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This is Sandy here from from Chandigarh now in New Zealand. Tall,average body n a huge cock(I am not boasting)..Well I have been going through this adult site for the past 3 years n I really liked it..let me get to the story straight away. There was a story posted here abt couple. So I thought of contacting them through mail although they had written only couple's mail

will be entertained.I gave it a try n the luck worked.Although I have had sex with my girlfriends before but I had this liking for mature ladies that led me to contact them.They were 40 year old man n 35 year old woman.We exchanged lots of mails before they fixed a meeting. They invited me over to their place.I went there in the evening.

Aman(hubby) opened the door n welcomed me.I was bit nervous coz I was meeting strangers n that too at their place.Anyways Aman told me that Manju(wife) was in shower n will be out soon.He asked me to be comfortable n offered me drinks.We were talking abt general things when se came in.OH MY GOD!!!I couldn't believe my eyes...

She was one of the sexiest ladies I had seen in my whole life.She was 5'5',beautiful eyes,nice protruding lips,big boobs,a little bit plumpy stomach(Thats what I like),n nice curvy buttocks.I was kind of in a daze.I was thanking God for for my luck.She said Hello n my senses came back to normal.We had a chat for sometime n then she said lets have dinner.

After Dinner we went to there bedroom.Aman asked me to make myself comfortable n I went to the bathroom to change into shorts.She too went to the other room to change into something easy.When I came out there was another surprise in store for me.She was sitting on the bed n wearing a very very sexy sleeveless nighty.

Aman asked me to sit on the bed n made Manju sit in between us both.We were watching T.V. n talking abt general stuff. Suddenly Aman said that don't waste time n lets get to work.I took hold of Manju's hand n kissed it.She smiled.Aman on the other side started kissing her on her cheeks.She was laughing n her laughs were like tingling bells in far-away churches.

I smoothly kissed her whole arm n then moved towards her face.She blushed a little..I kissed her cheeks n she closed her eyes.Aman was followong the quicker route n started pressing her boobs. But for me it was different.I wanted to indulge in lot of foreplay before doing the actual thing.

I kissed her beautiful eyes n then her forehead.Her eyes were closed all the way.I then kissed her lips lightly.She gave out a low moan.I kissed again this time more deeply.Our tongues met n both of us were in heaven.Aman wanted to enjoy the view so he left her to me n sat at some distance watching the game.

I don't know for how long we kissed but these were the most wonderful kisses of my life.Then I kissed her neck n nibbled at her ear.She was going crazy.I then kissed her boobs over her nighty.they were sooooo soft.I kissed her deep on her lips again.And then I started opening her nighty top.

She was kind of "No-No" but from inside she was saying "I wanna get fucked real soon"...i opened her nighty n ther they were the twin towers of luv,One of beautiful parts in a women's body.I started giving small licks on her nipples n teasing them.Her moans increased.I became a bit more violent n started sucking the nipples.

I was pressing one with my hand n the other was being fed to my mouth.I sucked her boobs for good 10 minutes before moving down again.I made a line with my tongue from her boobs to her belly button.I licked her belly button area.She was wearing a pink coloured panty.This colour drives me carzy.

When I moved upto her panty she closed her legs n blushed n didn't let me touch there.I kissed her again on her lips. I didn't remove her panty straightaway.I kissed her pussy over the panty n then I kissed her milk white spongy inner thighs.I licked her thighs for sometimes before moving down.

She was moaning all the time.I licked her legs upto her feet n then all the way back to her panty.I slowly started removing her panty but she was not letting it go off easily (u know thats nature of ladies in India,they don't get naked real quick like guys).Finally with not much resistence I took it off.OHHHHHHHH Heaven......

This must be the place known as heaven....The place between the legs with small hair n the whole of the men world is mad for this...yeah u guessed it right....the love hole..She was moaning a lot.Aman also joined in and started licking her boobs n I opened her legs a bit.I did nothing,just kept looking for sometime at the God's beauty lying naked before me.

N then I slightly kissed her pussy.She sent out a long moan...aaaaaahhhh.....I licked her clitoris in between giving small bites on her inner thighs..She was moaning like.....ohhhhhh...lick me there....ohhhhhhh God help me.....I licked her clit for sometime before inserting my middle finger in her pussy....

Guess what???She was flowing juices like a waterfall over a hugggggggggeeee hilltop..I tasted my finger n they were sweet. I inserted my tongue in her luv hole n tasted her juices..She was going mad...Aman was kissing her n sometimes sucking her nipples.I put my middle finger inside n my tongue on her clit.

I was doing two things at one time-finger fucking her n orally fucking her.I like licking a lot.I licked her until she shuddered n had a huge orgasm.She had 3 more orgasms after that.Then she made a finger movement over my body n reached my cock..We were engaged in deep kissing all the time.She started carassing my luv tool over the pyjama.

She put her hand inside it n gave out a shout(I am not lying)..She said "ur huge"...She was right..I have got a 10 inch cock(I am not lying guys n gals it IS this big).She moved down on me n gave me good blow job by sucking each n Every place on my cock..She was a great licker..After sometime she said "I can't wait anymore"...

I said "neither can I"..with saying this I kissed her deep in her mouth n played with each other tongues.Then I touched my cock onto her pussy.I was rubbing her clit with my cock head.She was enjoying the teasing. Then I slowely inserted my head into her luv hole.She gave out a low scream.She said it is painful..I knew that...

I kissed her again n inserted my cock again gently..She said please don't care for my pain..go ahead n go all in..That was the encouragement I needed..Aman was watching all this with very much interest. I pushed it deep into her n she gave out loud moans...It was pain filled with luv for her...I started with small thrusts n then speeding my thrusts...

After about 25 minutes of fucking I came..She had cum 4 times before I erupted...Her pussy sucked in whole of my cock emptying my balls..It was greatest fuckes I have had...Then we had a threesome with Aman involved n tried lots of other positions...but no anal fuck coz thats real painful..

I still go over to there place frequently..We r real good friends now.We have been on outings together....She also likes me a lot n I have an emotional bondage with her...Although I visit them very frequently but I have this guilty feeling deep inside me..Coz I feel I am not giving something to Aman in return for the wonderful gift he gave to me...

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Hi, my dear friends and readers, I am regular reader of sex stories, shared by the sexy persons. I am very much impressed and excited by some of the real sex experiences and prompted to exchange my true experience with you. I am young and open-minded person with excess sex desires and fantasies.

I am married to a very beautiful girl, who is very cooperative and submissive in the bed and open for variations in our sex life. Our sex life is fantastic and we are loving and caring couple with very good understanding for each other. Although I have few premarital and extramarital affairs and I feel myself very lucky to avail the opportunities arrived.

I am a peeping tomb and enjoyed my sex life by seeing nudity and live sex of others through secret places, which was most enjoyable. Besides this I also enjoy reading sex stories and I get aroused and excited which prompts me to masturbate with full passions. I don’t mind if any one watches us doing sex secretly for that reason I enjoy sex with my wife with the lights on and curtains off.

Although she does not have any premarital and extramarital sex experience, but she is very hot and horny besides get excited easily and starts demanding with her legs raised for excessive orgasm. Yours erotic sex stories have prompted my sex desires to add spices in our daily and getting dull sex life by getting my wife fucked in front of me by some strong & sexy person.

