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Pakistani boy watching Mother get fucked

The incident i'm going to narrate is a real one. The world is a weird place and weird incidents do happen here. Sex is even a funnier game and unbelievable desires and wishes do occur in it. Incest is one such desire. It is not an ordinary desire and hence does not occur in ordinary people.

For me, it all started when I was only 12 years old. I was growing and so were the stories of my mother's sick behavior. She was a sex maniac and an immoral goddess. I belong to a middle class family in the thickly populated area of Pakistan's third largest city Faisalabad. My father is a professor in a local Government College.

As a dedicated professor that he was, he was earning more respect but less money. He used to teach students from his college with such devotion that they didn’t need any tuitions. But other students from different colleges used to throng to him to be taught. They were taught without any bit of greed of money. Some used to pay him, others didn't. He never cared.

It was the only bone of contention between my parents. But yet the fissures were not huge. They had a very healthy relationship and were friendly to each other. My parents were married when they were only 22 and 17 years old respectively (you know the traditional attitude of lower middle class families of Indo-Pak in early 70's).

I was born after exactly 9 months of their marriage, followed by a sister born after couple of year. So our family was pretty small with only 4 members. Yet we didn't ever feel any bit of loneliness. Our house had always been lively. Thanks to the hustle and bustle of numerous students. They were like our family members.

Some even had access to every corner of the home. Some students were given the responsibility to teach us (me and my sister) when we were in our primary level study. The first incident that I remember regarding my mom's sexual expeditions was with Ikram. A young 19/20 years old student of my father.

He was a healthy 6 feet young boy who was from the Gujjar caste (the Gujjar people keep the cows, buffallows etc and earn their livelihood by selling milk and its products). Ikram was good looking and healthy, thanks to the nutritious diet that he had all through his life (it was the advantage of being a Gujjar). But fortunately he lacked the disadvantages of Gujjar's.

Unlike most of the Gujjars, he was neat and clean and didn't like to mix up with the cattles which his family was keeping. He was one of the blue eyed students of my father and resultantly was like a family member. He had access to every room and every corner of our home. We were pretty frank with him.

As he was very social, had acquantances among different people including shop keepers etc. So he was given the responsibility to fetch the house holds for our family at concessional price. I was probably 7 years old by then. One day when my father was teaching his students and, as usual, me and my sister were having nap, I felt thirsty and tip toed into the kitchen to have a glass of water.

But I was amazed to see my mother and Ikram, doing some stuff which I didn't know. I still remember that. Ikram had his Shalwar's string untied and it was falling down his ankles. He was buck naked from the waist below and my mother (whose back was towards the kitchen door) was on her knees. She had his "THING" in her mouth and was sucking it wildly.

Ikram was bending a bit and was playing with my mother's mega boobies which had always been the talk of the town (I later came to know). As Ikram saw me, he got totally confused, pushed mom away and hurriedly pulled up his Shalwar. I could see him fighting in vain to put his raging hard on in his shalwar but with the kind of attention it was getting from my mother,

it was not to die down so quickly. My mother quickly realised the situation (without turning back and knowing who was there). She disentangled herself, straighten her dress (it was really useless as the damage had already been done) and then she turned back to look who was there. (it all happened in few seconds). I can still remember the feeling in her eyes.

She was horrified and terrified. I could see it in her eyes. Her eyes were full of immense and ultimate fear when, without turning, she got to know that she has been seen doing it all. But after turning and seeing that it was only "ME", she had a visible sigh of relief. She was safe to great extent. Yet she had to satisfy me, her 7 years old son, as to what she was doing.

Even as a child, I knew it was not usual (and proper) for grown up people to see each other naked and touch each other at all the wrong places. (I was still taking bath with my sister at that age and we used to touch each other at all the private parts but that was OK. We were children and there was nothing sexual in our touch).

My mother was quick to make an attempt to handle the situation. She came to me and said that they both were playing just a game but I was to keep quite as my father would get angry if I tell him that Ikram Bhai was playing at a time when he was supposed to study. I was confused a bit. At that age my mind was unable to conceive the idea of "SUCH" a game.

