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Sexciting experience with friend

Hi all Human Digest readers, this is rahul (name changed) of age 29 yrs working as a software engineer in hyderabad and I am a big big fan of Human Digest and reading the stories from past 6 yrs. I use to read lot of stories in different categories and wonder how this kind of things and relations

happen, also at the same time used to fantasize about getting this kind of opportunities for me. Coming to the point, I am narrating one true incident which happened to me 7 yrs back. Hope everyone enjoys with this story.

I was an mca graduate and this story started when I was studying mca in one of the places in ap. I used to stay with my friends in a room and that time in the down stairs also lady bachelors used to stay. Initially we dint talk (in fact dint get a chance)

with any of the ladies for about 10 days. They used to come to top floor for studying. One day we also went just like that and started chatting with them by enquiring about their details and at the same time we told about our details. They are all studying degree in one of the colleges.

In that gang I liked one lady and started interacting more with that lady from that day. As I don’t have sisters, I used to treat her as sister and told the same to her and she also agreed. Soon we became very close and behaving like own brother and sister.

Days passed on like that and my sister got into pg (m.sc) with my guidance and joined the same college. As my education was about to complete and we have to submit a project in the last semester, I came to hyderabad for that purpose and that time we felt very bad for staying

apart and we missed each other so much and also as the mobiles are not so popular, she don’t have any mobile that time as still she was only studying that time. Some how I completed my project and submitted in the college and came back to hyderabad for job searching and got the

job after 6 months. By that time my sister sri also came to hyderabad for doing project. She used to stay in one of the hostel in ameerpet and completed the project successfully and submitted in the college. We used to meet daily either in my room or at hostel or outside.

As I was already doing job I presented one mobile to sri because I have that much effection for her and I used to take care of everything. Hostel and her expenses also I used to bear for her. I am getting into real stuff here. When we met for the first time,

she was very thin and really I don’t have any bad feelings on her. After she joined pg, her mother also came to stay with her and sri and her mother took a room and staying separately. I was introduced to her mother and she also liked me very much and treated me as her own son.

From then onwards, some times I used to stay nights also there and sleep along with them. I used to sleep one side of my sister and other side her mother used to sleep. I used to put my hand on her and sleep. One day when we are in the sleep,

while putting my hand on her by mistake I kept on one of her boobs and suddenly one jerk was passed in me by touching the boob. I dint remove the hand and slowly pressed the boob and it was a great feeling and her boobs were very soft.

I did for 2 or 3 times like that and took off my hand from the boob as sri might get to know of it. From that day I was not able to forget that feeling. By the time sri came to hyderabad, she put on bit wait and got very sexy structure with nice boobs.

She used to wear very loose dresses when she was studying. After coming to hyderabad I suggested her to wear tight dresses and she changed the dressing style. From then onwards, she used to appear lovely with her sexy structure and as she put on wait, her boobs also used to visible with nice shape from top of her dress.

I used have shift timings in my job and the while coming back from my office I used to pick sri and come to my room. I used to guide her for interview preparation and after that we used chat for long time. Daily I used to kiss her on her cheeks with affection and she dint deny as it was

just only kiss on the cheeks. But internally I used to have strong desire to touch her boobs as they will be provocating and inviting me to feel them. I used to think many times to directly ask sri about my thoughts and request her to allow me to touch the boobs as I was not able to

control but was scared about the relation and which might break up if it goes negative. But daily I used to think of getting a chance for those boobs. During that time I got very good offer from the other company and planned to change to that company.

As my present company base location is bangalore I got to travel to that place to get the relieving formalities. I thought to take sri also with me and asked her and she also accepted to come with me. I thought to do something and utilize this opportunity to get her and her boobs.

I booked bus tickets for the travel and also some how got the sleeping tablets from one of my friend. We got ready to travel and I took sweets and put 3 sleeping tablets in one of the sweet. After catching the bus and once we settled down in our seats,

we started chatting and in between I offered her that sweet. She took it and started eating and I was much tensed because she might identify while eating the sweet but luckily she ate that completely. After that we continued chatting and after half an hour she told that she was getting

sleep. I told her to sleep and she slept. Actually I don’t know how the sleeping tablet works and how much power they have and if I do some thing will she know about that. She wore jeans, black top and inside a slip and bra. I identified this as the straps were visible to me.

