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This is a true incident that happened 3 years back with me. I had a girlfriend. We used to kiss and explore each other whenever we got chance but never had sex. She was working in another town. We decided to meet.

I travelled to her town and reached by train. She was nearby and came when I called her on phone. Then we proceeded to her room where she was staying alone. I took a shower and came out in towel. She was wearing a skirt and top.

It so happened that I had a mild erection at that time so my cock was bulging in the towel. She bacame aroused on seeing me like this and came straight to me and started kissing me on my lips. We hugged each other tightly and then I lifted her and reached the bed.

There we had a mad kissing session of arounf 15 minutes. In the meantime, my cock had grown to full size and the towel that I was putting on had also removed. Suddenly she saw my cock which she had never seen before.

She was surprised and admitted that she had never imagined that it would be so thick and long. She took it in her hands and started stroking. In the meantime, I was fondling her breasts over her top. She kissed the tip of my cock and started taking it in her mouth. I was in heaven.

She was licking it like a lollipop for the next 5 minutes. Then I stopped her and told her to lie down. She said ok and lied down. Then I took out my handkerchief and tied it around her forehead covering her eyes, so she beacme blindfolded. She asked that what I am going to do.

I told her that I will keep you guessing. Now I started making her nude one by one. First went the top and she was wearing a white bra. Then went off her skirt. She had a white panty below it which was dripping with her love juices by that time. Next I unhooked her bra and wow, what tits she had.

I immediately wanted to eat them but kept patience. Then, I removed her panty also and she was lying nude before me, blindfolded. Now she asked me what are you going to do. I did not answer and kept her guessing.

I started kissing her body parts one by one and after each deep and wet kiss, I used to give a pause before moving to next part. I was eating her tits, her navel, pussy which was leaking and tasting salty. She was getting wild because of the wild kissing and because she did not know where would be the next kiss.

When I realised she was aching and orgasm was building, I came on top of her and we embraced each other, my cock was tickling her hot pussy hole and my hands were teasing her boobs and tits. I started kissing her earlobes and neckline and she immediately started to moan and ache and held me so tightly.

I knew she was orgasming. We continued like this for 5 minutes and she orgasmed again. She was unable to speak because of the intense pleasure. Her pussy was flowing like a river. I moved my cock in and with some difficulty, managed to enter her completely.

Her juices helped my cock enter. She wrapped her legs around my waist and then I started stroking her gently first and then voilently. Within minutes, she orgasmed and finally after 10 minutes, we both orgasmed together. Then we lay compltely exhausted for half an hour. We took a shower together and then went out for a movie.

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Fucking erotic story reader girl

Hello all my friends (HumanDigest readers), I am rahul ( 26 yrs ) from mangalore. Today I am writing my 2nd story for you people. As some of you who read my previous story a real incident where I got my gf priya. In my second story I promised that my next post will be about priya’s friend sakshi.

But after posting that story another incident happen and I feel its better to share this incident which happened recently. Don’t worry friends, after this story my next story will be about my experience with sakshi. In my last story at the end I had asked for any girls or aunties,

who would like to enjoy life can contact me through my email. I know there are so many females who are not satisfied sexually but I was not sure whether any one of them will try to contact me because its not easy to have faith in a stranger. 2 days after posting that story (my life my words),

I opened my own posted story on Human Digest and click on comments. I was surprised to see there was a comment from a female, praising my story and asking whether its real or fantasy. Her name was preet ( not real ). But there was no means I could contact her.

Then next day I got an email in my inbox. I hurriedly opened it and found that it’s the same girl preet. In her mail she again asked me about my experience with priya. So I replied her via mail and told her all she wanted to know. Then next day I got her mail thanking me for sharing my experience with her.

Then wrote her that everyone has some experiences in life and I feel experience is made to share with someone. Also I asked her about her experiences and at the bottom I given my mobile number and told if she ever wishes to talk to me then she can. I was not sure whether she will call or not.

Then I started waiting for her mail or call but for next few days nothing happen. I thought that I have lost her. But after about 1 week on sunday noon I got a call. I picked it. I said hello but no one responded. When I repeated 2 – 3 times then a sweet voice came. It was preet.

She hesitatingly reminds me about her and I quickly said that I remember her. Then we talk for a while just normally. I asked abt her family but she didn’t told me and said that she will tell at the right time. I didn’t mind that bcoz I know that its not easy for a girl to have faith in anyone so early.

After that v talked for next 3 days, she asked abt me and I told her. Now she started to have some faith in me. Then one day preet told me her real name and told me to keep her details secret. I asked her why then she told me that actually she is married. And this friendship of ours can destroy her married life.

I promised her to keep it secret. After that day v started to talk more freely. One day while we were talking in night (her hubby was on night duty) she said to me that these days everyone says that she looks happier than usual. She said that this change has come into her life since she is talking to me.

I said thanks to her and asked why she use to b unhappy usually. She kept quite for some time when I repeated my question then she said in faint voice that actually she has been married for 6 yrs now but still has no child. Also her hubby is sooo busy with his work that he doesn’t care much about her.

Then without asking she told all her story. I told her to b calm and b happy. Life never remains same, u don’t worry ur life will also change. Then I started talking abt other stuff.next day when v were talking I casually asked her to meet some where, for which she readily agreed but she told what will she say to her hubby.

I said she can tell him that she is going to some market.. She said that she afraid of her hubby soo much, if he came to know that her wife has a male friend than surely he will divorce her. Than I asked her ok u tell what want ? "I mean how and where v can meet."

