show your aunt you a re the mannn…..uuhhh….of her dreams. Uuhhh…. Mmmmmm, fuck me, fuck me hard.” I was now in full control over her.

I continued likewise for few more minutes and then completely took it out. I took my cock near her lips and inserted it inside her mouth. “ Do you like the taste of your own orgasm my love?” She was as wild as an untamed horse. She sucked it like hell.

“Ohhh….goood, uuhhh….you are really the best cock-sucker I have mmm…..uuhhhh…… come across, you are the best myyyy…uuumm… love, you are the ultimate.” I fucked her mouth again and again. She was grasping for air after few strokes. She caught me tight.

I pulled it out from her mouth. I noticed that my dick has enlarged more than usual. Normally it doesn’t come to this size. I went near her pussy, licked it like a cat and then rolled my dick against the walls of it.

“Please somu now, pleeeeease….mmmm….now, nooow…. aaaahhhh……aaahhhh…..you devil.” I have inserted the entire dick inside her den in one stroke. And it made her cry in pain. I pulled it out a bit and thrusted it again inside fully.

After 2-3 strokes the rod got lubricated and it was feeling like passing a hot knife through butter. I kept fucking her hard as I could. She enjoyed every cms of my dick drilling through her wet cunt. “My baby uuhhhh…..uuummm….mmmm….uuhh…uuhh… you want to do push-ups,

mmmm…. Give your aunt thirty push-ups Rambo, hard one.” I took a pillow and placed below her hip and started my push-ups. Every time I was taking the rod full out and then full in. Uuuhhhh…….uussss…yeessss…yesss…yesss…uummm….

At the count of twenty-two she did her second orgasm. My back was bruised by scratches of her nails. Her body aroma had become like a wild flower intoxicating me more and more. We rolled over and now she took charge of the situation.

My dick has become numb by now and was losing its hardness. She took it inside her mouth and started sucking it, tasting again her vaginal juice. She was wild; desperate to have the last fuck. She took it in her palm and massaged it and then again sucking it,

trying to put the entire piece down her throat. My dick was slowly regaining its hardness. She placed the cock in her pussy and sat on me. She was now fucking herself. “Uuuhhhh….uuffff….aaahhhh…..” With every stroke she was accelerating her speed.

She was enjoying the best horse ride of her life. My dick was penetrating deep inside her vagina touching the inner wall every time it went inside. “Soomuu…my love, you have sent mmmm……me to the seventh heaven uuuhhhh.

I don’t want to lose you everrr…ever aaahhh….mmmmm…uuhhhh. I felt the juices dropping on my body. I wanted to remove the dick from her cunt cause I was about to cumm. She got up and started to suck my dick. She was massaging it, sucking it and out came the hot lava.

It was all over her face and she was licking my dick clearing up every drop of the cream on it. She looked up at my eyes. She was still having that naughty smile on her face. I pulled her up and we kissed each other. We held each other tightly because we knew it was time for us to get back to reality and we didn’t want this dream to get over.

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Fucking sexy office assistant

Hi to all the readers of this site well I m a great fan of this site & have read almost all the stories on this site. This site is a great platform to share each other experiences. I found many of the stories very well described & dick rising. Now I think I should come to the point.

Well first of all let me introduce my self to you Im Raj from south Delhi doing job in a MNC as a regional head & having office in South Delhi only. This story is about me & my assistant Rashmi. She is a Perfect gal with perfect figure of 32-30-34 at the age of 21 years.

I happened only a week prior with me. I always had a desire to fuck a beauty as my friend used to tell me all there stories that how they fucked their gal friends but I never had a chance or the luck. Actually I was searching for a Office assistant for my office

so I had asked a consultant to provide a suitable candidate to me. After giving all requirements for the assistant we fixed up a date for the interview of the candidates. On the fixed date when I came to office I saw 3-4 gals waiting in the office for the interviews but no one

was that much experienced to handle the profile. After I finished up the interviews I was just looking at the resumes of the candidates then I heard a knock at the door & when the door was opened there she appeared i.e. Rashmi.

When I saw her I could not take my eyes off her she was a perfect beauty with perfect dress combination. I had a hard on by looking at her assets in my mind I was thinking whether she would be able to clear the interview & when I started she was well up to the marks.

She was confident & very much frank. In the interview itself she told me that she has a Boyfriend & I was surprised that she told me all this in the interview itself. Anyways I decided to select her & she joined the office with in a week. I had no bad intensions at that time for her.

