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Late night hot tuition

It so happened, that one of my student was to be taught at 9pm till 10pm and as usual I went into his house as the door was slightly open. I proceeded directly into my students study room. I look all round, but my student was missing.

Suddenly I could hear the footstep voice of a lady with payal moving towards my room. It was my student’s mother brushing her long hair with her towel and drying it, she entered the room and Little did I realize what was in store for me.

The sight was amazing, a beautiful lady with a transparent linen on her body, she was shocked to see me and could not retract her steps quickly. Trying to rush to the other room, she slipped and fell on my lap and my table was just at the exit door.

The reaction was so nice, that she just lifted her hair from her face looked up and smiled. I holed her hand and lifted her up, she smiled again. This time it was a face-to-face smile. She beautiful body was visible to my naked eyes.

She told me that I would have to teach here a few lessons and I said ‘Yes’, She said.. Yes..Sxx. She hold me tight and my cock was rock hard, she just pulled her linen cloth and I could feel her body so hot and soft, her boobs were bulging with big tits,

her dick was slightly heavy but she had a flat belly. She was very beautiful to my eyes ! She wanted quick short lessons in XXX. He unzipped me and my big cock (9 inches) pops out into her hand. She starts licking and sucking my penis head, stroking me fast and lifting me high.

I was red and I removed my dress, I asked what positions that she was not used to in the past 15 years of her marriage. She said ‘My hubby penetrates only once a week’ I need a whole some meal today ! I kissed her all around her body, she sucked my cock.

I licked her pussy and lifted her high, she groaned, pushing her butts up and down, I licked it Hard and she groaned louder.. She was shouting, I want you in, push it in, right now…. My cock was ready for a contest which I was facing for the first time !

I pushed my cock into her wet pussy, she was moving up and groaning loudly, I pushed it harder each time and she said ‘More deeper’, I like it, I am enjoying it, Strike me deep inside !! I fucked and then came fountain of white fluid which I leaked into her deep pussy.

We continued out act and rested after some time. Once again she started stroking my cock and licking and prepared me for a second arousal, this time she insisted she wanted a longer session with me. I started and I pushed my penis in various strokes and positions,

he reached orgasm twice in quick sucessions and was very happy with me. She then climbed on me and started fucking me hard ! She was pushing my balls for a hard prick inside her pussy, I was enjoying it as well.

Thereafter she insisted that I insert my big fat cock inside her ass. She was feeling the pain, but she wanted to take my big, fat cock into her ass. She applied petroleum jelly into it and after a few slowly guided strokes I push my cock into her ass.

She was enjoying it nicely, I pushed it hard each time and was enjoying the best of the fucks ! She was groaning and shouting ‘Give me more’, Deeper, Harder ! This was her third orgasm in 30 minutes !

Suddenly my fluid leaked into her dick and I was striking shot after shots into her ass. He was enjoying every moment of it, she insisted that I continue, which I did for some more time. Then suddenly rang the phone, it was here husband “Honey, I will be late tonight,

have your food and go to bed” to which she replied ‘I am having my food, there is nothing left over for you’ She was so happy with the manner I prolonged my ejection and gave her full packed long sessions of sxx

(I use various techniques to prolong my ejaculation). She wanted me to Fxxk here regularly and teach her the art to enjoy lengthy Sxx sessions. I used to teach her more than one things and we used to meet at a private place to enjoy completely.

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Hot babysitter Mallika fucked

Hi, My dear HumanDigest readers. I thoroughly enjoy the stories in HumanDigest, masturbate reading them and most often I get wild orgasms. So I thought I would also share my experiences. This happened about two years ago when I was staying in Mumbai.

I used stay in a flat in Malad, a western suburb. My wife is a school teacher and I have two children aged 6 and 13. We brought a servant girl of 18 to look after the children since neither of us would be there to look after them when they come home from school. Her name is Mallika.

She is an ordinary girl, became little bit fat after started saying with us. She is short with long hair, big eyes, big boobs, broad hips and heavy thighs. I never had any intention on her since she was under my care and since I didn’t want to hurt my wife for unfaithful acts.

I had an average sex-life with my wife and even if she was not ready to have sex she would help me in relieving by masturbating me and I was happy with that. At times I would masturbate and mostly in the mornings.