Although I have a very good friend circle and one of them is of my choice and fulfills all the qualities of a hunk, but she is reluctant to lie down with known person. It took long time to bring her on line and come forward willingly for the extramarital affair. I started to please her with expensive gifts, taking her for outings,

encouraging her to wear sexy dresses and reveal her nudity, Making her to drink, read porn stories and see blue films for women. All these things added fuel to fire and I succeeded to bring her hidden sex desires to surface one by one. One fine night when she was in very good mood, we started drinking and discussing sex.

I narrated my fantasy about her and succeed to arouse her passions, and then I proposed her for fulfilling my desire to see her enjoying sex with some one in front of me. Initially she hesitated and tried to evade, but finally agreed when I convinced her and insisted for a change and variations.

She confessed that after seeing various male organs in the porno movies for women and reading sex stories on Internet, she was getting horny and her cunt started demanding big cocks. She agreed willingly and told me that let the opportunity arise and she will act freely accordingly to make it an event.

Some of the hints of the sex stories helped us to fulfill our desire and we started to find out suitable hunk for her on Internet. There were lots of options available and we could find a very interested and like-minded couple with good experience. We discussed every thing and exchanged our views frankly. We also purchase web cam to see each other and show nudity.

We were very much impressed, but finally we came to know that the couple is from Nepal and our union could not materialize. We were not discouraged and became the member of adult friend finder, her e we found many interested males & exchanged few mails with selected strong and sexy hunks.

My wife was impressed with one of the people who were having good personality of he-man and big cock of her choice& he probed most suitable stud to satisfy her. He was a local person and we fixed up meeting with him in a posh restaurant and bar. She was looking very happy and dressed in her best sexy out fit, exposing her nudity to maximum to seduce him at first sight.

Before that she went to beauty parlor for waxing, body massage and waxing legs and arms to look attractive and sexy. We met him on the designated place and time and were badly attracted to each other. Both of them were looking each other with passions in their eyes and sexy smiles.

Her eyes were gazing his big bulge at the crotch under the tight jeans and he was gazing at the bulging of boobs, which were exposed to the last limit. Besides her sexy navel on her flat and sexy navel. We exchanged warm hand shake and hug with soft kisses. The beginning was very good.

We occupied a corner seat and ordered chilled beer to start with and exchanged our views, desires and were fully impressed with the outcome. And Things went well in the right direction and all of us were feeling free and friendly in cozy atmosphere was glad that my wife looking smart and taking active part with keens interest.

She wanted to avail this opportunity and make the event memorable. Then we decided to go to nearby picture hall to come further close and take advantage of darkness and closeness. (This idea was taken from one of the sex story I read on the Internet). We occupied back seat in the deserted corner. She gladly sat down in between us.

Soon the picture started and it became dark. I initiated and started hugging and kissing her to instigate and arouse her passions. He also became active and started playing his hand on her bare thigh to explore her pubic region. I advanced further to support him and held his other hand and placed on the boobs of my wife. And pushed her towards him.

He took full advantage of the opportunity and started hugging and kissing her passionately. The heat was on and the atmosphere became very hot when I lowered the shoulder straps of her dress and released her boobs out of her dress. She became topless. He was badly excited and played with her naked boobs for some time and then he bent down to suck her nipples.

She was cooperating fully and submitted herself to him. His other hand was exploring her bottom and she raised her one leg to give him full access for free fingering. Every thing went well and we all were very happy the way things were taking shape. There after we decide d to move to our house to give final act practically for physical contacts in the bedroom.

We left the picture in the middle at half time and visited wine shop and fast food joint on the way back. Every one of us was fully excited and none of us was in hurry for the intercourse. It was very clear that he is going to give his company staying overnight. Ultimately we were supposed to enjoy sex whole night. I asked him to feel free and be comfortable, beside homely.

Meanwhile she started arranging drinks and food. While she was bending forward during dressing center table and serving drinks, her boobs were fully exposed and his eyes were fixed to have a glimpse. The changing color of his face due to passion could be made out. We started with the red wine, chatting and discussing our private life.

We opened up in no time, as we were good old friends. Both of them were behaving like true lovers freely and frankly, cutting sexy jokes and teasing each other. The atmosphere became very hot and sexy. When I disclosed that she is good dancer and swimmer, he expressed his desire to see her in swimming dress and do strip tease dance if possible.

She was in very good mood and her sense of humor prevailed. She gladly accepted his offer and went to bedroom to change her costume and refresh her. She was looking very sexy and attractive in the dress, which was almost suitable for the performance. She inserted the right type of CD into music system and started dancing to the tune of sexy music.

She was swaying her hip and boobs, besides shaking her body according to tune. After giving sexy performance for some time, she started stripping and dropping her top and bottom one by one keeping suspense. Now she was in a two-piece bikini on her body, which was just covering the vital portion of her boob and cunt, leaving her nudity almost exposed.

She was looking very attractive and extremely sexy in bikini. There after she approached him while dancing and asked him to pull the string of her top to release the knot. She dances for some time by holding bra in place with her hands and then turned her back towards us and suddenly dropped the top.

Now she was top less and turned her face towards us but cupping he boobs with her both the hands. Then she danced and removed her hand for a moment to give a glimpse of her fully developed and firm boobs. There after shoe cane near him and asked him if he is really interested to see her boobs. He was very much excited and pulled her towards him, holding her from waist.

She released her boobs and pressed them against her face. Then she gave him a passionate kiss on his lips and turned back. Now she was dancing topless shaking her boobs and hip creating sensation. There after she turned to me and got her panty unhooked and moved away without taking out of place.

Then she danced for some time and pulled away panty but covered he pubic region with her hand. Finally she danced freely showing her nudity at full. She then exhibited her cunt from back side by bending forward. The flesh of large lobes of flesh was clearly visible sticking out of her bald cunt.

Then she exposed her cunt fully wide open from the front by sitting down on the floor and raising her legs apart. Her flowering, pink cunt was looking very attractive. After finishing dance she came back and sat beside him and held him in her arms. While both of them were busy making love I left the alone to release pressure and giving them liberty enact freely.

When I came back, I found him sitting nude and they were sitting in compromising position, hugging and kissing like a lover and she was holding his cock in her hand. I also joined them and removed my clothes. There after we moved to bedroom with our glasses in hand. He had a good physique with muscular and attractive personality.

His cock was defiantly bigger and thicker than me, looking very attractive due to circumcised fore head. It must be approx. 8” long, whereas my cock is 6” long. He disclosed his strong desire to see live fucking and expressed to start us with oral sex in our favorite “69” and that he will also join in between.

I lied down on the bed and she positioned her cunt fully exploded on my face. We started sucking and licking each other’s genital, while he watched closely. Soon she was aroused and filled with passion. Her cunt started bulging to explode with pleasure, while I parted the lips of her pussy apart.

He could not resist further and started spanking with his hands on her butts until became red, to make her wild with passion, which was affective & worked well as she was enjoying well besides demanding more. Then he held his cock and positioned on the backside on her cunt. Then he held her at her waist with both the hands and pushed his cock fully deep inside.

She screamed with pleasure and adjusted her ass accordingly. I was very much afraid, if she would be able to take such a big and thick cock inside completely. To my surprise she was feeling very comfortable and started demanding fucking harder. I was watching each and every movement very closely from down below and enjoying her fucking.

Her boobs were shaking with the thrusts and the large lobes of the flesh of her labia were also moving in and out with movement his cock. It was worth seeing actions so closely. I was thrilled when he discharged and filled his cum inside her cunt and simultaneously her body jerked with waves of pleasure and she attained heavy orgasm with spasms.