However I kept quite as per my mother's wish. But this incident never got out of my mind. It always remained in my mind and there was something which used to tell me that there was something unusual with it, something wrong, something patently immoral, wrong and sinful. But I kept quite nonetheless.

Five years down the line, I was a 12 years old growing boy. I had passed the primary class and had been admitted to class 6 in a High School. It was a totally different scene altogether. There were grown up boys of high class all around us and they used to talk about all the DIRTY things. The innocence of primary school was no longer in the atmosphere.

The elder guys imparted to us all the IMPROPER knowledge at that age. I was still in 6th class when I came to know about sex...and its when I realized what my mom was doing that day. My mother's image was somewhat tarnished a bit in my mind. But still I loved her. It's just that she didn't remain as a goddess to me anymore.

For me now, she was just a human being with all the positive and negative traits. And I had admitted that it was a flaw in her character. But such knowledge changed my perspective towards my mother. I still loved her but my eyes didn't remaing respectful anymore. Now I used to look at her at all the wrong places.

She seldom covered her bossom at home, and I (alongwith many other people) used to feast my eyes with the amazing site of my mom's fleshy pendulous breasts. As she would sit down to make breads, she would often call one of her FAVOURITE students to help her. I knew someone might have substituted Ikram bhai. This time it was Farhan.

I saw my mother seducing that boy, giving him treat of ample cleavage of her big breasts, wiggling her ass when he was behind, giving him smiles and suggestive looks, talking in a dual meaning manner and scratching her body at her private parts when he was around. I was witnessing it all, and amazingly, I was also aroused and seduced. I was not mad at my mom.

I was loving it all....and the tent in Farhan's Shalwar also told that he was loving it too, however he was either too coward to make a move, or too careful. I had nothing to lose, except my sperms which I was losing in abundance. I was masturbating at the thought of my mother sucking the dicks of Ikram, farhan and me, while we played with her breasts.

I was now waiting for an opportunity to catch them in the act but didn't get a chance. I guess they were not doing that stuff at that time. Probably my mom was still in the process of seducing him. The one day when I was playing cricket in the small ground almost adjacent to my home, I saw from a distance, Farhan entering in my house.

My father was out for a whole week as he had to attend some course in Lahore. My sister was also not at home. In a split second it came to my mind that it's the moment. After few minutes when I thought that they would have started DOING THAT STUFF, I left the game and went to my home but the main door was locked from inside.

It doesn't usually happen in the locality we lived in. It was an unplanned locality for lower middle class families and in such congested places in big cities, the small streets are usually very safe place to live and at day time people seldom lock their doors. It was like a confirmation that something BAD was going on inside.

I rushed to the neighbouring house and told the neighboring aunt that my mother was probably taking bath so she is not opening the door, so I want to go to the roof (as the roofs were adjacent) and go down through the stairs of my house. Cutting the unnecessary details short... I managed to enter into the room from where I could clearly see what was going in

and I was amazed to see that Farhan was not the only one who was there to fuck my mother. There was another boy, also in his teens, in that room. His name was Yasir. Last time when I saw mom she was only 25 years old sexy young girl and she was sucking the cock of a boy who was just 5,6 years younger to her.

That boy (Ikram) was not to be easily dominated that's why my mother was pleasing him by taking his Lun in her mouth and sucking it like a crazy whore. But this time around my mom was a mature sexy vamp in her very early 30's, and the boys were just 15, 16 years old. The age difference were huge,

so my mom was in full charge of the situation and she was no longer submissive as she was with Ikram. She was dominant this time around, and was guiding the boys herself. When I reached there and started looking at the scene, my mother was removing her Shalwar herself and the boys were looking in sheer amazement as her naked pussy was brought before their eyes.

My mother had little hair on her phuddi as if she had shaved few days ago. She stood near the boys, lifting the hem of her shirt and encouraging boys to have a real close look. She didn't need to say so. The guys were having a look at a naked woman for the first time and they were watching her sexy body without a blink of eye. My situation was not different either.

