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Previously: Rocky living a sexy dream

Hi people, this is rocky, again, not continuing the previous one but a new one, hope this one turns out better.

I am a internet freak and spend most of the spare time on net. I am not one of those desperate guys who keep on flirting with many girls to lure them, I talk normal and decent, may be that’s the reason I have many friends online. I have various types of friends, some typical and others weird, and I generally talk matured, as such I have many girls who call me brother,

which I usually don’t mind. Many girls keep telling their worries and I advice them properly, so they become pretty close to me. One of such a girl is nikita, she is 22 years old and just completed engineering. She always calls me bro and our relation online has been over one year and we became very close.

She tells me all her problems and worries, her restrictions at home where she is not allowed out of the house except for college, how strict their parents when she talks to others, spying her most of the time, she felt like she is house arrested and wanted freedom. So she found freedom over net and she was adjusting with life.

Almost over a year we decided to meet, as her engineering was about to end in few months and she might not come out of the house, and soon after engineering she may be forced to marry. We weren’t so excited to meet, after all we were bounded in brother-sister relationship. I already told her many times how my physical appearance is and shown her my pictures,

she was restricted to take photographs as such I did not had any idea how she will look, nor was I interested in how she will look, but I expected her to be cute. One day she bunked college and met me in some bakery. First time I saw her, she was around 5’3”, wheat complexion, good face, she got a big smile ( I could see all her teeth when she smiled),

I dint noticed her body curves and stuff, as I being a brother not supposed to lookout. She was talkative, as always, always in haste and absolutely immature unlike other girls, even though she is 22, she talks like a 14 year old, which I already got used to. In the beginning she was smiling, blushing and all, and I was pretty calm and composed, as the talks went on,

I did not felt the relation to be like brother-sister, and by the way she was looking at me and blushing, I came to know that she also not felt the same either. I kept on looking at her big mouth while talking, and her lips were dry and I was keenly looking at it and she observed what I was doing, in turn she also showed some weird gestures,

like she was pressing her boobs to the table, leaning while laughing, so that I could notice, which I did. So I knew, it was going to be complicated relation. We had some refreshments and talked about two hours, we exchanged addresses and all personal information, spare timings etc. I asked if I could drop her, she opposed, as she feared someone might see,

which could create trouble at home and that day ended. That night we talked on net, gathering back all the moments and reviewing all the personal feelings what we felt about each other. I certainly knew that she was very much attracted towards me because of my physical appearance and the way I behave, and it was obvious that we were going to meet again.

I used to live in a separate flat, away from my home town and family, which I came for work. Neighbors never were a trouble for me and nor was I to them. After 12 days, she called me up and asked me whether we could meet again, as she was planning to bunk college again, I asked which place, she said she had entire day to kill,

we thought and thought and she asked if she could come to my place, for which I had no problem and she arrived in hour around 10.30 in the morning. She wore a tight salwar kameez and I noticed her curves, I was hanging out in casuals, she came in, she felt at home, went though my flat and my stuff, my music and movies cds, books etc.

After an hour, I told her I will take a bath and asked her to use tv or pc, whichever she wants. I was taking bath and I was feeling horny, remembering the weird relation we both have, and I masturbated. I took bath and intentionally wore only towel and no vest or shirt, I came out after 15 minutes, and she was checking some stuff in my bedroom.

As soon as I came out, she glared at my bare chest and I saw her eyes, which was scanning my body, she turned away as if nothing happened, she left the room and I changed. I knew something sure is going to happen and I was holding my emotions, after all I call her sister. She asked me, ‘what did you do for 15 minutes in taking bath, even girls don’t take so long”

for which I replied “I am not supposed to reveal such things to my sister”, we both had a wicked smile, she insisted “come on, you can tell me, I am pretty broad minded”, I know what she wanted to hear and without any delay I said “your brother had his happy time while taking bath” and I smiled loud, and acting innocent she questioned “what happy time?”,

I replied “I am not supposed to spoil my sister”, she said “after all I am your sister, you can tell me, because I don’t have much of general knowledge and more over I am fed up being nice and polite, and I want to be spoiled”, we were laughing loud after each reply. I changed the mood and said seriously

“look niki, I know you don’t hang around with guys much and I know how strict your parents are, so I don’t want to introduce to things to which you are not ready”. She said “bro, I know you are a good guy but try to understand my position, I don’t go to a co-education college, nor do I have a boyfriend, I wanted freedom in life, I wanted to have so much fun but I couldn’t,

and you know why, how do I or whom to I express my feelings and the feelings which I want to experience, so when and where from am I going to know new things in life?”. I pitied her condition and said “I know dear, you are one among many girls who are bound by these cultures and traditions, which are of no use, fuck this society and rules”.

She changed mood again and dragged back to the same topic “so bro, tell me now, what you did in bathroom for so long” with a big smile, I went bold and said “well, I am embarrassed to say this, I masturbated while taking bath”, with blank face she exclaimed “ohh! You do it daily?” I said “oh come on! How can I tell you all these things now?

This is not proper, you being my sister” (even though I wanted to reveal everything) she said “bro, you know my marriage is round the corner and I have zero knowledge in all these things, and I am supposed to serve my husband in all respects and I need to be ready for the things to come”

I thought time has come for action, and I asked her “what all you want to know?”, she said “what all can you tell?”, I said ok, and removed my vest and I stood bare chest again in front of her and I asked ‘what do you feel looking at me now?” she said “pretty exciting, never seen a young guy with such a good body so closely”, I asked “be open, tell what all you feel?”

she said “ok!!! Your body looks hot and I would like to be very close to it”, I said “so come on, its time you learn new things” she came near and hugged me and I hugged her tightly pressing her boobs on my chest and we stayed like that for few seconds and I asked “how do you feel?” she said “warm and hot, I like it”, now all the boundaries were broken.

