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Hot journey of Nidhi

Nidhi stood, bored, on the train station platform in Paris. Rohit and his brother Rohan were her traveling companions/guards. Although there was no fear of an assassination attempt, kidnapping was always a fear.

Her brothers, who both held executive positions within their father's company, never traveled without their assorted minions. Neha stayed mostly in the US, where kidnapping was not as much of a worry although she did have two guards assigned to her at all times. But Nidhi, who spent most of her time in Europe, was the one greatest at risk.

Where Neha was blonde, Nidhi had long dark hair the color of night. Where Neha had green eyes, Nidhi had eyes the color of the Mediterranean Sea. Where Neha was blessed with skin warm and honey-colored, Nidhi had skin so light, so fair, it was like white alabaster. Where Neha was soft and curvy, Nidhi was tall, lanky and boney.

And there she stood, in her practical navy Chanel suit with matching practical spectator pumps, waiting on Rohit. He had run off to attend to some last minute thing and left her, the luggage and his brother standing beside the steaming, stinking train. Nidhi preferred Paris. It is where her mother called home.

Papa lived in Italy, on a sprawling estate that consisted of vast vineyards and gardens. Mama lived in a large but cozy manse inside the city of Paris. Nidhi, although she was well over 21, chose to live with her mother. She loved Paris almost as much as mama. And London, which was so very close to Paris. She made a point of visiting papa at least twice a year.

She did adore Italy but papa could be a bit of a bore. She frowned pensively since this was not one of her scheduled visits. She had received a phone call from papa yesterday insisting he had to see her in Italy at once. And so here she was. Nidhi hated to fly. It was something her parents had tried to break her from and failed miserably.

Years and money spent on therapy had provided little result. She certainly could tolerate flying more but she still did not enjoy it. So if at all possible, she traveled by land or sea. Hence, that is why she was standing on a train platform in this dreadful Paris station. She sighed and looked at her watch.

She dreaded her meeting with her father but she wanted to get on the train and get settled. She wanted to be at her best and rested when she saw him. She wondered what was keeping Rohit and was about to ask his brother when the missing man turned up.

"Sorry for the delay, Miss Nidhi, we can board now," he offered in way of explanation as he took her elbow and Rohan took up the luggage. She had secured a private compartment; money will do that, so that she would not be bothered enroute. Once the luggage had been stored, she made herself comfortable with a pot of tea and a magazine she had brought along from home.

The train soon departed, rolling along slowly. The men stationed themselves in the hall outside her compartment door, making sure she was not interrupted. Soon, she was lulled into relaxation by the sway of the train, her warm tea and her light reading. Then she knew she was ready.

She set the magazine aside and stood, slipping out of her jacket and laying it neatly upon the seat. Then in her blouse and skirt, she went to the compartment door and slid it open. "Rohit, it is time," she said to him and turned to reenter the compartment. "Yes, Miss Nidhi," he followed her inside, sliding shut the door.

She moved to the center of the compartment and unbuttoned her skirt, letting it fall to the floor and stepping out of it. She bent, picked it up, folded it and lay on top of the jacket. She turned to face Rohit wearing nothing but her white silk blouse, navy thigh high stockings and her spectator pumps. She rarely wore panties.

He reached down and undid his pants, freeing his cock as he rushed at her, "You are such a slut." Then he had her pressed against the window, the landscape outside rushing past as he pushed her blouse up, then her bra, freeing her large buoyant breasts. His hands cupped them then his mouth found them and began to suck and nipple at them, teeth tearing at the delicate flesh.

"More!" she cried out as she arched her neck, her knees bending, reaching around him, pulling at him, aching for him. "This what you want, bitch?" he asked as he slid his hard cock inside her wetness. He was so thick, thicker than her wrist and long...oh so very long. She could feel him moving deeper inside her, her hips bucked up against him to get more, always more.

The back of her head pressed against the cool window. "Yes!" she cried out but he knew she would. This is what she wanted, needed, begged for, desired, and lived for, to be fucked like this with such reckless abandon. Soon, he was slamming into her like a train, her bare ass bouncing against the glass. He plunged deeper, harder, his mouth beside her ear.

She could hear his grunts as he fucked her like an animal. He was soundless and soulless, using her cunt to get off. It thrilled her to no end. As he continued to push inside her, she took him in, her pussy working him, squeezing him, caressing him, and cajoling him into giving her more. She wrapped around him tightly and held on.

He was huge and it felt delicious to have him filling her to bursting. She was close, so close, but she needed more. It seemed she always needed more. "More!" she begged him. "The whore wants more? I know how she likes it." He grinned at her as he slid his cock, slick with her juices, from her aching throbbing pussy and turned her around,

one hand on the back of her neck pressing her face against the window. His other hand guided his thick cock into her ass, pushing it in past the tight first circle until he was firmly inside. "You want this, don't you, slut?" "Yes, fuck yes!" she screamed, uncontrollably, as his thickness moved slowly inside her. He was so fat, he was tearing her apart.

But she didn't care. It was the fullness she craved, the fullness she needed more than live. And he was inside her, further, deeper. Every moment another one of bliss until he was inside and his hands went to her hips as he began to fuck her ass. She cried out in agony at the first thrusts. She did every time. He was huge and it hurt but the pain was infinitely sweet.

He soon began a steady rhythm of push and pull. Thankfully, her juices helped to lubricate the way. Tears were streaming down her cheeks but she could not, would not stop. This was what she needed, this is what she wanted, and this is what she deserved. His thrusts were coming faster now. He leaned down by her ear and growled, "Beg, bitch, beg."

And she did. She could not help herself. "Please...cum...please...cum...in...my...ass. I beg you...please...cum...in...my...ass! Please....please...cum....please...cum." Soon her words ran together with her tears, her moans of pain, and her cries of pleasure until it sounded just like breathing. "Keep begging. Keep begging, you whore!"

And she did as his fingers gripped the flesh at her hips, pulling her hard against him. As his cock jack hammered into her ass again and again, stretching her wider than she had ever been. As her face, her body, pressed against the window gave testament to all of what she was, who she was. "Please...cum!"

And he did, shooting stream after jetting stream of his seed deep into her bowels, howling in triumph, head back, at filling her so savagely. Perhaps she thought she was using him but he was using her as well. He continued pummeling her ass until every drop of his seed was spilled.

Then, grabbing her by the hair as he slid from inside her, he turned her again and forced her to her knees at his feet, "Now clean me off, you cunt." And she did, taking his cock inside her mouth and sucking him clean of his cum and her feces. She had cum as well, when he had. Her orgasm had not been quite as vocal but it was intense nonetheless.

Her pale cheeks flushed now from her exertions as he looked down at her, watching her work. When he was satisfied, he patted her cheek. "Good girl," he praised her as he zipped up his pants and exited the compartment, sliding the door behind him with a hollow thud. Nidhi slid the back of her hand over her mouth.

The taste of Rohit was pungent upon her tongue. But it was something she needed, something she had begun to obsess about. Even now with the echoing thud of the door sliding shut still ringing in her ears, she wanted him. She knew in her heart it was wrong. Wrong to let this man, this employee of her father, hired to protect her to use her in such a rude and vulgar way.

But she did. She loved it when he fucked her ass. She had come to depend upon it like an addiction. Every time she let him use her, she needed more. She did not understand the need inside her. She could not wrap her mind around the fact that for some reason she needed to have this man use and degrade her.

Everyone that knew her, her family, her friends, thought she was this prim and proper society girl. If only they could see her now, kneeling half dressed upon the train compartment floor, her ass having just been thoroughly fucked by her bodyguard. She stood and looked about the compartment.

It was a bit untidy after their fuck so she set to picking things up and putting them back the way they should be. Her eyes were drawn to the window and the passing countryside as the train made its way from Paris to Italy. Papa's estate was outside Milan. Perhaps Nidhi could spend some time shopping in that city while she was there.

At least then the entire trip would not be a waste. Nidhi was on her way to Italy to visit her father, Hector Velasquez. It was not like her father at all to request her presence so she knew something serious must be about. This transient thought made her furrow her brow with concern as she continued to tidy up the compartment and herself.

But vanity came first with Nidhi. She checked her reflection in the mirror hanging on the inside of the closet door of her private train compartment. Her navy suit was still tidy. She buttoned her blouse back up, concealing once more her lacy bra. She took out her lipstick and repainted her lips. Then she returned to her seat, lifting the nearly cold tea to her reddened lips.

