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Fucking hot Yahoo chat girl Monica

My love all the readers. I am Karan and I am a 24 year old working guy and I live in Pune. The story which I am writing happened to me a year ago. I love sex very much and easily I get an erection. I also love to chat on the net.

Now my story starts from here, last year when I was chatting on the Yahoo Chat, I met a girl named Monica whose age was 25 years and she told me that she was married with two kids(1 daughter of 4 years and 1 son of 2 years),

as she was married at the age of 20 years and she was a Gujarati. While chatting we became very friendly with me and she told me that she also lived in Mumbai and her husband is an IT profesional working in the US. After having a long chat we both agreed to exchange our pics.

Now 2 days later I was got her pic and got the erection of my life, as I saw that Monica was a Gujarati babe with fair complexion,big round boobs with long silky hairs,she was totally looking hot Gujarati babe in the pic,so I wanted to seduce her.

Then in the night we again met in the chat,Monica told me that I was a handsome looking guy and I also told that she is a pretty looking lady.Monica wrote that she wants to talk to me on the phone and increase our friendship,

I at once understood the reason of her being desperate and we exchanged our numbers. Immediately I rang her up and Monica was happy to hear my voice which I felt and we started talking like good friends and I also asked about her husband.

Monica asked me whether I had a girlfriend.I picked up the courage to ask her about her sex life, as I asked her she became depressed and told me that she wanted sex very badly. Then I proposed Monica about my being her sex partner, she accepted immediately,

as she could make out as a decent guy from the pic. Monica told me to come to her house at around 10:30 the next morning, as her daughter will go to school and she will leave her son in a friends house. Then I reached her house she welcomed me in her house,

but we both knew what we were going to do.Monica was in a red salwar with red nail polish and lipstick.Monica then told me that she was missing sex. She then took me to her bedroom and we started chatting sitting on the bed,but she was giving all naughty smiles at me.

Monica saw the erection in my pants and she smiled at me I slowly embraced her by taking her in my arms and we both were breathing heavily and I gave her a moist kiss on her lips for atleast 2-3 minutes and we were embracing eachother erotically and now I kissed her in French stlye,

exploring eachothers mouth. Monica told me ’Lets enjoy.’ Now she undressed me and my long erect penis popped out.I opened her salwar kameez and her bra and I climed over her and started making love badly by kissing her forehead, eyes, earlobes,

lips and she was moaning AAHHHHHH,MMMMMMHHHHHH,BAHUT MAZA AVEE CHEE and also sucked her nipples.Now I was kissing her lips and my one finger was inside her pussy. Now I parted Monica’s both legs and I started licking and inserting my tongue inside her pussy,

she was enjoying and moaning very loudly, AAAAHHHHHHH, MMMMMHHHHHH, OOOOOOO HHHHHHH her love juices flowed inside my mouth.I also stimulated her clitrois which she enjoyed very much and much.

The chance was mine to get a blow job and I slept on my back and she covered my penis with her beautiful soft lips and started moving up and down and she gave erotic bites to my penis,then we were in 69 position,as she was on top of me.

We again embraced and kissed eacothers lips badly and our body had become hot. Now it was time for the real action, as I slept on my back and she sat on my penis and I caught her ass with both of my hands and she started pumping up and down and she was.

After sometime we both changed our position,as I slept above Monica with her both the legs tightly wrapped round my waist and I was pumping in and out and she was moaning loudly. Now I increased my speed and so her moans increased,

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH,AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and I was kissing her lips and neck.I felt that my semen was boiling like anyting inside my penis and it was tickling me.

I told Monica ’’MERA SPERM MERE PENIS KE ANDAR GUDGUDEE DE RAHA HAI, and then I took out my lovetool and I released my load of cum on her boobs and on her stomach and she massaged my cum on her body moaning in great pleasure, AAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHH,

AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH H. I slept over my back with my both legs folded upwards and with her nails Sangeeta started tickling my cock and testicals and my lovetool was again erect, she also tickled my thighs and with her long nails she tickled the area below my

testicles, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, BAHUT MAZA AA RAHA HAI MONICA, my love tool was erect again and she started rubbing my penis on her boobs and told me that my lovetool is really hot.

