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Fucking Nazia Aunty

I am a good looking guy of 24 years of age.My sex experience is about my friend’s mother Nazia aunty. she is 39yrsold and very gorgeous. She has very big breasts,tight ass,and a beautiful face.her husband is too old may be around 50yrs of age and he is a rich person and is always away from home on business work.

they have a son asad who is my brother’s classmate studying in 10th class. I used to teach him and my brother maths but he was too poor in maths.so,one day his mother called me and requested me to come home and teach his son maths.I agreed and when I went to their house I was self shocked to find such a beautiful lady.

she was wearing a blue salwar qameez and her breasts were pumping out through her dress and when I introduced myself she smiled and allowed me in her house and when she turned back her salwar was helding her ass and my god it was too big and round ass.

while teaching her son maths she was siting in front of me and my cock was bursting out. I watched her mouth which was so small and I fantasised of putting my 8inches cock in her mouth and filing her mouth with my cum.she observed my view and asked what I was seeing I told her that she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,

she flushed with my compliment. I gave her son some problems to work out and her mom told him to go inside and work out the problem. we both were sitting in the room and I asked her about her husband,she told about his negligence and I asked whether she is sexually satisfied or not,she replied with a no.

I stood up and went beside her and took hold of her face,she was innocently looking at me and I asked her whether her husband had atleast once in her life satisfied her to which she replied no. I told her to obey me and do what I order her to do then I will show her paradise to which she agreed.

I took her hand and guided it to my cock and she started to feel my cock on my pants.i pushed her head and made her to kiss my memeber from outside the pant.suddenly her son came out.he saw this and asked what was hapening,and her mother got terrified and I told him that his mom was gong to faint and I caught her.he smiled and went away,he was a innocent boy.

i took my cock out and shoved it into her mouth and she just kept in her mouth,and I slowly started to move to and fro and she was begining to move her mouth and I was now getting aroused by seeing her mouth wraped around my cock and I began to fuck her mouth faster and she was trying to release her mouth but I caught hold of her head and did not leave her.

now I was pumping hard and coming to an climax and I filed her mouth with my cum and saw to it that she swallowed each drop of it,and then I released her head from my grip and she ran into the bathroom.she came out and started to scold me by saying that she did not like what I did and I got angry and slapped her and made her to kneel in front of me

and made her to suck and lick my balls to which she agreed and started to lick my balls and I made her to lick my asshole and she hesitated a bit and when I raised my hand to hit her she agreed and started to lick my asshole.

I asked her whether she would become my bitch and she agreed.i lifted her and took to her bedroom and began to undress her and I saw her cunt was cleanly shaved and shoved my cock into her cont and lifted her legs and put it on my shoulders and she was shouting with each of my thrust.

I fucked her for 20 min and all the time she was shouting and was begging me to stop and this made me aroused a little and I began to shove deep into her and started pumping her cunt with faster movements and I climaxed in her. she got up and I went and dressed myself and went to teach her son.

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Sex with Gujju girl Bhavita

Bhavita Chhiba is a stunning gujrati female residing in Umgeni Heights in Kenville, Durban, South Africa. She stands no taller that five feet and has the most angelic face you will ever see on a girl. She is a health science student studying physiotherapy at the University of Durban Westville, which is also where this story takes place.

Like most girls she assumes an innocent attitude and shrugs off the attention she receives from the opposite sex with utmost coolness and disinterest. However nothing could be more further from the truth. Bhavita is a sex kitten that cant get enough of sex and she loves men who are dark because of the erotic contrast the dark skin has with her milk white body.

The first time I met her was in the lecture theatre, she was sitting with her friends and one of the guys was busy toying with her hair and her feet. She seemed to love being the centre of attention much to the disdain of her female friends. Anyway after observing her for a few days I eventually caught up with her in the library in the afternoon.

She explained that she took the bus into town and then another bus to her flat in Kenville. The way she battered her eyelids and the supple white skin of her body drove me wild with desire and lust. I made my mind right there that I would ravish this beautiful virgin. Or so I thought.

