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Group sex with college student girls

Teen age girls studying in the nursing colleges, being taught about the sexual organs and their functions were all very highly passionate and they formed groups among themselves for convenience for the purpose of combined study and discussion.

In the college where Neha, Safi, and Renu were studying the lecturer taking this subject was a male teacher, Mr.Prasad, postgraduate in anatomy and physiology. Quite young and handsome, Mr.Prasad had thorough knowledge in the subject but was addressing a class of

girls for the first time. All the girls fixed their stare on him when he was teaching about the male reproductive organ and its various physiological aspects. Almost all the girls had leaks in their panties looking at the large power point presentation of the object of their study.

While explaining about its reproductive function, Mr.Prasad was explaining how it gets pumped with blood and get erect and hard to penetrate the female reproductive apparatus. The power point covered all the functions.

How it enters the vaginal passage and moves in and out and ejaculates the semen and the sperms swimming aimlesslessly and then one or two lucky ones entering the uterus through the cervix and one of them get impregnated with the egg etc.

The girls were to hide their embarrassment taking notes vigorously. Mr.Prasad was not looking at them directly but at the vast expanse of space above them or at the ceiling or through the window at the garden and the plants and flowers.

If he happens to look at the face of any of the girls he was afraid that he will get and erection and he will necessarily have to go to the bath room to releave himself. Neha, Safi and Renu all in the age group of 17 with body features just developing into their womanhood,

but very sharp and mischivous mindset, were struggling to make the lecturer to look at them so that they may give him a nice smile and a wink. But he was not looking at them. He would not have known their mischivous intentions but he purposely avoided looking at any girl in particular.

After explaining each title he asked them repeatedly whether it was clear and whether they have understood the point. None of the girls seemed to have any doubt since nobody got up and asked him to explain it again.

The class came to a close and collecting his laptop and the projector and the books Mr.Prasad moved to his room. Physical and mental strain in teaching this kind of subjects was very great. Mr.Prasad leaned back in his chair to relax and closed his eyes for a moment.

He did not notice somebody entering his room. When he opened his eyes he saw these three girls standing in front of him smiling. He smiled back and asked them to sit. But he had only one chair for guests. The girls said it is alright and preferred to stand.

They said they had some doubts and since it was already late they asked when they should come to have a discussion on the subject with him. Neha said her family is likely to be away to attend some marriage and she asked him whether he can come to her house where all three

would assemble so that they can have the pp presentation and have a discussion. He asked her which lesson they wanted to discuss, is it the reproductive system. Neha clever girl, said no, not only that but the nervous system as a whole etcc. Mr.Prasad was impressed.

He said he has never been asked to visit any of the homes of any of the students for discussion. I appreciate your interest in the subject and agreed for the proposal. Neha and he came to an understanding about the time and date.

The girls left his room and when they came outside they had a hearty laugh. Other girls congratulated Neha for handling the issue so cleverly and making him agree. Dont worry, we will ask him to show his tool and make it erect for him and enter all the three vaginas here,

said Neha. They all took it very lightly and laughed and left for their homes. The day fixed was a Sunday. Mr.Prasad knew that the girls are for some mischief and he was prepared for anything. Afterall he was also just 24 and quite healthy and handsome.

There is no wonder if the girls fall for him. When Mr.Prasad telephoned her on the previous day with his laptop and the projector and the pp CDs, Neha was shocked. She never thought he will accept her proposal. When he said he is coming,

she started to run around and arrange the room. Her parents were away but her servant was there keeping a vigil on her. She telephoned and told Safi and Renu that he is coming and that they have to be there by 9 am to receive him. They too were shocked.

What to do, there is no escape from the situation. They agreed to come. On the appointed day, at 9 am both Renu and Safi came and they joined Neha to arrange the room. Neha asked her servant to prepare lunch for all the four of them.

Neha was nervous and does not know how the things would all ultimately turn out to be. Mr.Prasad came at 10 am with his paraphernalia. Neha's flat in the 9th floor of the building was having plenty of natural light and air. They sat in the drawing room.

Mr.Prasad kept his laptop and the projector on the teapoy and the wall is used as the screen. Mr.Prasad asked which lesson they wanted to study first. Renu said Sir, we will start with the recent lesson. Prasad searched for the CD from the stocks he held and took out

one and put it in the laptop and adjusted the projector to project the image on the wall. The CD related to the reproductive organs. Girls were thrilled, wide eyed they sat with their notebooks and pens to take notes.

A huge penis appeared on the screen with its various parts drawn in colour. Prasad started to explain various functions of penis and asked the girls whether they have seen a live penis. Girls looking at each other said no.......yes.........No...... We have seen the penis of small children.

Prasad laughed and said ok ok. You are going to see the real penis and how all it fucntions. He pulled his zip down and took out him limp cock outside and showed to the girls. Shocked at the new development, the girls stared at his cock and sat dazed.

He called them closer and asked them to examine it closely. All three of them came closer and kneeled on the floor and all the three hands stretched their fingers to touch the cock exhibited. It was soft and limp but upon being touched it started to pulsate and get erect.

Within no time it got fully erect and the girls were shy at first and then were scared to touch it. On reassurance from Prasad they took his cock in their hands in turn and were fascinated by the pulsations which went through it.

Prasad drew their attention to the projected picture and explained to them about the functionalities. But the girls were keeping their eyes on his cock. Neha took it in her both hands and ran her hand over his balls.

Pulling his skin back she saw the pink head shining in the bright light. Her both friends wanted to hold it for a while and they also took it away from Neha's hands and Renu suddenly planted a kiss at the tip of the cock.

The drop of precum standing at the tip of the cock was smeared on her lips and she was found licking it. Then it was the turn of Safi. She pouted her lips and sucked the tip of the cock of Mr.Prasad and drew more than a drop from his cock.

Prasad noticed that they were more attracted to his 7 inch tool than the projected image.. He just pulled down his pants and gave them free access to his cock and balls. All the three took turn to suck his cock without his asking for it. He was in seventh heaven.

He was nearing his orgasm but held back and allowed the girls to have a free play. Finally when Renu took the cock into her mouth, Prasad could not stand, he shot his cum into her throat with all force that it chocked her.

But successive shots he filled her mouth with his thick viscous cum.She had to swallow it. Other girls wanted their share but it wall all over. Safi pulled it fromthe mouth of Renu and took it into her own mouth and sucked a few drops of cum.

But when Neha's turn came the cock was all emptied and Prasad started to mouth fuck Neha. He never thought his private tuition will take such an interesting turn and make things enjoyable for all of them.

He asked Renu to come and lie down on the cot and pull down her undergarment. She came and stretched on the bed and removed her panty. Prasad asked other two girls to come closer and he stood between the legs of Renu.

He leaned forward and touched the clean shaven cunt of Renu. Opening the lips of the cunt wth his fingers he found her tiny clit. He touched it with his forefinger and pressed it. Renu was squirming at his touch. Taking his erect cock with his left hand fingers,

opening her cunt lips with his right hand fingers, he touched the clit with his cock. Safi and Reni wanted to help him He asked Renu whether she has ever been fucked before. She smiled and said yes, once by their servant. Her friends smiled at her confession.

Prasad just wanted to know whether he is taking her virginity. Since she has been fucked before, there is no problem. He inserted his cock into her hole and pushed it slowly in jerks to make it enter. In two or three attempts it went in. Safi and Neha looked in amazement.

Within no time his fuck cock entered the cunt hole and it fitted tightly like a cork in a bottle. Neha touched the cunt of Renu, as if to verify whether it is there or it too has gone inside. Renu with the cock of Prasad fully buried in her cunt was enjoying the tightness closing her eyes

and waiting for the fucking action to start. Prasad started to move his cock in and out slowly and gradully increasing the speed and the thrust. Hi...ss...........hi.........ss.....ss........hi was the sound from the mouth of Renu.

