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Horny mother fucking office mate 1

Hi, friends, my name is Rahul from Mumbai, I am a regular reader of this site, and today I share my personal moments with you. This is my first experience of watching sex and this is a story about my MOM Kamini. She is 40 fair & lovely with a sexy figure. At this age her body’s curves are well maintained by her. She has full kissable lips which makes her sexier.

Her boobs are 36 in size and firmed with always erected nipple. Her butt has big with good curve. After seeing her any man wants her to fuck. She wears sarees mostly at home or outside, casually sometime she wears jeans and kurta when going for a dinner. Her sarees are tied below her navel. She is a working woman & working in a hotel’s reception counter.

She comes in afternoon around 4.00 pm. My dad has own business & he comes in night after 9.00 pm. There is no need to work for MOM but she does it for time pass, because she doesn’t like to sit at home lonely. As she like to make friends and relations with people around her. After working at a hotel from 10 years it is possible that MOM

get a relationship with her co-workers who spent more time than my father spent with her. One day she came home with a tall 6 feet man, who is a wheatish in color and have a good muscles. Any woman, who sees her, likes to friendship with him, so why not my mother. My mother’s height is also around 5.5“. I know him, becoz I rarely visit my MOM’s office.

His name is Satish Uncle. At that time I studied in 10th standard. Satish uncle gives me a 100 rupee note & says go out for enjoy. I happily take the rupees and go out with my friends. After that day I see the changes in my mother. My mother used to wear sleevless blouse with deep V-neckline so her cleavage used to be clearly visible.

As her boobs are big enough so she started wearing push-up Bra so her boobs maximum part is exposed to everyone (specially for Satish uncle). She started putting on dark and vibrant shades make-up. As she is fair in color so the dark make-up makes her more sexy. After three days Satish uncle comes again with MOM.

Again he gives me some rupees and tells to go out of home for enjoy. But I felt that there is some daal main kaala at home. Bcoz I am a growing young boy, and have enough knowledge of ex-marital relations and sex too. Bcoz I see some porn movies with my friends and know everything about sex.

So I decided to stay home on next visit of Satish Uncle & want to watch that what’s cooking there. I am also excited with the thought that if there is some daal main kala, I can get opportunity to watch sex in real life. And without waiting long after two days Satish Uncle comes again at home with MOM.

Again he gives me some rupees for enjoying but I refused and say that I want to study at home bcoz of my exams & went to my study room. That day when I saw MOM being sexy started like this… She was wearing a yellow embroideried semi transparent saree with red blouse and a black push-up bra inside with yellow petticoat and black panty inside.

Her blouse have deep neckline so half of her big boobs is visible throughout her pallu. Blouse’s back is also broad and deep so her half back is open. She put on kajal and mascara on eyes (her eyelashes are long, which make her sexier too) and painted her lips with dark grey shade and make outlined them with black lipliner.

Anyone who sees her in this dress-up wants to fuck her immediately. So I see uncle’s face get down as I refused to go out. But MOM give a signal to him that she can manage it. MOM comes to me & tells me that I worked hard for exam so take some relax and go for a sleep after that continued the study at night.

She covered my room’s door with curtain and go to her bedroom. After few minutes I get up from bed & slightly remove curtain & try to peep in MOM’s bedroom. Bedroom’s night lamp is on. MOM’s bedroom is fully visible from my room and luckily she cover only half of the door’s curtain and half is open, from there I can see the whole bed of my MOM.

I get shocked (and get happy) when I peeped inside the MOM’s bedroom. MOM was laying on bed and Satish Uncle massage her body from back. There is no saree on her body. She is in only blouse and petticoat on his body. He lifts her peticot and moves his hands to upwards. MOM moans slightly & deeply with the touch of uncle’s hard hands on her body.

Her eyes are closed in pleasure. Uncle moves his hand hardly on MOM’s soft legs and thighs towards butt. MOM is moaning with ease, as she likes his gentle touch. After the massage uncle gets up from bed and helps MOM to get up. Uncle moves more closer towards the MOM and put his strong arms around her waist and planted a French kiss on MOM’s full kissable lips.

MOM has full kissable pouts. Both of them were sucking each others lips as if they were just waiting for this moment for years together. Uncle’s tongue is sucking MOM’s lips. MOM parted his lips and uncle gets her tongue and started sucking it. Then he started kissing MOM on her neck and shoulders.

MOM said, Satish you can do everything you want..I love you and what not…Then he started kissing on every part of MOM’s body and moving his hand on all over her body. Then he grabs her big boobies in his hand and started fondling mercilessly. MOM moans Satissssshhhhh, blouse nikal do…..hmmmmm.

Uncle obeyed MOM’s words & he started unbuttoned MOM’s red blouse. MOM had a front open blouse. He was kissing on her boobs and sucked them over the black bra which was not fitting inside the bra. He took out one big boob from bra and sucked deeply in meantime he fondled continuously another boob over the bra.

MOM was just enjoying every moment of his touch and action. She wanted more action out of it. So, she utter into uncle’s ears ohhhhh……hmmmmm…. In panchiyon ko azaad kar do satisssssssshhhhh……. Obeying her, uncle unplugged MOM’s bra & let her boobs loose. Now there are MOM’s two big mountain boobies in front of uncle.

Uncle pull the string of her petticoat and it falls down with a flash. MOM did not seem ashamed but was needed more action. So MOM removes uncles all clothes except his shorts (chaddi) for freely action. Both are have only panty and shorts on their body left. Uncle pushed MOM onto the bed and ride on her.

He started squeezing and sucking her nipples and makes them longer and harder. MOM was moaning…uhhh ummm. She lifts her body in pleasure……..Uncle started kneading MOM’s big boobies. He fondled and sucks MOM’s boobies wildly and she moans in pleasure ……… ohhhhhhh nooooo please……

MOM’s mountain boobies are also not fitting in uncle’s hand. So he started kneading MOM’s mangoes with both hands one by one. They were hugging & kissing each other wildly and rolling on double bed. MOM was moaning in pleasure please…don’t … but she wasn’t pushing uncle away but allowing him to suck, fondled and massaged to all over her body.

She was turning hot & horny with the actions done by uncle. Now it was MOM’s turn. MOM sees a tent inside his shorts is build due to the erected tool of uncle. MOM holds his tool in her hand (his tool looks like a iron rod) and starts rubbing over the shorts in up and down position. MOM look towards uncle and smiled in naughty horny mood.

MOM was turning hotter minute by minute. I never saw her like that before. Now uncle moves downward slowly with kissing on her navel and stomach and slowly pulled down her black lacy panty. Now MOM was totally nude in front of uncle. A moment she was waiting for long. Uncle parted MOM’s legs to see the full view of her hot pussy,

which is filled with juice of pre-cum with their actions of passions. Her pussy is clean shaved and fair in color. First uncle parted her pussy’s lips and put his tongue inside her cunt and starts sucking its juice. MOM whispers in pleasure ohhhhhhhh……… satishhhhhhhhhh……… saara juice chus lo meri chut ka……….. ummmmmmm………

Her cunt becomes red and MOM feels the pleasure, her body feels relaxed as she gets her first climax. In ecstasy she pressed uncle’s head towards her pussy. Her hands combing in uncle’s hair. She was enjoying every instance of it. Uncle is fucking her pussy with his tongue. MOM released her cum juice on uncle’s face and he drowned in between MOM’s pussy and her juice.

MOM became more hornier as she gets the climax which she want. MOM and uncle takes deep sighs and their passion sounds are filled in the bedroom and makes the atmosphere more spicy. It’s MOM’s turn now. She get up from bed and go to the make-up table and put on hot bloody red lipstick with matching lipgloss on her fully kissable juicy lips.

She looks like a sex goddess. I never saw her gorgeous and hornier form in totally naked position. MOM moves towards the uncle who is lying on the bed in his short. She naughtily teases him and holds his dick tightly in her hand over his shorts and rubbed gently. Then with a slow motion action, she pulls down uncle’s shorts and his 7 inch dick sprang out.

