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I am harman from chandigarh.i am 19 with 7 inch cock.it is the fantasy by me.now the story starts.It was her birthday so I took Neeru to my newly rented flat, on an excuse to celebrate it and make her see my new place too.

She was dressed in chocolate colour suit, choco colour lips and payals on her lovely legs (I asked her to always wear payals whenever she is with me). I already had got a cake and some rags and pillows to sit or even lie on the floor.

I showed her around my new place and she liked it, then I took her to my to be bedroom where I had placed the rags and the cake. We both opened our shoes and sat on the rag, with her beside me. I made her cut the cake and we both ate a piece or two,

then I took out from my pocket a new pair of slim silver payals. I took her legs on my thighs, opened the old ones and put the new ones in its place. She seemed very happy as she was cont. Smiling. I then kissed her new payals and caressed her legs over the clothes,

I now removed her legs from mine and again sat beside her. I put my left arm across her shoulders and pulled her close and planted a full kiss on her lips. I pressed my lips on hers and licked her lips and also tasted her lipstick and she now slowly parted her lips and

I shove in my tongue and mingled with hers. Soon I was sucking her tongue and kissing her deep, as my right hand was caressing her boobs above her suit. Soon I made her lie down on the rag on the pillow, but my lips didn’t leave hers and I was cont.

Kissing her and chewing her lips. As she lay down I shifted my lips on her ear lobes, kissing and biting them and shoving my tongue in her ear, then I pulled on her kurta and placed my lips on her naked shoulder and started to lick and kiss my way around.

I even bit on her shoulder and left my teeth marks on them, while I was doing all this, she just grabbed me by my hairs and made sound like Shhheeeeee, Sheeeeeee, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Now I moved down and raised her kurta till her bra as she resisted me from raising it,

but I did with some efforts and set my lips upon her lovely navel and smooth belly. I kissed and licked my way up her belly till I reached her soft and lovely boobs encased in a off white bra, waiting to be hardended by my touch.

I caressed one of them while kissing the other above her bra. She continued clutching my hairs and moaning out loud, I slid my hands under her back till they reached her bra hooks as I kept on sucking and kissing her now hard boobs above her bra.

Now I unclipped her bra, she did resist but not much as her lips were sealed with mine, and her effort to push me off also failed as I was holding on to her tight. I now removed her bra from her boobs as it was before my eyes ready and hard to be sucked and licked and caressed.

I set my lips now on the naked nipples and sucked them hard and licked and bit the nipples.she now just moaned loudly and her head moved from side to side as I sucked and bit and caressed her lovely boobs, they were soon all wet by my saliva.

Now I could feel she was hot as her breathing was much laboured now and she was resisting no more. I moved down till I reached between her legs, I took her left leg on my hand and kissed the toe and feet and played with the shining payals, did the same with her other leg,

then kissed my way up above her clothes, caressing her thighs above her clothes, now I kissed her cunt above her clothes and she shivered with excitement and I had to hold on to her waist to steady her as I kissed and sucked her cunt above her pyjama.

Now as she was lost in feeling I slowly reached for the nada of her pyjama and slowly opened it, she didn’t even come to know. Now I gripped her panty waistband and her pyjama and pulled them down her legs in a single swipe and it just peeled off before she could react,

soon her panty and her pyjama was off her lovely legs and lay in a heap on the floor. She tried to hide her asset with her kurta and cried out nooooooooooooooooooooooo plsssssssss noooooooooo. I ignored her cries and kissed her lovely thighs and gripped her hands to remove

kurta with which she covered her cunt. And kissed her on the waist. I now held both her hands with mine as my lips continued the assault on her boobs kissing and licking, her shoulder and her choco lips. Now I again moved down between her legs and inhaled her aroma

and kissed her cunt above her bush. She now lay still, as I parted her bush and saw her pink lips and placed my lips upon them. She shivered again and I held her waist to steady, now I licked her pussy lips and slowly shove in my tongue deep in her cunt.

She now moaned so loud that I feared my neighbours could hear her. She clutched my hairs as I licked and ate her deep and slow.she was soon all wet and hot, now I got up and undressed my self as she looked on, now I made her sit and took off her bunched off kurta and bra.

