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Fucking hot Punjabi bhabhi 2

Previously: Fucking hot Punjabi bhabhi

As soon as I receive massage that mother of my students want me to give extra tuition to her children on Sunday evening I understood the exact situation and had a good bath, give special attention on my dick and cleaned extra pubic hair, as my lovelady like some hair on upperside of dick but balls and dick should be totally cleaned.

Spray some Lavender talc on body and started for her house. As expected there was nobody in the whole big house except my lady. My dick immediately start rising in anticipation of forthcoming adventure but I did not show haste and pretend as if I have come only on her call to give tuition to children.

So I asked about children and servant first so as to make sure that there is nobody else in the house. She gives me a naughty smile and said children are playing in ground and will be back in few minutes with servant. My semi-erect dick immediately lowered its position. My heart sinks, she might be right,

as her children were actually poor in studies and she might have actually want me to give tuition to her children on that day. So leaving it to fate and in bad mood I asked her to call her children soon otherwise I have to attend other works also on that day. Sensing my changed mood she walks slowly towards me and put her hot lips on my lips and give me a warm hug.

Her boobs pressed against my chest. I could feel her erect nipples. I pretend not to respond but her hot breath melt me in seconds and I responded with smooching her lips with my lips. After few minutes we disengaged and she tried to overcome her loosing breaths. Then she hold my hand and we proceeded towards her bedroom.

But I stopped her and asked about the real situation, because I did not want to take risk. She explained that there is nobody in the whole house as children and their father had gone for movie and she had sent her servant for two days leave. As the family lives a lavish life, there was not worry for her to prepare food or wash clothes etc.

She was totally free on that evening and whole time was for me to enjoy my first fuck. She was aware that it is my first time, therefore she takes her own time and ask me if I want some tea or juice. But I was in hurry to taste her love juice first rather than tea or lichi juice etc. So I grabbed her hand and dragged her towards big bed.

In this process some of her bangles broke and there was some blood on her wrist. I just put her wrist in my mouth and tried to stopped the oozing blood drops. I started from her wrist but her smooth arm increase my pressure in my pant and I kissed her hand upwards. I put my one hand on one of her boobs and pressed it, she sighed ohhhhhhhh……….,

suddenly I kissed her lips, neck and behind her ear. She gone mad and hugged me badly. She murmmed Raj, it was you in need but now I think that it is my need first then yours. She put her hand on my dick (still under pant) and squeezed it badly that it hurts. I was not aware about female psychology and I continued with my venture of kissing on her body parts.

I thought her husband (a drunk) was not doing this to her as she was moaning ahhhhhh……..ohhhhh…….ummmhhh…….. badly on my each kiss. In the process I simply opened her salwar and inserted my hand in as usual. She was totally clean down there and I massaged rose petals of her pussy.

As soon as I rubbed my finger on her ‘G’ point, she gone mad and pressed me against her boobs. Now our old game of finger fucking start again. She screamed ohhhhhhh…….rajjjjjjjjj…… nooohhhhhhh…..I grabbed her boobs from inside of her kameez and put my whole palm on one of her boob.

Her pussy was now flooding with water and as I increased my finger fucking she arched her body and moaned ohhhhhhhhhhh …raaaaaaaajjj…… yesssssssss and kissed me badly. From my earlier experience I understood that she has finished. She gives a sexy looks with soft kiss as if she wants to thanks me. But my part of enjoyment was still missing.

So was now fully prepared to do anything for me and we slowly lay down on her cozy bed. I was lying down and she sit on my belly and start kissing my lips and start downwards but as I was in full clothes so she stood up and unbutton my shirt and pull off my remaining clothes. I was totally naked and there is no need to say that my dick was fully erect in 90 degree angle in just few touch of her smooth hands.

She smiled and lowered her mouth on my dick. I shivered as soon as she put her lips on head of my dick. Slowly she increased her movements and half of my length was in her mouth. Her up and down movements of mouth with soft lips on dick skin was making me mad and I start moan ohh….. bhahi….. plzz…… take it whole in your mouth.

She known the tactics and my dick head was now touching her soft wet skin of her throat. Her hair on my belly was also giving me extra pleasure. My moaning increased with her speed of mouth and I screamed oh….. ahhhh…. Ummmhhhh…….. and tried to push more my dick in her mouth but there is always a limit.

After five minutes I felt my blood rushing towards my tip so I tried to push her head away as I don’t want to spoil her mouth but she resisted it and just once poping out my dick from her mouth she said its O.K. Raj you can do in my mouth and she again started with her act.

I was in seventh sky and push more inside her mouth and cried loudly as my cum lost its control and rushed towards tip ohhh….. ahhhhhhhh…….. yesss…. I and shot my fluid in her mouth. First it chocked her but she did not swallow it keeps on sucking my dick which was still semi-erect. My cum flowed back from her mouth to my shaft then on my balls.

She stood up and bring one towel to clean me up and her mouth. I was exhausted. I tried to put my clothes but she stopped me and said that it was her fantasy to move around in house with nude man. I said for this a nude woman company will double your enjoy. She said ok and start undressing herself. I said please allow me.

She smiled and I slowly start removing her clothes, kissing her on every part of her nude body part. She was also totally naked and again on heat. I put forward my desire of hot tea, so she moved towards her kitchen totally naked, my God her ass was making me mad and her swinging boobs were marvelous. She asked me to help her in kitchen.

Friends you can just imagine the scène. She and me totally naked roaming around in kitchen. As she put pot on burner I was standing behind her and my dick touching her nude bum. My dick start rising and as it touched her back hole, she felt it and pressed herself backwards towards my dick. I fondled her boobs with my hand and put one of my finger in her pussy.

It was terrific scene. Water was boiling on gas stove so do our emotions. As now I cannot wait longer to fuck hard in her pussy. So I turned off gas and turned her face towards me. She gives me strange look but she can understand my position. I pick her up and placed on the corner of big clean kitchen marble slab. I start kissing her boobs. Rub my tongue on her nipples.

She pressed my head on her boobs. I slowly moved downwards kissing between her boobs, belly, navel and upto upper portion of her pussy. To be very frank with you friends I personally don’t like putting mouth on internal parts of pussy. Any how my lady was totally mad with my kissing and was pulling my hair and screaming umhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhh….

and with one touch on her G point made her crazy and she said don’t wait now Raj just fuck me with your dick. My dreams of fucking her bed set asides as I put my fully erect dick on the mouth of her pussy and pushed my dick head in her pussy. First kiss of my dick with any pussy. I want to feel it more so I keep it there for some time.

But she was on fire so she put her hand on my buttocks and pushed my more inside her. My dick slides deep inside her pussy like hot knife on butter. Oh God first time in my life my dick was finally fully inside a lady pussy. We hugged together without moving and I can feel her heart beat against my chest. She mummer in my ear, fuckkkk…… me now. I start my strokes.

First with slow speed and gradually increased my thrust. She was lying on marble slab and her white body against black marble was looking like pearl, her boobs was moving in round circles with my thrust ummmmh……. Ahhhhhh…. Ohhh…….fuck me hard Raaajjjjjjjjj……….., fuck me hard ahhhhhh…. Umhhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhhhh……..

friends this was totally different then my masturbation. I knew that I cannot stay longer because of my imaginations so I increased my speed and I can feel water flowing from her wet pussy. Ohhhhhhhhh………. she suddenly grab me from my hands and arched her body and cum hard then after few seconds he loose her grip.

She now lay quietly and I continued with my trip. Within one minute she again humping with me to finish me fast. Ohhhhhhh…….ahhhhhhhh…….. umhhhhh… we both were now moaning badly and our voice was echoing in kitchen. My cum was now rushing towards my tip so I slowed down to ask whether I can discharge inside her or not.

