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Sexy story of a cheating wife

Before I narrate this incident I must tell everyone a little about myself. I'm a normal housewife and I'm married to an architect engineer who is sort of well-to-do person but extremly busy in his work and often has to stay at the field longer, and that annoys me sometimes alot because I need time and other than that I have some physical needs

which are poorly carried out by my young hardworking husband. I'm 28 and I have a figure that makes most of the men go crazy (I'm not boasting myself), I have a figure 36 ' 28 ' 38 and I work out alot to keep my sexy body in shape. So back to the incident, It happened some 3 months ago when my neighbour's apartment was out for sale and a handsome stud

with a beautiful well-built body bought it, his name was Shoaib and he was living alone as he came in the city just to acquire his education. He was studying ACCA and I was really impressed by his looks and his beautiful body.

As he was living there alone, he had some problems managing his food and cleaning stuff etc. and no housemaid was willing to work in a house with a lonely lad in it so he often did his work himself and once it happened that he was just wearing his tight-jeans shorts and was cleaning with a broom when I came out to put the garbage aside and saw him

there and I was amazed to see the shape of his cock in his shorts. It must be a very powerful tool and I imagined him inside me and masturbated twice and took a bath. Soon he became friendly with me concerning help in food and refreshments so he would often come to ask for something when my husband was not around.

I many times noticed him looking at my cleavage, checking out my bums and I always enjoyed his attention. One day I had to mail a friend of mine urgently and my pc was out of order, I was quite worried as to what will happen now and suddenly it came to my mind to ask Shoaib to let me use his pc. I checked up my cupboard and dressed up sexily to make him go crazy.

I wore a short black sleeveless top that reveals alot of cleavage and a bit of my belly too. And a tight blue denim jeans and wore perfume heavily. I went to his place, rang his bell and he came out dressed up as usual in his tight-jeans shorts (as he don't have much visitors here, so he doesn't expect anyone) and he was quite very much astonished to find me at his doorstep.

He asked me is everythink okay? and I smiled back and inquired If I can use his pc to mail a friend to which he happily agreed. He asked me in and closed the door behind me as I was not a very frequent visitor but I sometimes visited him if I had to get something from the grocery market.

He showed me into his bedroom where he kept his laptop and was about to leave when I asked him to sit down as there was nothing so private and I obviously didn't mind him sitting beside me so together we sat on his double-bed. We both were talking about different general topics and I finally sent the mail and I was finished with the work when he went to the kitchen

and brought me some cool cola and we drank together. Suddenly the topic changed towards movies and the unneccesary sex shown in it which was spoiling our young generation and I joked at him that "You are also young, what about you? Do you enjoy the sex in the movies?" and he replied " I do sometimes".

He asked me a personal question "Do you enjoy sex with your husband?" and I was like amazed at his courage but finally managed to answer " Yeah he's good" but he sensed my sorrow and he said to me " I can give pleasures that you can't even imagine". I was quite flabbergasted at his courage to say such words to me as he never seemed

to be that kind of person. Inside me I was screaming like a wild bitch yes baby fuck me bad and hard, I want that long rod inside me and I want to feel you inside me right here right now but I excused myself and stood up to go back but all of a sudden he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards himself and kissed me passionately,

I was driving mad with pleasure but I said back to him "Let me go, this is not right & I'm married, we can't do this" but he wouldn't listen to me. I freed myself from him and walked towards the door but he lifted me on his shoulders and threw me on the bed, I was loving it, I had always loved forced sex and today my dream was coming true.

He jumped on me like a hungry lion and kissed me again, I was not responding to him althought I was wet enough but I didn't wanted to lose that easy so I kept on trying to get away from him but offcourse he was too strong for me. Then he started licking and biting my neck and I moaned out loud and he increased his speed.

