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Babu finished his masters and was searching for a job. His ultimate aim was to go abroad. But because of the visa regulations he thought he will take up some local job to gain experience which will add colour to his CV. He got a small job in a upcoming township in a construction company.

They had many projects on hand to build the factory, office premises, quarters for the staff etc. Babu got a job in the company and he moved in to this village with his belongings and his precious laptop. After reporting for work his boss asked him to get accommodation in any of the buildings. He roamed around the town and found a house with a top floor room.

The landlady was burqua clad elderly woman. After taking a careful look and ensuring that he will pay rent regularly she promised to give the toproom which was self contained but she demanded an advance of Rs.5000/-. Babu laughed within himself since he was prepared to give even Rs.10000/-.

He went up and saw the room. It was a spacious room with a cot, table, couple of chairs, good bath room and an adjacent huge covered terrace. Overhead tank was on the roof of this room and he was very satisfied. He had a separate stair to go up without disturbing the family of the owners.

He opened his purse and gave the advance amount to the land lady who was very happy to receive so much of money in one stroke. She said his son is in Dubai and his family only stays with her. Babu asked whether there will be any help for cleaning the clothes, floor etc. Landlady thought for a while and said she will make arrangements for it.

babu placed his suitcase and the laptop in the room, locked it and went to the bazar to buy some articles for his daily use. He took his food from a nearby hotel and came back to the room. He saw a mattress and clean sheets have been placed in the room. He hung his towels etc in the bath room and turned back and saw somebody moving around in the terrace.

A very beautiful lady in her saree with wet clothes to be hung in the clothesline. She was taken aback to see a stranger with her in the terrace. Babu told her that he has taken that room for rent and he just occupied it from that day. The lady said she was the daughter in law of the landlady and she had a son,

aged just one year and her husband was away at Dubai and comes home only once a year. Babu saw her extremely beautiful without any make up and she had not worn any bra and her big boobs were moving sideways. She wore a lungi and a full sleeved kurtha. Without causing any embarrassment to the lady, Babu moved around to search for a broom to clean the room.

The lady said her name was Bivi and she will send her servant to clean his room and wash his clothes and not to do any work himself. Bivi after putting all the cloths in the clothesline went down and within a short time another girl came. He told Babu that Bivi had sent her to clean the room. Babu asked her to clean the room, dust all the furniture and the walls.

If time permits to clean his clothes which included his vest and briefs etc. She said ok. and went ahead her work in great speed. The girl said her name Amina and he can call her Ami. Within half an hour she finished all the work and asked for any other work. He asked her to spread the bed and to the sheets, stuff the pillow in the pillow cover.

He notices her to be around 18 with small boobs and small ass and slender legs and totally lean. But her face had a charm and a look of mischief. Babu was busy to locate a electric circuit for plugging in his laptop, The fan was ok. Light bulbs he thought he will replace with CFL. When he turned back Ami was staring at him.

He asked her about her family and her own education. She said her father divorced her mother who is sick and she had to take care of her. He had an younger brother who is studying. Babu felt he is well settled. As Ami turned to go he asked her to bring him 2 parcels of fried rice with some fish curry from the local hotel. Ami took the money and ran out.

Poor thing would not have eaten anything worth while. he thought he will give her a packet. Sometime he will play DVDs in his laptop and watch movies. Ami used to sit with him on the floor to watch the movies.with great interest. His kind gesture towards her was well received by her and she took his soiled shirts and pants for washing and brought them neatly ironed.

He gave her always a packet of food which he saw she greedily took and a portion she carried home for her mother. One day she told Babu that the land lady is going to her native place as her brother was sick and may not be available for some days. Ami with reluctance told him that Bivi wanted to see movies in his laptop if you dont have any objection.

But she will come only in the night for fear of neighbors who out of jealousy may report it to the old lady when he comes back. Babu said I dont have any objection, but will you be there. Ami said no not always because she had to go home to take care of the old mother. Babu thought for a while and said ok.

Ami went down and immediately came up and asked him whether she can come tonight at 10 pm and what is the movie going to be played. When he mentioned the name of the movie, Ami rushed down and came back and said Bivi wanted to see the movie. There was great enthusiasm in her face she did her work with great speed and efficiency.

Usually Ami goes way by 6 pm. She at 6 pm came to him asking him whether she should bring tea and snacks. He said ok and took his purse to give her money. She said no, Bivi will send you tea and snacks and I will bring just now. He waited and she brought a cup of tea and a plate full of sweets and snacks.

He ate some and the rest he gave to Ami to give to her mother. Ami left immediately. At 10 pm, Babu heard a knock on the door. He was in his lungi and watching his laptop playing a porn movie. When he heard the sound he hurriedly shut the laptop down and went and opened the door.

Bivi was there carrying her sleeping child, well dressed, asking whether she can come in. He offered her a chair and rushed to put on a shirt and he said in another chair and ready to talk. Babu searched for the DVD removed the one loaded in the laptop and put the new disc in the player and started. He hid the old DVD in the suitcase.

Bivi instread of watching the movie was watching him and his movements. What was the film you were watching uptil now, she asked. He said it was an English movie. Oh, You have many DVDs with you, she asked him. Can we watch that also. He said this movie will run for more than two and half hours and where is time for playing another movie.

We will watch it some other time, he said. It was warm inside the room, with door and windows closed. She unbuttoned her kutha and her boobs were clearly visibe. Instead of watching the movie Babu was watching her and her boob. She noticed it and did not hide it. She had a narrow waist and her ass also was not ugly, but round and uplifted.

