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Ek Naughty Si Love Story 2

Previously: Ek Naughty Si Love Story 1

She was sitting beside me, we both were in the blanket she was holding her thighs together tightly, I was adjusting my dick in my jockey in regular intervals, she was noticing that and naughtily said kya hua lund bahut tang kar raha hai. I said haan, tum bhi to pareshan hogi, she said haan, kachhi( panty) ek dum geeli ho chuki hai.

I thought for a second and at that time I decided to move forward, and again rubbed my hand on her thighs, she closed her eyes, and puffed and whispered bhaiya please, mat karo, and she held my hand to stop me. I said Neha I love you, main tumhe kiss karne wala hoon, please be my lover,

I requested politly and grabbed her into my left arm and held her lower jaw with my right hand, and placed my lips on her soft lips. Ohh.. what was that, it was my first kiss ever to any girl, I didn’t knew what to do now, although I have seen many kisses in movies, but at that time my brain was choked, her eyes were closed, I started licking her lips, they were so soft like a petal of rose.

Then she opened her mouth and I took her upper lip into my mouth and sucked it, and then entered my tongue into her mouth to find her tongue, I touched her teeth with my tongue, and then finally found her tongue and I tried to pull it with my lips to take it in my mouth, and with that leaving her jaw,

I gently held her right breast, she instantly reacted and held my hand which was on her breast, and pushed me gently to get away, and said bhaiya please, bass.. aur mat karo. I said please Neha, let me do it, and I kissed her again, and sucked both the lips. This time I held her waist and moved to her thighs, and rubbed it.

She became restless, and again said please bhaiya mat karo, I said main kuch nahi karunga, sirf tumhe kiss karunga aur kapdon ke uppar se touch karunga, mujhe karne do. She did not said anything, she was confused even I was in strange mind of state, there was very less light but, it was enough for me to see her face and expressions, there was bit of sweat on her forehead,

my body was so close to her that I was feeling heat of her body. There was a smell of a feminine deo, which was making me even more horny, I was getting mad, that time I felt that I have cummed, I was feeling good amount of liquid cuming out of my cock. Surprisingly my cock was not fully erect neither I was bothered about that, I just wanted to kiss her.

As I looked at her face, to see her expressions, some of her hairs were coming on her face, I gently moved her hairs, moving them out of her eyes and looked into her eyes. She also looked into mine for a second and then blushed, some of the hairs were stuck to her forehead because of sweat, she was looking so innocent and sexy, exactly like one I desired as my girlfriend.

As I brought my face again closer to her mouth, her breath got heavier, she again tried to stop me; by saying bhaiya please let me go. I said Neha tum daro matt, kuchh nahi hoga, main kuch nahi karunga, aur kisi ko kuch nahi pata chalega, ek kiss karte hain fir dekhenge. I moved my hand to the side of her face and caressed her cheek;

she closed her eyes, and moved her lips in a way as they are waiting to be touched by mine. I considered it yes, I slipped my tongue into her mouth and parted her lips with mine and soon I was exploring her mouth. After kissing for 2-3 minutes I again took her breast in my hand and pressed it gently, she moaned a bit, then I squeezed them very smoothly but with little more power,

she again reacted and stopped kissing, and tried to stop me, then I kissed her again, and moved to her neck and closer to her ears. She became so restless, as I took her earlobe in my mouth and sucked it, she again tried to get off me, she was breathing heavily, I again planted lips on her soft petals, this time she responded and she kissed me with lot of love and care.

She held my skull and gave me such a nice loving feeling of most beautiful part of love making. This time we had a proper kiss, and believe me friends, even today when I recall that moment, I feel so good that I can not explain in words, what I can say is, it would have been a dream kiss for any lover.

May be because it was my first kiss, and that made this moment special to me, and made me feel that I am living in heaven. She was holding me, and we were kissing each other like true lovers. Suddenly a voice of door opening from the back side, pulled us out of our dream and we were back to reality, she immediately reacted, and pulled a blanket and pretended to sleep.

We both got scared; it was an attendant, who passed though that passage. For next few minutes there was no movements from both of us, I don’t know what she was thinking, by the time she was laying, on the berth, I was sitting almost at the end of the berth, and looking at the door, through which that man has gone out, there was hell of thoughts moving into my mind,

I could not make out that what has happened, it was very strange feeling, there was something which was tickling me in my mouth, and there was some kind of pleasurable feeling in my stomach, near my belly. After few minutes that man appeared again and passed through, may be back to his place.

After I heard a voice, of door getting closed again on the other end, I touched her feet, and said Neha….. in a very low voice, after few seconds she got up, and looked at me, I smiled, she did’nt, she was serious, and I could see into her eyes that she was not pretending, to be serious.

I asked her kya hua, she said, bhaiya please mujhe sone do, mujhe neend aa rahi hai, I said nahi mujhse baat karo, kya hua, tumhe achha nahi laga, she said, mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai, I said, tum daro mat kuchh nahi hua, mere pass aao, I spread both my arms, and said, come give me a hug.

She came into my arms, she was very afraid, as I grabbed her, she held me tightly, and hugged me, we both remained in that state for next few minutes. Then she got away and said, bhaiya mujhe darr lag raha hai, I said tum let jao, and relax your mind, I told her to put her head on my lap, and rest, she did that and rested her head on my lap.

She was not at all sleeping, her eyes were open, and she was looking at some point, with that she must be thinking something, There was absolute silence from both the sides, and I think we both were listening the strange snoring sounds, of few passengers, sleeping nearby, just to break the silence, I cracked a joke on the snoring voice, by comparing it with a sound of airplane,

she smiled, it was great relief it released some tension, she then said, Kal mujhe 2 O’clock se pahle wahan pahunchna hai. I said main tumhe le jaaunga, she said nahi main chali jaaungi, bass aap thoda sa guide kar dena, I said nahi mere pass bhi koi jyada kaam nai hai, aur tum to meri girl-friend ho, main nahi lekar jaaunga to kaun lekar jaayega.

She smiled, and said, bhaiya please..! I said nahi ho kya, bolo, ho naa, ya mind change ho gaya hai, she again smiled, I asked her again, bolo Neha, I am waiting, she said, haan hoon. Then I said bass to abb take me as your boyfriend, aur feel free, to ask any help. She was laying sideways, and I was crasing her forehead, then I asked tumhe kiss karke achha laga,

she was silent, she turned her face, and looked at me with a smile, in response I also smiled. I again asked achha laga, she said, bahut ajeeb si feeling hai, kuch samajh nahi aa raha. I said isska matlab achha laga, then I creased her cheeks and moved my hand on her lips, then to her ears, and slowly moved to her neck, then I took my hand back to her earlobes,

then to her cheeks, I was doing it with lot of affection, and she was liking it. Then I whispered, chalo fir se kiss karte hain, she again looked at me, and said koi aajayega, I said, aayega to darwaza khulne se pata chal jayega, after pursuing for a while, Slowly she got up, and came in my arms, I took my lips closer to her and said, Neha you are my sweetheart,

then slowly I started kissing her, and she also kissed me with lot of love and affection. Her eyes were closed and we explored each other’s mouth for next 4-5 minutes. Then she again looked into my eyes, and blushed, I simply hugged her, and kissed her on her cheek, and very close to her ear, she moaned a bit, then I took her breast in my hand and squeezed it,

she again moaned, also tried to resist, but I was holding her breast, she said, bhaiya please… I said Neha iss moment ko enjoy karo, and again I hugged her, started playing with her breast, and with that took her earlob in my mouth, and sucked it for a second, she moaned, and held me tightly, I was fondling her boobs one by one,

they were of almost medium size like a big ripped mango, and were so soft and really good to play, she was enjoying it, she was holding my back, her mouth was close to my ear, I could feel the pleasure she was getting in her voice, she was moaning in a very low voice, in my ear, Ahh………… Ahhh……………… Hmmm………… bhaiya………… please…………matt karo. Ahhh…… Ahh…

I whispered in her ear, Neha mazza aa raha hai, hmm……… she did not said anything, she was breathing heavily. Then I detached her from me to look at her face, her eyes were closed, and some of her hairs were on her face, I moved them from there, then she opened her eyes, to see me, I smiled, but she didn’t, I again kissed her on her lips, and she again responded,

after kissing for a minute or two, I turned her in a way that her back was resting on my chest, now both of my hands were, free to play with her boobs, and again I started fondling her ripped mangos, she kept her palm on my hands, while I was pressing her breast gently. Then I moved my hands rubbing down through her shoulders to her thighs, and rubbed them gently,

she again reacted, but I continued, undoubtedly she was liking, but it was her first time, and she was very restless. Then I moved my palm between her legs, as I touched her inner thighs, she tightened her legs, to prevent her cunt from my access. I tried to separate her legs, so that I can rub, her cunt, but she was resisting.

I again whispered in her ear, Neha kuchh nahi karunga, sirf uppar se hath lagaonga, she said nahi… bhaiya please mat karo………I said Neha apni body ko relaxed rakho, kuchh nahi hoga, and leaving my right hand on her thighs I again came to her breast and squeezed them gently. In a minute or two, she was again in heaven, and was moaning as I was playing with her breast,

at that time when she was enjoying her breast play, I managed to insert my hand between her thighs, she held my hand tightly between her legs, and tried to take it out, by holding my wrist. But I rapidly moved my hand up, and touched her cunt, over her cloth, my hand was stuck between her thighs and was touching her hottest part, and she was holding her legs very tight,

to prevent anymore movement of my hand, but somehow I made small movements, and rubbed her cunt, she became so restless, she started moaning, but she was also resisting, but I continued, her moans were getting heavier and breath was very short. She was very restless and was falling weak to resist, on a right moment I used my other hand to spread her legs,

and got full access of her virgin cunt over her clothes by putting my hand on top of it in a way that I can rub it properly. She was so soft and hot, at her cunt. Her Capri was not of very thick material, I could feel her pussy’s heat through my hand. As I was rubbing her cunt, she was getting more uneasy, her whole body was moving randomly depending on the way I rub her cunt.

