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Fucking fantasy girl

Hi! Everybody, I’m BAD a totally new entrant to this story section and in introduction I would only define me as an Executive in an Engineering company at Gujarat with a Height of 5’6” & 32 years young, fair complexion and a regular normal body.

This is an original story of my fantasy coming true and how was the experience. This is about the girl who lived opposite to our flat in the same society and her name is UVI who is again a very fair, very good looking, 5’4” tall with a great body of 32-28-34

a 3rd year college going girl also works in a reputed mall so as to support her family. She is a virgin type as her virginity that I count is with freshness and not about the blood that is to be seen after first intercourse. I bought this flat around 3 years from now and my drawing room

opens to her bed room & from her bed room shows her bathroom very clearly along with her kitchen balcony. Now say after 1 year or so from moving out to this flat, I began to see her and introduced her along with her family to grow up the rapport.

Then one day I saw her studying in her bedroom with her classmate for some exam sitting on their bed with both of them wearing T-shirt and skirt little below the knee, and as I said earlier my drawing room window opens to her bedroom window –

I without knowing the situation moved from my window and immediately saw both of them leaning their back to the wall, putting their legs up & books on their lap and studying, unknown of the fact that somebody may be there in our house.

This is because I move out at about 8.30 AM and return back at about 9.30 PM from work. So, coming to the point I saw them studying and seeing the same I just went to my window and put the curtain on so that they don’t get disturbed.

I did the same and was about to move out for work, immediately a naughty thought crept my mind as I did see something odd in their figure. So I peeped through the curtain such that they cannot guess that some one is watching them and I too can have their total scene.

Oh my gosh what a greenery I saw that day as both of their legs were up and their panties showing off clearly. Seeing that I just couldn’t stop watching them. Starting from this day till last month there have been many opportunities to see her either in small chaddies and bras.

And in the way I too started to see her and ejaculate. But from last month on wards my luck struck and that too in a huge way i.e. one day she had bought a complete new set of dress from the mall she had been working in and her dress code had changed due to her promotion,

which I came to know later. So, on that day her father and mother had been out to somewhere, and as usual I was on the window gazing and appreciating her cleavage as well as her bare areas while bending during brooming and all at her home.

But suddenly she came with a packet having her new clothes line and was looking at them one by one and was smiling and I too saw her that she was enjoying the same by trying them on her clothes on and last came to here bikini type panties.

When she was just checking it with her clothes on, I too got eager and felt a movement in my tool only with the thought that how it would look on her naked body and suddenly from no where god heard the same or so I would presume, and she suddenly came out of her clothes one by

one with only her old panties and bra and ran to her bathroom to have a bath. I waited along for when she would come out and at least have a little to see her body before she shuts her windows down to put on those clothes.

Suddenly, after 10 minutes she came out first peeping out of the door for something and I saw her towel was lying on the bed itself which she forgot in a hurry. I thanked god for at least this much of opportunity to see a naked young girl after a bath with only her old bra and panty on,

but ooohhh myy myy myyyyy she came out completely naked with her golden globes completely tight and pointing at my window with her hand on her heart shaped valley. She came inside the bed room and first looked at my window and seeing the curtains put on,

she gathered some relief and first went to her towels to dry out first and in the way put her hands off her valley. Oh lord what a delicious food for my eyes they were and instantly I started taking my clothes off and jerk my tool.

As she went on putting her dresses I too got busy giving a hand job to my tool of 6” and she was completely covered with her dresses and in front of the mirror I had already shredded a load of my cum on the wall. Oh what a feast it was for my eyes.

So, I decided to go for the same the next day but this time with no clothes on except a towel on to hide my tool. As usual she, went to her bathroom putting her clothes on the bed but with the towel for which I was cursing. Suddenly I had an Idea, and as I had her land line telephone no.

loaded in my mobile, I kept ready with it and as soon as she opened her bathroom door and was about to put on the towel, I gave a ring on the phone, and she suddenly ran to receive the same on the next room but without the towel which fell in the bathroom door itself.

As it was a missed call from my end she came back to her bed room to put on her clothes facing me. As she had just put on the bra straps on I put off the curtains aside and gave her no chance to move and she also was stunned to be in such a position

where she was taken aback of the position standing completely naked in front of her neighbour. She couldn’t think of any thing and was about to get down or run in shame, I made a hand gesture that its alright with me and to get her confidence back I too opened my towel and got

naked with my tool ready to fuck her. Seeing this she blushed and gave a smile and put on her clothes. After some time I gave her a gesture telling how beautiful she was and she ran away ashamed. The next thing I was doing was gushing out with my cum in my bath room.

Now I just went to bathroom and had put on the soap a bit my door bell rang. I shouted from my bathroom itself that come later as I am taking a bath, still the person was going on ringing. I lost my temper and came out with the soaps on and the towel on and was about to scold the

scoundrel - oh …… my……God, the biggest surprise of my life – here she was my UVI fantasy girl. Seeing my position first of all she laughed than she came near me closing the door behind pushing me with her fingers towards my bathroom than at the doorstep she stops.