Many a times I had feasted my eyes with the view of extremely sexy cleavage of my mom's breasts, but it was different. She was buck naked. They way she was displaying her body to the young boys, she was sounding like a prostitute, a whore, a slut. She was my mother, but I was looking at her in the same way...That is, like she was my prostitute, my whore, my slut.

I was playing with my lun and was imagining it’s me who’se gonna fuck that sexy bitchy mature beauty. She then asked the boys to touch her the way they wanted. The hypnotized guys came back to their senses and with greed in their hands, eyes and movements, they started playing with my mother's phuddi and gaand.

After affording them with opportunity to play with her body, she suddenly stopped them and then she laid on the bed with her gaand at the edge. She lifted her legs up, folded her knees to her breasts and spread her legs. It was the most vulgar pose she could manage with two young boys looking at her.

she was not only naked, but she was spreading her legs so that every single spot on her private parts was visible to them The Holes of her phuddi and gaand were visible, the outer and inner lips of her choot were visible, the juices flowing out of her waiting/wanting phuddi were glistering at her thighs. She was behaving like a slut, and to my horror, I was loving it.

She inserted a finger in her pussy in order to encourage the boys and then she commanded the boys to use their tongues on her phuddi. She wanted to be licked. The boys surely didn't know the pleasure of licking a phuddi (even I took time to realize that it's amazing). It was the time when XXX movies were very hard to obtain, specially for teenage boys.

And the internet facility was also not in existance even for the wealthy people. So it was a "difficult to perceive" idea for the boys that a phuddi can be licked. So they refused to do so. But as I said my mother was a different woman by then. She was not the one who was ready to suck a boy's Lun to please him so that in turn she could get pleasure from him.

she was a mature woman now who knew exactly how to tackle boys and how to get maximum pleasure from them. She tried to coax the boys but they were still reluctant, deeming my mother's wet pussy to be something DIRTY. Upon this she got angry at the boys and said, "It is a favour that i'm doing to you boys.

No other woman will allow you to see her naked and touch her and ultimately fuck her. But you do not deserve it. You are not ready to do this little favour to me. You will be happy if I suck your little cocks but you won't lick my pussy. If it's so, let it be. Go back to your homes and chill. I'm not gonna let you go any further". saying so, she started wearing her Shalwar.

I know it was difficult for her to control her urges, but she knew, definitely from her experiences, that the boys will have no other option but to follow her instincts, commands and whims. She was right...!!! The boys didn't let her pull over her Shalwar completely and begged her a chance. she didn't say a single word.

With smile on her pretty face, she removed her shalwar again, took her position again, spread her legs and asked them to come up to her again. I've seen many XXX movies in my adult age but the hotness, eroticism, sexiness and intensity of that natural scene going infront of me was well beyond than any other "work for camera".

She was not a professional slut who works for camera, she was a private randi for people and worked for her own Phuddi that’s why the feel in her fuck performance was lot deeper and intense. My mother was guiding the reluctant guys. She asked them to start licking her inner thighs so that they could taste her juices.

She told them that it'll help them get used to the taste of a woman's juices and told the boys that it's something totally different from urine. It's neat, sexy and harmless. The boys started licking the wet inner thighs of my mother. My mother then inserted a finger in her phuddi and started finger fucking herself.

She told the boys how to do it and asked them to insert their fingers in her wet phuddi. The poor guys were in their teenage and were totally clueless at it all. They were enjoying sex only at their natural instinct, otherwise they didn’t have much knowledge about sex. My mother rose from the bed and sat on a chair.

She spread both her legs in a vulgar fashion and put those on either site of the armrest of the chair. This way her shameless nudity became even more sluttary and bitchy. I could even see her Gaand Hole. She then asked the boys to come over her, sit on floor near the chair on her either side and insert two fingers each in her waiting and wanting phuddi. My God.

It was some sight. My mom, a cheating wife, a real whore of a woman was buck naked, displaying her charming swells and exhibiting her fuck holes to two teenager boys and was having four fingers at a time moving in and out of her juicy and slippery love road. With her dangling/hanging arms she put her hands on the LUN of both the boys who were on her sides.

And then she started playing with their LUNS from over their shalwars. The boys became more excited and were loving the attention they were getting from my mother. Their finger movements in and out of my mom’s Horny Phuddi became stronger. Her PHUDDI seems to have lot more flexibility.