She said just don’t stop and fill me with your cum. This increased my heart beat as for the first time I was to shot inside a lady. Yessss...... yess…….rajjj….faster…yess…..she was screaming and Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. I hugged her tightly and without any further warning I shot my load inside her wet pussy.

One,two, three, four, five and I lost count how many time I shot inside her. Ummmmmhhhh…… we both sighed when I stop shooting with cum. I cannot stand now and my dick simply slipped from her dripping pussy. She gives me smile and gentle kiss on my lips. Happy ? she asked. I have no answer how to thank this lady who made me man from a novice boy.

She stood up and hugged me and said that it is her first best fuck she has ever had. Two hours passed and it was 8.30 of night in clock. We got dressed and kissed. But before leaving I reminded her of my wish to fuck her on bed from both side. She smiled and said now you are not novice, you can drive in from any side. I started for my house completely satisfied with dreams of my next fuck.

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Shekhar and Anita hot sex fantasy

Shekhar and his wife, Anita and have a very exciting marriage. She's a wonderful lover, friend and a very beautiful woman. Other men are often attracted to her, and one can see them looking and lusting after her whenever they are out in the evening. Shekhar finds this exciting and encourages her to wear revealing clothing and insists that she go braless as often as possible,

especially at home, because nature has blessed her with a pair of the sexiest breasts possible perfectly round and succulent capped by chocolate-pink colored nipples which invariably peep through transparent dresses. Anita is 28 years old. She has exposed her breasts on nude beaches and Shekhar is sure she enjoyed all the stares.

Once in the evening when it was slightly dark she even pulled off her panties and played around in the sea fully naked. Not only that while walking back they came across a fisher folk couple. It was dark but they had a lantern. Still Anita stopped and asked them a few questions just to let them realize that they were talking to a pretty young and naked lady.

Whenever she wears a saree it is always with sleeveless blouses and deep plunging necklines in front and at the back. Not only this this whenever she visits Shekhar's parents she is always properly clothed in Salwar Kameez, dutifully applies sindur and wears Mangalsutra. No wonder they are all praise for their pretty daughter-in-law.

A couple of years ago Shekhar began to fantasize about having other men see her nude and began to obsess about exposing and displaying her in public. Shekhar had fantasized about her going to nude beaches and stripping completely, showing off her lovely pussy and ass and even posing for nude photographs.

He was however apprehensive whether she would ever agree to any of that. But the fantasies continued anyway, and expanded to include her being touched, fondled and even made love to by other men. A few months ago, he took a big risk and shared one of his more mild fantasies with Anita.

He presented it in the form of a story about another woman who's husband exposed her to other men - strangers, and that this fictional woman became very excited with the exposure and gradually started doing it to please her husband. At first she was a little shocked at his story, but then Shekhar noticed that she was becoming excited.

He expanded on the story and her excitement grew. Her increased excitement drove him to greater fantasies and ever more detailed stories. After telling the stories they had fantastic love making sessions during which she was absolutely wild. Her reaction led Shekhar to conclude that someday he might be able to see his fantasies come true.

Shekhar started to think about showing her off to his best friend. Dileep and Shekhar had grown up together, sharing many dates and wild experiences as young men. He had been Shekhar's best man at their wedding, and he approved wholeheartedly of Shekhar's marriage to Anita. In fact, perhaps Dileep too was in love with her,

and Shekhar believed that he was a little disappointed when they were married since he often commented about what a sexy lady she was, and how lucky Shekhar was to have such a gorgeous creature. The fantasies Shekhar was having were becoming wildly exciting and he decided to enhance them by teasing Dileep with her charms.

One day, a couple of weeks ago, Dileep and Shekhar were having a beer after work at the local watering hole. When he opened his wallet and pulled out some money, Shekhar 'accidentally' dropped a picture on the floor next to him. It was a Polaroid of Anita nude in the shower - a side view showing the Profile of her breasts and perky chocolate-pink nipples very clearly.

It had been taken a few days earlier without her knowledge. Shekhar pretended not to notice it fall, so Dileep reached down and picked it up. He stared at it until Shekhar said, "What's that you've got?" Sheepishly, he handed it back to Shekhar who feigned embarrassment, saying, "Oh, my God, If Anita knew you had seen this snap she'd die of shame.

Please don't ever say anything about it. She doesn't even know I have it." "Oh, of course not! I would never say anything about it. But, can I please see it again - just for a minute. He was almost begging. Shekhar held the picture in his hands for a minute and then said, "Well, as long as you've seen it anyway... " and handed it back to him.

"She's incredibly beautiful, " "Yes, isn't she? And, I feel so fortunate to have that gorgeous body to go home to. You know, she's a very sexual woman. She's quite different in bed from the woman you think she is. Know what I mean?" "Exactly how is she different?" Dileep asked. Shekhar started out by just talking to Dileep about their sexual experiences,

and he fell for the bait; hook, line and sinker. Shekhar told him about how they often played before sex and he asked Shekhar if Anita got really wet during foreplay. Shekhar described it to him in detail, how she would often beg him to touch her a certain way, and how powerful her climaxes were.

It was incredibly sexual talking for Shekhar to talk to his best friend about his wife. In a way, it was just like taking her clothes off and exposing her to him.. The conversation went on for several beers and a couple of hours like this. He never grew tired of hearing about Anita. Every little detail seemed to excite him even more.

Shekhar could see by the way he was moving around that he had a huge erection... And for that matter so did Shekhar. It's hard to describe how powerfully sexual it was to describe every intimate detail of his wife's lovely body to another man - especially a man who knew her so well.

Shekhar further told him what her nipples looked like when she got excited, where they made love, what position Anita liked the best, how she liked to take his cock into her mouth when it was soft and suck gently on it until it got hard, how she screamed when she had a particularly intense orgasm.

He ate it up, listening intently and asking questions to elicit more information from Shekhar. And he loved every minute of it. Then Shekhar showed him some more pictures of Anita - some were Polaroids and some were from his 35mm camera where he'd used high speed color film. They showed her nude body from a number of different angles.

Some were a little fuzzy but most were very clear and revealed her lovely charms. All were taken without her knowledge. Shekhar also led Dileep to believe that he had many other, much more graphic photos - even though it wasn't true, at least not at that time. Dileep loved the photos and commented that, "I only wish that sometime I could see the real thing."

"Are you serious? I mean, would you really like to see my wife naked?" Dileep nearly fell off the bar stool. The beers were having an effect on both of us, and he exclaimed, "Wow, would I?" "Well, maybe your wish could come true. Maybe some night i'll have you over and we'll see what we can do."

Shekhar began the plan. Without her knowledge, he was going to expose his wife nude to his best friend, Dileep. The next day, Dileep called and said, "You know, last night I was a little drunk, and If I said anything that was out of line.... " "Of course not, " Shekhar interrupted, "In fact, i've been thinking about our plan. Maybe we can work out something this Friday night.

Are you still game?" "Are you serious? I mean, I thought you... Well, you know, we had a lot of beers and.. " "I'm still in this, if you are. " Shekhar wasn't about to let him slip out of my fantasy at this point. He had invested too much energy and thought. "Well, sure!" He exclaimed. "God, who wouldn't want to see that body up close. She's incredible.

"When Shekhar left for work on Friday, he told Anita that he wanted to have a special night with her. "When I get home be bathed and perfumed - and put that little black dress on - you know the one. I'll be here at 7 p. M. Sharp. " After work, he picked up some nice wine, and a bouquet of flowers.

