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Sex with friend of daughter

Just last weekend I did something that I thought I'd never do. I had some fantastic sex,with a friend of my daughter. Or should I say,I MADE her have sex with me,plain and simple. It all started off with my daughter having her friend sleep over on Friday night as her parents were away for a marriage. Now they are both 18yrs old,typical teens,and do the normal teen things.

They have been friends for over 12yrs now,and they have grown into nice looking,young ladies. Now her friend Sara is 5'2", 52 kgs,short hair,beautiful face,34 tits(I think),soft tanned skin,and she has one of the best,tight,little asses,I've ever seen. Many times I've seen her in her tight bikini,swimming in our pool,and I always beat off,later that day,just wishing I could fuck that ass.

She is always friendly to me,and says I'm still a good looking (older!) guy. I'm 41yrs old, married, with 2 kids,and my sex life isn't really good anymore. Maybe once a month for straight sex,and if I beg,my wife will blow me,and only if she gets a little drunk, will she let me fuck her ass(My favorite!) I'm 6'2",85 kgs,average looking,but I do have a nice 7" inch cock,

that I masturbate with,at least 5 times a week. I love looking at porn,watching porno,whatever it takes to get off,cause I love to see me cum! Well, after they woke up around 7am,my daughter and son had to go to their gymnastics class,and my wife asked Sara if she minded having (me),take her home after awhile.

She said that would be fine,but could she sleep just a little longer before she had to get up. My wife said:"Of course,and make sure he feeds you breakfast." With that,out the door they went. I got out of bed,with my morning hard on,took a piss,and while holding my cock,I started to imagine Sara sleeping,and what it would be like to see her hot,naked body.

I started stroking my cock,and in seconds,I was rock hard. Man!,I wanted to squirt my load then,but stopped. I went into the living room,turned on TV,and got a Tea,and sat on the floor,by my couch.I was just wearing my boxers,and t-shirt,when after about 15 minutes, Sara walked in. Oh my goodness!

She was dressed in a slightly,see thru,white tee,and wearing a thong, type underwear. I about blew my load. You could see her little,white bra,thru it,and her tits were very perky. That ass of hers,was great. So tight,and little,with hard butt cheeks,I loved it. I said:" Good morning,hot stuff,how are you doing??"

She answered:'I'm good,just takes me a while to wake up",as she then layed on the floor, stomach down,showing me that ass I wanted so bad. I asked:'What would you like to eat?"She said"Just kellogs,thats all." I got her a bowl of it,she liked that,and began to eat it. Making small talk,we talked about school,her parents,and boys.

She said she didn't have a boyfriend yet,but she has thought about it some. I asked her why,and she said:"Just because.....I 'm kinda wanting to have someone to talk to,and.....you know....get close to each other...." I said:"Like hugging and kissing stuff,as I kinda laughed." She said: "Yeah,and maybe a little more....I don't know yet,but I'm starting to have certain feelings.....

you know...in places,and I'm not sure what to do with them." My mind began to think of how I could make her feel so good in those (places!!) I answered:'Well,thats just normal feelings Sara,your growing up,and your body is changing,and if I might add,you are really a hot looking girl,I mean that." Still laying there,she said:"You mean that? You think I'm hot?"

I said:"Absolutely!! At 18,your smoking hot!!. She responded:"Nobody has ever told me that before.....that means a lot to me...thanks." She turned back to watch TV,when I said:How would you like one of my famous massages,to get you going?" She said:"Sure!! that would be great,where do you want me?"

I answered:"Right where your at,would be fine,just let me get a couple things." I grabbed some lotion,and without her knowing,some vaseline.....just in case! I came back into the living room,and my cock was tingling. God,I wanted to fuck her!. I layed down beside her,and began to spread lotion up and down those tanned,little legs.

Rubbing firm,and all around,she said:"That feels nice,I like that." As I did this,my cock was getting hard,and I hoped I just didn't squirt my load!. After a few minutes,I began to rub up higher,and around her ass cheeks,just barely touching the inside of her thighs. She didn't say a word,but did spread her legs for me,just a little. I knew she liked it!

I then said:"If you trust me,take off your top,so I don't get any lotion on it,okay?" She said:"No problem,it feels so good what your doing." Her tight,little bra exposed,and me just about to let her feel my now rock hard cock on her butt cheeks,this was the moment of truth! I sat down on that great ass,

and began to massage her back and was slowly reaching her 34 sized boobs from the sides you know and I began sliding up and down on those cheeks,very slowly. Man!! this felt so good!" She didn't say a word! I know she could feel my hard cock as I slid it between those tight,butt cheeks,and I was loving it! I wanted her so bad!

All of a sudden, she said: "Please!!...please!!...Mr. Ameen...,let me see your cock! Your making me so wet!! My pussy is on fire right now!! She turned over,I stood up,my cock now out of my boxers,rock hard,and throbbing,when she said:"I've never sucked a cock before,can I please suck it??" I said:"Yes....suck me Sara....suck me good baby...make my cock harder!!"