The compartment door slid open again. This time, Rohan stepped within. "Madame, may I speak with you a moment?" he asked in that hesitant manner of his. "Of course," she answered. It was a mere formality as he already had stepped inside, pulling the door closed behind him. "Why, Madame, why do you allow my brother to do these things to you?"

It was obvious to Nidhi that Rohan was upset. His face was flushed with anger and he was ringing his pale hands. "Why? Because I enjoy it, you idiot! Why do you ask me such stupid questions? Are you a man like your brother or just a child?" Tears welled up inside his eyes as he stood there before her. It was obvious her tone of voice had impacted him.

He was not nearly as masculine as Rohit. On occasion, Nidhi had wondered if perhaps Rohan was a homosexual. That would not have bothered her as she believed each person must live there own life, follow their own path. But the distinctly different personalities of the two brothers threw her. Of course, there were many things different between her sister and herself but still.

Rohan was nearly the opposite of his domineering brother, Rohit. "Yes, I am a man, Madame," he nearly stuttered on the words. "And as a man, I worship women. What my brother does to you is wrong. It is degrading and insulting to a woman such as you. I know you say you enjoy it, Madame, that so I speak out of turn. I know this.

But I also know that there are many men out there, Madame, that would appreciate it and treat you as you deserve." A faint flush from his speech slid over Rohan dark, lined face. Nidhi relented a bit of her hard exterior for a moment, seeing the passion from which Rohan spoke. "I know you may not approve but it is truly none of your concern.

But I do appreciate your concern, Rohan. I truly do. But, as you can see, I am fine. Perhaps you would care to sit here with me for a moment? I can offer you a cup of hot tea from the thermos." Rohan dark eyes met hers with a look of shyness. "You are kind to offer, Madame, but I am an employee of your father. I do not know if our taking tea together would be proper."

Nidhi could not help but laugh, the lightness of it brightening her sky blue eyes. "But I am not proper, yes? When have I ever been proper, Rohan? I do not intend to begin today. So sit." She patted the seat beside her with her free hand. "Let us enjoy a cup of tea like good traveling companions."

Rohan nervously took the seat beside her, unable to meet her eyes as she poured him a cup of the heavily sweetened tea, made to satisfy the lady. It was too sweet for him and barely lukewarm but he would not insult the Madame by telling her this. Rather, he quietly drank it, uncomfortable as he was being treated, momentarily at least, as an equal by Madame.

He quickly drained the cup and handed it back to her as he rose to his feet. "I have had my say, Madame, and now if you will excuse me, I will return to my duties." He bowed his head slightly towards her as he step backwards from the compartment, sliding the door shut once more behind him, leaving Nidhi alone with nothing but her thoughts for company.

She smiled as she went over the events of the day so far in her mind. The embarking of the trip at the station, the lovely ass fuck from Rohit and the doting of his brother Rohan were all well and good but she needed something more to occupy her mind while the train hurtled over the iron tracks, speeding its way to Italy. She wondered what had caused her father to summon her so shortly.

It was not like him at all as he tended to be a great planner and always considerate of the movement of others. He had not bothered to ask if Nidhi had had a previous engagement before he had ordered her to him. She supposed whatever it was must be rather urgent for her papa to have forgotten his well-learned manners.

It didn't truly matter for she would find out soon enough but still her mind was a bit like gears, whirring on constantly over thoughts and ideas of why she had been summoned. She sipped her tea, which was now rather cold, as she watched the countryside pass her by outside the train compartment window.

Her thoughts turned to Rohit with a smile. He was an excellent lover. He did enjoy all forms of sexual pleasure but anal sex was a favorite of his. When she had first taken him as a lover, she did not have much experience in that particular form of pleasure but Rohit had been a great teacher.

He was a very strong and stubborn man, domineering and rather controlling but she enjoyed that about him. Being rich and powerful as she was, it was usually she who was throwing her weight around. It was nice to have someone tell her what to do for a change. They had begun their affair almost a year ago.

Rohit and Rohan had been her bodyguards for months at that point and during another one of her European jaunts, she had become bored and began to flirt with the ever patient Rohit. He would have none of it and quickly turned the tables upon her, taking the lead in the seduction. She was pleased to have such a strong man as a lover, even if it was only on occasion and in secret.

Most of the men her age and in her circle did not excite her in the least. They seemed to preoccupied either with making money or their looks or both. Nidhi knew she was vain herself and she certainly did not want to be in a relationship with another person as vain as or vainer than her.

But soon her thoughts came to a halt as the train lurched to a stop so suddenly she was nearly thrown across her compartment. Before she could even straighten herself, the door was pushed open and Rohit dashed in. "Are you alright, Madame?" he asked, his gaze running over her. Her suit was disheveled; the skirt had worked its way up to her waist.

Her bare ass was displayed for all to see. "I'm fine. Help me up." She ordered in her usual frosty voice. But instead of replying, he merely growled and hoisted her until she sprawled half on and half off the train seat. "What are you doing?" "Shut up!" he barked as he tore down her stockings, ripping them off her body as he undid his pants with the other.

"I'm tired of playing by your rules. My turn." "Are you crazy?" She screamed as his meaty hand reached down and pressed the back of her head into the cushions of the seat. "Shut up!" he yelled again, pulling her head up long enough to shove something into her mouth, something made of fabric.

Effectively muffling her for now, his hands went to her slim hips and yanked them back and up until she was positioned with her ass high in the air. With that, he slammed his cock inside her cunt, fucking her with deep thrusts. She was dry and unready but he did not care. It was time she got what she deserved. She had used him for her pleasures so now he was using her for his.

She groaned into the gag as he took her hands behind her back, quickly binding her wrists together with the remnants of her stockings. Now unable to move, he could fuck her brains out without interference. And that is what he proceeded to do. His long thick cock was firmly ensconced inside her tight cunt.

He grunted with the sweet effort of it as he began to pound away inside her, pulling out only to shove it back in. Her muffled cries of pain and terror were music to his ears as he raped the woman who had tormented and treated him like her personal sex slave for months.

Now she would finally see who was in charge he thought as he fucked her hard and fast, not caring if she was in pain or not. The lousy bitch deserved whatever she got. His anger and disgust at how she had used him, having him at her beck and call, was all the incentive he needed to fuck her hard. His cock was his weapon as he pierced her body with it over and over.

She flailed helplessly in her misery, her bound arms useless, as he used her like the fucking whore she truly was. His balls were filled even after using her earlier. He had fantasized about this moment for weeks. And now it had finally arrived. He was raping the bitch like the dog in heat she was. He was slamming into her so hard he didn't even notice when the train began to move again.

Not that that would stop him. He knew Rohan was off having a smoke and as it was his brother would not interfere. Rohit raped the bitch before him without pause, without hesitation and without mercy. His balls slapped against her nakedness, the sound ringing out, filling the train compartment as the months of desire finally overwhelmed him and he shot his load inside her cunt.

After he caught his breath and finished emptying the last of his sperm inside her, he pulled his cock out and spun her around, pushing her down until she sat upon the seat. He removed the gag and immediately she began to sputter. "I'll have you fired for that, you pig! You raped me! My father will kill you!"

He covered his mouth quickly with his hand so no one else on the train car would hear her. "You will do nothing. You will say nothing. I have made sure of that." It was then he tossed the photos onto her lap, laughing. He had had them taken over the course of their "affair". Some he had taken himself. Some Rohan or one of her other employees had taken for him.

In all of them, it was obvious she was allowing him to use her and enjoying it immensely. "If you tell a soul, I send copies of these to the tabloids. You can keep these. I have the negatives and plenty of copies. I was thinking about giving a set to your father while we are there." She picked them up and spread them in her hand like a deck of cards.

They were damning, that was for sure. In most, her face was visible and her passion was written upon it. It would be difficult for her to cry rape when, no if, these photos became public. "Fuck you. You think you can blackmail me? Fine, what do you want, Rohit? Name your price." He laughed, his hand reaching up to caress her cheek. "I do not want your money.

I want you. Revenge is a dish best served cold after all. We have just begun my whore. Soon I will show and teach you ways to please me that you could never have imagined. Consider that. Some of it you may find very pleasing so don't be too upset. I think you will suit my purposes very nicely. Paybacks are a bitch after all, as the Americans say."

