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Hot NCC camp babe Vasundhara

When I was young, I had a dream - to join the Indian Air Force as a fighter pilot. The dream became an obsession, and I wonder today how my parents and friends put up with me during my childhood.

As a result of my obsession, I joined NCC when I reached college, and I joined the Air Wing, no less. Due to my unusual high interest, I excelled and was chosen to represent my unit at various camps and competitions.

At one such camp, I came across Vasundhara - she was the niece of one of the Lt. Col.-ranked officers, and was well known in the camp because of her gooseberry-green eyes. She also had a very desirable bod,

and I am sure she inspired many a wet dream among the guys at the camp. I later came to know that she stayed in the same town as mine, and therefore we would be traveling together on the train back to our home town once the camp was over. I looked forward to the journey.

One afternoon, during a common lecture class we had with the girls, she happened to sit next to me. I had had a very tiring day and leaned back in my chair, since I was sure that the instructor could not see me showing so much indiscipline.

She was leaning forward in her chair, listening attentively. I put my arm across the back rest of her chair, and she unconsciously leaned back the next moment. Her bare neck touched the bare skin of my arm, and her warmth and softness were electrifying.

I did not move my arm for fear of alerting her to my presence. After some time, she again moved forward and I removed my arm, thanking my stars that she hadn't noticed it. At least that was what I thought.

On the day of our return back to our town, we faced a 36-hour journey back from Delhi, where the camp was held. There were five of us from our State, two boys and three girls, including Vasundhara. As luck would have it, all our seats and berths were confirmed,

except Vasundhara's. Try as we pleaded with the train ticket examiner, but he did not allot her a seat or berth saying there were none vacant. We decided to stay together, and manage through the two nights we would be travelling.

She could share the berth of one of the girls during the night, we reasoned, and asked the TTE to at least allow her to stay with us. He agreed. So, here we were, five people with four berths between us.

Night came, and none of the other two girls wanted to share their berths with her, since they felt she was a snob during the camp and wanted to get back at her. I gallantly offered her my berth, but she saw how tired I was, hauling our entire baggage almost single-handed since the other

guy had injured his right arm during one of the competitions. She politely declined, but when I insisted, she suggested that I sleep half the night with my head in her lap, and she would do the same for the rest of the night.

I agreed, with visions of her soft lap clouding my judgement. I slept off in her lap, into beautiful dreamland, where I had lifted her clothes up and was licking her cunt through the salwar of her dress. I was rudely awakened from this heavenly dream by someone urgently tugging at my hair.

It was Vasu (we decided to use short names for each other). She said that she couldn't control her sleep any longer, and therefore could we both sleep together at the same time? I looked around the compartment - the others were sleeping soundly, and it was quite dark.

I told her that it was fine by me, as long as she did not mind. So both of us settled down side-by-side on the narrow berth. She had turned herself away from me, and I put an arm across her. She lifted her arm to give my arm more room, and this was all the encouragement I needed.

I pulled her close to me, and she did not object. I pulled a blanket over the two of us. I put my palm over her right breast, and lovingly massaged the soft flesh. There was no response from her. Thinking that she had fallen asleep, I whispered into her ear,

asking her to turn towards me, and to hold me. She immediately obliged. I felt her hand groping over the lower half of my body. I released her breast and guided her hand to my aching, stiff dick. She pressed and caressed my dick through my trousers for some time,

while I went back to her breasts. I couldn't believe this was happening, with so many people around us. I guess she was as hard up as I was. A little later, she expertly undid my belt and fly, and slipped her hand into my underwear.

All these days, no other hand except mine had touched my dick, and I felt beautiful and thrilled. I lifted her kameez up, with her raising herself up so that the dress slid up easily. I found her bra was already open (I guess she did it while I was dreaming about her cunt),

and I felt the warm softness of her breast meeting my hand. I felt I was holding something warm, soft, lovably lickable and smooth in my hands. I wanted to experience the feel of her breast in my hand for as long as possible, but I wanted to move further fast,

before we both felt too tired to continue. My hand traveled down the center line of her body, finding the tip of the lace which held her salwar up. I pulled open the half knot, and the salwar was open. She let out a very soft groan.

