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Hot sex with cousin in holidays

Hey all I am faizan 19yr old. This incident happend to me when I was in high school. I allways have strong appetite 4 sex as most of teenagers do. But to me it was smethng mre when compared to otherz. After the final exams I recieved a call frm my aunt & she invited me to her place as there wre holidays going on. Even my cousin also insisted me to come.

I agreed and left for there. Its abt 2 to 3 hr journey. I directly went in side the house as there was none.But when I entered my cousin's rum I saw her only in a towel I guess she just had her bath. she suddenly rushed into the bathrum n askd me to go out. I said 'mujhey kya malum tha k tum naha rahi ho & came out of her rum.

Let me describe her she is 26 creamy white complexion with gud shape abt 36 30 38 (which she told me later). When I came out her looks made my evil intentions fresh 4 her. I waited 4 her in the drawing rum. She came in 15 mins in a blue churidar with wet hair. I got an erection by that. She askd me u shud hav knokd the door.

I said I was just looking around 4 sme 1 as the main door was open but no 1 was in.She said its ok leave it & askd abt the journey n abt my parents. She said that aunty uncle wre gne 4 a funeral they will b back in two days. Then she offered me sme snacks n tea. She askd me abt my studies wat m I going to do..blah blah..then she askd me abt grlfrnds.

I replied I hav to but hav no use. She replied NO USE ! ! Wat do u mean by that.i said boldy Neha I mean to say they dnt indulge in romance'.She said u hav changed alot n matured I can say. In the nite after the supper she came to guest rum askd me wheather she can sleep here as she was feeling lonely. I said u can its my pleausure, 4 whch she gave me a cunning smile.

Then in the nite a pretended as I was fast asleep she was watchng sme hot scenes n HBO. then the lookd at me I was sleeping in shorts n sando & she was in her nity. She suddenly switched off the t.v. & came closed to me. Her fragnance made my dick erect its abt 6" 1/2 inc. She put her hand around my waist 4 sme time.

My dick was at its hardest point I was feeling pain. Then she just caressed my waist then after confirming I was sleeping slowly she slip her hand in my shorts I wasnt wearin my boxes as I dnt like to wear while sleeping. Then caut my erect cock n started pumping it slowly. Then she said "ab zyada natak matkar mujhe pata hai k tu jaag raha hai"

I then opened my eyes n said "mujhey pata tha aaj meri suhag raat hai. " then we started kissing madly I was cupping her boobs hardly.she started moaning softly. Then I made her nude she was nly in her black panty. Her nipples wre erect with no aerola around. I was sucking her boobs as there was no tomorrow. Then I pulled out her panty made her fully nude.

Her pussy was clean shaved. I rubbed her wet clitors with my fingers.then just poke my middle finger in her love hole. She moaned louldly. A.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.ah! ! I got mad by that n entered two fingers. Man I shud tell u its very hot inside a grls pussy. She then askd me "makeloude chod mujhe tera lund ghusa meri chut me meri chut k raja"

these words made me mad then I put the head of my cock at her clit n teased her by rubbing 4 a min. Then she begged me to fcuk her that she cant resist any mre.then with all my force I pushed at once. she shouted maarrrgaye.e.e.e.. Then I fuck her hard she started moaning hardly. She got her orgasm with in 5mins.

I was still fucking her hard then I cummed in her with in 10 mins. I askd her how was it she said she had her first orgasm.then I askd her that u r nt a virgin then she said that she is a sex beast n uses a dildo 4 satisfaction I said that u r a fool who has loosen her virginity to a dildo..then I askd her to gve me a blojob. She refused.

Then I said let me lick ur cunt & force fully made her legs apart n ate her pussy by sucking it totally & pushng my toungue deep.she suddenly hold my hair tight n then moaned loudly n cummed n my face in squirts. I askd her how it was she said gr8 n had the mst tasty time in her life.

I said this is wat I get if u gve me a blowjob she agreed n started sucking my dick like a lollypop umm I luvd im she also lickd my balls whch made me cum she took the cum n her face as she belive that it ehances glamour I dnt knw abt that. Then I ask her I wana fuck her in the ass. She directly said no.

I insisted alot after ten mins she agreed wit a deal that I shud 1nce again eat her pussy I agreed. Then she gave me sme oil I lubricated her hole n inserted my finger she shouted that its paining I said I am widenning ur ass hole then I place my tool at her ass hole slowly pushed it then just the head was in.

