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Sex with office girl Mary

It all started 4 yrs bk when I was 48 yrs age, I had to go to a factory near hosur for some inspection of my material delivered to them, one of the lady staff by name mary who is in inspection dept joined me to go there, let me explain mary aged about 22 yrs was a simple girl hardly her breast had developed lean personality

and I never looked at her with any bad intentions she was almost 5 ft 6 inch tall and had joined my company about a month back. by the time she finished checking the parts we had supplied as it had some complaints it was almost 7pm and she came upto me and gave the report and we got into my car to travel back as my factory which was alomost 50 kms away.

as we drove jst spoke abt the job and I could see her sleepy and dozing off, with no bad intention I told to sleep in th back seat or on my lap, and in no time she was trying to keep her head on my lap and went to sleep, the way she kept her head her mouth was exactly on my pant zipper and my cock inside started to react,

with my right hand on the steering I kept my left hand on her cheeks and caressed her, the young skin was soft and smooth and I started to get the burning desire in me builidin up, as I caressed her I fondled her lips with my middle finger and tried to enter her mouth, I could feel her opening the mouth and my fingers could feel her hot saliva and her toung,

I moved my finger in and out of her mouth and she seemed enjoying it and my cock was rock hard and wanted to be let out, and I could feel her pressing her mouth on my pants, without saying a word I lowered my zips and took my fully erect cock out, she slightly moved away seeing this, without saying a word I pressed her head towards my cock,

as she went I could feel my cock disappear into her mouth, from my driving speed of 70 kms I slowed down to 40 and kept to the left end of the road, to start with I caught her hair and made her move in and out on my cock and soon she got the rythm and she kept stroking, with my left hand I unbuttoned her blouse and I could access her small made breasts she was just

wearing a petticoat and no bra, I kneeded her breasts for quite some time and I wanted to explore more, and I lifted her skirt up and massged her inner thighs and I could see her white panty which I slowly started to pull down, the very fact she accomadated well to remove her panty showed her willingness for what was happening,

her pussy was hairy as it was smooth it was sure that she had never ever shaved, and my fingers opened her pussy lips and my middle finger went inside her wet pussy, as I kept moving in and out of her pussy my pressure was bulding up and with a burst I loaded her mouth with my sperms and I removed my hand from her pussy and held her head tight on my cock

so that she swallows everything, I could feel my cock jerk several times and fill her mouth and I could feel her slurping sound of drinking my sperms, my semen over flowed her mouth and it made my pants little wet, and I thought she will stop at that, but she continued sucking it, and I could feel my cock geeting soft in her mouth, the more soft it got her sucking pressure was getting more,

and my hands went bk to her pussy and tried to invade with 2 fingers for which she spread her thighs apart and I finger fucked her and I could feel the orgasm building up in her, as her sucking my cock was going violent and she got her big orgasm at which she left my cock and burried her face between my thighs and could feel her body shiver and her thighs locked

on my fingers which were deep inside her pussy. she lay like that for few minutes and I stopped the car to a side when she got up and put on her panty and both got dressed up as we were almost near our factory. when I parked the car I pulled her to me and kissed her deep on he lips and pushed my toung into her mouth, I could feel the taste of my semen in her mouth,

in reciprocation she pushed her toung into me which I sucked for a while and parted, she got down and went about her work and by the time I could goto my cabin in first floor and come down security gaurd told me she had left factory alongwith other staff. honest to god I was in disbeleif as to what happened and it was like a dream which disappeared.

till next day I came to work I was uncomfortable feeling she may not come back to work for what happened, as I entered factory I could see her, without seeing in my eyes she wished me good morning and I too wished and went about my work, and my day went of like awink of eye with the busy schedule what I had.

it was around 6.30 my intercom buzzed and security asked that mary wants to come to my cabin with some reports, no one can just like that enter my cabin without my permission to the security, which made my cabin very safe, so I was standing and talikg to someone on my mobile she knocked on my door and enetered and I stretched out my hand to her,

she slowly walked into my arms and I hugged her tight and continued my call on the phone, I adjusted my hug in such a way my cock could feel on her thighs and I could feel the blood rush to my head and my cock getting hard, with my right hand I guided her hand onto my crotch and she grabbed on my hard cock,

I couldnt continue my call as words were not coming out of my mouth with that exitement and I disconnected and passionately lifted her head up and kissed her lips, she caught my head frm back and lip locked with me and pushed her toung into me, I sucked her toung hard and I could feel her lowering my zipper and I helped her to take out my fully erect cock into her hand and feel and stroke me.

I just stepped back and lowered my pant and panty till my ankle and sat on my executive chair, this is the first time I was doing something like this in my office, and I couldnt beleive what I was doing, all my ethiks and will power had gone beyond control. as I sat she stood in front of me I untied the thread and lowered her pyjamas and panty,

she took her legs out of it and knelt on the carpeted floor and licked with her toung all my precum, she rubbed my cock head on her lips like she was putting lipstick, and she opened her tiny mouth wide and took my cock inside, I could feel her warmth on my cock, she started to suck in slow strokes and I could see my cock shine with her saliva on it,

and I lowered my right hand to her pussy which was already wet, she parted her thighs kneeling down to accomadate my finger fucking, I could feel her pussy already wet and my two fingers entered her vagina and doing wonders. I clould feel her body shiver and mouth gripping tight on my cock as hse get her orgasm,

she stayed like that sucking for a while and she got up and she was on fire, she came close to my lips and kissed me, I pushed my toung into her mouth and relished sucking and biting it, as she did she caught my cock in her hand and started to rub on her wet pussy, it was a burning desire to do all that and I could feel her guiding the cock in to her pussy and sit on top of me,

I could feel the tightness of her pussy on me, but her wetness made my cock slide peacefully inside, I could feel her breath heavy and went up and down on my cock, with her pounding I could feel my chair squeak and pressure really built up inside me, I caught her buttocks with both my hands and stood up,

she locked her hands round my neck and her legs locked onto my back and my cock fully immersed in to her wet pussy. i took a few steps with mary hanging onto me and places her buttocks on my table, and I was wild and wanting to pound her pussy, as she lay on the table it was aperfect height match for me to stand and fuck her,

I started in slow pace and pounded her pussy with full speed I didnt care even if my table broke apart, but surely wanted to fuck her pussy apart, she started to get her wild orgasm and I could see her crumpling the papers which were on the table and her pussy getting very tight on my cock,

and with the full force I ejaculated into her pussy, the flow of my sperms into her pussy felt like a volcano erupted, I stayed like that till mycock became little soft, till this time we had not exchanged any words and she broke the silence in telling me that she had enjoyed the best and asked me whether I too enjoyed.

we stood up and hugged and kissed for a few minutes and she wanted some tissues as I could see my sperms sliding down her thighs, I lifted her churidhar top and made her fully nude and I sat on the chair and pulled her close to me and started to suck her small breasts, her nipples were hard and I moved my hand between her thighs and inserted two of my fingers

in to her pussy made it wet and as I sucked I explored her other hole, it was very tight but slowly I managed to push one finger inside which was well lubricated with my sperms and her juices, I could feel her little moan with pain but I didnt care I started to fuck her in the ass with my fingers and suck her breasts and with my left hand played with her clitoris.

me sitting with my legs apart and she standing in between and both my hands busywith her pussy and ass, with me biting her breasts, ahhhhhhh it was a feeling to be remebered for a long time,this went on for about 10 mts and I could feel her body shiver and explode with one of the wild orgams, and literally her knee buckled and she dropped down to the floor and her head on my lap,

I caught her head and pulled towards my cock which was getting hard, within no time I cock had fully grown to size in her mouth and I could make out she never had the energy anymore to suck it, but I was in no state to stop either, so I held my cock in my hand and moved front and back vigorously keeping it in her mouth and withing abt 5 mts I jerked out my secong load

of sperms into her mouth and I too was exhausted, she swallowed all my cum and never took the cock from her mouth and lay on my lap for while and got up freshend in the wash basin and got dressed up, we didnt relaise the time it was already past 8.30pm how couple of hours went by was a mystery, since it was late I offered to drop her on the way,

while driving she kept her hands on my thighs and before dropping her gave her a passionate kiss in return she asked me when can I have her again, I smiled and told whenever she wants I will have her and went home. In the coming weeks will write more about me and mary having sex in different places and how I fucked her in the ass, please post your sincere comments.