One day children had gone to school in the morning and it was 8 O’ Clock. My wife’s school starts after 1 O’ clock and that day she had some work in the school and she also left. I usually leave for office after 9.30.

Since I had sufficient time I thought I would see a porn-film in the computer in the bedroom and would have a quick masturbation. I like Indian porn-films since it would not be bang-bang from the beginning till end.

The woman would be shy to show her assets and cover them and the partner will have to try all his tricks to eat her pussy and fuck her nicely. Since Mallika will not come to my bedroom when I was in the room I had not bolted the door. I was watching the film and removed my dresses.

I laid on the cot and slowly started to caress my organ. The girl in the film was very beautiful and the man was eating her pussy slowly. I had big hard on and started to shake him back and forth. Suddenly Mallika came to my room thinking that I would be reading there.

When she saw me stroking she stopped there like a stone with shock writ on her face. I was also embarrassed. She looked at my organ and then she saw the film going on(I had kept the sound on mute).

Now she had a smile on her face and I also felt relaxed and picked up the rhythm of stroking. She told me stammeringly that the Isthiriwala(laundry-collector) had come to collect money. I told her that I wanted to finish my job and went on with stroking a little vigorously and suddenly

semen spurted out, some fell on the floor, some on my belly and hands. Mallika was watching all these with interest. I immediately got up and went to bathroom to wash off. When I came back Mallika was cleaning the floor with a wet cloth.

I took the money from my purse and gave it to Mallika without looking at each other. Next few days went without any incidents, though our relationship had changed. At times our eyes would meet and she would blush and I would feel some movements under my belly.

One day afternoon, a holiday for me and working day for my wife, Mallika and my little child were lying on the floor. Elder son had gone to play cricket outside. Mallika was reading magazine and the child was playing by herself.

When the child saw me she insisted on me to lie with them and tell a story. With the child lying in the middle, my right hand below her head I started telling a story. Mallika also put her magazine down and both started listening to the story.

Some times I touched body parts of Mallika while caressing my child. I found that she was enjoying the story and the occasional caressing. I became bold and started caressing her belly and boobs over her dress of a short skirt and a shirt. After some time my child started sleeping.

Mallika had closed her eyes and was listening to the story. Now I stopped the story and closed my eyes, but started caressing Mallika. Slowly I put my hands under her skirt and started caressing thighs and move to her pussy.

I put my fingers beneath her panties and felt her hole which had become slippery. Now I changed my position laid down near her. I started caressing her boobs and suddenly Mallika embraced me. She took my lower lip and started sucking and I started sucking her upper lip.

I pushed her head back and inserted my tongue deep into her mouth started caressing her tongue. Suddenly she withdrew her head and started tossing her head left and right as if she was not able to bear it all.

She now opened her blouse, lowered her black bra and inserted her nipple into my mouth. I started to suck brown nipple madly and inserted a finger into her hole and started masturbating. She was making low noises and suddenly ground my fingering hand in a tight grip

between her big thighs. She had come by now and embraced me tightly and started kissing me wildly. Wanting reciprocate Mallika inserted her hands into my vests and started stroking the hard on. She took it our and started caressing smoothly

and when I was about to come in her hands when the door bell rang. We hurriedly put on our clothes and Mallika went to answer the door. It appeared to be some hawker wanting to sell her wares. When she returned my daughter had woken up.

With a sense of disappointment I went to bathroom to masturbate to get a shattering orgasm. When I came back Mallika smiled knowingly and she also went to bathroom to wash her come. I couldn’t continue my sex with her that day. But subsequently I got a better chance.

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Dream sex with Accounts teacher

My name is Krishna from Erode. Let me tell u about my incident in my college days. I will not call this a relation but it just happening when I was 21 years old and studying for my Degree. Frankly I never had much knowledge of sex at that time and the information was limited

to the casual talks with friends and I never had the faintest of idea what all is done during sex. Yes I knew they kiss and caress and just how intercourse is done, but I had confusion and doubts about many things of sexual act.

At that time my lecturer was the wife of my father's close friend in the office and they used to stay with in a km of our house. Our family was very close and we used to visit each other for social gathering. I think she was in her late 30's or early 40's

and was not that sexy but an attractive lady. She had curly hairs, tall and had an attractive face. She was having good body shape and medium complexion. She had a very attractive smile and many times I just look at her face in the class and get lost in her.