He laughed again and turned, pulling up his pants and straightening himself. "Think about it. If you prefer, however, I can give the copies to your father in Italy when we get there. It is your decision after all so consider your answer carefully," he commanded as he strode out of the compartment, leaving her alone with her thoughts once more.

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Hi friends & debonairblog.com, I Rahul Ghanchi, back with third part, this time I take some time to narrate this story, bcoz I get too many comments, so I rewrite the whole story for your fulfillment and entertainment…

MOM and Uncle’s ex-marital relationship gets a jackpot in next week. Father is going outside for a business tour for a week. MOM and Satish uncle takes holidays on those days for enjoying the finest moments they get by chance.

It was Sunday and my father’s train is early in morning at 6 o’clock. He departed from home at 5 o’clock. MOM gets up early at 4 o’clock for preparation and arrangement of father’s bag and other jobs. So after father departed from home, she take a long sleep, as it was Sunday so there is no hurry to wake-up for office.

I have also holidays for board exams. But I have a tight schedule of study. I’m going for coaching at 9 am and come at 12 noon. After taking lunch I study till 3 pm and then take a good sleep till 6-7 pm. Then I finished exchanging notes with friends and in the night I studied from 9 pm to late night till 12 am. After then I wake-up early in morning and studied from 4 am to 7 am.

At 9 am MOM wake-up and prepares tea and breakfast for two of us. After having tea and breakfast, she starts cleaning and other home job. I take a bath and start my studies. MOM tells that Satish uncle is coming for lunch, so when I finished my studies, I have to make arrangement of some sweets from market. I say OK.

I don’t get shocked bcoz I know that would be happen, as father is out of city, there is a big chance to share their erotic moments without a break & hold. After finishing the studies, I goto the market and buy some sweets and came back to home at 12 pm. MOM is busy in the kitchen. The lunch is almost ready and now she wants to go for a bath.

So she tells me that uncle is on the way, if he comes, sit with him in drawing room and give him a company. As MOM goes for a bath, uncle ring the bell. I opened the door, he has a small bag in his hand, I get the plan in my mind that he is staying at our home during their holidays. We are sitting in the drawing room and watch TV.

After some time MOM enters in the drawing room wearing a pink satin nighty. Most of MOM’s nighties are transparent, front open and don’t have button, only a lace string is knotted. But this time due to day time she wears non-transparent nighty, but the nighty gives her a sober sexy day look.

She puts on some lite make-up, like light pink lipstick with matching lip gloss on his fully kissable pout and add mascara in her eyes. Inside the nighty she wears dark shades undergarments only (MOM always wears contrast shades undergarments; like dark shade undergarments with light shade dress and light shade undergarments with dark shade dresses,

it makes her sexier, even in simple dresses). MOM and uncle sit on sofa and chats each other for half an hour. I go to my room and start my studies again. At around 1 pm MOM calls me to take lunch. We finished the lunch; the lunch is delicious and heavy, sweets are also tasty. MOM starts finishing kitchen’s cleaning job while uncle helps her to clean the dining table.

After then they both sits in drawing room and starts chatter-patter while I enjoys watching TV for half an hour. It’s time around 2 pm of noon. I say to MOM that due to heavy lunch I feel sleepy and want to go for a sleep. MOM utters with a smile OK dear, go and take some relax. I know that both are wants this situation.

I enter to my bedroom for sleeping and after 10 minutes they both enter into MOM’s bedroom. Before entering MOM confirms that I fell sleep or not. Satish uncle holds MOM from waist and he looks towards MOM with a naughty smile. MOM’s face also gets the blush with the think of the actions which they have planned for a week long journey.

They have a week long chance of fulfill their passions of romance with the spice of sex. Uncle utters in MOM’s ears Kaamini aaj to main tumhe bahot pyar se dheere dheere chodunga. MOM smiles and says aaj tum mujhe jitna marji jahan chahe chodo main tumhe nahin rokungi, aaj tum mujhe itna chodna ki zindagi bhar ki pyas bujh jaaye.

Uncle puts his lips on MOM’s full kissable juicy lips and starts sucking. MOM also enjoys the sucking, she hold his head and fingering in his hair. After enjoying smooching uncle lifts her and put on the bed. MOM gives a bottle of olive oil to uncle and tells to massage her. Before starting uncle undressed him-self and leave only his chaddi on his body.

And then he undressed MOM and removes her all clothes. MOM covers herself with a towel and lied on bed. Uncle starts massaging. First he starts massaging from her butt to leg. MOM enjoys his hard touch and feels relax. Then uncle rides on her butt and start massaging her back. His hands move hardly on MOM’s soft body, MOM enjoys every stroke of the massage.

After finishing the back-side he turns her and starts massaging onto front side. First he applies oil from neck to her big boobies. He dips some oil on her jumbo mangoes and start massaging in round. MOM enjoys every stroke of his hardness. Now uncle moves his hand on her mangoes from bottom to upwards. MOM starts feeling the erotic moment in massaging and starts moaning.

Ummmmmmmmm……. Ohhhhhhhhhh……. Satisssshhhhhh aur jor se dabao. Now the sounds of enjoy is coming out of her bedroom. Then uncle starts massaging to her juicy honey pot (chut) area. MOM’s honey pot is clean shaved maybe she just done it today. Uncle spread her legs, and pours some oil in his hand and start rubbing MOM’s milky juicy honey pot.

MOM’s milky honey pot is became red and fills with juice with the strokes of massage. MOM moans aur jor se ragdo meri chut ko, satissssshhhhhh. But uncle stops rubbing bcoz her chut fills with juice. He put his tongue on her chut and sucks all her juice which is filled by the erotic massage. MOM enjoys the tongue fucking and sucking.

She presses uncle’s head towards his chut and force to fuck her chut with hardness. After few minutes MOM release her juice onto uncle’s face and feels the erotic moment which she enjoys. After fucking her with his tongue uncle turned her to back again. MOM lifts her butt onto her two and uncle parts her butt and makes visible her asshole.

As MOM says to uncle, he finds her gaand, really kori. Uncle utters Kaamini tumhari gaand to sachmuch bahot tight hai, aaj tumhari is kori gaand ko main apne mote land ka swad chakha hi deta hoon. And uncle pours some oil into her asshole and starts rubbing the middle part of her butt.

After rubbing the middle part for few minutes he wet his middle finger and inserts slowly into MOM’s asshole. MOM feels easy and don’t get much pain bcoz of oil. He fingered her gaand for few minutes with one finger, and after few minutes feels it easy in-out. MOM also feels easy in-out.

After then uncle wets his two fingers with oil and inserts slowly into the MOM’s gaand. This time MOM gets much pain and she shouts to uncle oh…, Satish…… dheere-dheere ghusao, tumko maine pehle hi bola tha meri gaand kori hai, tumhare siwa isse kisi ne nahi chua. Uncle replies tum chinta mat karo Kaamini, kori gaand ko kaise dheela karna hai, main acchhi tarah janta hoon,

aaj ki chudayi ke baad tumhari gaand mere lund ke liye kaise tadpti hai, aur tum bhi har waqt apni gaand marwane ke liye tadpogi. And he continues his moves slowly, but still it gets pain to MOM. After few minutes of fingering MOM feels relief and don’t get much pain. Now MOM’s gaand is greasy for taking inside uncle’s monster lund.

It’s MOM’s turn now. They exchanged the position and MOM rides on uncle. She pulls down uncle’s chaddi and his 8 inch monster dick dangling out of his chaddi. MOM holds it and pulls down its foreskin. Uncle utters in passion, oh god…… Kaamini, aaj to tum mujhe maar hi daalogi. She brings Vaseline cream and rubs on her hand.

Some cream she poured on uncle’s monster dick and starts blowjob. She moves her hand in up-down position and increased speed bit by bit. After few minutes of blowjob uncle’s giant dicks come in his full form and ready to explore MOM’s kori gaand. MOM licks it and make it wet.

Then again she applies Vaseline cream on it, especially on its head, to make it greasy, so it explores her gaand easily. Now it’s time to screw MOM’s gaand. Uncle told MOM to hold bed tightly and stand on her two. MOM holds bed where it touches to the wall and posed like a ghodi.