She swallowed my cock up like a pro in just minutes. Oh my goodness!! She was giving me the best blowjob,I had ever received in my life! Her top fell off,and seeing those perky tits made me just about come. I knew I couldn't last much longer,when I pulled her young mouth off my cock.

I said:"Wait.. Sara....let me make you come baby.....I'm going to eat your virgin pussy,like you can't believe. And with that,I pulled off her thong,showing me the best looking young,pussy,I've seen in person! I attacked it like a wild animal! She smelled,and tasted so good,I was in pussy heaven. I licked,sucked,kissed,all of it,which drove her wild.

She began screaming:"Oh my god!!...Oh my god!!...lick me...eat my pussy.....make me come Mr. Ameen...make me come....I want to come so bad!!...I went nuts! She then began grinding her pussy so hard on my face,I could hardly breathe! It was great! Then she let out a blood-curdling scream:"Fuck!!!...Fuck!!!!!!!!...I'm coming...I'm coming....yes..yes...

As she blew her sweet,young juices all over my face!!I loved it! Her body shaking, and quivering.. she said:"That....was so fucking good...I loved coming like that! oh my god! I then said:""Now its my turn Sara,and you know what I want,don't you baby???Without a word,she turned over on all fours,stuck that young girls ass up at me,

and said:"Fuck my butt Mr. Ameen....fuck my little butt...you've been wanting it...now here it is,as she shook those tight cheeks for me. I prayed I didn't cum,or have a heart attack!! What a sight! Finally,I'm going to fuck a young girls butt..YES!! I lube up her pink hole with the vaseline, she liked that.

I eased up behind her,my throbbing cock at the entrance to that pink lovehole,and I began to push. HARD!! I pushed harder.....she screamed:"Oh my god!! put it in my butt!!..yes..yes!..fuck me!!!!!!!!!!! I began fucking that tight,butthole like it was the last one I'd ever get. It was so fucking good!! My cock loved it.

In just minutes,as I held onto those tight cheeks,I yelled out:"I'm coming Sara...I'm coming baby.....As I unleashed a full,hot load into her virgin butt!!She pushed her ass up and down to get all my come out..She did!! As I was out of gas,I pulled out of her,layed down,and she said:"I never knew it could feel so good in my butt....that was fantastic!!

From now on,you can fuck my ass anytime you want,I mean it!! I looked at her and said:"Don't forget I'm going to fuck your virgin pussy too,and you can always suck me off,okay?" She kissed me and said:"You got it!! "We still have a little time,can I suck you now??' I said:"By all means,suck away!!" My new friend..isn't life great!!

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First time sex in office with Amber

I came into the office rather this morning. I didn’t know that Amber would be there. I have had a crush on her for awhile. She is tall and very petite, very sexy. She doesn’t have very large breast but they fit her build. She has short brown hair and a bubbly personality. She sometime wears these glasses with the black rims, the ones that looks like a little school girl. I love it!

Today she was wearing a low cut silky blouse. I could see her bra at times, and a mid length skirt that was very sexy. Our company is not very strict on dress code and I am very happy for that. Our desks are side by side so when we talk to each other we have to turn our chairs to talk. Every time we talk I pretty much have to cross my legs so not to show my rising cock in my shorts.

We go on for seems like hours talking and all I can think about is me wiping my cock out and rubbing a load in her mouth. One time she got up and was making copies and I took her picture with my phone. I rub one off every now and then looking at her fine ass. A customer came to the window and I decided to go and help the customer since Amber had taken the last five.

I should not have because my dick was rock hard. As soon as I stood up I looked at Amber and she looked straight at my bulge. She looked at me and smiled and then went back to work. My face turned bright red as I turned to help the customer. I sat back town after helping the customer and continued to work. An hour went by and it was pretty silent.

I turned to ask Amber a question about work and I noticed her skirt had risen in her chair and I could see she was wearing hot pink panties. She did not realize that her skirt had risen that far up. She turned to me. As she turned she crossed her legs and gave me an even better look of her hot pink panties. She had to know she gave me an eye full.

She answered my question then she started talking about unrelated work stuff. She and her husband had been going through a tough time the last several weeks. He had told her that he was leaving her. He came back after a few days. Amber obviously cares for him but I think she wants more. I joke with her and we laugh a lot.

I’m trying to get her to think about something other than her husband, if you know what I mean. We get back to work. I am about to dial the phone and Amber comes over to my desk. She surprised me. She leans over my right shoulder to ask a question. Her body kind of leaned up against mine. She had a pen in her mouth chewing on the end but suddenly drops the pen in my lap.

My cock was already hard from her sexy body leaning up against mine. She reaches down and grabs my rock hard cock mistakenly for the pen. I said “Ohhhh ……that feels good!” “What feels good?” she said “Oh umm …..You just grabbed my cock.” She turned red and said “I’m so sorry; I thought I grabbed the pen.” “Yeah you were a little off their grabbing the pen.

I hope that it was a little larger than a pen, if you know what I mean” She laughs and says “yeah it was quite larger than I expected.” Amber went back to her desk and sat down. I turned to her and said “You can’t tease me like that!” “Tease you? How?” “You grab my cock and play it off like nothing happened!?” “I grabbed a pen, remember?”