Both Neha and Safi with flooded panties were looking in wonder their friend being fucked. Prasad squeezed the boobs of Renu and asked her to remove her bra and release her boobs from their prison. Neha helped Renu to unhood her bra and the boobs were free with erect nipples.

Prasad sucked the nipples and continuously fucked. Finally the moment of orgasm came. Renu was crying loudly and wound her legs around him and hugged him tightly with her hands. Prasad shot his cum again into the depths of the cunt of Renu.

Renu too had her orgasm and was shivering in the frenzied ecstacy. Finally Prasad pulled his cock out and stood. Renu got up and wentto the bathroom. Neha immediately took her position and removed her panty and kept her legs wide open inviting Prasad to fuck her.

But Prasad wanted some time to get started. But Safi kneeling before him took his cock in her mouth and gave his a nice blog job. Her tongue ran round his cock and it was fully erect ready for further action. Prasad asked Neha whether she has been fucked before.

She said shyly yes, and her brother used to fuck her regularly since they slept in the same room. But he was her younger brother and his cock was very small compared to that of Prasad. Prasad said it it ok and looked at her creamy cunt.

There were scant brownish hair but her cunt looked like a fresh cunt, unfucked. Prasad inserted his cock inside and in three or four powerful jerks his whole cock got inside her cunt. She kept her legs wide open and her boobs were totally exposed.

When Prasad sucked one nipple of Neha, her friend, Safi, could not hold on any more, she too lowered her mouth and sucked another nipple. Neha was enjoying to the maximum since her cunt is filled by the cock of her favourite teacher and her nipples were being sucked by him and

Safi, her friend. Prasad started to fuck her right earnestly. Neha who started this mischief was enjoying when he plunges his tool deep inside her. His tool was much bigger than that of her brother, Balu. It all started when she started to suck the cock of Balu, her brother just for fun.

But later Balu wanted to fuck her and she showed him how to do it. He does it quite often and both of them enjoyed. But this was somethng different. Here the iron rod like cock of Prasad was plunging deeply to corners where Balu could not reach.

Suddenly she realised she is reaching her orgasm. This was different from what she used to experience with Balu. This was huge and massive and overwhelming. It came as a crash and she could not help crying out loudly announcing its arrival.

It came in waves and took time to subside. Prasad pulled out his cock and Safi was waiting for Neha to get up. Safi when she removed her panty revealed a cunt young and beautiful. She exposed her boobs and widened her legs so that Prasad may start his operations unhindered.

Without waiting for the question of Prasad, Safi said she has never been fucked by anyone, but she used to insert a raw banana into her cunt at least two or three times a day and enjoy a good orgasm. But her cunt was full of black curly hair and Prasad

advised her to shave off the hair and keep it clean. He inserted his cock and it went easily inside and he started to fuck her with all his force. Safi enjoyed his fuck and she started to moan. Her friends who finished their turn were sitting close to her and pressed the boobs of Safi

to enhance her pleasure. By habit she oozed out more fluids and the fluidity of her cunt was very enjoyable to Prasad. Buth Prasad and Safi came to their climax together and Prasad pumped all his cum inside her. Finally they both got up and cleaned themselves in the bath room.

Renu suggested we should have such sessions every week. Neha said it is difficult since her parents were always at home. Prasad packed up his articles and took them to the car and called the girls to go with him to some hotel for taking lunch.

They all went along with him and had good lunch in a famous restaurant. They were planning how to organize such session and where.

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Sexy combined studies

It was 3 am. I put the alarm clock and got up and started studying. Mother had given me some black tea hot in a flask. I have to prepare for my final exam and lot of portions were to be covered. From my window I can see that lights are burning in some window where youngsters

like me would be studying. Next to my flat is Suni doing the same exam like me. But very hard working girl. Her mother also pins lot of hope on her and hence she is very serious in her studies. After her father's sudden demise, her mother started going for jobs.

This is not only to earn money but to keep herself busy to forget the grief. Most of the time Suni will be alone at home. My mom used to call her for food occasionally, but she used to decline saying that her mother has kept her food on the table.

Suni like her mother extremely beautiful girl, fair and lean but god had gifted her good appendages to enhance her beauty. Suddenly I saw the door of the Suni's flat being opened and Suni came out and was walking towards our flat. I wondered why she is coming here.

Before she could knock and wake up all the people I rushed to the door and opened it and asked her what does she want. Can you come to my house and read, I feel lonely and afraid to sit alone. Where is your mother, I asked.

She has gone to her sister's place and is expected only today. I said OK, afterall next door neighbour, I have to help her. Carrying my books, pen, and the flask, switching off the lights, I went to her house and sat.

Her table lamp was throwing more light on her and I could see clearly her cleavage, neck, and the face in the bright light of the table lamp. To get light I had to sit with her in the same table and I spread my own book for my reading. I was in a lungi and a t shirt.

She was in a skirt and a low neck blouse. Our knees touched underneath the table, and we were sitting very close to each other and bowing our heads busy reading. My my knee touched hers, she did not make any movement to take away.

Again my knee touched hers and rested touching hers. Mere thought that my knee is touching the knee of Suni, made my cock to rise. When I lift my face, her cleavage was clearly visible and her creamy young boobs were also visible.

Purposely I leaned forward to have a closer look at her blouse. She has put on just the blouse and no bra. Whenever she moved, her boobs moved and semi erect nipples are also seen. I felt like a musquito biting on my knee, I took my hand to wipe my knee,

but it went over her lower thigh and knee. Suni raised her head, looked at me, just threw a smile and continued her study. Again a musquito, again my hand after wiping my knee, wiped Suni's knee and lower thigh. Suni also extended her hand and was touching my knee.

I was surprised that Suni is inviting me for some fun game. We both have studied our lessons and what we are doing is just a revision. My parents are fast asleep and before they would wake up I can get back home.Suni's mother is not there and she is all alone,

may be some servant is sleeping in the kitchen or pantry. I put both of my hands on her knees and pulled her closer. She came. I asked her to come near me. She did. I unbuttoned her blouse and she was just keeping quiet. I took out her creamy hard boobs with erect nipples.

I licked the nipples and sucked them alternatively. Suni gave out a loud moan and pressed my face towards her bossom. When my mouth was busy sucking her nipples, my hands got busy to go for her panty. There was a big wetness in her panty.

She voluntarily pulled her panty down and made it free for me to access her treasure. Her velvetty soft cunt with stray and thin hair, Suni lifted her one leg up and kept it on the chair and gave me more space for probing her cunt.

She leaned forward and was searching for my cock within my lungy. The time was 4 am. I have to do something fast otherwise my presence at this house will be made known and I may have lot of questions to anwer. I just pulled Suni closer and asked her to sit on my lap with her legs

on either side of me. She sat with her skirt lifted up. I pulled her closer and asked her to keep the tip of my cock at the entrance of her hole. We did not waste time unnecessarily talking because our talkig would have attracted attention of many people.

My cock was not going in that easily. I told her it is your job to put it in. That was first time fucking for both of us. I have some blue film experience. She did not have even that. We acted just on impulse. First time fucking would have been more enjoyable had we got a good bed.

Fucking lying would have been more enjoyable than fucking sitting. Somehow Suni struggled to put my cock into her cunt. At last 50% went in. I kept my hands on her buttocks and pulled her closer so that my cock would enter her.

Her cunt was pouring so much of fluid that it was wetted my lungi.Poor Suni was in pain and her eyes were full of tears. But she did not object to my fucking her. I fucked her and she too cooperated. We fucked jolly well and got our first orgasm.

We continued to fuck, this time Suni did the action. She kissed me passionately on my lips and cheeks and asked me to squeeze her boobs and suck her nipples and moved her buttocks vigorously. Suddenly she got up from my lap and asked me to go with her to her bedroom.

She lying on the bed pulled me above her and she took and put my cock in her cunt. Fucking was glorious. Plunging deep inside her viscous cunt I was pumping her fast. Each movement evoked a moan from her mouth. By 5 am we had three or four sessions.

