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Sex lessons with Munimmama

My dady had a very honest and faithful servant called Muniappa. He came to our house in very young age and because of his trustworthiness he was taken into confidence by all of us. He grew up into a handsome young man fair and tall. He knows what all are the likings and disliking of my dad and mum.

He went to the market and bought all sorts of things for the kitchen and family. I and my brother were brought up by him. He went and bought our text books, got our uniforms stitched, came with us to the gate of the school, carried our lunch boxes. When my brother had chicken pox, he used to sit with him and feed him.

When I had my first menstruation he bought the sanitary pad. My parents had practically no role in our life. When studying late for the exams, he used to sit with us till we go to sleep. We considered him more than our uncle loved and respected him. He used to wear only dhothis and kurthas, and we had never seen him wear any pants.

He was well known among the family members who saught his assistance during special functions like marriages etc. He was a good organizer and would remember what all things are necessary for such special occasions. None our parents ever thought of getting him married. My parents affectionately called him Muni and we called him Muniuncle or Munimmama.

One day during summer, my fan in the bedroom was put on full speed and I could not sleep because of the heat. Munimmama who used to sleep in the corridor on a mere mat was sleeping well mildly snoring. I was full of jealousy and went and lied near him. He did not know that there is strange bed fellow for him. My parents were in their a/c bedroom.

They never used to allow us to sleep with them since they had their own business to perform during the night. The coolness of the floor was more comfortable than the fluffy bed. I just slept over. Sometime in the midnight when Munimmama woke he was shocked to see me lying by his side. With his strong hands he lifted me and placed me softly in my bed.

Next day he scolded me for sleeping on the floor along with him. He asked me to wake him if I dont get sleep. In the night I was watching TV and then I went to bed and called Munimmama. He came and sat on a stool by my side and was massaging my feet and asked me to close my eyes and try to sleep.

His massage was very comfortable and I felt a strange sensation in my groins. I asked him to massage softly upto the knee. He was sleepy and I could see him dozing off. But he was massaging me from knee downwards. I asked to massage my thigh also. Sleepingly he ran his hand over my both thighs.

I felt unusual wetness in my panties and I pulled his hands a little upwards and he continued to run his hands from the seem of my panties without of course knowing what repercussions it makes in me. I took his one hand and placed it on my hard virgin boob. Suddenly he woke up and scolded me and said I will touch that area and you should not allow anybody to touch it.

Instead he ran his finger through my hair in the head and massaged it mildly. It felt sleepy and slept off. Then onwards this massaging became a regular affair. He did not tough my boobs but massaged my thighs and head. Once as he was massaging I dropped my hand as if by accident on his crotch and found his cock was in semi erect condition.

I did not remove my hand and allowed it to remain there. Munimmama also did not remove it. I found that his cock was pulsating and was rising into hardness. I just put my fingers into his dhothi and caught hold of his erect cock. Shocked he woke and hit and threw my hand away and said dont do such things.

It took me more than a week to make him hold his cock in my hand and massage it. After about a month's persuation, he was willing to massage my boobs and pussy. Another two months of hard work I made him lick my pussy and clit. He used to lick my pussy and clit and bring me to orgasm and I used to shake his cock and made him to shoot his cum.

He learned new tricks in the licking the cunt and tongue fucking and now he is an expert cunt licker. I used to sit on his face and bury his face into my cunt. All our adventures were during the night time when everyone else go to sleep. Once when my parents were out of station and my brother was away on a college picnic, We did it in the upstairs room.

Both naked and his cock strong and erect and I sucked it continuously for 15 minutes and brought him to orgasm and his cum shot into my mouth was swallowed by me. When I asked him to fuck me he refused and said that will be the most dishonest thing he will ever do. On the next similar occasion when my parents were away I took him upstairs

and made him to lie on his back and straddled him and took his cock to rub my clit. With my hand I opened my cunt lips and inserted his cock inside my cunt and it went in. Though he protested I managed to lie down on him and his entire cock was deeply buried inside my cunt. Then he relented and I moving up and down had a glorious fucking and orgasm for both of us.

Since I was nineteen and not very much interested in the academic pursuits, were searching for a bride groom. Then found a US based boy and marriage was fixed. My efforts in fulfillng sex ambitions were progressing well with the help of Muni.

We were fucking at least once or twice on all days except the days when I am menstruating. Two days prior to the marriage day we had a final fucking of three times of which twice I on top and one he on top. After marriage my husband was very sexually active and he fulfilled all my sexual needs.

But I cannot forget the Munimmaman for being an effient student of all my lessons. After I left for US with my husband I heard that Munimmaman got married to a young village girl and moved away from our house.

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Hot Liza fucked by Mohan

There is a saying that if a girl is determined, there is nothing to stop her. I am narrating a story of similar kind when the girl was being fucked every day by a man who has taken a shop room from the girl's father for rent. He was doing artwork for photo studios and was earning handsomely. He worked mainly during night time, keeping the front door of the shop closed.