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Sex with Shalu aunty

Hai to all readers of Human digest. I must appreciate this site for the content that they provide. This stuff is more sleaze than any xxx movie as one could get bugged watching a movie, but reading stories is such a pleasure that I often cum twice or thrice while reading a good story that’s narrated well with good language.

I would love to give my own input which I had planned from a long time, but actually got the time to put it down now. Hopefully this gets selected to be published here on this Blog ! Thanks in advance to all concerened. I am now very naughty at forty. A resident of Chennai named Atul, a fair Aryan and a Ceo in a Chemical company.

I walk and jog to keep me fit and my sexual life is also very active with my pretty wife Seema. This story is though not about Seema, but about a lady called Shalu. Shalu is the youngest of 7 children and her eldest sister is mom. If you have not got it yet, this is an incest story about me involving my young aunt who is aged the same as I. She is more naughty at forty than me.

Since we both were of the same age we use to share jokes, sms each other and there was nothing taboo between us. Shalu’s husband was a business man and they both had a fantastic life filled with sex. Shalu though at 40, was still the cynosure of all eyes at any gathering. She was slim, svelte and gorgeous. She was fair, tall and beautiful.

She had a 36 sized bosom with a little sag as I later discovered due to the degenerating process. I never had any kind of ill feeling towards her as she was my aunt. I still call her Shalu as we both are of the same age. This particular day, her husband was out on a trip and she was all alone with her two kids, a boy and a girl.

Seema and I have 2 kids as well and both are boys. I was in my office when it started pouring heavily. Since my office is in a bif commercial comples, I was not aware of the quantum of rain. It was when Seema called up at 6 pm and said that our colony is fast filling up with rain water, I became aware of torrential rain.

I live in a low lying area and if I did’nt rush home, I could not drive into my home as the water level will reach neck deep. Neither driving nor wading in such water is possible. But I was in the centre of a meeting and this gorgeous trainee was doing her presentation. I did hurry up matters and was done with it by 7 pm and called up Seema to check the status.

The worst has happened. They are marooned and I could not go home. Usually every year this happens and for about 2-3 days we are stuck in our home and rely on the stored food until the water receeds. I told seema, enjoy your freedom, Your husband is stuck out of house for good and that I would source out a hotel for my nights stay.

As opportunity could have knocked me, I received a sms from Shalu. It was usual stuff, one of her jokes. I called her up and said that im stuck at office and can’t go home. She invited me for dinner. Shalu is also a good cook and makes the most perfect Mixed Fried rice and Chicken Manchurian. It’s a delicacy that I could hardly resist if Shalu makes it.

I jumped at the invitation and drove to her house. She stays in one of those luxurious pent houses and hence she was residing in a posh locality without any water logging problems. I presented myself on time for dinner. The dinner was great, and we sat to talk a lot of things as usual.

The presence or absence of her husband made no difference to me as till then I / we did not have any arousal. At about 11 pm, I got up to go, but she said that she will make a bed for me in the guest room and why waste money on a hotel room. I jokingly said that your husband is not here and I may get some wild ideas.

She laughed at it and said that she will not be a party to my wild ideas and hence I can sleep without any hesitation. My wife knew that im staying at Shalu’s and her husband also knew that im staying overnight, but who can doubt an aunty and a nephew. I was directed to my room and was given a spare pyjama which ofcourse did not fit me well. But I could manage.

At about 11.30 pm Shalu came into my room to check if I was comfortable and did I need anything to drink. She was in her transparent and sleeveless nighty. I saw her first time in her negligee and immediately found my cock saluting her. It was creating a outward dent in my pyjamas.

Being very comfy with her I said, “ Shalu , you look awesome, and your little fellow is lucky to have you.” Shalu is not the kind to just thank and leave as she loves appreciation and she said, “ oh, thanks, but what else ? ” What else ? how can I comment further when you are covered, so saying I burst out in laughter. She too joined me and said that I’m taking the stuff to next level.

I said I would love too, but what about moral inhibitions ? Without answering she turned away to leave. I was looking in despair at a chance being missed but how can I force my aunt. It is morally wrong and she too will think very low about me. Talking is one thing and doing is altogether different and that too when she walks away. Forcing her into it will be wrong.

So trying to console myself with my little fingers I slept on the bed. I was giving a few ups and downs to my pyjama covered dick and was moaning when Shalu entered giggling. She said, “ I never knew you were serious about that thing, I just wanted to see what you would do, and rightly so you started shagging yourself.”

I could not control myself further, as I thought that she had led herself into this and I pulled her towards me giving her a deep kiss for the first time in my life. We met tongue to tongue and were exploring tunnels inside. The lips were real hot, soft and thick. They were perfect to any kissers delight. I also loosened her thick hair and she looked like a devil possessed.

The next stop was ofcouse the neck which aroused Shalu so much that she slid her hand in my pyjama to feel my manhood which was at full flow even at 40. It was erect, circumsized, a pink dickhead and perking 7 inch ahead. The hot shaft was driving her crazy with the pre cum. I then moved further down in search of her melons which were not hard to find.

I caressed them from above the sheer negligee and wanted to free them from bondage. I slid the nighty down to reveal her but was definitely robed in well with a white bra and laced panty, ( don’t wonder why all girls have white, pink or red bra’s /panty’s , I think they have limited choice of colours in undergarments ). The boobies were bursting from all sides to be freed.

But I wanted to go slow and started sucking from atop the bra. I was squeezing them and pressing them. The nipples shaping out could be seen from the bra and the were rock hard. Next to go down was the bra and the globes were right in front of me dangling from one side to another. I lifted Shalu up and put her on bed.

Now the usual sucking started till the boobs turned red. In all this while a little member was attracting attention by constantly poking at her bottom areas and it had now to be see the world outside. I was asked to remove my pyjamas. With one go the pyjamas came out along with my white coloured underwear. ( limited choice for men as well )

The male pride was there for her to see. Many aunts would have seen their nephews naked, but when they were kids. But imagine an aunt seeing a full grown 40 + penis of her nephew. This is beyond imagination. I now asked Shalu to get down from the bed and kneel before me so that she can give my member the due respect it demands.

