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Indian college girl kissing boyfriend in hostel room

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Guy made keep by Amrita 3

Guy made keep by Amrita
Guy made keep by Amrita 2

I certainly could not let this women leave like this. I stood up behind her. Amrita was fixing her hair in the mirror when she noticed me standing up behind her. She smiled when I slipped my arms around her stomach. I squeezed her tightly, kissing her cheek. Still smiling, she reached up above her and put her arms around my neck, turning her head.

Our lips met and we kissed soundly. She could feel my rock hard member pressing against her between her thinly covered ass cheeks now. My left hand slid up her warm body and over her bra, holding her breast. My right hand slipped down over her panties between her legs. I could clearly feel the swollen lips of her slit as I slipped a tongue into her mouth.

I began rubbing her crotch, she seems enjoying it by making a sigh. She began to consider doing it again. I pushed her panties to one side, exposing her moist slit. I began to tease it with my fingers as I kissed down her neck. Amrita sighed again, her breathing was growing heavier as her sensitive lips were being gently caressed.

I slipped the top portion of my finger into her warm hole and she found herself pressing against my hand, moaning. I slid down to my knees, slipping my finger out of her as I began to kiss her ass around her skimpy panties. I kissed all over her beautiful cheeks, and I kissed over her panties over the crack of her ass.

Amrita placed her hands on the dressing table, unable to stop herself from giving in to me. She could feel my lips all over her ass, and it turned her on to know that I wanted her so badly. I placed my fingers at the side of her panties and pushed them to one side, exposing the crack of her ass. Beneath it, I could see the pink, swollen lips of her pussy.

Using my thumb, I kept her panties out of the way and I buried my face in her ass, my mouth kissing her cunt. She sucked in her breath as tingles went up her body, and she opened her legs a little wider for me. I got my head underneath her and kissed the lips of her cunt again, watching them shake on contact.

I slipped my tongue up into her, tasting her wonderful juices. My hands squeezed her ass cheeks, spreading them wide as I lapped at her pussy from behind. "Ohhhh…Raghuuuu…you should stop…" Amrita whispered, eyes closed. It felt incredible. She could feel my tongue wiggle around inside her.

I kissed her ass cheeks again, and then I grabbed the sides of her panties and began to pull them down. I slid them down to her knees, exposing her ass. "Raghuuu." She started, "You really need to go." Yet she did nothing to stop me from pulling her panties down to her feet. She even stepped out of them.

I grabbed her bare ass and spread her cheeks again, burying my face between them. My mouth sucked her pussy inside, lapping at her lips as I held them trapped. My tongue snaked out, licking at her clitoris. Amrita agve a moan this time. I was looking right at her beautifuulllll round ass, and I couldn’t help but lick at the skin between it and her pussy.

My tongue reached her asshole, and I started circling it. I licked at it, slipping it a little inside. She squirmed in front of me, thoroughly aroused again. I couldn’t take anymore – I had to fuck her. Giving her ass one last kiss, I stood up behind her. Instinctively, Amrita bent over before me, giving herself to me.

She could feel me run that fat cock of my down the crack of her ass, and when she felt it touch her slit, tingles shot up her beautiful athletic body. I could feel her warm entrance gripping the top of my manhood a little. I pushed forward. The lips of her vagina opened up for me and allowed my fat head to enter.

She moaned, arching her head back as she felt herself stretch wide for me. I placed my hands on her waist and pushed my cock, forcing more of myself to slip inside her inch by inch. Her wonderful cunt now gripped most of my cock. I pulled back a little, watching the pink lips of her pussy being pulled outward along with my manhood.

I rammed my rock hard penis into her, driving the entire length inside her. "OHHH!" Amrita groaned, wincing. She felt so filled up so fast! I loved how her white milky round ass was pressed against my groin, my cock buried inside her. I started rubbing my groin against her, trying to squeeze every inch into her that I could.

I slid my hands up her sexy body, over her stomach to her tits. My hands continued moving upward, lifting her bra above her breasts. I then grabbed one in each hand, massaging them lovingly. Using short strokes, I began to slide in and out of her comforting warmth, keeping my cock far inside her. I leaned over her body and licked her earlobe.

"Spend the night with me, Amrita." I whispered. To accent the statement, I brought my hips back a little further and drove my dick back into her. "Unh!" She moaned. "Rakesh will be here any time." She breathed, eyes closed. I released her breasts and grabbed her hips. I began to fuck her hard from behind, using long strokes.