His room was air conditioned and hence there was no problem of heat. There as a small cubicle which he used as his bed room. There was a door which was opening up to the rear where the owner of the building stayed. This door was bolted from other side so that the shop tenant cannot open it.

This man Mohan was a friend of mine and we used to meet almost daily and he used to narrate to me the story of his involvement with the daughter of the house owner. Mohan said one day he heard the knock on the rear door at about 11.30 pm, and when he opened he saw Mary standing and wanting to come inside.

She said the hot blast of hot air from the aircon was hitting her bedroom window and it was extremely hot inside her bedroom. She studied the window structure and without incurring additional expenditure the direction of the air conditioner cannot be changed. She thought she will spend some time in the cool air in the shop and then go to her room for sleeping.

Mohan looked at her. He said she was a real beauty with medium sized erect boobs, sharp eyes, nice passionate look in her face, big ass and thighs etc. She came in a housecoat but all her curves were clearly visible. Mohan while working was sitting bare bodied with only a lungi wrapped around his waist.

He had to do lot work on the computer to prepare for the artwork and hence he did not like to be disturbed. He told her, Liza, was her name not to disturb him because he had to complete the work and return it to his customer on the following day. Liza did not like his reply. She thought he will immediately grab her and start kissing her.

But Mohan was very cool and was busy with his work. Liza looked around and started to question about his work and other matters. He told her to go and sleep in his bed in the cubicle and when he finishes his work he will awaken her and send her to her house. She got up leaned over his shoulder to look at the monitor of the computer, and her boobs were pressed against his shoulders.

He knew she is purposely doing this to distract him and the girl is in heat and needs a deep fuck. He asked her to go to her house and prepare a cup of tea and bring it to him. Liza immediately rushed to her home and within five minutes came back with a hot cup of tea and some biscuits. While placing it on the table she purposely brushed her boobs on his elbow.

Mohan thought why miss a chance which is readily available. He just got up and took a biscuit in his hand and with the other hand he just held her boob. She did not resist. He gave a hard press and she just looked up and showed in her eyes that she enjoyed his act. After finishing the biscuit he held her both boob with his both hands and pressed them.

She got closer to him and was hugging him Mohan without speaking anything lifted her housecoat and was searching for her chooth. She raised the bottom of his lungi and caught his semi erect lund. She kneeled on the floor and too his entire lund in her mouth and her tongue was playing with his lund.

Mohan said he sat in a stool and leaned over and held her boobs and nipples and was kneading them. Making her to raise her hands he lifted her housecoat and to his surprise he found her totally nude without any undergarments. She was a real beauty, with flat navel and scanty hair in the public area. She was fully aroused.and so was he. They needed no more foreplay.

He guided her to his cubicle and made her to lie down in his bed and made her to widen her legs. With a small pen torch he opened her cunt lips and examined her clitoris and the hole. His finger touch of her clitoris made her to moan and asked him to twist her clit. But Mohan wanted to taste her and hence he kneeled over and touched her clit with his tongue.

He was wondering how soon he could bring the girl to suck his lund. He continued to suck her clit and she with half closed eyes was moaning softly. Suddenly she tightened her knees against his temples which showed she had her first big orgasm. Mohan got up and took his tool and rubbed its tip on the clit and the whole cunt. He looked at her and was enjoying her beauty.

His hands were pressing her boobs and twitching her nipples when his lund was pressed in the hole. When it slipped away Liza took it and placed it in the entrance of the hole. and asked him to press without causing pain. She said it is the first time such a big lund is being inserted in her cunt. Mohan slowly pressed it in.

The fluid flow from her cunt was copious and made the entry easy in the third attempt. His cock tightly placed entirely inside her cunt, he relaxed and asked her whether she had never been fucked by any one at all. She opened her eyes and nodded her head indicating negative reply. She urged him to go on fucking.

Mohan made slow action at first and then started his movement in and out faster. He saw tears flowing from her eyes due to pain, but she did not complain. Mohan fucked her briskly for about five minutes and suddenly he found her muscles tighten and her legs were wound around his waist and with her hands she hugged him tightly.

Obviously she had a big orgasm and moaning loudly she kissed him profusely. But mohan had not reached his orgasm. He went on fucking and when it came he shot his cum into cunt in spurts. She enjoyed the new sensation. He murmured into her ears that his fluids have gone into her cunt, is she not afraid of pregnancy.

She told him that her marriage is to take place the next month and even if she is pregnant it does not matter. She was ready for the next fuck. He asked her to ride on him like a horse riding. She sat on him with her legs on either side of his hip. She tried to insert his cock into her pussy. It was not going.

Mohan keeping his hand behind her guided his cock inside her cunt and it went smoothly in. Liza was jumping up and down. Mohan's cock traversed through many sensitive spots in her cunt which made her crazy. He manipulated her clit and massaged her dangling boobs. The girl started cooing and crying out of ecstasy. She refused to come down.