As in all sexual acts, this one has to be chewed and sucked and I was not to let go. Her hesitations changed into pleasure when I started to slowly thrust it inch by inch into her mouth. Shalu smiled and asked if she was going to get to try my meat. I smiled back at her and said that if she really wanted to try it that it would be my pleasure to let her try.

I told her how to give me a blowjob and she took to it like a duck to water, and soon was pumping her head up and down on my shaft. She was now ogling at it and taking it with full flow. I could not control and was moaning loudly, she requested me to go slow as her kids were sleeping the next room.

But damn to all, I was building an orgasm and I was about to explode and so did I partly in her mouth and the rest on her breasts. She was all messed up and sticky and so we tip toed into the bath room and started to shower. Before doing I removed her panty as well giving me my first view of her Pussy.

The treasure hole was well covered with the bush and I could not see the crack too properly as the bush looked well grown and unshaved for a couple of months. I said that let’s shave the bush. I ran some warm water into the tub and started to wash her bush to get it wet. I found that the more I rubbed over her bush the wetter it got from her own juices flowing out of her Pussy.

I rubbed some shave cream into her bush and got it to lather up quickly. I started to shave the Pubic hair from around her Pussy with my Cock growing by the second. This caused her to have a huge Orgasm. With the onset of this Orgasm I couldn't take it anymore and leaned in to suck her juices right out of her Pussy.

Shalu started to moan as I sucked her Clit into my mouth. I slowly inserted a inger inside her Pussy and started to pump it in and out stretching her Cunt lips and Pussy getting them ready for my Cock to enter her. I soon had three fingers going in and out stretching he wide. After I brought her to another huge Orgasm

I quickly rinsed her off and picked her up out of the tub and carried her to the bed. I moved over the top of her spreading her legs apart so that I could get at her freshly brewed I mean shaved Pussy and lick it. I slowly kissed my way up Shalu's body until I reached her big Tits and then sucked on first the right nipple and then the left.

I alternated causing Shalu to moan with each suck. I moved on up her body until my Cock was nestled against her Not at all Virgin Pussy ( its been loaded many times by her husband ) and this is the first time some one other than her husband was getting in her. I pushed into her until the head popped into her channel.

I waited to let her get used to the new feel and fullness in her Pussy. Shalu stared to push up against me trying to get more of me into her so I pushed another inch into her and waited again. Shalu was no longer moaning as I pushed into her now she was plain crying out in pleasure.

I continued into her until I felt her inner bones resist my Cock's intrusion into her Virginal Opening. I had reached the dark end of her love tunnel. I asked her if she was ready and that it would hurt just a little. Tracy begged me to stop teasing her and to continue to ram my Cock deep into her.

I pulled out until just the head was inside her still and rammed back into her with enough force and buried all the way inside of her with the head pushed through her cervix and into her womb. Shalu hardly let out a cry of pain she just started to pant harder and harder. I started to pump in and out slowly at first and gradually building the pace until we were both moving in unison.

I reached between us to rub her Clit as we were pumping away. Shalu started to cry out in pleasure and thrash around. I let her pleasure build until it was at the peak and then backed off to let her settle down some, then I would start in again raising her sense of pleasure to it peak again.

I repeated this process for five or six times and as she neared her peak again I started to pump faster pushing into her womb with each thrust, I was soon ready to shoot my load as well. I knew that I should pull out but I was too far gone in pleasure for rational/moral thought and just buried my Cock in her womb where it would spray her full of my sperm and risk her getting pregnant.

( But who’s worried, she’s already married and one more child in her active sex life will not raise any doubts. ) Shalu exploded in the largest Orgasm yet when the first jet of baby juice hit the back of her womb. I filled her full and stayed hard so I kept right on Fucking my aunt. I was pounding away at her when she came down from her Orgasm.

Shalu matched my pace and we fucked for another forty five minutes or so before we were both ready to Cum again, Shalu said fill me up baby, I want to feel your Cum in me again. I was soon shouting " I'm cummmmingggg bbbabbbyyyy" Shalu screamed back " me toooooo Love" " Oh Goddddddddd That feels wonderfullllllllllllll"

"Filllllllll mmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeee" So I filled her little womb again with spurt after spurt of love juices. We fell asleep with my Cock still buried in her Pussy, the next morning we picked up where we left off the night before and Fucked twice again. I filled Shalu's Pussy four times that night. Bye to all readers of Human digest!

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Group sex with Pinky and Sweety

With me being a virgin, she expected me to be terrible in bed, but unexpectedly I was her best. She couldn't believe how good I was, and I lasted close to one hour my first time. Since then we have had wild and passionate sex, and she orgasms more now than ever before in her life, and always tells me of how satisfied she is by it. This was a year ago when I married Pinky ( name changed )

One night she hit me with a question, and I answered as I always do, overly honestly. She asked who I might be interested in of all the ladies in the world, and I said it would be her younger sister Sweety ( name changed ofcourse ! ) "Dan", she says, "you know that I couldn't let you fuck my sister. My god I wouldn't even know how to approach her about it."

Pinky’s sister Sweety was pretty good looking, and we flirted a bit when Pinky and I went out a few years before. Not to say that Pinky was bad. Not by any means. Pinky was about 5'4" with black hair and green eyes. She had 38 breasts that curved just perfect when she was on top of me and an ass to die for...

Sweety was a bit taller at 5'9" and had 34 breasts, great long legs and a nice firm ass. The thought of having both sisters got me really hot that night, and Pinky could feel my enthusiasm grow inside her. She worked it to her favour, licking my ear and whispering what she would do to Sweety, and when I came, it was extremely hard, as I was screaming Sweety's name.

Pinky loved it, but I don't think she was really serious about the threesome idea, but rather, she was using it to get me off. It was around 6pm and I was all ready for the next day. It would be our first anniversary and I had special plans. I bought flowers, and she was going to cook chicken noodles for two. I even got her chocolates and a balloon, which the kid in her always loved.

I picked out a great greeting card and things were in place for the next day. When I got home from work that day, I was expecting Pinky to be in the front room watching TV, but she wasn't. Instead there was a note telling me to meet her upstairs. I was hoping to build up to this later, but if she really wanted me that bad, I figured why wait?

So I run up the stairs to our room, and when I look in the doorway, she's sitting there. ”Dan, baby, happy anniversary." Pinky said. “ You know what, you have a surprise gift for our anniversary.” I was thrilled and asked her what could it be and she said “help yourself and your gift is in the other room”

I rush to the room to find my sister in law Sweety there and she was all smiles. Sweety, then put me at ease. "Dan, I have wanted to make love to you for years, but I never wanted to hurt Pinky. Because you were in love with Pinky and she loved you as well. But deep inside me I had burning desires for you and would fantasize about you.

“That’s all okay, but how did Pinky break the ice ? ” Pinky joined in and said that she always wanted me to be happy as I had been a very nice and caring husband and she would just go out of the way to please me. It was when she was discussing about the gift ideas with her sister for the anniversary, she said that let’s tease Dan a little.

But Sweety grabbed the opportunity and said that she would seduce me and hence the act was put to performance. Sweetie then said, “ when she brought this up to me, I jumped at it. And Pinky and I have done other stuff together when we were young and experimenting. So it's not like we feel too uncomfortable with each other."

