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Friends fucking hot maid

I have a friend who is about aged about 45 who occasionally meet me over a drink in the evenings and he is pretty open with me in all his personal things, he is married and has 2 daughters, on one of the occasions he mentioned that he hadnt had sex with his wife for almost 3 yrs and he he regularly masterbate while having bath and wants to fuck someone,

and I immediately reminded him of the girl servant who is there at his house, who is from the native place udupi, but he accepted of not knowing how to intiate sex with her and asked me to help him.

this girl is around 24 married and husband had left her, so to earn a living came to city and was working, she is about 5 ft medium built and wheatish complexion and having medium size breast. so it was couple of months back before the school could reopen his family went to native place and my friend did not accompany them coz of his work,

so one weekend we preapared to make a move on her..I went to his house around 6 pm she came and opened the door her name is radha, I aksed abt her wellness and went inside and sat down, while my friend fixed a drink and came out to chat with me, on the pretext of getting some snacks he left me to her

and went out saying after I call him on his cellphone he will return, in the pretext of offering her also some soft drink my friend mixed little vodka and gave it to her. on the tv fashion cahnnel was going on and it was all about lingeries, and I called her to talk to me, so for a while she was standing and I called her to sit next to me,

she said how can I sit I am only a servant for which I told when his family is not there if you are like a friend my friend will be happy and will be happy to get you new things and forced to accept and sit next to me, as she sat I put my hands on the shoulders and was watching tv,

as the time passed my hand slightly went down near her boobs for which she didnt react and I knew she is liking it, I kept wtaching tv and kept massaging her breasts, to make the next move with my right hand I caught her right hand and guided tomy crotch where my cock was rock hard,she didnt do anyhting so I told her to hold it,

wow what a grip she took on my cock and asked her to give both of us fun, her silence was the go ahead answer for me, I called my friend to come back and withing few minutes he came. as soon as he came she went inside and he also sat on the sofa and I called out to her, I had dimmed all the lights to get the right mood,

when she came I called her to sit between us and I told my friend radha will be a good friend for both of us, and I put my hands on her shoulder and my friend never wasted a second, he started to kiss her and lip locked with her and his hands caught one breast where as I wass fondling with the otherone, it went on for a while and I pulled the saree pallo

to a side and unbuttoned her blouse to see her firm breasts with erect nipples, I started to suck one and my friend joined sucking the other one and his hands went lifting her saree up and reaching her pussy, at this time he couldnt control, he got up and took her hand and took her straight to bed room and I could see him stripping her saree and he made her nude in fraction of a minute.

it was a loive show for me as soon she slept on the bed he went straight for her pussy sucking, it was like getting water in the middle of desert his slurping and sucking of pussy I could hear it out, she was tossing this side to that side with pleasure, at this point I could see him crawl over her and with one hard bang shoved his cock in

to her for her I could her her scream ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, he was desperate to hear all this right from the time he went inside her he pounded her pussy like a machine, I could hear the cot squeak to his motion, he hardly must have banged about 20 strokes he came with a bang ejaculating his sperms into her and lay tired on her for a while,

all along his strokes I could hear him mur mur its loveley, its lovely. he got up wrapped a towel and came out and she ran to toilet for a wash, he came and gave a hug for making things work and told dost its ur turn now, I sipped my whisky and went inside by the time she came out of toilet fully nude,

she indeed had a very good figure and a broad ass to take my cock pounding her, she sat at the edge of the bed and looked me getting undressed and eyes broadened to see my thick cock, my cock was lined straight to her face and I rubbed my cock to her chin and neck and slowly brought to her lips,

and she moved away so I caught her head with both my hands and pushed my cock on her lips and within few seconds she opened her mouth and my cock went straight to her throat and she got gagged for while and I realeased the pressure and in slow pace fucked in her mouth and she began to enjoy the cock and also the taste of my precum,