Somehow he managed to get her down and wiped all his fluids in her house coat and she too wiped her fluids in her coat. She said her parents were away for the night and that is why it was the most convenient day for her to come otherwise she was planning the trip to his shop for quite a long time. However she promised to come whenever she gets a chance.

She went back to her house reluctantly. But she kept her promise. She used to come on alternative days and get fucked for the whole night. This practice continued till she got married. But whenever she used to visit her home alone she used to knock his door and come in and enjoy his fuck. This girl came from an orthodox Christian family but she was determined to enjoy sex and she found a way luckily and my friend Mohan was her partner.

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First Time Sex With Virgin Aunty Suja

Im 27 yr old from Mumbai, the most celebrated and happening city on earth and this story is about the adultery (I still love to call it so) that I committed when I was 18 with my aunty (my mom's friend), Suja. Flash back - 9 years ago, Summer of 2000 Suja was then 27, unmarried virgin, who used to address and treat my mom as a sister and we used to call her aunty.

Till I was 16, I never had any thoughts for her or saw her with lust in my eyes. Suja used to stay with her sister's family in a nearby society and used to frequent my home in the evenings. Infact there has been a couple of instances wherein I have seen her in awkward positions (as in sexually turning-on) but I never thought much about it until this happened one day.

Suja's sisters family had gone to native and she was staying alone that summer as she was working here with an MNC. My mom used to visit her in the evening and she used to have dinner either at my place or we sent it to her place in the evening( with mom going there mostly). But this evening of Saturday, mom had to go out with dad to attend a reception and would come home late.

She asked me to take the food to her place at 8 or call her home for dinner and left. I always admired Suja's beauty who is 34 D boobs with a round protruding ass, a 34-28-36 that fascinated me. But she was never at the centerstage of my wild fantasies till somebody changed the plans for me. I reached her home at 8, but cursed her becoz it was locked.

I thought of waiting there for a while, met a friend from there and stood chit chatting when I finally saw her arriving at 8.30pm.She was very apologetic for making me wait, she asked me to sit and went in to fetch some water. by the time I informed her that mom had left me to have dinner alone at home.

She suggested we could have dinner together at my home and she'll accompany me after changing so that we have each others company. She went inside saying that and there was no noise for 5 -10 minutes with the noise of just water tap opening. By the time the bell rang and there was this vendor who sells bread and egg regularly in our society enquiring for the same.

I asked him to wait a sec and went in to find and ask Suja. I didn't see her in the bed room, the bathroom was open and the tap I heard was on.. out of my habit at home I went in to turn off the and to my shock I saw Suja in there dressed in nothing but her bra and panties, a white bra and red panty with her mellon protruding out.

Dumb found I was, the voice leaked from my firm throat as I spelled her name unknowingly S..u.j.a, she turned around as if everything was normal and with no fuss asked what happened, who's at the door? and when I said who it was she said to convey 'no' to him. I obeyed to what she said totally dumb found at what I had seen but was surprised by her reaction.

My dick had already started leaping out of the elastic within. I was even more surprised when I heard a voice calling Avinash and I went in. I was tempted to have a hearty look at her mellon and so was grabbing guts to peep in. Then she asked me where had my mom gone.. when I peeped in to the bathroom to answer,

I had my face on her red panty with her ass facing me and moving up and down. She was washing some clothes, her face facing opposite towards the wall and her wonderful round buttocks swaying around giving a glimpse of her cunt hair and her hanging mellons trying to free themselves from the white elastic.

As she was washing her face and talking, I was massaging my tool which was loosing direction and fighting itself out from where it was meant to be. With a minimum of fuss she came out, adjusted her bra and dressed in front of me chatting to me and we both left for home for dinner..

I made up my mind that day that my only way to Nirvana is the hairy cunt which had left me breathless that night. I masturbated two times and went off to sleep plotting my adultery move. The next morning I asked mom whether I could take the breakfast for her and not knowing what was behind my innocence asked me take idlis to her place.

I was so excited this time.. when I rang the bell I saw the goddess who was right in front of me in a black T-shirt and khaki shorts fresh from sleep. I asked her to freshen up and have break fast and invited her for lunch as stated by mom. She said will I wait so that she had my company back home and I agreed promptly.

We started chatting about all the stuff that goes around in college with me when she was finishing of with her work in the morn. She said she will have a bath and come and went in the bathroom. As we continued conversing, she didn't lock the door and I got a good peep from the sides when she was washing her sari and the previous day dresses in the same outfit,

a red panty and a white bra. She asked me whether I had a girl friend and to answer this I went to the door of the bathroom looked right in and said not so far. Sensing that she didn't have any problem I said u have a nice figure, she looked back at me and laughed. I still couldn't gather courage to make a move.