As she was my assistant she used to sit with me in my cabin so that she can learn all her work. With in 2-3 days she became very much frank with me. One day there was no work for me so we were free for the whole day she told me she is feeling sleepy

so I asked her if she wish she can sleep to which she asked me if she can keep her head on my shoulder firstly I said no but she said that she has such habit otherwise she can not sleep & once again requested me to which I agreed.

She was so close to me I couldn’t believe & at that was the moment I decided to fuck her. One day we were discussing about each other personal life in the discussion she told me that she is virgin & her Boy friend have never touched her & once he tried to kiss her

to which he slapped him & after that he never attempted to kiss her again to which I asked her what if I kiss u??? she said no ways if I kiss her on cheeks its ok but no lip kiss I Said ok. I asked her to kiss on my left cheek to which she kissed

then I asked to kiss on right cheek & she kissed there also then I asked her to kiss on fore head & she kissed then I played a trick I asked her to kiss on chin as soon as she was going to kiss on chin I just moved my face & forwarded my lips & she kissed on lips & was shocked

that I did this but didn’t said a word. Later on I asked her to put her head on my shoulder & take rest & I kept my hand on her shoulder. Now I started rubbing her shoulder & slowly-slowly hairs to which she closed her eyes & started breathing heavily

I took courage & kept my lips very close to hers & placed a soft kiss then started kissing heavily to which she also responded our lips looked & tongues met & we were lip locked for about 5 mins. When we finished up she was shy & was not looking in my eyes

I aksed her what happened??? She said “nothing I have never kissed any one on lips” to which I replied “there are so many things which we do first time” this went on for couple of days & apart from kissing I started taking more courage & started playing with her boobs

I used to fondle them & suck them & she used to corporate with me & even she started sucking my dick also at first she was hesitating is sucking but in excitement she started doing it so she said she has not done it earlier but when she sucked It looks

like she has a good practice of this. Now I decided to fuck her bcoz we did every thing but could not fuck her as there were so many people in the office & I had no other place to take her so on Saturday when there was no one in office apart form both of us

as it was a off day for us but due to some urgent we both had to come. After finishing the work we were talking to each other but I was thinking of fucking her rather then wasting time in chatting with each other.

I asked her to sit on sofa which was there in my cabin so that we can talk & we both sat on sofa with her head resting on my shoulder I started rubbing her shoulder again & she became hot we kissed each other passionately as we didn’t have any fear that any one can come.

She was wearing salwar kamiz on that day & was looking damn sexy. While kissing I kept my hand on her right boob & started pressing gently as the kissing went deeper I inserted my hand in the kameez & unhooked her bra from the back so that I can get access

to press her boobs easily wow what a lovely boobs she had they were like a ripe mango firm & perfect round I took one of her boobs in mouth & started sucking it & she was in heavens & moaning with long breaths she made sounds like AAAAAAHhhhhhhh

……..UUUUHHHHHHH……which made me more excited I kept on sucking both of the boobs one after the other & while doing this I removed her kameez & bra. She also opened up my zip & was searching for my dick for her convenience

I helped her out to take out my monster out of the cage. I was sucking her boobs heavily & she was giving me a blow job but I didn’t want to waste my load so I asked her to just suck it for a little while only. I took some more courage & inserted my one hand in her salwar

kept my hand on her pussy over her panty she again moaned aaaaaahhhhhhh…..uuuuuuhhhhhhhh then I removed her salwar & now she was in only panty in front of me…WOW what a sight it was must to watch a perfect,

sexy gal only in her panty lying in front of me. I kept on sucking her boobs & inserted my finger in the panty & rubbing her pussy lips all of a sudden I inserted my finger in the love hole she jumped & asked me to stop but I didn’t listen to her & again started my work now

I made her even more hot I took her nipples in between my fingers & started pressing them she was now I the heavens & was shouting in elasticity now I inserted my finger in her pussy & this time there was no resistant from her she was enjoying that.

Her eyes were closed she was playing with my 8” rod. I removed her panty in one shot so that she can not resist now she was totally nude in front of me & started finger fucking her with in 2-3 mins she had her first orgasm she was little bit tired but I kept my act continued

& I made her lye down on the sofa & cam on her she was enjoying every bit of the action which was clearly visible through her face. Once again I kissed her on lips & started eating her earlobes & at the same time I was rubbing my dick on her pussy lips

she was moaning like aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…….oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..& was requesting me to fuck but I was teasing her again & again. Now it was the time to start the real action so I positioned my self in between her legs & placed my dick on the entrance

first of all I gave small push but it was not going in it was very much tight so I gave a heavy push & my half dick went in side she jumped out & was crying to remove my dick from her pussy as she was having a lot of pain but I didn’t reacted to her request & gave one more push