Then I fucked her in DOGGIE STYLE from back and was carressing her ass with both my hands and then my cum again gushed inside her pussy. Then Sangeeta slept above me and she caught my face in her hands and started kissing my lips, forehead, earlobes.

We then kissed eachother and slept in eachothers arms. When I woke up I got a bottle of cheese spread and spread over her clean shaven pussy and started licking her pussy. Then my lovetool was again inside her pussy and Monica was sitting on my penis and was pumping

very hard as if she was riding a horse.We were exhausted and we fell in eachothers arms and slept for an hour. Monica told me that it was the time for her daughter to come back, so I kissed Monica on her lips and pussy and I went home.

After that 2-3 times I went to her house and had sex with her and enjoyed sex in 69 and many other positions. One day Monica’s friend Deepa came to know about our relationship, because Monica told her.

Deepa was also a 24 year old married girl and she was also interested in me and due to this I went to Deepa’s house when her husband was out of the house and in the meantime my long hard penis was inside Deepa’s pink pussy and fucked her in all positions.

Then I had sex with Monica’s another friend named Shweta who was unmarried. In this way my lovetool got 2 married girls pussy and one unmarried girl’s pussy.

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Fucking hot Mini teacher

That was when I was in the school. I took active interest interest in the basket ball and I was taken in the school basket ball team. We won several interschool matches and we were to get ready for the zonal match.

Our headmistress was very much enthused by our victory and asked me to practice and practice so that we may win the state level interschool. I was a 6 footer and keenly interested in the game. But I was in the tenth standard and hence I had a lot to study.

Because of the game I missed lot of classes and I had to take tuition at odd hours. My urgent necessity was a tuition in maths. I was staying in the boy's hostel and many of the lady teachers stayed in the girls hostel nearby.

Headmistress knowing my predicament assurd me that she will ask the maths teacher to come to our hostel to give tuition even if it is late. She asked Mini teacher, who was just 24 years old, beautiful and very great fan of mine to enquire from me when it will suitable for maths tuition

and to take the trouble and give tuition. Mini teacher met me in the school and asked me on what all portions I need tuition and when she should come. I had to be in the practice session till 8.30 or even 9 pm.

After that I may have to rush to the boarding room for my supper otherwise my food will be eaten away by somebody. I told her that I would be ready by 9.30 pm. She said that is too late, ok, let me try. She on the following evening at 9.30 pm.

When the watchman came and told me I was surprised. I had totally forgotten about it. I was in my practicing dress, small sports knicker and a t shirt. I had no time for a wash. I just took my notebood and rushed downstairs to the visitor's lounge. She was there sitting in a night gown.

There were only chairs and there was no teepoy. I found it difficult to keep the books and write. I told Mini teacher that I will sit on the floor. She said as you please. She sitting in the chair and leaning forward to examine my problems and explaining the points looked alrght.

When I look up I saw her cleavage wide open and view going in between her ample boobs. Boobs resting on her folded hands gave a better view and I was taken aback at such a closer look at the most beautiful teacher.

Since I was sitting on the floor, my cock was resting on one side and with this erotic scene in front of me, it started to rise. I had to lean forward and write my problems in the notebook and solve them, but my cock was giving me a big problem.

It was getting erect and I could not conceal its erection. I tried to lower it with my hand but it was getting further hardened. Mini teacher was watching my discomfort. She looked at my crotch and saw my junior peeping from under the knicker.

I tried to push it under but he was defiant. Time was more than 10 pm. the hostel fell silent. The watchman who was to have sat in the visitor's lounge went away. Only we both were in the room, I with an unmanageable cock and Mini teacher leaning forward and showing her cleavage

to me. When I kept my both thighs together it was ok, but I was not able to lean forward and write in the notebook. Mini teacher said she will also sit on the floor and sat very close to me. But her eyes were on my crotch.

My cock was peeping from under the knicker and his hold was moist with the adrop of precum. To my great surprise, Mini extended her hand and touched my bulge. She inserted her hand inside my knicker and caught hold of my cock and pulled it forward.

She asked me to unhook the knicker and take the cock out. I did as she wanted. My full 6 inch cock was there in full erection pulsating gripped by Miniteacher. She looked around and making sure that nobody is there came back and sat and took my cock in her mouth and started to

suck. I did not strike me that I should have inserted my hand inside her nightgown and searched for her boobs and her cunt.She took my hand and kept it on her boobs. I suddenly started to kneed them with my hands and then she took my other hand and placed it on her stomach.

