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Enjoying fuck with neighbour Preeti

Hi, my name is Ajit (name changed) and I am 25 yrs old from Noida. I am a regular reader of this site since long and I want to share my experience with all you reader’s especially mature and unsatisfied females. I was working with IT organization and that took me to different parts of the country. This is the experience that I had when I was working in Kolkata.

I always had the urge to have sex with mature and older females who are deprived of the fun of sex life and giving them all possible pleasure. I was staying in a building where there were 7 more apartments. In the same floor where I was staying, was one more bengali family. The couples were around 38 and 35.

This story is about Preeti who was about 155 cm in height and around 58 kg, fair complexion, bob cut hair with full of flesh at all the places required. She had a very big pair of breasts which looked very firm and inviting. Her ass also had lot of flesh and was tempting. The first time I saw her I could not resist staring at her personal assets

but managed to take off my eyes which out anyone noticing it. The couple seemed to be a happy and content family. Raju, the hubby worked for a private firm and had to go on regular tours to the branch offices. This story dates back during one of his tours to the branch offices. Preeti was working for a English medium school and used to be busy till 3 pm in the afternoons.

I became good friends with the couple in no time as they were of friendly nature and also because the social life there was not very good and we both had no one else out there to mingle with. They seemed to live a jolly life. Since I used stay alone I used to go and have drinks with her hubby and she also joined us in a couple of occasions.

One day I was coming back from my work around 4pm and she also happened to be coming back from her work and we met at the ground floor and took the same lift to reach our floor. During our conversation I asked her what was the program for today. She told me that Raju has gone of tour for a couple of days and there was nothing special.

Then as soon we reached our floor and were turning towards our apartment she asked me why you don’t come for a dinner in the night. I was hearing what I wanted but I told her since Raju was not there, leave it but she insisted and I also agreed to it. After having a nice shower I dressed in a relaxing t-shirt and jeans and knocked her door around 7.00 pm.

Preeti opened the door and she was also wearing a jeans and low cut t-shirt. She was looking very hot and sexy in that dress. I wanted to grab her in my arms but had control over my desire at that point. She asked me what I would like to drink, I was of the habit of drinking beer whenever her husband was there, but I told her to give me orange juice.

She reacted immediately, why today juice, you normally don’t drink juice. I said it is ok but she insisted that you can continue with whatever you are used to drink. I told her if she also agrees to drink wine I can drink wine to which she readily agreed. She poured in wine in the glass and brought in the drawing room where I was sitting on a sofa.

She gave me one glass and she also sat on the sofa at the other end of it. We toasted and started sipping the wine. We talked about for some time and then I asked her if she would like to dance to light music to which also she readily agreed. She went to the music system and put on some light music and I invited her for the dance.

She gave her hand and we started slowly dancing on the song. It was a slow and romantic music. I took her hands and we danced for some time and then I put my hands on her hips and started dancing to which she also reacted positively and came more closely to me. While we were dancing I told her that she was looking very pretty and sexy.

She smiled and we continued dancing. My right hand was on her waist and buttock and left hands in her left hands. We were now very close together and I could smell and feel her fragrance with was intoxicating me. I started pressing her waist and her buttocks to which she responded with a smile.

That gave me more courage and I took her closer to me and our bodies were rubbing together. I bended slightly and planted a kiss on her neck which was received by her by a sexxxy moan. I was getting horny and my dick was growing bigger and bigger in my jockey. It was rubbing her thighs and her waistline. Her boobs were on my chest and we were enjoying it thoroughly.

I could feel her warm breath on my face and she was looking so pretty and sexxxy. I gathered more courage and kissed her cheek to which she responded and then it was the ultimate. Our lips were locked together and we were in long passionate French kiss. I love long and passionate kisses and she also was enjoying it thoroughly.

After some time I asked her if we can go and sit on the sofa which she agreed. I sat on the sofa and she sat on my lap and we two were in each others arms and we were kissing passionately. I was kissing all over her face, her neck and her lips passionately with long kisses. Our tongues were playing together and our saliva passing being interchanged.

My hand then started exploring her body and was on her back and squeezing her buttocks. She then guided my hands to her breasts which was a feast for me. Her boobs were feeling so nice that I kept on squeezing them gently and passionately. Her hands were also exploring my body.