I went lower down her body, to feel her panty-covered crotch. Her panties were also very soft, just like the rest of her. Being inexperienced, I asked her where her cunt was. She just said "Lower down". I moved my hand lower, and felt a hot wetness on her panty.

She opened her legs to help me touch her organ. I tugged at her panty, and she raised her buttocks to help me lower them. I pulled down her salwar and panty to her knee level, and made my first contact with female flesh.

I felt that this must be the best moment of my life - holding a girl's vulva can make you feel very powerful. She turned onto her back and spread her legs open. I moved my fingers up and down the slit, feeling her wetness. I noticed she gasped whenever I reached the top of the slit,

so I guessed this must be where the clit is, and decided to focus my attention on it. I moved my head lower down, and put my mouth around her stiff nipple. My hand moved around her clit. She arched her back, expressing her pleasure.

I was eager to please her, and continued with my sucking and stroking. Meanwhile, her hand around my dick was doing wonders there - I had never felt so good with my own hand down there. She once again pulled my head away from her, and raised herself on her knees.

She asked me to lie flat on my back, and put a knee on either side of me. She then lowered her head to my cock, and took it into her mouth. I do not have a very long one, but it gets wii-ii-de when it is aroused.

She took it all into her mouth, then brought her tongue to wet the eye of my dick. She brought the foreskin down, and wet the glans similarly. She then rose again, and positioned her cunt above my throbbing dick.

She put it in place, and with her salwar and panties around her knees she slowly lowered herself onto me. This was the first time that my foreskin was pulled back so much, and it hurt me some. She sought my mouth and bit my lip and drew blood.

I almost screamed, but the sound was muffled by her mouth on mine. She just remained there, on top of me, with my dick in her cunt for a few seconds. Then she slowly started to fuck. This was now getting more and more pleasurable by the minute.

I could feel contractions in her cunt, and asked her not to press her cunt around my cock so much. She replied saying that it was involuntary, and that was how girls came, didn't I know? I asked her if fucking was so pleasurable every time, or if it was so only the first time.

She replied that she didn't know herself, since this was also her first time too. I confronted her with the ease with which she pulled off my belt, and the way she had licked my cock in her mouth so expertly, and she said that she and her cousin had masturbated together

since they were seven years old. Quite early, I thought. But all thoughts were soon banished from my mind as I concentrated on getting to fuck her. I felt her wetness flowing out over my dick and down my balls. I could not last long, and soon spurted all my pent-up sperm into her.

Afterward, she lay on me with my softening cock still inside her, forming a plug and thus not allowing my sperm to come out of her cunt. In the semi-darkness, she rose and asked me to follow her to the bathroom. I went, raising my pants along the way.

I hadn't fully closed my fly, and when I reached the bathroom, I saw red stains on my pants and on my dick. She washed them off me, and then proceeded to do the same to her clothes. We then wet her dupatta, and went back to our berth to wipe off the bloodstains.

Tiredness took over, and we both slept in each other's arms till 11.00 hrs the next day. Our companions took one look at us when they awoke, and decided to embarrass us when we awoke. She woke up first, and didn't move for fear of waking me up.

I woke up shortly thereafter, and together we both sheepishly faced our companions. One thing led to another, and today, seven years later, none of us are married and we all get together often to fuck ourselves silly.

Both of us guys have sterilised ourselves, out of concern for our girls. Their parents only think of our group as a very close knit group and do not suspect any wrongdoing. I am sure that our arrangement must continue long.

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Hot train journey with Jhansi lady

Seema was a 42 yr old married lady living in Jhansi. She had 2 kids – 12 yr old boy and 15 yr old girl. Her husband Girish was a government servant at senior position. They both had a wonderful relationship with each other. They had been living together for over 20 yrs now.

Life had its own ups and downs so far, there wasn’t anything unusual. Then one day Seema got a call from her mother’s house and she came to know about the illness of her father. She decided to visit home along with her kids.

Girish, came to railway station along with Seema and kids to help them board the train. Seema and kids boarded the AC compartment comfortably and the train started. Just about 2 hrs had passed and the train came to halt.