She starts un buttoning her clothes as she had to go to her job afterwards and she did not want to ruin them. Now she was in Chemise bra and panty when I stopped her and said that is my job. She then pulled me up and gave a French kiss

and I too was waiting for the same for soooo long months and suddenly it was in my hand my mouth sorry. We were on that position exploring our tongues, salivas teethes every thing that came inside and at last exhausted I detached my self and asked her what it was for and she

said you saw my last jewellery which I had saved from so many foreign eyes and now you had seen them and I have to take a revenge by making you my slave and pushed me inside the bathroom. Took off my towel with a jerk and found my manhood pointing towards her.

She was amazed to see it completely shaved and was looking like a small baby without any hairs (as I shave them daily ) She took the tool in her palms in amazement and felt the smoothness of the skin and was trying to measure the width and murmured you thick ass

digger and kissed on the tip teasing my manhood. Now she started to put the soap on my each and every part of body and in the way long kissing in all the places every now and then. I was just in seventh heaven with my fantasy girl teasing all along my naked body and I too was

co-operating her for the time being and didn’t even put a single step to unveil her as I was just trying to get more aroused from the fact that she too was getting wet in the process and the chemise was almost wet making it a complete see through & the red coloured Bra and Panties

with half of her boobs cleavage revealing – it was mesmerizing. And she too was enjoying the same by pressing her body at every now and then. After bathing she dried me off than, instantly I picked her up on my lap I said now its your time baby and went with her to my bed room.

We had a long kiss with her on my lap for about 10 minutes or so. Then suddenly I threw her on the bed. She enjoyed the way and was giggling. I brought two thin bedsheets. Seeing that she asked me what it was for and I said it is my turn to tease you and fuck you.

She suddenly got worried and when asked about the reason, she said I heard that it pains a lot and she may get pregnant and what about her future. I assured her that there would be lots of ecstasy but not pain which every women in the world is thirsty about and secondly,

I would use condom till your permission and third I won’t discuss this with anybody else and I shall look to it that your marriage is being performed normally and you get wedded happily. Getting this assurance from me, she again asked as what I was about to.

I first tied her hands at one end of my bed and the legs apart to the other end. Now I slowly stepped over her gave a French kiss, than kissed her earlobes to which she shivered, slowly I went to her shoulder area kissed her and opened her chemise straps one by one with my teeth

against which she felt like anything as she had closed her eyes already and was heaving heavily. Now she was with her beautiful red designer Bra and Red Bikini. Now I started with her foot and came to her crotch area by licking it slowly.

At this point I think she already had an orgasm, as I reached her crotch area she shouted ah…ah…ah….aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and was breathing very heavily. Now she couldn’t control her patience and started shouting BAD Please open my hands plz…

I beg of you, I can’t take it any longer. Please let me feel you you bastard.. Without hearing her soft pleads I continued and went to her belly button and licked her. She couldn’t hold on any more and was shouting like anything aaahhhh…. Oooohhhhh….. suck me baby I love you….

Ooohhhh myyyy goddddd. Then I went to her arm pit licked it kissed it and came to her boobs of perfect shape and went on to put love marks on the open part and started licking her cherries from over the bra than went to her bra straps behind unhooked her with my teeth and was

unnerving for her. She was breathing heavily and was moving her body up and down, trying to release herself as well as enjoying the act. Than I went on to her naked mount having small little pink aroela and cherry to feast on, which I held one with my hand squeezing and my mouth to

the other sucking to hell as I couldn’t believe that I could be enjoying such an Apsara. Now I too couldn’t control for long and wanted to come out with my load. I went to her mouth and asked her to suck my bags first. She did it, than I asked her to take my penis into her mouth,

seeing that she said NO. I acted to be disappointed to which she agreed but with half heartedly, But once she took the head she licked a little than little faster than bit it and moved her mouth in such a manner that she was enjoying and seeing this glow in her eyes I started pushing and

pulling my tool and enjoyed and at one point couldn’t control any more – forgetting that she is a first timer and may not like the taste, I ejaculated in her. She was surprised and gagged with her eyes wide open and tears coming out. I thought I made a mistake and pulled out of her and tried

to convince her by loving her all over again and her licking her tears off with my tongue. When I reached her ears and she mine, she murmerred my dear BAD it was awesome. Hearing this I got overjoyed and opened her up. She couldn’t resist any more and gave me a tight hug which I

still am feeling those white, tight heavenly boobs touching my bare body and I was ready again with my tool ready to explore the unexplored paths of all time. She left me slowly and started kissing me from top to bottom and lastly taking my manhood licked all the leftovers and cleaned

it. I offered her the condom packet to put on. She asked me how to and taught her the same. During putting on the condoms she was pleading me with fear that please do it slowly as it would hurt me, yours is very thick, plz do have mercy. I consoled her and laid her down.