She was well mannered and good in teaching and all students listened to her in the class. Since I was finding Accounts a little difficult she told my mother she will help me with it and I used to go to her house for clearing my doubts.

It went on for sometime and I got more attracted to her because I got a chance to see and interact with her more close. Some times other students also used to come to her house for tuition. But most of the time she took classes for me alone

since I was not going for regular tuition and only for some lessons where I had doubt. She used to sit next to me and teach and many a time we made body contacts and she used to treat me as a child I felt.

She used to give me snacks tea and all and we became more closer than before. On a couple of occasion when I was alone with her in the house I saw her without saree, but with only blouse and petty coat and she was least hesitant to come near me like that.

She used to come near me and lean forward with her elbow on the table to explain me and I got a glimpse of her cleavage. I only glanced on a couple of occasion thinking that what she will think if she notices but I could not resist doing so in between.

Also when she was in petty coat while coming bath I could see the shadow of her legs through it and her back was very sensual with a small hip but well shaped. Sometimes she used to give some work and she will go for bath telling me to finish the exercise

and after wards she will come and check it after she finishes the bath. But this I noticed she did only when I was alone with her and she never did when other students are with her. At that time she will be properly dressed also.

Then sexual thoughts started coming to my mind about her and one day I masturbated fantasizing her I got a unique pleasure at that time other than the normal days when I used to masturbate thinking of some other ladies in our neighborhood.

But I was too scared to do anything further. Then one day she caught me glancing at her cleavage when we were alone while explaining me a lesson and she reacted to it sharply by covering it quickly and I felt very embarrassed and afraid.

If my mother come to know about it I could not think what will happen and I really sweated. She then told me a little seriously that this is not the age for such things and concentrate on my studies and also only because it was me she was behaving so close

and casual with me thinking I was a good mannered boy. And she is teaching me thinking I am serious about my studies and if I am not interested it studies and if my attention is going somewhere else she need not put those efforts. I really felt guilty, ashamed and bad.

I told her sorry and apologized to her and requested her not to tell my mother and was really frightened. I could not concentrate on anything else and I told her to leave me early that day since I am upset and she did so without telling me anything further.

That night I could not sleep thinking how to face her again and next day I did not go telling I am not well. After two days she came to my house and I was too afraid an embarrassed to face her. But she behaved normally as if nothing happened and told me to come that afternoon

and I agreed. I told I was not well for two days for which she smiled at me the meaning I and she only knew. I now was sure she will not tell my mom about it but she casually told my mother I have to improve my concentration in studies and smiled at me.

I became nervous at that time but nothing more she told at that time. I went to her house that afternoon and she was alone. She taught me as if nothing happened and it went on for few days. I avoided looking at her except her face and that also only when required.

Then our festival holidays started and she came one day to our house and asked my parents if I can stay for two nights in her house since her husband is going out of station for some work and her children had gone to her sisters place for holidays.

Her husband had also mentioned this to my father and my parents were only too happy because she can help me with the studies. I was shocked a little how she can do such a thing but I now became clear she is not angry with me nor she does not have any mistrust on me.

I went to her house that night and it was raining heavily. She started teaching me and we took dinner and she started teaching me again. It was around 10pm we almost finished our study and she told me she want to talk to me for a while and she asked why I was glancing at her like

that? I was taken aback and I did not reply she came near to me held my hand and told not to worry and she will not tell anyone and neither she had not told anyone about that incident. But I was nervous which she noticed,

she put off the light in that room and came and sat near me holding my hand. She asked whether I was attracted sexually to her or just looked like that? Whether I read any sex book? Whether I had seen any lady naked? I really sweated and was speechless.

She told it is normal to have such feelings and I don't have to worry but I should not lose interest in studies with such thoughts. And I should masturbate and relieve myself. She asked whether I masturbate and I told yes with much hesitation.

She asked me why I am hesitating and it is a natural thing for boys especially and even girls do it which was a information for me. Then she asked the most embarrassing question to me that whether I think of her and masturbate?? I was shell shocked and told her no.