She then think for few seconds and than said u can come to my home this sunday for lunch or dinner as my hubby is going out for tour. I asked her isn’t it dangerous to meet at home. She said no its safer than meeting outside place bcoz no one comes to their house bcoz of her hubby’s nature.

So I agreed and said that I will come on sunday evening for dinner.readers, till that time I was not having any lust for preet. For me she was a very cute and nice friend. Than the sunday came and I was very excited to meet my new friend. In the evening I dressed up in jeans and cool t-shirt.

And left for her place, which was few kms away from my house. I reached there and called her & told her that I am near her house, should I ring her bell???? She told me that no need to rang bell as she has left door unlocked. She told me to take care that no one c me coming inside.

I did exactly hat and secretly entered into her house. It was a beautiful house, with every expensive item. I locked the door from inside and than called her name, suddenly I felt that there is someone behind me. I turned and found a stunning beauty. It was preet.

My eyes were wide opened seeing her she was like an ice-cream which is made to eat only. Her figure 36 28 36 was simply gr8. As I moved towards her she said hii to me and for my surprised she first hugged me tightly. I also did the same. Than v sat in the drawing room and started talking.

While talking v were also watching t v. First she was sitting in front of me but after some time she started tv and came to sit with me coz tv was on her back. I didn’t mind that. Her arms touching mine and her thighs also touching mine. V were talking normally but after some time I asked her,

that she is soo good looking but one thing I feel is missing there. She asked me what? I told that why she always seems to be tense. I told her that her beauty will increase many times if she keeps smiling all the time. She smiled looking at me and put her hand on my hand and said that u is the best friend I have ever found.

I felt while holding my hand preet was slowly rubbing and playing with it. Suddenly something came to my mind and I said that I want ask u something but I am afraid that u might get angry. She told that come on raman, u r my best friend. You can ask anything.

Soo by her words I got courage and asked with a light voice “preet, can I kiss u “ if u wont mind. She looked at me for a second. Scared by her eyes I said don’t mind it just came to my mind and I asked. Don’t get angry about that. But surprisingly she said ok u can. Now we were just few inches away.

She placed her cheek near me so that I can kiss it. But I wanted to kiss her lovely red like rose lips. Soo I first told her to close her eyes coz its not easy for me to kiss her while she is looking. So she closed her eyes. Now I hold her hairs from back and moved her lips towards mine.

Just before our lips could contact she opened her eyes but it was too late now. Within a fraction I put my lips on her and was kissing her gently, she first did nothing but within few seconds she also started responding. Our kissing was getting hotter now. I had left her hairs as there was no need to pull her towards me now.

Her hands automatically were now on my back. After sometime I felt that she is getting wild with this kissing session. Soo I stopped than v separated. I said her sorry; she said hey it was soo good. Why u feel sorry. She said it’s a long time since she had kissed like that.

Surprised by her, I asked ur hubby don’t do anything to u? She told me in sad voice that he doesn’t have time for me. Also she told me that they had sex just once in last 2 months. While telling this she started crying. I put my hand on her shoulder and patted her lightly to console her.

When she stopped crying I took a promise from her that she will never ever cry again. My hand was now slid to her back over her t-shirt. It was really good to feel her back, sliding my hand all over while consoling her. Suddenly my hand went to the bottom of her t-shirt and when I tried to slid it up again it went directly inside her t-shirt.

For the first time my hands were on her bare back and what a feeling that was. Her skin was smooth like silk. I once saw at her face, but she didn’t resisted. Now it was clear to me that she needs enjoyment and satisfaction sooo I decided to help her as she was now my good friend.

I was sliding my hand all over her back inside her t-shirt. Suddenly she hugged me and now I put both m hands inside her t-shirt and started messaging. She kissed me many times. And then in a light voice she said to me “let’s go inside”.

Till that time I was also aroused so I just took her in my arms and she guided me to her bedroom. Her bedroom was a really nice one having a big circular bed with soft mattresses. There was dim light in that room and very nice fragrance was also there.

I think she had done all that arrangement bcoz she was having prior intentions to enjoy with me as her hubby doesn’t satisfy her. I was a bit nervous because I have never had sex with any married lady.i told me to wait for a min, she will b back in 1 min.

Then she went outside room and returned having some cd’s in her hand. I asked about cd’s, she told me that she has a secret fantasy of having sex while watching blue film. Then she said lets not waste time now and quickly started one cd on tv.

Up to that time I was also became fully aroused so I followed her to the tv and stood just behind her. When she turned after turning on the cd player, v both collide but no one tried to separate. Then both hugged tightly and then I pull her in my arms and took her to the bed.

Now she was lying on bed looking at me. I first removed my shoes, then my t-shirt and then I got over her and started kissing slowly from her shoulder to her neck and then her cheeks I was kissing as if I were sucking her flesh.

Due to my wet kisses she got aroused soo much that when brought my lips close to her lips she grabbed my head in her hands and pulled me towards her and started smooching. I also was going out of control. Soon I removed her t-shirt and also opened her jeans too.

She herself removed her jeans completely and was now just in her pink lacy bra and red panty. She was looking like a sex goddess at that time. I quickly grab her and started kissing her chest area and then I opened her bra strap from behind and with my mouth I took her bra off her body.

And what gr8 pair of boobs was in front of me. Her boobs were 36 d cup size. Sooo tight and with light brown nipples and big areola. I started sucking her boobs like a hungry child and she was moaning during this time. She was also looking at the movie and that I feel was getting her more excited. Suddenly I felt her hand on my cock.