She now lay before me totally nude except her shining slim payals on her lovely long legs. Now I lay down upon her and kissed her deep and again sucked her lips and then her nipples. Now I got between her legs and positioned myself as my tool was rock hard.

I placed the tip on her hole lips and pushed, it slipped the first time, I urged Neeru to guide it on her hole, she obliged and held my tool and placed it on her hole lips again. Now I pushed and the tip went in, she cried out in pain Nooooooooooooo..bahar nikalo bahar nikalo (take it out).

I grabbed her shoulder and pushed harder, she tried to clutch my shoulder and push me off, but I held on, I pulled out till the tip and pushed harder again, half of my tool went in, I pulled back and pushed again and it all went in till the hilt.

She was sobbing and crying nooooooooo nooooooooooo plzzzz nooooooo. I ignored her cries and became still for her to bear the pain, soon she was quite as she clutched my shoulders with her lovely nails.now I slowly pulled out and pushed again and soon it became a steady rhythm,

she was now no longer sobbing but her laboured breathing and closed eyes showed that she was enjoying it now. She now wrapped her arms around my back and dug her nails with each stroke of mine. I kissed her and increased my pace and was now banging her fast,

she wrapped her lovely legs around my waist and gripped me and moaned loudly.. ohhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhh sheeeeeee sheeeee. I now took her lovely legs and kissed it and licked it and put them on my shoulders and played with her payals and started to pound her deep

and fast. She grabbed her pillow to keep steady with my pounding and soon her hands were on my waist, nails digging in and she pulled me more in her. Her eyes were closed as she moaned and screamed loudly. I was now pounding her madly and soon came deep in her,

as I shoot my sperms deep in her, she also came with me. I now fell on top of her as her cunt milked my tool and kissed her deep and rolled off her. That day I took her 2 more times and she was sobbing in the evening scared of becoming pregnant.

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Fucking girl working in opposite office

Hi this is Aakash from Guwahati Assam, my earlier sex experience with my chat friend Renu from Ghaziabad while I was in Delhi could not be posted in this blog. So once again I am posting my real life sex experience which happened with a girl working opposite to my office.

Lets start the story now how it happened when she joined the office opposite to me I asked her to be my friend one day when she was alone in the month of July 2008 but she refuses to me and I said its ok and took her cell no.

but didn’t call her but after 2 days her sister came to me who was passing her holiday in her office by asking my cell no. and I gave her my no. and she gave me the miscall and I called her and she complained me that why I didn’t called her and after that we used to talk over phone

and I told her to watch movie with me and I took her to the theatre along with her sister and the theatre was totally empty around 20 people only we took the seat and started watching movie. In between movie I started rubbing her hands and my hands went to her boobs and she didn’t

object after that I took her closer to me as I was sitting between both the sister by making her closer to me I kiss her and she allows me and didn’t object isse meri himmat bad gayi and I started rubbing her boobs hardly and kissing her in every 5 mins and after that started my hand

inside her kurta and rubbing her tits inside the kurta and she was well supporting me and this went on that day till the movie ends and we went to our home respectively and we used to have sex chat over phone regularly like that I want to suck your both mangoes and want to eat her

both mangoes and after that on 2nd August we made a plan to go to shillong and I booked a taxi and we went to shillong and I was rubbing her tits on the way she was sleeping on my lap. As we reached the hotel I started kissing her madly and she also supported me well and we

ordered our food. Let me introduce her to you her name is Arzoo she is very hot sexy nepali girl age 21, 5 ft 5 inch tall and fair complexion with 32 28 32 sexy figure after ordering the food I open her kurta and bra and started sucking her right nipple and with my hand playing with her

left nipple and doing the to and fro action with both the nipples she was moaning loudly ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh like this and was well supporting me and I told her to open my pant or else I will open her salwar she open

my pant and now I was only in underwear and after that I opened her salwar and her panty also came out along with her salwar and she was totally nude in front of me and I open my underwear as I was also totally nude in front of her she closed her eyes with shy and started sucking her

both nipples and she was moaning very badly I took out my razor and shaved her armpits as I don’t like hairs on armpits and vagina and also shaved her vagina it is now clean shaved and I kissed her vagina then took her to bathroom in my godi and open the shower and her eyes were