The day went on like normal and nothing else happened. I went home horny as hell. I just so happened to snap a few more shots on my camera phone and had nice little whack session. I have never cum so much in my life. I lay in bed thinking how I could lick Amber’s nice little pussy and suck those beautiful tits tomorrow.

The next day I arrived at work and Amber was already there. I walked in and she was already working. She was wearing a shorter skirt than yesterday and a tight fitting blouse that fit her just well. I notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Was that on purpose? I hope so. “Hello Amber, you look mighty nice today.” I said very naughty like without giving too much away.

“Thanks Rahman!” I sat down and began to work. I turned and asked how her evening went and if she did anything fun last night. I noticed she was fidgety. Her skirt was also almost all the way up to her hips and I could not see any pantys. My cock was rock hard at this point. She turned her chair to me like she always did and said.

“Nothing much happened last night, but the strangest thing was I could not sleep.” At this point Amber gave me a full view of her clean shaved pussy. “Why was that Amber?” I said in a very curious voice. “Pawan didn’t come home last night and I didn’t really care because I was thinking of someone else.” A customer came in. Amber jumped up to help the customer.

My heart was pounding and my cock was swelling. While Amber helped the customer, I stared at her ass and rubbed my cock through my pants under my desk so the customer could not see what I was doing. Amber finished up with the customer and she dropped something on the floor. She bent down to pick it up.

As she did her skirt slid up and gave me a wonderful view of her ass and the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. There was a slight shimmer coming from the edges of the lips starting to run down her leg. She stayed in that position for a few seconds but seemed like hours. When she stood up she looked at me with a smile.

“Did you like what you saw?” Amber said in a sexy voice. “Hell Yeah Baby! You had something dripping down your pussy that needs to be cleaned off.” “What are you talking about?” Amber lifted up her skirt and looked down and saw her wet pussy dripping. She reached down and took her finger and wiped her inner thigh all the way up to her wet pussy and spread her swollen pussy lips apart.

Her finger went in and wiped it clean. She then put her dripping finger in her mouth and sucked it clean while looking at me. “Ummm….look what you have done to me.” She said in a very seductive tone I almost fell out of my chair. I looked at her and I am sure I looked like a deer staring into head lights. She walked back to her desk and sat down and started to work.

I am thinking, what the hell is going on here. I got up from my desk and started to walk over to her. I stopped just before I reached her desk. “Hold on I will be right back.” I said “Where are you going?” She asked “I’ve got to lock the door.” I went to the front door to lock the door. I turned the closed sign on and put a sign up saying will be back in an hour.

I heard a bunch of noise in the office while I was standing at the front door. It sounded like stuff hitting the floor. I walked back in the office and everything on Amber’s desk was on the floor and Amber completely naked sitting on top of the desk with her legs spread eagle. She was rubbing her pussy very slow and deliberate. She looked beautiful! She looked every bit what I imagined.

Her breast were small but were the perfect size for her. Her nipples were at attention with dark areolas to accompany the perfection. She had a flat sexy stomach with a belly ring that shimmered against her beautiful tanned smooth skin. Her pussy was clean shaved and still wet as it could be. Her legs were long, toned, and smooth.

Too fast for an Indian girl and the surprising part was the belly ring “Hey baby.” In a very sexy tone coming from her beautiful lips “You like what you see?” I didn’t say anything. I walked over and touch her smooth leg and ran my hand up her hip. I grabbed her left shoulder and pulled her in.

I moved both hands to the back of her head and pulled her lips onto mine and we locked on to each other for the first time. It was amazing! As we kissed, Amber grabbed the end of my shirt and lifted it over my head. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me back in to continue our kiss. She then unbuckled my belt and shorts and pulled my shorts and boxers down in one pull.

My cock popped out hard and ready to go. Precum dripped on her leg. Amber immediately wiped it with her middle finger and sucked down her throat. She then wrapped her petite hand around my eight in cut cock. “Wow! You are bigger than I thought! Your cock is a monster! I don’t know if it will fit in my little pussy.” “You bet it will baby. You will see.”

As she stroked my hard cock I rubbed her firm beautiful breast and rubbed small circles around her erect nipples. “Umm…Ummm that feals sooo gooood” “Yeaahh keep rubbing my cock baby, that feels good” At this time Amber leans down and starts licking the tip of my cock sucking up the precum dripping down on her hand. I am trying my best not to cum.

I usually have pretty good stamina but Amber is testing me. She is one like no other I have ever had. As Amber sucks hard on my cock I start rubbing her back as if I am massaging her. She begins to moan louder. As she moans I feel the preasure build in my cock. “I’m going to cum…I’m about to cum….” Amber didn’t stop. She didn’t even slow down.

I could not hold it anymore. I shot a huge load all in her mouth down her throat. She did not stop and not a drop exited her mouth. She slowed down and milked every drop out of my cock. She grabbed my balls and looked up at me and said “I want more!” I pushed her down on the desk and buried my face in her pussy.