I thought I would give away the best chance of my life to have the goddess. As she washed the cloth I kept watching her ass and boobs with want and desire. I was surprised when se asked me whether I could apply soap on her back if I didn't mind. I said to myself I have got an opportunity that I have waited all the while.

I agreed as I closed the door removed my shirt so that I doesn't get wet. She was in a bra and almost completely wet (as in literally), I told her she will make me have bath again to which she giggled and replied.. Y not?

That was I thought the signal and I started applying the soap. I asked her whether I could remove her hook for which she promptly agreed and here goes the mellons free which have been held arrested for so long. Now the only person arrested in the entire room was my tool which was struggling all long. She enjoyed the massage a I moved my hands down.

As I went near her waist, I gathered courage and put my hands in her panty and in between her ass. I put a lot a foam in between her ass and massaged hard with fingering her asshole in between,as I saw her biting lips and closing eyes. I was adjusting the tool continuously as it was getting wet and harder. She suddenly said stop.. and a current went thru me.

I thought I had committed a blunder by going so fast too soon and my fantasy would meet a premature end. She opened her eyes, turned towards me and said--- now from the front. I was delighted with joy as she closed her eyes and guided my hands to her juices. I took a taste of her round mellons when she moaned.aaaahhh.

I took her hand and guided it to my tool which she plucked free from all the cotton around. Here we are bare and naked under the shower. There was guilt in both of our eyes but we knew we had succumbed to our fragile humanly needs and by no means did we want to let it go away. She guided my tool into her unshaven pussy.

With half a dozen breathtaking and moaning jerks I had cum, removing my tool out spread the cum on her boobs which she was licking and applying in her arse. She asked me to go rear fingering and front jerkin. We did round of that sweating jerks under shower with much fun and a lot of pain.

We came out rubbed each other, but the thirst in our eyes was desperate. We got on to incesant smooching for 15 mins, then got into each other all nude for the third time, this time she was lying on the bed with her legs facing skywards and I was getting into her valley with 6 and half hard on with ruthlessness.

There was blood, there was pain, there was anxiety, there was madness, there was fun, there was above all a never ending thirst. We have made love since then more than 3 dozen times, but every time we get an opportunity we are as wild about each other as we were the first time. I have been an admirer of wild sex for long but having it was the ultimate ecstasy.

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Imran fucking neighbourhood aunty

Hi guys .This is Imran I live in islamabad I am very big fan of human digest and I have been reading stories for about 3 years this is my first story ever I told to any body and this is 100% true story which happened to me. My English is bit on weaker side so plz don't mind and I don't know tha way to write my story

but here is my little effort to let u guys know about my sex experience with a sexy lady First let me tell u about myself I am a typical Pakistani guy with a fair looks I had 6 feet and 2 inches height athletic body with 6.5 inches cock.I am working in a charted accountant firm here in Islamabad in Blue Area and my age is 22 years

I had just passed level 2 of ACCA and now doing my article ship now lets come towards the story as I am very fond of aunties bt I never had the luck to fuck them the thing I like most is the bog boobs of aunties and their sexy nipples if am lucky enough to peep on them in someway.

This happened to me one day when I got off from my office I went to Karachi company to meet my friend there and then we make program of some shopping and went to G9 markaz and we did not find our choice suddenly I saw a aunty with very bog boobs and very nice ass guys she had a flat abdomen

I thought at that moment that she may be un married bt later I came to know she was married with two kids she was dam sexy I cannot remove my eyes from her what a figure she had I must say her husband must be a lucky man to enjoy her beauty and not all guys get such beautiful brides so lucky him many guys around her house or who had ever watched her must had

masturbation sessions on her name so when our eyes meet she turned away I was very disappointed at the time and she was with her husband but when I entered another shop she also come in that shop with her husband and now again i gave her a little smile and surprisingly she replied the same she gave me a little smile now I got confidence that lady is hot

and there is a chance to try my luck so I got paper from shopkeeper and wrote my mobile number and e mail address and secretly gave it to her so that her husband may not noticed and when her husband was busy in seeing some shoes and she again smiled at me and got my number after a few days I just completely forgot the incident but at next Monday

I got call from that lady she told me that her name is samina she is 30 years married for 4years and with 2 children an with figure 38-28-34 she was not much beautiful but she had a sexy body that every man could get mad about her I must say her husband must be enjoying her company ever since they got together so after that day we started talking on phone regularly as I had not

much time in day so I use to talk at night she asked for friendship at that time I thought that I am looking to fuck her bt she is asking for something else so I accepted her offer hesitatingly and our conversation continued over phone for almost two weeks. later she told me that she is bored with her husband sex activity and he did not cares about her and he is bit lazy and she

wants crazy sex hearing that I got wild but I kept my feelings I knew that I had luck in my favor so I said to her there may be some problem with her husband he may be tired after office he will be soon able to satisfy her but she said that he has lost interest in sex and in her too after the birth of second child so there was nothing to say by me, her husband works for CDA and she