Suddenly I felt that I am going to shoot. I told her so. She said it is alright shoot. I shot my cum into her mouth and it was a mouthful. She drank the whole thing and went on sucking further. We heard the sound of the chappal of the watchman and she suddenly came to normalcy

and wiped her lips. I got busy with my pen leaning over my notebook. Watchman came and asked me whether it will take more time. I asked Mini teacher she asked the watchman to come back after one hour. Watchman went away for a nap.

Mini teacher took hold of my cock and it was limp but she put the whole thing in her mouth and within a short time it became very hard. She asked me to kiss her in her cunt. I leaned forward and kissed her clean shaven pussy. That was the first time I was watching a female genitals.

I licked it by instinct and she opened her legs and asked me to lick it hard. Finally she asked me to fuck her. I asked her how to fuck. She asked me to ride her and she will guide my cock into her cunt. I did as she asked me and my cock plunged into her tight cunt.

She raised my body and lowered it and I know how to do it. It was a glorious fucking and she closed her mouth with her hand to muffle a sound of joy. We had consecutively two fuck sessions. Her cunt was full of my fluids and her fluids.

She wiped the whole thing with her dress and she was ready to go. There was not much to talk and what is there to talk when we had so much to do. She went and I went and called the watchman who was fast asleep. He accompanied her to the girls hostel.

She promised that she will come on the following day. I came to know that Miniteacher is going on long leave and getting married. In our frenzy for pleasure we did not take proper precaution and people started to suspect that it is not just tuition alone that is happening.

Headmistress called and asked her, I came to know that she tendered her resignation and left. I wrote my exams and scored high marks. Our school won the interschool state tourney and we were state chapions. This stood a long stead in my further career advancement.

It was years later, after my engineering and management PG degree, I went to Dubai and met Mini teacher and her husband in a party. She recognised me and introduced me to her husband as her old student. She had called me to her house for a tea.

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Sexy neighbourhood student fucked

I happened to visit my aunt's house for a short holiday. Uncle who like me very much used to talk to me about computers and aunt and my cousin Remya used to listen. He said he wants to buy one but for what purpose I asked but he had no answer.

You are here just show us how to operate it. I said ok. Next day they brought a new desktop PC. I showed him how to use the basic programmes. Aunt said she does not find it interesting. Only uncle and Remya were my students.

But during the day time uncle will be away to his office and Remya to her college. I was just lazying aournd with the newly acquired internet connection. Browsing was my weakness. Suddenly our neighbourhood lady barged in and asked my aunty to recommend to me to teach

her about computers and internet.. They had computer with internet connection, but she is not able to use it since she does not know anything about it. She asked me to go to her place and show her in their computer about how to use it.

My aunty also recommended and asked me to show her whatever possible. I looked at the neighbourhood lady, she may be around 30 years, with large tilak on her face she looked more religious. I had joined the MNC just after my studies and it was my first visit outside.

The neighbourhood lady, Lata, as told to me by my own aunty, is supposed to have done her degree and got married and so far she had no issues at all. She guided me to her house and the computer was kept in their bedroom. I asked about her husband.

Lata told me in hushed voice that he as taken up a job in Dubai and she has not told to any of the neighbours so far. It seems he asked her to come on the computer so that they can chat without any expense. Lata was getting closer to me and she sat next to me touching my body.

I showed her how to send instant message and how to chat on messenger. But she was not able to understand. Her boob was actually touching my hand and she was pressing against me. As if scratching my hand I touched her boob with the other hand and she was pressing it more.

I got the message. I pressed her boob and she did not wear even a bra. She did not resist my touching her boob nor she moved away. I took the liberty to press both her boobs with both of my hands. She closing her eyes was enjoying my action.

Drawing her closer I kissed her on her lips. She responded well. I asked her since how long she was not fucked. She softly said it is more than two months that she did not have sex. I inserted my hand inside her saree and searched for her pussy.

She widened her legs and allowed me free access. I lifted her saree and had a peep inside. It was full of bushy hair. I asked her to shave it off and be clean when I will give her a good fuck. She said she does not have a razor and requested me to get one for her. I said ok.

