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Saali Adhi Gharwali

Saali, aadhi gharwali - Well, that's what they all say. I did believe in this, but never literally had the opportunity to experience the same. But then, this came to be true, literally, as stated below: I was in UK. After being there for about 2 months, my one & only saali too arrived with her husband to attend the marriage of the daughter of my 'saala', in another city of UK.

And they put in along with us. After about a day my sadoo (my saali's husband) left for another country for some business and asked me to bring his wife (my saali) along with me & my wife to the marriage in the other city of UK, as he would come directly to the marriage from his business trip.

Two days after that, I was alone in the house with my saali. After breakfast, I went to the upper floor to check my mail on the Internet, while my saali was on the ground floor. After some time, I realised that my saali was alone downstairs and I closed the computer and went downstairs, where my saali had the TV on, but was looking very sad & unconnected to the TV.

I enquired as to why she was looking so sad & dejected (as she is normally a very jovial young lady) to which she just looked up at me but did not say anything. I then went near her and put the same question to her again, to which she replied by saying that she was missing her man. I told her very casually that she need not worry as I was also a man and was there for her.

She kept quiet. I told her that if she wanted anything, I was there for her, to which she retorted that ' but I was not her man.' I told her that if she wanted I could be her man, to which she seemed pleasantly surprised and exclaimed as to how I could be her man, because she could not do to me what she could to her man & that I could not do to her what her man could do to her.

I told her that she was wrong, as she could do to me what she does to her man & that I could do to her what probably even her man did not do to her. She retorted, ' Jijaji, please don't play with my emotions.' I told her that I was not playing with her emotions, really & truly and that she could do to me what she could do to her man. And that I was there for her, always & anywhere.

I then held her face in my hands and made her look straight into my eyes and nodded my head, as if in a promise. She stared straight & deeply into my eyes and asked whether it would be OK & what about behanji. I replied that she need not worry about that as whatever she would do to me, or rather whatever we two did to each other,

would be just between her & me and will in no way effect my love for her behanji. Then what, as if on a cue & having been assured, she stood up and embraced me as tight as she could. I too put my arms around her and embraced her as tight as I could and planted a kiss on her forehead & cheeks.

Not being satisfied with that she closed her eyes and pouted her lips, signalling me to kiss her on the lips. I put my lips on her lips gently and kissed her and she very nearly bit my lips, put her tongue in my mouth and we kissed & smooched for at least about 15 minutes. All of a sudden she put her right hand on my penis, which was in my trouser & underwear,

& pressed it hard and moving away her face, exclaimed, ' this is what I am missing most of my man', to which I said, ' you can have mine now.' And she started to undo the zip to my trousers, thrust her hand in, pulled my, by now watering, cock from my underwear and stared at it so hard, as if she would bite it. I was getting aroused & my cock was dripping wet.

She masturbated it so nicely that it became erect in no time and then she went down on her knees and took my erect cock in her mouth. She sucked & sucked, moving it in & out, while pressing my balls. I was on fire and probably she was too. When I was about to release, I told her to stop but she did not.

Rather she told me to please go ahead as she would love it and would swallow all my cum. I had no option but to oblige her. And she indeed swallowed all my cum. ' You very pleasantly surprised me dear saali!', was all that I could exclaim. ' It was indeed very encouraging & wonderful, but by swallowing my cum what if you get pregnant, dear?'

She said that was no worry for she knew that one does not become pregnant by swallowing cum for sure, moreover that she was past that stage of becoming pregnant and that she also knew that my cum too will not make any woman pregnant. I ventured ' you have been very daring to do that, now I shall show you how daring & adventurous I am'.

' How is that my dear Jiju?', she enquired. ' Well, let's go upstairs to the bedroom and I shall show you', I said. ' Please take me upstairs my lovely jiju, I would love to see your punk', she said. I then carried her in my arms up the stairs, all the while she clung to me and hugged & kissed me, ever so passionately.

Once in the bedroom, I stood her on the ground and hugged & kissed her so much, that she was as if in a swoon. ' OK, baby, you asked for it, now I am going to give you so much excitement & pleasure that you will ask for more & more.' I started to remove her clothes with my hands and asked her not to interfere as it was my privilege & pleasure to do it.

I removed her top, admired her in her beautiful bra for some time and slowly removed her bra, all the time feeling her size 36C boobs. Then I removed my shirt and pressed her boobs on my chest, she joined me in embracing me hard and kissing & smooching me as a woman possessed.

Then I put my lips to one of her nipples, very gently and is exclaimed, 'Oooo', while pressing her other nipple & boob. I repeated this with the other nipple & boob and again she exclaimed, 'Ooo wah'. And then I pressed both the boobs together & sucked both the nipples together and now she exclaimed, ' O you lovely jiju, you are wonderful, suck my boobs hard, pleeease'.