But morning activity started in the building. We came back to the study room and she went to the bath room and cleaned herself of all the mess. I asked when will we have our next session. She said doubtful since her mother will be with her.

I told her my parents go away for work by 9 am.and return only in the evening. Get permission from your mother to pursue combine study in my house.during day time. She said ok. In the evening she told me that her mother had come and she asked him and permission was

received. From then on our routine was changed. She used to come to my house by about 9.30 am by which time my parents would have gone for work. Suni's mother also would be away. We had a jolly time fucking in broad day light in different poses.

Her favourite pose was to straddle me. She used to jump or do bharatha natyam sitting on my hip with my cock fully embedded inside her cunt.

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Sunita visits uncle shom again

The flight circled Delhi as it was readying to land. Sunita looked down at the city spread out below. Somewhere down there was the house which she was going to, that of her friend Deepa. Sunita had got up at the crack of dawn to catch this flight

so she could finish her work and return by end of day to home, husband and kids. She yawned as she felt the tiredness from her early morning wake up. And she also felt a little dizzy at the thought of coming face to face with Shom Uncle, Deepa's father.

Uncle, who had seen her grow up over the years, and who, in a moment of sympathy she had chosen to relieve of the sexual tension building up in his loins. She had masturbated him to help him with the release.

The very next day the pleasuring session quickly changed into a mutual pleasuring with Uncle Shom using his years of experience and his overcharged libido to take his daughter's friend to new heights of pleasure.

Sunita felt the tingle in her body as she fought with the confusing feelings rushing through her. On the one hand was the amazingly powerful sexuality of that man. His penis was broad like a blunt club. His hands were strong and his body was sinewy.

The lack of sag belied his age. All those memories of her small hand holding the largeness, of his largeness plundering open her cunt as she slid down on him, of her futile resistance giving way to wild abandon; all those memories made her rub her thighs together.

Her hand wandered lazily to her crotch as she gave it a casual rub. On the other hand was the illicitness of it all. She had known him to be sexually active and had found him masturbating. The sympathy for his loneliness over auntie's death had led to an unexpected unleashing of

sexuality. But he was her friend's father, who had seen her grow over the years. And she was married with two children. He was not supposed to display such lust and she was not supposed to look at a father figure in a sexual way.

He was supposed to past that age of acceptable sexual activity and she was, for heaven's sake, married. And then there was Deepa. Her dear friend Deepa. Who had chanced upon the young woman and the elderly man while Sunita was riding his rampant erection.

She had seen the animal coupling, and she had taken note of her father's need and fulfillment from that encounter and of Sunita's eyes which told Deepa she was doing this for Deepa. Deepa had chosen to remain quiet and Sunita took that to mean that it was okay,

given the circumstances. Her body raged with lust at the thought of Uncle's animal vigor in fucking her. She dozed off to sleep, allowing her juices to flow at the thought of how her ass had thumped on his thighs as she rode him to their mutual ecstasy.

At home Sunita spent the first hour or so of her arrival with Deepa downstairs in the house. Uncle Shom had his room and living space upstairs and he had not come down. While Sunita was getting washed up and changed,

Deepa had gone up and served her father his tea which he usually took while relaxing on his lounging chair in the upstairs hall. "So how is baba?" asked Sunita. "Oh, he is coping well. Your presence last time around this house helped us overcome a lot of things," replied Deepa,

not making any direct reference to the sight she had encountered. She had heard her father sobbing with relief to Sunita as Sunita milked him dry and allowed him to feed on her breasts. The gardener walked in just then, "Memsaab, come and look at the pots I have prepared."

Deepa got up and gestured up the stairs, "Go look him up. I am sure he will be comforted to see you," she said as she walked away, leaving Sunita to wonder on how far that remark was meant to go. Sunita looked up the stairs.

She felt warmth spreading through her breasts as she thought of the manly Uncle Shom waiting up there. Deepa's remarks and gesture of walking out into the gardens suggested that all this was perfectly acceptable to her.

There was innuendo, suggestion, sanction, complicity and gratitude, all at once in Deepa's gesture and words. And up those stairs was the man whose grip on her buttocks the last time, whose probing up and deep into her womb,

and god knows what else in the art of seduction awaited her. Who had seduced whom? She wondered. Surely she had made the first move, but it was he who took as far as it went. Her mind raced over the period she had been with her husband between these two trips.

Her body had ached for the hard hands gripping her buttocks and shoulder. She had longed for her nipples to be suckled while being fucked. She remembered with longing the strong thighs on which she sat between bouts of frenzied fucking.

The insipidness of her encounters with her unskilled husband stood in stark contrast to the wetness just thinking of this man brought upon her. And as she climbed the stairs any doubts or conflicts between lust and illegitimacy vanished.

As usual, he had his back to the stairs and she tip-toed up to him and covered his eyes with her hands and asked him to guess who it was. Shom Uncle felt the hands and could immediately make out they belonged to a woman. Sunita shivered as she felt his touch.

He held her hand and pulled her around to where he could see who it was. The smile on his face softened when he saw it was Sunita, and a spasm of sadness appeared to register on his face. "Oh Sunita Beti? Tum? Kab ayi?," he asked. (Oh Sunita Beti (for daughter).

You? When did you come? "Mai to thodi der se yahin hoon, bas aap mujhe dekhne nahi aye!" replied Sunita complainingly. (I have been here awhile, it is you who didn't come to see me). "After last time I have been wondering how to face you at all," he whispered.

Sunita moved the empty tea cup from the side table next to his lounging chair and sat down on the table next to him. "Kyon?" she asked him with a sparkle in her eyes. (Why?) "Whatever happened was with the consent of both of us, no?" she asked.

"And it was I who started it and you know why. You were just too lonely." "That was true of the first day. But what happened on the second day and the way I forced myself upon you was inexcusable," said Shom Uncle.

"At least, you had only touched me and we were more or less clothed and it happened in the heat of the moment. The next morning was very deliberate and you even asked me not to go so far. I should have behaved with you the way Shom Uncle

should have behaved with his Sunita Beti," he finished sadly, putting his hand over his face. "Oh, uncle!" sighed Sunita as she took his hand and kissed it and held it to her face. She was staring at the floor wondering if the visions of being possessed by the beast in Uncle Shom were going

to evaporate. As she lavished attention on the hand and caressed the arm she could not help turning a bit and looking down his body to his dhoti. And there it was, evidence of her effect on him. His cock had unfurled and was twitching and rising by the second in response to her

contact. She turned and looked up at Uncle Shom smiling with kind eyes and with a sparkle. She was somewhere between feelings for his predicament and her own need, which stood unleashed by their previous sexual encounter.

Shom stared back at Sunita. This girl who grew up before his eyes was now a full-blooded woman and had found him a new outlet for his sexual energy. He could not come to terms with that. Sunita stared back at him, her eyes boring deep into him and her hands wandered down

his chest, to his firm stomach and on below. She encountered the wisps of hair on his abdomen and tugged at them idly and slipped under his dhoti to try find his cock. Her hand closed around the pillar of hard throbbing flesh. She smiled a sweet smile as if to say to him that it was okay,

she was there to take care of him. She stayed sitting on the stool and turned her head to look down at him and see her own hand sliding up and down the cock. She enjoyed that sight of her small hand, his thick cock and the slow flow of precum coating her fingers as she stroked him.

"Perhaps," she thought to herself, "I will stay with this satisfaction if he is not comfortable with more." She was brought out of her mesmerized stated by the sound of a stifled sob. She was startled and looked up and saw Shom Uncle with his head thrown back

and tears were running down his cheeks. "Uncle!" Sunita cried out. She stood up and held his head in her bosom. She kissed him on the top of his head, on his forehead and slowly slid down to sit on him. She rocked him to and fro, "Sssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she soothed him.

Sobs wracked Shom Uncle's body. Sunita pressed her breasts to his face, rubbing them against his nose and his lips, wanting him to take the bait, to lip her, to suck at her, to want her. He moaned and sobbed, wiping his tears on her blouse.