Both of us were breathing heavily and I could feel her hot breath in my face which was making me more and more horny. At this point she asked me if we can go to the bed room to which I readily agreed. I took her in my arms and we went to the bedroom. While going to the bedroom our lips were locked together and we were in deep passionate kiss.

In the bedroom I lowered her and again we were in each others arms and kissing. I asked her if I can take her upper cloths to which she nodded positively. I took of her t-shirt and oooh my god her breasts were wrapped in a purple bra which was looking sooo sexxxy.

I grabbed her boobs and started squeezing them over her bra. She was moaning and saying Raju squeezes them. My hands went to the back and unhooked her bra and her melons were released from captivity and they were inviting me. I bended down and took her melons and started sucking them.

I was trying to take them in my mouth as much as possible. By this time we were on the bed and she started taking off my t-shirt and her hands were moving on jeans and were squeezing my dick over the jeans. My hands were also on her jeans and I was rubbing her pussy over her jeans. While sucking her boobs I unbuttoned her jeans and she helped the jeans to drop down.

I was sucking her melons and my hands were rubbing her pussy over her matching panty. She was looking very hot and sexxxy in those purple panties. In the meanwhile she also unbuttoned my jeans and I dropped them down, I was in my boxer and she was squeezing my captivated demon inside my boxer.

Suddenly she pushed down my boxer and caught hold of my dick and started squeezing them. That made me hot and I too lowered her panty which slid down her sexxxxy thighs. Both of us were now totally naked and in each others arms. We made ourselves comfortable on the bed and we were both in each others arms me sucking her boobs

and rubbing her pussy which she was also kissing me allover and playing with my 7 inch dick. I started kissing from her forehead down to her lips to her boobs and settled down in the pussy. Her shaved pussy and armpits excited me a lot. I buried my face between her thighs and started planting kisses on her pussy and then playing there with my tongue.

She spread her legs wide apart inviting me. She was moaning loudly and her loud moan was making me hornier and I loved every moment playing with her pussy with my tongue and teasing her clit. I started licking her pussy like a dog with his tongue outside and tasty her oozing juicy juices.

Now she was moaning loudly and saying Ajit lick it, please lick it. I have never enjoyed this pleasure in my life please do it for me please do it more. I was also enjoying it thoroughly and thought of giving her a pleasure that she remembers ever. With my fingers I spreaded her pussy lips and took her tits in my lips and started chewing her,

she got hold of my hairs and pressed it vigoursly towards her pussy. I was chewing her pussy and eating it. She was moaning loudly now and saying Ajit fuck me with your tongue fuck me please. I took out my tongue and folded it and started inserting it inside the pussy and was licking fucking her now with my tongue.

I felt a large flow of her love fluids flowing out and flooding my face. My face was fully drenched with her love juices and I was licking them and drying off her pussy with my tongue. I dried my face on her thighs and again started licking her pussy while she had attained her first cum. She told me that she had never felt this pleasure in her life

as she was only indulging in very normal sex and that too she was not satisfied ever. My monster was at full blast now and she came forward and started jerking it with her hands. Then she bent down and took the entire length into her mouth and started giving me a blow job. I was thoroughly enjoying it but I don’t enjoy it doing it alone so I asked her to do it in 69 style

to which she agreed. I laid her on the bed on her back and placed my monster her face and my face facing her pussy. Again I started kissing and licking her pussy while she was grossly engaged in giving me a blow job. We both were enjoying the moment and after some time I was about to explode which I said to her.

She said me Ajit explode it into my mouth and let me taste your love juice also as you have tasted mine. I was also working hard on her pussy and she again started oozing out her juices slowly. I told her let us cum together and I started working hard on her pussy. My tongue was exploring her pussy, my fingers spreading her pussy and her tits were again between my lips.

I again folded my tongue and started fucking it. Then I put my fingers in her pussy and started finger fucking her. She was enjoying it and I too was enjoying her blow job. She was sucking my monster as if she was eating ice-cream. After continuing for some time she told me that she wants my monster inside her pussy

to which I readily agreed and I made her position herself so that I perfectly can enter my dick into her pussy. I slowly inserted my monster into her pussy which was waiting for me. I inserted my monster into her pussy oozing with the precum. I started out slowly but took up the pace. She had started moaning.