After what seemed like an eternity I finally convinced her to travel with me sometime. Her flat was out of my way but I knew it would be worth it. That afternoon she agreed to have lunch with me and we drove to Pridley Park and enjoyed a pizza. Soon after I had my arm around her and started to kiss and fondle her ripe breasts.

They were small but responsive with super sensitive nipples that rose to my touch. I was surprised that a virgin would give in so easily but I just thanked my luck stars and continued. “Please lets go some where more private,” moaned Bhavita. I raced to the New Germany Nature Reserve where couples often went to make out.

I was stunned when she climbed out of the vehicle and motioned for me to follow her into the back seat of the Honda. Slowly I removed her Levis and was greeted with the most sensuous pair of panties I had ever seen. They were pink with a kiss of lace and silk and the gusset was damp with her love juice.

I could see the outline of her engorged labia, which was aroused by her lust to be touched. She lifted herself up so I could remove her panties. The sight that greeted me sent a shock to my already throbbing manhood and I almost came in my pants. Her love mound was dripping her hot nectar onto her thighs and her entire pubic region was glistening with her fucklube.

The lips of her cunt were open like the leaves of a rose petal and I could see her love button aroused and erect. It was like a little cock and the sensitivity matched those of her nipples which by now were fully erect and sticking out from her small frame looking like two bullets. Her pussy was pink in colour and got darker as she got aroused.

The lips were inviting and by now I could see she was no virgin. The brief disappointment was replaced by my unbridled lust and I got over it. The scent of her fuck lube filled the car and forced its way into my mind. I bent forward and noisily sucked her cunt dry of all the nectar.

However such was the magnitude of her arousal that I could not keep up with the amount of lubrication she was producing. Clearly she was a very experienced girl. My own cock was lubricating pretty impressively itself and I had never produced so much of precum before. I freed my aching manhood and proceeded to roll on a condom when she said,

“ Don’t worry I am on the pill, I want you to ride me bareback. I want to feel your cum spray the insides of my body.” I was reeling in shock. Why would she be on the pill? How often did she fuck guys in cars and was she safe? However my brain was clouded by my lust and all I could think of was how much I wanted to penetrate this lovely gujerati girl.

I placed my big body over hers and realised she must have looked like a baby compared to me. Unfortunately she could not manage my weight and the only other position was doggy style or she on top. I was not looking forward to her being on top because Indian women seldom know how to ride a cock. With her I was pleasantly surprised.

She climbed onto my lap and guided my cock into her love canal. She was no virgin and my meat easily slipped into her hole however she was still tight and I enjoyed the sensations of her cunt walls milking my shaft.

She rode my cock for all she was worth and gyrated her hips in way that drove my cock over the edge. In less than ten minutes I was ready to cum. The combined arousal and look of the beauty riding my cock drove me wild and I grabbed her body and impaled her onto my spear as I shot my first wad into her.

She moaned that she was cumming and I could feel her puss contract and squeeze the remaining drops of cum out of my balls. Bhavita placed her tiny hands around me and gave me a kiss. She had beads of sweat on her breasts and the heat from her pussy kept my cock hard.

I was really aroused by the contrast between her white gujerati body and my dark tamil body. Her neatly trimmed snatch was leaking with my cum and offered some lubrication for the next round. I lasted longer and this time I pulled out and sprayed my sperm all over her perky tits and gorgeous face.

The rest flew into her hair but she would not suck my cock or take my sperm into her mouth. After dropping her off I realised how lucky I was to have scored with such a hot babe. I was sure very few guys on campus knew the real Bhavita but again I was wrong. My sexual escapades with Ms Chhiba did not end there.

I would give her lifts for sexual favours although she admitted she would have fucked me for nothing. She just loved dark skinned guys for some reason; the reason I would soon discover had a lot to do with where she lived.

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Learning sex lessons from the servant

Learning sex from early childhood started with the maid servant, who systamatically taught how to proceed. This was done only in the afternoon when she would have finished her work and I would have returned from school and my parents would be away at their offices. We had ample time at our disposal.

She had her husband at home and a child and hence she did not fear about becoming pregnant. I needed very little inducement and her presence would make my cock to rise and stand erect. She used to play with my cock and enjoyed very much. She made me to lick and suck her nipples and she will moan softly throwing her head backwards.