And with in minute or two, she was at her peak and resisted movement of my hand very strongly, and cried in a very low voice, please……… please………… stop……… bhaiya please stop………… I stopped, she was holding my both the wrists very tightly one of my hand was stuck between her thighs, and my other hand was on her breast.

Her eyes were closed, and breath was broken, I noticed some kind of internal movement, near her belly, which was synchronized with her broken breath. Then after a minute I felt bit of wetness on my fingers. I got it, that she has cummed, and right now she is releasing her juices. She laid there for around 5 minutes, when she got up, I tried to look into her eyes,

but she avoided direct contact, and without saying a word tried to get down, as she stood on the floor of the train, I felt that she is struggling, even to stand, I got scared, I immediately got down, and held her, and asked kya hua, she said kuch nahi, chakkar aagaya tha. After putting on her sleepers, she went to toilet; I also walked along with her,

once she said main chali jaaungi aap baitho, I said nahi koi baat nahi, after using a toilet, we came back, and I climbed the berth, and helped her to get there, as she reached up, I pulled her in my arms, and kissed her, there was no response from her side, I tried to hug her, she instantly hugged me, I asked her kya hua, tum theek ho na, she said haan,

thodi si weakness hai, I again asked, mujhse naraaz ho, she said nahi, par bahut embarrassment hai, I said embarrass hone ki koi baat nahi hai, and again I made a small kiss on her lips, she was not looking at me, and was feeling very shy. I said tum thodi der sou jaao, after few seconds, she responded neend nahi aa rahi. I said to baaten karten hain,

she said nahi, mujhe thodi der letne do, I said haan let jaao. She laid down at her very first position, on the berth, and I was sitting on the other side. It was 4:00 O’clock and we had 3 more hours to spend in train, I knew that I cannot fuck her here in train and neither at my home because my parents will be there, but I had an idea, but it was possible only if somehow she gets ready.

I knew that whatever has happened she did not disliked it, but I was sure that if I will ask her directly for sex, she will defiantly hit me. I was thinking lot of things at the same time, i.e., how can I agree her to move ahead, I knew she is a good girl and belongs to a good family, what if I tell my parents to proceed for the marriage purpose, and what if her parents didn’t agreed.

I don’t know when I got asleep in a same sitting fashion. When I got up, she was already awaked, sitting on the other end, she was looking at me, as I looked at her she smiled. It was bit shocking for me, I was expecting exactly opposite reaction, but I welcomed her smile, with a smile.

It was 6:00 AM there was only one person other than we two who was awaked, in our cabin of six birth, I said aao bahar chalte hain, she agreed, we got down and went out, after using toilet, we stood there. Door was opened, there was a good air flow, and few people were passing through that passage, but no one was bothered about us, we both were talking, to each other,

about the time we both got asleep, and for how long we slept. I wanted to ask her about if we can make love but I didn’t know how? I started with a question of about her experience of last night. I said, aur batao tumhe sab kuchh kaisa laga, she smiled and blushed, and said, raat ko to bahut embarrassing feeling thi, par subah tak, achha lag raha tha.

And then after few seconds in a naughty tone she said abb kya kar sakti hoon mera boy-friend bahut naughty hai. I laughed; it was really a nice reply. I was looking at her body, for me it was hard to believe that I have played with this body in the night. She looked confident, and had no sign of sacredness which she had last night.

From head to toe, she looked beautiful, I said, aaj main bahut khush hoon, abb meri bhi ek girl-friend hai. She smiled, and said, main bhi khush hoon, abb mera bhi ek boy-friend hai. She was looking so sexy, in the day light, I was looking at her lower part, and I saw a stain on her cloth near her love spot, as I smiled she asked kya dekh rahe ho,

I said tumhare love juice ka nishaan aagaya hai. She also looked at it, and smiled and reflected some arbitrary anger for a second, and said, I know humain aisa nahi karna chahiye tha, par aaj tak mujhe aisa pleasure nahi mila, kal raat ko mere ander se bahut liquid release hua hai. I was already very uneasy and because of her statement I started getting erection.

As I adjusted my-self, she smiled, and said, aap ab tak pareshan ho, I said haan, kya karoon meri girl-friend bahut shy hai. She smiled, and said wo shy nahi hai, par abhi usse free hone main thoda time lagega. I said kitna time lagega, ek hour main free ho jayegi. She smiled and said, kya matlab, I said ek ghante main hum Delhi pahunch jaayenge,

agar tab tak wo free ho sakti hai to bolo. She said main samjhi nahi, kya karna chahte ho, I said kuchh nahi, bas thoda sa pyar, jaisa raat ko kiya tha, aur kya? She said aap pagal ho gaye ho, kahan aapke ghar pe? I said nahi, wahan to mummy papa honge, she said fir kahan, I said pahle tum haan to bolo, she said nahi, pahle batao, fir decide karoongi.

I said hamari train late hai, for two hours, she said kaise, abhi to thodi der main hum pahunch jaayenge, I said nahi, main apne aur tumhare ghar pe phone kar deta hoon, ki hamari train late hai, aur hum 9’O clock pahunchege, then she said, aur fir, I said yahan station ke paas kisi hotel main room book karte hain, fir tum mujhe bata dena ki meri girl-friend kitni naughty hai.

She said nahi nahi kisi ko shak ho jaayega, I said nahi, yahan pe bahut se log aate hain jo, subah subah aate hain, sirf fresh hone ke liye room lete hain, din bhar kaam karte hain, aur evening ki train se wapas chale jate hain. She was looking at me, in a strange way. Aur agar hotel wale ne hamare reletion ke bare main puchha to, I said tum to waise bhi mujhe bhaiya hi bolti ho,

bhai kya apni bahen ke sath shahar se bahar nahi jaate, aur wo tum mere par chhod do, main usse sambhal lunga. Then I said tumhara interview bhi to afternoon main hai. hum log 10:00 O’clock tak ghar pahunch jaayenge. She said nahi, mujhe darr lag raha hai, main nahi karungi. I said main tab tak kuchh nahi karunga jab tum haan nahi karogi,

aur hum tension free hoker thodi bahut kissing to kar hi sakte hain. She said nahi nahi, mujhe nahi karna hai. I said theek hai, main force nahi kar raha, tumhare pass abhi time hai, soch lo. Thodi der main tumhare papa ka phone aa jayega. It was 6:30 AM and our train got stopped, we were very close to our destination, I think it was a matter of getting a green signal,

to enter in ND Railway Station. Neha was thinking and I could easily make out that she is interested but she was afraid and so confused, she looked down and then looked at me, and was again and again looking at me in short time gap. As we were about to reach, so I said Neha that you stay here, I will get our stuff from inside, my laptop and her travel bag,

and as I knew, my mobile rang, it was her father, I looked at her and smiled, she also smiled, she was still confused. I missed the call and asked her again, kya decide kiya, jo tumhe achha lage, meri taraf se koi pressure nahi hai, although I needed her yes very badly, but I was also sure, that soon we will be back in Kanpur and defiantly I will get opportunity to do.

After a minute she shyly said, theek hai, par kisi ko pata to nahi chal jaayega. I said, don’t worry, kisi ko pata nahin chalega, aur agar tumhe achha nahi lagega to hum immediately quit kar jaayenge. Then I made a call to her father, and informed him that train is late, for more than two hour, with a one more lie that we have very less battery in our mobile,

and charging points in the coach are not working, and we will call as soon as we reach home. He asked few questions about her daughter, I convinced him that I will take her to her interview place myself and will take care of her. As I said that I will take care of her, she looked at me and smiled; I also smiled silently and then disconnected the phone.

Then I called up at my place and gave them same report, my mom also asked about Neha, and again I made a same statement that I will take care of her, and again we both smiled. With in few minutes we reached station, and got down, our train was little before time, from there we took a cycle rikshaw and told the rikshaw puller, to take us to good hotel.

At that time there were so many thoughts running in my mind, I was going to be alone with one girl in a room, with a pure intensions of fun, because of lack of sleep, there was heaviness in my head, so I stopped a rikshaw as I saw a medical store, and said Neha that, I want to have Disprin, she smiled and said, Aur jaago raat bhar, sar main to mere bhi dard hai.

I told her to stay here, and I got the disprin and after that we proceeded, to a Hotel. It was a small but neat and clean lounge kind, I did all the formalities to get a room, and Neha smartly asked few questions to me in front of a receptionist, by addressing me bhaiya. Even I asked few things to the reception guy, about the way to reach to Noida,

to pretend that we are new to the city, and we are here for the interview. Although the fact was that I live in Noida only. Soon we were in the room, there was nice double bed, which was waiting for us and one wood cabinet which was kept on the corner, with a TV on top, curtains were on, and room was on the darker side, as I switched on the light,

she said please light matt on karo, I switched it off because we had sufficient light to see each other. I was very nervous, although from a very long time I was waiting for this, but at that moment realized that how conveniently I visualized myself fucking, in my fantasies, and practically it is so difficult to do that especially for a person like me.

I went closer to her, she was also very nervous, as I tried to took her into my arms, she resisted and said, mujhe toilet jana hai, I withdrew my hand, and said jaldi aana. She went, I sat on the bed, and took off my shoes, and adjusted my rod, it was fully erect after 2-3 minutes she appeared, she was looking on the ground, she went closer to the cabinet to get a towel,

I then politely said Neha mere pass aao, she turned, and slowly came closer to me, I tried to look into her eyes, but she blushed, I said agar tum comfortable nahi ho to koi baat nahi. She did not responded, I took her hand into mine, and pulled her gently, she came closer, I made her sit beside me, and took her into my arms, and kissed her on her cheek, then closer to her ear,

and then placed my lips on her lips, I started sucking her lips, initially she was not responding but after few seconds she responded, and once again we were exploring each other’s mouth, It was wonderful feeling, slowly our kiss was getting passionate, and we both were getting excited.

Soon we both were laying on bed, I was on her top, we were kissing each other, she was holding me from the back of my neck, and doing miracles in my mouth, it was loveliest moment of my life, when she was laying under me, and I was holding her from her waist, then I moved my hand down and rubbed her thighs,

and after a while I tried to touch her breast and as I touched her breast she became uneasy, but I continued, and pressed them nicely, one and the other while kissing her, I was playing with her boobs very gently, and she was loving it. I then moved to her face, neck and ears, as I expected she moaned as I went closer to her earlobes, I took them in my mouth and sucked them.