Still now her panty was on and the fairy land was not yet explored, neither by my tongue nor by my manhood. Slowly, with my teeth I put her panty down and licking and kissing her from her foot to her valley I saw a some very small, plain silky, grassy fields between which the nile

parted the two lands was waiting eagerly to be explored gracefully. I first licked the upper part of the vagina to which she whimpered and parted her legs a little bit, than parting her more I put on my index finger on her clitoris and messaged slowly to which she responded with love sounds

like uummmm…. Uuummmmm…… uuuuuuuuhhhhhh….. and every now and than would put her waist up and down. Seeing this I slowly inserted her love hole with my tongue and went as much inside as I could and she couldn’t take it longer and exploded in my mouth which was really

good to taste. I gulped it all and continued licking like any thing. To this she started shouting Oh my God Please not again … Please get Inside.. Please I can’t hold anymore. I want you inside me pleeeeaaasssseee fuck me. Hearing this I put my tool on the mouth of her lovehole and

started to go inside but very slowly and steadily and after going a little bit she screamed Its hurting BAD I can’t take It.. But putting her shouts aside I pushed her very slowly and went completely inside. I saw tears again in her eyes and she was numb. I stayed inside for some

time and kneaded her luscious boobs fondling, caressing, smooching, licking and slowly pulling out halfway and again pushing inside. After sometimes, she found the pain converting to worldly pleasure & gave me the permission along with her screams turning into love moans.

After getting the green signal I couldn’t wait long and started pumping her pussy in slow magnitude giving out sweet sounds of fuck, She too reciprocated by sometimes pulling me to her body, touching and licking my nipples on, putting her fingers inside my ass hole which made

me mad at times and I banged her in force which she enjoyed at last the memorable moment came where we were in our peaks and she started moaning loudly pleeeeeaasseee…. BAAADDDD fuck mee hard UUUUUUUUUUhhhhhhhhhhh fffuuuuckkk youuu biitch fiiillllll

mmmeeeee up oh oh oh oh oh and I too was ramming like any thing and at last we both came together OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH MMMMYYYYYYY GGGGOOODDDDDD AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH……. And I fell down on her with her last moan and………

We lied there like that for a while. Than after she gained her senses she picked all her clothes and tried to put on hurriedly and found her chemise still wet. I offered my Banyan to her which she put on eagerly. She got ready with shirts and pants on. As reached the door I saw her panty

lying on my bed. I called her to let her know about it and she gave me a lovely smile and said ‘ its for you – put it on darling till we meet next time and thanks’ and went away with a Flying Kiss. That day I had to remain at home mesmerized, totally nude on bed with her panty on my nose and thinking of - was all this real?

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Humping single woman neighbour

Hi I am Zico, a normal 19 year old boy. Horny, sexually deprived and more horny. Well I am in college.. First year.. And best of all I have a hot girlfriend. Though its not easy having a hot girlfriend who has an hour glass figure and nice well shaped boobs and who also doesn't like

wearing much clothes, as all the hunks in college stare at her. But she loves me even though I am a not so handsome geeky dork. Our love story was going on from school. First friends and then best friends and now lovers. But sadly we hadn't gone beyond kissing and a bit of over the

cloth fondling. I didn't complain though.. And being a virgin in college isn't that nice...So finally we decided that we would have sex. But the problem was that we had no place. Her house was always full and so was mine. No friend could lend us their house and a hotel room was very

expensive. So I was in hunt for a place to have sex as I dint want her plans to change. Meanwhile, I had another hot chick in my life. But she was my neighbour. A single woman in her early 20s working as a commercial pilot. being close to my age we started developing a nice

friendship. I used to spend hours and hours in her house watching movies with her and talking generally. She was very attractive.. beautiful and sexy. a tight ass and amazing tits... Oh I so wanted to fuck her too. But outta respect I never hinted anything to her.

One day while we were watching a romantic movie at her place she asked me about my love life. I told her everything about me and my girl. Then she suddenly asked m, " Have you had sex with her?". I asked why did she ask. She said that she was asking generally only.

So I told her we wanted to but we din have a place. At that she said, "Huh no place? Mine is always there for you. Tell me when to get lost and I shall give you the keys". At that I thanked her and fixed a date for the next day with my girlfriend. She was as excited as I was.

But there was another problem. I was scared to go buy condoms on my own. I narrated these fears to my neighbour and she bought me 2 packets of condoms. I was very delighted. I couldn't sleep the night before. I was so horny. I had an erection the entire night.

I was finally going to have sex. Lose my virginity. Be a big boy. So slowly the next day came and after college she drove us to my colony. There we stepped into our neighbours house. We selected a bedroom and she locked me outside and asked me to wait till she gets ready.