I held one boob in both my hands and sucked it as hard as I could, while rubbing my tongue on the nipple and repeated the same with the other boob. She was gasping & pleading for more and said, ' suck me you sucker, I want your prick in my choot, come on fuck me you fucker.' and she grabbed my cock, which was out in the open as she had sucked it

& pulled it towards her choot (which was still in her jeans & probably a panty). Moving my mouth away from her boobs I told her to take it easy and that I would fuck her indeed as much & as hard as she wanted me to, but I had a surprise for her. With that I removed her jeans & yes her fancy panty and had her completely naked before me.

What a lovely figure & body she had. I then removed my pant & underwear. And we both were completely naked, face to face. We pressed our naked bodies against each other's, kissed & smooched and kissed & smooched. ' Well, what is the surprise you have for me, my lover?' In reply I started rubbing her gaand with my hands & put a finger near her arsehole,

put my spit on it and slowly shoved it in. She cried, ' Oee, that hurt, but I'm liking it, please continue.' I moved my finger in & out, all the while kissing her passionately. Then, I put my mouth to her gaand & she retorted, ' that's dirty dear, but if you don't mind, why should I, as I am enjoying it.'

I put my tongue on her arsehole & licked it.Then I put my wet prick on her gaand & rubbed it up & down. I took some coconut oil on my finger & applied it to her hole. She asked me as to what I was going to do. ' I'm going to put my prick in your arsehole, darling.' It will hurt, won't it dear?' she asked.

Maybe a little when I insert my prick, but I have applied coconut oil to smoothen the entry'. OK, go ahead my lovely jeeejoo'. And I thrust it in. She felt some initial pain, but once it was in she seemed to enjoy it as she said that it felt nice and I could pump her & leave my cum inside. I pumped her hard & left my cum inside her arsehole.

Putt, putt, putt.... it all came out with a splatter when I removed my prick from her hole. ' Well, this was a trailer, I'm coming to my surprise', I said. ' Please hurry I can't wait', she said. I started kissing, licking & sucking her from her forehead, to her cheeks, lips, throat, arms, fingers, stomach, boobs, navel, neck, back, gaand, pubic hair, choot, thighs(front & rear),

knees, calves, feet & toes. I sucked her body parts so hard that there were red marks at many places. On seeing the red marks, she asked as to what had I done. What would she tell her husband when he saw those marks. I told her that if she observed, I had left the marks only on those parts of her body, which are covered by her clothes.

She said that her husband would see them when she would be naked with him for fucking. I told her that of course she would go naked before him for fucking, but would have to see that the lights were off at night or it was dark during the day. I reminded that these marks would fade away in a few days and would be a reminder to her of my love- making till then.

I put my face near her choot & licked her pubic hair & her choot. I then lay her on the bed, parted her legs & put my tongue on her choot, gently moving it from side to side, a little in & out, and thrust it in and she shouted, ' O my God, jiju, you are great, you mother sucker, come on suck me more, come darling, suck me hard,

you suckkker..' and when I licked & sucked her clitoris she had her orgasm and her cum was all over my face. I looked up and showed her my face and she licked my face and I licked her mouth, that had licked my face with all her cum. She asked me as to when I was going to put my lovely prick in her choot.

She took my prick in her hands to put it in her choot and exclaimed that it had become small & thin. I told her not to worry, to just move it up & down, which will make it big and to squeeze & release it, which will make it fat. She did so and in to time my prick was big & fat. I rubbed it on the lips of her choot & then thrust it in. ' Fuck me hard & fast and long, you son of a gun.'

With these words from her, I gradually increased the speed & simultaneously sucked her boobs and she was, ' loveeely, pump me more, you fucker, Oh yea, more, more, mooore. Fuck me hard you lovely jijoo. More my lover, more, more, moooree'. with that she had her orgasm again. With all her hot cum inside her choot & all over my prick, I too had my orgasm.

It felt as if I was in heaven and so did she. And we lay there for quite some time, enjoying the excitement, ecstasy & sheer joy of fucking. After, maybe about 25 minutes or so, she asked whether we should get up. I said, ' just you wait my dear dear saali, here too I have a surprise for you '.

I slowly removed my prick from her choot and quickly put my mouth to it, licking all the cum, which was both hers & mine, with my tongue, showed it to her and swallowed it. There was so much cum that it took me at least 4 times to lick it all & swallow it. On the 4th occasion she said, ' please give me some too'. And I did. She too swallowed it & smacked her lips.

'That was nice & hot & juicy', she said. All the cum was indeed nice, hot & juicy. After having licked & swallowed all the cum, she enquired as to what next. I told her that I was going to give her my last surprise. I again carried her in my arms to the bathroom and cleaned & washed every part of her naked body, rubbing it ever so gently, so as to enjoy the feel of her beautiful body more.

She in turn bathed me. We then wiped each other dry and gave a tight kiss & hug to each other. I then dressed her up, just the way I had undressed her. She said, ' my very very dear jijaji, you have made my day, I have enjoyed every moment of it. You have excelled my expectations.