Her ass cheeks shook with each impact as I slammed against her. ‘Slap slap slap slap slap’ the slapping noises were loud as I fucked her hard from behind while she leaned over the dressing table. I started fucking Amrita harder, pulling the beautiful lady back towards me over and over again as I drilled my rock hard manhood deep inside her.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" She moaned, feeling my thickness squeeze into her body at a rapid pace. Her tits were bouncing beneath her bra as she took my penis into her needy pussy. She could feel an orgasm stirring within her, and she embraced the feeling. Suddenly, she felt me pull my cock out of her.

She felt me slowly run it up the crack of her ass and her heart pounded with both fear and desire. She felt me probing at her asshole. "No Raghuuu." She protested. "We don’t have time and I am not yet prepared for it." I stared at the sight of my penis pressing against her tight little asshole and was tempted to do it anyway. I had mercy on her.

I grabbed her and spun her around, pushing her back against the dressing table. amrita obediently sat back on it, opening her legs wide for me, placing her beautiful feet on the edge. Her pussy lips were a darker pink from all the action she had been getting, and they were parted slightly, ready for more.

I stood between her legs and she looked down, watching me place that fat helmet of my against Amritag lips. I began to run my cock up and down her slit, rubbing it hard against her clit and sending tingles up her body. "Do you want this?" I asked. "You’re an asshole!" She said, smiling. She was gasping for breath. "Do you want it?" I repeated.

"YES!" She yelled, trying to look angry but failing. I continued rubbing my cock up and down against her horny slit. " I’ll give it to you over and over again. I’ll fuck you all night long and into the morning." My words sent even more tingles of arousal up her body. Amrita closed her eyes, her breath shaky as she felt me continue to manipulate the entrance to her pussy.

She said, Please do it fast, biting her lip. I broke into a smile. "Yeah?" I asked, placing my helmet against the entrance and holding it there. She looked at me with gorgeous black eyes. "Ohhh…I guess so!" She was dying to be penetrated. Her chest was heaving, her bra was still shoved above her breasts.

She looked down between her thighs and watched, as well as felt, my penis slowly slip inside her body. She moaned, watching as inch after inch eased back inside her. It felt so incredible and I was only in her half way! I stopped, looking down at where half of my penis disappeared inside Amrita’s vagina.

She curled her toes over the edge of the dressing table as I began fucking her with just the top half of my cock. I watched the pink lips of her pussy pull outward every time I withdrew my dick, and then fold back inward when I entered her again. I still didn’t slide into her all the way. I was teasing her, using only half my length when I fucked her.

She looked up at me impatiently with her pretty black eyes. Without missing a stroke, I grabbed her bra and lifted it up over her head, still easing only part of my manhood in and out of her needy cunt. Now that I had her completely naked, I grabbed her by her beautiful feet and held them up in the air, forcing her to lean back on her arms. She was completely helpless.

She was at my mercy now. Now I had a great view of the top half of my fat dick stretching her pussy wide. I looked at her and was happy to see the intense desire in her eyes. I slid my entire penis into Amrita’s warm vagina. "Ohhhhhh yessss…" she moaned, closing her eyes as she felt tremendous satisfaction from my entry.

I began to slide in and out of her, watching as my penis pulled the pink lips of her pussy outward each time I withdrew. I raised her such a beautiful feet up to my mouth and kissed over the top of it, not missing a beat with my thrusts, her legs were so beautiful and long that I just wanted to eat them away. She groaned, eyebrows raised as she took that wonderful cock over and over again.

She opened her eyes in time to see me suck her big toe into my mouth. I was truly having my way with Rakesh’s wife!! It was hard to believe that how can such a beautiful married woman was eagerly accepting another guy’s cock inside her pussy over and over! Still fucking her, I slipped her toes out of my mouth and began kissing the bottom of her beautiful foot, looking into her black eyes as I did so.

I loved how warm and tight her pussy was! "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" She moaned, closing her eyes as her cries rose in pitch. I was so hard inside her! She didn’t even notice when I brought her other foot up to my mouth and sucked that toe inside. All she noticed was that rigid penis driving into her needy cunt over and over again.

The dressing table was shaking loudly as I drilled my cock inside her horny pussy. She knew she was about to cum. Her cries grew higher in pitch and volume. I continued sucking on her toes as I slammed my dick into her warmth faster and faster. "OHH! OHHH! UNH! UNH! … … OHHHHHHHH!" Amrita cried, cumming violently.

The inner walls of her vagina were squeezing and releasing my pistoning cock, her entire body grew hot. She was gasping for breath, and I had no mercy as I jackhammered my humongous rod into her even harder, taking her foot away from my mouth. I released her ankles, putting my hands on the edge of the dressing table and gripping it, using it for momentum.

Amrita’s tits were bouncing up and down violently as she struggled to recover. Her head was arched back, and her face was winced as she took my hard pole over and over. Suddenly, the I grabbed her, sliding my hands underneath her ass and lifting her up. Keeping my member inside her, I spun them around and lay her down on the bed, lying on top of her.