Before starting uncle pour some oil into her gaand and tells MOM to fingering her chut with one hand so her gaand became loose. MOM utters to uncle, Satishhhh… is kori gaand ko bahot dheere dheere phaadna. Uncle replies tum chinta mat karo meri jaan Kaamini, main itne pyar se tumhari gaand maarunga ki tumhe pata bhi nahi chalega.

MOM says naughtily maine tumhe gaand phaadne ke liye bola hai gaand marne ke liye nahi, jab pata hi nahi chalega to gaand phadwane me kya maja aayega, kya tumhe nahin pata dard me hi maja hai, shuru me jitna dard hoga aakhir me usse jyada maja aayega. MOM follows to uncle what he says,

and then uncle put his 8 inch long and 3 inch thick monster dick’s head onto MOM’s gaand. His dick is also greasy due to Vaseline cream. After putting on the hole, he inserts slowly his monster dick into MOM’s gaand, as he enters half dick MOM cries and utters, oh Satishhhh… apna mota land dheere se ghusao. Uncle also get pain bcoz MOM’s gaand is kori and tight.

He utters, Kaamini… tumhari kori gaand to bahot tight hai, itna tel daalne pe bhi chikni nahi huyi, shuru me thoda dard hoga, lekin thodi der baad mera mota land tumhe jannat ki sair karayega, jahan se tum kabhi waapis nahin aana chahogi, aur baar baar wahan jana chahogi, meri jaan. Uncle takes out his half dick after inserting.

He does this action for few minutes, after that MOM feels easy in-out of his half dick. She utters satish ab samay aa gaya hai meri gaand phaadne ka, apna lund pura ghusa do aur mujhe jannat ki sair karao. Uncle obeys MOM’s words and with a bang he inserts his full monster dick into MOM’s gaand and both cries with the mixture of pain and joy, he moves his dick slowly.

MOM also moves his hips towards his dick and helps his dick to get fully inside, both moves slowly. After few minutes of slow motion, uncle feels easy in-out of his monster dick into MOM’s gaand. MOM also starts moaning with joy, dheere dheere speed badhao satish, yes… dheere dheere…, aur andar jaane do… pura ghusa do.

But uncle pull out his monster dick and then he inserts again his fully erected monster dick with a full force and start pumping MOM’s gaand wildly. MOM starts moaning phaad do meri gaand…….aur tej… aur jor se….yes…. oh god……..Satishhhh… u r great…….aur tumhara ye mota land bahot mast aur kamaal ka hai… I’m cuming…...

Uncle also utters tumhari kori gaand phaadne me bahot maja aa raha hai Kaamini….meri biwi ki kori gaand bhi itni tight nahi thi……..oh god, tumhari chut aur gaand dono hi bahot mast hai…mera land to nihaal ho gaya…yes….and both are reaches to their climax. Uncle release his white milk into MOM’s gaand,

but he don’t stop pumping bcoz his milk makes MOM’s gaand slippier, so his monster dick can’t stop. MOM also says abhi mat rukna Satish darling…..main jannat main hu……..mujhe is jannat ka pura maja lootne do…….. Don’t stop…please……mmmm……..yes………oh my god.

Tumhare mote land ne aaj mujhe aur meri gaand ko nihaal kar diya……aaj se, abhi se meri ye gaand sirf tumhari ho gayi hai…… tum jitna marji, jab chaho isey phaad sakte ho… ohhhhhhhh……. tumne sahi kaha tha……….ab meri gaand sirf tumhare land ki hi pyaasi rahegi…… main bhi sirf tumse hi apni gaand phadwaoongi…….

i’m cummmmmming again…Both are looked tired, and finally they stop and fall down on bed. Both are breathing heavily. Satish uncle lies on MOM and kisses her. Few minutes later after relaxing MOM gets up and kissed his monster dick and sucks his wet lund with the milk he releases.

After then MOM enters in bathroom and wipe his body with towel and get fresh. MOM wears the nighty and then they sleeps together covering blanket for about 2 hour. I also feel sleepy so I closed my eyes. Satish uncle give a hard and wild fuck to MOM’s gaand and she (both) enjoys it very much. Uncle also enjoys very much fucking MOM’s kori and tight gaand.

So, friends it’s time to take a break, I want to finish the story in this part but it becames too long so I convert it in two, so hold your breathes for final part…… where I tell you some emotions too…

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Love story of Jaanu and Chinnu

Hi guys, Plz forgive me if my English is bad. This is jaanu(not real) a 23 yr old guy from Bangalore. Am going to tell u a true incident which took place in my. This is not completely a sex story it’s a luv story wit some sort of sex involved. One who r here to read sex stories can switch on to someother story & its my kind request.

Ok guys I was a student of engg & my chinnu is also engg student from different branch when this incident happened. She’s from village but never wanted to show up that while talking.. even she dressed like normal city gal.. She’s of 5.2” in height & her face is quite big& looked cute only sometimes.. Don’t know abt her figure.. At the end of 2nd yr we met each other officially.

(b4 that I ve seen her many times because we had few common frnds) & she was so friendly to each other. Its because of cell phone We became frnds in very short period ( to be frank I was in luv with some other gal x at that time & I believ its also a true one & ofcourse single sided & 1 more gal loved me but its 4m her side & I liked her).

ofcourse she’s my best frnd n I shared each 7 every thing with her. My chinnu always asked abt me n x & also helped in few things.. As it was one sided luv I proposed x & got negative response.. I became so depressed & that time chinnu helped me lot & she started loving me.. I too started liking her..

we became so close that we feared that we may have to leav each other so I asked her to marry me.. She really dumbfolded fa an instance & agreed readily.. We went to banglore to see her frnd at that time I asked her fa a kiss.. But she didn’t allow me to kiss her.. She just let me to put my hands over her waist, but after repeated forcing she agreed & let me to kiss her fore finger.

After a week she was in reference hall, reading fa exams.. I was at home said her while chatting through sms that am feeling to kiss her on her lips.. But she said I can kiss only to her forehead as a symbol of care.. So I went to reference & as were no one except few guys I kissed her on her forehead, eyes, nose & cheeks,, Again asked her to kiss me she did the same…

Then she said she wants to read so go back home &let her read.. but I said b4 going I wanna kiss her again so she agreed but this time along with her cheeks I planted my kiss on her lips.. She got shock.. she was happy even thought felt bad fa that..Then we kissed many times when we got chance, then hugging became common.

Then once while hugging I put my hands on her hips.. She resisted that.. then French kiss all became common.. But I was very eager to explore her body so I wanted to touch her belly button & waist.. Initially she didn’t agree but because of my force she agreed.. None of our got a hint of our love & sexual acts.. On my birthday she gave me a gift that I cant forget.

She allowed me to touch her boobs (only on her salwar) which I squeezed n bite her nipples kissed.. She was a perfect smoocher… She liked my lips more than any part n my body.. Once we went to a Tamil movie (we both dnt knw tamil) where Ias usually touched her belly naked.. But I got some courage & tried to move up near her boobs.

She allowed me to squeeze her boobs upon bra.. When I tried to enter her bra she resisted lot.. But finally I succeeded & touched her nipples & even took entire boob(right one) n squeezed. But after that incident both got depressed fa what happened there in theatre.. I consoled her & said it’s not a sin & all then she got convinced.. She was my wife.

I loved her lot more than my life. Then once I took her to my sisters place, introduced her to my sis.. But I kept touching chinnu behind her… In final sem we had project fa that I stayed at Banglore & she was doing her project in college.. Once she came to Banglore I took her to show my room.

I was not able to control my sexual desires I removed all my clothes except undeawear.. She was looking at my bulge in shock..She touched that over undie.. Then I took her in my arms & took her to bed.. I layed on her slept on her & continuously explored her mouth fa abt 10 min.. Then I kissed her face, neck, boobs,till toes.

I lifted her kameez till her boobs & fa first time I saw her boobs under her white bra.. she not allowed me to remove her bra & I also not forced as I thought she will be mine only… But I kissed her nipples, boobs over her bra n& bited her nipples bit roughly so she moaned in pain.. Fa me she was looking cute but today I felt her like a child.. I loved her lot…

Then we both watched a blue film(mysore Mallige) she never saw such a thing before she got shy & excited.. In that movie d gal gave his guy a blow job & he fucked her well.. His shots made my gal to fear that I also may fuck her roughly like in movie.. I convinced her that I wont use her roughly & will fuck only when she feel less pain as possible..