"What is the matter?" she asked soothingly. "I need you and its wrong!" he wept. "Nothing is wrong!" she chided him. "We need each other." "Is this wrong?" she asked him, her hand returning to his cock and she gripped it hard.

"Does this feel wrong?" she asked, sliding her hand up and down over the silky smooth skin. He shook his head to say no. "Then – how – can – this – be – wrong?" she asked, with each word, working her fist down the shaft.

His hands came around her back and he pulled her shoulder to raise her off himself. "You are my daughter's friend, like my daughter." She tightened her grip on his cock as she fist-fucked him. "I am a woman who desires a man," she replied.

He twisted his hips to get away from her but her hand would not let go. The movements he made only served to send more waves of pleasure through him as her hand changed its orientation. He brought his leg up and placed it on her thigh and pushed back.

His dhoti fell back and as he did this and the lower part of him was fully exposed to her. She maintained her grip, following the cock through the twists and turns of his body. She pumped his cock in each position his body took following him.

Suddenly they overbalanced and he fell back on the floor, she on top of him. He pushed himself away from her on the floor too. She was kneeling and crawled in his direction never allowing him to escape her pumping fist.

He backed up into the wall below the window and he could move away no more. He was lying on the floor his dhoti in disarray and his huntress was prone over him, his cock in her unrelenting fist. He gasped and shuddered as the different positions made her hand sometimes

stroke him from below, sometimes from top and sometimes so hard that it bordered on pain. She fucked his cock with her fist now hard, since he was against the wall. His hands gripped her wrist trying to stop her. She was determined to overcome his resistance.

She moved over him, her torso on top of his face and chest, her head towards his legs. She placed one hand on the floor next to his hips for support and leaning over his thus, she continued her fucking of his cock with her fist.

Her knees gently pinned down his strong arms and her entire weight was on them to prevent them from reaching for her again. Shom's cock was pulsating wildly. Juices had flowed and Sunita had used them as lubricant to keep the pumping going at a furious pace.

He was conscious of her being tantalizingly poised. Just above his face was her soft tummy and the breasts above that. Her mangalsutra, the symbol of her marriage which he had attended, swung from her neck as she rocked to the rhythm of her fist.

His hands reached for her thighs to see if he could dislodge her, but the tautly stretched leg muscles ended up seducing his hands. Through her saree he caressed the woman's strong thighs. He reached up to grab her ass and try pull her down,

but his fingers detected the edge of her panties. There was no way he could stop her or do anything with her. She was doing all the doing. Her hand on which she was leaning ached and she switched hands. She put her hand now on the window sill above them for support.

She pressed her hips forward and her crotch pressed against the top of his head providing her some relief. She ground herself down as much as she could and continued with the frenzied pumping of his cock. Her thumb swept over the glans causing him to shudder incessantly.

Her lower lip, the symbol of her unbridled lust, was hanging open and wet. Saliva was pooling in mouth which was poised over his cockhead, threatening to drip onto the fist and cock below. Suddenly Shom found a new way to resist this assault.

He raised his knees and tried to close his leg. "Beti!" he called out, his voice muffled by the grinding pussy on his face. "Enough! Let's not make this worse." At that moment Sunita knew in a flash as to what would make him surrender.

She did something she had never done to a man, not even her own husband. She lowered her head and the wet open mouth took in the large wet bulb of his cockhead. "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" hissed Shom.

Sunita gripped the window sill even harder to help pull her self up so she could descend on his cock with her mouth. The warm wet mouth mimicked the effect of a cunt but with the added pleasure of her tongue which rotated the cock around.

Shom gave up as the moist warmth took control of his being and pleasure was the only thing he could register. The woman in the girl he knew had conquered the man in the Uncle he was supposed to be to her. His hips starting to fuck her face as he gave in to the oldest of desires.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" replied Sunita, her hips now totally resting on Shom's face. He opened his mouth and kissed through her saree, petticoat, panties, fumbling to gain access and desperate to feel flesh with hands or mouth.

His hands rapidly moved to the waist where her saree was tied. He felt her stomach and tried to pull the garment off. Sunita's mouth was a cunt now. It fucked his cock with the devotion needed to make it cum. Her hand stroked the thickness and fondled the balls.

"Beteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" howled Shom. Deepa heard the noise and looked up and saw a hand at the sill. Gripping the woodwork once, then pressed against the side of the window. Something was happening there she thought.

It was Sunita's hand though Deepa did not know that. Sunita was propping herself up to allow her hand more space to regain its predominant fucking position. Shom's hands were desperate for skin and he grabbed at Sunita's breasts, trying to maul them through the cloth of the blouse.

Sunita's head bobbed up and down. As her fist went down to his abdomen, the mouth covered the bulb. And as the fist came up she moved her head back. And so it was when she moved the fist down that Shom felt the surge of cum.

Her mouth covered his bulb just as he shot a load of his cum. "Sunitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Take, take take! This is what you wanted to see your Shom Uncle do, no?" slobbered Shom as his hips thrashed about.

Sunita choked on the cum and pulled her head back rapidly. This was beyond her own expectation and preparedness. Her hand milked him and he shot more streams which her hair caught. She continued to pump and empty her Shom Uncle who just kept muttering over

and over again, beti, beti, beti... as his balls emptied in several jerks that kept getting shorter. The penis started to recede and Sunita found it hard to keep grip on the flesh, but she was hardly ready to relinquish control.

She covered the shrinking jut of flesh with her mouth and nibbled at the penis. It continued to jerk and twitch and release fluid into her. She allowed it to flow out of her mouth, pooling under Shom. Her hands roamed up to his legs, she gripped his ankles,

felt his toes and pulled at them, making him tingle to his very extremities. And suddenly Sunita felt drowsiness wash over her. Tired from the flight and from the wrestling just now she slumped to the floor next to Shom Uncle, all ready to sleep.

Her one leg was around his head and her head was resting on his thigh. She gently rubbed his torso and felt the hair on his thigh against her soft cheek. Within minutes the couple were snoring gently, exhausted and satiated.

He from the sweet to surrender and the subsequent release. She from having healed his sense of hurt and taken him to his release. Waking up It cannot be said who woke up first. And who started what happened next.

It seemed to them like they had slept for hours but it was probably no more than ten or so intensely deep minutes. What both of them did realize was that each had the attention of the other. Sunita felt hands tug at her saree tucked into her petticoat.

A cool waft caressed her lower body. Clearly her saree was also being pulled up to expose her lower body. She herself felt the rough hair on Uncle Shom's legs as she carelessly stroked his body. "Uncle? Utthen kya?" she asked. (Uncle, shall we get up).

He responded with a long lick on her now exposed thigh, leading up to her crotch, which was still covered in her panties. His hands stroked her from outside of the panties and felt the intense warmth and the dampness that lay within.

His hands stole up her leg to the top of the panty and tried to pull down the fabric. He wanted her, open to his lips, the way he had been open to hers. She stroked his legs. They were bare. A part of his dhoti was under him but the rest was spread across the floor

and she was partly lying on it. They were lying next to each other, each person's head pointing towards the other's foot, side-by-side. Shom raised his upper leg, allowing Sunita all the space she needed to manipulate his cock and balls.

Sunita caressed the sac and felt and weighed his cock. She rubbed her face against his legs as she felt her heat soaring. She needed release. She felt his hands tugging and pulling at her panties, her petticoat and her saree.

She lay on her back and with one swift tug the saree was released. She bunched her petticoat around her hips and pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs. She then turned back towards him. Shom had watched the lewdness of her act and felt his loins stirring again.

When she raised her hips he saw her buttocks. When she pulled her panties down he glimpsed the furry patch of regularly trimmed pubic hair. She raise her upper leg, stretching the panties tight. Shom peeled it downward and soon the panties were off

one of the legs and resting around the ankle of the lower leg alone. They were fully turned towards each other. Sunita took the still not full member in her mouth. She brought up enough saliva in her mouth to surround him with fluid and avoid tasting him so fully.