After some time lights in the bus were switched off and then I kept my hand simply on her for some time. After some time I slowly started moving from stomach to her boobs. As she sat left to me, I kept my right hand on her and slowly started moving my hand towards her right boob

and slowly placed on the boob and dint do any action for some time. There are no reactions from sri and keeping one look on her face, I started pressing her boob gently and very slowly. As she wore a bra, her boobs were very stiff and she was young everything was fine in her.

I continued caressing the boobs for some time and still there was no reaction from her. After assuring that the tablets are working and she slept and there would not be any problem for only touches, I made her lie down on my lap.

I slowly started putting inside her top and reached and touched the boob from the slip and pressed for some time and still there are no movements in her. This gave me some more courage and put my hand inside that slip as well and touched her belly which was very soft.

I caressed the belly for some time and moved my hand slowly up towards the left boob and touched the boob on the bra and started pressing that boob very cautiously and slowly. I thought not to rush the things as I was more interested in romance.

I kept on pressing her left boob for some time and moved my hand to her right boob and pressed that as well for some time. I was observing her in between and there were no movements in her and I confirmed that the tablets are completely working and there is no problem for me.

With that I felt happier and thought to feel her bear boobs and moved my hand towards her back to find her bra strap and got the strap and removed the hooks of that. Again I got my hand to front and moved the bra upwards and touched the bear left boob and felt that high volt current

passed in me and gave a jerk. The boob was very soft and fit in my hand and I felt like I am in heaven. This was the day that I was dreaming for since long time and felt very lucky as my plan worked out. I started pressing the boob and it was a great feeling and kept on pressing and

squeezing the left boob. I guess her size was 32-28-34. Now I got the full courage and started pressing the left boob firmly and confidently. As I was having enough time the whole night I was not at all in a hurry. I played with her left boob for half an hour and then moved my hand to her

right boob. I did the same thing to that also played with that for another half an hour. As I was only squeezing them with hand till now, I thought to suck them and lifted up her top and slip and able to see her boobs which were first time in my life seeing a naked boobs.

I turned her completely towards myself and able to see both the boobs in the bed light (of course not very clearly as it was dark). I put the left boob nipple in my mouth and slowly started sucking it and the feeling was amazing and exciting.

I circled my tongue around that nipple and slowly the nipple was getting aroused. I did it for some time and sucked the left boob by taking the entire boob in mouth. I sucked it firmly for about half an hour and then changed to right boob.

Now I started tickling the right boob and holding the left boob with my hand. I kept on sucking the right boob for some time and while sucking I slowly moved my hand towards her pussy. I started unzipping her pant and kept my hand inside her panty and inserted my finger in her

pussy and started finger fucking. One side I am sucking both the boobs and other side finger fucking her and slowly increased the speed of the fucking and only was able to do that as it was happening in the bus. This continued for 15 minutes and by that she was cummed 2 times

even though she was unconscious. I bent over her pussy and licked all the juices and tongue fucked her pussy as well for some time. Boobs sucking and pussy fucking continued till 4 am in morning and after that I adjusted her dress to normal as I was getting sleep.

Dear Human Digest readers hope I have tried to best narrate the incident happened. This episode happened when sri was unconscious. There was another exciting and excellent episode happened in the same trip when sri was conscious and she also cooperated.

But I would like to see the response for this story and based on the response only I will post my next episode. I will try to narrate the next episode much better than this and I want encouragement from the HumanDigest readers and especially ladies around 20 to 35 years who are living in and around hyderabad. I am literally waiting to get an opportunity to have fun and enjoy to the maximum.

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Hi I am a child specialist practising in the north delhi.there are many patient who comes with the young mother as there kid fall sick frequently therefore sometime they come frequently and that way there develop some good personal relation with some of them but not beyond the dignity of the profession.