still closed I open the shower and was sucking her nipples and putting two finger in her pussy she was moaning very badly and later on we took shower she was rubbing soap on my lund and I was rubbing on her boobs and chut and finally we cleaned our self and I again started kissing

her in bathroom and made her lied on floor and started sucking her pussy lips she became totally mad and I put my lund in her mouth and told her to suck my lund 1st she refuses but when I told her if she doesn’t like than she can take it out and later she first kiss the tip of my

lund and later on took the whole lund in her mouth and giving me the best blowjob of my life she is a good cock sucker and as well as I was also sucking her pussy she loaded the cum in my mouth and I drank all the cum from her vagina while I was drinking her cum I also loaded my

cum in her mouth and she drank each and every drop of cum and made me dry and we came in the room and started kissing each other again and I was fingering her with my 2 fingers in her pussy and she was shaking my lund with her hand and I put 2 pillow below her gaand and put

my lund on top of her vagina and start pumping my 7.5 inch long and 3.5 inch broad lund in her pussy she was screaming with pain and I didn’t care for her pain and with 3 strokes my whole lund went into her pussy and she cries with pain as she is a virgin girl

and her hymen broke & blood came out of her vagina and the bed was red with her blood she told me Aakash apna lund nikalo main mar gayi and I staring sucking her lips and playing with both nipples and within 5 mins she started moving her hips up

and dn and I started pushing my lund outside and inside and she was moaning and saying aur zor se raja aaj phad dalo meri chut ko apne lund se zor zor se dhakka maro after hearing all this from her I started pumping her very hard and she was moaning badly saying

zooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrr se mere raja aur zor se aaj tume mujhe ek ladki se aurat bana diya aur zor se chodo mujhe apna lund ko mere sab hole main chodo aaj se yeh Arzoo tumhari randi hai jo tum bologe main wahi karungi aur jab tum bologe main apni chut kholkar tumse

chudwa loongi jab tumhari icha ho tum apna lund meri chut main daal sakte ho main tumhare lund ki diwani ho gayi hoon and she had reached her orgasm for the 3rd time and I was pumping her from the last 25 mins and now I told her that I am going to cum she told me to

cum inside her pussy and after 5 mins I cummed in her pussy and I bite her nipple badly and her nipples become red due to my biting and sucking and we lay on each other arm and slept and after 2 hrs when I was awake I saw Arzoo was sucking my lund and my lund was erected

and she want to do it again and I made her lied in doggy style and pumped her from backside while I was pressing her both boobs and she was enjoying in doggy style and I fucked her for 30 mins in doggy style before reaching to my orgasm while she had reached the orgasm thrice in

between while I was fucking her doggy style and we enjoyed fully till next day and how I put my lund in her gaand will tell u in next story after getting response from all of you.

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My friends Sexy Mummy

She had a good figure in spite of giving birth to her two sons...i mean...she had a good figure naturally,i bet she cared less about it. She use to wear saree and blouse..a peculiar indian housewife.

She had slim waist with beautiful big breasts.her height was average and her leg was long and sexy.she always wears her saree down at her naval. One day,when I came home from school,no one was at home and the door was locked.usually,

one of my family members use to be at home all the time,but not today.so my friend harrit called me to his place I had no objections to that because we were so close friends and we treated each others home as our own.

We were so close that I was even close to his family too.so we went to his place it happened that he had to leave soon for his tuition.he left telling his mum to take care of me.i laughed it off.she and we were alone now as her husband

had gone to an office tour and his little brother also comes home late after tuition. She served me some eatebles with tea.as she bent down to keep the tea on the table,i glanced a her breast,it was so white and looked realy attractive.my heart burnt.

She sat down by my side and we started having tea while watching tv.she said she is so tired because she has been cleaning the house and washing clothes the whole day.naturally,i offered to give her a massage to which she declined politely.

but after a while,she let out a sigh and said...OK,i guess I need it badly. She turned away from me showing me her back.in the process her sare fell down from her shoulder.i could now see her back,it was so looked sexy with some sweat still on it.

I got to work and started massaging her back.we were in a sitting position.slowly she started moaning.my eyes were on her waist,looks so tender and smooth.her naval was visible,i knew.i wanted so much to let my hand roam on her stomach...