She was crying & askd to pull it out but I got angry and suddenly pushed it so hard that it was in totally she was cursing me but I kept it on then after 5 mins she started enjoying after abt 10 min I cummed in her ass hole. Then she slapped me 4 being rude. After that I licked her pussy applying honey and gave her 4 orgasms in an hour.

She thanked alot and we continued it 4 the next day also. She said meri suhag raat bhout achchi thi then I said aur achchi ho sakti thi agar tum dildo ko iste maal na karti then. we had gr8 time in that holidays. Even nw I jerk off thnking abt her but nt abt any actress.

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HI to all my reader friends! I am shweta from amravati. let me describe myself. I am 19 having nice figure of 34-28-36. I have kissed many boys but never fucked. so, I was eager to experience the feel of hard cock in my pussy. I would always fantasize about a boy fucking me hard and I am moaning loud. finally I got a chance to have a cock and loose my verginity.

this happend few days ago when my parents were gone to attend a marriage in another city. so I was alone at home. as I was naturally a horny girl, I enjoy masturbating and satisfy myself. that day, I was feeling horny as I woke up. so I decided to have some fun. I completed all my work and got bath. I wore no clothes just the bra and panties which my boyfriend had gifted me.

I watched tv for sometime and then called up my boyfriend just to chat. I told him I was alone at home. he blushed with happiness and kept phone quickly. I was surprised and started to watch tv again. suddenly the doorbell rang. I was only in my bra and panties so I put on my thin nighty and opened door. it was my boyfriend. I let him in and closed the door. he came to meet me.

I went in the kitchen to bring water for him. I was very horny and planned to seduce him. I came back and sat infront of him in such a way that he could see my thighs and panties. he started staring at me and I saw a bulge creating in his pants. I got impatient and attacked him and gave him a deep kiss.

now he got a signal and he stood up and started kissing and caressing my tits. I dropped my nighty. now I was only in bra panties. he took me to the bedroom. he got naked and removed my bra and panties. now he started kissing my pussy. I was in heaven and moaning loud. then he put his finger in my pussy and finger-fucked me.

I could do nothing but just enjoy the intense pleasure. I felt an orgasm building in me. I moaned AHHH....AH...UHH.. I got a big orgasm that lasted too long. he stopped for sometime to relax me. he said to me, now its your turn to please me. then he put his dick at the entrance of my pussy and pushed it deep inside. I cried with pain that was hard to bear.

the blood came out as well as tears. I was helpless but he didnt stop. he continued to fuck my little pussy. soon pain turned into pleasure. he was enjoying me and I too. then he fucked me in doggy style. finally he told me that he is cumming I took all his cum in my mouth. after that heavenly fuck we lay there nude for sometime.

he took some pictures of me nude masturbating etc. he told me he likes smell of my pussy. so I gave him my bra and panties that I wore. he was very happy. I thanked him. this was my experience. bye!

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Sunita fucked by Vijay 2

Previously: Sunita fucked by Vijay

After our car episode we could not get another chance for almost two weeks. We had to just manage by hugs, kisses & massages. Our office is actually 5 days a week but Vijay asked me to come to off on this particular Saturday. We worked till 4 pm & then slipped out of office. It was raining heavily when we drove out of town.

It was 1st time since our last episode that we were alone in the car. All the way we teased each other & by the time we got out of town & on lonely highway, I was out of my jeans, panty & bra. To say least I was all naked except my top. It was left because we were still getting occasional traffic. By the time we reached a deserted farmhouse, right next to a beach it was dark.

It was still raining but more like regular shower, not too hard not too slow. This kind-a farmhouse had no lighting it was completely dark outside. Vijay parked car at the beach side edge of farmhouse. Here it was so dark that we both could not see each other. Light from dials of car was all we had. As we had entered the farmhouse,

I had pulled out his hard raging phallus & tenderly stroked it to grow to its full length. As soonest he parked. He stripped-off all his clothing & was complete naked. He stepped out of car & came around the car & pulled me out. It was quite secluded place & gave a haunted feeling around. I later found that he owned this small piece of deserted farmhouse on beach’s edge,

which he had recently bought. The ground had beach sand. and few meters away there was a small ruined shack. He took me in his arms. Believe me standing there in the open beach, getting drenched in the rain, all naked except for a flimsy top & a raging cock poking in my tummy I had orgasm without even touching myself. Oh lord was it sheer madness.