She was so unsure of this. She had never done it before and in the darkness of the room where she and her husband made love there was hardly any occasion when she properly saw what his cock looked like. And here she was, on an early morning,

sprawled on the floor of her friend's house, her mouth closed around her friend's father's cock. She pumped the jut of flesh in and out of her lips as she massaged the rapidly growing member. She took her mouth of his cock for a moment to shake her hair free and he couldn't bear it.

In an instant his hand was at the back of her head pulling her down. He kissed the inside of her thigh. Just as his tongue was tracing the line of her underbelly, he felt her mouth close on his cock and fuck it in and out of her mouth. He frantically grabbed at her pussy with his lips.

His lips brushed the furry patch of hair and he nuzzled her, wanting her fluids to flow. He smelled the pungency of her cunt, followed by the aromas of her flowing juices. His hands, large and rough closed in on her buttocks gripping her and pulling her to his mouth and face.

Sunita gasped. She had rarely if ever been even kissed down there. Uncle Shom was licking her there! It felt wonderful, and she felt her hips move against his face. Shom used his tongue on her with a dexterity born of years.

He remembered how his wife used to holler when he tongued her on the junction of her labial lips, where her clit was. He searched and the tip of his tongue rotated the nub of flesh at Sunita's cunt. She squirmed and squealed onto his cock, "mmmmmmmm!"

When he start to lap at her pussy, she realized his tongue was more dexterous than anything she had ever had touching her. Including the same Uncle Shom's cock. No, this was not enough for her. She needed him to lave her pussy with his supple tongue-cock.

She lifted her upper leg to open her cunt wide as a chasm so he could get deeper into her. Her foot rested on the window side for support as she prepared to offer him extended access to her inner flesh. This made her somewhat lean over him.

And her face now twisted his cock into the recesses of her mouth. Shom's fingers pulled her asscheeks apart and his fingers caressed and teased the insides of her asscheeks bordering her anus. Just as she felt his fingers reach an invading position,

she pulled her head off his cock and screamed, "No! Uncle, not there!" Shom let his fingers move away for he desperately needed her back on his cock. It was now full and engorged. He put his leg around her head and fucked her face with a steady rhythm.

The pleasure on his cock translated to action on her pussy through his lips. Likewise, the waves lashing her pussy caused her to pump his cock with her lips faster and harder. Deepa in the meanwhile continued to potter around in the garden.

From the time she spotted the clenched hands on the window sill she decided to stay out. She looked up towards that window and was startled to see a leg, clearly Sunita's stretched out and resting on the sill. The leg moved every now and then.

Sometimes bent at the knee and at other times outstretched with toes pointing outward. She watched transfixed and wondered. Sunita seemed to be facing the window. Was her father behind Sunita in which case, where was he fucking her, and how?

Or if her father was facing Sunita how had he got trapped between Sunita and the wall and what was Sunita's leg doing on the sill? It was there, of course, to allow Shom to get as much of her cunt as he wanted.

Sunita moved off his cock and allowed herself the luxury of smashing her wide open, wet pouch of flesh on his face. Her stomach heaved and that was the first sign of the earth shattering wave to emanate from her insides.

"Yes, Uncle!" she screamed. "Eat me! Eat me! Feed on me! Take me" she pleaded as her hips thrust against his lashing tongue. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle..........." she shook uncontrollably.

Huge gushes of fluid surprised Shom but he continued to hang on to the bucking and thrashing woman. He was soaked in her and his kurta (shirt top) was stained in her juices. He pulled her buttocks closer to his face and soon his nose and his lips were buried deep between her cunt,

her anus and the strip of flesh in between. Loud slurping noises accompanied the orgasmic flow as Shom ran amok with his lips and tongue. He was enjoying the wild moments of this young woman and his only regret was his cock was throbbing and not receiving any attention.

Sunita had gripped his legs and closed her eyes and given herself up to the nerve wracking pleasure coursing through her body. "Uncle, your Sunita beti. Yes, take her. Yes, you have taught her many things – now pleasure.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she hollered as she allowed herself to go fully. She collapsed on him and lay face down on the floor. Her body was trembling and she quivered as jelly would. His hands stroked her ass and her back and he admired the sexy woman.

His cock was raging and he knew he could sink it in her. Suddenly, he realized the incongruousness of their union, and of how this could affect him. He had barely overcome the intense sense of guilt from having consumed this girl sexually; his daughter's friend.

And now here was again. Compromised! Because of this girl. This wanton slutty woman. He was overcome with an anger in which he felt he should blamer her. He saw her face down prone body. Her hands were clutched under her chin at her chest.

Her body was heaving from the exertions of her orgasm. She too lay there wondering about the acts of lust and lewdness they had performed on each other. The masturbation had a logic to it. The fucking was a logical expression of desire and even affection and as she and Uncle looked

into each other's eyes. But this, burying their faces between each other's thighs? It was something she had seen only in the odd porn movie and had never done, nor had done to her any such sexual acts.

When she felt his hand at her hips, she thought he was asking her to get up. She raised herself on her elbows, her hips still resting on the ground and her ass jutting towards him. She felt his feet between her legs, and then she felt his knees on the ground;

he was kneeling on the ground between her legs behind her. What happened next stunned her. Shom placed his hand on the small of her back and with the other hand guided his cock to caress the entire zone between her two buttocks.

Sunita, shuddered, gasped and twisted and turned towards to take support of the sill and stand up. This she was not going to allow. She was not going to take this illicit relationship to depravity in allowing her Uncle to fuck her in the ass or from behind like a bitch.

All she could manage was a stumble when Uncle Shom caught her at the window. She was leaning on the sill, bent forward trying to get up. He was on top of her, leaning forward, cupping her blouse-encased breasts.

"No, Uncle! If we are lovers there is a way to make love! I care for you, I want to tend to you, see you, love you. I am not a slut, don't treat me like a, like a whore!" she pleaded. His hands went to the inside of her thighs and prised her apart.

"How much I pleaded you to leave it be, that it was a mistake. But no, you insisted on awakening the beast in me. Now you must bear the brunt!" So saying, he thrust in this bludgeoning club of a penis forward.

Sunita tensed and waited. Her anus was open and she worried about lubrication and pain. Her cunt was dripping- torn between the excitement of animal ness and the depravity of the animal ness. Her hands were on the window sill and as she tried to move she felt his hands gripping

her, holding her in place. It was sheer relief for her to feel the cock push past her cuntlips. It was relief to have her anus left alone. She leaned forward, her head down and her eyes closed as she felt the thickness course through her passage.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhh!" she went, as the cock sank in her fully. She opened her eyes and found herself looking out of the window. She was being fucked at the window. "Uncle!" she shouted. His cock pulled out and rammed back in.

"Oh my god! Uncle stop!". "Ah! Ah! Ah! This is no way to treat your beti" sobbed Sunita as she felt herself treated like a slut. Her buttocks tensed and she held herself steady to allow him access and to plunder her steady and regularly.

"And –was – that- the – right- way – for – you – to – fuck- your- Uncle- Shom?" he shouted back at her. Each word was one hard invasive thrust of his cock into her juicy flesh. "I –ah! Am ready-Ah! To –oh-oh-oh-oh! Love, love, love, you –ooooooooooh!

This –aha- this-hunhhh – this --- is de---ha depravity! Uncle! Uncle stop!" she shuddered. "NO! No! No! No! No! If you have made a beast of me, you too are a bitch!" he grunted. Once again, each "no" was a pounding of her now quivering pussy.

"Ui ma! Yah! Yes! Hannh! Make me your slut! Ravage me!" whimpered Sunita, grinding her hips back at the plundering cock in an attempt to tame him. The pleasure ripping through her body was indescribable. She had juices running down the inside of her thigh. And her body was tingling.

Suddenly, Uncle Shom's one hand slid up her back and into her blouse. The material stretched. The other hand went under and he caught the neckline of her blouse. In one swift motion, he ripped the blouse open, buttons popping, seams bursting and breasts now covered only by her bra.