Then I came behind her hugged tightly, she turned herself to me then I inserted my hands under her pant & panties this time she didn’t resisted… We kept kissing again fa long time.. Then we both dressed up.. I served her milk & left to our native,.. We used to chat sexily where I was telling her to remove her dress, press her boobs,

insert her fingers by thinking her finger as my dick this way we got marry mentally & I started her calling as my wife.. Our love was increasing day by day.. I called her home when I was alone & my family members were out of station.. Same thing happened what happened in room… we both enjoyed lot..

After that our graduation completed she got a job nearby her village & I came to banglore.. We both became busy but we always used to talk over phone fa hours together But it decreased as she stopped messaging me, by saying she’s busy.. But me and my frnds thought to go fa an outing to Manglore.. In our team there was a couple except us & nobody knew about us..

Then while going we just slept together without much action.. there we stayed fa two days enjoyed lot in beaches.. She liked watching across the beach & it sun was almost disappeared she kissed me more than 20 times while waliking & asked me to kiss her again & again.. I dnt know how she gained that courage to kiss me in public.. I was scared that day to be frank..

Then we came to room & slept.. In the morning I came to her & slept beside her.. I took her hand, she touched my dick nakedly fa first tim.. She liked that very much & kept surveying the size of it (mine is almost 6-6.5” long with 3” girth) That day she touched my dick fa two more times.. We checked out the lodge in the night & got into bus..

As we didn’t get reservation we found hard to get seat.. But luckily we got seat in a Rajahamsa bus but we got seat in the last where 4 of us sat together… As bus started moving I took her hand in my hand & wa s very happy to spend two day & night with her.. the lights of the bus were switched off after sometime..

I felt to kiss her I saw everyone & my frnds beside me found them asleep then I kissed her lips & started exploring her mouth.. Then I put my hands all over her upper portion & was feeling her.. She took my hand & kept it over her vagina over the pant.. I was out of control by such a romantic moment & unhooked her pant & put my fingers under her panties, directly into her cunt.

She moaned sexily while inserted my two fingers inside it.. Pushed my finger to & fro but didn’t push finger more deep as I didn’t wanted to tear her virginity… She enjoyed it lot and even she cummed fastly.. again I did the same thing… She took my dick n touched it gently… Fa sometime we enjoyed sex …

I didnt know when I slept And when I opened my eyes we were about to reach Bangalore.. I went to office directly from bus stand & she left to her village.. In the evening when I called her she was depressed because f my act of touching her pussy.. She even cried.. I too was depressed…

I was not able to convince her but I said u r still a virgin & am going to marry u… Then somewhat I convinced her..After few months chinnu’s frnd introduced me her colleague over a phone.. We started chatting & it turned to sex chat in very short time.. She was such a bitch that she started calling me to have sex in real within two days of our intro..

But I realized my mistake & asked her not to call again.. Fa that she said everything to Chinnu’s frnd & she said everything to chinu.. my chinnu lost trust on me.. I think she cried fawhole day.. Then asked her to forgive me & promised her that am not going to involve in such things..

She said she’ll forgive me when she slap me when we meet.. In next meet she slapped too.. But forgave me fa my mistake… Then I left my job to do masters, had been to many places across India.. once I visited Taj Mahal & called her from there & said I love you many times & said how much I missed her.

She was very happy & she too said I love u lot many times…Then I bought Tajmahal fa her and a dress material fa her… When I returned to Banglore I called her to meet me at station itself while coming someone stole my Taj mahal I left over with dress material.. I gave her that n she felt happy…

Then she started messaging me very rarely and calls were also reduced..After two months visit ti TAj One day I called her & asked she said she’s not loving me now N wanna be just a frnd.. N said she doesn’t have trust on me now..After 15 days her sister came to know abt us & also her cousin.. She completely left me while on other hand I still love her madly.

She gave my flirting as a reason(I stopped that flirting before six months completely) fa leaving me.. We broke up In Nov 2009.. Our 3.8 yrs love came to an end.. In the end she hurt me lot.. But now as I think she’s loving a guy.. She continuously changing her no to get rid of me…

Even today I want her to come back & am asking her for a last chance.. Still she’s my wife, my lover & my best frnd.. She will remain in my heart as my best frnd till I die… I still wanna marry her even though our castes r different. Now tell me wat u wanna tell both of us.

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Dear friends. Lot of people have fantastic sex experiance. But few are having the luck to see a lesbian action. Many people are explaining it from their imagination and sights. I am one gifted to see a perfect lesbian action for few days at the age of 12. The opportunity I got because of ny age. Ours is a big family and only on few occassions every body will assemble.

Normally it will be in the midsummer vacation and at that time it will be a real thrill in house. Always there will be full noice and men and women will be moving around. Lot of things used to happen and being I boy I was not clear about such things.Some of my elder brothers used to give some tips and I was unable to use it fully.

But I got enough opprtunity to mingle with elder ladies and hear some talks.The most attracted out of them were Preeja and Shreeja. Both of them studying in college and one is my aunt's daughter and other my mom's sister's daughter. They were very thick friends and always moved together. They will be always tit catting and I didn't understand their language.

Both liked me and used to give plesentries. So I too liked to be in their company. In that particular vacation both of them remained in my house even after all others left. their results were yet to come and they had to search new admission. My school started after vacation and I started going to class regularly.

Evening they used to ask me the topics I studied and kidded me for my answers. I felt ashamed but liked their presence. They used to sleep in the upstairs and I slept in a small room on the downstairs.One day unexpectedly a relative couple arrived and wanted to stay overnight. My mother asked the girls to spare the room for them for a day and they readily agreed.

That night they were adjusted in my room which is small. they agreed ti lie down and I was asked to occupy the coat as usual. My room had no attached toilet and I have to go out of the room for any need. My dad and mom were sleeping inthe main room. The guesta were talking for hours and the two sisters also engaged in the talk. By around 9pm I went to sleep and slept quickly.

At what time the girls came inside I don't know. Some time in the night I heard some sound and woke up from sleep. The two were lieing together in the bed on the floor and they were talking in mild tone. Through the window glass panes light was coming inside and I was able to se them clearly. They had embraised and one was keeping her leg over the other.

Her pelvis was rubbing against other's thigh. They were telling some thing and laughing. They were commenting about the couple and laughing. That lady was a well built one and had enough booty and boob. She had dressed well and many parts were seen out. her cleavage was very prominent through the wide neck blouse. on the back it was still horrible.

The width of the blouse wasjust sufficient to cover the bra strap. She had tucked her saree so low and the navel and surroundings were very clearly seen. When she walks the booty danced and it was nice to watch. One girl asked other whether it is too much for the age. Other said really. How he is managig her. He is so frill and lean. She will handle him now.

Poor man, what can he do on her. Why are you worried about him. We don't know how capable he is. Some skeleton fellows are dangerous I heard. Fellows with thin waist will have long dong. Have you seen. l have not seen. But I have heard. You like big or small. My god I can't accept long. It will pierce my cunt.If you get one like that what you will do. Some how to bear with that.

What they will be doing now. Go and see. Have you seen fucking. Don't ask such questions. Don't be so innocent.You are are going to have it soon. I will see then. Let me see now. What these girls are doing and talking I could not digest fully. They were laughing at the guest, then talking about the dick and cunt.

They weredoubting about the action of the couples and they were laughing and hugging. Any way I decided to keep awake and note their actions.One was rubbibg her thigh over other and by that her pelvis also rubbing on thigh. Slowly the hugging got tightening and one was complining about the tight. Both of them were in night gown and it started to move from legs.

Shall we go up and see what she is doing now. Please come. Don't make a seen. Lie here. They might have locked the door. You can only hear the sound. It will be puck,pluck. It is so wide from the look.l wanted to see what is he doing now. he will be doing this, she kissed her friend on the lip and released with a sound. She said nice once more.

She showed her mouth and other kissed still forcefully. This time the sound was more and other said take care, uncle and aunt will wake up. They will be in full form nothing to worry. they will not know if a bomb is bursted. You mean they still do. Why not. They are strong. What these girls are talking about my father and mother. What doing they are meaning.

I don't know. One slowly got over the other and started kissing her from top and other from bottom pressed the booty of the top.She slowly started to lift the gown of the top one. Top opened the gown neck buttons of the bottom and inserted her hand inside and pressed others boobs.