After he removed his cock, I licked her cunt and she enjoyed aftermath spasms once again in her cunt, squeezing our sperms. She was lying cool and calm relaxing in his lap after the erotic and strong fucking. Her eyes were full of passion and showing ultimate satisfaction. We relaxed for some time and regained for another stormy session of intercourse.

This time he made her to lie down on the edge of the bed with a thick pillow to raise her ass. Thereafter she raised her legs and spreader apart and invited him to fuck her. He sat down in front of her and had a good close look of her flowering cunt, which was stuffed with large lobes of flesh of clitoris and attractive large clitoris above.

He licked her cunt allaround, up and down and then parted the lips aside to explode her cunt. Then he inserted his middle finger deep inside and worked on her G-Spot until it became active and she started moaning with pleasure. Her face flushed hot and filled with passion fore head sweating.

Then he started playing with the mouth filling labia and clitoris, nibbling, stretching and throbbing. By this time she was in full heat and moaning with pleasure and demanding his cock inside her wet and dripping pussy. She could not resist further and pleaded him fill her demanding pussy and make her cum.

He then got up and positioned his dick in the center of slit and guided with his hand until ¼ the portion of his cock entered inside, then he pushed the whole length deep inside, filling the hole up to hilt. She screamed with pleasure due to tight and forced entry, because she had never taken such a big cock before. I was having doubt but she succeeded to grab whole length.

He bent down over her and played with her boobs and kissed her passionately for some time. She placed her legs around his waist and asked him to fuck her hard. He started fucking her with strong thrusts and full stroke, which stirred her cunt with piston action. Her whole body was shaking and the boobs were moving in the rhythm of thrust,

while she was responding each thrust by raising her ass. Finally he held her by shoulders by putting his hands under her arm and clutching her. She enjoying fully and moaning with pleasure. She reached in ecstasy as her legs were flying in air, giving full and free access during fucking.

Finally both of them reached the heights of climax and while shuddering his discharge in her cunt she also experienced heavy orgasm and calmed down. They remained in tandem position until his cock became loose and slipped out. I was very happy to see my wife fucked hard and enjoy sex with him. He too seemed overjoyed by fucking my hot and sexy demanding slut.

He expressed his happiness by showering kissed on her face and all over body and conveyed his satisfaction through his eyes. The relaxed for long time in each other arms. Thereafter I fucked my wife in front him and finally once more he fucked her in doggy style once again before leaving.

There after she became extremely horny and developed uncontrolled, excessive sex desire, besides crazy demand for big cock. It was difficult to find out equally good person with all these qualities for further change. She had a very close intimate friend of kitty party with lot of sex experience and exposure.

They were keeping any secret among them and were always disclosing and discussing their private sex life freely. She married to an officer in merchant navy who remained away in the sea on the ship months together. She was feeling lonely and sexually starved in his absence. Initially she accompanied him on foreign trip and was exposed to the glamorous nightlife

of different countries and enjoyed strip tease, body massage and live sex for added fun and pleasure. She also enjoyed spouse-swapping experience with a British couple on board for a change and variation to add spices in her sex life. When my wife disclosed her our recent sex experience and discussed about the desires and change in her sexual behavior,

she proposed & convinced her most suitable and alternative solution to fulfill her burning sex desires. Before intruding her to the club, her friend invited us for drinks and dinner to meet me and discuss every thing prior to registration. We were badly attracted to each other on first sight and I could sense a very good time lying ahead for me due to her warm welcome

and decent behavior. She showed great interest in me and became free in no time. My wife had given her very good impressions by disclosing my sexual life and behavior. Our discussion started with the drinks. I was badly attracted and seduced by her sexy figure and exposure of her vital parts through her sexy out fit.

The bulges of her ceramic flesh of her boobs were fully visible while she was bending forward to dress up table and serve drinks. Her boobs were fully developed and firm with nipple pointing up. Actually she had silicon boobs, which she confirmed later. Her left legs were fully exposed up to her thigh joint through the long chalk on one side of her European dress.

She was tastefully dressed as she had developed & influenced by European culture. She discussed regarding the activities of the club in full details, as she was the part time member and used to fulfill her sexual desires and requirements time to time with added fun and spices. When I asked her, if she can give live demonstration of body massage,

she gave a sexy smile and told that she does not mind, if my wife does have any objection. My wife was in very good mood responded positively in favor to witness live sex in between us, as she was to do the same in near future with the guests of the club. She was leading a posh life with the extra income besides enjoying sex.

Thereafter we moved to bedroom and she went to bathroom to refresh. She came out after some time with a towel around just covering her boobs and bottoms up to thighs spreading sweet fragrance of perfume. She then stripped me nude and asked me to lie down on the bed with my face down, besides taking a good look of my muscular body and manhood.

I could see happiness and passion in her eyes. Then she started giving me soothing massage on my back with hands on, starting from the feet to shoulders and ending at arms and hands. My eyes were close and I was feeling the difference and heat of her hand all over my body. Then she gave the magic touch of her boobs creating waves of sensation all over my body.

Thereafter she asked me to change my position and lay down with my face up and asked me how do you feel. My face and eyes were telling the story of my satisfaction and enjoyment. Again she started from toe to tips and gave special attention to my chest and pubic region, which aroused my passions. Finally she rubbed my vital parts with her boobs and pussy.

I could feel the heat of her pubic hairs which she had never curt. She belonged to a Sikh family and married to a sardar ji and maintaining natural growth. She had groomed her soft and silky pubic hairs, the growth was limited only above the mound in a cluster like a plume which was further extended up to her attractive navel in a thin streak of hairline.

She disclosed that lot of person got attracted at first sight, when she wears her sari and jeans low on the hip. The fine line of soft hairs becomes the center of attraction. Then she offered me drink and we started kissing hugging and caressing each other passionately. She cooperated me fully and submitted herself completely.

Meanwhile she described that there are three packages and according to the cheapest package the guest is given hand job to blow the cock and in the second package he is give blow job through mouth and in the top package, one is entertaintained with hugging, kissing, oral sex and finally unlimited fucking in any position until he is fully drained and ultimately satisfied.

In my case I made her to ride above me in my favorite position ”69”, spreaded her pussy lips apart and started licking all they way around au and down and sucking the flesh of her labia and clitoris, by nibbling, stretching and throbbing by blowing to excite her. Thing started working well and in response her cunt started bulging out to burst with pleasure and tasted very good.

She started demanding sucking more and more to make her cumm and she started applying pressure from inside to come heavily. As a result her cunt started squirming &she leaked her urine dripping into my mouth. This made me crazy and I drank her urine all the way. In this process her ass started rising higher and higher and finally,

she reached the climax and her body jerked with heavy orgasm with shudders in abundance. Finally she calmed down after the storm. When I touched my tongue once again on her cunt, she moaned and experienced aftermath spasms in her cunt once again. It was my best sex experience with exceptionally hot and passionately Sikh lady

with nicely groomed soft and silky natural pubic hairs beyond the limit of pubic region, extending up to the navel in a fine streak. After few days we met her in a shopping mall with her husband. She introduced him to us and we all were very happy and extended warm welcome. We joined them and shared coffee in BARISTA besides chatting and sharing happy moments.

I noticed that sardarji was very much attracted and impressed by my wife and extended invitation for a dinner next day at their house. When I discussed and asked the opinion of my wife, she smiled and expressed her feeling about sardarji in favor of him. Next day it was a nice and memorable meeting. My wife was dressed to the taste and looking very attractive and sexy.

