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Hi friends, My name is Raj and I am from Chandigarh. This story is not a fantasy but my own experience when I was 20-21 year old. My father had big family and I am the only son of my parents. Because of middle class earning of my father I have to give tuitions to small children so that I can pay my college fees.

One day my uncle asked me why you go far for giving tuitions as they knew one businessman family nearby whose children needs tuitions. I reached that particular house with my uncle reference and found that I have to teach two small children whose mental IQ was very poor. I felt bad as I have to work hard to teach these children but when I saw their mother, I was stunned.

She was just 6-7 years older than me and have a stunning Sikhni body figure. A perfect 36’ 24’ 36’ figure. I fixed my remuneration and timing for study and returned home to come back next day. I was very relaxed as now I don’t have to go 14 kms one way to give tuition on cycle. But I was not aware that fate was more pleased on me and something more exciting was stored for me.

Every day I spent approximately 02-03 hours in that house and every day I got my dose of refreshment through their servant or through mother of children. Everything was going smooth until one day when I was sitting on bed while teaching and my hand suddenly slipped under one pillow and I found that a book was kept there.

I pulled it out and surprised to note that it was a sex magazine with XX sex stories. After tuition I sent children out and called their mother and enquired about that magazine. She simply said that it is her husband who used to read these books and he might accidentally left this book under pillow in night.

I was bit nervous but gather courage to ask whether I can take this book home as I also want to know what was inside it. She said "OK, but returned it by tomorrow" as her husband may ask for it and she doesn’t want to tell him that she has given it to me. I took this magazine home but did not read it as I was addicted to read MASTRAM stories and used to jerk myself off once or twice.

Next day while returning magazine to that lady I gather my courage and asked lady whether she also used to read these stories or not. She said "Yes sometimes" and this was the turning point. Immediately I said "I can give her more better magazine with exciting stories" but took her promise that she will not show it to her husband.

She hesitantly agreed and next day I handed her a MASTRAM story book. Next day it was Sunday and my off day. On Monday when I finished my teaching, she came to me and sent her children out. My heart start pumping fast. This was the first time she and me was alone in this room and she was holding MASTRAM book in her hand.

She asked me, "Why do you read such dirty books, it is better for you to get married and have fun". I am a big opportunist and immediately I responded "Bhabi what will I do with my wife as I do not know anything about woman". She said "you will learn everything once you get married" "I don’t want to be a looser on my first night"

I snapped and asked her "Bhabi why don’t you teach me something about this before I took this sex examination". She was already hot after reading MASTRAM stories. She was caught unaware by this sentence and replied "OK, I will teach you someday" and she left the room. I was on seventh sky I was going to see, touch and feel any female body for the first time in my life.

I reached home and musterbate twice that day thinking of next happenings. As now I was looking for appropriate day but that day was not coming so one day after sending children out, I tried my luck and caught her hand and begged that she must tell me more about female body and begged her to show me her nude body.

She shivered with my touch and asked with lust in her eyes "what do you want to know from me, don’t you have any girl friend, go and ask her" I said "I swear I don’t have any girl friend and I never seen any nude female body". Now she was left with no answer and said "OK". We both entered their bathroom and she slowly lifted her kameez (shirt).

My heart bounce back in my mouth because in my life I have never seen such live things. She had marvelous boobs. They were rock solid even after birth of two children. She stopped there but when I touched her nipples and she moan ahhhhhhhhhh... my dick start rising. I begged her to open her salwar (lower) also but she refused, but now I took control of her and put my fisrt kiss on her nipple.

Ohhhhhhhhh….. she exclaimed and I pulled her nara. Her salwar fall down on floor and behold she was wearing no underwear and her shaved pussy was in front of my eyes. I was in a state of unbelief as I was seeing a nude lady for the first time. She tried to cover her pussy with one hand and her boobs with other. But I wasted no time and I put a lip kiss.

She shivered ….ummmmm………. as I lowered my mouth from her lips to her nipples and then towards her pussy. As I kissed her shaved pussy she moaned again ohhhhh...and tries to push my mouth towards her pussy. I was totally new to these things and knew nothing. I was foolish I should have fingured her to orgasam but instead I pull out my dick from my pant as this was too much for me to handle.

She opened her eyes and simply took my dick in her hand. This was not new for her. She stroked it. I wanted to put my trobbing dick in her dripping pussy but she refused as this was not the place nor time for it. But I was desperate to cum then and there otherwise it would spoil my underwear. She was mature and knew about my situation.

So she simply give me a blow job ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. ahhhhhhhhh… I cried and after five minutes I shoot my cum about three feet away. My dick immediately lowered its position. I kiss her passionately all over her body before she re-dress herself. We left bathroom with promise to meet next day.

Now it becomes almost every day routine for me to get my share of satisfaction in their bathroom or in staircase whose two doors could be locked from inside and she never complaint whether I was giving her pleasure or not. But one day when I read about ‘G’ spot of ladies in a sex magazine, I decided to try it on her.