I thought to myself, " Pinky acted shocked to throw me off guard apparently." Sweety and Pinky came over and quickly undressed me. My cock was erect at it's full 8 inches, which isn't tiny, but it's a nice modest size. Sweety started grabbing and fondling my cock and balls as Pinky went up kissing my mouth and whispering that this is what I wanted.

Then Sweety came up and kissed me. It was hot. I wanted to kiss her for a very long time, and the feeling of our tongues swishing between each other's mouths was unbelievable. There was chemistry between all three of us, and suddenly Pinky and Sweety started kissing and fondling each other. They pushed me back onto the bed where I lay flat on my back.

Sweety took my cock in her hand and started licking the top of my head. At the same time Pinky started sucking on my balls. Then Sweety took me all the way in, deep throating me a bit. She started furiously moving up and down on my cock and I had her straddle me for 69. I started twirling my tongue on the outside of her lips and then dove in.

The feeling was unbelievable as her wet pussy continued to drip all over my tongue as I licked the inside of her clit. She sucked faster and I moaned loudly. Then she started to moan loud that she was going to cum. I could taste it as she came on my tongue. Pinky lay down with Sweety on her knees in front of her, eating Pinky out.

Meantime, I got behind Sweety doggy-style and started fingering her a bit. Then I started pushing my cock inside of her. She pushed back onto me so she could take all of me right away, and the feeling of my cock again made her moan. I started fucking her like I never fucked before. I fucked her fast and hard and with each thrust she moaned louder. God this was great.

Amy started cumming from her sister eating her out and moaning into her pussy. I kept fucking Sweety and then put her on her back. This was even better. I put her knees back and sucked a bit on her toes as I sank deep into her. While fucking her I sucked her nipples a bit and she started screaming.. "Ohh godd YESSSS! Dan, I LOVE YOU, FUCK ME HARDER!

OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING AGAIN! " At the sound of that Pinky went from masturbating herself to Sweety's and my crotch's. Where I was banging Sweety started putting her tongue in and I banged Sweety even harder. Then I got off... "OHHH YESS BABY! OHHH FUCK!" I felt gallons of semen pour from me into her.

I collapsed on top of Sweety and she, while panting, told me how good I was and how much she now loved me.. Amy was so happy that everything went so well, that she just kept fingering herself at our embrace. That got us going again, and I went over to my sexy wife and started to kiss her.

She threw me onto my back and took top. I was hard again and she rode me to orgasm.. The swaying of her large beautiful tits made me cum again, just as she came... Afterwards we all lay in bed together for the rest of the night, as the two women cuddled to each side of me in bed.

The feelings of their nude, loving bodies almost made me get off again. We all made an agreement that this was unbelievable and had to happen regularly. This was the best anniversary anyone could ask for....

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First time for Ruchi and Sonu - II

Previously: First time for Ruchi and Sonu - I

I got up wore my jockey and took out my laptop and switched on, by the time she came I was putting the CD, she said, “ sonu tum pagal ho gaye ho kya, raat ka ek baj raha hai sona nahi hai kya”? means, Sonu are You mad its one o’clock don’t u want to sleep? I said, “ thodi der movie dekhte hain fir so jayenge” means let’s watch movie for some time then we will sleep.

I was sitting on my bed resting my back on the wall, with a laptop on my thighs, we started watching movie, it was an excellent movie, kind of movie I always watch, soft and romantic, man and girl in the movie, were kissing and giving good time to each other, not like straight away sucking and fucking.

She was sitting beside me in the same fashion, I held her hand and kissed it, she looked at me and smiled. Girl and boy in the movie were making love so nicely that I was getting aroused, he was sucking her tits, which I have already done to her, in a instant I pointed on screen and said, “ Ruchi didi ye aap ho aur ye main”.

Slowly he (a boy in a movie) started sucking pussy of a girl, and after few minutes they were in 69, I looked into her eyes, she was liking it, but could not speak anything, I slowly whispered “ Didi 69 karte hain” she wanted to do it, I could see in her gesture, but she was confused, “ kya hua kya soch rahe ho, koi zabardasti nahi hai” she said “ nahi wo baat nahi hai, par,

She was very confused, then I said, “ chalo na karte hain”. She said, “Lekin sirf sucking karenge, she got ready, but only for sucking. I immediately stood and closed the flap of laptop, and placed it on table, and came back to bed with her. I took my t-shirt off, now I was only in my jockey, we both were standing on our knees, on the bed,

I kissed her, and opened her first button of the shirt, and took off her shirt as we take off t-shirt. As if she was not wearing anything underneath so her milky tits were again waiting for me suck, I sucked them a bit, and made her lay down on bed, took off her panty along with her skirt. She was once again naked in front of her little brother.

Her juicy cunt was ready again to have a sucking session. But this time I started from kissing her again. I kissed her entire face – forehead, eyes, cheeks, ears, lips, chin……… and moved to her neck. Then I moved behind her and held in my arms and kissed her entire back, then her hips, she was totally turned on, for me giving her pleasure was most wonderful act in the world.

Every moan from her mouth, excited me. Every time she said.. hmmmmmmm.. It made me harder. I wanted her to feel happy and satisfied. I kissed her thighs and the entire leg. Then she spread her legs a bit to give a view of her sexy cunt, I spoke in a low voice, “tango ko thoda aur kholo.”

She did it, she was so wet, I kept hand on her pussy and rubbed it for a while, and then spread her pussy with my both the thumbs and dug my tongue inside her cunt, I was licking her pussy like a dog, once again she was in heaven, after few minutes, she said, “tum bhi apni tange iss taraf karo” she told me to move my legs towards her so that she can suck my cock too.

I did it, she took off my jockey, took my rod in her hands and straight away took in her mouth, this time there was no sign of hesitation, and she was doing it so nicely, even better than she did earlier. We were laying sideways and sucking each other in 69 position, on a single bed. After five ten minutes, I got up and laid beside her sideways and started,

kissing her and sucking her breast again. I kept my one arm under her head, she rested her head on my arm, I rolled my other hand on her back till her ass and pulled her upper thigh and rested it on my thigh, now one of my leg was between her two legs, and in that my penis touched her soft cunt, she became so uncomfortable, that she tried to got out of my grip,

but I was continuously sucking her boobs, I griped her tightly, she was tried to push me, but not with a so much of force. She said, “ sonu please ab bas karo, please….” Then I stopped, and said, “ ruchi didi I love you and I want to fuck you” with that I kissed on her lips again. She said “ nahi nahi, please aisa mat karo,” “ kyon ? main aapko achha nahi lagta kya”?

I asked in a innocent way, then she said, “ nahi ye baat nahi hai, mujhe dar lag raha hai, kisi ko pata chal jayega to.” In next ten minutes we were just talking and I was trying to convince her that nobody will come to know, but she was not ready, and she was giving me one or another argument, sometimes of the pain or about getting pregnant.

Finally I released her from my arm, although I was dishearten but I did not showed her anything on my face, and gently said “Ruchi didi I love you main aap ko force nahi kar sakta” she smiled and said “ I love you too” with a small pause she continued, “ sonu waise to karna main bhi chahti hun, par mujhe dard hoga” then I said, “ wo to hoga hi, chahe main karoon ya shadi ke baad aapka husband”

she thought for a second and said, “thik hai karte hain par tum aaram se karna” I immediately got up made her lay down on her back and started to search for the best hole for my dick to insert. I was sitting on my knees between her legs, I licked her cunt again for a while, and started rubbing with my hand and slowly inserted my finger in her tight pussy.