“so let me feel your body too?” she said “bro, no more doubts, do whatever you feel like, I owe you” I asked her to lift her hands and I gently removed her top, she was wearing a white bra, I removed it too, she wasn’t blushing, instead she was feeling very hot, as this was her first time being naked in front of a guy.

I hugged her, pressing her boobs into my chest tightly and my hands were wandering all her back, for which she was feeling horny, she closed her eyes and feeling the moment, I pulled out of hug and held her face on cheeks and I said “are you ready?” she replied “ahan” and I kissed her wide lips gently, which I lusted from the very beginning, I pulled back and again kissed,

I kept on kissing in motions and after few minutes I held back and asked “how does it feel?” she was still closing her eyes and replied quietly “like never before, a perfect kiss” hearing this I pounced on her lips and started to kiss more aggressively, soon I started to kiss with open lips and she was letting my lips touch her tongue and I started to suck her tongue with my lips,

I ate her lips and tongue for about 10 minutes and after that I stopped and said “this is called French kiss” she said “ahan! I have seen it on movie, but never knew it would feel so good”. I carried her to my bed and asked her to lay on bed, and I started to kiss her cheeks and slowly coming down, kissing her neck, shoulders, cleavage and I reached her boobs with wet lips.

Her breasts were not big, I think its not yet grown to the full, they were cup sized, with pink nipples, it looked delicious. I grabbed one and started to suck another tit with mouth wide open, I was gentle in the beginning and started to eat it as seconds went by, it was like a steak for a hungry wolf,

I was eating the untouched breasts, changing from one to other and she was moaning in ecstasy. After 15 minutes I stopped and said “did you notice your nipples are stiff?” she replied “I know bro, I have felt it before, but not like this before, please go on” I kept pinching her nipple gently and started to move down and I reached navel while kissing,

now you might remember we were half naked, so I gently unbuttoned her bottom and pulled it away, she was wearing a light blue panty. While I was about to remove her panty she started to blush and I asked “do you want me to stop?” she said “no bro, its just that I have never been naked completely before anyone, I am feeling shy” I said “now that we have come so far,

its okay and this is the important part which you should know” she nodded and with closed eyes said “okay bro”. I pulled her panty down and there I see a virgin vagina neatly shaved, waiting for my lips desperately. I thought of going slow and I started to kiss on her inner side of thighs, for which she was slowly twitching and was spreading her legs apart,

I kept tickling her with tongue and she was becoming desperate as to when I will start. After teasing her for few minutes, I put my lips on her pussy and kissed exactly how I kissed her lips before. Kissed her pussy in motions first and after few seconds I started to lick her pussy. I must tell you, it was a tight pussy and I knew I will have to do a lot of work for penetration.

i asked her “do you finger?” she said feeling shy “no bro, I dint try it till now, I only masturbate while in shower directing water with force directly, it gives me intense pleasure and moreover I thought its my man who is going to play with it, so I left it untouched” so I asked “I am not your man though, should i?”

“yes bro, I cannot hold it anymore, do all what you could do in your wildest dreams and let me reach the peaks of pleasure today” That’s it, I went ahead, I pulled her tight pussy lips apart and inserted my tongue, she was twitching and I kept on digging my tongue inside, I was touching the right spots and she was moaning in pleasure

“oh bro! yessssss! Aaaah aaaaah” she wasn’t able to control herself, I knew she was reaching orgasm, I kept on fingering her with one hand and licking on g-spot till she cummed. I stopped for few moments after she reached orgasm, now her pussy was lubricated, she was breathing heavily and I relaxed for few minutes. I came up and laid beside her to catch my breath too,

I could see her breasts moving up and down as she was breathing heavily, before I could do anything, she jumped upon me and started to kiss me wildly. She was going crazy and kept on sucking my lips and tongue, I reciprocated as I dint wanted her to feel odd when she was showing her true colors.

After kissing me for few minutes rigorously, she sent down feeling my body, kissing it everywhere, and then she reached my penis. I was still wearing short, she asked “bro, I want it! I always wondered how I feel it, its my fantasy, I want it” ‘dear, no more questions, go ahead and do what all you want” she pulled my short and underwear at once and there it stands, my penis,

8 inches long, she held it, stared it for few seconds, she dint knew how to start, I told her “dear, grip it with your right hand and slowly jerk it up and down, the skin will pull down and you will see the head of my dick” which she did, “now you could see my dick is very dry, it will hurt me if you keep doing it when its dry, make it wet and continue doing it”

she understood and took my dick in her mouth and made it wet with her saliva and started to jerk it hard, I said “once the skin keeps getting lower and lower you can start to suck” she said “yeah bro, I am getting it” saying that she started to suck it while masturbating me, giving a good blowjob. I said ‘there you go, that is called a blowjob, you are doing it just fine”

she said “hmm, I am learning now” and with a pleased smiled she kept on sucking it and after 10 minutes I was about to ejaculate, I told her and she pulled back. Sperm was out, she was quite surprised to see it, flowing, and asked me “what now?” I said “many like to taste it too, but let me tell you, it smells yuck, don’t try to have it, atleast now, when you are actually a beginner”.

She said “ok bro, as you say”, after cleaning up, she sucked it again for about 10 minutes, until she was done with it. She came up and laid beside me and said “bro, I know the most important thing is not yet done” I teasingly said “you seem to know everything and still pretend as if you know nothing hun?”.

