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Mom and son on their own

I was three years old when my dad left us, just me and my mom to fend for ourselves. We were dirt poor and lived in a rundown trailer. My mom and I became very close and inseparable. We did everything together, even took baths together. As I grew older I was beginning to notice the differences between us. I would ask mom "What are those?" pointing at her breasts.

She would answer, "These are my boobs, and I used to feed you with them when you were younger!" Out of curiosity, I would ask, "How?" At this she decided to give me sex education. I was ten and was amazed at all she told me. I was also very aroused; the head of my dick was sticking up out of the water.

When she noticed it she gasped, "Oh look here! That was what I was telling you about. When a man gets aroused, his penis grows and becomes very hard. When that happens, the woman’s vagina starts to get slippery inside." She rose up out of the water, and sat on the edge of the tub. She pointed out everything about her vagina.

Then she spread her outer and inner lips to show me the opening where a man’s penis goes. She said, "Here, take your finger and put it in here and feel how slippery it is." I did and was overcome by a feeling that I had never experienced before (I think back on it now and realize it was lust).

After moving my finger in and out several times, she urged me to rub her clitoris, or "clitty" as she called it. I watched in amazement as she squirmed all around and a low moan came from her as she came. Afterwards she played with my little peter for a while, but other than the fact that it felt good, nothing happened.

I had been looking at my mom" s naked body every time we took a bath, and I guess this didn’t seem wrong because of that. Mom was apparently lonely, and needed some love, which she knew she could get from me. From then on, it seemed like we took baths together more often, every time mom would get bolder with what she showed me or had me do.

Soon she had me licking her pussy. After I had acted disgusted doing that, she asked why I answered, "I keep getting hairs in my mouth and it gags me." So she had me help her shave all the hair off. I enjoyed it much more then. It wasn’t very long after that I had my first orgasm, and shot my wad down my mom’s throat!

By the time I turned 12, she was giving me blow-jobs and I was eating her pussy every night. It wasn’t until a few weeks after my birthday that I got to stick my pecker in her. I can’t begin to describe the sensation I felt. Even though she had already blown me to a great orgasm, I was only able to last a few minutes before Cumming in her.

She seemed irritated with me, but then I think she realized I was young and it was my first time. Also, I didn’t go soft, 1 just wasn’t able to move with the intensity of before. I worked my penis in and out slowly, and I could tell she was going to cum pretty soon. I was able to speed up a little after the sensitivity went away some.

I could feel her inner muscles pulling and urging me on to yet another climax. I didn’t want to disappoint mom, so I fought off the urge a little longer. Soon she yelled, "OH, OH, OH, OH, IIIIIIII"MMMMMMMMMM CUMMMMINNNG!" When she said this, I felt her pussy begin to contract and relax around my dick which brought me over the edge.

Here I am, only twelve years old and I’m fucking my mom! Or rather she’s fucking me. I forgot to describe mom, she is almost 30 years old, and about 20 pounds overweight. She has cone shaped boobs, with big brown nipples. Her hair is black as night, and hangs down almost to her waist. When she gives me blow jobs in bed, I love the feel of her hair on my thighs.

She has a bit of a tummy, she says because of having me. Her hips are where the excess weight is, but it doesn’t look too bad at all. If her tits were a little bigger, she would have a nice hourglass figure. But her best feature has to be her pussy mound. It looks great shaved. Her outer lips always look puffy, and her inner lips are a little darker.

Her clitty is pretty big as compared to pictures I’ve seen of other women naked. The inner lips can’t cover it; it’s about as big as my middle finger, and about half as long. It almost looks like a miniature penis! Inside, she is a soft pink color, and is almost always gleaming from moisture. When I am inside her, it feels so tight, I guess from going so long without a man.

I say this because at 12 years old, my dick is only about five inches long and not very fat. Mom says it will get bigger from use. I really don’t know what to think about all this. Sometimes I feel real guilty, because I never hear anyone else say anything about doing their mother. I do hear guys at school talking about how they would like to do their sisters,

but as of yet no one has mentioned their mother. All I do know is, I love my mom and I know she loves me, so there must not be anything wrong with what we are doing. I think a lot of guys could benefit from what I’m experiencing. I know how to please a woman, because I’m being taught by a woman. Most guys don’t care about anything but getting their own rocks off,

so to speak. I enjoy sex much more, when I know I’m pleasing my partner. I have grown to enjoy oral sex to the point of being addicted to it.. If I don’t lick my mom’s pussy, I can’t get a hard-on! Needless to say, we don’t have much sex during her periods. One day at school, I was talking to my best friend.

Without thinking, I absentmindedly mentioned something about my mom’s shaved pussy. He picked up on that right away, and asked, "How do you know your mom’s pussy is shaved?" I couldn’t tell him I helped her do it! I had to think fast and lie. I told him I had seen mom through the open bathroom door as she was shaving.

He started to rub the front of his jeans and said, "God, I would give my left nut to see that! Do you think you could invite me to spend the night sometime and we could figure out a way to see her?" I said, "UH, I don’t know. If mom knew you were there she wouldn’t be careless and leave the door open like that." "Yeah, you’re right.

But maybe we could make a hole in the wall that we could peek through!" I told him that I didn’t know, but I would ask. That night I told mom what happened. She slapped me hard and started to give me a lecture for over an hour, about how she could go to jail, and how I must never say anything else again.

Then she floored me by saying, "You know it might be exciting to let some other young boy see me naked!" I couldn’t believe my ears, especially after she slapped me like that. She went on to say that she could act like she was getting drunk, and she wouldn’t even notice that someone was watching her.

She told me to invite him over that Friday night to spend the night, so I did. That Thursday night she had me help her shave her pussy to get it real smooth, and told me it won’t be necessary to drill any holes in the wall, that when she acts like she has passed out, we’ll be able to walk right in and look at her real close.

She also said she would be sure to be naked by that time and just tease him with a few shots of her before passing out. The next afternoon, Jack came home from school with me. He met my mom and I could tell he was excited about seeing her. I was also well aware of a gleam in my mom eye, I had never seen before.

She began drinking beer at dinner time, and by 7:00 she was already staggering around the house. By 8:00 she had changed into her robe and we were getting to see a lot of boobs, and every now and then a flash of thigh, and sometimes a glimpse of her bare mound. Jack was getting real brave because he was noticing how drunk she was and every time she would bend

over to do something, he would move or even stand up to get a better angle. Mom" s robe was short, and when she would bend over away from us we could see her mound perfectly. I could tell mom was getting excited about this from the moisture visible on her inner lips. Jack was constantly rubbing his crotch, and so was I.

I know mom was seeing this, and enjoying the attention she was getting. It wasn’t long before she went to the bathroom and barely closed her robe before going to pass out on the couch. I thought she was going to go to and lay on her bed, but she decided to give us better access. When she lay down, she put one leg on the floor and the other draped over the back of the couch.

Our hearts were beating a hundred miles an hour waiting for her to be passed out good. We finally got up enough nerve to investigate. Jack was getting so close to look, I thought he was going to touch her with his nose! He whispered to me, "Do you think we could touch her?" I said, "1 don’t know, she’s never done this before.