With that I was caressing her thighs, she was getting restless. Then I took her on my top, and we continued to kiss for few more minutes, then I got up, and took off my t-shirt, now my upper half was naked, she touched my bare chest, it was a wonderful feeling, I said come on Neha love me, she kissed me on my neck, and we both were again laying on bed,

she was on my top and was kissing me allover my face, neck and my chest. She took my nipples in her mouth, and sucked them and then moved down. She was rubbing her lips on my bare body, and kissing me allover, it was amazing, she was loving me with lot of affection, like I always dreamed in my fantasy.

Then I took her in my arms, and made her lay down again under me, and tried to take off her t-shirt, she resisted a bit, but I said, Neha mujhe karne do, tumhe achha lagega, with a bit of resistance I took off her t-shirt, it was most wonderful view of my life till then, she was laying on bed, only in white color bra and a silver chain with a silver pendent of Lord ganesha,

on the upper half, she was feeling very shy and was trying to hide her breast in her arms, I turned her on one side, to unhook her bra, she had lovely back, I kissed her on her back close to the hook, and then on her shoulder near the strap of the bra. She moaned every time I planted a kiss. Then I slowly unhooked her last cloth of the upper half, and turned her back to normal.

She was holding her bra, I tried to free her arms, but she resisted, I looked into her eyes, she was not looking at me, I said Neha.. look at me, she looked at me, I smiled but she blushed, I said Neha let me do it, and then again I tried to separate her arms from her breast, and I succeeded, I took off her bra from her shoulder, she had lovely set of boobs,

they were very milky and seemed luscious, she had very good looking nipples on top of that, they were small, brown in color and were erect. I simply took one of it in my mouth, and sucked it for a while, she was moaning and her moans were making me mad. I sucked both of her breasts one by one, for next 5-6 minutes.

She was getting mad too, she was enjoying her breast getting sucked. Then I went down, and pulled a string of her Capri, she went nervous, as I tried to open a hook of her lower, she held my hand, and said bhaiya please…………… I held her hand and kissed it, and said, Neha tum daro mat kuch nahi hoga, and again I tried to open, she resisted but very less,

I unhooked her lower too, and with a bit of problem succeeded, to separate her Capri from her body. Now she was just in a panty, it was of very light pink color. She was looking lovely, then I rubbed her thighs, for a while, I was very nervous and I was preparing my self, I was about to get a treasure of my life, and I didn’t know how to react, as I looked at her face,

she was also bit scared, but I think she was also prepared to lose her panty, and reveal her treasure. Thinking about Neha I calmed myself, it was her first time and for me too, and I wanted to remember this time as our sweetest memory, not as a dreadful moment. I gently took off her panty, it was awesome, it was a real pussy, I felt that I am living in dream.

An erotic smell came out as I took off her panty. I was feeling pressure on my penis too; she was laying naked, holding pillow on her breast, and was trying to hide her love spot between her thighs. I was sitting near her legs, I gentaly rubbed her thighs, again and tried to part them to see a clear view of her hottest point.

She was resisting then I gently said, Neha tango ko kholo, she asked in a choked voice kya karoge, I said suck karunga, she said nahi, please………………bahut gili hai, I said koi baat nahi, mujhe karne do, she said nahi, mujhe achha nahi lag raha, I said tum bahut enjoy karogi, aur agar achha na lage to mujhe rok dena.

Then I tried again to spread her legs, and she slowly parted her thighs, it was a view of my life, she had very less hairs on her cunt, it was totally wet, and aroma of her love juice was spread allover the room. I was not in my control, I simply buried myself between her legs, and licked her pussy line, I was moving my tongue from the bottom of the dividing line of the cunt to the upper side,

as I proceeded and licked her with bit of more speed my tongue parted her lips, and she went crazy, she held my head and moaned in pleasure……………… Ahhhh…. Ahhh…….. Hmm…………. Ahh…. Please…………… please……………… and jerked her body, she was getting a kind of current, in her body, and in a minute or more her movement became very wild,

I was laying on my stomach, holding her waist and sucking her juicy love hole. At one point I felt that she has reached to her peak and about to release her juices, and in a second or two She pushed my head with her hands and squeezed her cunt between her thighs. Her breath was broken and she was moving her abdomen with jerks.

I think I tasted her cum or may be it was just her precumm which she has released whole night, while talking to me. It was bit bitter in taste. She was resting on her back, breathing heavy and totally exhausted. I was laying on my stomach, and felt that I have cummed too, my penis was not fully erect, as it was some time back, and I was feeling cum on the tip of my rod.

I got up, she was looking beautiful like an angel, holding pillow in her arms, and with both of her legs tightly held, she was laying naked. Then I went to toilet, and washed my rod, when I came back she was collecting her clothes, I was still wearing my track suit lower, but nothing on the upper half. I came closer to her and held her both the arms, and kissed her on her lips,

she was in very strange mind of state, neither she was sad or depressed, nor she seemed very happy. I hugged her naked body, and again kissed her and asked, mujhse naraaz to nahi ho, she said nahi, bass bahut ajeeb sa lag raha hai, I said abb tumne mujhe batana hai, ki meri girl-friend kitni naughty hai. She looked at me, and blushed with a smile.

I again asked karogi na, she did not responded, I took her wrist in my hand and came closer to the bed, then I took her clothes from her other hand and dropped it on the floor again, and grabbed her again, and moved my hand on her hips, they were really very good and smooth, then I took my mouth closer to her ear and whispered, mera lund dekhogi,

she looked up to my face and smiled, I said, neeche baith jao aur mera pajama uttaro, she kneeled down and slowly pulled the string of my track suit, and took my lower to my knees, she could easily make out my rod over my jockey, tip of my dick was peeping from the top of my inner, then she slowly took my jockey down, and looked at my rod,

by this time it was erect again, I said Neha isse hath main lo, she held in her palm, I felt so good, it was first time that someone other than me was holding my dick. Then I said isse dheere dheere hilao, she started but not in a way I wanted, then I took my rod in my hand and showed her how to do it, she understood and again held my penis and started jerking,

the way I told her, the way I do masturbation. It was lovely feeling, then I took my foreskin off, and said Neha isse apne muh main lo, she slowly got her mouth closer to my rod, and gently took it in her mouth, her mouth was so warm and wet that I felt like heaven, she started sucking slowly, I was getting good pleasure, but not like I always dreamed,

I said Neha please isse achhe se chuso. As she sucked it with more force, and jerked skin of my dick, with little more speed, with in 2-3 minutes, I felt that I will cumm, I moaned in pleasure and stoped her and said, ruk jao mera nikal jaayega, she stopded. I was breathing heavy. She got up, I held her from her waist, and took off my clothes, which were stuck in my legs.

Then I again kissed her and said, Neha bed par lait jaao, she said kyon? I said main tumhe pyar karunga, she said ghar jane main late ho jayega, I said late nahi hoga, abhi bahut time hai. I took her to the bed and came on her partly, I was sucking her breast and kissing allover her face, then I went down and kissed her thighs,

and planted my lips on her cunt again for few seconds, and moved further to her legs, and toes. Then I came back closer to her face, she was in intense pleasure, when I loved her whole body, she was puffing a bit. Then I said Neha main tumhe bahut pyar karna chahta hoon, jaise ek husband apni wife se karta hai.

She understood, that I want to fuck her and said nahi please mat karo, I said mera bahut mann hai, tumhara mann nahi kar raha ki hamain sex karna chahiye? She said mann to hai par.. She went silent, I said par kya bolo, she said kisi ko pata chal gaya to, aur ye mera unsafe period hai, I asked what is unsafe period?

She said there are bright chances that she gets pregnant, if she has sex today and in next few days. I said mere pass condom hai, and I took out the small pack of KS which was kept under the other pillow. She looked at me surprisingly and asked ye kahan se aaya? I said jab main disprin lene gaya tha tab le liya tha, she said iska matlab aap ye soch ke aye the ki mere sath karoge hi.

I laughed and said nahi aise hi le liya tha incase mere puchhne pe tumne agar haan kar diya to, ye hona chahiye, she smiled and said aap bahut gande ho, I said jaisa bhi hoon, abb tumhara boy-friend hun. She said boy-friend ho to boy-friend ki tarah raho, pati bann ki koshish mat karo.

I said agar tum haan kah do to pati bhi ban jaaunga, tum hi darr rahi ho, apne papa se baat karne main. She said apne ghar ki halat main janti hoon, I said wo hum baad main dekhenge, abhi tum ye batao, ki sex karna hai, she said mujhe darr lag raha hai, I said daro mat, confidence ke saath decision lo, she said dard hoga, I said pahli baar to hoga hi,

par iss pleasure ka kisi bhi cheez se comparision nahi hai. She said haan, par aap bahut tez matt karna. Finally she got ready. I again took her in my arms, and kissed her, we both were again lost in each other, and soon we both were hot, I was rubbing her pussy with my hand, she was holding my dick and moving its foreskin,

soon I was hard again, I said thodi si sucking karte hain, and I got up and straight away started sucking her cunt, she was moaning in pleasure, then I said tum bhi karo, she understood, that I am expecting her to suck my penis, and with in seconds my hard cock was in her mouth, and we were in 69, she was sucking my rod very nicely, and was digging her cunt with my tongue.

With in 2-3 minutes, we were hot and ready for action. I got up and made her lay down on her back and took out one condom and covered my rod with it. It was not first time that I was putting it on my dick, once in excitement of sexual desire I bought few pieces and covered my rod before masturbation.