Next day when I started my sex game with her she tried to pull out my dick from my pant to give me blow job as usual but I stopped her and opened her salwar instead. She was bit amused when I put my hand on her pussy and tried to open her pussy lips. First she moaned umhhhhhh……… but immediately stopped my hand saying "your hand will become dirty"

but I didn’t stopped and carry on with my work. I opened her pussy lips to find what inside was with my fingers. She started moaning slowly ohhhhhh……..raj……. plzzzz ….. don’t……umh………. Suddenly I find a tip in that spot and when I take it in my two fingers and start mashing it she gone mad and kissed me badly and make noise

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..ahhhhhhhhh……… raj you will kill me……… plzzzzzzzzz do it ….. I love you raj…………. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh……. and some water start flowing on my hand and her moan increased ahhhhhhhhhhhh…………….ohhh………. suddenly her body ached and she grabbed my dick from my pant and tried to pull it out. I helped her.

She took it in her hand and start fondling my balls and my erect dick. As I keep rubbing her pussy, she again ached her body and said I am cuming I am cumming ohhhhhhhh….. ahhhhhhhhhh……… raaaaaaaaaaaaaj……… and she almost clappsed in my arms. Her juice was flowing on my hand.

I was bit nervous what was happening to her, but after few minutes she regained her concise and kissed me lovingly and said that her husband is drunk and he never give her such pleasure. Then she said " since you have given me a memorable day, so I will also give you a new thing that you will never forget in your life".

I was amazed but before I could say any thing she lowered herself and put my limp dick in her mouth. I was stunned as I could not imagine such thing from this lady. Immediately my dick jumped back to life and start throbbing in her lusty mouth. She looked upward while sucking my dick ohh…….. I cannot forget those eyes till date.

Her mouth was working on my dick and her hair were falling on her face again and again so I garb them and took in one of my hand now I can see her face clearly after few minutes I start moaning ahhhhhhhhh……..ohhhhhhhhhh….. ….. as her mouthful of feeling giving me a divine pleasure.

After ten minutes I felt something boiling inside me and I knew it was the end of my game. As I don’t want to spoil her mouth so I asked her to stop and do it with her hand. She understood and started it with her hand. My fluid start running towards my tips and ohhhhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhhhhhh... ummmmmmmmm… I cried as my cum landed on her left cheek.

She smiled and kissed my lips. We were both very happy on that day. We dressed up and I whispered in her ears that I want to fuck her pussy but on bed with full foreplay. She said that she too want me in her bed but presence of her servant and children were main hindrance. She promised to call me when her husband, children and servant will be out for more than 4- 5 hours.

I didn’t have to wait long for her call as on one Sunday my mother told me that there was a phone call for me from the mother of my tuition kids and she wanted me to teach her children for extra time on that Sunday between 2 pm to 6 pm. I got the massage… and started for her house.

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Hi Readers, I am Mr. RAJ (name changed). I am 30 years old and this story is of year 2002 when I was in Itanagar the capital city of arunachal. I had to go to guwahati to appear exam of CPSU and I was returing in a deluxe bus. In those days I had a habit of drinking alchol(whisky) before continuing journey.

Acordingly I was drunked 2 pegs of whisky and boarded in bus and I was surprise to see a girl of around 26yrs of wheatish colour. she was accompained by her father whose seat was behind my seat. The father of the Girl(name Jassi) request me to change the seat so that he can seat with her daughter.

I told him to ask the other person with him to come in front and he and his daughter can seat togeather but he was not agreeing with me. At last jassi told her father that she is comfortable here near me. As our journey begin at around 08.30pm I felt sleep due to clod breeze coming from the window. After around one hour passed I felt that someone has touced by feet.

I thought it is due to alchol effect and I slept again. Again after half an hour I felt my feet being touched and again I ignored it. But again the same thing happened then I started loking down the seat to what is it. After finding noting I looked around and saw jassi giving smile. I understood the whole situation but I pretended as if I felt nothing. let me tell somthing about her she has a very big boobs and healthy figure.

I thought to asking her but could not dare to ask her as I was drunk n if she complains any one I will get a nice public. So I thought to check it out. I pretended to sleep again but actually I was not. after few minutes I saw that she is moving her legs towards me and is rubbing her feet with my feet. I kept watching as the entire bus is dark and other passengers were sleeping to.

I pretended that I know nothing and she kept on rubing her feet and her courage grew more and she stated to touch my thighs. I could do nothing just wathing at her. she gave a naughty simle and keep doing. Then she kept her left hand on my right thigh and started moving her hand slowly. My dick became hard.

Sudeenly the driver applied brake and condutor told that we can have dinner as bus will stop for 30mins. It was around 12.20pm night. the light was on and I looked at her she gave naughty smile again and keep looking at me. I went down from bus take dinner where as she did not come down as had brought dinner with them.

I finshed my dinner and went to toilet and came back to bus and sat on my seat. Around 12.55 bus was started . the lights were put off and withinn 15 minutes people around felt fast sleep. As the bus was mooving I kept looking her and she also kept looking at me. Around 20 min have passed she brought left hand over my dick and started rubbing.

Then I tought to ask her address and name so that in future I cane fuck her but she uttered nothing just kept looking at me with naughty smile and keep rubing my dick. sudeenly she took my right hand and put on her right tits stated rubbing with which I got courage to do so. I looked around and saw that everybody is asleep I moved my self closer to her and she to came near me.

I kept my head over her shoulder and strated givving message to her left & right boobs. she got aroused a nd started to make hissing sound which I feared if people came to know then what will happen. she understtod my situation and used her duptta as her shawl and covered herelf. I took my hand inside the shawl and put inside salwar and started rubbing her both boobs.

