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Divine Sexperience

This is my first narration of a series of sexual escapades that I have had over the years. Every word is true, but for the names and the places and the time. That would be giving too much away. So here goes my story, not the first one, certainly not the last, but one that I am thinking off and masturbating, slowly and luxuriously.

It was a place of worship 70 km from town. I had gone there with my wife and the neighbour's kids. It was a Sunday and there was a long long queue that seemed to wind its way continuously, without any sign of ending. So I settled down to wait in the queue, my wife of a year in front, the children behind me, and me bringing up the rear.

This gave me the opportunity to quietly play with my wife's gorgeous ass, and sometimes sneak a hand between her legs and right up to her cunt. She enjoys such things, so there was no problem, save for her worry that someone would notice. But I was careful. And then it started. Suddenly I felt something pushing against my back.

Two soft succulent balls pressing against me. I turned around and saw a squat woman, not very pretty, not very fair but buxom and solidly built. At a guess, she was about 35 years of age. She seemed to have come alone. When I turned back, she did not meet my eye and was looking away. At first I was terrified that may be I had walked backwards and into her breasts.

But I need not have worried. After a few seconds, I felt the breasts again. And again and again. It was a glorious feeling, a flashback to the time when my girlfriends would be hotly draped around me and I would be riding the bike, I took courage in both hands and took a small, small step backwards. The breasts pushed more solidly against me. The woman did not move back.

For several minutes, as the queue wound its way forward slowly, this went on. I was slowly catching on, and my member was coming to life. In front of me, the children were playing and ahead of them my wife seemed to not notice that I was not paying any attention to her juicy ass.

Now, the children started becoming a little restless. I squatted in the queue to play with them. And suddenly, with god knows what courage, slightly rocked my head back. It hit her pubic area. I could clearly feel the curve of her stomach and the bone. To this, the woman stepped a little forward, and increased the pressure.

I shook my head as if playing with children, but it was really intended for the woman. She liked what she felt and she came another mini-step forward. And then, as I was playing with the chidren, I moved my shoulder and hit her right on the cunt. Held position and rubbed it a little. She came forward again. I heard a little "hummph".

And she began every so slightly swaying her hips, the better to enjoy my shoulder. My cock was rock solid by now. The queue was still inching along and I put my hand under her saree and reached up... to heaven. She was wearing no panties, and she was leaking. Quietly I took my finger out and licked with with just enough "slurrp" for her to notice.

After this, there seemed to be no end. She would come forward, I would make some movement or the other to rub her cunt or her breasts, Then she turned to one side, and it was my chance to grab at her buttocks. Firm buttocks, well rounded. I gave it many many squeezes and put my hand between them.

Time flew. I have no idea how long we were in the queue. 15 minutes? 30 minutes? It passed in an instant. Suddenly the queue was ending and we were near the temple entrance. The woman disengaged. But I could not. My cock was now rock solid and I had to pull it up and nestle it against my pubic hairs so that the bulge wouldn't show.

She saw me doing this, and put out her hand and caressed it twice and squeezed it. I don't know how I didn't come. And for the first time our eyes met. In an instant, we were in inside the temple and all thoughts of sex flew out of my mind. But my body would not listen. I made a quick plan.

I told my wife to take the kids and collect prasad, for which there was another long queue, while I would bring the car to the entrance so we could make a quick getaway. The poor thing agreed and went away. The mystery woman noticed it. And she knew what was in my mind. I needlessly gestured to the woman,

whose name I did not know but whose guts and lust I came to have high regard for, to follow me. We went to the hotel accommodation directly opposite and I booked a room. It is pretty common in such places for families to book a room for a brief while, freshen up and head for worship. If only the hotel clerk knew!

I climbed up to the first floor and opened the room, refusing the help of the hotel assistant. The woman was following on my heels. The moment we were inside, I locked the door and pure pure lust took over. Without exchanging a gesture, not uttering a word, not even asking her name, I began fondling her, squeezing her breasts that had so tormented me, grabbing her buttocks,

pressing her cunt from over the saree, kissing her deeply, all this at once. She was no less. Her one hand was over my fly, rubbing my little fellow, her other hand was on by bums, her body was pressed against mine and she was kissing me violently. She knew and I knew that we had very little time. In those fleeting moments, we touched every part of each other's body.

Her thighs were strong and muscular, and she went after my strong back. If I turned her around and rubbed my prick on her buttocks, she held my ass with one hand and guided the other to her breasts. She twisted her neck around and kissed me, slurping up the saliva that was drooling from our mouths, And somehow magically it happened.