I knew you were very hot & sexy, which I could see in your eyes, every time you looked at me. Yes, some things we did were just fantastic, like my taking your cum in my mouth & swallowing it, your licking my arsehole, your fucking me in my arsehole & leaking you cum inside, your taking my cum in your mouth & swallowing it,

your bathing me and of course your removing my clothes with your hands. I really really enjoyed everything. I am indeed very very thankful to you for giving me so much pleasure. Jijoo you are too good. You know how to please a woman. I love you and hope this is not our first & last encounter. I love you my dear dear dear jijaji'

'Those were very nice & flattering words coming from a woman like you, my very dear saali', I retorted. ' It was indeed my pleasure & privilege to have made love to you, and I too enjoyed everything we did, believe me. It was a wonderful experience and I assure you this is not going to be our first & last.

Whenever you want me, I shall come to you and make love to you & have sex with you, just like we did now', I assured her. I reminded her of when I tried to seduce her in the early years of my marriage. She said that she still clearly remembered the day I took her all the way to town in my car for the very long movie - Mera Naam Joker, which had 2 intervals.

That I was touching her, putting my arm around her shoulders, pulling her towards me, but did not dare anything more. Also the time when I made her sleep with me in a seperate room, while Behanji, my kids & her younger brother slept in another room, when we went for a holiday to a hill station. That I lay there with her, taking her in my arms, but again did not dare anything else.

Also that when she looked back to those days and compared them with today, what a totally different man I was, very daring, adventurous & a great man to be loved by & have sex with. I added,' they say "saali, adhi gharwali", but today my saali was like a "puri gharwali" to me. I have really really relished every moment with you today & today's memories shall linger in my mind & heart for a long long time indeed.'

She ventured, ' I too shall forever remember today, my deeaar Jijoo. I am in love with you and consider it my pleasure & privilege to have loved you & had sex with you. You are truly a wondeerfullly satisfying man.' ' Thanks my love, you too are a wonderful, full-bodied, hot & sexy and a very very satisfying woman.'

During the wedding too, we never missed any oportunity to touch each other and flirt to remind us of our love-making. On 2 occasions we had the chance to have quick-fucks, besides having many chances to kiss & hug. It seemed that our love for each other was mutual, in spite of our respective spouses.

May our love be everlasting. I love my 'saali' very much indeed. This event happened in the recent past, as such it is still very fresh in my mind. I think about it every day and relish it very much.

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Posted by jojo
on: July 18, 2009 2:06 PM | Reply

great story you had fucked your sister in law in a very fantacy manner. i had a same ecprance in my late 20ty i was flying in the air during that time.

Posted, in reply to jojo's comment, by
on: July 20, 2009 7:14 AM | Reply

How are you Jojo? What happened to your lovely saali. Do you 2 still meet & make love. Carry on. Best of luck.

Posted by zen1975
on: July 20, 2009 8:15 AM | Reply

keep it up teri salli ke saat jub to rahega teri biwi doosre ke saat rahagi

Posted by
on: July 20, 2009 8:55 AM | Reply

Kya haramipan hai yar sali ko just keeding u did a great job

Posted, in reply to zen1975's comment, by
on: July 21, 2009 4:03 PM | Reply

Excuse me zen1975, there are no plans to do what you are thinking. I love my wife too much. But, being a fucker, I fucked my saali and we will keep making love to each other till time stops.

Posted, in reply to 's comment, by
on: July 21, 2009 4:05 PM | Reply

Why have you not posted as to who you are. Afraid? Jealous?

Posted by waswas9
on: August 21, 2009 10:05 PM | Reply

tera sadu bhi teri biwi ko aise hi chode ga aur teri biwi ko bhi bahut maja lagega, fir tereko kaisa lagega? behan chod.

Posted, in reply to waswas9's comment, by
on: September 10, 2009 11:44 AM | Reply

You are jealous I'm sure. You should not be bothering about me, my wife, my saali & my sadu. Worry about youself. OK.

Posted by tani
on: October 6, 2009 5:19 PM | Reply

yes.. ur wife must be out waiting for sm fucker too.. she must be enjoying a hell wit him.. but ur wife also loves u.. dont worry.. :) enjoy..

Posted by anil
on: October 18, 2009 9:29 PM | Reply

teri ma kitne chudidhar bhi tere mosi kae laand sae fata hoga motherchod social life bhi kuch hota hai apne behen Koi choda kitne nahi

Posted, in reply to tani's comment, by
on: October 26, 2009 1:53 PM | Reply

My wife is sincere to me ONLY. I am THE FUCKER. If girls want & allow, then WHY NOT.

yaar band karo aise stories banana...relationship ka tum logon ne dhajiya udadiya!!!

Posted by at0z
on: March 22, 2010 1:16 PM | Reply

kaash meri bhi aisi saali hoti

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