But she raised my chin with her hand and told me to tell the truth and don't worry about it but she want a honest answer. I did not answer for long she persuaded again and again when I told yes I do. She gave a naughty smile and she asked what situation I fantasize?

I just kept quiet I was too afraid what is happening but at the same time I felt the erection. She held my hand and took me to her bedroom. She did not put on the light. But in the adjoined room the light was there and I could see her clearly even though like a shadow.

She told me whether I want to see her breast, this time I could not believe it. She did not wait for my answer, she removed her saree and unhooked her blouse and held me close to her. I told no by reflex action. But she told why I don't want to see it?

She told it is ok and only we both will know this. I got aroused and up till now I was craving to see a lady naked. She kept my hand on her breast and told me to feel it if I want. She unhooked her bra also and stood with a naughty smile.

Then suddenly she started unbuttoning my shirt and she removed it and then she felt at my trousers and she felt my erection. She whispered in my ear that I am naughty and telling I did not want but was fully prepared for it. She removed my trousers and I just stood there shocked.

She embraced me tightly pressing my erection on to her belly and in one action she removed her blouse, bra and petty coat. She was not wearing any pantee and both of us was fully naked in the dark and she embraced me kissing and sucking my lips.

She asked me if I have any objection and I told no and I responded by holding her tight to me and moving my hand on her back and buttocks. For a moment I could not believe what was happening but suddenly I kissed her pressing my erection on her belly.

I did not know what to do? But I was squeezing her belly, back, buttocks, thighs and where ever I can. She took my mouth to her breast and told me to suck it and lick on the nipples. She took my middle finger and guided to her vagina,

it was hot and slippery and she was mourning and breathing heavily and stroking my penis. Suddenly she kneeled down and took my penis and started sucking it hard. I could not believe this and such things are done in sexual act.

She was doing it so fast and hard holding me close to her mouth with one hand, I could not control for long and I ejaculated in her mouth all of a sudden, she sucked hard and hard catching with one of her hand and stroking it, I mourned loudly and every drop she took in her mouth.

She went on sucking and I panted and pushed her mouth out since I did not have any stamina to withstand. I felt too shy to look at her. She took me to the bed and told me to lie down and we lied down for half and hour talking.

She showed me some English sex book with photo illustrations and I could not believe such poses are done for sexual act. She again started talking erotically and started stroking my penis. She asked me whether I want to see her in the light? I told yes.

She then asked me how long it take me to masturbate and I told less than 5mts. Then she explained me how to do intercourse and how to satisfy women and I should try to hold more time without ejaculation to satisfy the women and all. I was surprised with all those information.

She told me to fondle and caress the women a lot and do a lot of oral sex to arouse her and I was really amazed with all these. She then put on the dim light and told me to explore the body and we slowly slipped into love making under her guidance.

I was thrilled and got my erection again she taught me how to guide it to the vagina, initially I had some trouble when my skin on the tip of my penis stretched and pained a little. She encouraged me and I got slowly wild and fast.

I was kissing and sucking her lips, breast, caressing all over her body and the sight of her naked body made me mad I would say. Suddenly to my dismay she told she would now come on top, a total surprise for me.

She came on top slowly inserted my erection into her hot and slippery vagina and started pumping sucking my lips and licking my face and told me to caress her buttocks and thighs and also to suck her breast.

She went faster and faster and went on pumping so hard and talking all erotic stuff and finally fell down panting on my chest. It was really an experience and in the mean time I had ejaculated a second time.

We lied down there for sometime in each others embrace and then she took me to the bath room and cleaned me with dettoll and soap and told even if I get some itching don't worry but tell her, for the first time perhaps it may happen.

We had sex again in the morning and the subsequent night. Next day she told me not to go to any other lady for sex and don't get too much distracted because of this. When ever possible she will allow to do it with her.

She made me promise not to go to any ladies nor tell anyone about it. She told lot of teenagers get distracted from studies because of curiosity for sex and since now I have experienced it I should not get into bad company or something.

She told me to masturbate but not too much also and when ever I get too much urge tell her and she will try to have sex with her. But it did happen only once again and we never had a real opportunity again except to do oral sex, kiss and caress passionately on a few occasions.

But I could never forget that experience in my life and still linger that in my mind. The first oral sex and my ejaculation in her mouth I remember even now sometimes and masturbate, even after my marriage. My wife never was able to give oral sex with such passion.