I twisted her towards the bed, opened by pants and brought my desperately deprived prick out. She sat up, and gave it a quick and heavenly blow job. She pulled the turgid skin back, sending shockwaves through my body. She took little licks of the tip of my penis, ringed the fat head with her lips. She swallowed it whole. And she left it sloppy wet.

I desperately wanted to lick her cunt, but there was no time. I lay her down and lifted her sari. Quickly, very very quickly, and ignoring all foreplay - I generally take a lot of time in gently and totally giving my woman a blow job - I brutally ravaged her swollen cunt. The clit was protruding out, the surest indication that this woman was a hot lay.

Then, with our eyes meeting each other and sending out silent signals, I slid up and pushed my prick into her cunt. She went "unnnnhh" and wrapped her legs around me and held me tight. So tight that I went in full length in one go, and my balls were crushed against her ass. She was holding me so tight that pumping into her was difficult. And then I realised her game.

The tighter she held me, I harder I pumped and the greater was the pleasure we shared. The feeling was so intense that she had her orgasm... I thing she had one when I was tonguing her. Her legs soon relaxed and I had a couple of minutes to time my strokes and give it to her at my pace. And all at once, I was fucking her, my hand was on her boobs and we were tongue-kissing.

I found time to lick her earlobes and bite her on the neck. A few more strokes, and she came again, this time making a low throaty sound that I cannot describe. It was something like "umgggghhrrrhhhmmm". That really blew my top. Giving her no time to recover, I turned her around and began ramming her doggie-style, my favourite position.

This leaves my hand totally free to molest her books and gives her a chance to turn around and kiss without either of us feeling the strain. I thought I could keep it up for a few minutes, but the fucking, the danger of being caught, the thrill of the sudden and secret encounter were so much that I began cumming.

I spurted maybe four times, maybe five... and felt that my legs were giving way under me. We both collapsed in a heap. But we had no time. The moment my little fellow came back to normal, we went to the bathroom. There I cleaned up her cunt, allowing my sperm to flow over my hand and holding it up for her to lick.

She cleaned my prick so nicely that I began having a hard on. We looked at each other, but knew that this was the end, In less than five minutes, I checked out and we went our separate ways.. I nearly ran to the parking place and took my car out and drove up to the gate, just in time to see my wife and the kids reaching there.

We had a pleasant drive back, and my wife couldn't understand why I was smiling through the children were howling in the back. I have often remembered this incident and masturbated. But of course I never told my wife about it. Though I would share it for all those generous people who published their experience, and gave me endless hours of masturbatory pleasure.

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Fucked by lady business partner of Boss

Hello friends…I am Raj, 31 yrs old, 5.10”, average looking, married guy working for a Stock Broking firm in Kolkata. I am new to this site and like it so much that I decided to write my own story…It happened around 5 Years Back. The atmosphere there was excellent as in with lot of good colleagues around.

The worry of my life was her (Sangeeta), she was my Boss's Business Partner & his Bed Partner too (I suppose). She was in her 30’s, 5’ 4” tall and good looking. She was a terror. I was very comfortable working with ladies (Actually I wanted my boss to be a lady). she use to point out my mistakes unnecessarily and this made me very irritated as I always felt I was perfect in my work.

One Friday Evening at around 8 pm, there were not many people in the office as mostly everyone leaves by 6 pm, I was in my cabin busy completing my work ASAP suddenly my boss called me in the cabin and when I went inside we were discussing about a project and my hand was pointing at the door (which was behind me) explaining something to him

and was looking in front but suddenly I felt something soft touching on my finger when I turned back a saw Sangeeta was standing over there and my hand was touching her Boobs... I was stunned & thought I would be fired for this act and I immediately Appologized her by saying it was not intentional but too my surprise she was not at all angry & told me she knows it

was not intentional & told me need not to appologize for the mistake you haven't done... I was happy to hear that & took permission from my boss & her & Went out to my cabin... But that incident changed my Vission towords her.... After that Whenever I Fucked my Wife I was just thinking about her & fucking my wife & She too told me that I am very passionate in Love

making now a days & she enjoys this a lot....I also mastrubated several times in office (Bathroom) whenever I see her... I started feeling horny about her & wanted to fuck her hard day & Night...Let me tell you about her... She was around her 30-31, Married with 1 Kid, her stats is 34-26-36, her best part was her Boobs & Ass,

Even I saw once some strains on her chair & knew that may be she had her Periods on that day. One day I got a call & too my surprise it was her, I told her Good Evening with my trembling Voice & asked her the reason to give me a call, then she told that Day after tomorrow it is her birthday & wanted to invite me for the party,

I was very happy to hear that & told her I will deffinitely come...Now I went to a near by Mall and bought a Salwarsuit With matching Lipstic & Bangles for her, Then the day came & I went to her place at 7 Pm and rabg the bell, She opened the Door & she was looking Awesome yaar, was waering a Blue Saree, one could easily see her body curves through her dress...