I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, and I had a huge desire to blow my load inside her. Holding myself straight up on my arms, I pounded my long cock deep inside Amrita. Her feet were flailing helplessly behind me as I rigid tool slammed into her horny pussy over and over. Her moans were still high pitched, and loud, though her orgasm had subsided.

I was thrusting that fat penis of my in and out of her so quickly! Her ass was bouncing off the bed, meeting each of my hard thrusts and further increasing the tremendous feeling in her vagina. Her tits were bouncing up and down violently, and I was about to lose it. I slid my entire penis inside Amrita’s needy cunt and held it there.

My cock exploded, firing a thick load of my hot seed off the back of her hungry pussy. Her legs tightened around me, holding me in place as I pulsated inside her. Another load of cum shot out the end of my dick and into her depths. She squeezed me tight, moaning. I groaned, wincing as another wad of my semen blasted into Amrita’s eager vagina.

She was gasping for breath, rubbing her crotch against me as she tried to milk every ounce of what I had to offer. Her legs were still around me as the last of my cum dripped into her body. My penis began to soften inside her as both tried to recover. I looked at her, panting. We shared a smile. She was sitting on my crotch now with her back towards me she said again…

”Raghu please leave now..Rakesh will be here any time” she raised herself a bit and leaned forward to pick her undies…her whole ass was being shown to me and it was just a perfect site. I couldn't help but notice how her ass. She came back in same motion and seated on my crotch and we planned to depart.

After fifteen minutes of her seating and our talk, she wasss so pretty that I couldn't help but begin to grow hard – even though we had already cum twice! She could tell that there was a little more pressure pressed against the crack of her ass, and she half smiled. She wriggled her bum against me mischievously. I quickly shot up to full hardness.

I kissed the back of her head, and my hand slid around her body again. I continued softly kissing her hair as I ran my hand over the soft skin of her belly. Her breathing deepened a little as she concentrated on my touch. She pressed her ass against me a little harder, satisfied to feel a solid, hard rod poking out at her and said now get up and leave.

We will be definitely meeting in sometime. It seems I had no fear now and I didn’t wanted to leave at all even if it was a great risk My hand slowly slid up her body until it cupped her naked breast. I could feel Amrita's nipple harden as I squeezed the soft mound of flesh. I slid my hand slowly down her belly, over her belly button, and into her Panties.

I slipped my hand into her panties and ran my fingers through the short curls of her well-trimmed pubic hair. my hand felt the hot moisture of her horny slit. I slowly ran a finger down her slick, sensitive lips. Tingles shot up her body, and Amrita turned her head to me, her mouth searching for mine. I kissed her softly, and she snuck her tongue into my mouth.

I slipped my finger inside her warmth. "Ohhhhh..." she breathed into my mouth, kissing me a little more urgently. My hand was rubbing against her clit as my finger dipped in and out of her warm tunnel. I broke the kiss. "Do you wanna go back for all this?" I whispered in her ear. She nodded, clearly flushed…please finish it fast…believe me he will be here any time…

Amrita was so pissed off by Rakesh half day…and desperately wanted to go in for more action till we are fully satisfied. she immediately dove onto the bed and picked up her cordless phone. I watched her dial as I pulled off my shorts, becoming naked. Tingles shot up her body from her crotch when she saw my rock hard penis stick high up in the air.

It was a good thing that she had already dialed, because she most certainly would have forgotten the number! I knelt on the bed beside her and my hand ran up her smooth, creamy white thigh as she heard the phone ringing. I grabbed her shorts and quickly ripped them down her smooth legs and off.

I then slid my hand up the inside of her thigh and into the side of her panties, caressing her moist pussy lips just as Rakesh answered. "Hello?" Said the voice on the other end. Amrita had called rakesh just to check where he was. She almost forgot to answer as I was stroking her pussy. I smiled at her as I ran my fingers up and down her horny slit.

"Hello!" She said, smiling. Her sexy legs parted a little wider as she spoke to her husband on the phone. "Hey hun.". I dipped a finger inside her hot tunnel, causing her to gasp. "Oh!" She managed to change the tone of her gasp from that of pleasure to that of surprise. "Where are you now?", asked amrita "I am in office honey “ rakesh replied..he continued.

”It seems I will not be able to come soon dear..as I have gor some urgent work to be finished for tomorrow and I might get bit late” Amrita felt much relived andI was happiest man after I heard it and I can also see a sense of excitement in amritas face. I began to move towards her head on my knees, massive cock sticking straight up into the air. Amrita looked at that penis lustfully.