She was continuing it on both the boobs and the bottom lifted the gown of the top to the booty. Now I could see the lingerie of her.Now the pressing was directly on the booty. Kissing was going on at times and the sound of release reduced now. Top one now moved from the bottom and removed her gown.Now she is having only one ligerie and bra.

She removed her friend's gown also and both became ready for a show. their structure, size, colour and other aspects were more or less similar.My heart beat increased and wanted to know what is going to happen.Shreeja asked whether I am asleep. Preeja told he has reached midnight.

I smiled and waited for the next action. Both of them sat on the bed and hugged and they engaged in a serpentine hug. Both were pressing other's booty,boobs,back,belly and pelvis and murmuring.I staireed at them and wanted see the unseen so far.I have seen boobs of mature ladies many times. But this is not like that.

Both are in figting mood and one removed the bra of other and chewed her nipples one after other. She was pressing her breast more to other's mouth and asked to take it full in mouth. It happened. She took one full breast in mouth and made a funny nasal sound. Now one was sitting on other's lap with widely spread. by the time she took other breast in mouth her bra was removed.

Now they have only one ligerie on the waist.I wanted to se that clearly. One was rubbing her belly on other's pelvis and slowly she stood up in that position and brought her hip near other's mouth. her ligeie was pulled down and unfortunately she was standing with her booty towards me.

I tried my level best to peep but nothing is seen. She was pressing her pelvis on other's mouth and her action I could see. other one pressed on her booty with two hands and made the same kissing sound in her mouth. She was kissing in her cunt. She asked to bite on it and put the tongue inside. She roared and pressed her head to her pussy and gave hevy jerks and screamed.

I got puzzled and looked at her. she stood like thad and sheaverd for a while and released her grip.Now she turned and I was very close to her pelvis. I saw her bush and the slit. There was a small projection from the slit and I understood it as the clit after so many years. She spend no time and asked other to lie and kept her legs spread.

The feet was resting on the bed and she sat in between her legs. She lowered her head to her pussy and first licked like a dog. Now I could see from top the clear work on the pussy. My dick developed a jerk.my dick is small and semen was not formed at that time. I have mastrubated hering friends version but it will give only a jerk and stop.

For a few seconds a different sence will be there. After that slight pain will be there and if shaking is given hard burning sensation will start.Now preeja is down and shreeja is licking her cunt. Preeja is a bit fatter than Shreeja and her bush is thicker than other.I was unable to see the projecting thing. Now with two fingers she spread her lips and I saw a small thing inside.

She pressed others to that she licked it several times. At the time of fast licking the sound was exactly similar to dog drinking water. She just pressed her mouth to it and sucked the part and I saw the small piece in her mouth. She kept it between lips and did some thing. Preeja started moaning.She lifted her hips and gave more access to suck.

Shreeja lifted her booty with two hands and pressed her head and inserted her tongue inside the kitty. Her full tongue disappeared and Preeja requeted to keep it like that. She shook her buts and in quick succesion and settled on bed. Shreeja glide over Preeja and lied on her body in hugged position.

My dick jumped several times and I put my hand inside the brief. I gave shake and with in no time the orgasm developed. I was terribly feeling sleepy and slept. I don't know how far I slept. Mother was calling from outside as it was already morning. All of us hurriedly woke up and proceeded for the jobs. Mother asked me why you are so late to wake up.

They are free and can take rest. You have to go school. I did't say any thing. I was going on thinking yesterday's scene. The two are taking tea as if nothing is happened and I was ashamed to look at them. I have seen every thing and they are pretending like pure, perfect girls. I got ready fast to attend school. The whole day I was unable to concentrate any thing in class.

I felt asleep also in the class and my teacher scolded me. The scenes were coming like a film in me. Some how I finished the class and as soon as reached home slept for some time. I told my mother not to distrube me as I am feeling very sleepy. I woke up from sleep and washed to become fresh. The twins were laundering there.

They may be planning for tonight and I didn't know what will be the action. My mother invited the guests to stay for one more day. they hesitated first due to some reasons but after mother's compeltion they agreed to extend the stay for one more day. Twins came to know about this and decided to peep inside their room in the night.

They were chit chatting in mild tones and planned some thing. I knew that from there talk and they never suspected me since they were not knowing my hearing their talk on the previous day. That Seeja is very smart and she went inside the top room and made the latch locked and kept the key in safe custody. So the top room door was not fully closable and she came out.

That night also mother father and guests were talking so many things. At my time I went to sleep. After some time the twins returned to my room and lied on the bed. I was waiting for their arrival and pretented in deep sleep. Shreeja told Preeja about her plan to see the show of the guests. She said she is going up and occcupy the room under the coat and come afterwards.

I will explain the things and we will sleep.She went up like a cat and no sound was heard afterwords. The forum dispersed and every body went to their rooms. I was anxiously waiting for the top girl to come down and hear the news. I looked at Preeja and she was rolling on the bed and pressing on her boobs and thighs. She was restless and often lifted her head and looked at me.

I kept quite and pretented sleep. After some time she lifted her gown and put her hand inside the lingerie. Then I opened my eyes half and closely watched her action. She slowly pulled down the undie and threw to one side. Now I was able to see her private part. She rubbed over it and pulled the pubic hair.

This continued for some time and then inserted one finger in the cunt and moved to and fro. According to the action she was jerking her hip and making some sound. The speed slowly increased and finally pressed the hand fully on the pussy and kept like that. She shook her hip in jerks and made a long mourn and lied like that.

Still the pose was like that only and I was able to see her free booty and thighs. My dick got disturbed and hardened. I was afraid to shake since Preeja is awaken. If she happen to look and see me shaking the dick every thing will break. I kept both hands on my dick over the trusers and lied facing the wall. It was slightly throbbing. I lied like that and it was not settling.

I just turned my head in that position and watched what she was doing. She was about wake up and I kept my earlier position. I could hear the noice of her steps and she walked out of the room slowly and went to the stair case side. After two minutes she arrived and came near my bed and sat on the tip. She closely looked at my face and made sure that I am sleeping.

I could feel her deep breath sound and I was puzzled. Still I kept cool and didn't move at all.She is my aunt's daughter and I wondered what is she going to do. She gave a nice kiss on my cheak and again watched me for my reation. As she found no reaction she slowly placed her hand on my thighs and moved the hands inside the trusers. It slowly poked inside and reached the brief.

in all these embarassing situation my dick which was in erected condition had shrunk. Her fingers were searching for it and one finger intered the brief and touched the dick. With one finger she was rubbing on the cock and a few strokes made it to move.I didn't move at all and waited for the rest. She got confidence and decided to go further since I am fast asleep.

My dick was pulled out of the brief and she started shaking it nicely and smoothly. It slowly came to almost full erection. It is not a matured cock and skin retraction was impossible. She was making attempts to withdraw the skin and it gave me irritation. gave a hit on her hand as in sleep and she stopped it. She was checking the hole at tip for any wetness but semen is not formed fully.

She wanted to know whether I attained an orgasm. She wanted to do some thing before that I presumed. Yes, what I presumed is correct. She made me to lie straight on back and kept her pussy over my face by standing on her knees and brought her face to my dick. She spread well and brought her crack to my face and took my dick in her mouth.

She sucked fully from the balls to the tip and that made me alighted.The softnes of her mouth and warmth and the saliva made the dick to throb and she pressed her slit to my mouth. Unknowlingly my mouth opened and the entire bush and lip was in mouth. She pressed and sucked.She was shevering and mourning and her action speeded up.

I develoed my ususal orgasm while mastrubating and much nicely and she was still continuing her action. It took few more minutes and she gave her final press to allow a sticky fluid to pass my mouth.I was feeling restless and uncomfortable and some how she didn't prolong that position. She went to bed and lied on her front as if nothing is happened.

Shreeja entered the room after some time and lied near friend.First thing was her kissing on friend's face and telling in mild tone her sight in the aunt's room. That slim man is not as we think, he has very good stamina and made her to cry. She is only posing and pretends in front of others.

I winessed today the real thing and they had two shots today. first one was on the bed and I could not see it fully. They were talking in sizziling language and I thought she will press him to death. I just kept quite under the coat and when the rhythm got faster and hardened I just peeped up. They were in full form and never suspected any third person there.