Her sound grew with my pace. I trusted my dick inside her tight pussy. I was feeling like in seventh heaven. I felt that I was about to burst out myself in her when her moan grew the loudest and she held me so hard that I almost lost my pace. But soon I rediscovered my rhythm and fucked her hard inserting my dick into the maximum possible depth.

It went on until I exploded my whole cum into her pussy. The cum overflowed from her pussy. She still laid naked her eyes closed her hands around me keeping me close to her body. I kissed her again on her lips and lay near her and didn’t know when I slept. It was around early 3am that I got up and found both of us naked in the embraces of each other.

I waked her up and again we were in tight embraces kissing each other. I told her that it is time that I should go back now before everyone wakes up in the complex. She told me Ajit I don’t want to leave you. We started again kissing and once again we were ready for the next round.

We wrapped in each others arms as the baby was sleeping-slowly nibbling his nipples-as she was playing with my cock-teasing the head of my cock its getting erect as I took one of the boobs & suck it again milky full of milk! But suddenly Preeti went up to get some snacks as we both were very hungry,

but I cant wait as my tool was already charged up-she was getting snacks, I grabbed her from behind licking the nape of her neck & earlobes she was moaning I took the boobs in my hands they are so big-I just kept sqezzing them from behind. As she was standing I slowly smooched his ass,

kneading his lovely ass & gliding my cock there-she told me she never has been fucked from behind-she was bit terrified! I put her against the wall of the kitchen put some Vaseline on the lovely hole of the ass-slowly putting my hard cock in she as moaning ummmmmmm ohhhhh I was thrusting hard

its just so exciting my cock was exploding in her virgin ass she was screaming-OHHH finally I loaded all my cum in the ass! She was smiling naughtily! We enjoyed the second round also with same pleasure and I departed around 4am from her house.

After that both of us enjoy whenever her hubby was on tour and then one year back I had to leave as I found a new job in Delhi. I still miss the most pleasurable moments in my life. We enjoyed using different poses and she every time told me that with me it was the most memorable moments for her life.

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Fucking Saro - The Sex Bomb

When by brother in law got a Dubai assignment for three months, my sister called me to come over and stay with them. Their flat was in Anna Nagar and I working in a soft ware company was staying in a Bachelor accommodation in Adyar. My sister was working in a bank and hence had a tight time schedule.

Their daughter, Saro, 14 was in the school and they wanted somebody in the house necessarily a relative to take care of the girl when her mother is away. They had an excellant servant but she will go away after doing all the work by 5 pm and my sister returns from the bank only at 8 or 9 pm.

If not for the Dubai assignment my BIL would have been at home to gaurd his daughter. These days anything can happen hence we have to be very careful. In my office they had flexible working hours and even if I work from home they accepted it and it suited me immensely.

At any time of the day I just drop in at my office and get linked with my collegues through office network with my laptop from home and it is as good as sitting in the office. My sister's flat is actually a penthouse with a room upstairs which I could use undisturbed. I had a home theatre connected to my laptop

and it was my weakness to listen to music when I worked. Clad only in a lungi, I used to be enjoying my work as the music pours out through my home theatre. My sister slept in her bedroom with her daughter, Saro, who is still in the school. But for looks she looks much grown up for her age.

She drives a electronic bike. Saro rides the bike to her school and back. During the bumps in the road, it is fun to watch when her boobs will jump at every bump. It is fun for the boys to watch her riding the bike. Saro as soon as she returns from school gets busy with her home work and once it is over she runs around like a small child.

She goes to the kitchen eats whatever is available and puts on the TV watch it for sometime and then comes to my room and goes on talking. She wears for a change miniskirt and loose full sleeved shirt made of thin cotton material. Her boobs were clearly visible and without bra one can see its outlines clearly.

She sits in front of me watching doing the work but goes on talking on some school adventure, classmates or teachers etc. I give her a patient hearing and work. She likes me because I listen to her and respond to her. Since her mother is not available for the best part of the day she sits with me reading some magazine or watch my TV or listen to the home theatre.