When I went inside there was noone, I gave her Gift & inquired about the party then she told someone from her Husbands family has died that day and the party was cancelled,I told her sorry for that and started to head towards the door to go but she stopped me and told as she is alone at home and not feeling good wanted me to be with her for an hour or two till her husband comes back,

Then I stopped and sat on the nearby soffa, then she offered me Watter then a cup of coffee, We both sat there and had coffee, But I found that she was very sad & I told her if I can help her in any way to cheer her up, She was quite, I thought I should console her and went little near to her and asked her again if I cheer her up, She started to cry keeping her head on my shoulders,

I kept my hand behind her and started consoling her, instantly she hugged me I was thrilled by her act, Inside me I was also wanted this & hugged her, She was breathing on my shoulder and some current passed through my whole body, My manhood started to grow bigger and in no time it was in its full length of 8" long... I tried a lot to control but couldnt...

She suddenly got appart (She must have flet my Lanhood touching her )and went to the kitchen had some watter and came back with a glass of water for me but suddenly she fall on me and I was completely drenched wet. Oh Shit!!!! She told me sorry & Bought a towel to clean it, While she was cleaning she must have seen the bulge in my Pant,

After that when I saw her to my surprise she slowly bit her lips and went inside and bought her husbands Lungi and told me to change so that she can dry & Iron my dress...I accepted it... She guide me to her bedroom and went out... Once I was in I started to undress then I heard her voice to give her my Wet Dress before I wear that lungi so that she can dry it ASAP...

Then her mobile rang, she received the call it was her hubby, He told her its too late today & Will stay there tonight & will return home next day after Office. ( This she told me after words when I inquired her when will her hubby be back) I called her and opened the door littlebit & gave her my shirt & pant, then again she asked were is by Briefs & vest I told her

I will manage with the wet one but she told I will get cold if I wear that and insisted me to give her, Then I opened my Briefs & Vest also and gave it to her, then when I turned I saw her BRA on the bed, took it in my hand & Sniffed it & Wore it then in no time my Man was Hard... As u all know it is difficult to manage the hard on only in Lungi I had to jerk off...

I started to jerk thinking about fucking her then & there, Suddenly the door opened & I was standing Naked Wearing her BRA my Hard MAN in my Hand jerking, She saw me naked & was stunned to see me wearing her BRA & Jerkingoff...Her eyes Wide open was stuck on my manhood,

I was trying to gain my senses and did not know as I could feel everything turning upside down around me. After few minutes what I saw brought me back to my senses. She started Laughing wildely instead of Scolding me, She told me to get dressed & come to the drawing room, by the time she takes a shawer,I said ok

I was sitting in drawing room in my lungi, I saw Sangeeta coming out of the bathroom in a towel wrapped around her, just covering her breast and till the upper part of her thigh. I was stunned. I never expected her to be like this. She looked gorgeous. But suddenly I remembered that I was eyeing a wrong person. She is my boss's Business Partner and I am under her obligation.

She came straight towards me with water dripping from her lovely silky hair, and asked “Do you want to have anything”. I was amazed with her beauty. I haven’t seen anyone as fair as her. Her skin was like milk and she was having a perfect figure. I was looking at her with my mouth wide open to which she again asked “should I get something for you? I said “yes maam water”.

She started laughing looking at my condition. I was embarrassed. She came right in front of my face and dropped her towel down. Oh shit……..what was that? I couldn’t understand for a minute. Am I in my dreams? I couldn’t believe it. She was standing right in front of me naked. Naked, right from head to toe…

She had a perfect figure which she always tried to hide in her dresses. She had the best pair of boobs, milky white with pink nipples. Her ass was of the perfect round shape and she was looking stunning with her hair over her breast dripping water on her belly. She was standing smiling in front of me and said “have you seen anything better than this ?

I just shook my head and said no. I was speechless. I was mesmerized with her beauty. She came near me and said “what are you waiting for? Won’t you please your boss today? I got up from my chair and planted a kiss straight on her lips. She started sucking my lips and inserted her tongue in my mouth.