& my hole cock was inside WOW what a feeling it was I saw some blood coming out of her puusy as her hymen was broken & her virginity was tore apart by me. I started in & out motion with gentle speed & on the other hand she was asking me to take out my dick I

asked her to be relaxed as the pain will go away very soon. I started sucking her boobs with my mouth & my other hand was playing with the nipples of the other boobs. I kept on pumping her slowly & now all the pain was gone & she was enjoying the action so I increased the pace

& was thrusting my dick with a great pace. & she was saying Fuck me ……fuck me hard tore off my pussy…….pl do it fast ……u r very good sir ….dont stop …..& UUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH……….AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH…

the cabin was full of all these sounds I was ramming her pussy like any thing & she arched her body as she was going to have her another orgasm & with in few seconds she oozed out her juices. I stopped a bit & took out my tool from her pussy &

asked her to be in doggy style which is my favorite style…she turned & now I started pumping her in doggy style.. she was responding to my each thrust by moving her hips along with the motions…her melons were also dancing on the rhythm….

i was fucking her vigorously like there is no tomorrow..& she was moaning aaaahHHHHHHHH……UUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHH…PLL DO IT FAST……….FUCK ME HARD……….after about 15 Min of fucking now I was ready to come.

I tried to hold for more but couldn’t so I increased the speed & with a sound. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHhhhh I cum I spread all my cum on her belly & breast…..& lied on her…she had three orgasm in between & we both were now tired

so we both fell like broken trees. After about 10 min when I came to my senses I woke her up & asked her how she felt she replied that she enjoyed every single moment of whole action…& when we got up from the sofa I was shocked to see the blood stains

on it which came out of her pussy & her thighs were also having blood stains so now it was the turn to clean up all the mess….after cleaning the sofa & each others body parts we dressed up & she gave me a hug & told me that she would love to have

such a encounter again & again so till now when ever we get time we do all the acts but her boy friend is not at all aware of all this …..she has left the job now but still she comes to meet me in the office on Saturday & we take the brain out of each other by fucking…

so this was the incident which happened last week & I request you to pl ignore my mistakes as this is my first posting on the site & awaits u r suggestions.

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Unique sexperience with aunty

Hi I am a recent visitor of this site and I liked this very much….and here is one my experience with my aunt…… hello, my name is shivan I was laying down on bed when my phone rang and so I got up and I picked it up.

It was my cousin mithun saying that if I wanted to spend the night at his house, so I picked up my stuff and left. When I got there he said he was going to a camp in the morning. So I took a shower (the bathroom had 2 doors and u could only lock 1 of them

the other one was the one my uncle and aunt used because their room was right next to it). So we played the playstation 2 and we watched movies later ngiht he said he needed my help on packing his stuff for camp.

So we went to sleep and we were saying who was hot from school. Somehow, I fell asleep and didn’t even remembered how we stopped the conversation. So I woke up and he was alsready gone. Aunt had breakfast but I said I didn’t wanted any and uncle Ganesh

was about to go to work and he had a tough job because he also worked overnight 'til 3 am, he was pretty easy going and he didn’t get mad that easy…so he was cool, unfortunatelly, he cheated on aunty sometimes… I left home on my bike.

My parents were gone for 3days so I remembered the reason why I had to stay at Aunt's. So I went back and she said "why did you come back?" and I replied "because I remembered that I had to stay with u because my parents are gone".

She offered me to watch tv and when night came I took a shower, she had a big picture of her in the restroom somehow, I never really paid attention to it, so I looked at it and I suddenly realized she looked beautiful.

My cock got a boner right away and I really didn’t know so I took my shower and went to bed. My aunts room still had her light on so I got up and her door knob had broken before so my uncle had to get it fixed someday, meanwhile,

we were still alone and I peaked to see what she was doing because I liked her now. She was reading a book, but after 5 or 6 minutes later she finished reading and went to put on her sleeping clothes, this is the good part,

she took off her shirt and you could see her bra and she took off her pants and put em away, I guess I was wrong about her putting on some sleeping clothes! Her Titties looked pretty fine and she was 40 yrs old.

She didn’t have a pretty nice body but not bad and somehow it attracted me! This was actually the first time ive seen someone naked in front of me! I got a boner again and I went back to bed and started wacking off.

She yelled from her room to see if I wanted some blankets and I said yes. I went and get them (but she never said to go and get them at her room) so I entered the room and she was still nude and she yelled "no no no… Theyre over there at the garage".