Let me tickle her nose, if that doesn’t wake her, I guess it would be all right to touch her." I tickled her nose and all she did was twitching it, which made us both laugh. Jack reached out and circled her nipple with his finger and she didn’t move at all. Then he moved down and ran a finger along her smooth mound very close to the slit. Again, she still didn’t move.

Jack said, "God this is incredible! I’ve never seen a pussy up close before. Especially a shaved one and now I are getting to touch one!" All I could do to answer was, "Yeah." Mom was very wet and I could hear her juices when Jack ran his finger inside her slit. The next thing I know, he had his dick out and was pounding it! I asked, "Man, are you crazy?

What if she wakes up?" "As drunk as she is, if she starts to wake up, I can have it back in my jeans faster than lightening." As excited as I was, I had to pull mine out also. Just about the time I got a good rhythm going, Jack said he was ready to cum. Then he said, "Watch this!" He opened her mouth and stuck his cock in!

He stroked it a few more times, and I could tell he was coming in my mom’s mouth. I thought sure she was going to put a stop to this, but she kept acting like she was asleep. I decided to get braver and ran my tongue in her pussy. Jack was looking at me like I was crazy, but I knew that she probably needed to have an orgasm as bad as Jack and I.

When I started to nibble on her clit, she grabbed my hair and said, "OOOHHH that’s right, Bill, suck my clitty." Bill is this guy that mom sometimes dates. Jack and I both laughed at this. He urged me to let him try, so I moved out of his way. As he was getting her nearer to her climax, I decided to stick my dick in her mouth also.

Since Jack was busy, I guess she didn’t think he would see her sucking on me, because that’s exactly what she did. My mom gives a great blow-job, and I was coming very soon. I could tell Jack was beating off again by the movement of his shoulder. He decided that since she was so passed out, he wanted to try to fuck her.

He moved up after she got his face soaking wet when she came. He slowly inserted his prick into her well-lubed hole. The look on his face was pure ecstasy. He only made a few strokes, and then he began to cum. By this time I was hard again, and wanted some of the same action. He moved out of my way and I plunged it in as deep as it would go.

We heard a low guttural moan escape her, as I began a slow back and forth motion. Before long I was driving in and out with a mighty force. Mom started to cum again and was saying over and over, "Oh Bill, your cock feels SO big, fuck me faster!" So I began to pile-drive her. When her climax hit her, I could feel her inner walls contract around my rod,

and we came together. I told Jack we better go to bed after we clean her up and we better close her robe. He agreed, and we took our time cleaning her up, using a warm washcloth and cleaning our cum off her face and pussy mound. Jack and I were still naked and as he was cleaning mom’s pussy, he started to get aroused again.

Mom’s cunt was very wet from all of our juices, and he was able to slip in again easily. This in turn got me excited again, and I could tell by the look on mom’s face that she loved it. I began to rub my engorged member on her mouth, and she opened up to take me in. Jack and I both came at about the same time, and this time we were too exhausted to do any more.

We finished cleaning mom up and went to bed. After Jack fell asleep, I sneaked into the living room to check on mom, she was sitting up, finishing a beer, and smiled at me when I came walking in. I forgot I was still naked until when I got up next to her she reached out and massaged my balls gently. "God, I have never been so turned on in all my life,

you two were incredible. You must tell him tomorrow not to breathe a word of what happened here, OK darling?" I nodded, kissed mom good night, and went back and slipped into my bed. The next morning, mom woke us both up, she already had a big breakfast fixed. Jack and I were laying there totally exposed when mom walked in, but she acted like she saw nothing.

I just put on my underwear, and after seeing this, so did Jack. We ate like pigs watching mom fuss over us with her robe barely covering her charms. Whenever she would bend over to pick something up, Jack would hit my leg under the table to show me. She finally sat down across the counter from us and said, "So, what did you two do with yourselves last night?"

"1 answered quickly so Jack wouldn’t have time to open his mouth, "Aw, not much. We played some cards and listened to the radio." The way mom was sitting, we could see all of her left tit. She continued, "1 must apologize for getting so tipsy, I haven’t been getting much sleep lately, and I didn’t realize how quickly those beers were getting to me..

I hope you don’t go telling your folks that I’m a drunk, Jack." "Oh, no madam, I think you were fun to be around!" I kicked his foot to shut him up. He was looking right at her boob when he was talking to her, and his cock was sticking out the leg of his underwear, and he was stroking it. Mom got up and came around to our side of the counter to get our plates to take to the sink.

Jack barely got his prick covered up before she could see it, but I was sure she could see the bulge in both of our shorts. I felt kind of brave and went to the sink to help her with the dishes, even with my hard-on. Jack followed suit and brought the juice glasses over to the sink. Mom looked down at both of us, and said, "You both have piss-herds!

Oh to be young again!" and she laughed.. Jack and I looked at each other, and laughed too. After we finished the dishes which didn’t take too long with all of us pitching in, we got dressed and went out into the woods. Jack and I talked for a long time about last night. I kept telling him that he can’t say a word to nobody about it;

people would think that I was a pervert for fucking my own mom. He said, "I promise, I won’t say anything. Do you think I might be able to spend the night again sometime soon?" "I don’t know. Mom seems to like you, she don’t usually like my friends too much." He had pulled his pud out and was absentmindedly stroking it,

and then he started to rehash memories of last night again. This got me excited so I pulled my erection out and stroked it also. My cock is a little longer than Jack’s, but it’s a lot fatter. Jack started watching me and he came pretty quickly. Then he asked me if he could "jack-me-off!" I didn’t know what to say when he reached out and wrapped his hands around my prick.

He slowly moved up and down, and he really seemed to be lost in his own little world. He reached under and cupped my balls in one hand. I decided to just lay back and let him do it. My face was upturned toward the sky with my eyes closed until I felt his mouth suck in the head.

When I looked down, Jack was playing with my balls with one hand, stroking my cock with the other, and he was sucking on the head with a vengeance. I started to cum almost instantly, and Jack swallowed it all! I was hoping he didn’t want me to do the same to him, and I told him I couldn’t. He said, "No problem.

I wasn’t expecting you to do me; I just wanted to see what it was like and what it tasted like." My curiosity got the best of me, "Well, what does it taste like?" "I don’t know, it tastes a little salty, it feels real slick, but I haven’t tasted anything like it before." "Well which do you prefer, eating pussy, or sucking cock?"

We both laughed at this and he answered, "I like eating pussy a lot better, I loved the way your mom tasted." "Yeah, me too. I know this sounds crazy, because I’m talking about my mother, but her pussy sure felt good, didn’t it?" "Yeah it did. Please try to get her to let me sleep over again, OK?" "I’ll try, but I’m not guaranteeing anything.

We went back to the house and mom was still lounging around in her half open robe. I asked, "Mom, do you think it would be OK if Jack spent the night again next week?" "It’s OK with me if it’s OK with his parents." She gave me a wink, and a smile. "You better help Jack pack his things; his mom wanted him home by lunch time."