Thinking that it must be for train crossing, people continued to do whatever they were occupied with. Seema was busy reading her magazine while her kids were dozing off. When the train did not move for over an hr, people started to get uncomfortable.

They started to enquire about the situation. Even Seema was curious to know so she tried to hear what people were talking about. Just then a TT passed through their compartment. Through him, people came to know that there had been an accident ahead on the same track,

so the train was to get delayed further. The short harmless journey was now to become a long painful wait. Since she was carrying sufficient things to eat, she wasn’t very worried. She called up her husband and home and updated them about the situation.

Now 6 hrs had passed. Due to continuous calling, even the battery of her mobile was close to empty. Looking at the worried expression on her face, a fellow passenger – Sunil (myself) offered his mobile phone.

I am Sunil, 36 yr young handsome man. I work at senior position in sales and keep traveling across the country, frequently. After she handed me back, my mobile, we started our conversation.

I introduced myself and told about myself, work and family. She felt a bit comfortable and started telling about herself, her husband and her reason for traveling. She was very educated and spoke fluent English. Even her sense of humor had me spellbound.

Now let me tell you about her looks. She was about 5’4, wheatish, slim. The best part of her personality was her voice. It was so sexy to hear her speak. The way words left her lips and reached my ears was turning me on.

When she was telling me about her home at Delhi, I closed my eyes. She asked, what happened, are you sleepy? I replied, I was just relishing listening to her sexy voice. Listening to this, she blushed. I loved the expression on her face. It was as if, she was 19 and not 42.

I asked her, why is she blushing. She replied, if such a handsome guy, would give compliment to any girl, she would definitely blush and we both burst out laughing. She looked around to see her kids. They both were fast asleep.

None of us wanted them to hear our conversation so we moved to the other side of the section of the compartment. The boggie was very sparsely populated. We settled in seats opposite to each other and stared our conversation again. She looked more comfortable than before.

Our topics of discussion moved from movies to politics to kids.. and to finally our married lives. I opened up first. I told, my wife is very adventurous about sex. We have had plenty of events outside our home, on our building rooftop, at a lakeside, behind trees and what not.

She just laughed out loud. She thought I was joking. It took me sometime to convince her that it was true. She said, imagining such adventure is strangely turning her on too but she was too scared to try it out.

I told her, if anything is done carefully enough, there are no dangers. All we need to be is smart enough. Then, I slowly asked her, do you wanna try. For few minutes there was complete silence. I thought she may loose her temper and go back to her seat.

She may complaint to her husband too. So I immediately said, I was just kidding and sorry if she found it inappropriate. She enquired, what kind of adventure did I have in my mind? Do you seriously want to know? She said, yes.

I said, the adventure is something that she can enjoy if she doesn’t know about it all. Otherwise it would not be very exciting. The tough part of the experience would be that she will need to trust me and do what I ask her to do. She gave it a thought and agreed.

I just couldn’t imagine that this was happening to me. Though I was communicating with a lot of confidence, inside even I was scared. I had never been into any such situation with a strange lady ever.

So far it was only with my wife and all our adventures were well thought of and researched. Anyway.. since I had started it, so I had to complete it. I asked her, this shall be your first time with a stranger and outside home? As expected, she replied affirmatively.

It was already dark and people were about to sleep or already in bed. I told her, that we were going to walk to another bogie, and would enter one by one into same rest room. Since it was late people were already sleeping.

The train was moving and next stop was 1 hr away. We were to spend 5 min inside only. She checked up with her kids and we continued our walk. As we walked across, our heartbeat became louder and heavier with excitement. We reached to one of our potential destination.

She entered and I followed as there wasn’t anyone around. As soon as we reached inside, I put my lips on to her lips. My hands started cuddling her breasts. Then I lifted her kurta over and reached out her sexy suckable tits. She was wearing black bra.

I continued nibbling from over the bra while my hand reached behind to open her hook. Finally I could uncover her boobs and what a site. Those erect heavenly brown nipples looked so appealing. I did not waste anytime and started to suck them.

I could hear her moans mmmmmmmmm….. I shifted to her other nipple for a while and back to her lips. Then I stopped since it was already around 5 min, from the time we were inside. She looked puzzled.