told me that her husband enjoys with girls outside in hotels and etc and he had betrayed her and now she wants to get revenge by having sex secretly and enjoying sex so I told her that its okay if there is some thing I could do please tell me that she told me that can you meet me some place so that day we meet at F6 super market she had her children with her bt we spent

some time together and that day she was wearing sexy outfit I told her u r looking dam sexy she just shyly said u r joking after two days she phoned me that can u come over my house I said if I got time in evening I will defiantly come and with in these days we started phone sex and I didn't went to her house that day because I was afraid that it may not get wrong than she

called me and I told her that I am busy in my office and I asked her I will visit her only when her husband will be away,hearing that she was very upset and sorry. few days passed I goy call from samina she told me that her husband will be going for some work to texla after 2 days and she wanted me to meet at her place so that night I decided to go after thinking enough so I got

day off from my office and got a bath and got well dressed and done my under shave and went to F8 sector where she lives and I brought a nice cake for her birthday as earlier she told me that day is her birthday so I thought that things are going in my way. when I reached her house I ring the bell and there she came and bring me to her living room I noticed that there was no one

at home except us so ring my in my mind started ringing that today I will have my share of aunty fuck that we had lunch together and the a cup of coffee than I asked her where are other family members she said that there is no one just she lives with her husband and children and after some formal chat I shifted the topic about her life with her husband than she turned sad

after some silence I said I will help you to get rid of such situation as am your friend then she got some confidence and looked at me with meaningful eyes and said to what extant will you go I said as much as u want and as long as you want she than said she wants full satisfaction from me and most importantly she said that all this must be secret between us later she gave me

permission to write this story on website so the topic went towards sex and stuff like this and the heat was building up on both sides so when I realized that she is hot enough than I said what's her mood about sex with me she said very boldly that she is ready and I said to her that first she must make sure that all doors are locked and than we both went and locked all doors

and came in living room they have very nice house so guys suddenly she went to drawer and gave my a Tablet and she told me that taking this will increase my sex time and than I can fuck her for long bt I refused and said first fuck without this tablet and than I will get she said ok and than I came closer to her as we were sitting on the same bed I got her face in my both hands

and put my lips on her lips what a soft sensation and she also got my face in her hands and we started kissing within two minutes she was going mad her tongue was very crazy I never had such a sexy kiss from a lady even from my girlfriend so we did kissing for 5 mints than I started to remover her qameez she was wearing shalwar and qzmeez a tradionall dress in Pakistan

and I was getting difficult because it was in very much in fitting so she helped me to remove her qameez and that I saw tha seen of wonders I saw a pair of boobs hanging in a sexy bra goys that was mind blowing scene (i will say to all guys get your cock out of ur pants and apply some oil and get start and for girls dip your fingers in oil and get inside panty and get busy) and my

6.5 inches cock got hard like iron she was wearing black bra and than I slowly removed her bra and got the view of my life"s most sexy pair of boobs than I started sucking them madly and I felt some sweet fluid coming from nipples she told me to drink her milk so I drank all the milk guys that must be one liter of milk in those milk tanks she got gifted from God I sucked those

sexy pink nipples and she was out of her mind with one hand I was holding her one boob and my other hand was working inside her salwar rubbing her pussy from outside her panty when milk was finished I than pulled down her salwar and panty and I saw a cleaned pussy I must say beautifull pussy although she was mother of two bt the pussy was looking like no baby had ever

come out of there and her stomach was so plan that she was like milk paint on her sexy body so guys I put mu mounh in between her legs and started licking her pussy what a sexy fragnence was comming out of that sexy love hole adn I must say that she hat shaved her pussy at that day as was looking freshly shaved and then with in a minute she relaesed her

juices and with in next 15minutes she realeased about 4 time and my face was burried in her pussy she that pulled me up and unzip my pants and removed my shirt and boxer and guys I had a cock 6.5 inches and that is fat cock her eyes were wide opened when she saw my cock she immediatly got hold of my cock and started stocking and than got it in her mouth I must

say she had a experience of blowjob she gave me a perfact blow job and drank all my cum I cummed 2times in 20 minuted of blow job than I was tyred and when I saw clock it was 12pm she told me that her childern will come from school at 2 pm so I had 2hours of time, she went to kitchen and brought some juices and I took that tablet for sex prolonging and after ten minuter I

got my cock iron hard cock again she that gave me a condom of Playboy you guys may be familier with and put it on she laid on bed and put my cock in her pussy my God what a pleasure she screamed when I put my cock her pussy was not so much wide so I slowly slowly got entry in her love hole she cried oooooooooffffffffffffffffffffff aaaahhhhh aaahh aahh I begin with

slow stockes than with in 2 minutes I got pace and I was like bullet train running in and out and her boobs was shaking and making me wild I grabbed one of them and started squeezing them I fucked her pussy for about ten mints bt as I was under the power of that tablet I didn't knew how much time I had spent she than said to me that she is Cumming oh my God she chummed like

