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I'm 19 years old boy from a small family. Mom dad and myself. I was studying for my examinations when this incident was happen. My dad is an engineer and was working at abroad and coming only once in two years. He is having medium size body and in his mid 50s. But mother, Sulochana is just 42 and still having very lusty figure.

She is very fair in color and a typical Indian lady with plump body. Her gorgeous figure was around 40/34/44. And her butt was the sexiest assert she had. It was so soft and round and was jiggling with her every move. She had nice belly with lot of flesh in it and had deep round navel. And her boobs were bit sagging due to her age but was so big and round.

She normally wears sarees and her sexy navel was open in most of the time. And it was not a secret that most of our neighbors were targeting he big butt and was dying to fuck her. But none of them had a chance even to touch it.

Now back to the story. Couple of months ago, one of my dads friends came from abroad and visited us. His name was Raj and was a very talkative person and became very friendly with us. And he became a frequent visitor of our home. He used to bring me gifts and used to talk with mom for hours. And I noticed him using double meaning jokes with mom and touching her body.

Mom ignores him each time and heard warning him not to exceed limits. One day I went to one of my friend's house to study and told mom that I'll be returning on next day. But there was a power falier at his place and I returned home around 10.00p.m. without informing mom. When I reached home I saw the main door was closed and most of the lights were off.

I thought that mom was sleeping and I did not want to wake her up. So I used my extra key and came in. There was an empty glass in the living room and saw half burned cigarette in the ash tray. So I understood that Raj uncle had come. But then I saw very strange thing. The saree which mom was wearing on the evening was on the floor.

I was wondering why mom left it there. Then few feats away, I found out her torn blouse. There I understood something is happening. Then I went towards moms room and found out that it was locked from inside. And I heard hissing sound of mom. I peeped through the keyhole and almost got stunned by the seen. Mom was there inside the room.

And uncle was holding her tight and pressing her against the wall. He was trying to kiss her and she was moving her face away from him. She was on her bra and petticoat. I clearly saw her breasts pressing against uncle's chest. I was about to shout but was stunned by seen her bra covered boobs. So I wanted to have look at them and wait till uncle uncovers them.

She wanted to get away from him. But he was well built man with strong body, so it did not get work. She began to beg him and said "Oh please Raj, please don't do this to me. I'm married, and I'm a mother. Please, this is wrong".

But he was not in a mood to let her go. And said "Sulochana, dear all that you said was correct, but there's nothing wrong here". "Come on dear, first of all you are a lady... Lady of this house who needs to be loved by a man"

By telling this, he undid the knot of her petticoat and it felled down making her almost half naked with only pink panty and the bra. Uncle squeezed her huge butt over the panty. And he put his hands on both sides of the panty and lifts it by holding its hem. With that, the back side of the panty got disappeared in-between her butt cheeks and her butt flesh was visible to me.

Mom let out a moan when the panty pressing against her ass hole. Mom's back side was towards the door, so on the back side every activity was clearly visible to me. He started to press the whole butt of my mother. He started to pump one part and a large amount of flesh was squeezed away from his grip.

He tried to cover all the fleshy portion of her GAAND and madly pumping all through. In the mean time her panty got stucked more and more in-between her butt cheeks and rubbed tightly on her gaand hole.

Mom seemed getting aroused by his act. Her resistance seemed to be getting reduced. By doing this, uncle put one hand on her bra and undid it. Mom moaned again and tries to resist a bit. But He was on control. And he turned her round and started pressing her boobs by putting his arms from back.

Oh my god! I haven't seen such big boobs ever in my life. They were so nice and round and seemed to be soft. She had dark brown round nipples. He kept his arms under her armpits and started squeezing her big breasts. Mom was unable to bear the feeling and was trying to remove his arms. His palms were not enough to keep those biggies.

He got mad with the feeling and pressed moms breasts so hard making her scream in pain. Mom got weaker with his acts. And he understood it was the best time to take her to bed. On the bed he again started licking her boobs. Then his attention was changed into her hairy armpits. He was licking the hair of her armpits while holding he hand over her head.

He lifted his head for a while and said, "Oh Sulochana, your armpits are so salty. Yes dear, those are real womanish armpits with lots of smell." I got even harder by hearing those words. He then came down on her body and stopped at her fleshy belly. As I told you earlier, mom have typical Indian belly with deep round navel.