She said “its not like that bro, I have the general idea, I came to know with the talks I have with my friends, I always fancied it, now that everything is coming real, I am feeling so excited” and I stopped kidding around and got up, went down and placed my penis near her vagina, I placed my head of the dick on the pussy and kept lubricating it.

I tried to push it in, but the pussy was very tight and it was not getting inside. Seeing this I started to finger her again, now with two fingers, pulling the pussy lips apart to loosen it up. I kept on fingering and licking it in between and after 5 minutes, I felt that it was ready to go. I kept my dick near the pussy slowly and pushed it in,

I had to push it gently but with force for my penis to go inside, and I did inserted it carefully, trying not to hurt her. Once it was inside completely, I leant down and started to give her a hard French kiss and she was holding my hair and kissing me back greatly, that’s when I started to jerk slowly below, she knew what I was trying to do and said “bro, you are the best”,

I kept on kissing her and slowing fucking her parallel so that she wont feel any pain, whenever I push hard, she will put up her face up in pleasure, breaking the kiss, I pull her back kissing the lips again and continue to fuck her below. I gradually increased my pace, she was in heaven, moaning with pleasure.

She asked me what all positions, I showed her missionary, doggy, 6-9 and almost what all I knew. She was curious and glad that she learnt all the ways. On the whole, we had sex for almost 3 hours, after which we had lunch, and then we talked about what we have done today and assured each other not to feel guilty about it.

And after an hour or so, she left after exchanging pleasantries, there ends the day. A threesome is awaiting, based on comments I get.

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Rahul having sex chat friend Kamini

Hello friends, I am Legend Akka Rahul (name changed). My pet name is Rocky. I am 6' tall and well built, my 7 inch long and 2.5 inch thick tool. This happened few years ago when I was in Delhi. I have internet friend name Kamini she 26 years old, but she has great boobs 37D, 28 waist and 36 inches of great big ass.

She is fairly white and her nipples are reddish pink. Oh she has great pair of lips too. Myself and Kamini have been chatting on internet for quite some time; one day we decided we should meet I made arrangement to travel Mumbai, and reserved the motel "Shikaara" in Vashi for 2 days. I send my travel details to Kamini.

Kamini's husband is a business man and keeps traveling to all over country, so on those two days he was out. Early in the morning I landed on airport and went to motel straight by taxi, from motel I called Kamini, and informed her that I am in Mumbai. She said she will come to motel around 5:00 pm.

At 5:00 pm I was waiting in lounge and Kamini came in, she was wearing hot pink see thru saree and matching blouse etc. She asked the counter man which room I am staying in? The counter man said Mr. Rocky is right there waiting for you in lounge. Kamini and I met, we hugged each other, and then Kamini said, well what your plan is for now on?

I said nothing in particular, hoping for fun for rest of the day and whole night, Kamini said sounds so Exciting! I asked her she wants to have drink? She said yes. We went to motel's bar and both of us had wine to bring up The romantic mood. After drink I said it is too early for the dinner, should we go up in room we will come back for the dinner later? She said yes.

We both went upper 5th floor to my room. As soon as we entered the room, I kissed Kamini so passionately she started responding back putting her tongue in mouth and sucking my lips so passionately. Then I new she is ready I took her in my arm and she locked me by her both hands in neck.

We kissed for about 5 to 7 minutes and her extreme boobs were touching my chest and screaming to relieve from bra, and my lund started making a big tent in my pant. I carried Kamini in my hands and made her seat on bed. She looked at my pant and smiled and said let me release him from prison, so I said it is a good idea,

she started opening my belt and fly and dropped my pant on floor then she pulled down my underwear, mean while I was helping opening her blouse buttons and release bra hooks, then she remove blouse and bra together and massive boobs I kissed her boobs and she kissed my Lund’s knob, and my lund grew to full size 7 inch long and 2.5 inch thick,

she said "Wow your lund is so big, at least twice the size of my husband and thick too. I said you have great pair of boobs this night will be the fantastic night I ever had. Kamini took my lund in her hand and started caressing and lift the testicles bag and said "oh bag is full of jism I guess you going pour every thing in my pussy?” I said, yes that's true.

And she started sucking my lund she could not take all so she took about 1/3 and sucking it then she started leaking by tongue all over my lund. Then she took my testicles in her mouth and said oh so sweet. Then I said Kamini I like to eat your pussy and taste the juice, I can smell it up here.

She said first you suck my boobs and make me arose to highest level then you suck my pussy after that you fuck me like a crazy. With that I made her lay on bed and started sucking her nipple and with other hand I started squeezing other boob, Kamini started moaning, deeper and deeper.

After 10 minutes she said please now eat my cunt so I moved down to her pussy I opened her shaved pussy lips and sucked her clitoris then my wet tongue I started circling around her pussy hole and she was in heaven, she became more erotic and said "Oh Jay, oh my god you are the best pussy eater in the whole world, you should teach my husband".

Within 10 minutes of eating her pussy, she came she grabbed my lund in her mouth and started jerking and kept on sucking her clitoris. Within couple minutes she calm down, and enjoying back again, then she said oh man now my pussy wants your great lund Jay please fuck me fuck me like a bitch.

With that I got up and made her lie on her back and spread her legs wide open, the I took baby oil bottle from my hand bag and applied lots of oil on my lund, then with one hand. I opened her pussy lips and pointed my lund to her pussy hole and I started moving my lund circling around soft pussy lips and Kamini was out of control she said "man you are giving the best pleasure in my life,

please now fuck me", so with my hand I entered my lund know in her pussy and with great force I shank my entire lund in her pussy, my lund was touching her womb entrance and she came again, she hold me tight and started shaking all her body. After 2 minutes of climax she calm down and said "your cock has fill up my whole cunt,

tonight I am sure I am going to get dozens organisms I am completely under your control, Jay do what ever you want to do, but make me satisfied, my old man husband has never fucked me like this before" With that I kissed her on lips and said "Are you ready for the roller coaster ride honey?" and she said you bet.