"Ms. Tier, I really had a great time, I want to thank you for letting me stay over." "Well how polite. Jack you are very welcome, I hope you had a good time." "Oh, I did, thank you." After he left, mom and I went straight to the bedroom, as she said, "I want your hard cock in me right now!"

I had no trouble meeting her demands, as she was extremely wet and I was very hard. She had a small orgasm right away, then two more small ones a few minutes later. When I couldn’t hold out any longer, I came with incredible force. This brought mom off one more time with a very long, deep climax.

We spent the rest of that day reliving the events of the past evening and having many more sexual experiments. We spent many hours altogether in the bathtub, playing with each other to get us ready for the next time. I finally asked mom if she really wanted Jack to spend the night again.

She thought about it for a little while and finally answered, "I suppose it’s all right, but depending on my mood, I probably won’t let that happen again, OK?" "Sure mom, it was a lot of fun though." "I might do it again if someone else sleeps over.

It’s kind of dangerous letting that happen more than once with the same kid." "Yeah, you’re probably right." "Do you know of any more kids that might be interested in doing something like that?" "Mom, most all the kids I know would love to do that!" we laughed.

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Hot sex with office colleagues Sonali and Preet

This story has a prequel which I will post later. To tell you in short, this story starts on the next day of the day I had sex with a colleague of mine Sonali Deans. After having sexual pleasures the whole night we slept at around 4 am in the morning. I got up at around 9 and went home. I took a day off giving an excuse of friend’s accident.

I took rest the whole day, but Sonali’s thoughts were not getting of my mind. I was thinking of how I can have this pleasure again and again. I was also feeling guilty of cheating on my wife. At around 6.00 I decided to call Sonali. She picked up the phone and said, hello sexy, I was thinking of you all through the day. I was very pleased to hear that, and said that same here.

I asked her whether she enjoyed the last night and she said yes thoroughly. She said she didn’t have had such pleasure, in her entire life as her hubby was very conservative and didn’t like anything new. I said would she allow me to do it in future and she said yes, but only till her hubby comes back from foreign country.

I said no problems and asked her whether we could enjoy tonight as well. She said yes, and also added that she will have a surprise for me tonight. I asked her several times what the surprise was, but she didn’t reveal it to me and said that she will tell me only when I arrive over here. I immediately got into action.

I told my parents that my friend’s condition is serious and that I will have to spend tonight as well in the hospital. I conveyed the same message to my wife. I took a bath and left for her house. I reached there by 8 pm. She opened the door. My God!!!!!! She was looking so very sexy. She was just wearing a light color transparent gown with dark color undies.

Her boobs very looking very attractive and challenging. As she turned around, I could see her lovely butts and got hard on immediately. She asked me to have a seat and relax by the time she finishes with cooking. I asked her whether she requires any help and she said no. I still went inside the kitchen with her and sat on the dining table.

We were chatting on random subjects, but I was constantly looking at her lovely ass. I guess she noticed that and said, Raj, can you do me a favour. I said yes, tell me what it is. She said, that her hands are busy in cooking and she has a itching sensation and that could I scratch it there for her. I was amazed to hear that but glad too. I said anytime baby, tell me where?

She said come here. I went. ‘Meri jhango(thighs) ke beech mein khujli ho rahi hain. Jara khuja ke do na’ Sonali ‘ Hath se khujaoo ya mere kele se’ Me Abhi to haath se hi khujao, kele se to baad mein khujwaoongi’ Sonali I sad between her legs and started moving my fingers on her pussy lightly. I was moving them from up to middle.

She slowly started to moan, aaahhhhh, ummmmmmmm, aaaaaa acchha lag raha hain raaj, aaaah, mmmmmm. Abhi thoda meri gand bhi khujao. I pulled her panty down and started scratching vigorously on her two ass buttocks and asshole. I also started licking her asshole and inserting my tongue into it.

I was dreaming that today atleast I would get to fuck her butt and was expecting that it was the surprise that she would give me. As I was doing this, her moaning and dirty talk was going on. HHHHMMMM RAJ, KITNA MAST CHATATE HO TUM, AAAHHHHHH MMMMMMMM, MERE GAND MEIN BAHOT KHUJLI HO RAHI HAIN RAAJ, AUR CHATO, APNI UNGLI GHUSA DOOO RAJJ, AAAHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHH.

‘Hey guys, whats up. Hello sir how are you’. I heard this in a lady tone and my heart stopped for a moment. I could not believe that there was somebody inside the house watching us do this. I also felt that the voice was of harpreet, who was another bombshell from our office and whom I use to fuck a lot in my dreams.

She was unmarried but having an affair with a boy from other department. She was short in height but very curvaceous and sexy body. As much as I was amazed to hear her voice I was even more amazed to see her as she was wearing only bra and panty and nothing else. Kyon Raj, Maja aya na!!! Yehi tumhara surprise hain.

Preet said, ‘Sir aap to bade chupe rustam nikale. Office mein to aap ekdum seedhe sadhe dikhate ho aur bahar yeh sab gul khilate ho. Sonali ne bataya mujhe ki kis tarah aapne use khush kar diya kal raat ko. To mujh se bhi raha nahi gaya. Mujhe bhi shaadi se pahle experience lena hain.’

Sonali said, ‘I had always noticed that alongwith me you also use to stare at her constantly. I guessed you use to fuck her from top to bottom in your mind. So I felt that I should arrange for a live fuck for you with her.’ I was still amazed but pretty happy in my mind that today two my dreams were going to come true.

First I wanted to bang Sonali’s ass and second to have threesome with these two sexy ladies. They say rightly in Hindi, ‘khuda jab bhi deta hain chappar phad ke deta hain.’ In the meantime, the food was ready and all of us had our dinner. I told them lets have a nude candle light dinner and both of them readily agreed. So all of us were sitting nude on the dining table.

I was in the middle and the two sexy ladies on my two sides. All through the dinner we were touching, caressing, crushing each other’s private parts. I kept my feet on their laps and was inserting my toe between their thighs. Both of them were enjoying it. In the desert, Sonali brought some shrikhand and winked at me. I understood what she wanted.

So I told preet, to lay down on the sofa. She did so. Then both of us took our srikhand and kept one one spoon on her navel and between her boobs. I started licking the one between her boobs and sonali started licking the one on the navel. I inserted my middle finger in preets mouth and she started sucking and licking it. It was a great sight.

Three adult colleagues, fully nude and having sexual pleasures. Preet was enjoying it thoroughly and licking all my fingers one by one. I also was moving the piece of srikhand on both of her boobs and licking them, sucking them one by one. I was also pressing her other boob with my hand.

I slided my other hand on Sonali’s ass and started caressing it, crushing it, inserting my finger in her asshole. Now the room was filled with all kind of sexual noises. Aaahhh, mmmmmmmmm, oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaa, ooohhhhhhh mmmmmmmaaaaa etc.