Her hands were all smooth and so also was her navel. Smilingly she asked him why you are watching me so intently. He said you are so beautiful and that was what I was watching. She blushed and looked at him. Suddenly she got up and went to him and smooched on his cheeks. Babu was surprised. She went back to her seat and started to watch the movie.

This gesture shocked him and gave him an instant hard on. The sudden bulge between his legs was noticed by Bivi and she started to laugh loudly. He asked her what is there to laugh so much, there was no humour in the movie. She said there is greater humor here and that is why I could not resist laughing. He knew she was teasing him.

He pressed his hands on the bulge and thrust it between his thighs. But it was unrelenting. By another surprise move, Bivi pulled her own chair near him and placed her own hand on the bulge and was watching the laptop. Poor Babu was totally cornered. He did not dare to remove her hand from his lap.

But she was feeling his cock with her hand and pressing it to know how hard it is. Now Babu has to do something. He inserted his hand inside her kurtha and got hold of her left boob. He softly ran his hand all over the boob and pinched the erect nipple. The fire raging within Bivi got kindled. She removed her Kurtha and made both her boobs available to him to hold and press.

The position of the chairs were moved again and they sat facing each other. Now both the hands of Bivi were inside his lungi holding his erect cock tightly and both hands of Babu were on her boobs. Bivi was not watching the movie but smiling with shyness and Babu could not conceal his embarrassment.

Bivi removed the shirt of Babu and made him totally nude and Babu removed her kurtha and lungi and there she was in all feminine beauty totally nude. Babu sucked the nipples of Bivi and Bivi was in a hurry to take his cock in her mouth. It is more than six months that I had any sex. Seeing you I thought I should make you fuck me daily.

Today it has come true. Babu could not speak since his mouth was full of her boob. Making her lie down on his bed diagonally, he opened her legs and saw her beautiful pussy with sparse hairs, squatted on the floor, babu buried his face in her pussy and his tongue was searching for her clit and the hole.

Bivi lifted her legs skyhigh and kept them wide so that Babu may go around her pussy as he pleases. Sometime she moaned and pressed his head deep into her pussy. He was greedily licking all the fluids flowing out in large quantities. Now being able to wait any further she asked him to fuck immediately.

He rose, took his cock and positioned it at the entrance of the pussy and shoved it in. It entry was not easy because of his big size and smallness of her hole due to unuse. Closing her eyes she was moaning softly with open mouth. With both of his hands on her boobs, Babu started to move in and out in slow motion. His big cock went deeply inside her and made her shudder.

But it did not last long. Bivi got a big orgasm and her body was shivering like a leaf. He made his movements fast and deep which sent pleasure waves all through her body. When she got a orgasm, she pulled him unto herself and hugged him tightly and her legs wound around him. He too shot his cum inside her in large and long spurts.

She asked him to get up, she got up naked ran to the bath room to clean herself up and came back and kissed him passionately. She then went to feed her baby. She said she never had such a wonderful sex anytime not even with her own husband. Her husband's cock was smaller than that of Babu and he reached orgasm much before her and she was left with frustration.

This is the first time she had a complete orgasm, she said. She begged him to fuck her at least daily or on alternative days. After feeding the child who was in deep sleep she came and sat in the chair to watch the movie. Babu stopped the movie and put on the other dvd in the player. Her told her it is the English movie he was watching.

Bivi sat innocently watching without knowing what is going to come. First the boy and girl fully clothed come to a resort, take a room, eat their food, roam around for a while and then come back to the room, undress and start their sexual adventure. The big cock of the boy was amazing.

The girl without any hesitation took the cock in her mouth and it went deeply inside her mouth totally. Wide eyed Bivi gave a gasp. How was that possible. The blow job went for a long time. He cummed into her mouth which she ate with great taste. And then it was his turn to eat her clit. The picture was in great clarity.

Clit enlarged to a great size was being sucked, licked, twisted, drummed by his tongue and at each movement the girl gave a cry and a moan. Then came the inserting his cock into her cunt. It was enlarged to many times and her shaved pussy was devouring his cock fully. They fucked in great style, in the missionary, and doggy style.

And finally she straddled him with her legs on either side of him and his cock deeply inside her, he massaging her boobs. Contortions in her face indicated to what extent she was enjoying. And when it was coming he pulled his cock out and shot his cum on her face and mouth. Bivi watched the whole dvd in great interest. She noticed that the erection of Babu was intact.

She ran to him and made him to lie down on his back and straddled him and she took his cock and put it inside her. With one or two jerky movements of her hip she got the cock penetrate deeply inside her. She started to move up and down, she revolved around his cock as a shaft, finally she came with a bang, her orgasm was full and complete.

It was 2 am when they completed the session. She wanted to go home before daybreak so that no neighbours will notice. She kissed Babu in gratitude many times and made him to promise that he will fuck her whenever she wanted it. She dressed herself up and carrying the child she left for downstairs. Babu cleaned up the whole place.

The sex dropping were all over the place and he wiped them off with his old lungi. Next Ami's inquisitive eyes noticed all the sticky patches all over the place and in the bed sheet. Innocently she asked what is that so much of sticky patches are all over the floor. Babu noticed that Ami within short time has put on weight and her boobs were propping out.

Once or twice they came into bodily contact. Ami asked Babu how was the movie yesterday. It was ok and did yu ask Bivi, he asked. Yes, Bivi told me it was very good, not the first dvd but he second dvd. What was it, will you show it me at least once, she asked. Babu was planning when to show it to her. But he and Bivi saw it many times daily for many days.