With that I started fucking Kamini’s pussy by moving my cock in and out about half length in pussy. I fucked and fucked she was just relaxed and enjoying my big lund. Then again after 12 minute she came same thing again she held me so tight I kept on fucking and she started getting jerk all over her body. After 2 minutes she calm down again and I kept fucking.

After 20 minute my heart beats raised and I started fucking so furiously and then I announced I am cuming where do you want my jism and she said in my cunt, with last long stroke I came in her pussy I squirted 10 times hot guiee jism every squirt hit her womb hole and she was in heaven, she came with me too, we both held each other and I collapsed on her.

I was breathing heavy and sweating too. She started moving her hand on my hair and said oh dear that was the best fuck. After two minutes we got up went to bathroom and cleaned ourselves I washed my lund in sink and she sat on toilet bowl and jism started oozing from her cunt, Kamini said "Rocky, you fuck like a horse and you cum like a horse.

We were fucking for more than a hour and after cleaning I sat on sofa and Kamini was pissing in toilet and sound of her pissing made me more exited. She came from bathroom and sat on my lap and kissed me and said, darling I am tired, I said dear dress up we can go for dinner, but she just sat on my lap naked for 15 minutes. I said Kamini you have a great ass bend over.

I want to see your ass hole, and she bend down and I fingered her ass hole and said " Oh it looks great I am sure ass will love my cock in her" and Kamini jerk her self and turned around and said "No, baba don't even think about it, you will rip off my ass" I laughed and said that's what every woman says then they love it".

After that we put on our clothes and went for dinner. I told waiter to give us nice and quiet table and he gave nice corner table Kamini sat right beside to me we ordered drinks. I told her feel free to order any thing you like and she said thank you. We both ordered food, mean while food was getting ready we drank wine and all the time Kamini was caressing my lund.

She kissed me 100 times and I was rubbing her butts at the end of dinner we danced for a while and slow romantic music was turned on and we danced real close to each other. Her boobs were touching my chest and my lund was touching her pussy hole. After 45 minutes of dancing Kamini said lets go up stairs dear,

and we left the dance room and went to our room where in balcony. I pulled up a chair and said I am going to bring another one. She said, "why dear, I am Going to sit on your lap and enjoy the scenery,” I sat on chair and she turned around facing opposite to my face and she lifted her skirt and she was not wearing panty and she sat on my lap butt naked.

Oh I was enjoying every bit of it. She said "How do you like Kamini’s gaand? I said, "it is the best fantastic, and tonight I am going to fuck her too. She smiled and said she is yours and fills her up with your creamy jism. We watched the city moving people ocean for hour and we talked romantic thing and she was again erosed and said

"Rocky, do you think you can fuck me again?” I said my lund is always ready for good pussy and ass. She said lets go inside the bedroom and fuck. We went to bedroom and took off our clothes and both naked climbed on bed. “Dear, this time you sleep on your back and I will suck your cock and make you cum, she said.

I said you will get tired she said you haven't taken joy of my mouth and she made me lie down and she started sucking my cock. After a while she Saw my pre-cum and she leaked it and said it is so sweet, she likes jism. She sucked my lund she sucked my testicles and again she started sucking my cock.

This time she was taking 1/2 of my Lund’s length and sucking so deep I loved every second of it. After a while I said honey turn around and let me eat your cunt so she turned around. I started sucking her cunt and she started sucking my lund, for 15 minutes we sucked each other and she came, she started jerking and holding my lund in her mouth tight.

I kept eating her cunt. After two minutes she calm down, took out my lund from her mouth and said "Man when you going to cum my mouth and jaws are getting tired ", I laughed and said I told you so, if you suck me like that it takes one hour me to cum. So far no woman has sucked me and makes me cum. I always have to cum by fucking pussy or ass.

Finally she gave up and said you are right your lund has lots of stamina I don't think I can make you cum by sucking. So I said I am laying and you come over me and fuck me. She climbed over and spread her legs and by one hand she held my lund and guided in her cunt. In one stroke she buried my entire lund in her cunt, and she sat on it for a minute.

Then she started moving up and down and started fucking me. I was enjoying every bit of it. She fucked for twelve minutes and she came, same way all the time. After 2 minutes she pulled out my cock from her cunt and said, "I am dam tired of fucking you now you finish it". So I said lay down your head on pillow and keep your ass up in air I will fuck you doggy style.

She laid in the doggy position and I went behind her and penetrate my lund in her cunt. It was wet all ready so I started fucking her wild. She was going wild. She said, " Common Rocky, aaaahhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk me Moreeeeeee. My husband has never fucked me like this before; you are the best fucker I ever had".

Then I started putting a finger in her wet asshole, suddenly whole finger went in. I said Kamini looks like your ass so wet and ready to take my cock in. Suddenly she jumped and Took out my lund from her cunt and looked at me and said "Oh no you are not going to fuck my ass look at the size of your cock you will rip me off.

I said, if you don't want it is up to you but my finger felt it is Ready, and I resumed fucking her again in cunt. About 20 minutes fuck I came in her cunt unloaded my jism 10 squirts all warm guiee jism was hitting her womb and she got another organism. After that we cleaned up, she came back from bathroom and sat on my lap and asked me?