Then finally the door opened and she called me. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I slowly stepped in with my eyes closed and then slowly opened my eyes to see HEAVEN. she was rite there.....sitting...i had dreamt of this SOOOOO many times...but when I was actually

there....my mouth was all dry,i was nervous, and scared.i dint know how she would react to it.i knew she was desperate as I was as we had talked about sex a lot recently.A lot of questions surrounded my brain.. hoe should I do it..? what if I wasn't able to satisfy her??.

but well...now I was think in with my dick and not my brain...i entered the room carefully, she was lying on the bed.....she was wearing a sexy black nightie. I entered and closed the door. " I want to you to fuck me so bad." she said in a very seductive tone!!! my dick went into an

immediate erection !!! it was like the thing I was craving for so long!! she wanted it too........i dint know what to do next...the animal in me was like " DUDE TEAR HER CLOTHS AND FUCK HER PUSSY HARD"....but I dint know HOW to do this.....

and all I did was stare at her amazingly hot and a horny body.. the sweet perfect curves.....By breaking a sudden silence she said 'there's sum thing on your neck' I started looking for that she told ' wait I help', she came near to me and more near to my ears,

I can feel her breath than she slowly started rolling her lips to neck line, ears, neck. we went into a long passionate kiss.. my tongue in her mouth and though we had kissed so many times before.. this felt so much better...she sllllloooowwwlllyyyyy then licked me down to my

dick.....she opened my zip...and straited to lick my dick.....sloooowwlllyyy she sucked on to it...she took the whole dick inside me and then started sucking it.. it was heaven on earth.. oh it was such a wonderful feeling... Then just as she gave me a deep throat I started to feel that I

was going to come... she took her mouth out and told me she din want to take it in.. I protested but she said no. and then she started giving me a handjob and I soon came... she took the cum on her clothes... and then she opened my clothes and asked me to do the same to her..

I took off her nightie and there they were....her boobs.. tender juicy and welcoming.....she took my dick between them and started shoving it hard!! OH MAN!! it hurt SO much. and yet it felt sooooo gooood......i reached an IMMEDIATE orgasm!!!! the second...

this was the best fun I had ever had......but I was wrong...i dint know what was coming.........she came close and kissed me violently...and took my dick into her mouth again....and this time she let me come in her mouth...she suddenly moved up and kissed me again !!

then I took her nipple into my mouth....i rooollleedd my tongue over it and she was begging me for more now!! I started sucking her boobs and her nipple and then gently bit her nipple.. I started to finger her at the same time.. shoved two fingers inside.. she started to moan as I

moved my fingers around her clit... and as my fingers became violent she clinged onto me and buried her nails into my shoulder.... .....then I rolled under and put my tongue into her pussyyy.....yuummm...it smelled nice.....and tasted better...tasted like a pan cake...

BUT I knew what was missing....!! I rushed to the refrigerator in the room and took out chocolate sauce....and smudged it all over her pussy...and started licking it !! YUUMMMMM!! it was the most delicious dessert ever.....vagina dipped in chocolate sauce.....

i knew what she wanted next i slowly wore a condom and then I teased her a little.. I dint put my dick inside.. she started to beg me to do so.. I teased her a little and then she got soo frustrated that she threw me down on the bed and climbed all over me.she sat on my dick and started

riding it.. oh fuck it felt so good.. and she rode and rode until we both came.... then I took her down and gave her a good fuck.. but this time only I came.. so I went down on her and started eating her pussy... as I roller my tongue inside and outside she started moaning loudly..

I could hear her shout... oh Zico fuck me baby... fuck me like there's no tomorrow.. yeah baby.. fuck me.. and as I kept eating he r she soon came and I took her come completely in one gulp.. oh it tasted great... after another round of blowjobs and one doggy style fuck and a 69 we went

into the bath tub together and cleaned each other.. soon we dressed and kissed each other goodbye... she left and I though damn tht was good.. but I want more.. shit the fun;s over.. but I was going to be so wrong. I called up my neighbour and told her we were done and that now

she can come back home.. she said she'll be back in like 10 minutes.. so I started cleaning up the room.. after 10 minutes the bell rang and I opened the door and it was my neighbour.. as she entered she asked me.. "did you have fun???".. I said yeah it was amazing.. she said

"yeah so u had fun that's nice..".. then we entered the room which I had used previously with my girlfriend.. my neighbour asked me" so u used all the condoms??".. I told her that one pack was still left... she asked me was I exhausted... I told her a little bit.. she asked me do u think u can

have a little more fun.. I was confused and asked her what do you mean?? "she's like umm lets not waste the other pack lets use it.. and with that she took of all her clothes...lay down on the bed and said... come here you little bastard.. I like you so much and I want u to soo fuck me..

I m gonna make u pay makin me wait so long.. come right here and fuck the living daylights outta me.. and I stood there amazed for a moment.. and then j umped right onto the bed and had the best day of my life all over again...