I could see my cock shine with all her saliva on it, and I could see my friend also looking into my action and he had dropped his towel down and was standing nude. After a while I pushed her on bed and went on her and rubbed my cock head on her vagina and could feel her getting wet and I started to mount her slowly as my cock is thick,

it took several minutes before I could feel the depth of her pussy, once inside her I put her legs onto my shoulders and started fucking at a slow pace and gathered speed, I was fucking so hard I could feel my balls banging her pussy and the sounds that were coming coz of her wetness were mind boggling and I could feel her having such heavy orgasms

as her pussy was tightening over my cock, as I was really peaking my friend came and joined the action, he slept next to her sucking her nipples and made her hold his cock, with full force I could feel my cum getting loaded to her pussy in almost 5 strong jerks, I stayed in that position I could feel my cock still throbbing in her pussy

and that smile of satisfaction with heavy breathing on radhas face, next what happened was beyond imagination, as soon as I pulled my cock out of her pussy my friend dived to her pussy with his toung he started to taste my cum and took my cum into his mouth and gave kiss to radha and made her taste my cum,

again went down and literally cleaned her pussy with his toung and he mouted his cock into her, and this time he was like a animal he pounded her and she was having oragasm one after the another was screaming with ecstasy, and it went on for few minutes before he shot his load of cum into her,

and lay on top of her till he got his breath back and we sandwiched her between us and lay for a while and all the three went to wash room and had shower and went to my house and came to know the next day from my friend that he had fucked her again 3 times in the night as his family was coming the next day.

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Fucking older woman while mobile recharge

Hi readers, I am a big fan of this site and love reading all the experience of the people,I would like to share my first experience with an married women, I am 26 years old guy,I have done my graduation and worked in few places but where ever I work I get kicked off in a month or two,I use to just roam about and my mom use to shout me,

then finally my mom and dad told me to open a mobile shop,so I am having a mobile shop from last 2 months in mumbai and my shop is the only shop of mobile on our road and all the colony and complex near my shop come to buy a Voucher and recharge to my shop.there was a very beautiful lady living excatly opposite my shop,

She is nearly 35 Years old,very beautiful,tall and a very shy kind.She normally use to come to buy Airtel recharge to my shop and I use to ask customer to write there mobile no on the register then I use to do easy recharge with my Main demo mobile.she normally use to ask me to recharge for Rs 100 recharge and I use to do it.

Once when I was very busy in shop she came and told me to do recharge I took her money and told her that I will be doing her recharge in 10 min and she left as she knows that I do that normally when I am busy.after wards when I did the recharge I did a recharge of Rs 1000 instead of Rs 100 and later on in evening I came to know that,

I called on that no and told her about that mistake,she told its fine as she will pay me and next day I was waiting for her but she never came I called her again she told that she was not well and was not able to come,I just asked her what happen and began a normal talk and she told me about her problem and later on I told her to go to a good doctor

and gave her the address of the doctor and this way we started the conversation later on again in evening I called her to ask for her health and started to talk to her.then we became very frank and we spoke for good two hours and she told me every thing about her life,she was married for 4 years and her husband left her,she has 1 kid and her husband comes

once in a week to see his son as they are not divorced yet and rest of the time she is alone in house.i was feeling sorry for her and I told her that give me call if she need me for any help. We use to talk every day as we got a habit to speak to each other as our day would not go well if we don’t speak.

One day while talking in after noon I just told her that I got headace and feeling like having tea but there is no one available around to sit in my shop so that I can go home and have tea,she told me not to worry as she will bring the tea,soon in like 10 min time she came to my shop with tea and that time I saw her she was well dressed and was looking awsome,

she had done some make up and was wearing a red salwar kameez,she left as she saw some customer in my shop,but all that day she was in my mind than later on when I closed my shop at 9.00pm I went to her house to gave the empty cup,I pressed the bell,she was wearing the same salwar kameez and she told me to come in,

well I for got to mention that her name is Aalia (name changed).i went inside and sat there her kid was sleeping inside.she told me to sit and shewent inside the kitchen to make some tea.when she came back we started to talk.it was 11.00pm,my mom was calling me to ask that why is so late today,