Once Preet had an orgy, we did the same thing with Sonali. She also enjoyed it thoroughly and had an orgy withing 5-10 mins. Then both of them decided to attack me and asked me to sit on the sofa with my legs spread. Sonali said to Preet, ‘Maine to iska lollipop kal hi choosa tha, aaj tu chus le. Bahot majedar swaad hain.’

Preet said, ‘Kyon nahi, mujhe aisa khada, kadak lollipop chusne ki bahot iccha thi, aaj Sir ke karan who poori ho rahi hain’. I said, ‘Preet, Lolipop ka ras poora peena padega. Manjoor ho to hi lena nahi to Sonali choosegi. Meri ek hi condition hain, agar, ek boond bhi neeche giri, to main aapki gand marunga.’

Preet said, ‘Chalega sir.’ And saying so she winked at me. I understood that she wanted me to do it. After this, preet started sucking and licking by hard dick. She was taking it in and out in a slow motion. Her fingers were busy playing with my balls. I was thoroughly enjoying it and laid back on the sofa with my eyes closes. Suddenly I felt something on my mouth.

When I looked it was Sonali standing on the sofa and rubbing her pussy against my mouth. Without wasting any time I started licking her clittors and inserting my tongue inside her pussy. She started to moan loudly and uttering erotic sentences in hindi. Aaahhhhhhhhhh, ummmmwahhhhhh, wah raj waahhhh, aaaaaaaaahhh, maja a raha hain raj, aaaaaaaaaaaaa, preet,

kya chatata hain raj tujhe pata nahi, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. In the mean time I was also ready to explode, in preet’s mouth. I told her that I am cumming. She started to take it in more vigorously and held my balls with her hand. I soon filled her mouth with my fluid and she gulped it down. She then started licking my nipples which is my weakpoint. I soon got hard on again.

By this time sonali had reached multiple orgasms and was lying exhausted besides me. I looked at preet and she was looking damn sexy. I took her on sofa and started playing with her lovely boobs. My one hand was caressing her boobs and one hand was exploring her ass. My mouth was busy kissing her wherever it could.

Our faces were shining with each other saliva. We were just licking each other and our hands were exploring each others parts. Soon I asked her ‘Preet, aaja meri rani, mere ghode par chadh ja. Dekh tere liye kaisa tan ke baitha hain.’ Preet said ‘Haan mere raja, tera tana hua ghoda dekh kar mujhe neeche khujli ho rahi hain aur mere neeche ke munh mein pani aa raha hain.’

Saying this she slided my dick inside her pussy hole. As it was already wet with her love juices, I didn’t have much problem going in. As she was still a virgin, her pussy was real tight, but due to lubrication, the up down movement was smooth. As soon as my dick went in, she started jumping up and down, to and fro.

I was enjoying the site of boobs going up and down with the movement. Soon I grabbed both the boobs with my hands and started sucking, licking and pressing them alternatively. Preet was also enjoying it and we soon started having erotic chat. Me- kyon jaan kaisa lag raha mera lund le kar.Preet-bahot maja a raha hain jaan.

Meri chut khushi ke mare ro rahi hain. Aaahhh, aaahhhh, ummmmmmmmmmm Me-Mujhe kab se tujhe chodne ki khwaish thi rani. Teri mast jawani dekh kar mera lund hamesha aisa hi khush hota tha. Preet- kabhi bola kyon nahi raja. Ab tak to hum kitni baar aisi maja kar chuke hote ab tak. Meri chut ko bhi to aise lund ki pyaas thi, aaahhhhhhh.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, maaaaa, aaahhhhhhhh aahhhhhhhhhh, yessssssss. Sonali, tu sach bolti thi, bahot mast lund hain Raj ka. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaahhhh. Aise lund ke liye to main kabhi bhi nangi ho kar bed par so sakti hoon. Thank you Sonali. I had closed my eyes and was enjoying the fuck. Suddenly I felt force in preet’s movement.

When I opened my eyes I saw sonali near my legs. She was licking preet’s pussy and asshole and due to this preet got more excited and increased her speed. Sonali was also licking my balls simultaneously. Wow, I was on top of the world. I felt pressure building in my cock and I asked both of them to stop and sit below the sofa.

As soon as they sat there, I started stroking my dick vigorously and as soon as I was about to come, I started spraying the cum on both of them. After this I suggested to have a bath together. All of us went to the bathroom in the bath tub. I sat in the bath tub as a maharaja and asked them to clean up each other. Both of them started rubbing soap on each others body.

Soon they were enjoying a lesbian act caressing each other’s boob, sucking them, playing with them etc. I went and got myself a chilled beer from their home bar. I sat there gulping chilled bear and watching the live porno stuff. Soon Preet made Sonali sit on the edge of the bath tub and started licking her pussy.

She was moving it up and down and then inserting it inside her pussy. Sonali was enjoying it and pressing her boobs. She was constantly looking in my eyes asking whether I was enjoying it. Soon I finished my beer and got into action. I was behind Preet. I just went near her and asked her to stand on all fours. After that I spit on her asshole and started rubbing it.

I started to insert my finger in her tight asshole. Then I spit on two of my fingers and started to insert both of them. After sometime her asshole seemed to be ready to take in the guest. I then asked sonali to suck my dick for some time so that it also get saliva on it. After 3-4 mins I again got back and tried to insert my dick in her asshole.

Just as I had entered the head of my dick in her asshole, she left out a mild cry and gave a bite on Sonali’s pussy. Sonali also let out a mild cry. I again spit on my fingers and applied the same on my dick. Again I pushed it further and it went in. Then slowly I started my to and fro motion. Preet was moaning loudly due to the pain.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaHHHH, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, yeeessssssssssssssssssss, oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, raaaaaaaaaaaaaaajjjjjjjj. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss. Sonali in the meantime started pressing her boobs. She was pressing them wildly. She was biting on her nipples. Soon I gained motion and was banging her full throttle.

Preet started enjoying it. Sonali again started talking erotic. Wah raj wah, phad de iski gand. Chod isko aur jor se chod. Kyon preet rand, maja aa raha hain. Preet also got into action saying, aaahhhhhhhh, aahhhhhhh haan chinal bahot maja aa raha hain aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, aisa mast lund gand mein leke kise maja nahi ayega. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh.

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, yeessss, rajjjjjjjj, yesss, choddddd mujhe, aahhhhhhh, oooooohhh, meri gand phad de aaj I was banging her ass in full force. My balls were hitting her pussy. I asked sonali to come near me and give her boobs in my mouth. She willingly obliged. Now I was banging Preets ass, pressing her boobs with both my hands and sucking lovely mangoes of my darling sonali

Whoa, it felt like I am the king of the world. The whole room was filled with sexual noises. I felt the pressure building in my balls. It was time to explode. I started banging in more speed. I was slapping preets butts with my hands. It was red now.

In just a few seconds, I loaded her ass with my cum. Sonali had shifted a head in between me and preet and was licking my dick and balls. This way I spent the whole night fucking both the whores of my office.

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Hi guys, its me Kiran who posted First Time sex with neighbour in 1997. Well, I did not tell you that I am from Hyderabad. We continued having sex till the year 2000 whenever she was in India and later she became mother. So we stopped having sex and still in touch till now.