She swallowed. "Okay, Please ring me half an hour before you will be back as I might go to market than." She said. I was now kneeling directly beside her head, my penis right before her eyes! I leaned over her a little, the top of my cock now touched her nose, and she closed her eyes. "No, I got a few minutes to talk." Said a voice. Oh yes rakesh-tell me"

She asked as she felt my penis rub over her cheek. She closed her one eye as my mushroom head rubbed over it. “We can talk later if you have got important work” She was trying not to let her breathing become too heavy. "No, that's alright. I want to talk to you, I promised I will be back by mid day!" Rakesh replied.

I was pressing the top of my penis against Amrita's lips, between them and the phone. She tried keeping her mouth closed so the dick wouldn't go inside as she answered. "So what do you want to talk about?" She opened her mouth and I was quick to stick the tip of my cock inside. Amrita gave me a 'why are you so bad?' look with her eyes as she wrapped her lips around the head of my penis.

Rakesh began to tell her a story about something that happened in office while she ran her lips a little further down my pole. She hadn't realized how far down my dick she went until she felt me touching the very back of her mouth. I eased my manhood out of her mouth, and held it above her face.

If one could see what I could see, one would realize how feared, helpless and feared amrita looked. I laid the length of my penis on her face and rubbed it back and forth over her nose, mouth and cheeks. She parted her lips, kissing at it as it went by. I suddenly aimed it downward at her mouth again, and she eagerly let me slip it inside.

Rakesh was asking her something. "Mmmm?" She asked, with her mouth full. "I said, tell me where you want to go tonight?" Rakesh asked. She pulled my dick out of her mouth with an audible 'pop' noise. "We can go to any place you like." She replied. I backed away a little, grabbing the bottom of her. I pulled it up her bra quickly, revealing her naked breasts.

She pulled the phone away from her ear as she helped me pull off her shirt. "Not just jazz by the bay?" Rakesh asked. "What?" Amrita asked. "Not just jazz by the bay?" Rakesh repeated. Her naked breasts were freed now, and I grabbed each one in my hand and bent towards them. Tingles ran through her body when she watched me suck a nipple into my mouth.

I released that one and wrapped my lips around her other one. "I don't know...anywhere you say." She replied. I released her tits and she watched my hands grab onto the skimpy waistband of her panties. Her breathing grew a little more laboured as she raised her beautiful ass up off my bed and allowed me to pull the dainty things down her legs.

The triangle of her bush became exposed, and the pink swollen lips that it framed. I rolled her tiny underwear down her legs and she pulled first one beautiful foot out of it, and then the other. She was now completely naked while she spoke to her husband on the phone! "...do I need to leave?" She heard me saying.

"Pretty soon, actually. you should probably go and get ready." She whispered, hoping to get off the phone before I fucked her. She knew I was gonna fuck her whether she was ready for it or not, and she didn't want to be on the phone with Rakesh again while I did it! I was kneeling beside her head again, off Amrita her my penis.

Amrita figured she'd better take it before I decides to put it another hole! She opened her mouth, eyes looking down her nose at the cock before her. I was quick to slip it into her mouth, sliding it in as far as I could before her beautiful hand pushed my groin back a little. She almost gagged! Rakesh was saying something, and she was trying to pay attention.

She was relieved to hear that I was launching into a story of my own, and wouldn't require much response from her. I stared at her face, which had most of my cock in it, and I reached down and cupped her pussy with my hand. I dipped a finger into her warm pussy, and was satisfied to see Amrita close her eyes with pleasure.

I slowly slid most of my dick out of her mouth, and then eased it back in. Amrita was humping her hips up against my hand as she sucked hard on my penis. She realized that Rakesh would need a prompt of some sort, to let me know that she was paying attention. "Mmm-hmm?" She said into the phone, her lips around my organ. "I know! Can you believe it?"

Rakesh asked, chuckling. 'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' I could hear the noise at the other end of the phone, but to me it sounded like she was in the kitchen stirring something. Amrita, meanwhile, was looking up at me with her beautiful big black eyes, her lips sliding up and down my fat pole expertly.

My entire shaft was coated with her saliva, and my head was poking at her throat almost every time she took me in her mouth. "Are you having something to eat?" She heard on the phone. She pulled my cock out of her mouth with a 'pop' that was maybe a bit too loud. "I'm having a little something, yes."

She replied, smiling inwardly.I think she just wanted to enjoy it a bit and pack it off and was not much interested over phone. The cock was in her hand was as hard as a rock, and her need to have it inside her was growing. She would have to get Rakesh off the phone. "I should go finish this before I go out." She stated.

"Wait," Rakesh replied, "I forgot to tell you what else happened to me today." She let go of my dick as I turned and put a knee on the bed between her legs. The sense of dread was almost as big as the sense of arousal that went through her. I was gonna fuck her! She would really have to get off the phone! "Can it wait?" She whispered to me, her breath was a little husky. "you should really go now…."