My mere touch of her boobs made her passionate and she used to search for my cock in my lungi and take it out and put it in her mouth and roll her tongue around it. She made me to fuck into her mouth and my tip used to touch her throat. Many a times I threw my cum into her mouth which she happily swallowed. Making me fuck her was her best choice.

She will lie down with her legs wide apart and make he to ride her in the missionary style. Her best performance would be when she sits on me and put my cock inside her and her movements were various and unpredictable. She used to move forward and backwards, up and down, and each time she used to make sounds of joy.. She enjoyed this horse ride most.

Perhaps her husband would not allow her to ride on him. She used to squeeze me out fully sitting on me and I used to enjoy seeing her facial expressions and pressing her dangling boobs and nipples. If there is any stiffness left in my cock she will suck it and make it more stiff and again ride on me. Her sessions used to extend for a long time and each moment being relished by her.

After the school, I moved to my uncle's place for my college studies. My aunt, who was the sister of my mother, did not have any children and hence took special care of me and my health. She used to feed me with eggs, fish and what not. I used to drink at least a liter of milk. She used to think I am still a child and offered to bathe me.

Finally she decided that I should have oil bath on all alternative Saturdays and be ready with oil. Saturdays when I dont have college to attend to, she will ask me to come soon after breakfast, to the bathroom with a towel would around my waist and wait for her. She will apply oil in the head first and give a good head massage.

If the oil enters the eyes it will irritate but she would say it is good for the eyes. She will apply oil on the back first and give it a vigorous rub all over. And then the shoulders, hands and then the chest. I used to stand with eyes closed because if I open the eyes it would irritate eyes. Finally she asked me to do it on my waist downwards.

When I fumble due to irritation of the eyes, she would laugh and tuck at the towel which would come off and she would have been flabbergasted seeing my treasures. She took liberal quantities of oil and started to apply on my mound and then on the penis etc. Her mere touch would make my cock to rise.

She used to knead at my balls with oil and then the ass, and then the thighs, etc. When she massages my thighs I knew that my cock used to play on her cheeks and face. I opened my eyes slightly and saw that she was looking at the cock in amazement.. Once or twice she opened her mouth wide enough to take my cock in her mouth. But she restrained herself.

I knew for sure that she must have been leaking. After she finished the oil massage, she asked me to stand in the bath room for some time so that the oil may go deep into the skin. She went out for half an hour and came back and asked me whether I need my help to complete the bath or will I do the rest.

I told her that my eyes are burning due to oil and then she said ok, I will help you. She poured a mug full of warm water on my head and applied shampoo on my head and then poured hot water all over the body and started to apply soap. When it came to soaping the mound and the neighboring area,

I could sense her fingers rubbing the public hair and she pulled the skin back and washed the glans. I wondered how she knew about all these things. Perhaps she may be doing it for the uncle. My cock was still erect and held it angle and stiffness. She poured mug fulls of water on the cock and the balls and then my legs etc.

She asked me to wipe the soap on the face and pour water in the eyes so that the irritation may go away. I did as she suggested and the irritation of the eyes was diminished and I could open the eyes and see around. She took a bath towel and wiped my head and the body and when it came to the genitals, she mopped the water from the mound and the penis.

I told her not to worry and that I will do the rest.. But she was not willing to go. She extended her hand and touched my cock and said how big it is and your uncle's is only half of its size.Come, come away from the bathroom, I want to see it in daylight. Covering my waist with the wet towel I went with her.

She lead me to the bedroom and put on the light and pulled my towel and exposed my cock. She sat on the bed and took my cock in her hand and measured it with her fingers. She took the balls in her hand and softly pressed them. Then she took the cock and sniffed it. She said it is sweet smelling. A drop of precum was there at the tip of the cock.

She looked at my face and then lowered her face and licked the drop and looked at my face, I did not utter anything throughout. She took the cock in her mouth and sucked it. Looking at my face and studying my reaction, she went on sucking. Slowly she took my hand and placed it over her own boob. Now the message was clear.