I understood that she want that now. I saw in the movie the girl was sucking cock so I quickly opened my jeans and without any hesitation asked her to do the same thing that girl is doing in the movie. And for my surprise she was more than ready to do that.

Feeling her interest, I asked her that does her hubby don’t do this thing to her. She said he don’t have time for me. He only fucks in missionary position for a short time and then sleeps. Then without asking me she took my cock in her hand and started to rub it. My cock was getting hot and bigger in her hand.

Her hands were soo soft that I thought if her hands r this much soft then how soft her mouth would be? After messaging my cock for 5 min. She was now ready to take it in her mouth. Till that time I removed my cloths completely and also her panty. Now v both was fully nude on her bed.

Then I sat on the edge of her bed and she sat on floor in front of me, with her mouth near my cock. And then she first kissed my cock tip lightly. With the touch of her lips my cock became more erect. Then she took about 2 inches of my cock into her mouth.

Her lips were wrapped around my cock and in a flash she tools my entire cock in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollypop. I was in heaven soo she was. She was eating it coz she had been hungry for sex for soo long. It was about 11pm night.

Although I had to return home but v both were soo involved that I had decided in my mind to stay with her whole night now as she sucked my cock for some time, I felt pressure in it, I understood that I was going to cum now.

I tried to take my cock out of her mouth but she didn’t let me take it away. I told her that I am about to cum now. She said sooo what?? U wants cum? I never stopped u, u r free to cum anytime u want. U want it now sooo do it right here.

Saying this she again took my cock in her mouth and within few seconds I cummed in her mouth. She tried to drink but was not able to drink it all as some on my cum leaked out of her lips. Now my cock was again normal size.

She left it now and v both went to bathroom, there I took some water to clean my cock but she didn’t let me clean it and instead she cleaned it with her tongue and lips. In this process some more cum I jerked into her mouth.

Then she cleaned my cock and also herself with water as some of my cum was also on her face and her boobs. After cleaning she took my hand to go to bedroom again. But now it was my turn to act and I did it. I pulled her towards me inside the bathroom and closed the door,

she understood what I wanted and was ready for that. Now I first took her my arms and said in her ears that it’s the best time of my life with a girl. She in return whispered in my ear that “i never thought that I cud get a friend like u, who can do anything for friendship “.

Then she asked me that can I ask for a promise??? I said ya sure. She said that u promise me that this night will remain in between us only and I will never tell anyone about it. I thought about it for a sec then told her that I can not promise that. She asked why?

I told that I want share this experience with Human Digest readers but I promise you that I will never ever tell her true details to anybody. It a promise. After which she said ok. And then v hugged tightly with my hands rubbing her tight round butt.

Also just then I started shower and now v were under shower totally nude. While rubbing her ass I slid my hand to her pussy and felt it was all wet. When I touched her pussy she pressed my back tightly. Seeing her reaction I put my one finger into her pussy and played with her pussy.

Then I slid my 2nd fingered and with some difficulty it also entered inside. Now I was moving my fingered in and out and preet was moaning with pain and pleasure. Her voice was making me even hornier and I started doing that fast and after some time she cummed on my hand.

Then I removed my hand and she took my hand in her hand and licked her own juices from it. Then I stopped the shower and took her to the bedroom. And she sat on the bed. I said to her that ur hubby fucks u in missionary position and u r bored of it soo I wont fuck in that position.

She smiled at this. I asked her how she wants it. She hesitatingly told that she like doggie style most as she has seen in many movies but her hubby never tried that. It was 12 past midnight. I sat her in doggie style and placed my cock on her love hole that was begging to get fucked.

I first rubbed it lightly between her pussy lips which made her scream in pleasure. Her eyes closed and just one word came out of her mouth, common raman fuck me now, I need u inside plsssss. As she said this I pushed my dick inside her pussy which was quite tight.

When half of my cock was entered she was in so much pain. I stopped there for a while soo that her pain becomes less. After few seconds when I felt that she is now ok, with a forceful jerk I pushed my whole cock inside. Due to this sudden insertion she almost cried and few drops of water fall from her eyes.

I was not feeling good as she was in pain but this pain she had to bear for sometime if she wants to get satisfied. Soo she did. I kept my cock full inside for some time and slowly I started jerking it in and out. Gradually I increased my speed and preet was also cooperating by pushing her ass towards me.

My cock was touching her inner walls and my balls were touching her ass cheeks with every shot. While fucking her I was enjoying her body also. Pressing her boobs, pinching her nipples etc and she loved after some time I lost control and suddenly jack off in her pussy.

I said sorry to her but she said no worry she has contraceptive pills. Then as v both were exhausted so v slept nude in each others arms. During night 3 times v wake up and every time I had to fuck her. In the morning v got up late and then v decided to take bath together.

In bathroom also v fucked under water and believe me that was the best moment for both of us. After that I had some breakfast and then left for my home. Before leaving she said to me that u are the best friend and the best partner for me. I love u more than anybody.

I also said that I did that because my friend needed that. Then I returned home and lied at home that I was in office whole night. After few days preet called me, I picked her call and found her sobbing. I asked the reason, she told me that her hubby is transferred to bangalore and so she also has to shift with him there.

I told her that don’t worry, everything will b all right. Also I promised her that whenever I came to bangalore I will definitely meet her. Then after few days preet was gone and I was all alone again. Coz I don’t believe in love, all I believe in is friendship for which anything could be done. So friends here I must end my story. I hope u all will enjoy.