Like this there is one patient chavi who is around one year old is my one of regular patient.and she comes with her mother neha and her father rajeev frequently as she often falls sick due to whether change and no other doctor can treat her in the nearby area except me.

The kid is very cute one so we develped good relation with the family. One day at around 2 in the afternoon when I was just to wind of the clinic nehas phone came to my mobile that chavi is sick and rajeev is not at home and she cannot come to clinic thats why she asked me to pay

her a home visit.as usually being a busy practioner I do not go for a home visit I was reluctant to go but due to good realtion with the family and her persistant request I agreed.she gave me her address and I went to her home.

There chavi was lying in the bed and was having a high fever and was relly in a bad shape. I asked neha to bring a wet towel and to sponge the body of her kid so to bring the fever down immedatly and in the mean time I gave her some medication.

Neha started sponging chavi and her fever came down a little bit. I asked the permission to leave but she insisted that since it is my first visit to the family so she wont let me go off untill I have some coffee.due to her persistant request I agreed.

She went to the kitchen for the coffee but while coming back her foot slipped on the towel kept for sponging and she came to fall over me in my lap.i excused myself and asked whether she is all right or not but she said she is feeling sever pain in her chest.

And asked me to examine it.i said that this may be because of the trauma and will be all right its own and there is no need for the examination but she insisted that I should examine as rajeev is not there and things can go worse at night if there is some complication.

saying this she just removed her top (she was wearing a sleevless top and jeans). I wondered she was not wearing any bra underneath her top. She had beautiful boobs with almost very very fair skin and pink nipple which were erect.

The size was almost 34d and was looking like it was never touched before. Seeing it I said that she is all right and there is no complication but she said no there is lot of pain in it and asked me to press them just to see the amount of pain.

At this time I was shying and blushing (although I am a doctor and seen so many womens chest in clinic but those time were professinal and situation was some different).she took my hand and pressed them on her chest. My dick stood and I was absolutely pink at face.

She said now the pain is better and she is getting a lot of releif and asked me just to rub them. I said this is not right I am your kid doctor and this relation is not good and else what the rajeev will say when he comes to know about it.

She said that rajeev will never come to knw abt it as neighter is goign to say a word about it to him.and even if he comes to know about it he wont mind as he himself suggested to seduce me for my setisfaction as he is a gay and gets most pleasure with man.

Listing this I also felt ectasitic and started rubbing her big boobs and started licking her lips. She started removing my shirt and I her jeans.she was wearing a red coloured penty and was looking superb.she was rubbing my hairy chest and was enjoying my maleness.

My muscles licked at my tiny nipple and removed my pant.and my undergarments.now I was nude and was in my birthsuit.she kissed my penis and started licking its head.she was enjoying my seven and half inch penis and started licking it.

It was a very much different feeling as my wife had never done this to me before. As my hardened increased in size her lust also increased leaps and bound.i started figring her in the clit and her pubic was also a clean shaven as she had prepared this for this event.

I could not resist licking her pussy which has got the best smell I have ever smelt. She was moanign and her moans increased with every lick my tounge was manipulating and was going in and out of her vaginga and was liking her clit.

There were a lto of secretiongs and all the bed got wet with those secretions. Now she was red hot and ready to be hammered.she insitsted to insert my boy into her pussy. I was thrusting and she was enjoying and moanign.

After around five minuite all her body stiffed and she was silent and was begging me to keep increasing my thrust.than she got relevid with all her secretion and I also came out with my cum in her pussy only.we both exausted and slept there on.

After around three hours we wake up by the cry of her kid and she wore her cloth and said thanks and good by to me and asked me to come again whenever chance comes. I said whenever you need me just give me a ring and say that her child is ill and I will be at your service. From then onwards whenever rajeev goes out she calls me to say her child is sick.