We were welcomed with warm and passionate hugs and kisses from both of them, which gave a positive signal. Then we started with drinks and after finishing first round of drink we were feeling free with each other and discussing every thing freely. We discussed sex life of seamen on the ship.

His disclosed every thing that on the foreign going ship he mostly works with foreigners who are open minded and believe in free sex. Mostly officers keep their wives and girlfriends on board with them, other wise their ladies cannot afford to stay without sex for long time and find out another boyfriend or alternative sex outlet.

They are fun loving people and spouse swapping among them is very common to have adding spices and variation. When I asked his view on swapping he smiled and told frankly that he does not mind if the couple is up to their standard and really interested in fun loving sex for a change.

I was prompted by his opinion and asked him what about us and how do u feel about us. He immediately accepted our proposal and agreed to avail the opportunity. It was the right time and every one jumped with pleasure. He then introduced her to a high end posh club, famous for quality services with guarantee with full enjoyment of sex life with all the latest facilities

for relaxing and soothing full body massage massage in nude along with hot shower and drinks in the company of beautiful, attractive &cooperative humorous girls, well trained to fully satisfy the guest by fulfilling his sex desires and demands & draining his heat fully. She was also the part time member of this club, which was run by an NRI woman on European pattern.

There was a good source of extra income besides fulfilling ones desire and enjoying world-class sex. Most of the guests were rich, from high society looking change and variation in their sex life for fun and pleasure. They were in the age of 20 to 45. She also registered her and opted for availability on call on weekends.

She was fortunate enough to find out alternative outlet, where she got the best opportunity to exercise vide selection of her choice to see different type of persons with varied size and shape of cocks including circumcised. She was then interviewed &asked to step nude for physical check & examination by the lady owner and examined by the doctor separately.

She was selected and given on hand practical training under the senior girls with the clients. The clients were very happy to enjoy sex with two girls for payment of one. I am proud of my wife who changed our life style and we purchased new car with the extra money. Her contacts with reputed persons helped me to get good contracts and our business started flourishing.

Few days later she met her sardarni friend in the mall. She was with her husband and introduced him to us. He was attracted to my wife at first sight and we accompanied them to coffee house, where he mixed up with us friendly and next day invited for drinks and dinner. Under the influence of drinks the atmosphere here became hot and sexy when he openly proposed for

enjoying sex with each other’s spouse. besides our We shed our inhibitions and our clothes. Changed over partners and enjoyed erotic sex with a change and variation. That night we spend with them and had a fun whole night. You can also change your life style by giving freedom to your wife if she is horny and you are open minded.

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This is a true sent by one of my very good net friend who became a friend through this site. This story is dedicated to her, her sis and her mom who have been repeatedly fucked by their driver and his friend(s). We are 3 sisters-I'm the eldest, after me is my younger sis who is 1 year younger, the youngest has been adopted by my mausa who has no child.

He and mausi live about 80 kms away from us. Mausa has a small factory and mausi is housewife. They are very affectionate and love her very much. She is very pampered. She is quite attached to both of us sisters. My daddy has an agency of a pharma company for the region and we are pretty well off. My father is of modern thinking and has given us all lots of freedom.

For last 4 years he is suffering from diabetes and recently has had a heart attack also. He's gone quite weak during last 2 ½ years. Both of us sis go to the same school and are very close to each other, can discuss and share any and every thing. My daddy has kept one car for us and another for going to office etc which most of the time he used to drive but

recently he takes the driver to drop him. His office is 6 kms from our bungalow. After dropping him driver can return home so that if anyone of us or mummy has to go anywhere he can take us. I have now started driving for 5 months but am still scared to take the car to market or crowded places. This driver is really skilled and daddy likes his driving skill very much.

He is really good looking though for a year has started showing paunch but still is very active and smart. Daddy allows him to wear t-shirts etc and has been giving him loans for constructing house in his native place, which is not very far from here, may be 120 or 130 kms. My classes start at 10 am,while my sister's start at 8 am.

she is home by 2 pm and I return at 4.30pm. When I was in college (I was about 19 ½ then) while playing at college, I slipped and sprained my right foot. It was very painful and difficult to walk. My teacher called my home and driver was sent to pick me up from college. I had to take his help in walking. He'll put his arm around my waist and I'll hold him by his shoulder.

Doctor examined and said there was no fracture but that I should avoid putting load on my foot and walk minimum for at least 10-12 days. From that day Iqbal will take me to college holding me. n third day I lost my balance while trying to hold him and fell down. Daddy had gone to office and mummy was in kitchen. He offered to pick me up but I was shy, so refused.

He said I better not argue and lifted me up. I felt shivers run through my adolescent body. But it felt nice in some way and I didn't have to feel pain walking also. He held me with one hand around my knee and another wound around my upper torso. His fingers were close to my left breast but he did not do anything.

On return also he picked me up, but at college he'll not pick me up as I totally refused to be carried that way. After reaching home he again picked me up and I didn't resist, but this time his fingers were touching my left breast and in a way pressing into my flesh a little. Next day also I felt his fingers on my breast flesh but a little more up towards my nipple.

I used to feel strange sensations, and used to feel shivers when his fingers made some movement on my breast. Fourth day he picked me up holding me by my hips and my breasts touching his shoulders. He said I'll be comfortable. I felt his one hand fingers in the crack between my ass cheeks but said nothing.

Next day he pressed my ass cheeks while holding me and I was feeling new kind of sensations in various parts of my body. And on 7 or 8th day he was once again holding me horizontally again and this time his palm was cupping my breast and the middle finger touching my nipple. Several times I felt the finger on nipple pressing on it.

I knew some about sex from other girls and found that my panties would get wet. I was enjoying his fingers on my breast. I got better after 10th day and could walk a little; he said he misses picking me up and I was red in my face. I told him why he wants me to walk with someone's help but he didn't reply.

One day he came about 10 minutes late and I was waiting for him outside the college, some 4 college boys started passing comments at me and were teasing me, just then he arrived. I told him about the boys and he started beating them. Two boys just fled but got good beating from him. I was very impressed and liked his strength. In a way felt some attraction towards him.

After 2 months, I had gone to attend a friend's birthday party and by the time it finished it was 10.30pm. I had phoned home so he came to pick me up. As soon as I came out I felt very cold and I didn't have a sweater and was only in skirt and top. He sensed it and pulled out his coat and covered me. That day he opened the passenger door for me rather than back seat door.

I got into the car and we drove off. My house was 3 kms from there so it generally takes 10 minutes to reach. Because of cold there was hardly any traffic on the roads. All of a sudden he touched my cheek saying if I was feeling cold. I was already thinking about him and this touch made me shiver badly.

He smiled and I lowered my eyes; he slowed down the car and bending towards me kissed me on my cheek. I said nothing and covered my face with both hands. After reaching home he took the car inside the garage while normally he'll drop me near portico then take the car in. After switching off the car engine he pulled me towards himself and kissed me on my lips

and I just kept my eyes closed. After kissing me for 2- 3 minutes he came out of car then opened my side of door and pulled me out then embraced me and kissed me all over my face and inserted his tongue in my mouth. I was so wet in my panties that I was shaking. Next morning when taking me to school,

he asked me if I was angry with him and I replied shyly in negative. He asked me to come to garage before dinner for 5 minutes and I accepted. This time in garage, he kissed me and even pressed my breasts from over my shirt. I was with him for 10 minutes. Next week daddy went out for 3 days, so it was easier for me to go to garage after he left in the evening.