Amrita subconsciously opened her legs a little wider for me as I got my other knee in between them. She was now at my mercy. The entrance to her body was now open for that giant cock. She heard the dreaded answer, but the feeling of disappointment was overcome by the feeling of desire as she watched me bend my dick and placed the mushroom head against the swollen pink lips of her pussy.

"No," Rakesh replied, "it won't take long, don't worry. I was at my desk and..." the rest was just background noise to her as she felt my cock press against the entrance to her cunt. She felt herself slowly open up and allow my head to squeeze inside. She sucked in her breath, holding it as she felt her pussy stretch wide for my probing cock.

She was so wet, both from her arousal as well as my cum from their earlier trysts, that her vagina gave me no resistance. She felt inch after inch slide inside her, and I was moving so slowly that at least three times she thought I was all the way in, only to have me push more of my cock into her body. Finally, she felt my groin press against her.

Whole of me was inside her. "Ohhhh..." she sighed softly, closing her eyes. "What was that?" Rakesh asked. I was holding my cock inside Amrita, enjoying the feeling of warmth that surrounded me, and the tightness that gripped me. "I didn't say anything." Amrita said, eyes still closed. She was trying not to pant into the phone – her pussy was filled to the rim!

She raised her ass off of the bed, grinding her pussy against my groin. She couldn't help it! "Oh." Rakesh replied. "I thought I heard moaning." It was probably the TV –. I slid most of my cock out of Amrita. I looked down and could see the top of my penis stretching the pink lips of her vagina wide. I was holding herself high above her, looking down at her.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me. She was begging me to stop with her eyes, yet at the same time was begging me to enter her. I slammed my giant member into her twat as hard as I could. "Ungh!" She groaned, trying to turn her face away from the phone as she felt her body fill up again.

She was partially successful – Rakesh still heard her, but it wasn't very loud. "Oh – it was the, uh, TV." She answered into the phone, unable to disguise the fact that she was out of breath. Rakesh was saying something, but she no longer cared. I was now fucking the shit out of her. I was holding myself up on my arms and was drilling my cock into her hungry pussy over and over.

Her long legs curled over my ass and beautiful feet were in the air, flailing above my thrusting ass. Her creamy white tits were bouncing up and down violently, each time my cock shot up into her. She covered the mouthpiece of the phone with her thumb. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" She groaned, over and over.

Her pussy was tingling like crazy, and she could feel the stirrings of an orgasm on its way. I bent and covered her mouth with mine, kissing her hard without stopping my thrusts.. She was breathing heavily into my mouth now as I stuck my dick deep in her cunt as hard as I could. She managed to stop moaning, but she was gasping for breath into my mouth.

The whole scenario had both me and Amrita turned on immensely. I was hard as a rock inside her! Even though I had already shot my load twice that evening already, I wasn't sure how much longer I could last in a situation like this! I stopped thrusting for a moment, holding my giant member inside her warm, snug pussy.

I threw her left leg over my right shoulder, and her right leg over my left shoulder. I held myself up above her, looking down at her. Amrita's beautiful feet were on either side of my head, and she was looking up at me helplessly, panting. "Why are you breathing hard?" rakesh asked. She realized that I hadn't spoken in about ten seconds.

Whole cock was inside her, and she watched me turn and kiss her foot, licking at her big toe. "I, uh," she said, trying to steady her voice, "just walked downstair to throw waste bag", sucked her toe into my mouth and then let it go, beginning to thrust into her wanting cunt again. "Oh. You're really out of shape, man!" rakesh exclaimed.

Amrita was wincing, having a hard time concentrating on the phone again as she took tmy huge member inside her eager vagina over and over. "Yeah..." she agreed, her voice not very steady. Her calves were on me and I was feeding her my dick! I was fucking her harder, watching her mid size. a bit fleshy tits bounce up and down with the movement.

I was now fucking her as hard as I possibly could, my manhood shooting in and out of her like a piston. She loved how wide I was stretching her pussy, and she could feel every inch of me slide along the inner walls of her cunt. "Okay, I'll let you rest." Said the voice on the phone. Amrita didn't answer. She had turned her head so that her face was pressed against a pillow, muffling her moans.

I was losing it. Her cunt was gripping my dick so tightly each time I slid into her! I jackhammered in and out of her a few more times before sliding my entire penis into Amrita's vagina, holding it there. I gritted my teeth, feeling my cock jerk inside her cunt. A thick, hot wad of my seed shot off the back of her womb as I pressed my groin tightly against her.