Uncle’s tool is not a dick it is called a big monster as it was semi erected at this time. Maybe his tool goes 8 inch long after full erection. Its thickness is around 2.5 inch. I amazed with his monster tool and gladfully think that how lucky is my MOM who finds and gets that monster tool which is only few women getting these types tools in their life.

Now I understand why MOM became so crazy about uncle. As I seen her today I feel that she loves sex on regularly basis and don’t tired with it. She wants to enjoy the sex life madly and passionately. I think due to burden of business my father can’t fulfill her sex need regularly, so she moves to uncle for her sex desire and pleasure.

And also father doesn’t have that type of big dick like uncle have. Only few men get this god gift. MOM hold uncle’s springing monster and before uncle knows she pulls down his monster’s skin and make his monster’s shaft bare. Uncle’s dick’s shaft also looks like a big tomato. It became red and looked in anger as it wants to get inside MOM’s hot honey pot.

Uncle moans moonh me le le mere land ko…… But MOM wants more action so she again kissed his monster’s head and then licks it gently. But uncle wants hard so he utters kaat le sale ko…… pura moonh me le le…..… this time she bites gently on his monster’s head. Uncle moans ohhhhhhhh……..u r great Kaminiiiiiiiii……….

And MOM took his half monster into her mouth and sucked it like a chocolate lollipop. After sucking and licking his monster for few minutes. She starts raining of kisses with her fully kissable red lips on his monster and then tell to uncle dekh lo satish……. Moonh me le le ke tumhare laude ko laal kar diya….

(I shocked but get happy as I hear first time this gutter language from my MOM). Uncle replies ab main bhi tumhari chut me apney is lund ko daal kar use pel pel kar laal kar doonga… And he pushed MOM on bed. She lied down on bed and spread her legs wide. Uncle tells MOM to guide his monster into her honey pot.

MOM holds his monster with one hand and guided it towards her hot honey pot. As MOM put his monster on her honey pot uncle pushed gently into her, because he knows only few women can take inside these types big monsters. As his monster goes half inside the MOMs honey pot she screams with pleasure ummmmmmmmm……….. ohhhhhhhhhhh……….

Satish dheere dheere dalo apne land ko……… meri chut phat jaayegi………….. Uncle knows it very well so he starts pushing his monster slowly into her honey pot after few minutes MOMs screams convert in pleasure and she whispers ohhhhhhh……….. yes…………. Satishhhhh………. Pura andar ghused do……….. apna land pura ghuso do………….

aur tej………..yes…………. aur tej………….. Now uncle pushed his montster with a bang into her chut and they started a long journey towards love & pure sex. Uncle fucked MOM hard. Mom was moaning ohhhhhhhh……….. aaaahhhhhhhhh……… ummmmmuu…. ohhhhhhhhh gooooooooodddddddd….. and lifting her hips towards his monster and enjoying each & every moment of fucking.

MOM moans loudly aur jor se chodo saali ko…. Laal kar do…… aur andar daalo…… jor se……… pura ghusa do………. Aur tej….… Uncle fucked MOM wildly till 15-20 minute. The sounds of sex were filling in the bedroom. They both moaned like a pigeon & then uncle loaded his cum into MOM’s honey pot. MOM too had a great orgasm.

Her face and chut get red after having a great fucking session. Both are sighing deeply and feels enjoyment of sex. They slept holding each other in their arms that position for few minutes. Whole action is non-stop and breath taking for me. I am wondering that how MOM gets uncles full erected 8 inch long and 3 inch thick monster into her tight small chut without a scream.

She enjoys uncle’s monster wildly and feel the full pleasure of fucking. MOM still hold uncle’s big monster in his hands. The monster became live again in few minutes. MOM gets up from bed and says naughtily to uncle sambhalo apne lode ko ghar ja ke biwi ko nahin chodna kya…… Uncle replies biwi ko to bahut chod liya ab mera ye land sirf tumhe chodega,

is land par ab sirf tumhara haq hai…….. and with a smile he asked MOM to fuck her ass-hole (gaand). But MOM refuses and says gaand kal marna abhi ghar jaao, mujhe bhi ghar ke kaam niptaane hai….. She lifted uncle’s chaddi and hang it on his live monster and smiles naughtily.

MOM put on the undergarments and gown and enters in the bathroom for refreshing. After then they have a cup of tea together and uncle left our house. So friends this is my first experience, of watching sex….. I know u want to know about what’s going on later so wait till I posted u second part of it……. Wait and watch…

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Slutty Wife Mansi

Hello readers this is Raja from new Delhi. This is the first time that I am telling you the story that really changed my life. This story is dedicated to all the ladies of Delhi. Do tell me how u find the story.

After 2 years of marriage, my wife, mansi and I, were facing disaster. We both enjoyed each other’s company, and most of the big things; career, finances, and family, were not an issue. We decided long ago not to have kids, so we could concentrate on our careers. The problem was sex.

mansi was raised in a conservative religious family in a small town of UP. Despite her staggering looks, which attracted me in the first place, she was always uncomfortable with sex. We were both 35 now, but the combination of her 35c choochi, perfectly shaped legs, and beautiful face with full lips always attracted attention.

Unfortunately, she purposely dressed in a dull, frumpy way, with collars to her chin and usually pants, to avoid that attention. And the few times I suggested anything mildly different in bed, she said she just wasn’t comfortable experimenting with sex.

We were down to very routine screwing, once every two weeks or so. Both of us were wondering how much longer this could go on. I was completely frustrated after years of getting turned on by her spectacular body, only to be limited to the same thing in bed.

Finally one evening at home over dinner, I opened up and told mansi I thought we had to at least try something new, or consider marriage counseling. After some discussions, she agreed for the first time to watch an adult video with me. The next Friday night,

I carefully selected a film that received high ratings from women: some explicit sex, but not just a bunch of banging. After dinner and some kingfisher beer, I set up the film, and as I laid back on the couch, mansi reclined with her back to my chest. There were about seven sex scenes, and during the second, I started rubbing under mansi’s choochi.

One of the greatest turn-on’s about mansi is her tits. They’re not overly large, but when she gets excited, not just her nipples get erect, but the whole areola. I’ve looked at men’s magazines my entire adult life, and I’ve only seen three or four women whose nipples react like that.

In the third sex scene, the film became more explicit. The guy in the film took out his huge lund, and the actress started sucking him. I could feel my wife become more excited.

She said she had never watched anything like this before, and with her prudish upbringing, I knew she was telling the truth. By the end of the film, I had her shorts off, and had brought her to two orgasms with my fingers. When it was over, we had a session more excited than in several years.

A few nights later at the dinner table, mansi said she was really turned on by the film, and wanted to watch it again. We repeated the whole thing the next night. Part of the film plot involved the woman becoming totally submissive to the man. I noticed that mansi became especially turned on at that section.

A few weeks later, our sex life was a little improved, but not much. After a depressingly routine session, I told mansi it was time to take some more drastic action to solve our sex problems. She became very quiet for a few minutes, and then said, “you have a birthday coming in two weeks.

For my gift to you, that night I’ll do what we saw in the movie.” I asked, “you mean, give me a blowjob?” This would have been a great step forward. In twelve years of marriage, mansi had only put my lund in her mouth three or four times. Once she told me she just felt guilty doing it, and she knew it was because of the way she was raised.

I didn’t want to push her to do something she didn’t like, so we just cut that out of our lovemaking. No,” she said. “I mean I’ll be your slave for the night.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My shy, prudish wife was talking about submission. I couldn’t help but smile.

Her shyness took over for a minute, and she said, “but not until your birthday.” I said, “that will give me some time to plan.” The following weekend, I had my birthday wish in mind. It required one major day of work. Our house has a laundry room next to our master bedroom. On Saturday, I cut a large rectangular hole in the wall between the two rooms, over the head of our bed.

mansi thought I’d gone crazy, but I just said, “this is part of my birthday present.” I then installed a one-way mirror, so that as long as a light was on in the bedroom, I could see in from the laundry room without being seen. I also installed a sensitive microphone near the floor, so with headphones, I could hear everything in the bedroom.

mansi had a worried look on her face, but her innocence kept her from realizing what I had in mind. As the next week passed, I became more nervous with anticipation. Finally, my birthday arrived on a Friday. I could tell we both had butterflies in our stomachs. Before I left for work that morning, I said, “sure you don’t want to take back your gift?”