It was so wet and the smell shot chills to my spine and exited through my cock to lift it back to life again. I started slow teasing her clit depriving it from the satisfaction it wants. Long soft gentle strokes from the bottom to the top changing the path of my tong each time while getting deeper and deeper. “Ohh..Ohhh..Ummm” “Rick..Umm…Yeah that’s it Ohhh….. don’t stop….”

I pushed my tung in as far as could and buried my nose into her clit. I did this over and over. Amber’s moans got louder and louder. Her back began to arch and her face had the greatest ex-pression. “Don’t stop, don’t stop!!!” Amber started to hold her breath and a soft scream let out on every exhale. Her legs began to shake and…. Ohhhhhhhh Rahman !!!!”

She cums all over the desk. I have never seen anything like it. She laid there for a few minutes. I started to kiss every square inch of her beautiful stomach. I continued up to her breast and gave them the attention they deserved. Sucking and lightly biting her nipples. I then moved to her neck and blew in her ear and said in a whisper “You are so beautiful, sexy, and a great woman”.

We then locked lips and kissed for what seemed like hours. I heard something. It sounded like a knock on glass. I jumped up and realized we were at work. “Shit, someone is at the front door.” Amber jumped up and ran to the bathroom with her clothes. I grabbed my clothes and threw them on as fast as I could. I took a few deep breaths and went to the door.

When I got to the door my heart stopped. It was the owner of the company. I opened the door and let him in. That’s it and from that day till date I have not got a chance to pound Amber, but im planning to do so in the forthcoming days and I will continue the rest if the story then ! bye and thanks for reading.

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Puchu having sex with naughty sister

This is Puchu Chow from North East India. I live with my parents and sister in a three bed room apartment. My relatives came to visit over the summer. My aunt and uncle on my mom's side, and my grandparents on my father's side. Our house was full, with myself, my sister, and my parents already filling our three bedroom home before taking in more people.

I loved having the relatives visit us, so it wasn't a problem, it just meant that my sister had to share my room for a week. That was going to prove very beneficial, as I was soon to discover. I'm eighteen, and my sister, Aarisa Chow, is not quite a year older than me. My mom got pregnant with me almost immediately after she was born.

We're so close that people think we're twins. We get along pretty well, although sharing a room was going to be an adjustment. We use to share earlier when we were in a two bedroom flat, and we were quiet young then about 13-14 years old. Now we are aged 18 and 17 respectively. We were more like friends earlier rather than as brother and sister.

We use to touch and feel each other on the sly, but did not know how to proceed, but the present situation was a much different one. I was looking forward to what the nights will unfold. After we had a big dinner, everyone went to their rooms. My aunt and uncle slept in my sister's room, since it was slightly bigger than mine, and my grandparents took my parents' room,

and my parents slept on the foldout sofa in the living room. I went to the bathroom and then waited in my room for Aarisa. She soon walked in and closed the door. Her eyes were glowing and she was the prettiest till now. When I saw her in her nightgown, I realized what a great body she had. I guess I never paid attention to her before, but she was very attractive.

I wasn't prepared for the thoughts I was having. I wasn't thinking about anything sexual in particular, but we were going to be sleeping in the same bed. That made my loins stir, and I had to shift so that my boxers wouldn't tent. She was about 5.4 in height and weighs about 57 kgs and well bestowed with vital statistics. She was very fair and athletic.

She kind of smiled at me, a little uncomfortable probably. I was too, but I got under the sheet and slid over as far as I could. She shut the light off and nervously got in next to me. She faced away from me, causing her ass to brush against me for a brief moment. I couldn't stop myself from getting hard, even though I didn't want to. I had to face away from her so I wasn't poking her.

"You don't have to roll over," she said, glancing back at me. "I don't mind if you face me." "Oh, Im, just getting comfortable," I answered.She then asked me if I remember how we slept earlier unmindful of the unpleasantness between us then and all of a sudden we are becoming more and more conscious. She asked why cant we just drop off all the inhibitions and be natural.

For the next few minutes, I tried to think about something else other than my sister next to me, but my erection wouldn't go down. Normally I didn't get hard thinking about my sister, which is not to say I've never fantasized about her. But if I ever got aroused thinking about her, it was because I allowed myself to. She rolled over and faced me, and noticed that I was still facing away from her.

"Are you embarrassed to be sleeping with me?" she asked. I turned my head, but not my body. "Of course not." "Then roll over. I can't talk to you with your back facing me." By this time our eyes had adjusted to the dark, so she would definitely see my hard dick if I turned over. But what could I say? "I can't," I replied stupidly. "Why not?"

I sighed. "Because when I get comfortable, like when I'm in bed, then you know, I get real comfortable." I could hear her smile. "Really?" she asked. Tell me what is your dilemma ? I just remained silent. "It's okay, don't be embarrassed. Just tell me. its a man stuff and I feel uncomfortable facing you.