Vijay pulled my wet top off & threw it in car. I was buck naked & shivering due to cold rain water. Vijay made me lie on the bonnet of car. The metal was still warm due to engine heat. It was so dark that I could only make out his silhouette in the night. He spread my legs wide & kissed me right over my cunt.

The rainwater mixed with my juices must taste good because he sucked on me so hard that my pussy lips went numb. There was urgency in him. He stood up straight & pulled me forward. His raging cock was now right at my cunt opening. With little nudge he locked into me. "TAKE THIS" he said & with a mighty single push shoved his entire 12 incher all the way in my cunt hole.

My ass rode up in air. I gagged with the rain & felt my thighs tingling. I immediately locked my legs around his waist & hung onto him. He picked me from bonnet & carried me like child with his monstrous cock embedded deep inside me. We both were breathless & so he laid me down on sand & immediately started pounding me.

My ass was being bruised by coral sand & his engorged member was tearing my insides out. I looked over his shoulder but nothing except coconut trees, dark clouds & rain falling on my face. Believe me if you have not fucked in the rain, you have no idea what true fucking is! Suddenly he pulled out of me & left me there lying wide open with chilling raindrops falling on my wet, hot cunt.

His cock swung rudely in the air. Vijay pulled me up & opened my mouth. Next minute 1/4 of his cock filled my entire mouth right up to deep down my throat. He just stayed there for few seconds, pulled out his cock once again & turned me around. My fears of ass-fucking came back but before I could respond he shoved his cock once again in my pussy

& started fucking me doggy-style. My knees were getting bruised in wet sand. Vijay relentlessly pounded me from rear. He continuously changed positions. The anxiety of getting fucked in the middle of nowhere highlighted my orgasms. His balls hit me again & again on my clit & before long he shot his bucket full of germs deep inside my womb.

I was dead sure that if I got pregnant the child would be his only. Vijay didn't pull out but laid down over me. My breasts were crushed under his weight. As his cock shrunk out, he got up pulling me to stand up too. I had just been fucked in the middle of open beach on a dark rainy evening. We walked back to car. Vijay stood with his back to car.

I stepped closer & gave him a hard kiss. It was raining more heavily now & it washed all the sand from our bodies. I could feel our juices dripping down along with rainwater on my thighs. I sat down & took his semi-hard cock in my hand. I never like sucking cock but I wanted to please him. I stroked it & soon it started growing in my hand.

I took his cock in mouth & sucked but being novice I bit him. Vijay grabbed me by hair & pushed his cock deep in my mouth. I gagged but he didn't let go & started fucking my mouth. I scratched his thighs with my nails. He pulled out & his cock was back to its rock hard glory. I told him that I wanted to pee. He asked me to hold it for a minute & turned me around.

His phallus was dangling between his legs. We were standing next to driver's door. He asked me to bend over bonnet & place my right foot on tyre. As I did so, he pushed his hard member in my sogging cunt. I was close to losing my bladder by now. I told him so & asked him to pull out but he asked me to go ahead with my business.

Oh me gosh, a raging cock banging me from rear & my hot stream of piss flowing down our legs combined with cold rain shower. Each time he pulled out my piss would flow out & when he pushed in it would stop. It was as uncomfortable as erotic. I think I had two orgasms. He pulled out & pushed me further up on bonnet. This left my ass swinging in air & ready for his torture.

His hands grabbed my ass parted my bums & his finger found my crinkled opening. Holding my bums he pulled me closer & pushed his finger in my ass. He just rubbed my opening with his finger. Rainwater dripping down my spine & passed over my hole giving me shivers. I asked him to pay some attention to my nipples which were hard like stone.

Vijay pulled me up & turned me around. I was being treated as rag doll. He bunched my hair up in knot & placed his lips on my nipples. I almost gasped as chilled nipples were tendered by his warm tongue. As he would shift between each tit my other nipple would chill & become hard. He played this game for long but I never realized that in all his nipple game

he had shoved three fingers in my ass. I was all gaga & fingered myself to glory of multiple orgasms. Once again he pushed me belly down on bonnet & pulled my ass up in air. His phallus was iron-hard & hot as its head priced my sphincter. With all the fingering my gape hole was all set & with little push he anchored his cock head in my ass.