Since the old lady had returned Bivi was not coming to watch the dvd. There is no fun to watch it alone. Ami can be a good companion to watch the dvd, but she is too young and how to bring her to join him to watch. Next day Ami finished her work early and came to him with a smile and asked him whether they can watch the dvd.

He asked her to go and ask Bivi the story of the movie and then we will watch. Ami ran to Bivi and came back after half an hour all blushing and excited. Did she tell you the story, he asked. She said it is a bad movie, but you both enjoyed it otherwise. Babu told her it is a bad movie and not fit for small girls to watch. Yes, I know, Bivi told me everything, she said.

Do you want to watch then, he asked. Yes, yes, I want to watch it, said Ami. Do you know what will happen after watching, he asked. Yes, Bivi told me. Are you prepared for all those things, he asked. You do not know Babu saheb, I was married and my husband enjoyed me for one year. He used to do it with me everyday when I was just 17.

Afterwards he deserted me and went away to another girl. Because he did not give me any money I had to earn a living by doing domestic work.My mother fell sick because of this shock. Because of your kindness I am getting good food and my mother is also improving. Babu felt pity on her and called her closer and hugged her and smooched her. He found new beauty in her. He said we will watch.

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After finishing my education, I did not want to sit at home doing nothing nor to go around hunting for a job. Finance was no a constrain for me. I had lot of friends and hence meeting at the club in the evening and boozing was my main occupation. Having got bored with this kind of life, I took up a job of a home to home travelling sales man.

It looked nice to meet different types of people every day and interact with them. I went to Mumbai and started out with a bag ful of things which this kind of people carry around. My target was housing colonies and flats. Once I got into a multistoried building of flats. The watchman prevented me from entering,

but I somehow persuaded him and I went to the top floor of the 20 floor building and knocked the door. Time was 10.30 am and I knew that the male tenant would have gone to the office or to his shop and I may meet only his wife or his sister or his mother. The door opened a lady around less than 30 opened the door with a wet towel wrapping her hair and looked at me quizzically.

I opened my long and large bag with a flourish and told her that I am doing a door to door canvassing and more than selling I have to submit my project report and hence if could anwer a few questions I would be happy. What is that you have in the bag, she asked. I said the usual items like masala powder, ladies under garments, nice cutlery from China and some beauty items etc.

She evinced surprise at the variety of items I carried. Ok, tell me what I should do. I sat on the floor and took out my bulky notebook and pen. She said no, please come inside and sit in the sofa. I dragged the bag in and went to sit in the sofa. I took a closer look of the lady who appeared to be educated.

I asked her name, age, education and the name of the husband, age, occupation etc. She got up and said wait a minute I will bring you a cup of tea and then proceed. I looked around the room which was tastefully decorated for an upper middle class family. When she came with the tea, I asked her how many children and their age. She said they dont have any children.

Married for how long, I asked staring at her. She said it is four years since marriage. Is you husband on touring job, I asked. She looked on the floor and said yes and how did you guess. I meet a lot of people and I have my own reasons for coming to a conclusion, I said. Any health problem, I asked. But she said yes, my husband has some problem of BP and sugar etc.

And you dont have any problem, I insisted. She siad no. I went a step further and looking at her and taking a risk I said for a beautiful woman like you not conceiving even after four years of marriage looks strange. She started to cry. I was in a fix. I said please dont cry. These questions I asked for my project report and not for hurting you.

But she began to sob uncontrollably. I had to get up and go near her and touch her head and console her. She leaned on me a total stranger burying her face in my crotch. Her face was directly on my dick, which was stirring. I had to lift her with both of my hands and wipe her tears with my hanky and sit with her in the sofa

and supporting her with my left hand wiped her tears wth the right hand. Her body was perspiring and her cleavage was open and her boobs were clearly visible. I lifted her face and touched my cheeks with hers and hugged her with words of consolation. She immediately embraced me and kissed me on my cheeks. I asked her when is your husband coming.

She said he has gone to Hong Kong for official work and will be back only after five days. I said you should not be emotional like this and gave her a hot smooch on her cheeks. She turned her head and offered me her lips. I embraced her with both of my hands and gave her a hot kiss. She got up and caught hold of my hand and pulled me to her bedroom.

Since message was conveyed no further talk was needed.I undressed her.. Her boobs were magnificent, her trimmed pussy was fantastic. Her whole body was looking divine. I undressed and went to the door and bolted it from inside. hugging her pulled her down into her bed. Seeing me erect cock she smiled and all her sorrow seemed to have vanished.

She took it in her mouth and went on sucking when I meddled with her boobs. When she was sufficiently aroused I pulled her down on me and made her to open her legs and touched her pussy. I was all messy with fluids flowing freely. I made her to lie down and buried my face into her cunt. After licking and sucking her clit, I mounted her and put my cock inside her cunt.

She guided me into her hole and pressed it down to make it enter deep inside. Her cunt was very tight, but she was not a virgin. I fucked her and fucked her with deep and powerful strokes. She moaned loudly and we both came to orgasm together. Since my erection was still lasting, I rolled over and made her to ride me with her legs on either side of mine.

To suck her boob was a pleasure indeed while she was making up and down movement of her hip. Though it was clumsy at the beginning, she learnt the trick and was doing it and enjoying it. I stayed there till evening. But she was not willing to let me go. We would have fucked not less than five times.

She said she never had good sex from her husband since he was on tour always. I used to fuck her almost daily and sometimes I stayed back and the whole night we used to have sex. She never asked for my name and nor she ever mine. But I knew every inch of her body and its reaction to my touch or kiss.