but then I told my mom that I am at my friends place and will come afer a while.AAlia forced me to sit as she was enjoying all my jokes and talks,as she knows that I keep things private and don’t share or tell any thing about her to my friends,all this time she was sitting next to me on a single sofa,

then I told her that I wish I was your husband and I would have never left her,she told why is that,I told her coz she is beautiful woman I have seen ever,she just pressed my left hand and said stop flirting,as soon as she pressed my hands and moved her hands away I went closed to her and took her hand again in my hand and started talking to her,

now I was very close to her and I kept my left hand around her shoulder and smell her around her neck,she tried to move away but there was no space on the other side.than I kissed her on her neck and was shivering and her breathing has gone heavy,I than kissed on her lips on which she responded and we were kissing for next 20 mins,

while kissing I kept my left hand on her right boob and was pressing them,than I went on her neck and kissed her there,she was moaning like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm than I pulled her down on the floor and started kissing her and slowly troed to pick her kameez,she told me to stop and toldme to take her kameez off.

i took her kameez and now she was in her black bra.and requested her to take her bra off which she did after making some excuse.i started licking her nipple very softly and was piching and rolling the other nipple with my other hand.she was high up in sky and was enjoying my sucking.while sucking those nipples

I tried to put my hands in side her salwar and touched her pussy lips they were very wet and I started to put finger in her vagina as soon as I started this she took her hands in my pant and started fondleing with my cock.after a while I went bit below her boobs and started kissing her stomach and while kissing her stomach I was rolling her both nipples with my both hands

as I went below her stomach she started saying please lick me,I have never done this job before but still I went ahead pulled her salwar and panty,as soon I went to kiss her pussy lips she started moaning more loudly and was moaninglike ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it feel so nice ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I like it please move your tounge and while licking her pussy

I was still pressing her boobs,she took my hand from her boobs and took in her mouth and started licking my finger and I was enjoying licking her pussy and she was like moving her body as she was not able to take all those fun and she did not had sex from last 2 years. I was moving my tounge between her both lips and inside her vagina she was

shouting and pushing my head inside her vagina and moaning like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aur chaatoooooooo aur tounge move karooooo maza aa gayaaa abhoot mazaa aata hai.i kept licking till 20mins and now she was about to cum,after a while she told me to move but I was dipping my mouth more inside and she said she

is going to cum than she pulled my head up and started kissing my lips and she came at the same time.my dick was still hard and I told her to let me put my cock in side her on which she refused,but I assured her that I will pull it out at the time of cumming on which she agreed and I planted my 6”cock inside her she was enjoying

and telling me to do more hardly and moaning aur zor se karoooooooooooooo aur zor se karoooooooooooooooo aur daloooooooooooooooo andar after 5mins I came inside her as I forgot to pull it out and even she did not said anything.

i was on top of her for more 10min and then I got up.i helped her to put her clothes on and and hugged her and left home as my mom has started calling on my mobile again.i kept fucking her for 1 more week and than we stopped coz she moved to USA to her sister.

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Sabeeha fucked by Ashok

Hi! I am nadia. I am 19 years old. I have a friend Anjali. One day she told me that her parents are going to their village. So she want my company as her was staying in her house with her only brother. She ask permission to with my parent. So I went to her house. Anjali have a elder brother Ashok.. He is 23 years old. I feel that Ashok is very happy. The next night Ashok brings cold drinks for us.

We drunks our cold drinks and starts watching TV. After some time Anjali told me that she is going to sleep. For some time Ashok and I watch TV and then I saw that Ashok has gone to his room without watching TV. And I became curious why he did so. After drinking the cold drink I was feeling hot.

(Later I came to know he has mixed some sleeping pills in Anjali's drink and some stimulator in my drink) Then I went to Ashok's room and slowly opened the door and started peeping inside. I found Ashok masturbating his jumbo-sized cock. I kept on seeing him. I don't know what makes me to stop there. Definitely it was Ashok's dick.

There is something happening with my body. My BP and also my erotic desire aroused a lot after seeing Ashok's huge dick. Suddenly I felt my heartbeats irregular and I tighten up my thighs, while looking at his gigantic dick. I become misbalance and tries to gain the balance but my bangles rang and Ashok stood up while seeing at me.