hell that was awesome bt I was not satisfied I that got her I doggy style and started again fucking in her pussy in front of us there was a mirror which was making me wild and I was feeling like in heaven I started to put my thumb in her ass hole she shouted bt I continued as my cock was taking care of her pussy slowly I put my second fingure and and was fucking her with

my fingres in her ass after few minutes I put my cock in her ass hole she shouted and said that its paining bt slowly slowly she got pain away and she was in intense pleasure bt my cock had other ideas after that we went to 69 position and and I gave her another sexy pussy licking pleasure than she ride my cock now I was worried that I was not near my orgasm she told me

that this tablet gives 1 hour and now u have 15 minutes remaining then we went to bath attached to room and took bath there and again had fuckd there and there she told me to remover condom I did it and she took it in her mouth and now I felt that am going to cum I told her she said to cum in her mouth guys u cannot imagine that how was that intense pleasure and

pressure and cummed in her mouth wow what was that pleasure than we again took bath together and I left for my home and now this is going to be 8 months that we r having sex secretly and I wrote this story with her permission.

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Sex with horny housewife Nisha

Hi friends, I'm a huge fan of the stories over here & thought of sharing my experience. I'm Rahul (all names changed), 24 years of age, good looking with a strong physique consisting of broad shoulders. I completed my Enginnering couple of years back & started my own computer business wherein I used to take AMC contract of clients.

Once one of my friend called me up & asked me to go to a new clients house as they wanted to get their computer's & Laptop's AMC done. Since this client was referenced by my friend, I had to go there. My friend gave me the contact details. Next day I called them up & client asked me to come down to his house coming weekend.

As Saturday arrived, I reached their home in morning. I was familiar to the area where they were staying, which was a paush area. I thanked my friend in my mind for giving me a rich client because I will get good money for my work. I rang the bell & soon the client opened the door & welcomed me in. I entered the house, it was a lavish 3 BHK Flat.

He asked me to sit on the sofa. I sat on the sofa & made myself comfortable when a young woman came outside with a glass of water. My client Mr. Ramesh who worked in an MNC, introduced me to his wife Nisha. Nisha was a very fair woman clad in a saree, must be in her late 20's maybe 27 or 28 years of age, very good looking but a bit shy.

She just kept the glass on table & went inside. I drank water & then Mr. Ramesh called me to his bedroom, I follwed him to his bedroom. There he showed me his computer & laptop which had to be monitored to keep it virus free. Ramesh explained me all the details. I was given the task to come every alternate day & monitor his laptop & computer for viruses.

I agreed on the work & soon started going to their house as decided. Nisha was a very conservative & shy girl & she used to cover herself completely with her saree. I used to go in afternoon to their house when Ramesh had gone for job. She used to give me water & used to go to the other bedroom. I used to sit in their bedroom & do my work.

Once finished I used to inform her & leave. I always maintained decency & never had any bad intentions for her but I observed, Nisha would never feel comfortable in my presence. After a few weeks of observing my work, Ramesh called me once & praised me for my good work. I was more than happy. I continued to work at their place.

After a month, suddenly Ramesh called me up for an urgent meeting. I reached his house, he called me in, made me sit & told me that his company has asked him to join his team for a US based project & that he will have to leave within 5 days. He told me to take care of both his laptop & PC. I told him to not worry as I'll handle all issues related to his PC.

He was more than happy & relaxed. Three days later he finally called up saying he was leaving for US for a 5 months project. Now the actual story starts. After Ramesh's departure to US, I continued my work in the same usual way by going at altenate days to their house & doing my work & leaving.

Nisha was still uncomfortable in my presence & used to talk with me only for formality purpose. A couple of weeks passed, and still there wasn't any major change in her attitude or behaviour. I was really impressed with her loyalty towards her husband because even after 2 weeks of Ramesh's departure, she wasn't showing any signs of sex starvedness.

But somewhere in my mind I knew, she being a young wife must be feeling itchy down there but she never showed signs of that. I too continued to be decent with my approach. Observing my decency, soon she started feeling a little more comfortable in my presence & would sit longer in my presence. I was noticing the changes in her.

As days passed, she became completely comfortable & used to sit in her bedroom the whole time till I finished my work. That was indeed a positive sign for me. After a week or so when I visited her house, she just started a casual chat regarding my business & who are my other clients & so on. I was very happy that atlast she started to talk with me.

Thereafter, we chatted regularly when I was doing my work. After a few days, suddenly she asked for my contact number giving the reason that in case of any emergency problem, she can call me. I readily gave my cell number. Soon that night, I received a message from her. I was surprised to receive a message from her, but I also replied immediately.

Then we daily kept on messaging each other. We also started sharing jokes & she seemed to become very friendly with me now. I also observed unusual change in her way of dressing. Now she never covered her whole body with the pallu of her saree. Instead, she used to cover her body as normally women do at their homes. Still, she did not expose any part of her body.