I was getting my dick harder n harder whose pain was unbeareable to me. for my help she lifted her bra so that I can touch them n message them. while massaging she also got aroused a lot. I took my hand from boobs n started searching for her pussy. first I tried to insert my hand from top of but due to thread closed I jusst touched her pubic hair only.

so she raised both her legs on the seat and sat in such a way that bottom of salwar I could inseart my finger and beyound I could touch her pussy very easly. thanks to salwar n sammez she wore. with my right hand I started finger fucking her and she started enjoying it. I kept doing till fulids started coming from her pussy. she started to moan AAHHH AAH.

I told her not to do so as many people r ther in bus. I ket fingering her for around huge fluids came and she colllapsed. she took my hand out of pussy and kept over her boobs for messaging. then she kept her head on my thighs n and covered her face and preneted as she is sleeping keeping her head on my thighs covering herselg with duppatta.

Then she started unzip me and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking. I feel she was a very experienced one . she keep on sucking till I ejaculated all my fluids in her mouth and she took completely in her mouth.. I feel relaxed and then she was still sleeping and again took my hand to her right breast for messaging. I kept messaging her boobs.

then I planned to figer fuck her once again and acordingly I with my left hand kept her boobs messaging and with right hand I opened the knot of her payjama and inserted my hand and started carring her pussy. it was so hairy as its a jungle.. I started rubbing her clitrois and she stared getting aroused again and she started moaning and slowly she told me to fuck her.

so I inserted my middle finger in her pussy andthen other finger and other finger. it was amazxing that my three fingers were coming in and out of her pussy and she was enjoying my finger fuck and in mean time she also took my dick in her mouth again keep licking hard. Suddenly she tightend her legs and my hand got wet of her juices as it flowing non stop.

her panty was totally wet. and I also ejaculated and I was completely exhausted. It was amazing expeience in bus.By the time it was around 04.30am and the visiblity outside can be seen. I asked her to get up and arrange her dress and I arranged mine. I gave my telephone number asked her to ring me when she needs me.

But my dream shattered as she and her father got down at banderdewa the check gate to arunachal pradesh. So this is my story. how you people liked it please let me know your views. In my next I will tell u how my luck favoured me and I got my dream fulfilled to fuck her.

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Guy made keep by Amrita 2

Previously: Guy made keep by Amrita

Hi friends this is second part of the story on how amrita made me her keep. After that day I could barely sleep, she was always on my mind, I just kept thinking about her beautiful body. Nice long legs with those just perfectly made right thighs and posture. Just a bit of extra flesh on her breast to make it bit heavy for her body to give her status of sex goddess

and nice pink super soft nipples to make any men cum right there by just a sight of her. I was not able to take her out of my mind and desperately wanted her again but also had a fear that she might scold me because of interfering with smooth going personal life.

I waited for few days for her call but nobody called. I think she wanted me to yearn for her so that I am there and ready to do anyhting for her. After a wait for 2 -3 days I lost control and called up Rakesh (her husband) and said that I have lost her wifes photo and would be requiring one more to procceed with formalities.

I aplogized for the same and he was quick to respond "No issues you can come and collect anytime from their house". Very next day on Friday I went to their place at around 10 as I knew her husband would have left for office by now. I knocked on the front door and I got bit tensed to see amrita on door.

She had a very sexy naughty smile in her face, a bit of attitude and a sense of excitement and bitchiness and yet a non welcoming feeling. This all was driving me crazy. She was wearing nice pant and shirt a sort of business attire but not exactly. "Hi!" she said with a bit of attitude and started going inside without bothering much about me and it was giving me a feeling that she is specifically ignoring me to make me wild.

She was really good at seducing…I could not control anymore and as soon as I entered her house, I grabbed her from behind in her living room..she turned immediately and put her arms around my neck and an intense kissing session started between us. We both were not in senses as I could feel this from heavy breath and a bit of impatience among us.

I pulled her close, grabbing her soft ass over the pants. I squeezed her ass cheeks, and Amrita found herself becoming turned on by my manhandling her. Amrita kissed me a few more times, over and over, before breaking apart. She took off her shoes. It seemed that she was buzzing like crazy. As if there was an unspoken agreement, both of us straightaway headed to her bedroom.

The door shut behind us and we were on each other. Her arms were around my neck and we started kissing passionately. My hands began to undo the buttons on her shirt as our tongues explored each other's mouth. Her breathing grew heavy as she kissed me, and her beautiful classy hands started fumbling. She knew what she wanted.

I think she had been thinking about it all day since she came to know that I will be their next day. Her wedding ring glinted on her finger as she pulled my pants. Her shirt fell from her shoulders to the floor, her black bra a sharp contrast to her milky skin. She broke the kiss, her big black eyes looking at me with lust was driving me crazy.

She watched me reach down and undo the button on her pants and slide down her zipper. This was still so new to her! I was thinking that in front of me is a sexiest married lady I have ever seen with a great husband! Yet she was letting me take off her clothes! Her pants slid off her ass and down her legs, falling to the floor in a heap.

She was wearing skimpy black cotton panties, and they were soaked between her thighs. I grabbed her and pulled her close again, hands sliding into the back of her panties and squeezing her naked ass. I reached down with my right hand as we started kissing again, reaching underneath her and dipping a finger slightly into her moist hole.

She was all wet out there and I heard "Mmmmph..." she moaned into my mouth. My other hand slid up her back and under her bra strap. With some effort, I was able to unsnap her bra with one hand, and she felt it loosen on her shoulders. She pulled back a little, allowing her bra to slip off to the floor, freeing a lovely pair of breasts. To be frank I was getting bit violent this time.