She had confessed to me, ten years later once we met alone in her house, she all of a sudden felt a lust for me after she noticed I was looking at her cleavage and she is not a bad character or sex maniac.

She never had any feelings for me nor for any young boys till then and looked at me as her son only. It was only a spur of the moment action and she could not explain how this idea went into her.

She apologized to me if it had hurt me but I told her that she was my perfect teacher and what she taught on that night was very useful for me to get out of my sexual desires and fanatasies and I never felt the need to explore any other women,

the thing I should have done if she had not done it. I know some of my friends who got into trouble experimenting with the maid servants and relatives. Since she was matured and she guided me to sex with such a perfection and without ill effects.

I told I never had sex with any one else after that but I told I had fantasized her and masturbated a lot after that and it used to give me a unique pleasure. I told her I still fantasize her and masturbate.

She told even though she talked harsh to me when she found I was looking at her cleavage she felt sorry for me afterwards since she knew I am a good mannered boy and slowly she felt like helping me in sex.

She felt like feeling my curiosity and nervousness for sex and exploring her body and that is how it happened and once when she fantasized me while having sex with her husband she felt nice and this idea got into her.

She told she was wrong in doing so and had regretted a lot and had felt guilty for long thinking that it had hurt my feelings and I was forced to do it but I told I only enjoyed it and it only helped me and please do not have any guilty feelings.

Telling this I just took her in my arms and kissed her so passionately which she never expected and I told to remove all of her guilty feelings for the last time we will have sex once again. She resisted it initially but I persuaded and I had a passionate sex

with her after closing the doors and windows. It was afternoon, she was a little hesitant anyone will drop in by chance. But I was so passionate for her, we both became fully naked and had sex so violently and passionately. It lasted for half an hour. I made her come on my top and she

climaxed first and then I gave my penis in her mouth for oral sex and I climaxed ejacualting in her mouth by gyrating my hips violently and squeezing her breast so hard. I then told her we will not repeat it again. Now I meet her sometimes and she greets me with a naughty smile.

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Sexy dream neigbour Brinda aunty

Hai I am Srini (Name Changed) from chennai. I am doing post graduation. This is my story which happened during my under graduation when We shift our house to new house. Her name is Brinda. She is married and having one child. Her house is next to my house.

At the first sight itself I got temptation by her. She had really a superb figure 36 30 34. She wore a low hip saree which shows full shape of her navel that made my thought to got sex with her. Every night I dreamed to sex with her. She became very close to my mother.

After her husband and her child went out for their job and school, she came to our house and helped my mother for her works. During Brinda's visit I also helped my mother for kitchen works. During that time I started chat with her.

Whenever she bends I got a sight to see her boobs through her v-neck blouse. When she walks I looked at her ass that moved up and down with lot of flesh on it I am so crazy to see that. One day on seeing her boobs I caught by her,

due to first to sex I afraid a lot but she gave me a smile. Next day she wear a big v-neck blouse which expose half the valley of her boobs. Her boobs are tried to tear out from the blouse. She bends for a moment I surprised I got almost the full view of her boobs

she didn't wear bra this is the first time I had the full view of a lady's boobs which is so big, with out the bra itself it stood stiffly with the big round brownish nipples pointing straightly I got an erection at once I get in to the bathroom and had a masturbation.

From that onwards I got courage and became close to move with her. One day unfortunately straight away I dashed on her boobs and said sorry but once again she gave me a naughty smile. That incident made me mad about her. After that onwards we dashed frequently.

One day she told my mother that there is a problem in her bedroom lock. I asked what is the problem. She replied that the door is not closing proplerly. My mother asked me to go and repair the problem. I went her house and repair the lock. After finishing the job I said I am leaving.

She said ok and fell in to the bed suddenly. I asked what happen. She told that she got headache. I thought this is a chance to move with her. I take out the balm and get close to her. She said she will manage her.

I said no problem and sat on the bed and placed her head on my lap. She moaned painly. I started to massage the balm on her forehead by to and fro motion with my fingers. After 15 minutes moan got reducing. That time I started to massage her cheeks and chin.

She asked what you are doing in a pleasing manner. I replied her that I am reducing your pain. In the meanwhile I started to touch her lips she didn't resist oppositely she started to swallow my fingers in to her mouth. She started to taste my finger vigorously.