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Video practicals with Rahul

Tell me frankly, said Rati to her friend Shila, have you seen a real adult cock in fully erect condition. Shila said I have seen in a porn movie. Porn movie? where did you get it from? asked Rati. Shila said hesitatingly, in my house. Oh, you have porn movies in your house?

that is interesting. why we go and watch it now, what did it contain, tell me in detail, said Rati. I think my father used to bring so that he and mother can watch it in the night after putting us to sleep. Me and my brother want to watch TV.

But they wont allow us to sit in the drawing room, they will drive us to our bedroom and close their bedroom and watch, continued Shila, seeing it I think they used to do it. How do you know they used to do it, asked Rati. From the sounds coming from their room.

I used to go and eavesdrop what they are talking and from other sounds I presumed they may be doing it. What they used to talk, asked Rati out of curiosity. They used to discuss about various acts in the video, about how long it is and how he does it in the video etc., said Shila.

Tell me more, Shila, I just to want to hear it all. Wait, I will tell you about the video because I saw it. Wow, when did you see it, asked Rati. My parents were away to their offices and I had holiday and was lazing at home, said Shila,

it just ransacked their bedroom and found out the CD and put it in the player and I saw the whole thing. It is fantastic. Was it a foreign CD? how much time it played, tell me more, Shila, asked Rati. What about your brother, was he not at home.

Both Shila and Rati were just 17 and were in the same class. They were very dear friends and used to exchange all their thoughts and be together for all the mischief. Both had full grown boobs and nice round ass and were eager about sex and sex subjects.

But they dont dare discuss with anybody else than among themselves. They used to mentally measure the length of the cocks of their friends and teachers and allot marks accordingly. Sometimes during the rainy season when the pants become wet,

the bulge in the pants of boys used to be more prominent and it is easy fof the girls to assess the length. Both the girls used to crack jokes and laugh loudly to the astonishment of their friends and others. Both Rahul and Shila slept in the same room but in separate beds.

She used to steal glances at him to see whether his cock is visible at any time. But Rahul used to be casual and was not bothered about his sister at all. Rati had great fancy for Rahul being the hotter of the two. She used to ask frequently about Rahul, his tastes etc.

But Shila never cared for such queries. On the day when Shila put the CD in the player, for a moment she forget to mute the sound and it came loud and clear. Rahul who too had holiday, reading some magazine in the bedroom,

came running to the parent's bedroom to know what the sound is about. But seeing his sister watching the video he stood at the door and watched. The visuals, quite unfamiliar so far for him, came to the main theme.

The girl was unzipping the jeans of the boy and pulling out his semi erect cock and kissing it. Rahul, stood there aghast watching the visual. Shila was so much engrossed that she did not realise about the intruder.

The girl in the visual was taking the whole cock in her mouth and moving her head forward and backwards. The boy was removing his vest and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his brief and pant down when the girl was giving him a nice blow job.

Both Shila and Rahul were watching it with great interest and dit not know or mind about the presence of the other. The boy in the visual lifted the girl up, undressed her, revealing her nice boobs, kneaded her boobs, and licked her nipples,

removed her jeans and panty and made her totally nude. She was laid in the bed with her legs wide open. Rahul's cock was already erect and Shila was leaking in her panty. When she looked around she saw Rahul who winked his eyes at her.

She got up and went near Rahul and sat in their parents bed facing the video monitor. Both were experiencing heavy breathing and their mouth went dry. Rahul though younger, put his hand across her shoulder and dragged her closer to him.

Shila moved closer and placed her head on his chest. The visual showed the girl opening her legs wide and the boy leaning forward and opened her cunt lips. The clean shaven cunt was shown in close us and covered the entire screen.

Deep red and pink interior with a protrusion of the clit and the mouth of the cunt open was indeed a great sight. The boy leaned forward and licked the cunt with great enthusiasm. His tongue ran all over and slurped with taste.

Shila put on the sound and they could hear the loud moans of the girl. The girl pulled his cock to her mouth and she took it in.But because of its size only a small portion could go into her mouth. They formed 69 posture and suddenly the girl pushed his head into her cunt.

His nose buried deep inside chocked him and he had to twist his head to take a breath. Fluids were flowing from her cunt in large quantity. The girl presumably was reaching her orgasm and was lifting her hip to meet his onslaughts.

He too reached his orgasm and thick fluid spurt from his cock into her mouth and she was gulping it down. Our friends Shila and Rahul were dazed at the abject revelation of sex in its crude form. Rahul slowly lifted the shirt of Shila and unhooked her bra.

Shila did not protest and she turned her side so that he could undo it easier. Her shirt and bra were removed and she was naked waist above. Her virgin boobs were standing erect with enlarged nipples and Rahul as he had seen in the screen leaned forward and licked the nipples

of Shila. Shila experienced an electric shock like sensation. She moaned loudly and showed Rahus her other boobs for licking. Encouraged by her gesture Rahul licked her other boob while kneading one with his hand. They both took a break to watch the screen.