I took her by surprise when I shoved her roughly back onto her bed. But she was liking it all and a sense of attitude was still there on her face which was driving me more crazy. She lay there, legs on either side, giving me way to slide between her. I grabbed her lovely feet, pulling the garment off and tossing it. I started kissing her bare foot, all over the top of it, kissing each individual toe.

I raised her other foot and she watched, panting. Now she was down to her panties. I rained kisses all over Amrita’s beautiful foot, kissing up her ankle as my hands slid up her smooth and shapely legs. I grabbed the elastic of her panties and pulled. Amrita eagerly raised her ass up off the bed, allowing me to slide the dainty things down her long legs and off.

She placed her feet flat on the bed, legs open wide invitingly. Her pink, swollen lips were pressed together, quivering, surrounded by curls of trimmed black pubic hair. Taking my time, I stood up and pulled off my shirt. I then pushed down my already undone pants, along with my boxers. My cock was freed, and was standing at full attention for her.

She felt a wave of desire shoot through her pussy at the sight of it. I knelt between her legs and kissed the inside of each of her beautiful thighs, teasing her further. I kissed closer and closer to the top of her legs until my lips gently caressed her skin right beside her bush. I could smell the strong scent of her arousal, and I kissed her moist lips lightly.

Amrita caught her breath, toes curling as she reached down between her legs and held my head. My tongue snaked out and slowly licked her from the bottom of her cunt up to the top. "Ohhhhh..." she sighed, tingles shooting up her body as my tongue caressed her slit. I slid my hands under her soft ass, raising her pussy up to my face.

I started sucking her swollen lips into my mouth, causing her to gasp in delight. I pulled the pink skin outward a bit, running my tongue over it as I held it trapped. Her hands were caressing my head as I continued to eat her pussy. I slid my tongue between the hot folds of Amrita's vagina, tasting her delicious juices.

She sighed again, toes curling again on either side of me as she felt my tongue wiggle around inside her. I understood she was fully enjoying my tongue as her hands subconsciously forced my head against her crotch even harder. I started to lap up and down the sopping wet slit of Amrita, my tongue licking wildly over the sensitive skin as she squirmed before me.

I was squeezing her ass cheeks with both hands, holding her in place as purposely dodged her clit. I pulled back a little, staring at her beautiful pussy as I became more and more worked up. Her puckered cunt lips were open a little, my tongue having successfully spread them apart somewhat. They were glistening with moisture, almost inviting me.

She was breathing heavily, lips bit apart and I eyes closed. I again buried my face between Amrita's thighs, my mouth clamping around her clit. "Ohhhh God!" She moaned. Her eyes were closed and her eyebrows were raised. She began to writhe her pussy up into my face as my tongue licked rapidly over the sensitive nub of her clit.

Her breathing grew heavier, and she began to buck her ass up off the bed as her orgasm rose. "Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Amrita groaned, wincing as an orgasm washed over her. Her heart was pounding, and her entire body was flushed as she fucked her my face. She could feel the inner walls of her vagina pulsate as she came and came and came.

I was squeezing her ass cheeks even harder, my tongue lapping at her pussy lightening-quick. The tingling in her crotch grew unbearable, and she pushed my head out from between her thighs. She was gasping for breath, naked chest heaving as she looked at me with those gorgeous big black eyes. Her feet were flat on the bed, legs open invitingly.

Her gaze traveled down my chest to my fat pole. I think she had never wanted a penis inside her so badly in her life! When she saw me crawl up the bed toward her, the buzzing in her pussy grew astronomically. Amrita started reaching out eagerly with her left hand. She wrapped her hand around my cock with the fingers wrapped.

Her marriage ring glinted in the light as her hand aimed my penis towards her defenceless vagina. She ran the mushroom head down the swollen lips of her needy treasure, stopping when it reached her entrance. She took her hand away expectantly. A wave of desire went through me when I felt the heat of her pussy touching the tip of my manhood.

I couldn't stop myself from pushing it forward naturally. Amrita’s pussy just opened up for me and accepted head of my penis. "Ohhhhh..." she moaned, eyes closing to mere slits as she felt herself stretch wide open. I moaned as well, loving the feeling of my penis sinking inch by inch into the tight heat of her pussy. I was half way inside her before he could push no further.

I pulled out of her a little, my shaft slick with her juices from the midpoint on up. I pushed forward again with a heavy thrust, the time squeezing most of my cock inside her hole. "Ohhhh yesss..." she moaned, arching her head back. I went in her incredibly deep, and she made stretched wide open and curl it tightly just over my ass!

I moved in and out of her again, this time pressing my groin against her and getting my entire penis inside her aching vagina. Holding myself inside her tremendous warmth, I bent to suck juice from nicely lipsticked lips. Amrita opened her mouth and allowed my tongue inside, kissing me back eagerly. She lifted her feet bit above my ass as she ran her hands up and down my back.

I was grinding myself against her, manipulating her clitoris as I kept my penis buried inside her vagina. I was kissing her excitedly, with passion. I wanted her so badly – my driving urge was to fuck the shit out of Amrita and shoot bullets of cum inside her. It was all I could do to make love to her slowly. My penis started gliding in and out of her tight, needy pussy at a steady pace.