When he arrived, dinner was ready and Anita greeted him at the door smelling like an angel and looking like Jezebel. She was tremendously sexy. Through dinner, he kept her wine glass full and complimented her frequently on how sexy she looked. They touched and kissed often, their tongues probing each other's mouth and could feel the sexual tension building.

After dinner, they adjourned to the sofa for some heavy petting. He removed her dress and played with her breasts, sucking on her nipples until she was begging to be fucked. She was getting as hot as a firecracker. Finally, he picked her up and carried her into their bedroom. She lay on the bed while he lighted some candles and turned out the lights.

Shekhar lay next to her and whispered, "I'd like to try something different. I'm going to blindfold you. " She murmured a soft protest, but then assented with a soft mewing sound, as he tied a black blindfold around her eyes and checked it carefully. "Now, I have another little surprise. " From my night stand he took some velcro straps that he had prepared and wrapped them,

first around one wrist, after adjusting her bangles and then the other. She began to protest but he ignored her as he quickly attached her wrists to the bedposts, pulling her arms apart as he snug them tightly onto the post. Anita started to protest, but Shekhar put a finger to her lips, saying, "This isn't all, my love. There's more coming.

You are now in my power and I'm going to seduce this lovely young princess. " She bought into the charade and responded with soft moaning sounds. He then bound Anita's ankles after sliding the dainty anklets to one side. At first she resisted, but now was becoming turned on at the prospect of a little kinky sex with her husband.

He had tied her up once before and she had become very aroused then. Looking at his lovely wife as she lay spread-eagled and blindfolded on their bed, totally nude with her breasts jutting up except for her black lace thong panties, Shekhar wondered if he really could go through with it.

Once Dileep had seen her like this he would always have that picture in his mind whenever he wanted it. But Shekhar knew he couldn't miss this chance. He was way too excited to stop. After nuzzling and caressing Anita a little he put a padded stereo headset on her ears. She objected immediately.

But with a little talking about how he wanted all of her senses focused on touch she finally relented. And, " he scolded her, "If you keep on protesting, I'm going to put a gag in your mouth. I'm your Master. You are my captive, my slave, and you must do everything I tell you. Do you understand?" "Yes, Master. " Shekhar almost came. This was too good to be true.

Better than he had ever hoped. Tuning in to her favorite music station he set the volume fairly strong. Then, he tested her ability to hear him when he talked. She couldn't hear a thing. Then he turned the lights on bright, and pulling out his cock stroked it a couple of times while gazing at her and thinking about what would be happening in a few minutes.

By this time he was literally shaking with excitement. Dileep, who lived only two blocks away at the time, was waiting. Shekhar placed the call. "Everything is all set. The front door is unlocked. Come in quietly and wait in the living room for me. " Less than two minutes later he heard the front door open. (He must have flown down the street. )

Shekhar put his cock back in the trouser, left Anita and met him in the living room. "Are you ready?" He nodded eagerly, and after cautioning him to be very quiet, Shekhar led him down the hall. With his heart pounding he opened the door to their bedroom. Shekhar watched Dileep's eyes as he got his first sight of his erotically dressed and positioned wife.

They both just stared at her for a few long moments. He just could not take his eyes off her breasts the nipples of which were quite erect. Shekhar was still nervous even though he knew well that she couldn't possibly hear anything, but still he whispered, "Watch me, watch how I do this. "

Moving around to the side of the bed he lightly began to stroke Anita's hip and then the top of her leg down to her ankles. When he moved to the inside of her leg she began to moan and writhe slightly. Dileep watched intently. Excited by the prospect of talking out loud about Anita's body in the same room about her to his best friend, Shekhar asked in a normal voice,

"If you could do anything you wanted to her, what would it be?" Astonished, he looked at Shekhar and after thinking for a moment said, "Oh, that's easy, I would I would like to make love to her. " Shekhar told him to quit sugar coating his language and say what he meant. Realizing that it was turning me on, Dileep said, "I'd like to fuck her really hard. "

Drunk with excitement Shekhar reached over, pushed her short dress aside and openly stroked her cunt through her panties. She responded immediately moved her hips up to his fingers and moaned softly. Here was his pretty wife, getting more and more sexually excited while his best friend watched! It was a dream come true. "But you can do everything except fuck her."

Shekhar said to Dileep. Then Dileep asked if he could touch her. Shekhar's chest was pounding with excitement as Dileep slowly began stroking her legs as Shekhar had done. When his hand was a couple of inches away from her panties he looked up at Shekhar. With a pounding heart Shekhar nodded for him to go ahead.

He watched, his heart in his throat, as Dileep's hand reached Anita's panties and lightly stroked her well shaped pussy through them. She then responded to his touch! Here was the same pussy that was under that lovely wedding-day saree on their wedding day being stroked by his best friend, with only the thin fabric of her lace panties separating his finger

from her now very wet pussy. Shekhar touched his arm to get him to stop because he wanted himself to be the one to give Dileep his first glimpse of her pussy. Pushing the crotch of her panties aside Shekhar exposed first one lip and then her full pussy to Dileep. He could now see the most private intimate part of his wife's body.

For some weird reason Shekhar was almost embarrassed for her because she was so very wet and obviously in a state of extreme arousal - then it became the most exciting thing he had ever experienced. Almost losing control Shekhar untied her legs and pulled off her panties and let Dileep drink in this picture of her swollen pussy.

She must have been very turned on by being tied up the second time in her life because she was extremely wet. After pulling her panties the rest of the way off Shekhar gave them to Dileep and told him that he could keep them. He jumped at the sound of Shekhar's voice until he remembered that she couldn't hear anything.

After smelling her panties he stuffed them in his pocket. Shekhar left her legs untied. Now she was slowly opening and closing her legs and trying to get some satisfaction. Shekhar got the video camera and tripod from the Closet and began to videotape her like this. He told Dileep to get his cock out and rub it on her leg.

He Again said that Dileep should not fuck her, but he could do everything else. Instead of just taking his cock out, he undressed completely, dropping his clothes in a pile on the floor. Dileep's cock was at a full erection sticking straight out from his body. Shekhar noticed that he was a bit larger than Shekhar's, but not all that different.

Shekhar told Dileep to put his cock in Anita's tied hand. This was very risky because she might note the difference. He moved to the head of the bed and slipped his cock into her open and unexpecting hand. She immediately grabbed it. Later Shekhar wondered why he did not think that Anita could have noticed the difference. It was larger than Shekhar's and a quite different shape.

When she grabbed, she murmured, "Oh, you're so hard!" For Dileep's part he just groaned "Oh, man-n-n-n... " and started leaking precum. He rubbed it on her fingers and pulled back so he wouldn't cum. Somehow she didn't notice the difference and Shekhar breathed a sigh of relief. Then became excited as Shekhar looked at his wife's hand with another man's cum on her fingers.

Since only one of them could touch her at a time, Shekhar motioned for Dileep to go ahead who took teased the nipple of her right breast with his tongue. Anita squirmed with pleasure and wanted him to suck it but he just kept alternating between one nipple and the other deliberately teasing them till they were fully erect.

His right hand stroked her right leg from her knee up until it reached her cunt. This was the moment Shekhar had been waiting for. He watched and stroked his own cock as his friend's fingers first touched his wife's wet slit. She began bucking and he slipped first one, then two fingers into her. He then took his slick, wet fingers and put them in her mouth.

She greedily sucked her own pussy juice off my friend's finger until he put them back In her soaking wet pussy. All the while her ears were closed and music was playing. Shekhar's cock was very hard. Although he did not want Dileep to fuck her he did want him to jerk off on her. And also wanted to catch it on film.