I having got her permission, slowly unhooked her blouse and the bra and took her boobs out. They were a beautiful pair of boobs, erect and asking to be massaged. I leaning forward massaged them and licked them and sucked the nipples. Her nipples were already stiff and sucking them was nice.

I dont know how long we stood like that, she sucking my cock and I leaning forward and sucking her nipples. Extending my hands forward I pulled her saree up and her petticoat also came up, exposing her legs and her panty. I pulled her panty down and her pussy was visible. Aunty turned very hot and widened her legs and pressed my head towards her pussy.

I lying flat on her, with my cock stuffed in her mouth, buried into her pussy and searched for her cunt opening. Her public hair was scanty and thin. With tip of my tongue I located her tiny clit and went nudging it with my tongue. Aunty opening her mouth gave out a cry of happiness and went on sucking her clit.

Very soon she reached her orgasm and her whole body was shuddering. Her thigh muscles tightened around my head and her pulsating cunt muscles and clit indicated that her orgasm was massive.I continued to suck her clit for some more time and she got orgasm at least four or five times. Finally she asked me to get up. I got up and she asked mt to fuck her.

I went in front of her and placed my cock in her cunt and pushed it in. There was resistance, but jerking and pushing constantly I put my cock inside her cunt and fucked her, with long and deep strokes. She was in ecstasy. After the fucking was over I went to the bath room and washed my cock and mouth and came out.

Aunty had to change her saree and all other clothes since all were fully soaked with my cum and her own fluids. She told me that she had never had so much of sexual pleasure as she got today. My uncle rarely fucked her and because his tool was small he had a complex and he never even bothered whether she got any pleasure at all. I felt sympathy for my aunty.

She is elder to me only 8 years and because of the attitude of my uncle her life is doomed. I told her that I will help you to the extent possible. From that day onwards I gave her lessons on how to arouse her husband so that she may get full sexual satisfaction from him. She agreed and within a week she said my lessons were useful and he started to fuck her every day.

I was very happy and she too was happy. I fucked her when uncle was away and filled her stomach with my cum. She was in a hurry to get a child. My uncle had some outstation assignments and he was away on official duty.

Aunty increased the frequency of my oil baths and she used to join me for oil bath so that I will apply oil on her body and she on me. Within six months of constant efforts by my uncle and me, my aunty got pregnant. There was enough reasons for all to be happy.

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First time fuck on Valentines Day

My girl-friend is extremely beautiful though she is a bit skinny. She has got beautiful long hairs (I love women with long hairs) and a brownish pair of beautiful eyes. Some people might not consider her sexy but surely no one can deny that she is very beautiful. But as far as I am concerned, she is the most beautiful and sexiest girl in the world. We love each other dearly.

She, being 'conservative' types, always thought that sex (especially intercourse) should happen only after marriage. And I, on the other hand, is very broad-minded. But I never forced her in doing anything against her wish and may be that is the reason it took us three years to have a complete sex.

It was a gradual process, from holding hands to hugs; to kisses to foreplay; and then finally to intercourse. I still remember the first time we kissed. It was at the rear seat of my car with my other friends sitting in front. It was her birthday and I had promised her that I would give her something special as a birthday gift. We reached to an isolated place.

Switched off all the lights of the car and asked my friend to get down for some time and look if any body is coming. As soon as he got down, I asked my gf to close eyes and be ready for the gift. She was very excited and immediately closed her eyes. I drew my lips closer to her lips. Our lips were so close that even air could not pass through.

I kept my lips on her trembling lips. She opened her eyes just for a moment and again closed them as if she knew what the surprise was. And we kissed and kissed for about 10-15 minutes. It was the best feeling I ever had. I remember how intoxicated I had got by the kiss that I could hardly drive back home.

Kisses became regular then. At the starting she would just let me do whatever I wanted with her lips. But gradually she started responding as time went by and at times she would be more desperate to kiss me than I would. One day she said, “Hey Addy I have read in a survey that most men keep their hands on the girl's breast while they kiss.”