The aroma she was putting on was putting fuel to the fire. We were busy working with each other’s tongue; she suddenly started moving her hand over my bulge. My hands didn’t wait too. They went straight to her back and slowly slid down to her buttocks. Wow !!! what a feeling. She started unzipping my pant and I started fondling her those perfect melons.

She held my hand and took me straight to the bedroom. Switched on a night lamp and made me lie on the bed. I was only in lungi. She came over me and kissed me on my forehead, my nose, my lips, my chest, my stomach and started pulling lungi to see the monster which had already grown to its full size. She was surprised to see my 8 inch rod with a 3 inch thickness.

She held it in hand and started massaging it slowly. I was in heaven. I never ever thought her to be so hot. She was looking at my cock and slowly whispered in my ears “Yours is very big and thick, much bigger and thicker than my husband, I was thinking to have sex with you since you touched my Boobs”.

These words went like a current in ears as I was also in same states since then. She slowly opened her mouth and started licking my rod like a lollipop. I was thrilled and was asking her to suck it. She said wait, I will give you whatever you want, but first let me take what I want from you. She started crawling over my body rubbing her big breast over my chest..

I turned her down and climbed over her. She gave up and said, I am all yours. Today you are my boss. Do whatever you like. I was crazy. I started working on her breast. Started licking one while playing slowly with the other one and making the nipple erect for me to suck. She was hot. “suck them hard, squeeze them, bite them, be aggressive,”

her words made me more and more crazier. I was sucking her as if I am going to empty her milk pots today. I was hungry and she was too. I went down and found her cunt to be wet and dripping her juices. I started licking the outer area and her inner thigh. She became damn hot, she started pushing me more and more towards her pussy by spreading her legs and giving me access to her dripping cunt.

I slowly inserted my tongue inside her hot pussy and started licking it aggressively. She started giving a thrust in the upward direction asking my to do more and more. “Too good, lick me hard, suck me, ahhhhh, too good….hmmmmmmm, I have never had this experience with my Hubby as he doesn't like to lick my pussy.

I too was becoming more and more hornier and I inserted one finger then two then three inside her tight arse. She shouted with pain as I inserted four fingers at a time and then slowly started enjoying my to and fro motion. I started licking her cunt with a great speed to give her the first orgasm. She moaned with pain and pleasure as she got it and spread all her cum on my face.

I readily licked my face and started kissing her thigh and her red hot pussy. She was relaxed. Now it was her turn to give me pleasure. I ordered her to take my tool in her mouth and make it as hard as a rock. She obeyed my orders and in one go, half of the tool was in her mouth and she was rolling her tongue over the head as if she is having a ice cream.

I was enjoying it while my hands were busy pressing and pumping her huge breast. She was such a master in the art of sucking that was making my rod grow more and more big in size. Now it was at its full length and she came and sat over it slowly inserting it in her hot pussy. Oh, what a feeling.

Her pussy was very tight and my rod was rubbing through its wall giving the best sensation I had ever got. She started pumping and slowly she took the entire monster inside her. She started moaning in pleasure and I too was enjoying every moment of it. Her breast were hanging just in front of my mouth inviting me to suck them.

I didn’t waste a minute and took her breast in my mouth. Started sucking it while she was making sweet noise which was echoing in the entire bedroom. It was the wildest kind of a sex that she would have ever had. I turned her upside down as I wanted to enter her doggie style. She accepted it and positioned giving me an access to her pussy.

I rammed my rod in her and she shouted in pain, I mercilessly started pumping giving her lot of pleasure and she too enjoyed it as she started pushing her self behind with every forward thrust of mine. Now we both were exhausted but my penis was still erect like a hot iron rod. I told her that I want to enter her arse which she was not very comfortable looking at my size and it will pain her a lot.

I told her to bring some OIL and applied on her hole and my penis. I slowly started entering her hole which gave her a lot of pain and she cried as if I tore her arse apart. After few minutes of pushing my rod was half in and the pressure on it was tremendous. I started pumping in and out and she started enjoying it.

We continued this for another 20 mins and I offloaded in there. What a relief……I felt straight on the bed tired and feeling short of breath. She too kept her head on my shoulder and we slept for around an hour in that position. At around 3.30 am, I got up and saw her lying naked next to me. Looking at her stunning beauty my tool again became harder and without her knowing,

I started licking her pussy again. She started moaning and she got up. Looking at my erect tool, she asked “ Ready for it again? I without saying anything, went between her legs and pushed my erect tool inside. She was wet in 2 seconds, I started with a missionary position now and later stood up, took her legs on my shoulder and started pushing harded and deeper inside.