Then he slowly stepping towards me and came close to me. Now he can easily judge my condition and he whispered me " come inside Sabeeha" and soon he placed his arm around my waist and pushed me inside. I hesitatingly walked inside while looking at my feet with shyness. Ashok then bolted the door and smilingly he slapped my ass and said

"Sabeeha don't worry, no body will not be able to know what happened between you and me. (He hugged me and started kissing my neck, face and lips and his hands are on my ass and his fingers are inside my butts) Sabeeha you are the prettiest and hottest girl I have ever met. Sabeeha your tits and ass is also very pretty and soft". I can't stop Ashok by doing all this.

I wanted to stop him but he is very nasty at that moment. Ashok hold my right ass butt in his hand and guided me to his bed. There he asked me " Sabeeha sit down, I know that you are nervous right now, please don't worry, we shall become good friends after this beautiful meeting" then I said "Ashok please!

Don't do anything to me which is wrong in words of society, and I don't want to have an illicit relations" Ashok replied " Sabeeha don't worry Jaan! (He sat besides me on the bed and placed his hand on my shoulder and pulled me towards his thickly haired chest, and he was completely nude at that time and it was pretty difficult for me to control my sexual desires,

because the man sitting besides me is nude and having a gorgeous dick, so I placed my head on Ashok's shoulder and this was the sign which I gave him that I direly in need of a throbbing fuck). And I think he understands my position and he placed his hand on my thighs and also his fingers are trying to enter in between my thighs.

I didn't say anything to him when his fingers reached the most effective area of the woman 'her clit'. Ashok's fingers are doing magic with my clit. I started losing my control and said "Ashok please! Don't do it, please let me go" Ashok kept on playing with my clit. No sooner I laid opens on the bed and loosen my thighs so that Ashok's fingers keep on teasing my clit

because this is very enjoyable time. Ashok started kissing and licking my neck and now I am totally under the control of my partner. Ashok placed his lips on my lips and pushed his tongue in my mouth so his juicy saliva is straight coming to my mouth. When he completely satisfies that I will not go anywhere, he got up and said " Sabeeha got up and put off your clothes".

I extended my hand towards Ashok and he holds it and pulls me up. I got up and pulled off my qameez. Ashok came from back and started licking and kissing my waist. His one hand entered in between my thighs from the front and other started pressing my breast. I kept him doing this and pulled down my shalwar.

While putting off my shalwar I bent down and when I got up Ashok's lovely dick stuck up in my ass. I pressed my ass so that I can enjoy his dick and Ashok started jerking my ass. Then Ashok unhooks my bra and holds my breasts in his hands and said "Sabeeha you have very good pair of breasts and I think your husband will be the luckiest that he has a woman

like you to fuck and now I think that I am more lucky than him because you are going to fuck by me". Then he started sucking my nipples. Then I lay down the bed and waiting for Ashok's loving dick to fuck and tear off my pussy. Then Ashok sits in between my thighs and spread his saliva on my pussy with his fingers and also put some of saliva on his cock's big head.

Then Ashok wide opens my legs and make an ample space for his dick on my vaginal opening. Ashok pressed his cock in my pussy. OOH! God! please! Ashok easy, AAOUCH! I'll die, Ashok your cock is too big for me, please easy and slowly. Ashok was a real cool-fucker; he holds my face in his hands and started kissing my lips.

My mouth was filled with Ashok's juicy saliva and he keeps on building pressure on his cock and it was slipping inch by inch in my soft pussy. Ashok's cock is just like a hard iron's rod and I can bet that by his first push my soft vaginal walls started bleeding. My bf's dick is smaller than Ashok's dick.

And Ashok's dick was uncircumcised so it is very thick from middle due to lot of flesh on it. Ashok keeps building the pressure on my pussy and his cock was penetrating in my pussy inch by inch. When his whole cock penetrates deep inside my vagina I hold his waist and my eyes were tightly closed.