He asked me to come to his room late at night after my sis had gone to sleep. I told him I was scared, but he told me to be bold. He lived in the room above the garage and there were stairs from garage and it was accessible from our roof as one of the doors opened on the roof. Sis sleeps by 11pm so at 11.30 pm after checking that she was sleeping

I tiptoed and moved up the stairs leading to the roof. I opened the door very slowly (I had kept the latch open in the evening before dinner) and moved towards his door which was open already. he was waiting for me in lungi and baniyan. As soon as I entered he gathered me in his arms and was kissing and fondling all over.

Then he laid me on the bed and slipped into it next to me. for more than half an hour he kept on kissing and fondling me but didn't undress me, just took his hand inside my nightie. This continued till daddy returned. Next month, daddy again went on tour for 4 days and I was having 5th day of my periods so he asked me to come to his room the next day's

was ready to go that night itself but he said that he has some work that night and someone will be coming to him so I better go to him the following night (much later he told me that mummy had been with him that night). Next night I put a sleeping pill in my sister's milk and after she had gone to sleep, I went up and was in his bed again.

That day he took off my nightie and bra and panty and kissed and fondled me all over. I used to feel his hardened member whenever he embraced me but could not dare touch him. that night he took my hand and put it on it. It was very hard and very big. He asked me to massage it and his balls. I was fascinated and was very wet all the time.

Next night after he undressed both of us, he rubbed his member over my private part and breasts and after about 25 minutes his white liquid sprayed over my breasts. Now all the time I used to think about him only and my studies suffered a lot. I had my exams in April and after exams we all went to mausaji's house for 4 days but I didn't want to go there

nor I was enjoying there. We came back and one day although daddy was home, I went to his room at 1 am. He was asleep keeping the door and windows open as it was pretty hot. I just laid myself on his bed and embraced him. He woke up and quickly undressed me, took off his lungi. we both were stark naked.

That day he came on my genital and I touched it and found it very thick, white sticky substance. After resting for some time he insisted that I suck him, which I refused. but he was adamant and asked me to put his member in my mouth. finally I did and then sucked also. He forced it deeper into my mouth and when my jaws started aching,

he let me pull it out and massage it in my palm. I started pumping it and continued kissing and licking also as and when I could. All this time he was squeezing, fondling, kissing my body, my hips, my breasts etc. After about 20 minutes, he asked me to put it in mouth again and I did and once again he started forcing it deeper inside my mouth

and I felt it throb and before I could do anything, he was shooting his juices in my mouth. he was holding me firmly by my cheeks and would not let me go. He insisted that I swallow it, which I didn't want but ultimately I did swallow. It was salty but not too bad in taste. From that day it became a routine that whenever we could meet for some time,

he'll kiss and fondle me and finally I'll suck him off. For 12/13 days he only kissed, fondled, rubbed hishard thing on various places on my body but never entered. May be he was a little cautious. it was at night, my dad was out of town, me and my younger sis (almost 18 yrs then) sleeping in our room, mom in her bedroom.

I slipped out of my room at about 12.30 and tiptoed to his room. he was lying in lungi in his room, it was summer. I entered the room thru the door that opens on roof side. I touched him (he was awake but had his eyes closed when I entered the room),he pulled me, embraced and then quickly undressed me and himself.

Soon I was sucking him (I used to suck him everyday, he liked it very much when he came in my mouth and I swallowed him). I had sucked him for more than 5 minutes and he was squeezing my breasts and nipples when there was a sound and I knew it wasthe door leading from stairs to roof which had been opened.

I froze, and was shivering with fear and apprehension that I had been seen by my sister while leaving the room. Though we sisters were more than friends and shared all our secrets, I had never told her about our affairs. He asked me to keep quite, put on his lungi and went out on the roof closing the doors slightly behind him.

I was hiding myself under his cot and waiting for him to return and tell me if there was someone out on the roof; then I heard a few whispers and thinking that what my sis could be talking to him I came out of the hiding place. I opened the door just a little and peeped out; what I saw was something I never dreamt.

My mother (38 yrs) was on herknees,sucking his hard and big tool (around 8") and he was holding her face in both his hands and moving his hips very frantically using dirty Hindiwords. I was dumbfounded, then he spread mom's gown on roof floor and laid mom on the gown and entered her in one fast thrust….

I never imagined he could be so wild, calling filthiest words and mummy using similar words which I could hear cause they were barely 5 or 6 feet away ;this continues for at least another 35/40 minutes. My mom came twice which I could know because she told her while coming and also I could make out.

After they finished, she took him in mouth and sucked him for at least another 10 minutes then she had gone back to her room. He came ininside totally naked holding lungi in hand and found me breathing hard, he was hard again and he pulled me to him. he was really wild today and after laying me on bed told me that he's going to take me today.

Though I wanted this new experience but I was very scared too, so I pleaded with him not to do it. He mercilessly squeezed, sucked and bit my breasts and while experiencing pain I was getting extreme pleasure in all he was doing. He got between my legs; lifting my legs over his shoulders he rubbed his flaring cock head on my lower lips and all the time I was shivering literally.

He pushed the head in and I felt some pain. thinking that this is the kind of pain I heard from friends I was a bit relieved. He pushed again a few more inches then laid on my body chewing one breast, he held my hips, withdrew his cock, waited for a few seconds and thrust sharply inside. I felt a sharp pain and cried a bit loud and felt that most of his tool was inside me then.

He remained there for may be half a minute then started moving in and out slowly, but after just 4 or 5 minutes his strokes were harder and deeper, picking up speed and depth. I was feeling both pain and pleasure, and then I came. I told him about it, he smiled and resumed his strokes. I asked him to pull out as it was paining again but he would not listen.

I came second time soon after, but he would not pull out. he said he'll pull out after he comes in me. I told him not to come in me but he kept on moving and when I came the third time I told him, he said he's on the verge of coming himself. In another 2 minutes after I came he sent jets of his thick and hot seed inside me.

It was such a pleasurable experience that despite knowing I could be in trouble, I enjoyed the feel of his shooting seed. After he came he laid on me for another 10 or 15 minutes, kissing my face, my breasts, biting them lightly and I was in heaven; never thought it could be such a pleasure.

He pulled out and wiped himself with my panty saying that when I'll go to wash myself, I'll see my first encounter's results. I felt shy and tried to get up and put on my clothes. he asked me to wait for some time. He was lying next to me and I laid my head on his chest with his seed still inside me, trickling out and sliding down my left thigh.

It must have been barely 20 minutes that I felt his hands on my breasts again, pinching, stroking and squeezing them. I opened my eyes and found him erect again. I feared so I got up to dress, but he said he'll do me again. I told him that it was still paining between my legs and I'll not be able to do again but he pulled me in his arms and started kissing and massaging my back, hips etc.

he asked me to clean myself with my panties only which I did. in next 10 minutes he laid me with my face down and lying full length over my back, he started rubbing his body with mine. I was getting excited with the feel of his hard thing. He pushed a pillow under me and yet another so that my lower abdomen was raised by at least 8 10 inches.