It was so difficult to put in even a finger and I was thinking of putting in my big long cock. Although there was lot of liquid in her pussy but she almost cried when I inserted my finger. I was putting in and out my finger very slowly, after a while she started enjoying and her wetness increased and she was moaning very nicely, it was pleasure on the pick,

literally we were in heaven, I was fisting her so nicely that I could not believe that I am doing this first time, juices were flowing from her cunt. I then made myself in position to put in my rock hard cock in Ruchi didi’s tiny hole. In first attempt I tried to put in but I couldn’t, but I hurt her, so she started resisting, then I tried again but she resisted so I was again not successful.

I tried many a times but was quite confused why its so hard to insert my dick, finally I made her body relaxed and told her not to worry, I think from last 4-5 attempts she was getting hurt, and I could see on her face. Then I stood and switched on the main light, she blushed and told me to switch off, but then I said, “ main shayad aapki choot ko dekh kar uss main dal loonga“.

Again I was back on my position and I could clearly see every part of Ruchi didi’s body, her cunt was looking so gorgeous in white light, I again strated licking that most beautiful part of her, then I started rubbing my hard cock on her soft cunt. She was enjoying every bit of it, she was moaning and saying,“ haa aise he karo, sonu bahut mazza aa raha hai,”

and after a while I pushed my dick into her tight hole, I knew that she will not be able control, so I placed my hand on her mouth, although she controlled a lot but there was bit of a noise when she got my long dick in her tiny pussy. she was breathing so fast, and almost crying, I was half inside her cunt, I was feeling bit of a pain too, and neither it was very pleasurable feeling,

but still I was inside her. Her pussy was so narrow and my dick was tightly fitted in it, She was cribbing and saying, “ sonu please isse bahar nikalo, mujhe bahut dard ho raha hai,” I said “Ruchi didi please………. Abhi sab theek ho jayega” “nahi tum please isse nikalo”, I don’t know what I thought at that time and I made another stroke and I was fully inside her,

it was our good luck that she did not screamed unless her pain was beyond my imagination, she ended with a tears in her eye, and just two words, “Aah mummy” and she simply pushed me, even I was worried now, I took out my penis to see, what I have done to my dearest didi, I saw bit of pinkish color liquid on my dick.

I understood that Ruchi didi have lost her virginity, to me and even I have lost my virginity to her. she sat on the bed, there was few stains of blood, on the sheet, she tried to look at her cunt, it was bleeding, I gave her towel, she cleared that blood, she was looking very angry, I said “ kya hua” she said, “ tum baat mat karo mujhse”.

I took her into my arms, and started kissing her, she was not responding, I continued, with a kiss on her lips and then I started sucking her boobs, and made her lay down, slowly went down till her belly, and came back to her lips, and covered her body with mine. And I whispered in her ear, “ aapko jitna dard hona tha ho gaya, ab nahi hoga”.

She instantly resisted and said, “ please ab tum dobara mat dalna”. “ Didi jo hona tha wo ho chukka hai, ab dard nahi hoga”. And I strated kissing her again and sucked her tits and rubbed her cunt for a while. She started moaning and was flowing in the rhythm, after hardly 5 minutes, when she was totally turned on, I sat and kept a pillow under her and folded her legs across my waist,

and guided my hard dick into her pussy, and entered with a single stroke, she had enough wetness to take my rod in her soft pussy. Although it pained a bit in the beginning, but she started moaning with pleasure after few minutes. I was fucking her very gently, with long and slow strokes. She was loving it. I started sucking her nipples, kissing her neck.

As I was feeling some kind of pressure building on my cock, I was stroking her faster, she also responded to it, she held my waist and stated pulling and pushing in the rhythm. Then she started to moan, saying, “yesss………… fuck me, please fuck me……… sonu”. I was in heaven she was chanting my name in such a fashion that made me more hornier.

In response I moaned her name again and again “ I love you Ruchi, I love you………… mujhse shadi karogi, Hmmm………” I started fucking her harder, I griped one of her tits, and stroking fast and short, and with in 2 minutes she was on the peak and started shivering, she was looking so good, laying naked with a dick inside her tight cunt and trembling with pleasure.

It seemed like a dream to me, within few seconds she had an orgasm, I was continuously watching my Ruchi in most wonderful situation, and as I saw her bursting in orgasm and pulsations rising from her abdomen and going till her neck, suddenly I felt that my penis will burst, and with in a second or two I took out my rod and came with a wild moan on her tummy.

She was exhausted, me too was breathing wildly. I felt bit of tiredness in my back, so I laid, beside her. we were laying without a word, after 5 minutes, she dressed up and went to toilet, after that I cleaned myself with a towel and wore my clothes. When she came back she looked at me and smiled, and said, “ ab soo jao, kal office jana hai”.

Suddenly she was looking so matured. It was 3 O clock, we were tired, but there was no sign of sleep, we talked to each other while laying on our bed, and I don’t know when I slept and had a nap for some time. Then I got up and laid beside her on her side, she was sleeping, and looking in such a peace, that I again realized that, I love her, as I kissed her, she also got awaked,

and smiled, I kissed on her lips, and started fonling her body, she was responding, to my kisses, and enjoying my love making, I folded her skirt upward and took my hand to her panties, to take it out, she aggressively said, “ Sonu tum pagal ho gaye ho”, but I took off her panty and strated sucking her cunt, with in no time she was wet again, so I took out my rod,

and inserted into her cunt slowly, she enjoyed a lot as I penetrated this time, I fucked her for a while, it was much better than the last fuck also much long lasting and much more pleasurable for both of us. I came again, just few drops of semen on her thighs. Then we slept again on the same bed and, got up when alarm rang around 6:30.

I asked Ruchi didi if she wants to use toilet first. She said that she is taking a day off from office. I got up got ready went to office. It was indescribable feeling for me to have her on my bed, as a sex partner, whole day strange thoughts were coming into my mind. And when I had a peaceful thought on this whole episode, I realized that I love her,

and what if I ask her for marriage, she is my distant relative, you can say, my grandfather had a cousin sister, and she is a granddaughter of her, and she is a kind of a person, which any one can have as a life partner with joy. By the evening I was so sure about this relation, and was about to give her a proposal. But then I received a call from her that she wants to meet me,

not in the house, but in Brista in main market of our city. I meet her there, she was having guilt feeling for what we have done last night, and she do not want it again, and if she will not be comfortable then she will shift to working women hostel. It was a disaster for me, although I asked her for marriage, for which she replied, “ sonu main tumhe bahut pasand karti hoon,

aur tum mere best friend ho, but shadi ke liye hamare parents nahi manege aur, hamare past ke relation par bhi shak karenge, so let’s stop it here only, I promise hum hamesha best friends rahenge”, but please meri help karna, humen apne aap ko bahut control karna hai”. She was absolutely right, it was so difficult for me to control myself,

to love somebody without touching her. So friends this was my story, after few months I got a good job offer, far from my place which I was about to refuse, because I wanted to live with my best friend, but she forced me to accept because it was a jump of more than double. And I accepted it, we were talking to each other on phone,

and one day she told me that she has said yes to one guy for marriage. After few months my marriage got finalized, we got married almost at the same time, with a gap of a week. She is happy, I am also happy with my life partner. Now I am back in my city, she is also in the same city; we meet on occasions and festivals. That’s it. Please comment if you can.