"Mmph! Mmph! Mmph! Mmph!" She moaned into my mouth, her feet bouncing helplessly off my thrusting ass. We were kissing sloppily as I fed amrita penis of mine. Not only did she take it willingly, but also she cherished every second of it. Her sensitive cunt was tingling like crazy, and she was conscious of every inch of my pole as it glided along her inner walls.

I started thrusting my pole faster. She could feel my hardness bang off the back of her pussy over and over. She was forced to break the kiss. "Ohh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Ohhhh! Unh!" Her moans became so loud that even neighbours could have heard them. She raised her feet in the air, increasing the sensation in her crotch as she hurtled towards an orgasm.

Suddenly, she was silent – not even breathing as her orgasm continued to build. All that could be heard was the sounds of her ass bouncing off the bed as I pistoned into her. I started looked down on her as I fucked her, watching her struggle for control. Her eyebrows were raised and her eyes were closed. Her face was so beautiful. I was determined to cum on it!

"OHHHHHHHH!" She moaned, cumming. Her cries were high-pitched, and very loud as a wave of orgasm washed over her. The look on Amrita's face just made me want to fuck her even harder. And fuck her he did – my ass bounced up and down lightening-quick between her legs, pounding my rock hard dick into her body as fast as I could.

Her face was flushed, her tits were bouncing, and I could see below her smooth stomach where my big cock disappeared into the triangle below her belly. I looked behind myself, not breaking my stride. I could see Amrita's nicely pedicured and polished foot wave back and forth as I thrust into her. It reminded me of just how helpless amrita was now.

I had only been fucking the Amrita for ten minutes, but I was already losing it. I slammed my pole into her a few more times before sliding it out of her. I knew where I wanted to ease myself off..may be because of my fantasy or anger of teasing me all this day or whole scenario but I wanted to do it at any cost! With heavy breath I said "Let me cum on your face!"

I gasped, holding my shaft. Amrita, fresh off an orgasm, quickly scrambled to a seated position, curling her legs underneath her as she grabbed my penis in her little hand. I could not believe it, even she was thinking the same and had no problem in what I wanted to do. Our frequency was matching like anything.

Her long, straightened black hair had become unkempt, and a little wet from sweat as she held my penis in front of her face. Her beautiful black eyes were looking right at my cock as she held it in her left hand. She was completely oblivious to the fact that that same hand was wearing the marriage ring of another man! "Stick out your tongue!" I grunted, barely hanging on.

Amrita opened her mouth and stuck her tongue way out. My manhood looked bit larger when held in front of her beautiful, rich and innocent face. Her hand was able to properlygrab onto it! She heard me moaning, and at the same time she felt my penis spasm in her hand. I watched as cum spurted out the end of my dick and a stream of it shot across Amrita's eye.

She closed it instinctively, still gamely keeping her tongue out of her mouth. The line of semen ran from her eyebrow to her nose, straight over her eye. My cock jerked again, thi time the pearly fluid landed square on her tongue, with part of it on her upper lip. She could feel the hot liquid hit her tongue, and she could taste my seed.

She squeezed my pole, stroking it a little as more of my cum poured onto the middle of her tongue. I could see a thick pool form there, as I just would not stop cumming. I moaned as I watched her squeeze even more of my hot semen onto her tongue. Amrita looked up at with one eye, clearly proud of her herself and of how much she made me cum.

She was looking very pretty with my semen all over her face. She kept her tongue out for me to see, she was becoming very comfortable with me now. She slipped her tongue into her mouth and closed it. I watched her swallow. I don’t know what this lady was upto but she was enjoying every bit of it and so do I. Amrita stuck out her tongue again. It was clean.

With cum still across her face, I watched her eagerly jam my softening penis back in her mouth and suck what was left of my sperm out of me. 'Slurp!' She pulled him back out, smiling at him – still with one eye open. "Oh man!" I exclaimed. Amrita laughed so good for the first time as if she was very very happy, letting go of my penis.

She wiped her eye with her left hand, getting sticky cum all over it. She looked at it, noticing it was on her marriage ring. She sucked it off without a thought. As I collapsed on the bed, Amrita wiped the rest of my cum off of her face with a tissue. She had a big smile on her face, so proud of herself. She lay back beside me, the two of us were gasping for breath as we recovered.

I turned to her, cupping her naked breast with my hand and giving it an affectionate squeeze as I kissed her on the mouth, softly. After a few more minutes, I broke the silence. "I asked why are you doing this when you have such a good looking and handsome husband. She stared at me and smilingly said it has become veru monotomus for me.

There is no harm in experimentation till we are happy with each other. She said boldly, "i am not going to tell all this to rakesh and gave a naughty smile".. she said I am very happy with him...and in you I can see a good friend with whome I can be bit naughty...she continued saying I could not have taken cum of my husband...so here lies the difference".

I gave her a big smile of acceptance and assured that I will never interfere with her personal life and will be at her service anytime she want. She was still naked and said you have to go. Rakesh is supposed to be here anytime as today is his half day and we have plan for shopping and movie. She stated as she rolled off the bed.

Damn! I was just getting aroused again with a sight of her gorgeous firm athletic body. I had spent the last few minutes caressing the soft skin of her naked body, and kissing her lightly on her face. My dick was starting to respond. I watched Amrita bend over and pick up her black panties, showing him her beautiful, creamy-white ass.

