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Sex drive with Kavita

Hi folks. Thanks for the wonderful response to my earlier write-up on how I got into a physical relationship with Kavita, my ex-gf’s mom. After the first week of some intense and wild carnal exploits between us, things had almost come to a standstill. I started my new job and got busy with that and Kavita got busy tending to her husband who was back from his trip.

The next 8 weeks were literally dry for us. I was very busy throughout the week either at work, or traveling on work.We did not really get any opportunities to fuck, as her husband was in town throughout and K was still risk averse, to get adventurous while he was around. While K appeared to be a normal mature lady to the rest of the world, I knew what a wild horny woman she could be.

Our lust for each other was reaching new heights, and even though we could not meet up, there was always the phone. Anytime I wanted to hear her wild moans I would call during the day and she would masturbate for me on the phone watching porno clips on the web. She would express her innermost sexual desires and fetishes.

She had particularly taken a liking to my fantasy of a threesome and on watching threesome clips where two women were pleasing a guy and playing with each other seemed to arouse her a lot. She also revealed that she wanted a trusted person to watch as we fucked. Dam she was such a horny slut who knew how to keep me interested!

We even thought of possible options of who could be the third person. In the two months she had begun working on her body a lot more, on my insistence and had lost a few more inches. She had come down to 38D- 35-42. She had started shopping for sexier, wilder lingerie that I like. I just could not wait to get to see her body and fuck her again.

She was turning into such a horny, sexually liberated nympho. I was finding it hard to control my urges. There were time when I would just ask her to sneak out at night just to give me a blowjob, but she was apprehensive. However one night she just could not take it any longer and came up with an idea of meeting up some old friends for dinner.

Her husband she knew would not be interested as he was a little unwell. We met up and went for a drive. I had brought along a little vodka on her insistence. Seems like the vodka did the trick. She seemed to have shed her inhibitions. On our drive back, she started feeling my groin, massaging my semi hard dick to a real crazy hard on.

In the meantime I found a cozy dark lane on the way back where we could make out. She was really wild, she had changed so much. She was like a fucking wild dominating tigress. The moment we stopped she got on to me and grabbed me like a hungry bitch and began kissing me.

Our lips were locked, my tongue was frantically exploring her mouth and on odd occasions I eve bit her lower lip and sucked on it. My hands were just kneading her fleshy melons under her Kameez, tweaking her erect nipples and milking those breasts to a frenzy. I asked her to take off her kameez and go bare for me and she did without any hesitation.

“Roshan don’t be gentle with them. Just be as rough as you like”. I feasted on her melons like crazy, sucking them, slapping them, pinching and tweaking those large nipples. Her fair melons were turning red as I sucked on them, leaving love bites all over. I was marking my bitch and she did not mind. She was breathing heavily.

The car had started to mist up, but I did not care. Seems like me sucking her was getting her wilder, she undid her salwaar and pulled it down and guided my hand to her soft shaven valley. ‘Roshan please finger fuck me baby, I’ve been dying for your long fingers to give me a good orgasm’.

I willingly obliged and started fingering and mining her dripping cunt with three fingers, while my thumb was rubbing her clit. I knew where her g-spot lay, I was literally fisting her cunt and the slut was enjoying it. “More, more…deeper, deeper, baby…yes,yess…ooooo..pleaseeee…oh my god…”

She was not bothered that she was naked in the car, and that people could drop in, or the night duty cops could catch us. She said that she found this risk taking very exciting and wanted to orgasm in the car for me as I liked it. She had raised her legs, widened them and placed them on the dash.

Her cries and requests got me more intense as I wanted to see her orgasm to my finger fucking. She wanted to have my dick in her palm, so I obliged and then she began stroking it in sync with my fingering her pussy and kneading. finally after about 10 minutes she came with a loud moan.

Her cunt muscles contracted around my fingers, her thighs shuddered, her eyes were glazed and she let out a huge moan. Her cunt was now drying up, while my fingers were soaked in her juice. The car was filled with the scent of her pussy and my horny dick. I brought my fingers out and asked her to scent them and suck them dry.

She willingly obliged as I also rubbed the juice on her breasts and belly. It was time to head back home as I was a little worried of cops dropping in as it was a very shady looking part of town and we had very little time before her hubby got curious. She dressed herself and then decided it was time to tease me and leave me wanting her..

so as I started to drive she began working on my hardon and then bent down and started sucking me to a tease on the drive back. Her thick lips tight around my dick, her warm tongue enjoying my head was simply awesome and also unbearable if I did not cum before we reached. At times I could not even focus on the drive.