Whenever her husband comes back she used to receive SMS messages from him and she will warn me not to come. Shen the husband goes away I used to resume my adventure. One of the days when her husband was at home I wandered with the same bag and went to a nearby block and knocked at the door of another flat.

There was a lady much younger, opened the door and asked me to show her my goods. I told her the same story about the project report and wanted to have the profile of my customers etc. I tried to sit on the floor and took out my bulky diary and pen. But she asked me to come and sit in the sofa. I started to put my stock of questions. She was doing MBA after engg.

Her father was a bank officer and mother worked in a central govt office. No brothers or sisters. Marriage did not come thru and her parents are trying. After MBA she wanted to take up a job. She was just 24. Smilingly she said so far there have not been any romantic involvements. I told her that I did my MBA in finance and wanted to do it for marketing. Her subject was HR.

She was keen to know more about me. I said I am interviewing and not you. First anwer my question and then allow me to go. I will come later to clarify your questions. She came near me and sat close to me and was smiling. I noticed she had a round neck t shirt and a bermuda. Her legs were showing and her boobs were shaking inside her shirt and hence I knew she was not wearing any bra.

Her hand was very beautiful and she was wearing a ring. I took her hand in my hand and asked her whether it was a engagement ring or some gift from a boy friend. She blushed and said no comments.. I ran my hand over her hand and saw goosepimples all over her body. I took her other hand and felt it for its softness. It was very soft and silky.

I talked about my MBA and went on touching her hand. She did not pull her hand back. I touched her cheeks and said how soft your cheeks are. She brought her cheeks close to my face and I gave her kiss. She did not pull backand I gave her a long kiss. I hugged her and kissed on her lips. Her name she said was Pooja.

She was totally surrendered and fell limp on my lap. I pulled up her t shirt and got it free and her boobs were free and shaking like water filled balloons. I leaned forward and kissed her nipples. Pooja was hissing like a snake and she fell down on the sofa on her back. I unbuttoned her bermuda and pulled it down. It was surprising to me that Pooja was not resisting my moves.

She was lying in the sofa with only a wet panty. I quickly unzipped my jeans and took out my erect cock. Looking at it, Pooja got up as if a spring pulled her up. She took a closer look at my cock and looked at me smiling and opened her mouth and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked it with great haste as if it will be snatched away from her.

I made her to lie down, leaned over and licked her cunt. Her cunt was shaven and bright. I opened her cunt lips and saw her tiny clit. I gave it a nice long lick and got up and inserted my dick in her hole. Pooja closing her eyes looked tense. She appeared to be a vergin since my deep and hard entry brought tears from her eyes. But she enjoyed my fuck immensely.

She wriggled her hip and gave me upward thrusts. Her reaching orgasm was very beautiful. She gave contortions in her face at every wave of orgasm passed over body. She gave funny sounds also. After fucking her four times, I left the place without giving her my telephone number or address. Of course I fucked her many times later.

She was thinking of playing romance with me and getting me into marriage. But the sight of my cock weakened her and she was ready to welcome me with her legs wide open. There is no reason why ladies go to unknown persons for sex. It is not entirely their incompatibility with their husbands, or making extra money, or seeking love from somebody, or a thrill of adventure,

or over sexed and not satisfied with one lover, or all these reasons put together. I knew girls who fall for a small worthless gift. There were girls who hated her set up and wanted to enjoy the thrill going against the establishment. But whatever may be their reason, I got a good fuck could get any time I want as much sex as possible.

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My friend, Rohit, used to tell me while reciting his sex exploitations, that there are two or three weak points for every woman. However distance may be your relationship with her, if you are alone with her and likely to be together for more time and when sure that there wont be any external disturbance, sex comes to her mind more intensely than to a man.

She would have schemed in her mind how to take advantage of the situation sexually. I am not generalizing but most of the woman think that way. She may be married, more attached to her husband and children, but when she finds a good male sex comes to her mind prominently. The first weak point for her is her boobs.

She wants as a foreplay the man should start with her boob, squeezing, pressing, massaging, twitching the nipples, licking around the nipples, sucking them softly and then hard, real hard. By this time she would have been fully aroused. Then touch her crotch, pat softly, insert the finger inside the cunt, place the hand on her entire pussy,

apply pressure on the clit, pick up her clit with thumb and forefinger and just apply little pressure, she would have reached the top of readiness. Thirdly take your face towards her cunt and just breath normally and your exhalation of air in the genital area make her leak her cunt fluids.

Lick her cunt and locate her clit with your tongue tip and suck it softly and she would be on the verge of a magnificent orgasm. If you finger fuck her and rub her G spot while sucking her clit, she would have had a torrent of orgasms. At this you and she would have reached a point of no return. She will scream for a fuck, deep fuck, hard fuck and would not be satisfied very easily.

This is the long and short of what he said. As a person admiring him for all his achievements in sex, I cannot disbelieve him and take his word as the last word in sex. Rohit would have 10 or more stories to narrate to establish his theories. Quite handsome, tall and well built, his glib talk would make any girl to fall for him.

If her targets any girl, he knows how to make her fall for him in a short time. His success was that he knew how to get rid of a girl after finishing with her. But in most of the situations luck favoured him more than his ability. Rohit said one day he was travelling by an evening bus from Delhi to Jaipur in the early winter.

He had put on the sweaters and had a shawl to wrap around. In the bus there was a lady in his seat who was all wrapped up but still shivering with chillness. Since she was completely covered Rohit said he could not make out whether she was young, middle aged or old. He invited her with the eye signal to share his shawl by coming inside it.

She moved and came close to him and with one hand he pulled his shawl around her and kept her in tight hug. Once she was inside his shawl he found out she was not old or middle aged, but a young woman in her late twenties. She too put her hands around him to share his warmth.