At the time I was putting on condom on my dick she was looking at it, and seemed little worried, and said please dheere se dalna, bahut mota hai.I said tum relaxed raho, bas ek baar dard hoga, jab main ander daloonga, zor se chillana matt, mujhe kas ke pakad lena. Then I kept a pillow covered with a towel under her hips, and tried to insert a finger in her cunt,

it pained her, I immediately withdrew my finger, thinking that if I will hurt her with a finger only than she may refuse to get it fucked. So I wrapped her legs around my waist and took my penis to her hole. As I touched her wet cunt with my dick, she jumped in pleasure. I rubbed my dick on her love hole for a while, she got mad and moaned in pleasure heavily,

Ahhhh… Ahhhh………… because of rubbing and her moans my dick got even more harder. I knew that I have to do it in one shot, unless she will step back. I noted that there was not much liquid in her cunt to help to take my hard cock into her tiny hole easily. So I decided to spend some more time with her virgin cunt.

I was rubbing her cunt with my dick and saying erotic stuff, like, Neha abb tum chudne wali ho, aaj main tumhe chodunga, aur tum mujhse chudwaogi, aaj tum kali se phool banjaogi, aaj main tumhari jawani ka mazza lunga. Tumhari tange khol ke tumhari choot maarunga. As I expected hell of liquid started cumming out of her fuck hole with in few seconds,

she got very excited and was breathing heavy, then I lifted her both legs with my hand, to see her love hole clearly and as I touched my hard cock on her opening again she moaned and I felt that her pussy twitched for the pleasure of getting stuffed, with my hard cock. With lot of concentration I finally made a stroke and ripped her tight hole, in one shot.

I was half inside her, she cried in pain but very silently, she was trembling in pain and breathing very wildly, as I saw tears in her eyes because of pain, I said Neha bass ho gaya, bass thoda sa aur hai, before she could have said anything, I made another stroke, she was completely ripped. She cried with a scream, Aahhh Ahhhh Ahhhh… she had very tight hole,

and my dick was stuck inside her. I leaned over her, her legs were wrapped around my waist, I kissed her, on her face and remained inside her for a while, she holding my back and was still in pain, and she was trying to tolerate it. Then again said, Neha aaj tumhari choot puri tarah, khul gayi hai, maine apne lund se tumhari choot ko khool diya, abb tum meri ho,

Neha sirf meri. I was speaking erotic stuff to make her forget about pain so that she can love this moment. And as I expected she recovered very fast, and held my neck and smiled. We both were sweating, and feeling heat of one another. Then she said, isse ek baar bahar nikalo, I said nahi, mujhe karne do, she said please ek baar nikalo, dobara daal dena.

Slowly I withdrew my cock from her cunt, there was bit of blood diluted with a white juice, on my hard cock. And there were few drops of blood on the towel also. Then again I started rubbing her cunt and continued my erotic words, Neha aaj tum chud gayi, tumhari seal khul gayi hai, abb tum kunwari nahi ho, bolo mujhse shadi karogi,

main tumhe saari zindagi aise hi chodunga, tum bass haan bol do. And with that I again made a stroke and went inside her, this time she took my whole rod in one stroke, with a little bit of pain. But that pain disappeared as I started fucking her with gentle strokes, her body was covered with mine, she was holding my back, and she was moaning in pleasure,

after 7-8 strokes I felt that I will burst, it was so difficult to handle the pressure any more, erotic view of jiggling of her boobs, because of my strokes, made me crazy, her silver pendent of the god structure, was looking so good on her wet bare mangos, her face was also wet because of sweat, and some of hairs were stuck on her forehead,

she was looking so sexy with the expressions of getting fucked under me, suddenly while fucking her I said, Neha mera ho jayega, she said, mera bhi ho jayega, bass thoda sa aur. Hearing this, somehow I managed to give two three more strokes and pressed my dick deep inside her cunt, and cummed heavily, as I felt that I am coming, she also busted,

she held my back very tightly and gripped my waist between her legs, and maid a moan, Ahhh…. Ahhh……… ho gaya…………… ho gaya………… Ahhh……… Ahh…… I felt some kind of pulsating movement in her cunt. May be she had an orgasm, or something else, but we both were exhausted.

After 5 minutes I got up, and went to toilet and cleaned my self, when I came back, she was standing naked facing away from me, taking out her clothes, from the bag. Her hips were so good looking that I again got erection. I went closer to her and rubbed my dick on her hips, she moaned, I got very excited, I said Neha bed par aajao, she said please nahi der ho jayegi,

I looked at the time, it was around 8:30 AM, I said tum fresh ho kar aao, kappde yahin aakar pahnna, and with that I took her clothes from her hand, which she took out. She went inside, I was in problem, some how I wanted her again. I looked for the pack of condom, it was there on the bed, I took out one and again made my dick ready for her.

Till the time she was in toilet I was standing on the door of the bathroom, and was thinking, about her, that how I am going to fuck her now, with in 5 minutes, she came out and I instantly grabbed her, from her waist and hugged her. She laughed and said please kya kar rahe ho, ghar nahi jana hai kya, I said abhi bahut time hai, and I placed my hand under her hips,

and tried to wrap her legs, around my waist, she resisted, I said Neha meri godi main aao, and tried again, she smiled and jumped, I got wrapped, between her legs, I was feeling her cunt on my stomach, and slowly it was getting wet, again. I took her to the bed, and came on to her. she was laying under me, and I kissed her again, and said, dekho tumhe fir se bistar pe le aaya,

hmmm…. Bolo kaise chudna hai, uppar baithogi, ya ghodi banaoon, she got excited, and said jaise aapka mann kare, kar lo, she was breathing excitedly, as she is eager to get fucked. I got so excited, and could not think of anything, I simply adjusted condom on my dick, as it was getting down, and simply pushed myself deep inside her.

She was again laying under me, with a dick inside her cunt. It was an excellent view, when I penetrated my hard cock inside her pussy, she stretched her head up, in bit of a pain. I immediately started giving strokes, she was moaning in pleasure, I came closer to her face and kissed her and said, Neha aaj mazza aagaya.

We both enjoyed this fucking session for almost 7-8 minutes, and finally came in each other’s arm. We both were sweating again, and tired. After spending few minutes in each other’s arms we got ready, and checked out from the hotel. Friends, It was a lovely experience to have a girl like Neha in a bed.

We both sat very close, in the auto while going to my home, just like husband wife. On the way to my home I asked that, did she liked, whatever has happened, she said mujhe nahi pata, mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha, bass maine kar liya, aur bahut enjoy kiya. Kam se kam aapko itna to prove kar diya ki aapki girl-friend shy nahi hai, aur kafi bold hai.

I said yes of course. Soon we reached my home, she met my parents for the first time, she touched there feet to follow the custom to give respect to the elders, they blessed her, every thing was very casual but I could see her as there perspective daughter-in-law. I informed her father that we have reached here, he asked about her daughter, and talked to her.

I finished my work; it was matter of reading some documents and signing them. I gave her my bedroom to get comfortable; she got ready, and wore Kurta and chuddidar pajami with a beautiful duppta. According to me it is sexiest outfit for a girl. We took breakfast together. After that I took her to the place of interview on my bike.

She was holding me from my back, while I was driving; her grip on my body was giving me feeling of love and trust. Many times, many girls sat behind me, but I never felt like that. After interview, we were free by 2:30, and again we had lot of time to spend together. I asked her, now where should we go, she said to the home.

I said no, mera ghar jane ka mann nahi hai. She immediately responded, please abb main aur nahi karne wali. I said nahi aisa koi mood nahi hai. Then I took her to the restaurant, and had very light food. We both were talking to each other about each other’s liking and disliking, by the time we were talking and listening to each other, I was planning to give her a surprise.

While eating I called up at my home and informed that, we are getting late here and may straight away go to railway station. As I was talking to my father, she was looking at my face with anger, and in response I smiled, and kissed in air to show my love. Leaving Neha in the restaurant I went home to pick up our belongings, leaving my bike at home,

with in half an hour I was back with my laptop and her handbag, and while coming back I bought her, three boxes of chocolates. She really had no clu that what I am going to do, as I gave her chocolates, she smiled and once again warned me, and said main kuchh nahi karne wali, mujhe nahi chahiye chocolates, I said Neha main kuch nahi karunga, you just don’t worry.

Then we got up and straight away took an auto of Connaught Place. We roamed there for some time, and then I took her to one five star hotel. Actually I had a school friend who has done HM and he was working in that hotel at very good post, while going to home to pick up laptop and all, I called him and explained everything.

He made a simple statement come after 5:00 PM, he will look after everything. It was almost 6 PM when we reached on the top floor of that Hotel. There was a table booked for us, with a big bunch of roses, and a card in that, addressing Neha, from Harsh (my-self). She was pleasantly surprised, as we were sitting there and talking to each other, she seemed very happy,

and after 5-10 minutes, Harish (my friend) appeared, with a cake of heart shape, with our name written on top of that. Again and again she was looking at me reflecting lot of happiness. Then I asked Harish if he can play a song for me, he did that, it was My heart will go on from the movie Titanic. After this song I proposed her formally. She accepted and hugged me there only.

We had more than two hours of extreme romance, before we left to catch the train. In her words it was most wonderful moment for her. I spent good amount, even after discount, but the happiness she got was priceless for me. After reaching back to her place, she decided not to go to Delhi for job, even if she gets it.

Reason was me, because I was there, how could she go, leaving me there. After that we behaved like lovers, she stopped calling me bhaiya, and every time I use to come to get my keys, she use to give me a piece of half eaten chocolate. After knowing her family environment we decided not to have sex again, because it is not right,

but we kissed many times whenever we got chance, and few more naughty acts like rubbing each others hot spots, and naughty conversation also continued. We spent many Sundays together, she use to come at my flat and we use to play games and watch movies, movies of all kind, on laptop.

She learned many dishes to cook, which I like, and many times she cooked on Sunday because I use to eat there with her father. Occasionally we went out together just to roam, and spent good time with each other to know each other. Many times I asked her about our future, but she could decide and she ignored to even think about it.

After around 6-7 months of unlimited romance, I got a call from my Delhi office that I have to report back. It was very sad moment for us, but what I decided earlier, I simply followed that I won’t let her go. I seriously asked her that if she wants to marry me, she said yes, but she had same old family problem.

But I told her not to worry and face the truth, if your father asked you about me, then speak with confidence. After leaving that city officially, I spoke to my parents, and came through proper channel. She was absolutely right, there was a big blunder in her house, when her parents came to know about us, but she boldly faced them, and refused many marriage proposals.