When I found a dark quiet corner closer to her house, I stopped and began stroking myself as I wanted to cum and have her drink me. She was ready and in a few minutes as I was about to explode I held her head by a fistful and shoved it towards my dick. She willingly took the cum in and sucked my dick dry while almost choking on my cum.

“I like the salty and pissy taste of your cum today. Next time please explode all over my naked body. I so want to feel your covering me” It was time to say a bye and feel bad that I had not got a fuck, but she did leave me with the good news that in about five days, she would be home alone again for a week and she would be at my service and I could do whatever pleased with her!

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Fucked first time in the ass

I had a very good friend Suresh since my college days and we had a very good understanding between us. Even after his marriage, we shared a lot of sex whenever we got time. Every time we shared the bed, Suresh was there with something new and something different. Once as I remember I stripped myself in front of him and played with my body while he masturbated,

eventually sprayed his cum on my face and tits. We had fucked so many times in just about every possible position. Still I was ass virgin and one day I decided to be fucked in my ass after watching an ass fucking blue film. I did not want to be hurt much in the ass so I decided to do it with Suresh only as his cock was just six and a half inches when fully erect and was not

much thick just about two inches in girth. One day while his wife was away to her parents we fucked like animals. After a very hot and steamy session in the bed to my surprise he asked me for ass fucking. Though I also wanted him to fuck my ass but I was a bit reluctant. Because I believed this man so I decided to leave everything on him.

He started licking my ass cheeks while his fingers were now playing with my pussy lips as well as my ass hole. He ordered me to be on all my fours. I bent over the bed, nothing holding myself down, while Suresh started inspecting my tight virgin ass. Right now he was just looking at it but I knew there was more to come. "Please don't..." I groaned.

"Stop whining Shalini," he told me, "You know very well you're also going to enjoy it." Actually just watching him at my ass was enough for me to make my pussy as well as my ass buzz with excitement. I was still nervous about taking his cock in my ass. And I knew once his cock was inside my ass he was not going to be slow like the way he fucked my pussy brutally earlier.

Suresh chilled out, “You are already wet Shalu!” His fingers were now stroking my pussy lips. I was still not convinced that it was going to be a great experience but since I wanted it so I just moaned. Then he went to the bathroom and brought the bottle of oil and poured a lot on his fingers.

“Look Shalini you have to relax and keep in your mind that I will not hurt you as you are my best friend,” Suresh said to me while pushing one of his fingers in my ass hole. He was right, it did not hurt but it felt strange. I grunted and wriggled my ass a bit as his finger pressed deeper in the hole.

I felt his finger very large for me to accommodate in my ass and thinking how his cock was going to fit in that tight space. May be his finger did not hurt but his cock was a lot bigger and thicker than his slender finger. He began working his finger in and out of my ass, finger fucking my ass. I buried my face in the pillow and moaned.

The sliding of his finger in and out of my ass was erotic. “Ok that’s right! It feels good isn’t it?” Suresh asked. I just moaned again as his second finger began to enter in my ass, stretching it little more. I was feeling uncomfortable but then slowly got used to his fingers. A third finger pressed in and I started biting the pillow trying to pull away.

It was now rough for my virgin ass and I knew that his cock was going to be even bigger inside my ass. His three fingers moved in and out of my ass, wriggling inside me and opening me up. Once I became used to of his fingers he removed them from my ass and I knew now he was ready to feel my tightness.

Anticipation rushed through me as he put oil on his cock and positioned himself behind my upturned ass but unexpectedly he pushed his cock in my pussy. I screamed with delight and pressed back against him as he thrust in and out of my pussy very energetically. After some strokes he pulled out and pushed the head of his cock against my tight ass hole.

I groaned as he began to push in, tried to pull away but could not because of his powerful grip. His cock stretched my ass hole more than his fingers had earlier. Even though his cock was well lubricated with oil and my pussy juices it hurt ok not as much as I had expected. It was more like a cramp that would not go away and ached a little more as he inched his way deeper and deeper.