She was enjoying and moaning with joy. With each of my thrust, I could see her massive melons going up and down which was making me more and more hot. After 20 mins of aggressive session, I came in her. We cleaned ourselves and went to sleep again. Next day morning she woke me up at 6.30 and asked me to take bath.

I got up, caught hold of her and took her straight to the bathroom. We both took the shower together and had a beautiful kissing and licking session in the bathroom too. She make me cum by a blow job and I licked her too to orgasm. While going I kissed her and she asked me to keep this as a secret as no one in the office should know all this.

After that we had sex many a times. She now obeys what I say and I have started bossing over her. After ramping her she also introduced me to her bhabhi who was not satisfied with her hubby... I ramped her also many times but will tell you about that after receiving comments on my 1st story...

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Saad having sex with Rani

Hai friends, I am saad ali with some hot experience to share with you all. Last month I went to my abbottabad village as their was my cousins marriage. I stayed there for 10 days and enjoyed almost 10 days with two girls in which one was a virgin. One girl name is rani and other girl is her babhai meena.

Meena is around 23 year, married and has a child of one year. Rani is around 20 and she is the sister of meenas' husband. It all happened like this. They are the neighbor of my uncle’s house in that village. They don't have proper bathroom or toilet facilities. All they used to do is going to their farm and do everything there.

In the farm they have motor and a well which is used to pour water to the farm. I used to hide in some bushes and see the girls peeing in the farm. On my first day, by around 12 Noon I went to my uncle’s farm with my camera and next to my uncles farm is rani. During that time there won't be anyone in the farm as all the harvests are over.

There in my uncle’s farm there is room to stores the farm materials and a bed and fans etc.. There was a window in the room which is covered with transparent glasses through which the rani’s farm and the well and the tank were clearly visible. Then I was lying on the bed, suddenly I saw rani there came to the tank and started to remove her dresses.

She was in her half-saree traditional dress for the young girls. She removed her half saree and then her blouse and then her petticoat. She was completely naked I saw all her private parts. She is around 4.8ft tall and neither thin nor fat. She has a nice and beautiful pair of boobs and lot of hairs under her arm pits and her pussy I could see her pussy as I was 500 - 600 mts

away from her. Then she got inside the tank and started bathing keeping her dresses in one corner. I slowly went near the well and took all her clothes the clothes which she was wearing and which she has brought to wear and safely kept them in my room. Then once again I came back she was enjoying the chillness of water as it was very hot outside.

Then I removed all my dresses and went near the tank without making any noise. My cock are in 90 degree and ready to fire (It was around 6 inches in length 2 inches in diameter). Then I went near the tank she was lying peacefully closing her eyes inside the water. I said (can I join with u). She opened her and saw me their nude.

She was shocked, and started to run from the tank crossing her hands around her chest. I said (your pussy is visible rani). Ran and saw her dress missing and started crying sitting in the floor and crossing her legs and hands and hiding her private parts then I took my camera and took some photos. I commented (see here rani I want to take photo).

She was crying, mujhe chuodo mere kapade do. (leave me please, give my dresses). I said (I don't have your dresses). She replied "Please...” I kept my hand on her head and started taking her hairs in my hands. She just pushed my hands and said chhodo mujhe (please leave me). I ordered "I wanna fuck u". She replied (you won't rape me no?). She said thik hai.

My first order was "sir uthao" (raise your head). She raised and I ordered "mera lund dekho" (see my cock). She saw and she was still crying I asked her to stand up. Once again she lowered and head and started crying and forced her to standup. She crossed her hands around her chest. I said "tymhari chut acchi hai" (your pussy is visible).

Then I ordered her not to cry and said "apane haath hato main tumhe poora nanga dekhana chahta hun" (remove your hands I want to see you fully nude). She did and said "mere kapade do" (give my dress). I said "mere saath aao" (follow me). She was not coming along with me and I caught her by shoulder and forced her to come along with me.

And took her to my room and then I locked the room. Made her to lie on the bed and told her "tumhare kapade chahiye to main jo kahunga wo karo" (if you need you dress do what I say, first stop your crying). She stopped and then I order her to get up. I asked "mera lund pakado" (take my cock in your hands) she did that.

She did that I was in heaven. Then I gripped her and started kissing her violently in the neck and I was squeezing her boobs with my hands she started crying I caught her head and started kissing her. For about ten minutes I was kissing initially she was not responding after sometime stopped her crying knowing that any way I going to fuck her.