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Sexperience with Doctors

Hi, after narrating my first story on this blog I didn’t felt good, it was feeling like destroying someone’s faith. I could not sleep well, and finally I called up my colleague (The girl I narrated in my story) and explained her every thing. First she was not able to express her feeling to me on phone, she disconnected to phone by the words “will call you later.”

I received her phone after around two hrs, her voice tone was normal and the very first sentence she spoke was “relax boss, un-necessarily you are worrying.” Then she told me that she had gone on blog and read the entire story, and found nothing wrong in that, as I hadn’t mentioned and name, place of nay thing which can disclose our identity to the readers.

In fact it was very interesting to read our own story. Her conversation on phone made me relaxed, the only thing which surprised her was “me with the doctors.” She said she cannot belief this that those doctors con go to that extend. She incest me to let her know what, when & where it happened, for which I bagged some time to narrate the entire incidence.

With the permission of my colleague and on her forcefully request (infect it was like ordered) I am herewith narrating the sexperience with those doctors. As many of you must be knowing that during PG every student doctor need to submit his/her thesis on any topic related to subject,

and being a new concept & product two out of three those lady doctors had decided to take this product for their thesis purpose. It was indeed greatly accepted by my company also, as by the end of this thesis we could have at least one paper in our hand to show the result of our product in context to Indian patients.

For which company had provided free product samples, all study material regarding this product and CME’s. it took around ten months to complete their study on this product, during this period we (all) had many sittings, discussion, meetings, and all this incidences made us more closer with each other.

I even called them for conducting CME’s on other cities for sheering their experiences for the benefits of other Gyanecologiests. These all were going very smoothly without and special feelings, until this International Gynae Conference. The big event of national level conference for Gynae was organized at Mauritius.

My company used to participate in big way in this conference and this year it was special because of a new product launched. I was given the responsibility to bring both the lady doctors along with the HOD of their department, their to & fro and stay was courtesy by my company.

We reached the venue city by flight and accommodated our selves in one of the five star hotel of the city. Both the Jr. lady doctor presented their thesis paper on first day of conference and have been nominated in the best work done category. Both were very happy as their work Internationally recognized.

Since they had finished their work on first day thus they were free for rest five days, and asked me if I can arrange local sight seen for them, which I arranged.(but not accompanied them) The incidence happened in the evening when they both came to my room just for passing the time and sharing their day experience.

We started our chatting and soon the discussion moved to the boldness of the city, they narrated few figures (which they seen during the day visit) of short clothing and started laughing on their uncomfortable situation. This incidence was so fun filled that we keep on narrating different –different stories and enjoyed the incidences with our full throttle laugh.

In the meantime I asked them if they need any thing to eat or drink for which one of the lady said “aaj to bear-whisky ho jay, vaisa bhe itana hans rahe hai jaisa ke nashe main hain” I ask them if they really want it I can arrange in the room, after all we are in five-star every facility is available here.

They hesitated for some time as they have never tasted these drinks, but on my forcing and making them convinced that nothing will happened we will drink very small quantity and will remain in our room by the morning every thing will be normal, and being the medical professional they must be aware of that the effect of alcohol last only for 12 hrs in body.

Some how they got convinced and we ordered three bear with some snacks.. The things were arranged in my room we had started our drinks and laugh on same old topic. As we were about to finish our first round of drink I ordered for second and both the girls were also in the mood of taking second round as they were not feeling effect or change in their behavior,

but I was smelling the effect in them, they were getting more & more bolder in their talk. When we were half of the second round suddenly one of them asked us to recollect the memories of the first day of our meeting and my poor situation of demonstration. I felt very embarrassed and they laughed on me “hai dekho kaisa sharma rahe hai.”

I requested them to change the topic but they were not in the mood, and the whole incidence of my discomfort was discussed at length and we ordered for third round of our drink. The bear was making its effect and both the girls were became very bold to the extend that they have commented on the position of my dick, and this was very embarrassing for me.

I some how finished the third round and asked them to go to their respective rooms as this is becoming un healthy. On the reverse of that both still teasing me with the situation and their language were becoming very violent. First : (to second) dekh apani situation par ketana sharma raha hai. Second : ha jaisa doodh peeta bachha ho.

First : by the way tum itana sharma kayoun rahe ho. Achha kise larki ne comment keya hai es leya. Me : ok girls, its enough now lets call the day and say good night, and please go to your rooms. First : agar hum nahi jay to? Second : hum to aaj yahe soyange, kaiya kar loge tum? Me : (with laughing) main kuch nahi kar sakata, now you both are getting tipsy.

Second : oh, tipsy. What do you mean by tipsy? Me : nothing I mean to say ab tum log nashe main ho, hum kal baat karange. First : nashe matlab, hum kaiya bahak rahe hai, hum par kaiya pagal pan sawar ho raha hai, agar aisa hai to hum apane kapra kayoun nahi phar rahe hai? Second : kapra ke baat mat kar varna yeh bechara to sharm se mar jayaga.

Me : hell with you, now you are going out of the way, jyada mazak health ke leya kharab hota hai. First : acha tum ko mazak lag raha hai, to lo yeh maine apana kurta utar deya ( and she really removed her kurta, and stood in front of me in her salwar and red colour bra. I must tell you the figure of both of them, they were very sexy with the ideal figure, bright colour, tall)

I could not blinked my eyes on this sudden happening. Second : what happened, tumhari to ankh be blink karma bhool gai, abhi yeh hal hai to aage kaiya hoga. Me : (suddenly came back in my senses) chalo ab bahut bachpana ho jaya, aage se kabhi mat peena, tum logon to suite nahi hoti hai.

I was not in the mood of taking the advantage of this situation because the only reason that they are doctors and my elite customers and what will happen when they will come in their senses, they may complained to my boss or company and I may loose my job. All this thoughts were coming in my mind and the second one spoke : chalo aaj tum ko jalva dekhe he detan hai.

I was surprised what the mean. First : bas itenay main he hawa nikal gai? Jara es ko bhe dekh lo ( and she pointed towerds second one) Second : lo yeh mera bhe kurta tom ko gift (she removed her kurta and thrown on my face. Now both the girls were in their bra and salwar. The atmosphere of room was changing very fast.) First : ab bolo kaiya cahate ho?

Me : main kuch nahi cahata houn, tom kayoun mere band baja rahe ho? ( I was so tensed that the semi nudity of those sexy girls were not making any effect on me. The thought of sex was far away from my mind, I was scared about my job. Though both the girls were from the decent families and they never behaved like this during the long 10-11 months of time.

You can understand this was only due to the effect of bear they had. Second: band ka achha yad delaya, chalo dance karte hai, music chalu karo. They switched on the music channel of tv and started dancing on the song, though the song was different and there dancing was different. First : (to me) come on yar lets dance.

But I didn’t moved from my place. They both danced for less then a minute and another blast happened, the second one pulled up the bra of first and her milky white boobs were hanged out. She shouted loudly and pulled the bra of second one too, now both the pairs of boobs were hanging out of bra. I was watching them like a stupid.