The boy in the visual was introducing his big cock into the opening of the cunt of the girl. She opened her cunt lips to enble him to insert his cock. The boy ran the tip of his cock and got it lublicated with the fluids flowing from the cunt and pushed it inside the cunt.

The entire screen was filled with the scene of the cock entering the cunt. It did not go in easily. He had pull it out and again push it in. This operation was repeated two or three times before the entire cock was buried inside the cunt. The screen now showed the face of the girl,

enjoying with closed eyes and the boy kissing her and sucking her nipples. Shila was removing the vest of Rahul and unbuttoning his knickers, while Rahul removed her midi and the panty. In no time andR both were totally nude.

They watched with great interest the happenings in the screen. Shila looked at the cock of Rahul and took it in her hands. It of the same size as the one displayed in the screen. She held it in tight grip. In the screen the boy was fucking the girl in quick shots.

She moaned every time his cock went in. Rahul just pushed Shila to lie down and she immediately complied. He opened her legs wide and took a closer look at the cunt. There ws no hair at all and was bald and soft. He ran his hand over it and Shila felt a chill all over.

He opened her cunt lips and saw the interior. He leaned forward and licked the cunt just as he has seen in the screen. Shila was all in great pleasure. She moaned loudly. Rahul caught her clit with his lips and sucked it softly. She was grinding his head into her cunt.

This was a pleasure hitherto unknown to them and having seen its video version wanted to experiment it fully and enjoy it. Her whole body shuddered. And she knew finally it came. Her orgasm much larger than what she knew came and took over her entire body.

It came and came in waves and spread throughout the body. Rahul got up and took his cock in his hand and tried to insert it as he had seen in the screen. He ran it all over and the viscous fluid was well smeared on it. He tried to push it in. But it was not going in.

She winced in pain. Somehow slowly he pushed and pulled it out and again pushed it in and finally got it in in whole. Tears were running down her eyes. Finally he fucked her slowly at first and then faster later. Her pain vanished and she was also enjoying the fucking.

They both came together to their orgasm. Rahul tried to pull out, but Shila held him tight and his final pulsations were very thrilling for her. His spurts and sprays were clearly felt by her. Al last he pulled out his cock smeared with blood and fluids.

They both went to the bath room and cleaned the mess. Shila in the meantime stopped the video as soon as the fucking scene was over. When she restarted it they saw an entirely different action. She was mounting him and he was lying in the bed.

Shila wanted to try this posture also and Rahul was also willing to cooperate. Both of the tried all the postures shown in the video and would have fucked at least half a dozen times. By evening they were exhausted. In this frenzy they forget to take their lunch.

Who wants lunch. All these thing ran in the mind of Shila when Rati asked the question of where Rahul was when the video was being played. Shila felt she has been trapped. How can she say the whole thing to Rati.

Her delay in replying increased her enthusiasm and Rati repeated her question. What she replied and what happened next will be in my next post.

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It was 10 am and I had slept for four hours after return from my office. My night duty was over at 4.30 am. When I returned to my room my room mates had already left for work. I hurriedly took a cup of tea and slept. I just woke to scan through the newspapers and have my breakfast,

when our neighbor lady came and asked me for some help. She said her child is not well and wanted me to rush up to the nearby medical shop and buy some medicines which the doctor had prescribed. I put on a shirt and took money and the prescription and got the medicines.

I went in search of her flat and found it. She was there with her sick and sleeping child in her lap. I gave her the medicines and turned to go. She then asked me to just sit with her child so that she will go to have her bath and do some work in the kitchen.

I said ok. and sat with the child sleeping in his baby bed. The baby was less than 1 year old and was sleeping well. I saw the lady going to the bath room with a bundle of clothes. I thought I am stuck here to babysit for the whole day.

But the lady came back shortly after she finished her bath wearing a nightie surprisingly and shockingly transparent. She twisted her towel around her hair in the head and carried all wet chothes out of the bathroom.

After flashing a smile she went to the kitchen and within no time she came with two cups of tea and sat near me and offered a cup to me. I asked her where her husband is working. She said, her name was Beevi,

her husband works in a factory and he left early in the morning and will be back late in the night. They dont have any servant and hence she has to take care of the entire household work. I rose to go. But she said why dont you sit for a while. I took a closer look at her.

She appeared in her late twenties, with very good physical features, but slightly brownish in complexion. Her nightie revealed all. She did not wear any bra or panty. Her breasts were full of milk and her nipples were very prominent. When she saw me having a closer look,

she smiled and asked whether I am married. I said no. I told her my name was Sathar and I am working in a computer software company. Suddenly she placed her hand on my thighs and thanked me for the great help

I rendered her by going and buying medicines and for waiting that long for her to finish her bath etc. She said if yuo stay for some more time we will have lunch together. She said she has made nice fish curry. I thought I will stay and taste her home made food.