With a little bit of worry on her face, she said, “I made a promise, and I’ll keep it. Your gift begins at 8:00 p.m.”That night at the stroke of 8:00, I told mansi we were going out for a nice dinner. I told her to take a shower. When she stepped out, I dried her gorgeous body, gave her a robe, and told her to do her hair and makeup.

We both had a glass of kingfisher beer as I watched her do her eyes and lips, much sexier than usual. Then I laid out some clothes that I had spent a few hours that afternoon picking out. First I had her put on black stockings with elastic garter tops, something she never wore before. Then a deep blue silk blouse, just a little low cut.

She looked at me wondering about a bra, but without a word, the look on my face told her that wasn’t allowed. The blouse wasn’t see-through, because I knew she would be too self-conscious, but I could see her nipples pressing out against the thin material, and when she walked, her choochi bounced fabulously.

I chose a black skirt, a few inches above her knee, and black high heels a little higher than she had ever worn before. It was also the first time she wore a skirt out of the house without panties. She looked stunning, and by her kiss I could tell she was excited.

We went to a small five-star hotel restaurant for a leisurely dinner. A few minutes after we came in, two men, late thirties, in business suits sat at a table nearby. I could see both of them catching glances at mansi, and I knew she saw them looking.

After about twenty minutes, I told her, “now my birthday gift starts. I want you to pull your skirt up higher. Don’t look at those two men because I want them to get a good look at you.” mansi bit her lower lip, but did exactly as I ordered. We talked a little, and I saw the two men throwing glances at her great legs.

A few minutes later, I said, “higher, above the top of your stockings.” mansi looked both worried and excited. After a short hesitation, she adjusted in the chair, and with her legs crossed, lifted her skirt above the stockings. I let the two men look for about ten minutes and by now they were staring.

The waiter came to our table and got a good look at mansi’s legs also. He had a sly smile on his face as he walked back to the kitchen. Then I said, “now, I want you to slowly lift up your skirt, uncross your legs and spread them a little, so these two men can see your choot. But don’t look at them. Then you can slowly cross them again.”

This time, mansi turned red, and I reminded her of her promise. Then, after a deep breath, slowly she uncrossed her legs. Her skirt was already high enough that I’m sure her choot was clearly showing to the two businessmen. She must have had the feeling, “well, it’s done now,”

So she let them look for a good 45 seconds before crossing her legs again, much longer than I expected. My lund grew hard watching her, and knowing these two men were getting a good look at mansi’s choot. Just then our main courses arrived, and we took time to finish a great meal.

After I paid the bill, we got up and mansi said, “wait ‘til I get you home.” I told her, “honey, my gift is just beginning.” I had a detailed plan in my mind. Outside the restaurant, I told mansi we were going to the hotel bar-lounge. This was a real luxurious place, and I knew the lounge always had a great quiet jazz trio and an upscale business clientele.

“but,” I told her, “ We’re not going together. I want you to go to the ladies room for about fifteen minutes, and come in after me. Then don’t sit at my table, but instead on the couch nearby me. If anyone decent looking wants to join you, say yes. When I leave the room, you go to the bathroom again.” mansi’s eyes were big, and I directed her to the ladies room.

I went in, and everything looked comfortable. A friday night, so there were several customers, mostly men in business suits. mansi came in, and several heads turned her way. She sat as I instructed. Before long, a man in his late thirties, handsome and trim, came up and asked if he could join mansi.

She glanced at me, and I gave a small nod. She quietly told the guy he could join her. I was close enough to hear their conversation. His name was kapoor. He was from out of town and had just finished several days of meetings.

He’d be flying home tomorrow. mansi told him her husband was out of town, and she had come to unwind with a drink after a long week at work. After a few minutes, I thought she may have forgotten about me nearby, and they were having a friendly conversation about restaurants in town.

Two glasses of kingfisher beer later, I watched kapoor put his hand on my wife’s knee. She must have known what I wanted because she didn’t push it away. Another twenty minutes, and I could see mansi didn’t know what to do next.

Just then, kapoor made his move and asked her to come up to his room. I stood up, and heard mansi say, “I need to visit the restroom.” Outside the bar, we went in an alcove and I gave mansi a deep kiss. She said, “can we go now?” I answered, “you’re my slave, and we’re not done yet.”

“I’ll do as I promised,” she said. “you bet you will, or I’ll give you a good hard spanking so you can’t sit for a few days. Now, go back in there and tell kapoor you won’t go to his room, but he can come to your house.” There was a flash of fear in mansi’s eyes. “I can’t do that,” she said.

Okay, we can just end it,” I said, a little angrily. mansi looked down, and quietly said, “okay. I made a promise. I’ll tell him.” She was clearly scared, but I could also see something I’d never seen before: sexual excitement.

Now follow these two orders. He can’t touch you until you take him to our bedroom. And leave the light on.” I gave her another kiss, and I could feel her lips quiver. I stood outside the bar where I could see both of them. By the look on kapoor’s face, mansi followed through and asked him.

While he asked for a bill, I quickly walked to the car so I could get home before they did. It was only a fifteen-minute drive. I parked several houses away, went in the house, and set myself up in the laundry room. I sat there thinking, “what if he takes her when they’re still downstairs? What if he turns off the light?” My heart was pounding.

After what seemed hours, but was probably only about 25 minutes, the two of them entered the bedroom. Both were still fully dressed. I fit on the headphones. Kapoor took mansi’s elbow from behind, turned her around, and gave her a deep kiss. I could see his tongue darting in her mouth.

After a short hesitation, mansi put her arms around his neck and gave into his kiss. Her tongue was answering his. Next he ran his right hand from the back of her waist, up her side, and cupped her choochi. I could see her nipples become erect, and the bulge in kapoor’s pants grew. When mansi gets excited, her legs become weak, and I could tell she was having trouble standing.

After several minutes of kissing, kapoor turned, sat on the edge of the bed with his back to me, and said, “strip. But slowly.” mansi, facing both kapoor and me, waited a few seconds, looked down, and slowly pulled the blouse out of her skirt, then up over her head.

Her choochi were excited, and I could tell she was both nervous and hot. Then she unzipped the back of the skirt. With a little pause, she let it drop, and her soft choot hair was uncovered. Next she started to take off her shoes, but kapoor said, “stop there.”

Kapoor stood up, and slowly unbuttoned and removed his shirt. As I thought, he was in great shape. In a few smooth moves, his shoes were off, and his slacks and boxers dropped to the floor. His lund was a good two inches larger than mine, and by now hard as a rock.

Then mansi almost made me cream right off. Without kapoor saying anything, she walked to him, turned him sideways to the mirror, dropped to her knees, and took the head of his lund in her mouth. Slowly, she started moving it in and out, and he gently stroked her hair.

Here was my prude wife, who wouldn’t do anything provocative for the past 6 years, jamming the lund of a total stranger in her mouth. I could tell kapoor came close to exploding twice, and the second time, he stopped mansi just in time, took her by the shoulders and from behind, walked her to a chair facing the desk next to our bed.

He kissed the back of her neck and squeezed her tits for a few minutes, with his prick against her ass. Then he said, “take two steps back.” mansi obeyed. “now spread your feet apart and put your hands on the back of the chair.” mansi followed his command. Kapoor walked up behind her, took his lund in his hand, and started rubbing it up and down her choot.

mansi turned her face toward me, but had her eyes were closed and mouth open, obviously lost in excitement. Then there was a quick jerk, and I knew kapoor had pushed his lund head into her. He started pumping her from behind with his hands on both sides of her waist, and I could see his wet lund each time he pulled back.

Their pace built, and mansi was moaning choooddd dooo mujhe kappooooooorrrrrr,. Finally, he was pounding into her, and his hips began to jerk in orgasm. This brought her to climax and she was say mar gayiiiiiieee please kapoor fuck me chodo aur chodo. Of course, I had my lund in hand, and I came along with them.