He parted my thighs and then I felt his hard thing there. I thought he'll just rub it there but in next instant I felt him jab it into me. He was almost 3-4 inches in me, soon there were 5-6 quick hard thrusts and while I kept crying he started moving himself. His assault continued, then he pulled me in doggie position and holding my both breasts,

pinching my nipples he moved hard and deep in long strokes. this time I again came twice by the time he came second time inside me. I was dead tired and he was lying on me for some time. After he pulled out, I got up and started putting on my nightie. I looked at the clock, it was 5 am. I had been with him for almost 5 hours. I went back to my room,

entered the bathroom and washed myself properly. The next evening my periods started, 4 days before the due date. For another 5 days I didn't go to his room and was not able to look into his eyes, he used to smile whenever we faced each other. On the way to school he used to talk about the night and I'll feel shy.

But as soon as my periods were over I wanted to be with him, so on way to home from school when he asked me to come that night, I went again there and that night he again did twice to me and came inside me.A few days later when sis was in school and mummy and daddy had gone to attend funeral of daddy's cousin, I was in bathroom taking bath to get ready for school;

the maid had already left after washing the utensils and cleaning the house, there was a knock on the bathroom door. I stopped the shower and was wondering who it could be? I asked from inside and he said it was him and he had to tell me something urgent. I opened the door slightly and he pushed it open fully. he entered it and started pulling off his clothes.

I was scared lest someone comes but he said he'll handle and then he made me go down on my knees and pushed his tool inside my mouth and I started sucking him. But only after 5 minutes he pulled me lifted me and I wound my legs around his waist and then he entered me. He then will lift and pull me down hard till he came inside me after about 25 minutes.

He started and I showered with him still inside, he then pulled out of me and asked me to wash him properly. I did but he was hard again. this time he made me suck him off. He then left for his own room. I was late for school and reached there an hour late. We are all fair, mom is slightly over weight, but we both sisters are slim, like daddy.

Mom is quite beautiful even today, good features and all, I'm average looking but younger sis is beautiful, like mummy.In the summer holidays we were sent to Mausa's place for 20 days, only mummy and dad stayed back. Sister got her periods there only in June first week. I didn't want to go, but could offer no good excuse. I wanted to return home as I wanted to be with Iqbal.

It was not possible to get to meet him private often but whenever we were face to face when none was around, he'll pick me, squeeze my breasts or hips and if he found it possible he'll embrace me and kiss and squeeze breasts. Most of the time I could feel he was hard. After joining college again, we used to talk about meeting for some time.

He asked me to go to some hotel with him for a few hours but I refused cause it was very risky and I could be seen. My daddy's good friend is a senior police officer and he is a close family friend, I used to fear him a lot.One day mummy and daddy were going to a party in the evening and wanted both of us sis to go along.

A good friend of mine was to come so I told them so, so I remained at home. Iqbal went to drop them and in barely 25 minutes was back home. When I heard the call bell I wondered how my friend had come an hour earlier, she was to meet me on her way to cinema i.e. around 9 pm. When I opened the door Iqbal rushed inside and embraced me and started kissing me madly…

it was so pleasurable. We were meeting after exactly 12 days so I was also happy. But I told him about my friend and parents. He asked me to call my friend and tell her that I was expected to go to the party with family, and about parents he said he asked daddy what time he wanted the car back?

He said he'd go and meet a friend of his who stayed near the venue of that party. I was surprised at his intelligence. I called my friend and asked him to come to my bedroom, but he said he wanted me today on the floor of our living room. I was shy, but said nothing. He sat on the settee and asked me to undress myself slowly.

I hesitated cause he used to undress both of us. He said today each of us would undress himself or herself. He removed his shirt and pant. I was biding my time and was slow. so by the time I dropped my skirt and undid blouse he was stark naked, massaging his hard gun. I was watching him fascinated with his weapon.

He asked me to stop undressing and come near him. Then he laid me on the carpet and moved towards my head. Sitting near my head, facing my legs, he bent himself and pushed his hard one into my bra from the cleavage side and started pumping it between my breasts. I told him to undo the bra but he didn't let me.

For a few minutes he continued to move his organ between breasts then pulled my chin up and inserted his hard thing in my mouth, asking me to massage his balls while sucking him. This was a new position and situation, but I loved it. I did as he asked me. He pulled down my panties and in another 10 minutes he was pushing the flaring purple knob of his fat organ inside my lower lips.

Today I again felt the friction caused by his tool. it had been quite sometime, may be so. but I found him wild today, squeezing and biting my breasts so that he left his deep teeth marks on them. He always used Hindi words while loving and dirtiest ones, but he'll never use abusive language for me…always called jaan,rani, begum,etc.

I was asked to use the words but I will be too embarrassed so I didn't. he coaxed me but I felt shy, though I will say indirect ones (of course after a few days I started using those words cause it would be so erotic while making love). That day he was very rough during lovemaking and wildly moved inside me.

He'll pull himself almost fully out and push in back in one single stroke. I felt a little pain but lots of pleasure. After long he was rushing his seed inside me and it was so much today. He didn't pull out for another 15 minutes. After he pulled out, I cleaned both of us and carpet as well where our mingled juices had made a wet patch, then went to wash myself.

After I came back, he pulled me next to himself and started kissing, fondling. I told him that he better go to pick up mummy and daddy, but he said not until he had me one more time. And he did, the same wild way. It was 10.20 pm, he wiped himself with my bra and left me to organize myself.

I went in and washed my bra and panties and laid down in bed, thinking of the extreme pleasure I had had today. I loved being taken cruelly. I asked him about mummy and his affair and he only told me that they had been doing it since about 8-10 months before we started. He said mummy was really very hot kind of a woman; and when my daddy used to beaway,

she'll either call him in her bedroom from stairs side or herself go to the roof (I had once seen a silhouette moving up the stairs one night and fearing that it could be a thief, rushed back to my bedroom from kitchen where I had gone to drink water). I had told my sister also, but she too was terrified. I then gathering courage and taking a small baton in hand went up the stairs;

I found none on the roof though there was a dim light in Iqbal's room. Mummy had possibly forgotten to bolt the door thinking it'll make some noise. I came back, but my sixth sense said it was mummy, though I could not figure out why she'll go and why she was nowhere on roof? Also I couldn't think why she'll have affair with Iqbal.

He said on one such occasion he stayed in her room for 5 hours-till 5.30 am -and during this period they had sex 4 times. Both loved varied positions and that mummy was game for any experiments. This had continued for all this time between us and one day he took me to one of his friend's house who took our pictures together,

holding each other and since the friend lived far off I did not think that there could be any harm coming to me. We were standing close, but the moment his friend was to click, he embraced me and I was a little worried. there had been great change in mummy's attitude towards me. she will rarely scold me.

Later Iqbal told me that he had told mom that I may be having some kind of suspicion about them (mom and him) and casually told her that he better do it with me as well, but she rebuffed him saying I was very young and she'll not like it that I should be spoiled or should come to know about them. She didn't know that I had seen them doing it.

He'll tell me that he wanted to take mom and me together and I will get scared of the mere idea. Sister was filling out now gradually and I had no idea that he had started seducing her as well. It was one afternoon when mummy was sleeping in her room; I had gone to kitchen and heard some whispers.