I pulled her head from my lap and started to kiss her neck from behind. I take out my finger and parted my lips in to her lips. She replied with a small bite. That shows she is hanging for sex so long. I got deep in to her mouth and both of us tongues starts playing.

Due to first to mate I moved slowly first but she is so vigorous. I moved my fingers to her tits over the blouse oh how soft it is I got mad and started to fondle her boobs slowly she aroused fully and give me a deep kiss,

her boobs become hardened I started to squeeze her boobs fastly she excited and told me to go ahead "for this only I am waiting for two years. My husband didn't touch my boobs even one time for last two years. Come on men go ahead " she whispered in my hears.

I squeezed her tits faster than before and pulled out her sari by another hand and teared her blouse she didn't wear bra now she was half naked oh what a beautiful shape she has. I started to suck her tit by rounding my tounge around her nipples and squeezed the other tit

with my hand. The room is filled with full of her moaning. I bite her nipple with teeth she cried " oh bastard do it fastly ". Now my hands reached her back n cupped her ass. It was so soft. I started to squeeze her ass with my two hands. She moaned heavily.

I dropped her in bed n moved to her toes. I started to tease her kissing her from toes to her thighs but I haven't touch her feminine part. Leaving that part I slowly move upwards to her navel. Their I kissed her heavily my tongue rotated in circular motion in her navel.

She moaned hhhaaaaaaaaahhaaaaaaaaah ahhhhhhhhhhah ahhhhah haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaa. She please Srini don’t tease pls suck my feminine. But I haven't hear those words I want to give her full pleasure n don’t want to forget that day in our life.

I kissed each an every parts of her body except her feminine part. She cant wait for further more she aroused fully so with her full strengths she get up from the bed and push me on the bed as to lie on my back and she sat in between my thighs.

Now she unzip my pant and took my penetrating manhood outside. By feeling her soft hands on my manhood it grown to its maximaum. She amazed to see such a big and thick manhood. She said I haven't saw a this much big manhood till date.

At once she started to play with my manhood. She did a nice blow job oh what a pleasure it is. I thought I am in a heaven. Then she take it in a mouth. Her tongues travel all over my manhood. Keep on moving her mouth her tongues did a nice job. I think she is a expert in that.

I thought I am coming I shouted I am coming. She made her movement very fast it seems that a one month hungry lioness smashing a deer. Oh god I came I came on her mouth. She gulped all of my semens in her mouth. She licked all of my semens from my manhood like a child licking

a choco bar. But she has not seems to be fullfilled. She smiled naughtily to me and said let start the play. Once again she took my manhood in her hands her fingers travel all over my limp manhood. I don’t know what magic she did once again my manhood starts to grow

she then took it in her mouth. This time she didn’t move her mouth in and out inspite she licked my manhood her travel through out the length. My manhood grow to its full extent. Then she sat down on my thighs and start to insert my manhood in her dripping wet feminine.

First time my manhood touchs a ladys cunt it reacts to that all of my body shivered once to touch a soft most part. She tried slowly first by pressing down her cunt on my penis. But it is not easily possible because her vaginal entry is very tight.

She give some heavy jerks on my penis to get half inserted. I asked her to stop. And ask to lie over me. I kissed her hot sweet lips. We kissed for some time and both of us is full hot. Now I asked her to push her with one heavy pump.

She did that and my penis fully buried in a ladies feminine part. She haven't moved. She waited for some minutes I also enjoy that position. Then she starts to move slowly first. Now my hands are squeezing her nipples hardly.

She continued this for some time and increased her jerk slightly fast. Oh what nice posture to see a lady riding on my manhoods with her big round breasts waving on air. Oh god thank u for this memorable incident in my life. She is out of control.

She moved her hips very fast revealing a lady riding a horse in a horse race. She shouted I am coming I am coming. Atonce I asked her to stop and aksed her to lie on the bed. She placed her wide apart and move her hips in a circular motion.

On touching my tongue in her vaginal entry she released all of her sweet juice in my mouth. I sucked like a hungry dog sucking a milk in a pan. She gave a deep breath and said Srini fuck me hard fuck u bastard.