They both kissed for a while, and mansi got a towel to wipe the jism running down her leg. They lay on the bed chatting, kissing, and fondling each other. After ten minutes or so, I could see kapoor’s lund coming back to life. Their kisses became more passionate, and he placed her on her back on the bed in front of me.

He pulled her legs, still in the black stockings, above his shoulders, taking her ankles in his hands. I watched as he plunged his big lund down into my wife’s choot, and she closed her eyes and began to move her hips with his. They both lasted about ten minutes before coming this time.

Kapoor and mansi fucked six times that night. After the fourth time, kapoor turned off the light, and for the last two orgasms, I just listened, but this still brought me off. At 4:30 am, kapoor left for the hotel because he had an early flight out. mansi put on a robe, and told me she gave him a goodbye kiss at the door, knowing the neighbors wouldn’t be awake at that hour.

We waited until Saturday evening to have sex so mansi could recover, but by then mansi was uncontrollable. She started me off with a good lund sucking, and said she had enjoyed my gift as much as I did. I told her I never came so hard as when I watched her with kapoor.

We both still had the jitters from the excitement. Kapoor could have been a jerk, or violent, but instead he turned out to be the perfect gentleman. mansi said he gave her his office phone and e-mail address, and she could find out when he was coming back to town.

I said the only mistake I made was not video taping them so we could watch it again. Quietly, mansi said, “maybe we should correct that next time.” I only smiled. After 2 years, our dull marriage took a complete turn.

Now I was married to a shy, prude, but we both knew that a confident woman who loves sex was just under the skin. I will come back with my next story in a about a months time. In the mean while me and wife mansi have agreed that I can fuck any one provided she is a married lady.

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Confessions of a horny desi housewife

This is a true story of my. Let me introduce myself I am Geetika from New Delhi. I am staying with my husband (Sishir) and two kids in four rooms flat somewhere in South Delhi. I am 31 year old when I got married then I was 23 year old. And first of all my English is not so good, if any mistake in any sentence please forgive me

because I am here to describe my feelings in past and present and get some encouragement through comments. Before marriage I was leaving in Jaipur and this is my love marriage. My husband's business in both the states. He never stays in home more then fifteen day. One year ago I suggested him to take a servant because of work load, and he agreed.

But first he agreed for a maid and after he changed for a male servant, but not a permanent servant. I insist him to give me a small boy to handle some work in home but permanent. We found a boy who was around 20 years old and he is from UP his name is Ramu. My husband and me watch some porn movies and tell stories to each other.

And we used so many things like sex toys to enhance the sexual pleasure. After some time we I found him (Ramu) very interesting because he use to talk me as long as I wanted because we were the only person (when kids go to thier school), who was in home and sometime I touched him on his laps and he also touched me whenever he wants.

After his touches I had different feeling about him but I never go beyond my limits. One day my husband at home and we were planning to have sex he told me to tell a story about someone is fucking me. As I was telling him a story to keep Ramu in my mind suddenly Sishir asked me, "Have you ever think about Ramu is fucking you". I said him, "no'.

He asked me "why if you want to have sex with Ramu, you can because I want to know what is your feeling having sex with another guy". I refused him because in real life I was not like a women who is so opened because I am from very conservative family and I know what difficulties I faced in my love marriage.

So we talk about him and we had a great sex and he cum into me two times in one night first time. As we talked about this last night my perception was changed because I never thought about Ramu is having sex with me. I was looking in him in different way. I want to know what is he doing after went inside in the bathroom. As you can understand I wanted to see him.

Finally I got the chance to see him nude, we have a bathroom which is common for two rooms. I was in my room and I heard some faint voice from my bathroom usually he used a different bathroom as we got two bathrooms in our flat. I seen through the keyhole of the door. He was jerking his hand and rubbing his pennies very brutally.

And he was masturbating him and speaking slowly that please don't go any where bhabhiji and want to fuck you. After this I want to see his cock and it was not like my hubby this was around 8 or 9" long and I never seen a cock like this in real. Because my hubby has only about 5" cock. So I decide to get this opportunity.

But I not entered in the bathroom and I was waiting to let him out and I like to see his reaction after this. As he came out from bathroom he was little shy and I asked him furiously what you was doing in my bath room. He was stunned and standing there he was and he had no words to describe what he was doing there.

After that I loughed on him and told him that if you have a separate bathroom for you self then why are you using my bathroom, in future you want to do these kind of activity then you can use my bathroom otheerwise use your's" I winked him. As the time passing by I was looking him and he was little scared. Sishir reached the home at 7:30.

I took him to my bedroom and told averything about him. He was loughing and told me that He will manage rest of the things. He went to the market and bring two bottles of strong beer, one lager beer for me and one bottle of whiskey for himself. I drink beer when he is in good mood to have sex wildly with me.

I asked him "why you bring two strong beer do you have some plan" and replied, "yes I have a plan. You go to your room and drink your beer. I will come after some time". I scared what is he going to do, is he going to beat him. I watching them what are they doing in drawing room. They are drinking thier whiskey and beer, I start drinking mine.

But after some time both of them entered in my room and my husband asked me, "Geet could you please defrianciate that which pennis is longer". I stunned and looking furiously to my hubby what a foolish question is asking to me. Both of them drunk too much and he asked me once more, "please hold in your hand and feel which is bigger.

And He was not showing his pennis. He indicate me to hold his cock into my hand and I obey his command. I hold his cock in my hand and my heartbeat was racing. It was very tight and strong like a steel rode, once I hold that I don't want to loose him. And Ramu was looking at me and asked, "tell babhiji which is longer".

I seen him in anger and I told him, "both of you gate out". They both went out and I was in thrill, what is he done. After sometime when he came back to bedroom he asked me,"what you feeling when you was holding his cock". I was little shy and said, "It was amazing holding his cock and It is heavier then yours". Once again we had a great sex in that night.

In the next morning when kids gone to thier school and Sishir to his work, we were alone in the home and I was looking to him while he was doing his work. And he was looking to me when I was passing him. After passing some time we were not talking to each other. I was thinking about last night and him.

Suddenly he asked me, "bhabhiji you haven't replied me last night who has a longer pennis, as I never seen bhaiyas pennis and he not shown me last night as well, and you was the reffree in that game." I told him," Your bhaiya has a same kind of pennis as you are having". I replied him because I don't want to insult my husband is having a less size pennis.

I asked him,"could you please show me once again as I have not seen properly last night." He wears lungi in home and he dosen't wear any underwear underneath. He present in front of me his semi erected cock as I was in exitment to catch the monster and I grabed in my hand. I told him "is this the size or this will increase".

He was little upset and told me, " Bhabhi Ji what are you talking about this is not erected once this will erected you will love this". I was little confused what will I do if his cock will erect. It was half past twelve and I have only one and half hour to coming back the childrens home. I decided to get his cock in my mouth.

His cock was still in semi erection then I told him this will not erected untill this will not go into mouth. I told him and he untide his lungi and stand like Eiffel Tower. He was very good lover of mine, because he was not waiting for any command and chance. But the size of his cock is too huge for me.

I am very habitual to take my hubbies cock and which was half the size of Ramu's cock. But I despratly want to have that monster in my moouth. So I was trying my level best. It was was thicker and longer and the result is not getting in. I was turning on and I don't want to waste the time. Finnally I won and it was giving me a diffrent pleasuree in my mouth.

I was not able to licking from inside but I was sucking that very best of mine. I was sucking and jerking his cock to cum out because time was running fast. He had to go to bring the kids from the bus stand. He was asking me Bhabhiji you want to do like this only or you want this in your pussy," I replied him "some another time because kids will come and we will not have that much joy".

He uderstand and he told me that he is about to cum and I was waiting so eagerly to taste his cum. Finally he cummed into my mouth and it was too hot and cumming a lot. We separated each other and he worn his lungi and went to bring the childrens.

I went to the bathroom and I was watching myself in the mirror what I am begun. I will write next when you people that I am doing right or wrong to share my real incident with you. Please post me some comments. Thanks.