One day she came tip toeing and caught me unawares watching me a porn video. Poor child was totally confused. She wanted to see it again and all my persuasions went unheard. I said I will show you but you must not take it to heart. It is unsuitable for girls of your age since it will contains prohibited materials.

You should not discuss it with your classmates or friends or your mother. She said we always discuss with each other sex and matters relating to sex. My friends tell me how their parents fuck and how their sisters and their husbands fuck. But I have not yet seen actual fucking. Please uncle show me this video.

I could not say no and I tried to change the topic, but she was patient and came back to this subject. I told her about human physiology and how the sex works, dangers in sex etc. She listened to me patiently and said show me the video. I had no other go except to show her. She watched open mouthed and wide eyed from the first scene of blow job and sucking the clit.

The boy and the girls in their teen age were fucking and their pleasure was writ on their face. It was a long video crystal clear with sound effects of their moaning. The boy fucked her in missionary style and then doggy style and then the girl rode over him like a cow boy. Seeing all these in detail I could not help having an erection.

It was shown as a bulge in my bermuda. Saro sitting near me in another chair moved closer to me for better viewing. The girl shouted loudly when she reached her orgasm and the boy pulled his cock out and spurted his cum. The girl took his cock in her mouth and ate the entire cum with relish.

Saro was moving constantly and watched my bulge from the corner of her eyes. I had only this bermuda over me and she with a loose cotton shirt and a mini skirt. She hadnot worn any bra and I did not know whether she wore any panty. She was moving constantly and when the show was over I switched off my laptop.

Poor Saro was visibly aroused and hot. She did not know what to do neither did I. She asked me to play it again. I said you have seen it fully and then why do you want to see it again. Please uncle put it on again let me see all in detail. She got up from her seat came near me and touching my cheeks she requested me to play it again.

I said ok, but wait for some time. I thought her heat will diminish and then I can play. But she wanted it then and soon. As an act of persuasion she came near me and turned my face and pressed her boob on my face. Her breathing was going fast and her face was flushed. I too was very much aroused and her touched made things worse for me.

When I moved my hand to move the mouse, my elbow touched her pussy and I found that she did not even wear a panty. Her public hair touched my elbow. I wondered whether she was standing so close to me with any other intent or not. When I turned my face to look at her, my lips braced against her nipples.

An electric shock went through me and her. Standing very close to me she put her hands around my neck and pressed my head against her chest. Her young boobs were pressed against my face. I told her to sit in the chair. When moving she bent low and touched my bulge as if by accident.

I removed her hand from the bulge and put on the video again as a replay. Seeing the video our hot bodies became more hot. She now boldly touched my bulge and started to undo my Bermuda. I put my hand around her and pulled her closer to me. She responded. Her deft hands unbuttoned my Bermuda and then touched my erect cock and pulled it out.

In the video the girl was giving a blow job to the boy. Saro opened her mouth and put my cock in her mouth and her tongue was rolling all over my cock head. Wait Saro, I said and made her to stand and unbuttoned her shirt and her virgin boobs were exposed. The red nipples were hard and erect.

I licked them and covered them with my lips. She moaned SSSss. Holding her nipples in my mouth we both watched the video. Holding my head firmly with her hands she was pushing it against her boobs. Opening my mouth wide I took as much of her boob as possible into my mouth.

The boy in the video was readying the girl for sucking her clit. She sat in the bed and opened her legs wide and fell back and the boy buried his face in her crotch. Saro was looking at my face. We were just imitating what is being played in the video. Saro ran to my bed and sat lifting her miniskirt exposing her crotch and the hairy pussy.

I slowly got up, switched off my laptop went near her and told her that we have gone too far. But already in great heat Saro wanted me to imitate the boy in the video. When I placed my face in her crotch, Saro felt tickled and pushed me out. I forcibly opened her legs and buried my face in her crotch.

She was resisting saying that my beard stubs tickle her. Her cunt was watery and smell fresh. Her cunt hair was scanty. I opened her cunt lips and her virgin cunt looked pinkish red. Her cunt lips were swollen and her tiny clit was also visible. I licked her cunt lips and her clit. She held my head firmly and was pushing my head into her cunt.