On hearing such a dirty words from a lady my self respect aroused and ready to revenge that lady for the maximum extent. I inserted my manhood in her love hole and starts to tear her cunt very fast. She shouted u bastard move fast.

I increased my pace more and more and both us are out of control I don’t know how long we did that she shouted move fast I am coming. I said wait I too coming we reach climax both and discharged both together. I fell down on her body and hugged her tightly she too hugged

me tightly with her both hands. Both of us forgot the whole world and slept as it is. We don’t know how long we slept like that. She wake me and kissed me on my fore head and said thank u for the wonderfull hot section and both us kissed.

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Sweet Indu in neighbourhood

Hi everybody. I am Raghu. 24 yrs and live in the Madurai town. My father is a retired officer. My mother is a home maker. We have a middle class status, so we have rented the upper portion of our house. We use to have a Medical Representative renting that upper portion with his family.

It was a small family though. Just husband and wife and some times their cousin use to visit them. The wife’s name was Indu. She was from chennai. When they moved in I was about 22, and after my exams, I was rather free and was not doing any thing.

Her husband Mohan was on the move and mostly stayed out of the district for weeks at a time. As the time went by me and Indu became close in the sense of friend ship. We use to watch movies together and I use to take her to market and stuff like that.

At first, I though that she is just being sweet. After a while she started talking to me about love and asked if I have any girl friends. Whenever we were alone she intentionally brought up the subject of intimacy. She use to tell me how his husband is neglecting him.

I tried to explain that it’s the nature of his job. But her intentions were other wise. Let me first describe Indu to you. She was about 32. 5 ft 3 inches. Very fair and quiet elegant looking. She had the features like a fox, so, was her attitude.

Well, I use to rent movies for her; she wanted me to bring some love stories that have explicit and obscene love scenes. I brought her a few. She use to invite me to watch the movie with her but I always made an excuse because my folks were getting suspicious about two of us.

I could some time hear them talking bout telling Mohan to find another house. I knew that suspected some thing. To tell you the truth I was very much tempted to have sex with her but always scared to make the first move thinking that it might be the cook up of my vivid

imagination and may be she is just being polite and being honest to me. Then, when her husband was away she started calling me up on my phone late at nights talking about stuff mostly involving sex. I use to get excited and some what waited for her to call.

One day as my parents went away to attend a wedding. They were not supposed to come back for 4 days. They did left one of my uncle incharge of the house. I guess they did not trusted me and Indu in the same house alone.

By that time she was already gone very open to me and even asked if I could have sex with her.. And I told her to wait for the right time. My uncle was rather a fun loving person and had no clue to what I had planned. It was a warm July afternoon.

He was sleeping in the air-conditioned room. I told him that I am going out to see some friend in the neighbors. He was so sleepy that he did not cared. I called Indu up and told her that " this may be the right time" She got very excited and said that she had been waiting for this for a

while. She had a maid in the house that use to come once daily to clean her house and wash her clothes and other stuff. She gave her an early break and told me to come up stairs as soon as the maid leaves. I was dressed up in jeans and a T-Shirt.

My heart was pounding and my head was spinning a bit. Thinking I am going to have the first ever experience of my life. The maid left and I rushed up stairs from the spiral staircase. As I entered their living room there she was wearing a red nightgown.

She had her hair tide up in a ponytail. She even had a bit of make up on. She smiled at me and said " Ready" She signaled me to follow her to the bedroom. She closed the door behind her. And I felt as if the life was getting out of me. I was very tense.

Well wouldn’t all of you guys be in my position. I was not exactly a playboy at my time. I never ever had a girl friend before that. I was a very shy person but I did desires. I was human after all. Before that my best sexual experience was tossing off to magazines in the bathroom.

Anyhow, she came close to me. I could smell the sweet perfume that she was wearing. It was very exotic. I could see her nipples getting erect even under from a thin nightie. She was almost as tall as I was cause she was wearing high heels.

She kissed me on the lips and told me to relax. That first kiss was awesome thigh it was brief. She told me to show some excitement as I was standing their motion less like a statue my heart was saying yes and my mind was saying no.

Then I said to my self " Hey what the heck" I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. Still a bit confused I kissed her with my tongue going deep inside her. We tangled each others tongue and I could feel her saliva going in my mouth. The feeling was out of this world.