Ashok whispers in passion "Ashok you are really a tight and hot bitch". Then I hold his face in my hands and kissed his lips and replied in a whisper "Ashok My Jaan your dick is so hard for my soft pussy that I can't be able to bear your brutal jerks, please jerk modestly to your Sabeeha's pussy". Ashok replied "I'll fuck you like a whore!

Sabeeha, you fucking bitch today you will forget your pimp bf". He started pushing his dick heavily in and out of my pussy regardless of my painful moan. Then he took my legs on his shoulders and fucking me like anything. I started moaning heavily and enjoying his cock. Then Ashok pulled back my thighs and touched them to my breasts and keeps

his fast brutal thrusts on my pussy. He fucked me for more than 20 long and painful minutes. Ashok ejaculates his hot and viscid sperms deep inside my vagina. In this fuck I ejaculated for three times. Ashok has really a gorgeous dick.

I always remember this fuck when I was in mood. And I always have fun with Ashok dick. Now his dick is my property and I usually give Ashok good blowjob and he loves to fill my mouth with his sticky, hot and salty semen.

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Priya cheating on her fiance

On her way home, Priya decided to pick up dinner and a bottle of wine to enjoy a quite night alone since her fiance was out of town for business. She changed into her silk tank top and silk shorts and sat down in front of the TV with her dinner and drink. As she flipped through the channels, she came to see that her favorite movie was on and as she watched, she missed her fiance.

The phone started to ring. She jumped to the thought that it was her fiance but it wasn’t. It was her friend Raj. Priya and Raj had been friends since college, and although everyone thought they would eventually end up together, Priya and Raj always saw each other almost as best friends and nothing more.

They shared everything about their lives to each other and were each others’ confidantes. He sounded hurt and was rambling. Raj was having relationship problems with his girlfriend and had been trying to break-up with her for a while and finally he had caught her cheating. He was confused because he still loved her. Priya told him to come over and they would talk about it.

After they hung up, Priya ordered Raj’s favorite pizza from the corner restaurant so that by the time he would be over, there would be hot pizza waiting for him because she knew that he probably hadn’t eaten anything. She didn’t bother to change and just put her silk robe on because it was only Raj that was coming over.

She almost finished three-quarters of the wine bottle, the pizza had already arrived and still there was no sign of Raj. She already started to feel slightly tipsy and the bell rang. He walked in looking all distraught with two more bottles of wine, sat down opening the pizza box and started gorging on the pizza slice. She knew she had to wait for him to start spilling.

He already finished three slices of pizza and downed the rest of the opened wine bottle and started to drink straight and finished it. She just watched him as he opened the third bottle and poured a glass for each. He finally relaxed on the couch. She noticed he was wearing a pair of shorts, t-shirt and sandals,

which meant that he was probably at the gym and when he went home, he caught her then. He just got up then took his t-shirt off and said, “I'm feeling really hot, can you give me a towel, I want to take a shower.” As she gave him a towel, he took off his shirt and for the first time she noticed what a sexy and lean body he had, with 6-pack abs.

For once she thought of him differently and got a little aroused. She tried to get that image out of her mind because she was already engaged and she probably thought of it because she was missing her fiance. At that very moment, her fiance called and she told him about Raj’s situation.

She told her fiance how much she was missing him and was smiling at her fiance’s naughty words but when she saw Raj standing behind her, she hung up the phone. She didn’t want him to feel bad because of his troubled relationship. When she turned around she couldn’t help notice his body with steam dripping down his body to the towel wrapped around his waist.

She felt really thirsty and drank her glass of wine. They both sat on the couch. Raj was still wrapped in the towel and she sat quietly, aroused by his almost naked body. They watched the movie like old times, she in his arms. “You smell soo good, Priya” Raj said and started caressing her arm. He sniffed her neck. She smacked his thigh and told him to stop it.

He didn’t. Instead he started kissing her neck. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his wet kisses on her neck as he undid her robe. As he started to caress her breasts she stopped and realized what was happening. “We can’t do this Raj! You’re hurting and well I'm engaged.” He pulled her closer,

“I know but I’ve wanted you from the day we first met, and even though we decided we’d be friends, I can’t stop thinking of making love to you.” She knew he was telling the truth because alcohol always gets him to say the truth and well his hands all over her body got her all confused.