While adjusting the shawl wrap he just touched her boob and found it to be quite hard and young. She kept her face hidden and he could not make out who she was. She was quite comfortable clinging to his body. His hands were quite warm and hence he put his hands on her navel to transmit more heat.

She pulled his hand onto her bosom and it was all the most enjoyable to keep his hands on her boobs as per her choice. She undid her knots and her blouse was open and her naked boobs were in his hand for him to massage. Her nipples he observed were erect. The lights were put off and the bus was going in a steady speed and all the passengers were in deep sleep.

All of them looked like big bundles rather than human beings. He say he made her to turn to him and open her legs. Since both of them were inside his long shawl nobody can make out what is happening inside the shawl. Rohit pulled her pyjama and panty down and his hands went over her hairless pussy.

With some quick thinking he just unzipped his jeans, pulled his erect cock out. Lifted her and placed her on his lap with her legs on his either side. and hugging her, when she directed his erect cock into her cunt. With some effort from both of them it went in and got embedded inside her cunt. So far there was no talk.

Their body language was sufficient to convey the message. Keeping his cock inside her tight cunt, journeying through Rajasthan was one of the most enjoyable experiences, said Rohit. The female put both of her hands around his head and put her own head on his shoulders giving him ample room to catch and massage her boobs,

was making small movements of her hip to make the cock to go deeper inside her. Though they did not fuck, the jolts of the bus took care of the pleasure and he sensed that she was arriving to a great organism. Knowing this Rohit gave her some deep thrusts and with their hands getting tightened on each other they had a combined orgasm.

But the woman was not willing to leave him. She continued to hold him tight and his cock which retained its erection was soaked with her fluids and his own. Rohit said they both reached orgasm thrice during the whole journey and she released him only in the early hours of the morning when they were about to reach the outskirts of Jaipur.

In the early morning he said he looked at her and found it to be a very charming young lady. And she was also charmed to see that she was enjoying with a handsome young man. They exchanged their mobile numbers and kept contact so that they can meet at Jaipur or Delhi to renew the friendship.

She was a married woman working in Delhi and she went to Jaipur to meet her relatives. Rohit found the journey to be a better place to fuck during winter. Before the close of winter they traveled together on four occasions and as soon as the winter was over he changed his mobile number and lost contact with her.

The fun is that they did not ask each other's names and he did not know her name. When other better looking specimen are available why lament over the past, said Rohit. I was thrilled to hear his experiences. I used to shag on reaching home. His next episode was much more thrilling.

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It was long ago when I just completed my schooling and did not know how to spend time during the holidays. I was tall and well versed in all sports and games. The sense of loss of all that I was familiar with made me sad. At this juncture my uncle asked to go over to his place to spend my holidays.

It will take a lot of time for the declaration of results and then go and search for seats in all the colleges, I though I will go to my uncle's place. His daughter who is elder to me will also be there as my play companion. My mother reprimanded me not to disturb her since her exams are not yet over and you should not make her deny your request. I said OK.

I went by train to my uncle's which took almost 7 hours of train journey. He was there at the Rly stn. to receive and take me home. "Oh,Raghu, you have become a big boy" he exclaimed. Aunty took my bag inside a room and asked to take bath and come for breakfast. I went through m morning toilets and then went to the dining table for b/f.

There I saw Shanu, my cousin. She looks about 19, lean and short stature d and her innocent face was very attractive. Her eyes were deep and penetrating. We exchanged hellos and went on eating. My uncle and aunt were not old people. Uncle may be around 40 and aunt may be 35 or 36 years old. Aunty was quite attractive with nice features.

Uncle looked like a film star with hair dyed in color and his latest styled shirts etc. After exchanging pleasantries, my cousin Shanu went away to her college. I was told by aunty that my bag has been put in the room of Shanu who is like my elder sister. Her exam was due next week and after that she will be there full time to keep me busy.

Uncle did some business and was away all the time and aunty worked in a private firm. She left her home in the morning and came back only by evening. Uncle never comes home before 9 because he has his social service and club activity. Again I was alone here. The old servant served me lunch and I took lunch sitting alone.

The servant told me that Shanu comes by 2 pm from her college. I could have waited for her, but I did not know her timings. My accommodation has been fixed in the same room where Shanu sleeps. She had a big cot and I have been given a small cot at the other side of the room.

She had a computer and other accessories, a table and table lamp and shelves for her books etc and a swivel chair. They have placed the TV in the drawing room. She had lot of books most of them relating to her studies. After lunch I went to the drawing room and went through the newspapers and magazines. Shanu came at 2 pm.

After smiling at me and saying 'hello' she went to her room for changing her clothes. Caming back from her bed room and went to the bathroom and then came to the dining room. While taking food she asked me whether I am feeling bored, I said not exactly, I miss all the sports activity there in the city, I said.

After finishing her food she came and sat with me and talked on various subjects. But I did not like her asking whether there were girls in the class, whether I liked any one in particular. :Love and sex were not in my mind and hence I was innocent in my replies to her. She came near me and sat with me in the sofa and looked at my face curiously.

I asked her what is the matter. She said I am observing whether you tell lies. I laughed and told her that sometimes I tell lies. We both burst out laughing. When laughing she had such a beautiful face that I like her very much.This was the first time that a lady sits very close to me, other than my mother.

Her skin was glowing and as I said earlier I liked the way her eyes stare at things. She told me that she is in the fourth semester of a degree course. Do you know how to operate a computer, she asked. I told her that I have handled one in the computer lab and not otherwise. She said come on let us see how much you know.