I reminded her, we need to change the location before we continue for next 5 min. We walked back to our boggie. She went and check on her kids and came back. We moved to the next available rest room. My hand reached out to her salwar and opened it to drop it down.

While we were still smooching my hands entered her panty to find her neatly trimmed pussy. I went on to my knees this time. She spread her legs and opened her pussy wide, as much as she could. My tongue moved quickly inside her pussy. She was already soo wet.

My hand reached up to her boob and started squeezing, while I tasted her hot love juice. My other hands held her ass tightly and kept spanking. She was in 9th heaven. I could hear her moans, which were getting louder and louder.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck me.. go on …… you are such a great fucker. I want you asshole. She kept on murmuring. In just about 2/3 min.. I felt her body move with pleasure of orgasm. She just couldn’t keep her own balance. I quickly stoodup and held her in my arms.

She hugged me tightly. After few moments she gained her consciousness. She quickly got her attire right and we moved back to our seats. There she lay on her seat absolutely motionless for a while. Then she looked at me with tear in her eyes and smiled at me.

She whispered, thanks Sunil, without you, I could have never experienced such an ecstasy. I told her, it was my pleasure. She teasingly replied, you haven’t felt the pleasure yet while her eyes pointed at my cock. I told her it was fine, I just wanted her to enjoy the pleasure this time.

She stood up and held my hand and almost dragged me back. We entered our dream shell again. This time she went on to her knees and pulled out my tool. She was amazed at its size and thickness.

She first rubbed my cock with her soft hands and then started licking it like icecream. Her tongue kept on moving up and down. Then she started softly sucking my foreskin. I was already flying high. This Goddess of love was just too good at it.

Then she caressed my testicles and took my entire cock in her mouth. The way she took it deep in, just made me loose my breadth for a while. She built her momentum and I started to move closer to ejaculation. I told her.. get it out and do it with you hand.

She just refused to even hear it. Finally I just couldn’t control and I exploded in her mouth. She seemed to love it so much. We cleaned and came out and moved back to our seats. Since we both were happily married, we decided not to stay in touch. It’s been over a year now.

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Project sex in the USA

I am Sivaramakrishnan (SRK) 24, MCA, working with a major IT firm of Chennai on their project in US. health department in Washington DC. It was a monotonous work and involved lot of sitting late.

I told my authorities that I may need some help to enable me to finish the work within the stipulated time. They said ok and informed me that they are sending Ms. Saritha to assist me. On the day of her arrival I went and received her at the airport and took her to my flat.

I told her that this is the flat taken by the company and you can occupy the other bedroom. But you may have to share other expenditure like, electricity, water, food etc. She said ok. She was a cute looking girl with very loud features. I liked the way she talked and behaved.

First day we went out and I told her to buy some clothes like bermudas, hot pants, t shirts etc. since people are familiar to see churidars and sarees etc. She caught my point and bought couple of bermudas and hot pants and t shirts etc.

We bought some food items and fruits and juices, soups etc. and returned. We had our supper from the articles we bought from the stores. In the night before going to bed I told Saritha that you are going to sleep alone in this bed room.

If you feel any discomfort I request you to come and sleep with me in my bed. Dont mistake me. This kind of invitations are not even heard of in India. Here it is quite common. Nobody is going to bother where you slept last night etc. She nodded and went ot her room.

But after half an hour I heard her knocking my door. She brought some sweets from home and came to give me my share. I asked her to sit and shared the sweets with her. I noticed she has worn only a hot pant and a sleeveless t shirt. Bold girl, I thought.

Her thighs were very fair and round and her breasts could be seen through the cleavage. I did not want to take any headway on the very first day of her arriaval. But Saritha said she will share my bed for tonight. I was surprised. OK as you please.

We went on talking and talking and finally I told her, come on, let us sleep. She came and slid beside me in my bed and wanted to get into my comforter. My comforter was not big enough to accommodate two people. If she also shares, we cannot avoid touching each other.

I had a small discomfort in my underwear and my cock was getting an erection. I could not sleep on my back since my erection would be seen outside. I could not turn to her because when I see her my erection would grow further.