She also started kissing me. Then I started licking her nipples for sometime. Then I asked to lie on the bed she did I touched her pussy she gave a light moan. Then I climbed on top of her in 69 position. And gave her a kiss on her pussy. I then inserted my tongue inside her pussy lip. It seems that she was a virgin. I started licking her pussy.

She was moaning then after some time she came. I drank her cum. And there where a lot of cum on my face and on my lips. Then I slowly inserted my cock inside her mouth. Which she refused to take first then forced her to take that. And asked (fuck my cock).. She refused. Then I said "chooso randi", (suck you dirty slut). She then took it in her mouth.

Then I once again started licking her pussy I cleaned her every drop of cum them after nearly 10 minutes she came once again. In the mean time she was busy with licking me.. Then got up and once again climbed on top of her kissing on lips. All our privates parts where touching each other. I squeezed her both the boobs with my hands.

Then I kissed her inserting our tongues in each others mouth, I was squeezing her breast and my cock was at its full length. Tip of my cock touching her pussy lips. Then she cleaned her cum on my face. Then I said, "rani ab main tumhe chodunga”). Saying this I was rubbing my cock on her pussy. She just closed her eyes and nodded her head.

I became very happy and slowly inserted my cock inside her pussy. My full cock went inside with less resistance as her pussy was fully wet and her pussy lips was very big. I was wondering how it could be because she was not married and was from a very good family and she is also very reserved. The I started moving up and down.

She started moaning and said "mac jorse karo" (kumar do it fast). So I increased my speed and she started squeezing my buttock. Whenever I feel like cumming I used to stop and then continue. I fucked her for nearly 20 minutes. In which she came 10 times. At last I felt that after this I can't hold I informed her I am going to cum, shall I take my cock out.

She replied " (cum inside my pussy. I started moving faster at the end we both came together and we both were totally exhausted. I spelt on top of her without removing my cock. My cock was shrinked after than. After about fifteen min she said). So I gave a kiss on her mouth she responded. Then she said it time for her to go. I said lets have bath then you go to you home.

So we both went to the tank once again talking all our clothes. After confirming that no one is there to see us. Then we both entered inside the water and started fondling each other and kissing each other. I told her that I am going to fuck her inside the water she refused that idea and replied we will have it tomorrow then I asked her whether she is virgin or not ".

She replied “(you have fucked me I am not a virgin. I said before fucking you. She said yes I am virgin before that why. Because “(your pussy is very big. She started laughing and said My self and Bhabie are lesbians I said "really". She said My bhabie used to insert carrot, into my pussy).

I said that’s great your bhabie has milk in her breast. She replied " yes a lot daily I used to drink a lot She replied no who it is possible you have fucked me) I replied (ur bhabie is also a girl). She replied " (no she won't do that) She got convinced and got out of the tank. I followed her I said I will dress u.

Which she accepted first I fondled her and gave her deep kiss on her lip then I started removing the water drops on her body using the towel. Then after that I first dressed her with petticoat after kissing her pussy. Then her white bra and then her blouse and then her half saree. She was completely dressed and I was naked. She said shall I dress you.

I replied (no suck my cock and go) She lowered her body and took my cock in her hands and took it into her mouth and started sucking I was moaning after about 10 min of sucking I came inside her mouth and she cleaned all my cum and said bye bye to me I grabbed her and gave a deep kiss on her lips She gave a smile and went off.

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Sexperience of Doctor in Medical hostel

Hello guys I am Dr.Rajiv from Rajasthan.I am regular reader of human digest.As everybody have sexual experiences in life so I also and want to share with you. Now a days I am posted at somewhere in rajasthan.I am of 40 years age now.when I was doing my MBBS I was around 27 & was residing in medical hostel jaipur in 1995.At that time I was bachelor &

too interested in sex but due to pressure of studies I haven’t time for any sexual activity than masturbation.Before starting my story I want to clear that I will not exaggerate anything. Names &places I am not revealing because it is true story.I hope you will enjoy.Oneday my seniour boss pukhrajsingh who was doing postgraduation in radiology came to me &

requested me to help him in some thesis work. I agreed and went 3day regularly to P.G. Hostel to help him. On last day during chating boss asked me if I have girlfriend. I denied and requested to boss to land me one of his girlfriend.I also added that I am still vergin. Boss assured me to arrange for a girl.

After 15 days of this boss came to My hostel room in afternoon with a beautifull girl around 20 years of age.She was tall,slim, fair in colour long haired and was wearing salwar kurta.she was just resembling to kareena kapoor.Boss introduced her with me. Her name was pinky. I brought the boss aside and asked what is the matter.