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Sexy affair with Bobby

Hi I am Santosh, I was 21 & just appeared my final Graduations exams & was waiting for my results. which was in the first week of Aug till then I was biding my time with Share Mkt earning adequate with my friends Dad firm.

I am going to narrate my real sex experience with RathiBhabhi 28years of age She was married early at 17 ( I love to call her Bobby it excites me more ), & having a daughter named Dimpy,she lives in with her husband and her in laws in an apartment above my College friend on Second floor,

I was frequently visiting my friends house, His sister was taking tuitions of 3 kids in the same bldg, & she got married in May & had to leave the tuitions, my friend asked about to take those tuitions till I get a decent Job, It was a makeshift arrangement for 2 months I made it clear it

would be a Trial & Error basis for Two months & then they would have to find a new Tutor They agreed. Meanwhile I started taking tuitions in the first week of June before the School reopened While it was a normal Tuitions & it was initial days,

I was avoiding an eye to eye contact with Bobby for two main reasons first I was having a Girlfriend & I don't want to have any affair or illicit relationship with any married woman Kept a safe & long distance from the Bobby for the first few days.

Let me describe about Bobby she is in a perfect shape & pretty beautiful at the age 0f 28 as she is mother of 10 year old daughter who is studying in 5th Std of whose I was taking Tuitions in the evening 4-6pm, However she was very Casual infront of her inlaws But in their absence she was Free & normal in her self.

Her face which is so innocent, she is very fair and the nicest thing about her is her BIGS BOOBS and nice round ass But glimpse of her BOOBS and BIG cleavage which sent me shivering down But I had controlled myself for a fortnight.

Once She went out & there was heavy showers outside as it was rainy season She was drenched & fully wet & her clothes were stucked to her body making her more sensual & sexy She straight away went to her Bedroom She took out her outer Clothes Saree, Blouse, Petticoat & was only in her Undie & Bra,

I can watch her from her Bedroom mirror which was visible from the Drawing Room from where I was taking the tuitions the Bedroom door was slightly open to view her drenched body, then she went in her innerwear to Bathroom & came out wearing Gown, her loose Boobs was visible through gowns & her melons.

I was totally stunned & was uncontrollable, then I went to Toilet & went to Bathroom & I saw her wet Undie & Bra was hanging on the Rope. I was aroused, but I controlled myself, I went back to Take Tuitions after a while Bobby came & sat in front of us drying her wet hair with her hands under the Fan,

her Gowns Sleeves was short & everytime she lifted her hand up to dry her hair I can view her Armpits which was bushy & hairy more then men. I was surprised to see her Hairy Armpits, then after Tuitions as usual she gave me Tea/Nashta, then I asked her about her hairy Armpits.

She avoided to answer, I insisted thrice but she evaded to reply. I then let her alone thinking that she may be having problem, then I went back home Later in the night aroung 11.00 pm she called me sobbing & crying telling me She was little evasive & rude for not telling me about her hairy Armpit,

but she will tell me tomorrow & told me to come early half an hour while her Mother in law was away for few hours, I was wondering whole night staying awake thinking about it. Then I went next day half an hour early while She & Dimpy was there & she called me straight into another room

Where I sat & she was standing in her same gown which she wore yesterday, then she showed me her hairy armpits started crying & sobbing telling me the circustances. As her husband who is 30 year old likes her hairy armpits & often licks them.

It gives him a sensual pleasure, & he doesn't allow her to Shave nor trim the armpit hair. It was very awkward for her for she could not wear Sleeveless Blouse nor Punjabi Dress. She was ashamed to narrate the whole story. Her husband has started visiting their Factory near Surat few months,

Before that her Father in Law was visiting but due to old age he could not do so her Husband started going to Factory He was staying there for 5 days a week & 2 days he was in the city & at the same time he was having a Sexual relationship with his Lady Office Asstt, whose Husband was away in East Africa for business.

He was enjoying his Life style here Bobby was starving for Sexual pleasures.She came near to me hold my hands passionately. What am I supposed to do now. He is enjoying there keeping me Hungry here Can You help me out?

I was stunned & annoyed over all the situation annoyed over her husband's eccentric behaivour & stunned over her suffering, However, I assured my full co-operation & solution over her grievance. Bobby was expecting an immediate solution But I told her Let me think over & then I will tell you.

Next day I came early She was eagerly waiting for me. I asked her What help she is expecting from me As I'm much younger then her 7 years, She was hesitant initially, but became bold & told me that if her Husband can enjoy all the Sexual pleasures outside then why should'nt I.

I pacified her telling her that it would be improper on her side that If she emulates her husband & enjoy the sexual pleasures, She is a woman having a daughter. What the Society will tell that Father was like that & mother too, & the future of her daughter will be bleak If you think in the long run restrain yourself & control yourself.

But she insisted on having a relation with somebody perhaps with me. I told her that I was having a healthy & sound relationship with my Girlfriend which I'm going to marry in future & if she comes to know about any such possibilities It would be a split.