"Hai, Uncle! Ye kya kar rahen hai aap! I am your Sunita beti, treat me like one!" she fucked back at him as her body pulsated under the assault. "I only know the slut who awakened all sorts of wild desires in me" he hissed as he undid the bra clasp at the back.

The bra now hung open. Her breasts hung with the cups just about covering her tits. They thrust and they jiggled as they moved to rhythm of Shom's fucking. And soon his hands covered them. The nipples were in his fingers, pinched and mauled mercilessly.

He pulled at them and gripped the breasts as handles to fuck her. "Aaaah! Uncle! You bastard! Taking me like a bitch!" she sobbed as she felt her body wracked by pleasure. He was everywhere at once, in her cunt, on her breasts, slapping her ass and fucking her like an animal.

Gone was the Shom Uncle for whom she had wanted release and to tenderly mother him out of his gloom. He was a ravaging beast. Large and animal. Fucking this small woman, young as his daughter with a lust half driven by revenge and half driven by his anger at his own self.

The bobbing head of the woman, the looming large man behind her that was her father, and the loud animal noises emanating from the first floor of her house were not lost on Deepa. She stood in the garden watching the silhouettes, in some cases more of the bodies showing,

at sometimes less of it showing. The noises, and the screams and the grunts were unmistakable. It was sex of the most animal kind. What Deepa could not reconcile was the animal vigor this seemed to indicate.

It was at variance to the tender release that Sunita seemed to have engineered in her father the last time around. She watched the fingers white with pressure as they gripped the window sill. She moved back to avoid being seen, especially by her father.

Shom was sweating, drops of it dripping on to Sunita's ass and adding to the pool of juices between them down her ass. He paused in his stroking and fucking. And in that respite Sunita turned around leaning back against the wall next to the window.

As the cock escaped from the cunt they both gasped. Sunita quickly caught his reddened and slick cock in her hand and she clenched her fist lightly, open and close to give him continued pleasure. "Uncle, bas! Enough of this temper!

Let me love and pleasure you the way you should be." whispered Sunita. He reached out for her cunt with his fingers and stroked the soppy wet lips. "Yes beti! Yes!" He opened his mouth and kissed her for the first time. His lips caressed her lips tasting on them himself and her.

Just as she too tasted their combined juices on him. They slid to the floor. Sunita lay back, her legs opened, knees bent, in the classical missionary position. Submitting herself to this man. Shom kneeled in front of her and lifted her body up,

to the level where her cunt was splayed over his cock. He held her hips and thrust her onto his eager bobbing member. Sunita gasped as she felt the cock plumb her depths. Her shoulder blades were resting on the ground and the rest of her was hanging in air and she was impaled on his cock.

He moved his buttocks to piston in and out of her cunt. Sunita thrust back as hard as she could. She had to conquer Shom uncle before he tore her apart today. Her clothes were spread and tangled with his dhoti. Her blouse was torn and hanging back from her arms.

Her bra was open. Her breasts were jiggling in rhythm with the thrusting. And her cunt was pulsating with a rhythm all her own. She reach for his arms and pulled herself up. Her hands went around his neck. Her legs folded around his back.

Shom's hands cupped her buttocks as he supported her easily in his arms. She looked into his eyes. Her eyes were radiating a new kind of love for this man. Affection, sympathy and lust had melted to yield a deep bond of love. She fucked him back, smiling. "Uncle. I love you!

I love you taking me, owning me and making me yours!" she whispered. She moved closer to him snuggling around his neck and used the leverage to slide over his cock in rapid quick thrusts. "Yes my love! I enjoy you for what you are! Thank you!" he replied.

Then there was silence. Just the fucking in rhythm. Him concentrating on her. And she making sure she was pounding onto his cock on the correct spots. The squelching sounds. The moans and the sighs. The sounds of kissing. Then the rising crescendo of oohs and aahs.

As Sunita held him to her and thrust her hips against him, she once again was looking over his shoulder towards the staircase. Once again, she saw Deepa there. Sunita and Shom were more naked than the last time. They were coupled more deeply than ever,

Sunita spread and wrapped around Shom, and Shom buried and thrusting inside her. Deepa shook her head slowly in disbelief. Clearly, her father and her friend were beyond that basic act of sympathetic love which she had witnessed the last time.

Sunita smiled at Deepa and closed her eyes. She felt her orgasm rising and it felt like Shom was rising to cum too. She threw her head back and laughed as she continued to receive and fuck back at Shom. A deep guttural "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh"

emanated from Shom as his cock swelled up to impossibly large proportions. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww yesssssssssssssssssssssss!" responded Sunita, a wide smile spreading across her face.

They held each other and shuddered deeply. Shom laid back Sunita and held her legs over his shoulder. He embedded himself as deeply as he could. Sunita gasped as she felt him deep in her womb, the head reared and warm jets of semen filling her.

She bucked and rocked, taking in as much of it as she could. Deepa's eyes were transfixed on the tensed and rippling muscles of her father's back, from shoulder to buttocks. She noticed the spasms as he released into her friend.

And she noticed Sunita's ass thrusting against her father as she twisted, turned and gave vent to her ogasm. "Sunita beti!" shuddered Shom as the last of his spasms emptied into Sunita. "Yes, Uncle. My dear uncle!" whispered back Sunita.

As he let her legs down, she let her heels beat a mild tattoo on his back all the way down, his buttocks and to the back of his thighs. Shom shuddered at each of those and was completely spent. He lay on her and she hugged him tight.

She held his head in hands and looked into his eyes. "Don't ever complicate this by thinking of what we were for all these years. We just need each other and we will simply take each other. Right?" she asked.

He stroked her face and pushed her hair back. He was breathless. His throat was constricted. All he could do was nod. She patted him on the shoulder, "Uncle move! It is getting late for me." She re-tied her saree, covering her torn blouse with the saree pallo and demurely stepped down the stairs to see if she could find a new set of clothes to wear for her days work.

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flowing freely from her pussy and I could not resist the stong aroma of her juices and her pussy and as I was going harder and going much deeper I almost poked my nose in to her pussy and she had already cummed twice and this time her orgasm was more violent with she thrusting

her pussy back and front with full force.i calmed for a while and took her in to my grabs and went on with our drink,she now slid her hand in to my tommy undies and started playing with it inside my undies,with half of my 8 incher just propping out and then she pulled my under pants

and made me nude and she got in to the holy job of licking my cock up from the front taking my fore skin in between her sweet lips and slowly started to lick it on the top but she could not resist my long dick and became violent, pulled the fore skin of my cock with her left hand and

putting her right hand between my legs and putting them on my bums she pulled me closer and started to suck harder and took the whole tool of mine in her mouth and I started to thrust my cock harder in to her mouth and she put one of her fingers in to my ass hole and was sucking

my hard cock like a mad. Swaying her head front and back and this she kept going for almost 20 min and I was not cumming and she gave a slow hand job along with her sucking and as I was about to cum in full loads I tried to free my cock from her mouth,

but she will not let go the chance and was really excited in taking that big load of my cum in to her mouth and as I could not resist after having reached the climax,she kept on sucking it until the last drop of it and then she embraced me in her arms and we alked towards her room,

and now I took her in front of the mirror and I stood behind her and was seeing her sexy boobs still in that lovely pink bra and her naked bottom,I again started to play with her pussy with her back towards me and the front facing the mirror,

she was feeling shy and then I unhooked her bra and loosened it and put my fingers in it slowly cuddling with her massive milk melons and then lifted her bra to have a full look at those sexy deities and they really were

I got mad in between those massive boobs and turned her front to me and started licking her thick nipples and she was moaning loudly, yeeah, yeaaaaaaaaaah, yeah, hey bite me yes harder ayeah I want that bite me harder and she kept on asking for more and more,