I pulled out her swollen clit and licked it softly and slowly. Saro was shaking like a leaf. She was enjoying the onset of a climax. She lifted her hip and was moaning. Her ivory colored soft skin was really beautiful. I was not in a haste hence took all the time. Saro was enjoying series of orgasms.

Saro wanted my cock to be given into her mouth. We 69ed and she took my cock into her mouth and sucked with all force. I licked and sucked her clit softly. I shot my cum into her mouth which she ate fully. Saro now wanted a fuck. I said no. You are a virgin and fucking with take away your virginity.

You are too young to lose your virginity. You and I have enjoyed very much and let us stop here. We have still time and fuck later. Meekly nodding her head she agreed with me. Did you not enjoy, I asked. Oh, Very much, she said. But we had too much sex today. We may do like this more in the coming days.

But be careful, your mother should not know. If she comes to know I may vacate this place and you will be all alone. Oh no, uncle, please, you have given me more pleasure, you should not go, she said. I am your uncle and your parents have great confidence in me and that is why they left you in my custody.

I should not have done what I did today. But circumstance forced both to succumb to our passion. But so far so good. Nothing more than this. I agree, I agree, she said. After about half an hour she was again horny. My cock also regained its strength. It was just 5.30 pm and we had plenty of time.

Saro's mother will come only after 7. Saro asked me to remove my garments and lie down in the bed. She just wanted to lie down on me and see how it will be. She lied on me positioning my cock flatly on her cunt and pressing her boobs on my chest and kissing my lips. We rolled over making her down and I on top.

I kissed her all over her body sucking her navel and back. I asked her to stop and go and have a bath. Saro got dressed and meekly left. But next day as soon as she returned from school and finished her home work, she rushed to me and I was in my lungi working on my laptop. What is this, were you thinking of only this for the whole day, I asked.

Yes uncle I was thinking of the pleasures you gave me yesterday. It was like a heaven. I laughed and said wait for me to finish my work and then we play yesterday's game. She nodded in agreement. I finished my work and closed my laptop and then got up. Saro was meekly reading some magazine.

Like the previous day she was not with any undergarments. She had trimmed her public hair and her cunt looked like a crack in the skin. We enjoyed leisurely and took more than two hours of fun. We kept it secret between us and this went on for many days. In the meantime her father came and went.

She finished her school and went to college. My people were asking me to get married since my career has almost stabilized. Her mother was taking retirement and there were very few chances for our sexual encounters. Leaving her a virgin I ended my episode of sex with Saro. After years we both got married and went in our own way.

Once when we met at a marriage function, she came to me and said that there just one job left unfinished. I asked what. She said smilingly just fuck me once. She created an opportunity and we could get just an hour to ourselves in a hotel room. She wanted to feel my cock inside her just to feel how it would be. We fucked and fucked to our heart's content.

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Fucking hot Mallu aunty

Hi my name is viru(name changed) I am residing at Chennai, I am regular reader of stories at Debonair blog and also give my contributions too which I have experienced in my life the below incident happened in my life two days before only. I used to go to college in city bus where I have smooched lots of girls and sexy aunties.

As usual I was going in the bus I saw a very sexy aunty getting in to the bus. The bus was full and it was heavy traffic outside. I went near her and stood behind her. I started to touch her dick gently but she didnt know that, because the bus was full of rush not even single person can get in.

I started to lean on her dick so that naturally my penis got brushed at the centre of her anal crack. This made me to go crazy and started to fully rest my body on her comfortabily while doing so I saw her cleavege through her saree.

She might be around 35 years of age and married but anyone can guess that her boobs are still inviting by looking it at one glance. I slowly started to brush her navel in a very gentle manner. Immediately after that I saw the lust on her face she was biting her lips this confirmed the msg that she is enjoying it.

After this I slowly touched her boobs as if I am asking for ticket from conductor. She laughed at me and after that I made this a routine everyday by going at same time. This continued for one week one fine day she spoke to me and invited me to her house. I accepted her request immediately and went to her home.

She told that she is married and her husband is working in banglore and she had a child (2 yrs). She gave me coffee we both chatted for a while. While chatting with her I visually raped her by looking at her thoroughly from top to bottom. She was 36-28-36. Any person can go crazy by looking at her dick.