"Okay." She panted, almost in a whisper. my penis swelled again and unleashed another hot load of semen deep inside her hungry vagina. I groaned, wincing, more cum pouring out of me. "Alright." rakesh said, "I love you." "Bye!" She breathed, hanging up. "Oh God!" Amrita moaned, rubbing her pussy against my groin, milking every drop of semen that I had to offer.

Her legs wrapped around me, squeezing me close to her as the last of my sperm dripped into her, she was trying to get hold of my lips to suck it hard. I collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath. "Ohhhh...I can't believe we just DID that!" She exclaimed. I smiled, kissing her lips agressively.

I lay on top of her for a while, growing soft inside her as we talked about what we had just done. By shortly after 3, I rolled off of her, my soft penis slipping out of her full vagina. two of us fell asleep beside one another and I left her place by 4.30. After this incident we were not able to meet each other for a while but we used to exchange phone calls and used to chat.

Later after 3 months I guess..rakesh went onsite for a month and I stayed over amritas place for over 2 weeks..both of us fucking together in almost every corner of her house and no holes were left un explored…We experimented a lot during these fantastic days and during this time only we introduces Amritas friend swati in our leisure activity…Will share that episode as well with you guys..till then enjoy !!!

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As in every arranged marriage and mine was too, it takes about a year or a year & half for both the partners to adjust to each others likes, dislikes, tastes, culture & background, etc, it so happened that my wife had gone to her mother's place, against my wish, during this period of adjustments, and I was a sad man.

That time my Bhabhi took control of the situation. She & I were alone in the house one day and I was sulking in my bedroom on my bed, when she came in and asked me as to why I was looking so sad, was it because my wife had gone to her mother's place? To which I replied yes. She came near me and I sat up on my bed and she took my face near her boobs and caressed me.

She then kissed me on the forhead and then my cheeks and said that I need not worry as she was there and she then kissed me on my lips taking my sulking face in her hands. She then made me stand up and kissed me hard and took my arms around her waist and pressed her body against mine.

I started feeling horny and kissed her as hard as I could and pressed her body tight against my body, feeling her medium size boobs on my chest. Sensing that I was getting excited, she starting opening the buttons of her blouse, which were in the front and took out her boobs from her bra. She then put my mouth to one of her boob and I sucked really hard.

She then took my mouth to her other boob and held it up in her hands for me to suck. It was a nice feeling to suck other boobs than my wifes. I then put my hand to her choot from outside the saree and started fondling it. She then picked up her saree & petticoat to expose her choot. And seeing it I rubbed my fingers & hand through her pubic hair and then her choot.

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this went on for a while and she started to undo my pants, I removed my pant and panty and stood with my erect cock only with my t shirt and I could see near the sofa vani sitting and seeing what all we are doing, I pretended not to see her.

then slowly I hugged shashi and was trying to shove in the standing position and what a entry it was with her sexy words flowing out, and one side all the sexy word on the tv coming then I slowly took her to sofa and mouted her pussy in the missionary style and vani could see only my ass pounding on shashi, guys on that day for this occasion I had taken a penegra 100 mg

tablet it was making my cock feel like made out of steel, and the way shashi was reciprocationg for my fucking was great, this went of for abt 15 mts and she almost had couple of oragsms and seeing her face like that I left my control and fi filled her pussy with my cum. she jst lay for a little while I got up and went sat on the other side and she went to vani

who was sitting in the dark and cought her hand nad pulled her to the front of me and told this is vani, I got up slowly went to her ran my hands on her cheeks and could feel her trembling, I said not to worry and gave a passionate hug and ran my hand on her back and stated to kiss from her ears to cheeks and onto her lips,

I could feel my half erect cock rubbing her pussy, I slowly pushed my toung in and out of her mouth with my hands caressing her buttoks and pressing them so that her pussy touches my cock. i took her slowly to the bedroom with shashi following us and I put her on bed, I went on her and she was not willing to spread her thighs and I forcibly separated them

and started to kiss her thighs and went staright to her pussy, oh god it was so wet and her juices covered all over my face and I was getting mad with that taste, I started to suck and bite her nipples and seeing this shashi also came on bed and came on her face and possitioned her pussy to vanis mouth and started rubbing her pussy to vanis mouth,

oh god all my cum what was in her pussy was now going to her mouth and she lay enjoying it, when vani was distracted with all shashi pussy sucking I started to push my hard cock in her pussy and I could feel her wriggle here and there but the exitement was more to overcome alll the pain, in few minutes I was all inside her chuth I told shashi to give way

and I started stroking my hard cock in slow rythms and got into full speed, I could see little tears coming frm her eyed but didnt stop me, I fucked her in this motion for abt 15 mts and suddenly with a hard bang I loaded my cum in her pussy, I laid on her like a dead man for a few mts, and slowly retracted my cock, and went to wash room.

when I came back shashi and vani were sitting with all smiles and said, so BOSS WHEN WILL BE THE NEXT FUCK, I had a hearty laugh and they showed the bed sheet with little blood stains what had come vani, hey man at this age with the permission of a virgin girl to fuck was great thats all I can say, we all got dressed up I gave a nice lip lock kiss to both for having given the wonderfull time and I left.