So from then I was missing my sex partner and had my fantasies masturbating myself by imagining the young lady. Now I am gonna narrate a story about my sex experience with a virgin in July 2001. Guys and gals, this is a long story and must be boring. Trust me, it is an interesting one which happened to me.

I met a girl at my work place who was a new joinee. Her name was Kalyani (name changed). She was a really hot chick. She had graduated and it was her first job in my office as a consultant. I was working as system analyst in one of the corporate company. She had a good dressing sense and made everyone attract towards her.

The first thing that came in my mind was, I am gonna fuck her if I get a chance. So we all introduced each other in the office and started working. Days passed and we became close to each other. Then one fine day I got a chance to drop her at her house because of the bus strike. So I dropped her after the office and met her parents and introduced myself.

From then I started visiting them very often maybe every weekend. My dirty mind started popping with ideas that let me start touching her at her waist tickling her, put my finger in her ear, etc., I done couple of times and she never stopped me in doing that but I found her feeling’s somewhat horny.

Somewhere in my mind, I was confused and did not initiate to ask her as I was afraid. Now the time has come for me. One fine day it was raining cats and dogs in the evening and we were done with our work and about to leave but could not because of the rain. So was waiting for the rain to stop. Meanwhile Kalyani came to me and was standing beside me.

We started talking to each other and she said that she would like to get drenched in the rain. And I replied so I am. We stepped out of office and sat on the motorcycle and left from there. We are now totally wet and drenched and rain did not stop yet. We reached her house and found that the house was locked but luckily Kalyani was having another set of keys.

She called her parents and asked them where were they and they said that they had come for a friends engagement and will return only in the night and said they will bring food for her and blah blah blah. Now my mind started thinking naughty. She told me to come in and wait till the rain stops and she bought me a towel to clean myself and said she will prepare tea for me.

I got an idea and started cleaning my hands and legs slowly (very slowly). Meanwhile she bought tea for me and for herself and wrapped a towel around her head and she was still on the wet clothes. When she saw my head wet, she said first dry your hair with towel and I asked her to do it.

She started cleaning my hair and dried but my eyes were on the boobs which are looking gorgeous and they are sticked to the clothes. I gave her a kiss on her belly and she patted me on my head with her hand but she did not say anything. Now I realized that she is not stopping me and she wants to have sex.

So I put my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me and my face was in between the boobs. She looked at me and asked what do you want. I said I want to….I want to…….and said nothing. She said I know what you want you naughty guy. So without diverting her mind, I kissed her on the boobs and she hold my head and pushed my between her boobs and I can feel the heat coming out.

Our clothes were half dried already as were in heat. We hopped into her bedroom and stood near the wall. I started kissing her from her forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose, ears, ear lobes and neck. All of a sudden she locked her lips with my lips and started kissing. She put her tongue and was reaching my tongue.

We kissed for a long time, hugging each other and my hands were on her boobs caressing them, massaging them. I slowly started unzipping her kurta from behind and placed my hand on her back and removed her kurta slowly. Now she was on her bra and kameez. I slowly removed the knot of the kameez and removed it and she does not have an idea that I am removing.

Meanwhile we were busy kissing each other and drying our mouths. I stopped kissing and made her sit on the bed and in between she realized that her kameez is not present she found herself wearing a bra and panty. I saw her wearing black color bra and designer panty with some animal pictures on it (hehehe).

I put my hand on her waist and started rubbing her very slowly. Now she was in a mood to have a wild sex. She slowly undressed me and saw my hairy chest and got attracted. She started kissing me from forehead till the neck and came down to my chest and licked my tits and I was playing with her boobs.

We both hugged for each other and I sucked her boobs, squeezed them like a sponge and she shouted like anything. I saw her erect nipples and licked them very gently, biting them and caressing the boobs. Done a gentle massage on the boobs by applying oil and she became horny and could not control herself.

I slowly came down and kissed on her stomach many times and reached down the mighty hole. Her pussy was shaved and had little pubic hair which I got attracted. I was feeling the smell of the juice (mucus), I started licking the outer lips of the pussy with my tongue and drinking the juice. Wow that was a wonderful experience licking the mucus.

She was moaning loudly (aaaaahhhhhhhh… oooooohhhhhhhh ehhaaaaahhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiissssss come on Kiran, I am feeling something which I never felt before) and holding my hair in her hands and trying to push me in the hole. My tongue slipped into her pussy and started licking the inner lips also.

Now I licked it for about 10-15 mins and I now inserted my finger in the pussy and was doing the foreplay. The pussy was tight as she is a virgin and inserted my other finger into it. She is now in seventh heaven and was about to cum shouting (uuuummmmmmmummmmmmmm aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh).

While I was doing the foreplay I felt the sense of her and increased the speed and finally she came. When I can saw her face she was feeling happy as if something released from her pussy which was locked for years. She looked at me and whispered in my ear saying that she felt like being in heaven and never had done this before.

We had tea which was cold and rested for a while hugging each other to get charged. Now it was my turn to start the play and insert my cock in her sweet little pussy. First I started playing with her boobs, sucking and licking the erect nipples and biting them and she was in a mood and told me that she cannot wait any more longer but to insert my cock in the pussy,

break the barrier and load the cum. I licked the whole pussy, clits to make it wet so that my cock can slip into her pussy easily. I first placed me cock at the entrance and was trying to push it in slowly but was difficult to get in as it was toooooooooo tight. It went in for about one inch and she felt the pain and was shouting loudly.

I kissed her on her lips locking my lips so that the sound does not go out if the neighbour’s hear. Now she does not want me to insert my cock as the pain she is feeling at the moment was more but I convinced her that do not worry and the pain will be for 2 mins and later will not regret but wanting for more sex.

She was holding me tight and I inserted my cock and gave a slow push, told her to be ready for the next push. When I gave her a hard push, boom its over, alllllll over. I hugged her tight and my cock was inside her pussy and waited for a while to come back from the shock. When the hymen broke I saw her shouting and crying with pain saw tears in her eyes and biting my back with her nails.

I saw blood stains on my cock and this is where I had a first time sex experience with a virgin. After a while I started pounding her pussy and she was then enjoying the sex. She was moaning aaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhaahhhhahahahahahahahahahhuhhuhuhhhuhuhhhh oh god oh god oh god come on push deep inside more and more Kiran.

I increased the speed of the strokes and now she was enjoying more. ah ahah ah aha aha ha ah aha ha aha ha aha ha and gave stokes for 20 mins in different positions. I saw her and felt that she was about to cum and at the same time I was about to cum, I started giving her hard pushes and finally we both had cum together.

Soon we hugged each other rested for a while and kissing each other. It was 08.30 pm and time for me to leave home and time for her parents to come home. It stopped raining an hour back. We got up from the bed and cleaned ourselves and I was ready to leave. I gave her a kiss before leaving, hugged her tight, thanked her for this and left.