It was like football on both sides with some gap in between. I wondered whether I can see her body fully naked. She went to take bath with door opened willfully to attract me. When I saw that I ran in to bath room and hugged her very tightly even her husband wouldnt have hugged her this much.

I started to press her dick my god what a experience that was. She moaned loudly when I did so "aahahah oh come on come on man you can do it kill me please" I soaped her boobs and the nipples were standing very straight as if inviting me to bite it and I did the same slowly her pressed her fleshy navel and juices came oozing from her vagina.

Then she gave me a blow job.She took my penis in her hands and placed it at the entrance of her vagina I gave it a push and it smoothly went inside she started to moan very loudly and cried I went very slowly and started to increase my strokes I went very hard she begged to go slowly but I didnt mind it

after doing this for a while I asked her to bend in doggy position and launched my rod in to her ass hole she was such a sex beast she didnt leave for about 15 minutes while doing so. After this we took rest for about half an hour. She said she has to breast feed her child I said that I am also feel hungry

so I too want to drink some breast milk.She feeded me on her left breast and the baby on her right.Throughout the day we had fuck sessions and I had to get me dressed and went to home satisfactorily.So dudes be careful while fucking hot mallu aunties or else they will finish you.

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"ahuha..........aha..aha." was the sound coming from the neighboring room late in the night. It was intermingled with the sound of the screeching of the cot. My sleep was disturbed. It was a hotel, cheap, with only wooden partitions between rooms, since I could not get rooms in any of the decent hotels I had to take this room.

After finishing supper in one of the nearby restaurants I just changed and stretched in my bed and switched off the light and within minutes I started hearing this sound. The loud female moaning was definitely was as a result of the bumping by a man in the missionary style. I got interested.

There were only two rooms in the top floor of the building and one of them was occupied by me and the sound was coming from the other. Having been in a touring job and having had no sex for the past one month made me more curious and I just kept the door opened and kept a watch.

There was an open terrace and a bathroom and a washbasin. I saw an old man coming out and going to the bathroom followed by a girl of about 16 or 17, going to the wash basin and washing some clothes, may be towels. The man came back and hugged her in my full view and then pushed her into her room.

There was silence in the room and I thought everything is over and they would have gone to sleep. But some time later I heard sound similar to earlier sounds of fucking. The girl was moaning heavily and I thought she is enjoying the fuck, The creaking of the cot was heavy.

At about 4 am or so I heard their door being opened and someone leaving from the sounds of step emanating from the wooden stair case. There was a crying sound from the neighboring room. I went to that room and knocked. A girl with all tears opened the door.

She was apparently naked and was covering herself with the bed sheet provided by the hotel. I just walked in and consoled her and asked her what is the matter. She said the man who was in the room had gone with all her money and clothes. She had to go for an interview for a job and there were no clothes left.

She was the only daughter to her parents and she had to appear for an interview in Chennai. Her father asked his best friend to accompany her to go to Chennai to enable her to appear for the interview. She had done her graduation from the local college and there were some relatives in Chennai but her father did not want her to go to them for any help.

But father did not know ultimately who went with her. The fellow who came was a scoundrel. He was keeping his eyes only on her body and the moment they entered the room he demanded fucking her. Without any alternative she succumbed to him and he fucked her the whole night and by early morning

he decamped with her money and clothes. I told her not to worry and gave her my spare dhothi and pyjama and kurtha to wear for the time being. Luckily all her papers were with her. I said I will buy her a new set of clothes so that she may go for the interview. She was brownish and was a rustic beauty with huge tits and round ass.

She was scared to sleep alone in the room. I asked her to come to my room and sleep. With the bedsheet wrapped around her she came with me to my room and we lied in my narrow bed. My cock was was in fully erect condition and once or twice it poked her. Turning to my side she unwrapped her bed sheet and exposed her total nudity to me.

I hugged her and she responded. KIssing her on her cheeks and then on her lips and then squeezing her boobs and nipples and then kissing her nipples and sucking them I brought her to fully fore play and fuckable condition. Murmuring sweet words of gratitude she opened up for my climbing up on her.