She carried the child into their bedroom and placed the child in the cradle and came back and sat with me closer her thighs touching mine. Since I had to rush out in urgency I did not wear any underwear and my cock was whowing signs of erection.

Closer look of her boobs and thighs made my situation more delicate. Since her hand was on my thighs closer to my cock, why not keep my hand also on her thighs I thought. She was talking about the difficulties of her husband not getting leave and such unconnected matter.

She pushed my knee sideways so that we both may sit face to face and she also sat facing me. This gave me a full look of her boobs and the hollow of the meeting place of her thighs. I was just looking there, which she noticed.

She moved her hand casually to the bulge and then when she touched the bulge, she held it tightly and looked at my face as if in surprise. She removed the loose ends of the lungi and brought out my erect cock. Oh, what a nice cock, she said.

Now that the ice has been broken, I lifted her nightie and looked at her naked thighs. She was cooperative. She got up and bolted the door from inside and pulled me to her bed room. I made her to remove her nightie, which she resisted, but yielded ultimately.

She had a magnificent body, narrow waist, broad hip and bushy crotch. She was holding my 7 inch cock in her hand and pulling it to her mouth. I just allowed her to take it in her mouth. She licked my precum and then put the cock in her mouth and was moving her head as if to fuck.

I mouth fucked her for some time and warned her that it is coming. She mooed and nodded her head in agreement. My sex starved cock, threw a whole lot of semen in her mouth in powerful spurts. She swalled the whole thing and was sucking for the left overs.

I leaned forward towards her crotch and with both the hand separated her thick black curly hair and reached her cunt. Her tiny clit was shining and I just nimble d with my finger. She closing her eyes moaned loudly and was moving her body inviting me for more action.

I lifted her and made her to lie diagonally in the bed so that I can fuck her standing. She opened her legs wide and opened her cunt lips with her hands and asked me insert my cock inside. I placed my cock at the entrance and pushed it in.

Even after the earlier ejaculation my cock held its erection in full. When I pushed it in, with great difficulty it was going in. She told me that she was not fucked for the past six months. I made a powerful push and placed my whole cock completely inside and asked her how it feels.

She said it is heavenly. Let it remain inside for some time before you start fucking, she said. She wanted her cunt to get accustomed to the new cock. I fucked her in leisurely pace in long and powerful thrusts. She moaned loudly at each thrust. I leaned forward and kissed her boobs.

Slowly I increased my speed and my strokes were well received. She lifted her hip to respond to my shots. Finally I could understand that she is nearing her orgasm. I made my speed to coincide with her moans and finally she gave a big cry and I threw my fluids into her.

But she wont allow me to withdraw. She wanted another fuck. I said I will lie down and you mount me. She agreed and I was lying and she climbed on my with her legs on my either side. She sat slowly and took my cock to enter her cunt.

By a jerky movement she placed my cock inside her cunt. She rotated her hips so that my cock will touch all the points in her cunt. She was in ecstasy. She fucked me in such heavy and strong strokes and it took long time for her to reach orgasm.

My fluids and her fluids flooded the bedsheet. She rose slowly and went to the bath room and cleaned herself. Later we had lunch and had two more sessions before I returned to my flat. It was late in the afternoon.

Beevi, my new find, kept me sexually busy for the days to come. Since my roommate was getting married I had to vacate the room for him to stay with his family. But I used to visit Beevi whenever I felt like having a good fuck.

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Hi, by now you have been familiar with mine and Madhu encounters. The experience I am going to narrate may not be unique but an encounter that needs to be shared. It was a Saturday afternoon. We had just finished a session and was lying in others arms and chatting around.

I asked her whether she would like to see Porn Movie. I played a DVD for her. A three some was going on. We were on foreplay and chatting. I said I would also like to have a three some along with her. But the matter was not discussed far ahead.

We did our second round and separated. Idea was not in mind and was never discussed again. Due to my schedules we never met for next two months. I was out of town. I came back on Friday night. I find a new maid moving round my flat. My wife said she is Madhu’s sister.

After having my dinner, I was surfing on my notebook for the mails. My wife and children had retired for good night sleep. I was on my sofa and Sandhya (Madhu’s sister) entered the room. We had the first eye contact since my return.

She gave me a smile with double meaning and said she would like to make her bed for sleep. She was sleeping over there. She kept her smile on. I said Ok. I shut down the notebook and made my move to bedroom. I tried to go without making a contact with her.

But she forced her position for a physical contact. I was taken aback. Her smile was on. She created a huge doubt in my mind. Next morning I was late to rise. My wife was ready for her office and children had gone to my parents place.