Do you think my ass can take your huge lund? I said only way to prove is to try, if you hurting then I won't pursue any further. Then She said promise make sure you do not rip of my ass my husband never have fucked me in ass. So again she started sucking my cock, since I was going to fuck the ass.

I got so excited and immediately my cock 7 inch became so hard, then I told her to turn around and she did I started massaging her butts and She said oh jay I like it. Then I took some Vaseline and lubricated her asshole and plugged in two fingers then rubbed more added more Vaseline and then entered three fingers in.

I asked Kamini do you feel any pain she said no but I feel pleasure all the way, then I said you are ready for my lund and she said go ahead and jam it up in my ass. I applied lots of Vaseline on my lund and I held her by my one hand from her tummy then with one hand I held my cock and pointed to her asshole and applied lots of pressure.

Suddenly my Lund’s knob went in, she screamed oh fuck it pains so I said I am going to take it out, then she said, don't move, and let it get adjusted, so I just held my Lund’s knob in her ass for few minutes till she said. Now I am comfortable go ahead and penetrate some more. I gave good push and her ass took another 2 inches of my Lund’s length.

Then she said "oh Rocky, you are right. Now I like it." So slowly I started moving my lund from her ass in and out, pushing more in within 5 to 7 strokes she took my entire length 7" and 2.5" thick lund in her asshole and she was going crazy. She said, “I love it fuck me like a horse, fuck more, more in, more hard Rockyyyyyyy, Ohhhhhh, Huuunnnnnnnn."

I started fucking her so good, my balls were hitting her. Within 10 minutes Kamini came. This time her organism was much longer and tensed then all before she had. She held my cock in her ass for more than 2 minutes and caressing my balls. After her organism I resumed fucking her again and in 15 minutes I said I am cuming

and she said go ahead spray it all in my ass, with that I squirted 8 times hot guie jism in her asshole and filled up her ass completely, my organism was far better than I had fucked her in her cunt. Finally we both got exhausted and I collapsed on her. After 5 minutes I pulled out my limp cock out of her ass and went to bathroom to cleanup. We both cleaned up went to bed.

Early morning about 8:00 am we took breakfast then Kamini left for home. I went to my room slept for a while and at noon I took my lunch. I prepared to leave for the airport, since I had another 4 hours to kill I went to bar and ordered a beer. About 4:00 pm Kamini came back. I was surprised and asked her did she left here some thing? Kamini said "No",

Then she came close my ear and said, my ass is itching can you lubricate with your jism, I loved the way you fucked me last night. So we went up to my room, and I fucked her again in cunt, tits, mouth and ass. She loved every moment of it.

At last she said "Rocky, please promise me when ever to come to Mumbai you will fuck me". I said that sounds good I promise you I will fuck you every time I come to Mumbai. And we both kissed each other and left. I hope you will like this story which is infact a real story.

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Hot affair with Sujatha

As agreed I reached Sujatha's house at 6.30 pm next Sunday. She was sitting with her son in the sitting room. She was very happy to see me and I noticied a blush on her face. She kissed on her son's cheek and asked him to go to study. I gave him the chocolate. He said thank you and ran to his room. She asked with a smile why no chocolate for her.

I told her I will give some thing else. She enquired what I prefer to drink. Coffee or tea. I said only milk. She Turned to kitchen suddenly and I said stop. I was just joking I don't want any thing now. Once again she blushed knowing the inner hint. Her structure is quite big and interesting. She has big booty, fat thighs and big boobs. her walking is funny like a duck.

Voice is slightly gruff. When she turned to kitchen I could see the panty lines on her booty through the dress. The gown had gone inside the buts and two portions were prominently seen. She forgot to pull the gown after standing from the seat.For me the provocation started from then. She came and sat before me.

There was a magazine lieing on the bottom rake of teapoy and asked her what is that one. She leaned to the bottom and took it. I was closely watching her cleavage and it electrfied me. She stretched it to me and with out seeing to that I uttered a good one.Its not that good only an ordinary one.You want better ones. No not now. We were talking and both were out of mind.

I looked her feet and asked is there swelling on foot. No it is always like that. No let me see, I pressed on her foot with a finger and sked her to lift the gown a bit and again pressed above the ankle. Slight swelling is there. I adviced her not to leave it unattended.Better consult a doctor and check bood and urine.

She got up from there and closed the door and came back and added lot of mosquitos will enter if it is kept open. I said ok. Any way you are a mini doctor then check my knees also. She both knees on the teapoy and removed the dress up to knee. There is pain on both knees while walking. I slowly started rubbing her legs from ankle to knee and and asked where is the pain.

The legs were so beautiful. Very good complexion and not evev a single hair. My hands slided on the leg to the knee. Over the knee cap I swivelled my palm. Probably you are slight over weight. Any way consult an ortho. My palm was swivelling on the knee and started slightly up in the leg. I was telling some thing with out presence of mind.

Are you feeling comfortable while rubbing. She looked at my face and she was reddish on face. My hand movement went up to the thigh portion and it like touching on butter. The thighs were very close and I could not go to top. It was really warm she slightly spread. Now I could reach almost the panty with finger. I was leaning fully and our faces were coming closer.

Some problem started inside my pants I was not knowing what to do. Suddenly she told her boy that she is on the upstairs with uncle to repair the cd player. I will call you once it is ready. He said ok. She woke up with gown inside buttocks and walked to staircase and asked me to follow. She was talking slightly loudly about the problem of the player.

Her son is only in primary, still he should not feel what mom is doing up. As soon as we entered the room she bolted from inside.I asked about boy. No problem he will not move from there till I call him. She sat on the coat with both hands on the bed at her back. the boobs were projecting and she was closing and opening her legs with speed.