I tiptoed in the direction of the window, which had jali (wire gauge) and just peeped out. I thought sister was still at her friend's house but I found her standing close to the window; he was trying to embrace her and she was resisting and I could see she was red in the face. They were talking something which I could not hear properly, except a few broken sentences,

like “nahin Na', “please jaane do”, etc. I was stunned and my legs were trembling. I knew she was almost 15 now and this was the time I got myself seduced by him. But I thought he'd not try the same thing with her. I may have strayed but I didn't want my sister to fall into the trap. I moved back inside my room after I saw them going towards the garage,

cause I could neither see them nor hear. I waited for my sis, who came in after nearly 10 minutes. I pretended as if I had not seen or heard anything. We chatted but I was kind of absent minded during our conversation. Always thinking about them, to what extent they had reached, etc. next week I indirectly tried to get her to talk about her and him,

but she'll not say anything. I too had not gone to him for last 10 days nor I dared going in the present situation. I remembered that I also didn't tell her about my affair with him so obviously how can I expect her to tell. Around mid of July he talked to me on our way back home, after we had restarted going to college, he wanted to know why I was not coming to him.

I just made an excuse that I was having periods and that before that was not feeling well. I wanted to ask him about sister but didn't. After 2 days when he insisted, I again mixed a sleeping pill in sister's milk and went up to his room. parents were home then. When he started kissing etc, I asked him about my sis. He said he liked her and wanted her as well;

he said since we both were so close so he could well take both of us together. I was shocked but didn't say much, though I refused to accept it and asked him to stay away from sis. he merely smiled. This was a day I'll never forget; it had rained heavily in the day and lightening continued till night.

Previous day we had watched movies till 2 am, so during the day I was under rest so after coming home I tried to sleep but could not. That night, I was in bed by 10 pm immediately after the dinner and was sleeping like a log. Suddenly I woke up, it was still thundering outside but that was not what attracted my attention.

It was our bed, which was shaking, and in the dim light I could see someone on my sister's side whispering to her and pulling her clothes. I wanted to shout, but could not. I watched my sister resisting and pushing and her whispers got a little louder- :nahin”, jao jaldi se”, “kya karte ho”, etc and then I found the shadow move up the bed and then lay over my sister.

“Yeh hai yahan..Kya kar rahe ho?Jaag gayi tab?” was the last sentence I heard from my sis and it was followed by “oohhhh, nahinnn” and then watched the shadow move up and down on her. I knew what was happening and who were they, but rather than getting angry or scared, I was feeling hot watching them and imagining the pleasure.

I pushed my hand inside my panties and fingered myself for another 15 minutes and came twice. After they had finished, my sister got up from bed and asked him to leave immediately, and then she rushed to bathroom. He didn't go and just lay on the bed. In another 2 minutes his hands were on my breasts, massaging and squeezing them hard.

I could not say anything as I was enjoying it all. Also I wasn't much scared, for I had seen him and sis myself. He pushed my panties down and moved over me and soon I felt his hard tool piercing me. He was sucking my breasts and I had wound my legs around him. Soon sis returned from bathroom and stood a few feet away watching us.

He came inside me in another half an hour, then pulled sis again and despite her protests he mounted her second time while I kept watching. The ice between us had broken and there was no secret now. It was a strange situation. From that day onwards we sisters would tell each other when we were to go to his room or what happened there that night.

During that month thrice he came in our room; one of us will unlock the stairs and he'll just come late at night and take both of us, except on one occasion when my periods started that very morning when he was to come, so I sucked him off once and he came in my mouth. He took sis 3 times before me and after he'll come inside her,

he'll make me clean him with my mouth. Once he asked me to lick sister clean with my tongue and swallow their mixed juices. I didn't mind it all. It is surprising that despite the fact that he never used any condom, none of us conceived during all these days. Some time before I met a gentleman, Mohammad,

from Pakistan on net and he advised me to guard against possible problems in future. On his advise I stole my pics from his room and with the help of my daddy's police officer uncle I could get Iqbal to resign from job and leave the city. Of course I gave uncle some different reason to force him to quit on his own. Luckily none suspected that it was me who got him out.

An elderly person was employed as the new driver in the following week. Then I learnt that someone called and wanted to talk, once I was there to take the call and he introduced himself as Ali, a friend of Iqbal. And told me that latter wanted to meet me. I gave excuses and did not meet him, though I had started missing his touch and all the pleasures I got from him.

For almost two weeks there was no problem, though all these days I remained under tension. After another week one day my sis told me in school that she had to go with her friend straight from school. That day she returned late in the evening at 8 pm. When we got to talk at night, she informed that a day before she got a phone call from some Ali saying that Iqbal

wanted to meet her and she had accepted to meet and she went to the house where he was staying with his friend. He didn't suspect that anyone of us had organized his exit. She told me that his friend left for his job leaving them alone, and then he had taken her once and she sucked him off once.

She was happy to get him back; I tried to tell her that she shouldn't go to meet her and she was surprised why I was saying this. After another 2 days she met him again and they did all that on that day also. She gave me details again and I was really feeling that I missed the fun. Then daddy went out the following Monday and I was not going to school that day

as I wasn't feeling too well. That very day, she once again went to meet him. This time she came at 7 pm and gave some excuse to mummy but to me she confessed that she didn't go to school that day and after reaching school she took an auto and reached his house. Both friends were there and they sat there chatting.

Ali went out for 15 minutes during which time Iqbal kissed and fondled her and insisted that she have sex with them both. She was scared and unwilling, but once Ali had also come they sat eating snacks etc which Ali had brought and Iqbal started kissing her in front of Ali; she resisted but soon got into her elements and then it happened- while Iqbal entered her,

Ali was in her mouth. Later they reversed the position. She was laid 5 times -thrice by Ali and twice by Iqbal, and she sucked each of them once. I was so hot thinking all this, but controlled myself. I feebly asked her to stop going to them. There was call for me again from Ali, but he didn't say anything about sister. I lost my control and agreed to meet them.

Daddy was to return by next evening so I wanted to meet that day itself. Sister left for school and I told mummy that I had to collect some books from market for preparations for exams and then may be I go to a distant cousin, so I wasn't going to school. I went to the meeting place 10 minutes before the appointed time, and after a few minutes Ali came.

He recognized me from the description I had given and exact place where I'll be standing. I went with him and I was easily persuaded to let them both lay me. In fact I wanted it.. so they both had me 3 times each. That day I experienced new heights when I lost another cherry as well.

When Ali was in me, I was riding him and I felt Iqbal trying to enter my another hole. I resisted, as I had never done it. He assured me that he'll be gentle and will pull out if I wanted. It was very painful, I asked him to pull out but he didn't. Later I relished the new experience.

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Am now 25 but this incident happenned when I was 21. I was going from bangalore to jamnagar and unfortunately I didn't get my reservation confirmed and thought that was the worst thing ever possible considering that I had to go all the way to jamnagar. I never had any idea of the luck I was going to have.

The journey on the konkan coast till Pune was uneventful and I did manage to get adequate space to sleep also. But it all started in Pune, being an unreserved compartment lot of people got in and I was cursing my luck when a 40 year woman sat next to me. I didn't take much notice of her coz she had come in with her husband and she wasn't very gr8 looking either.

They were a Gujarathi village couple, the lady managed to squeeze in next to me. The husband without finding a seat went and sat down on the floor a couple of feet away. the train chugged out of Pune station and it was already dusk. Till then I had no intentions in my mind, I never was aware of the huge opportunity sitting by side despite the crampy spaces we were sitting in.

Three hours passed by and we were going along somewhere on the Western coast and people were slowly falling drowsy. I was tired of sitting in one position for quite long and therfore moved a little ahead for a change of position. The lady adjusted into the space created as I moved ahead.

now as time passed by I wanted to ease back but found the woman occupying a little of my space. Cursing my luck again, I eased back as much as possible without disturbing her too much. Now as luck would have it, I slowly realised that my back was almost touching her tit. That mere thought made me hot as a rod.