I could not show my back to her because she may put her hands around me. It was not very cold as to warrant a comforter. I turned to her side and looked at her. She was staring at me and smiling. Did you ever have any foreign assignments, she asked. I said no, this is the first.

Have you slept like this with any other woman. I said no. and you I asked. She siad no. Then put you arm around me she said, let us be friends. I could not say further. I put my hand around her and pulled her closer, pressing her boobs to my chest.

My cock was already poking her cunt.and she touched my cock with her hand. I pulled her hot pant down and her tshirt up and she became totally nude. Saritha pulled my clothes out and made me also nude. We just embraced and kissed each other.

I ran my hand over her boobs and they were very firm and soft. He nipples were already erect. I touched her cunt which was bald. I put both my hand around her and kissed her on her cheeks and forehead and finally came to her lips. When I sucked her lower lip, she sucked my upper lip.

Out tongues collided and saliva exchanged. I pulled her up to come up on me so that I can suck her nipples. Sariths took hold of my cock and was pulling the skin down and she wanted to see it in full light. She asked me whether she can put the lights on. I said ok.

She put on the switch and came back to the bed and started to suck my cock. I made her to lie down in my bed and opened her thighs and looked into her cunt and clit. Her cunt was bald but was glistening wth dampness. I put my finger and found it to be viscous.

I licked her cunt and the clit and she was giving out cry of joy. I asked her whether she has been fucked before. She said no. Shall I put it in. Will it pain? she asked. Yes, it may for the first time for a short while. But dont worry. I will do it carefull.

I took out my Brylcream bottle, took a scoop with my finger and applied it on my cock and in her cunt. Put the cock in the cunt opening and pushed it just lided in, but very tightly. I could sense the breaking away of the hymen and she never knew it at all.

By rubbing the clit and the sucking of the nipples, I kept her in highly delightful condition, that she did not notice the breaking away of her hymen. When I pulled out I found a few drops of blood along with the cum.

Thereafter, Saritha never slept in her bedroom. She cooked breakfast, and supper and we took lunch with whatever we can carry. She loved keeping my cock in her mouth and rubbing her cunt on my body.

She was crazy about sex and went to any extent to find happiness and give pleasure to her companion. After about six months, she was asked to proceed to another project and I was asked to return to take up another project in UK.

She cried endlessly and told her parents that she will marry me and only me. Our marriage is fixed to take place shortly and I have asked for leave and Saritha also asked for leave. I will inform you as soon as the date is fixed and would like to invite you for our marriage.

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Sex with my hot student Meena

I am tutor & I teach junior college students. I have different batches for girls & boys. The incident which I going to share with you happened in last year. A girl named Meena took admission in my biology class. She was just 20 yrs old. And what a beauty she was!

She had perfect curves at the right places. Her nice little shaped breasts always pointing up and usually she would wear tight jeans in which the curves of her ass would be clearly visible. She was quite fair & her eyes were remarkable.

As she was my student I used to treat her as a kid but there was an uncontrollable temptation & desire for her that I wanted to see her naked. She got late admission in my biology class & so she was not able to understand the concepts.

So one day after my class she came to me & asked if I could take extra class for her.I saw my chance & readily agreed. I gave her the class time at 5:00 AM in the morning as everyone is asleep. Moreover no other time was available.

She too agreed & started coming from the next day. Feeling of having alone with her made me crazy about her. Seeing her early in the morning made me fresh. One day I was waiting for her then suddenly heavy rain started. Just then as I thought she won’t come, she arrived fully wet.

She was wearing a frock that day. As I took her in, My heart began to race faster because her body was quite visible in her wet dress. As I looked closely iwas shocked to see that she was not wearing bra and her boobs were quite visible. Her pink hard nipples made my mouth go dry.

Suddenly she realized that something was wrong & she covered it with her scarf. I gave her a towel & told her to get dried in the next room. As she went inside, I couldn’t control my temptation & peeped through the keyhole.

I saw her taking off her dress & what a beauty she was! She made me hard & also wet this time. Her white slim legs made me sick. But she didn’t took off her panty & I regretted to miss it. After sometime she came out & sat for the class.