Now Anita was humping Dileep's fingers for all she was worth. From her sounds, Shekhar knew she was about to cum and cum hard. He was jerking himself off with his other hand. He told Dileep to cum on her face. Her eyes were covered by the blindfold, but her mouth, chin and neck were exposed.

At first, Dileep was holding himself about level with her shoulders aimed at her face, but as his masturbation picked up speed he pulled closer and closer to her chin. Suddenly he stopped, thrust his pelvis towards her until his cock head was less than an inch from her chin and pointed up to her mouth. Dileep groaned and then exploded on Anita's face.

She jerked in surprise, and then laughed. Her chin and lips were literally painted with stripes of Dileep's cum. As the last spurts landed on her neck, Dileep gently slapped his now softening cock on her lips. Anita opened her mouth and hungrily took his cock in, sucking eagerly on it. He pulled back, afraid she would notice the difference, and allowed her to suck only the head of it.

Both their cocks had a foreskin but Dileep's foreskin was longer. He rolled it back with his hand and thrust just the head of his cock into Anita's eager mouth. She was masterful at this and soon his cock began to harden again. In a matter of minutes he was back to full staff. Anita began opening and closing her legs.

This, for her, was a request to be fucked and she was moaning softly to enhance the seduction. Shekhar watched almost in a trance as Dileep repositioned himself between her legs and began stroking his dick, leaning closer and closer to her very wet pussy. Shekhar should have stopped him at this point but he just sat on the edge of the bed, powerless to even move.

Dileep began sliding his cock along the inside of her thigh leaving a thin trail of wetness. Shekhar's mind continued telling him to stop his friend. He even motioned him to keep his cock away from her Anita's pussy but Dileep said that he would take care not to fuck her. Shekhar just watched as the head of his cock came into contact with the lips of her pussy.

Now Anita was straining at her bindings and trying to bring the head of his cock more into contact with her cunt. As Shekhar watched, Dileep spread her cunt lips wide with his thumbs. Then he began rubbing the head of cock up and down her wide open slit without actually going inside of her. Anita for her part began humping his cock trying to get it inside.

She was begging, "Please fuck me! Please! Do it hard!" As Dileep continued to tease her pussy, Anita pulled her pelvis down away from Dileep as far into the bed as she could. As Dileep followed her down to remain in contact she suddenly thrust back up catching him and Shekhar by surprise, and his cock slipped into the folds of her pussy by about three inches.

He looked at Shekhar sheepishly as if to say that it was not his fault but made no attempt to withdraw his cock from her pussy. He let it remain embedded there. Both Dileep and Anita moaned. Dileep tried to remain still, but he just didn't have the will power to pull out, and Anita used that three inches to begin fucking him.

Shekhar watched in horror and excitement as Dileep gave in and began fucking her back. Dileep looked up at Shekhar and said, "I'm sorry I really am, but her pussy is so wet and so open! I can't stop!" Shekhar was aghast. Taking Shekhar's silence as permission, Dileep began fucking her hard and harder. He untied her ankles and folded her legs upto her armpits.

He then kept the soles of her bare feet on his shoulders and started fucking her. He was really pounding into her, much harder than the way Shekhar usually fucked her, and she was loving it. He was driving into her with so much energy that Shekhar was afraid that the headphones might come off.

He would withdraw his cock fully leaving just the head inside Anita's pussy and then shove it right in upto the hilt till it was difficult to differentiate between their pubic hair. The motion was such that their pubic bones made a clapping noise each time he thrust his cock into her cunt. Anita's hands were tied and her breasts were bobbing up and down with each thrust.

It was a unique sight. The pink lips of her pussy being pried open by his cock and then those lips holding the cock in a vicelike grip till he withdrew and whammed it in again. It was now that Dileep started squeezing her breasts, playing with her nipples and finally sucking them. Shekhar moved the tripod with the camera into a better position to

capture his cock plunging into his wife's pussy. Then Shekhar also removed his clothes and sat back on the bed and began stroking his cock as he watched this incredible scene. Shekhar knew this couldn't last very long and suddenly Dileep groaned and, driving hard into her with all of his strength, he came deep inside of her.

It was so very exciting to Shekhar and as he was stroking his cock, he too came at the same time. It was an incredible experience. Shekhar just couldn't believe it - his friend Dileep was cum inside the pretty pussy of his, Shekhar's wife, and that too right in front of his eye. Suddenly, Shekhar realized that Dileep didn't have a condom on,

and Anita didn't take birth control pills because they made her sick! She depended on Shekhar for birth control. Oh, shit! That too should have made him stop Dileep then and there from fucking Anita. Now what if she becomes pregnant…Meanwhile, Anita was twisting and squirming, wanting more. Dileep's cock was still inside her and he just lay there.

As she squirmed he began to get hard again, and soon he started fucking Her again. Dileep also sucked her pretty toes and played with her anklets. This time, they fucked hard For a long time until Anita began to cum and cum hard! Dileep exclaimed to Shekhar, "It feels like her pussy is milking my cock!". Shekhar knew exactly what he was talking about.

When Anita was really turned on she could grab his or any cock with her cunt. It was like a little hand down in there grabbing your dick. He watched his wife have the most intense orgasm he had ever seen her have with his friend's cock shoved up in her. Her climax lasted and lasted and finally he could see that Dileep was coming again. Her pussy was certainly full.

He was spent and this time they just lay there together, breathing hard. Finally, he pulled out and backed away from his friend's lovely wife. He gave Shekhar a big bear hug, and said, "Thank you my very dear friend, for the most wonderful night of my life. " Then he quietly gathered his clothes and left.

Shekhar looked at his lovely wife lying there, and his cock came into action. As he heard the front door open and close, he mounted her and slipped his cock into her very full pussy. They fucked very slowly for a long time until they both built into an incredible climax. Afterwards, Shekhar washed and dried her and then,

after putting the camera and tripod away and with all the lights turned off again, he removed her blindfold, earphones and untied her arms. She wrapped her arms around him and cried softly into her husband's neck. "That was a very wonderful night of fucking. I'll remember that forever!" Then she turned over and promptly went into a very deep sleep.

Shekhar lay awake for a long time thinking about what had happened and whether or not he should ever tell her what happened. However, he agonized over it for a week, and had just about decided that the only honorable thing he could do would be to tell her. He was sure that she would be angry, but since she was broadminded he hoped that she would understand.

Who knows? He just had to find the right time. Since that night, Shekhar must have watched that video twenty times. Dileep has asked to see it too, and plans are being made by both of them to get together some evening soon to relive that wonderful night. Last night, Shekhar and Anita were petting and about to make love,

when she pushed him over on his back and slid down between his legs. She took his cock in her mouth and began to give him a wonderful blowjob. Usually, when he used to come, she used to pull his cock out and finish his climax with her hand. This time, however, she swallowed every drop.

Afterwards, when they were lying there with her face cuddled under his chin, she remarked, "You taste very different from Dileep, did you know that?" Shekhar's heart pounded;he was speechless! After a few minutes, he asked, "What gave us away?" Anita smiled. "The first hint was that his cock is shaped different...

It's a little bigger, too, but it was the shape that confused me. When it was in my hand, I just thought you had an a different erection, but when I was able to get it into my mouth I knew something was wrong. The head is larger, and he tasted very different. My first reaction was total panic,

but then I realized that this was something that you had planned carefully, and must have wanted very badly so, after getting my fears under control, I finally decided to go along. In any case there was nothing much I could have done. I was naked and tied, with my pussy jutting out. It was good that I was not fucked right away.