She knew she had to stop but was soo aroused that she couldn’t stop herself from letting him have her. When he kissed her again, at first, she neglected but then something came over her and kissed him back deeply. He kissed her chin, around her neck, her shoulder as he slid of her tank top straps to the side.

He pulled down her tank top and started kissing her left nipple. He flicked it with his tongue really fast to make it harder and started sucking on it deep. His left hand moved to her right breast and cupped it as he continued to suck her other breast. He switched and started to suck her right breast even more rigorously.

He squeezed both her breasts together and licked both nipples left to right, sticking his tongue in between them and tongue fucking her breasts. She lightly moaned and reached for the towel that he was wrapped in. She opened the knot and saw a gorgeous cock slightly hard. She’d never saw this side of her friend and couldn’t wait to touch his shaft.

She grabbed his cock and started to stroke it and pull on it. Raj kissed her lips and pulled on tank to take off. They continued to kiss deeply and laid down on the couch. His hand reach down to her shorts. He slid his hand in and started massaging on top of her thong. He moved her thong to the side and pinched her clit.

He suckled on her breast as he continued to rub her pussy. He then kissed her lower, tracing his kisses to her navel area, sliding down her shorts. He kissed her pussy on top of her thong. Kissed her thighs and licked her pussy sides. He then moved her thong to the side and started kissing her pussy lips. He sucked on them lightly and then slowly increasing the pressure.

He traced his tongue all over her pussy, up and down, around her clit in circles. He inserted his tongue inside her pussy and tongue fucked her and she moaned, “Oh yeahhh, right there, harder, baby harder!!” He slid his index finger in her mouth so she could lick it. He took that wet finger and slid it inside her pussy. She was in total ecstasy; biting into her lips.

Her wet juices were flowing all over his mouth. She massaged his head as he continued to eat her. As he ate her, she was inching for his hard cock. She tried to get up and reached for his cock but he was pressed on her. She then whispered to him how much she wanted his cock in her mouth.

He sat up and she started kissing his abs, licking them all over slowly moving lower. She kissed his hip bone and blew on them which drove him insane. She kissed around his cock and licked it all up to the tip. She circled her tongue on his cock tip and started to give wet smooches and sucked just his cock tip. She used her teeth to pull on it.

When she heard his light moans she went deeper on his cock. Starting off slow, she slowly increased her pace. She grabbed his cock with both hands and jerked it as she sucked him, twisting around. She licked down to his balls and circled her tongue on each ball. Taking them in her mouth, she sucked on them hard, slightly pinching them in her mouth.

She did not stop jerking him as she sucked his balls. She then licked his cock up, pressing it on her tongue. She took him in her mouth again. In and out she went with his moans getting louder. He fingered her pussy as she sucked him maintaining the same pace. They couldn’t take the tease anymore so he led her to sit on his cock giving him a pretty view of her

38D tits jiggling on his face as they fucked each other….. “Ohh…mmmm….this feels soo good” “oh yeah baby right there, harder…fuck me harder, shove that cock in me!” “Oh yeahh….who knew you’d be soo good!!” They fucked each other soo hard, gyrating her hips on him so he could feel every inch of her pussy on his cock.

They were at each other fucking away hard and fast. He picked her up with his cock still inside him and laid her on the floor, resting her legs on his shoulders. He pounded inside her, making slapping noises with his cock. He squeezed her tits as he fucked her. He bent down to suck them but didn’t stop his thrusts. He slid his cock out and turned her over.

He spread her legs and slid his cock in her pussy fucking her doggy style. He grabbed her ass and squeezed it as he forced in her. Both their moans got louder. He then pulled her back and kissed her lips, massaging her tits and sliding hands down her body to her clit and rubbing it while they rock together.