I was in seventh heaven, the pleasure he was giving is not easy to be described. He licked my breast line and tore open my top, I wasn't wearing any bra and that made him even more horny and when he tore open my top I finally gave in and grabbed his face and kissed him madly. He freed me from my torn top and started sucking my breasts

which were erect as I was really turned on by his animal-act. I never expected him to be this good in the bed. Then he licked my bellyhole and took off my jeans, I took off his shorts and to my amazement, his cock was 10 inches in size while my husband was just 7. I wanted to lick his tool but he wouldn't let me, instead he grabbed my hair and said to me

"You are my slut, and you will do only what I will let you, Okay?" I nodded in yes and he smiled naughtily at me and still holding my hair, he forced his enormous dick into my mouth and I swallowed half of it and this forced sex was giving me intense pleasures beyond measures. my panty was wet with the juices flowing from my pussy hole

and he took off my panty. He grabbed my legs and pulled me towards himself and started licking my pussy and I immediately had an orgasm but he kept on licking me down there and I was screaming and moaning with pleasure, I grabbed his hair and pushed him more into my hole to let him know I wanted him more deep inside me. and suddenly he stopped,

he lifted me in his arms and I locked my legs on his back and he leaned me on the wall and entered half of his cock inside my waiting, hungry and well lubricated pussy, I moaned so loud and screamed at him " fill me up with all of it, fuck me now I can't take it anymore I want to feel you inside me now" he didn't wasted time and thrusted

all of it inside me and I was mad with pleasure and I moaned very loud and screamed at him " fuck me hard, treat me like the bitch I am, I am all yours, fuck me roughly I want it now". He started fucking me slowly at first, he was teasing but as I bitted him on the neck and started licking his neck, he went mad with pleasure and started giving me hard power fucks.

Every power thrust neared me to my orgasm and I cummed thrice feeling his large cock inside me. But he didn't let me go that easy so he again threw me on the bed and took hold of my hips, grabbed my hair and entered in my back hole and began fucking me roughly in my ass and I was at my wits end, this guy has a slot of stamina.

He didn't cared about my screaming and kept on fucking me badly like a whore and finally cummed inside my ass and we both laid on the bed for sometime and then I borrowed one of his t-shirts as my top was torn by my loving champ and I hurried back home because

my husband would be home soon and I had not even finished cooking. I promised him that we will continue this again when my husband will go to work and he willingly agreed to it. After all, I got the love I was looking for.

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Posted by smt
on: August 4, 2009 12:52 PM | Reply

hii.. great story dear.. i can understand hw itchy is ur cunt.. but i think u must have not exp.the pleasure of squirt.. do u ? try to explore that as well..cos tat can nly satisfy u even moe better..


Posted by PRIYA
on: August 4, 2009 1:45 PM | Reply


Posted by suree
on: August 4, 2009 9:40 PM | Reply

i wish to be ur neighbour

Posted by Aaryan
on: August 5, 2009 7:14 AM | Reply

Hey y dont u try d real lion..
u cn reply me whenever ur cunt itches. I like ur bitchy style.

Posted by rohit
on: August 5, 2009 8:47 AM | Reply

awesome !!!!!! indeed

Posted by Nottyone
on: August 5, 2009 8:52 AM | Reply

You sure have a great style of mentioning the sequence of things. Impressed!

Posted by rahee
on: August 5, 2009 2:28 PM | Reply

Hi dear....great story....

I must admire ur truthness.

But as well as hungry for u.

I am 5-10 height with a strong physic...

I will make u 200% satisfied..

I will make u cry in pleasure in bed...

So just mail me...if u want a real & unbelievelable fuck

Posted by lovenest
on: August 5, 2009 2:44 PM | Reply

where is virtuousness of Indian wife or is it killed by physical sense gratification.

Posted by Prince Hearts
on: August 5, 2009 4:00 PM | Reply

Loved it just wondering one thing which you have missed will let you know if I get ur reply... hope 2 hear more from u...

Posted by harsh rathod
on: August 5, 2009 4:58 PM | Reply


I also wana fuck you ........m waiting for reply

Posted by ram
on: August 6, 2009 12:42 AM | Reply

Nice. But 10 inch is too much...be realisitc

Posted by Prabhat
on: August 6, 2009 2:47 AM | Reply

GR8 1 , .. ur clit is really itchy.. i would love to meet u ... and share on different other things.... reply me if u r .. that itchy... :)

Posted by spr1952
on: August 6, 2009 6:04 AM | Reply

Nice story hope must had enjoyed any body wana enjoy i m in Delhi can give plesure to mature ladies and aunties secracy assured

Posted by
on: August 6, 2009 6:56 AM | Reply

hey sexy girl this is a great story want to try even bigger cock i got cock of 13 inch with 3 inch diameter

Posted by RONN
on: August 6, 2009 7:39 AM | Reply

Indian housewives have hidden desires but the satanic society doesent allow them as sex is a evil crime for them. I pray that these desi ladies learn to masturbate and have these affairs to satisfy their desires when their husbands think of nothing but money and ignore their cunts and boobs.The story is an example of liberation and lubrication of the indian woman!