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First sex in hospital 2

First sex in hospital

Hi readers, me ali again with another encounter, with Robeena, as days passed she called me on phone we did phone sex and all kind of stuff, she became a good fan of mine as she always admire me as I got a bigger dick rather then her husband, so we talked about our future plans,

my marriage, my friends my Girl friend as I don’t have at that time, I ask her about her sexual life her experiences, her first night, she told me everything, I short we are like a married couple, she used to tell me everything about her family what had happed last or in recent days,

one day I ask her I wanted to do that ting again, she said she is going yo change her location, so we can have a chance to a great fuck, so days passed after a month she said she her mother in law will be out of town and her kinds will be in school,

and her husband will be in office, she on that day she will be calling me and we will enjoy, I said okay after 2 days, she called me on my cell in late night and said tomorrow I have to be in her home till 10.30 am, I reached at her home and waited for her signal as her servants were in

home I called her and ask her, she said wit till they went away, I waited in market nearby her house, after almost one hour she send me text to come, I went in she greeted me with a French kiss, I hugged her, for this we went in her bedroom,

after that she said to me “yehan per sir rekh lo “ she was signaling towards her thighs I put my head on that what a soft part of her body, I like the way she play with my hairs, I was too much horny and wanted to fuck her right on that time,

but I want more to have enjoy of her fingers in hairs. After that she went in and bring two glass of pinna coulata with coco nets on that, that was too good to drink, after having these tow glasses I went straight towards her and embers her and begun kissing her wooow what a taste she has,

I was gone total mad, and kissing her madly she was responding as well. Once I kiss her hard on that she said ”kiya mujhy khany ka irada hai” I said “yes” after that I ask her to change her cloths she began to untie her clothes, she don’t wana do by her own self, she ask me to do,

so I ask her “kahana say shoro keroon, ” she said “its all up to you” so I begain kissing her badly and put my hand on her boobs, I just squeeze them and trying to make her horny, after one hand was on her boob. Wow, just a pleasant moment I was feeling at that time,

I can’t forget that day, she is sucking my dick and I was sucking her nipples.yarrrrr. so after that I was at my full erection, and more then her I wanted to fuck right on that time, and I ask her to lay down and I put her legs on her shoulders and inserted my dick into her love hole.

uffff I can’t tell you most of who did this before they might be knowing all this kind of stuff and feelings. I was jerking with my full speed and she was enjoying as well. With in 10 mins I cumd and I wanted to cum on her face as I pluck out my dick from her pussy and bring my dick to her

face and jerk all my cum on her face, she was enjoying that and me tooo… readers these are my two encounters which I shared you this is all what happened with me up till now, hope u ppl enjoyed all this incident.

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Fun party with hot sexy boy

I am reena, 24 yrs of age, unmarried girl sharing some of my recent real experinces, which has taken me into a great new world of experiences. I work as accountant with a software firm and am staying in a one room flat given by company.

I have a very close circle of friends, some of them being married ladies of around same age. These ladies having well to do husbands and nice families.they were requesting me for joining them in kitty parties several times,

but due to lack of time and my professional duties I was denying. Two of my close friends from the same circle one day told me something about these parties which excited me quite a bit. First neha told me to come in party to see some unbeleivable things.

I thought some gift games among the ladies. She said no, it's more than games.then sweta called the same day and told me- don't miss this time, u r going to get some best entertainment of life if u come. But to know what it is u will have to come there first.

I was wondering about what they were talking about. I was just hoping that saturday I get full off from office otherwise I wud miss the party.i was thinking about calling office and checking assignments, suddenly was a beep on my mobile, it was neha again-' u r coming na today,

I hv already told for u'. After thinking a while I called my office and told that I won't b coming to work.then I had no idea how to prepare for this kind of party. I checked with sweta, who said, u can wear anything, but it's lehenga day.

Don't bring anything with u rest everything will be available at neetu aunty's place, where I had to go. I found out a green color lehenga for me which looked quite good on my beautiful body. It took about 20-25 minutes to reach there by my maruti.