Mom got aroused by his touch and started struggling. Uncle put his toung in her deep navel and started moving it round. While doing this, he put his hand on her panty and started pulling it down. Mom was afraid by that, and tried to hold it. She was trying to hold her last protection. But the luck was on uncle's side as usual. It did not take much time for her panty to fly over.

Finally mom got naked, first time in front of another man. She was in shy and tried to cover her asserts by her hands. Her choot was all cover with hair. Uncle stared enjoying her and his toung was running on each and every part of her sexy body. He acts as a child how got a ripe fruit. And he thought that it was the time to go for the ultimate act.

Uncle sat on mom's body and started removing his cloths. Once he removed his underwear, his big lund came out like a pressed spring. Oh my god! It was the biggest lund that I have seen ever. It was near 10 inches long and thick with a huge reed top. Mom even got so afraid by seeing it. Her mouth got open and I saw her fear from her eyes.

She was even afraid to look at it and turn her face to a side. "Oh no...." came out of her mouth. "What's wrong Sulochana. Haven't you seen a lund before?" uncle asked her. "Oooo...h No... It's so big." She moaned. "How big is your husband?" Uncle asked while rubbing the lund on her thighs. Mom felt shy and turned her face away. "Tell me Sulochana. How big is he?"

He asked again. "Mmm....h o...h not as big as you. Just half of your size" She moaned. Uncle got even aroused by hearing it. And He tried to insert in. But mom got afraid and tightens her legs. And begged him not to do so. "Oh please Raj. Don't do that thing to me. It's so big and will hurt lot" she cried. "Shhh Sulochana. Come on dear! Don't be afraid.

Be my dulhan for this night" He whispered. By the time, mom had no powers. He easily parted her thighs and started guiding his monster to its target. "Oooh no it hurts" mom cried in pain. But by the time, uncle was deaf for her cries. I saw his monster disappearing in-between her thighs. And mom screamed loud. Uncle slowly started going up and down.

And mom let out a moan with each stroke. Her big boobs started to jump up and down. Once uncle reached the bottom of her choot, he started giving her deep strokes. Mom was struggling with both pain and pleasure. She was unable to hold any more and begged uncle to slow down. But he got more and more aroused by her cries.

It was so hot seen to watch their naked bodies struggling on that bed. Finally uncle was about to finish. Mom also understood it and begged him to take his lund out. But he was deaf for her cries. And he tighten her to bed and with a hard deep stroke, he started to cum inside her. Mom let out a deep and loud moan and felt on bed helpless.

After that everything remained calm and uncle rolled away from her body. Mom got up from the bed and immediately she bend down with some pain. It seems that uncles huge member had done some interesting operation inside her. I saw her pussy hair was shining with his semen. And some was still oozing out of her hole. She went to bathroom to get clean up.

Uncle was on bed having a cigarette. When mom came back, she started getting dress. She was putting some effort on wear her panty and while having a look at it, uncle got hard again. He lean towards mom and pull her on him by holding her panty. This time mom shown less resistance. She just said "Oh no, not again".

By the time she understood that there's no result on begging on this hungry man. So he had the opportunity to get whatever he wants from her. This time uncle spends even more time enjoying mom's sexy naked body. Mom became a doll on his hands. She started her usual painful moans. But with less resistance on this time. And the ending was almost the same.

Mom's hole again got filled with his hot cream. This time, mom did not bother to get cleanup. Or rather she was too tired to go to bathroom. Uncle hugged her tight and they went to sleep. I was also honey and went to backyard and masturbate twice and wait there. And I felt sleepy.

But my sleep was restricted to only three hours and I got wake up by hearing moms painful moans. I wonder whether there was another round left. And checked their room again. I was shocked by the seen. Mom was on her stomach and uncle was pressing his monster on her huge butt. For a movement I thought it can't be.

I was wondering how he'll put that monster inside her anal. Mom struggled and begged him as usual. And she said she had never done this before. Uncle was even happy by hearing that. He said her 'Sulachana darling… don't be worry, there's always a first time for everything'. And he positioned his lund in-between her large buttocks.

'Oh, no Raj…please…. why you are doing this to me' mom cried. 'You knows why… This is a dream that I had for years.. Not only mine.. I'm sure it's a dream of all your husbands friends… to fuck this big gaand. And today, I got that opportunity and I'll not miss that chance for anything. So, don't even think about getting away'.