I lifted her sexy body from her waist and put her on to my shoulders with her boobs, head and hands on back and her sexy pussy on my shoulder and both my hands on to her sexy ass, and I started to beat her ass like tabla and those milk white ass turned red and she started to ooze

out her juices on to my shoulders and she started to play my ass with her hand and with every hit of hers on my ass my dick started to swell a little and then I put her on the bed and holded her in a doggy style, then got some coconut oil and slowly dipped one of my fingers in it and

started to insert in her ass hole and lubricating her,she was not able to bear the pain and shouted loudly aaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at first but after a few thrusts in out she started enjoying it and by now even my dick was ready for another exploration

and then I lubricated even my dick and slowly pushed it,but that wont go,it was little too big,she bent little more and tried to give the maximum opening possibly she can give and now I again inserted my finger in her and with one thrust pushed my cock all of a sudden in her sending

waves of shock and pain,now she was able to feel what a real cock was(she was least satisfied with her husband,which she told later) and the pain and pleasure it was giving her was like heaven to her and shouted get harder you bastard I want it that way for long and really hard I

grabbed her hips tightly and thrusted my massive dick in amd out of hers very hardly and now her abusing got louder and I became violent in my act she had already cummed twice and now she was begging to be left but I was in no mood of it I started to bang on her unless she could

reach her third and loads of juices started to flow from her pussy and now I was finished and ready to shoot and with another massive ejaculation I just rested on her hot sexy ass and she was speechless in the final session as I never stopped my hard core until I ejaculated and now

we both were tired and went to take shower in her nuch beautiful bathroom and just threw ourselves in that large pool tub in her room and lay there with our drink (2nd) and almost relaxed for an hour in that hot water and at the end we had already become naughty with myself

fingering her in that hot tub and she un stoppingly playing with my dick,as we were almost locked in kissing for most of the time and we got out of the tub and dried ourselves and went to have our breakfast by almost noon as we both were hungry had a good grilled sandwhich and a

glass of milk and got energised,I almost took every thing from the dining table and that was again a massive table where atleast four people can sleep,she asked me what was I up to, I said why not get fucked here, she said you try all different things and there lay our balance

food,butter,honey and salads I took her bath robe off and made her sleep to her back with her pussy on the edge of the table and her legs in air, I took a chair and sat between her silky sexy legs, I took her legs on to my shoulders and went close to the edge of the table and now I could

smell her sweet ass after that long bath in her ayurvedic spa tub and then took the butter applied it on her ass and started to lick it and now she started to ooze out juices and then in the middle I took a cucumber put that in her pussy and laced it with her hot sauces that were

dripping from her pussy and ate it and as I was licking her ass it was again ready for a hot job and thrust it with one shot and it was in smoothly with a ll that butter and earlier raids had relaxed her muscles and we both were enjoying our session to the core and as I was about to

reach the climax I took it out and gave it directly in her mouth,now she was tasting her own ass with butter and almostsucked me for 15 long minutes sitting on the table and I was busy with her firm massive tits, I told iam ready to shoot and then she slowed the sucking, she just

stopped it, got down,and came back with the plate of salad and kept it aside and again started to suck my cock harder and again I reached the climax soon as I had been playing for long she just got the whole cum of mine to be shooted on that salad and added little pepper to it

and she was enjoying the salad,she did not even ask me for one and finished the whole plate. now it was her turn she was to the core of her ecstacy and asked me to sit on the chair and she got down and sucked it hardermaking it ready for another romping session,

once my cock was rock hard,she sat over my lap and she was sitting on my lap she like an experienced slut took my whole tool in her already wet and warm pussy and started thrusting her sexy ass heavily and vigorously on my lap it was an eccentric sensation all over my body

and she was at her best giving the best fuck and from her moaning and shoutings in between her moanings I could know she reached her orgasms almost thrice, but she kept cotinuing untill I gushed her pussy with my strong thick cum and as I climaxed

I gave her heavy blows by lifting my hips and even she had a fuck of her life time.we dressed ourselves,did with all the mess around and she would almost want me there every week end and we did a lot of experimentation and later on we even had group sex 1 male + 2 female

and then 3 female and when ever she was not in town she would arrange any of her friend for me and even some times I had my friend fucking her, but she would call up the next day and say nothing like you, I will give you a better and shorter narrations of my different sex acts later.

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First Sex with my first crush

Hi readers, after going through all your experiences I felt its time to share mine too. This happened two years before with a total stranger in a train journey to kolkata. I am 23 year old now. That journey was my first in a two tier AC coach,

like every young lad with a throbbing libido I too boarded the train with huge expectations. After savouring mom made food as it was lunch time, I went to bathroom to wash my hand. There she stood locking the bathroom door, our eyes met,

her stare conveyed that she is a open minded girl. Her loose clothes didn't give me a chance to estimate her initially but her stout buttocks did reveal its contours despite her loose attire. It was enough to charge my dick but alas!! What more it can do as she crossed me,

giving an askance, to her seat. I went back to my seat praying that she must be alone. But to my disappointment, she was travelling with her parents and was on a tour which I learn t later. I consoled myself that atleast her seat is the diagnol side lower to my lower berth.

She used to adjust her boobs and loose her jacket which was giving me a titillating effect. I was making all signals and signs to go to bathroom with no response from her. I was mentally scolding her why is she so stupid?

That day was over, with me speaking in a dumb's language with an insane beauty who showed no sign of understanding but glancing me when I don't, which prevailed my hope. Next day after having so called pantry car's meals I was washing my hand.

This bengali beauty was standing beside me there which I didn't sense initially. When I saw her she went to bathroom and was staring at me keeping the door open. I at once went inside and bolted the door. After initial intros and exchange of contact numbers

she was about to leave but I pulled her towards me. This made her shapely buttocks to press against my hardening cock, I further shoved her towards me.She too was enjoying the feel of my bulging manhood and turned towards me.

My hot breath was hitting her rosy cheek and I was redrawing her bum's contours with my tool. While doing this, my left hand was stroking her left breast and my right hand was measuring her love hole's depth.

This foreplay should have driven her crazy as she at once turned and gave a terrific smooch. Our tongues fought with each other and our salivas got mixed to create a love potion which we savoured for sometime.

Then she detached and said "leave me otherwise my father will come in search of me". Realizing our predicament, I let her go after making sure none were present around bathroom. Before she went I said lets meet here at night when every body had slept.

She didn't say anything but left. Now I was again back to my seat and back to my old dumb's language, reiterating my demand to her. After having dinner when every body was preparing to rest, I was planning how to spend the night with her.

She went to the side upper, right above her seat to sleep while her father slept on the side lower. I couldn't sleep and was waiting for everybody including AC attendant to doze off so that I can start executing my plan. Plan was simple; just wake her up and demand again,

I know she will yield. Around 1:20am I came down, I went near her berth and woke her up. She was speechless, surprised to see me so close and signalled me to go and sleep. Internally I was trembling with fear but something was pushing me to do all these.

I called her to come to bathroom with an eye on the lower berth. She was adamant and was unyielding. Then I accepted the defeat started to retract but suddenly I made a decision to go to her berth itself. When I made an about turn to climb,

she was watching me and I could see the fear grappling over her cute face as I kept my foot on the ladder. She at once signaled me to stop. Now her slender fingers were pointing towards the toilet and she smiled. I too smiled and went towards the toilet.

I stood near the AC door to make sure she was coming. She came down and saw her father then came towards me. I went to the western toilet as I though it'll provide a support for our love making and kept the door slightly open.

She came there, I couldn't wait and dragged her inside. She was blushing as if a newly wed bride as it was our first time. She said that don't fuck me as she wanted to retain her virginity till her marriage. I told "your words are my command mam".

I made her to see me and looked directly in eyes. Her body was hot and her blemish less barbie doll like face dazzled in the radiance of white light. Her lips was inviting and I gave a deep smooch. Her puffy lips was like a bed of roses and I was riding on it for about 5 mins or so.

She came close to me and started feeling my hardened tool. I was kneading her bum Ah!! Those tender flesh was something reminding me the kneading of chappati flour as I used to do it at my home. She now was feeling my bulge with her hands.