I was getting turned on.i suggested that she better lay down on her bed for my convenience.so she agreed.we went to her bedroom.there she laid down.i asked her if I can sit on top of her so that I can put all the pressure of my body on my hand to give her better massage,she agreed.

I sat on top of her and started massaging.in th process,my but use to touch hers,it felt so good.and my cock was really rebelling.i knew she will feel it too and to my surprise she ignored it.atlast my hand stared coming down to her waist and in pretense

I would let my hand roam till her front belly,touch her naval and come back to her back.she was moaning.i knew she was turned on too.one feels sexy when one is relaxed. I don't know how,but I couldn't resist so I sat down on her butt,letting my hard cock rest on the crack of her ass.

and my hand was slightly touching her breast by now.she was moaning all the time.i thought she might have forgotten that it was me who was doing all this and not her husband.so inorder to not let this opportunity out of m hand..

i massaged her head and in the process tied my scarf around her eye. After that I turned her around and kissed her on her naval...she raised her whole body to me.i played with her belly for a while and my hands started to move up to her breast.

i massaged her there for a while and latter removed her blouse and bra too.her naked breast was there right in front of me.i nearly lost my mind seeing those beautiful pair of white breast.i massaged it,kissed it and licked it.

She started moaning louder and started sliding her body beneath me.my hand went down between her thigh,holy shit,she wasn't wearing an underwear.her busy was wet and warm,no doubt.i fingure fucked her till she came with all her might.

it gave me great pleasure to watch her cum.it turned me on so much that I forgot any manners and straight away removed my pants and underwear. I held my cock right in front of her pussy, she must have sensed it because she raised her waist to meet my meat.

i touched her pussy with my cock,payed around her pussy with it.she couldn't control for long as she held my back and pushed me towards her.it went in all. She moaned a little and started giving more pressure.i think she wanted more meat because my cock was not that big though it was really hard.

So I now relied on my stamina to drive her crazy...luckily for both of us,i had already masturbated in the morning thinking of her so I knew I did last pretty long in there.man,it felt so good to be in her pussy.i was having so much fun.

but her pussy was too big,so I put both her legs together and spread out my legs....she moaned like hell as I fucked her in this position.in the meantime,i fondled her soft breasts kissing and biting it.she hissed each time I bit on her nipple...i knew she'll like that.

She had two to three orgasm but I was still going on....all the time she was saying...ungh ungh ungh...ahhh....and so on.she tucked her finger nails on my butt harder when she is about to hit the climax.i fucked her real hard...

After twenty minutes of continous fucking I removed the scarf from her eyes...for the first time we looked eye to eye...she looked at me warmly and ent up a little to give me a kiss.her lips felt so good that I gave a bit on it.

she moaned out and shooked body all over gave me great pleasure to look at her...with blouse opened wide and her saree pulled up.it looked so rough. I still didn't cum....i was getting tired after 30mins of to and fro movement....so I told her to be on top of me...

she felt excited...i guess her husband never tried it out on her.now on,she did all the work and I was getting the pleasure...both from her movement and the sight of her...her breast hanging down loosely coming to me and going away again.i held it in my hands and pinched it and massaged it...

She was wondering how I could hold on for so long...she asked me so....i told her,practice makes a man perfect,,she giggled.at last I told her to fondle my balls.she did willingly,it gave me great pleasure there.i knew that was my weak point...

she massage me there tenderly....and after a while I came all in her.i nearly jerked her off the bed but luckily she was holding the sheet. We lay on the bed...i asked her how she liked it...she just said....''that's the best I would ever get in my life'' and gave me a tight hug....

later we got dressed and had the leftover tea and watched TV....my friend came and asked his mum....did ya take care of him????....i replied jokingly...nah,i had to take care of her...now am tired......and she laughed along with me...my Friend stood puzzled...

We still hit the bed.but this days she use to massage me instead of me massaging her,,,what with all those non stop fucking for continously 30 minutes to 40minutes...sometimes even my cock use to get pain.

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Sexy double benefit office trip

Three of our staff have been deputed to a course in a branch office of ours. Being qualified, I was to act as a Resource Person and my two colleagues were to be participants.. Both of them were women, one two years elder and the other two years younger to me.