And I was more surprised to see her saying something to the boys in light whisper and the boys put one more finger each. It was too much. I had to shoot my sperm at this point but I managed to hold back. My Goodness, my mom was having six fingers in her wet CHOOT. Who knows how many LUNS she had been taking during all her life to make her Phuddi so swelled and so flexible.

She was definitely well used, very well used in fact. While they were fucking my mother with their fingers, my mom asked them to grab, play and pinch her breasts and nipples. She definitely wanted to enjoy every little thing. My mom then stood up after few minutes. She had lot of things to enjoy and very little time.

Now it was time for her to have their hands on her GAAND. And she instructed the guys to put their hands on her GAAND and enjoy the way they wanted. One of the guy started handling my mom’s GAAND while the other started sucking her nipples and boobs. Not very roughly, but in a manner that is erotic to the maximum.

He gave very light loving kisses on either buttock of my mom’s GAAND. He moved and rubbed his lips very lightly from one buttock of my mother to the other, staying specially for few seconds on the crack of her GAAND. My mom, a bitch lady, even wiggled her juicy GAAND and slammed it against his face few times.

Whenever he would reach her ass crack with his lips, she would push her Gaand back to press it hard against his face, so as to feel the pressure on her Private Part, and to feel that a boy’s lips are touching her at a place which a good lady is supposed to protect. It continued for sometime and he rubbed his face vigorously and forcefully at my mom’s GAAND while his hands were on her CHOOT.

As my mom was a healthy lady of only 31,32 years of age (note she is not FAT at all, but just enough to be called a very nice, healthy lady), so her GAAND too was quite soft and fleshy. As that guy felt my mom’s GAAND with his face, he nearly forced half of his face in the crack of mom’s GAAND.

I could not hold longer seeing this very very sexy scene and I took out my dick and started jerking off with some power. Then that guy stood up and beaconed the other one (who was sucking the nipples once I sucked to grow up) to my mom’s back side. They both stood there admiring her ass. And they were not the only one who were admiring.

I was also in love with my mom. She was a horny slut and needed to be fucked hard. I knew I could not do it, but atleast I could imagine her while masturbating. I was seeing my real mother totally NANGI and with two boys for the first time in my life. I saw her pendulous breasts would look amazing without any bit of clothing I was seeing her Nipples?

I had noticed it plenty of times that in sweltering hot weather my mom quite often preferred not to wear bra under her shirts (off course only at home). And it made her nipples poking out of her shirt. I used to give special attention to her nipples whenever they looked prominent and saw how my mom secretly and seductively flaunted her sexy looking nipples to different males.

Her nipples were large and prominent. Even if you are looking at her face, you could easily sense the two buttons few inches below her face. It’s not something that you had to particularly NOTE, rather it was something that was noticed without any intention. She’d come in the room and I could at once notice the two bumps in her shirts right at the centre of her big breasts.

I could easily make out her nipples each time she decided to go braless. It was erotic, atleast for every male she came across, if not for me. But you know, it happens to all of us and I never gave it any importance. Many times, she used to escort my friends to my room in the same “Nipple Poking” state and it would give me much embarrassment to notice my friends ogling at my mom’s poking nipples,

specially it was something she was doing purposefully as per her own choice. And who knows how many more boys had seen my mom naked and had fucked her. So being naked was not any excitement or an issue for her. But for me and for the young guys there, it was indeed a sight to remember for the rest of their life.

Then my mom laid on her back on the mattress and for several minutes I watched the guys molesting my mom’s body with their hands, occasionally entering a finger in her wet CHOOT, sucking her breasts and nipples. It was a sight I will remember forever. The ease with which they were fingering my mom’s CHOOT with her 3 fingers each,

it made it quite evident that her PHOODI was used to such molestation. She was behaving as a call girl, a prostitute. My cock was now tall inside my fist as I watched what was taking place in front of me. I could hear the moans from my mom. Her body was responding to these two teenagers squeezing her tits and licking her CHOOT.