All this happened on a rainy day, parents were not at home, time permitted. After that we had sex maybe for a year and a half. She got married later to someone who works as a SW Eng for an MNC company. Now we are still in touch with each other but in sex.

She has an 8 months old baby now and leading a happy life with her husband. Well, wait until for my next post with another virgin girl in the same year November 2001 who was a neighbour, maybe after 10 days.

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This is a long story and very confidential since it affects the honour of a family. Hence the names and the situations are changed. Please pardon. This may happen in many of the families and hence caution has to be exercised.

Baby was a 18 year old only daughter to her parents and hence brought up with all love and affection. Studying in the local college, she is overgrown for her. Her boobs were sufficiently grown up that her shirt will not cover all that that is required to be covered. Very fair in colour her plump thighs were revealed underneath her skits.

Whenever she leans to pick up a dropped pen or pencil, one can see her panty from behind and many boys prayed to get her drop a pen or book in the road so that they will get a free show of her panties. In their two room apartment she had a room for herself where she slept, did her homework etc.

Her parents both working had little time to watch her emotional disturbances. This happens in any average family in cities. One day they received a guest, Ravi, a cousin, aged 19 having completed his school wanted to join college or any other institute to learn computing. He was from a rich background because he came with his bike and books.

Baby's parents made him to stay in the same room as Baby since they were cousins and they thought he will be a great help to her in her studies. Ravi was not a bad boy. He did not have any friends in the city. He just roamed around the city searching the colleges and the institutes to learn computing.

A tall, fair, handsome youngster with clean habits, they were happy to have him in the house to stay with them. He had no hesitation to help the family to buy small urgent things from any nearby shop. Baby's mother cooked food for him also and they were quite happy to have him. But to accommodate a stranger in her room, Baby had some difficulty since it affected her privacy.

Closing the door she chould change her dress without any fear and now she has to be careful that he is not present when she undresses or gets into new clothes. But Ravi was quite understanding and he kept aloof from difficult situations. He was fond of playing computer games and he got busy when he was from the usual work.

He ate b/f with all and so also supper. Whenever he goes to the movies he informed them in advance so that they may not wait for him. But Baby asked him to tell her the story of the movie which he narrated with great detail. She liked his way of telling the story. They took supper at 8 pm and by 9.30 Baby's parents retire to their room

and that was the time Ravi narrates the story to Baby. Baby also would have washed and changed into her nighty and lying in the bed she asked him about the cinema he saw and he used to be waiting for her to get ready to hear the story. She calls him to her bed side and sitting on the bed he used to narrate the story with all gesticulations to add nourishment to his story telling.

One day he accidentally touched her thighs and she asked him to scratch that spot on her knees, which he readily obliged. The feel of her body made him interested to touch more and slowly he ran his hand all over the both the knees. The mere touch made a small bulge in his lungi which nobody noticed.

She did not object his prolonged touch of her knee and then slowly he invaded to the lower thigh of her legs which were smooth and silky to touch. By keeping her knees apart she gave him maximum space to run his hand over her thighs. His fingers by soft touch of her thighs made ghoosepinples all over her body and she did not want to stop his explorations.

Story telling continued. He seemed to have so much stock of stories that he started one when the previous one is completed. She raised her legs to allow him space to move his palm to go deep under her thighs. Sometimes she shuddered and it was felt by both. He went below the knee to cover her calf muscles but she wanted him on her thighs only.

His movements stopped at the bottom layer of her panty and never above it. She used to turn her body so that he may rub the behind portion of her thighs. It was smooth and silky all over. His erection was full and hard, but concealed under his lungi and pitched down between his thighs so that she may not see.

When she begins to sleep he used to get up go to the bathroom have a shag and then come back to his bed and sleep. She knew that Ravi has problem with his cock and one day she asked him to come closer and extending her hand she caught the object which causes the tent formation in the lungi. But he pushed her and ran away to the bathroom to relieve himself.

When he cme back there was no tent. But the girl had slept off. One day she asked him whether he met any of his friends during his outings. He said yes, but how do you know. She asked who was it. It was Shiela his old classmate. Baby was inquisitive and asked for details. He fabricated a nice story and told her that Sheila

called him to her house where her parents were not there and they spent the whole day together. What all you did to her, she asked. He simply said all. Tell me in detail, she pleaded. I kissed her. Where did you kiss her. In the lips of course. Thats all. She asked me to touch her boobs and I touched her boobs. Does she have big boobs, she asked.

Yes big ones, he said. What else you touched, she asked. All he said. Tell me all she said. I touched her pussy. Did she show you her pussy for you to touch, she asked. He said yes. Baby got up and asked him how was her pussy. Like any other pussy, hairy he said. You have seen so many pussies, she asked. He laughed and said a few.

But Baby insisted to know what you did with her pussy. I touched and rubbed it, he said. Ravi's hand was still inside Baby's thighs when he was explaining what he did with her pussy. Sheila removed her panties and I touched and rubbed her pussy. I felt like kissing it and she allowed me to kiss her pussy, said Ravi.

Baby pushed his hand away from her thighs and sat crosslegged and asked for more information. What more you did, she asked. Sheila wanted to see mine, he said. Your what, your pussy, asked Baby. No, my this thing he said. Baby reached for his cock which was erect by then and caught it with her hands in tight grip.

Ravi got up to go away, but Baby made him to sit and asked him what more did you do it with her. Do what he asked. Baby's modesty prevented her to utter the name of the thing which he would have done. Did you put this inside her, she asked. He shyly said yes. Baby could not tolerate, you mean to say you fucked her. He meakly said yes.

Baby pulled away his lungi and made him nude and had a close look at his erect cock. Tell me in detail how you did it. Ravi was bluffing so far. It was all an imaginary story and now he has to build up the fucking scene about which he knew nothing. This much for today and rest I will tell you tomorrow and pulled himself off from her grip and ran to the bathroom.

Baby was disappointed. She covered herself and half heartedly she slept. Next day they were busy as usual and they did not meet during day time. In the night as usual Ravi came to sleep and Baby was wide awake for him to come for his ordeal. She called him to come for scratching her knees.

This is a sign for him to come and sit on her cot and insert his hand inside and probe her thighs. She asked him to scratch much above, still above she said. To his horror he saw that she did not wear any panty. His finger tips were reaching her pussy. He wanted to withdraw his hand but she held it in tight grip and asked him to touch her pussy.

Do what you did to Sheila, she said. Baby did not have any hair in the pussy except some scant growth of thin hair. Her pussy lips were soft like flower petals. He probed all over her pussy on the top. He noticed that she did not even have a nighty under the wrap. She pulled his left hand to her boobs and asked him to say whether they are as big as those of Sheila.

The boobs of Baby were of course big but hard and silky to touch. Her nipples tiny but hard and erect. He ran his hand all over her navel and boobs. They were magnificent. Shall we fuck, asked Baby. Ravi said it is not possible with you, you are only a child. You have to grow up for another four to five years before getting fucked, said Ravi.

Four years is too long a period, why not try, just make a try, she pleaded. Not today, Ravi said, we will try someother day. But he kept on rubbing her pussy with one hand and squeezing her boobs with the other hand. After some time he went to the bathroom and then went to the bed. Baby's parents were going away for some relatives marriage to a far off place.