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First Experience With Roseleen 2

Previously: First Experience With Roseleen

Thanks to all HD readers for your valuable and nice comments.On your request I am writing in continuation to my previous story and this time it will be complete till our break up. So the first incident happened to take place on 26th June 2007.Still I remember the date. Anyways,days passed by and we often used to meet at India Gate in evening and all that cosiness

and lovely feeling when we were together was simply eternal.We used to kiss each other,used to hug and walk together.I was madly in love with her and there was no way that I was going to leave her or dump her.She used to smoke initially which I didnt like as chain smoking isn’t good for girl’s health,so I used to warn her if you are smoking give me one too.

I even tried once but coughed heavily as I dont smoke but I drink.She took away that puff from my hand and scolded me and warned me too that if I smoke one more time she would force that puff into her skin and said she wont smoke again.I kissed her forhead right there and we moved on to drop her.

Mostly at weekends when my mom wasnt home,i used to tell her if we could spend alone time with each other at my place but there was no compulsion from my side that she had to come otherwise I would be angry and all,if she wasnt comfortable,we could go for a movie or some restaurant or some public place.

She used to agree sometimes to come at my place and we used to do the same thing which I elabroated in first part but without the ulitmate thing and even touching each other’s partI knew she used to tease me and I used to love that.We used to play with each other while making love.

She used to cover her tits with her arms and said that you wont kiss them now and give me a naughty wink.She used to hit me with her leg or pillow.But I was more naughty than her,i used to hold both of her hands,seperate them and hold them while I was playing with her tits and she was like laughing and moaning.This thing went on likewise till July 2007.

Like all other love stories we had downs too,we used to argue as well and whenever we had fight,she always threatened me of leaving me and I was like saying sorry even without my mistake and sometimes crying too.As I was madly in love,I couldnt even think of myself without her.But anyways we used to settle down after sometime.

Once she told me that she had revealed about ourselves to some of her friends and one of his friend who was getting married to a girl without the consent of parents invited me and roseleen to his place.He used to put up at saket.He married his better half in arya samaj mandir in the presence of me and roseleen and some of his friends.

I didnt let my mom know about roseleen for the time being but I knew she was suspecting. Somehow while talking with my bhabhi,i told her that my friend married a girl in court and all and my bhabhi told my mother.My mother got anxious and worried and she asked me if I had a girlfriend.

My mother is my best friend and she said if I have a girl then I should tell her but dont marry her in court or something like that.I told my mom about roseleen and she wanted to meet her.
My birthday was nearby and it was on 2nd August 2007,I brought roseleen to my place as per the permission of my mom(for the first time in the presence of my mom).

Though my girl was nervous and hesitant but my mom relaxed her and they had nice time together.When I was dropping her back home,she told me that she doesnt want to go home.That was the best thing I could ever expect her to say.Now at the weekends,we mostly used to spend time at my place with my mom.

Me,roseleen and mom used to sit in my room and watched tv,had food and all other conversations.As delhi is really hot in august and my room AC was normally on,she used to feel cold and we both used to be in one bedsheet and my mom in other.While watching tv,I used to rub my hands on her thighs,used to slide my hand in her top and rubbing her back,her tummy,

touching her navel and even bringing my hand to her bra when my mom had a nap or was really busy watching TV.I used to smile as she couldnt react or moan because of my mom’s presence but she used to sms me that she is going crazy and all and I used to love that. Whenever doorbell rang or phone rang,mom used to go out leaving both of us alone and

then we used to kiss each other madly but obviously with a fear.Once she had a great fight at her place and she was really upset and frustrated and was even ready to leave her place.She had family problem as her dad used to drink a lot and thereby losing his control.She was upset about that and I was worried about her.

So I made my mom talk to her and my mom said that you wont go anywhere,stay back at your place.Its a part of life but if you really want to divert your mood then come to my place and stay here for a night or so.She said that she wont be able to come that night as it was already late but she might come next day.

I was really happy and next day I went to pick her up from INA.We both came to my place,she was really nervous about staying at my place.She was scared if her parents came to know about this but I relaxed her.She forgot about conclusions and spend time with my mom,she helped my mom with dinner and we all had it together.

She slept with my mom that night and I slept in my room.Next morning I got up by some voice and I saw whether roseleen is sleeping or what.She was sleeping but my mom wasnt there. She was in shower so stepped forward towards my mom’s room and sat beside roseleen. She was looking like an angel and few of her hair strands were kissing her eye.

She was looking really innocent that I cant describe in words.I began to caress her hairs and kissed her forhead.She opened her eye and smiled.She asked where is mom,i said she is in shower.Then I kissed her lips,kissed all over her face,Kissed her neck and she was moaning. She then told me to leave as mom could come at any moment.

The same afternoon,my bhabhi called mom and said that bhua from palwal had come to see them.So my mom went to their place leaving me,her and my younger brother. After having lunch,she slept as nothing could happen because of my brother.Luckily he slept and we had a chance. I hugged her and laid there with her.

She kissed me and I was busy finding her tongue.We kissed for more than 15 minutes.Then I licked all over her face,made her face wet.Then I came on top of her and started licking her neck.I began to come down kissing all over her top.Then I adjusted her top a little upwards and I could see her navel. I started licking her navel with full force and tummy as well.

She was now moaning and enjoying it.I shifted her top up a bit more till her neck.I could see her white bra.I planted a kiss on both of her boobs and on her breast line.I was biting her nipple through bra.She then pinched my arm.I shifted her bra up with the help of my tongue and was licking her boobs and nipple.I licked her underarms as well.

Suddenly an idea struck my mind and I told her to stay in that position.I went out of the room and brought melt choclate with myself.She gave me a naughty wink and I poured some chocolate on both of her nipples,her breastline and her navel and I started eating that chcolate. Damn I never thought that chocolate could be so tasty.She was enjoying it a lot.

I poured some chocolate on her armpits as well and licked it too.The taste of chocolate mixed with the taste of her fragrance and a bit of sweat made me crazy.Again we didnt have ulitmate thing. Anyways August passed like this and september welcomed us.I heard a great news from my mom that my cousin was going to get married on 12th september

and the wedding was going to take place at palwal.I was filled with joy and told this to roseleen that there wont be anybody at my place on 12th sep.She said that its not good to avoid relations because of her.I replied that I am more concerned to her and wanna spend some nice time with her rather than registering my presence at mean relatives place.

She was hesitant for one or two days but somehow I convinced her and she too agreed.I made an excuse to my parents that my college internals are approaching and I wont be able to join in.So they left early morning leaving me alone. She came at my place by metro and from there I picked her up and we both came to my place.

She wanted to eat something as she didnt have breakfast that morning.She cooked omlette for me and herself and we both had it together.I kissed her and she laid on my chest and we were watching TV.It was about 12 pm in noon and I told her that I wanna have a shower and she said that she was having headache and wanted to sleep a bit.I gave her bedsheet

and headed forward for my shower.When I was done,I came back and found her sleeping.I didnt want to disturb her so I left my room and opened my laptop in other room.After sometime I heard her calling me. I went to my room and she was awake.I kissed her and asked if she wanted something.She said that her back is aching.I asked if I could give her message.

She agreed for that as she was really in pain.I brought relispray and asked her to turn upside down.She was wearing sleeveless kurti and black pajami.I shifted her kurti up till the backside of her neck.I could see her bare back obviously with a bra.I sprayed and then started to massage.

She was enjoying it.I said that I am not comfortable with her kurti as it was coming down and I had to shift it again and again.She permitted to me to remove it and I asked if I could remove her bra as well to massage her properly.She smiled and said ok.Damn it was the nicest of view I had ever seen.For the first time I noticed her ass but covered with pajami.I gave her good massage.

I used to tickle her in between and slid my hand underneath her boobs and squeezed them too.After 15 minutes of massage,she said that its enough.She got up and started wearing her clothes but before she could wear it,i hugged her and kissed her passionately.I told her to take shower as I wont be loving her with that oily texture of her body and unavoidable smell of spray.

She smiled and said that she doesnt wanna bath alone.I understood and said that dont worry,I will be joining you.She smiled and said that she wont be giving me such an easy chance.I kissed her and bit her lips and said that whatever you say now,i dont care as I will join you anyhow.