I parked it in visitor's parking and hurried to neetu aunty's apartment. I called my office again and informed them that my mobile will be off for some time. It was 2:15 in the afternoon, I was already late by 15 minutes. Neetu aunty has a nice big size 4 bed room flat,

her husband is a nice guy who travels for 10-15 days every month. I was expecting all woman gathering. I was little nervous also, what i'll talk. Thank god I knew at least neha n sweta who will be there. I rang the bell and immediately was ushered inside.

About 10 ladies were busy gossiping inside. Curtains were down with no sunlight coming in. Her drawing room was dimly lit. I found neha there who introduced me to all the ladies. They welcomed me.some of them praised my beauty and dress combination too.

They were all between 20-35 yrs.not very modern also. Thank god.'neha have u told her what all we do in this party" asked aunty. "no, not really." replied neha. "well reena, most important thing is a secrecy policy, u must never tell anybody what all u see here, and we assure u,

everything will be great here." said aunty I was quite amused what is going to happen. Anyway I did not expect anything extra-ordinary, as I saw all the ladies busy in chatting as usual. Then sweta announced" please finish the foods/drinks fast as the special dishes have already come

and waiting for us" I was thinking of some cookery stuff or so. In another 5 minutes or so, neha announced again " shall we call the special dishes now" one of the ladies replied "yes yes why not, neha seems to be very hungry' and all of them started laughing again.

I was still unable to make out anything. Then from inside appeared 3 youngmen into the hall, and all the ladies clapped for them. All 3 of them were bare chest,average looking wearing just shorts and boots. I was shocked to see this happening suddenly.

Sweta pinched me and said "how did u like it, don't think about anything, just enjoy wahtever is happening." they came close to each of the ten ladies and shook hands.all 3 of them were well built and of age around 30.

The atmosphere was so intoxicating that it was difficult to take eyes off from these men.slow instrumental music was making the atmosphere very romantic. The ladies were taking them randomly for dance as well.all seemed to be enjoying there company very much.

I was feeling a bit shy. Then I saw siraj, one of the guys looking at me, he came to me and put his hands on my waist and a small peck on my cheek and said- " u r looking pretty dear" and took me to dancing. About 30 minutes passed and then mrs rachna announced- boyz pls

choose yr group and take them for the show. This was new again, I asked sweta- what is this?? She said- just keep watching. Then siraj came to us and announced I want neha, sweta and this new beautiful lady reena with me. Everyone clapped.

Other two men also selected their group of 3-4 ladies. By now my heart was beating fast in anticipation. Siraj and we three women proceded to one of the bedrooms. I was surprised to see the kind of decoration it had been given. In the centre it had round shape bed,

with filmi type transparent net falling to the sides. Probably other 2 groups went to other bed rooms.nice romantic music was on. We 3 ladies had to sit on the sitting tools on one side of the room. Slowly siraj started gyrating his body just about 4-5 meters away

from where we were sitting.i looked at neha and sweta, all eyes were fixed on siraj's musculine dancing body.after about 10 minute, to my surprise siraj dropped his shorts and kicked it away. He was in his jockey briefs only now.

His bulge was so long that it was making a tent like appearance. All 3 of us were breathing heavy now. Not that I was not fucked earlier, but whole thing was different.my boyfriend had fucked me couple of times when I was 18, but I did not enjoy it then.

The place where siraj was dancing and we 3 were sitting was brightly lit by spotlight, I turned to see my sahelis. Neha was looking gorgeous in her red color bridal lehenga.siraj came near sweta and planted a kiss on her. Then he came to me and whispered-'kiss me sweetie."

and before I could say anything,he put his lips on mine, and slowly licked my lips with his tongue. While doing this his bulge touched my hands, oh my god! Then he went to neha and both of them remained liplocked in a long passionate smooch.

I saw siraj moving his right hand under her red lehenga.was he rubbing her pussy. Then again he came back to place where he was dancing.after a while he put his both hands inside his jockey and probably started stroking his huge cock. Then came the thrilling surprise,

he slowly started lowering his jockey and his huge cock sprung out.all this was much more than I could ever dream.his shaven chest and pubic hairs and tool was looking so attractive. He was rubbing his hand and stroking his cock all the time.