When I took the cock in my mouth I knew that it was not you and it gave me time to prepare myself for sex with somebody else. I had no idea who the other man was, but he was being gentle and... Well, it felt good. When he was getting into the position between my legs to fuck me, it just didn't feel the same.. You know, you and I, we just fit Together so well.

Another man? Well he's different. You have a certain way of getting on and getting off. He was a little clumsy. But the real giveaway was when he started fucking me. The radio was a good idea, and I couldn't hear anything, but at one point, the station took a pause between songs, and during that quiet period, I heard him say something about being sorry,

that he just couldn't stop. I immediately recognized Dileep's voice. At first I was embarrassed that it was him - somebody I knew, but then I thought about it and was flattered and delighted that he would want me. Then he started fucking me very hard, and by then it felt so good, I didn't want it to stop. Also, I was very excited about the thought of you watching us. "

"It was a wonderful night. Thank you. There is one small problem though. He wasn't wearing a condom and... Well, I think I might be pregnant.... "Anita sounded serious. 'Are you serious?' Shekhar was appalled. This was something that he was most apprehensive about. She laughed. 'No. I was just pulling your leg.

But don't you think it is risky if you invite any of your friends to fuck me when I am thinking that it is you whose cock is inside me. This time I did not get pregnant but next time suppose I do. What will I tell the world? That I am carrying Dileep's baby?All this should be done only during my safe days or when I am taking pills.

By the way why did you not ask Dileep to wear a condom?' 'I---well, It just did not cross my mind. ' 'Be careful next time. It Is so typical of you to be careless. All men are. Imagine, letting your wife be fucked without ensuring that the man is wearing a condom. You must be the only one to be so careless. 'She said in mock anger.

'Not only pregnancy there are a number of other diseases that have to be taken care of. We know Dileep so that is not a problem but, darling, please be careful next time. By the way, don't let Dileep know that I know that it was he who fucked me. What do you say?" "Why?" "No particular reason. It Is just that i'll feel shy and odd. " "Shy!After he has fucked you!"

Come on now. He still thinks that I was letting my hubby fuck me. You are very sweet. Unlike chauvinists who get all uptight if somebody sees their wife's tits although they are dying to screw other's wives. You are really a darling. Broad minded in the true sense of the term. But give me some time. I'll let you know when to tell him.

And I still don't know how Sunita, his wife will react when she comes to know that Dileep has fucked me. And what about you, you naughty stud. Whose wife have you been fucking lately?" 'Nobody, ' Okay. Tell me whenever you feel like''

And she planted a kiss on Shekhar's lips gradually working her way down to his fly, unzipping it, taking his flacid penis out, taking it in her warm mouth and started sucking it till it was rock hard.

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Hi All, This is Munazza with another sex story with my BIL. It all happened when we went on family picnic to a farm house. I had told u that we are four sisters and two brothers all happily married. It was a nice place to be in and had very large park with big trees around and a nice clean swimming pool. We all jumped into the pool in quick time and threw water to each other.

I cud see both my Bhabhis and sisters were looking at him he swam for few minutes and came closer to us. He was right behind my back and from there he cupped both my breasts under water. There was no seemed to have noticed so I began enjoying it and got hold of his very hard prick from behind. We continued it for some time before I had to go to other ladies.

At dinner he was still looking at my breasts through my wet shirt. I showed him more by bending down. Then arrangements were made for beds and all six couples were given six rooms to rest. Hubby was looking horny after seeing the bed and took me directly to the bed and fucked me twice before sleeping fast.

I did not like such kind of sex where he shoved his shaft in my pussy even before making me wet. I tried to sleep when some gave missed call to my cell. I got up to see who it was and it was none other but my sweet BIL he kept sending sexy messages to me for next half n hour and then I called his cell and told him that I cud not sleep even after a good sex with hubby who is fast asleep.

Listening to this he knocked at my door and came inside in dark room. I was afraid of my hubby he cud get up any moment but he was so fast asleep he did not move an inch. This encouraged BIL and he took me to the attached bathroom and told me that this is common between his and mine room.

And we can go to his room through the bathroom and suppose your hubby wakes up u can ask him that you are using this and I will do the same with my wife if she wakes up. I was much relaxed by hearing all this and started to strip my clothes he was only in his short and dropped it down to his knees and out came the rampant shaft which was rock hard.

I took it into my hot mouth and sucked like a lollypop. I tightened my rosy lips on his strong shaft and rolled my hot tongue over and over his big head. He was almost mouth fucking me and in next 2-3 minutes he came into my hungry mouth. I always liked his cum and drank all the juice happily.

He then placed me on wall of the bath tub and spreading my legs wide apart he licked my cunt walls and sucked my clit. It was fully erect and half a centimeter in size. He was expert in eating pussy which he always proved. He continued it for good 5 minutes and then made me on all four and to fuck me with his long shaft which had already become very hard.

He fucked me in this position for sometime and then sitting on the tub he positioned me in his lap with my pussy right above his long hard shaft. And asked me lower down to take all the way in. I had done it so many times so did not need any instructions and sat on his shaft expertly and because of the great lubrication it slipped in to fill my whole belly.

I began riding his shaft in a steady manner his thick shaft was going in and coming out and all the action cud be seen on the mirror of all four walls of the nice clean bathroom. He was holding me by each hip and rubbing my asshole with his fingers. This was giving me great friction and I liked to have his finger inside my asshole.

I said yes please fuck me fast shove your finger in my asshole and started jumping on his prick with great speed. After few minutes of excellent fucking he stood up from the chair and made me on all four aging but this time my knees were on the corner of the tub and head on the other side he came behind and spat on my asshole and lubricated it with his shaft

which was covered with my pussy juices and placed his huge head on the beautifully wrinkled tight little brown bottom hole of mine. He always loved fucking my asshole and I never stopped him doing so in fact I enjoyed it as much as he did. Then in one single thrust he was half in to my tight little hole and remained there for few seconds allowing me to adjust its girth.

Having given me the time he inch by inch filled whole of his meaty shaft into my tightest of holes and began stroking with great rhythm. I always like the pace with which he fucked my ass. Once my hubby tried to fuck my ass but he couldn’t even he had much smaller shaft than that of my BIL because he did not know the art of fucking the ass in a right manner.

He did not know when to enter and when to stop. He was fucking me with great speed now he was filling me with his precious meaty shaft holding me by waist he held me butts tightly. Whenever he hit his loin with my body my hips moved like jelly I was rubbing my clit and fingering my juicy cunt. It gave me double pleasure.

I was pleading him to fuck my ass and never stop I was crying with pleasure I was screaming with joy I was asking him not to stop just fuck me as long as he. It continued for another 5 minutes and then he finally asked to me to turn around and take his load into my mouth which I obeyed and opened my thirsty mouth with my hot tongue sticking outside.

And with few jerks of his hand and he shooted like a porn star. I had ally my mouth filled with sticky creamy jism and drank all at once. Still many of his load was on my lips nose and chin which I gathered and took it into my mouth and took his semi erect shaft into my mouth and tongued it clean from his shaft to his balls.

It was all for the night and we went to our respective rooms for rest. Next day we got the opportunity to fuck for another three times and enjoyed our picnic to the maximum. By for now, your slutty friend Munazza.

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Saali, aadhi gharwali - Well, that's what they all say. I did believe in this, but never literally had the opportunity to experience the same. But then, this came to be true, literally, as stated below: I was in UK. After being there for about 2 months, my one & only saali too arrived with her husband to attend the marriage of the daughter of my 'saala', in another city of UK.

And they put in along with us. After about a day my sadoo (my saali's husband) left for another country for some business and asked me to bring his wife (my saali) along with me & my wife to the marriage in the other city of UK, as he would come directly to the marriage from his business trip.