I could feel my ass tightening around his cock trying to expel it. My hole contracted and released massaging his cock as he pushed it further into my ass. His hands kneaded my creamy butt cheeks as he forced his way deeper, ignoring my moans and wriggling. Even though it hurt,

it felt good in some strange way too and I almost like the feeling of being opened up and stretched out. I gasped as his hips pressed against my ass, my hole stretched over the widest part of his cock. He had finally buried his entire length into my deflowered ass and then he began to pull out.

That sensation was as strange as when he had slid into me and my ass contracted at the movement. Then he thrust back in and I shrieked his hands were steady on my hips as he began fucking my ass as forcefully as he ever fucked my pussy. I moaned and writhed before him as my ass adjusted to his brutish force.

The pain and discomfort I was feeling earlier was now slowly melting into arousal. The slick feeling of his cock thrusting in and out of my asshole was turned into pleasure and the last sanctuary of my body was ravaged. Slowly I began pushing back against him. One of my hands slipped under my body and reached between my legs to rub my own pussy lips.

It was like electric shock when my fingers touched my neither lips and my ass gripped his cock more as I moaned with pleasure. Rubbing my pussy with my own hand I was humping back against his thrusting cock taking him easily now in my ass. His hands squeezed my hips as my ass rippled over his cock while I rubbed myself to orgasm.

My body tightened as he was forcing his cock in and out of my ass and I started to scream with pleasure. "OH MY! FUCK ME! FUCK MY ASS SURESH! FUCK MY ASS! OH! OH MAN! I AM CUUUUUMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!" I screamed and shook as he brutally plunged in and out of my ass hard and fast.

As once more with all his force he buried the entire length of his cock in my ass I felt his cock pulsed against my tight ring as his hot cum forced its way down the length of his cock into my ass filling my tightest hole.

Then he collapsed on me while his cock still lodged in my ass and both of us were breathing very hard. "See," Suresh said finally, "I told you that you are going to like it." I moaned a little, my ass was still tightened on his softening dick. And that night he fucked my ass two more times making it sore for next couple of days.

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Fucking horny babe Manjula - II

Previously: Fucking horny babe Manjula - I

Just then... I heard a voice scream, “What are you waiting for, you fucking pussy? Just do it already!” I took a jump backward, and tripped in the process, landing flat on my ass. It was Raj, sitting up in his bed and watching us. “We both know that you’ve been wanting to suck those titties for two years now. Just get it over with!”

I sat there stunned, looking up at him in disbelief. “If you aren’t going to be a man,” Raj said, “I may as well jump in there and show you how it’s done.” He’d barely finished his threat when I jumped back up toward Manjula and said, “Now, where was I before we were so rudely interrupted?”

“You were right here,” she smiled, as she removed her bra, exposing the biggest nipples I’d ever seen. Her areolas were as big as the salad plates down in the cafeteria, and a beautiful dark brown. Her thick nipples grew rock hard as my tongue flicked against them and had to have been about two inches long, filling up my mouth way more than I ever could have imagined.

I slowly guided her toward my bed and laid her down, mostly because I knew I’d be there a while and didn’t want us to be stuck standing. I sucked on those breasts for what seemed like an eternity, but it was more likely only a few minutes when I heard Raj interrupt again.

“Come on. Quit acting like a starving baby and be a real man. Take your cock out.” “Why are you so eager to see my cock, little man?” I replied, hoping to get him to change the subject by insinuating he was a homosexual. I was actually pretty self-conscious about having an audience and hadn’t planned to go further than some pretty voracious tit sucking.

It was weird having Raj not only watch me going at it with his fuck buddy, but yelling out instructions as well. “You’re always bragging what a big cock you have,” Raj screamed. “Let’s see you prove it.” Before I could try to change the subject again, Manjula was reaching into my shorts. “Yes, Mike,” she said. “Let’s prove it.”

She pulled out my hard cock, and screamed to Raj, “I think it’s bigger than yours!” “It looks pretty small from here,” Raj said, throwing Manjula a ruler from the desk next to his bed. “I think you’d better make sure.” I tried to grab the ruler but Manjula reached it first, saying, “If you ever want to suck these boobs again, you’ll do as I say.”

She told me to lie on my back and ordered me not to move. She yanked my shorts completely off and threw them across the room. There I was, naked in front of my snickering roommate with my boner sticking straight up in the air. Manjula gave it few tugs and then placed the ruler next to it.