She stepped back few feet and with looking me right into my eyes she slipped out of her dress. She was not wearing any thing else. There she was like a roman goddess. She was naked infront of me. The girl of my dream who actually belonged to some one else.

Well, who cared at that point. She asked me " Well, what do you think". "Wow’ was my answer. She came close to me a pulled down my zipper. My dick was begging me to take it out. It did have the mind of it's own though.

When she pulled down my jeans my cock plunged out and to my surprise she put the thing in her mouth. She must have been watching those hard core movies. The touch of her tongue on my penis was very ticklish at first but as my mind slowly accepted

the fact that its in a gorgeous woman’s mouth, It grew harder and harder. She sucked onto it for a while and then got up and with steamy eyes ahs looked at me. She turned around and lay down on the bed. She got her legs up in the air and wide open.

She whispered " Oh, Fuck me, Fuck me hard" I got on top of her with my heart beating like a techno beat. I looked down at her vagina. It was shaved recently and was very clean. The lips of the pussy were pink. I first felt the hole with my fingers and then slowly guided my prick

right inside her. Her pussy was warm rather a bit hot. Her head went back with pleasure and she moaned. I started with a slower pace and worked my way up to a steady motion. It was quiet an effort though. She held my arms very tightly and her long beautiful nails

were embedding in my arms. Her breast was jumping up and down with every stroke. Her eyes were tight shut and so were her lips. From time to time she got her tongue out and rolled it over her lips. She was surely enjoying this.

The thought of me being the instrument of her pleasure made my cock hard and wild. At this moment we were both participating in this wild session with full involvement. She was feeling orgasms over orgasms.

As, I was ready to cum I pulled my dick out of her but she grabbed it and guided it right back in and told me to continue " I am on the pills, cum inside me, deep inside" Within few seconds I butted all inside her. She must have felt that because she screamed and yelled

"Oh Yes" I stayed inside her about 1 minute and then slowly pulled my dong out side. She was beautiful seeing her there naked, it was heaven. I laid down beside her, she held my hand and said " Now you are a man." I smiled back.

She went into the bathroom for a while but kept the door open. I could hear the sound of her pee going down the flush. A wild and crazy though came to my mind to drink that piss but then I shook my head. She came out holding a brush in her hand.

She started to brush her long brown hair. And I said to myself " Is it all over" My dick was coming back to life and she realized it too. She climbed the bed and said " you are ready again, that’s quick". Well what do you expect from guy who had his first fuck just minutes before.

She bent down and kissed me. Holding my cock in her hand she got on top of me and guided it into her still wet pussy. A shiver went down my spine as she started fucking me. I was holding her breasts and pressing her nipples with my thumbs.

She got very excited and got very fast. That was a wonderful experience. We fucked for about ten minutes and felt like if its not going to stop. She got off and said " I’ve never ever been fucked in the ass, Please, put it inside my ass"

She knelt down in a doggy position with her ass towards me. I said to myself " Wow, virgin ass" I open her buttocks and saw a very tiny hole. I asked her if she was sure about it and she said " Shut up and fuck me" At first I just inserted the head and she cried out loud with pain.

"Do you want me to stop" she replied " No, not at all push it all inside’ With a bit if hesitation I forced my way into her tight rather very tight ass. About half of my modest 8 inches went inside. She was begging for me to insert the whole thing.

I pulled it out a bit and then with a massive jerk got the whole thing deep inside her ass. The experience of anal sex had always fascinated me. After a few times the penetration became easy and she was moaning and screaming. Her face was buried in the pillow.

I held her breast from behind and with a fast continuo pace, I fucked the woman of my dreams in the ass. We fucked for at least 20 minutes in the same position and finally I came inside her and filled her ass with my cum. I steeped off the bed and she resumed that position not

saying a word. "Oh, my god, are you all right" I said. " Yeah sure" She got up and stood on the bed with a grin. " How do you feel?’ I replied " Like a new man". She jumped towards me and I carried her like a baby. She wrapped her legs around my waist and bent down to kiss me.

She was a perfect woman. She lived with us for another month then they moved to Bangalore. I never heard from them again. Since then I always fantasize about her at least every other night.. Now, I have put my secret on the Internet. And I feel lot lighter.


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