Both of them lost their husbands; the senior one almost 10 years ago and the younger one just a year ago. There were other participants from across the country. We were accommodated in a reasonably good hotel in adjacent rooms on our request for their safety as well as logistic support.

The course began and it was going on well. I am a reputed faculty and my colleagues did not know this part of myself and were thrilled at my approach and communication skills, especially the younger one Jaya.

After the class we always roamed the city and used to buy things for ourselves and the families. We used to have dinner in my room mostly and watched TV, as the TV in their room was not working. Roja, the elder colleague is slightly irritant character with a raucous voice and jealous

of others for everything. Jaya, even though aged is mellowed like old wine and is still luscious. She had a cunning smile, randy voice and voluptuous lips. I had a crush on her ever since she joined the organisation; in fact she was involved in her recruitement.

She worked as my junior in two sections and virtually doted on me. Roja got bored of TV and asked Jaya to come away to their room as she was feeling sleepy. Jaya insisted that she completes her favourite movie and would join her.

We both were left alone in the room. It was a romantic movie dealing with the love of two middle aged people. I dared to give it a try and moved to the sofa next to her. She did not get up nor moved from her place. I got emboldened and breathed on her neck.

This tickled her and she looked at me with a mixed feeling – half angry and half smiling. I accepted the smiling part and told Jaya how I doted on her ever since she joined the organisation. She immediately said that she had noticed all that and always felt close to me

even when she was married. I was encouraged and patted her plump cheeks and pinched them. She did not protest much though she wriggled a little bit. I put my hand round the shoulders and dragged her towards me and planted volleys of kisses all over face.

She was a little shocked for this quick move and said “enough, I will go now.” I did not let her go and tweaked on her neck and ear lobes. Looks like they are her most vulnerable spots! She shivered with emotion and quivered. I repeated it followed by tongue.

Her “nos” grew feeble and she began to sweat lightly. I moved my hand to her belly and inserted the other hand into her blouse. This made her all the more vulnerable, for she seems to have starved for a year without any pleasure from a male.

In quick move, I lifted her saree and put my hand on the thighs and quickly moved it to the mound. Before she put her hand on my hand my fingers I started fondling her clitoris and vertical lips. “No, no....not this far. Enough so far...it’s a sin.” She feebly protested.

Once the finger was inserted and moved slowly and quickly, she succumbed to her latent desire. Involuntarily she spread her legs. Fluid began to lubricate the vagina. I lifted her to the bed against her will and pressed my lips against her mouth.

I put her hand on my crotch which was by then very hard and mound like. She retreated her hand. I quickly removed my underwear and again put her hand on my penis. This time, the retreat was slower. Once I removed the hooks of the blouse and of the bra,

her boobs jumped out. Though they were somewhat sagged, they were quite luscious. I sucked them like famous “rasalu” mangoes of Andhra Pradesh Nuziveedu. Jaya pleaded with me to switch off the light. I refused for I was yearning for years to see them.

Once she heard this, she put her hands on her face. I did not remove the saree for the fear that Roja sleeping in the next door might turn up any movement. She began to play with my penis and I had to cut short the foreplay for the fear that Roja may knock or ring us up.

I quickly pushed my dick into her wet vagina. She immediately spread the legs to facilitate deeper penetration. I put a pillow under buttocks to ensure that her crotch is offered to my dick like on a platter. My movements quickly gained speed and I put her legs on my shoulders.

This helped deeper penetration and more pleasure to both of us. Neither of us had no fear of pregnancy, so I ejaculated into her juicy cunt. She hugged me passionately and thanked for giving me good pleasure after she had missed it for over a year.

She also said that her husband was a quickie and never gave this much satisfaction. Then she feared that Roja might be still awake and must be guessing what was happening here and might reveal in office. After thinking a while, she suggested that she would rope her too into my bed.

I was not forthcoming because Roja is lean, unattractive body with virtually no breast. Jaya persuaded me to that. We wanted to try it the next day. In the meanwhile, Jaya would put Roja into the randy mood by raising several sex topics. Jaya went to her room using the night latch.

Come next morning, we had morning tea together in my room and then started getting ready for the office. We joined in the breakfast buffet room and got into the office car quickly and reached the venue. I got immersed in my teaching and lost in that.