It suddenly dawned on me of the opportunity that was awaiting, but being my first time and having no experience with a woman earlier I was very apprehensive. But my dick started taking control and with slight trepidation, I was slowly rubbing her tit with my back. She was sleeping but I could find the response as the tit started to get hard.

I knew she was responding and getting hot, but to check her willingness I slightly moved ahead and stopped the rubbing. For a few seconds nothing happened but suddenly I found her tit touching me again, She had moved ahead and she wanted the fun to go on. I knew I had the bloody bitch.

I moved a little back and continued with the rubbing of the tit and squeezing it by applying pressure with my back. This went on for a while but we had to shift the gears, I felt her desperation but more than that I was even more desperate this being my first experience. I shifted uncomfortably to indicate a change and luckily she seemed to get the drift,

she made space and I eased back into the seat with our arms touching eachother. But the major problem was light, in unreserved compartments the lights are never put off and this meant I had to improvise and also be aware of the danger of her husband becoming aware of it. Being a 21 year old, the last thing I wanted to get in was in a brawl with a husband coz

I knew the woman would go into defensive mode and act like a victim if things seem to turn against her. Now since it was dark and slightly cold ( being the month of November, the chill was setting in), I saw the opportunity. I took out myjacket from my rucksack and as though feeling cold spread it over me and a part on her covering her right boob

(she was sitting on my left). Since the spaces were cramped it seemed natural that the jacket should spill on to her. Now with the cover of the jacket, my right hand crossed across and started exploring her body covered by the jacket. I started to get on her from the lowerside. The first thing that I touched was her midriff fold. The touch of raw flesh sent a jolt thru me.

This was my first sexperiencing of a woman. I saw that even she was getting excited and to cover her facial feelings she drew the saree on top of her head like a dupatta, but being so close I cud see her bting her lower lip. Being massaged by a 21 year old handsome was very exciting for her probably.

I massaged her midriff folds and slowly started to draw circles there, I cud feel her heavy breaths of excitement. After having my fill with the midriff, I slowly started to traverse up keeping her boob as target, but the moment I touched she shirked and moved away, I was very surprised and thought that she wanted no more.

I also drew back and waited disappointed, however after a couple of minutes she started to lean on me heavily and I felt that she wanted the fun to continue. I felt elated and began my exercise of massaging her midriff folds again, this time I traversed a little far and drew circles around her navel and dipped my finger into her navel also,

she was breathing a little bit heavily and biting her lip. But as I tried to touch her boob again she drew back and I felt that whatever the reason I will not try it again and spoil the fun that I was driving. But given the little coverage that I had and the lighting still being on in the compartment I didn't have too many chances.

As I was still thinking of new methods she suddenly got up without warning and I was actually afraid thinking that somebody has seen and she's assuming a defensive posture. But she got up and started to head for the bathroom. Though it was a gr8 opportunity to screw a woman in the bathroom but this particularly compartment was filled with people everywhere

right uptil the WCs and therefore the opportunity was shut even before it opened. I was ruing the missed chance as the lady came by. As she started to sit down, she trapped my hand between the berth bench and her back. I marvelled at her ingenuity and sensed the gr8 chance I was about to have.

To be doubly sure I just checked with a drowsy feeling of anyone having watched this. Though a couple of ppl were awake but they weren't noticing. After a couple of minutes I slowly eased my hand down and she gladly made space for my left hand to ease under her buttocks. Now with my left hand firmly placed under buttocks I started to explore the hitherto unknown territories.

As I said earlier, this being my first experience with a lady I wasn't aware exactly as to where the pussy falls when a lady sits. Though I had watched a lot of pornographic films, I never bothered too much about its disposition in their postures. SO imagine my shock and surprise when I felt her pussy right in my hand. I was like a miner striking gold in the very first dig.

My joy knew no bounds and the soft feel of the pussy between the buttocks can only be felt than described. I was in for more surprise as I found that given the typical gujarathi style of dressing, the lady even had managed a gap in the saree giving a direct access to her treasured compartment.

The entire motive of going to the bathroom then hit me, she had deliberately re arranged her saree to give us this golden opportunity. With the soft flesh of the pussy in my hands I was at the heights of ecstasy. I was already leaking very heavily with precum and it was now seeping into my jeans also thru my underwear.

Now with the treasured piece in my hand, I started to savour every moment and was feeling her entire pussy slowly drawing my index finger on the entire length of the slit. She was leaking very heavily and within no time my fingers were dripping with her juices.As I ran my finger along her slit I could feel her cunt lips expnading and contracting trying to suck in my finger.

I let it run thru the contractions and started to go deeper and deeper into the pussy. I let it run to the maximum depth possible but wasn't able to touch her end, it was all sticky and gooy wherever I felt. She was leaking like an open tap, I drew back my finger and let my middle finger also inside. With two fingers inside I started to figer fuck her slowly.

I felt heavy contractions on my fingers as I increased the pace, all the while my other 3 fingers massaging the outer lips. This went on for a good couple of minutes when suddenly I felt a gush rushing past my fingers, she was pouring thru her love hole. I know now that she had an orgasm but I wasn't very sure then and even thought she might have leaked her urine.

She contracted her pussy lips tightly on my fingers and let them go after a long time. Slowly I felt her breathing return to normal and she had a very satisfied look on her face. After soem time,She deliberately slid her head on to my shoulder and placed a soft kiss indicating her gratitude and got up and left for the bathroom (probably to clean herself).

I felt very nice to have satisfied her given the opposing circunstances. Though I felt like having myself jerked but I was very much aware that this wasn't possible given the circumstances. This play continued well into the wee hours of the morning and she had four orgasms while I finger fucked her.

In between I also made a trip down to the WC to relieve myself as it had become unbearable to hold on for me. By dawn, the train was already in gujarath and the couple abruptly got up before a stop and left towards the door. As the lady was wheeling out of sight she turned back looked at me and gave a big smile and I returned her smile.

It was a sense of fulfillment when our eyes met each other, we knew that we would never ever meet again in life and it was kind of strange that one look had so much expressed without ever speaking a word to each other. After that I didn't try to follow her out of the compartment or have a second look at her.

I still remember to this day, the amazing experience I had with her and I cannot forget the final look we xchanged. And frankly she was the door to my other experiences, as this incident emboldened me so much that I tried this luck with every female I happenned to travel sitting close and believe me am having a 98% result.

I was never aware that all females are as adventurous as I was. But the key to this is to never push the lady or girl too far and get to know their intentions very clearly before u go into the overdrive. Like as I wrote I had only 98% success but in the 2% I could retreat before it snow balled into anything major and that's the key as u have to keep ur tracks covered.

Anyways this was my first ever sexperience which I remember like a 70mm in my mind. After this I had lots more traveling experiences including one where I had hit the jackpot with a lady in the WC of a reserved compartment. Comments on this story are most welcome as that would encourage me to take the trouble of posting more experiences here.

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she is already in heaven... for her heaven is my love only..wit birthday dress both slept and in between I woke up and saw my sweety as nude and wit pleasure I slept deep.. but she woke up again and give me kiss in forehead and covered me wit bed sheet and she weared nighty witout any innerwares...I can feel her love in this also... LOVE YOU DI CHELLAM...


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