In this rate the computer education is not going to make any progress. I was afraid my aunt should not be searching for me. I told Lata to be ready for me anytime. I may just walk in finish the job and go before people start searching for me. She said ok.

I went to the shop and bought a new razor for her and gave it to her. But the way she looked I am not sure whether she will know how to use it. I returned to my uncle's home and again went to Lata's house immediately after lunch. Lata was ready.

I took her to the bedroom, lifted her saree, watered her public hair and shaved it off myself. Her cunt, not much used for fucking, was creamy in colour. I could not resist my remptation to plant a kiss on it. Lata said che, what are you doing, it is dirty there,

you should not keep your face there. I said I will show you, I opened her cunt lips and licked her clit. She gave out a cry of joy, I went on licking her clit and sucking it. She was in immense pleasure. I took out my cock and gave a quick fuck and we both reached orgasm.

She was like she was in heaven. She said she never experienced so much pleasure in her life. I said you will wait till I come again. I left the house immediately. In the evening when aunty went to the temple I had an interval of half an hour.

I went to Lata and gave her another clit suck and deep fuck. Lata was thoroughly happy and asked me to do it again. I said I will come back again. Like this I gave her at least three fucks a day without anybody suspecting it.

One day Remya, my cousin asked me where are you going in such a hurry. I thought I am caught. But somehow I managed and gave a gap for my Lata visits. One day Uncle and aunt were away and Remya alone was at home with me.

She asked me about internet and how to browse etc. I showed it her. But she wanted to know a particular kind of sites. I asked what kind of sites. She shyly said some kind of bad sites. I got the idea what she is referring to. You mean porno sites?

She said yes, I opened one site and it was a hot site. She watched it with wide eyes and was shocked to see nude figures engaging in sex. After seeing it for five minutes, I knew she is very much aoused. I touched her shoulder. She looked qt me openmouthed.

I asked her is it enough or you want more. She could not reply. She just smiled at me and asked me to keep it there.. I touched her boobs. She was shocked and looked at me. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her. She responded and embraced me tightly.

I pressed her boobs. Her tiny boobs were tight packed in her bra and her nipples were already hard. Keeping my hands on her boobs I allowed her to watch the porno site. My touch made her horny. She pressed my hand against her boob.

I inserted my other hand inside her pettycoat and scratched her panty. She was already leaking and her wet panty was all in a mess. I pushed my finger inside her elastic band of the panty and touched her pussy. She was overwhelmed.

She kept her legs wide and allowed me free access to her pussy. Uncle and aunt were away at a temple to attend a function and siad they will come home late. Taking advantage of the situation, I just lifted the pettycoat of Remya and pulled her panty down.

Her scantily haired pussy was a beauty to see. I made her to lie down on the bed, keeping her legs wide I bowed between her legs and licked her pussy and clit. I did not want to fuck Remya immediately since I had Lata to take care of my fucking needs.

But I waanted Remya to be conditioned well so that I may start with her soon. She told me that her friends used to gossip about the porno sites in the internet and she just wanted to see how they are. I asked her how was it.

It was fantastic, she said. There was a change in my routine. I used to fuck Lata during day time and in the night Remya will spend with me either sucking my cock or allowing me to suck her clit. I was thanking my stars for being so favourable to me.

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Fucking two virgin college girls

Let me introduce to you myself. I am Mohan, 24, post graduate working in an MNC in their marketing division. quite tall, well built, quite good looking, humorous in disposition. Girls like me. I used to tell them stories which would interest every age group.

My cousins and nieces who are in good number used to get close to me just for the fun of it. One such cousin was Sita, 22, student for PG, tall and well groomed. She evinced interest in sex with me and I used to bang her often.

She is of the type who enjoys sex to the maximum and shows her pleasure in her face. When she is alone at her home, she used to telephone me and I used to spend a night and fuck her to her heart's content. Sometimes when I am free I used to call her to come to my home,

when nobody is there and we used to have a wild time. One day she came with a strange request. Her friend, Rita, who was her class mate, who never had sex just wanted to have sex with me, in the presence of Sita. I asked Sita, what do you mean?

