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Hot fantasies of Kerala guy

I am Dev now an executive living comfortably with wife and children. I was bon and brought up in a typical Kerala village. Since my father was away I was alone with my mother and grand mother. I am the youngest and The elders were away. Right from my child hood somehow I was a pet of grown up ladies both married and unmarried.

Since we were alone mother used to have some lady guests. Mother used to compel them to stay with her and she used to have long dialogues with them. It was her only hobby and the girl folk also enjoyed her company. These girls used to to stay one or two nights in my house and since there si no grown up male members there was no chance of any scandels.

At night I will sleep with these ladies and I wanted to hear valient stories of my preference. All of them knew some thing and they used to tell them. In variably all of them acted in the same way and their interior motto to keep me with then was the same. All of the ladies who slept with me were either unmarried or young married whose husbands are away.

Their common attitude was like this. While telling the stories they will bring their mouth close to my ear and kiss on the ear pad. Then they will start kissing on the cheek. They will nicely rub over the cheeks and body and will connect their action to the story. Deliberately they will go to love affairs in the story.

Even though I was not able to appreciate love at that age they will act on me by saing "it was like this".Then they will turn on thier side and hug me towards their chest. I will be forced to turn to them and tighen the hug. For these actions also they will justify with some epics like Ramayana or Mahabharatha.

This process will continue for some time and then they will lift one leg over them and rub the thigh portion. By this time I used to have some feeling on my pelvis and Iwil close more with them. They will be closely watching my changes and if I move to them then the hand will go inside the nicker.

On those days there were no panty for boys. Boys used to wear oly a shorts. Under that nothing. So if the hand is put undr the shorts the cock is approchable. The girls will slowly touch the tip and wait to know the reaction. If there is no objection trey will catch more area. At that age boys are more shy than girls and they will object girlsseeing and touching the private part.

Some boys will make an issue even. That si why they wait. In my case I never felt any discomfort and kept quite. Then only the play starts. Slowly the hand will take perfect hold of the smll dick. All of them are experts to give gentle shke to it so that no pain wille felt. At this age the skin retraction will ot be possible and painful.

More over their aim is to prepare the boys for the further process. Unless there is an anxiety created in them their participatin will poor. Once the dick is erect they are sure to proceed further. Different girls are different likings but the ultimate aim is to cum with the helpof the boy. Many such ladies made use of me and I can only explain a few now and the other thing is only a repetation which is unattractive.

I will start a girl Lalitha. She was unmarried and expecting it any time. She had good structure and always in saree. The gap between saree and blouse will be wide and a good portion of belly and navel will be visible. She is good complexion with nice booty and tennis ball size boobs. Her lips are dark red and rosy cheeks.

She used to hug me and nad make me alert and asked to kiss on her lips. She will show me how to do it and I have to repeat. I don't know how many times I have kissed her. She will insrt her tongue in my mouth and asked me to do that. Initially I started enjoying that. Then she will keep one leg over me and press my pelvis to her's.

She will support my back well and keep on shaking her hip. This proces will continue for long and the speed of shake will icrese at the end. At that time she used to jerk my dick and I got a shock like feeling for a few seconds. In that position we used to sleep. I fact I wanted to know many things but I did dare to ask.

Another is Sumathi. She was medium complexion always in half saree. She was young and fast in action. She used to sleep with me by removing her davani and the initial action was same. She will slowly take my hands and keep it on her breasts and will squeeze them with my hands. It gives an indication to continue.

At that time she will nicely shake my dick and play on the balls. After some time she will remove the blouse and keep my figers on nipples and squeeze. She used to kis on my cheeks and whisper to press hard and fast in the end. I used to get the elecrifying shock. Aother is Malini. traditional mallu. Always with dhothis and blouse. Good structure.

Slightly aged than Sumathi and Lalitha. Hard working nature and the limbs are strong. Used to sleep with out dhothi. Only petticoat and blous will be the dress for sleep. Very hard boogs of good size. She use topress her nipples in mouth and asked to suck and chew long time. I have to do this as long as she wishes.

I am free to play on them,I can massage, knurl the nipples,bite them and do what ever I liked. During this time she used to rub my hands over her pelvis with orce. She used to tight and loose the thighs and My hand felt the puffed pussy mouth over the panty and petticoat. All these girls didn't allow to touch on their private part.

