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Dubai Doctor fucking Pakistani housewife

I am a young 30 year old married doctor, five feet 10 inches, fair and with a strong broad physique and cute smile. I must tell my initiation into sex was quite late but once I discovered the beauty of love making at the age of 22, there was nothing that could stop me by till today. Having recently moved to UAE alone,

with a good job I started looking for a flat that could also serve as my personal place for my private intimate encounters.I made it clear to the agent that I wanted a flat as I intend to stay alone as by now all of you know that if you share your private details even with your closest friends you will land in trouble.

I have been a stickler for privacy from the beginning and I like it that way. UAE is a cauldron of attractive women from all races and seeing them strut by makes you really feel horny some days if you don't shag regularly. I got a good cozy flat in a very new apartment building and was happy to be one of the first occupants.

That way most times I could gauge and see whenever I was out new tenants moving in and also get a glimpse of the attractive women who wud move in maybe. There were Iranians, Lebanese who I used to meet from work or my patients whom I became closer and slept with. One morning I opened my door to pick up the paper and I saw a young couple moving in.

From their looks I figured out they were Pakistani and they had no children. The husband looked serious and weary of me when I opened my door but I was stunned to see his wife. She was a beauty with long hair and with so well sculpted body like Lara Dutta but a little shorter. I was so aroused that instantly my wicked mind started having thoughts how I would befriend her.

They were a quiet couple and they never seemed to make it loud or apparent with their lives.I was always thinking when they would be making love and wished some sounds could jump across their wall they shared with me but it was in vain. Meanwhile I made enough good frends around here and was lucky to go to their homes and spend wild nights

but I was cautious to bring anyone here in fear that my Goddess would somehow know. Both of them used to work and come back together.I used to work late till 9 or 10 pm and only had break in the afternoon from 1-5 pm. So our times never met.I was as usual the mysterious neighbor who just used his apartment to sleep and on weekends I was mostly out.

As time flew by, one day I was lucky to see that the husband was pushing a trolley luggage to the lift and she was in her home clothes. I presumed he was going to some place.I got excited and as they proceeded to the lift I went to put the trash out through the floor chute. I must have waited around 3-4 mnutes before she was back.I think he went to the airport in a Taxi.

I kept my door open and pretended that I was cleaning the apartment with a duster on my table. Her apartment door is directly adjacent to mine on our floor and ours is on the corner. In my mind I knew that any woman would definitely take a chance to see how her neighbour is and since now her husband was not in the scene I was damn sure she would look.

I was pretending to clear things on my desk when she popped in front of my door on her way to her door and looked to my flat not expecting that I would be there.Our eyes met and I knew I had to flash my cute smile with a greeting and said Hi. She was pleasantly surprised at my greeting and mumbled hi back.

I went over to the door and introduced myself and asked her whether she was from Pakistan as I am always mistaken to look like a Paki? I am not biased towards Pakis but In any foreign place, you meet someone from your own state, it kind of gives you a fair share of acquaintance and topics to flow by to talk(easy gimmick)

and I told her a lie that I was.I grew up with neighbours from Pakistan and knew the language so it was easy to lie. I told her I knew she was also from Pakistan but I never wanted to disturb their peace by simply getting acquainted or putting my nose in ther privacy. She smiled and told me her name was Sawera(name changed) and she was from Karachi.

My heart was racing and I was thinking of words to continue the conversation and asked where her Husband was leaving to? She replied he was going to Pakistan for 3 days as his ancestral property was being divided and his presence was required. In my mind it raced,3 days and I have less time. If I have to have her I need to start working immediately.

Its human nature if you find someone attractive you need to know her better and make love to her.Its human nature in us to multiply and when we see the opposite sex our carnal instincts get aroused.No use hiding those feelings and saying I am a clean guy. Of course you have to be civil and courteous to respect the other person but if two minds make up they need to be one.fuse..make love..enjoy.

Nothing can stop them. I could feel that heat developing slowly as she was comfortable talkingto me and I invited her inside to sit and have tea with me. She politely declined but said if I was in the mood for breakfast she would need some time to shower and whip up some real good breakfast in 2 hrs as it was a holiday.

I seized the opportunity accepting but politely and told I would love to help her too then. She asked for my number and told me she would call me to help as soon as she finishes her shower. A thousand thoughts ran through my head..why would a woman happily married go all the way to invite a neighbour she hardly knows,

the same day her husband had left and I thought to let go off these guilt thoughts as atleats I would have some good female company..espescially the woman I am lustng for a few hours in conversation atleast. I ran and did my push ups and showered and wore something that would compliment my strong shoulders.

I got a call from her after 45 mins and I knocked her door to find it open and with a fragrant smell of her shower all around the place. I made sure I closed the door and bolted it with the chain lest any other intruder sniff by.She was sitting on the sofa wearing a t shirt and pajama watching cartoons.