By telling, he pushed her to bed and give her gannd a sudden thrust. Mom almost jump and cried in pain. I was so honey by seeing that act. Uncle was now pushing again and again his lund inside moms gaand. And that 10 inc monster was disappearing more and more in-between her 44 inc gaand. Those two were prefect match. Her cries got louder with each thrust.

I saw her butt was shivering with pain. And finally he went all the way in and his balls were pressed against her butt. I was wondering how she is keeping that monster inside. By getting know that he was successfully in, uncle released mom's hands. He put hands under her chest and got hold on boobs.

Then he lifted his lower body, took he lund half way out, and gave her a deep hard thrust. Mom screamed and struggle hard. But uncle controlled her well. And he gave her another one. Then he slowly increased the speed and started fucking her gaand.

I have never seen such a thing before. His monster was hitting hard against her big butt. And a thump.. thump..' sound came out. Those fleshy buttocks were jumping up and down and I was sure that she had fire inside. She was moaning and crying and he was enjoying it. I did not know how he had so much strength to do such sex.

He became a machine and she got weaker and weaker. And finally he groaned loud and pushed her hard against the bed. And I saw his lower body shaking. Yes, he was filling her with his thick cum. Mom was feeling cum inside her gaand for the first time in her life. With that, mom lost all her power and fell down.

Finally uncle got up from her body. And I saw mom was unable to get up due to her back pain. So, he had to take her to bath room. I saw white thick cum comming out of her butt crack and going down on her thighs. And when they came back, I noticed mom was still in pain. And they went to bed like newly married couple. He hugged her and went into sleep.

I was so excited and went out home. I came back on the next morning, after uncle left home. Mom was still on the bed and said she has a bad backache. But I laughed myself since I knew her real ache. After that, it bacame normal act of mom.

And uncle used to come on day time when I was away. Sometimes he spend night at our place and slept in the front room. But as soon as I go to bed, he used to having fun with mom. And I used to watch it. Hope you enjoyed.

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The incident I am going to narrate occurred around eight years back. My name is Astha and I am 38 years old. I am an executive by profession and married my childhood sweetheart Sunny, soon after completing my MBA at the age of 24. An year later, we were blessed with a baby daughter and were quite content with our lives.

A couple of years down the line, monotony set in and we decided to rejuvenate our sex life. My husband suggested that we take a break from our hectic schedules and go for a second honeymoon. At first I thought he was joking but then realized that the idea was worth giving a try as our lives had become quite a drag.

One thing led to another and we decided to take a week off and visit a popular seaside resort in Maldives. The resort had a magnificent view. To avoid overcrowding, We chose the non-peak time of the year and the occupancy at the resort was quite low. There were just a handful of people at the resort and this gave us just enough space

to play out our naughty fantasies without the fear of getting caught in the act. My husband is a photography buff and often fantasized shooting me in the nude with his digital SLR. The long, beautiful and lonely beach gave him just the setting he required to fulfill his fantasy. I was a bit hesitant at first but later gave in.

He shot my toned body in various nude poses and gradually I became more and more comfortable in losing my clothes at such open spaces as a beach. Both of us would go for a swim early in the morning. He wore his trunks while I preferred a two-piece swimsuit. I have a heavy bosom for my figure and preferred a 2-piece instead of a single-piece swimsuit.

Soon afterward, we would head to the beautiful beach. After choosing an appropriate spot, he would ask me to strip and our photoshoot would commence. After the early morning excursion-cum-nude-photoshoot, we used to come back and enjoy ourselves at the resort. By the evening, we would watch and discuss the day's shots and have great sex during the nights.

We were five days into our week-long vacation that had begun serving its purpose of spicing up our sex life. But all this was suddenly interrupted by a call from his office. His immediate boss has had some medical emergency and my husband was called up to take his place. Sunny had to leave immediately. We tried but couldn't get tickets for both of us at such a short notice.

So while he left immediately, I had to stay back for the remaining two days as per the schedule. While staying at the resort, my husband was often seen carrying his digital SLR. This made him friends with an Italian man named Giorgio who was staying at the same floor and was a fashion photographer. He would often meet us in the escalator.

Giorgio and my husband would often strike up conversations on finer nuances of photography. Giorgio was quite active and athletic for his age of 60 which was exactly twice my age at that time. He was bald and kept a white french beard. He had a magnetic personality and being from the fashion industry, knew how to charm ladies with his words.