She stepped into them, slowly sliding them up her legs. She stood in front of my mirror, facing the other way as she slipped on her bra. I was still staring right at her wonderful ass. Her skimpy panties were partway up her crack on the one side, and the sight was so erotic to me. I realized he was fully hard. Icertainly could not let this woman leave like this!

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Previously: Sexy electronic companion

Mona was missing regularly on alternativve evening and come back totally crumpled. We could imagine what all things the poor thing would have undergone. That fellow, Babu, would have fucked her right and left and left her totally disheveled. Mona went to the bathroom direct and took lot of time to come out and appear normal.

We waited patiently and then asked her details of the day's adventure. Sometimes she would be very vocal and tell us in detail of all that has happened. Rosy with all inquisitiveness used put questions to Mona, where did you go, did you go directly for the act, what kind of foreplay he was familiar with, Rosy was the most beautiful girl among us and we masturbate or do lesbo to quench our thirst.

But here is a girl who gets more sex than any of us. Mona said they went to the park and Babu took her to the usual bench and waited for the night fall. She asked him why not go to your room. I am living with two other friends, Babu said, and they will rip you apart and eat you completely. They are just sex fiends. Mona of course did not want multiple partners.

In the meantime Rosy was called for audition for modeling. She was thrilled. She asked me to go with her. But I was not just then prepared. Since he compelled me I just went with her as an escort. It a room behind the well known photo studio. When we reported at the reception we were guided to the studio a huge room with small cubicles on one side and many cameramen

and many settings and art director etc.Although it was fully air conditioned, we were feelinging warm and uncomfortable. Somebody came and called us to one of the cubicles. The director who came had a look at us and told that both of us can have audition. The director asked us to undress and stand only in bikini. Rosy had a set of bikini with her.

Closing the door of the cubicle she changed into bikini. I said I will come the next day for my audition since I did not bring my bikini. Director said we have spare sets of bikini and you may use one of them. I looked at the one handed over to me. Rosy helped me to put on. and we both were ready. The director asked the art director to prepare us for the audition.

It was a young woman. She came inside the cubicle and examined. She positioned the upper piece correctly so that it will cover the curvature of the boob corectly. Rosy had not removed her public hair and the stubs were peeping through the underwear. The art director gave her a razor and asked the public hair to be removed so that it may not peep out.

I helped her as I have seen it before and razored it often and licked it and sucked it, I liked to give her a lick before covering it up. Rosy knew my weakness and she stood silently encouraging me. I just made a quickie and covered it up. One lick was sufficient for Rosy to turn pink. When Art director, Sharda, came again she saw Rosy aroused, she understood, and said come on come back to normalcy.

We have no time and many people are standing for audition. I knew what is the remedy. I have to give her a quick suck to her clit and make her come to orgasm. We dashed to the bathroom and pulled her u/w down and licked and sucked her clit and made her to cum. Her orgasm was quick and she reached normalcy very quickly.

When Sharda came next within five minutes she was surprised that Rosy was ok. How did you manage it so fast, wondered Sharada. She looked at my face questioningly. I turned my face the other side. Cameraman positioned the camera and in a huge bed, Rosy sat waiting for the director to come. Arun, the director was very young and had a cute face.

Tall and well built, he made the lady models totally upset when he went to touch them. He went to Rosy and asked her to lie down and form a posture and asked the Cameraman to take a photo. To position her legs correctly I saw him touching her thighs and lifting them up. Poor Rosy would have been leaking and the patch in her bikini would show her off.

Anticipating this hazard, Arun, asked the camera to take a video of all her movements. They changed her pose and quickly they took photographs in unimaginable poses. Then it was my turn. Once or twice he touched my boobs sending electric waves throughout my body. He even touched my pussy.

This was for pose to make me lie down, lift my leg, and then bend it at the knee and make its heel touch my pussy. Inside my underwear I could feel the wetness spreading. Arun touched my pussy man times and I very much wished he touches it with his cock. After the audition they asked us to get dressed up and them come for a tea.

We went to the cubicle, removed our wet bikini and changed into our normal dress and came out. Sharada came and told us that we both have been cleared in the first test and asked us to come on the following day. Next day when we went Arun was there and after the usual exchange of pleasantries, he called us aside and asked whether we are agreeable for some nude photography.

This is only from the angle of art and to judge how flexible our bodies are. He promised that he alone would take photos with his handy cam. The emphasis would be on figure photos and none of the private parts will be photoed. He asked us to go to our cubicle and wait for him there. Arun came quickly with his handycam and showed it to Rosy how to operate it.

Rosy said she knew it and she also had one in her room. He showed me also its operations. We were asked to undress completely. Arun was taking video of our undressing. and then asked me to come forward. I could see that he was evaluating my boobs and the pussy. He called me closer and touched my pussy and felt the wetness.

What is this you have started leaking already. He called Rosy and felt her there and exclaimed how much of leaking. He gave us a towel and asked us to wipe our both pussies. He asked whether we have had any sexual experience. We said no. Do you mean to say that you both have never been fucked by anybody so far, he asked. I want to do some sex photography.

I am not going to fuck you and take out your virginity. I will just keep my tool in your cunt just the tip buried and photographed. Your identity will not be revealed. I will not do the deep penetration just at the tip for the photographic purpose, and thats all. I wanted to tell him no artificial pucking, make a real fuck, fuck deep, penetrate fully and give us a good orgasm, but did not say so.