She went to bathroom and asked me to give her towel.I gave her my towel and asked her not to lock the door as I was coming.She said that you wont come.I went to my room,removed my jeans,wore lower and went to bathroom.I checked whether it was closed or what but it was just shut and not bolted.I opened it and I was astonished to see the view.

When I gave my towel to her,she asked me to give her any cloth as she cant risk of wetting her clothes and she cant bath naked with me.I searched for something and then gave her dupatta of my mom and as you guys know that dupatta is made of very thin fabric and you can dream of somebody covering her body with that.

Soon I opened the door,she was facing the wall and shower was on and her body was covered with dupatta which was wet by now and nothing else.I quickly had a hard on as her ass was clearly visible through dupatta.My eyes were wide open and I had never seen such an ass in my life.

I went in and shut the door.I saw her clothes and her panty hanging on the backside of her door.I hugged her from behind and smelled her hairs which were wet by now and really had a very nice smell,i licked her wet shoulders and tasted every drop of water which was there on her skin.Then I made her turn towards me and I hugged her.

Shower was on and we both were kissing each other like mad.Whenever we used to open mouth to play with each other’s tongue,water ran into our mouths and it was an unforgettable experience. Then I made her lean against the wall obviously facing me.I held her hands and raised them.I could see her armpits which really made me horny.Armpit is my fetish.

I licked her neck,licked all of her arms and bit her armpits,kissed her there.I was trying to taste every droplet sticking to her body.I was kissing her neckline and collarbone.Then I came down and squeezed both of her tits through dupatta and kissed her boobs.My dick was swinging at 90 degree as I wasnt wearing any underwear and she must have noticed it as my dick was touching her belly.

I was going crazy and so was she.She held my head and pushed it right there between her boobs.I shifted that cloth down so that I could lick her boobs.I ate them like anything.Bit them,made circles with my tongue,sucked them like a baby.She was moaning and saying ki kuch ho raha hai.

Now I will describe a bit in hindi as well.I said ki hone do and I kept on licking them and my eyes closed.When I opened my eyes I suddenly saw that the knot of dupatta was loosened and her dupatta could fall at any moment.Had she removed herself from the wall,I was sure it would have fallen down but it was the friction between tiles and dupatta

which was protecting that cloth from falling down.She said ki ab hato.I stepped backwards and she tightened that knot again but this time not covering her boobs.Then I applied soap on her body except lower torso and asked her to apply on me as well.Again we had a shower and lost in each other’s lips.

She then asked me to leave.Maybe she wanted to clean down there because of wetness she might have got.Anyways it was sensuous. We had lunch together and post lunch I was talking to her and I was in her laps.She was caressing my hairs.I closed my eyes and she placed her head on my head.Fragrance of her hairs made me crazy but still I managed to keep my eyes close.

She got up and placed her fingers on my lips and started rubbing it,then she placed her right hand on my chest and trying to squeeze my nipple and then pinched it very hard.I shouted and said ki kya irada hai.She came to me and with full force kissed my lips and bit my lower lip very hard.

I was yelling her for help ki choro plz,as I couldnt speak properly because she had my lower lips in her mouth. I was helpless. She bit it so hard that tears started to flow out of my eyes. She noticed it and moved backwards. I got up and checked my lower lip and it was full of blood. I said ki ye dekho tumne kya kiya hai.

She came to me and first scooped my tears with her tongue and then held my lower lip, stretched it outwards but with lesser force this time and then cleaned that blood with her tongue. Damn,i never imagined her to do that. I held her arms and said ki ab tum dekhna mai kya karta hu.You will be punished for your deed.I pushed her on bed and came on top of her.

I kissed her lips with full force and bit her upper lip but not that hard but with more intensity. Then I licked her neck and came to her ear.I licked her earlobe and inside ear as well.This thing made her really crazy.I bit her earlobe hard.She said ki itni zor se mat kato.Then I removed her kurti and bra in the same fashion the way I used to do earlier.

Licked her ampits and all and you know the rest about upper torso.Now I wasnt in any mood of stopping so I started licking her nipple furiously and with more intensity.I could see her moaning heavily and her moans were increasing with my increasing force,so I kept on increasing my force.

She then stopped me and asked ki akshay mujhe kuch ho raha hai,tum sex karna chahte ho kya.Though I wanted to say yes but I kept quiet.I kept on licking her nipples and she couldnt control and pushed me backwards and asked me ki mujhe batao ki aise kyu kar rahe ho. Tumko sex karna hai.I said yes.She said ki we dont have protection,agar kuch ho gaya to.

I said kuch nahi hoga,i will leak outside.She was scared.She said ki rahne do,mujhe dar lag raha hai.I said ki kuch nahi hoga,dont worry and I held her head and kissed her forhead.She said ki you can do virtually.I asked wot do you mean by virtually.She said ki rub your thing on my thing.She never used to call it dick and I never used to call it pussy.

I did that and god it was sensuous.I could feel my dick rubbing her pussy.I couldnt control and rubbed it really hard.She couldnt control too and bit my shoulder.I came down and tried to remove her pajami.She said ki ruko.She got up and in a sec removed her pajami with her panty.I said ki ye kya,mujhe utarne deti.I couldnt see her pussy as we were making love without lights.

Now I was rubbing my dick on her naked pussy.Then she unbuttoned my jeans and tried to remove it with her feet.I helped her.she then removed my underwear and for the first time my dick was touching her pussy and I cant describe that feeling in words.Her pussy was hairy but not that much.I said ki ise pakdo.She held my dick and shagged it slowly.

Then I placed my dick at the entrance of her hole and in one go moved inside.She was really tight,so couldnt go in full.But with 2-3 more strokes I was able to go in.She was moaning like aaahh..dard ho raha hai.I took out my dick and touched her pussy for the first time to check if she had bled.There was some fluid but I wasnt able to make out whether it was blood or pussy juice.

Well she told me that she was virgin thats why I was keen to see that blood.Anyways I asked her to come on my top.She did that and held my dick and made it to enter her pussy.She was now riding me but yelling too because of pain.She then withdrew and said ki mujhse nahi ho raha,bahut dard ho raha hai.I didnt say anything.

She was wearing her panty and saw some stain on her panty.I asked if that was blood.She checked it and said ki nahi ye gili hai.I wore my clothes and brought water for both of us.I hugged her and said ki you are not virgin na.She became angry and said ki tumko jitna bhi de do,but tumhe koi farak nahi padta.I said ki I was kidding.

I didnt mean that and hugged her again and kissed her.I had a doubt in my mind that she wasnt virgin.When she reached her home,she called me and said ki she is feeling shy about it and feeling good as well.She said that she checked herself and saw some blood coming out.I was like ok 13th sep passed and 14th came.My dad had to leave for jaipur as he works there.

So he wanted to take mom with her and brother as well.So they all went to jaipur leaving me alone for 2 days.I was like flying in air.I told her and moreover 15th and 16th was saturday and Sunday.So I was sure of something more. On 15th september 2007 which was Saturday,she came to my place again.We had a usual talk,normal kissing,and had food together.

This time I was ready with condom but I didnt tell her initially.AC was on and we both were in bedsheet and watching TV.Then I switched off that idiot thing and asked her to love me.She was loving me sensuously now.She was kissing me slowly.Licking just with the tip of tongue and releasing her hot breathe.It was a turn on.

I got up and and came on top of her in bedsheet only and in same fashion did all those things with her upper torso,removed her top and kissed her everywhere.She said ki I am getting high and I said ki mai bhi.Then I came near her jeans,unbuttoned it and removed it.Then I asked her to remove my jeans.She did that.

Then I removed her panty and asked her to remove my underwear.Now first I kissed her lips and then was coming downwards kissing tits,tummy,navel and all.I reached her pubic hairs and instantly withdrew my head from there,rather I shifted to her legs.I licked her leg first,her thighs,her inner thighs and purposefully not kisssing her pussy.