Then came the time for the two boys to get naked. On my mom’s instructions, the two boys undressed. My mom raised her head to watch their cock with obvious eagerness and desire. She now wanted it quick. Being my age fellows, their dicks were almost of same length and girth as that of mine with little variation. They were nearly 5 to 5.5 inches, and not thick as well.

My mom would have been pretty disappointed, for a slut like her a big black lun measuring 10 inches would have been reasonable. But she didn’t discourage the boys, nor did she show it on her face. Then on of the guys reached down and lifted both her legs up to his shoulders. He was now aligned perfectly, positioned his dick right at the opening of my sluttary mom’s PHOODI,

…. and shoved his cock inside her. She arched back and screamed out…. Aaaaaaaah !!! It was clearly an overacting on behalf of that horny slut. She was married since 15 years and had fucked so many people during this time period. How could she feel the presence of a lun in her phuddi which was merely 5 inches long. But yet It was difficult for me to believe.

To date I wonder why was my mom getting fucked by those two little dicks? I’m sure she couldn’t get any physical pleasure from them. The were tiny as compared to her mighty CHOOT. Then why??? Now when I look back, I feel it was not the physical pleasure she was searching for. It was the “MENTAL” pleasure which she needed.

I’ll take time to elaborate the concept to you. As far as merely physical pleasure is concerned, she could put a thick DANDA (any rod) in her phuddi, she could use some big cucumber, banana or a wax candle…She could use anything and the options were unlimited. They why?? Why did she take a 5 inch Dick in her phuddi which could not satisfy her.

And the reality I got was that she was yearning for mental satisfaction…..Mental Satisfaction of getting naked in front of someone, Mental Satisfaction of having her Phuddi Gaand and Mammay on display to the eyes of opposite sex, Mental Satisfaction of enjoying being a slut, Mental Satisfaction by kinky feeling of being a cheating wife….etc.

She could not get the same with a cucumber or banana. It’s the same reason we, boys, want to fuck girls. If we are requiring only PHYSICAL pleasure, we can achieve that by masturbating alone. But with a girl we get the mental satisfaction of having our naked body seen by a girl, felt by a girl etc…

Anyway, my mom was getting fucked there and she was wishing to be fucked harder. I didn’t know what to think. Family honor and prestige was not at any corner of her mind, and my mind was in the same phase as well as I was enjoying it all. The guy was thrusting his hips violently back and forth as his cock with its average size was deep inside my mom.

She continued to moan softly, “Oooh, Aaaaaahh, Ummmmm!”. And it was all very very erotic. In the meanwhile, the other guy came near my mom’s face with his dick in his hand. He wanted her to take his dick in her mouth and give a blowjob. She didn’t disappoint him and opened her mouth wide and took all of his dick in her mouth and started blowing his LUN.

She was holding him from his buttocks and was moving her head in a slow yet sexy way. I could guess that using her mouth she was using pretty strong grip on her LUN. The guy fucking my mom held the palm of his hand down on her firm flawless tummy just above her pubic area as he watched himself move in and out of my mom’s PHOODI.

They were at a place and at such angle in the room that I could not watch the facial expressions of my slut mother, I would have surely loved to see her expressions while being fucked by one guy and sucking the other one. However from where I was I was getting a very close up view of my mom’s CHOOT that was being fucked.

I must mention that the visual distance between my eyes and her pussy was not more than 4 feet as the guy was standing very close to the window separating me and them. The view was not less sexy. I saw as he would pull his dick all the way out of my mom’s CHOOT and then shove it back with force and vigor.

Every once in a while my mom would use her hand at her pussy, right at the junction of her CHOOT and his Dick. She was feeling the dick as it entered in and out of her. Despite the mental satisfaction of being fucked by two guys at the same time, she was not getting the physical pleasure she wanted.

So every now and then she would insert a couple of fingers too along with his dick. She was surely not tight at all. I don’t know how many studs had had their dicks in my mom’s CHOOT to make it so open. The inexperienced guy was still loving the feeling. He would have never even seen a naked girl even in he dreams and here he was fucking a MILF as his first experience.