She saw me looking at her nude body for about 2 seconds, (literally) and she laughed with embarassment. So later on she called me to her room and told me not to tell anyone of what I just saw, I was embarassed, too,

and she was going to kiss me good night but my head moved a little causing her to kiss my upper lip.my cock then got big again and she knew it. She didn’t say anything and she smiled embarassedly.

So she said she was sorry and tried to kiss me again in my cheek but then at the same time we stopped and changed our minds about kissing each other in the cheek (at the same time) and we were making out!

She said to take off my pants because it was only fair that I got to see her and she didn’t! So I took them off and she took my shirt off! She then took off her bra and her thong was still on her and she found my cock confortable for her to sit on!

She was screaming "AH AH AH … " and she got up and started to putting her ass in my face so she can suck my cock while I was getting me sum ass… I was afraid of someone knocking on the door or something…

She then got up, I thought she was ready to quit but she went and asked me to finish her on the back really fast! But I never finished her there she was having major orgasms and the neighboors could've heard it! I've never had sex before so

I wasn’t an expert and I freaked out a lot of times. She saidd it was ok because uncle Ganesh didn’t get back until 4 more hours. She leaded me to the bathroom where she turned on the hot shower and meanwhile we were kissing and I was getting my first handjob,

then we were on top of the thing where you wash your hands (I don’t remember what its called), she got some lotion and rubbed it all over her, all of it!, and she got soooo slippery! MAN ! HER TITS WERE SOOOO FINE I WANTED TO TITTIE FUCK HER!

So we went to the shower and started to get it on there, but someone knocked on the door! Shit! She ran and put on some clothes really fast, and she was still wet! She didn’t even put on a bra and she opened the door…………………it was a neighboor!

He said to please keep it quiet cause theyre trying to sleep! We took a rest for about a min or 2 we ate something and she said it was a good idea if we had it in the kitchen table. She grabbed some yogurt and rubbed it on my cock then she sucked it.

Then the table got boring so we tried something else… "we can go to Mithun's tree house", she said, "or we can do it on the sofa". I said either way was fine, so we went to the tree house … Without any close on… Holding hands as if we were partners with each other now!

She didn’t turn on the lights there because then people would see us. But then I said "so what if they see us, its not like if they were going to see who we were"… "besides, youre mine now… Arent you?!?!" She yelled and said she was all mine and no-one else's but mine!

NOT EVEN UNCLE GANESH ANYMORE! She said uncle Ganesh never really enjoyed sex. She then confessed me that she's been with other women and even Aunt shanthi… So we were tired and her ass was sored.

But I made her have more of my cock (even though I was running out of cum) "I'll give you my last drop that cums out of me!" I said and she quickly followed my orders. We went down the tree house and we started to fuck on the grass…

This time nobody could see us… So she was in top of me and I was ready to cum… I told her to stop and put her mouth on my cock so she can drink something and get more energy… She quickly

obeyed and she drank every single drop …it all went down her throat!!! Next day, the kitchen and eveything was all cleaned up and aunty was cooking breakfast, she smiled at me and gave me my breakfast.

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Welcome readers.. I am nishad 20/m, handsome young boy studying in kerala. I am a great fan of Human Digest. Only recent times I came to know abt this site. Let me to share my experienece, which I remember ever since that was my first.

I used to chat on net. Its one that day I met my girl friend. Its was a good chat and we became good friends. Like me she too frm northern kerala. We used to call by phone almost every day... She is studying in kottayam and me in tvm.

We talk a lot of things including sex, as she was a modern girl. It became a habit 4 us to have sex chat prior to bed. On one christmas vaccation we decided to go together in bus frm home. As planned we travelled in adjuscent seats.

She wore a jeans nd top and was in shirt and jeans. She looked very hot in that dress and I couldnt pick my eyes frm her lovely body. We talked a lot and soon the lights went off. She was in sleepy mood and realising that I told her to sleep on my shoulders.

The smell of her beautiful body pearced my nose and I hugged her with one hand,she laid with no objection. Holding her in one hand I ran my fingers on her body,gently squeezing her breasts and belly. As she laid closer to me I ran my fingers inside her top and over her bra.

I covered her body with a blanket to ensure none will see our activities. I massaged her body a lot and she became very hot. I unbuttoned her bra frm behind and hold nice breasts in my hand. I played with them and then I unzipped her jeans and put my fingers over her panty.

I felt some movement over my jeans and its her loooking to unzip my jeans. I helped her to bring my kuttan out of innerwear. She holded tha in her arm and I started screwing her with my fingers... We coninued this act until the middle night and slept. Later I had sex with her on another occasion.


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