He grabbed my boobs & with slow & steady pushes shoved his monster half up my ass. It was painful to have that 12 incher member splitting my back open. My ass had always been his dream fuck & I myself had made love to him hundreds of times in my fantasies. His last push ensured that he was up to the hilt in my ass.

He had some more torture planned so he grabbed my boobs & pulled me up. My bulging ass cheeks were hard pressed against his groin & his engorged member was stuck deep in my ass. He kissed me on shoulder & moved back from car. "OH ME GOSH" my feet dangling in air & only my toes were touching the ground.

I was like a person hung cruelly on hook with my sphincter in terrible pain. He staggered carrying me on his cock & making me scream with pain. If I could just get hold on the ground I would have run away. Vijay took me around the car & laid me down on a small sand dune. The rain was causing sand to slip under my tummy & thighs. As soon I was on ground.

He started ramming me like bull. My sphincter rim felt like being ripped open whenever he pulled outwards & my insides being pulped. He was breathing heavily & pumping as if there is no tomorrow. It was still my 2nd time in ass & that even with a Horse's dick up my ass so pain was mixed with cold shivers. Vijay could not get enough of my ass so he pulled up to the tip,

rubbed it & again shoved his cock in my ass. My bums, sphincter & thighs were numb due to cold rain & torturous pounding. He stopped for a second & laid down in me. Kissed or should I say drank all the rain water that was falling on my back. With his cock engorged he took a turn & now he was below me, on his back & my sand covered body up towards sky.

He held my ass & due my weight most of his cock remained inside me. We just laid there savoring rain falling on my body. He tweaked my nipples & they pulsed under his fingers. Other hand found my clit. Despite my entire weight his hands worked wonders & I was again on boil. How I had wished him to finger fuck me & here he was doing the best he could.

I forgot the pain of his enormous cock in my ass but only to be realized soon. With his finger in my cunt he again turned me around & fucked my ass till both my holes were sore. My cunt had three of his fingers & my ass his engorged cock. He kept pumping me till we both lost our body heat against rain. He gave few last torturous pushes & pulled out.

Turned me around in one swift motion & next second his cock was inside my cunt. After abt ten pumps he deposited his germs deeps inside my womb. Now I was dead sure I would be pregnant by him. He pulled out & stood up. I was still lying on the sand. He helped me up. I was unable to walk properly so he almost carried me to car. We immediately slipped in.

My whole body was sore. I had sand in my cunt, ass, hair, thighs & boobs. In fact I had sand everywhere. I looked at his questionably. He asked me to wear my top & started the car. He was still completely naked & his cock was like another gear rod between his legs. We drove up back to road but were going too slow because of heavy downpour now.

His cock had lost its hardness. I took his cock & stroked it to some hardness again. He smiled & cupped my breasts with his free hand. Then I tried to give him a blowjob but to no avail. I could hardly take that monstrous tip in my mouth. We drove for about half an hour when Vijay turned into a dark dirt road & stopped. He again got out of car & stood naked in the rain.

He pulled me out & without wasting a second, shoved his rod in my cunt. We were fucking right in the middle of a field. His cock was not fully hard. He was done for the day but had not had enough of my body. I pulled out my drenched top & just stood there in the rain. His cock shrank out & I got into car.

He had planned this ahead so carried two towels & some fresh clothes for himself. I dried my flimsy top in car blower & wore my clothes. Vijay was still outside enjoying the rain. He slipped in & after drying wore up his fresh clothes. We drove back to city & just b4 dropping me he

pulled down my jeans & gave my cunt a wonderful suck till I released my juices in his mouth. Satisfied to core I kissed him & got out of car. My whole body was sore with sand & his torturous pounding but I wanted more & more of him.

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Sexy snacks of Shanthi aunty

Our flat was at the end of the veranda on the second floor of the building. People walk across the veranda to reach the lift. People who pass through the veranda have a tendency to peep through the windows of the flats coming on their way. But our being at the end of the veranda, only those who want to come to our house will come upto the corner of the veranda.

I was comfortably seated at my study room window My computer monitor is placed in such a way that only I can see it. An aunty comes to meet my amma, but only when amma is available at home. Though they have a phone she walks all the way down the corridor so that she can meet her other friends on the way and pick up gossips.

My pappa and amma are not usually available since they go to work, but this aunty comes every day and enquire whether my amma is there at home. This aunty, typical of other aunties, about 34, does not have any children and does not go for work and does just gossip and gossip. Her husband goes to work in the morning and comes back in the evening.