“Please don’t be under six inches,” I thought to myself over and over again, sweating my way through the measuring. “It looks like it’s about five and seven-eighths, but if anyone asks, I’ll tell them it’s eight inches,” she giggled. “It’s more than big enough to fuck these titties, though.”

She reclined on the bed, and had me sit on her big round tummy, pushing her breasts together and motioning for me to start. I’m shocked that I managed to not shoot my load immediately, because it was the greatest feeling ever. I’d never been with anyone with breasts big enough to fuck, and now here I was, with someone with enough tit for three women.

I pumped for about five minutes or so when Manjula said that she was getting sweaty and would like me to join her in the shower. She led me to the shower by my cock, and once we were inside under the warm water, she got down on her knees and started licking my balls as she stroked my cock.

“When are you going to be a man and fuck her?” Raj screamed. I stuck my head out the curtain and saw Raj sitting on the floor, with his cock in his hand. “Get the fuck out of here, you drunk fucking pervert,” I yelled, but Raj only increased the speed of his strokes, furiously pumping his cock and taking aim at my face towel. “Don’t you dare, you small-cocked freak!”

“It’ll be your toothbrush next if you don’t start banging her soon,” he threatened. “The sound of her licking your balls isn’t doing much for me. Stick it in her! You always brag that you last a long time, let’s prove it,” Raj said, yanking the curtain open. I tried to shut it, but Manjula said to leave it open. “I like an audience,” she snickered.

“Well, are you going to put it in,” she asked, bending over in front of me, “or do I have to do everything?” “Yeah,” said Raj. “Show us how long you last.” “OK, asshole, I’ll show you,” I replied. Manjula wiggled her giant ass at me as I eased my cock into her warm slick pussy. I pumped once, and immediately felt like I was going to cum. “Oh fuck,” I thought to myself.

I pumped again, grunted, pulled out quick, and shot a giant load against the shower wall. I was too embarrassed to look up at Raj, but no matter: I heard him loud and clear. “What the fuck kind of pitiful display was that?” There was nothing I could do but shake my head and laugh, and apologize to Manjula.

“It was either the uninvited audience or that beautiful ass shaking, but something got me too excited. I swear it won’t happen again,” I said, begging for another chance. “So, how are you going to make it up to me?” she asked. I chose to answer with my tongue instead of more words, as I dropped down to a kneeling position and stuck it inside her vagina.

I lapped at it like a thirsty dog, and Manjula started moaning loudly. Not as loudly as Raj, however, who was now so close to the action he was practically in the tub with us, and still stroking his cock. “Oh, boy, I’m cuming,” he screamed. “Aim over there,” I screamed back, not wanting to get doused with his sperm.

He turned toward the sink and shot five or six thick clumps of cum inside, barely missing the floor. He slumped in the corner, exhausted, but still staring at us. Manjula’s body started quivering over me, and she shouted that she too was cuming. Her body shook for a few seconds, and she braced herself against the wall.

“If you kept licking, I think my legs would have given out and I would have fallen on you,” she said. “And you can see how big I am, it would have hurt pretty badly!” “How about if I stick my tongue in your ass?” I asked. “Would that make you fall?” “I don’t know,” she said. “Let’s see.”

Manjula turned around and spread her cheeks, and I plunged my tongue deep inside her butt hole. “What the fuck are you doing, you fucking pervert?” Raj screamed. “That’s disgusting!” Manjula didn’t seem to mind, though, as she bent over to lean against the shower wall and panted heavily.

She turned around to face me once more, pushing my shoulders back so that I was now lying on the shower floor with her squatting over me. “Sorry, Raj. We’ll try to do something less disgusting for you. How about this?”

And with that, Manjula squatted deeper, spread her vaginal lips, and started peeing on me. I couldn’t believe it: She was fucking PEEING on me—in front of my roommate. The hot rush of urine actually felt great on my chest, so much so that I wasn’t the slightest bit disgusted, which is hindsight is a little surprising.

“OK, that’s it. I’m out of here,” Raj said as he headed for the door. “You people are fucking gross!” And with a slam of the bathroom door, Raj retreated to the bedroom. “Now that we got rid of him, we can get really kinky,” Manjula laughed. With that in mind, I stretched my index finger toward the bar of soap sitting in the tub, rubbed it until my finger was nice and sudsy,

and plunged it into Manjula’s asshole. My plan was to loosen it up enough to fit my cock inside, but apparently even Manjula had her limits. “If you keep going, I’m going to shove my finger up your ass, and mine are fatter than yours,” she said with a stern look. I apparently was too slow in removing my finger, and received a huge jolt when I felt her soapy digit start to enter me.