Similarly, some days passed, I was riding on my Bike to & fro to her residence & She had to go nearyby place to meet her distant relatives & She told me to drop her there & escort her as it is very immediate & urgent to meet her relatives as they are leaving tonight & it will late in the night

to return back While she had faith & trust in me escorting her to & fro Her mother in law also insisted. So I agreed, Then, We went after the tuitions at around 7.00pm she sat behind me keeping some distance, later after distance she put her hand over my shoulder then slowly came on my thighs,

as the road was bumpy the ride was not smooth on every jerk she was deliberately bumping her Chest on me initially I was feeling little awkward then after a while I started enjoying her every jerk, as it was dark & night She clutched with her both hands over me & then bought her right

hand over my tool & started slowly pressing & massaging I was totally out of my senses, fearing I would skid or have a freak accident. I told her to control but she could'nt, then I stopped my Bike aside & told her I could not ride the Bike & then she said Ok,

Later while returning she again clutched her whole body as there was cool breeze blowing, & she was getting hot & making me hot too, her whole two boobs pressed against me, she was whispering in my ears, Darling please love me carressing me & hugging me tightly & jerking me on each bumps as there was less traffic

I too started responding her jerking efforts I took my Bike in an isolated place & took posture & took her face in my hands & started kissing her on face & neck. Her Boobs was hanging like a Coconuts on a Tree She look at me shamelessly and match her eyes with me,

She too was watching my actions and could not hide her cunning smile.I just gave her a smile which she reciprocated with a smile. As we were riding on a Bike her Hair was in a mess I slowly combed her hair with my hands She was enjoying then I took my hands down on her Chest

her heart was pounding I started snuggling her Boobs with both hands & after I took out my right hand out & slowly started carressing her Navel/Stomach & down to her pussy inside the Saree/Undie She was Wet down & I also found her Bushy & Hairy Pussy after caressing the

public hair & I put three fingers in her pussy & started pumping slowly Now she was in another world, put her hand in my undie & took Tool in her hand & started playing & Caressing. I took my left hand & put on her Ass pressing tightly each melon. she was looking so appealing and gorgeous.

She smiled and said thank you which I can easily read her lips. As there was a Call on her Cell phone of her Mother in Law asking her Where is she? She told She is on her way & will at home in few minutes.. We winded up our brief Sexual pleasure.

She assured me more such pleasure tommorrow when her mother in law will go to market tommorrow. She did call me the next day & told me to come fast & I reached there to complete the sexual Act left incomplete yesterday, Bobby was eagerly waiting at the door BOBBY AAP BAHUT KHUBSURAT DEKHTI HO”

She was feeling so excited with this new relationship as she is from such a orthodox family and had got married so early. She was wearing the gown & inside there was no inner wear she was all wet and moaning heavily and her eyes were asking me to FUCK her right there and then,

I gave her a kiss on her forehead and she too reciprocated and that helped me grow my confidence and dare to do some nice boob pressing and nipple playing with my tongue and fingers, she was all wet and moaning heavily so I took out my LUND and asked her to suck my tool,

I swear she did a nice sucking and gave me nice blow job to complete perfection,she just took out my load in few minutes which she cleaned with the tissue paper. Shetold me, She, never had behaved so nicely or freely with any person, and I was making her feel so nice which even her husband would not have done to her,

Now she was all mine, ready to fuck from all the sides I started my act of massaging her big boobs, she milked me which was my dream come true, I licked and sucked her BIG BOOBS, concentrated on fingering on her G-Spot, she slowly whispered in my ears that since several months her husband had never fucked,

I was too excited I remove her wet pink panty which was smelling very salty without wasting any time I licked all the vaginal juicesdripping from the bush/hair and I can see her white discharge too which was the ultimate signal that she was dying to get fucked and she already had one orgasm.

I made her sleep on the bed with her BIG BOOBS completed opened and she was all spread for me all naked complete sex goddess and her wide spreaded legs was all the invitation for me to fuck her, I took my LUND and inserted in with one push, and immediately AAAAH came from her mouth, she told me Why are you in a hurry?

I told her now anytime her daughter or somebody might come She smiled and said Dont worry about mother in law she will come after 2 hours & her daughter has some function in her class & she will come late. I started humping her in missionary position and did it for 10 mins or so,

than I wanted her to fuck her in doggy style, she was aware to all the different positions which I did to her and fucked in each and every possible positions she was so excited that she gave me lot of marks on my body with her teeths and nails. I slapped her hips her boobs her excited & satisfied face while fucking,

Now this whole experience she was loving & enjoying like anything and kept asking for more and more, When it was time for me to unload she insisted to gave it all in her pussy she didn’t let me to take my LUND out, and keep saying me “Sweet heart fuck me so hard & tear my whole pussy out,

While I was feeling awkward & difficult to fuck her bushy pussy. She was yelling for more. I'm yours my whole body is yours Fuck me as long as you can, Bobby is yours & will be yours eternally. Whenever you desire I will be there naked for you. I will do whatever for you,

that fucker is fucking there You fuck me to the extreme. But do not take out your Lund from my Pussy Keep on stroking when I unloaded all the cum inside her she immediately stood up and hold my LUND in her hands and said to me”

This is mine now & will be mine forever & took her in the mouth and she started licking and bitting as if cleansing my LUND. We both kept laid for about some time with all naked, I asked her to fuck her tomorrow in the bathroom, she asked me that “Santosh Tell me You love me naa You had done this to me with wholeheartedly,

I kept quite, She asked me about next time when? I told her tommorrow. She told me Never in her life she had such sexual pleasures. She thanked me holding my both hands, She assured her whole support & coordination in all the postures as long as I want,

And suddenly the Door bell ranged We both laughed and I gave her nice kiss and winded up hurriedly, wearing the clothes shabbily, Her daughter was there on the door, till date I had fuck her several times at her home & different places, friend’s house,resorts etc. Next time I will narrate my sexual experience with the other two kids mother.