I gathered some courage and kept my hands on her breasts and kissed her hard. Her breasts were so soft and still so tight.. That was the first time I had touched her breasts and it became normal after some time. She would not allow me to put my hands beneath her t-shirt so I would fondle it over the clothes only.

Then arrived 'the day'. It was Valentine’s Day and luckily for us her parents were out of town. I some how convinced her to stay at her place for the whole night. We have stayed many nights together and she completely trusted me. I went to her place.

There was a watchman outside her bungalow and we wanted to make sure that he does not come to know that there is some one else at the place apart from her. So I jumped the boundary wall and entered the house from the rear door. I had prepared a lot of surprises for her. As soon as I entered the place she immediately closed the door.

I could see how tensed she was and to ease it off I gave her a big and warm hug. That helped her in staying calm. She held me tight and I could feel here breasts in those padded bra, brush across my chest. She was wearing a pink night suit with her hair let loose and she was looking very cute and beautiful. She asked me to freshen up.

While I was back from the wash room, I saw the room was all lit with candles and some music was on. She came near me and said that the dinner was ready. We had a very romantic candle light dinner, holding hands and lost into each others eyes. We had ice-cream then. As she was tiding up the dining table, I held her hand and asked her for a couple dance.

She agreed immediately and held me tightly. She kept her feet over mine and we just rest into each other's arms dancing to the rhythm of the romantic music being played. I remember the song. It was 'Everything I do' by Bryan Adams. As the song ended I asked her to close her eyes.

Bending down on knees I opened the box containing the golden ring that I had brought for her. I asked her to open her eyes and as she did, I proposed her “Will you marry me sweetheart”. She was speechless for some time and then tears started rolling down her eyes. She said that she had been waiting for this moment since a long time.

She raised me up by holding my shoulders, looked into my eyes for some time and hugged me tight. I said, “You hasn’t replied yet” and she slapped me lovingly saying, “do u still want a reply? Of course I will marry you...”.And she kissed me passionately.

After a long passionate kiss I took her in my arms and walked towards her bedroom. She was looking into my eyes and giving me some naughty smiles. I laid her on the bed and she was looking so damn beautiful. I came over her and we started kissing again. Our tongues exchanging saliva.

I moved from her lips to her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks and the bit her ears slowly and she moaned “ooucchh...” I started licking her neck which is a very sensitive spot for most of the girls. While doing so I slowly started to put my hand beneath her t-shirt. To my surprise, she did not object and so I went upwards and held her breasts tightly over the bra.

I was always cautious of pressing the breasts hardly as I thought it woudd cause pain to her. But that day she herself held my hand over her breasts and asked me to press them hard. I did that and I could see the pleasure on her moans as she was gasping for breath and moaning slightly. I removed her top. Now she was in a black padded bra and her lowers.

She rolled me and came over me and started kissing me all over. She removed my t-shirt and started kissing my chest region. I have a very few hairs on my chest and seeing that she said I will regularly wax your chest hairs after we get married. And she started licking and biting my chest all over.

As she would come down to kiss me, her hair would fall all over her face and it was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. I held her silky hairs with my hands and set them aside so I could see my darling kissing me all over. She started moving down biting my stomach and as she was doing so, her breasts were just above my semi-erect penis now.

She bit me hard at the corner of my stomach and I couldn’t stop screaming with pain. She put her hands over my lips and I bit her fingers hard. She then turned me and asks me to sleep over my stomach. As she saw my back she said that wow you have such such a smooth back. And she slept over me. Her breasts pressing hardly over my back.

We stayed that way for some time and then I asked her to sleep over her stomach. She was looking very sexy that time with only a bra strap over her sexy back. I unhooked the bra and held her boobs from behind. I slept over her and put all my weight over her and at the same time was pressing her breasts hard.

She became mad with pleasure and was moaning loudly... ”Aaaaaahhhh.... Addddddyyyyy... press them harder...yes they are yours...press them..." I had never seen my gf getting so horny ever. I started kissing her back and moved down. I bit her hard just above bums and she screamed loudly. I bit her bums over the soft night suit cloth and she again screamed.