My wife said Sandhya had taken the children to parents place. She will be back in evening with the children. Breakfast is on table. She gave a kiss and left for her job. After my bath, while having my breakfast, I suddenly recollected yesterday night incident. I was quite astonished.

I also realized that Madhu wont come today since her sister was with her over there as my wife told me. So I retired on my favorite chair with newspaper. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I got my shock on opening the door. Sandhya and Madhu was standing and giggling.

After closing the door Madhu came forward hugged me and gave me a long French kiss. Sandhya was watching us. I said she is looking. Madhu kept hugging me and said “You wanted to have a three some so I called her and told her everything. She agreed.

Last night she tried to knock you but you did not understand. I have told your parents that she is going to a relative place. She will be back in evening. So come and lets enjoy.” When I looked at Sandhya her smile was still on her face. I was wearing a rob only.

I released myself from Madhu’s arm and went towards Sandhya. I gave her a light hug from back and kissed her on the cheeks. Gave light bites on her ear lobs. She responded sensually. She pulled my hands to her boobs and indicates of her intentions. She had larger boobs than Madhu.

I started kneading them. Madhu was undressing Sandhya. She opened her saree and has opened sandhya’s too. We went to the bedroom. I became eager to see her bare chest so I unhooked her blouse very fast and started kneading the boobs.

I gave her a tight hug and started caring her neck cheeks with kisses. She was hugging me very hard. I started biting her lower lips and pressing her buttocks hard. She let her tongue venture in my mouth. Madhu went down and put her had in my rob and has started licking my balls

and dick. I was feeling like in heaven. I pulled the strings of Sandhya’s petticoat and opened up. She was looking great. I opened my rob to find Madhu already nude. I slept on bed and started sucking the nipples of Sandhya. Madhu started licking her cunt.

Sandhya came in the mouth of Madhu. Seeing Madhu and me in 69 position Sandhya expressed to join in. So I started licking Madhu’s pussy, Madhu Sandhya’s while she gave me the blowjob. We came together.

None of the drops was wasted and we relaxed for sometime at each other’s arms. I started the foreplay with Sandhya, as I was very eager to fuck her. Soon she again got ready. I prepared Sandhya for the anal fuck and started fucking her.

She started crying on my first penetration but started all kind of sounds. ggggggggooooooooo ooooooooooonnnnnnnnn hhhhharderrrrrrrr pleeeeeaaseeeeeeeee. Fuck me harderrrrrrrrrr. Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………..pleeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeee……

ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………… Madhu was licking her cunt. We changed position and started fucking her cunt hard. I released my full load in her. She also had her orgasm at the same time. I turned my attention to Madhu. I started caressing her.

I thanked her with a very long French kiss. After some time I fucked her and release my load in her mouth on her request. She licked my penis clean to the last drop. We had bath and lunch together. We were all naked. Madhu left after the lunch.

She asked her sister to take good care of me. We had an afternoon session. I fucked her again very wildly. I parted her legs and tied them. I pumped hard in her cunt. Kept biting the nipples and lips hard. She was also enjoying making huge sound and demand for more.

I controlled my self twice while verge of release. She had twice. On her third orgasm her face became red and sounds low, so I decided to release the load. I enjoyed her body fully. After I release her legs she hugged me hard on her chest. We slept for a hour together.

Later in the night, when my wife and children were sleeping, I was watching TV along with a drink. I was very satisfied as today I had a chance to fuck third woman in my life that too two together. Sandhya was sleeping on the floor.

Her saree pallu had changed place and those beautiful 36 boobs were out. She was wearing a loose blouse so the nipples were giving a hide and seeks on her change of position. Lower part of her saree was quite high. The view aroused my urge.

My wife and children had a very deep sleep and never woke up in the night. Suddenly Sandhya opened her eyes and looked at me. She understood the times need. She woke up and came to me. She picked her saree and removed my rob from my lap and sat on it.

She gave me a kiss and opened her left boob and offered me. I just started licking the same. I also started finger fucking in her cunt while she was playing with my tool. I switched off the TV and retired into her bed. We had a 69.

We made sure to not to make any sound so abandoned the idea of the anal sex. She said softly please do very lightly. Not very hard as afternoon. It aches. So I had twice in the night. Both times I ejaculated in her. I wanted a 24 hours three some.

We planned a trip to a hotel outside town. We reached there in the evening. After settling down I asked Madhu and Sandhya not to wear anything during the stay. They agreed. I had more sessions with Sandhya then Madhu. Madhu actively participated in the sessions when

I was fucking hard Sandhya. She makes sure of my comfort. After we return Sandhya left for her home. Later I came to know that Sandhya was pregnant. Madhu was very happy. I was to leave again for my assignment again. I asked Madhu did she mind as I did not share the equal time

in three some. No, that was a gift for you. I am happy you have enjoyed her. On your return I will give you another gift and that will make you more happy and she started riding on me. As I was to leave next day she made sure that we both are enough satisfied.


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