You will start bringing your friend one by one and ask me to fuck them. No, not possible. Tell her to find somebody else. Sita became apologetic and told me that she used to boast to her friend each time she had sex with me and her friend very anxious and eager wanted

her first sex experience with a kind and known person. What do you mean, her first sex experience? Is she still a virgin at the age of 22, I asked. Yes, said Sita. But upon hearing my experiences in detail she just wanted to have it just once and thereafter she may not come at

all. I asked Sita, to how many people have you told all you sexperiences. Laughingly she said no, nobody. Just oblige this Rita, thats all. Please dont refuse. Ok, what to do, it is my fate, I said. She said she will arrange the encounter at her home, when her parents are not there.

All that I have to do is to go there when she calls.Thats all. I said ok. After three days, Sita called in the evening at 7 pm and asked me whether I am free and come to her place. I said ok. I drove down to her place, to her first floor flat and rang the bell.

Sita came and opened the door with a broad smile and said thank you, Mohan, Thank you and planted a kiss on my cheeks and ushered me in. I looked around and saw this new girl, Rita, stunningly beautiful standing shyly in the corner behind a sofa.

Sita asked her to bring the soft drinks and I sat in the sofa in great confort. Rita, clad in a saree and matching blouse, with scanty make up came with the tray and bowed before me looking at my eyes and smiling. I took a glass and asked her to sit near me. Sita also came and sat.

Sita introduced me her friend Rita who is also doing her PG. Sita said she was busy in the kitchen with the supper and that I had to make myself comfortable with Rita and other things. I got the message. I just pulled Rita closer and raised her face and looked into her eyes.

I ran my hand over her head and them softly smoched her on her forehead and then on her cheeks. She looked overwhelmed. Slowly I removed her loose end of the saree and looked at her boobs. I just touched them and they were very soft and erect.

I just pulled her closer and kissed her on her lips. She was taken aback but responded well. With both of my hands I pressed her boobs and she was just closed her eyes and enjoyed my touch. I unhooked her blouse and I asked her to unhook her bra and release her boobs.

They were a beautiful pair of boobs with pink aerola and pink erect nipples. I just brought both of her nipples to my mouth and licked and sucked them. She gave out a gasping sound and was breathing heavily. In the meantime,

Sita came inside the room and asked me whether we have already started. I asked her how can I delay when such a beautiful dish is all available. Sita said that we will have supper at 9 pm after our familiaring ourselves with each other. I said ok.

She asked me to go to the bed room and remove my shirt etc. That was a signal. All three of us went to the bedroom and I removed my shirt and pant. My erect cock was bulging under my boxer. Both Sita and Rita undressed and were standing in their panty.

Both were stunnigly beautiful and were eagerly looking at me. I asked Rita to watch me and Sita starting. But Sita said no, please start with her, I will assist her and you. I have patience and I will wait for my turn. But she is new and she has to be attended to first. I said ok.

I went near Rita and embraced her. Her boobs were pressed against my chest and I slowly pulled down her panty. I ran my hand over her crotch and her pussy was clean shaven and very soft to touch. My mere touch tickled her and she was squirming.

Sita was laughing at her discomfiture. I took her hand and placed it on my cock. She was stunned as if she has seen a snake. Sita and I laughed and pacified her. Sita to instil courage in Rita came forward, squating on the floor took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it.

Rita looked at me in surprise and wanted to follow suit. I asked Sita to move and to guide Rita to take it in her mouth. Rita first licked the tip and then opened her mouth and took the cock in her mouth. I could feel her tongue rolling around my cock.

It made all three of us horny and I took Rita to the bed and asked her to spread in the bed with her legs wide open. Sita also helped her to keep her leg as wide as possible. I sat on the floor and licked her virgin cunt. It smelled sweet and I touched it with my tongue.

Rita gave out a shriek and Sita put her nipple in the mouth of Rita. I made a eloborate search of her cunt with my tongue and located her clit and pulled it with my lips and sucked it softly. Rita was squirming uncontrollably. It appeared that she is already in the verge of an orgasm.

Her cunt juices, thick and milky were flowing freely. I got up and Sita helped to position my cock in the cunt of Rita. She opened the cunt lips for enabling me to enter.I inserted my middle finger inside the cunt of Rita and rotated to make it wider to receive my cock.