Two days after that, I was alone in the house with my saali. After breakfast, I went to the upper floor to check my mail on the Internet, while my saali was on the ground floor. After some time, I realised that my saali was alone downstairs and I closed the computer and went downstairs, where my saali had the TV on, but was looking very sad & unconnected to the TV.

I enquired as to why she was looking so sad & dejected (as she is normally a very jovial young lady) to which she just looked up at me but did not say anything. I then went near her and put the same question to her again, to which she replied by saying that she was missing her man. I told her very casually that she need not worry as I was also a man and was there for her.

She kept quiet. I told her that if she wanted anything, I was there for her, to which she retorted that ' but I was not her man.' I told her that if she wanted I could be her man, to which she seemed pleasantly surprised and exclaimed as to how I could be her man, because she could not do to me what she could to her man & that I could not do to her what her man could do to her.

I told her that she was wrong, as she could do to me what she does to her man & that I could do to her what probably even her man did not do to her. She retorted, ' Jijaji, please don't play with my emotions.' I told her that I was not playing with her emotions, really & truly and that she could do to me what she could do to her man. And that I was there for her, always & anywhere.

I then held her face in my hands and made her look straight into my eyes and nodded my head, as if in a promise. She stared straight & deeply into my eyes and asked whether it would be OK & what about behanji. I replied that she need not worry about that as whatever she would do to me, or rather whatever we two did to each other,

would be just between her & me and will in no way effect my love for her behanji. Then what, as if on a cue & having been assured, she stood up and embraced me as tight as she could. I too put my arms around her and embraced her as tight as I could and planted a kiss on her forehead & cheeks.

Not being satisfied with that she closed her eyes and pouted her lips, signalling me to kiss her on the lips. I put my lips on her lips gently and kissed her and she very nearly bit my lips, put her tongue in my mouth and we kissed & smooched for at least about 15 minutes. All of a sudden she put her right hand on my penis, which was in my trouser & underwear,

& pressed it hard and moving away her face, exclaimed, ' this is what I am missing most of my man', to which I said, ' you can have mine now.' And she started to undo the zip to my trousers, thrust her hand in, pulled my, by now watering, cock from my underwear and stared at it so hard, as if she would bite it. I was getting aroused & my cock was dripping wet.

She masturbated it so nicely that it became erect in no time and then she went down on her knees and took my erect cock in her mouth. She sucked & sucked, moving it in & out, while pressing my balls. I was on fire and probably she was too. When I was about to release, I told her to stop but she did not.

Rather she told me to please go ahead as she would love it and would swallow all my cum. I had no option but to oblige her. And she indeed swallowed all my cum. ' You very pleasantly surprised me dear saali!', was all that I could exclaim. ' It was indeed very encouraging & wonderful, but by swallowing my cum what if you get pregnant, dear?'

She said that was no worry for she knew that one does not become pregnant by swallowing cum for sure, moreover that she was past that stage of becoming pregnant and that she also knew that my cum too will not make any woman pregnant. I ventured ' you have been very daring to do that, now I shall show you how daring & adventurous I am'.

' How is that my dear Jiju?', she enquired. ' Well, let's go upstairs to the bedroom and I shall show you', I said. ' Please take me upstairs my lovely jiju, I would love to see your punk', she said. I then carried her in my arms up the stairs, all the while she clung to me and hugged & kissed me, ever so passionately.

Once in the bedroom, I stood her on the ground and hugged & kissed her so much, that she was as if in a swoon. ' OK, baby, you asked for it, now I am going to give you so much excitement & pleasure that you will ask for more & more.' I started to remove her clothes with my hands and asked her not to interfere as it was my privilege & pleasure to do it.

I removed her top, admired her in her beautiful bra for some time and slowly removed her bra, all the time feeling her size 36C boobs. Then I removed my shirt and pressed her boobs on my chest, she joined me in embracing me hard and kissing & smooching me as a woman possessed.

Then I put my lips to one of her nipples, very gently and is exclaimed, 'Oooo', while pressing her other nipple & boob. I repeated this with the other nipple & boob and again she exclaimed, 'Ooo wah'. And then I pressed both the boobs together & sucked both the nipples together and now she exclaimed, ' O you lovely jiju, you are wonderful, suck my boobs hard, pleeease'.

I held one boob in both my hands and sucked it as hard as I could, while rubbing my tongue on the nipple and repeated the same with the other boob. She was gasping & pleading for more and said, ' suck me you sucker, I want your prick in my choot, come on fuck me you fucker.' and she grabbed my cock, which was out in the open as she had sucked it

& pulled it towards her choot (which was still in her jeans & probably a panty). Moving my mouth away from her boobs I told her to take it easy and that I would fuck her indeed as much & as hard as she wanted me to, but I had a surprise for her. With that I removed her jeans & yes her fancy panty and had her completely naked before me.

What a lovely figure & body she had. I then removed my pant & underwear. And we both were completely naked, face to face. We pressed our naked bodies against each other's, kissed & smooched and kissed & smooched. ' Well, what is the surprise you have for me, my lover?' In reply I started rubbing her gaand with my hands & put a finger near her arsehole,

put my spit on it and slowly shoved it in. She cried, ' Oee, that hurt, but I'm liking it, please continue.' I moved my finger in & out, all the while kissing her passionately. Then, I put my mouth to her gaand & she retorted, ' that's dirty dear, but if you don't mind, why should I, as I am enjoying it.'

I put my tongue on her arsehole & licked it.Then I put my wet prick on her gaand & rubbed it up & down. I took some coconut oil on my finger & applied it to her hole. She asked me as to what I was going to do. ' I'm going to put my prick in your arsehole, darling.' It will hurt, won't it dear?' she asked.

Maybe a little when I insert my prick, but I have applied coconut oil to smoothen the entry'. OK, go ahead my lovely jeeejoo'. And I thrust it in. She felt some initial pain, but once it was in she seemed to enjoy it as she said that it felt nice and I could pump her & leave my cum inside. I pumped her hard & left my cum inside her arsehole.

Putt, putt, putt.... it all came out with a splatter when I removed my prick from her hole. ' Well, this was a trailer, I'm coming to my surprise', I said. ' Please hurry I can't wait', she said. I started kissing, licking & sucking her from her forehead, to her cheeks, lips, throat, arms, fingers, stomach, boobs, navel, neck, back, gaand, pubic hair, choot, thighs(front & rear),

knees, calves, feet & toes. I sucked her body parts so hard that there were red marks at many places. On seeing the red marks, she asked as to what had I done. What would she tell her husband when he saw those marks. I told her that if she observed, I had left the marks only on those parts of her body, which are covered by her clothes.

She said that her husband would see them when she would be naked with him for fucking. I told her that of course she would go naked before him for fucking, but would have to see that the lights were off at night or it was dark during the day. I reminded that these marks would fade away in a few days and would be a reminder to her of my love- making till then.

I put my face near her choot & licked her pubic hair & her choot. I then lay her on the bed, parted her legs & put my tongue on her choot, gently moving it from side to side, a little in & out, and thrust it in and she shouted, ' O my God, jiju, you are great, you mother sucker, come on suck me more, come darling, suck me hard,

you suckkker..' and when I licked & sucked her clitoris she had her orgasm and her cum was all over my face. I looked up and showed her my face and she licked my face and I licked her mouth, that had licked my face with all her cum. She asked me as to when I was going to put my lovely prick in her choot.

She took my prick in her hands to put it in her choot and exclaimed that it had become small & thin. I told her not to worry, to just move it up & down, which will make it big and to squeeze & release it, which will make it fat. She did so and in to time my prick was big & fat. I rubbed it on the lips of her choot & then thrust it in. ' Fuck me hard & fast and long, you son of a gun.'