They said they may be away for just two or three days and Ravi has to take care of things. Ravi said he will. Baby's parents left by the evening train and after supper Ravi and Baby came to the room much earlier than usual. Baby sat near Ravi and pleaded to him that we will fuck today. There was no escape thought Ravi.

Closing all doors and windows they came to the bedroom and made her nude totally. Baby wanted to see his cock in bright light otherwise they were talking only in the dim light of the bedroom light. Ravi showed her his cock, standing erect. like a flagpole. Baby kneeling on the floor took a closer look, pulled back the skin and examined his balls.

Rubbing his cock all over her face and ears etc, she found more pleasure. A drop of precum perched at the tip of the cock was touched by her. Its viscus nature interested her. She licked it with her tongue tip. She took the cock in her mouth and sucked it to bring further drops into her mouth. Ravi's cock was not that big. It was only a 6" with thin and slender structure.

She like its colour and she went on sucking it with all gusto. After about five minutes of vigorous sucking Ravi shot his cum into her mouth. It was not expected by her. She gulped the solid stuff and it came in spurts continuously. Ravi pushed her into the bed and kissed her boobs and sucked her tiny nipples.

Initially she was feeling tickled but subsequently his actions gave her new unknown sensations all over the body. Her virgin pussy was leaking. Ravi then kissed her navel and then the mound and then the pussy lips. He licked it lavishly and the wetness gave him something to lick. Poor Baby shuddered at his vigorous licking.

She helped him by opening up her cunt lips and asked him to lick inside the cunt. He went on slurping and whenever his tongue touched her clit an electric shock like sensation went all over her. She was aroused very much. Her animal lust came out and she asked him to place his cock at the hole. He placed his cock and pushed it in. It did not go in.

She then inserted her own finger inside and saw that the whole middle finger goes inside. She persuaded him to place his cock and push it deep. Ravi pushed it in with some force and it went in. He pulled it out and then again pushed and there was someresistance and his further pressure removed the hindrance and his entire cock was buried inside her cunt.

When he looked up tears were swelled in her eyes but she did not utter a singe word of protest. They allowed the cock to remain inside for some time and engaged in conversationfor some time. Then he needed no lesson as to how to do it nor did she need any lessons. He went on pumping for more than 15 miutes. She felt the sensations of an orgasm.

She would her legs around him and hugged him tightly. They went on fucking and fucking for quite some time. His cock never lost its hardness. Fanally when he pulled out of her both were tired and exhausted. The viscous fluids were all over them. Having thus finished his and her first successful fucking,

shedding all inhibitions they went on fucking during day time or night time without anybody to see or watch or warn them. It was freedom in all senses. the Cook prepared food which they ate and then went out and had nice food outside. Whenever she finds his cock limp, she would take it in her mouth and suck so that it will become erect.

They never wore any undergarments while they were at home. Fucking was their main concern. After the return of Baby's parents, Ravi and Baby spent their night time in each others embrace and slept in each other's arm. They waited for the completion of the education of Baby and subsequently they got married and lived happily.

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I, Roy, was posted as medical officer in charge of an hospital. The only attraction of that place was that there were two quarters adjacent to the hospital for the occupation of the doctors. One big among them was occupied by me and another by my assistant Dr. Padmanabhan and his wife.

I was recently married and my wife, Liza was carrying third month. for the first six months we did not want any pregnancy and hence we adopted every pregnancy prevention methods. Later we allowed to go unprotected and there she was standing with a baby. My neighbour Padmanabhan's wife, Prema, was very helpful to Liza and they were very close friends.

During morning sickness, Prema prepared food to suit to the taste of Liza and Liza was very much obliged to her. Even after two years of marriage they did not have any issues and they were very sorry about it. Prema used to chat with Liza to ask her how it happened. Was it the method or the time, or the length of the tool.

She used to persuade poor Liza to explain the entire sex act and Liza used to describe the entire act. When she told me that Prema used to extract infomation about our sexual routine I was furious. What business she has to know how we do it, whether she on top or I on top, or the length of my tool. One day Liza came with a foot scale to measure the length of my tool.

I was furious how much she can invade into our privacy. Once I thought of even shouting at Padmanabhan and ask him to tell his wife to mind her business and not to pock into our business. But Prema was unmoved. Though we dont meet each other face to face, I knew she spends most of her time in my house and she has the complete list of the porno CDs I possessed.

Some women have this uncanny talent of getting information. Prema is one such. Liza's mother who is working in the local college asked Liza to be sent over for a few days for a change. She found our gynicologist inadequate and have Liza examined by her dear friend another gynicologist. Just for a month let me go, said Liza.

But what about my food, do you think I should go to a hotel for my food, I asked. NO, said Liza, Prema will give you food three times a day, of course vegetarian, but nice. Thank god, I will not die of starvation. What is the arrangement, will she bring it here or am I to go there to take food, I asked.

Dont worry, Prema will take care of everything and we have planned it perfectly. OK,ok, I said meakly. I had an old servant who used to prepare tea in the morning. She can prepare fish nicely, but Liza never used to allow her to cook for the reason that she is not clean. Liza used to bring tea to the bedroom. Having not found anything I went to the kitchen searching for tea.

My servant was preparing for tea and I got my tea. I asked her what are her plans for b/f. Prema aunty had promised to send Idli, sambar and churney for breakfast and asked me not to make anything. Nice soft idlis and hot sambar with coconut churney were very nice and I ate more than my usual quota. I took bath and left for my hospital.

In the noon when I came to my quarters for lunch, the aroma of nice fish curry was drifting in the air. Prema allowed the servant to prepare fish curry and the vegetable partof the food was brught by her. Evening snacks and night supper was all under the supervision of Prema and I had no problem wth my food at all.

On the third day when I went to the kitchen for tea, I saw Prema standng and preparing tea. Seeing her from behind I was shocked and was not dare enough to go and ask for tea. I tiptoed back to the drawing room and sat waiting for the tea to come. Prema had nice body features, raised ass and narrow waist and broad shoulders gave me good impression about her.

I had not seen her from front and hence I dont know her boob size and her facial features etc. Liza gave me a very good opinion about her. Finally Premaji came with tea. I looked at her face and asked what happened to the servant. She is on leave for two days since somebody in the family is sick. Ok I said. and the tea was fantastic.

Prema standing in front of me gave me very good impression. Her face looked like a carefully chiselled statue and her passionate eyes added more beauty to her face. She had a pair of medium boobs. He fair colur andcomplexion made me to look at her face for a long time. I asked her to sit with me and take tea. I said the tea is very good.

She sat in one of the chiars and sipped her tea. When she was sitting in front of me I did not get words to speak to her. After some time Prema seemed to have been reassured. When I was about to say something, she said dont worry. Liza has told me everything abut you and I will take care of everything. and looked into my face for a moment and left with the empty cups.