But as we had turned friends, she never cared the occasional drop of her pallu. She would just put her pallu back on her shoulders if it did fall. I started thinking that I'm winning her by my decency. One evening she called me up & asked me to come for a movie. As I had no special plans, I agreed & joined her for movie & then for dinner.

After that outing, our telephonic chats increased & our outside meets also increased. We had turned into very good friends. But still wherever she came out with me, she always used to wear saree indicating her conservative nature. One day while working at her house, while chatting casually, she suddenly pulled out the topic of Girlfriends & asked me whether I have any??

I said yes & pointed that you are my only Girlfriend & she laughed. That day she had worn a black sleeveless low cut blouse & a black designer saree that suited her fair complexion. This was the first time she sported something that revealed her cleavage. I was just stunned to see her sexy white cleavage.

She caught me once or twice while I was having a glance at her boobs & cleavage. She just gave a smile. In my mind, I was thinking that is this the green signal??? Suddenly she gotup & said she'll bring some snacks & cold drinks. She returned with a plate of snacks & 2 glasses of cold drinks.

As soon as she bent to place the plate & glasses on the table, her pallu slid from her shoulder exposing her milky white cleavage & awesome boobs. I just couldn't take my eyes off her cleavage. As she looked up, she caught me staring at her cleavage. I got back to my senses. She asked smilingly & naughtily what I was looking at???.

I said nothing & started to have snacks. She came & sat besides me & We had our snacks. SUddenly out of nowhere she placed her soft hands clad with bangles on my thighs. I was frozen for a moment because I wasn't expecting such act from her. I asked her what is she doing???

She took the initiative & replied, Rahul you are such a decent, humble & friendly guy that I've actually started liking you. I felt I was day-dreaming. I also replied that even I like her very much. These words were enough for both of us to get ignited. Now I took the initiative & caught her face & gave her a nice kiss on her forehead. A shiver passed through her body.

I continued kissing her cheeks, nose & finally I kissed her lips, she immediately looked into my eyes & we looked into each others eyes for the next few minutes. Then I hugged her & she opened her arms welcoming me. We engaged in a very tight hug. Now our hot bodies were pressing against each other.

Now I put my lips on hers & gave a long kiss, infact it was more than a kiss, it was turning into a passionate smooch. My tounge was searching for hers, she opened her mouth, our toungues met & this was the first passionate smooch I ever had in my life. Our toungues were just meeting each other feeling the warmth. The smooch lasted for a good long 20 minutes.

Now we both were at a point of no return. I just released her from the smooch & hug & I started to feel her boobs from above her saree. She moaned lightly. I cupped her big boobs in my hands & pressed a bit, her moaning increased with every press. I pressed, licked & sucked her boobs from over her saree.

She was moning madly as she experienced such intimate session after 2 long months. I slowly dropped her pallu from her shoulders, exposing her milky cleavage & armpits. I pressed my face in her sexy cleavage & licked her cleavage. She started caressing my hair. I was going mad with her strong feminine perfume. I also licked her arms.

I then bent, pulled her saree upto her knees & kissed her feet. I moved up kissing & licking her soft waxed smooth legs. I ran my hands all over her legs feeling her smooth silky skin. I licked her both legs & she had her eyes closed all this time. Then I slowly started unhooking her blouse. I opened 1 hook at a time & pressed & enjoyed her boobs.

I then continued unhooking her blouse slowly one hook after another. After a good 15 mins, I finally unhooked her blouse. Then I slowly untucked her saree from her waist & removed her saree completely. She was now in her black net bra & petticoat. I also untied the knot of her petticoat letting it fall down. She was now only in her sexy black netted lingerie.

The black colour of her lingerie was perfectly matching with her milky fair skin. It was becoming really uncontrabble for me seeing her in her lingerie only. I put my hands at her back & was feeling the straps of her bra as well as her soft silky skin at her back. Ocassionally, I put my fingers beneath her straps to feel her skin.

Then I asked her to strip me as I did for her. First, she denied & shyly looked down. I pulled her face upwards & told her as I stripped her, now she has to strip me. She agreed & started unbuttoning my shirt. Then she removed my belt & unbuttoned my jeans. I helped her in removing my jeans. Now I was also only in banyan & underwear.

Now we both again hugged tightly & started a smooch. This time it was even more passionate. I told her to feel my dick over my underwear but she was way too shy to do it. So without saying anything further, I picked her hand & placed in on my hard dick. She just kept her hand on my dick for a few moments & then slowly started feeling my dick.

Only god knows how I controlled myself during that patch of time. I made her sleep on her back & came on top of her & started kissing her body starting from her forehead, going further to cheeks, then lips then her earlobes & neck. She started moaning a bit loudly. I continued kissing her upper body & grabbed both her boobs in both my palms & was feeling her boobs.