The I inserted two fingers and after making sure that the hole is wider enough to hold my cock I inserted my cock and pushed it in slowly. It took time to make all my 7 inches to go in. I was patient and Sita also helped me and after the entire cock was in, I asked Rita how it is.

She said it is fine, wiping her tears. It would have certainly pained her. I started my front and back movement slowly. Sita was keeping her hand over the clit of Rita to keep her arousal constant inspite of the pain. I could gather that she was nearing her orgasm.

Her cooing and hissing increased and she moved her hip upwards and squirmed her whole body. I fucked her fast and finally we reached our first orgasm together. Sita said that is enough for the first fuck, now it is my turn. How can I be looking at you being fucked.

Immediately Sita took the position of Rita when she went to the bathroom for cleaning. Sita was an experienced fucker and it was a game to fuck her. She said wait let Rita come and watch us fucking and enjoying. Rita came from the bathroom.

Here we started our operations in full swing. My cock went deeply into her cunt and every stroke evoked a cry of pleasure from her. Rita was looking in wonder. I asked Rita to give me her nipples to suck, which she gave willingly.

Fucking one girl and sucking the nipples of another is a real pleasure. Both the girls were quite friendly and hence there was no problem. Our fucking session continued up 10 pm. Rita, Sita and again Rita and Sita. At 10 we had our supper and a small interval and started all over again.

Fucking virgin girls was indeed a pleasure. Their cunts are fresh and we can teach them anything in sex. I taught them to mount me and fuck from top. Both enjoyed this since they were in control. Keeping the cock deeply inside, we ate incream or fruits.

Girls invented new new postures to thrust their cunts in my face and make me suck their clits.Their initial shyness and inhibitions vanished and they took initiative to make my cock to rise after each fuck.

They rubbed their cunt all over my body and took my cock to scrub their backs. I lost count of the number of times we fucked. However the girls enjoyed to the maximum and I too. In the early morning I was about to leave when they were planning our next session.

I said nothing doing. They laughed and begged for one more session. How can I refuse when such beautiful girls beg for sex. I told them not to bring any more friends. I cannot manager more than 2 girls in one night. They laughed and agreed.

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Hi, I am Sanjana. college student from Pune. I love to read human digest stories. They have given me a lot of courage to try out different things in life. I am going to share with you, one of me early experiences with sex.

It was end of our first year. Exams had just completed, so we friends wanted to just chill out. One of our friend had an idea to visit Mahableshwar over the weekend. So we gang of 4 girls took the bus to MahaB on sat morning.

Our plan was to spend night in a hotel and return back the next day. When we reached MB, it was raining. We spent time at bus stand, waiting for the rain to stop. After spending around 1 hr the rain did not seem to slow down, so we decided to move around,

just getting wet and enjoying, so we started to walk in rain. After sometime we realized a group of few handsome boys were walking at some distance from us, continuously. We looked at each other and realized, getting wet in rain had made us all look so sexy.

Our white t-shirt were all wet and bra was clearly visible. No wonder the boys must have had a real hard ons.. I whispered into my friends ear to have a look at the bulge in their pants. One of my friend Sweety replied, how about making them cum in their pants.

It was surely a wild stupid Idea, but we didn’t seem to care. All we wanted to do is to have some real fun. We purposefully started walking away from the populated area. There was a bungalow which was secluded from the mail area. We started walking behind it.

Undoubtedly the boys were following us. We spoke to each other and made a plan. We reached backside of the bungalow and turned around and looked straight into the eyes of those boys. Luckily they were also 4 in number that made our task much easier.

We started running towards them. Looking at us running towards they were very puzzled. It was an amusing sight to look at their shocked faces when we reached them and planted our lips on their for a passionate French kiss. They almost lost their balances.

Each of the couple got into some franatic activity. Everyone was so naïve to sex, yet all wanted to try it desperately. Soon we found ourselves naked in woods. Getting our nipples sucked for the first time was an heavenly feeling. The boys reached for our pussies.

They made us spread our legs and started fingering us. We also started rubbing their cocks with our hands. Mutual masturbation was a great idea for that kind of place. Soon, we saw girls orgasming loudly with shivers and guys spraying their cumm all over.

In sometime we gained our senses. All got dressed and without speaking a word with each other we left the place. We cancelled our night stay, caught the next bus back to our homes.


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