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Hello this is Jayashree. I am doing my post-graduation in Anna University right now. This story happened when I was studying my 11th standard. We used to live in government flats and there were four houses in each floor with the doors of each house facing each other.

There was a boy near my house who was at least 3 to 4 years elder to me. Let us call him smy. He was very calm and he used to only smile at everyone but establishing a conversation with him was very difficult. Everybody knew him as a good boy in the neighborhood. I also had the same opinion that he was a soft and silent boy.

I used to sit near the door of my house and study so that I can watch the people who go and come when I get bored. Smy was living on our next house. The door used to be closed always. On a fine day when I was studying sitting near our door, the door of the house near my house opened very little.

I was looking for somebody to come out but nobody came out. It closed again and opened after some time. Again this time it opened only a little and closed again. This happened for many times. Only after some time I noted something like the thumb poking out from that door.

It was looking like a thumb but it was longer and thicker. I was not able to comprehend it. This happened for so many times that day. I did not mind it and continued studying. Again the next day when I started studying I noticed a thumb like thing (of course longer and thicker) projecting out from the door.

I was not able to control my curiosity so I stood up and went and pushed that door and after some initial resistance it opened and smy was standing there and smiling but I was able to find nothing of that sort. I told him that I saw something like a thumb from the door and it was bigger than a thumb.

He did not tell what it was. After repeated questioning he told that it was part of the body. I asked him whether I have it. He told no only males have it. I was a bit confused and left. I got a hint that it was something bad. So I again knocked the door and asked him what it was and he told me that it will be in my biology book.

I asked him in what chapter and he told that it would be in reproductive physiology. I came back to my house and I came to my senses and I understood that it was a penis. I was not able to sit after that. I went again and I told him that I was not able to find what it was and I wanted to look

at it again and he asked me to sit in my house and he again showed it to me. I was looking at it a long time and I was enjoying the view. I acted as if I was not able to find out what it was and this happened daily and I ask him to show it to me and he would show it to me from behind his

door and he also started showing his balls to me and it was clearly visible that he was opening his pants and showing his tool but I acted as if I did not know what it is. I was weak in math and he was good in math and everybody in my house knew it.

So I went to his house daily on the pretext of asking him doubt in math and I used to beg him to tell what it was that he was showing to me. He used to say that you go to your house and sit and I will show it through the door. But I started begging him daily to show it in his room.

After about two weeks of begging and assurance to him that I will not tell it to any body he agreed. He pulled down the zip in front of me and I acted as if I was shocked and asked him what he was doing. He asked me whether I wanted to see it or not I said I wanted to see it.

Then he pulled down his pants and showed it to me. It was a real pleasure looking at it. I touched it with my hands and enjoyed it. He then tried to hug me but I was afraid to do anything more than that and left that place. But again the next day the same time I wanted to see it.

So I went there and asked him to show it he told that he wanted to hug me and I left him to hug me and then he showed it to me. as the days went by and this continued daily, he used my weakness and did everything like kissing me, making me naked, squeezing my breast,

playing with my nipple, pinching my navel and with great reluctance I even agreed to suck my vagina. All was pleasurable and this continued even till my first year in college. I used to go to his house without my panty and bra and with only my nighty on.

We used to lift the nighty and do all sorts of things. He tried to make me to suck his penis which I hated to do. He also tried many time to push his penis in to my vagina, which I was afraid to do and we did not do it. This continued till his family left the place.

It has been five years since then and I am craving to do these things again and to have a nice fuck also but I am afraid to disclose my weakness to any body and I am waiting for my old smy.

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I am Maddy, 28 yrs old businessman who works from home. My wife Pooja is in a job. She is very career oriented and often works late. S our married life is virtually zero. Sex for her is a necessary thing in marriage, but she does not enjoy it much. So I end up becoming very sexually unsatisfied and often lonely.

In this state I was contacted by my old neighbour Satish. He was 3 years my junior and we used to play cricket together when I was in my doing my MBA and he was in college. He used to treat me like his brother and would tell me everything including his crushes and infatuations. Sometimes he would also introduce his girlfriends to me.

Now after so many years, he was coming over to live in Delhi and wanted me to search for a good house. I had done that. I met him at the railway station and he told me that next week his wife will also be joining him. He planned a house warming party for us then.

Fortunately my wife had to go out of town for work and so that party night I went to his house alone. He opened the door and called out the name Anita. The door of his bedroom opened and out walked the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

Anita was around 5ft 6inches, with the body that would even make a dead man have an erection. She had nice shoulder length black hair and dark brown lively eyes. She was wearing a yellow saree with a sleeveless blouse and I could see her proud breasts under the saree pallu.

I was intoxicated by her beauty and must be staring as Satish asked me what happened. I collected myself and told him frankly that I was jealous as he had such a beautiful wife. He laughed. I went forward to shake hands with his wife who was blushing. I held her hand and could feel its hot softness.

Her hand was in mine for an eternity before she took it away. That whole evening the atmosphere was really charged up for me and many times, she caught me staring at her while Satish was unaware and chatting about old times.

That night I had wet dreams of Anita. Next day I called their house in the afternoon, knowing very well that Satish would be at work. Anita took the phone and I said, hey sexy, remember me? She said are you Maddy. I complimented her on her recognition and told her frankly that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever met and I told her that I wanted to be her friend.

She calmly said that if you are my husband’s friend, then you are mine too. I told her that I want to make you my special friend. She just laughed and said – let’s see. That gave me lot of hope and excitement. We chatted for some more time and I told her that if she wants to respond to me as a friend, then she should call me next time.