But she insisted and said that its so dark I would not see it, dont bother and turn around. I rolled over and faced her, making sure there was enough space between us so that I wasn't poking her. That wasn't easy, since we were in a bed made for one person. "Now you're about to fall off the bed," Aarisa said. "Don't worry about touching me with it. I won't do anything."

"But, it's embarrassing." She giggled. "I promise not to do anything. Just scoot closer so you're not hanging over the edge." I moved a few inches closer to her, and misjudged the length of my dick. I jabbed her stomach lightly, making her eyes go wide. She tried not to laugh, while I tried to shift myself so I wasn't touching her.

I could just lay on my back and let my dick tent up through the covers, but that would be even more embarrassing. "Sorry," I said. "That's okay. We're family, so I guess that stuff shouldn't bother us." "That's easy for you to say," I said. "Your boobs aren't going around poking people." She laughed.

The other bedrooms were a ways down the hall, and there was a bathroom between us and the next room, so no one could hear us. "I don't have enough room," she said, twisting her body. "The floor would be better than this. I don't want to have to sleep like this for a week." "What are you saying? You want me to sleep on the floor?"

Aarisa smiled, thinking for a moment. "Look, we're brother and sister, so let's just forget about your dick and my boobs, and sleep normally." "How do we do that?" Aarisa moved closer to me until we were an inch from touching, and only because I was still partially hanging over the bed. "Move closer," she said. I complied, and scooted closer until our bodies touched.

Her breasts against my chest made me forget for a moment about my dick nesting firmly against her belly. She nuzzled into me. "Hmm, this is much better," she said. I didn't know what to say. We just stared at each other, while I enjoyed her warmth pressed against me. My dick twitched and jumped a few times, and her breathing was causing her breasts to move slightly against me.

"Is this alright?" she asked. "Yeah," I said. Surprisingly, we both soon fell asleep. When I awoke, Aarisa was facing away from me and I was pressing firmly against her. My hard dick was nestled between her ass cheeks. I glanced to my alarm clock, which said 6:30. No one in my family would be up yet, but now I couldn't get back to sleep.

I put my hand on Aarisaa's hip, and ground my dick into her ass gently. She stirred and moved back against me. She was still asleep, but her body was responding to my movements. I carefully pulled her nightgown up, revealing her panties which I had my boxer-clad dick pressed into. I felt brave and pulled my boxers off, careful not to wake Aarisa.

I lay there naked, fully aroused, and pulled her nightgown up again. I gently nudged my dick up into her ass again, pressing into her panties. After I was certain she was not waking up, I very slowly and carefully began to pull her panties down. I had not gone very far, just below her waist, when she started to wake up.

I froze, hoping she wouldn't notice I was naked. She squirmed a bit, feeling something different in how we were pressed against each other. I think she knew what I had been doing. "I need to get more comfortable," she said. "Do you mind?" I shook my head, not sure what she meant. She pulled her nightgown over her head and tossed it to the floor.

She laid her head back down and went back to sleep, or at least looked like she had. There we lay, me naked and her in just her panties. I lifted my head so I could see her breasts. She had kicked the covers off so they were exposed. She looked to be a C-cup, and I was glued to the sight of them.

The thought of her lying naked next to me, or at least mostly naked, made my really horny. I gently thrust into her ass, and again, and I began humping her ass through her panties. I didn't know how she could have slept through it, so she must have been pretending to be asleep. I kept it up since she didn't try to move away from me or object.

But then I felt myself start to cum. I stopped so the sensation would pass, but Aarisa squeezed her ass cheeks around my shaft, and I couldn't stop my orgasm. I held her tightly against my body as I thrust myself into her ass. I figured if I was going to cum, I was going to make sure it felt good.

I pressed against her tightly, knowing if she wasn't awake from this, she would be when I soaked her panties. I squirted cum into her ass through her panties. I thrust into her, and my hand found her breast while I grasped her body against me. When I was finished, I didn't know what to do. I released my grip on her, and she didn't move.

I thought for a brief second that she was truly asleep, but then she slid off the bed and stood before me, her back turned to me. Without a word, she slipped out of her panties, dropped them next to her nightgown on the floor, and got back into bed without looking at me. She faced away from me and pushed her ass against my dick, once again burying me between her ass cheeks.

I sensed that she eventually fell back asleep, but I was wide awake. We were both naked, and my dick was pressed into her naked ass. I couldn't believe what I had done, and that she had gone along with it. She could have shed her panties simply because they were soiled, but she had very firmly pressed her naked body against me.

At about 8:00, my family started getting up. Aarisa got up and stretched, giving me a wonderful show of her naked body. She glanced back at me and smiled, and then started dressing. I lay in bed until she had left, and then dressed. When I went downstairs to the kitchen, everyone was sitting around the table while my mom cooked breakfast. I glanced at Aarisa, who smiled knowingly at me.

That day, the family did various activities, like shopping and playing games. I avoided Aarisa because I didn't know how to act around her, so we didn't speak until that night when everyone was going to bed. I eagerly waited for her in my room, in just my boxers. When she came in, she shut the door and stood before me, this time wearing panties and a sports bra.