So she has lot of free time and goes around the building spreading spicy news and gossips. But she had a nice figure and an attractive and mischivous looking face. Somehow I did not like the way she looked at me, sort of piercing or X ray eyes. During holidays I finish my lunch and sit near the window browsing.

She comes near the window and asks about my mother and then throws a quizzical look at me and then goes off reluctantly. During hot days I sit there with only a pair of shorts and nothing else on my body. The afternoon breeze was too soothing. Sometime I watch nice sexy videos or movies and my member gets erect and peeps through the bottom of the shorts i wear.

If it is a porno film, I may just touch my cock and keep it erect for a while. I may ultimately shag to bring the episode to a close. Our heroine aunty will come at that time and ask about my mama. Oh, I forgot to say her name, it is Shanti. One day Shanty aunty came and saw me holding my tool and showed surprise in her face. She stood still watching me and my tool.

It is not very big, just a normal size of a 17 year old. Shanti aunty looked at my face and then at my tool and again at my face. I just threw a smile and told her that my mama is not there at home. What are you looking in the monitor, she asked with some authority, turn the monitor to this side and let me see what you are looking.

I gave out a loud laughter and told her that this monitor is fixed and cannot be turned so easily. What is it that you are doing there, pointing her finger to my cock, she asked. I got wild and told her that this thing is giving me lot of trouble. I pulled my entire cock from the underneath of my short and showed her.

She was shocked and her eyes opened wide and her mouth pouted and gave out a cry and went away. As I expected she came again the next day, When I saw her at the window, I was partially nude and my cock was exposed to the sun. Aunty expected a free show of my cock and stood expecting such thing and stood near the window.

I was thumbing some data and pretended to have not seen the aunty. When I heard her cooing noice I raised my head and then pretended to cover myself up. Why are you keeping nude always, that is bad, aunty said. Except you nobody comes to this window and hence whether I am clothed or nude makes no difference.

Her face had calmed and then with a smile she asked me what subject you are studying etc. She wanted to get friendly with me, I thought. As per routine, she came the next day also. As usual I left my cock in the sun and was working on the computer. Aunty had stopped asking for my mama and then she was having a free show and enjoying it.

She called out my name and asked me what subject I was studying. I stretched in my stool and with my hand took out my balls and then looking at her told her that I am going through my English lessors. Aunty asked me to open the door so that she may come inside. I said Aunty I am sorry, you are my mother's friend, if you come in I have to give you tea and snacks.

I dont know how to make tea or snacks and hence please come in when my mama is there so that we may do all the respects to be given to a guest like you. Taking s serius tone, she said open the door I will prepare tea and snacks for you. Oh, aunty if I get up from here now it will spoil my mood and it wll be difficult for me to come back to the right mood.

Oh dont worry I will get you into the right mood faster. Cursing her I had to thrust my semi limp cock into the shorts, stood up, pull back the chair, search for the footwear and move move to the door to open it. It was 3 pm and a tea and snack were most welcome and let me see what this aunty is going to make.

Shanti aunty straght went to the kitchen, put the water to make tea in the stove, searched for snack in the almirah and found a steel box with lots of bujia, brought it out and warmed it and then put a bunch of bujias in a plate and lots of sauce and brought it to the dining table with two cups tea.

Shanti aunty suddenly put on a smiling face, sat near me, put her hand on my lap and told me that she will come daily and prepare tea and snacks for me. I was sipping tea and eating snacks. But I noticed her hand moving up and down my thighs. After I took two or three sips, I noticed that her hand was creeping into my shorts searching for something.

my cock was getting stiffer. I did not make any move but just waited and watched, eating bujias and sipping tea. Aunty's fingers were probing for my cock. Just because of her touch it has become stiff and refused to come out unless I also cooperate. I looked at her face. She was giving a smile pleading for something. I just loosened the edge and pulled the tool out.

Aunty just lowered her face and kept it close to my cock and was sniffing at it. She opened her mouth and was licking the tip. She got up and hurriedly opened her blouse and unhooked ber bra and took my hand and placed it on her boob. We did not speak anything at all and words were not found necessary since the message was clear.

I ran my hand over her spongy boob and twisted her nipples. She was moaning and gobbled by cock into her mouth and rotated her tongue all over it. I turned to her side and removed my knicker so that she will have more access to her target. With both of my hands I was kneading her boobs with all force.