She probably made it up to her first knuckle when I screamed and jumped out of the shower, almost slipping on the wet floor. “See, that’s what you get when you don’t listen,” she said, gingerly climbing out after me. “Now be a good little boy and fuck me, and it had better be longer than that 30-second performance before!”

I replied that it was actually closer to 45 seconds, and she laughed as she mounted me, rocking slowly but gradually her pumping grew faster and faster. Her tits were bouncing like crazy at this point, and she was screaming so loudly that I half expected whoever was left in the dorm to start kicking the door and telling us to shut up.

I rolled Manjula over so that her back was now on the floor, and lifted her thick thighs over my shoulders. She started massaging her clitoris as I thrust deep inside her, and the sight of her masturbating as I fucked her excited me to the point where I thought I was going to blow my load prematurely again. “I’m cuming,” Manjula screamed, as she tightened her legs around my neck.

I felt her body stiffen and shake, and she finally relaxed in a sweaty heap on the floor. “Mmm, that was great,” she said. With the pressure off to last any longer and cum welling in my helmet, I pulled out at the last possible second and blasted semen across her breasts. “Sorry about the mess,” I said. “I was actually aiming for your face and hair.”

She laughed out loud and suggested that I get some sleep, because she had an even bigger day planned for me tomorrow. We passed out in each other’s arms on the bathroom floor. I’m not sure what she dreamt about, but I had wonderful visions of giant brown breasts dancing in my head all night.

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Fucking horny babe Manjula - I

It seemed like it was going to be another boring weekend for me. It was finals time, and I had to finish up one last paper before the end of the school year. Most of campus was empty, save for Raj, my Indian roommate, but even he wasn’t going to be around.

He was headed to a party with his friend, Manjula. Actually they were more than friends, but not quite girlfriend and boyfriend. More like “fuck buddies.” He used to tell me she was too fat to date, but he definitely wasn’t anything special. He was a pretty scrawny guy, and compared to her he looked like a ventriloquist’s dummy.

I certainly wouldn’t be as harsh as Raj and call her fat, but Manjula was pretty much as thick as you can be before reaching fat. Which certainly wasn’t so bad because she had the biggest tits I’d ever seen, and an ass to match. I wasn’t actually sure how he managed to satisfy her, because I walked in on him changing once, and his cock looked pretty small.

Raj was in the bathroom getting ready for the party when Manjula arrived, looking quite stunning I might add. Her tight outfit hugged her ample curves, and the low-cut front showed off her bountiful cleavage, of which I could not keep my eyes off. I didn’t think I was being obvious, but I knew I was when she exclaimed, “My eyes are up here.”

Damn, how embarrassing. But I think she enjoyed the attention, since Raj was pretty much the only guy she ever hung out with. “So, do you like Indian girls, or just big titties?” I was taken aback by her bluntness, and actually quite flustered. But before I could sheepishly let out an answer, Raj stepped out of the bathroom, dressed rather sharply.

“Yum,” said Manjula. “I’m definitely going to get some action tonight!” “It doesn’t sound like I’ll need to get you drunk, then,” Raj said, as he opened some tequila, “but we may as well get the party started early anyway.”

He poured me some, which I tried to refuse, but Manjula pushed the glass toward my lips anyway, and wasn’t taking no for an answer. “You are going to need to be drunk to be able to sleep through the noise we are going to make when we get back,” she said with a wink. I knew the plan was for them to stay at her place after the party, but no matter.

The thought of hearing her getting it on was a huge turn-on, and I felt my cock starting to grow in my shorts. She seemed to notice it, too, and she raised her eyebrows at me as they headed for the door.

A few hours passed, and I had finally managed to finish my paper. By this time it was about midnight, so I showered and got ready for bed. My flight home wasn’t for another two days, so I tried to end my boredom the only way I knew how: by thinking of Manjula’s beautiful tits and stroking my cock.

I managed to only get a few strokes in when I heard drunken laughter in the hallway and a key fumbling at the lock. I had just enough time to whip up my shorts, kill the lights, and dive under the covers. I’m not sure if I did it because I didn’t want to get busted in the harsh light with my bare cock standing at full attention for all to see,

or if I secretly hoped they would fool around if they thought I was sleeping, but I laid there motionless as they giggled and stumbled to Raj’s bed. “Mike,” said Raj. “Are you awake?” I kept silent as they kissed for a while and groped each other, the smell of alcohol permeating the air. They were definitely wasted, and my cock stiffened at the thought of possibly seeing Manjula naked.