I went inside bathroom and pissed. It got released a bit. I kept it in position and returned. come and sit here she invited. I sat near her and she hugged me and asked whether I love her. For my husband I am ugly, good for nothing, what about you. I want you my darling. Wanting is something and loving is different. First is lust and second is affection.

If your feeling is second use me. I don't want any proof. We are equally disturbed. So we can share it half half. What do you say. I agree fully. Then come on as you please. I kissed her on the lips and it went on for minutes. Her lips were like rose petals.I licked all around the mouth. Bit on the nose. All over the face I nicely bit and ended on ears.

Then came to neck, cleavage and by this time she removed the top. I opened the bra and it was a show. I hveen't seen such beautiful boobs in life.Reddish white in colour, brown circles of 5cm diameter and dark black nipples of a round plum size. I lloked at those for a while and asked her which bastard said you are ugly, shit in his mouth.

I started to suck the nipples in a very slow pace, licking all around, mildly squeezing the nipples, gently pressing the mass and biting on the nipples. by keeping the nipple between teeth I liked on the tip with my tongue at very high speed and it gave real arousal for her. She said this is some thing new and fantastic. Carry on for some more time.

While carrying this I moved my hands to her thighs, gently massaged the thighs and brought the hand up to pelvis. She lifted her but and removed the panty. My hand cold now touch her pubic and slit. I entered the fore finger inside and searched for the clit. It was unproortional to her body and was a small one. I understood the need and decided some thing in mind.

I slowly started to play on it and finger started to go deeper. because of excess fat my finger had to go full to rech some where the G. I continued patiently the kissing, sucking and figering. It took nerly twenty minutes to bring her to a level of orgasm. luckly she never touche on my dick till then. It was throbbing inside and I wanted to take it out for insrting.

if she touched it thecum will me out. Her palm was so soft like cotton. I was thinking in which position I must enter. She said she is hot and take her to helm. She was wet and T decided not to waste time. Stood in front of her and opened the zip. My dick really jumped from the panty.She caught the shaft and gave a shake.

I asked her to lie back and lift the legs and spread. I inserted the tip and checked the lubrication. It was almost oozing. I pressed in one stroke and went inside with a 'pluck' sound. I now pressed hard on her breasts and kissed on lips. I pumped vey fast and selled with in a minute. My foreplay was so good and she could reach the helm in the first stroke it self.

She squeezed her cunt muscles and I could get the biting sensation. In that tightness I pumped.I lied on her body for a while and pulled it out. It came out with a sound. She laughed and asked is there any blast inside. Then only I told her about my cumming inside. Sorry dear it went inside. Hell with it I am on the 24 th day and expecting it any time.

I went to toilet and cleaned. She too followed. She made her dress alright and said a great day in life. Please continue as and when possible. I really enjoyed. I said I too. I don't know in what way I have to thank you. She caled her son and put a cartoon cd and said stop it after half an hour. He obeyed. I gave a on his cheek and said good night.

I understood her problem. Her arusal is slow. Her structure is not permitting for acrobatic poses. She is soft and a bit slow to react. So made use of all these poits to have good sex with her. I have alredy said I am not a great fucker. I can make some one happy by their cooperation. Suji is so accomodative and calm. She will not keep a step against my wishes.

So we had a good time. Next time After fore play I kept on a table in the sitting position and fucked in standing pose. Here also I was able to insert full and she got full pleasure. Since she lifed legs the dick could go deep. Her pussy is shallow.The clit is small and inside. Rubbing on clit is not provoking her. So if I start pocking by the time I cum she will not come to half even.

That is why her stupid husband said she is unworthy. Husband should know his wife and her structure. Every time I used to finger her to maximum and make her to say enter. She never insisted to play on my dick to such time. She was reluctent to blow job. So never insisted that. She was not getting arousal by cunt sucking. so I avided it.

On breast I played so many techniques and she liked it very much. I used to keep her full breast in mouth for minutes together. It is quite big and with difficultyI did it. My aim was to satisfy each other. I played in between her boobs many time. It was a heavenly experience. It is so soft and plumby and at times it required a bit of lubricant.

She liked cuming on tits and used to play with cum. One day I played in her armpits for a fun. I told her one day that her full body is fit for sex. She did fantastic blow job. The soft touch of her palm was sufficint to make it out with in minutes. I have tried mastrubating. it took lot of time and some time get bored. But when she touched the dick it happened all on a sudden.

She had enough pussy juice and some time the friction was insufficient. On such times I asked her to tighten the buttocks and cunt and she helped very well. I used to bite on her pussy and she liked it very much. She was totally unsuitable for doggey as far as I am concerned. My dick is hardly five inches and it is not enough to reach at least quarter in the slit from behind.

So I avoided that. I have used her thighs and it is as good as the pussy. If by mistake I get opportunity while she is on periods I used to use thighs or she will give hand job. If there is a heaven on earth it is an accommodative lady for men. I don't know what about women.

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Ashutosh fucking Daisey

I am Asuthosh continuing my affair with Daisey. After meeting her alone my mind was squandering around her and next day itself I called her around 1.30pm. I presumed she will be free after lunch and opted that time. When I identified she said Ashu please meet me tomorrow the same time here if you don't mind.I am bit busy today. I said ok and kept the phone.

I was surprised to hear the word Ashu.Very few people call me that and even yesterday when I met she called me sir. I was not called by name either by her or her husband so far. Till yesterday my contact with her was limited. Any way a good sign in one way. Personal intimacy is strengthed I think.