I pulled her face down so that my whole cock may enter her mouth. Time was just 3.30 pm and my parents may come only after six. I had lot of time and I was not in a hurry. I was very much aroused and was ready to shoot my cum into her mouth. I told her that it is coming. She said let it come into my mouth she said.

I straightened and shot my cum into her mouth in successive spurts. She drank the entire cum and got up. Her nipples were erect and her chest was bare. She got up and pulled my hand to my bedroom and said let us go to your bedroom or come to my house. I said ok to my bed.

I got up and closed my window and turned and found that the aunty had removed her saree and lied in the bed with her knees raised. Her sparsly haired cunt was wet and visible. She asked me come fast and when I went near her she took my tool and rubbed it on her cunt lips and placed it at the opening and asked me to push it in.

I leaned over her and she placed her hands on my hip and pushed me in and my cock went in smoothly. Fuck me fast and fuck me hard. Having seen the fucking scene many times in the net. I did not need any further lessons. I fucked her with slow strokes first and then increased my speed to make a hard and fuck.

My hands were on her boobs and breathing heavily she was moaning and pulled my face to kiss. I went on fucking and suddenly her hands hugged me and her legs were entwained around me. Perhaps she had her orgasm. A big one. I too shot my cum inside her cunt, but went on fucking.

Within half an hour we had two sessions and she managed to have orgasms twice or thrice. Pulling my tool out I got up with a dripping cock. She too got up and ran to the bathroom and cleaned herself. I wiped my cock on her saree lying in the bed. She came back from the bath room hugged me and kissed me. My cock was limp.

She kissed my cock for having given her so much of pleasure. She said she did not have sex for than a month since her husband was away on official work. She asked me show her some nice sex scenes in the computer. I went to the computer and put on my favorite porno site. It was an explosive site and showed fucking scene of various couple of different nationalities.

Aunty was watching the scenes with great interest. She was asking me whether we should have one more round. I said no, now now, get me some snacks and tea and then we will think of sex. From then on it was a regular practice with Shanti aunty to bring nice snacks for me from her home and good tea in a flask. She was enjoying and giving me also great pleasure.

One day her husband came. She told me that her husband is at home but she will come at the same time. I asked her why you can have fucking from her husband. She said his fucking is not as enjoyable as mine. She will find some excuse and bring me the snacks and tea and make it as an excuse for getting fucked. She liked to ride me as a cowgirl and jump and fuck on me.

I asked her to shave her cunt with her husband's razor and come clean shaven. She came the next day with a clean shaven cunt which I licked and sucked her clit. She enjoyed immensely. One day she told me that she had missed her periods and the child may be mine.

I was happy and sorry. But my fucking session continued till I joined engineering college and had to move out of my house. Shanti aunty's snacks did the trick. She got a male child. She said it is mine.

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It was perfect. God must have sketched this scene like an artist just for me. How amazing every detail was! I was 18 back then, wearing a black shirt and dirty rugged jeans and below that was a pair of worn out black canvas shoes. It was the perfect attire for any occasion if you asked me. I stood there on a muddy lane,

surrounded by greenery and on the other side of the lane appeared a girl, barely 18, adorned with clothes of the brightest colors and her ever-so-cute accessories. The way her hair barely touched her shoulders only made her hotter. Her fair skin was almost flawless. She looked like a doll. "here's your book.." she murmured, handing out a white book to me.

Her eyes looked gleamed with innocence and I watched in awe. I quickly grabbed the book from her. "thanks a lot" I said. She was a friend's friend and she came that day to return a book she had borrowed from me. She dint have to take such pains to come all the way to the park near my house on a saturday afternoon, I knew she liked me.

I scanned my brain for conversation starters. "so what are you doing now" she asked me. "nothing!!" I shouted. A silly conversation ensued after that for a good 15 minutes and I was too intimidated to make a move. "alright I need to make a move !! " she said. No ! Don't go ! - I thought but couldn't say it aloud. Talk about luck, just then god heard me and it rained.

The most beautiful drizzle ever. "oh man ! I cant go now !" she sighed. It sounded so fake, I knew she wanted to spend time with me. I ran for shelter, looking here and there and there it was- the perfect place. A heap of rocks underneath a blanket of grass and weed. It looked like a warm cave.. She followed me inside. And watched the rain pour down like cats and dogs.