She took me to her room and making me sit in the swivel chair she sat in a stool and was looking at me closely. I knew only fundamentals of computing and I said her so. But while moving my hand over the mouse and to help me press the appropriate keys she her boobs were touching my body at several places.

When I became self conscious I was getting an erection which was visible from outside. Shanu didi, who purposely placed her hand on my bermuda could sense that my cock is in a fully erect condition. I could see through her cleavaga her sandal coloured boobs. Purposely she rubbed her boobs on my elbow or shoulders when she used to stand behind me.

My attention was totally on my cock .I wanted to go limp, but it wont. Shanu didi went to the main door, bolted it from inside, and then checked up the door of the kitchen and came to the room and closed the door and then bolted it. she came and sat near me and said let me see what you have here. She unzipped my bermuda and put her hand inside.

Since I did not have any brief inside, her hand stuck my cock directly. Carefully she pulled it out and there it stood like a flag post. I was shy to look at her since this was my first experience to have my genital touched by a female. She asked me to get up and unbuttoned my bermuda and pulled it down to make me totally nude.

I protested softly, closing my cock with both of my hands murmured that it is unfair that only one person is nude. She looked up and smiled at me and said you undress me. I was clumsy in undressing. She said just wait and removed all her clothes one by one. I was shocked to see her boobs, big hard and erect, her soft and flat navel, her clean shaved pussy, nigh big ass and thighs.

After finishing her undressing process, she exclaimed looking at my cock, this is indeed a jewel. Her hands touched my cock and she sat on the floor and had a closer look at my cock and she gave a kiss at the tip and then put it in her mouth. I asked her you said this is a jewel, have you seen other cocks which are less beautiful than this. She signified no and nodded.

She went on sucking and sucking and before I could warn her my orgasn arrived and I shot my cum into her mouth. After two spurts she removed the cock from her mouth, but my cum spurts went on hitting her on the face, her boobs and all over her body. We both went to the bathroom and washed off all the cum.

Suddenly there was phone call and didi rushed to the phone and she was giving direction to some body the way to their house.After disconnection she rushed to the room to set everything in order, dressed herself up and asked to dress up neatly and be in readiness since some guests are expected.

Somebody came and she very cleverly tackled them and asked them to come after the parents return from work. They went away. She came and called me and asked me whether I have fucked any girls before. I said no. Has any girl fucked you before. I said no. Have you seen anybody fucking. I said no. She said have you seen the naked portions of a girl. I said no.

Aye what kind of man you are, so much grown up and not seen the body of a girls so far. I said I had no chance. Ok OK, I will show you in detail But dont tell anybody that I have taught you all these things. One of my uncles taught me all these things and fucked me for just knowledge sake. I am going to do it to you. What is the time now.

I looked at the watch and said it was 5.30 pm. Oh, my god, it is too late. I will explain to you tomorrow but show you some scenes tonight which you have to keep it yourselves. I nodded but did not realize what she meant. Uncle and aunt came from their office and we had a long chat and had dinner together.

At about 10 pm Uncle and aunt retired to their bedroom and we both, didi and I came to our room. Didi asked me to close the door and bolt it without making any sound. She called me to her bedside. I had to obey her. She undid my bermuda and took out my cock which was in limp condition and took it into her mouth.

But within second it assumed the enlarged size and which could be contained in her mouth. I like your cock, its length, its taste, its smell. please always keep it in my mouth. Raghu please, she pleaded. I said ok.But let me see your pussy, you said you will show it but not done it so far. She lifted her petticoat and undid her panty and showed me her pussy.

Wait, she said and went to the bathroom and came back. He pussy was washed and water was dripping. She asked me to come closer and explained to me the various parts, labia, clitoris, vulva, urethra etc. I told her that I want to just smell it, kiss it and taste it. Didi replied ok, go ahead. I licked her whole pussy and smelled it. It was clean smell.

When I touched her clit, she started to shudder. I licked her clit for a long time. At about 10.30 pm she went to the door of the bedroom of Uncle and aunt and peeped through the key hole. She raised her head and called me to come. She asked me to watch the scene through the key hole. Aunty was sucking the cock of uncle.

Then aunty was lying in the bed and uncle buried his face in her cunt and I dont know whether he was licking or sucking. After this, aunt was lying in the bed and uncle thrust his big cock into her cunt and fucking her. Then they fucked like a dog, aunty in all her fours and uncle fucking her from behind.

Finally, uncled was in thebed and aunty rode him and straddled him and put his cock inside her cunt. She made all sorts of funny movements and uncle was enjoying every movement of theirs. When they finished we both ran to our rooms and closed the door. We were waiting for them to get back to their room. Shanu didi was very much hot after seeing the fucking scene.

I too was very hot. The moment we entered the room Shanu didi closed the door and bolted it from inside and switched off the light. She undressed herself and asked me to remove all the clothes and come over to her bed. She pushed me to lie down in her bed and she holding me down kissed me all over my body. My cock was in erectile condition.

She clasped it with one hand and went of kissing it. With both my hand I caught her boobs and went of squeezing. She was mad with passion and wanted to ride over me and do things as we had seen her mother doing with her father. She rode over me and took my cock and rubbed its tip over her clit and then put it in her hole and pushed it as much as possible.

It was not going in but slipping out. She made to lie on her and push my cock into her cunt. I made a strong effort and I could push the whole thing inside. I kept it like that for some time so that her hole may get accustomed to the big cock it is holding inside. Though tears were rolling down her cheeks, she smiled and told me that this the first time a cock has entered her body.