That lady was at bottom and he was standing on his knee between her thighs and the legs were on his shoulder. His pumping was super with full force and speed.Every stroke it was making splashing nioce he pressed her boobs throughly. She was screeming for each stroke and requestiong him to reduce the pressure.

He scolded in foul language and incresed the speed like a piston in engine. She lost control and said her mouth is getting dry and the hands fell on the bed. Luckily he attained orgasm and lied on her. My cunt was bursting with lust but what to do. It was like this she said and stood on her knee and rubbed her cunt to preeja's cunt by keeping her legs on the shoulder.

The kissing and rubbing was going on in full swing and I saw the action fully from my bed.Shreeja asked preeja to press her but hard and rub the pussies.After few minutes they became one by entangling all parts. I don't know how long they lied like that. After some time again I heard them talking about the same.Preeja was asking friend how was the second shot.

Shw was in a hurry to hear that since she got hot by the fingering of pussy by friend. The second shot was on the floor in a standing pose. That bulky stuff was a bit reluctent to have it but her husband took her by force. She was telling about tiredness but he wanted to have one more. Shreeja took care very much to hide her from them.

Since the light was dim and her presence is not expected they took it casually. She said they had alredy had some action on bed. She heard some funny sound od sucking, kissing, slapping and all. Then both of them came to floor and the man sat on the chair there and she sat on his lap.Shreeja thought his thigh bone will break but nothing happened.

She was sitting spread and she could see her pussy well. It was very bushy and the slit was not clear. In that position he fingered her and his finger went up and down in the slit.Then the length was understood and with two finger he opened up it several times. His other hand was pressing the boobs and it was as big as coconut.

Its black circle and nipple were not seen very clearly, but it is also good in size. He was kissing on her neck and pils by turning her face. She slowly strted gasping and mildly mourning. At that time he asked her to stand and made her to stand with the hands on the chair. From back he pressed her head closed to the chair seat and placed the legs sufficiently spread.

He sat behind her and inserted two fingers in her cunt and pocked. It started to make slushy sound. Then he stood on his foot and She saw his hardened dick.It is not less than six to seven inches in leghth and dark in colour. He inserted the tip first in the slit and gave a swivelling motion. Then she heard sound as if a stone is put in the slushy soil.

She screemed and he ploughed like a dog.He was holding on her pelvis and for every shot his pelvis hit on her buts. with one hand he slapped on her but and asked to push hard. her movement was slow and finally he made some peculiar sounds and pulled out his dick and sprayed his cum on her but.

Preeja fell on her friend and presssed her cunt in her mouth and started sucking Shreejas cunt. Both were sucking partners cunts. I came to know after words about theis pose as 69. They simply forgot every thing. They even forgot that I am sleeping on the nearby coat. It was terrible action like snakes copulating.

Lot of hissing, sucking, pressing,licking,biting,slappig and scolding happened during the process and finally separated and embased. I had one orgasm by smearing on my dick and slept. Next day the guests left to their place and while bidding farewell the two chicks were smiling in a special style.

Sheeja said in a sarcastic style whether aunty enjoyed the stay there. She nodded her head and again Shreeja asked her to take care of her health. I lost the opportunity of being with them afterwords and satisfied with mastrubation.Preeja at least got the sence of an immature dick and she kept it as top secret.

After growing up and understanding things I feel I lost all chances. I had golden opportunity to enjoy but unfortunately the condition was unfavourable. But I am satisfied as many can't get this opportunity to see and enjoy the teen lesbian show live.

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Hot fuck session of Rahul with Priya

Hi all, Ive been thinking of sharing my stories for a very long time now, but Ive been to lazy to type the whole thing out.... anyway, so here goes. My name is Rahul and im from Pune, Im 28 years old, average looking, lean,tall fellow. This incident happened around 3 years ago when I first fucked Priya.

I have known priya since donkeys years and also had fanatsies about her, sexual of course but I could never open up because I was going pretty steady with my girlfriend back then. Priya is from Pune as well and is 25 years old. A short cute gal, with plump ass cheeks, a nice round face and perfectly shaped and sized boobies, beautiful flowing hair,fucking sexy legs and yes shes very fair too.

I'm not really good at stats but if I have to tell you she is well proportioned and a tiny winy bit on the fleshy side. It was a warm thursday afternoon that I was browsing thru my old text messages and there was one sent by Priya, I instinctively called her up and chatted for about half an hour as I was calling her after a very long time,

and obviously being friends the conversation lead to we both being single and then to catch up on the weekend and we ended the conversation. But I should tell you guys that before this I had NEVER made a sexual pass at her, all my feelings I had simply kept to myself. The same evening I tried calling her again at around 10:30 PM but she sent me a text saying that

she cant answer the phone as her folks are around and we can chat via sms, so after a few flirtly messages she said she'll call me in half an hour, when she called I asked if we should go out on the weekend to some nice quiet place, have a few drinks and chill out, to my surprise she said yes that would be nice, and she knows a resort which is not very far away and is pretty nice,

I asked her if we can stay there overnight to which she refused, which was understandable as she comes from a very conservative marathi brahmin background, and her parents are a very typical marathi orthodox kinda people, I said im okay with a day trip as well. So it was eventually decided that we will meet on saturday morning 11 and then head to the resort on her bike.

I jerked off immediately after having the conversation as I was so hot for her. The whole of friday I did not jerk off as I wanted to be to my full potential on the 'D- DAY' So on saturday morning she called me before she was about to leave her house and I got dressed immediately, made sure to carry the condoms in my pockets and I caught a rickshaw and reached the meeting point.

And there she was waiting for me, as soon as she saw me she had a big, beautiful smile on her face.... I ran to her and hugged her tight, she responded by doing the same, I could feel those lovely boobs against my chest, although I couldn't really make out much of her figure as she was wearing a kinda loose fitting salwar kameez,

so I got on the pillion seat as she was riding and we headed off towards the destination, on the way we stopped and picked up a half bottle of Vodka for her and my customary old monk quarter. WE reached the resort, this one was pretty familiar to me as I had been there a few times before and im sure so had she.

I was a bit apprehensive, I was thinking that by a resort she would mean like a theme park or a nice garden restaurant like the ones which have open air seating where people can just chill out, lounge around and stuff, I did not know how to take it further or what the fuck do I say next! So I somehow gathered some courage and haltingly asked her that should I book a room,

she immediately said yes with an absolute straight face, no smile, no shyness nothing ! I got the room keys, paid and stuff and in we went. It was 11:30 in the morning so we sat on the bed chatting away to glory about her past, my breakup, and the usual work shit, and then I made the drinks, after a couple of stiff ones I asked her to come and sit next to me,

she said "No, im feeling a bit dizzy and I think I wanna lie down for a while" I said cool, no issues, then I made myself another drink and one for her too, she was lying on her tummy and sipping the vodka, I put my drink down and lay down next to her. I could smell her hair, the dupatta hadd come off.

So I simply took her hand into mine, she just squeezed it and turned to face me, She had such a beautiful face, deep brown eyes, big eyelashes, perfectly full round lips, my right hand went towards her hair on the back of her ear, and I simply started kneading her earlobes.... she just let out a small hhhhmmmmmmmmm sound,

I then lay her down properly and kissed on her forehead, she held onto my tee and gently pulled me closer. I then started the foreplay, I kissed her on her cheeks, bit her earlobes, with my hand on her neck, she just put her arms up above her head, now I began kissing her on her neck and she lay there quivering,

and then I kissed her on the lips for the first time I was kissing her, and boy kiss we did ! she was a fantabulous kisser I tell you ! Our lips remained locked around a minute or so, I first bit her lower lip, then circled my tongue on her lower lip, to which she responded by sucking on my tongue, then she put her tounge in my mouth which I gladly sucked on,

by this time she was turned on and I was ROCK hard.... her breath was getting heavy. I asked her to sit up and remover her kameez, to which she obliged and took her kameez off in a flash, my hands were already on her tummy below her boobs feeling the bare white skin, I took my tee and my jeans off and came around to face her,

she was sitting towards the edge of the bed, she just looked up at me and released her boobs from the bra.... and I was so turned on only by seeing them that I could have cummed right there on her face, but somehow I held on. she held me by my waist, pulled me closer and let my prick free of its confines, my dick is of average length but fat enough to make it seem large,

she immediately started sucking on it, completely deep throating ! and I was in heaven ! I responded by holder her hair and fucking her mouth with deep but quick strokes it was so wild that I almost gagged her ! I then asked her to stop and I shoved her onto the bed, and roughly removed her salwar and panties... she had shaved her pussy.