Posted by usman
on: August 6, 2009 9:50 AM | Reply

wow I need licking pussy

Posted by nayan
on: August 6, 2009 10:24 AM | Reply

i am a real animal in bed wanna try sometime.

Posted by Shamsher
on: August 6, 2009 11:54 AM | Reply

UR are real macho girl to survive such a long rod and still thinlkng of cooking . u have a great vagina

Posted by saqi
on: August 6, 2009 11:54 AM | Reply

story was well naratted
let me tell u 1 thing
u havent experienced the real thing yet
wana know what that is ??
try me

Posted by saket mfatlal
on: August 6, 2009 2:40 PM | Reply

superb story

Posted by rana
on: August 6, 2009 3:35 PM | Reply

It was very hot story,mujhe bhi aisi bhabhi or aunty ki talash hai yar please koi hai to mail me.

Posted by Priyanka khanna
on: August 6, 2009 3:40 PM | Reply

Wow..superb story.it made me wet.i mastubrated 2wise.u & ur neighbour are parfactionist in fucking.can i meet ur neighbour.want to try him.

Posted, in reply to Priyanka khanna's comment, by rahul
on: August 8, 2009 7:10 AM | Reply

hi bitch instead of her neighbour try me...vil screw ur ass n cunt hole v roughly...

Posted, in reply to Priyanka khanna's comment, by sohail
on: August 8, 2009 7:26 AM | Reply

Sure try me I am her neighbour will give u 100% pleasure for sure

Posted by roomi
on: August 12, 2009 7:25 AM | Reply

where r u located ??? by the way ur story was grt . i whish i would be that man.....

Posted, in reply to Priyanka khanna's comment, by Tanay
on: August 12, 2009 8:50 PM | Reply


Love ur boldness...

U seem to be vry hungry for a fuck...

we can have safe, cyber sex chats nd still make u reach orgasm...

Reply if u feel Itchy ;)

Posted by ravi
on: August 14, 2009 12:15 PM | Reply

i dont know weather this is a real story but the narration is toooooooooo good, please share your other experiance as well u can mail me any time

Posted by Maddy
on: August 14, 2009 9:30 PM | Reply

really hot story......
i almost came in my pants......
need u ..........

Posted by ARUN
on: August 27, 2009 11:53 PM | Reply

Hey bitch I like the way u expressed ur sex story.. give me some more stories of urs as I liked it very much compared to other stories. Hope u will mail me ur second and other stories >>>>.......................<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Posted by Bhushan
on: August 28, 2009 8:52 AM | Reply

Kutiya sali rand

Posted by shaiz
on: September 26, 2009 8:45 AM | Reply

nicee one sexy babe.........

Posted by raje
on: October 9, 2009 9:12 AM | Reply

nice really hot

Posted by Reshma
on: October 29, 2009 4:06 PM | Reply

Those bitches who pretend to be pure virgins are the dangerous lot.They poseas if their pussy is only meant for her hus but give to all in his absence. those who flert a bit stop with that.

Posted, in reply to PRIYA's comment, by rex
on: November 6, 2009 6:44 PM | Reply

priya hum hain naa

Posted, in reply to Reshma's comment, by rex
on: November 6, 2009 6:49 PM | Reply

kya reshma dont justify it have a fucktify 4 it!!

Posted by sudhakar
on: June 10, 2011 9:27 AM | Reply

woooooof...great fuck my dear sweety...my 8 inch cock waiting for u dear.really i will give great pain in ur honey pussy...i want to suck your pussy darling...

Posted, in reply to rex's comment, by junnade
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Posted by hanna
on: July 17, 2014 12:05 PM | Reply

Great...its makes me fucking horny....wish i could have good neighbour like yours

Posted by kevina
on: June 21, 2015 3:39 PM | Reply

Nice stories make me wet in my pants my hand in my 36 c bra

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