She asked me ki karo jo karna hai,mujhse control nahi ho raha.Then I came near her pussy.It had a strange smell but without noticing it I licked her.It was salty and was wet with her juices.I licked her there for 15 minutes and she was like aahhhh uuuhhh and suddenly her nerves got tensed and she released her fluid on my face.I asked ki ye kya kiya.

She laughed and wiped my face with my underwear.Then I asked her to love me.She pushed me on bed and came on my top and started kissing me furiously.She bit my nipples,infact my nipples were her fetish.She used to lick my tummy from the sides and it always tickled me.It all happened in bedsheet.I then asked her to suck me.She said ki nahi,mujhe abhi nahi karna.

I asked her the reason.She said ki bas nahi karna.She said ki mujhe control nahi ho raha,Insert me.I wore condom and inserted in her and after few minutes she withdrew because of pain.She didnt do it further.I was in dilemma whether I wasnt doing it properly or something wrong with her.Till now I hadnt cum in/on her.

Next day on 16th september,first we went to pacific mall for some shopping and then I brought her back to my place.We had lunch together and after that was watching tv in bedsheet.I said ki band kar do TV ko.she did that but to my surprise she turned her face other side.I was numb and after sometime asked her ki kya hua.

She said ki mujhe sona hai.I didnt say anything or laid there with her.after 10 minutes,she turned her face towards me and asked ki kya hua.I said kuch nahi.She said,pyar karna hai.I said ki tumhe neend aa rahi hai na.She said ki baad me so jaungi but ye chance pata nahi fir kab milega as my mom was coming next day.

Soon she said this she came near me and kissed me.we were like kissing each other for half an hour.i became horny and came on her top and did all the same things with her upper torso.Now I came down and laid there on her left side.She was kissing my earlobes and I was going crazy.She removed my shirt and was kissing my nipples.

Then I slid my left hand down to her navel and then abdomen.Then I moved down further and moved my hand in her jeans and then in her panty.I t was all wet.I was rubbing her pussy now and she was moaning so heavily but I was covering her mouth with mine,so she was choking.Then she placed her right hand on my abdomen and moved it down.

She went inside my jeans and then in my underwear.She was squeezing my dick now and pressing my balls.I was out of control.She was squeezing it really hard.Then I said ki mujhe sex karna hai,ab control nahi ho raha.She said ok and I removed all of her clothes and she removed mine.I wore condom and in one push inserted her.

Again she was like aaa..dard ho rahi hai..plz plz..stop..dard ho rahi hai..But this time I didnt let her speak as my mouth was covering her mouth.But she shouted so loudly,”rukoooooo”.I had to stop and asked her ki kya hua.She said ki mujhe dard ho raha hai.Then I rested myself and hugged her.She was resting on my chest.

Then I dont know what happened to her,she removed bedsheet from me only but not from her.I felt shy and said ki kya kar rahi ho.Bedsheet dalo upar.She said ki mujhe baby akshay dekhna hai.I said ki nahi upar dalo ya fir mujhe bhi tumhare upar se utarne do.She said ki nahi you wont do it.She was holding it and playing with it.

My eyes were closed and suddenly I felt something soft on my dick and when I saw, she was kissing my dick very slowly.She was just touching my dickhead with the tip of her tongue. Now I was moaning. She asked how are you feeling.I said dont stop.She then held my dick and started sucking it. She sucked it for 10 minutes and I was about to cum but I managed to hold.

She licked my balls as well.Then I made her to stop and stay in bedsheet for 2 mins.I went out of the room and brought an ice cube with myself.I held that ice cube in my lips and started rubbing on her face.Soon I reached her neck,she started moaning.Then I rubeed it on her earlobes,her arms,armpits.She was going crazy and saying ki nahi,gudgudi ho rahi hai.

I didnt stop and started rubbing on her breastline,her boobs,her nipples,her tummy,her navel.Then I took out that ice cube to check whether it melted or what.It was already half melted.Then I again took it in my lips and rubbed it on her abdomen,reached her inner thighs and rubbed it there and then started licking her pussy like that.

She was enjoying that and moaning really heavily.She got up and asked me to give her another ice cube.I obeyed and gave her one.She did the same which I did to her.She rubbed it on my chest,my nipples and to my surprise,she held my dick in her hand and started rubbing that cube on my dickhead.You wont believe how it feels when ice cube touches your dickhead.

She rubbed it on my balls and inner thighs.I wasnt able to control and asked her to lay down.She had already thrown my condom away before sucking it and while sucking me she removed my skin.She laid down in spoon position and I was fucking her from back and touching her pussy with my right hand.We continued in this position for 15 minutes.

She was like dard ho raha hai and all that but I didnt listen and kept on doing.Finally when I was at verge of shooting,i withdrew my dick and shot right on her ass.We than relaxed for half an hour.We were really tired.She wore her bra and panty and I was naked and we both relaxed in each other’s arms.

In no time we slept and I regained my sensed when I found her hand again in my underwear. She was giving me handjob.She was moving it so fast that I came in 5 minutes.This is how we started our sex life. In the month of october we didnt have sex but whenever we had time we used to do oral sex.Some heated arguements happened during this month.

But somehow that month passed.November 2007 came and I remember it correctly that it was 17th nov 2007.She went to trade fare with her office colleagues and we had an arguement because of me being with my college mate.She was pissed of by this and later that day in evening we had a ferocious fight.

She was abusing me and I was like saying sorry to her wthout my mistake.Infact my college mate used to like me and she didnt like this fact.She was with me as she asked me to drop her home.I was doing that with no wrong intentions but roseleen couldnt understand.I was crying and kept saying sorry but she wasnt ready to listen.

Suddenly she said that you dont know full truth about me.I asked what.She knew that she had said something which she shouldnt have said and stayed silent for a minute.I asked you werent virgin na when we had sex.She said yes I wasnt virgin.I had it with my previous boyfriend.I was like damn angry and told her that I knew this but I was blaming myself of not performing well.

I even cut my wrist that night though I really scare of these things.I never wanted to cut my hand but something gave me courage that day.Now she was crying as well and kept on saying sorry.She said ki mai tumhe lose nahi karna chahti.I said ki mujhe koi problem nahi thi if you werent virgin but you should have told me initially,

i told you everything truth about me and I expected the same from you.She said ki mai tumko khona nahi chahti thi.I said to ab kyu bataya.She was sorry and was crying.I am weak at heart and melted down easily as I couldnt see her crying and forgave her.Few days later she had some problem with her job and she was made to leave her job which changed her totally.

Due to her family problem and money shortage,she was more interested in looking for a job rather than me.I fully supported her and gave her some money whenver she needed.Whenver she wanted to buy something,i used to buy her without caring for my pocket.We had sex on 2nd december 2007 again and 3-4 days later we had a major fight.

I almost lost her but somehow my mom convinced her to talk to me.She found a new job for herself at religare,but wasnt happy there.Nothing was like before now.We never used to kiss now and whenver I asked she said ki give me some time.I gave her time but I never knew that I wont come.

I went to jaipur in january 2008 to divert my mind but nothing could stop me talking to her or thinking about her.I returned to delhi on 27th january and the very next day we both met.We met normally and kissed but a small peck this time.I liked it.On 29th january we had a fight again as she was in bad mood because of her family problem and didnt want to meet me.

I said ki ok aaj mat milo,kal mil sakte hai kya? She said ki you are mad and all,you wont understand my problem and started abusing.I again started crying and asked why she was doing this.She was crying too and everybody at her place came to know about me except her dad and brother.Her dadi had a word with me and said ki forget her.You cant get her anyways.

I didnt eat anything for 4 days and 4 days later her dadi talked to me again and said ki dont punish yourself,she is yours,complete your study and get her.I was like filled with joy.February passed in such cold meetings.Now the frequency of meeting was very less and she used to call me and I wasnt allowed to call her.

In march 2008,we had a final fight and from there we broke up.Though I tried a lot to apologise even without my mistake but she didnt listen.I am not saying I never committed any mistake.There must be some.We didnt talk for many days and then finally I thought to give a try on 21st april 2008.This time I proposing her as it was our first anniversary that day.