I love her and she loves me, and we cannot think of any other life partner and even today we are immovable from our decision and still waiting for her parents to say yes for our marriage and I am sure we will succeed. We chat almost daily, and we often do sex chat. I am posting this story with her consent, and she must be reading this.

So friends this was our Naughty si love story, and as I wrote in the beginning that with a purpose I am posting this story to the site, and that propose is, that I have read many stories on this site, and found most of them false, and suppose if they are true, then mostly they are driven by lust and just lust.

I believe that sex is a most wonderful part of love, I have learned this from my experience and I request all readers of this site and everybody else, who reads this, think before you do anything and don’t hurt anybody. I find myself very lucky that I found her, but sometimes we get in mess because of our deeds. Expecting your comments and good wishes for both of us.

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Posted by AntiSaby
on: December 22, 2009 2:02 PM | Reply

awesome man.

Posted by mehmood
on: December 22, 2009 2:19 PM | Reply


Posted by lovenest
on: December 22, 2009 3:09 PM | Reply

A most loveable innocent story ever written on this site. Well narratted version of events how hidden desires of passion and love in a person can lead him/her to a path of pure love. As they say lust within love is heavenly whereas lust without love is just few moments of empty sex. This love story of your's has brought out too many issues which face today's society of ours, like suppression of bold and intelligent girls, intercast marrriages, premarital love leading to premarital sex, hiding truth from parents just to give them false satisfaction and manny others. Although your story is like pahle bhaiyya bhaiiya aur baad mein saaiyan saaiyan, but I sincerely, wish and pray to god that the parents of both sides see the love and life of the people concerned prior to false casting issues and do allow you to get married leading to very happy life which only few lucky ones get. Once again this story is very loving and shows how two innocent strangers became good lovers just purely by coincidence and natural occurance of events. It is very different to what generally appears in the stories signifying that women out there are just for sex. Well done and do hope that you get married to the girl of your dreams and not fantasy.

Posted by Chandra
on: December 22, 2009 4:23 PM | Reply

Excellently told. Very sensuously written, and respect for your girl friend.
I have gone through the similar
situation with love and respect for my GF family.

Posted by ashwani
on: December 22, 2009 5:29 PM | Reply

Bhagwan kare tum dono ki shadi ho jaye.. please update all of us after urs marriage. heartiest wishes from all the readers of HD.


Posted by Tarun
on: December 22, 2009 5:46 PM | Reply

i admire you both and you are right that we get into mess because of our deeds..all the best to both of you and if your girl is reading this..give my best wishes to her..no naughty feelings for her..but i wish i will have a girl like her as i have exactly similar nature like you..i am really shy of approaching girls,though i had 5 girlfriends..but i didnt propose anyone..they proposed me..but there was only 1 girl whom i can call my true love but somehow we broken up and i am yet not over it after almost 2 years..But seriously i am happy for both of you..may god bless you and wanna see you as married couple..all the best!!

Posted by Shan
on: December 22, 2009 6:25 PM | Reply

Hi Harish good luck man. I found you are right. but I am from south so If your stories in English I could feel your feelings fully, unfortunately i don't know hindi. This is my first reply in this site. bcz I am reader of in this site more than 2 years.
I wish you get your love success.
by SHAN.

my friend recommended to read it. apparently a true story. Best wishes for couple. I really liked they avoided sex. Sure I will pray to Allah for their marriage . Umer Ahmed

Posted by peter
on: December 22, 2009 6:50 PM | Reply

i wish u 4m d bottom of my heart sir..one day u vl get ur angel..wish u gudluck n happy new year.

Posted by Waju
on: December 22, 2009 6:54 PM | Reply

I m speechless, may all could think like that, nice. May u get married soon, and may u invite me too. Bless u.

Posted by alvi
on: December 22, 2009 7:00 PM | Reply

Man...... Ur story is just awesome. I don't believe tht its a false story..... I really respect ur feelings and love and hope tht very soon u will get married with neha.... Don't let her go....and pls dnt betray with her. She have given u everything.... I wish u all the best. By the try to convince her parents in a positive way and tell neha to be strong in her decision.

Posted by prabhu
on: December 22, 2009 8:58 PM | Reply

your story was nice but write your stories in english so those who dont no hindi can read it wish you a happy married life

Posted by Aman Sharma
on: December 22, 2009 9:22 PM | Reply

Too good. best of luck..

Posted by ashish
on: December 22, 2009 9:40 PM | Reply

Indeed a romantic and natural love story. Wishing good luck to both of you for your future married life. All the best.

Posted by Emotionaly starved
on: December 22, 2009 10:31 PM | Reply

You rocked buddy, i think 'awesome' will be an insult for ur presentation as your story was much better than that...

I am as the guy you started your journey, i was not at all shy but not 'haramee type', as i wanted to maintain a dignity 4 myself.
Since a few months, i was thinking that i was wrong as what was the use of that dignity , but your story proved me wrong..

All the best and may you have a happy married life with the person you love one day...

Posted by guru
on: December 22, 2009 10:55 PM | Reply

hey dude in second part it seems somthing real.

anyways i wish u get her as ur real partner.

and belive me.

just do one thing no matter what religion u belongs... but i can suggest u.... just leave something which u love to eat... and if u r hindu then take promise of ur Kuldevi not to eat and if u r muslim/christian just take oath on ajmer dargah or jesus and leave non veg or something./... u will surely get ur result in 6 months at most.

sorry for my part's bad comment . tk cr and just keep faith in ur love and god too.

Best story of HD till now. sex is best enjoyed only when u can mix it with love . love makes it special

Posted by wellwisher
on: December 22, 2009 11:06 PM | Reply

Excellent narration and excellent story. I never expected this kind of story in this site.

Posted by Good Friend
on: December 23, 2009 3:37 AM | Reply

Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow & Wow again!

Thanks a ton for sharing such a wondeful experience.

Very happy for you guys. I hope your parents give their consent for your marriage soon.

if it is true thn wish u gudluck to both of u....

Posted by XYZ
on: December 23, 2009 4:38 AM | Reply

Very nice n real story njoyed a lot readng it. Hope u 2 get married.

Really nice story.
Bry arsy k baad aisi story parhe.
Our tumhari shadi bi ho jae ge if ur love is true.
Realy amazing. Thnx for the story like this.

Posted by Mr.mappi
on: December 23, 2009 5:29 AM | Reply

Kamal kar dita yaar.
Bohat achi story hai.
Dono aik dusry ka bohat khyal rakhna.
Our hmesha aisy he rehna.
Bohat maza aya.

Posted by Ankur
on: December 23, 2009 5:45 AM | Reply

hi harsh, its really a lovely story,
which i will never forget.
My best wishes r with u, that u will get mery with ur dream girl,
with whom u r currently are.


Posted by ShekarGowda
on: December 23, 2009 5:57 AM | Reply

It Is A Good Love Story If It Is True.I Liked It Very Much.I Hope You 2 Get Married Soon.Let Me Know I Will Feel Very Happy.


Posted by maggie
on: December 23, 2009 6:51 AM | Reply

good story u made me recollect my past but my end is not the same neither me nor she had the courage to tell our parents im doing my hm as ur friend and she is doing bca well thanks anyways for posting the story

Posted by joy
on: December 23, 2009 7:02 AM | Reply

loved ur story..truly like ur way of thinking..wishing u best of luck..dont know wats the problem wid maru's nywayz..stuck in same position as u m friend

gr8 that still love exist in this
world god bless uuuuu an do tell when u succeed best of luck guys

Posted by Jane
on: December 23, 2009 7:53 AM | Reply

My best wishes are with you both and you will definately succeed in your love and your parents will also get agreed . Wish u a very Happy Life ahead.

Posted by v
on: December 23, 2009 8:32 AM | Reply

Boss. i am a regular reader on this site... this is the best story i have come across...... my best wishes are with u ... keep the faith in god n her parent's will get ready for ur marriage.................. plz inf us about ur marriage through this site..............................

Posted by Manas
on: December 23, 2009 8:41 AM | Reply

Hey dude,
I thoroughly loved your story. The best part which is missed in most of the errotic stories is the element of passion and love. Its love alone that makes sex beautiful. Sex is a language to communicate love, and if there is no love, then sex is never beautiful.

Whoever you are, I wish both of you all the very best for your wonderful life together. If you need help of any kind, never hasitate to seek. I know marriages like yours are difficult to execute, but Have faith in almighty, and you will certainly win. Besides, remember, the time that is passing by, is never going to return. And you have all the rights to live the way you love to. God has made each human equal. God Bless!!

Posted by rohan
on: December 23, 2009 9:39 AM | Reply


guys.. best of luck for u guy's.. hope Neha's parents agree.. u have a peaceful and loving life..
gr8 story..

hope u guy's get married soon.

Posted by denish
on: December 23, 2009 10:54 AM | Reply

mindblowing bro...u 2 r perfect..1 of d best story i evr read..hey bro dont let d gal go away..marry her..evn if her family opposed.

Posted by Bobby
on: December 23, 2009 10:55 AM | Reply

I have never read such an erotic story ever on this website. I have been reading the stroies from this website everyday from last 1 year. This is my daily routine, first thing in the morning.

Your experience made me feel horny. Your script is too good.

Posted by Ram
on: December 23, 2009 11:04 AM | Reply

The moral you told is absolutely true. I really appreciate you for writing the last few lines which nobody will think of writing. good luck, have a wonderful life.

Posted by Rajendra
on: December 23, 2009 11:06 AM | Reply

I pray to god give you your lovely darling NEHA. All the best for your loving life & love story.



Posted by Manish
on: December 23, 2009 11:24 AM | Reply

Gr8 sexy story without any lust

Dude.. u r lucky... please marry this girl. dont break her heart

Posted by Ashok
on: December 23, 2009 1:53 PM | Reply

All the best man! Do not think of dumping her at any time/chance.

Posted by Maina
on: December 23, 2009 2:22 PM | Reply

This is the best love story i have ever read in my life.

fantastic man. u r simply awesome. u deserve a award for narrating so well.