Boss told me that she is his old girl friend studying in a college at udaipur. After a long period he found her In market doing shopping.She was planning to return udaipur after shopping, at that time boss picked her and brought her to me for fucking.Boss told me to bring some drink.I went to market and brought a bottle of whisky.

We started to drink.Boss was telling dirty jokes.I was feeling ashamed but pinky was enjoying &laughing.I was sitting just touching her on bed.When she was laughing & taking sip her thigh was pressing me.("Mera kunwara lund khada ho gaya").After 2round of whisky boss excused us and left.For 15 minutes I continued whisky sipping.

Till then Pinky was feeling drowsiness so she laid on my bed. I also slept beside her & started to rub her soft boob.She resisted but she was under alcohol so could not succeeded.Then I rubbed her pussy mound over her salwar.It was feeling soft &swollen.She resisted "please raj don’t do this.Make love to me but not sex".i said why?

she told me that she want to do sex but not under influence of alcohol.I told her " main tujhe chodunga nahi lekin mujhe tumhari choot to dikhao".For this she resisted also but after much wrestling I succeded in removing her salwar & kurta.Now she was in white bra &maroon colour panty.

Her boobs in bra was looking like two oranges.I asked her 'tumhare boobs itane chhote kaise hai.kabhi dabwaya nahi kya?'she said she is not vergin.But she didnot let any body to touch her boobs. she was fucked only 2-3 times. Her virginity was taken by her uncle when she was of 15years of age & she was unaware about sex at that time.

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I came between her legs & parted her pussy lips.What a marvelous pussy,pinkish inside.She had sparse hair on pussy.Her pussy was looking just as bread.Slight grey outside. I put a finger in her tight wet pussy.She started to moan.My 5(not 8 inch) lund became restless began to do up down.

Due to fear of her waking I put my lund on pussy lip &tried to insert.But due to firstime it slipped 2-3time.I spread her leg wide & put a pillow below her gaand.Now I tried again to insert my dick.This time it went easily.I started to fuck her.After 10-15stroke.I felt some loose ness in my lund.I thought it just as adjustment problem.I brought out my lund.I saw it dripping.

I ashamed because my first time I came too early.Pinky was still snoring.I washed her pussy with my undies than depressed I sat on chair. After 5 minutes I thought "sahi tarike se choda nahi to kya hua choot dobara nahi milegi kam se kam maje to lo".Again I parted her pussy lips and put my tongue over her pussy & by my one hand started to press her soft silky boobs.

My legs were towards her mouth.I started to lick her pussy.Its taste was salty & musty odour was there.I was nauseating but I was feeling pleasure also.Suddenly I felt she was also licking my lund. I just got sudden erection. I hugged her tight.She came over me.She attacked on me like lioness.She bit my lips,cheeks furiously.

Than adjusted my lund over her cunt &sat on my lund.She started to hump over me.Oh what a pleasure I was feeling.She told me "jara tum bhi niche se dhakka lagao na"So I started to reply her stroke by moving my butt updown.After 2-3minute humping she tired &told me "Raj ab tum mujhe chodo". I came over her &started to fuck her vigorously in missionary position.

After 20-30 strokes.I decided to enjoy doggy style.You know new fucker want to taste every position in one go.SO I put her on her all fours &with her dick guiding help started fucking her in doggy style.She was moaning loudly & saying chodo aur chodo ….jor se chodo ….after 10 minutes of solid fucking She started to trembling and started to shout oh….maa..

i ….a…m..c..umming.By hearing this I increased my speed.After 2-3 minute I spurted in her pussy.She also came simultanousely. After fuck I sat on chair naked.She told me that she was not under influence of alcohol any time but was enjoying my innocence. It was her dream to fuck a vergin boy so when boss proposed for me she readily agreed.

I went to my mess &brought dinner for us.At that time it was evening. After dinner she was sitting on chair wearing only bra & panty. I aroused again.You know vergin boys gets erections early and also diffuse early.I put my dick on her hand.She started to rub it.My lund became rod again within seconds. I lift her in my arms.She was not much in weight.

I slowly put her on my table.I removed her panty & knelt her backside. Than carefully looked At her pussy and started to suck it.she was moaning loudly "Chooso raja aur jor se chooso.Hot liquid was coming out of her pussy which I drank. Friends this is nice to lick any girl on table.I was also biting her cunt lips & nibbling her clitoris.