Another is Kalyani a married woman whose husband was in services. He was away in the border and could not take her there. She is average build, avrage complexion and good physique. The difference was she was experianced. While sleeping she was in saree only and in action she was a bit different.

She gave good touches kisses and hugging and took me over her and I was liening over her. She kept me like that for along time and massaging me allover the back from but to neck an dkissing heavily on lips. slowly she pulled her dress upto hip and kept my palm over her panty. She rubbed my hand over that and gave an indication to continue.

I was rubbing and the anxiety grew in my mind how it appear. After five minutes she opened her panty and aloowed my hand to touch the top. Heavy bush was there and I gave a combing action with my fingers. My fingers were going to the bottom and it struck in the slit. I pressed my finger and it got burried in the slit. It was warm inside and wet.

It was slippery and and the movement was nice. Atually the finger ws skidding in side. Her hand came for rescue and slowly lifted one finger up and brought to one portion which resembled a minute mass projection. She made to press on it and asked to continue. It was very soft and small when I started but slowlt started to erect and became hard.

It was like my dick in behaviour. She hugged me hadr and started moaning and shaking the hip. She turned her face to sides and the hip was pifting. Suddenly there was a throb on the finger and she presse my hand with pressure inside and slowly came to rest. She turned to one side and kept me down on bed and lied like that.

My dick was still hard and I didn't rech the normal orgasm. Another is Sheela again a wife husband away. Her action was also similar to kalyani and after the initial action. here the big difference was she ket me upside down after the initian stimulation with my dick on her face. she tok it inside her mouth and sucked it nicely.

I got a different interest and it was the first time some one sucks me.The warmth of the mouth the tongue movement around the head of the dick and gentle bites at tmes took me some where. At this time she ket her legs spread and bend. she put my hand on her pussy mouth and oped her pusy lips with two fingers.

In the faint light in the room I could see like a shaow og her private part. For the first time I saw the matured pussy. Before that I have seen only kid's pussy. She put my finger inside and I guessed the remainaing. While pushing the figer in and out a sound started and my finger was getting wet.She made me to put two fingers then and the ecstacy I was able to watch.

She was raising the hip and putting it down on bed.Closing the legs fulliy tight and opening suddenly. Sqeezing me to her breast. Her tongue movement slowed, mouth kept in open position, legs got widened and hip movement stopped. She was lieing like a wooden piece for sometime and Came to normacy after few minutes.

Another is Leela who is some what aged and unmarried. Her action was some what terrific to me. She started very slowly and as te time progressed and she acieved orgasm she lost controll and I had a tough time. For a boy of my age that type of action is a big one. She lied over me and presssed her pussey in my mouth.

She took my dick in her mouth and supported her body on the knees also. Still the thrust was heavy and my mouth filled with pussy juice. I could not properly breath when she pressed fully. I was really afraid of seeing her later. The last one was Susheela a good stuff who have me the first chance to go inside a holy hole. I don't know even today for what she allowd me to go in.

She had awide gate and good booty. She gave me alinitial thrusts and then asked me to sit onthe bed at her bottom.She lied flat lifted both legs and spread fully. She directed to me to strt licking on the slit and pressed my head slowly to that. When she opened the slit with finger there was a stink and hesitated first.

She said no problem do it.I irst gave some kisses on the mout and after a few minutes goy used to the stink. I ha no other choice since she was keeping her hand on head. Slowly I licked on the pussy, in the pussy and sucked the clit. She projected the hip to me and pressed on the head. Oozing started and my face became dirty.

With one hard press she screamed and stopped.. Suddenly she put my dick in mouth and sucked.It got hard quickly. She Put it in her slit and asked to pres to and fro. It was like a rabbit fucking elephant.Without touching any where it was going in and out. I could feel the usual feel and stopped. When I took it out it resembled a gum stick taken out of the pot.

I had quiet a few chances even after in similar fashoin and a combination of the things. I could not enjoy fully. But this experience gave me some idea about the general behaviour of the ladies and when I got married I kept all these in mind to face my wife. She was also not different after meeting. But we had an absolutely satisfied sex life thanks to the lesson of girls.

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