I could see now his purple color cockhead clearly, big man definitely!! Again he was coming to us one by one.he uttered something in sweta's ears, I saw him giving his cock in her mouth which she sucked couple of times.then he came to me and first gave me a long smooch.

I found his tongue going all over in my mouth. Now he said- 'suck my cock sweetie, u will like it'. I probably wanted to do that. I hold his cock in my both the hands, it was beautiful, I licked it. It also had some salty pre-cum probably. Then he suddenly lifted bottom of my green lehenga,

and before I knew, his hands reached inside of my panties.now his middle finger was rubbing my wet pussy.he spent some time doing that. Then he went to neha and lifted her in his arms and was kissing her. Then he brought a condom pkt in his mouth and asked me to open the cover

and put it in place.i followed what he said. His cock was very big fr that condom, it barely fitted him tightly. Then he lifted me in his arms and took me to the decorated round bed.slowly he removed all my cloths and was kissing me all the time. I suddenly got worried.

I held his cock in my hand and whispered-'are u going to put it inside.' he smiled -' if I don't, u won't like it, anyway I have not put on condom just to masterbate, u understand.' everything was ready now and my eyes were closed, I sensed his cockhead rubbing on my pussylips.

I was lying quite and excited. Slowly he started inserting, I was very slippery there.i could now feel the rim of his cockhead rubbing me inside. He held to that and he moved his cock in -out 3-4 times there. Then slowly was trying to protrude. He was long, it was taking some time.

He put his both hands under my buttocks and slowly lifted my hips. I think he was now fully inside me. It was such a pleasure. He started slow long rhythmis stroke. Oh my god he was fucking me and so nicely,

I opened my eyes.other two ladies were also naked and were on his side kissing his sides. I looked at his cock which was going in and out of me.i cud see my white frothy juices all over the condom on his cock. I was moaning with his each stroke.

Now he was ready to take me in other positions. He spent time in each doggy style and sideways. Then I had to climb on top of him.oh god!! It was such a thrill and so exciting.then he took other 2 ladies as well, especially neha who is so hot was fucking her like tigress.

He came in sweta's mouth. I also tasted his cum. Entire thing was soch a great fun. It has burnt a fire within. Throughout the week at work I was lost and was thinking of all this. I am waiting for the next party.

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Fucking neighbourhood aunty Tina

The woman in story is my neighbor. Her name is Tina . She's mother of two, 36 yrs of age & a body that is dream of every man. Though she lives in our neighborhood, I was never inclined towards her. She was frank and friendly by nature and I used to share an open relation with her.

One day I saw her husband making love to her. That day I couldn't take my mind of her & masturbated 3 times thinking about her. From that day my desire to get her aroused. All day & night I kept thinking about her. Her long black hair, rosy lips, large boobs,

heavy round ass & smooth milky skin. All of sudden she appeared to me as the sexiest woman on this earth. The sight of her naked boobs refused to escape my mind. I wanted to squeeze, kiss, lick & eat those melons. Finally overcome by desire, I decided to go for the kill.

Her husband was out of city & it was a perfect opportunity. I wanted to cash it to maximum. I went to her house. The door was open & as usual I went inside. She was standing in the kitchen with her ass towards me. I scanned her body through my eyes,

admiring her heavy ass & curvalous body. She was wearing the same gown she had worn other day. I went behind her, placed my palms on her boobs while pressing my crotch on her ass. She turned back sharply. On seeing me she said in anger what is it ? What the hell is this.

But my senses were completely overtaken by passion. I ignored her words & at the same time my eyes fell on her large boobs. They were concealed in white bra which was visible under her transparent gown. What are you looking at? Get out. She said.

My cock was erect & I was in no mood to listen to her. I told her that I want to fuck her to my heart's content. She said that it was wrong I argued that if she can make love to her son then she can also make love to me. She just put her eyes down.

I moved forward, raising her chin & embracing her in my arms. I know you want it. With that I placed my lips on her lips & started sucking her mouth. The feel of her soft red rosy lips was mind blowing. It made me really hot & I started sucking her lips.