Occasionally I looked at Roja and Jaya. Jaya was as usual smiling and perhaps encouragingly. But I could see Roja putting down her head and not looking into my eyes. I could clearly see that the subject was broached upon and Roja is in two minds.

The day finished, we had evening tea and usual stroll in the city and then dinner in my room. Roja was getting up to go. Jaya stopped her and said, “Let’s enjoy for some time!” “No, I don’t want any wrong enjoyment!” said Roja.

Jaya began to cajole her, “Only once, no body would know. Our office is far away. We don’t get this chance again.” Roja seems to have softened somewhat and still was saying no. I thought I should take some initiative and went to the bed where they were sitting.

I put my finger under Roja’s bent head and lifted it. She did not look into my eyes but did not retort angrily. I signalled to Jaya to move out of the room. Jaya got up on the pretext of getting some tablet and slipped out. Since it was an automatic door, there was no need to bolt it separately.

Though emotion was very low, I had to bring Roja to my fold, as otherwise, she might leak Jaya and my affair in our main office. I put her hand round her and kissed on the dry cheeks. Though her lips were dry and cold in the beginning, they soon became moist.

She was rather thin and my taste is to plump women. I kissed her on her slender waist repeatedly which must have ignited passion in her. She feebly said, “It’s a sin.” “Keeping desires unfulfilled is a greater sin,” I said and laid her on the bed.

I never got a look at her chest closely earlier. As I thought they were not so flat. Quickly I unhooked the blouse and bra and fondled the small breast. For she had only one son, they were not much sagged. I had no fear of someone knocking now and so,

I decided to arouse her with leisurely foreplay. I put my tongue into her mouth and twirled it. She liked it much. I massaged her frail legs and gave my dick into her hand. She refused to have anything with it. Once I lifted the saree and kissed her clit. She came round.

With more licking of her clit, she grew hotter and hotter. I put my finger into her vagina which was very dry. It had not been used for years. With more and more movements with the finger, fluids began to ooze slowly. I put my dick on the clit and rubbed it as well as the labia.

This made her gasp with short breaths. Now is the time to take revenge for not touching my dick. I took her hand and put it round my penis. She had no way except to accept it. I moved aside and lifted her quickly and pressed her back towards my dick and forced her to kiss it.

She said no, but was forced. Again, again I made her do that. Now the kisses were more voluntary. I lifted my loins and forced my junior into her mouth. After making sure that she is hot and ready, I put her on her back and pushed my dick in.

It was very tight; it was not used for almost 10 yrs and also she had a caesarean baby so the vaginal muscles have not lost their firmness. She put her legs with anklets round my waist. As I charged they made nice musical sound which aroused me all the more.

She begged me to slow down. Sorry.... no way. After changing to two or three positions, I came off. She had at least two orgasms. She was moaning in her mother tongue, which I could not understand. After the show, she was feeling very guilty.

I put her to comfort by caressing and kissing. She at last left the room but with twinkling eyes. Very soon, my favourite Jaya has come. I was exhausted with too long foreplay. I took a hot water shower. Since the hotel had an attached bar,

I asked for one beer and some snacks which both of us shared. A hot water shower and some beer refreshed me but not aroused me. Jaya was ready to help and she asked me curiously how did it go with Roja. I asked her how she roped her into this.

The frame by frame description put her into good mood. I was not yet ready. But Jaya is a crafty woman. She knew all the techniques to arouse a man. She successfully managed it with me within 30 mts. She took more active part and gave me some rest. I did the finishing touch.

This suited her since I took quite a long time to ejaculate since I had drained out once only an hour before. Thus the three days went on eventfully, but tiring for me as I had to perform twice everyday. I had to resort to aphrodisiacs,

Revital capsules and Viagra to play two innings every day. We returned by AC 2 and most of the time I slept through. Since there is no door but only curtains, we could not do much except some necking and smooching.

Though we had not had a chance for repeat performance, we are good friends now. None knows what had happened. We look forward for such meetings even though there are no refresher courses. I am sure it is not far away.

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Fucking my Office mate Sudha

This is Hari and this is my real story but with unreal name..This happen one year back when I was working in Pune in a MNC Shipping company. I am very frinedly in nature and that the reason my colluges specially girls use to be very close to me.