It was because of his inexperience that when my mother asked him “Maza aa raha hai” (are you enjoying??) the poor guy nodded in affirmative with a gleeful smile on his face. He didn’t know that her CHOOT was not tight from any standard. Years later when in my prime youth, I hired a cheap prostitute, she reminded me of my mom.

I fucked her but she had quite open CHOOT and was not giving me much pleasure, so I had to pay her few extra hundred to fuck her in the GAAND, that was relatively tight. I thought may be for the next guy, my mom would opt to take him in her Gaand. The boy was not going to last long. He was not an experienced fucker and could not control his ejaculation.

Within three to four minutes of fucking my mother, the boy was about to cum. My mom was a married lady and she was definitely using birth control methods. She had easy access to the birth control pills. So she had no problem taking their loads in her Choot. So when it came the time for the boy to explode, she asked him not to pull out.

And that he didn’t waste the rare opportunity to ejaculate inside a woman. She held him from his hips, arched back, closed her eyes and moaned as she felt his warm sperm hitting her Phuddi walls and eventually going to her womb. She felt satisfied to feel a man’s cum moving in her system. Man she was some SLUT.

She might have had many many fucks in her life yet she wanted to enjoy with every single opportunity. She was, however, not released herself and was still waiting for her orgasm. She passed a quick smile to the guy who had just fucked her and praised the strength of his ejaculation and then said, “Now let’s see how does Yasir do it”.

Farhan pulled his dick out and stepped away as the other guy replaced him immediately. wasted no time shoving his cock into my mother’s choot. Watching this all, I was continuously playing with my dick. I felt myself about to cum. And I came, with force greater than any other orgasm’s force I’ve had ever experienced. To my utter amazement, I was still loving it.

The other guy’s dick was also almost of the same length however, he had bit more stamina. He fucked my slut mother for a solid 10 minutes as she reached her first orgasm of the evening. With her first orgasm, she moaned loudly and her very loud moaning drove me crazy. With each thrust of his dick,

my mom’s Sania Mirza styled breasts were moving violently and it created a very cute scene. Finally he was about to come and sough permission to cum inside her, which she readily gave. My mom actually pulled him with his hips to have his dick real deep in her PHOODI. And it’s when he shot his load in my mom’s CHOOT.

When his orgasm died down, he pulled his quite softened dick from my mom’s PHOODI and held it between her big breasts, rubbing the mixture of his cum and my mom’s pussy juices over her nipples. My mom, with the kind of bitch she was, did like it off course and benefiting from her large breasts, she took her own nipple in her mouth and sucked the mixture of juices from it.

My God, it seemed Dirty but very hot and sexy. Regular and shameless sex sessions with unlimited boys had taught her quite too much. They remained there for few more minutes and then my mom asked them to dress up and leave as it was the time for me to come back home from my cricket game.

However she didn’t make an attempt to dress up herself and laid there totally NANGI and exposed to their eyes. She was still having a finger in her phuddi and was just playing with herself in a light manner. She hugged and kissed the boys good bye. I also left secretly. After seeing all the episode,

I was rest assure that the remembrance of that fateful day would be with me for a long long time, and that I’d masturbate while remembering the threesome sex of my mother. Guys, and girls, how do you feel about my story? (apart from saying that I’m a big pervert, because it’s not something you have to tell me, I know I am :D )

but you should see the breasts of my mother before calling me pervert? But do write about the story in the comments. I’ll be waiting for your comments. Because I’m sure you’d like to know, how I started watching out for mom’s programs and how I got plenty of other opportunities of seeing her PHOODI being used by one boy or the other.

And how once I saw my mom allowing a boy to fuck her in her GAAND. I wish I could someday see double penetration of my mother i.e one dick in my mom’s GAAND, and the other dick in her CHOOT (and if I get lucky, a third one in her mouth). Take care. Bye.

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Not a bad story considering the modern outlook of society. If possible sent me the photos of your mother's illicit triades if you have them.

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gr8 1 . . . Apni mom ka pics post karo

Posted by bijek fucker
on: October 5, 2017 9:48 AM | Reply

your mother is truly horny?!?! i want to fuck her in her PHUDDI and make my sperm go though her womb and a brother for u

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