It was getting hot hiding under the covers, so I managed to muster up the courage to peek out through a hole. And did I get an eyeful! Manjula was sliding down Raj’s pants, and his helmet was peeking through the fly in his boxers. Manjula laughed and stuck her hand in to retrieve his shy penis, pulling it out through the flap and gently caressing it with her tongue.

It only looked to be five or so inches, so I was interested in seeing how he was going to satisfy Manjula. She took the entire length down her throat, and by this time, my cock was about to rip through the seam of my shorts. I grew more bold and eased my shorts down to by knees and started stroking my cock, slowly at first but then at a furious pace.

Just then, Manjula paused to take a breath and quickly turned her head toward me. She just as quickly retuned to the task at hand, and started licking Raj’s balls. How she didn’t see me staring at them and jerking off, I’ll never know. Almost immediately, he let out a huge grunt and blasted cum all over her shirt.

He rolled over and let out a huge breath, which is when I heard Manjula say, “It seems like we have an audience.” Shit, I was busted! Raj would never let me hear the end of it. But just then, I heard him snoring. I guess he was so drunk that he passed out after shooting his load. “You’re not off the hook yet,” said Manjula. “I know you were looking at us the whole time.

The movement of your hand under the covers and heavy breathing were a dead giveaway.” I stayed hidden, pretending she had been mistaken. “Are you going to make me come over there and rip those covers off to expose the evidence?” she said, turning on the light. Not wanting that to happen, I eased my shorts up and walked over to her, with my still-full erection bulging out the front.

She was quite a sight, with her beautiful flowing hair tousled and streaks of Raj’s cum all over her shirt. “Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to help me out of this dirty outfit?” she said. At last, the moment I’d been waiting for! I helped her pull her blouse over her head, and stood there mesmerized by the giant breasts overflowing out of her bra,

the tops of her giant areola peeking out. “Do you like them?” she asked. I joked that I didn’t and that she should put her top back on. “Well, if you insist,” she said, reaching for it off the floor. “No, wait, I’m just kidding,” I screamed. “I know,” she said, laughing. “I’ve seen the way you stare at them. “And that bulge in your pants is telling me you want to see them”

I stood there nodding and grinning like an idiot, trying to say something, anything. “It seems that Raj’s cum soaked my bra as well. Would you like to help me remove it?” I started kissing her, and slowly my hands reached around her back to undo it. After trying unsuccessfully for a minute or so, Manjula whispered in my ear, “The clasp is in the front.”

I laughed and moved my hands to the correct position. I guess I wanted the teasing to continue for a few moments more, because instead of ripping it off, I parted it very slowly, carefully exposing most of her soccer ball-sized breasts but keeping her hard nipples hidden. Just then...


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I am Martha and my brother Bob were small then. When our parent went for work we used to take care of ourselves. I used to help my brother dress to go to school and he too helped me. We used to take breakfast when our mother is not around direct from the table and we grew together in our own way. I loved Bob so much that I will not tolerate when he cried.

He was also over protective about me. He used to wait when the school hours are over and we came back together. In the night after supper I helped him with his home work and he waited patiently for me to complete my home work so that we both together go to sleep. Our bedroom was upstairs and we slept in a big double bed.

When wanted to pee he used to awake me and I will stand at the door of the bathroom watching him pee into the commode and come. When I wanted to use the bathroom he used to come with me, and he used to watch when I pee in the commode. I did not cause wonder to him to see that instead of his pole, I had a hole to pee.

As we grew up into our teen age we restricted occasions when we go to the bathroom together. Once when he went to the bathroom, I saw him holding his pole long and stout. I wanted to examine it closely but I did not ask him to show it to me. He too came to the bathroom when I used to pee but he knew that there is nothing new in my hole.

Day by day hair used to grow around our genital and we did not want to show them in public display. As we grew up we collected lot of knowledge about our privates. Seeing his genitals I used to get wet in my pussy and when he sees my genitals he used to get erections. One day Bob had headache and he asked me to rub him with some balm in his head.