Her response indicated that she too was getting excited. She held me through my waist. We both came closer & our bodies glued together. My monster was trying to come out & pain was unbearable. It was pressing against her belly. Our tongues were rolling mutually.

It was an awesome feeling. We were kissing hard pausing in between to get our breath. I moved down kissing her neck & licking her ear lobes. My hands untied knot of her gown & then slided it of her shoulders. Now woman of my dreams was only in her bra & panty.

Her boobs were looking larger in her bra. I started feeling her nude back. Massaging my way through her soft flesh I unhooked her bra. Her swollen monsters were loosened. They were simply gorgeous. Big, round, milky white with brown aureoles & dark brown nipples.

I started squeezing them, trying to feel their roundness. She cooperated by pressuring my hands on her boobs. I took her right nipple in mouth while twitching the left one. She started moaning ohhhhh!!!!! Dear pls suck them ohhhhh!!! I never felt so good keep on doing it honeys.

Her words encouraged me. I mouthed her other nipple & twitched the previous one. I kept playing with her boobs for 20-25 odd minutes. All through she kept her moaning high. I bend down as I kiss her belly area. Reaching her navel, I made circle around it with my tongue.

Her hands fondled my hair. I moved down to her panty, kissed her mound over it. Was about to slide it down, when she stopped me. I looked at her in surprise. She said lets move to bedroom. I agreed & picked her in my arms. I placed her on the bed & removed her panty.

Her beautiful cunt was exposed. It was clean shaven with pink outer lips surrounding red clit. It was first time I saw woman's cunt. I kept staring it at the same time exploring it through my fingers. Seeing me staring at it she said don't you think you should insert something into it?

I said I would but first I wanted to enjoy her cunt. With that I ran my tongue along the length of her cunt. I started licking her cunt. At the moments inserting my tongue & biting her clit. Her juices were flowing & I could feel the smell as well as the wetness of her juices.

The taste was also great. She was moaning hard. Her one hand was pushing my face in her cunt while the other was pinching her nipples. I continued sucking her cunt. Soon, she cummed, wetting my face with her delicious juices.

I swept my face as she placed her lips on mine & we started kissing. While kissing she removed my shirt & vest. Now she laid me down & climbed on top of me. She started kissing me all over my chest, my nipples & my abdomen. Then she pulled my briefs down.

My 6.5 inch monster emerged out. She looked at it admiringly & said wow! I never knew you have such a beautiful tool. With that she swallowed my cock & started sucking it like a lollypop. She continued to do it. I kept enjoying it feeling the warmness of her mouth around my cock.

Soon I told her that I was about to cum but she didn't stopped. I exploded in her mouth. I could see the cum choking from her mouth. She licked my dick for any left over drops of cum. Then we lay in each-other arms. She was caressing my dick while I was fondling her boobs.

My dick rose again. I told her that I wanted to enter her cunt. She said that she was waiting for this moment only. I made her sit in doggy position. Placing a pillow below her stomach, I took my dick & placed it at the opening of her hole.

I started stroking it gently but after few initial strokes I pushed it hard. My entire dick disappeared in her cunt within one go. She left out a large scream & pleaded me to go slow. But I didn't listen & instead starting giving her long powerful strokes.

She yelled for few moments but then started moaning. Her cunt was tight. I was feeling the pain but excitement of my first fuck was enough to keep me going. She was pushing her cunt back in rhythm while my cock was moving in & out. I held her butts for support.

She had clinched the pillow tightly while her face was pressing into bed sheet. I continued stroking her cunt. The lava inside my balls was building up. I asked her was it safe to cum in her cunt. She said that it was a long time since she got this pleasure so she wanted to enjoy it to

fullest. Gaining confidence from her words, I increased the pace of strokes. My cock was completely gripped by her cunt muscles. Finally I came huge, splashing my cum all over into her cunt. Soon after, she also came,

lubricating my cock with her juices. I collapsed on her with my cock still in her cunt. We stayed like that for few moments & then she went to bathroom to get fresh up. Hope u all enjoyed this story.


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