She asked me when is the best time. I told her suggestively that Pooja(my wife) was out during afternoons. Next afternoon, she called on my mobile and said guess who is it? I said the woman of my fantasies. She gave a laugh that thrilled me. I told her that I dreamt of her and she said you should not do that because I am your friend’s wife.

I told her remember, you are my special friend? She said she had still not agreed, just said let’s see…Our chatting and flirting on phone continued and we used to chat around 1-2 hours every afternoon. I would call her darling, sexy, hottie etc. And she would just call me silly admirer.

We were getting along very well and I would many times tell her that I wished I was her husband and make love to her. She would just laugh off these comments. Then the day came when it was her birthday. I told her what present she would like? She said, you are my admirer, you decide what you want me to wear.

I took a bold step. I got my wife to choose a normal dress for her. Also I had secretly purchased a short silky black nighty for her. I got the nighty packed under the dress. I told her that my present is under the normal present so don’t open in front of everyone.

That evening my wife and I went to their house for the party. Anita was wearing a pink saree with a low cut blouse. She was looking so hot and desirable and I had trouble keeping my erection hidden. As she was passing me once, I asked her what my return gift is. She asked me what you want?

I said a kiss and a peek. She blushed and again said let’s see. I went to their bathroom and flushed the soap in the toilet. I called out to Anita that there is no soap. She left the guests and came in with the soap. I pulled her in and held her tight and told her I am taking my return gift.

She resisted, and then closed her eyes and I kissed her lightly on her lips, then deeper and played with her tongue. She responded with a tremble. Then quickly pushed me away and left. Later while she was serving tea, she deliberately dropped her pallu to give me the view of her glorious breasts.

When our eyes met, she smiled innocently. In front of everyone, she asked me how was the tea. I said out of the world. Only both of us knew what I was talking about. Next afternoon, I complimented her on her sexy body and I asked her about my gift.

She said it was beautiful but she couldn’t wear it anywhere, not even in front of Satish. I told her that she should wear it atleast once for me, she again said her usual, let’s see. Then she asked me how was the return gift. I told her wonderful and I dreamed of it many times. I told her that I wanted her completely.

Wanted to make to love to her. She said, Sanjay,don’t say such things as I am your husband’s wife. I said, I am hoping you will be my special friend. As usual she laughed and said that I was very persistent and ended with her ususal let’s see. My hope was now very high.

A few days later, I was invited to a dance party to a friend’s house but Pooja was again out. So I invited Satish and my dream girl. She looked ravishing that night.She was wearing a simple black knee length skirt and a white lacy top. I could see the contours of her breasts clearly under the soft hugging material.

It was obvious that she was wearing a black bra. I knew that today I had to take my chance and dare to go where I always dreamt of going. Satish likes to drink and he soon got high. I asked him if I could dance with his wife. He said go ahead and enjoy the dance.

I took Anita to the dance floor that was semi dark. She was a good dancer and we were having a nice time on the floor. Then there was a slow dance number and I took her in my arms. She seemed uncomfortable with my move and said let’s go back, I can’t dance with you like this.

What will Satish say? We looked at Satish’s table and saw that he was busy watching the giant MTV TV screen. I told her, see he is seeing the dancing beauties on TV, and let me see my dancing beauty from closer.I also told her not to worry as Satish won’t see.

With this reassurance I persuaded her to be comfortable with my close touch and took her to the corner of the dance floor away from Satish’s view. We started close dancing and I put my hands around her back and pulled her to me. Her scent was intoxicating. I told her I want to kiss you. She said never.

I said, I have kissed you before, just want to do it properly not hurriedly like last time. She did not say anything and just closed her eyes. I took the opportunity and kissed her on her lips. Slowly she kissed me back and our kissing got more intense. I was soon kissing her deeply and she was trembling with excitement.

My hand slowly started caressing her back and pulling her tighter. Then I brought one of hands between us and started caressing her breast. She took a deep breath and said no. The moment was broken and I had to recover. I said sorry I got carried away.

We continued dancing and kissing but I kept alert not to caress her body. Then I hit upon a plan. I told her to take a bet. She said what? I said I will kiss you in front of Satish. She said he will shout and our friendship will be over. I told her that if he shouts, then I will say sorry and never ever kiss her again.

If he says nothing then we will dance again and I can do what I want with her. She agreed. I said ok, then let me take a last kiss properly in case I loose the bet. This time, I held her very tight and could feel her whole body crushed against mine. I had a hard penis and asked her that could she feel my intense desire for her.

She had her arms around my neck tightly and just nodded with her eyes looking at me directly.I kissed her deeply one last time looking back at her with desire for written all over my face. She kissed me back deeply understanding my desire for her.Then we went back to Satish with my hand deliberately around her shoulder.

On reaching the table and I started complimenting Satish on how good a dancer his wife was. I asked him innocently – is she a good kisser also? He said lovely kisser. I know Satish was drunk, so I asked him, can I check? In his intoxication he said, yes check. In front of him I got up and sat next to his wife and kissed her deeply.

Then I turned to him and said, yes you were right she is a great kisser.The best I have ever kissed. Even Pooja is no match. Anita was left astounded at my daring. Now I knew my chance had come. Again I asked her for a dance, she looked at Satish hoping he would say no.

But Satish was too busy with the TV and said go Anita, dance with my friend. Let him have a good time. This time on the dance floor, I took her to the corner again and kissed her hard. She kissed me back. Then I looked deep in her eyes and told her, are you mine now?