"You kept your boxers on," she said. "I thought you would want to be more comfortable." I didn't say anything. She started to strip before me, and when she was naked, I had only a second to take in her nudity before she turned the lights off. She crawled into bed, and I shed my boxers before joining her. I thought we were going to assume the same position, but she was facing me this time.

She was purposely laying close, so that our faces were practically touching. Our bodies were also dangerously close. Her nipples brushed against my chest. "Are you mad?" I finally asked. She frowned. "Why would I be mad?" "You know, about this morning." She paused. "Let's not talk about it right now. Let's just lay here quietly, and not say anything."

I thought she meant we were to lay still, but in a few seconds I felt her fingers wrap around my dick. I jumped, not expecting her warm grip. She tugged lightly on my length, her hand exploring perhaps her first penis. I myself was a virgin, and she was the first girl I had seen naked this close.

I lightly touched her breasts, and she arched her back so I had better access to them. We played with each other like this for a while until I wanted to feel her pussy. I ran my hand down her chest and stomach, until I reached her lower belly. She shifted so I could reach her crotch, and I soon felt her neatly trimmed cunt. I traced her slit up and down, and bravely entered her with my finger.

Her gentle tugging on my dick soon turned into jacking me off. I didn't know if she wanted me to cum, so I distracted myself by playing with her pussy. She began to moan, and I began to feel up her breasts while I fingered her. She tensed suddenly and her body spasmed. I felt her pussy tighten and contract around my finger.

She gasped and her face contorted, and I realized she was having an orgasm. After she finished, she looked at me contentedly. "Are you a virgin?" she asked suddenly. I nodded. "What about you?" She nodded too. "Do you want to?" "Do you?" She thought for a moment and then nodded. I got on top of her and clumsily guided my dick to her warm wet hole.

I thrust forward, and when I felt resistance I carefully pushed past. She gasped as I took her virginity, and after I was buried all the way inside of her, I laid still on top of her. I could feel her heart beating through my chest. She held me tightly against her while she adjusted to the feeling of a penis inside of her for the first time.

I started fucking her, slowly at first, and then faster until we had a rhythm going. I watched as her body tensed up once more, and she had another orgasm. I was amazed I was lasting this long, but when I felt her vaginal muscles grip my cock, I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I started to pull out, but she held me inside of her. And to delay the process I started sucking her boobs.

But she was out of control and said, "Cum in me," she said. "Cum in my pussy. It's alright." I trusted her and resumed humping. Our eyes were locked together as I fucked her pussy even harder, and she could feel my dick throb and twitch inside of her. I grunted and released my semen into her, squirting endlessly inside of her belly.

When I finally finished, we just stared at each other panting, my dick still inside of her. Aarisa smiled. "That was much better than fucking my ass." I smiled. "Yeah, for me too." "Let's rest for a while, and then we can do it again." We lay there beside each other, catching our breath and stroking each other. It was going to be a fun from now onwards.

She was happy and said that she had been fantasising this from a few years and was scared to have a fling with me, but the developments of the particular night made both of bolder and one thing led to another and finally we ended up together not just for a week but till date. The only difference being that at nights now I have to sneak into her room when our parents are asleep. God knows till when this will continue.

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This is how I managed to seduce my maid.I think this is a safe way to initiate the seduction. I say safe because it can be covered up and aborted if the maid is not cooperative. You don't want the maid to shout "rape" when you try to get her into bed.I have heard it many times how guys make a rash attempt to get cosy with the maid and then end up with lost reputation or end up as victims of blackmail.

I'll narrate my story and give some pointers along the way. I've had luck with other women before this happened but I always fascinated about seducing a maid. It was more of a desire to fulfill a wish to have this experience rather than fulfilling my sexual craving. I've had a number of maids working at my house over the years.

I had this thought in my head about seducing a maid for a long time. Initially I hesitated because of fear of things going wrong. Finally after a long wait I decided to take some action. So far I have bedded 3 maids using these tricks.So even though I started this just to satisfy my curiosity I have gotten addicted to the chase and score game.

My current maid's name is Malti.She is in her late 30's.She started work at my place about 7 months back. The first day she worked I immediately recognised that this maid will land on my bed for sure. So here is my first tip-how to decide which maid to attempt to seduce. I personally feel we should not attempt any of our stunts on maids who are below 20.

Still better to totally avoid any maid that is not married. In my opinion it is best to attempt to seduce a maid who is married.More her age the better. This is simply because as we all know, after some years everybody's married life and sex life becomes dull. So this is the best chance for you to take advantage of this fact.

She will be bored with her married life and ready to experiment a bit.So take advantage of this. First month Malti worked I did not attempt anything.It is best to be patient and study the behaviour of the maid.If she seems friendly your task will be easier. Start by being nice to her.Most indian families treat maids like dirt.Stop ordering her around and be nice to her.

Be polite yet firm. Next step I tried was to get to know her on a personal level.So every now and then I would ask her about her family, her kids, her husband.This opened her up a bit. She seemed more comfortable around me after that. Then give her some goodies if possible.Some new clothes, sweets for kids will earn you some brownie points.