With these words from her, I gradually increased the speed & simultaneously sucked her boobs and she was, ' loveeely, pump me more, you fucker, Oh yea, more, more, mooore. Fuck me hard you lovely jijoo. More my lover, more, more, moooree'. with that she had her orgasm again. With all her hot cum inside her choot & all over my prick, I too had my orgasm.

It felt as if I was in heaven and so did she. And we lay there for quite some time, enjoying the excitement, ecstasy & sheer joy of fucking. After, maybe about 25 minutes or so, she asked whether we should get up. I said, ' just you wait my dear dear saali, here too I have a surprise for you '.

I slowly removed my prick from her choot and quickly put my mouth to it, licking all the cum, which was both hers & mine, with my tongue, showed it to her and swallowed it. There was so much cum that it took me at least 4 times to lick it all & swallow it. On the 4th occasion she said, ' please give me some too'. And I did. She too swallowed it & smacked her lips.

'That was nice & hot & juicy', she said. All the cum was indeed nice, hot & juicy. After having licked & swallowed all the cum, she enquired as to what next. I told her that I was going to give her my last surprise. I again carried her in my arms to the bathroom and cleaned & washed every part of her naked body, rubbing it ever so gently, so as to enjoy the feel of her beautiful body more.

She in turn bathed me. We then wiped each other dry and gave a tight kiss & hug to each other. I then dressed her up, just the way I had undressed her. She said, ' my very very dear jijaji, you have made my day, I have enjoyed every moment of it. You have excelled my expectations.

I knew you were very hot & sexy, which I could see in your eyes, every time you looked at me. Yes, some things we did were just fantastic, like my taking your cum in my mouth & swallowing it, your licking my arsehole, your fucking me in my arsehole & leaking you cum inside, your taking my cum in your mouth & swallowing it,

your bathing me and of course your removing my clothes with your hands. I really really enjoyed everything. I am indeed very very thankful to you for giving me so much pleasure. Jijoo you are too good. You know how to please a woman. I love you and hope this is not our first & last encounter. I love you my dear dear dear jijaji'

'Those were very nice & flattering words coming from a woman like you, my very dear saali', I retorted. ' It was indeed my pleasure & privilege to have made love to you, and I too enjoyed everything we did, believe me. It was a wonderful experience and I assure you this is not going to be our first & last.

Whenever you want me, I shall come to you and make love to you & have sex with you, just like we did now', I assured her. I reminded her of when I tried to seduce her in the early years of my marriage. She said that she still clearly remembered the day I took her all the way to town in my car for the very long movie - Mera Naam Joker, which had 2 intervals.

That I was touching her, putting my arm around her shoulders, pulling her towards me, but did not dare anything more. Also the time when I made her sleep with me in a seperate room, while Behanji, my kids & her younger brother slept in another room, when we went for a holiday to a hill station. That I lay there with her, taking her in my arms, but again did not dare anything else.

Also that when she looked back to those days and compared them with today, what a totally different man I was, very daring, adventurous & a great man to be loved by & have sex with. I added,' they say "saali, adhi gharwali", but today my saali was like a "puri gharwali" to me. I have really really relished every moment with you today & today's memories shall linger in my mind & heart for a long long time indeed.'

She ventured, ' I too shall forever remember today, my deeaar Jijoo. I am in love with you and consider it my pleasure & privilege to have loved you & had sex with you. You are truly a wondeerfullly satisfying man.' ' Thanks my love, you too are a wonderful, full-bodied, hot & sexy and a very very satisfying woman.'

During the wedding too, we never missed any oportunity to touch each other and flirt to remind us of our love-making. On 2 occasions we had the chance to have quick-fucks, besides having many chances to kiss & hug. It seemed that our love for each other was mutual, in spite of our respective spouses.

May our love be everlasting. I love my 'saali' very much indeed. This event happened in the recent past, as such it is still very fresh in my mind. I think about it every day and relish it very much.

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Hi friends. actually I dont like sharing my and reading others' personal sex encounter but I will tell u the reason for posting this story at the end of this story. This marathon story began in 1991. I remember the month and date also but to maintain privacy of the characters of this story I am hiding it.

My mama was getting married and I went with my family members to attend the marriage ceremony. The moment I saw my "mami", I was definately aatracted to her. but that attraction was not like sexual desire because I was just 10 years of age at that time. but beauty of my mami had some impact on mind. I went home told everyone that mami is very beautiful.

later on time passed and I concentrated on my studies. I almost forgot my mami but whenever there was some discussion about her in my home, I just recalled in mind that I was very much impressed with her beauty in my childhood.

8 years passed. I was grown up now...preparing for enginnering entrance test. the centre of entrance examination was near the home of my mami. my mother took me to my mami's home before my 1st exam. that time I didnt see mami ( I dont remember why..she may be bathing ) and after having some breakfast I left for my 1st paper examination.

Ater exam in the break between the first and second paper....i went to mami's home for lunch. That time I saw her after a period of 8 years. She was a gorgeous beauty. innocent face, sweet voice and sweeter smile and having a perfect body even after 8 years of marriage and having a 7 yr old daughter ( she might be 25-26 or say maximum of 28 yrs of age).

no need to mention this time, I was attracted sexually towards her. but that was only attraction because there was no chance of any action. In the evening, after my second paper, I returned again to mami's home to pick up my mother and return to my home. when we were returning home mummy said to mami,"Thhik hai...ham chalte hain.

kal iska antim paper hai( 3rd and last paper)...isko exam dilwane aayenge tab mulakaat hogi". Mami replied, " didi aap kyun aaiyega, ye ab bade ho gaye hain khud hi aa jayenge..kal main inka pasandida matar pulao and chicken pakaungi."(my mother might have told mami about my favourite matar pulao and chicken)

I remember on hearing these words my dick became hard with some pleasnt expectations of spending sometime alone with gorgeous sexy mami.i remember masturbating that night thinking about my mami. Next morning mummy asked " main bhi chalun exam dilwane?" I politely said, : "chhodiye aap.. mami ka ghar dekha hua hai mera. morning me unse mil lunga.

fir 3rd paper exam ke baad direct ghar aa jaunga." Mummy boli, " na jab wo tumhare liye khana bana rahi hai, to exam ke baad chale jaana.. aur kuchh samay rahna.....nikki ( my cousin) ke saath bhi kuchh samay bitana aaur aane samay mama se milkar hi aana". ( Mama often returned home after 8 in evening). Main khud bhi yahi chahta thaa.

I said, " Thhik hai mummy...kal bhi mama se mulalkat nahi huii thhii..aaj unse mil kar hi lautunga" I reached mami's home, told her that I will come after my examination so that she could prepare dishes for me. Examination got over. By God's blessings, examination went fine of all my 3 papers ( and later on I was selected in the results)

but I wanted God's blessings much more for something else. I went to my mami after examination.after some formal and routine talks I was offered lunch which was very tasy but I wanted to taste something else. After Lunch I was sent to the guest room to rest and relax. I was resting on bed and regretting my decision to come alone to spend some boring hours in my mama's home.

Buttttttttttttttttttt...............Ater some time mami entered my room ( guest room). Said," Sorry Nikki ko sula rahi thhi. usko fever hai. isliye aapko akela chhod diya. Ab wo so gayee hai.Main yahan aa sakti hun na...aap so nahi na rahe hain". I said, " nahi mami, main sone ke liye thode hi aaya hun,,main bor ho raha thaa, aap aa gayee to time pass ho jayega".