I started teaching her about “sexual reproduction in humans”. She was feeling uncomfortable when I was explaining her about the sexual intercourse. I told her to feel free to ask questions. She asked various questions on sex.

I was surprised to know that she didn’t know anything about sex & now she was having fun to know more about it. She asked if it would be fun to have a practical on it. This gave my heart skip a beat.

I went near her & said smilingly that it would be fun & u must try at least for once to get thorough knowledge. She smiled at me & said that she wanted to see male reproductive organs. She stood up & locked the door and said to me, “Sir, can u show me reproductive organs”.

My heart was beating faster. I nodded to her & took off my clothes. She was quite amused to see my cock. She asked me if she can touch it & I said yes. She took it in her hand & watched it closely. The warm feeling of her soft hand made my cock go hard & it got erected.

I said, “Look u have made it hard now & if u want to do it practically u can do it”. She readily agreed & took off her clothes. Seeing her hairy pussy I lost my control & grabbed her started kissing her. She didn’t hesitate & soon we were lip-locked.

We started playing with our tongues. My hand reached her boobs & I squeezed them gently& we kissed more passionately. I holded her in my arms & laid her on the floor & started sucking her nipples. Her nipples were hard & quite longer.

I sucked them & bit them & my hands reached inside her panty. Her pussy was already wet. She started moaning “aaahhh aaaaahhh ooohhhhhhhhhh aaaahhh” as I gently fingered her. I took my finger out & gave her & she licked the pre-cum of hers from my fingers.

I started going down kissing her. I kissed her navel & tickled her belly button with my tongue. She enjoyed it. I moved down further and pulled off the panty.Her pussy was fresh,tight & bushy.With my finger I moved the bush so that I could see her pussy clearly.

I kissed the lips of her pussy. Her lips were quite outward and mucus was continuously coming out. I played with her lips. Fingered them hard. When it was wet enough, I started licking her pussy. I spread her lips & inserted my tongue inside & wriggled it faster.

She was moaning loudly “aaaaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhh ssssssssssssssshhhhhh ooooohhhh sir slowly please aaaaaaahhhhh ohhh sir please aah ssssshhhhh”. My mouth was full of her mucus & I gave her by kissing. She hurriedly licked all my mouth.

Now I took her both legs & spread them apart. My cock already very wet & hard was raring to go inside her. I put my cock over her pussy & first rubbed over it with the tip. I knew had to be gentle first as her pussy was very tight because she was a virgin.

I gently put my cock inside her. It was very hard to go inside but I managed & as it was in halfway I felt the Hymen, the wall. She told me that she was ready. This time I gave a harder thrust but it was going difficult.

I gathered my strength & gave a powerful blow in her pussy & there she was cried loudly as I broked the seal. I felt the blood coming out but I knew I had to move on & I started fucking gently. I felt the inside heat of hers. She was hot as hell.

“Oh Mina, ooooohhhhhhh yeaahhhhhh yeaaaaaaahhhh ooooohhhhh”. “aaaaahhhhhh oh sir ! aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooohhhhhh”. “oohhhhhhhhhh Yes baby come on! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh oohhhh”.

She was sweating & moaning loudly. “ aaaaaaaahhh aaaahhhhhhhooooooohhhhhhh Fuck me harder!!!!!! Yaaahhhhhhhhh”. I started deep thrusting & did it harder. She was enjoying a lot. After some time I told her to change the position.

I told her to bend over so that we could do doggy style. As she bended the view of her cute little ass made me more hard. I slapped her ass & spread her legs & started banging hard from behind. Her boobs were juggling to and fro.

I holded her boobs & fucked her harder & much faster. It was raining outside& we both were sweating inside. Then she decided to take charge. I laid down on the floor & she came & sat over me. First she rubbed her wet pussy with my cock & when it was wet enough then she

gently inserted my cock inside her & started riding me. She started riding fast, up & down up & down just like professional. My cock very hard & now much longer got deep inside her pussy such that I felt touching erectile parts of inside her. I was panting.