I also said this is the first time I am putting it in a cunt. She asked me to move it in and out just as her father was seen doing. I did as I was told. It was very enjoyable. With each stroke she was moaning. I with my hands closed her mouth so that others may not hear. I squeezed her boobs and nipples and sucked them while continuing fucking and finally,

I think my orgasm was nearing. Didi suddenly started to shiver and her legs kept wide were wound around me and with her hands she pulled me closer and she was experiencing a massive orgasm.And I too. But I went on fucking without stopping. My cum shot inside her cunt and her own fluids filled her cunt and each time I pushed in "Pluck, pluck' was coming from her cunt.

My cock retained its erection and I continued fucking. It was all pleasure for didi. She kissed me and asked me not to stop but to do it faster and deeper. It too another 10 minutes. for me to cum again. She too reached her second orgasm. Her body smelled peculiarly and there was a lot of perspiration in her body. I asked how it was.

She said, heavenly, Raghu, it was simply great. But dont go away, lie with me I want your cock inside my mouth in the night. Then, she said, you bury your face in my cunt and I will take your cock in mouth and we will both sleep in that condition. How can that be, I said, we wont sleep in that condition.

Let us go to sleep and tomorrow we will fuck in the day time as much as you want since uncle and aunty will not be there. As soon as the servant goes away, I will come to your room and we will start sucking and fucking. Ok, she said and we went to sleep. But in the early morning, when I was in deep sleep, I felt someone licking my cock and rolling the tongue over it.

I got up with a shock and found it was didi and she was enjoying my cock sucking without any clothes over her body. She licked my balls and again cock. I asked her to turn around and give me her pussy. He pussy was so nice and delicate with very little hair. I liked to lick it since it felt like licking the face of a baby.

When I dig my tongue inside her pulsating clit will be in readiness and I enjoy licking it and softly sucking it. The moment my tongue touches it didi will jump with joy. With both of her hands she will hold her cunt lips open so that I may lick the entire area as I wish. Didi said you can suck my nipples or clit as much as you want, no time limit.

So I dont do it roughly, I lick it tenderly which she likes. So practically in day time and night time we find all the time fucking or having some other sexual activity. We discover new new methods of finding pleasure. In the swimming pool, or in the bathtub, or under the shower, she smears honey on my cock before sucking it, I pour honey into her cunt and lick the whole thing.

We enjoyed every minute of my holidays. Didi was also enjoying to the maximum. I asked her what she will do after I go away. She started to cry silently. I said ok. Dont worry, I will come and join your college here. She was happy and her face lighted up and she bent low to take my cock in her mouth.

I stopped her and went out to get some fruits since the servant had already gone. I bought some mangos and again she wanted to apply mango juice on my cock for tasty sucking. I laughed at her perversity. Finally I had to leave.I packed by bags and proceeded to the rly. stn.

She was crying and crying. uncle and aunty consoled her. But she insist that I should go to her place and study in the college. I will let you know if I get admission in her college and continue my studies with her.

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It took me a long time to like myself. When I was younger, I was very overweight, bordering on obese. I had all sorts of related health problems, not to mention self esteem issues. It's a pretty widely accepted fact that overweight people tend to have good personalities because their looks can't speak for them.

So I tried to console myself in the fact that I was a good person with a great sense of humor. I had intelligence and was driven. I genuinely cared for other and never wanted to harm anyone in any way. I just couldn't seem to escape all those extra pounds.

Where the weight hurt me the most was in the romance department. Sure, I had a pretty face—bright blue eyes, high cheekbones and full lips, but boys didn't look at my face so much as my fat stomach and double chin. It was so discouraging.

But I did have one really good guy-friend, Babloo. He didn't care about how I looked, he just liked me for me. Now, I knew he'd never want to date me, but we had a great relationship. We talked about almost everything and made each other laugh. Babloo was my most surprising friend, because he didn't fit his stereotype.

See, Babloo would have fit the whole bad-boy stereotype if it weren't for his friendship with me. He didn't care what people thought, he dated all the prettiest girls, he partied harder than anyone I knew.

Yet he was friends with me. I didn't disgust him. In fact, when I'd go on a diet, he'd ask me why I was doing it. He told me he just wanted to make sure that I was changing because I wanted to. He only wanted me to do it if it would make me happier.

And thus my crush developed, obviously. But I never said anything. I never acted upon it (hello, my self-esteem issues prevented that, obviously). One night my junior year of high school, I was sitting at home on a Friday night, watching TV in my room when suddenly there was a tapping on my window.

I looked over and saw that Babloo was sitting on the roof outside my window, tapping on it. I looked at the time. 2 AM! I hurried over to the window and unlatched it. Clad in only my nighties, I hugged myself from the cold outside and to cover my unsightly body from him. He stumbled in and nearly fell, but caught himself. Oh how drunk he was.

" Babloo, are you all right?" He smiled as he turned and looked down at me. I could get lost in those light brown eyes. His shaggy brown hair was a mess, falling everywhere and he was wearing a useless leather jacket that obviously wasn't keeping off the cold. "I'm great," he practically shouted.

"Shh!" I insisted. "My parents are asleep," I whispered. Babloo laughed softly and lifted a hand to his lips in an imitation of me. "Shh!" "Just how drunk are you, Babloo?" I asked rhetorically as he fell onto my bed. "Do you need somewhere to stay for the night?"

Babloo just smiled serenely and laid back on my comforter. "That's why I love you." The words made my heart skip a beat, but I knew they didn't mean what I wanted them to mean. "I'll take that as a yes. But you know you can't sleep in here. So, come on, you can take Ramesh’s room 'cause he's away at hostel."