She looked down embarrassed and just nodded. I lifted her chin and told her to look in my eyes. She did and it was so exciting for me. I deliberately took my hand down to her left breast and started caressing it. She trembled. I kissed her deep while I continued to caress her breasts.

I could feel her responding with the hardening of her nipples under her top. I told her that I want to make love to her. She said bravely that she had lost a bet not her morals. “I am yours only as long as we are on the dance floor” she said. I said then let me make you mine here and now.

I turned her around and pressed her back into my waiting hard on. Then I twined my fingers in hers as we stood close to each other and gently lifted both her hands above her and made her hold my neck. Then I asked her to kiss me.

She turned her head and my waiting lips were deeply embedded in hers as our tongues hungriliy explored each others’. I dropped my hands along her arms and slowly held both her breasts while I pressed my hard penis into her back. I asked her, can you feel my desire for you? She said yes, but it is not right.

I just fondled her breasts, which she had lost the right to refuse, in reply and was rewarded by her hardening nipples under her bra. I said open your shirt. She said no way. I said ok another bet. I am going to kiss you and fondle your breasts in front of Satish; if he does not object then I am going to take your bra and panties as a reward.

She said Satish will never tolerate but accepted the bet on being challenged on the condition that I will have to return them before we leave the party as she could not go home without wearing them as what will Satish say.

I agreed grudgingly and continued caressing her till the slow number lasted and could see that she was totally aroused and ready for anything. Her whole body was responding to my touches and I had also lifted her skirt and felt her totally wet panties.

She had feebly resisted but I told her I am only feeling her panties as these will soon be mine. She said only if you win the bet which you will never win. We went back and this time I told Satish that you’re his wife danced and kissed well and can I kiss her properly once. He said go ahead.

This time I kissed Priya and while kissing started fondling her breasts. I stopped kissing but kept fondling her breasts in Satish’s full view. He just said jokingly, isn’t she good? I agreed and told her that she has a lovely body also which I can feel as I continued playing with her breasts.

Soon it was time for my next move. Satish was getting too drunk. I asked, if he would like to sleep for sometime as the party was still young? He agreed. I took him to one of the rooms and he went to sleep. I told him, I have the key, just call me on my mobile when you wake up.

Now I took Anita to the dance floor dark corner and really played with her breasts and whole body and totally aroused her with my kisses and touches. Now I told her to remove her panties. She was about to that, but I said, let me do it. I turned her towards the corner and covered her with my body.

I lifted her skirt and slowly slid down her panties. I could feel them totally wet. She bent and removed them and handed them to me and I smelled her smell of excitement. I kept the panties in my pocket. She turned around and I kissed her deeply looking meaningfully into her eyes.

She just nodded acceptance knowing fully well what I was about to do.Now I slowly opened her top buttons one by one with one hand while my other hand was busy playing with her nakedness under her skirt. She said she won’t remove her top as the bet was only for the bra.

So I helped her unbuckle her bra and removed it from the side openings in her top. She looked at me and pleaded, see now I am not wearing anything below my top and skirt and am feeling naked. Let me go and put them back on. I said ok, but let’s dance for sometime first.

Now I could feel her pointed nipples under her silken shirt material and really caressed her properly. What a feeling having hot Anita in my arms almost naked and feeling her body all over! We were both completely crushed to each other and our bodies were moving in unison on the dance floor while my hands were exploring all the charms of her womanhood.

When the song ended we went back to the empty table. Her nipples were totally erect and in full view of anyone under her shirt. She said she was feeling like a slut and wanted the bra back as she could see how her body was being exposed. I told her that I will help her and covered her breasts with my hand and kissed her there deeply.

We continued in this state and even the waiters could see me fully playing with her body. Her eyes were closed and she had given up on resisting and had opened her legs wide as my hand was playing with her pussy almost in view as her skirt was hiked up.

Suddenly I could feel her stiffness and was just barely able to cover her mouth with mine before she orgasmed. Her shivering took me to a new high and I wanted to fuck her there and then. I waited for her to relax and as she opened her eyes I looked into them and said, let’s go to a room where we are alone.

She said no you just wait here and give me my undergarments so I can dress up. I told her that as I had removed them, I will also make you wear them. She had no answer to this argument. So she followed me to an empty room which I locked while looking at her. She asked me to give her the undergarments.

I told her I want to kiss her first. I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. She responded as I rolled my fingers around her nipples. I sucked her nipples under her silk shirt and could see her nipples visible under her shirt wet with my saliva. I lifted her and she looked at me with wide eyes and asked me what I was doing.

I said “I am taking you to bed”. She moaned no but I ignored her plea. Slowly I kissed her whole body over her clothes as hse lay on the bed. She was moaning and trembling and I asked her for a request to kiss her breasts properly once. She said ok, but only once and then I did not ask her anything.

I just opened her shirt and started roughly sucking her breasts with all the passion. Her skirt was soon rolled up and I took no time in undressing. She saw my hard penis and her eyes widened at the thought that she was going to get fucked by her husband’s friend while her husband was asleep in a room nearby.

She kept responding to my touches now and then finally told me not to stop and took my penis and guided it between her open and inviting legs. As I entered her, she shouted in ecstasy and I responded by a deep throated kiss.

Then we just went crazy with desire as I pounded her pussy and she pounded back with her hips. Soon I could take it no more and my sperms flooded her vagina deeply and we lay back. Fully satisfied.


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