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I am Nitin from kanpur here to describe you my next encounter with a collegue and my what to say friend bina name changed and it happened when I was working in kolkata let me describe her she was 22 and was not so fair but had a very sexy body and had 32c boobs which I used to stare every time.

Whenever I saw here I used to get erection in my pants and we work in the same co. as a cashier and she used to file up imp docs. and we used to talk almost everything and she was very close to meand I also used to help her and in my mind I always had a feeling that when I would get a chance to screw her up

and we used to work in the same shop and we were on the cash counters always as all the files and imp papers were kept there and the counter was high so that if we sit down only our body above the waist can be seen so I used to drop her imp papers down and when she bends down to pick the paper I used to see her cleavage and enjoy her boobs but fear of telling this to her.

but I knew one thing that whenever I used to stare her boobs while she bends down and if she saw me staring her she doesnt say anything just give me a naughty smile and carry on with her work. this gave me more courage to exprees my sex needs to her but I didnot proceed in this till.

one day she came with a low cut top and jeans in which she was looking damn sexy and as soon I saw her my dick raised up and my sex desires awakened she came inside the counter greeted me and smiled I also greeted her then ass usual I droped some papers of hers and she bent to pick and as I was having erection in my pant and it was paining

I saw that most part of her boobs were visible I got so stucked up in her boobs wraped in her white bra that she saw me staring her and she said what happened nitin. I got in my senses and was trying to hide the bulge in my pants then she smiled again and this time it was very naughty smile and she said I know what r u looking at

and what do you want I said like I dont know antthing "what I want" she said I know u thoughts and know what you want and then I also knew that she is also my type. thne I came close to her and said in her ears that I saw her in my dreams and used to think of her alll night.she said then what do you want I said that I want to love you she smiled

and boldly said I also loved u and I always knew you want to say something. then I got more courage and said I want to kiss you she said not now come to my house tonight as my parents are going outstaion on a relatives marriage.

I said then I will drop u at you home and then enjoy our love she said control nitin u r going crazy as others are also thier are some peoples around then I calm down and in the night we I droped to her home in my bike and she said to come inside her house I get in with her and closed the door and then I took her in my arms and we both were madly kissing each other

and were I was holding here in my arms tightly and my toungue was playing with her toungue then my hand moved infront and got hold of her boobs and I was playing with her boobs and kissing then while kissing I took her up and carried her to her bedroom then closed the door and I broke the kiss and then asked her to get nude

and make me also nude she said darling you make me nude I would love you do it. Then I strted to make her nude and kissing the parts which were getting exposed while taking off the clothesand she was getting aroused by this and moaning oooohhhh……Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Then I asked her now to take off my clothes to which she agreed and strted to take off my clothes and when she dropped my undies down my 8’ cock got up like a spring and touched her lips as she was on her knees and she got hold of it and started sucking and licking it I would accept she was a good sucker and she remined me of my first love sonal maaan bcoz

she used to suck my cock like this then I took her up and make her lie on the bed and started licking her clit and we were in 69 position and were licking each other I was licking her cunt and she was licking my cook she was so god in licking that she made me cum in her mouth within 10 min. then I also complimented her and make her cum three times

and while licking I inserted my fingers in her cunt also to which she moaned loudly and said nitin I love you and tonight I m all urs do what you want to do with me no one is there to stop you. I'm all yours fuck me up and said to company her there for all the three days and night as she also love me on hearing this I thought that my dreams of getting her love will now be true

and I got more exited and started kissing her all over and sucking her boobs and her moans were getting louder and louder and the whole room filled up with her soft sounds of ooooohhhhhhhhh aaahhhhhhh hhhhmmmmmmm and was also getting mad in kissing her after one hour of kissing and licking she was so hot that she said nitin

“ab bahut ho gaya aur saha nahi jata ab dalo do apna meri chut mein aur mujheapna banalo jaan” and on saying this she stared pulling my cock towards her pussy and placed it at its enterence and said nitin “bas ab ghusa do isse aur phad do meri chod, bana do mujhe ladki se aurat” and I tried to pushed my cock inside her but her pussy was tight and my cock

cannot go inside her in 1 jerk so I pushed again hard and in three jerks my cock penetrated inside her and she was in pain and I asked is it hurting or paining she said do what you want I want to make love with u and enjoy these days with you completely I m all yours then I started with soft inwards and outwards moments and her pain disappeared

in pleasures of our love making and we both were enjoying it and she was also cooperating with me in this love making. Then after some time her boby started to tighthen up and I knew she was about to explode and I was also near my cumming and I stared humping fer fast and hard and we both explode almost at the same time and