He started with me and asked Rosy to handle the handy cam. continue to take video of the actions. She just nokked her head. He asked me to lie down in the cot and he got undressed and his cream coloured cock was standing erect. Our eyes were sealed on it and Rosy was taking close up of his beautiful cock. She pulled the skin down and took a photo.

She took a close up of my clean shaven pussy, Arun squeezed my boobs and made my nipples turn erect. Rosy was not omitting a single moment. Arun embraced me fully and my boobs were jammed against his chest. Rosy took photo of my flattened boobs. He asked me lie down on the small bed in the cubicle and asked Rosy not to miss any action.

He opened her cunt lips and took his cock at the entrance of the cunt. Looking at my face he made his penetration a little more deeper. Now half of his cock was inside my hole. Rosy was frantically running all over to take a striking pose. She asked me to show a smiling pose and asked Arun not to show any tension but just a smiling face.

He asked me whether I mind a little more of penetration. I said go ahead.He made a little more and excitement was writ on his face. I was real horny. This girl Rosy was running around with her camera to take pictures at every movement of the cock of Arun. Arun got finally very horny and without any more permission started to dig deeper and his whole cock was inside my cunt.

I wondered where is the hymen. Arun started to fuck nicely with a rhythm. I was building up my heat and slowly my orgasm was arriving. I came like a bank awakening the entire body and I was feeling his entire cock going inside my body. Finally he shot his cum inside me and I too had a heavenly orgasm. I hugged him wildly moaning loudly. Rosy was wonder stuck.

She never thought she is going to witness a really nice fuck. Arun kept his cock inside my cunt for it to completely empty its contents. I could feel very pulsation and my fluid and his fluids were overflowing and coming out of my cunt. But his erection was intact. He might have thought to have his next fuck with Rosy. He signalled me to get up and go the wash room and asked Rosy to take my place.

Rosy was more than willing. She stretched on the bed and opened her legs wide enough for Arun to lay on her in a missionary style. I rushed to the bath room cleaned and rushed back to take the cam. He asked me to record every movement and as Rosy did to cover from every angle. Arun first sucked her boob and nipples. Rosy girl started moaning.

She was high on her passion and this unexpected chance to fucked came as a surprise. Arun, the handsomest man was on top of her sucking her juicy boob. Her erection was glorious and his cock was already positioned at the entrance of her cunt. He took hold of his cock and rubbed it against her clit and kept it at the entrance again.

She pushed his back to make him enter her. Arun smiled at the girl's urgency and penetrated her in full within no time. I said wait, do it slow so that I may be able to cover it inch by inch. It was my pleasure to watch his big cock entering her small cunt. The electronic toy she used made her passage big and hence Arun had no difficulty to enter.

I saw the big cock fully disappear inside her. He fuck in slow motion. He kept his face smiling and she was tense and kept her mouth open to enjoy every moment of the great sex. He hugged her tightly and rolled over so that she was on top of him and he down. He told her to carry on fucking. I saw her sitting in a squatting style and raised her hip up and down.

She tilted her hip so that her clit may rub the cock at every up and down movement. She was moaning with loud noice. She rotated her hips, lifted it up and came down, she leaned forward and did the motion. Watching her enjoying I was also getting aroused. But I was busy running in circles with the cam in my hand and my pussy leaking and the flow running down my thighs.

The clever Arun gave my clit a pinch and she cried loud to indicate her height of orgasm. He also unloaded his fluids. How was it? he asked, I mean, the video recording, he asked. I told both were fine, your fucking and my recording. Tired, but pleased, Rosy came out of the bath room and sat down in the chair and took a hot cup of coffee from the flask.

That is enough for today and let me see how the video has come and then I will call you both for further shots said Arun. His cock having done twice for two hot and horny girls was lying limp between his thighs. I saw Rosy getting dressed up and I also went to get dressed up although I would have like to have a second round.

He was nude and kissed both of us girls and gave us both an envelope and waved his hand to bid us farewell. I noticed his cock was getting erect. But there is alway a tomorrow. We returned to our lodge fully satisfied with pleasant memories of the great fuck we had with Arun.

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Hi Happy viewers of Debonairblog.com and HumanDigest.com. This is my first story for debonairblog. I am Mr.V from Hyderabad, India. This so happened when I just completed my Engineering in the year 2008. I was preparing for my abroad plans, when I met this girl called Ms. S. She was not a fair girl but at the same time not too dark, light wheatish colour,

but, but, she is so sexyly carved my nature, any one just look at her could not stop bulging their pants and make a BIG tent out of it!! shw is 38-28-36. Man, sizes dont make perfect, but the proportionate of the body can make you mad. I met this girl S at a consultancy, she too was preparing for her abroad plans,

I was introduced by my counsultant that she too was applying for the same university and for the same course. I was so happy that I can have a wonderful time in the US, but India is lucky for me always. I introduced myself and she did. I informed about her staying in hyd and where she was studying.

After we exchanged our numbers, we used to call regularly every now and then, the day has come for our lives to test our destiny. A week for our interview on the same day at chennai. We booked our tickets in a 4-tier A/c compartment in the train, we were adieu by our parents, her was was looking like a old traditional man, always sensing bad about things.

The train had left the station,luckyly the other two seats booked haven't turned up after the train has left the station. Time has been so lucky for me, I was in my Nike traks and my tee-shirt and she was as usual in her tee and jeans which was so tight on her, my goodness!! it would have torn if she puts atleast a gram of weight in her thighs.