As I had done many times before, I moved over to help him up so we could walk. How he managed to climb up to the roof was beyond me. But as I moved closer to him, he just ended up pulling me down on the bed too so we were both sitting. He opened his eyes to look at me and our faces were very close. He lifted a hand and tangled it in my hair by my left ear.

"You're so... pretty." He mumbled and moved in. He kissed me! Our lips actually touched and he didn't pull away. But I did. He was drunk, he didn't know what he was doing. "Ok, Mister. You're drunk, let's get you to bed." As much as it pained me to, I ignored it. And the next day I found out he didn't remember it at all.

Then his parents, apparently fed up with his antics, decided to send him to boarding school. I was devastated. He was my best friend. But, I decided to make the most out of my misery and make a change. So in the year that he was gone, I completely revamped. I went on my first successful diet and exercised regularly. And it really did work.

I was a completely different person and all the boys noticed. I got asked out numerous times (as I was fairly hot now), but I turned them down. Boys were only noticing the outer beauty and I wanted someone who noticed the inner beauty.

And then he came back. One night at around 10, I was sitting in my room reading one of my summer reading books and that familiar tapping came on the window. I looked up with butterflies flapping around in my stomach and there he was. Sitting on my roof like he hadn't ever left.

Well, his hair was a bit shorter and he seemed a bit buffer from all those push-ups, but all in all he was still my Babloo. I fairly ran over to the window to let him in. When he stepped inside, he lifted me off my feet in a hug and spun me around. "I just got back an hour ago. I had to come see you," he explained.

"You look great," I breathed, noting that the push ups had done wonders for his biceps. "Me? What about you? You said you'd lost weight over the phone, but I wasn't expecting a swimsuit model," he laughed.

"Shut up, I'm nowhere near that," I protested. "But come on. I want to hear all about it." "Well..." he began as he took off his jacket and dropped it on the ground. "It was awful, but I had a lot of time to think." "What'd you think about? I joked.

"Mostly I thought about you," he admitted, staring right at me. No nonsense, so pussyfooting, just strait honesty, as Babloo tended to do. "Me?" I was shocked. "Remember that night when I came here right before I left? Remember when I kissed you?"

My breath caught. Of course I remembered, I hadn't thought he did! Oh my. "I wasn't drunk that night," he said honestly. "I meant it. I had been meaning to for a long time you just... you pulled away and I realized I was going about it the wrong way. Now I know I should have told you this before, but I didn't want to say it over the phone. I wanted to show you."

He reached out and grabbed the small of my back to pull me close and cupped my cheek with the other hand. His kiss was so deep and so breathtaking that I saw stars. Of course I kissed him back, this was what I wanted! I wrapped my arms around him and smiled against his nearly desperate kiss.

He reached down with both hands and grabbed my butt and lifted. I dutifully wrapped my legs around him so he could walk us both to my bed. Honestly, the whole being lifted thing made me nervous, but he managed. Hey, former fat girl here.

Carefully, he laid me down and then just went at it. He climbed on top of me and proceeded to explore my body with his hands without ever breaking our kiss. I was at a loss for what to do with my own hands until I figured it out. I pulled the bottom of his shirt up and tugged it until it was near his neck. He sat up and finished removing it himself, before coming back down on him.

His hands on me felt so many things. It felt wrong, because I hadn't really been touched like that before, but it also felt amazing and it felt like I was loved. He began unbuttoning my nightie and I was not protesting. This relationship was 3 years in the making and I was 18. If it came to sex tonight, I was going to do it.

He removed my shirt, leaving me bare-chested, and leaned down to take one of my firm nipples into his mouth. I moaned low in excitement. He moved to the other, all the while removing both my shorts and underwear simultaneously. He was clearly an expert at this. All I could do was pant and wait for his next move.

He sat up and admired my body, which made me feel uncomfortable—like I needed to cover it. But I was embarrassed to because he seemed to be getting happy because of it. And I do mean happy in the "erection" sense of the word because he was getting hard against my leg.

He followed my eyes with his own and looked down. Wordlessly, he unbuckled his belt and threw it to the ground. I sat up and helped him undo his jeans and pulled them down with his boxers. He had to stand to drop them to the floor, but after he was right back on me. He was beautiful, not that I had anything to compare it to, but all the same.

Our naked skin felt amazing when it touched and made me almost want to cry with emotion. After all these years, it was finally going to happen with Babloo. I loved him, I really did. And even if he didn't love me the same, it was worth it to experience this with him.

I wasn't sure where the condom came from, but it was there before I knew it and Babloo was pausing for the first time. We didn't need to speak. He just asked with his eyes and I nodded with a smile.

Then came the brief pain followed by bliss. As he moved inside me, I raked his back with my nails, adjusting to the pressure and pleasure at the same time. It felt like nothing I'd ever experienced, and clearly he was feeling the same thing I was because he kept moaning.

Feeling sort of small with him looming over me, I whimpered as he started moving faster and thrusting harder. It was still my first time, so it was rubbing a little raw. It felt really good, but a little painful at the same time.

And then I felt his hand on me. On my clit. He was rubbing it gently for me while he pumped in and out. The result was almost indescribable. Almost at once, I came in a blinding flash of colors and sounds and shakes. It was so powerful and mind blowing that I swear I blacked out for at least a second.

He came soon after and collapsed when he finished. Laying half on top of me, he closed his eyes and panted for a few minutes. When he pulled out it felt like a small part of me died. But he laid right next to me, pulled me into his embrace and whispered into my ear, "You really are beautiful."


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