This story is about a girl called Sudha Nair, she use to stay in Ajmeera which was about 8 kms from my house in Nigidi. Let me describe her, she was around 5.4 feet and with sexy figure even though she was wheatish in colour. We use to work in same company and in same team.

She completed her MCS and never had a affair with any guys before. She became very close to me as I use to help her in her work in...We started meeting outside office very frequently..She use to discuss about her friends sexual life very often.

how her friends boy friend fingered her..all those things. Even I slowely started finguring her and pressing her boobs when we use to meet. I very often use to suck her lips when we were alone in office lift and even use to massage her tits. She use to respond me very nicely.

The Real story beigns now... once I asked her to come for a picnic with me to a place called Durga Tekdi. She agreed and we went there.. it was a hilly place, I and sudha found a place where no one can see us.

We started kissing and she was respondig me as if there is no tomorrow. She took my tounge in her mouth and started licking it. I slowely sliped my one hand inside her top.. she became exited and start massaging my cock. I kissed her lips.. her lips were broad and juicy.

After some time I made her sit in front facing opp direction between my legs.. now her both the boobs were available for me to press and massage from behing.. I press them slowely and she started crying...ooohhh please fuck me dear pls...

I parted her pretty and legs and positioned my finger against her hole and slowely instered my finger inside her hole.. she way dying with pleasure..she was crying pls dont stop...pls more more,... I luv u.. please..fuck me please..i keep on finger fucking.. and she enjoied a lot.

that was her 1st fuck...my lucky finger... I could not fucked her because there was no much privacy. Now I tell you how my cock fucked her. Once my parents went to native place leaving me alone..as I didnt get a leave from office and I took this opportunity to invite Sudha

to my house.. She agreed... I asked her to come early morning as there will be no people in morning near my house. It was saturday morning and she told her partents that she has some important work at office and came to my place.

As soon as she reach my place.. she went to bathroom to take bath...After taking bath she came to my bed room where I was eagerly waiting for her.. she was looking cool with wet hairs.. she came with a towel wrapped around..

I stated kissing her.. and took her to my bed room. One thing was there in my mind that althoug she is afraid.. she want enjoy. She was afraid of getting fucked.. she told me not to do that..but I convinced her and said will do only if she premits, but I want to kiss her pussy..

she agreed to that and gave me permission to lick her pussy. she slide inside the bedsheet and ask me to come inside with close eyes as she was feelilng shy. I said ok to and went inside the bed sheet and first started kissing her boobs.

I then slowely removed her panties and spread her legs and slowely inserted my tounge inside her pussy and started licking her, she was really enjoying herself as this was the first time someone was licking her pussy.. she moaning like a slut..'ohhhh...ohhhhhhaaahhhh...wooow...

her both the hands were holding my head and was guiding towards her pussy.. I licked her for 10 mins..Now I slowely moved up and stated palying with her boobs.. now I felt that she is fully ready to accept my rod inside her.

I slowely spread her legs and put my penis on the vagina opening.. she shout please do do that.. please.. I am afraid.. I told her not to worry.. I started convicing her and even put condom.. After seeing the condom she became relaxed but still she was afraid..

now I mount on her and asked her to spread her legs and told he not to worry I will do it slowely.. She slowely spread her legs.. as my penis entered her vagina..she started shouting.. ohhh ammma.. aammma... please remove.. oh my god.. please..please dont.. stop.. please...

oooohhhh ammmaa.. I didt listen her and instered hard inside her.. she cried.. Oohhhhhhhhhhh maaaaa. she was moaning and crying with pain... stop...stop.. but I continued....she started biting my lips, beating and pinching me as the pain was unbearable for her..

but I increased my speed and continue fucking her in a rythem..atlast I came.. and I stopped. After a hot session..She slept for an hour without speaking a word.. she was sleeping with pain and told me that she will never allow me to do this again.I said ok to her..

Later on I explained her that all the girls have to under go this pain in 1st intercourse... and she should get used to it before marriage.. she said no.. I dont want to do it again.....But friends I again fucked her many times... will share that experience in my next episode..

Sudha is now happily married with biju... but she will never forget me... Now I am in dubai.. and not in touch with her... due to some misunderstanding between us..In next episode I will write about how I fucked her few days before her marriage.


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