Slowly I started lowering her night-suit lower along with her black panty which was clearly visible. I lowered it just enough so that her ass was seen and I started licking her arse. I rolled her back so that she was on her back on now. And I completely removed her lower now. The girl of my dreams was lying naked in front of me!!! It was the first time I was seeing her vagina.

It had very few hairs and was small and pinkish. I lifted her slightly to see her other hole and too was very small. Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the moment. I got up from her and started removing my remaining clothes. Seeing me struggling with my belt she got up and removed it for me.

And the slid my jeans down. She held my penis over the underwear and pressed it tightly. A moan left my mouth. She removed my undies and let my penis free. It was aching and had become rock hard. She was scared for a moment and very innocently asked me if her hole was big enough to take it in. I smiled over her innocence and kissed her passionately.

While kissing, she held my penis into her small hands. And started rolling her hands up and down over it. I asked if she would give me a blow job. She said that as it was her first time, she was scared. Sensing my disappointment, she kissed me back and said, I am sorry Addy. But I am too scared to do anything.

I promise I will do whatever you want but let me get used to such feeling first. I understood her feelings. I knew she was nervous. Even I was. I made her lie down. I read somewhere that it is very painful for the girl at the first intercourse. And I did not want my darling to bear any pain. So I made sure that everything is in the right place for continuing further.

I slid my finger into her warm vagina as I knew she was a virgin and wanted to break it by fingering her before the intercourse so that she would have to go through the minimum possible pain. I started putting my finger further in. It was very tight and I could see that she was in some pain so I started kissing and playing with her breasts so that her mind gets diverted.

Slowly and steadily I pushed my second finger in. And started pushing it hard. I could feel her vaginal walls and an obstruction in between. I knew I had to break it for entering in. I did that and she screamed very loudly.. I could see drops of blood rolling down my hand. Tears rolled down her beautiful eyes and she started telling to remove my hand as it was unbearable.

I knew I had to support her for the moment and then only I could go further. So I did not push my hands further in and let it stay at the position so that she gets used to it. We lay there silent for some time. And after some time the pain had subsidized. I started fingering her again. She was feeling some pain but I could see more pleasure than pain on her face.

She started moaning again. I love u Addy...don’t u dare leave me...you are only mine and I am yours forever...And I saw some white fluid coming out of her vagina. She had an orgasm probably. It was my turn to get some pleasure now. Her vagina was already wet with her fluids. I asked her to hold my penis so that it becomes hard again.

She obliged to it and started stroking my penis hard. I knew it would not last longer I she continues to do so. So I stopped her. I came over her in the basic missionary position and started to insert my penis into her vagina. It was very tight and I was finding it very difficult to enter even though her vagina was wet.

I applied some Vaseline over my penis and at the entrance of her vagina and again started inserting it. She closed hers biting her lips and trying to get hold of the bed sheet. I knew she was in pain and she would never show it for my pleasure. But I tried to be as gentle as I could and my penis finally started entering her hole. With a few strokes it was almost in.

(I won’t boast that my penis is 8 or 10 inches as others do. I have a normal sized penis capable to give pleasure to my girl and I am happy about it). Within a few strokes she got used to my size and started responding well. She was moaning...I love u adddyyy...yes stroke it deeper.

I want to feel my wud be husband fully inside me..yesssss...make love to me darling..I had never seen her in such a way. And I was loving every bit of it. We were stroking in a perfect unison. As if our two bodies had melted into one. Our speed increased and I knew I was nearing my orgasm.

I did not want to take chance of making her pregnant as I had not worn any condom. So I took my penis out and sprayed my sperms over her body. We were breathing heavily. Sweating all the way. I lied besides her and stayed there for some time. Then we had a quick wash where she cleaned me and I cleaned her.

We laid in the bath tub for some time...Naked...In each others arms. And then headed towards the bed room and slept into each others arms... That was the most sound and satisfying sleep I ever had in my live.

When I got up in the morning and as I slid the hairs over her face, I could see the feeling of content on her face... The feeling of being loved..The feeling of submitting oneself completely to some one else. The feeling of love !!!