His touch on her clit tingled her and forced her to cum so loudly, she hadn’t cum like this ever. Her loud orgasm got him tight and was ready to cum too…He took his cock out and squirted all over her stomach and fell on top of her. They kissed deeply and decided to keep yet another secret of the many they already shared.

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Sweetie fucked by Rocky

I am married to the smartest and sexiest woman in the world. Shortly after we were married, a short term job assignment took me to resort island. Sweetie joined me six months later, after graduating from college.

The day she arrived, she said that after years of studying and work, she was ready for “the summer of my life.” Near our apartment was a beach that didn’t have too many tourists. When I was at work she’d hang out there in her thong, n play in sea water or has sun bath.

It didn’t take long before a surfing instructor took notice and asked her out. She declined politely, but there was a strong physical attraction. I told her that I liked the idea of her seeing Rocky and that taking a lover fit in with the summer-of-her-life them. A few weeks later I left town on business.

As I walked out the door I kissed her passionately and suggested that she spend sometime on the beach taking surfing lessons. She was obviously intrigued, but not quite sold. My trip went quickly as I hoped that my wife would take that leap and show Rocky what a tigress she can be in bed. I arrived home at the crack of dawn a day early.

I tiptoed into the bedroom hoping to find them in the middle of a “surfing lesson.” Sweetie was alone and very happy to see me. We made passionate love until the sun was high. As we lay in a tangle on the bed, she told me she had a date with Rocky that afternoon. To her delight, I was instantly aroused.

She also told me that when she agreed to the date, she let Rocky know that he would probably end up frustrated. I didn’t want to pressure her, so I told her to just go have fun and to do whatever felt right. That afternoon I watched her shave her legs and her beautiful pussy in the shower. I dried her off and helped her get dressed so she would look perfect for Rocky.

I manicured her fingers and painted her nails myself and put a little makeup too. I kissed her good bye and crossed my fingers that she would make him her lover. The day passed slowly, with thoughts of my wife’s wrapped around the surfer, his tool buried in her as he filled her with his seed.

I didn’t expect to see her until next morning, so I spent the evening with friends at a bar on the beach. When I got home I found Sweetie stretched out on our bed, naked in the moonlight. I knelt beside her and asked if Rocky was frustrated. She replied that he was very satisfied!

I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately for a long time. She obviously wanted more, so I worked my way down her body, kissing, nibbling and licking every inch of her smooth skin. When I got to her sweet pussy, she was already dripping wet, infact flowing wet. I explored her every fold with my tongue as she moaned quietly, pushing her snatch into my face.

As I tongued her, I couldn’t help but wonder how many times Rocky had filled her with his semen. She had never tasted so good. I slipped a finger into her snatch and rubbed her G-spot. She squirmed and said she wasn’t up to that, so I went back to gently sucking her clit and teasing her ass with the tip of my tongue.

Her first orgasm came quickly, and I could tell she wanted my cock badly. I kissed my way back up her body, stopping only to suck gently on her rigid nipples. I hadn’t gotten enough of her fine boobs when she pulled my lips to hers. She licked her wetness from my face as she guided my cock into her flowing pussy. She was so aroused that I slid in to the hilt with one gentle push.

She ground her pelvis against me and quickly came again. I wasn’t far behind. Before I did, she whispered in my ear that Rocky was uncircumcised and his semen tasted sweet like mine. He had even come in her hand and she licked up every drop. As I blew my wad deep in her, she wrapped her legs tight around me to pull me in further and told me how much she loved me.

Afterward, as my rod slipped from her slippery box, she thanked me for being willing to share her with another man. The next morning Sweetie filled me in. She and Rocky had made love at least nine times that day. He filled each of her openings. They were so hot, they had ass fuck twice in the parking lot.

The icing on the cake was that they made a date for the next night. Rocky told her when he dropped her off that he wanted to lick his come from her ass, and she obviously excited at the prospect. Sweetie alternated her evenings between Rocky and me for the rest of our time on the island,

tantalizing each of us with what she had done the night before. It was the most erotic time the three of us had had. It was over too soon. As the airplane’s wheels left the runway, Sweetie thanked me for helping her have the summer of her life.


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