When he was lying I sat near him and rubbed his forehead with the balm. His hand were roaming and touched my thighs. Though it tickled me and I pushed his hand away, he continued to roam into my thighs and touched my panty. The new pleasurable sensation was good and I allowed him to roam as he pleased.

His deft fingers found their way inside my panty and was searching for the hole. I saw his knickers rising and a tent being formed because of his erection. I scolded him for the false pretense of headache and stopped applying balm and kept away the bottle of balm and went in search of his tool inside the tent. He unbuckled his knicker and gave his erect tool in my hands.

"Let me see your hole in bright light" he said and got up to put on the light. He came back and pulled my panty down and I widened my legs and allowed him to see the pussy. He opened the pussy lips and examined inside the cunt. "Martha, your pussy smells good, shall I plant a kiss there?" he asked. I said "Yes" and opened my cunt lips.

He licked the cunt and his tongue went all over the pussy. He licked all the juices flowing from it and was licking vigorously. His tongue made a havoc and I was shuddering all over my body. This was a new feeling pleasurable feeling. I raised my hip and pressed his head inside my cunt. Bob made a grunting sound and went on sucking and licking.

I rolled my head left and right and crashed into a wild orgasm. One after another it came in torrents. I stopped Bob and asked him to give me his cock which he was willingly given. I felt like sucking his cock but it would not enter my small mouth. I licked the tip and took its head into my mouth and rolled my tongue around it.

Within a short time he shot his cum into my mouth.It came in such large quantity that it filled my mouth and I had to swallow a mouthful. It was coming in spurts. Bob went on fucking me in my mouth and it was nice.We turned sides and when he was licking my cunt I tried to lick and suck his cock. We slept in that condition.

When we woke in the morning we both were naked and his tool was limp. It became our practice to suck each other whenever we had time and our parents did not know what is happening between us. One day Mary, my mother's younger sister came to stay with us for a few days. She was definitely elder than both of us and she was accommodated in our room.

She was a jovial person and told us many stories to make us laugh. She had a robust body and was very attractive. She was a good cook and she made nice dishes. We simply loved her. In the night Bob was given a spare mattress and asked to sleep on the floor when she occupied our double bed along with me.

She fell into sleep fast whereas Bob and me could not sleep because we had to have our dose of sex. In the late night Bob came sulking and lifted my frock and buried his face inside and was licking my cunt. I warned him that he should be careful because of the guest sleeping next to me. He said ok.

But he was in his usual self and I could not help moaning and touching the body of Mary aunty. Mary aunty woke and kept watching what is happening. She too was horny. When I reached my orgasm and was riding high on my orgasm. Bob lifted his head to see the reaction in my face and he saw Mary aunty gesturing to him to come to her.

Bob went to her and started without wasting time started to lick her cunt. When I opened my eyes, I saw the cot was shaking because of the movements of Mary aunty. I kept watch over her. Closing her eyes she was pressing her own boobs when Bob was licking and sucking her.

Mary aunty suddenly opened her eyes and asked me to move away a bit and asked Bob to give his cock into her hand. She examined it closely. His cock was big and stout. She asked him to fuck her. We have never fucked and Bob was wondering how to do it. She pulled him closer and took his cock in her hand and placed it in her cunt and asked him push it in hard.

Bob pushed it in. I got up and put the lights on. His cock was going in and he rammed into her with all force and it went deep inside. He made him to go in and out slowly at first and then faster. Bob knew now how to fuck and I was watching in wonder how fast Bob was fucking her. She was so much excited that she embraced Bob and wound her legs around him.

She reached orgasm fast but Bob was going on fucking her. By the time he reached his orgasm she had it thrice. She asked Bob to pull out and wiped his cock and her own pussy of all the fluids. She asked me whether you fuck daily. I told her no, we only do it orally. In that case now I will show you how to fuck.

She made me to lie down with my legs wide apart asked Bob to fuck me just like he had done to her. Bob pushed his cock inside with great difficulty. When his cock went all inside my pussy, he started to move in and out slowly. I was in heaven. I never knew so much pleasure was hidden inside. Under the guidance of Mary aunty we fucked thrice and she also got fucked twice.

Bob was tired by then. During the stay of Mary aunty we fucked and fucked and it was like a fuck festival. Mary aunty was engaged to marry somebody and she came to invite us for the marriage. She went back and got married. Me and Bob with the new knowledge we continued our fucking for ever.


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