In spite of what was going in my mind I always tried to hide my feelings and tried hard to behave as an ideal "bhanja". Lekin sachai to pata chal hi jaati hai....meri aankho se aaur mere aakho ki harkato se....my eyes were searching that they could see something more than a little bit of cleavage that was visible inside her saree and blouse.

In that attempt my eyes made contact with mami's eyes. not knowing how to react to such situations she hide her eyes and pretended everything was normal.But not was all normal with me. I was sexually aroused with some expectations at the same time there was some embarassment that I was caught trying to get a glimpse of mami's breast.

I looked at the wall clock it was around 4.00 and I was becoming more restless as mama could arrive anytime after 7.00 and nikki could also wake up any time i.e I had only 3 hrs. Finally mami herself broke the silence, " Ghadi kyun dekh rahe hain.yahan aapka mann nahi lag raha hai na?"I said, "nahi aisi koi baat nahi hai" mami said " Kuchh baat to hai, boliye na".

I dont know how I thaught that it was an offer for me.I gathered some courage and said the same thing to her what I had said to my cousin ( not nikky... she was daughter of my bua) a year ago seeking her permission for sex with me (but then my attempt did not succeed because my cousin simply refused and slapped me and said

'I will tell uncle (my father) this if u again talk to me like that')" mami baat ye hai ki main ab bada ho gaya hun aur har sundar ladkiyon ko sex ki nazar se dekhta hun aur main aapse sex karna chahta hun..aap mujhe ye mauka dijiyega ya main apne ghar chala jaaun kyonki main ab yahan chup chap nahi baith sakta".

I was afraid kya mami bhi meri cousin ki tarah thappad to nahi maaregi. But mami was different from my cousin she did not slap me but said "bade hone ke baad ladkiyan bhi tum ladkon ki tarah hi sochti hain...lekin sochne aur karne me bada antar hota hai........tum jo kah rahe ho galat hai isliye tum apne ghar jaao". I did not say anything, picked my instument box and left her home.

Time passed in days, months and years. Now my study is completed and I am working as a senior engineer in one psu. I am single yet. living alone. I am a matured guy now. but one thing has not changed...whatever be the age of a girl..if she is beautiful and sexy, I dream to have sex with her. now I am 28.during my college life, I had some gfs and I managed to have sex with few of them.

One day I got a call from papa that mama, mami and nikki are coming to my city ( I am hiding the name of cities for privacy reasons) for admission of nikki in an engineering college of my city. after so many years I got another oppurtunity to meet my sexy mami.

Next evening they arrived my home. mami is a bit older now between 36-40 but she is still beautiful and sexy and has maintained her figure but this time I was not attracted to her because I was rejected by her long time back. the one who drew my attention was nikki....my cousin..a sex bomb....17-18 yrs of age...perfect boobs, nicely shaped hips and whole body.

i made a pledge in my mind...." maa ne to mana kar diya. ab dekhta hun beti ko koun bachata hai mujhse. akeli rahegi is city me. us ko to main chhodunga nahi" nikki was admitted to the college and was alotted a room in the college girls' hostel. Before leaving to their city ( my native city) mama said to me, " beta nikky yaha akeli rahegi.

tum kabhi kabhi us se mil lena hostel jaakar. aur weekend me apne ghar bhi le jaana. uska mann laga rahega. aaj tak akeli nahi rahi hai" I promised him to take care of nikki, " mama aap nikki ki chinta mat kijiye. wo meri chhoti bahan hai. uska main pura khayal rakhunga. aap bass maami to khus rakhiye, dekhiye nikki se bichadne ke gam me kitni udas hai".

I dont know whether mami guessed about my intention or not but she was not happy.( ya to nikki se bichhadne ke karan ya to is chinta me ki kahin main nikky se sex na karun usko fusla kar akele me..i dont know what the reason but she was unhappy)

Ater a fortnight on friday nikki called me "bhaiya. do din ki chutti hai. main ghar jana chahti hun. aap zara net se ticket book kar dijiye" I said, " kya baat hai nikki, tum 1 baar mujhse mili bhi nahi aur ghar jane ka plan bana rahi ho. galti meri hi hai. main office me busy rahta hun tumse phone par baat bhi nahi kiya 1 baar.

lekin 1 baat sun lo kal morning main tumko lene aaunga. is weekend me tum yaha rahogi mere ghar.fir aage se jab man kare ghar chali jaana." Next day (saturday), I went to her hostel. picked her in my bike and returned to the main city. on the way if any one would have seen us, he would have believed that she is not my cousin but my girlfriend. because she was holding me very tightly.

I also did not waste much oppurtunity and often used front break of my bike so that her soft boobs were pressed by my back. my dick was all hard in this journey but 1 am not sure whether nikki got wet or not. Nikki was in mood of masti. she did not want to go to my home and spend time there. she asked me to show any movie.

That whole day I spent watching movie, going to restaurants with nikki. Finally it was 8 in the evening and I was very much waiting for this time. I did not want to waste this golden oppurtunity.So I said nikki that we should go to our home now. Around 9 we reached home. I remember as soon as I opened the door nikki ran inside and slept in my bed flat

on her back and said to me " aaj bahut maza aaya. main bahut thhak gayee hun ab main soungi. bhaiya tum bhi nakhre mat karna jao fresh hokar yahi bed par sone aana.sofa me sone ka irada hai to badal do." It was like a dream coming true for me. sab kuchh apne aap ho raha thaaa, mujhe kuchh karna nahi pad raha thaa.

Ater changing my clothes I was in my half pant only. I turned on the Ac and came to bed. I was as much excited as a husband may be while going to bed of his newly wed bride.I said " nikki agar tum kapde change karna chahti ho to kar lo. din bhar tum yahi kapde pahni ho. chaho to meri t shirt aur shorts hain le lo".nikki's reply was unexpected,

" bhaiya main so to rahi hun din bhar used kapde pahan kar, par ab se thodi der baad bhi mere body par ye kapde honge? bhaiya maine 1st day ki aapke aankho mein chhupe lust ko dekh liya thaa. maine kal phone aapkse ticket book karwane ke liye nahi kiya thaa balki ye batane ke liye kiya thaa ki 15 din ho gaye hai mujhe yahan rahte huye agar

is weekend ko bhi tum kuchh nahi karte ho to main wapas patna (our native place) chali jaungi. aur mujhe lagta hai tum mere ishare ko smajh gaye." Now there was no reason to waste anytime. Main bed par ya bolo to nikki ke upar chadh gaya..aur fir jo hona thaa wo bahut pleasantly hua.

Nikki was 5th girls whom I fucked but she was the 1st virgin girl and no need to mention I enjoyed this moment more than even my 1st sex encounter in life. The next day (sunday) same story was repeated, in morning we left home and roamed around city in the bike going to restaurants, shopping malls etc and repeating the same story in the night.

On monday morning I dropped nikki to her hostel. I dont know if her room mate will find out or not that nikki lost her virginity in the weekend to her brother. I said hi to her room mate and returned back to my home. Now some important fact about the story. Today is thursday and this monday only I dropped nikki to her hostel i.e this is a fresh story just 4-5 days old.

The reason behind why I am sharing this story with u all is that now I have deciced...I was rejected by 2 females whom I propsed for sex both of my family both mentioned in this story. I took revenge from 1 by fucking her daughter and the other......well the other i.e my cousin (bua ki beti not nikki) is married now and has a 9 year old daughter.

I am making a pledge in front u all readers that I will take revenge from my cousin. I will fuck her daughter within next 8 years. otherwise I will renounce this world. So dear friends please wish me best of luck for this 'noble' cause.


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