"looks like we are stuck" - I said and a smile ran across my face almost instantaneously. Her face turned towards me. Suddenly I felt I looked at angel.. She started talking, and all I could hear was my heart beating heavily.. Her luscious lips moving in slow motion.. Her breasts expanding, the way she moved her legs..

Her hair dripping of cold water and the way they slid down her neck.. I felt my blood heating up and my heart pumping faster than ever. I felt like I smoked pot, everything seemed dreamy..i used up all the tolerance I had I could not resist from pouncing on her anymore.she was busy talking about all useless things I had to make the move..

Everything paced up my mind was exploding with questions and I interrupted her - " hey ! Are you.. A.. Virgin ?". She stared at me with shock. There was awkward silence there for a minute. I snapped back to reality and started to sweat.. I wiped off my sweat and was about to apologize to her and get out. Her lips were partly open, she was going to say something.

She moved towards me, she grabbed me by the shirt near my chest and pulled with immense force towards her.. I was almost leaning on her. I could hear her breathe..all this happened too fast for me to figure what her intentions were.. She moved her lips towards my ear and whispered-"find out for yourself" she chewed on my ear and moaned ever so slightly.

My eyes burst open. I was hard. We had transformed from mere humans to animals. I wondered if it was teh same girl with the innocent eyes and a childish smile..she transformed into a tigress..she ripped my shirt open and ran her tongue all over me it was my turn... I removed her t shirt and locked her lips immediately.. We were frozen in time.. Her lips were wet..

I slid down to her neck and bit her. She sighed looking at the roof of the cave..i teased her lips with mine as I removed her white bra. And then I got to see her bare breasts. She looked like a goddess her breasts were big and her perfect pink nipples erected as I came close.. I softened them with my lips and she held my head and pressed me closer to her and moaned..

I bit her nipples and sucked her hard and she moaned louder every time. She looked down at me with huge expectations as I went further down.. I pulled her jeans down and removed her panties and held her ass in my hands..i pulled her pussy towards my mouth and when my wet lips touched her pussy she shuddered.. As though a wave of current traveled across her body.

I grabbed her ass and moved my tongue further inside and looked up at her.. She almost screamed and threw her head in the air and her hair flew up and from between her beautiful breasts I saw her moan "fuck!"..she caught my hair like she was falling off a cliff and thrust me further in her pussy and moved her hip like shakira as I licked her..

I moved my hand up to her breasts as they felt ignored. I squeezed them as I entered her with my tongue. The result was a shrill cry and a shudder that vibrated my body as well.. She panted like she just ran a race.. Her sweat dripped on to my face and she wrapped her long legs around my neck almost strangling me to death every time she had an orgasm.

I loved every bit of it. Very soon I found myself kissing her again. This time she was desperate.. She ripped my jeans apart and held my cock in her hands. When she held my cock in her hands and pressed it hard I felt I raced to heaven and got back.. Cum almost exploded but I resisted.

I moved towards her and thrust my hips towards hers and she scratched my back with her nails.. Every time I did. I slid my cock into her dripping wet pussy and it was sucked inside as though it craved for one for years.. I began fucking her. All I remember after that was - tears dripping out of her eyes.. Her mouth open and her face towards the sky..

I pulled her hair as I went into her and bit her neck.. She scratched my back several times, her tits stroke my chest every time I squeezed her ass and it felt blissful.. We panted we sweat.. I felt the heat radiating through our bodies..her moaning was a pleasant song to my ears.. And then.. While we kissed.. It happened.. Our eyes wide open.we screamed in union.

Our bodies froze. She pierced her nails deep into my back and I held her ass as tight as ever. Vibrations ran throughout our bodies and we shuddered. We felt the earth come to a stand still. Our sexual organs exploded juices onto one another.we saw nothing but white. We heard nothing but silence. All our senses were numb for a moment. Together we felt love.

And it rained like crazy. Sometimes we fall in love at a time when we least expect to. I dressed up and lit a cigarette and smoked. It was the best smoke ever. I turned back to offer her one and she was gone by then.i never heard of her again. I got to know that she had a boyfriend at that time.

Funny, how we create relations, commit, distinguish people based on caste creed religion finance etc and yet we meet at the craziest places share the best of times, experience life at such weird moments defying all rules of society. Who scripts all this?


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