“ohhhhh yaah baby ooohhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaahhhhhhh do it baby ooooooooohhh”. “yes sir aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhh ooohhhh ohhhhhhhhh”. I holded her tiny cone shaped boobs & squeezed them harder & so she was going faster and harder

making my climax come nearer. “ooooohhhhhhh Meena baby yeaaaaaaahhhh ohhhh u bitch do it”. It went deeper & deeper inside her. “Aaaaaaaaahhhh oh my god! Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmm aaaahhhhh sssssssssshhh oh sir mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

aaaaaaah”. “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh”. I screamed. Just then I realized climax is nearer so I took her off & gave my cock to her to suck. She hurriedly started sucking & giving it deep throat.

The warmth of her mouth got me going & suddenly I realized the climax point & took out it out & blew the cum all over her body. Her face, boobs & navel were wet my cum. She then licked all the cum of my cock & cleaned my cock.

Then she got cleaned & dressed herself & kissed me again & told me that she had understood everything in sexual reproduction. Then she left. It was the best experience of my life of fucking a young girl & that too my student.

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Gangbanged a college friend

This is a true story from my college time, about 4 years ago. As everybody must be aware, in college we have this groups thing, basically like minded people hanging out together. Well I was also part of such a group of friends too.

Our group consisted of 7 guys and 3 girls. I don't want to get your hopes up, so to tell you upfront, this story is about 1 girl from the group and 3 guys and I am one the 3 guys ;-) The girl I'm talking about is Koyal, She was an average looking girl.

But she had a very sweet voice, she was actually a singer and had won many prizes for the college in singing. She was quite an out going girl (actually all the girls were). Now about the guys (3 of us), like boys we always talked about the girls in general you know the usual guy

things like rating the girls, talking about each girl friends (or ex-girl friends). Also we use to talk about fucking girls in our groups (no preferences, the more the better). Our group was quite a happening group we used to chill out go to movies, discos, parties, picnics.....

Two of my friends had their cars so we also used to go on picnics to nearby villages and camp overnight and return next day, the girls families were quite broadminded and used allow the girls too. Since they were always connected with mobile phones.

So now enough of the background, let’s get to the main story. Koyals parents were out of town for a weekend so all of us had decided to meet at her house and have a small party. So we had bought some beers, ordered a few pizzas and rented movies to watch.

The evening went pretty well everyone had enjoyed the time, it was about 11 pm when everyone started to leave. Then Koyal said she wanted to watch one the movie and asked all of us to join her. But the other 2 girls had to go home and since it was late some of guys who stayed near

them had promised to drop them home and others had their reasons, so they left. It was now down to me, Sachin and Jay and of course Koyal. Then we put in the DVD and started with the movie, the movie was Alexander. It was a total boring movie, but it had Angelina Jolie in it.

At the beginning every one was watching seriously, and then we started talking about the movie "how this was wrong.... That actor is poor..... the sets looked good..... How sexy Angelina looked" and of course we had gulped a few more beers in that time.

Everyone was involved in the talk and then we started to tease Koyal, that she wasted our time with the movie (since the movie was her choice). Sachin was sitting besides her and playing with her hair. After some time Koyal rested her had head on his shoulder,

Sachin took the chance and put his hand over her shoulder and slowly starting unbuttoning her shirt. I was sitting on her right, I gently kept my hand on her thigh and began pulling her skirt up. After sometime I had pulled skirt enough to expose half of her thigh.

Then suddenly she smacked my hand and gave me an angry look. I smiled at her, but she was still angry and again moved her skirt down. I thought this was it, now just satisfy myself with my trusty right hand.

But Sachin was persistent his hand was still over her shoulder and he had managed to open at least 3 buttons, I could see her bra and cleavage. After some time Sachin had his hand in her shirt and his finger was under her bra belt.

Seeing this I also started again on her skirt, this time I was bolder. I just pulled up her skirt and started massaging her thigh moving towards her panty. After reaching her panty's edge I looked at her, she was looking at me and giving the same angry look.

This time I just moved ahead and planted a wet kiss on her lips, Sachin starting massaging her boob and I slipped my hand under her panty while still smooching. She was not resisting at all. I opened her and her bra and started sucking her boob

and Sachin was kissing her on her lips and neck and...Up till now Jay was busy watching the movie, he was sitting on the carpet just ahead of the tea-table. He must have heard Koyal moaning (with Pleasure) when he turned around, Jay was shocked,

But when he saw Koyal enjoying he also joined us. I tried to remove her panty but she said no. So I un-buttoned my jeans and got my dick out and asked her if she was hungry ;-). She smiled and bent over and took my dick in her mouth....

