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Father in law sex 3

Father in law sex 2
Father in law sex

George after completing his morning ablusions, went to the kitchen for his morning tea. Maria, fresh bathed and wearing fresh clothes was glowing in the morning sun. With shyness writ on her face she brought him his morning tea.

He sat in the dining chair but looking amazed at the beauty of his daughter in law Maria who came to his room frightened by the thunder but got fucked endlessly by him. His abstinence from sex for more than three years compensated in one day's wildest sex with Maria.

Sipping his tea he was thinking about the last night and how to go about in future. Maria was busy in the kitchen preparing food for the breakfast and for noon lunch. Her preparations were very good and George liked them very much and he had told her so many times.

Maria was looking at George through the corner of her eyes from the kitchen and her thoughts also were about the adventures of the previous night. She was advised by her old aunt to be a little reserved during the first night and Maria overdid it.

Poor Paul, her husband was not permitted to touch her pussy for more than 45 days of her marriage and now he had gone to US and her father in law only had to fuck her. Had she allowed Paul to fuck how happy he would have been and how enjoyable

would have been the nights with him. Foolish on her part, she just allowed him to hold and suck her nipples and thats all. Once she had an affair with a boy in the neighbourhood, John. He was tall and well built and was calling her to come to the fence for chatting.

One day she went near him and he put his hands on her boobs and pressed them. First she objected but later she found it to be interesting and allowed him massage as he pleased. The fellow with both of his strong hands massaged her boobs but the fence was so high that he

could not reach her pussy. He asked her to climb on a tree trunk so that he can touch her pussy. She did not want to take that risk for fear of somebody noticing it. It so happened that her aunty noticed it. She called and told her not to meet that fellow and gave her lessons in sex

and how she has to be carefull while dealing with boys and all. That was the reason why she restricted access to her own husband but had to yield to her father in law. Her husband was a youngster with a strong tool, where the father in law was 53 and his tool is ok now but how long.

The maid servant who used to do the cleaning work had just left to buy some meat and George entered the kitchen and came near Maria. Maria's felt wetness in her undergarment. George touched her cheeks and kissed her. Maria warned him not to do such things in the kitchen.

He asked her to go to his bedroom since he wanted to suck her boobs. He just wanted to see them in the broad day light. Maria also wanted to see the cock of George in the day light. She just sneaked into his bedroom and closed the door.

George coming near her just pulled up her blouse and bra in one stroke and her both the boobs just came out. George just took the nipples one by one in his mouth and sucked them. Maria put her hand inside his mundu and pulled his cock out. It was in full erection.

Maria felt like taking it in her mouth. She freed herself from the grip of George and kneel ed on the ground and took his cock in her mouth. His cock thick and long in fully erect condition was not fully contained in her mouth.

All that she could take in was the head of the cock which she lustily licked. George wanted to lick her cunt. He lifted her and make her to lie down on the bed. He opened her legs wide and her cunt neatly shaven was glowing.

He opened the cunt lips and saw her clit and the hole Leaning forward he inserted his tongue inside her cunt and tongue fucked her. She was in ecstacy and was lifting her hips and vibrating her body due to waves of passion running over her whole body.

She kept her hands on the head of George and pushed it into her cunt. George with the tip of his tongue dug around her clit and pulled it out softly with his lips. Maria gave out a loud cry, aiyeeee............, and was squirming her hips urging him to suck further.

She had series of orgasm and cunt juices were freely flowing from her cunt. She was a hot girl and this was too much for her to bear. She was massaging her own boobs and twitching her own nipples and moaning loudly. George was having a great time sucking and licking the clit.

When he held it between his lips he could feel its mild throbbing. He got up and kept the end of his cock at the entrance of the hole. Maria pulled with all force unto herself and hugged him tightly. George managed to insert his cock fully into her cunt and started to fuck her

with forceful long strokes. Maria asked him to lie down so that she can ride him. George obliged and they rolled over bringing her atop him. She sat on him in the pose of a frog and started to fuck his cock with a pluck, pluck sound.

With her mouth widely open and sounds of joy coming out, she fucked him like this for a long time. She was riding her top wave of orgasm and each stroke was adding to her pleasure. She did not want to come down from her orgasmic peak.

George shot his semen into her adding to the mess. But she was not prepared to leave him. She moved her hips in suck a way that his cock touched her G spot and clit. George with his fingers pressed and massaged her clit so that she may reach her orgasm fast.

George thought the this girl is becoming unmanageable for him since she is never satiated and wanted more and more. But her beauty was so great that George never turned her down. They fucked like this at least two times in the day time and once or twice in the night. Each time they fucked as if they never had sex for months.

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