Then I kissed her boobs & sucked her nipples from over her net bra. I sucked her boobs & nipples for some time & moved downwards to her flat tummy & navel. I put my toungue in her navel & she let out a loud moan. I continued further downwards & went straight to her toes & started licking her feet and gradually moving upwards, I licked her long waxed sexy legs.

I continued licking & reached her inner thighs & licked it. I finally reached her cunt & kissed it from above her netted panties. She let out the loudest moan of our session. I continued to suck & lick her pussy from over her panties. Soon her panties got wet, so I removed her panties. As soon as I pulled her panties, she covered her cunt with both her hands in shyness.

I just removed her hands slowly. It was a clean shaven pussy without a single hair on it. I slowly licked her pussy lips. She started lifting herself to let my toungue eat her pussy. Slowly I started licking her clitoris. She started maoning wildly & started caressing my hair & pushing my head on her clitoris. Listening to her moans, I estimated Ramesh would never have sucked & licked her pussy.

She was in 7th heaven. I continued to lick her pussy & clitoris. She started shivering & I knew she was going to have an orgasm. for the next half hour I suxked & licked her pussy & clitoris & she must have had 3-4 more orgasms till then. I got up, kissed her & unhooked her bra. Now she was totally nude. I just went a few steps backward to have a detailed look at her body.

It was just fanstic & burning hot with fire. I admired her body by telling her that she has a fantastic body, to which she shyed. I took her boobs in my hands & pressed & pinched her nipples vigorously. She was liking every bit of this foreplay. Now I told her to remove my underwear. She did as I said. Now even I was completely nude.

She kept staring my erect hard dick for some time. I asked her to take it in her hands & shake it but she was a bit shy so again I took her hand & placed it on my rock hard dick. She started massaging my dick by rolling her fingers up & down my dick. Her soft hands were killing me. Also the sound of her bangles was making me crazy.

After a few minutes of message, I asked her to give me a blowjob. She denied instantly in shyness. I tried to convince her but all in vain. Finally I told her as I gave her immense pleasure by sucking her pussy, its her turn now to return the favour. Now she couldn't decline me & agreed & kissed tip of my dick. Now she slowly started sucking my dick & I was in 7th heaven.

Also this is a feeling I can never express in words. Her soft hands & lips coupled with the sound of her bangles made my dick even harder. She sucked my dick for a long time & finally I ejaculated in her mouth, she drank every drop of my cum. Now I made her sleep on her back, put a pillow under her back & kept my dick at the entrance of her pussy.

I slowly pushed the tip of my dick in her pussy, but it wasn't entering easily. Even after her marriage of two years, her pussy was still very tight. It was the first fuck for me but she was experienced. Now she guided me on every step. She asked me to apply a little more pressure. I started applying more pressure & within 3-4 thrusts, my whole dick was inside her.

She asked me stay for a minute inside. I did as she said. Now I stared to pump her gradually increasing the speed. She started moaning very loudly. I was increasing speed after every thrust & was pumping her like a machine. We both were moaning & sweating. Finally after a good 20 minutes of fucking I told her I'm cuming & she asked me dispose all of my cum inside her as she was on pills.

I relieved myself & she must have had 5-6 orgasms during the course of those 20 minutes. I let my dick stay in her for some more time & we both hugged & kissed each other. We took rest for an hour & then we started second session of fucking where I fucked her doggy style. I made her bent & started to insert my dick from her back. She started moaning.

I gradually increased speed & she started enjoying as much as I did. She also pushed herself back in rhythm to meen my thrusts. We were having a very wild fuck with very loud moans. I grabbed her boobs while humping her & pressed it. That made her to moan even louder. Then we changed positions & now I slept on my back with my dick pointing upwards.

She now sat facing me guiding my dick in her pussy. Now she was in control & started jumping up & down to feel the pleasure. After a few minutes, I supported her by lifting her from below. As she jumped, her big boobs alsa jumped making me even hornier than before. I cupped her jumping boobs & pressed to my hearts content.

Finally I cummed in her & she just fell flat on me with her boobs pressing on my chest & our lips locked with each other in a long smooch. She just smiled laying on top of me & said this was the first foreplay of this kind where someone licked & sucked her pussy & also thanked me for the best fuck of hers till now. I also reciprocated with a thanks for giving mr such immense pleasure.

This relationship of ours continued for the next four months wherein we used to fuck ever yalternate day, until Ramesh was back. DUring these four months, we enjoyed our relationship to the fullest by going for dinner, watching movies & even going for outstation trips, we enjoyed sex in the same slow way as we do at our first night.

After Ramesh was back, he called me to his house & showed his satisfaction towards my work & said he was mighty pleased with my work & wished to extend the agreement for the next year as well. I happily accepted the agreement. I & Nisha still used to enjoy ourselves but not that frequently, only once or twice a week without Ramesh having a hint of anything. I have to admit that these were the best days of my life.


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