Oh! It was heaven, she started with tip and slowly swallowed my whole dick she was amazing, it looked like she had done it before. She was rubbing her hand in circles on my dick while move it in and out of her mouth. She was going deep up till her throat.

The other 2 guys were getting impatient, then sachin got up and stood besides me with his dick near her mouth. She took his dick in her right hand and started shaking it. In between she would take his dick in her mouth and blow him.

Jay lifted her butt and asked her to get up from the couch, and then he lifted her skirt, kneeled behind her and started to rub her pussy while removing her panty. Koyal was getting hot but she was still not in a mood for fuck. Jay then removed her panty and started to lick her pussy,

she was enjoying that. He started to finger her, she started to rub her boobs with her hands. Me and sachin were enjoying the BJ. Then sachin went and stood behind her and Jay came in sachin's place. I moved to balls and Koyal started sucking on Jay dick.

Sachin was rubbing her pussy, he then started to rub his dick on her pussy, but he was not putting it in. Jay was holding Koyals head and thrusting his dick in her mouth. She was dripping with sweat, we all were.

Then suddenly she pushed Jay away and looked behind at sachin and gave him a smile, that signal was enough for sachin. He slowly pushed his dick in her pussy and koyal gave a loud scream. Jay held his dick in front of her mouth and she took it in.

Sachin started to slowly move in her and started to pummel his dick in and out of her, she totally enjoying this. She had stopped sucking Jay's dick and was just moaning and squirming. Sachin took hold of her balls from behind and pushed in harder and harder.

She was enjoying the pain. Until with the last few strong jolt's Sachin came inside her. She dropped to the floor and Sachin also did the same. Then it was my turn ;-) I laid her on the sofa face up and open her legs and kept them on my shoulder and inserted my dick in her and

started to pump her. What an amazing feeling that was her pussy was amazingly tight, it was holding my dick like a vice. Although it well lubricated, since sachin had just come in her. With her legs over my shoulder her pussy was feeling even tighter,

I put my hands on her shoulder and started to pump her. She was enjoying it, but by now her moaning had reduced. Then suddenly she held my hands and tightened her whole body and gave loud scream, tears rolled out of her eyes.

I could feel her pussy pulsing and clenching my dick, Koyal was having an orgasm. So I reduced my pumping for a while, until she relaxed. After a few minutes, I again started pushing hard. She was shouting and asking me to fuck her, which was really enraging.

I was pushing harder with every stroke and then I told her I was going to come, she asked me to come inside her pussy. That was a great feeling. I was totally exhausted and so was Koyal, I wanted to rest over her sweaty body with my penis inside her.

But Jay still had his turn to go. He tapped on my shoulder telling me to get up, I reluctantly did. Jay was about to get over her, when she asked him to wait for a while (she was very tired). She was breathing heavily,

Jay smiled and said he would be gentle and started to kiss her boobs and her neck and lips, he was enjoying her hot sweaty body. Then after a few minutes of foreplay, Jay turned her over and got in her pussy from behind, he banged her quite gently,

he was holding her hands over her head on the arm rest of the couch, with his every jolt she gave a sexy aaaahhh. This continued for a while and then his pace increased, he was about to come. He asked her to open her mouth and be ready, she begged him to come in her pussy.

But he removed his dick and put in her mouth and came there. Koyal's mouth was full of his sperm, she didn’t want to swallow, but Jay was forcing to swallow it and in the end she did. When she got up (after resting for sometime). Her pussy was dripping with our sperms.

She came back from the bathroom and gave the 3 of us a big kiss. We stayed overnight and the next morning the same gangbang was repeated, but in different positions. After this we served her regularly sometimes individually sometimes all 3 of us.

We tried all positions and even double penetration. She was becoming an expert and so were we. I even took her with me to my office picnic at the waterfalls outside my city, there me and my office colleagues banged her in the bushes near the waterfall in open air.


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