Usually after lunch I take a nap for about an hour before returning to the hospital. When I came for lunch, I found Prema putting fresh sheets on my bed and arranging articles on my bedroom table. All CDs were lying scattered and she stacked them with taste. All porno CDs she hid inside, other CDs according to the heroine or the hero she stacked.

When I entered she was shocked. She was clad in a nighty and she had kept a fresh pyjama for me to wear. What is this, even Liza does not do this much, I said. Flashing a satisfying smile Prema left the room. Se arranged food on the table and called me to come for lunch. I told her to sit with me and eat. She does not eat Non veg. food she said.

Take vegetarian, I said. Thus Prema came very close to me. She used to take my used undergarments for wash. She came into my bedroom when I am alone there. She sometimes came and stood near me to attend a telephone call etc. Once or twice my hand burshed against her body. Once for swallowing a pill she brought me a glass of water.

I extended the hand to take the glass from her hand. But while bringing water, her right toe got entangled with the border of her nightie and she tripped and was about to fall. I sprang to catch her before she hits the ground. My hand circled her and caught her around her chest and she did not fall. I told her nothing went wrong. Luckily I cought you.

My hands were pressed against her boobs and her body on rising was pressed fast agaisnt my body. I made her to lie down in my bed for relaxation for some time. I sat in the bed near her and watched her closely. Since she did not fall, thee was no fracture or bruice.

The only problem is that my hand which went around her bore her body weight and hence there may be bruises in her breasts. I asked her to show me the breasts just to see whethr there are any bruises. She unbuttoned her nightie and showed me her boobs. The nipples were erect. I touched her boobs and examined whether there are any bruises on them.

My examination went a little further than is necessary. My cock was already erect. Prema closing her eyes was ecstactic. Having set the ball rolling now the ball has to settle somewhere. I just took away my hands and was lying at a distance from her in the same bed watching her. She just closing her eyes waited for something to happen.

When nothing happened she opened her eyes and saw the situation. Her bare breasts and me watching her and both of us lying in the same bed was a very funny situation. What all doubts you have which you could not get clarified from Liza? I asked. She looked at me and then out of shyness covered her face with her hands.

I pulled back her hands and asked what about Padmanabhan, is he in staiton. She said no, he has gone to Madurai.When is he expected to come, I asked her. Only day after tomorrow, she said. Then come down in the evening and I will find answers to all your problems. But keep it secret and dont tell anybody.

After my nap I went to the hospital. Since there was not much crowd, I came away early. went to the quarters, bathed and put on the kurtha and pyjama. I saw Prema coming out of her quarters. Nicely made up in simple clothes, she looked elegant and beautiful. As she entered my drawing room I asked her to go to the bedroom and lydown.

I just thought for a while and went inside. She was there flat on my bed. I sat near her and asked what is the problem. She said she wants to get pregnant. What about Padmanabhan I asked. He cannot give me a child, she said. Why, I asked. He cannot satisfy me sexually. He still thinks that the god will give the child.

But unless the man and woman copulate the child will ever be born. OK, why this deficiency of Padmanabhan, did he ever get it examined, I asked. She said it is erectile dysfuction and then count of spermatoza is poor. Ok ok. why then he does not discuss it with me. He is shy, she said. What do you want, I asked. I want you to give me a child, she said bluntly.

Will I not be disloyal to my wife Liza, I asked. She said she had spoked to Liza and got permisson. Ok let me first examine you. I examined her abdoman and found that the uterus is in correct position. Overies also. I inserted my finger inside her vagina (pv) and her cervix was ok and healty. She had undressed completely and was lying totally nude in my bed.

Her pussy was recently shaved and was glistening in the evening light. Slowly I undressed under her careful eye. I removed my kurtha and then the vest and hung them in the hanger. I removed my pyjama and brief and hung them in the hanger. My cock was limp. I could sense her careful scrutiny of my cock. I went near her and sat on the bed while she was lying there.

I placed my hands on her boobs and gave them a small squeeze. I could see ghoosepimples all over her body. I lowered my face and kissed her on her cheeks and then placed my lips on hers. She was passive. I pulled her lower lip with mine and gave her a wet kiss. I kissed her on her neck and on her chest and then on her boobs and finally on her nipples.

She was moaning softly. I tingled her nipples with my tongue. I felt her hand going in search of my cock. She had lots of discussion with my wife Liza about the size of my cock. Her husband did not have a sizeable size and its girth also was small. Prema pulled at mine and was impressed by my size. She lifted her head and looked at it.

She got up and placed her head on my lap and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck with all force. Knowing her tastes, I just softly fucked into her mouth. My cock went deeply into her mouth and was tightly held by her by her lips and her tongue played with my cock inside her mouth. I kept my hand on her cunt and inserted my middle finger inside.

I searched for her clit and then went deep inside her hole. Entry of my finger inside her gave her new sensations and she opened her mouth widely to give out a cry. I got up and went and stood between her legs, pulled her legs to circle around me and then kept my erect cock on her cunt. There was no need for any foreplay since her cunt was wet and oozing.

She was sufficiently aroused and I have just do the act thats all. I asked her shall I insert inside your cunt. She said yes, but be careful, dont be too fast. I said dont worry. I inserted my cock inside her cunt and pushed it in. There was difficulty in the entry. It was like an unmarried girl having for the first time. There as resistance from all the vaginal muscles.

I told her to relax and I pulled back my cock and inserted fresh and by jerks I try to put in. It took more than 15 minutes to make a full entry. In the meantime I stimulated her clit, kissed her on her boobs, and finally my entire cock was inside her cunt. I fucked her in slow shots, Every time my cock entered she gave out a cry of pleasure. I slowly increased the speed.

The thrust was fast and powerful. She was on the throngs of a powerful orgasm. Her face contorted and she pulled me unto herself and hugged me tightly. Her boobs pressed tightly against my hairly chest and my hip fucking her furiously. Finally to coincide with hers I too had my orgasm. My cum was shot inside her in powerful sprouts.

She closing her eyes was moaning loudly. I continued to pump her and brought her to a second orgasm. She kissed me on my mouth and all over my body. Finally I got up and wiped my cock on her towel. She got up and ran to the bath room to clean herself. She then came back and then relaxed on the bed. I too waited for hearing her comments.

She said she never had so much of sex in one act. She never had so much of an orgasm, Kissing me on my cock, she said it is source of all pleasure and needs to be thanked. Embracing me she said she is thankful for giving very valuable moments in her life.etc. Laughingly I told her that she had cheated on her husband and I cheated on my wife.

The remaining days were full of sex. She came prepared for sex. We started the day fucking and then during the day time we fucked and in the night time also we fucked. When my cock refuses to get erect she cajols it by sucking. This went on for 3 weeks till my wife came. I did not tell my wife anything about what happed with Prema. It seems she had told everything.

Liza in the evening took a serious face and asked me how dare you fucked my best friend. I was taken aback. I was fumbling to find a suitable answer. Liza burst out laughing and consoled me that what I had done is good. Prema was extremely happy and expect to bear your child. In the noon Perma came and Liza and Prema entered my bed room and wanted to have a joint session.


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