I cummed inside her pussy and filled my cum inside her and my cock got limp inside her but I did not pulled it out kept it there and we both got exhausted and be in each other arms and lie on the bed after some time we got up and we both got up and get inside the bathroom to clean up and then inside the bathroom again we got locked in kissing

and sucking each other after a little shower we both came out get something to eat and then again came to the bedroom and again started our fucking session and we both planned to took off for the next two days and enjoy our love as there will be no tomorrow and we both enjoyed fucking each other in all possible ways in those three days and I loved her very much.

I may admit that this was my best ever fuck which I had with my college cum friend and then our affair moved on for next one year and we made love almost every where where ever we got the chance of making love but her parents arranged her marriage and they want to marry her daughter in their own caste of Bengalis.

And she would not betray her parents and accepted it and then I came back to Kanpur and settled her in my new job but I still love hot girls and love to satisfy their hunger of sex and enjoy myself with them but taking one thing in mind that if their emotions and privacy is not disclosed. So readers sorry if I made some mistake in between as I m not a good writer.

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Hi readers this is shashi here, who has been having good fun with my boss, I work as his secy. My sir is sitting here with me and asked me to narrate in my words how I made my maid have sex with me. With all the fun I had with my boss, I really wanted to seduce my maid so that we can have the three some, she is very cute and not very fair,

it was a sunday my hubby had gone to his parents house and I took the courage to talk to this girl, her name is vani. for the past several days I had been putting my arms on her and hugging her when she did good job and all I had made her comfortable for my body touch with her.

I called her to my room and said vani I would get you a new churidhar and one set of undergarments and all if you could help me with some thing, she said what akka you have to ask na ? u command me I will do anyhting for you, so I told I am feeling like having a nice oil bath why cant you apply oil for my hair and body, immediately she replied why not akka,

it will be my previlage to massage you without knowing what I really wnated. so she started applying oil on my hair standing in front as I was sitting on the chair and my face was near her breasts, I just felt like hugging them and feel those young bossoms, after that she started putting that cocnut oil on my hands,

at that point I said let me take out my nighty as it may get stained and removed it, I was not wearing any bra but I was only in my panties, I could see from the corner of my eyes she was staring at my body, I told her I would lie down and she can put oil to my back, and I slept on the bed with facing down,

she applied for a while and then I told her why cant u sit on my hips and put so that she gets good pressure, she was very hesistant so I got up and told her not be shy as we both were girls and that she should also remove her skirt and blouse before it gets oil stains and started to un button her blouse, she was feeling very shy but before she knew what was happening I was undressing her,

with only her panty she mounted on me and massged my back and it was my turn to show her my front side, as I turned I bent up and removed my panty also, she kept staring at my clean shaved pussy, I asked her why is she starring and she smiled, so I knew this episode she had beagn to like, and I told her to remove her panty too,

and I helped her remove, what a sight it was as her pussy had her first silky hair, when she sat on top of me I made both the pussys were touching and I guided her oily hand to massage my breasts and she stated to like it. As she did I was caressing her thighs and I kept admiring her body and told her her breasts also need a massage to grow well

and she smiled and I took some oil to my hand and started massaging her breast, she was enjoying it to core and I stared to press my pussy on to her, with this I knew nothing to stop now and I told that I would come on top of her, and I totally slept on top of her hugging and whispered let the body to bady have massage,

with both our breasts touching and pressing one another I started to kiss her cheeks and slowly moved to her lips she whispered, akka what are you doing to me, I replied we are just trying to enjoy each other lets do it and kissed her and slowly pushed my toung into her mouth, and my hands slowly went down to her pussy I spread her thighs apart

and opened her pussy lips and started to explore, she started to moan and enjoy, I started to finger fuck her and whispered her todo the same with me, we enjoyed it and within few minutes she had the orgasm and was tired,but I was hot I mounted on her face and positioned my pussy to her lips and started to rub and asked her to suck,

it was her first time but not bad she did quite well, even I was nearing the orgasm I made her lick up all my juice and shivered with my orgasm. we lied down side by side chatting what we did with occasional kissing and fondling each other breasts and slowly explained things that we could enjoy with a responsible male and I told that if we both join we can enjoy with my sir,

as he knows what do when and how, she hesistatingly accpted, anyway I will have few more sessions before we have the threesome, then we got up and went for bath, I shaved her pussy for her as it was her first time and again finger fucked her on the pretext of putting soap and she too did with wantingness and we both came out of bath and got ready as it was my hubby time to come.


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