Next day I took 2hours permission from office and reached her home exactly at 1.30pm. She was readily available in the sitting room and the door was opened. I sat on the sofa and asked her what is so urgent. She smiled and said you were in a hurry so I called you. What you mean Daisey. Yes Ashu two days back you got my number yesterday you called me.

What I should guess. I had no answer. You finished your food. Yes.I took it from office. Then give me company for me to take food. I said with plesure.She locked the room and proceeded to table. Food was ready on table. Sure you don't want anything. I don't want food now. She smiled. We sat at right angles. will any body come now.

Don't worry no body will come, I assure. She started food and talk also. Ashu I understood every thing yesterday. for you this strted only few days back. I am keeping this in mind since years. You never cared any body no. Gentleman. Bull shit. who wants gentle man nowa days. You must be able to understand people, that you your opposite sex. You really mean it.

You were great unapproachable. go to hell. Now you are sex starving no.Am I right or wrong.What you said last is right. She completed her food and woke up from seat. She had worn a thin upper and a petticoat under.Nothing is there under the top and the boobs were seen well and projecting nipples. She threw the plates in sink and washed her hands and mouth.

Staight away she walked to the bed room and asked me to follow her. She sat on the bed and asked me to sit near her. She hugged me and told Ashu I love you and you must promise me one thing. what is it D.You must love me and satisfy me when ever I want. Don't do it like a ritual. You can ask me or take it from me with out asking. D I have my wife and children.

I know that. I will be her for some time only Afterwards I will not be a problem. I have never felt that D. Then what come on satisfy me. She hugged me with force and kissed on the lips. She inserted her tongue in my mouth and stirred well. yesterday you hit on my pussy. take it today. she removed the top and petticoat and lied on the bed fully nude.

I keaed down her face and gave a kiss. Then I started her kissing from her forehead to downward. Eye lids, nose, cheeks, chin, neck,chest and ended on breast.With one hand I ponded on the breast and took the other nipple in mouth. I gave a swivelling action on both one agter the other. finally I took both nipples inmouth by pressing from sides. She said great.

Conntinue that that stop. I kept on sucking both and she was getting hot. I moved my mouth to belly and navel and liked inside navel. Both nipples were between my fingers and knurling continued. my mouth slipped down and now it was on her triangle. I removed my hand from nipple and played on the pubic. I gave a heavy kiss on the mouth and kissed on thigh.

I bit both thighs and pulled the pubic. She was awakening and her hand went to my belt and zip. it did not take much time to remove pant. I helped to remove the shirt. My dick was in erect position. She played on balls and gave a shake on the shaft. Sit on my chest let me make it hard she said. I sat on her chest with legs on both sides.

She asked to give it in mouth. With in a minute it beacme hard. She morned and said I can't wait, it is alredy wet go inside. She spread the legs and I slipped in between and entered from top. She pulled a pillow and asked me to kepp beneath her booty. I did it. I entered full and pressed from top. Her reciprocation was fantastic.

For each push from bottom I pushed from top.She was at the helm and so I could finish fast. what shall I do with the cum I asked. pour it inside. I will see to that she said. We embrazed from top to bottom and lied there for five minutes. she said so many thighs and asked me to give her regular pleasure. I agreed and returned. So I got a shelter to outload my lust.

We started regular affair from then. I have fucked Daisey more than my wife. She was so cooperative and dire need of sex.She was searching for a pair and she found it in me. For me also the case was same. So we united well and till left to Gulf we had affair. Only thing we had no affair in night. I availed every opportunity available for fucking her.

I will explain the different poses we had. I took enough care for the foreplay. Once she say enter I will put inside.Till then I will go on playing on her boobs, booty, thighs, pussy, clit and so on.I will assure she is wet. I am not a great fucker. I can make some one happy if she also cooperates. She was good in cooperation and so every time we met both were happy.

Before starting the pumping I use to ask her which pose she prefers. She knew many poses and I also gathered a lot from net and magazines. We used to have only one course a day. Fore play will continue and One will suggest tye pose for the day. On the second trip I suggested to have a pose like this. She will lie on the bed with both legs to the floor.

I will stand in between the legs and after I pock my dick she will twist her legs over my back and pump. She agreed she lied on the bed with her buttocks on the edge on the bed.I pressed my dick inside and she lifted both legs and twisted over my back. I was pressed and very little movement was there for pushing. So the strokes became shorter.

But the dick went inside full and she said it was very exciting to have the full cock inside. She liked it very well and she named the process rock drill. We drilled several times. In the same position I took her legs on my shoulder and pumped. it was exercise in her language. When the legs are up the pussy will shrink and will be painful if the pussy is alrady shallow.

She had enough depth and no problem was there. I will not be able leanfully on her and kissing will miss in this pose. Still at times we prefered. Doggey was known to us and I prefered it more.She lost the pleasure of kissing. Here the advantage is I can play on the clit while fucking and it was liked very much by her. I had doggey in different style.

on the bed she will stand on knee and I will pump from behind. I will hold her waste with force and while cumming the hold will be tight on the belly. I will ask her to stand bending over to a chair or stool by supporting the body with both hands. I will stand behind and plough in the chute. very interesting.In third pose I will ask her to lie on bed on belly and drop the legs down.

I will slightly spread the legs and pock from behind. I wil be able to bite on neck and kiss on cheeks in this position. Very interesting. I will sit on a stool and ask her to sit on my lap facing me. Total binding of two bodies and the speed of the strokes is with her. She liked it very much and did so many times. After orgasm we used to sit like that for minutes.