Posted by Raj
on: December 23, 2009 3:41 PM | Reply

really nice story

Posted by Gopalakrishna181
on: December 23, 2009 3:54 PM | Reply

If you have written your story in english, perhaps it would have had vide coverage and everybody would have appreciated.

Posted by aloneguy
on: December 23, 2009 4:20 PM | Reply

u know when i read ur first part, i thought it's same as any other story with better description.
but this second part really showed the love u have for ur girl.
and if it's a true story i must say it's one of the strangest love story i have heard ;-) no offense,as finally u both discovered love for each other....and now there is no one else who can come closer to you guys.
as u know my frnd, ur girl is quite mature and whatever she has done with u, she has done only after fully thinking about this.
so i would just ask u that whatever happens, do not leave her alone!
-a well wisher

luvly story to hav on such a site i wish u both all d best for lyf.

Posted by ak
on: December 23, 2009 4:44 PM | Reply

hey dude, i will pray to god that ki wo tum dono ko mila de.. Dont worry u guys will deifnitely be together for life time

Posted by maddy
on: December 23, 2009 5:11 PM | Reply

hats off.........boss...simply hats off....
may almighty give destination to ur love story n u both live happily .......

Posted by mike
on: December 23, 2009 5:39 PM | Reply

OMG this is the story iam waiting for awesome story and dude marry this girl it is really hard to find virgins and ur lucky and all the best and marry her

Posted by harsh
on: December 23, 2009 5:40 PM | Reply

Hi,I salute you and wish both of you good luck and whenever you guys get married please post that here so we all can celebrate.Please take care of your g/f and try to get married asap.Then both of you read this together during your honeymoon.One thing we boys always make mistake that we start feeling low about girl who had sex with us ,but it was not in ur case ,that is why I salute u.If we guys have physical needs why can't girls and sex is mutual effort if u feel girl hs lost diginity just bcos she had sex ,then think again who was also involved and that was man.So please carry on ur love,respect and affecton the way u described here for ur g/f

Simply good one... Never Ever heard such a lovely and wonderfull story..
It feels like watching a real movie with lots of love...!!!!

Posted by indranil
on: December 23, 2009 6:06 PM | Reply

It is the best sex story i read ever. True romance with true love.
My best wishes to the writer and his girl friend.

Posted by alli
on: December 23, 2009 6:10 PM | Reply

the ever best story i have read.1st time i felt like to give my comments.really sex is a love-making. sex is just LOVE.it is concerned with 2 hearts but not bodies.u proved that. all the best for your life.may u both get married.god bless u.be happy.....

Posted by harman
on: December 23, 2009 6:15 PM | Reply

hello sir,well i 1st thought tht i must write in english,bt nw reading ur purpose i think tht i mst write in hindi nd english,well bro tohadi story bahut hi vadiya si,main oos waheguru saache patshah aage ardass karda ki oh tohanu ik kar deve,kyu ki main ni chahunda ki jo mere naal hoya oh tohade naal vi hoye,uppar wala saacha patshah tohanu doohan nu ik kar deve,tohanu doohan nu har vele khush rakhe,te tohade sar te har vele oos akalpurakh da mehar bharea hath rahe,may god bless both of u

Posted by kuber
on: December 23, 2009 6:16 PM | Reply

hey brother this is the most romantic story i have ever read.i will prqay to god that u get married to that girl and please dont leave her

Posted by PG
on: December 23, 2009 6:21 PM | Reply

i think it is the 1st true story i can recall from this site, i had been in the same situation and my marrige with my GF is finalised just last week n i hope yours will also finalize soon

Posted by singh
on: December 23, 2009 6:23 PM | Reply

m frm delhi guys
n d best story i evr read here

Posted by Shailu
on: December 23, 2009 6:29 PM | Reply

best of luck dude Heartious wishes to u my frnd
God Bless You

Posted by Kats
on: December 23, 2009 6:39 PM | Reply

Ok dude!! You guys have done it..Tune mere din yaad dila diye yaar...I am also facing similar situation..Ok dude..If u guys ever need HELP in Kanpur,Lucknow,Delhi..thn just mail me..nethng for u lovable couples...Ths is true tht love can never be mixed with sex.. but sex in love is unforgetable..U cannot call it SEX it is purely Love Making..All the best guys for ur unknwn future..& contact me for any assistance..

Posted by hem
on: December 23, 2009 6:48 PM | Reply


Posted by Manoj
on: December 23, 2009 6:48 PM | Reply

Too good... excelent

Posted by Sunil
on: December 23, 2009 6:50 PM | Reply

Frankly, by hook or crook, marry this girl. She is made for you and you are for her.

Posted by Maela
on: December 23, 2009 6:54 PM | Reply

One gets engrossed and starts visualising as the story moves. Like the way it happens with great authors like John Grisham et al.


Posted by Gopi
on: December 23, 2009 6:56 PM | Reply

Dear Harish....
A good story.... well narrated... A humble request to u dear friend - don't desert her... u will not live in peace later... she is really loving and caring... ensure u don't get into physical relation again before marriage...
All the best....

Posted by debleena ganguly
on: December 23, 2009 7:01 PM | Reply

so sweet of u both.best of luck for ur further life...

Posted by hari
on: December 23, 2009 7:17 PM | Reply

hello harsh. this was the post i really got very excited while reading. the same happened with me and my lover/would be for the first time. while reading ur story i imagined my lover along with me. superb man. well narrated. good post. keep it up. and i wish u all the best for ur marriage

Posted by 007
on: December 23, 2009 7:19 PM | Reply

my heartly wishes r there wid u..u wl sure get her as ur wife...dude if ths is a real story n not at all a imagination thn i sware u r a very nice lover n wl b a very nice husband too..n wish thrw all my heart tht marry her n she bcms urs for ever...plz wait for her

Posted by s_d_a
on: December 23, 2009 7:37 PM | Reply

really a nice story. a real luv story. this is not naughty but a true luv story. i wish that both of you get marry by this year end. don't wait for a single min or second. if i can help you in anyway pls tell me.

really i wish a wonderful life to both of you.

Posted by Saran
on: December 23, 2009 8:01 PM | Reply

i dont under stand Hindi. But what was told here was more than the language it was pure love. This is the best narrated story I have ever read in any site.

All the best to both of you.

Posted by Ashok
on: December 23, 2009 8:31 PM | Reply

yaar. . .i have read hundreds of stories on this site until today. . never did i bother to write a Comment on any of those stories. never did i even bother to wish good luck for someone whom i dont know. . but today both the things are happening just beacuse of a true love between two innocent and lovely lovers. . Love is great dude. . and we are still living safe in this materialistic world just because of a very few people like you who still believe in pure love. . . indeed this is the first time in my life that i have been reading a story with such an involvement and true emotions that if god permits i sincerely wish to attend your marriage and wish you couple all the very very best. . .My own personal experiences deprived me a good feeling on love, but you time and again prooved that when ever two right people meet each other, this world will again and again witness a stunning epic of love. . .am actually running out of words yaar. . .WISH YOU ALL THE VERY BEST HARSH AND NEHA

Posted by Binu
on: December 23, 2009 8:39 PM | Reply

really loved this stry...i wish u both all d best.....update us whenever u guys married....aal d very best frm all d readers of debonair blog....

Posted by Alter-ego
on: December 23, 2009 8:44 PM | Reply

Ah...! What else... U r a conssumate writer of ur feelings, very confident in ur approach. Use sm more of ur this quality and u'll hv ur girl in ur arms 4 ever.. Now i want 2 say here something 2 NEHA if she is reading this, that u hvnt done ur part fully, thats due n u need to show ur courage. Dont let urself lose this guy. Finally my best wishes 4 ur happy married life. DONT TRY YOUR LUCK OR LIFE WILL TRY YOU

Posted by schwarzenneger
on: December 23, 2009 8:48 PM | Reply


Posted by Suraj
on: December 23, 2009 8:56 PM | Reply

Truly felt as if i am reading a novel and didnt feel it as HD story at all . Sensuosly written with excellent narration which i loved it. Would be more than glad to wish you people all the best and would pray to God to bless you people by getting you married. Khudooos ... And Dont lie hereafter saying you are not a good writer. THE BEST HD STORY EVERREAD.

Posted by stupid
on: December 23, 2009 9:24 PM | Reply

All d best 4 comn life..
May god bless u 2 get ur gal soon

Posted by Kunal
on: December 23, 2009 9:46 PM | Reply

Mere bhagwan se prarthna hai ki aap dono ki shaddi ho jaye. Esi dastan maine aaj tak nahi suni. Wish you both good luck. Aur shadi ke bad unhe kam pe mat bhejna nahi to family wale problem khada karenge. Shadi ke bare me update kar dena.

Go get this girl dude... You're one lucky bastard to have her.. ;)

Posted by awesome
on: December 23, 2009 9:53 PM | Reply

I have never commented on any story buy urs is a true one I wish u both get each other and live a happy life and pray both ur parents agree to ur marriage cheers and have a gr8 life

Posted by amit
on: December 23, 2009 9:55 PM | Reply

hey man....the picture i hv formed in my mind about u is of a very lovely couple.......
wish her parents get ready soon........&then u both will enjoy ur merried life....

Posted by kiran
on: December 23, 2009 10:19 PM | Reply

Your approach may be right or wrong but your decision about your future is well appreciating. Many lovers make love just for lust and that kind of love doesn't succeed in real. If your love is true then you both will surely get married. My best wishes to you both.

Posted by Naren
on: December 23, 2009 10:20 PM | Reply

Narration of story is excellent not only the story i read all the comments also not only the best story of HD best comments ever got for any story not even a single negative comment my best wishes for both u and praying god for u r marriage with her parents acceptance

Posted by ahsaas
on: December 23, 2009 10:24 PM | Reply

i have never posted any comment on any story from last two years on this site but today ur love story forced me to post comment....bcz i have also gifted by a true partner by GOD and definately can understand ur feelings....
I will give respect to you by tagging u as a "TRUE LOVER"
hats off to both of u

Posted by wasee
on: December 23, 2009 11:21 PM | Reply

its great love sex story.my best wishes 4 u that u get married .may God help u to get marry

all the best for u guys...