While Sunny was leaving, Giorgio met us in the corridor and came to know of the events. On knowing that I would be all alone for the next two days, he offered me company. I always had this fantasy of being taken by older men but was too afraid to even mention it to my husband. Although Giorgio was twice my age,

his charming personality always attracted me towards him. He seemed to know all about our routine. The next morning he offered to come with me for a swim and I obliged. Later on, while we were taking a stroll on the beach, he complemented me on my figure and said I could be a model any day.

When I asked how he knew about my figure, he let out a secret that he had been quietly following us on our early morning photoshoots and had shot a few of my pics with his tele-lens. On hearing this, I was left dumbfounded but then I realized that atleast he is being honest and forthcoming about this information.

He offered to delete my nude pics if I didn't like it but I said he can keep them if he promises not to publish them anywhere - a condition to which he promptly agreed. He requested me to do a nude photoshoot with him. At first I hesitated but then I thought he has already seen me in my birthday suit so there was no point being prude.

Moreover, it also gave me an opportunity to fulfill my fantasy by exposing myself to an old man twice my age, so I agreed to his offer. He brought his camera and we spent most of the day at our nude photoshoot. By the time we wound up, it was late afternoon and my body was tired of striking one pose after another in quick succession all day long.

Giorgio sensed it and offered to retire to the resort for a couple of drinks to which I agreed. A couple beers and a few tequila shots later, I was feeling quite tipsy. Giorgio dragged me to the dance floor and hugged me in a tight embrace. I could vaguely make out that he was getting quite touchy feeling.

Perhaps it was the twin effect of the drinks and the sultry atmosphere that I was kind of getting aroused with his sexual advances. After dancing for a while, he asked me the final question- your room or mine? I said I was bored of my room. A little later, I was lying spread-eagled on his bed while he was stripping his clothes.

In our past conversations he had told me that he was a widower and had not been with any woman for quite some time. Moreover, considering his age, I wasn't expecting him to last long in bed. All this turned out to be a myth. He was a real stud with a capital 'S'. His sexual performance could easily put my much younger husband to shame.

That night, he came thrice in my pussy and twice in my backside. I could never imagine my husband giving out five ejaculations all in a matter of few hours. Giorgio literally whipped the cream out of my pussy. Our marathon sex session lasted a full four hours. I didn't use any protection as I hadn't expected him to be potent enough at this age

but now I was having second thoughts as he must have shot off atleast half a cupful of his hot semen in my fertile womb. He gave me the longest and most intense orgasm of my life. The next morning, I woke up with a swollen pussy. My pubes were damp and smudgy and the room was smelling of sex. I quickly headed to the bathroom to clean up the mess.

When I came out, he complemented me on my sexual appetite and I said the pleasure was all mine. We had our breakfast together and I headed to my room. I started to pack up as I had to catch the evening flight back home. After lunch in his room, we had a quickie. It was a parting gift for me.

He dropped me off to the airport and kissed me goodbye saying it was the best vacation of his life. I said it was quite the same for me. A month later, I skipped my periods. A pregnancy test confirmed my worst fears.

When I broke the news to Sunny, he was delighted and wanted me to keep the child. Currently, my son Shikhar is studying in third grade. My husband often wonders about our son's blue eyes. He may not suspect but I can clearly recall that Giorgio had blue eyes.

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Hi my name is Vikam, engg student. This happened just a 3years ago. This day I will never forget at all. Priyam a shy virgin just crossed before my eyes..Since I year PU I use to think fucking her and masturbate in my bathroom. The last day of college. Our classes starts at 14hrs,but I and my girl came to college 6hrs early.

I and she was absent on last day,we didn't know the last day starts at 14 hrs.We both started to talk only on that day since no one was there in college. Slowly the talk went to vulgar, we planned to go to movie immediately, then as per schedule we went,unfortunately no tickets at fame.We went to cafe day and ordered coffee.later she invited me to her house.

I told I will come the other day.i was bright student in class,she asked me to teach Chemistry and biology. After 3 days of the college I went to her home.She was alone wearing miniskirt and short red t-shirt, i asked which chapter do you need to teach me. She told me to strat with Biology That is Reproduction.