In the same way she will sit on lap with face away from me. Again control is with her and she can have her on timing. I will lie down flat with dick erected and she will pock fro top with face on me. thsi she named crowbar and liked very much. Here also the controlis with her. In the same way she will sit with face towards my foot and showing her booty to me.

I used to slap on her booty and pock in the ass with finger. She used to give me good hand job and I used to finger her pussy to her full satisfaction. She will do good blow job and I am an expert in cunt sucking. We used to have 69 poses. in sex this is the most impartial sex and both are having their options and expertise. we had fantastic 69 many time.

Sitting on my chest she used to press her cunt to my mouth and splashed juice on my face many times. She took my dick in her mouth in the same way and took me to the top of orgasm. She will work on the knot of the dick head and swivel the head with tongue. I too took her clit in my mouth and kept in suck position for minutes and once she said it is broken.

I can't think about those days. Every time we met it was a honey moon. She got what she wants from me fully. some how our wave length synchronised. I am loosing her I don't know what about her attitude.

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Sexperience with maid at native place

Hi guys I am Doniv from Pune. I am a fair guy, 5’8” with a good athletic physique. The story I am going to narrate is about one of our maids. This is a true incident which goes back about 10 years when I was newly married. Just after a few months of our marriage, my wife had to go to my native place to be with my parents.

There was some function and I could not go as I did not get leave from my work. Everybody had to go to the function so I was alone at home. This maid of ours was asked to cook food for me and do all the house hold work. To describe this lady, she was around 40 years of age, short, wheatish complexion and on the heavier side. She had massive boobs, about 42 size.

No I am not exaggerating. They were really big. She had a big ass too. She really looked very sexy and hot. With the pallu of her saree always on one side, her cleavage was always visible and it really turned me on so many times. I have masturbated thinking about her so many times, and still do.

Any way, as she was supposed to cook and do all the house work, she used to come to our place by 6.30 in the morning, as I had to leave for work by 8.00 AM. A few days had passed by and I was thinking how to get this lady to bed. As usual, my masturbation continued in the bathroom, while she did the house work.

Slowly I started to keep my bathroom door slightly open while having my bath, hoping that she would see me nude in the bathroom, masturbating. Well the opportunity came one day. I was having my bath and my landline phone rang. As I was bathing, I asked her to attend the call and continued bathing. We had a cordless phone.

She answered the call and as it was my colleague from office, she came to the bathroom door to knock and the door just opened. And I was there standing in front of her completely nude and wet. I took the phone and she went away to the kitchen to do her work. I finished my bath and wrapped my towel around my waist and came out.

I straight away went to the kitchen and told her I am sorry. She did not say anything. I told her I am sorry and asked her whether she is angry. Without looking at me she said that why she should be angry. I told that because I was nude and I had not bolted the bathroom door. She said not it is ok and smiled. This gave my a little courage and I went very close to her.

She just looked at me and said, let me bolt all the doors first. On hearing this I was thrilled and went in the bedroom. She bolted all the doors and came inside. I told her first lets have bath together. I wanted to clean her nicely before fucking her. She removed her saree and blouse and petticoat. These people do not wear any bra or panties.

My cock was making a tent in the towel and I could not control myself. We went to the bathroom and I gave her a good bath. Washing and squeezing her boobs nicely. My God they were so huge, I had to use both my hands to hold one boob. I soaped her pussy and whole body nicely and then we dried ourselves and came to the bedroom.

I straight away attacked her huge melons and was sucking them, squeezing them. I was literally mauling her boobs and she was also enjoying it. She started playing with my cock. I was already very excited. She started sucking my cock, which was a new experience for me, as my wife did not like to blow me.

Well guys, she was a real expert in giving a blow job. My attack on her boobs continued, as I love big boobs. I was sucking them, biting her nipples, licking around the areola and she was moaning aaaahhhhhhh ……….. uuuuuhhhhhhh, suck them, please bite my nipples, ooooohhhhhhhh you are doing it so well, please do not stop…

Her moaning continued while she also kept sucking my cock. As I was too excited, I could not hold any longer and just came in her mouth. To my surprise she just drank all my sperm. She was really on the heat now. She again took my dick in her mouth and started to suck it. To my surprise it was up and rising again to the occasion.

She asked my for a condom and opened it and herself rolled it down on my dick, giving my dick light squeezes on the way down. I asked her to come on top, as I like this position very much. I sat up with my back to the wall. She took my dick in her hand and started inserting it in her pussy. Wow what a feeling it was.

I cupped her huge ass with both my hands and lowered her on my cock slowly. Slowly she started riding me like a cowboy. She was an expert in this. In the meanwhile, I was feasting on those gorgeous tits of hers. Guys I was literally in heaven. She was moaning uuuuhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhh, Fuck me, suck my tits, suck them, bite them, squeeze them.

And I was doing exactly as she was saying. She was really riding me fast and saying chodo mujhe jor se, aur jor se…. aaaahhhhhhh mere jaan mazaa aa raha hai. I was like in seventh heaven and matching stroke for stroke with her and saying haan meri jaan aaj nahi chhodunga tujhe. Wow what a fucking session that was.

We were so tired and exhausted and sweating that we had to take a bath again, where again I sucked those huge tits. The next day, before she came, I kept the door open for her and I became nude and slept under the bed sheet. As she came, I pretended to be sleeping. She directly came to me after locking the doors,

removed my bedsheet and on seeing me nude, straight away started sucking my cock. Today she already had bath from home and came. After that we had a really good fucking session. This routine continued till my family was back from my native place.

Even after that, whenever I get a chance, I squeezed her massive boobs or even sucked them, while she used to hold my cock and masturbate it for me. I still get a hard on when I think of her.


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