I joined and sat across and started talking to her and she said she was brought up in Karachi and her husband was from the same place and they were cousins. It was an arranged marriage and then she came with him to Dubai after marriage and found job as an administrator in a reputed office here.

He was more of a serious guy and held traditional values where as she was more open to change and getting to know people.She even added she loved working at the office more than staying home as she used to get all the compliments from her colleagues and she secretly enjoyed that.

I smiled and told her that you should enjoy whatever you want to do as long as you don't hurt anyone and no one finds out. She got the hint and looked at me smiling in a “Oh You naughty Rascal..I did not mean that” way and we both laughed at that. She asked me how I could help her and I said show me your kitchen..

We went there and she took bread to toast and I raided her fridge for Butter. Her kitchen was clean and I sat on a chair and watched her move. I could sense she was comfortable with my presence and I made sure I would not do anything overt that would break her trust. As she started applying the butter I went over and helped her in between looking at her eyes and bosom.

She did not mind that and I Looked at her eyes and caught her gaze.She asked my why I was single and not married yet.I told her,who told I was single. I am married very much and my wife is in Pakistan and would be joining me soon here next month, now that I am settled here. She said ok,now I feel safe then,I thought you would be an aggressive bachelor out to pin me down.

I said who said I am not..I might do that too..She laughed at that and we went to sit on the sofa and have some light breakfast.I made it sure now that I sat a little closer to her and she was getting more comfortable with my presence.I asked her what does she like to do now that her husband is not here and she replied enjoy freedom.

I asked her how would she like her freedom and she just looked at me and came closer and said I saw you right from the first day I cam where and I always wanted some occasion to talk to you, know you. When I knew my Husband was going I knew I would have some chance maybe to see you and talk to you.

She said she loved the way I used to run to work and come tired in the night as she used to secretly see me through her peep hole on the door as her husband was mostly sleeping at night while she watched TV. She knew I was young and restless and she has seen me talking on the phone many time while entering the door and it was sweet romantic talks to my girlfriends here.

She even could hear some conversations as the walls were not that thick.I smiled and told her I am alone here and I have my needs.Yet I don't believe fidelity is a fundamental right.I believe that if we want something we should go after that and I always lusted for Sawera right from the first day.

She came closer and caressed my hair and said I would be balding soon with all that testerone in me 24 hrs.She told me then why did you not try to make a single contact with me then? I told her I knew he husband was a bum and I did not want more trouble between you. She knocked my head with her knuckle softly and said now dont bring him into the picture and spoil the mood.

I smiled and said Sorry.Let me make up for that. I then held her face and kissed her lips softly..deep and her response was an aggressive hard luscious kiss that made me surprised caressed her hair and back and my hands roamed around her tshirt back and unfastened her bra from outside. She got out of the kiss and told me to be patient.

I had an enormous hard on from the heavy petting. She was eying it now and stood up and in a slow trance like movement removed her tshrt and pink bra. I saw for the first time those huge 36 c breast with dark purple areola that circled the nipples medium. She jugged her bobs together and brought the closer to me.

I sucked on them hungrily while her hands ran down the bottom of my hardon and pulled my pajama down.Sarita started holding and cupping my balls tightly moaning deeply as her nipples stood erect in my mouth and fingers.She told me she loved the smell of a man's scrotum and said her husband never bothered to shave down while I was clean

and she liked a shaved scrotum and she has never seen a circumsized dick. Her tongue flicked through the whole length of my 7 inch thick shaft and gulped my balls and I was on cloud nine.I never knew I had a wild gal next to me all thsio while.I started oozing pre cum and she said she wanted me to burst and fill her mouth with my load as she got a high drinking sperm

and her husband never entertained that..I said its all yours and in series of jerks came in spasms of pleasure in her mouth while I kept on massaging her tits.She drank the whole load and spit out some and I came down and kissed her tasting my own cum from her mouth which was realy good and we collapsed on top of each other on the floor.

She said she always loved doing a blow job first draining a man as she wanted a long session later and I came to know she had sex before marriage with two boyfriends and since her husband was a normal guy insisting on male pleasure always she was kind of bored with him and wanted a change.

I told her she was lucky then because I pride myself in being a muff diver.What is a muff diver she asked?I said one who loves to suck pussy for a long long time..Her face flushed and smiled and her hands moved down to her pajamas and underwear and I helped her out of that.I made her sit on the sofa with her legs wide open and I kneeled down on the floor while I

started to tease her thighs with my tongue on the sides while she lets gasps of aaah aaah and slowly my tongue found her hairy pussy and wound it way to her love hole.I started sucking in circles on her clitoris while she closed her eyes and pushed and caressed my hair with soft moans.