This game is same like how you would dine and wine your normal girlfriend before getting her into the bed. So be generous a bit. The key again is to be patient and take your time. Rushing into things will put her on the defensive and make things difficult for you. Around the end of the second month I tried the next step.Here I started to make light and random physical contacts.

Just a friendly pat on the shoulders when I was asking her to do this.Or a pat when she was leaving. My advise is to do this quickly,Dont linger else she will sense your intentions and get defensive. Doing this for a few weeks will now get her even more friendly. Slowly and gradually make the touches more frequent and longer.

If all is well she will start sensing your intentions and responding accordingly. By end of month three Malti was acting very friendly to me.She was inquiring about my personal life like she was a normal friend.So then I proceeded to my next step.I changed her timing so that it would coincide wit the time of my shower.

After coming out of the shower I started wearing a towel without any underwear.Then I would sit on the chair or couch and read the newspaper.My legs would be spread giving a glimpse of my cock but I would appear to be totally engrossed in the paper.So when Malti was sweeping the floor or washing it bent down I knew she would get a peek of my dick.

It is very important to make everything appear natural and unintentional. This was you can gauge her reaction to this without any trouble. If she makes some noise simply apologise saying you didnt know this was happening. More likely than not, if you have done the previous steps properly then be assured that by now she wont mind you exhibiting your cock a bit.

She will know your intentions now and act coy or shy. Keep up the work. The next step is to take this game to its conclusion.So here you have to make it very very obvious to her what is on your mind. The previous maid I had done by keeping some pics from debonairblog open.

For Malti I tried it a bit differently.One day while I was on the couch and she was sweeping the floor next to me I tried to get up very fast and "accidently" dropped my towel.I remained motionless long enough for her to lift her eyes and notice me. Then I acted as if it was really accidental and started apologising profusely to her.

She acted as if she felt bad but there was a smile on her face. So by this I knew I had succeeded. My tip is to study her reaction to this and then decide on the next step.If she is really angry then abort mission. So Malti responded positively to this.Then I appeared to be really sorry and went close to her and held her by her arms and said "I am really sorry".

By now she was blushing.Then I said "Please dont tell anyone".She shook her head and said she wont tell.Then I smiled and said thank you and hugged her. And as I expected she hugged me back. This hug is the final step.I continued hugging her for a while and she seemed to like it. I took her head in my hand and kissed her.From then it was easy to do the rest.

I took her by her arm and made her sit on the couch.After a lot of kissing I started to fondle her breasts. Slowly my hands were under her blouse squeezing her big boobs.I undressed her, rushed into get a condom from my cupboard,came back and fucked her on the couch. Again as expected she was very sexually frustrated and enjoyed the fucking as much as I did.

I continue to fuck her till date.Its a win win situation. Again my advice to you guys is to be patient and not to act in haste. The fruit is sweeter after the wait.But be sensible and use a condom.Avoid oral sex without a condom too. If any more of your guys find some success with this method then do post your experiences here on debonairblog for the rest of the guys to enjoy.

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Hi,this is my first real life incident which I m sending to debonair after reading so many good ones.Names are changed and about myself I m 36 yrs old 6 feet tall punjabi guy living in Canada average build and believe in discreet relationship and respect privacy of others.I m married but still wana to go out but only with hygenic,clean and who love sex.

I was going through net as I was not working bcos of some injury couple years before and so I tried a website which was recomended by my friend.I logged in by name of hot intention and start chatting with gals but mostly girls were from U.K. Suddenly a girl with name Nina start talking to me and I found out she was from Toronto canada so I was excited.

As she was from my area.We chatted for half an hour and we exchanged our e mail address and after 2 days she demanded my pic,I send her that and she liked it so I asked about her.She was little reluctant but she send me.She was alos good looking but was 7 to 9 yrs older than me but I didn't mind.

We exchanged our phone numbers and I got call from her next day from her office number. During talk she explained me that she is divorced and had a girl of 5 years age and living alone with 2 tenants in her house.Finally I was invited to meet her first time at Toronto at a chinese buffet. I went there and she was already there.

About her she was 5 feet 4 inches talk medium build good size boobs and sexy lips and eyes.I hugged her and we had lunch and during lunch she asked me about how much time I had today.I was free as that time I was engaged only so nothing to worry about.So she took me in her car after lunch to nearby park and sat with me so close that I was getting erection but was trying to hide.

She talked about her divorce and got emotional,I touched her shoulders and tried to calm her but this made her to come closer to me and all the sudden she start kissing me.Oh wat a kiss she took my tongue and then gave her to me and slowly I tried to put my hands in her shirt and was surprised she didn't resisted.

I smooched her many times and she slowly rubbed my dick which so hard and I was almost going to ask her for blowjob but couldn't.She controlled herself and asked me that she has to go to office back and if I can join her at her home on weekend.I agreed. On that day I went to her home and was able to send that she send her daughter with her tenants to local mall.