I was asked her to teach sexual or asexual,she told both.First I explained asexual reproduction, then I explained her asexual reproduction, I knew that she was difficult to understand,i explained her 5 times from the book, she could understand not even once,I got fed up and I told there is only one way to teach you, that is by practicals,

I told her I will go to shop and come immediately, After coming from shop with a condom, I asked her shall I start the lesson then. She agreed.I told her to close her eyes. She agreed, I saw her rosy lips and started kissing her, She pushed me back and asked "what are you doing", I replied her I am Just satrting the practicals, Then She started kising me.

Our lips got locked foe 15minutes,in the mean time I un buttend her shirt and skirt and told her to undo mine she unbuttend my dress.I was with my under were,she was with black bra and panty,I could imagine her figure 32-28-32,she asked me why is your cock bulging, I replied this step 1 in experiment, I told her to und bra and panty soon, I could see her virgined vaginal cunt,

Inserted my middle figure and told her to put icecream on my penis and lick it in your mouth we cummed. after this I Told her The thing came from me was Sperms. We will go to step 2, thats fucking, This time I told her Now lets fuck priyam,She replied how to fuck. As I used to watch porn a lot, first I fucked her in doggy position,

I Knew where to insert and I inserted my 7 inchlength and 3inch width cock in her ass then slowly moving to love spot,we fucked in 69 position fucking her vagina and we fucked for 45 minutes,(Note:-Dont cum at first storke its self, Control for more sexualpleasure)she bleaded when I fucked her vagina... I Knew thats the moment I broke her sael and virginity,

after fucking there then I fucked once again her ass, she Is this human reproduction and prevention of it,thank you and I am me that fully satisfied on my first experience. I replied her that this my first experience to priyam and started to smooch After the first experience,when ever we meet in college or park we used to Smooch first and then go to home or hotel to satisfy our needs...

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Hello to all readers! I am rahul from nagpur (maharashtra). It was my real life experience. I am very thankful to this site which opened way to share life experiences to others. There must be some mistakes as my english is little poor. Lets come to the story.

Last year I completed my ba & get job at one reputed company in bangalore. My aunt (mom's younger sister) was living there, so I decided to stay at my aunt house until I get my own flat from the company. My dear aunts’ name is maya. She is a widow of age 35 living alone with her only girl child of 5 year as her father & mother in law had refused her to keep

with them after accidental death of her husband (uncle). When she went to her parents’ house, first all goes well but after some months, there also started quarrelling. By annoying this, she come to pune & find a job of clerk in a company with the help of her one friend which was her college friend living in pune.

Now about my dear aunt, she is a typical indian lady. She is a beautiful lady & has perfect body shape with long black hairs, sexy big butt, and juicy pouty lips with always light shade of pink lipstick, attractive naval & big boobs. She always wears sari outside & gown at home. I was specially attracted towards her thick pouty lips and always wanted to kiss it.

I also love her big naval. She just looks like madhuri dixit (indian bollywood actresses). When I reach to her house, I find a beautiful lady opening the door. First I was confused as I seeing her since 10 year.she was very happy to see me. I leaned to touch aunts’ feet but suddenly she came forward & hugged me tightly. I also did the same.

Her soft breasts touch was sending chill in my body. It was quiet long hug than normal. Then she broke our hug & took me in. My sister (her little child) was playing in. Aunt said to her that I am her brother. I opened my bag & gave her a toy. She hurriedly came to me & took the toy from me & gave me a kiss on chick.

I also kissed her on chick, and then she went out to ply with the toy. Aunt was all seeing it very happily. Then she asked me for bath as it was summer evening & I also feeling lazy. Aunt showed me my room & I placed my bag there & left for bath. After bath, we all had dinner. It was very testy. Aunt is very expert in cooking. While dinering, I find that aunt was little upset.

I asked the reason but she said nothing. After dinner we seen a film on t.v. it was romantic love story, but aunt was not enjoying it. She was still upset. It went for about a week. I feeling pity about aunt and her unhappiness, so one day I decided to ask about her gloominess in any way. That day, while dinering I again asked the same question.

First she refused to tell me anything. I said "look aunty, if you don’t tell me anything, how will you overcome your sadness, and also how can I help you about your problem? I will do whatever to bring back happiness on your face!! Please tell me aunt, what happened?" after hearing such affectionate words towards her she could not hold her grief and start to crying.