They removed their bras and again started dancing. They were even not paying any attention on me, just dancing together. I was watching two very sexy girls half nude dancing in front me, their (slightly big then normal size) bare boobs were bouncing in rhythm and the entire seen was very sexy.

Though my hormones were started releasing and some effect was there on my sensitive organ, I kept quite. Second : (to me) come on yar, forget every thing, come and enjoy. Kal ke kal dekhenge. I thought, she is right, lets enjoy today, will face what ever comes tomorrow. And I joined in their dance, we all laughed loudly and danced with full of passion.

First : esay nahi, tum bhe apani t-shirt utaro hamiri tarah, sub ek jaise honey chaiya. And I removed my t-shirt. Now all three of us were half nude, dancing. Second : now what is next? Me : nothing, now what els you want should I remove my pant too? First : so what wrong in it? I shed off all my inhibitions and removed my pant too.

Me : yeh lo, aab bolo, dum hai to karo mukabala. With this both stopped for a second and then with one go they removed their salwar and panty. Wow both the girls were standing completely nude in front of me. It was my first time in life to enjoy tow beautiful young girls at the same time. Second : now its your turn.

And I had to remove my boxer, three young people completely nude watching each other…….. something very different and unbelievable. We started dancing again, but I was not able to divert my attention from their nudity. I grabbed the boobs of second and first hold my semi erect dick. First : huge size, kaha chupa kar rakheta the is piece ko.

When I was busy squeezing & sucking the boobs of second first gave some jerks on my dick, and with the cumulative effect my dick become rock hard in no time, nine inches in length, (as related to medical science I know size doesn’t matter) first took it in her mouth and started sucking & leaking it vary vigorously.

I gave full attention to second and while sucking her boobs I explored her vagina, it was clean shaven the touch of her vaginal lops was very smooth, I inserted my finger in the hole, it was all wet but the silky tight touch gave the fantastic feeling.. I started finger fuck with second for some time and then first came up and diverted my face towards her boobs,

I had to oblige and started play & sucking them. Second made us sit on floor and now she gave her attention to my dick. After some time we all came to bed. Though many time I decide that next time defiantly I will try to lick the cunt, but didn’t got courage to do in real, this time again two beautiful angels were with me and I was not liking to lick their clean shaven pinkish young cunts.

We reached to bed and I made second comfortable in position and put my dick at the opening of her pussy. Second : its very big and thick in size please dheera se dalna. Me : don’t worry, ek bar dalne to do bahut maza aayaga. In missionary position I started with slow pushing, her pussy was really tight, I was pushing very slowly and even took out also.

With this speed I was about half of my length in to her pussy and she shouted. Second : parpaho mat dal do, jo hoga dekha jayaga. I immediately obeyed and pushed the entire length in one go in to her pussy and a loud ahhhhhhhhh sound hit my ears. Second : ahhhhhhhhhhhhh mar gai, meri to jaan nikal rahi hai, ab please dheera-dheera karma,

(I started my slow motion in & out) pura bahar mat nikalo, etna lamba or mota hai vapas jana main phir se dard karega. I was continued with slow in out motion in beginning and step by step increased the speed and the length also. About after 4-5 min, I felt some movements in my tastics and shuted my cum in second’s pussy.

She also surprised, as she has not reached to ant stage. Second : itne jaldi? Me : ya, first time I always finish very fast, I don’t know why, but its happen with me. You need not to worry you will have the complete fun. (Then I moved to first) you want to suck me again? First : yes. I love it.

I took my dick out from second’s pussy in pushed in to the first’s mouth, she started to stroke and suck my dick vigorously. By the time second started playing with the pussy of first. In my real life I haven’t seen girl playing with girl pussy. My dick was again coming in its shape. This time I said-

Me : let me fuck second as she is already half way, and while I fuck second will suck the pussy of first so it will get lubricated with pre cum. I made second in comfortable position in one force hit my dick was 3/4th in side her pussy she burst her pain in loud voice, but by that time first sat on her mouth and her pussy opening was just upon second’s mouth.

I started my pumping in right rhythm. Second also started leaking first’s pussy. The room was filled with the heavy mons of first. I was fully devoted to second knowing that I have much more time then the previous one. My speed has also increased and by now I was stroking her very hard by taking almost full length out and pushing it in one slot.

Soon I realized the second has tightened her grip on me and I realized that this is her first orgasm. Buy I was not in the mood of stopping, I kept my speed and pumping in same way. Very soon she experienced another orgasm and the some more. Second pushed first from her face and shouted-

Second : ahhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaa ab kaiya pussy ko phar kar he dum loge, main ab aur nahi jhel sakati. Jaldi se finish karo. Me : ab kayoun jaldi kar rahi ho, pahela to tum ko bahut jaldi lag raha tha? Main to abhi half be nahi aaya houn. Second : please mujhe kisi aur ke layak bhee chorana, pata chal ke hole itena bara ho gaya ke koi dusara aadmi chod (fuck) bhe nahi sakta.

During all this conversation first was watching us sitting on the edge of the bed. First : (shouted) sala koi mujhe bhe to karo, main to dalvane ke liya mar rahi houn. I increased my speed in concentrated on finishing the task, after some more stroke I came again in second this time we both came simultaneously.

A great seance of satisfaction was there on the face of second. I took my dick out and asked her – Me : (to second) you want to suck me clean? Second : yes, why not? Yeh maja bhe aaj he le lena chaiya, phir mauka nahi milega. She took my dick in her mouth and started cleaning it. I devoted my direction towards first and squeezed her boobs.

she also came close and we had a long kiss on lips. I inserted my finger in her pussy and did finger fuck for some time. To my surprise she even experienced her orgasm with this finger fuck. My dick came in action again and I was aware this time it will take much more time then previous. Me : (to first) darling are you ready? Main daloun?

Es bar aur bhee jayada time tak maza doonga. First : main to kab se mari ja rahi houn, lakin ab dar lag raha hai, second ke halat to dekhi bechari ke pussy se ab tak pani nikal raha hai. Me : yeh sab to theek hail akin us se pucho maza aaya ke nahi. Second : I had the best fuck of my life time, unforgettable.

I made first in missionary position, put my dick on the opening of her pussy and gave some pressure. This one was little easy to penetrate. First : fuck me hard, with full force. Ek bar pura bahar nikal kar ek saath pura andar dalo, maine etna lamba land kabhi nahi dekha, aaj es lambai ka maza lene do.

I took my entire length out and pushed in one go in to her pussy, though it was painful to both of us but with loud mone of first it was the great experience. I fucked her in that position for quite some time, during that she had 2-3 orgasms. Then we shifted in doggy style and I fucked her from behind, this was the best experience we had together.

The rhythmic in out, and with every thrust the shaking of her butts was fantastic. She had beautiful round ass with some excess flesh on it. We fucked for more then 20 min and lastly I came in her and collapsed on her. I never had three ejaculations continuously and become very exhausted. Soon we fallen sleep.

We were so tired that no body even bother about the nudity, light and TV on, food & drinks were on table, the entire room was like mess. Me and first were on bed where as second were on floor carpet. I was the first who got up around 6 am, I just laugh on me and the entire night seen was become alive in my memories. I got up and went to relax room.