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Sexual fantasy featuring Radhika

Hi Friends, I am glad you liked my previous stories as much as I enjoyed the experiences and sharing them with you. Though I have had many experiences,the ones which I love recollecting are the ones from my teenage years rather than later when getting a girl to bed became easier and not such a thrill because of the ease and frequency of getting sex.

When I was 16,i had a close group of friends with whom we used to play cricket and watch movies etc.One of them was Ravi who had a sister,Radhika,who was 2 years older. Now,since I went to a all boys school,she was first pretty girl that I really knew and interacted with. She was very sweet and good looking and they were quite rich,but down to earth.

She used to to dress well and we used to spend lot of time in their house especially during vacations,playing cards,carrom in the afternoons. She was my first and still favourite sexual fantasy as she was good looking,had great skin and friendly nature. I remember once when we were all watching a match,

she was sitting opposite me and was wearing a denim skirt and I saw her pink panties during the match,no one noticed and I got a great view. This happened through out the match and I was positioned perfectly to see that. After that day I got attracted to her but could not risk spoiling the relationship. But I used to wish that she wore skirts so that I can see her panties.

I saw them on quite a few occasions after that while playing cards when she sat with her legs crossed though she kept a pillow to cover up.In India it is always easier to see cleavage and even breasts so I was always excited about seeing panties and that made me very excited.

I became fascinated by her and would look for excuses to talk to her and spend time with her and always position myself opposite her to see her legs and if lucky her panties. One day we were about to leave for a Dandiya and she was wearing a cotton churidhar kurta and when she sat cross legged I noticed that her tight churidhar was split at the right place

and I could see her yellow panties through that hole.After enjoying that view for 10 minutes or so,i called her aside and told her softly that she should change her churidhar as it is split.She was embarassed and asked me when I noticed?I said now when you were sitting opposite me.She said that I was sitting like that for 10 minutes and you told me now?

I did not want to tell her that I was enjoying the view,but only told her that I was shy but felt that you should know and change before going out.She then thanked me and said 'Good you warned me so I can change now..otherwise others would have seen..now its only you,so its ok'! It was an innocent remark,but I smiled and said' so if its me its ok?!

She blushed and said that atleast you are not an outsider.After that day,she was even more close to me and in fact felt comfortable sitting next to me in the car and sometimes placing her hand on my thigh while talking casually.Even I became more friendly and started touching her casually and sometimes brushing against her breasts.

The next day,we were playing cards and I went into her bathroom to use it.While was there I opened a cupboard to look for a towel and was pleasantly surprised to see her bras and panties neatly folded there. All her panties were light colours like pink,white and yellow. I used to keep going in and checking it and then guessing what she might be wearing inside today.

She also became very free with me and one day I walked in when she was getting her leg waxed and she did not feel shy and started talking like normal. When she wore that same churidhar again,she remembered that moment and told me 'Its stitched now!' and smiled. I said 'oh thats a pity' and laughed.

Then she asked me 'Could you just see the tear or more?' and I said 'i saw your panties too' then she said' no wonder you took so long to tell me' and I said' cmon,atleast I warned you'! She said again "You saw it was ok" and then I said 'that means if I see its ok,so you must show me more often' and laughed.

She just laughed and said 'you might get lucky off and on but dont push your luck'! And I said 'Thats ok,i will wait for that'! After that she became more bold and free in sitting and I even used to whisper the color into her ear and she laughed and said 'lucky day,eh? and I said ya,its always pink,white or yellow,right?

One day I got a glimpse of black and I said 'black' and she said 'you know I dont have any black ones' and I said maybe its new?And she said 'i know you peek into my cupboard and know my entire collection' and I was shocked!I asked how do you know? and she said 'when I checked the cupboard I know that it has been meddled with after you went in,you see it but cant fold it like before,right?'

Then I said 'so you have a new black one?' she said 'i said no' then I said 'i saw black' then she said 'does not mean that you saw panties,right?' and walked away.then I realised that she had not worn panties that day and I had seen her pubic hair and pussy!!!

I went wild thinking about it and asked her on the phone.She said 'once in a blue moon..it wont happen again and remember dont push you luck,we will always be friends'!! We are still friends but we have our families now and only smile when we meet and never talk about it.


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