Till now my sister had finished dinner and gone to bed. I went near her and wiped her tears "don’t cry aunty!! I am always here to help you" and hugged her. She was still crying. Her soft body touch was very good. Then after some minutes, she became silent and said that from some days her boss trying to seduce her and have bad eye on her,

he wants to be his whore and again started to cry. I felt very bad about it and also feel strong anger about her wicked boss who try to deploy their fellows. Till now aunt had stopped crying. I said "then you informed it to police!". “no beta, I won't, as I don't want to destroy my reputation in society" aunt said. "yes aunt! U are right. Society only blame to women!

They don't find that there are also a wicked mans in our society who still treat women as entertaing thing" I said. Aunt was all this hearing very actively. "ohh!! Beta!!! How u are caring and affectionate about women! I am proud of having nephew like u. Now I am feeling secure with you beta!" aunt said and hugged me tightly.

I was feeling her bodily hotness, and so my penis started to tighten. Then she leave me. I observed that aunt was smiling on me. It was little different than normal. I thinked that aunt must sensed my penis touch on her thigh. That night I was not slept properly. I constantly thinking about my aunt and about her ecstasy and decide to help her any way.

Next day while breakfast I asked "aunty then what u decided now? R u still wants to work with those peoples who don't respect u!!" “how can I do beta I must do this as I don't have any other job guaranty!", "don’t worry aunty!! If u don't mind I could find a good job at my company to u!", “really!!! Is it possible!", “yes aunty! We can work together! " " ohh! Thanks beta!

You are a beacon in my life!", " it’s my duty to help my lovely aunt in her bad situation" I said. Then she resigned from her job & we started to work together in same company. Every day we used to go office on my bike and return the same. We became very close to each other, now she was not just my aunt but also a friend.

We used to go office at 9.30 am and return 6.00 pm as office was quiet near from her house till my little sister used to stay at neighbor aunty. Whenever she used to chat with neighbors, she always praising me and saying how I changed her life forever. Now she was taking care of me more than before. Also her appearance was changing day by day.

Now she used to wear sexy chiffon saris and sleeveless blouse. She also doing some good make-up I always praising her beauty and saying that if she were not my aunt then I will married her to which she just smiling and saying ‘naughty’ to me. Now a days she was looking ssooo beautiful than before. I was fascinated by her beauty.

Days were passing. My affection towards my aunt was increasing day by day. Now she was more than aunty to me. I always feeling to have my wife like aunty and now I had found her. Yes! She was my aunt. But I have no dare to express my feelings towards her, as she was my aunt and I do not wanted to hurt her by any way. Now I wanted her badly.

Every night I thinking her and masturbating. Whenever I got chance I used to hug her and kiss her on chick, neck, etc. First she was resisting but slowly she used about it. When we go to office on bike I used to brake the bike so her soft nipples were touching on my back and I was getting pleasure from it.

But aunty was taking it normally, but I find that whenever she was alone at her room she used to cry. I was unable to understand why she may be crying, so one day I gather courage and slowly went towards her. As she find me suddenly, she get little troubled and stood up to go outside but I suddenly picked her wrist and said " aunty why u r crying?

R u angry on me?" she wiped her tears and said '" how could be I angry on u beta!, u had helped me in my bad days!, but what will happen if u go long from me after getting your own flat from company", "aunty who told u that I will go away from u. I am always here with u. I will not leave you alone. I will stay forever here with you. You are everything to me my aunt.

You are like my, friend and...and...!" I stopped suddenly “what beta!!! And what!! I am your beta, please tell me" slowly I said aunt! U r also my girlfriend. She laughed. I also laughed with her and said yes aunty u r my girl-friend. And I want to marry u I want to give all which you could not got from uncle. I want to satisfy you mentally as well as physically. Aunt became silence.

She did not said anything and went out with tears in her eye. I feel very bad. I cursed myself why I hurted my lovely aunt. While dinner I had no dare to see at her. She was also not speaking me. That day was very hard to me. Somehow I ate dinner and went to my room but I was feeling sleepless that night. It was about 11pm slowly I hear a crack of door.

It was sure that she must been aunt. Slowly she came towards me and sat on edge of bed. Beta, you still not slept? She spoke softly. I was feeling guilty. I even not had dare to see at her. Slowly she said "look beta,!! Whatever had happened earlier it suppose as accident, and forgot it. I am your aunt I don’t want to blame you. You are my good boy."

because of her soft speaking I get courage and seen at her. She was smiling. But my wicked mind again overpowered me and I said" but aunty I unable to control my feelings towards you. I don’t want to hurt u aunt! I want you to be always with me and I want to give you every possible pleasure in the world" I am really happy that u r my nephew beta!!