I then asked her how did she want it rough or easy, she said I could do her in any way I wish, and this is just what I wanted. I went to work, slowly kissing her feet, while my hands caressing her thighs.... and she was moaning with pleasure...... I gradually came up, kissed the inside of her thighs lifted ler legs in the air,

parted them and slowly kissed her shaven pussy, she gave out another loud moan, I then began teasing her pussy lips with my tongue, and I inserted one finger in her pussy and began rubbing it nicely wile still licking her pussy, she was moaning pretty loud by now, I inserted a second finger and continued what I was doing,

she held my head tight and I got even bold and inserted a third finger and really started finger fucking her, I could sense her shudder and she gave a loud gasp... I knew she had came, I did not stop at this, I took my fingers out spread her pussy lips and jabbed my tongue in her pussy and begain teasing her clitoris,

she began pressing my head tighter and tighter towards her pussy, my hands now went towards her nipples and I started pinching them, kneading them.... immediately after a minute or so I could sense her shuddering and gasping loudly, I know she had come again ! she begged me not to stop,

I kept my tongue inside her pussy and continued my tounge fucking session, she came again ! so after 3 orgasms I stopped. I got on top of her and smooched her real hard, she responded by holding my dick and guiding it towards her pussy gently rubbing it against her pussy lips but not inserting it, and I was in no hurry either.

I kept smooching her and then I got down to her boobs, she begged me to suck them.... and I was kneading her boobs, pressing them gently then increasing my pace, while my tongue was playing with the other nipple, I continued sucking and biting the nipples till she asked me to give them a break as her nipples were very sore, I could see it,

her areola which was wheatish earlier was now flaming red. Then all of a sudden she grabbed my dick and giuded it to her pussy and she kept saying that "enter me, enter me right now please !" I immediate buried the head of my dick in her slutty cunt. I then realized that I did not have a condom on, she was desperate for my dick to fuck her,

I told her that I have not put a condom on, but she seemed oblivious to what I was saying and she said "forget the condom Rahul, just fuck me, make me your whore" And that did it, I Plunged deep inside her in the first thrust itself, she cried out loud and begged me to go slow, but I wouldn't listen, I had got a pussy to fuck after months !

so I was not gonna stop or slow down... I continued with my hammering, after less than a minute she started enjoying it too and started lifting her hips ! Her face was showing how much she was enjoying it, she kept moaning aah aaah aaaah on every time I plunged into her cunt. I now pulled out and asked her to go on all fours and I got behind her,

incidentally the mirror was right in front of us so now we both could see each other fucking the daylights out of each other ! I wasted no time in entering her pussy from the back.... she said that this was her favorite position and that got me REALLY going.... I caught her hair with my right hand and was slapping her ass cheeks with my left and I alternated the process

with both hands while still ramming her from behind.... she was now almost shouting with pleasure and she came again for the fourth time now ! I told her that I am very close to coming myself. She asked me to wait and we got back to the missionary position. We both had a pure look of lust in our eyes..... She said that she wanted to see my face when I cum.

I said that I wanted to cum inside her pussy she said YES ! please do that..... I was in full speed now, ravaging her pussy, Ramming it with full force, and she kept saying in my ear "i am your whore, im your slave, im your slut" again and again.... within a minute I told her that im gonna come... she kept saying yes baby, come, come in my pussy....

and I went felt like a jolt when it happened, my entire body froze as I ejaculated a whole lot of sperm into her beautiful pussy, and I came in spurts, which I do only when I am really really satisfied ! I kept stroking her pussy with my dick even as I was spurting out the last of my cum into her, I like the feeling when I fuck the pussy just after I have come, as it milks out all the cum !

After the fuck, I lay down on top of her, I still hadn't pulled out.... I told her that she was fucking amazing and was really good in bed, to which she just smiled, she said that she likes to have the dick in her pussy after fucking. I then pulled out, cleaned myself in the loo and wore the towel as a lungi, she wrapped another towel around her went to the loo to take a pee and came back.

Now I poured myself another drink and she also started finishing her drink, now she had finished almost half of the bottle ! I now ordered for food to be sent in and in the mean while we were chatting away. mostly about sex, she then told me that she always had a crush on me but could never tell me about it.I asked her how did she loose her virginity,

she said that one day when her parents weren't at home she had called her ex boyfriend home, and it was their first time alone together and then he forced her into doing it and that's how she lost her virginity. Now that she was single I asked her how did she manage to curb her sexual needs ?

she said that she does not have to she has a couple of sex buddies from whom she gets fucked whenever she wants, and that one of her fuck-buddies is a married man but she didnt care. She also told me that when I had called her on thursday afternoon she was already at her fuck-buddies place and was about to be fucked by him when I called, this got me turned on even more.

We finished another round of drinks and finished the food. As soon as we cleaned up the plates I made her get up from the bed and undid her towel and pulled her close to me and we kissed passionately while my hands were running down her back tickling her spine with my fingers. And the fingers of my other hand were running down the crack of her ass this made her shiver and she thew her head back,

I again puller her head towards me, grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands pushing her pelvis against my dick and we lip-locked again for around a minute. I then started kissing her neck, her earlobes moving down to her breasts, I made her lie down on the bed and started making circles around her nipples and she started moaning in pleasure as

I started pinching the other nipple with my finger and I kept alternating from one breast to the other, I then asked her to hold her boobies together and started titty fucking her I put my dick between her boobies and started fucking like that, everytime my dick went upwards, she used to stick out her tounge and lick it, it was amazing ! I then decided to change position,

I lay down on the bed and asked her to ride me, she placed her pussy on the top of my dick and I entered without warning she gasped in pain and pleasure and she began gyrating her ass and started moving up and down, her mouth was wide open all the time, I then guided my hands to her boobs and started pinching her nipples and watching her boobs dangle up

and down was just fantastic. I pulled her upper body down towards mine so that her boobs could touch my chest and I grabbed her ass and started ramming into her myself, I could feel that I was on the way towards coming, so I pulled out, and asked Priya to lay sideways and I got behind her and lifted her right leg up in the air and guided my dick into her pussy and

I asked her to keep her leg in the air with my right hand I grabbed her boobs and began fucking her wildly, and this time there was a lot of dirty talk, which I really really enjoy, I fucked her for sometime that way and then pulled out as she was having difficulties keeping the leg in the air for more time.

I then got her on all fours and started fucking her again in the front of the mirror, while I was banging her she could not stop moaning aloud, and eventually she came one more time, I kept ramming her, she said that her pussy is sore now and begged me to come, I said im not done with her cunt yet, so she asked me if She can give me blowjob instead,

to which I readily agreed, I didnt want to tire her out completely as there was plenty of time left to go home. So I pulled out, washed my dick real quick as it was sticky with her pussy juices and my pre-cum, so after washing I rushed back and asked her to kneel on the gound and I got in front of her and she eagerly started kissing my shaft with her lucious,

full pink lips and began stroking and fondling my balls, this really gives me a high so I was really enjoying it, I then simply roughly shoved my cock in her mouth and orderd her to deep throat me, she started doing so, while my sucking on my tool, she somehow managed to lick the top part of my dick !

this was making me go crazy, I then grabbed her by her hair and started fucking her mouth, and her hands went down to her boobs and she began squeezing her nipples, I was really fucking her mouth by now, she waned me to pull out so that she can take a quck breather, but I gagged her, I refused and continued fucking her mouth,

I started shouting that im going to come, the grip of her lips on my dick increased and she started to deep throat me really hard now, I was about to explode, and I held her hair with both hands and roughly and convulsed, and I came in her mouth again in spurts, she didnt pull my dick out, instead she kept sucking on it for a good half a minute after I came,

she said to me that this was the first time that she had swallowed cum. She had other men coming in her mouth befoe but she never swallowed anybodys cum before, I was pleased that I was the first one now ! We then lay down on the bed and slept for a while then we fucked twice more before we went home.

After this incident we have made love on numerous occassions and it was as good as the first time ! In my next blog I will narrate my 9 day sex escapade with a English Chick, whom I met when I was backpacking solo in Karnataka ! Hope You guys liked this one!


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