I slowly kissed all over her face and bit her ear lobe. She just gasped and said awesome!. I got excited to hear that word and tried to unbutton her. But my feeble knowledge of her dress made it a cumbersome task despite being an engineer.

I asked her to go off her dress, with bra and panty on as I thought it would be a sight to watch. Sure it was a worth spectacle; she, my cutie lover in a white bra and panty. I confined myself to my VIP frenchie(brief) which had a small tent.

We again smooched while I was kneading her breast with one hand and other was supporting her from back as she was small enough to smooch me without a support. I later learn t that I loved to smooch her puffy lips.

I sat on the commode and started licking her soft tummy and circled around her navel. I inserted my tongue in her navel and even bit her stomach. Then turned her licking her waist and pulled her panty down as I couldn't resist the temptation to taste those tender flesh of her butt.

I just jumped off on it used to bit and lick it often. She let out some ooos and ahss as and when I bit her butt. It was really mind blowing and even now cherish this memory whenever I see a female callipygian.

Her fair ass should have turned red but reddish streaks weren't visible as the light was not enough. I stood again and smooched her. In the mean time I unhooked her bra and kept it safe and asked her to do same to my brief. She did it.

Now both were nude and hugged each other to feel our respective body heat. She let out a moan as my tool made a contact with her pussy.Then again I sat on the commode she too sat on my thighs with her legs around my waist. I adjusted my dick so that it didn't go inside her.

She was wet and I could feel her warm cunt juice on my thighs. Then I went down to suck those untouched melons. She'd a good boobs with a brownish aerola and tiny nipple. I sucked them violently as I was at the peak of my pleasure.

I interchanged often while my hand kneaded the other. She too was making to and from motion on my dick and used to caress its tip. It sent shock through me and I was surprised by her action. She said I used to read lots hot stories and added I'll let you know more later.

I was more happy to hear it and complimented her with a deep smooch. Oh!! God I started liking her. Then I made her to sit on commode while I kneeled down. I again smooched her, while my finger was exploring her pubic jungle for the juice valley.

I took some saliva on my fingers and started massaging her clits and I continued smooching her. I occasionally shoved my finger inside her cunt hole. She was moaning which mixed with train rhythm was exciting me.

I slowly went down to her breast started sucking with my above actions in tact. Her moaning went a bit louder and her grip on my head was tightening. Suddenly her body jerked and she came. I looked upwards directly in her eyes. I could read her eyes conveying her gratefulness.

I, as you all guessed right, kissed her again. Then she just pushed me and said its my turn. I thought she's gonna give a complimetary blow job but, to my surprise she was masturbating me with my hand. I just asked what the hell are you doing?

She said I can't take this in my mouth as you pee from there. I laughed at her innocence made her to sit in the commode again and parted her legs. I kneeled down and went close to her cunt and let out my hot breath there. She at once got charged said hmmmm nice.

I again did it and started sucking them. I sucked slowly on the bottom edge of her hole then licking up the way. I again sucked the upper edge of her hole and started inserting my fore finger in her pussy. She was moaning and was making all kinda noices. I gave her clit specific licking.

My hot breath was also giving her more pleasure. Her hands had clutched the flush pipe for support. She was pushing my head with her foot. I was continuing this till she came. I gulped all her juices and sucked it to make it dry. I stood and asked her won't you do this to me??

And said that look at my tool its loosing its erection. My boy needs your juicy mouth. She said don't worry I'll make your boy raise again. her words were enough to charge my tool. She grasped it with her finger and took it in her mouth. She started playing with my balls.

She licked my dick along its length from the bottom to the tip of my glans. She asked why your balls are loose. I said it needs a hand to play with and your are expertly playing with it. She smiled and took my fully enlargened dick in her mouth. Its around 6.5 x1.5 I hope.

It was hitting her deep throat. She was massaging my glan's tip inside her mouth with her soft tonugue. It was mesmerising. She concentrated only on glans. I was at my pinnacle of pleasure but this action was not making me to cum.

I knew this tactic; some times I used to masturbate like this. But a lovely girl doing this on me was some thing more than that and this very thought was adding more pleasure to this. She kept doing like that. I grabbed her head and slowly fucked her mouth.

She again took the control and started to suck it again but more violently. I couldn't control and told her that I am about to cum. She didn't give a heed went on and on and I spurted out in her mouth as she covered my dick with her mouth. She swallowed it.

She too now stood and we both kissed again. Now she checked the time on her black wrist watch wrapped around that slender hand. She made a sweet expression on her cute face and yelled baap re time ho gaya. I asked whats the time she said its 3:00am!!

Even I was surprised how the hell did one and half hour went so fast which only reminded Einstein's relativity theory. I said be cool whats their to get get tensed? She said you fool, everybody would be awake as in one hour Kolkata will come.

I calmed her and said don't worry train is running late by more than 3 hours due to intense fog as it was early january. we will reach kolkata around 8 so don't panic. She said oh!! Again a with her unique trademark cutie expression. She innocently asked what to do till then??

I know she was asking innocently as her face showed she was not happy to learn this news. I cunningly replied how about a nice fuck. She got surprise and told no. I pleaded. She was saying no no no.

I pulled her towards me and again requested but her voice went feeble uttering no. I started licking her earloabes. She too started moaning and again our tongues got hooked while I started to knead her butt. Then I went down started sucking her boobs and pinching her nipples.

She let out sweet sound which motivated me further. This made my tool to raise again. I was on her boobs for some more time so as to take her to ecsatacy also sucking her boobs made my dick to regain its erection. Then I went down, started to suck her cunt so as to make it wet.

Then I guided her to sit on the commode with her legs on air. I kept my tool's tip on her love hole entrance and started massaging it. Then slowly pushed it. It was fucking tight and I too was aware that it will be painful for me too though I am a veteran masturbator.

So I was careful, gradually I pushed my dick till half of its length went it. Then with a single push and I went in. she screamed in pain. I kissed her again and was in that position for some time. Slowly I came out and then continued my motion.

She started enjoying it as her legs used to push my hip and we both got synchronized. As I had an orgasm a few minutes back so I was taking some time to come. Her painful face was now full of ecstacy. After some time her moans went a bit louder and she came.

Her vaginal muscles convulsed around my dick. I was feeling happy to see her like that. my hand started to pain as all my support was on it and this position was also inconvenient and I was not able to do any thing to her. So I sat on commode told her to sit on me.

She obliged and sat on me guiding my dick to get inside. My dick was glistening with her blood mixed juice. She struggled a bit then after giving some force it went in. Now she rode on it. We both stopped and kissed violently. I also sucked her breast while I was inside her.

Then she again started riding me and me too supported her by raising her hips with my hands. I was about to come. I told this to her. She stopped again and looked at me. She gave me a kiss. Then she started riding me and I sprayed my juices inside her.

She then started moving her hips and in no time my dick was soaked in her juices. We both lay there for a minute or so. She whispered thank you!. I told "why thanks, you too were great". She told no you were really caring you understood my fear.

This was the reason she said no to fucking but my careness for her changed her mind that I was the right person to give her virginity to. I said its my pleasure moreover I like you very much. She again looked directly in my eyes. I couldn't face her now and looked down.

I had to say I love you very much as as these words were on my mind. But the complications it'll arise made me to stop and moreover I thought its too soon. She started to dress and left the place without uttering a single word. I too left the place with a confusing mind.

By the time I went she was asleep. I too slept. Morning, she left with her parents looking at me with a stare which conveyed lotsa messages. I too stood there looking at her till she vanished as I had to board the suburban train.

I was too afraid to make such commitment so I didn't contact her. She too didn't send me a msg. I spoke to her after watching life in a metro which got released in early 2007 to learn that she is now engaged.

I thought she'd scold me but she just uttered two words you are a selfish coward. I'd to accept it, as it was true. Now we are friends but I always speak with a guilty feeling. She is now happily settled with her hubby and a lovely kid.


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