Really you had done a lot for me and now it’s my turn to complete your wish and hugged me and said from now I am your, u r my love, and kissed me on my lips. But beta we can’t marry otherwise peoples may suspect us. But I can be your wife at home and aunt at outside. Ohh! Aunty u are really good and leaned on her to kiss.

Then she slowly went to close the door and locked it and closed the lights. When she came to me, I pulled her towards me and sat her on my lap and started to kiss her.. Her lips were very soft and moist with light shade of lipstick. I slowly inserted my tongue into her testy mouth. Wow what a feeling!!!! Our tongues were playing with each other.

I chewed both her upper and lower lips one by one. This way we french kissed for about 20 minutes. While kissing, I inserted one of my hand in her petticoat through sari and caressed her thigh and her pussy. She had a hairy pussy. When I touched the bush of her pussy I sensed that it is wet. I thought that it must be her precum as I also smelling the odor of it.

During this, aunt had inserted her hand into my pant and was caressing my penis. By her soft touch my penis had became an iron rod. She slowly broke kiss and whispered in my ear “wow!!! Beta!! U have a very big even your uncle’’. It will definitely satisfy me. Then I slowly abeded her. Her eyes were closed and lips were partly open.

I caressed her soft lips with hand and took the aroma of her soft silk hairs, while one hand was playing with her soft boobs. Her nipples were became hard. Then I unhooked her blouse. She was not worn bra. Then I slowly kissed both the nipples and took one of them in my mouth and started to press it. The milk oozing in my mouth. Wow!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhh opppppppppppaaaaaaaaaa nooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhAunts milk was so testy. Aunt was moaning with pleasure. Then we both undressed. Aunt was seeing at my 9" tight penis pointing towards her. And I could also see her bushy pussy. She came near me and holds my penis wow!!

What a sensation of her soft hands!. I cum within no time. Then she wiped my precum with her hand. Then I placed her along the wall and started to press her boobs with one hand, while my other hand was finger fucking her pussy. She was now moaning. Then, I lifted her on my arm and lied onto the bed. She was looking soooo sexy. I said “aunty ! U are sooo sexy.

I always wished god to have wife like you”. She was just smiling. Then I turned towards her pussy. Her pussy smell was so great and toxic. I slowly kissed it. As we both don’t want kinky sex so we do not licked each others sex organs. Then I placed the pillow below her butt and parted her both legs side by side. She hold my penis to guide it towards her love hole.

I slowly pushed it. It went in with little pain to both of us. To relieve her pain, I started to kiss her lips again. Now she was moaning with pleasure.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no ahhhhhhhhhhh heeeeeeeeeee chhhhhhhhhh agggggggggg haaaaaaaaaa And I started too and fro motion. Aunt was moaning heavily. After some time her body became stiff.

I sensed that she must been cuming. Then she became calm, but I was still fucking her. After half an hour, I was near to ejaculate. So I told the aunty same. She said me to cum in. I cumed in her pussy and I fell on her body, breathlessly. I remain calm for some time. Then we kissed each other and I removed my penis from her pussy. Our love juice was flowing from her pussy.

Aunt feeling great satisfaction as her face was shining with pleasure. I thanked my lovely aunt. And asked if she gets pregnant then what?. She told me that she will take the birth control pills. That night I fucked her 3 times. Next day, in morning I feeling very sleepy. I was still naked under bed sheet. Aunt came to my room to wake me.

I suddenly pulled her towards mine and gave her a good morning kiss on lips. She little resisted me and told me that my sister is waiting her to drop her to school. I said please drop her and come and I leave her from my arm. When she came, I was ready for breakfast. She sat adjacent to me. I asked her about last night.

She blushed and said it was very exciting night to her. She till now hasn’t experienced such a hot fuck. Then I told what about one more turn and grabbed her boobs. She resisted and said it’s becoming late to office.

I just fondled her boobs and kissed on lips and leave her. Then we both went to office. This was my real life experience. Every night I used to fuck her, and she is very happy with me. Still now nobody knows that we are like couples, even my parents also.

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