As we were in A/c compartment our windows were tinted and we had shut the metal doors and locked from inside due for security someone like beggars might turn up. I relaxed on one side of the lower berth and she was not so comfortable in her jeans, so she asked to accompany her till the toilets, as she was single and afraid of going alone.

So, I went along with her to the toilets and she went and changed into her night pants and tee. We went to our cabin and locked and were relaxing in our berths. We were chatting and the topic turned to relationships and families. She was so obsessed with her father, as he used to scold for talking to guys,

tears started rolling out of her and I sat beside her and started to console her, we were so comfortable in each others arms that we did not want to leave and were in each other arms for about half-an-hour or so. I was semi-erect in my pants as such a sexy girl in my arms, could not believe it!!

I had take first step and started rolling my hands on her back in order to console and was satisfying myself. She, all of a sudden kissed on my cheek, we saw into each others eyes and we started smooching each other, her lips were so soft and pink. We kissed passionately for 15 min and I started licking her lips, cheeks, ear lobes,

MAN, kissing a girls ear lobes makes her go mad...on kissing her ear lobes, she hugged me so hard that her 38D boobs started pressing my chest. I could feel her nipples erecting and poing my chest. My hand went into her tee and was rubbing her back, at the same time kissing each other.

I went and checked the lock of the cabin and as I turned she hugged me tight and I started lifting her tee to which she responded and out were her melons in a black bra. WOWW....those were awesome. I went to her pants and started untying her pant and came down the pants, where she was in her netted panty, white in colour through which I can see her small hairs around her pussy.

She was so shy to see me that she kept bending her head, we again started kissing each other so passionately, she lost her control and she held my cock in the pants and was pulling out. I helped her remove my traks and tee. I was in my red tommy, she laughed seeing the colour of it. I became mad seeing such a sexy bitch, nude and laughing at me, I slowly removed her bra and there came out the melons.

I started squeezing them hard to which she was moaning AAAAhhhh!!!!! I started sucking her left boob and squeezing the right one. She closed her eyes and was rubbing my cock in my underwear. I slowly came down kissing her boobs, belly-button and reached her pussy...she was leaking with juices and her panty and the seat became wet with her juices.

I pulled her panty down and started licking her pussy, to which she started moaning loudly. She was a virgin-because my tongue was tight in entering her pusssy, I started stroking with my tongue about ten minutes and she came, all the juices flowing out like a water flowing out of the dam.

I said its now my turn and she was first hesitant in doing, I started rubbing her clitoris and she was ready for a shot and now I asked her to suck. She immediately accepted and pulled down my tommy and rubbed my cock with her tender hands and put the tip of my cock to the tip of her tongue. It was AWESOME experience, I was on CLOUD 9 at that time, it was a wonderful touch,

slowly my cock entered her mouth and slowly she started stroking with her mouth, circling her tongue around my cock. It was tickling and made me even more harder. I put her on the seat and mouth fucked her, shot loads of cum in her mouth, which she swallowed and as my cock was coming down is size, she liked the size of it and she kept on sucking to which I again became HARD

and I kept rubbing her clitoris to which she was about to reach her orgasm and we were ready for a FUCK!. She was lying down I came on top of her and slowly put the tip of my cock at the entrance of her pussy, as I was a vigin I was a bit tensed too. Slowly tried to enter her pussy, but was too tight for me to enter.

Though we had lubricated because of our juices and her cunt hole was small could not enter easily. Finally I started smooching her and enterd by slowly pushing my dick into her pussy, tears started in her eyes at first and slowly after going in and out she had the ecstacy of going fast, to which she started giving a rhythmic movement of her bum,

I slowly increased the speed and now was riding her like a horse. We were having so much pleasure that we both started screaming....fuck u bitch.......mother fucker were the words coming out...finally I was about to cum and she at the same time reached her orgasm and finally exploded in loads of cum in her pussy.

We slept on each other untill our breaths came to normal. The whole seat became wet with our juices, we wiped the juices and sat on the berths huggung each other. The fire started growing in ourselves again and the cupid shot an arrow into our minds and we started kissing again and this time more slowly and passionately, for about half-hour and started investigating our parts,

exploring each other, she started moaning and slowly took my dick inside her mouth, this time more deeply to her throat and had done more professional sucker. this time it took long for me to explode in her mouth. I felt, this sexy queen will be mine till we are in hyd. I took out my cock from her mouth, and adjusted her on the floor of the train where, we had spread our clothes.

This time we had started too slow to enjoy the pleasurable moments intesely from our heart and soul. I almost fucked her for 20 minutes controlling not to cum soon. When we were about to explode, I spurt the cum inside her and filled her cunt with my love juices. We slept there for an hour on the floor, when the pantry attendant came for taking the order for the dinner.

We got up dressed soon and attended the boy and ordered meals for two. We got freshed and had our dinner which had been ordered. We slept on a single berth together that night. Early morning, we got up before the train reached chennai, had another session and got ready and landed in chennai. Took a double bedroom hotel and we got prepared for the visa the next day.

I suppose India is lucky for me, she got the visa and I was refused a visa to pursue my studies abroad. Though was refused, I stared my own business. Waiting for another girl I suppose people can comment me on my real experience with a co-applicant turned my sex partner for a night. I suppose girls from hyderabad are really hot chicks.


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