The house was decorated really good and she was wearing a tight jeans and tight top which was showing me her cleavage really good.I took wine bottle with me as I know that if I drink I can last long with her in sex.She gave me some snacks and we drank that wine which I consumed more.

I was little drunk but got more confidence and then I started kissing her on sofa and took her top up and she was wearing black bra I took her bra up and start sucking her boobs uhhhh her nipples were so erect and firm that I can suck them from couple inches away.She was getting hot and asked me to bite on nipples too.

I did little so I won't give her pain but she said make marks on her breast and bite hard.But still I was feeling pain for her but she opened my shirt and sucked my nipple so hard that I was going to scream and she asked me do like this.SO I did that and made black spots on her chest she like it.She asked to go in her bedroom and I joined her.

She took away my belt and slowly stripped down my jeans and pulled my frenchie with her teeths uhhhhhhhhhh that was making me so dmn hot that penis start getting pre cum on tip,then she licked all around my dick(as it was shaven)my testies and thennnnnnnnnnnn uhhhhh she licked my penis like lollypop and made me to say uhhhhhhh aahhhhhh I liked it.

I have seen white girls doing like that but never expected that our Indian gal who was raised in Canada will be like that.She didn' allowed me to touch her in mean time as I was sitting on bed and she was on floor.Finally she get over and I put my hands in her jeans uhh she was wearing thong and I touched her clean shaven pussy it was all wet and lips of pussy where really good size.

She liked it and asked me to rubb there more and I rubbed on her ass too as ass was very good in size and round.I slowly start removing her top and then her bra.Her boobs were hanging on my lap when she was blowing me,later she put my dick which is 6 1/2 inches in between her boobs and blowed me like it.I was totally naked and she was still in her jeans but nothing on top.

I opened her jeans and she asked me to wait and she went to washroom.I was high as wine was home made and was showing effect and hot conditions made by her was making me more. she came back in thong which was black and I was excited to see thong just going between her ass and seeing her cunt which was coming out of thong.

She asked me to go in 69 position and I start licking her cunt by moving thong little away and she start sucking me again I was in heaven.Iasked her to go slow as she was making me too excited.I start putting my fingers in her pussy and used her wetness to make her anus wet too and inserted my finger there.

She became to high as I was fingering her anus too and she exploded in my mouth with tons of wetness and I was going to cum but I stopped her and licked her for 5 or 6 mins more and she was screaming do it do it ahhhhhhhhhhhhha liking it lick my anus too and I did it she was almost drinching like rainy weather in her thong so I removed her thong and she was

completely naked sitting on my face.It was summer and a/c was running but we were so hot like doing on beach.Then she came over me and hold my dick on lipps of pussy and she rubbed my dick there for couple mins and I was sucking her nipples and lips.Finally she put my dick in her pussy with great trust and my dick went in so smoothly as it was standing on slippery floor.

She went up and down for couple times and I asked her to slow down as I was building pressure inside dick.She sat there and I opened her hairs and started kissing her while her hairs falling allover my face.Then she changed her position and went reverse cowboy style as she was facing towards my feet and she again pumped me as she was moving her ass up

and down I saw that a big amount of white stuff allover my dick which she told me is her wetness as she is getting good fuck after 6 months.She told me also that her ex use to have sex and get his job done but never cared about her orgasm and as she is raised up in canada she wants her satisfaction too.

But hubby from India doesnot want to lick her much and doesn't care about her orgasm.He never shooted his sperms in her mouth or face as he believes it is only for blue movies not for husband wife,he never licked her ass and didn't tried hard to fuck her ass too.I was thinking wat a looser he was and wat a hot lady she is.

I inserted my finger in her asshole with using her cum which was aroung my penis.She was enjoying and then she want me to fuck her in missionary styles.By the way she was very good in styles and I was using her skills like student.I fucked her in missionary style and was going to explode when she asked me to take out my dick.

I was thinking that she don't want me to cum inside but was surprised when she took in her mouth but while going to her mouth I came on her face too and rest she licked it and made it so clean that I was wondering whether I did it or not.She licked my dick for some moment untill it shrinked and came to original position.

She thanked me and we slept in her bed for half and hour and again she start rubbing my body and dick and when it came back in senses she gave me and my dick a great oil massage and then again back to fucking scene and we did almost for half an hour with stopping in between and startin and I also fucked her ass which was tight enough and oil and her co operation made it easier.

One time she asked me to leave the anal as she was feeling very painful but I was trying slowly and slowly she continued and later she start jumping herself on my dick in her ass.I really want to say that she was a great lady who taught me many new things as I came from India few months before and In India I never met any girl with that openness.

I left her in evening and after that I met her many times,two times in car,one time in a park near Niagara falls and few times at her home.If you guys and gals like it let me know then I will write more if not then I will stop.By the way it was my first time from internet that I got luvky and she told me that it was her first time too to get somebody upto bed through internet.

She got married again with guy having 3 kids,lots of problem for her to adjust but I always helped her like friend and also went for fucking session 2 times after she got married as I don't want to ruin her marriage but she stills remember her days with me when she was single and she respect my married life too. Thanks all.


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