The sofa was getting stained with her love juice and her pussy was dripping wet and hot while I continued sucking her clitoris. slowly I inserted one finger in her hole and it felt so warm and I started finger insertion in and out until it was big enough to accommodate another finger..she was loving it and was asking me not to stop.

she was raising her abdomen and buttocks higher and heaving down and her moans were getting louder now and her hands were pushing my head deeper. She was grinding and rubbing her cunt on my face and it was slickened with all her love juice and I was loving it..I love the smell of a wet hairy pussy and it indeed was giving me high and my hard on returned.

I could not believe my luck what was happening and I knew that if you really want something just wish for it with all your heart and you will get it when you least expect it.It is kind of a gift for persevering dedicated ambition for this long. I started to lick the perineal area below the love hole and it is very very sensitive and she was loving it so great.

I went further down and my tongue licked her ass hole and probed deeper in..there was no bad smell and I knew she was hygeinic..by now my fingers were fucking her wet pussy and my tongue was giving her pleasures in areas she never knew existed in her body(trust me ladies..if you have good hygiene there and a guy is willing to suck there down you will see heavens)

and she came in a whopping orgasm on my fingers and pulsating her pussy on my fist and told me that I am a muff diver in real exploring every inch.. She was so relieved that she said she had to pay me back now with interest and started sucking my dick again till it was hard and then guided me into her love hole while

I felt the warmth and wetness of her hot pussy deeper and deeper as her nails drove deeper on my back and I felt we would be coming sooner together now and bent and started kissing and sucking her lips and mouth and our moans were muffled in our passionate kiss that when we came we dug and drove deeper and deeper until we rolled on to the sofa and closed our eyes.

She asked me to be still inside her and she wanted to feel my sperms inside her wet pussy as it was her safe period and she did not have to be that scared. We woke up a lil later and were like innocent kids in love stealing kisses and we had a great soak in the tub while we had another session in the shower where I made her yell out in pleasure as I entered her

from behind doggy style and came in deep thrusts inside her.She went down on me and licked clean my dick and kissed my mouth with my cum which tasted nice.I went down on her as she raised her leg on the tub standing and before cumming in my mouth made me finger her anus around the periphery and pulled my hair when she was cummming in my mouth.

It was noon by then and we ordered takeaway and after lunch we slept on each other hugging close. That night we had another long session and the next two nights even better. She is now pregnant but it is not my child as we had not had a session after her husband came.

But we did have again while she came to tell me she was having a baby and she was leaving to Pakistan for her delivery the next month when we met clandestinely in a hotel room.

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Posted by PRIYA
on: September 8, 2009 2:37 PM | Reply

amazing, this story can make horny to anyone, as i m now.

Posted by Manisha Sahani
on: September 9, 2009 12:20 PM | Reply

Story telling is indeed an art no doubt.....

Posted, in reply to PRIYA's comment, by rahul
on: September 9, 2009 1:10 PM | Reply

priya wana fuck

Posted by lovenest
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It is well known that medical colleges are sexual gateway to sex heavens (hospitals,surgeries)where girls are available in plenty to fuck and your well narrated sexciting, sexaully arousing story confirms that. You being a doctor know well about girls body parts and how to arouse and fuck them. What a way you fucked and shagged your neighbour wife. Let us have your other experiences with other young beauties and married wives.

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you are always horny why not quench your thirst with me??

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HI priya how r u, can we hav a fresh frdship.

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Wanna hard sex reply me with positive

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yes its a gr8 xpricne...i think u also having some gr8 once..plzz let as know bout ur dear..

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Priya i love u

Superb story which has made my pussy wet

Posted by neeraj
on: September 9, 2009 9:30 PM | Reply

nice story...really awesome and hard on............priya r u interested to hv the same.

Posted, in reply to 's comment, by KAP
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Let's not waste that wetness!

Posted by Rahul
on: September 12, 2009 12:02 PM | Reply

how to write story in humandigest.

Editors reply: Hi Rahul, thanks for writing in.

You can send in your story in plain text format and NOT in MS Word format to debonairblog @ gmail.com. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Anthony
on: September 12, 2009 12:46 PM | Reply

A great narration, superb combination of sentences and well used grammar, keep writing, its an awesome story, and can make anyone go crazy. When and whats the next upcoming, do keep writing, makes ones mind afresh after reading such a text, am feeling as if i am witnessing the entire scene in front of my eyes. If you think it to be right do post some of your stories directly to my mailbox, wud love to read then and quench my thirst for sex.

Happy Writing, Love You Loads!!

Posted, in reply to PRIYA's comment, by Aaryan
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Hi Priya. I wanna b ur friend. Wats ur age......

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Y dnt u get ur pussy licked by me...... i will suck ur wetness

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Hi Manisha. Cn v b friends

Posted by Lover
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good story but, u changed the name from sawera to Sarita, anyway nice try :)

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