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Fucking hot Anjana

Dear Readers, My name is Kumar and very recently I came to know about this site and now I become a full time reader. The incident I am narrating below is a real one happened to me about 12 years back when I was completed my graduation and was visiting my sister's in law house.

I was in Cochin that time and my sister was married to Trichur.I met this lady named Anjana (32 yrs) who was my brother in laws elder brothers's wife during my sister's marriage. I was really attaracted to her beuty on the first sight. She was slim, fair and with small breasts.

She got one child of 11/2 years also. Afterwards I used to visit her frequently and we got friendly, though I am afraid to express my feeling to her as it was my sister's house. And I used to stay during nights also. During one night I stayed in their house.

It so happened that Anjana's husband was on night duty and my sister and husband went to sleep early. I was not sleepy so I started watching TV in their common room. Later Anjana joined with her child.

Sometime later her child started crying and she immediately started feeding her baby. I was really happy to watch glimpses of her boobs while feeding. Time passes by and suddenly I noticed that both Anjana and baby are sleeping on the sofa, and her one boob was really open.

I was erructed completely on the sight and with courage went near her and got a good look of her milky boob. I immediately took decision to drink her boobs and if possible to fuck her. To check I called her in slow voice and then touched her hand first. She was fast asleep.

I took courage and took the baby to her bedfoom.Then I came back to Anjana and kised on her opened boob. It was tasting milk. With courage I started drinking, sucking the open breast and started caresing the other breast. I got silent response from her and I drunk whole milk from her.

That time she got awaken from sleep and horrified to see me sucking and caresing her breasts. She started protesting though she was in double mind to make noise which may awoke my sister and her husband. I realise the situation and started sucking hard her breasts

and squeesing it really hard. She has no choice but to allow me with protesting in between. This gave me courage and I immediately put my hand below her saree and started caresing her leg from botton to her inner thigh level.

Simultaneously I was drinking her breasts and feeling her naked thighs and inner part. Suddenly I got touched her kunt and surprised to see that she was not wearing any panty. I immediately put my finger inside her kunt giving her no time to resist and started fingring her with full force.

She didn’t resist afterwards and I keenly kissed on her kunt and then started sucking her whole cunt. She came at a sudden and I drunk all her juice. She was stroking my hair al this time and was forcing my face to her cunt lips.

Afterwards I got up and started kissing her lips which she allowed and she took hold of my erructed dick in her hand and started sucking it. She give me a good blow job for 15 minutes time and afterwards allowed me to fuck her cunt.

I left no time and give her good fuck twice and afterwards I fucked her anal too. She told me that she was not fucked at her anal before and really enjoyed this time. We used to fuck afterwards whenever we got chance

and once we were caught by my sister in action. But I was lucky enough to fuck my sister afterwards we had a threesome at my sisters house. We are lucky that nobody suspect as we are doing it at my sister's house.

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Posted by giri
on: March 21, 2008 2:10 PM | Reply

its veryvery very very very very very
nice and sexy

Posted by krish
on: March 21, 2008 9:32 PM | Reply

hey...this one's really cool..the narrative as well as the incidents are really spicy

Posted by asif
on: March 27, 2008 5:53 PM | Reply

wow, that was faster then the rajdhani express.lol

Posted by Rajendra Patil
on: June 7, 2009 8:38 PM | Reply

Please tel me how to convince my sister????????

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