Posted by Heavy metal
on: December 23, 2009 11:35 PM | Reply

Hey would neha mind an extra husband. draupadi had 5, u see. Coz i too am ready to marry her. Chill dude. Just kiddin. All the best for ur future.

Posted by RAHUL007
on: December 23, 2009 11:39 PM | Reply

dude thts just mindblowing man!!

I would request the moderator of this site to AWARD this story as the "BEST STORY" ever on HD!!

beST WISHES to both of u!!
love u guys!!

this story will indeed change the perception of sm ppl who jst go beyond their limits think that lust is more prevelant than LOVE!!

Harsh best of luck again dude!! tc..

Posted by d
on: December 23, 2009 11:50 PM | Reply

hello buddy
well i must say dis is d best story i've ever gone through. simply mind blowing. i use 2 read all d stories here bt i must confess dat i never made any comment 4 any story bt 2day at dis time of d nite i cudn't stop myself.

urs not a mere story but an experience, a feeling which i can feel well. its is said dat in true love if v do sex den dat is one way 2 reach d heart of ur partner n its true in ur case. i really appreciate dat.

2day very few people r here in dis world who realise d worth of true love. dey jst think d grls a source of entertainment n jst leave her 2 rot 4ever. but ur experience has got a message 4 those who take sex as a mere pleasure n dnt take care of d feelings of their partner.

being a grl m being too bold here. even me 2 wanted 2 marry my love bu t he cudn't take ant stand 4 me. even now i cry 4 him bt d time gone can never b recalled.

i must say 2 u dat dnt u ever leave dat grl. she's lucky 2 have u in her life as a future husband. u'll surely get her. so many blessings r wid u both. jst dnt ever leave her. always stand by her watever may happen n also give her courage 2 face everything. touch wood success will b at ur feet 1 day. jst dnt let her go away from u.

god bless u both. n do reply wen u both get married. v all r eagerly waiting 4 dat auspicious day.

all d best.

Posted by saty
on: December 24, 2009 12:10 AM | Reply

wish you could marry your girl , though tats highly unprobable thing considering you have already involved families from both side, you lucky to have supportive parents, best of luck

Best Of Luck for both of u

Posted by LittleSAM
on: December 24, 2009 2:33 AM | Reply

Heads of buddy.
I trust this is real story no second thought on that and perfect blend of love with lust.
I only have two words for you...............................................................................................................BLESS YOU.

Posted by Rubina
on: December 24, 2009 4:26 AM | Reply

awesome story......super hit......
and wenever u 2 marry which i am sure u will ,do let us know...we will be happy for a happy couple..and share some more moments of togetherness......


Posted by sangeen
on: December 24, 2009 5:19 AM | Reply

wow, what a narration. keep it up. loved it

Posted by shikha swarup
on: December 24, 2009 5:25 AM | Reply

Nice story and sweetly narrated i may be realiy if itsa real story then god bless both of you I like it very much may god also give me some body to love like that Keep it up what about neha have you get married please tell

gud one

Posted by vicky
on: December 24, 2009 6:06 AM | Reply

nice story..all the best for your future.. when you get married tell us..

Posted by vbf20
on: December 24, 2009 6:55 AM | Reply

gr8 luv story. if her parents dont agree, just elope and led a happy life thereafter. best of luck

Posted by a computer student
on: December 24, 2009 7:21 AM | Reply

me bhi comp engg student hu
23 ko mene ese hi apki story ka first part pada.i was keen to know what happened next.today on 24 i got ur next part.i visited this site first time and read ur story.it was really too good and written with true heart.tell neha that plz make her parents agree.
i will pray on this christmas that u both will marry.
plz jab ap shadi karo to post jarur karna.all the best.
plz reply on my id i will wait for ur reply.

Posted by sonu
on: December 24, 2009 8:01 AM | Reply

I do not know what to say but one thing for sure is , there is hardly a doubt that this is a created story.

However if at all is a true story, i can just say, God bless you both.

Also please learn that love does not mean it should be transferred into marriage. You know why,


Love does not need a certificate of marriage.

Posted by sanjay
on: December 24, 2009 8:14 AM | Reply


It was amazing that u could narrate so nicely, i wish u all the best and pray to god that u and her get married soon. Even I passed this situation in my life and was able to get what I wanted. May god bless both of You.

Posted by bryn
on: December 24, 2009 8:38 AM | Reply

its realy a turn up with relation hopeboth of u be a lfe partner. my best wishes to both of u guys. best of luck.


Posted by Bharat joshi
on: December 24, 2009 8:49 AM | Reply

it was really a nice story

i can visualize your story in my dreams

one can make a movie of ur story

it's outstanding


Posted by Ali
on: December 24, 2009 9:53 AM | Reply


Posted by Ankit
on: December 24, 2009 11:23 AM | Reply

really the best story i ever red...i usually don`t write any comment but this passionate narration of ur love story made me to write a comment...

Gr8 work dude...keep on posting...

As every one said, you made it very clear that, love comes a lot earlier than sex.

the explanation what i'm giving now might be weird but let me tell you, most of the people including me have the habit of masturbating while reading stories.
your this story was so pure that, i felt guilty to do it. never had this kind of feeling before. i'm proud to say that, i haven't done it even after completing it thoroughly. thats shows the quality of respect your story had.

and believe me, this is the first time i'm commenting on this website. i was always afraid of sharing my personal id. but, i care a damn now. i should right this.

all the best to both of you. i'm in the same boat, expect that we din't had sex. i'm sure you wont betray her and rather you are completely into her!

Posted by Sarmad Sultan Khan
on: December 24, 2009 11:35 AM | Reply

V.Good Story narates in such a way that i stick to read whole story.

Posted by Raj
on: December 24, 2009 12:25 PM | Reply

Hi Harsh & Neha,

Thanks for making me realize again that love is the upper most feeling, We had a friend named batti, who also had struggled for marriage with a rajasthani girl, he is South indian. Trust me, dont budge from ur decision for each other and Allah will support you. Inshallah.

Best of luck my friends...

Posted by Kayanivz
on: December 24, 2009 12:31 PM | Reply

Best ever I hv found...my best wisjes wid u... merry x'mas

Posted by Amit
on: December 24, 2009 12:46 PM | Reply

Hey Buddy,

The only advice i can give you is that since your parents are ready for her then all u need to do is just tell her leave her home n u guys can get married in court or in any arya samaj mandir with your parents as witness. N i am sure that after some time her parents will accept you and u can live happily ever after. I m saying so is cause i did the same thing n now her parents can live without speaking over phone with me n by gods grace my wife gave birth to twins a boy n a girl. So just go ahead n get married u have every right to be happy n u will be. GUD LUCK N GOD BLESS U BOTH

Posted by loverboy
on: December 24, 2009 1:02 PM | Reply

The story can be given just one adjective....."MIND BLOWING"
Am relly xcited to have read it and wish it was real...and u get ur partner as ur wife ...

Posted by Babun
on: December 24, 2009 1:05 PM | Reply

Just don't miss her.

Posted by amit tiwari
on: December 24, 2009 1:34 PM | Reply

sir excellent story guys u r best words kam padjayenge taarif karne ke liye wish u all the best and get married soon love u guys

Posted by tch
on: December 24, 2009 2:12 PM | Reply

Great Story.. wish u get married soon..
Please remeber to post ur suhaagraat story here... we will either fuck our buddies or masturbate..

Posted by aashmi
on: December 24, 2009 4:49 PM | Reply

i never had any comment on any stories of hd real or fake but after reading this my eyes got num because of same situation and my memories gotten fresh and my bladder got empty so best of luck guys for future

Posted by Unknown
on: December 24, 2009 9:37 PM | Reply

Awesome narration dude....hats off to you

I have never seen so many comments flooding...

All the best for u r marriage and never never give up your hope till the last second.. shall god be with you

Posted by Tapas
on: December 25, 2009 3:13 AM | Reply

I'm simply amazed. I believe that, true love can not be without sex. Sex makes love complete. Wish you two all the best.

Posted by D Khandelwal
on: December 25, 2009 11:53 AM | Reply

undoubtedly the best i ever read

Posted by santanu
on: December 25, 2009 2:49 PM | Reply

Hi! Harsh,
What you have narratted is realy awsome. I pray God that you both get married in the coming New year 2010.
With you and Neha a 'Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2010'.

Posted by Sono
on: December 25, 2009 6:29 PM | Reply

This really is one of the most romantic stories I've read on this site
My prayers are with you man
and yeah please
do tell all of us on your success
May you two get married soon

Posted by Samay
on: December 25, 2009 10:15 PM | Reply

kissi bhi site mein maine itni acchi n real story nhi padhi
may god bless you
plz inform whn u get married
all the best to u n neha
usse khush rakhna n plz dnt cheat her ever
n with lots of wishes
bye bye will wait for ur reply

Posted by raj
on: December 25, 2009 11:43 PM | Reply

out class and out standing love story

Posted by SP
on: December 26, 2009 7:49 AM | Reply

Great story, Story of love and lust but love wins,neha seems to be decent girl

Posted, in reply to sonu's comment, by
on: December 26, 2009 11:48 AM | Reply

but society needs. and we live in that.

Posted by sai
on: December 26, 2009 7:01 PM | Reply

It was a damn hot story man i like it really but i have done the same thing but upto half of it i mean i completed my oral but really wanna marry my GF so it will be good for me to have good sexual relationship only after marriage i don't know how iam going to control all these feelings upto my marrriage

Posted by sai
on: December 26, 2009 7:05 PM | Reply

Man she trusts in u a lot so she gave everything cause she really kinda love u may be lust may be something else but she is from a nice family so convince her parents and marry her man. Marry her good luck

Its gud hope u find her tc

Posted by love
on: December 26, 2009 8:55 PM | Reply

hey dude...

for this story i m totaly speechless...

i have no word to say about it.

this is only stories i want to read on this site.

i have read so much story on HD and i think on this site all the story are just only for doing intercourse,
but for this story my mind is fully changed...

i throughly appriciate ur style of writting the story...

awesome.. awesome

awesome.. awesome

awesome.. awesome

awesome.. awesome

I will pray 2 god that u will get married with this girl...

there is a lots of person who want to countinue their relation with that girl who have already fucked by him..

u r one of them...

from my side

100000000 out of 100...

thank u


have a gud life...