Her pussy was neatly shaved and smooth for touching. I brought my six inch cock to its front, opened her cunt lips and poked. On account of the previous fucking her cunt was fully damp and poking was smooth and without any obstruction. I fucked her continuously for one hour which she also enjoyed.

I made her to ride me like a cow boy which she enjoyed very much. Her fluids which were copious made my lungi totally wet. In the early morning as soon as the shops were open I went and bought for her two sets of clothes and undergarments. She bathed and readies herself and went out for appearing for the interview.

I gave her some cash for her expenditure. By evening she came at about 5 pm and freshened herself and after supper we went to bed early. Another fresh bouts of fucking for two hours She was a nice and decent girl well educated. It was only by misfortune she was cheated by this stranger.

She had healthy appetite for sex and responded well for all my overtures. Thereafter she did not cry over her misfortunes, but enjoyed sex to the maximum with me. She sucked my cock to ready it for the next fuck and I gave her nice lick and sucks of her clit. Her on top fucking was a classic.

She climbed on me and in one jerk got my whole cock inside her and she knew many movements which will enhance her pleasure. In every movement she would see that my cock rubs against her clit or pokes her G spot. Her face contorted to reveal her emotional level of ecstasy.

After three days of interview she was told that she was selected. Beaming with happiness she was readying to go but wanted to give me a special treatment of sex. We had the wildest of sex. Her vaginal muscles squeezed every drop of my cum from my cock. She licked every inch of my body and rubbed her cunt all over me.

Though I had to spend lot of money for her, every pie was worth considering the pleasure she gave me. Finally I put her in the train by buying a ticket to her native place. I asked her what was the test she attended all these days.

She said it was civil service exam and she got her IAS while being fucked by me. She said my cock brought her luck and she would like to get fucked by me daily so that she may get her promotions also.

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I am Gajraj, 24, a Junior Officer in an MNC working in Jaipur. I am 5.9" with well built strong muscular body. I narrate a true incident happened just three month back. After that I have inserted my hot seven inch rod in almost five girls and housewives. I have also got many invitations from sexy housewives

who have shown interest in the story first and later things are yet to take place. Now here comes another real incident of my life. My very distant in relations maternal uncle's daughter is Nalini 23 who is an MCA graduate. She looks very good with beautiful apple size round boobs and round ass. She has sexy eyes.

Nalini was originally proposed to me only but that bloody uncle preferred a boy who is working in a Bank in Spain. Nalini was married to him last February. They were together just for 15 days and then he left. He was trying for a visa to Nalini to join him; but unfortunately there is some difficulty and the visa is yet to come.

Nowadays Nalini stays with her in-laws in Jaipur itself which is very near to my home. Nalini used to come to our house quite often. Her parents live in Ambala Cant which is far away from here. But of late I find some sort of sorrow on her face. Nalini had come to my house on a cool rainy Saturday evening.

She told me that her in-laws had gone to some of their close relatives marriage and she preferred to stay back. She came to our house with an idea of staying that night with my parents. She asked about my parents and I told her that my parents had also gone out of station and were expected only on Sunday evening She then sarcastically smiled.

Why she smiled, I do not know. I asked her whether her husband talks to her quite often. She reluctantly replied that she was not interested in telephone talks only. Then I asked her why. She said, Gajraj, you do not know the feelings of a married woman who is away from her husband for quite long time.

I told her that I too realized her situation and sympathized her. She has again told me you guys do not know the feelings of a young wife who is deprived of her needs. I asked her what. She did not reply. Then I told her that she could go back other home and come next day Evening when my parents would also be there.

But she said that she was going Tobe alone there and she preferred to stay here only. After sometime, I offered her coffee and while tasting coffee, she looked at me indifferently and told me I looked very smart and beautiful. When I switched on the TV, she came close and sat by my side in the sofa.

We were seeing some old Hindi movies. She wanted me to switch on the real and switch off the TV. I asked her what u say. She said “ Gajraj, you know I have been married and was with my husband just for a fortnight And for the last eight months, I am alone. I do not know how to express my feelings; I am unable to tell either my parents or my in-laws. I can tell you only”.