By the time I returned nothing had changed both the girls were sleeping in same position.. First was sleeping on her stomach down side exposing her beautiful whitish round shape butts, looking like an angel. My men got in action again (after all who can resists if two young beautiful angels with their full nudity are lying in the same room)

I woke up first and before she could realize and come in her full séance I mad her in doggy position applied plenty of coconut hair oil on my dick and on her ass hole. By the time she could realized what I am going to do with her I put my dick on the opening of her ass hole and with one full pressure I inserted almost half of my length in to her ass.

She screamed in loud voice which mad second got up.. I started fucking first in her beautiful ass, it was little difficult but kept pumping very fast and forcefully. Even first also started enjoying and we matched our rhythms. Second : (after some time) sala tum log kutton ke tarah puri rat chodate rare ho kaiya.

First : abhi to shru keya hai, such main gand main dalvane mein bahut maza aa raha hai. This sesson didn’t last for long as I cam fast in her ass and poured all my cum in her gand. We parted in our respective rooms for the preparation of the day activities. Whole day I was busy with my activities and them too. We even didn’t mate.

We remained in town for two more days, and before we departed from Mauritius, we not only had frequent rounds of fucking but I helped both of them to fulfill some of their fantasies. Second evening we again gathered in my room. This time with their wish we ordered for hard-drinks (Whisky and vodka).

I asked them Me : kal tum log bar bar yeh kah rahe the ke etana bara lund nahi dekha. Kaiya tum logon ne pahela be nude men dekhe hai, or yeh slang words tum ne kaha se seekh leiya. First : medical line main nudity dekhena kaun se bari bat hai, patient examination nain, operation main, even postmortem main yeh sab chalta hai.

And slang words to mail students bolte he raheta hai. Me : to tum log bhe bolete ho? Second : bhanchod hum kaiya aasman se tapke hai jo nahi bol sakete? Me : great! Tum to mans ke tarah galiyan deti ho. To my surprise they both not even spoke some slang words but they keep on talking in slang language with all dirty words,

I even not feeling to speak in front of them. That night I fucked both of them and slept naked, in morning we got cleaned together in same bathroom (it was real fun) and preceded to our respective work. In afternoon they requested to visit and beach near by. And we all went there. We walked on beach side and enjoyed the clear water of sea.

While walking we went far-off from the crowded beach, suddenly second suggested to swim in the sea. Me : how can we swim, we don’t have any cloth to change. First : hum nude naha lenga, vaisa bhe ab chupane ko hai he kaiya. Me : agar koi yaha aa gaya to? They didn’t answer me and atarted removing their cloths and after removing every inches of cloth they entered in to sea.

I also followed them. For about half an hr we enjoyed our swimming and water play.. First : it was my dream to have a nude swim in the sea. Second : yeh sab hum India main nahi kar sakete. Yaha hum ko kaun pahechan sakata hai. Main to nangi he taxi tak jaoungi, apane kapare taxi main he pahanoungi.

Me : tum don one soch kaya rakha hai? First : yar, aisa moka fir nahi milega. Because of girls, and that too a doctor, we are having some limitations. Many eyes are on us many people recognize us in our city. We cant take any risk. Es liya yeh sab se sahi place hai apani jindagi ke sari bharaas nikal n eke liya.

Then I realized why they are behaving like this and starts co-operating them in fulfilling their such dreams. We lay down on the beach for some time then in water I fucked second, it was a lifetime enjoyment to fuck someone in open under the sky in day time. Samunder ke laheran hamar upar se aati jait hari or hum sirf apane main he gum the.

By that time two couples crossed us and they also cheered us, though it was little embraced but we were at the stage from which stopping and returning was not possible and we kept our fucking continue. We both came together and I ejaculate all my cum in side her pussy. (The best part of all our fucking was that every time I ejaculate, they welcomed my cum inside)

we played in water for some more time and then decided to go back. As second said she didn’t wear her cloths where as I put on my half pant and first also covered her vitals with bar & panty. Remaining cloths we grabbed in our arm and started walking towards taxi stand. Walking nude on beach was may be exited and rare for Indians but it is vary common in these countries,

like second I had seen many other females lying on beach with full of their nudity. Though we three were very excited because of our nude & semi nude walking in crowd but no body has given any attention on us. First : (to me) itane sari nangi larkiyon ko dek kar tom ko to maza aa raha hoga. Me : who els would not like to enjoy such moments?

First : main samunder main horse ride karma cahati houn. Me : sure, let me hire a horse for you. I got the horse and made first to ride. While going she was in her bra & panty, but when she returned she was totally nude, I surprised and asked – Me : where are your cloths, ghora ko khila deya kaya? First : main nude ho kar ride karma cahati the. Bara maza aaya.

I was walking with two girls and both were fully nude, we came to the crowded are and then suddenly first said – First : kitana maza aayaga agar hum bhe beach par body massage karvai? Second : chal massage karvate hai. They hired two men and started massaging on the beach (many others were also doing the same)

I just sat besides them and enjoying their nude body massage and equally beautiful sea. During massage, man touched all their vital parts of body and finally gave them a good finger fuck too. Second : maza aa gaya, yeh meri jindagi ke sub se mazadar pal hai. Ab agar kisi hubsi se fucking mil jay to es jeven se sari tamanna puri ho jayagi.

It took me around half an hr to find out the desired hubsi for second, I gave him our hotel address and asked him to come around ten in night.As decided by both the girls they didn’t wear their cloths and came to the taxi stand (now this was a little different and it is not very common to walk nude around taxi stand, and we got some people watching us with quire city.)

we hired a taxi and backed to our hotel. In the way girls got dressed up them. Second had a very satisfying fuck with that hubsi, he was having a very huge dick almost 11 inches and very thick. As we all were in the same room, while second enjoyed that hubsi, I fucked first. After our one round of fucking we (me & first) just sat there and watched them.

Second and hubsi had three round of hard fucking. Though second was very tired after this session but I had seen a sense of satisfaction on her face. Around three o clocks in night we slept. Next day morning we depart for India with a promise that no one will carry nay remembrance of this relation & happenings.

When ever we will meet will met like professional only. Both the girls thanked me for every thing. Second : yar, yeh sub sirf tumahari vajah se ho saka, hume tum bahut barose wale lage. It was the trust you develop with us, that’s why we could go to that extend. Though we could ask to any body to arrange all these things for us, but we can’t trust on any body.

First : we were knew that you will not take any advantage of ours nor nay body will come to know about these incidences. Every thing will be as normal as previously it was. Me : I should thank you and feel proud that you could trust on me, I assure both of you and expect same from your side that this chapter closes here and we are professional again.

With this we kissed each other and left the hotel. In flight me & First were sitting side by side, I just asked her – Me : how are you feeling now? First : are you talking in connection to our leisure? (I just nodded) yar like every human, we are also human being. Because of our culture and tradition we girls can’t enjoy the liberty of sex as like boys,

even in our country it is not easy for boys too. Yaha koi pehachenta bhe nahi hai to apane man ka gubar nikalne ke liya yeh place theek tha. India ja kar subkuch vapas vaisa he ho jayaga jaisa pahela tha. Her conversation made me understand that though sex is the need of every one, but in India still it is not that liberal as other western countries, and we still obey our traditional values.

I don’t know what we did was correct or not, but if it’s for the satisfaction of some one then its good. Though we traveled together, but it was all like host (me) and Guest (they) relation. It was my duty to bring them back with all dignity and respect, and I performed the same. After that we meet many times but like professionals.


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