One of the best story I've ever read. I truly feel that how deeply u both r in love. I've also pray 2 god 4 u both.
WIsh u all the best !!!

Posted by PREM
on: December 27, 2009 3:38 PM | Reply

Very Very Good Narration In my opinion this is the REAL REAL Encounter.

i have never seen sooooo many comments on any video pic r story ....
this goes on to show if u share something by heart it wud definately move others ... even people like me are forced to comment ... my first comment ever !!!

da 1st time i ever commented on a story..its a marvel

Posted by Mandy
on: December 28, 2009 1:56 AM | Reply

Bravo! One of the best story I have read it in this forum. Best thing is it's a straight story no kinky sex and it appeals to reader.
If it's a real story I wish you my heartiest congratulations as they say you get your real love only once but most of us guys fail to recognize it and perticulerely inIndial socity forced to carry on with the same partner whom you don't love so if you are made for each other go get her. If you are determined enough nothing can prevent you both to be together.
I also want to give thumbs up to all the HD readers for giving such overwhelming positive response. It proves that we are basically good people with love in heart. The amount of goodwill generated by the people ia awsom. And I am sure that you both shall be blessed bye the god bye the effort of so many people.
I salute all the people who took time and effiort to wish good to Harsh.
Once again all the best to you both. God bless you.

Posted by Harsh
on: December 28, 2009 6:10 AM | Reply

I am pleasantly surprised to see the flood of comments and good wishes, thanks a lot friends, actually the truth is that after almost two years of struggle with her parents
to convince them about our relation, she is getting depress, so I wanted to cheer her up, so I posted our lovely experience of getting intimate, to prove her that we are not alone,
she is reading every comment posted, and all of you have made me feel proud, and have given strength to her. thanks a lot.

See Neha we have so many well wishers, defiantly we will win. When God has made us for each other then your father stands no where in front of him. Thanks again friends, I will defiantly let you know about our success, with a new story, I am sorry to say but
that story will not be a true story, I want to keep something for myself. Take care

Harsh & Neha

Posted by aashu
on: December 28, 2009 8:28 AM | Reply

as i visit this site once or twice in a week, today i read this stuff after seeing so many comments, and i was glued to the screen, till i finished the whole write up. i really cannot believe, what was that? no words from my side except a request to the modretor of the site that please make another category of most popular or most loved stories, and also
Good wishes to both of you.

Posted by suzi
on: December 28, 2009 11:25 AM | Reply

a very cute story, really liked it a lot.awesome love story. u 2 are a loving couple and neha is a very decent girl, do marry her at any cost. wish u all the best.

Posted by predueman patial
on: December 28, 2009 8:52 PM | Reply

wonderfull story pape...maza agaya..

Posted by Priya
on: December 29, 2009 8:12 AM | Reply

this is the most wonderful story I have ever read. I'm soo happy that you found eachother and I pray to God that her parents agree for your marriage. I am in same situation and I understand both of ur emotions very well. I wish you two best of luck in future and may you two have bright future TOGETHER!

Posted by madhavi
on: December 29, 2009 8:35 PM | Reply

Speechless, I have never read or came across such a true love story, God bless you both. It's not surprising flow of wonderful comments, your way to narrating your true experience deserve for that.

All the best , and hope you will get marry with Neha

Posted, in reply to AntiSaby's comment, by jit
on: December 30, 2009 6:33 PM | Reply

your story is what actually means what is sex...sex is not only a urge to satisfy own...its reveals the strength of relationship..it means relation under love...great...may god make u both the happiest life partners in this earth....

Posted, in reply to Heavy metal's comment, by shweta
on: December 31, 2009 11:56 PM | Reply

cheap guy, cheap comments.
kuchh to sharm karo yaaro, love aur lust me bahut difference hai, kab samzoge saalo.

Posted by shweta
on: January 1, 2010 12:01 AM | Reply

nice guy, i wish tum dono life ke har pal ko samazdari se aur jimmedari se jiyo, nice story ever read, never commented to any story ever, let us know when u r getting licence to enjoy kaamsutra without condom, all the best.

Posted by Hemant
on: January 2, 2010 12:55 PM | Reply

One of the most beautiful story which I have read so far. You people are made for each other. Good things would never come cheap, so I would suggest both of you people to wait till your parents agree, the end result would be that you people will be happy. Dear Harsh and Neha you people made me to write my first comment. All the best.

Posted by Sata
on: January 3, 2010 8:38 AM | Reply

BHALO hoyeche.......
Bahut aacha sa true incident hai...
Hum isse side me read story occasionally....
But the incident like that is rear.
I think that your mind and my mind is far how same about sex and about girl...
Be well take care...
Happy new year....

Posted by Sanjay
on: January 4, 2010 6:04 AM | Reply

Good stuff.

Posted by suresh
on: January 5, 2010 10:21 AM | Reply

me pahle ye story nahi pad raha tha kyonki ye bahut lambi thi bt jab dekha ther is more than 140 coomments than i decide to read it
i hope this is not a story it is a real incidence
its worth

Posted by Alim
on: January 5, 2010 10:50 AM | Reply

What a wonderful story. It is the best story i have read since i visited this site. I will tell u my friend i m regular visitor of this website since last 10 years.
You explain the emotions cleanly. I can imagine the plots and the reactions as i read ur story. You are simply superb.
And i wish u best of luck. You will surely get succeed in ur plans. Bye

Posted by Lee
on: January 11, 2010 9:21 PM | Reply

As before, This is a very good story and I enjoyed all that I could understand. But for those of us whose language is not of one of the Indian dialects, it would be helpful if either a translation could be made by inserting the appropriate English text between [ ]’s or by posting the story as a complete translation as a separate message.

e.g. she said, mujhe nahi pata, mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha, bass maine kar liya, aur bahut enjoy kiya. Kam se kam aapko itna to prove kar diya ki aapki girl-friend shy nahi hai, aur kafi bold hai.

Thank you for consideration of this request.

Posted by veda
on: January 16, 2010 2:14 PM | Reply

good luck may get married with ur angel

Posted by Rayhan
on: January 19, 2010 10:01 PM | Reply

My best wishes n prayers r wid u. Ill b realy happy to get da news o ur marriage.

Posted by agatsaya
on: January 23, 2010 11:01 AM | Reply

Hi,harsh and Neha yoy guys really rocked.Kya baat....kya baat....Kya Baat.....For the first time I am posting my comments.
Harsh i m proud of you.Your story was indeed true but i relly didnt like the hindi sexy words it.As your love is divine and Neha is such a delicate lovely girl ,try to avoid such words as they make the lovely story cheap.
No bad feeling.God Bless u guys.

Posted by Jeet
on: January 24, 2010 12:06 AM | Reply

very frznkly speaking the most loving love story n praying for your togetherness as you want to have with your parents.
thanks for the post. I would like to say it love life rather than a love story.

please let us know when you both will get married.

Posted by rahul
on: January 27, 2010 2:28 PM | Reply

i never read this type of story,i read atlest 25 times.. aowsome man ur realy true writer.. i wants to know wht happen when her perents know abt ur love
have u scuseed or not... m

my best wishes with to Neha and you also..

best of luck

Posted by Duranijan
on: February 3, 2010 11:26 AM | Reply

Many good comments has already been made. indeed it is a very good story very well progressed and ended very nicely. Wonderfull please keep writing waitig for your next story.

Posted by Krish
on: February 14, 2010 11:42 AM | Reply

Great job dude. If your story is true then best of luck, but if not, I would have to say that you should get to trying your hands at writing books. You have that talent to hold your readers. You rock!!!!!! budy.

Posted by
on: March 17, 2010 4:35 PM | Reply

Oh..God..!Gr8 story,a story of very high standard,much higher then the standard of human digest.
And 2 see those many comments 4rm girls in this kinnda site,i can arguably say a GR8st story..!on this site ever..

LOVED IT ALL THE WAY...deja vu..!

Posted by Blades
on: April 10, 2010 7:43 AM | Reply

Man u r a writer. really. wat a way to narrate a story i liked it really n hope that u two marry soon.

Posted by hashim
on: April 20, 2010 8:31 PM | Reply

bhai story is great.......but very long do din lage poori padne ko...........best of luck....

Posted by bond
on: April 22, 2010 9:04 PM | Reply

hello Harsh and Neha....

1stly,i'm writing dis post without keeping any dirty thot in my mind....

i read several stories over here but never commented on any....
but after going thru dis story i cudnt resist myslf....

it was really best love story i evr came to kno....

after going thru d whole story, i jst kept thinking abt u ppl for whole of d day and evn office abt u 2....
for all d time an image of sweet pair came to d mind....

Harsh and Neha, I will pray to d God dat u two get marry asap and start living a haapily married life....

God Bless You Both....

Harsh....do respond to d comments....

Posted by Saurabh agarwal
on: November 23, 2011 12:29 PM | Reply

It is the best love sex story i have read ,it is not a false story .....pure love ...a genuine expression of love , lust ,sex , commitment and marriage ...

Posted by Sameer
on: August 31, 2012 6:52 PM | Reply

gr8 story full of lust & infatuation

Posted by hi
on: October 20, 2016 7:39 PM | Reply

Harsh nice love story. Hope you are married now with same girl Neha. Wish you a very happy married life to both of you. Regards Vishal, please reply

Posted by PD
on: April 17, 2017 3:02 PM | Reply

Really appreciated your love story. It has been more than 7 yrs since the story was posted. Really want to knpw if you guys are together now.
With Love

Posted by Mayur punwatkar
on: September 26, 2017 3:34 AM | Reply

It was just story like my life I do have girlfriend she is as hot as neha comparing her beauty n thank for making me experiencing my own story

Posted by Sheetun
on: October 3, 2017 3:06 AM | Reply

Very long story but worth reading it. May god help you.

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