I said “ Good, come on tell me”. She came a little closer to me. I looked at her. She told me that she finds it difficult to pass the nights. I kept mum. She requested me to help her in reducing her pains. I do not understand what she says. I asked her in what way I could help her. She told me plainly. “ Look, Gajraj, your parents are also not here.

My in-laws are also not here. This is God sent opportunity. She told me that she badly wants me. She is unable to control her physical urge. I just moved away from her. I told her that you are a married woman and u should not talk like this to me. She again said “Gajraj, u will understand my difficulties when once you are married and stay away from your wife.”

She has again came closer to me and kept her arms around my shoulder. I said, “ this is bad”. I told her wait for some more time and u will be joining your husband in a month or two. She told me that it is more value of few hundred rupess today than few thousands tomorrow. She has then begged me. Gajraj, please put out my body heat.

I cannot ask anyone other than you to help me. By saying so, she forcibly kissed me and I had returned her kisses. She started moaning slowly. She again begged me please, “Gajraj have me, satisfy me otherwise I shall die”. Again by saying so, she removed my T- shirt first and taken out her silky top. She is now with bra and panties only.

She hold my both hands on her well shaped tits and wanted me to feel them and press them hard. I became hot and I started pressing them hard. She closed her eyes and started enjoying. She stood up and all of a sudden removed her bra and panty. She was nude before me. This is the first time I was seeing a nude girl. She wanted me to feel her pussy.

Her pussy was full of hair. I asked her “why, u don’t cut your pussy hair”. She told me that she has lost all interest. During her college days, she told me she used to trim her pussy hair once in a fortnight and now that she had lost interest in it. I too had removed my short, underwear and I took her to my bed room. I started tasting her boobs.

She told me, “Gajraj, please do not waste time”. What I badly need is not your sucking my boobs but firing my pussy. She laid on her back and spread her legs wide. I came in between her. In the meantime, she was fondling my penis which had become rock hard and it was about 7 inches and she was very pleased to see that. She urged me to enter her.

I pushed my Penis in her hairy cunt and I found it difficult to penetrate. Because, this was the first time I was doing this with such a tight pussy. The girls with whom I have had sex earlier, due to my sucking their nipple and licking their cunts had become lubricated enough to enter with some ease. But her pussy, I want to say was the dream for every man to insert in.

She told me, “ Gajraj, press it hard” and she again adjusted her legs. I now found my Lund going slowly inside her now become some juicy cunt. She started moaning, “O, Gajraj, please, fuck me hard, fuck me fast, O Gajraj please chod do mujhe”. I gave her a big jerk and I could feel that my entire 7 inches penis was in her juicy cunt.

She then told me, Gajraj, take your penis slightly out and again push and repeat this for number of times and my pussy will get loosened and u will not find any difficulty in pushing it. She was perhaps thinking that I was new to this game. I did as she said and I started fucking her hard. She was moaning, “Thanks Gajju, fuck me fast, fuck me hard, it pains me,

but do not take your penis out, fuck me still hard and fast. I want to take all of your penis inside my body. This continued for 10 minutes. My body started shivering and she too shook her body in a different way. I asked her why she was shivering like this becoming ignorant about all this, although all of it was not new to me.

She told me that both of us are Cumming. I felt my rod had become more and more harder than ever and I felt that I was dropping loads of my cum inside her sweet pussy and the flow continued for about half a minute. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it like she was in heaven, even me too was in heaven.

She told me Gajraj, thanks a lot but do not take it out and lay on me for some more time and feel my boobs with your tongue. I started sucking her beautiful tight boobs and stayed on her for 5 minutes. I took my Lund out of her sweet hairy choot. She thanked me immensely. I asked her if it was correct to having sex like this,

as I had planned to enjoy her sweet lips, her boobs and no doubt her sweet pussy till her husband takes her away. She told me that you do not see all these things like the way you are thinking. Just think that you helped a girl to reduce her pains. We had shower together and had our dinner. We again had three rounds in the night.

Next day morning also we had three rounds. She left for her in la-laws house around noon. Our relationship continued for one and a half and even she herself told me that I had to satisfy her till she joins her husband. Hope u would have enjoyed my real incident. Nalini now has left and she has joined her husband now and is happy.


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