I didnt call her that night but messaged her.I didnt get any response. Next day when I was leaving for my college,she called me and said that its too late now,her parents had started looking for a guy for her and infact a guy came to their place to see her.I said that you are lying and you have a boyfriend now.I said that I loved you a lot but you ruined my life.

I was weeping on bike itself and wasnt caring about signals or traffic.I was about to faint.She became angry and started abusing and said that yes I have a guy and I want you to meet him.I said no that I dont wanna meet him and hanged up.Since then I hadnt heard from her.I wanted to marry her and she was my first true love and I guess it has happened.

Its december 2009 now and it has been 1 and half years since we broke up but I cant remember a single night when I didnt think about her.I really miss her and still love her. I got 2 girls in between.I tried to settle with them but couldnt as I wasnt able to forget roseleen. I could easily have physical relations with them but I backed off as I didnt want to ruin their life.

Thats all guys and girls.I guess it was too long and some of you may find it boring to read such a long story but I wrote it with my heart and pain and I hope you will like it.Whatever scenes or situations

I narrated above were clearly in front of my eyes when I was writing them but I hope I will forget her soon,though its really hard for me. I was lucky to have her and yea it all depends on luck and destiny.I hope I will find a girl who can make me forget her.Love you all andwish you all a happy love life.

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Hi, I am Rakesh Balsara (name changed) from Mumbai... 38 years old - Civil Engineer by Profession.. Gujarati but born and bought up in Mumbai. Have my business of building construction which my father has shouldered to me. Had married with one very smart, educated girl of Ahmedabad.

I use to love her but unfortunately our marriage lasted only for a year and on one fateful day, my wife ran away with her old boy friend and claimed for divorce and court awarded in her favour ex-parte..I was under depression for full one year after separation. But slowly picked up my business and soon got a good reputation in the market.

But due to my previous bitter experience of marriage just at the age of 27 years, I made up my mind not to marry again. This real story of mine is of eight years back. I was of age 30 at that time. One mishap happened in my construction site at Mumbai and one young supervisor lost his life in an accident.

We paid the compensation to the deceased family as per Government rules and that matter was closed. Once I had been to Surat for visiting one of my construction site when our office boy came and told me that wife and daughter of that deceased supervisor wants to meet me. I was annoyed as I wanted to complete most of my important assignments

before going back to Mumbai but I told him to send them in. After a minute they both came in. For a moment I was stunned to see Kavita (name changed) widow. She had a classic Gujarati face, pure milky white skin, long straight hair, good complexion, rosy lips, dove eyes and her breasts were full and buxom - 36C Size.

For a minute, I was just staring at her and watching her beauty. She had covered her head with her saree and her daughter, age 15 was also with her. I told them to draw the chair and relax. But suddenly they started crying a loud and told me that they are in a pathetic condition after the death of her husband.

The compensation which was given to her could meet their family expenses only for few months and now they are starving for food. She also said that they wish to suicide if this problem persists. I tried to convince them but as they kept their stand, I volunteered to help her around by giving them a certain amount every month for their family expenses and my staff were suitable advised.

Both went home happily. But though I came back to Mumbai, I could not forget the lovely face of Kavita and was remembering her. After few days, I got a phone call from Kavita and she told me that both of them are happy now and they wish to meet me to express their gratitude. I said its okay and the formalities are not needed.

But Kavita repeatedly requested me and then I told her that they can meet me in my office while I will be in their City. But Kavita said that they will not come to my office but I will have to come to their house and they also said that I should come for dinner in their house. Though I was reluctant,

my inner feelings was to meet Kavita as I had seen her only till now and my heart was pounding high in anticipation to see her once again and hence I accepted both of their request and assured them that I will come to their place for dinner. I made the arrangement to travel Surat and reached her house. Kavita came to welcome me with a sweet smile on her face.

She was looking gorgeous and quite different than the previous meet. She was wearing jeans tight to her hips and was clearly showing her sexy hips shape and tube top just covering her nipples and exposing her upper breast. She had just come from the boutique. Her lips were awesome with dark red lipstick, nails were neatly polished. Her hair were long and straight.

While walking, her hips were swinging in the air. The aroma of her perfumed filled my nostrils and made me more intoxicated. She had the softest and milkiest skin. I kept on starring at her each body part. Could not know what to say, I just kept on smiling looking at her and finally she broke the silence and asked if I just wanted to stare her or talk something and

I came to senses and we both laughed a loud. She gave a glass of water to drink and we started our casual talks. She then served me with delicious food and after the dinner Kavita started to tell me her background. She told me that she is healing from well educated family and got married in teen age.

I could judge that she is not very firm about the conventional marriage and finds nothing wrong in perversion and she became too emotional. She said that after the death of her husband the days were pathetic till I came as an Angel. I could see tears in her eyes. I sat near her and put my hand on her bare shoulder to console her but all of a sudden she hugged me tightly

and started kissing me impatiently all over my face. I pushed her and told her that I have not done anything extra ordinary and I do not wish that she should compensate to me in this way. She said “ I trust you and your nature very much, and I know you do care about us. The only person now in this world who does,

which means a lot to me and I will be more than happy if I can come for any of your help. She further said that I am starving to get a sexual satisfaction since my husband left her “. I said that I am a divorcee and I do not want any female to come in my life any more. But she said that she will never come in her life but she will be staying with me like my disciple or like

my servant and she once again pulled me lying on the bed and totally surrendered to me. she was expecting my next move. I was getting more and more excited with every passing moment. As I had not tasted such a beautiful women in my entire life. I just wanted to remove hers and mine clothes completely and feel the warmth of her soft body over my whole body.

And therefore without wasting the time I put my burning dry lips on her trembling lips. I started my journey down on her body and smelling her sweat neck and sucked the sweat drops from her neck. I kept moving down, I reached her bare shoulders and removed her top. She had just closed her eyes and was enjoying every moment while I was doing this.

I unhooked her bra and relieved her boobs. Her aerolas were slightly dark and her erect nipples were lovely. She moaned and suddenly pressed my head into her cleavage. I felt her hot boobs and slowly pressed the right one hard with my full right palm. She again moaned and grabbed my back hard. I pressed both her boobs and licked it heavily for next ten minutes.

I was sucking & licking them very hard like a hungry dog and we both were getting wild. I turned my hand on her waist, circled a little and unzipped her jeans. She was wearing a white colour panty, I swiftly dragged her panty down. She was completely naked in front of me. Her pussy was cleanly shaved and it was wet.

I removed my dress and started licking her cunt with a great speed to give her the first orgasm. She moaned with pain and pleasure and quickly she got it and spread all her cum on my face. I readily licked my face and started kissing her thigh. She was relaxed. Her body had a class of her own. I had never tested such a female nor I had never experienced such a sex from next partner.

The female which I use to say as my wife use to make a huge favour on me by exposing her cunt to me and use to hurridly tell me to finish my game. But Kalpana had a great sentiments and was trying to give her best satisfy my needs and thus I was in the seventh heaven. Now it was her turn to give me pleasure.

She took my dick in her mouth and made it as hard as a rock. She was licking her tongue over the head as if she is having a ice cream. She was such a master in the art of blow job that was making my rod grow more and more big in size. She licked me all over my body when I was sqeezing, fondling her breasts and hips. She did not leave any place of my body un licked.

Finally she lied on her back and spread her legs wide open and she pierced her cunt and invited me to come on her. I entered my member in her pussy and with a very little force my entire member was in her pussy. She was holding me tight and was shaking all her body. Soon we reached the climax and I sent jets of my thick and hot seed in her.

She was moaning and was looking very much satisfied. I fall down on her and rested for a while. After 5 minutes we both once again kissed, hugged each other and then went to bathroom to take a wash and then I wanted to dress up to go. But Kavita insisted me to be with her for that night and we had another sort of experience in varied positions.

She told me that this was best sex in her life and told me that whenever I feel to have sex, I can take her granted. Readers, till today we are together and staying like Live In Relationship since last eight years.

I have purchased a flat for her in Mumbai and have also deposited a huge sum of money in the bank in our joint account where she is free to utilize interest for her family expenses. Her daughter has now completed graduation and her mother wanted to get her married. I wish to narrate my crush with her daughter in my next.


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