When I could not control than stood & put my lund over her pussy. She was also in mercifull state.In one stroke I entered her & started to fuck her with amazing force.In 3-4 minutes we both came together.She hugged me tightly.After fuck we took rest over my bed.We wore our clothes.I was planning to fuck her whole night.I was talking to her then a knock was on my door.

I opened the door there was 3-4 my hostel guys they brought me aside & told " sale hume bhi chudwa nahi to teri pitai karenge aur warden ko bula lenge".I was afraid I told them please be patient I will give them chance but give me some time to fuck & covince her.I lied 'I havent fucked her yet.They agreed and returned.

I locked my room from outside & went hurriedly to PG hostel.I explained the situation to boss.Boss came hurriedly.Luckily there was powerfailure in the area.There was dark outside.We brought pinky out silently.Called a taxi &arrived at bus stand.Bought her ticket of udaipur &borded her to bus.

I thanked my luck for fucking such a beauty & giving verginity to girl like pinky.After this episode I tried to make contact her but not susceeded. After returning to hostel I abused with boys "saalo na to mujhe chodne diya na khud chod sake ho".(jabki main 3 baar chod chuka tha ) It is difficult to fuck a girl in any hostel due to peergroup but I succeeded two times.

If you like my true experience I will post my second adventure which was again in medical hostel.I am not a writer.This is my first attempt to write anything so please dont mind about my grammer mistakes.If you want to know more about doctors sex life please comment to encourage me to write more.I havefucked at least 6 ladies of different age group.

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Hi, This is Karthik. I live at Anna Nagar, Chennai. I am 23 yrs old, 5ft 8 inches. I had a splendid Experience a few months back with my my Cousin Divya - 32 yrs old Married with a 5 yr Old Kid. She is a housewife & Her husband is more interested in making money than enjoying his wife’s beauty.

She has a perfect figure, lovely lips, sexy structure and long hairs and over all round boobs which still makes me more passionate about making Love with her. So once her Husband had to go to Calcutta regarding his Office Work. And I was asked to accompany my Cousin for the Next 5 days. Oh My Gosh. I was so excited. I reached her house on Saturday after her Hubby left.

It was just a Formal Welcome with a tight Hug that she gave me. I could feel her Boobs touching my body. Oh I felt so nice. I settled down onto one of the rooms & went to sleep with My Cousin in my mind. The Next day she woke me up with a Cup of Coffee. She was wearing a Nighty.

Damn she wasn't wearing any inner wears because I was able to see her tits popping up through the nighty. Then I freshened my self & got ready for Breakfast. Being Sunday her kid was still asleep. She started acting weird & started showing herself & was asking how she was looking that day. I said as always u look good. But damn she was too sexy that day.

Then we had a good chat & planned for a evening time out. My cousin is so close to me that she always used to share everything with me. So during the Evening we went to a nearby park. There she was speaking about her personal life how her husband is such a workaholic & how often he comes late home & sleeps off without caring about her and etc etc.

At one point she just asked me whether I have any Girlfriend. I said No. She asked whether I have done Sex with anyone. I said I have seen a lot of Blue Films & I know how it is done. But was never Lucky enough to get any Chance with someone. She quickly asked whether I would like to try out everything with her.

Damn I was surprised & excited too But wasn't able to reply to her as I was speechless. Never have I expected such things might happen. She dragged me to our house. After reaching home she made her kid to sleep & came to my room by 7:30pm wearing a Black nighty. I hope She was waiting for this moment for long time. She came near & hugged me so tight.

I was sitting on the Bed & she sat on my Lap & then started kissing me so passionately catching my head with one hand & the other caressing my Back. I was in heaven. My hands were all over her Boobs. She wasn't wearing any inner wear. We kissed & caressed each other for about 10 minutes. Then she asked me to remove her nighty.

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Now She was uncontrollable and she held my arms tight and started to jump under me. I was moving to & fro and at the same time she was holding her hip up and pressing her buttock against the bed to accompany my moves. As my stroke became harder, after few moments she started moaning "Please slow down Karthi... aahh...Ooohhh... Please....

Though she was begging for me to slow down she never stopped enjoying each & every stroke of mine. Now She spread her legs much more wide open and she was hugging me real tight. She was moaning hard & then her body arched & then she breathed out heavenly. She had her orgasm. She was so excited & tired. Then we both laid naked for some time in each others arms.

Then after some time I again started kissing her big boobs and rubbing her pussy. We had another round of sex this time in doggy style. It was really great experience. We had regular sex daily for 5 days till her Husband returned back from Calcutta. Now she has Shifted her Home to Bangalore as her Hubby got Transferred onto there. Please give your feedback on how you liked my experience in the comments.


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